Monday, September 23, 2019

More on Virginia.

In the modern age of Virginian history, massive developments came about. In 1964, the world famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was opened. By 1976, the Washington Metro began to link Washington, D.C. with the growing population centers in Northern Virginia. By the 1980's, Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads region achieved the greatest growth and prosperity. The reason is mostly because of the employment related to the federal government agencies and defense (and an increase in technology in Northern Virginia) were concentrated in those regions. Shipping in the Port of Hampton Roads started to expand which continues to the 21st century as new container facilities were opened.  Coal piers in Newport News and Norfolk had recorded major gains in export shipments by August 2008. The recent expansion of government programs in the areas near Washington has profoundly affected the economy of Northern Virginia whose population has experienced large growth and great ethnic/ cultural diversification, exemplified by communities such as Tysons Corner, Reston and dense, urban Arlington. The subsequent growth of defense projects has also generated a local information technology industry. In recent years, intolerably heavy commuter traffic and the urgent need for both road and rail transportation improvements have been a major issue in Northern Virginia. The Hampton Roads region has also experienced much growth, as have the western suburbs of Richmond in both Henrico and Chesterfield Counties. On January 13, 1990, Douglas Wilder was the first African American to be elected as Governor of a U.S. state since Reconstruction when he was elected Governor of Virginia. That was a very historic time. Douglas Wilder worked among many levels of government before he was elected governor. Wilder governed as a centrist when he was in office. Virginia developed information technology locations during the days of Internet plus network communication. In 1993, the Washington area had the largest service providers. In 1996, the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia first accepted women applicants. In 2000, more than half of all Internet traffic flowed along the Dulles Toll Road. The Pentagon was attacked in 2001 in Arlington, Virginia by extremists.

By 2016, 70 percent of the world's internet traffic flowed though Loudoun County.  Bill von Meister founded two Virginia companies that played major roles in the commercialization of the Internet: McLean, Virginia based The Source and Control Video Corporation, forerunner of America Online. While short-lived, The Source was one of the first online service providers alongside CompuServe. On hand for the launch of The Source, Isaac Asimov remarked "This is the beginning of the information age." The Source helped pave the way for future online service providers including another Virginia company founded by von Meister, America Online (AOL). AOL became the largest provider of Internet access during the Dial-up era of Internet access. AOL maintained a Virginia headquarters until the then-struggling company moved in 2007. In 2006, former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner gave a speech and interview in the massively multiplayer online game Second Life, becoming the first politician to appear in a video game. In 2003, over 1 million customers lost electricity due to Hurricane Isabel. I lived through that time. There was the Virginia Tech massacre when one student killed 33 people (including the murderer who committed suicide) in 2007.  In 2007, Virginia speedily passed the nation's first spaceflight act by a vote of 99–0 in the House of Delegates. Northern Virginia company Space Adventures is currently the only company in the world offering space tourism. In 2008, Virginia became the first state to pass legislation on Internet safety, with mandatory educational courses for 11- to 16-year-olds. In 2013, by a slight margin in the Virginia Governor's race, the state of Virginia broke a long acclaimed streak of choosing a governor against the incumbent party within the White House. For the first time in more than thirty years will the Governor and the President be from the same party. There was an Earthquake in Virginia in 2011. I felt it too. In 2019, Ralph Northam is still the Governor of Virginia and Justin Fairfax is the Lieutenant Governor. Rlaph Northam was wrong to be involved in blackface years ago, and Fairfax has been accused of sexual assault against a woman. These controversies remind us that we should always follow the Golden Rule. Racism and sexual assault must be condemned and opposed at every circumstance. I am consistent to believe that Northam and Fairfrax ought to resign, because we can't be hypocrites here. If a far right Republican did something racist, then we condemned it all of the time. If a Democrat does the same thing, then we also ought to condemn that also. We must treat people right, learn, reject bigotry, and believe in justice for all. The old Dominion state of Virginia is representative of America is, and we (who are Virginians) a'int going anywhere.

The culture of Virginia has always been diverse. To understand the culture of Virginia is to understand that much of Virginian culture is Southern culture. Without black people, there is no culture of Virginia. Also, to understand Virginia is to comprehend its region. I live in the Hampton Roads region. We have a distinct culture, geography, occupations, economy, etc. than other regions of Virginia. There is the Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay region, North Virginia, Central Virginia, Southern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Highlands, and Appalachia. I have been to Northern Virginia and the Eastern Shore too in real life. One major part of Virginian culture is the study of colonial Virginia, the Civil War era, and the modern era of our time. There is Colonial Williamsburg, there is the U.S, Civil War Museum, and there are other museums that celebrate the culture of African Americans. Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and other human beings all reside in Virginia. The Piedmont region is most famous for its strong Southern American English dialect. There is the Tidewater accent. Virginia has over 8.5 million people. English, Spanish, and other languages are spoken in the state of Virginia. 62 percent of Virginians are European Americans, 19.8 percent of Virginians are African Americans, 9.4 Virginians are Hispanic people, 6.8 percent of Virginians are Asian Americans, and 2.9 % of Virginians are biracial human beings. 0.5 percent of Virginians are Native Americans and 0.1 percent are Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders. Most Native American people live in the Tidewater region. Centuries ago, many people of English and Irish descent lived in Virginia. Scots Irish people heavily were in the northwestern mountains and the Shenandoah Valley.

Most African American Virginians are descendants of enslaved Africans who worked on tobacco, cotton, and hemp plantations centuries ago. They heavily came from West and West Central Africa (from Angola and the Bight of Biafra heavily). The Igbo ethnic group of what is known as southern Nigeria were the single largest African group of slaves in Virginia. That is why most African Americans are descended from Western and Central Africa. My DNA test results show a significant amount of Nigerian and Congolese heritage. The Great Migration caused many black Americans to come to the North from Virginia, but now, there is a reverse trend of many black people moving into Virginia (and other states of the South). Many Hispanic people live in Northern Virginia. There is a large Salvadorian population in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia, and there is a large Puerto Rican population in Hampton Roads (which is at Southeastern Virginia). Vietnamese Americans live in Northern Virginia. There is a large about 45,000 Filipino American community in the Hampton Roads area, many of them have ties to the U.S. Navy and the armed forces. Most Virginians embrace Protestantism and Baptist teachings. There is a large Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim including other religious populations. Virginia's economy is mixed with a service economy, agricultural economy, and other federal government jobs. Northern Virginia is the richest economic region of the state. The military is heavily involved in Virginia from the veterans to the largest Naval base on Earth which is the Norfolk Naval Station. The Hampton Roads area has the largest concentration of military personnel and assets of any metropolitan area on Earth. Tourism is found all over the state including technology related businesses. Cuisine in Virginia include barbecue, country ham (as found in Smithfield, Virginia), grapes, crabs, other seafood, etc. There are many art museums in the state. Virginia also names a state Poet Laureate, currently Ron Smith, whose term began on July 1, 2014. From state fairs, the Virginia Film Festival, the VCU French Film Festival, and other celebrations, Virginia has great cultural institutions.

Geniuses are found customarily in the past and present. They will exist in the future too. She was not only a genius, but she shown her glory in articulating the pain, the strength, and the intellectual power of black people. Her name was Sister Lorraine Hansberry. It is fitting to write about her. As we approach the 80th anniversary of her birth, we contemplate about her life and legacy in a wide reaching fashion. When I was younger, I knew little about her life. Today, I understand more about her exciting life indeed. From watching documentaries, reading books, and studying other information, it is clear to witness that Lorraine Hansberry was one of the greatest playwrights of all time. She wrote plays not only to develop fictional characters. Many of her plays were related to her life. She was born and raised in Chicago. She knew of the plight of Brothers and Sisters in the ghetto, and she was an activist who allied with fellow heroes for justice. Hansberry was a history maker as being the first black woman author to have a play performed on Broadway. Her play A Raisin in the Sun described the lives of African Americans in segregated Chicago trying to own a home in an integrated community. She won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Awards being the first black dramatist, the first woman, and the youngest playwright to do so. Her friends were Nina Simone, Paul Robeson, and W.E.B. DuBois. Always in favor of black African liberation worldwide, she shined her light in many ways. She loved many people, and Lorraine Hansberry was her own woman. She was not only beautiful. She was always young, black, and gifted. When we salute her, we salute the best in ourselves.

As we see the 2010's end and the start of the 2020s, we witness a lot of changes in the world atmosphere. The start of the 2010s saw a global financial recession worldwide, more awareness of climate change, and the complexities of the war on terror. The European sovereign debt crisis existed along with austerity policies being executed in Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. Economic factors led to the rise of populist movements like 15-M and Occupy movements. That is why Occupy Wall Street grew heavily in NYC and worldwide. The economic and political problems in the Middle East caused some unrest in Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, as well as civil wars in Libya and Syria, in a widespread phenomenon commonly referred to in the Western world as the Arab Spring, with repercussions from the conflicts continuing into the 2020s. Today, America is a global superpower with China being assertive in trade deals with other nations (and their economic initiatives). America and China still have disputes in the South China Sea and in Africa over political plus financial interests. North Korea and South Korea still are debating their futures. Music and culture increasingly became more globalized with artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Jay Z, etc. Osama bin Laden was assassinated by U.S. forces in Pakistan. The ISIS movement spread in the 2010s before its defeat in Iraq as a governmental entity. Russia has expanded. The migrant crisis as a result of wars and economic dislocation have allowed people of color (black people and those of Arabic descent) to travel into Europe. The Internet in the 2010s have advanced with wireless networking devices, mobile telephony, and cloud computing. There is now 5G broadband and data being displayed in many locations. iPhone 11 is here presently. Debates about civil liberties are represented by the stories of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. We still have a problem with mass surveillance and information privacy (and how private entities and the government must not violate human civil liberties). There are more women and other representation in parts of society, but oppression is still here in a high level globally.  Major natural disasters included the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the Nepal earthquake of 2015, the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, and the devastating hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Dorian, Haiyan (Yolanda) and Sandy. The Dorian Hurricane has destroyed lives heavily in the Bahamas in 2019. The Black Lives Matter movement defined a decade in them confronting police brutality. Various populist movements in general dominated this era of time. Therefore, the 2010's certainly made history in enumerable ways.

By Timothy

Friday, September 20, 2019

Late September 2019 News.

She is a young legendary actress who has acting in her blood. Her parents either were actors and producers. Now, yesterday was her Birthday, and she is 48 years old. From being on cartoon shows to legendary movies, her life has been filled with an exceptional amount of self-expression. She is Sister Sanaa Lathan. She is born in New York City, and you can tell by her Northern accent. Her first name means art in Swahili. Her mother was an actress and dancer named Eleanor McCoy. Her father was a famous producer of PBS shows and Sanford and Son named Stan Lathan. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in English. She earned a master's degree in drama from Yale University. She has been in theater of years.

She was on Broadway as well. She has been on shows like Moesha, In the House, NYPD Blue, Family Matters, etc. Her breakout role was in the movie of Life and Love and Basketball (which is a love story among 2 basketball players). She was on two The Best Man movies. She represented Generation X black movie stars. When I was growing up, people like her were folks that we looked up too as young people (as I am from Generation Y). She is 12 years older than me. She won the 2001 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture. She was in the A Raisin in the Sun movie. From dramas, thrillers, and romantic films, she has done it all. Recently, she was in the films Nappily Ever After and Native Son. Working hard and appreciating her gifts are in her life. I wish Sister Sanaa Lathan more blessings. .

Trump is bragging about his wall. Yet, he omits many things. The wall is representative of not only xenophobia. It is about the essence of hate, since his immigration policy is about restricting the number of people of color from coming into America. Trump wanting to decline certain forms of legal immigration outlines his agenda. Many children migrants in camps suffer horrendous conditions. This isn't just me saying this. This has been documented by a report issued by the Inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The report documented that children migrants were violated by cartels and by many criminals. Also, many of them were separated from their parents via Trump's policies which has been traumatic to these children. Trump now wants children and their parents to be held in federal prison camps run by ICE not by the HHS. Many children suffer depression when they stay in ORR facilities for more than 70 days. This report is conclusive evidence of the cruelty of the Trump administration involving asylum seekers and migrants. A border is not an excuse to be non-compassionate towards fellow human beings. The same ones who lecture others on borders omit that borders change over time via war, theft, and other disputes. Federal law says that undocumented immigrants are entitled to protections if they are refugees or asylum seekers fleeing oppression. Human rights are superior to borders.

The events in Saudi Arabia and Iran represent a real foreign policy crisis. The bombing of the Saudi oil facilities have been claimed by Houthi rebels as being responsibility for them. Trump and Pompeo blame Iran for it. Iranians leaders deny responsibility. The U.S. claims to have satellite evidence. Almost 100,000 Yemeni people have been murdered in the Yemeni civil war. Some reports that Trump may use cyber attacks and air strikes on Iranian ships with seizures (which is piracy). Pompeo recently met with Saudi leader Prince Mohamed bin Salman. Pompeo is a hardliner, and said that the Saudi attack as an act or war. China relies on Iran and the Persian Gulf for oil resources. An attack on Iran will harm Chinese interests. Also, China is an ally of Russia. This is a complex situation. Iran is a source of energy for China. Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened war in Iran for years. He is a Trump ally with his election chances in doubt. Since Russia and China are in unison with Iran, it is highly not likely for a war against Iran to come. Likewise, we want a negotiated settlement to end this dangerous crisis. There is the news story about the whistleblower trying to release information that is damaging about Trump. He said that he was blocked from disclosing the urgent matter. Schiff from Congress promises to try to release the information to the American people. It is no secret that some in the intelligence community don't trust Trump because of his compromising actions.

The strike at General Motors is more than about class struggle. It is about workers battling against global capitalist exploitation. Almost 50,000 autoworkers are striking in sacrificing their time to enact real change. General Motors is one of the most powerful corporations on Earth. There has been decades of suppression of economic rights. Therefore, people are fighting for better benefits, collective bargaining, and other labor rights. The workers at GM are uniting. Many of the strikers are from different backgrounds, but they are united in the same goal of living wages, labor rights protections, and protected health care services. Many workers from Mexico, Germany, and Brazil have expressed solidarity with the striking workers of Detroit. In our time, we see striking teachers in West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, and Oklahoma. We witness demonstrations for freedom in Puerto Rico, France, Algeria, Hong Kong, and Sudan. We have watched global strikes in favor of something to be done about climate change. We have witnessed many changes in our society, and we are unified in our common values of advancing liberty, justice, and equality. We fight for real change not only for ourselves. We want change for our future descendants.

By Timothy

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Today, there is a strike of thousands of nearly 50,000 autoworkers. This is historic as for years, many workers in the auto field have been exploited, cut of their benefits, and they desire a change after witnessing corporate giants receiving record profits and bonuses. Many companies have received billions of dollars of yearly profits. The striking workers are heavily from GM at Detroit. They desire jobs, benefits (like health care), and personal security economically. These workers are part of the class struggle to confront poverty, social inequality, and job losses. Many jobs in America have been lost involving factories and automobile plants. Also, it is important to reiterate that workers worldwide suffer exploitation too. This is an international problem in essence. The UAW has called for the strikes. Many leaders of the UAW are accused of corruption. Workers have strikes in Michigan and Ohio. I do believe in labor rights and the right to strike. The workers must be part of the decision making process of any occupation. These strikers are courageous in their convictions and actions. Nearly 50 GM factories are shut down now. Therefore, the striking workers and all workers in general deserve economic justice. Also, those who work or those who don't should have equality, liberty, and justice as well.

Today, foreign policy news are ever real. There were drone strikes on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Yemen Houthi fighters are held as responsible for these actions. Yemen is a poor nation filled with civil war. Iran backs the Houthi rebels while Saudi Arabia is against the rebels. Many Americans including progressives globally want the war in Yemen to end. The oil attack has caused concerns of rising oil prices, since Saudi Arabia exports much of the world's oil supply. The Saudi owned Aramco oil company stopped production at the facilities. Trump has blamed Iran for the strikes, and he said that he is locked and loaded. That is a provocation of a militaristic response. Mike Pompeo or the U.S. Secretary of States blamed Iran for the attacks too.

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are allies, so they are in unison in promoting tension against the majority Shia nation of Iran. At the end of the day, Saudi Arabia doesn't want Iran to have more influence in the Middle East. Far right senator Lindsey Graham wanted a more aggressive response against Iran now. Saudi war crimes in their air strikes of Yemeni towns and cities have been omitted by many in the corporate media. What we want isn't some new war. Iran isn't Iraq. Iran has a stronger air force, navy, and army than Iraq. What we need is strong negotiation to promote a peaceful resolution. After Trump ended the Iranian nuclear deal, these tensions immediately arise. We want a peaceful end to this situation. It won't be easy, but that is better than war.

The former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski testified before the House Judiciary Committee in the panel's first official impeachment hearing. He admitted under oath that he lied to the American people about his actions. He stonewalled on discussions with the former Attorney General Sessions. Corey also refused to answer key questions about potential obstruction by Trump, and he argued with Democrats asking him important questions. Corey admitted that he had private talks with Trump about pressuring Sessions to curtail the Russia investigation in 2017. Corey cited a letter about Trump not wanting him to talk about their talks. Corey wants to acquiesce to the Trump's agenda. Lewandowski echoed the Trump's sentiments to promote his political agenda in New Hampshire. Trump has obviously done obstruction of justice on many counts. Corey said that he has no obligation to be honest with the media, which confirms that he is a liar. So, the Trump administration and his allies are some of the most deceptive people in American history.

Many decades ago, four little girls were murdered by a bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. These girls' names are Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise McNair. These girls just wanted to worship God as they saw fit in a church. Yet, a coward ended their lives physically. The murderer didn't crush their souls spiritually. Their lives represented the dignity and the honor of our people. This happened in 1963 which was a life changing year of the Civil Rights Movement. It was the time of Medgar Evers' assassination, of the March on Washington, of the Birmingham movement, and of other events. After the deaths of the four little girls, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed a sermon that not only blamed the racists for the murder but those complacent with the status quo for it too. The lesson is that these four girls didn't die in vain. We have a rise in hate crimes since that male was placed into office back in 2017. We have new activists fighting for social change. Therefore, we are in the right side of history, and we believe in defending the liberties of human life. The story of the four little girls should always motivate us that we do this not only for ourselves. We do this for our ancestors, for the Creator, and for future generations in order for the Dream to transpire triumphantly.

By Timothy