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A Democratic debate relinquished yesterday. Numerous candidates targeted Hillary Clinton's policies. Those policies included on how Hillary voted for the Iraq war Resolution, her flip flopping on the opinion of torture, and she agreeing somewhat with giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants (which most of NY citizens don't subscribe to and New York is a liberal state. The Vatican, especially the Jesuits, is the highest and the most potent supporter of illegal immigration in America. The Jesuit order is a group dedicated in destroying Baptists and Protestants. They are in league with Castro, Liberation movements, some fascists, and even many far-left causes. The CFR with minions like Robert Pastor also promoted this open, uncheck flow of illegal immigration in the support of a North American community stripping our national sovereignity. The reason this is happening is the Elite are exploitating the Third World in decreasing the middle class while formenting ethnic tensions to control America more. In the process, America and the Third World are not creating massive improvements. Much of the pro-major La Raza, La Mecha, and pro-amensty types are owned by Rockefeller/Ford foundations. I don't hate the illegal immigrants, but they are just manipulated and exploitated for a bad end). Barrack Obama and especially John Edwards displayed the most Antipathy toward Clinton. In my opinion, the debate was even among the candidates. Media hosts in MSNBC harped on Obama as not being prepared or fixated on responding agressively toward Hillary. The truth is that a campaign is bigger than constant attacks. You have to articulate a legitimate message for the citizenry to rally around. Mukasey didn't define forerightly on whether waterboarding is torture. It is because a person is nearly drowned to death, whose history is traced to the Inquistion. Not to mention that waterboarding was called a war crime under U.S. law back in 1947 with a conviction of a man doing it. Michael Mukasey has a depth of legal experience. Although, there are questions about his total views on the issue of civil liberties (i.e. Our civil liberties are vital in not only our security, but the perservation of our Constitutional rights), his support of racial profiling, and the issue of abortion.

TRAVIS REED from the AP on Tuesday at October 30, 2007 reported on how the charges have been dropped against Andrew Meyer (who was tasered by the police for asking Kerry questions about election corruption in 2004 plus the Skulls and Bones secret society). Meyer apologized for any disturbance in the college. Today is Halloween. Halloween came from the Druid "holiday" Samhain where burning, human sacrifice, and other disgusting activities were enacted. "Trick or treat" is another pagan Druid ritual. I don't believe it and I don't celebrate it. My mother when I was young taught me and my brothers the truth about Halloween. The best thing to do is to send religious tracts about the occultism about Halloween to people, help people, and pray to God (i.e. Jesus Christ) about waking people up about this sinister celebration. Pro-abortion or pro-death extremists like NARAL want to increase buffer zones for protesters and other things in a proposed law. That shows that these people are hypocrites yelling about free speech, but wanting to limit free speech against those with whom they disagree with. They yell about choice, but abortion eliminates the choice of an unborn baby to live on this Earth. The pro-abortion hypocrites want to pass the Freedom of "Choice" Act. That would eliminate possibly all pro-life laws since 1973. All of the talk about the safe anti-HPV vaccine have ring hollow with the deaths of 8 young girls and women. The reality is that no one should force anyone to take foreign patrogens into your body period. Some crazy news is that some are promoting a Trans Pacific Express (is the first multi-terabit undersea fiber optic cable system to connect mainland China and the United States)and French President Sarkozy Touts 'Mediterranean Union' Plan (in 2008). I oppose GM foods, the EU, globalism, the corruption of our health via bashing vitamins, and occult Secret Societies. I support pro-freedom ideals. In closing, I won't promote fear. Fear and paranoia isn't the answer. The truth of the matter we must accept the truth, only fear God, and go out act by educating citizens, praying, and doing righteous acts.

By Timothy


Treaty could effect gun rights 2007

Senate Considering Treaty That Could Affect Gun Rights-- Ask your Senators to support the "Second Amendment Protection" Amendment
Gun Owners of America8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102Springfield, VA 22151 (703)321-8585
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It turns out that Washington might soon be giving an arm of the United Nations jurisdiction over the import, export, and oceanic transport of GUNS and AMMUNITION.

You would think that even Washington politicians would not be so stupid as to give people like Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Burma's despotic military junta, the Sudan's genocidal strongmen, or Cuba's Fidel Castro the right to interfere with our Second Amendment rights on American soil, right?
Well, what makes sense to the common person isn't always the reality in Washington.
The Senate Foreign Relations committee will soon be debating the ratification of a treaty that bears the appropriate acronym of LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty). LOST would put the ocean's resources in the hands of the UN's International Seabed Authority -- and yes, that spells trouble for our Second Amendment rights.
First, there are concerns that the International Seabed Authority might close firing ranges based on the bogus argument that runoff from these ranges pollutes the world's oceans.
This battle over lead run-off is one that gun owners have already fought in this country. We shudder to think that we could one day find ourselves fighting this battle at the global level as well!
But, even more frightening, Article 88 of the treaty stipulates that the high seas are "reserved" for peaceful purposes. And this provision would be enforced by the Tribunal on the Law of the Sea.
What does this mean? It clearly doesn't mean that the U.S. or any other country is going to shut down its navy. But, on the other hand, it would be foolish to assume that the UN will not eventually try to use this provision to prohibit the oceanic transport of all firearms and ammunition -- except, of course, for guns and ammo bound for murderous dictators.
Make no mistake: The United Nations is composed of hoards of heavily-armed genocidal tyrants. And the last thing these people want is for firearms and ammunition to fall into the hands of "peons" like you and me.
And the UN has shown no reluctance to try to strip the U.S. of its sovereignty and interfere with our Second Amendment rights. Just consider the several attempts they have made over the last decade to sucker the United States into a binding treaty that would call for greater gun control restrictions inside our own country.
Peter Leitner, who was the Representative to the Law of the Sea negotiations in Geneva during the 1970s and a key witness at the hearing before the Environment and Public Works Committee, is not only an authority on the LOST treaty, he is concerned about the danger it poses to individual rights
He says, "The inherent danger in this Treaty is the fact that nothing is set in stone and broad matters of interpretation will be the province of the 'one-nation/one-vote' Assembly. We will have no leverage, veto-power, etc., in that forum."
And then there's the term "Peaceful Purposes" in the treaty. Leitner says that this is "one of those extraordinarily vague terms that lend themselves to political manipulation."
If the US can claim that LOST allows US ships to board foreign ships and look for weapons of mass destruction, he argues, "then other nations can interdict cargoes they find offensive as well. I think the [Second Amendment] gun guys have a very legitimate concern!"
Another opponent of this treaty is John Bolton, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton almost single-handedly kept the US from signing onto anti-gun treaties sponsored by the UN. Now he is making the rounds on Capitol Hill, reportedly lobbying conservative senators against LOST.
ACTION: Write your senator. Tell him not to vote to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty until the following amendment is adopted:
Article 88 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: "Notwithstanding anything in this treaty to the contrary, no action shall be taken under this treaty which would impede the export, transport, or import of small arms and ammunition into the United States for the lawful exercise of Second Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States."
You can use the pre-written message below and send it as an e-mail by visiting the GOA Legislative Action Center (where phone and fax numbers are also available).
----- Pre-written letter -----
Dear Senator:
Article 88 of the Law of the Sea Treaty stipulates that the high seas are "reserved" for peaceful purposes.
This clearly doesn't mean that the U.S. or any other country is going to shut down its navy. But, on the other hand, it could mean that the UN will eventually try to use this provision to prohibit the oceanic transport of all firearms and ammunition -- except, of course, for guns and ammo bound for murderous dictators. And enforcement will be in the hands of the Tribunal on the Law of the Sea.
The United Nations is composed of hoards of heavily-armed genocidal tyrants. And the last thing these people want is for firearms and ammunition to fall into the hands of "peons" like law-abiding American citizens.
And the UN has shown no reluctance to try to strip the U.S. of its sovereignty and interfere with our Second Amendment rights.
This is on top of concerns which have already been raised that the International Seabed Authority might close firing ranges based on the bogus argument that runoff from these ranges pollutes the world’s oceans.
As a result, I would ask you to vote against the Law of the Sea Treaty unless and until the following amendment is adopted:
Article 88 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: "Notwithstanding anything in this treaty to the contrary, no action shall be taken under this treaty which would impede the export, transport, or import of small arms and ammunition into the United States for the lawful exercise of Second Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States."
I eagerly await your reply.
Hit The Right Target!
Give to Gun Owners Foundation through the CFC using Agency Number 10042
In many federal offices there are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressures to give to the Combined Federal Campaign. Your boss may think his prestige depends upon getting everyone to kick in. The same thing happens in all too many corporations during the United Way fundraising drive.
You may have wanted to give but couldn’t find a group that wasn't attacking your rights, let alone defending them, on the list of participating organizations. But that has all changed!
Federal employees now are able to designate Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) as the recipient of their gifts to the Combined Federal Campaign. Use AGENCY NUMBER 10042 for Gun Owners Foundation when you make your Combined Federal Campaign pledge or donation. Your gifts will go toward helping our legal assistance program protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans across the nation.
Also, if you work for a company that participates in the United Way, you too, may be able to designate that your gift be to Gun Owners Foundation. Many local United Way Campaigns allow Gun Owners Foundation to participate through their Donor Choice Programs. Some, however, do not. Check with your local United Way Agency. You will not only be helping people and protecting your rights, but you will also get a tax deduction.

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Christians Should Support Constitutional Government by Chuck Baldwin

is the link.

The Right to Live Part 2


Nothing is wrong with understanding the apparent legacy of religious individuals who made stunning improvements in the world. Before outlining real heroes, it's time to expose propaganda. Halloween is in October 31 of each year. Many classify it as a benign holiday, but its origin is found in the Celtic pro-death celebration of Samhain. That day praises witches, ghosts, and other nefarious supperstition. Even human sacrifice occured in Samhain: "...First-born sacrifices are mentioned in a poem in the Dindshenchas, which records that children were sacrificed each Samhain . . ."(Rogers, Nicholas. Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night, p. 17) The Pope changed the holiday into All Hallows Day in the "veneration" of saints. It's a Satanic holiday promoted by many Satanists. That's why the elite promotes it. Halloween distracts folks from its true evil origins, while massive profits accumulate. That's why some promote psychics, the new age, and establishment Christians (like CFR members Rick Warren and Richard Lamb) further advance false doctrines like moral relativism, Universalism, etc. The Bible is clear that we should not be a "partaker of his evil deeds" (2 John 1:11). The reality is that man is special, yet there is a God that loves each and every one of us equally. Religious leaders spanning a long time believed in real freedom. Over 6 years, my understanding of real church history increased. Jesus Christ commissioned the disciples to preach the Gospel to all Creation. Paul spread his message not only in Jerusalem, Eretz Yisreal, but in Rome, Greece, Spain, and some claim as far as Britian. We know that Paul's acquaintances traveled in Britian. In the 1st century A.D. alone, the Gospel was preached in Britian.

In the 400's A.D., a Bible believer named Vigiliantius opposed worship of saints, prayers to the dead, and other false doctrines. Jerome opposed him. Vigilantius' truths spread into the 1100's unto other Christians like the Waldensians. John Wycliffe of England spread religious freedom in England as well. Wycliffe promoted the right of the individual to read the Scripture in his or her own tongue or language. This is foundational to the essence of freedom of conscience (a tenet promoted in the Magna Carta, British Common Law, and the Bill of Rights. Men and women lived and died for these principles of many races and backgrounds). I believe Wycliffe in one of his famous words that: "...I believe that in the end the truth will conquer..." Today, many religious folks are doing the right thing.

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For ages, ancient civilizations outlined symbols for language purposes, for specific meanings for concepts, a calling card for situations, and a number of other purposes. The symbol above is the logo for the European Council on Foreign Relations. The logo has a 5 star pentagram and a circle around it. The Pentagram was used by the ancient Greeks and others for centuries representing Nature, Hell, and all sorts of meaning. This ECFR is a newly created organization with 7 European capitals. It's again like the EU trying to integrate Europe into one infrastructure.

These are interesting hand symbols from Barbara Bush, Aliester Crowley, and Winston Churchill. What do they mean? Barbara Bush has a picture of her right finger touching her mouth. For a long time, this was a symbol of silence. The York Rite initiation has a sign similar to Bush's finger is called the "Due-guard" (in the Royal Master's Degree) which "is made by placing the forefinger of the right hand worn on the lips." Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry remarked that this sign "is a caution to a companion when you wish to keep silent." (pg. 81) Finger to the mouth meaning secrecy exists in the degree of the Secret Master in the York Rite as well. The false sun god called Harpocrates is pictured with a finger band in it mouth meaning secrecy. India, ancient Egypt, etc. have images of it. Crowley (a member of British Intelligence during WWII, a member of the OTO, and a Satanist) had his hand in his shirt, which looks similar to the sign of the Master of the 2nd Veil (especially with the right hand) sign of Jahbuhlun (according to Texe Marrs' book Codex Magica). Tons of folks were the hand sign the Russian Mikhail Kartkow (who brought the Hindu and Theosophy teachings to Russia), General George McClellan, Karl Marx, and Napeleon. Churchill isn't an ordinary man. He was a Druid ally of Anthony Eden, he was part of the Allies during WWII, Churchill was a Mason, and he promoted the Cold War. Dr. Cathy Burns believe V is the law of Opposites (i.e. heaven and hell, etc.). Some believe that V is the sign of Pan (the horned false god of witchcraft). SS Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler is pictured with a V or his jacket.

user posted image

This is a creepy symbol. This is the logo of a Lodge in Texas. It has 2 poles with a globe on each of the poles including a star on the trop of the symbol. These poles are the representation of Jachin and Boaz in Masonic literature. What does Jachin and Boaz mean? It comes from the Bible talking about the 2 pillars of Solomon's Temple. The pillars are encorporated in many occult philsophies spanning thousands of years. According to some research, Boaz (meaning strength) and represents Horus and the Spring Equinox. The right phallic pillar is named Jachin (meaning establishment) and represents Set and the Autumnal Equinox. The globes according to this website means the sun and the moon. There are so many symbols in this logo of the Lodge. There is the Skulls and Bones imagery which cults and Secret Societies embrace (like the Jesuits). The skulls and bones emblem represent death. There is a square and compass representing Generation or the reproduction of Nature.


I'm Still Here Existing

I'm still here. I believe in freedom. A person should live where they want, get what kind of education they desire, get what kind of health care they want, and go out and embrace legitimate freedoms that we want. America isn't as bad as other nations in terms of freedom, but we could be headed in a more negative direction if we don't fight against the gradual erosion of our cherished civil liberties (That's why I reject vociferiously this Big Brother overload in our society). There is so much more information that can be shown, but this is sufficient to get the point across. I appreciate all of the real Patriots in Virginia and across the country. Ending this prose is quite a journey. I desire additionally to add the following commentary. Health care is increasingly becoming a prominent issue for Americans. The truth is that the government or Big Pharma ought not to control every aspect of our health care system. If that were the case, forced mediations might occur. High prices can be a reality like in Canada and the UK. One solution to the problem is to let more choice reign (that would increase the avaliability of health care then decrease the cost of medicine. These choices ought to include many options than an individual can choice from like Ron Paul and Huckabee proclaim). Funny how some people claim to love choice, but don't want choice to transpire for citizens in terms of education and our health care. Bush vetoes the SCHIP program (a health care plan for kids) for his view that it ensures more than just the poor. I would say that we ought to encourage GM foods as being opposed and promote vitamins and supplements. On the cultural front, it's wild. A Maine school approved birth control for 11 year olds. It's illegal in many states for 11 year olds to have sex and they are too young for sex in my opinion. It's a parent’s responsibility to deal with the sexual issues of a young child not the government 100% of the time. Personal liberty is vital to subscribe to. That means that I'm against suppressing free speech, I'm anti-torture, I'm for civil liberties (That the Patriot Act doesn't protest since it has a sneak and peak law ending legitimate warrant procedure. Section 802 ambigiously defines terrorism as any crime against the USA), I'm for supporting habaes corpus, and maintaining our privacy against Big Brother.

By Timothy

More is coming


The Right to Live (my new expose)

The Right To Live

The first decade of the twenty first century is almost commenced. Topics like the Iraq War, the danger of numerous antidepressants, the Danger of mercury (plus Flouride & aspartame), the ineffective "Drug War" (that authors like the late Gary Webb via his book "Dark Alliance" have proven that certain people in the intelligence community shipped drugs into America), and the Bush adminstration comsume our daily lives. What motivated me to write more information? In recent times, the mainstream media is lecturing us to not talk about moral values and discount moral issues. The truth of the matter is that we have a fundamental right to talk about every issue from social to other political topics. Now, over a couple of years of research, I've discovered that some of the same individuals in support of infanticide (i.e. abortion) are into other causes ranging from globalism to population control. I wanted the world to know my opposition to these wicked, archaic, and idioitic philsophies (like population control, abortion, eugenics, etc.) once and for all. That's my motivation. So many new events are happening from Clarence Thomas writing his new book to the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore. Gore is loved by the establishment and their CFR-run media. I made more comments about global warming later in this work. The Presidental race is heating up with the Democrats and Republicans battling for the White House. It's a shame that the leaders in the race have links to the CFR, but I will say that anything is possible.

Drama is spontaeneous and wild. It exists in the 4 corners of the Earth. It even occurs among some within the alternative media. How do we deal with it? The best way to do deal with it is continuing displaying the truth. I wouldn't let drama exist as an inherit distraction. That's great advice, but we ought to respond if false accusations come at you. Also, I subscribe to exposing all evil including evil folks in the Vatican and the Jesuits. Solutions to our education and health problems are vastly more important than "beefs" or "drama." There are also the need to speak out more for self defense, gun rights, and being for the Second Amendment. From ancient Rome, to the KKK, and dictatorships in Russia and China, these wicked entities promoted and enforced gun disarmament of innocent citizens. That's history. That's why man has a right to defend his or her self with guns if they want to. The Founding Fathers uniformily as mentioned in their Federalist Papers called gun rights as individual and reserved to American citizens. This is the drop in the bucket to what is happening in the world and how close we are into having a real total dictatorship in America.


Life is special. Eugenics is 100% evil. This issue for some reason is taboo in the mainstream media world. Eugenics is the belief that all human beings weren't equal in worth and value. Therefore, forcing certain people to live and the rest to die is justified. Eugenics existed for thousands of years. In 1763, the British used smallpox as a weapon to harm the Native American people. Modern eugenics is a recent phenomenon spanning a couple of centuries. It still occurs today with Peter Singer today wanting infants to die. Modern eugenics in my opinion existed from Thomas Malthus (an idol of Bill Gates. Bill Gates' father was in intelligence and was a President of Planned Parenthood. Gates is also a member of the Club of Rome, which is an organization dedicated to the depopulation of the Earth's human population) starting in the late 1700's. Malthus' "Essay on the Principle of Population" loved the sick idea that populations are so huge that they would get rid of resources (so population control was necessary). Mason George Drysdale and co-Mason Annie Besant (a friend of Theosophist and Lucifer/Satan worshipper Madame Blavatsky. Blavatsky wrote "The Secret Doctrine" and "Isis Unvieled", which are occult works. Blavatsky blasted Jewish people and Christians. Her work was one of many inspirations for Adolf Hitler's agenda for the Holocaust) advocated Malthus' population control agenda. Besant and the Malthusian League supported birth control as well.

One founder father of modern eugenics was Sir Franics Galton (he coined the word "eugenics"). He was a cousin of Charles Darwin. He is the founder of modern fingerprinting technology. In his 1865 article "Hereditary Talent and Character", then elaborated it further in his 1869 book "Hereditary Genius", Galton called for a way to improve the birth rate of the "intelletual superior" humans and lower the amount of others (like the poor, etc.). Galton, Malthus, and population control advocates today believe that the Earth is overpopulated today. That's a lie. In the Census Bureau's report, "Global Population Profile: 2002," the Census Bureau notes that the 74 million people added to the world's population in 2002 were significantly fewer than the high of 87 million people added in 1989-1990. The growth rate was a meager 1.2 percent, down from the high of 2.2 percent in 1963-64. Conservation International's own study revealed that 46% of the earth's surface was an untouched wilderness, that is land areas not including sea. The Fight Aging organization mention that Earth can fit as high as 100 billion people. Even the Un believe that population growth will level and decline by 2050.Now, Joseph D'Agostino wrote an article entitled "Population Sterilization's Efforts Work Too Well in Third World Countries" proving that we're having an underpopulation crisis. Too few people aren't only in Japan, Russia, and Western Europe. According to D'Agostino: "...Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, the Ukraine and Russia; with the exception of Serbia and Montenegro at 1.6, all have birth rates of 1.4 or less. The minimum reproductive rate for a population to simply replace itself is 2.1...." Even in South Africa, a net reproduction rate per woman of only 0.95. Underpopulation exists in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa as well. All humans can fit in Texas given 1,000 sq. ft. each, so overpopulation theories are just plain lies. America had a big eugenics program before Nazi Germany came around. In fact, the Nazis mimiced and praised American eugenicists. In America, there were forced sterilization programs from California to VA plus North Carolina. Virginia's ex-Governor Mark Warner apologized for this immorality. Dr. Clarence Gamble (of Procter and Gamble) supported North Carolina forced sterilization of children with low IQs. This occurs in many locations like the Winston Salem-NC Medical School. Gordon Gray (Grays are friends of the Bush family), the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, and other promiment US families supported eugenics. Later, Margaret Sanger believed in birth control and sterilization via her Planned Parenthood group in the early 1900's. Sanger even called for a Plan for Peace Plan which includes sterilization and forced segregation of the "fit" and "unfit." Sanger herself had lectured on eugenics before the Ku Klux Klan of Silver Lake, New Jersey; at the invitation of the Woman's Branch of the KKK. Sanger and numerous early founders of Planned Parenthood said blatantly racist (like pro-Nazi Dr. S. Adolphus Knopf, a member of Margaret Sanger's American Birth Control League or ABCL), pro-eugenic, and anti-population comments. Here they are:

"Brownsville is the most thickly populated section of Brooklyn. Here the working people live. Here are the dwelling-places of the very poor, a whole city of Jewish and Italian inhabitants housed in the most assiduously investigated and frequently condemned type of tenement. Block after block, street after street, as far as one can see in every direction, there is an endless stretch of dreary walls bursting with their excess of wretched humanity. Unkempt children swarm the alley ways and fire escapes and you seldom see a woman without her inevitable baby." (Elizabeth Stuyvesant. "The Brownsville Birth Control Clinic." Birth Control Review, Volume I, Number 3 (March 1917), page 6.)

"I visited hospitals in this city, and found them lacking in the simple and most ordinary article of decency. No soap ) no cod-liver oil, no rubber sheets to protect the beds no linen to give clean bedding as required ) and even the babies must be all day in wet napkins, because of the inadequate supply for the proper change. This has given rise to skin trouble, and the poor little waifs are a sad, miserable lot. It would be a great kindness to let them die outright, I believe." (Margaret Sanger. "Women in Germany." Birth Control Review, Volume V, Number 1 (January 1921), page 9.)

"We prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded." (The Pivot of Civilization by Margaret Sanger, Brentano's Press, NY, 1922, p. 263)

Bernard Stacks, M.D., who wrote:"We must get rid of the inferior colored races: the Blacks, the Yellow and the Red races must be exterminated...The white race then may proceed as follows: Let the Christians exterminate all Jews and Moslems, then the Protestants kill all Catholics, then let the Ku Klux Klan kill everybody except the 100% [Nordic types]; then let the Nordic race with blond hair and blue eyes kill off all the dark complexioned..." (Birth Control Review, Sept, 1924, p.269)

MK-Ultra was a CIA project created in 1953. Its purpose was to experiment mind control drugs on human beings. The Tuskegee experiement was project of deception. African Americans were told that a drug was harmless by scientists. Yet, the drug had syphillis and many of them died. Few talked about it until the 1970's. The Bush family is involved with this population control movement. For example, George H. W. Bush in the late 1960's and early 1970's was apart of a population control group plus he was in support of the United Nations. Even Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's grandfather) was involved with the American Birth Control League as early as 1942 and served as the treasurer of the first national capital campaign of Planned Parenthood in 1947. Planned Parenthood exists to this day and they have committed evil acts even to this day. Planned Parenthood is a murderous group killing 244,628 babies in calendar year 2003 alone. Folks like Life Dynamics and even Michelle Malkin have exposed Planned Parenthood modern corruption now. . Life Dynamics also conducted an extensive undercover project by doing did an experiment by posing as a 13 year old girl (and Planned Parenthood still advised the fake "girl" to have an abortion without the parents' consent begin impregnated by a "fiction" 22 year old man). Black and Hispanic men sued PP for racism and sexual harrashment (many early PP members were already racist). There are other examples of Planned Parenthood's corruption. Modern eugenics is just as much a threat then as it is today. Now, intellectuals and other leaders are part of the eugenics crowd now. Today, geneticist James Watson (the Head of the Human Genome Project until 1992. He was partly responsible for the discovery of DNA, an achievement that won him the Nobel Peace prize in 1962), who told a Sunday Times newspaper interviewer that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites (when science proves that intervention can increase IQ levels irrespective of race). Watson wants genetic screening for babies and genetic purity (i.e. aborting babies if the baby is suspected of being a homosexual when many scientists believe homosexuality is a product of the environment of early childhood not genetics. No one should be murdered if people are heterosexual or homosexual. Even if you disagree with homosexuality, you shouldn't advocate killing those who are homosexual). So, these "elite" folks want folks dead basically. It's as simple as that. Truthfully, eugenics and population control ought to be exposed and opposed by all human beings. Instead of bashing humans, we ought to build up the human race by building up our education systems (incorporating more choices whether public, private, or homeschooling. Smaller class sizes can also be effective. More parental and state control should be involved in education). Also , investing in our infrastructure (which can increase the poductivity of the middle class), develop a culture of life, etc.

Globalist Land Grabs

For eons, certain individuals wanted to own most of land in empires. A perfect example was the feudal system in the Middle Ages as controlled by the Vatican. In the present era, big organizations (like the United Nations) and governments globally unfairly acquire lands constantly. Even the Supreme Court recently supported eminent domain restricting private property rights for individuals. It isn't a secret that the United Nations have taken over thousands of square miles in land (including national parks) via the Biosphere programs, Agenda 21 which was about the UN forcing many nations including America to allow government to futher control plus manage lands, and the Desertification Treaty (signed in October 18, 2000). Why would elitists lust after the control of land? The purpose is to construct a globalized world order (as outlined by Walter Cronkite, David Rockefeller, and other lumanaries). Also, it's a blueprint to implement the parts of the new world order to control humans better. A North American Union agenda is apart of this agenda. Of course, many elites deny a NAU agenda, but new evidence keep coming in confirming it since a NAU is about the merging of laws and infrastructure in North America. Even Vicente Fox admitted on national TV recently that he wants a North American union and a North American currency like the amero. CFR member Condolezza Rice wants a Pan American community as said in October of 2007. How much more proof do you need. That's occuring now. On March 2005, Presidents of Mexico, the USA, and Canada signed an agreement for the SPP or Security Prosperty Partnership agreement. The SPP is one of many groups leading the charge for a North American union. On August 20-21, 2007, the Security and Prosperity Parternship crew had a meeting in Montebello, Quebec. American and Canadian forces guarded the compound where the SPP crowd were meeting at. The Constitution says Congress only regulates foreign trade, yet the SPP is existing without Congressional approval at all.

Even the ex- Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin admitted this by writing "on March 23, President Bush, President Fox and I SIGNED the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that establishes the way forward on our continental agenda for security, prosperity and quality of life." A 2005 report entitled "Building a North American Community: Report of an Independent Task Force" written by Dr. Robert Pastor (a CFR member) advocated an amero North American currency (found in pages 111,115-115), a security perimeter for North America by 2010 (even World Net Daily reported on the North American Future 2025 Project headed by the CSIS to encourage labor and economic intergration in North America), and other plans. Also, he wanted: "North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter." Robert Pastor admitted that he believed in the sick notion that modern sovereignity is obsolete in his 2004 "Foreign Affairs" work found in the, January/February 2004 edition. Here's his own words:

"...Opponents of integration often attack such proposals as threats to national sovereignty. Sovereignty, however, is not a fixed concept. In the past, Canada used sovereignty to keep out U.S. oil companies, Mexico relied on it to bar international election monitors, and the United States invoked it as an excuse to privilege "states' rights" over human rights. In each case, sovereignty was used to defend bad policies. Countries benefited when they changed these policies, and evidence suggests that North Americans [i.e., Mexicans, Americans and Canadians] are ready for a new relationship that renders this old definition of sovereignty obsolete...."

Artist's Rendering of the SuperCorridor

North American highways aka North American Corridor, CANAMEX, more taxes for just driving our vehicles, microchips, etc. are all apart of this globalization plan admitted by the elite in their own words plus documents. Knight of Malta Juan Carlos of Spain is trying to fund North American highways as well. NASCO interrelates to North American highways. What is it? NASCO is short for the North American Super Corridor Coalition involving trying to build North American highways. Francisco J. Conde (an editor and publisher of the Conde Report on U.S.-Mexico Relations) wrote a June 10, 1998 letter to Tiffany Newson (an executive director of NASCO) that NASCO is the North American Superhighway Coalition. Newson wrote a note to Conde in June 10, 1998 that the TEA-21 (or Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century) funds trade corridors. Even the NASCO website admits that the I-35 interstate is the present NAFTA Superhighway. That's why they and other elitists promote the Trans-Texas Corridor (which is a planned 4 football field wide road with many lanes. There is also planned 200ft. ulility zone for oil, gas piplines, etc.). Another purpose of the Trans-Texas Corridor is to ship goods from all over the world (especially Mexico and China) into America more frequently with as little regulation as possible. That's why Bush recently allowed Mexican trucks to go into America with little regulation (even labor unions are opposing this measure, so something is wrong). Jerome Corsi and Dr. Daneen Peterson wrote tons of excellent literature about the North American Union issue. Today in 2007, there is controversy over the UN's control over some of waterways. This proposed law is called the U.N. Law of Sea Treaty.

What is it about? It's about the UN via the International Seabed Authority to govern rules among a lot of the world's oceans. Critics of this plan say that 70% of the world Earth's surface could be controlled by the UN. Also, President Bush is in support of the treaty. This is typical since Bush is anti-national sovereignty. That's why Bush supports the democratization of the world whether by their consent or not. Many of the Sea Treaty architects are Marxists like Elisabeth Mann Borgese who advocated a new world order. Cliff Kincaid wrote in September 30, 2007 that the proposed treaty will regulate U.S. economic and industrial activities on land, the ISA council will handle disputes with international input, and other problems with the treaty. This treaty is complex and harbors a control mechanism by one bureaucracy over millions of square miles of oceans. I believe it's a slick anti-sovereignity measure that's even opposed by Glen Beck. They are blatant. Really, those in control of the mainstream environmental movement (like the Sierra Club) aren't really trying to improve the environment now. They want to control as much lands as possible. There is nothing wrong with helping the environment (i.e. building trees, having clean air, promoting conservation, and having clean water) as long as it doesn't go into extremism. Michael Coffman wrote amazing information on this issue. Also, the media rarely discuss real envirnomental issues like GM foods, toxic waste, deforestation, flouride in water, etc. They obsess with global warming when natural forces have a huge influence in our climate, not only mankind (for example natural CO2 in the presence of plants can improve the Earth, and climate cycles exist throughout Earth's history. Other factors influence the environment include cosmic rays, sunspots that can raise temperatures, eruptions from volcanoes, magnetic fields, etc). Here's other information that dissents with man-made global warming. Atmospheric physicist Fred Singer and Denis T. Avery's book called "Unstoppable Global Warming" wrote that the sun and other natural factors are involved in warming every 1500 years in a cycle. In the Middle Ages, it was warmer than today with the Little Ice Age coming to end that without man's influence. Dr. William Gray found that there were more hurricances when the Earth cooled from 1900-1949 (being 101) than from 1957-2006 (being only 81. The elite in the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group are in support of global warming hysteria). We see global warming and climate change on every planet and moon within the solar system. R. Timothy Patterson, professor of geology and director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre at Carleton University says that solar activity over shadow CO2 influence in the environment. Also, Patterson said that by 2020 the climate could cool since the sun will be at its weakest Schwabe cycle of the past two centuries. A British judge found errors in Al Gore's film about global warming as well. The National Center for Policy Analysis ( titled "A Global Warming Primer" reported that Humans contribute approximately 3.4 percent of annual CO2 levels" compared to 96.6 percent by nature. a new report from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization shows that the global livestock sector is responsible for a higher share of greenhouse gas emissions than transport. Livestock account for 9 percent of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, 37 percent of methane emissions, 64 percent of ammonia emissions, and 65 percent of global nitrous oxide. Many mainstream scientists dissent with man-made global warming. Michael Coffman PHd's "Global Warming or Global Goverance" accurately defines how global warming is used to promote globalism.

Transhumanism and Big Brother is another big goal of the new world order. (In my opinion, this is one of last goals of the new world order. Julian Huxley was a promoter of eugenics and coined the word "transhumanism"). In late 2006 and in 2007, I understand much more about this issue. Few even understand about it. Big Brother is real. DARPA invented the Internet in the late 1960's and now the Internet is real. Globally microchips are common and some are forcing others to get chips to recieve a job. Technological control of much of society has been increasing rapidly especially in the 21st century. Even the PNAC document (whose supporters inlcude Knight of Columbus Jeb Bush, CFR member Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, etc.) called for "net centric" computing, a "technological revolution" in the "military revolution" plus a "a new Pearl Harbor event" to catayzle all before 9/11. The federal govenrment lusts after trying to control the Internet 100% via attempting to end net neutrality (or internet freedom via free speech) and Internet 2 (another government/corporate version of the Net that's controlled). Big Brother is huge even allowing the NSA to take over DARPA's TIA/MATRIX program. The feds passed the National ID or Real ID Act ready for 2008 in attempting to track citizens. The Council of Truth reported on new technology like trying to make thoughts to speech. The Methuselah Foundation (a group promoting nano-techology and life-extension technology) believes that by the 2030's, life extension techology exist merging with our biology with nanomachinery. Already many new cell phones and some new cars are tracked with GPS system (an article validating this was written by Jeremy Aber, Jerry Harvey, and John Inmon in December 10th 2003). ITS controls some street corner cameras in a federal program. The federal government's GIG (or Global Information Grid) is a military computer (that's why it's a project of the the United States Department of Defense) tracking tons of info. It's superior to Digital Angel. NASA said that its AI intelligence archive will be online by 2010. DARPA's 20t supercomputing cognitive Computer AI will be online by 2012. When you combine GIG, DARPA, and AI software, that's a huge amount of power by the government. What is transhumanism? It's a belief that man can evolve into a godlike being via technology (i.e. nanotechnology, etc.). Singularity another definition of transhumanism as well. Nanotechnology is basically microscropic machines which can be the size of molecules. IBM directly funded the Nazis and now are one of the biggest promoters of biometrics, microchips, and the like. *The whole land grab is a constant threat to America and the world. The real globalist one worlders want our land and are using technology in trying to control as many humans as possible. The elite want more power since they have most of economic wealth on planet Earth anyway. That's the truth.

Popular Culture

Popular Culture is hitting rock bottom globally. Conservatives and even some liberals are outraged on the excess vile garbage coming out of Hollywood, music, and other outlets. You have Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and others involved in bad lifestyles. It runs deeper than that certain people. For a very long time, Secret Societies and other elite groups exploit musicians to try to manipulate and change society. One easy example is how the Beatles and Lep Zepplin (on one of his albums he has the SOL symbol) praised Satanist Aliester Crowley. Elvis Preseley was a Theosophist who wanted New Age philsophies accepted in society. It extends from rap (with some artists promoting recreational drug usage, violence for violence sake, etc.), country music, and even some gospel music. I've been studying this issue for years, so a man can't convince me otherwise. Also, I'm not the type that blames music for all of the problems in the world. I'm not a fool, yet music can be used good or bad purposes. Hollywood and those in Popular culture had led degenerate lifestyles back in the 1920's and 1930's like Valentino (who performed automatic writing), Mae West, and others. Now, the TV/Hollywood crowd are more public about their acts., Youtube,etc. display their behavior for much of the world to witness. Typically, they believe they are so "Free" yet some of them are enslaved to the evils of addiction, corruption, and political correctness. That's why in my opinion, most of them are far left like Whoppi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Manilow, Timbaland, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, Tori Spelling, Matt Damon, Russell Simmons (who's 50 years old), Madonna, Hugh Hefner, etc. Other Hollywood liberals include Christinia Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston, Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Alec Baldwin, Lynda Carter, Kristin Davis, Ellen DeGeneres, Fran Drescher, Melissa Etheridge, Jane Fonda, Calista Flockhart, Ben Harper, Salma Hayek, Ed Harris, Amy Jo Johnson, Ashley Judd, Carole King, Christine Lathi, Sanaa Lathan, Nathalie Maines, Camryn Manheim, Sarah McLachlan, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, Cybill Shepherd, Sharon Stone, Julia Stiles, Pink, Charlize Theron, Uma Thurman, Ted Turner, Kathaleen Turner, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Alfre Woodard. I can list over 20 more names. There is the younger generation captivated by this brainwashing atmosphere. Today, folks like Venessa Hudgens of High School Musical, Beyonce, America Ferrea, and other stars grace the screen. The good news is that other young folks are seeing through the deceptive nature of the Hollywood/TV false glamour.

"The View" is an elaborate morning TV show that's part of not only popular culture, but the culture war. It seems like Elizabeth Hassebeck is the target of many liberal co-hosts like Joy Behar and the new co-host Whoppi Goldberg. Liberal singer Barry Manilow refused to go on the shows since Hasselbeck possessed pro-life views. That's cowardice since a human being can debate anyone including those who disagree with your viewpoints. Also, Whoppi tried to intimidate Hasselbeck by saying that we should revere women like that. I feel sorry for women who experienced that horrible procedure. Whoppi also said that Roe was about making abortionclean and safe, but no abortion is safe (proven by its side effects of depression, fertility issues, etc.) Whoppi said that very few people have abortions. That's false since almost 50 million abortion occured in America alone. Abortion (whom ancient Romans, Druids, the Nazis, Aztecs, etc. supported and acted on) is wrong and is never mentioned in the Constitution. Abortion violates the right to life. I don't agree with Hasselbeck on war on terror issues but she is 100% correct to be Pro-Life. I will never be intimidated by the far left citizens within popular culture like Whoppi, Behar, and the rest of them. Lies will forever be extinguished by the ultimate truth. More folks are becoming more blatant in having hatred for religious people. These hypocrites lecture us on "tolerance" yet they are really acting intolerant like Kathy Griffin telling Jesus to "Suck it" and Alicia Silverman mocking Jesus. Now, if said similar comments about other groups of people and claim that I was just "joking", the criticism would be unending nearly. There is a double standard here. Popular culture is one popular smokescreen that corporations and the elite use to not make the people focus on the real issues of the day.

By Timothy

More Jesuit information

More information from Brother Nick Rivera:
(Brother Nick Rivera is a much more advanced in the knowledge of Jesuit intrigue than I am. It is an honor and a priviledge to have such a man as a friend and brother.)

Michael J. McGivney was trained by Jesuits in Canada at the Order's St. Mary's College in Montreal. I just found this page that says McGivney desired to become a Jesuit. Here are some K of C logo photos besides the official one. What a tangled web they weave! Illuminati torch

-Brother Nick


This connection is crucial! He was being trained to become a Jesuit priest and nowhere does it say he never became one! He most certainly was a Jesuit Spiritual Coadjutor! This is worth looking into! The K of C is considered the long arm of the Catholic Church and head of it is the Black Pope. Therefore, the Knights of Columbus are merely enforcers of the Jesuit agenda for America like the Black Pope's NAU (Remember that photo I sent you of Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone at the recent K of C Convention States Dinner holding the Papal flag and Mexican flags?) They are most certainly connected to Freemasonry and I've read that K of C Councils annually meet with local Masonic Lodge members because they (the Fourth Degree Knights and Third and 33rd Degree Masons) all play on the same Jesuit-controlled team
Thanks for the link brother! The skull and crossbones on the robe is very telling indeed! The Bush family (Jeb Bush was made a Third Degree Knight in 2004 and is possibly a Fourth by now) maintains close ties with former Supreme Knight of the K of C Virgil Dechant (George W. Bush admitted this at the 132nd Annual Convention.)Here are two links I found you might wish to include in your webpage. Here is a poster from the first Blue Mass held for the NYPD and NYFD. caption under the poster reads: "Angels have long been believed to possess the power to protect, console and heal, especially during difficult times. This particular image of the shows the BLUE MASS "Angel Rising" , a symbol of our rising from the ashes of grief and loss."What a choice of words! It reminds me of the Masonic phoenix rising from the ashes. Such a scene is depicted in the mosaic found in the UN Security Council room.Here is an interesting fact and quite ironic. Scroll down a little and it reads: "Baton of Brotherhood" - Maltese Cross cut from a section of WTC Tower One steel, crafted into a Maltese Cross and engraved with the Signal 5-5-5-5 which is passed from Brother to Brother on the ROS (Release of Souls) journey, returning to FDNY 11 September, 2006.See page 3 for similar information (PDF File) Even the foundation of the memorial sculpture is somewhat shaped like a maltese cross.I say this is ironic because we know the connection between several Knights of Malta (SMOM) and Freemasons who run Wall Street, and Jesuit-trained George J. Tenet and their complicity in financing and carrying out 9/11 in obedience to Edward Cardinal Egan and his Jesuit masters at Fordham ( CFR Joseph A. O'Hare and Avery Cardinal Dulles) and Georgetown University.Just an aside, but connected to Skull and Bones. Did you see the raw footage of the young man at University of Florida who was tasered by police after he asked Jesuit-trained Bonesman John Kerry if he was a member?I watched the raw footage yesterday here is a link.What creeps me out the most is the loud applause as the young man (Andrew Meyer) is grabbed by police and forced to lie down then tasered for speaking his educated mind. Meyer did nothing wrong. He asked why Kerry conceded the election and if he wanted to win then about his membership in Skull and Bones and if he and George W. Bush were both members of the same secret society. These are questions the American public ought to be asking and demand answers as to why the 2004 election was a staged farce.In the near future, I will send you and Brother Eric a list and mugshots of 9/11 conspirators and criminals from top (Black Pope Kolvenbach) and subordinate Jesuits and Illuminati to bottom and the Jesuit connection to Iraq and the Papal Crusade in the Middle East complete with pictures.I expose the "Commanders on the Ground" like Pace, Petraeus, Casey and their connections to Georgetown University plus the Jesuit-trained leaders of Iraq like Ahmad Chalabi who is a Freemason proven by an Internet photo of him in a Masonic handshake with 33rd Degree Jesse Helms.

-Brother Nick


I've been searching for connections between the Knights of Columbus and Freemasons Here is an old Time Magazine article from 1966 entitled "Knights and Masons Together." They are indeed two sides of the same Jesuit coin.

Interesting that Vatican II is mentioned here as the impetus for cooperation. In case you can't locate the photo of Cardinal Bertone holding the Papal and Mexican flags here it is. Here is a link listing Past Masters of a Masonic lodge and one of them is credited with introducing a local K of C Council to King Hiram's Lodge for an annual social gathering (See Michael Anthony Janoplis scroll down toward the end) I don't live too far from the K of C World Headquarters in New Haven.

The New Haven Police Department and Station is located across the street from the K of C Print Shop. I have seen squad cars parked in the K of C print shop parking lot. The shop is under 24 hour video surveillance. Have you heard of the International Order of Alhambra? It was created in the early 20th century as an auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus and remains so albeit unofficially to this day! The Order of Alhambra is to the Knights of Columbus what the Shriners are to the Freemasons. I found a photo of Alhambra members in the Oval Office with 33rd Degree Harry S. Truman (note the white fezzes)

-Bro. Nick .
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This Web Site was set up to combat misinformation about the Jews and other disinformation going around blaming many other groups. When it comes to fascism and other abominations in the earth, "ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME."
-Thomas Richards


Globalists attempting to depopulate the world

is the link.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Courage and Independent Thinking

Tower of Babel Superimposed Upon EU Parliment Building

Far too often, the mainstream establishment want independent thought suppressed. As for me, I reject that. More and more individuals globally are waking up about the new world order, eugenics, and the elite formenting (religious, ethnic, and political) tensions in the world for centuries (the same folks also funded many wars from the French Revolution to WWI, WWII, the phony "Cold War" and today with the war on terrorism. These bankers are controlled by the high level Freemasonry, the Vatican/Jesuits, and the Pilgrim Society today. One example is how Papal SMOM Franz von Papen aided Hitler's rise to power via the Center Party of Germany. Also, the Vatican has been caught in being involved in the Inquistion, Ustashi massacres, the Crusades, the creation of the ecumencial movement, the promotion of illegal immigration, and other events. Freemasonry has been caught also in infilitrating religions and promoting the worship of Lucifer. Some promote a new order. In other words, high level political, religious, and secret societies funded and orchestrated event including much of the wars then and now. I also expose all evil, so wicked Labor Zionists like CFR member & anti-Christian bigot Abe Foxman and wicked radical Muslims ought to be exposed as well. So, I'm consistent. Yet, I don't agree with collectively blaming everyone in one creed or ethnic group for all of the problems in the world unlike some in the "alternative media"). These are the same ones following Malthus believing that population growth was a liability not a benefit to the world and TH Huxley (which was Darwin's follower along with Wedgewood). Now, Watson wants genetic screening and a new professor wants people to divide into different "species." All of this wickedness is sick, but these are the critical times that are living in. We have to reject the dehumanization of human beings and except the value of all human life. There is nothing wrong with improving our health as well regardless if you're a man, woman, or child. Onnesha Roychoudhuri from Alternet at Monday on October 29, 2007 described on how on some occasions private companies have more control plus knowledge over personal information than we do. Many like CFR member Dodd, Obama (whose wife is in the CFR and is related to Dick Cheney), etc. (that doesn't mean I support Dodd or Obama) oppose immunity for telecoms who have participated in domestic spying.

Recently, there has been an ascendance of anti-war films like Lions for Lambs, Rendition, etc. They have a First Amendment right to exist, but I don't need a film to tell me what's going on. After the Ottoman Empire ended, European factions like the British wanted to control Iraq. Today, America is involved and the CFR (including CFR member Biden and CFR President Emeritus Leslie H. Gelb) is supporting a plan to divide up the nation along sectarian ties (which was mapped out years before the war began in 2003). Problems have occured there from attacks from many sides, torture, and one solution is to allow the Iraqis define their nation of their own nation. The LOST Treaty is still being debated. It talks about an international bureaucracy handling much of the affairs in the oceans (one founder of it is a dedicated socialist. Cliff Kincaid has written excellent research on this proposed treaty). That's a real threat in American society. It's kind of strange that fires in California occured 11 days before Halloween. Funny how O'Reilly says that are rights aren't being violated when we have RFID chips on our passports, free speech zones, the Pentagon caught spying peaceful protestors, tasered folks who are innocent, and other incidents spanning a clear defining pattern of an anti-Consitution, anti-libery mindset. We have to have courage and possess independent thought.

By Timothy

LOST Treaty

The FBI’s Right To Threaten Torture


Links (I don't agree with all of this, but much of it is true)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Confronting Evil

Some good news is that the fires in Southern California are more contained than days ago. The puppet shill Bill Clinton confronted protesters rightfully exposing 9/11 as an inside job. Clinton was Jesuit trained in Georgetown and was a Bilderberg praticipant. The Bilderberg group is made up of many world elites planning global policies (though the Pilgrim Society is even more secret and more powerful than the Bilderberg Group is. The Bilderberg Group's members are many heads of corporations, world leaders, etc. like David Rockefeller, members of the EU, Henry Kissinger, and others. I will say that Bilderberg and all evil elite organizations ought to be exposed). Hillary Clinton celebrated her 60th birthday. It's a good thing that folks in the alternative media are exposing this and the Vatican/Jesuit connection to the new world order as well. Research found that Bush and Kerry are related to Borivoj I and Saint Ludmila, who are the oldest rulers of Bohemia (So a lot of US Presidents are related to the old bloodlines of Europe).

The Bohemian Grove (where world leaders worship Molech and plan many events) was created in the praise of Papal saint St. John of Nepomuk found by Thomas Richards' research.
Other news are existing. World Net Daily (or WND) reported that the The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been given a rebuke by Congress for its aggressive attacks on firearms dealers who may have paperwork errors in their record-keeping. Ryan Horsley cited an example of how the BATFE tried to find even minor errors as an excuse to get rid of his guns. He said that in 2001 they could find any violations. Recently, the White House passed more sanctions against Iran. CFR member Condoleeza Rice spoke about seriously yesterday. A Code Pink person was next to her and she and other members were arrested. Bill Hahn from the JBS (though I disagree with JBS on some issues) on Friday October 26, 2007 wrote that people will protest the EU and the EU "Reform Treaty" (which critics believe it's an EU Constitution in disguise). There should be protests since globalization and all of these Unions are against national sovereignity and just further the power of the Elite. The bill called H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 is something else. Its provisions said that even planned use of so-called "terrorism" can be illegal. Planned use can mean I'm thinking about it. More and more ambigious provisions in proposed laws disregard many laws found in the Bill of Rights and Constitution. I always have a respect and appreciation for free speech. I also reject dehumanization, so I do oppose abortion (Margaret Sanger called humans "weeds"), sterilization, eugenics (those involved in eugenics help create the modern environment movement. The Club of Rome is one such group involved in the controlled environmental movement promoting population control [when we have an underpopulation crisis in Russia, Europe, etc.], a global tax, and global warming hysteria. Bill Gates is a member of this Club of Rome. Warren Buffett is a Gates' supporter and a population control advocate. I and most people want clean air and clean water, yet many environmental groups are exploitating legitimate concerns of the environment to try to control private property and control citizens), enuthanasia, population control, etc. The deal with us is that we will have to confront evil. We have to expose false religions, dehumanization, immoral wars, and other nefarious agendas. We have to do what is right and good.

By Timothy



Links and Jesuit information (Himmler) (I don't agree with Eric's views on race at all)

Dear Daniel,

You need to consult Craig Heimbichner's Blood on the Altar, (2005). Therein he proves that Leo Taxil was privy to high Masonic rites and secrets. You must also read Leo Lehman's Behind the Dictators (1942). Therein he reveals the Jesuit connection to Taxil. Backed by the Jesuits and given secrets of the Craft which he openly revealed, Taxil then "admits" his claims were all a lie and deception. I wonder where he received his secret knowlege of the Craft? Could it have been from Pope Leo XIII's Cardinal Secretary of State, Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro (1843-1913) who was a member of the highest Masonic brotherhood of the day, the Order of Oriental Templars (OTO)?

The purpose of the Order in using Taxil was to bring disbelief among the peoples that Freemasonry was evil. (Remember that the Black Pope's International Invisible Empire of Freemasonry was his vehicle in subduing all nations to the Temporal Power of the pope.) Taxil was used to discredit those who were exposing the occult, Satanic religion of Freemasonry, which included the great the learned and godly ex-Worshippful Master and ex-Romanist, Edmond Ronayne who wrote The Master's Carpet: Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical; Reviewing the Similarity Between Masonry, Romanism and "The Mysteries," and Comparing the Whole with the Bible, (1887).What Taxil attributed to Pike, was absolutely true. I use the quote frequently.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

----- Original Message -----

From: Daniƫl Muller To: Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:35 AMSubject: Can you clear up the case of Leo Taxil?I have a question about Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages (Leo Taxil). Is this quote from Albert Pike or not? So not, it's a very interesting case knowing that the Jesuits control Freemasonry and Leo Taxil was educated by the Jesuits. Leo Taxil ''suddenly converted to Catholicism in the 1885'' In 1887 Taxil even had an audience with Pope Leo XIII, who subsequently sanctioned his anti-Masonic campaign.


Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish-Rite, Southern Jurisdiction'That which we must say to the crowd is -- We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. 'To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees -- The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the of purity of the Luciferian doctrine.'If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him?'Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive. 'In analogical and universal dynamics one can only lean on that which will resist. Thus the universe is balanced by two forces which maintain its equilibrium: the force of attraction and that of repulsion. These two forces exist in physics, philosophy and religion. And the scientific reality of the divine dualism is demonstrated by the phenomena of polarity and by the universal law of sympathies and antipathies. That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, as well as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans and the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of the two divine principles fighting eternally, and one cannot believe the one inferior in power to the other.'Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.'"A. C. De La Rive in La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle (page 588).

This is Abbe Clarin de la Rive footnote in his book La Fernroe et L'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle (Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry). It refers to Diana Vaughan, the so called ''creation of Leo Taxil''.The footnote:It was the Sister Diana Vaughan that Albert Pike,--in order to give her the greatest mark of confidence, charged to carry his luciferian encyclical, to Paris, during the Universal Exposition." [i][i] Abbe Clarin de la Rive, La Fernroe et L'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle. Paris: Delhomme & Briquet, Editeurs, 1894, p. 589.The quote above doesn't contradict Pike his other writings (like Morals and Dogma), so i find it very interesting all these Masons say Pike didn't say these things, they say Leo Taxil wrote it. it's a stinkin' case.. Thank you for your work


Bill Clitnon confronted by 911 Truthers

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jesuit information


Reality and Life in the 21st Century

Potent fires are profusing their horrendous damages across Southern California. Flames ravage thousands of homes. Various government levels (from the federal, state, and local) and the brave firefighters are trying to quench the sproadic fire inferno. From Mexico and San Deigo to near Los Angeles, these locations are affected. It's wild with over 1 million people forced to evacuate. Some of it is contained via the hardwork of the firefighters, while most of it isn't. Legitimate help is necessary in that region. What's strange is that we have weather modification technology for decades, but we haven't tried to create artifical rain to help the fires in California. I wonder why that hasn't occured? Hypocrispy by Bill Maher is annoying to me. Maher acts like some vanguard of free speech, yet he utilized security to throw out peaceful individuals for just speaking in favor of 911 Truth (Youtube from Tuesday on October 23, 2007 reported on some Democrats talking about 9/11). These so-called "liberal" hypocrites like Bill Maher are just as wrong as the Neo-Cons (like O'Reilly, Hannity, Medved, Glen Beck, etc.) in my mind. These "liberal" hypocrites rightfully abhor torture, but most of them supported the starvation & torture of Terri Schiavo (This murder violated the Geneva Convention, Florida Statues that forbid withdrawing life prolonging substances like food plus water, and other laws. CFR member Fred Thompson and Chris Matthews believed that it's a family decision. Sorry Fred, killing people isn't a family decision. It's a crime period. The Government and the individual have a right to protect innocent life from being starved to death, end of story. Fred is just dead wrong. Although, I wouldn't trust the government 100% of the time since governments killed over 100 million people in the 20th century alone. Most of the people who did that were atheists like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, etc).

This is part of a bigger picture of dehumanization. Additionally, I believe that the existence of the "war on terror" is a contrived occurence to facilitate globalization and a new world order (George H. W. Bush proudly called for a new world order in the 1990's). That is why Dubai is a haven of Western corporations (some of which are owned by the Knights of Malta, Pilgrims, Bilderbergers, high level Mason, etc. CFR member Dick Cheney own a house in Dubai now). That's why the Bush and Bin Laden families have many business connections (The CIA and MI6 trained al-Qaeda members like Osama bin Laden for decades). That's also why the same bloodlines controlling the ancient empires of Greece and Rome (plus the European kingdoms and Empires of old) rule most of the world's lands plus political structures today (i.e. Royal Papal Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos holds the title "King of Jerusalem" and is the head of the Cintra Corporation, which wants a Trans-Texas Corridor in America. Carlos' ally is Javier Solona, who is EU foreign policy chief and a member of the Bilderberg Group. Solona said that he wants an expanded G-8 when they done little to improve the Third World and he wants China to be more integrated into the Elite. Many Presidents are related to each other and British Royalty. Even Barrack Obama is related to Cheney and Bush. This 2008 election is like a staged play). Also, the media is focusing on silly issues that most real conservatives and real liberals rightfully ignore like the USA pin on Obama, Ann Coulter, Hollywood, etc. I didn't know until recently that CFR member Norman Podheretz (a signer of the PNAC document_ Frankily, I'm not into the PNAC crowd's dream of possibly killing people in warfare if necessary to force democracy in the world. Norman used to be a "liberal" back in the 1960's like many Neo Cons were like Chris Miller) was a foreign policy adviser to Rudy Guiliani (BRIAN ROSS and AVNI PATEL from ABC on Tuesday at October 23, 2007reported on how Rudy wants to support a priest accused of molesting a child). That's why since Norman is one of the most extreme neo-cons in the nation. He said shut to the We are Change group. Rudy is not only anti-Bill of Rights but he's a neo con who is a pro-elite man. Rudy wants an expanded NATO. That's reality and life in the 21st century. The reality is also we ought to educate people on the truth and act. Action is important and righteous.

By Timothy