Friday, July 21, 2006

Who controls the Media? (It isn't all Jews)

*Piper and Ted Pike tells about the so-called "Zionist" control of the media. I knew Piper would talk about the media. I found the following from various websites and I'm not afraid to confront this issue. I'm going to do it. The truth is that most of the media is run by people in the CFR, Bilderberg Group, heads of corporations, and mostly Gentiles not Jews. Gaylon Ross wrote about the CFR's influence in the media, industry, etc. I will agree that a large portion of Jewish people are in the media. That's a fact that can't be ignored. No sane man denies that. I've looked the media power structure. When you see who owns the media, you will look at 5 big, major comglomerates that control most of the media in America.

One caller (who blamed the Zionists for all of our ills) talked about how controlled the media and this and that. The truth is that Vatican/Jesuit links are all over politics, religion, government, and other spheres of influences. For example, Jesuit trained Sean Hannity is on FOX. Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch heads the FOX News Corporation. Many Knights of Malta (composed of many billionares), Knights of Columbus (who own the Yankee Stadium), and Opus Dei have tons of money and control a wide variety of corporate power. Also, the Vatican still is the strongest religious institution in the world owning universities, supports the illegal immigration agenda, hundreds of heads of state met with Pope from time to time, involved in the New Age Movement (via Jesuit Pierre de Chardin, and others), heads the ecumencial movement (which originated from Vatican II in the 1960's), involved in monetary affairs (found in Avro Manhattan's "The Vatican Billions"), and is involved in various countries. Modern Zionism is a controlled entity. What's the proof. First, aspects of Zionism existed from the pagan Mystery Religion of Gentile Egypt and Babylon (like the Star of Solomon or Saturn The Hexagram symbol deals with "the forces" and "Generation" according to Masonic scholars. This star is talked about in Amos 5: 26 and Acts 7:43 as "Remphan").

Second, Theodore Herzl (a early Zionist) met the Pope in 1904. The Vatican controls 60% of Jerusalem according to Barry Chamish. Third, Europe and America controls Israel not the other way around (i.e. Europe and America created Israel via Cardinal Spellman, high level Freemasonry [i.e. Harry Truman {1884-1972} and Chaim Weizzman {1874-1952} The Revisionist Zionists like Jabiontinsky died off, while the apostate Labor Zionists still have strong power in Israel like Peres], and the United Nations). Fourth, the Gentile Papal Knight Gehlen helped invent the Mossad. Fifth, the Mi6 and CIA are documentated to having more power than the Mossad found in the research of Fritz Springmeier, Eric Jon Phelps, and Dr. John Coleman. Sixth, Shimon Peres submitted to the Pro-Vatican Olso accords, which could lead to the internationalization of Jerusalem. Seventh, Israel is still reliant on America and Europe's money for its economic and political stability. The Jewish people (who are very hated even in so-called "Patriot circles") and the Arabic people (whom British Knight of Malta St. John Philby {according to Eric Jon Phelps} was pivotable in forming the nation of Saudia Arabia in the 1920's. Philby was an ally of King Ibn Saud. The Carlyle Group is a military industrial stronghold with links to the Bin Laden family (one of its emeritus was {Knight of Malta Frank Carclucci} Even the Saudi gave $20,000,000 to the Jesuit stronghold University of Georgetown. Really I'm not part of group think as claimed by the Jew-baiting duo of WINGTV.

If WINGTV wants to bring, then I will bring it and expose them for what they are. I already exposed Daryl Bradford Smith and November 100%. WINGTV claim people like me omit Zionism, but I've exposed the ADL {invented by the B'nai B'rith Lodge of Masonry. The B'nai B'rith Lodge was created in 1843. Anton Chaitkan wrote the Scottish Rite link to the B'nai B'Rith Lodge.} and Labor Zionists for a number of years. Either they are bigots, liars, or both) have been used as scapegoats for centuries. I don't believe in the Protocols of Elders of Zion since it's based on forgery. Not every Catholic like not every Jewish person or Arabic person are involved with this. It's a corrupt Heirachy in the Vatican, though I disagree with the Catholic religion. Here's my research (of media control) and it isn't all Jewish people

Television Networks:

-ABC(The founder is Richard Noble. The present CEO of ABC is Gentile George J. Mitchell,who is the real Chairman of the Disney company. ) The current president of ABC News is David Westin.

-NBC (Gentile Bob Wright, who serves as vice chairman of General Electric, is Chairman and CEO of NBC Universal.)

-FOX News (The head of News Corporation is an Austrailian Billionare by the name of Rupert Murdoch (some say he's half-Jewish because people write that his mother is named Elizabeth Greene. That's false since there is no conclusive evidence of him being Jewish and Green can be a Gentile surname as well). Not only is Rupert Murdoch a Roman Catholic, but a member of the Papal Knight of St. Gregory. Murdoch owns FOX News.) One CFO of the News Corporation is David DeVoe.

-CBS (Roman Catholic Joseph A. Califano, Jr. is in the Board of Directors of CBS. He's the son of CFR member and LBJ ally Joseph A. Califano. Califano worked with K of C Cardinal Spellman).

-CNN (run by AOL/Time Warner Gentile CFR member Richard D. Parsons. Its founder was Gentile Ted Turner) Its corporate Directors includes mostly Gentiles like Jim Barksdale, Robert Clark, Michael Miles, Francis Vincent, and Deborah Wright. Gentile Jim Walton is the President of CNN Worldwide)

-PBS (Its head today is Gentile Kenneth Tomlinson)

-Gentile Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Gustavo Cisneros is a billionare, media magnate, and a member of the Pilgrim Society. Cisneros is the CEO of the Cisneros Group of Companies [very prominent in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands], which has large stakes in companies like Univision, AOL Latin America, DirecTV Latin America, and a score of other media companies

- Televisa (The owner of it is Gentile Emilio Azcárraga. It's the the main television network in Mexico and the largest producer and broadcaster of Spanish media around the world)

-Newport Television, LLC (Its CEO is Gentile Sandy DiPasquale. It controls many TV stations).

-A and E Television has its President and CEO by the name of Gentile Abbe Raven. Whitney Goit II is its SEVP and Gentile Gerard Gruosso is its EVP. The company is jointly owned by The Hearst Corporation, Disney-ABC Television Group, and NBC Universal.

-The Hearst Corporation is headed by Gentile George Randolph Hearst,Jr.


-The Washington Post (Gentile Donald Graham, is its Chairman & CEO)

-The Washington Times and UPI (Rev. Korean Gentile Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church owns them)

-The Wall Street Journal (owned by the Dow Jones Company, who present CEO is Roman Catholic Richard F. Zannino)

-Express Newspapers (It's owned by Gentile Richard Clive Desmond (born 8 December 1951) is a British publisher. Express Newspapers publishes the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star Sunday and Daily Star.)

-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (owned by the COX Enterprises and whose present CEO is Anthony's son, Gentile James C. Kennedy)

-The Observer (Its head is Gentile Liz Forgan of the Scott Trust, a former Director of Programmes at Channel 4 and Managing Director of BBC Radio)

-The Independent (The head of this newspaper is Gentile CEO Sir Anthony O'Reily, and Gentile Dr B. Hillary is its Chairman)

-The New York Times (Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. is the Chairman of this newspaper)

-San Francisco Chronicle (It's owned by the Gentile Hearst Corporation)

-The Miami Herald (It's owned by the The McClatchy Company. This company owns 32 newspapers and many of its Boards of Director are in the Gentile McClatchy family)

-The Denver Post (It's owned by the Media News Corporation of Colorado. The company's chairman is Gentile Gary Wright and its chief executive officer and vice chairman is founder Gentile William Dean Singleton. The president is Jody Lodovic. Gentile Roman Catholic Steven B. Rossi is executive vice president and chief operating officer)

-The Dallas Morning News (It's owned by Belo Corp. Its CEO and Chairman is Gentile Robert Decherd. The publisher of the newspaper is Gentile James M. Moroney III and the editor is Gentile Robert W. Mong, Jr.)

-NewsDay is owned by Cablevision. Gentile Irish Roman Catholic Charles Dolan is the Chairman of Newsday and Gentile Irish Roman Catholic James Dolan is its President & CEO.

-USA Today is owned by the Garnett Company Inc. Garnett Company Inc. has Craig A. Dubow as its Chairman, President, & CEO. Gentile John Hillkirk is the Executive Editor of USA Today. Gentile Brian Gallagher is the Editorial Page Editor of USA Today. One editor of the USA Today is Ken Paulson.

-The Daily Express is headed by Gentile Richard Desmond. In 2008 he was ranked the 35th equal richest man in Britain according to the Sunday Times Rich List, with his net worth in 2009 halved to £950 million.


-Forbes Magazine (headed by Gentile Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes Jr. and his brothers)

- Reason (Gentile Nick Gillespie is the Editor-in-Chief)

- National Review (The founder was Knight of Malta Gentile William Buckley Jr.)

-The American Conservative (Founded by Gentiles Scott McConnell, SMOM Pat Buchanan, and Taki Theodoracopulos, and edited by McConnell.)

-The New Yorker (It's owned by Advance Publications in 1985, the media company owned by S.I. Newhouse. The head of Newhouse is Gentile Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. )

-Variety (Owned by the Reed Elsevier Company. This company's CEO is Gentile Sir Crispin Davis and its Chairman is Gentile Jan Hommen)

-American Media Inc. (Its CEO, is Gentile David J. Pecker)

-GQ (Its editor is Gentile Jim Nelson)

-Health (magazine) is owned by the Time's Southern Progress Corporation. The Time's Southern Progress Corporation is controlled by Thomas Angelillo (who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Gentile Bruce Larson is the Chief Financial Officer of the group).

-Gentile Roy S. Johnson is the editor in chief of Men's Health Magazine.

Hollywood Studios:

-FOX Studios (The head is Rupert Murdoch)

-Sony (Howard Stringer is Jewish and the Chairman and CEO of it, but Ryoji Chubachii s the President and Electronics CEO of it. Japanese people consume the Board of Directors in Sony not the Jews)

-NBC Universal (mostly owned by GE Chairman and CEO Gentile Jeff Immelt.)

-Warner Brothers (It's owned by Time Warner, who head is CFR member and Gentile Richard D. Parson).

-Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group (Its head is Gentile George Mitchell of the the Disney Company)

-Paramount Pictures (The CEO and Chairman of it is Brad Grey. It's also controlled by Vaicom, who head is the Jewish person named Sumner Redstone)

-Hollywood International (The head of it is the Gentile Knight of Malta Steven Saxton)

-Golden Harvest is headed by Li Ka-shing and EMI. EMI is headed by Gentile British by the name of Guy Hands.


Academic Press is run by a group of people based in Ansterdam, the Netherlands. Arcadia Publishing is based in South Carolina. BBC Books is head by the British Corporation (whose leaderis Gentile John Reith). Colombia University Press is headed by Gentile Lee Bollinger. Hackett Publishing Company is headed by Gentile Frances Hackett, who publisher is James Hullett.

Radio and Communication:

-Clear Channel (Gentile Mark Mays, is the CEO & President of it)

- Sirius (Its head is CEO Mel Karmazin and its President is Scott Greenstein, who is Jewish)

-XM Satellite Radio (Its head are Gentile, President & CEO plus Roman Catholic Hugh Panero, President [along with CEO Gentile Gary Parsons)

-AT&T (The CEO and Chairman of this company is Gentile Randall L. Stephenson)

-DirectTV (It's owned by Gentile CFR member and Papal KNight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch, as the Chairman and Chase Carey is the President & CEO of it).

-SamSung (It's high level members include Gentiles Lee Byung-chul and Lee Kun-Hee from South Korea)

-NEC (Gentile Hajime Sasaki is the Chairman of the Board and Yano is its President).

Music Companies

-Universal Music Group (Its CEO is Gentile Doug Morris and Lucian Grainge is its Chairman and CEO of UMG International )

-Gentile Jerome S. "Jerry" Moss is the head of Almo Sounds.

-Gentile Patrick Amory is the general manager of Matador Records.

- Gentile and Roman Catholic Thomas Daniel 'Tommy' Mottola is an American music executive and co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint venture with the Universal Music Group,

-Berry Gordy (a Gentile who used to own Motown Records. Gordy sold his interests in Motown Records to MCA and Boston Ventures in June 1988 for $61 million)


-Knight of Malta Peter M. Flanagan is a very powerful man in America. He is apart of the Bohemian Grove. He is a trustee of the Manhattan Institute, an advisor to UBS Warburg LLC of New York, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and member of the at-large of National Catholic Educational Association.

-Knight of Malta Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., is the president and CEO of the American Gaming.

-Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster is a rich Pilgrim society Billionare in the Uk. Grosvenor's company, Grosvenor Continental Europe, bought the up-market Serpette and Paul-Bert sections of the 120-year-old Saint-Ouen market, just north of the 18th arrondissement in Paris, in 2005. According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2009, The Duke of Westminster is worth £6.5 billion placing him 3rd in the list behind Roman Abramovich and Lakshmi Mittal.

-Knight of Malta Edwin Feulner is the President of the Heritage Foundation. He is also past president and current Treasurer and Trustee of the Mont Pelerin Society, a global economics society. Since 2006, Feulner has been a member of the Honorary Board of Trustees of Fundación Burke in Spain. In 2007 GQ magazine named Feulner one of the "50 most powerful people in D.C."

-Roman Catholic and 1001 Club member Emilio Azcárraga Milmo Jr. is a Mexican media mogul.

-Gentile Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Gustavo Cisneros is a billionare, media magnate, and a member of the Pilgrim Society. Cisneros is the CEO of the Cisneros Group of Companies [very prominent in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands], which has large stakes in companies like Univision, AOL Latin America, DirecTV Latin America, and a score of other media companies.

-The CEO/Chairman of AT&T is Edward Whitacre, Jr., who is a Gentile, not Jewish. Gentile George Randolph Hearst Jr. owns the Hearst Corporation. In fact, Jesuit (he's from Fordham) trained Roman Catholic Victor F. Ganzi, is president and chief executive officer of the Hearst Corporation. The large Bertelsmann AG company is run by Germans.''

-Exxon Mobil (Gentile Rex W. Tillerson is its Chairman/CEO) This is the top Forbes 500 company on the planet Earth.

-Chevron (The CEO and Chairman is Gentile David O'Reilly)

-Gentile Knight of Malta Bernard Dorin (He's an ex-French Ambassador to Haiti, South Africa; President o/t Amitiés Francophones)

-Ford (The head is Gentile William Ford, Jr., whose relative was 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Ford, who recieved a Nazi award from Adolf Hitler)

-Walmart Stores (Its founder was 33rd Degree Freemason Sam Walton. It present heads are Gentile CEO H. Lee Scott, and Gentile Chairman S. Robson Walton)

- -IBM (The Chairman and CEO of it is Roman Catholic Samuel J. Palmisano)

-See one of the biggest (if not the biggest) media company on Earth is AOL/TimeWarner. The head of that isn't a Jew, but CFR member Richard Parsons.

-Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Roman Catholic billionare Warren Buffet, and others who are very powerful in the media, yet they aren't Jewish people at all.

-The Charlotte Bobcats (Its owner is Gentile Robert Johnson is also the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, a National Basketball Association franchise and is the first self-made black billionaire in America)

-CodeBlack Entertainment is an American entertainment conglomerate founded and run by an African-American entrepreneur,Gentile Jeff Clanagan.

-Gentile Michael Lynton is the Chairman & CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment. Gentile Jeff Blake is the Vice Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment. He's also the Chairman, Worldwide of the Marketing and Distribution, of Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group.

-Blackstone Group L.P. (NYSE: BX) is a private equity and investment management firm founded in 1985 by CFR member and Greek American Gentile Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman.

-Gentile Jonathan Aitken was the Great nephew of Hitler-intimate Lord Beaverbrook, whose son ended up in the 1001 Club. He was the CEO of TV-Am and chairman of Aitken Hume Plc, a banking and investment group. In 1992, he was appointed Defense Minister. He was Chairman of Le Cerle. He went on a few Jesuit retreats.

-Knight of Malta Gentile William R. Burleigh (He's the Chairman and CEO of E.W. Scripps since 1999. Other SMOMs with mighty power include: Raymond Siegfried, CEO of the NORDAM Group; and Dr. Paul McHugh, head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore)

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

*More is coming (I do mean a lot more), so don't worry. Nice try Ted Pike and WINGTV, but it doesn't work. Ted Pike utilized a lot of outdated information in his sources. Pike's words are at this link:


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Abbe Raven is NOT a genitle. She is a Jewess. Her real last name is "Ravnitsky". "Raven" is just an Anglicized version of her real name.

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How can i ask you for more details? Great post needda know more...

Timothy said...

You can google "Jesuits" in the search engine here to find more information.

You can google Jesuits/New world order in the Google search engine as well.

Timothy said...

Abbe Raven has nothing to do with the Pilgrim Society, the Black Nobility bloodlines, the Vatican, etc. that has more power than Zionists.

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You dont have to be a jew to be a zionist. The jesuits was created by zionist.

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The Financial-Media system - the head of informative machines that print money and manufacture human brains and control the world and the miltiary-industrial system - is owned by them.
You are funny probably jewish and your pretension that the catholic church has any media power... LOL just read the beginning... Murdoch catholic, LOL, murdoch is calvinist-Jewish, her mum is jewish, and Fox the most staunch defender of Israel, that alone invalidates the entire article.

Anonymous said...

Richard Desmond is a Jew.