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Words from Eric Jon Phelps and More

Google...ALFRED see his photo on the WIKIPEDIA entry of him Papal Knight Alfred Lambremont Webre (1942–Present) , 2007

Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Rome’s Gatekeeper for the 911 Truth Movement

As it was after the Order’s assassination of President Kennedy, so it is now after the Black Pope’s 911 demolition of the World Trade Center and aerial attack on the Pentagon. Rome’s Gatekeepers behind the movement to discover the real assassins of JFK were men such as Mark Lane, Robert Groden, Knight of Malta William F. Buckley, Jr., using his National Review, and our apostate Protestant/Lutheran Supreme Court Chief Justice, 33rd Degree Freemason Earl Warren, who gave his approval to the Warren Commission’s CIA/FBI-devised, cover-up conclusion—The Warren Report.Even so it is today. Rome’s Gatekeepers suppressing the real masterminds behind 911, which murdered over three thousand Americans, are out in full force (including Alex Jones and Ron Paul), and are backed by the Bush Royal Family intensely loyal to the Pope of Rome. Knight of Malta George H. W. Bush and his brother, Knight of Malta Prescott Bush, Jr., were complicit in the “termination” of President Kennedy in 1963.

Even so their son and nephew, President George W. Bush, was Rome’s tool in fulfilling the wishes of Pope John Paul II on that fateful day, nearly six years ago. After JKF was assassinated, Cardinal Spellman had his Vietnam War; after 911, Cardinal Egan had his “War on Terror,” intended to destroy the last western nations born out of the Protestant Reformation. Just as “Spelly’s War” on the Vietnamese people lasted for thirty years (1945-1975), even son “Egan’s War on Terror” against the Moslems will last for decades.Rome’s deliberate act of terror perpetrated against the American people on September 11, 2001, is the catalyst for the propaganda espoused by Cardinal Egan’s press lords, both Jewish and Gentile, many of whom are members of the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations. One of the CFR’s most notorious members is a Roman Catholic half-Jew and Knight of St. Gregory/Knight of Malta/Australian Knight of the British Empire, Rupert Murdoch, the mogul overseeing Pope Benedict XVI’s “New Right” fascist Fox News Network. The Order’s “Crusade” against North Americans enjoying a Presbyterian Protestant Constitution and personal liberties secured by a Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights must continue; the “Crusade” against the majority Moslem peoples for the security of the Vatican’s anti-Jew, “Kingdom of Jerusalem in Roman Palestine” precipitating the building of the Third Hebrew Temple must continue. Therefore, a constant barrage of fascist propaganda must deluge our mindspreparing the American peoples to fight a two-front world war, all of which will be in the words of the Jesuit, “For the greater glory of God”—the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair!Indeed, there is much at stake! This Crusade must not be brought to a close: “America cannot retreat from complete victory!” Thus, the drugged and brainwashed American “human resource” people cannot be permitted to discover the real authors of 911.

Realizing there would be genuine truth-seekers within the military, politics and academia, the Jesuit Order has called upon its most obedient soldiers to take command of overseeing and directing the cover-up. A few of them are Jeff Rense, Texe Marrs, Alex Jones and Eric Hufschmidt (whose sister is married to the son of “Sir” Rupert Murdoch). But the most important appears to be the hitherto unknown Alfred Webre. A review of the life and connections of this servant of Rome is necessary if we are to understand that the entire 911 Truth Movement is now compromised.Alfred Webre, author lawyer and environmentalist, was born in 1947, graduating from Yale University in 1964. He then attended Yale Law School receiving his J.D. in International Law in 1967. As a Fulbright Scholar in Economic Integration, Webre is an internationalist and thoroughly versed in the Vatican’s Uniform Commercial Code and Federal Taxation, which specialties are essential to the creating of a world of nations united by commercial treaties for the benefit of Rome’s merchants, “the great men of the earth” (Rev. 18:23). This author assumes that Webre is an occult member of one of Yale’s secret societies and possibly a Knight of Malta evidenced by his association with Skull and Bones members, specifically President George W. Bush and his father, former President George H. W. Bush. Webre’s highly influential employment with the Jesuit Order’s Ford Foundation in 1973 and the Stanford Research Institute (the American Tavistock Institute) in 1977 furtherincriminates him as a tool of Rome.From 1982 to 1987 Webre was a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Delegate to the United Nations in New York City. The U.N. has always been a tool of Rome intended to destroy the national sovereignty of the once Protestant and Baptist United States. Its treasonous policies facilitate the creation of a world government espoused by the Jesuits at the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). (It is most intriguing that at the time of this Council when Rome was pretending to be benevolent to its once “heretic and liberal” opponents, Pope Paul VI murdered our “liberal” Roman Catholic American president, John F. Kennedy.)

The murderous and deceptive U.N. was established in the Jesuit haven of San Francisco at the hand of President “Dirty” Harry Truman, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason.In 2001 Alfred Webre and Dr. Carol Rosin founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space. Webre’s General Counsel was Papal Knight of Malta Daniel Sheehan, a the long-time General Counsel for the Jesuit Order’s Christic Institute, a left-wing Washington, D.C.,-based law firm. This is a most important connection between Webre, the Knights of Malta and the ubiquitous Jesuit Order. Webre is a supra-international ist, an elite amidst the highest initiates of the “globalists.” He even goes so far as to believe in advanced alien life forms in the universe, that earth has been “quarantined” and that we cosmopolitan earth-dwellers of all nations “have been given an opportunity to join the rest of the spiritually evolved Universe Society in peace, thus an opportunity to avoid environmental global destruction through war.” In translating this double-talk, Webre is a world citizen (as are all Knights of Malta), a promoter of the radical, left-wing, environmentalist agenda despitethe fact that his Papal brothers have kept the world enslaved to fossil fuel pollution, further destroying the very earth he claims to protect, and openly advocates world peace when his occult masters in Rome have now incited Cardinal Egan’s American-led Crusade called “the War on Terror.”Alfred Webre is a Papal Knight, a heavyweight among the “globalist insiders” vying for a world government at the expense of the national sovereignty of the United States and Canada—the last bastions of the Protestant Reformation.

He is tied to Yale’s Skull and Bonesmen, the Knights of Malta and, worst of all, the diabolical and perfidious Society of Jesus—the most powerful secret society in the history of man. An unabashed enemy of both the American and Canadian people, he talks peace when war is his true aim. Therefore, we should not be surprised to observe that Alfred Webre has been appointed Gatekeeper of the “911 Truth Movement.” By pretending to genuinely pursue the truth as to the real malefactors behind our mass-murder on September 11, 2001, he is positioned to conceal the truth for the benefit of his master, the Black Pope. Make no mistake; Alfred Webre is a treasonous Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor at a key apex of power.At the most recent “911 Truth Conference” held in July of 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Alfred Webre was the master of ceremonies. He was the Black Pope’s Gatekeeper pretending to reveal truth when in fact he did all to conceal the real power behind the World Trade Demolition. It is for this reason not one of the featured speakers went into any detail about the Vatican’s involvement on that day of infamy. No one said a word from the platform about the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the Black Pope or Rome’s “Crusade” against Islam and the Protestant Reformation having founded Western Civilization, including American and Canada. Webre was there to make sure none of these topics were raised.There was a bright light at the conference however. He is a personal friend and avid “point man” for the exposure of the agents of Rome on many, many fronts. That man was Tim White. Upon confronting Alfred Webre inside of the conference hall, words passed after which Webre admitted to White that his Uncle was a Jesuit, a very powerful Jesuit who, in his time, was next to Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe. That was all it took.

Thereafter, White was not admitted into the conference and was threatened with deportation back to the United States from one of Webre’s assistants. Without this confrontation, we would have never known of Webre’s family connection to the Jesuit Order. We owe a debt of gratitude to Tim White.In conclusion, the “911 Truth Movement” is now totally compromised. Never will any truth about Vatican involvement on that fateful morning be promulgated from this seemingly respectable channel. The Jesuits, with their Temporal Coadjutor Alfred Webre and Knights of Malta (“the great men of the earth” Rev. 18:23), now dominate the field. All of their servants, including Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jeff Rense, Congressman Ron Paul, Michael Collins Piper, Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Hal Turner, Tom Flocco, Constance Cumbey, Rupert Murdoch and his next of kin, Eric Hufschmidt, George Noory, Butch Paugh, Eustace Mullins, Pat Robertson, and any other radio host, network broadcaster or established author who refuses to expose the Vatican “Black Hand” in 911, will continue the great Jesuit Cover-up of the Twenty-first Century. The Jews are to be blamed; the Jesuits are never to be unmasked.But there is hope. As long as God the Father is on His throne; as long as His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, is at His right hand; and as long as the Word of God, the AV1611 Reformation English Bible, in the hands of His elect “in Christ,” the devil and his powerful servants have much to fear. For the Book is “quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Therefore know this, Alfred Webre, and all of your agent provocateurs attempting to conceal the dreadful reality that Rome is behind our greatest of civil disasters: the truth will out and your sin will surely find you out. The war is on, but you have not won the final battle. For my master, the risen Son of God, Head of His true Church—the Body of Christ—and King of Israel, will direct all of his elect to relentlessly fight this “good fight of faith” against “that man of sin” in the Vatican. We are “obstinate heretics” and we shall never relent in our mission to “preach the Word” when it is received and when it is not received, which preaching includes bringing to light the “unfruitful works of darkness.” Those works include the premeditated murder of thousands of my countrymen on 911 and during the Black Pope’s subsequent “War on Terror.” Those works include the deception and murder of those—my elect brethren “in Christ”—in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in thetheaters of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their pastors did not tell them of Rome’s design upon our country or of the Jesuits in command of our armies; they acted in good faith upon a deception and have now paid with their lives, indeed their “last full measure.” Who cannot but weep at the downfall of our nation having departed from the Word of God? And our children, do we not groan in despair over a generation to suffer for the sins of their fathers for the last four generations? Who will tell them the truth, or will they grow into adulthood only to curse our name for our cowardice and silence as they were enslaved to fight the Pope’s crusades and pay his taxes, robbing them of their wealth, health and national inheritance?Alfred Webre is a traitor. He is a Papal Knight and loyal to the Pope of Rome. He is thee Vatican Gatekeeper in preventing the truth behind 911 from ever being known. Therefore let every honest man depart from this liar, deceiver and worker of iniquity.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric Jon Phelps
Author, Vatican Assassins:“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”


> Dear Brother Eric,>

According to Pastor Jess LaVey son of Anton LaVey, George HW Bush is> a member of the Illuminati Council of 13.>> Pastor LaVey's "Sword of the Spirit Ministries">> Verification and Authenticity of Pastor Jess LaVey Page (some have> questioned the veracity of Jess LaVey's relation to Anton LaVey. If> you go on Wikipedia and other sites, Jess is not mentioned and Anton> is said to have only had one son named Xerxes. It is possible Jess was> disowned especially after being saved and becoming a pastor.> >
He revealed this in his 2 part interview with 'The Exorcist Files'> hosted by Charismatic ecumenical Chris Ward who has received CFR> media attention from MSNBC and Mormon Glenn Beck on June 6, 2006 (666)> among others.> Ward pictured with Romanist priest.>> Ward also has a page on "former" Jesuit Malachi Martin>> > Note: I had to download Winamp to listen to it.>>> > On to another Jesuit link to the Cover-up 9/11 Commission overseen by> Cardinal Egan's CFR. One of the members of the Commission spoke at my> college in Feb. 2005.>> > I regret not attending the talk, but would have had I known then that> former Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman (for SMOM Masonic traitor> Ronald Reagan plus he worked under SMOM Masonic Jewish Zionist Henry> Kissinger at the National Security Council) was not only a member of> the 9/11 Commission, but Jesuit-trained at St. Joseph's University. I> would have asked Lehman a hard question about his conflict of interest> and why he insisted on touring colleges and universities propagating> the false "official" story of what occurred that day. In all> likelihood i would have been asked and/or escorted out of the room.> There was a moderator so I'd definitely would have been cut off since> there is no such thing as free speech in an academic setting like that> or anywhere in this Jesuit-run empire.>> > Lehman is a member of PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and> the SMOM-front Heritage Foundation among other Jesuit-controlled CFR> dominated "thinktanks.">> > Brother Nicholas


What I will say is that much of this information comes from Stew Webb who we know is disinformation. You'll notice this Council of 13 information once again claiming that an Answar Bin Shari is the leader of the Council of 13. Now seeing as Webb and Heneghan constantly purposely spell things incorrect I do not know if its spelt correctly. To this date we still get no evidence of a Shari let alone his leadership of White Council of 13. If anything SMOM Papal Knight George H.W Bush would be its leader.

Craig Oxley



hi eric,
thanks for your work..i saw you on youtube. just realized that this is whats been going on only a few days ago thanks to your work...

Praise the Lord my friend!

and today i see headlines about nuking! .... this is unbelievable this is even being discussed..tancreto saying if they nuke us..we bomb mecca..this is crazy...

Agreed. When the capital in Washington, D.C., is nuked necessitating the moving of the capital to Denver, then most likely Mecca and Medina will be nuked as per above---by CIA/Al Qaeda, the arm of the Black Pope.

these people dont even have a army..never mind they think we are that dumb...


anyway..this is all so thinking about leaving for europe real much time do u think we have?

If you have the funds and do not need a job, then Europe will be better than here in the American Empire. Avoid Britain, especially London, as she must be forced into the European Union via the Black Pope's MI5/MI6 "terrorism" to be blamed on resident Moslems.

if you had to take an educated would the muslims get here..these people dont even have a navy?...

They will be transported by the Chinese navy, including COSCO (of which Knight of Malta Alexander Haig, Jr., is a "senior honorary advisor"), from the ports of Maurtania and Senegal to Cuba. Then on to Florida aided by resident Chinese troops in Panama and the Bahamas. It is for this reason that the Jesuit/SS/CIA gave Jesuit-trained Castro the island of Cuba in 1959. Cuba is to be used for the staging base for our Sino/Soviet/Moslem invasion at the consummation of this Crusade. When JFK planned to invade Cuba on Dec. 1, 1963, he was assassinated. See Ultimate Sacrifice.

take care and thanks again.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric



Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read Timothy.

I organized the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference and i can tell you that what Phelps and White said about it, about Webre and his involvement is pure BS.

That does not mean that i necessarily endorse Webre on everything he says or does either, but i have no use for those who deliberately spread disinfo, bear false witness, sew chaos and discord, and whose main concern is exposing others, while insisting that they are 100% right and others 100% wrong.

"You shall know them by their fruits"

Investigate for yourself, use discernment and make up your own mind.


Timothy said...

Thanks for your comments and I thank you for being pro-911 Truth. We need more people like you. Now, her is my opinion about this controversial issue. I cite this information because it's part of free speech. I will though put disclaimers on certain information as I don't subscribe all views mentioned in all of the information I post. As for Phelps, I don't agree with him on certain issues. Yet, Phelps is right that we should expose the Jesuit connection to the new world order.

Far too often, folks talk about the Labor Zionists, Bilderbergers, etc. but refuse to expose the leadership of the Vatican/Jesuits. That day is over. I will expose the Vatican/Jesuits and all evil worldwide. I will take your words and investigate Webre further to make a fuller conclusion on the man. I do appreciate your call to use discernment since we should. We should reject disinfo also.

By Timothy

Anonymous said...

You may wish to inquire if LaVey is willing to produce proof of his birth into the Lavey family before posting his claims.........There are two sides to every tale and then there is the truth. Here is some info from all sides you might wish to investigate:

Note (16th October 2002). This communication has been received by email, adding an important corrective to this article. Does anyone else have any information about this? Rowland.

> This article claims that a person calling himself "Jess LaVey" is
> the son of the late Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey. In truth,
> Anton LaVey had only three children: Karla LaVey (by his ex-wife,
> Carole), Zeena (by his ex-wife, Diane), and his only son, Xerxes LaVey,
> who is not yet an adult (born of the Church of Satan's Magistra Templi
> Rex, Blanche Barton). Anton LaVey never had any other children--just the
> two daughters and young son I mention here. "Jess LaVey", or "Anthony
> LaVey" (as he claims his name was) is not related to Anton Szandor LaVey
> and never was. His story is a slanderous lie and needs to be retracted.

> There have been numerous biographies of Anton LaVey's life: Satanis
> (VHS), Speak of the Devil (VHS), The Church of Satan (paperback, by
> Blanche Barton), The Secret Life of a Satanist (paperback, by Blanche
> Barton), The Devil's Avenger (paperback, by Burton H. Wolfe), Satan
> Wants You (paperback, by Arthur Lyons). Anton LaVey was a child
> advocate, not a molester/rapist, as your website's article suggests. In
> fact, Satanism in general regards children as sacred and to be
> protected, not hurt or used in such horrendous ways.


You ask does anyone know about the attempted discreditting of Rev Jess Lavey.

As a director of the ministerial organisation that ordains Jess I do have this information that validates Jess , whom I have known for several years.

He is ordained with us and serves the Lord Jesus Christ well in his ministry.

I have a web site authenticating his claims, which he does not wish to justify himself. Should you want this information i will send you the site address.

Yours in Christ,



And another communication (17/7/2009):


Formally a member of the COS, I have been a Christian since 2001. I wanted to let you know that your article, Son Of Church Of Satan Founder Preaches Jesus Christ, is inaccurate.

I was brought up in the COS, as my parents were both members and consorts of Anton "Tony" LaVey. He never had a son named Jess. He had one son and two daughters, Karla born in the 50s, Zeena born in the 60s and Xerxes born in the 90s. Birth records all prove this.

Jess' description of LaVey treatment of children is very inaccurate, he wrote and taught in his church that children should never be harmed under any circumstances, and animals should only be harmed in self-defense. Anton Lavey was a sinner in many ways, but not in the ways described by Jess. I am not defending LaVey, I am defending the truth.

<>Jess is either wanting attention or he is mentally ill and suffering from delusions. I will pray for him and hope he will feel conviction of the Holy Spirit and tell you the truth. If he is still around, sit him down and pray with him and ask him to reveal the truth. I am sure you don't want to use lies to promote your church.

Timothy said...

It's fine to show different views on an issue.

Geus said...

On what is truth and what is disinfo, one should be checking sources. Sometimes more times. I must say that my experiences in life point the the fact, that Counter Reformation is indeed what is behind the lies by our governments and media. In Europe, where I live, this is very clear to see, because of the unbiblical Sunday laws over here.

Anonymous said...

"Jess Lavey" is really:

Anthony Littlewolf

13645 5th St, Spc 10

Yucaipa, CA 92399-5378

(909) 446-8737

He was a teenage kid living with his ill grandfather, Jai Littlewolf, in

Bonanza Mobile Home Trailer Park in CA - Hence, SPC 10 (Space 10, or trailer

10). A complete clown and loser and absolute fake. He pulled the entire stunt

for pathetic attention. Maybe someone should contact his grandfather and

inform him of what's been going on.

Hofman said...

This article is dated 2007, it's now 2014. Eric Jon Phelps is attacked by false charges again now by some Maltese Knight again, and seems to have quit his weekly shows on for repeating the old programs. The Old programs are very great though, but I miss Professor Bowser. Professor Bowser's programs where awe some, and often would align with my comments at Noiseofthunderradio, where his last program was on New Amsterdam, named new York by the papes, where I recently found what is my opinion the American Oliver Cromwell, William Poole, Bill the Butcher, who aligns with stories on the Wild beggars of the Sea in Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands (Holland).

The actor would fall in the role so much, that other people work on the film where flabbergasted. Watch this great short resume of American History, any British folk will like it as the Dutch do:

Christian lord guide my hand against your roman popery

A short definitive prayer for these few folks that understand the truth.

William Poole was murdered by a papist assassin. His history can be found as a story of lies on the web. Power over New Amsterdam by a bribed Quaker as the fall guy for, what Bill the Butcher says. The first All Smith dinner was found in this history, the five points, Professor Bowser's last program. All Smith dinner, where we can get the pictures to proof the popery behind the 9/11 motive in Manhattan history, the papist wars of popery. Proof is the hate that must heal the fear of the papist, but will not be healed, and is as immortal as Bill the Butcher.