Friday, March 22, 2019

Facts and Evidence.

Caring for the environment is important. When you have massive floods in America and cyclones in Africa, then it is very important to realize that climate change is real. Our foods, our water, and our air rely on a healthy environment. Many poor communities suffer environmental disasters because of lax investments. Some of the poor have to travel miles just to get healthy foods, and some communities don't have immediate access to whole foods either. The current administration has blocked environmental regulations and enacted policies detrimental to our society. One of the worst disasters of this decade is the Flint water crisis. In Michigan, tons of people still have poisoned water because of the policies of the state and local governments in Michigan. Corporate power switched water services as a way for them to cut corners economically instead of benefiting the people. Now, we have numerous people suffering health damage and the existence of total ruin as a product of reckless policies from the powers that be. Years later, we are not silent on this issue. A lot of people, including unsung activists, have lend their voices to articulate the message that clean water ought to exist in Flint including other areas harmed by vicious pollution. Lead poisoning in buildings have been found in Baltimore and other urban communities nationwide in America. Conservation, animal species protection, and knowledge of our diverse biospheres should have the paramount importance. Advocating for these progressive policies is not new. For generations, courageous men and courageous women have stood up for the truth on these issues. We have one world. We have to do all we can to respect it for future generations.

When you think about democracy, you have to defend it. Centuries ago in America, people couldn't believe in what they want religiously. There were state churches dominating the economic and political infrastructures of society. Many Baptists preachers were jailed in Virginia back then because of their religious views. Black people were enslaved. Women had no rights. Disgraceful hypocrites wrote words in the Declaration of Independence, but they didn't live up to them. So, we had to fight to establish religious liberty legally, to ban slavery, to promote civil rights, and to give women the right to vote. We advance the separation of church and state, because we want people to believe in what they want while not allowing a theocracy at the same time. The end of slavery wasn't too long ago. My 3rd great grandparents were black slaves in America. One of my ancestors fought for the Union during the Civil War. Therefore, the fighting spirit is within us. We have a long way to go too. The misconception is that since we live in the 21st century, then everything is cool. That is not so, because even in 2019, we have human trafficking, discrimination, police brutality, racism, and other injustices. The only way that we can make real change is by uniting in the common cause of promoting not only democracy, but human liberation. It is about seeing us as equal people and defending the human rights of people internationally. It is also about honoring Pan-African unity and understanding that our cultural differences worldwide are blessings.

Fox's Katie Pavlich is the person who represents many who oppose reparations for black Americans. She said that the lie that America is the first nation that ended slavery within 150 years. The truth is that Haiti ended slavery once it had independence in 1804. Other nations abolished slavery less than 150 years too. She said the common lie that since slavery ended legally in 1865, then black people shouldn't get reparations. The truth is that white society benefits from the oppression of black people via legacies, privilege, various laws, and systematic racism. After the Civil War, black people experience peonage (which was de facto slavery), racism, Black Wall Street destroyed by white racists, Jim Crow, lynching, and other evils. This was much less than 150 years ago. Jim Crow wasn't some paradise. It was brutal, murderous, and evil.

Jim Crow apartheid denied the human rights of black people by force. Jim Crow was about the government preventing true black independence in American society via governmental policies. Jim Crow didn't just exist in the South. It existed in certain parts of the Midwest like in Missouri. Heroic people form Fannie Lou Hamer to Gloria Richardson stood up to fight racist oppression. The argument that we shouldn't pay for things that happened during the past rings hollow. Our taxpayer dollars paid for Japanese reparations which happened decades before the 1980's. We pay for oil spills when we have nothing to do with that. We pay for the compensation of the victims of tragedies. Just because we may not be directly responsible for something doesn't mean that we relinquish the responsibility to sacrifice our time to compensate victims (as we should). FOX News is obviously not fair and balanced. Some folks don't understand the realities of American history. Some folks need to read history books about the black experience. It is the arrogance of numerous people for some of them to deny black people reparations. I believe in reparations without apology.

She is a young woman who has done so much in the midst of her life. Her love of acting is inspiring, and her spirit is about in favor of human tolerance. She is Sister Sonequa Martin-Green, and she is 33 years old. Russellville, Alabama is the name of her hometown. After she graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in theater, she moved into NYC and then to Los Angeles. She wanted acting to be part of her life, and she had roles in The Walking Dead, New Girl, and Once Upon a Time. She is part of this decade's new generation of actresses, and Sonequa Martin-Green wants to express her talent in magnificent ways. Recently, she has the leading role in the web television series Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek is a generations long series about space exploration. She respects the legacy of Nichelle Nichols, who is an African American woman who played in Star Trek back during the 1960's. Her husband is fellow actor Kenric Green and both of them have a child together. It is always great to cherish a family. She speaks out on important issues, and her life has been glorious. I wish Sister Sonequa Martin-Green more blessings.

By Timothy

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Community Control of Cops on a Roll in Chicago

BAR Book Forum: Tamura Lomax’s “Jezebel Unhinged”


Stand up for Truth.

We have a redacted arrested warrant used to go into Michael Cohen's home. We find that the Mueller team investigated Michael Cohen since May of 2017. Also, Trump is allied with the terrible Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro. Jair Bolsonaro supported the past Brazil dictatorship that existed from 1964-1985. Trump said that the twilight of socialism is here. He obviously makes no difference between the authoritarianism of Stalin and true socialism (which has nothing to do with violating democratic rights). Socialism is an economic philosophy not a political system. Fascists hate socialism too. One of the many people that Hitler and the Nazis placed into the concentration camps were socialists. Ironically, the murderer Brenton Tarrant wrote in his manifesto that he wanted to promote his "white identity" in racist terms, and he wants to end Marxism. Trump uniting with Bolsoanaro (who does nothing on the police brutality and racism against Afro-Brazilians) represents the unity of far right extremists globally. Fascist movements is growing worldwide. The global promotion of extreme right wing politics was embodied by the presence of right-wing ideologue Steve Bannon, a former Goldman Sachs vice president and Navy officer, as a guest of honor at a dinner with Jair Bolsonaro Monday night.

Bannon has close ties with Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, who is a member of the Brazilian Parliament and a Latin American representative of the political consortium set up by Bannon, known as the Movement, whose aim is to promote extreme right-wing political parties throughout the world. “Some of the Bolsonaro team on the right see themselves as disciples of the Bannon movement and representatives of Bannon for Brazil and Latin America,” one former Trump administration official told McClatchy. Both Trump and Bolsonaro have threatened military action in Venezuela. Trump talks about God, family, and nation went he disrespects God, his own family, and the American nation with his words, policies, and actions. Fascism is worthless and seeks to harm the working class and the human race in general. We have to oppose such extremists like Trump and Bolsonaro.

It is important to note that the fascism of the murderer Brenton Tarrant didn't exist out of thin air. The ideologies of xenophobia, anti-Muslim hysteria, and anti-immigrant scapegoating influenced Tarrant to do his acts of murder. Many people in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and in America advanced these bigoted views. In Australia, Liberal-National Coalition and Labor Party enforcement of a brutal and racist policy of preventing predominantly Muslim refugees from claiming asylum in the country on the grounds they could be “terrorists.” The dominant figures within the current Coalition government, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, are among those most associated with these policies. In New Zealand, the Labour Party-NZ First coalition government headed by Jacinda Ardern came to power on an explicit program of slashing immigration, on the false grounds it was responsible for housing and other social problems. NZ First leader Winston Peters, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister, is an open racist, on record as sowing xenophobia against Muslim, African and Chinese migrants. Peters is praised by the far right in New Zealand. Fascism is promoted by those who want to split up working class solidarity. Anti-racism is the antithesis of fascism, and we have to work together to defeat injustices worldwide.

 A lot of news are coming about. Some want the Mueller report to be redacted. The Trump team wants to claim executive privilege to limit the public from seeing parts of the future Mueller report. I don't agree with that, because total transparency should be given to the American people. The people deserve to know the findings from the Mueller team. Also, the racist Steve King of Iowa said the comment that red states have 1 trillion bullets and would win a civil war against the blue states. He also made other bigoted comments. Therefore, we have to be clear to condemn King's abhorrent views and realize that the epidemic of injustice is global. A recent poll found that 69% of white Evangelicals in America support Trump. This is not shocking as they include many of his base. It is hypocritical for many of them to support Trump though. The reason is that Trump said that he doesn't ask God for forgiveness, he uses vulgar language constantly, he is a habitual liar, and he is a racist. Trump's actions contradict the actions of Jesus Christ, who helped the poor, preached the Gospel, and transformed the world. Also, there are tons of believers of God who stand up for the truth and disagree with the bad policies of Trump. I want to make that clear as well.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Ruth Pointer. She is 73 years old, and she was born in Oakland, California. She is the elder sister of the Pointer Sisters. For decades, she displayed a great amount of talent and enthusiasm about great music. Yes We Can was a hit from her and her group back in 1973. They performed country music as well. Break Out came about in 1983, and it was a very popular album. She has five children and continues to be blessed in her own life. To understand American music, you have to realize information about Ruth Pointer. She also has grandchildren like the singer Sadako Pointer. To this very day, members of the Pointer family show their musical gifts all across the world. The Pointer family not only impacts our society positively. They have fans worldwide. Music is a universal language. What is truly important is to show love to family, friends, and neighbors. Ruth Pointer has expressed those principles thoroughly in her life. I wish Sister Ruth Pointer more blessings.

By Timothy