Friday, December 09, 2022

JFK Assassination Records – A Watershed Moment?

 JFK Assassination Records – A Watershed Moment? (

Book Review: The Oswalds: An Untold Account of Marina and Lee

 Book Review: The Oswalds: An Untold Account of Marina and Lee (

Racism And Discrimination Are A Key Public Health Threat—But Overlooked And Dismissed Using Poor Science, Researchers Warn


Brazilian Museum Removes Artwork from Show About the Black Experience After Artist Expresses ‘Embarrassment’ Over Its Inclusion (

Black Art in Brazil: An Uncertain Future (

Brittney Griner lands in San Antonio after release from Russian prison

 Brittney Griner lands in San Antonio after release from Russian prison (

End of the Week News.


Some breaking news is that Brittney Griner is going home to America from Russian detention. Her unjust prison sentence is now over. Many people are shocked that this day would come, but this is great news to see Griner free from her bondage in Russia. Her family and fans supported her every step of the way. When one person suffers an injustice, it's an attack on all of us. This deal involved a swap for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout. What is not good news is that Paul Whelan remains in prison. Whelan should be free. Paul Whelan is an American man who was wrongfully detained according to the U.S. State Department. So, this battle for freedom is not over, but we take solace and celebrate the release of Brittney Griner. Griner landed in San Antonio so authorities can go to a program to adjust to normal life in America. 

Many Republicans are complaining about the Rev. Raphael Warnock's victory against Hershel Walker. The truth is that Republicans in general, not just Trump, are blamed for the Walker loss. Laura Ingraham of FOX News complaining is typical. For years, she has been a neo-conservative who supported the Iraq War and supported Trump. Now, she wants to complain about an extremist named Walker losing a Georgia election. At the end of the day, they should have known from the beginning what Trump (who is a sexist, racist, xenophobe, and far-right extremist) is about. You can't run on nothing, except for bigotry and distraction, and then expect to win an election. You have to run on something to help people's health, education, voting rights, economic rights, environmental rights, and human rights in general. Therefore, we have to realize that commonsense matters. To change people's lives, you have to advocate for living wages, stand up for real history to be taught in schools (that doesn't sugarcoat history), go about promoting an expansion of health care services, grow investments and infrastructure, and preserve basic human rights inherit for all people.

A far-right coup in Germany has been foiled by German authorities. The plot included Qanon cultists and other extremists. This plot has similarities to the January 6th plot too. This is one of the largest raids in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. It took place on Wednesday. This raid involved about 3,000 officers from the special police forces. They stormed 137 locations in 11 federal states, and they arrested 25 people during the morning. 27 more people are being investigated. The people arrested are said to be involved in a terrorist organization that was created at the end of November 2021. Many of those arrested were wealthy, influential people like Prince Reuss Heinrich XIII (who has been charged as the ringleader). Reuss was a Frankfurt real estate agent and a descendant of the Thuringian noble family who ruled the Vogtland region for 700 years. Many military people, a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot, a classical tenor, etc. were arrested. These terrorists wanted to have a coup. They wanted to go to the German Bundestag or federal parliament to try to overthrow the government of Germany. With the crisis of capitalism, many elites are going towards far-right authoritarianism as found in Italy, America, and other nations. That is why people are fighting back against imperialism including economic exploitation.

Recently, Janis Gaye passed away at 66 years old. She was the 2nd wife of Marvin Gaye, and the mother of the actress of Nona Gaye. Janis Gaye lived in Rhode Island at the time of her transition. Her life was filled with love and joy for her child and her grandchild. Always a spokeswoman for musical excellence, Janis Gaye was a singer, author, manager, and stylist. She was constantly at work to try to make the world more prodigiously better. Her grandson is Nolan Pentz. She was the daughter of the musician Slim Gaillard. Janis Gaye also managed the acting career of Nan Gaye, who had roles in The Matrix, Ali, Crash, Blood and Bone, and other films. Marvin Gaye dedicated many songs to Janis. Also, Janis Gaye helped to set up Marvin Gaye's wardrobe. She has a sister who is Shawnn Monteiro, and her brother is Mark Gaillard. I send condolences to her family and friends.

Rest in Power Sister Janis Gaye.

Recently, on, I found another maternal distant 4th cousin named Carrie Denise Spurlock Burton (b. 1972). I knew that she was a maternal relative because now can divide matches based on parents now. Parent 1 is my paternal relatives, and Parent 2 is my maternal relatives. Carrie Burton's parents are Roland Junius Spurlock (1944-2016) and Andrea J. Spurlock (b. 1948). Roland Junius Spurlock's parents (or Carrie's grandparents on her father's side) are Robert Spurlock Jr. (1911-1979) and Hannah Louise Yates (1924-1993). Robert Spurlock Jr.'s parents are Robert Spurlock (b. 1888) and Mary Lee Williams (1890-1938). Mary Lee Williams' parents are John Henry Williams (1857-1921. He was a descendant of African and Nottoway peoples) and Adaline Hill (1862-1930). My 3rd great grandaunt Adeline Hill's parents are Sarah Claud (1842-1892) and Tom Hill (1838-1915). Tom Hill was a freeman and Sarah Claud was born a slave (at the Rose Hill plantation) in Southampton County, Virginia. My 4th great-grandmother Sarah Claud's mother was Zilphy Claud or my 5th great-grandmother. That is why Carrie Burton (who has a lot of family in the state of Delaware and other places in America) has shared matches among me with members of the Claud, as both of us are blood relatives of the African American Claud family.

By Timothy

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

The Changing Senate.


Senator Raphael Warnock has finished his campaign against Hershel Walker. Now, the election is over by Tuesday. More people voted than what some expected in the Georgia election runoff. The more outlandish stuff that Walker talks about, the more people vote. Walker has been accused of assaulting women, threatening women, and not taking care of his children. Walker denies all allegations, but he has been used by far-right Republicans to promote a distorted view of real leadership is. In contrast, Warnock has shown a more fair-minded campaign which resulted in his victory. Georgia is a very important state in America. Georgia voted for Biden in 2020, which is the first time it voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate in a long time. Georgia is incrementally becoming more progressive with a large conservative population too. People wanted to vote on issues that matter like education, infrastructure, health care, the rights of people, economic rights, living wages, voting rights, etc. The voter suppression law in Georgia has caused long lines just to be cast to vote. That is why we need federal voting rights legislation to help Americans indeed. Since Warnock won his Senate seat election, more federal judges can be voted in to promote progressive policies. Black Americans are insulted that Republicans are promoting Hershel Walker as the ideal candidate when black intellectual thought and strength are very powerful plus sophisticated.

The breaking news is that the Trump Organization has been found guilty on all counts of criminal tax fraud. A Manhattan jury has found two Trump Organization companies guilty of criminal tax fraud, scheme to defraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records connected to a 15-year scheme to defraud tax authorities by failing to report and pay taxes on compensation for top executives. The January 6th criminal referrals could include Trump and his allies. The Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation were found guilty of all charges they faced. Donald Trump and his family were not charged in the case. Yet, the former President was mentioned during the trial by prosecutions about his links to the benefits sent to certain executives. The Trump Organization could face a maximum of $1.61 million in fines when sentences in mid-January of 2023. This sentence documents the corporate corruption found in Trump and his allies.

The racist person on Twitter named Tahineh Dehbozorgi (who is a hypocrite for wanting Americans to stand up for Iranians who suffer tyranny in Iran but refuse to want to stand up for black Americans in terms of reparations) made the erroneous argument that since millions of immigrant families in California struggle to survive, so no reparations should be given to black Americans. This is a false argument for many reasons. One is that we pay for things that we aren't directly responsible for all of the time. Back in the 1980's, Americans paid for reparations for Japanese Americans rightfully, because they were victims of the unjust internment camps during World War II. Many Americans were not responsible for it, but our population rightfully gave money as reparations for Japanese Americans. Black Americans do deserve reparations because our ancestors suffered slavery, the Maafa, the peonage system, and continued racial oppression by racist powers. Also, taxpayers' dollars are going to Ukraine when Russia, not us, invaded Ukraine. She made the disrespectful remark that most immigrants make more money than born Americans which tries to divide immigrants and non-immigrants when we need more unity among immigrants and non-immigrants in America. Being responsible people is to sacrifice. We sacrifice our taxpayer dollars to help Ukraine and other nations because it is the right thing to do. Therefore, giving black Americans reparations is part of just compensation for what our people suffered in this country of America. Black people helped to build up America from the ground up. Some folks need to realize that.

The Supreme Court will deal with the Moore v. Harper case. This relates to elections and our democracy. The case deals with the legal theory called independent state legislature theory. It is the view that state legislatures can operate unchecked when they are making federal election laws (it lacks oversight from state courts to ensure that those laws comply with state constitutions). That is why progressives reject the independent state legislature theory. That theory can allow states to theoretically replace electors to represent a state to what the state legislatures desire (thereby ruining the decisions of voters in various elections).

The biggest irony in the world is that a famous gospel singer is the Mother of Rock and Roll. Yet, this fact is true. She was Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973). She used spiritual lyrics and an electric guitar, which was a new invention back decades ago). Her crowd performance, her swagger, and her energy were definitely decades ahead of her time. She used R&B and rock music constantly. She influenced so many people like Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Eric Clapton. She was born in the South at Cotton Plant, Arkansas. Tharpe loved to use distortion on her electric guitar. Tharpe used songs like This Train in 1939. Many of the old-school gospel musicians didn't like her going into the secular route at times, but she never completely left gospel music. Tharpe's Down by the Riverside in 1944 was one of the most famous songs of her career. She was married many times. By 1956, Tharpe recorded an album with the gospel quartet The Harmonizing Four, titled Gospel Train. Aretha Franklin, Meat Loaf, Tina Turner, Karen Carpenter, Isaac Hayes, and other diverse people were inspired by her too. Rosetta Tharpe passed away in Philadelphia because of a stroke. By December 13, 2017, Tharpe was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an Early Influence. To know 20th century musical expression comprehensively, you must know the story of the late great Sister Rosetta Tharpe indeed. 

By Timothy