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Czech President Vaclav Klaus met his boss the pope


The Passion

'Government persecuting' jailed creation evangelist

Troy on Tsarion


"Tsarion and Leo should be Twins!" Care to elaborate on this teaser, Vivian? Also: Somebody must have some real background on Tsarion. It's amazing that nothings surfaced to date. Or on his mentor Maxwell.

Tsarion hasn't dared reply to my emails (Reposted at Unhived Mind). I think it's also interesting to muse on his name:

Tsarion = the star Orion = Osiris
Tsarion = Czar/Caesar - Aryan

He does have Asian Indian heritage & could be descended from the Aryans, who he always goes on about (though stating that they were a "global" druidic caste & not a specific race).

Perhaps it would be more fruitful looking into the likes of Paul Solomon, who's Foundation MT states that he was/is closely associated with. Could that be Tsarion's intelligence handler?


Alan Watt has said some things that I disagree with, but I don't believe that is anyone's puppet. He may have been a Mason/intelligence operative at one stage - judging from his depth of knowledge (which he usually attributes to high Masons that have shared this knowledge with him) - though he would understandably not say so. If he is a plant, then his only agenda, as far as I can discern, is to spread one of the more accurate versions of how the world works for the benefit of a secular audience - who would never go for Eric's theologically-informed approach (Tsarion, for all of his faults, was at least accurate about this in one of his couple of recent emails to Eric - despite the multiple religions in England, this would essentially be the case, being far more secular than most Americans could imagine.

I have to say that I have been listening to every interview that he did between January & June 2006 & AW hasn't exactly shied away from pointing the finger at Rome. Check his interviews with Hepseboah (not sure if the spellings correct) for instance. I have a hard time picturing him say anything like he wouldn't want to offend Catholics - or anyone else...

Watt does have a very dry sense of humour though & I am sure that a fair number of his wordplays are meant as surreal jokes that just go over almost everyone's heads.

France Considers Mandatory Flu Vaccinations


France Considers Mandatory Flu Vaccinations
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Kurt Nimmo
May 31, 2009

The French government will spend nearly a billion euros on a mandatory flu vaccination this autumn, a French website reported on May 30. “France is preparing a battle plan without precedent for this autumn, including an obligatory vaccination campaign for all French of more than 3 months of age,” writes Marie-Christine Tabet for Le Journal du Dimanche. “According to our information, the State will place an order for 100 million units of influenza vaccine from three laboratories (GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and Novartis).”

Hundreds objected to the mandated flu vaccinations in New Jersey.
On May 15, Bloomberg reported that France, the UK, Belgium and Finland agreed to buy about 158 million shots from London-based Glaxo and Baxter International Inc.
According to the World Health Organization at the United Nations, production of up to 4.9 billion doses of a swine flu vaccine a year would be possible.
“A ‘pilot vaccine’ is being developed under the supervision of the EU. However, some conspiracy theories that are spreading just as fast as the virus have already dismissed the hysteria over the virus as a malevolent plot orchestrated by pharmaceutical companies in order to cash in on people’s fear. One in particular believes that the strain has been purposely engineered so companies producing vaccines can cash in,” Russia Today opined on May 1.
In February Baxter confirmed that it released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria. The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabeled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany, the Toronto Sun reported.
Anne Laude, co-director of the Institute of Health at the Université Paris Descartes, said “nobody would have the right, except in the case of a medical counter-indication, to refuse a vaccination.”
Last month the Obama administration announced it was considering whether to trigger mass production of swine-flu vaccine, which could affect the bottom lines of big vaccine makers as well as public health, according to the Wall Street Journal. Obama requested a $1.5 billion emergency appropriation to deal with swine flu, including development of a vaccine.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The Obama fall vaccination program, according to the Washington Post, would entail giving Americans three flu shots — one to combat annual seasonal influenza and two targeted at the H1N1 flu virus. “If enacted, the multibillion-dollar effort would represent the first time that top federal health officials have asked Americans to get more than one flu vaccine in a year, raising serious challenges concerning production, distribution and the ability to track potentially severe side effects.”
In 1976, following a small swine flu outbreak at the Fort Dix Army Base in New Jersey, the federal government ordered a nationwide vaccination program. “Mass vaccinations started in October, but within weeks reports started coming in of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, right after taking the shot. Within two months, 500 people were affected, and more than 30 died. Amid a rising uproar and growing public reluctance to risk the shot, federal officials abruptly canceled the program Dec. 16.,” writes Tony Long for Wired.
“The vaccine manufacturers had anticipated the potential for serious side effects from the vaccines they manufactured and had insisted on indemnification by the federal government before releasing pandemic vaccine. Harmed vaccinees and their families sued the federal government and eventually received millions of dollars in damages. Sencer was let go as CDC director. Many people faulted him for his dogged pursuit of universal influenza vaccination,” notes the Suburban Emergency Management Project.

During the swine flu hysteria earlier this year, the corporate media made the case for mass vaccination. “Time Magazine’s coverage of the swine flu scare has a noticeable subplot — preparing Americans for draconian measures to combat a future pandemic as well as forcing them to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson on April 28. According to Time, the government “may soon have to consider whether to institute draconian measures to combat the disease.”

New Jersey was the first state to require flu shots for young schoolchildren. “It was part of a new policy requiring a total of four additional immunizations for schoolchildren over the objections of some parents who worry about possible risks from vaccinations,” the New York Times reported on January 2, 2009. An advisory panel for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that all children ages 6 months to 18 years should receive an annual flu shot.
Hundreds of concerned parents participated in demonstrations outside the New Jersey Statehouse on October 16, 2008, in protest of the State’s decision to mandate flu vaccinations for young children.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons considers mandatory vaccines a violation of the medical ethic of informed consent.

Notorious Abortion Doctor Shot Dead in Wichita (George Tiller is dead now)


Notorious Abortion Doctor Shot Dead in Wichita
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The Wichita Eagle
May 31, 2009

George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion, was shot to death this morning as he walked into church services.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.
No information has been released about whether a suspect is in custody. Police said they are looking for white male who was driving a 1990s powder blue Ford Taurus with Kansas license plate 225 BAB.
Homicide detectives and Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston arrived at the church after the shooting.
Members of the congregation who were inside the sanctuary at the time of the shooting were being kept inside the church by police, and those arriving were being ushered into the parking lot. Witnesses are being transported downtown for interviews and other members of the congregation are slowly being released from inside the sanctuary.
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Support Your Local “Domestic Warrior-Heroes” — Or Get Kicked In The Head

Paganism in the Vatican confirmed

Critique of Acharya S' Sun Thesis

County won’t force permit on Bible study leaders


County won’t force permit on Bible study leaders
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Helen Gao
The San Diego Union-Tribune
May 30, 2009

Sweeping issues of religious freedom and governmental regulation are swirling around Pastor David Jones’ house in rural Bonita, attracting attention from as far away as China and New Zealand.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

He says it all started with $220 in car damage.
Jones and his wife, Mary, hold a weekly Bible study at their home that sometimes attracts more than 20 people, with occasional parking issues. Once, a car belonging to a neighbor’s visitor got dinged.
David Jones paid for the damage, but he thinks the incident spurred a complaint to the county.
A code enforcement officer warned the couple in April for holding a “religious assembly” without a permit. The action became an international incident when it was reported last week on the Web site
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The Bible

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The Vatican and Israel

Alberto Rivera

Artifacts (I don't agree with all in this site).


New hemorrhagic virus surfaces in Africa


New hemorrhagic virus surfaces in Africa
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May 29, 2009

A lethal, newly identified hemorrhagic virus that killed four of the five people it infected in September and October 2008 has been given the working title of “Lujo”.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Lujo, a member of the arenavirus family, which currently has 22 known species, was named to reflect its geographic origins: the primary case came from the Zambian capital, Lusaka, and secondary infections occurred in Johannesburg after the patient was transferred to the South African city for treatment.
Dr Lucille Blumberg, deputy director of South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases, told IRIN that humans were most frequently infected with this virus by inhaling dust infected with rodent excreta, or ingestion. The name “Lujo” still has to be approved by “various committees” before it becomes official.
The fifth person to be infected with the Lujo virus - a nurse at Morningside Clinic, Johannesburg - survived after being treated with the antiviral drug, ribavirin, usually prescribed for Lassa fever, a hemorrhagic virus first identified in 1969.

The Destabilization of Pakistan



More on the media and Christians (I don't agree with this link on every issue)

U.S. defence secretary Robert Gates warns North Korea

Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe calls for a new world order


Hello Folks,
Please read the following info and compare what you heard in the video clips
I sent you links to, today:

P.S. I still reccomend that if any of you have not purchased a copy
of Eric Jon Phelps' book "Vatican Assassins Wounded In The House Of My
Friends -3rd Edition" to do so. If you are a genuine seeker of TRUTH
it would be a great resource to learn from. You can get a copy of it from
the following weblink:

The following text was taken from Eric Jon Phelps' book “Vatican Assassins Wounded
In The House Of My Friends - 3rd Edition”

Pages 1241 – 1244 :

Upon that successful secret testing, the Order then moved FDR to give all essential components in constructing a nuclear device to Stalin in 1943! Because neither the USSR nor Japan had declared war on each other (How convenient!), the Order could then safely move its atomic components from the USSR directly into Japan, with the full knowledge, aid and comfort of Tojo’s Military High Command. (Did not the Japanese Army throw Protestant missionaries in concentration camps but give full freedom to the many Roman Catholic missionaries throughout the South Pacific?) While the atomic devices were being meticulously assembled in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Order would receive complete protection from Japanese military commanders, both cities being under abject martial law. Amazingly, neither city Vatican Assassins

The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

would be bombed by FDR’s Army Air Force, while every major metropolis of Japan would be in flames due to relentless B-29 attacks. And no wonder, for the triggers of atomic devices are extremely sensitive and thus, if Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been shaken by conventional ground or airburst explosions due to mass-bombing caused by
American B-29s on orders of General Curtis LeMay, those precious nuclear devices,
having been covertly assembled on the ground under the all-seeing, Argus eye of
future Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe, could never have detonated! On August 6, 1945 the foundation for the Pope’s Cold War is ready to be laid. If all the anti-Communist enemies of the Pope’s Communist, New York-financed USSR (which USSR had been patterned after the Black Pope’s socialist-communist Paraguayan Reductions) are to be “extirpated from the face of the whole earth,” which extirpation began with the wicked Yalta Agreement in 1945, the threat of airborne nuclear war must be deceptively created by the Devil’s foremost Master of Deceit—the Company of Jesus. Nuclear devices have been successfully detonated— secretly before 1943 and openly by July 16, 1945. The USS Indianapolis is under way to Tinian Island with its secret cargo of Uranium-235, departing from San Francisco on the very same day of the successful atomic detonation north of Alamogordo—as though it was known beforehand that the openly historic atomic test would be a smashing success! Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been left untouched by Allied bombers though Hiroshima is a prominent military target, it being the headquarters for one of the four Imperial Armies composing 90,000 Japanese soldiers! The USSR is not threatening to attack Japan, including the Order’s precious pre-Cold War atomic sites, as a Pledge of Neutrality exists between both powers, one Axis, the other Allied. The atomic devices have been successfully assembled with shielding in place so as to enable five Jesuits to take shelter underneath their monster pulse weapon upon its detonation. The Jesuits know they are to “flip the switch” upon hearing the airburst of a magnesium flash bomb—laced with Uraniun-235—to be dropped overhead. FDR had agreed to oversee the US Navy’s ONI-backed Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in order to create World War II for “heretic and liberal” America. Hirohito has now agreed to participate in the atomic detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to create the inquisitional Cold War for America pitted against “infidel” Buddhist and ‘heretic” Protestant Oriental peoples of the Far East—which Cold War would result in a huge commercial and naval buildup of Japan.

The Jesuits are now in their places. The fireworks now begin as the 9000- pound bomb, “Little Boy,” is dropped from the B-29, “Enola Gay,” over Hiroshima. Arrupe, cleverly out of range, describes the airburst and ensuing atomic detonation: “A gigantic fire, like a magnesium flash, suddenly leapt into the sky. I was in my office with another Jesuit. The sight made me leap from my chair and run to the window. At that instance a sort of dull continuous roaring reached our ears. It sounded more like the roar of a waterfall than the sudden explosion of a bomb.” {31} [Emphasis added]

Chapter 38
The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

The author, Alain Woodrow, quoting Aruppe above in his The Jesuits: A Story of
Power, continues with his own narration:

“The monster’s hand had turned everything upside-down. And yet, in the house, the 35 Jesuits were unharmed. [Of course not, they knew it was coming.] At just a few miles from the epicenter no-one was even injured. Astounded to find no sign of a crater caused by the mysterious bomb, the priests climbed a nearby hill from where there was a good view of Hiroshima. But the town was no more. All that they could see was a burning plain. . . . A crowd of refugees, with burnt, disfigured and mutilated
bodies, was already trying to make its way, sometimes on hands and knees, towards the Jesuits’ home. Everyone told the same story: “I [first] saw a bright light, then [secondly] heard a terrible explosion . . .’ . . . On that terrible day of 6 August, heavy rain, brought on by the bombing, started to fall on the smoldering town. Pedro Arrupe and a few companions decided to make their way to another Jesuit house in the middle of Hiroshima. The sights were beyond belief. Thousands of bodies cut to pieces, a child dying between white-hot beams, and from all around came the unbearable screams of the injured. Arrupe’s little group took five hours to reach the five Jesuits who lived in the town. Amazingly, although they were all injured, not one was fatally so.” [The Order, with its typical hypocrisy, attributed this supposed “miracle” to the Virgin Mary!

Dear truth-seeker, this is heartless, blindly obedient Jesuitism in all of its historic and savage glory in making the Pope the Universal Monarch of the World ruling from the Third Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem.] {32} [Emphasis added] Upon the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the new dogma of airborne nuclear devastation was strongly promoted by Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman’s media moguls, Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce and Knight of Malta Frank Capra. The mass destruction “proved” the impending doom of an “airborne nuclear holocaust” justifying the creation of a new “peace-keeping” world authority— the treasonous United Nations—that will one day control Jerusalem’s Holy Mount while overseeing the rebuilding of a glorious new Third Temple—for the Pope! But the facts regarding “airborne nuclear war” prove otherwise. At the time the only nuclear devices ever detonated were stationary and on the ground! None had ever been dropped by aircraft in testing! We will grant that objects, represented to the world as being “atomic bombs,” were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that atomic explosions followed, as attested to by one of the pilots of Enola Gay while sailing with the author’s mother years later in the San Francisco Bay. But pilots and crews would have no way of knowing whether it was the objects dropped by them that exploded, or different objects already installed and in place at ground level. Further,

Vatican Assassins
The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

according to the thesis of Australian engineer, author and pilot Captain Bruce L.
Cathie in his suppressed Harmonic 33, a nuclear detonation can only occur at a
specific time when the trigger is in a precise geometric position with the sun, his
theory being in perfect agreement with biblical gocentricity—Psalm 19:4-6! After a
long discussion he concludes:
“Until I am informed officially otherwise, I will maintain that the
destruction of an atom depends on the [earthly] geometric position of
the triggering device, and the geometric [seasonal] position of the
[moving] Sun [called “a window of opportunity”]. Is it possible to fight
an atomic war on this basis? The whole thing would be completely
illogical . . . the bomb has to be dropped on a pinpoint geometric position
and during a certain instant of time, if it is to explode.” [Dear truth-seeker,
were the “bombs” dropped on Japan merely ”dirty” uranium and
plutonium-laced magnesium flash devices coordinated with technical
ground teams below, one of which was located at the Jesuit House in the
middle of Hiroshima and from where the underground switch was thrown
(after which all five Jesuits emerged having survived the blast), detonating
the atomic device just as it was done at the proving grounds in the
southwestern United States only a few weeks before? Dear truth-seeker, is
Edwin Corley’s fictional The Jesus Factor really true, that nuclear devices
cannot detonate if they are in motion?] {33} [Emphasis added]

Dr. Patrick Johnston’s TEA Party Speech, Zanesville, Ohio, April 15, 2009

Stand Up to Intimidation by Barry Lynn and Americans United!

White House Faith Office Holds Meeting on Adoption, Pro-Life Group Invited

The Sotomayor racist smear job

La Raza

Friday, May 29, 2009

Opus Dei strong in new cabinet

JFK, John Todd, etc.

The Media

Sen. Cornyn: Limbaugh, Gingrich Comments Are "Terrible"

From: "Pilgrims Covenant Church"

From: "Pilgrims Covenant Church"
Subject: Pro-life Catholic leader roots for Sotomayor
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 17:08:31 -0500

Please do not reply to this message since responses to this e-mail addresss will not be processed. We welcome all questions or comments at

This is a follow-up on the short article I sent out Thursday titled "Team Players All" ( Other Roman Catholic conservative leaders are now joining CL president Bill Donohue in supporting Barack Obama's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. Their excuses are laughable as they attempt to minimize how dangerous Sonia Sotomayor is to those "unalienable rights" upon which our Republic, and our liberties, rest. If the woman were not Roman Catholic, Bill Donohue et al. would be fighting her tooth and nail. But instead they are telling Republicans to not even fight at all! "Hey, she's a Romanist, roll over, play dead, don't ask questions." The pope wants sister Sonia on the highest court of the land. And the fact that she is rabidly pro-illegal alien and a member of La Raza (The Race) may come in handy on those cases dealing with immigration policy, or from the pope's point of view, Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration (

Pastor Ralph Ovadal

Washington Times, May 29, 2009
Pro-life Catholic leader roots for Sotomayor

A prominent pro-life Catholic says he will be quietly rooting for Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and said she may even be an improvement over retiring Justice David H. Souter - as both sides of the abortion issue try to discern her position.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said Judge Sotomayor's record has more bright spots than conservative Catholics can reasonably expect to get from an appointee of President Obama.

"If the Republicans are smart, they would not fight this one," he told The Washington Times in an interview Thursday.

"I wish I knew more about her. But from what we know, it looks like she'll be at least a wash with Souter, and maybe we'll even see improvement."

Judge Sotomayor's record on abortion-related cases is thin and tangential. She ruled on the right of pro-life protesters to sue on charges of police brutality and on a challenge to the "Mexico City policy," which prevented U.S. government funds from going to aid organizations that counsel for or provide abortions.

The White House said that Mr. Obama did not specifically ask her about her views on the issue but that the president is confident she agrees with him on the fundamental constitutional issues.

But pro-choice groups are uncertain about Judge Sotomayor, and this week they called on senators to ask her directly how she would rule on Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to an abortion.

"We encourage the Senate Judiciary Committee to engage Judge Sotomayor and any future nominees to the Court on their commitment to the principles of Roe v. Wade," said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. "Anything less threatens not only a woman's constitutional rights, but her life and health."

Pro-life groups also said senators should press for answers.

"We believe it is critical that senators thoroughly explore whether Judge Sotomayor believes that Supreme Court justices have the right to override the decisions of elected lawmakers on such issues as partial-birth abortion, tax funding of abortion and parental notification for abortion," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee.

In the protester case, she said the pro-lifers had a right to have their police-brutality claims adjudicated by a jury rather than be summarily dismissed.

In the 2002 Mexico City policy case, Judge Sotomayor rejected claims from the Center for Reproductive Rights and its attorneys, based on both appeals court and Supreme Court precedent.

Although the decision didn't deal with the fundamental constitutional issue of abortion rights, she said in the Mexico City case that the "Supreme Court has made clear that the government is free to favor the anti-abortion position over the pro-choice position, and can do so with public funds."

Mr. Obama ended the Mexico City policy soon after taking office this year.

At the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs said Mr. Obama did not ask Judge Sotomayor about her views on the legality of abortion but asked her enough to be comfortable that she sees the constitutional issues the same way he does. Mr. Obama is pro-choice.

"I think he feels comfortable in asking her to describe the way she interprets, to describe her views on that. He felt comfortable that they shared a philosophy on that interpretation," Mr. Gibbs said.

He said Mr. Obama and Judge Sotomayor discussed both unenumerated rights and what constitutes settled law.

In 2005, President George W. Bush found himself having to defend his own Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, against complaints from conservatives and pro-life activists who said she lacked a paper trail to prove her conservative credentials.

Miss Miers eventually withdrew her nomination.

Mr. Donohue was not alone among conservative Catholics in calling for pro-lifers to hold their fire.

"My concern is that the people in Obama's on-deck circle are much worse," said Steve Dillard, an adviser to the 2008 presidential campaign of Mike Huckabee and founder of the site Catholics Against Rudy. He called Judge Sotomayor "the best of the worst."

"Do you really want to win this battle only to get Diane Wood?" said Mr. Dillard, a lawyer and former clerk at the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, where Judge Wood, whom he called a brilliant radical, sits.

Beyond abortion, Mr. Donohue said, he saw in Judge Sotomayor's record a history of backing religious liberty claims.

"She said it was wrong to prohibit a menorah on public ground; I like that. She talks about the religious rights of prisoners; I like that too," he said.

Mr. Donohue also mentioned a more personal angle: his identification with New York's Puerto Rican community, from which Judge Sotomayor comes. He mentioned leading the Puerto Rican Day Parade at St. Lucy's Catholic Church in Spanish Harlem and taking "groups of 15, 16 kids to Yankee Stadium."

"All these things put together, I'm gonna quietly root for her," said Mr. Donohue, who has never met the nominee.

Mr. Donohue also suggested that opposing Judge Sotomayor's confirmation would not be wise in the short term, in terms of who the alternative nominee might be.

"I am looking at this pool of likely competitors, and, far and away, Sotomayor is the best candidate," he said, adding that making too big a political fight over the Sotomayor pick "might look like we have an agenda that will not look good to many in the Latino community."

The Protocols of Zion

Cybersecurity: Obama’s Promise to Trash the Constitution

White House Says Obama Comfortable With Sonia Sotomayor's Abortion Views


White House Says Obama Comfortable With Sonia Sotomayor's Abortion Views

by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 29, 2009
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Washington, DC ( -- In a lengthy press conference late Thursday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs fielded more than 40 questions about where Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor stands on the issue of abortion.
Gibbs reiterated that President Barack Obama did not ask Sotomayor directly about her abortion views but talked enough about legal theory with her that he fells comfortable with her abortion stance.
"In their discussions they talked about the theory of constitutional interpretation, generally including her views on unenumerated rights and the Constitution and the theory of settled law," he said. "He left very comfortable with her interpretation of the Constitution being similar to that of his, though the bulk of the conversation was about her approach to judging."
Gibbs largely ducked questions about Sotomayor's abortion views or her position on a so-called "right to privacy" that has been used to validate abortion. He retreated to his boilerplate language saying that Obama and Sotomayor have essentially the same outlook on the Constitution.

"He felt comfortable that they shared a philosophy on that interpretation ... [of] the living document of the Constitution of the United States of America," he added.
With Obama taking a clear pro-abortion view that a "right" to abortion is somehow found in the Constitution, that should send a signal to the pro-life movement that Sotomayor is prepared to vote to uphold Roe v. Wade if confirmed to the Supreme Court.
After reported spent several minutes trying to get Gibbs to give up more of an answer, one reported asked the White House official, "Is the President at all concerned that she could be part of a 5-4 majority overturning Roe v. Wade?"

"I haven't talked to him about that," Gibbs replied, and added that he was not aware of Sotomayor having volunteer her position on abortion and Roe to Obama during their pre-nomination interview.
Earlier in the week, Gibbs told reporters that Obama did not ask Sotomayor about abortion during her pre-nomination interview.
"The president doesn't have a litmus test and that question was not one that he posed to her,” he said.
Despite Gibbs' comments, pro-life advocates viewed Obama as having a clear litmus test on Supreme Court appointments.
During a November, 2007 debate with Democratic primary candidates, Obama confirmed he would only back pro-abortion Supreme Court picks.
"I would not appoint somebody who doesn't believe in the right to privacy," he said.

Interesting Developments

North Korea ends their armistice. They are threatening to attack South Korea. North Korea commented that it will attack South Korea if its ships are searched as apart of the PSI or the Proliferation Security Initiative. South Korea signed the agreement on Tuesday after North Korea tested a nuclear device. “Those who provoke [North Korea] once will not be able to escape its unimaginable and merciless punishment,” North Korea’s official news agency warned. The neo con John R. Bolton (who was the former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security plus former ambassador to the United Nations) crafted the PSI effort. There were 15 Scud missiles found on a North Korean freighter that had to be released when it turned out that international law did not allow them to be confiscated. Bolton is considered a loose cannon. In the summer of 2003, he delivered a speech in Seoul, South Korea, that sabotaged the Six Party Talks with North Korea. The talks aimed to find a peaceful resolution (to the security concerns as a result of the North Korean nuclear weapons program). Bolton told Fox News that he wanted to get rid of the six party talks. He said that: “I think they have failed. There is no way the North Koreans are going to be talked out of their nuclear weapons.” In addition to sanctions, Bolton said the PSI should be used against North Korea. Bush created the PSI in 2003. It includes more than 90 countries that agreed to stop plus inspect suspicious cargo ships. China indicated that it didn't want to participate in the PSI because of concerns of its legality. India has about 45-90 nuclear warheads, but haven't signed the agreement. During his January 29, 2002, there was the State of the Union Address where Bush declared North Korea to be part of an “Axis of Evil.” North Korea said Bush’s speech “amounts to an effective declaration of war against us.” Bush’s speech discounted the possibility of negotiations with the country. North Korea considers South Korea's participating in the PSI as an act of war. North Korea said that ships from South Korea can't be guaranteed safety if it sails in the Yellow Sea off its western border. North Korea said it will not honor a North-South border in the Yellow Sea. The border was established at the end of the Korean War in 1953. North Korea refuse to respect the legal status of five isalnds on the South's side of the line. North and South Korea clashed before in the area in 1999 and 2002. North Korea's test was in violation of U.N. resolutions. As evidence proves, the dictatorship of North Korea was armed by America in the 1990's. “Both the Clinton and Bush administrations played a key role in helping Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards,” writes Paul Joseph Watson. “Rumsfeld was also the man who presided over a $200 million dollar contract to deliver equipment and services to build two light water reactor stations in North Korea in January 2000 when he was an executive director of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri). Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB confirmed that Rumsfeld was at nearly all the board meetings during his involvement with the company.” The neo cons wants to use the dictatorship of North Korea as an excuse to end real negiotations in that region. The war on terror could be sent into another level if North Korea continues in its aggression. As revealed by Paul Joseph Watson and Yihan Dai in October of 2008, top Chinese mainstream news outlets reported a proposal submitted to the Pentagon by the RAND Corporation. “The reports cite French media news sources as having uncovered the proposal, in which RAND suggested that the $700 billion dollars that has been earmarked to bailout Wall Street and failing banks instead be used to finance a new war which would in turn re-invigorate the flagging stock markets,” Watson and Dai wrote. Russia is taking security precaution because of North Korea's tension. So, we should use caution in dealing with North Korea, but not respect the evils committed by the government in North Korea.

Steven Ertelt from on May 27, 2009 wrote about Sonia Sotomayor. She has a compelling story that even her mother cried when she spoke her words. Now, Congress is considering her judicial philosophy in order to confirm or reject her. Sonia only made a handful of decisions that pertain to abortion. No one knows for know exactly her position on whether Roe v. Wade ought to be uphold or ended. The companion case of Roe was Doe v. Bolton. Roe and Doe combined allow almost unlimited abortions throughout a women's pregnancy. These rulings have caused more than 50 milion unborn children to be murdered in America. This has murdered many women as well. Abortion can kill women not just the unborn childen. Sotomayor ruled in favor of the Mexico City Policy and overturned a lower court decision concerning First Amendment rights for pro-life protestors, but those decision merely upheld Supreme Court precedent and didn't involve abortion policy. Douglas Johnson is the legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee. He said these words to "What we have seen of Judge Sotomayor's record so far sheds little light on her views regarding how the Constitution bears on the powers of elected lawmakers to protect the right to life of unborn children." Now, as a result of this, the NRLC and other pro-life groups want to ask the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a full hearing on Sotomayor's abortion views. It's important for Sonia to make her views on partial birth abortion, tax funding of abortion, parental notification, etc. fully known so a fair appraisal of her policies can be accessed. Johnson is concerned about how Sonia Sotomayor views partial birth abortions (which most Americans reject). In Gonzales v. Carhart, on April 18, 2007, a five-justice majority upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, and that narrow 5-4 decision was a reversal of a 5-4 pro-abortion decision years ago overturning a state ban on the abortion procedure. Tony Perkins of the FRC or the Family Research Council desires to examine her public record and her public comments. Sonia will face tough questions from the Senate just like previous Justices. It's obviously that judges should interpret the law not make law. The Constitution is a document that should be treated with respect without conjecture or deception.

Population is beauty. Kevin Trudeau is a billionare entrepeneur. He claimed to have spoken with Bilderberg members who brazenly advocated mass culling of the human population. He is harassed constantly and was sued by the FTC for just promoting alternative health treatment. A lot of his words in his books are not even fringe, but common sense like garlic can improve a person's immune system, etc. Kevin said that elitists and Bilderbergers want to see a lot of people gone from the Earth. Trudeau admitted that he was in Greece recently and implied that he attended the Bilderberg Group meeting, while also stating that he personally knew many Bilderberg members who he “conversed with on a regular basis." The elite use the overpopulation lie as an excuse to promote their agenda. This lie has been the subject of a recent clandestine meeting of billionaire “philanthropists” in New York. Elitists veil their agenda with the humanitarian rhetoric of the need to naturally reduce world population by means of contraception and education, whereas in reality, as folks have exhaustively documented, their program has its origins in the inhumane pseudo-science of eugenics (which first flourished in Britain, and the ideology of racial and genetic superiority that was later adapted by the Nazis with the aid of Rockefeller funding). Kevin said that he had conversations with elitists on 200 foot yachts off the coast of Monaco. The billionaire said that he had recently spent time in Monaco with Crown Prince Albert II. He said that the elite believe that there are the ruling elite and the worker bee classes. These elite are not defined by money or power, but by their genetic ancestry. This is especially true on how the leading royals, bankers, Presidents, etc. are related to each other on many levels (among the Merovingian bloodline, etc.). Revealingly, Trudeau said that elitists see Alex Jones as an annoyance but tolerate him because they believe Jones as well as Trudeau himself are, “desensitizing people to these realities,” - which in a way works to their benefit. “I’ve been told that’s why I still get invited on the yachts,” added Trudeau. Trudeau said that the elite are in 2 camps. One larger camp believe that we must die since we are genetically inferior to them. The other younger camp, believing in setting the new world order more gradually (and allowing people to succed or fail based on their own choices or initiative). This is the split according to Kevin Trudeau. Kevin talks more about the economy and the elite's plan for it. Of course, the elite are found in the Vatican, the Pilgrim Society, high level Masonry, the Bilderbergers, and other cliques. So, Kevin Trudeau is saying has been easily proven for decades. It's no secret that the real global elite want a massive depopulation campaign and a new world order.

There has been a huge controversy over Barack Obama's detention policy. Obama's support of "preventive detention" is certainly against American law (especially if it's without a trial). The concept of the preventive detention could be challenged by the Supreme Court. Barack Obama have provided few details of his proposed system. He said that it would be subject to oversight by Congress and the courts. Barack Obama said that he wants to give fair procedures and he distanced himself from the Bush administration on this issue. Yet, he support Bush's rendition program. Closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and holding detainees domestically under a new system of preventive detention would simply "move Guantánamo to a new location and give it a new name," said Michael Ratner , president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Defense Secretary Robert Gates have said that as many as 100 detainees might be held in the United States under such a system. Barack Obama is having difficulty in closing down Guantanamo Bay, because people want to see how are they going to be held after Gitmo closes down. Others want to see how to get the money to close down Gitmo. Barack Obama wants a prolonged detention option, because he believes that some detainees who can't be tried (but who pose a security threat) need to be detained longer. He listed as examples detainees who received extensive explosives training from Al Qaeda , have sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden or have otherwise made it clear that they want to kill Americans. This concept of indefinite detention is against due process since people have the right to have a trial and a judgment. In a letter to the president on Friday, Senator Russ Feingold , Democrat of Wisconsin, said he was not sure Mr. Obama’s idea would prove constitutional, and added that "such detention is a hallmark of abusive systems that we have historically criticized around the world." Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution , said Mr. Obama’s proposal was contrary to the path his administration apparently hoped to take when he took office. Yet, that was before he and his advisers had access to detailed information on the detainees, said Mr. Wittes, who in a book last year argued for an indefinite detention system. "This is the guy who has sworn an oath to protect the country," he said, "and if you look at the question of how many people can you try and how many people are you terrified to release, you have to have some kind of detention authority." People in detention will have to be treated right and they ought to be given due process. Our Constitutional rights are important to protect. Civil liberties are still being discussed during the Bush and the Obama administrations.

Harold Koh is a controversial legal scholar. Koh was a former dean of the Yale Law School. He could be the top lawyer of the State Department. He has a long paper trail that proves that he believes that foreign or international law should interpret American law. This is illegal of course. He even calls himself a transnationalist, which means that he wants U.S. courts to "domesticate" foreign and international law (which means to merge U.S. domestic law and international laws upon American citizens). Koh believes that America should be under a global legal system. This policy could diminsh our distinctive rights culture from free speech, religious liberty, due process, and trial by jury. Koh complains that our First Amendment gives "protections for speech and religion ... far greater emphasis and judicial protection in America than in Europe or Asia." That's extremist, because we should have strong First Amendment rights. Our Constitution on paper gives individuals more rights and freedoms than any other nation in the world. Koh would love us to bow down to foreign rules and court decisions (including United Nations treaties whether we ratified them or not). The State Department's chief lawyer is more than just a regular lawyer. He or she can be the voice America in dealing with international legal issues from negiotating treaties plus U.N. pronouncements. Forcing treaties on American soil can violate our laws and force us to accept abortion, deal with the death penalty, gun ownership, etc. without our input at all. It's against national American sovereignity. Judge Robert Bok accused some people of trying to use international law as being superior to national laws of America. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been making speeches advising lawyers that "your perspective on constitutional law should encompass the world. ... Our island or Lone Ranger mentality is beginning to change." Even Sandra Day O'Conner told a Georgetown University audience that international law is vital for people to accept. Not passed by any legislature, international law is often written ex post facto and administered by foreign or U.N. bureaucrats pretending to be judges. In other words, we don't need decisions from Europe or other places to determine Supreme Court cases in America. Harold Koh wants international law to merge with our laws in handling decisions. He should be rejected by the Senate indeed. We should reject the use of foreign or international law to interpret American law.

Len Horowitz have been acting weird lately. Much of his information about viruses and the Rockefellers funding evils are true. The Nazis were backed by the Knights of Malta and these Nazis were involved in chemical experiments (with viruses, etc.). The title "Knight of Merit" was bestowed upon Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz today by Grand Prior Prince Michael of Russia in the company of a full regalia from the New York Priory of the Sovereign Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem. In order words, he is apart of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (whose members are heads of corporations and are involved in globalization). Horowitz have talked with Alex Jones on many times about the swine flu. The swine flu have been exaggerated, because the flu is affected a limited amount of people. Some in the government want to fear monger this issue as an excuse to promote population control and mandatory vaccinations of people (especially if the government declares an emergency). Despite the fact that there are estimates of 36,000 people dying from the regular flu virus on a year to year basis in the United States and as of this report only around at least 19 deaths associated with the swine flu in Mexico, common sense has not prevailed and the promotion of swine flu fear continues. Thus far there are only 286 confirmed cases of the swine flu and one confirmed death associated with the swine flu in the United States. That death is associated with a toddler that came here from Mexico. This fear mongering is similar to the Y2K fear mongering. Horowitz is wearing a Maltese Cross. This Cross has been utilized by the Knights of Malta, which is a military order of the Vatican. The Vatican is a false Christian organization that is complicit in Ecumenicalism, occultism, pedophilia, etc. Len is pictured with an owl (the owl has been used as an occult symbol for wisdom or Minerva. It's found in the Bohemian Grove. The Grove has a yearly ritual where people praise a mock human sacrifice along with other strange activities. They are held in Northern California with leading businessmen, politicans, judges, etc. in America). Now, Dr. Len Horowitz wants a magic rituals to be done in conjunction with the Summer solstice (From June 19th to June 21st, 2009). Horowitz is actively promoting a new web site called in which he is asking people to tune their musical instruments to play 528 hz sounds to generate what he claims is a love vibration (in order to maximize the impact of the ritual). Horowitz appeared on the April 13th 2009 edition of the InfoWarrior program and discussed the ritual in depth. He confirmed that the ritual was set to take place during the summer solstice and used curious language such as “As Above – So Below” which is a teaching commonly associated with Hermeticism. As above and so below relates to the concept that man is a reflection of the Universe and vice versa. It's found in Freemasonry, Hermeticism, and the Golden Dawn. He talks about the ritual relating to the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon (which looks similar to the occult Hexagram). The Hexagram have been used in spirit ceremony and it relates to the literature from the Goetia. Len believes in human divinity, which is unscriptural. So, Horowitz isn't referring to Christianity, but a secret occult magical ceremony. He talks about rainbows since occultists exploit rainbows for occult rituals as well. An archive of the Global Reality Show w/ Josh Reeves for a full analysis of this insanity. It's wrong for a so-called pro-Christian radio network to host this magical ritual. Josh Reeves recently have been exposing the Vatican, the CNP, high level Freemasonry, etc. in real ways. I don't agree with Reeves' anti-religious rhetoric of the Biblical Trinity relating to Horus, Isis, and Osiris. That's a lie since God is different from Horus, etc. in many ways. The Trinity is one God not 2 gods and a goddess like Horus, Isis, and Osiris. Also, Christianity rejected the Babylonian Mystery Schools regardless of what Reeves said. There is good and evil as well regardless of what Josh mentions.

Secret Societies are ever real. There is a lot of talk about Adam Weishaupt. Few know that he was Jesuit trained, was a Freemason, and died in good graces of the Catholic Church. Adam was born in February 6, 1748 in Ingoldstadt, Bavaria. His Bavarian Illuminati group was formed in 1776. His code name was Spartacus. He wanted enlightenment principles to spread across the globe. It was not until 1777 that he was initiated in the Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel, at Munich. Thenceforward, Weishaupt sought to incorporate his system into that of Freemasonry, so that in times latter might become subservient to his views and with the assistance of the Baron Knigge, (who brought his active energies and genius to the aid of the cause). He succeeded in completing his system of Illuminism. The Duke of Gotha protected Weishaupt after the Bavarian government banned the Illuminati in 1784. He died in 1811. Some believe that Napoleon Bonaparte was a Mason of The Rite of Memphis-Misraim in 1815 (after he was first initiated in Cairo, Egypt). This Illuminati, Secret Societies influence is being discussed in the film of Angels and Demons. Also, Dan Brown wants to write a book about Freemasonry specifically. Brown's long-awaited follow-up, The Lost Symbol, is to be released in September. So, Freemasonry and other Secret Societies have worldwide influence in the world still.

By Timothy

New York’s Eco Cops

New York’s Eco Cops
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May 29, 2009

New York City is getting tough on so called Eco crime. Every day officers dressed in green uniforms patrol the city to make sure no one is breaking environmental laws. Historically focused on hunting and fishing violations in Upstate New York, the force has been around since 1880. Now they moved to the city, where they patrol the streets armed with guns and handcuffs.


Manipulation: How Financial Markets Really Work

Obama’s Pakistan Embassy Reveals South Asian Strategy


Obama’s Pakistan Embassy Reveals South Asian Strategy
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Kurt Nimmo
May 29, 2009

Call it a “Green Zone” for Pakistan and Afghanistan. The United States will spend more than a $1 billion on a brand spanking new embassy in Islamabad, along with permanent housing for U.S. government civilians and new office space in the Pakistani capital, according to McClatchy. It is said scale of the project rivals the giant U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, which was completed last year after construction delays at a cost of $740 million.
An architect’s view of a “village” located inside the sprawling U.S. embassy in Baghdad built by slaves.
The Baghdad embassy was built by slaves. The State Department awarded contracts to First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting, a construction firm run by a member of one of the most powerful mercantile families in Kuwait, and the company hired low-paid Asian laborers that lived in crowded quarters, ate substandard food and had little medical care, according to David Phinney, writing for AlterNet. “When drinking water was scarce in the blistering heat, coolers were filled on the banks of the Tigris, a river rife with waterborne disease, sewage and sometimes floating bodies,” writes Phinney. First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting held the passports of the laborers so they would not be able to escape. Dozens of migrant workers from Nepal and the Philippines have previously accused First Kuwaiti of pressuring them to work in Iraq under U.S. military contracts against their wishes.

First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting came in seriously behind schedule and over budget on the project. It was plagued by allegations of shoddy construction and safety flaws, McClatchy reported in 2007. None of this was a problem with the United States because the slave-driving shyster company was hired as a subcontractor to build embassies and consulates in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Libreville, Gabon, and Surabaya, Indonesia.
Slaves or near-slaves are employed at the Baghdad fortress-like embassy to tend landscaping and take out the trash. No Iraqis need apply. “Iraqi citizens are not currently able to be vetted so may not work on this contract,” according to a document located by Steve Peacock. “The majority of the employees are expected to be third country nationals.”
It should come as no surprise Iraqis resent the Baghdad embassy. “The presence of a massive U.S. embassy — by far the largest in the world — co-located in the Green Zone with the Iraqi government is seen by Iraqis as an indication of who actually exercises power in their country,” the International Crisis Group, a European-based research group, said in one of its periodic reports on Iraq published in 2006.
“The message is clear. Indeed, it’s gigantic for all Iraqis, for the entire world to see. A 100 acre compound — ten times the size of the typical U.S. embassy, the size of 80 football fields, six times larger than the UN, the size of Vatican City. The U.S. Embassy Compound, in the middle of Baghdad — the center for U.S. domination of the Middle East and its resources,” writes Kevin Zeese, director of Democracy Rising and a former candidate for the U.S. Senate. “The infrastructure is being put in place for a long-term military presence in Iraq. Unless Americans get tired of footing the growing and expensive bill for occupying Iraq — now at nearly $10 Billion per month — or the Iraqis are able to force the United States to leave it, looks like Baghdad will be the center of operations for the U.S. presence in the Middle East.”
A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Earlier this week it was reported that the United States plans to stay in Iraq for a decade or more. “Gen George Casey said the world remained ‘dangerous and unpredictable’, and the Pentagon must plan for extended US combat and stability operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan that could deploy 50,000 US military personnel for a decade,” the Telegraph reported on May 27. “His planning envisioned combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade as part of a sustained American commitment to fighting extremism and terrorism in the Middle East.”
Casey, of course, didn’t mention that the “extremism and terrorism” was largely created by the United States as part of an order out of chaos policy. Earlier this month, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari said the CIA and his country’s ISI together created the Taliban.
“We should recognize that American tax dollars helped to create the very Taliban government that now wants to destroy us,” Ron Paul noted in 2001. “In the late 1970s and early 80s, the CIA was very involved in the training and funding of various fundamentalist Islamic groups in Afghanistan, some of which later became today’s brutal Taliban government. In fact, the U.S. government admits to giving the groups at least 6 billion dollars in military aid and weaponry, a staggering sum that would be even larger in today’s dollars.”
In order to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda — perennial enemies with shades of Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein, a propaganda fabrication of the Ministry of Truth — the United States will need to stay in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan for the indefinite future. The Taliban and al-Qaeda will be exploited once again in order to accomplish the real objective — the engineered destruction and ultimate balkanization of the Middle East and South and Central Asia at the behest of the New World Order.

It was Obama’s foreign policy guru, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who said the United States must dominate the region in order “to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”
By now liberals and Democrats must realize Obama is merely a continuation of Bush and all his insincere anti-war talk and mumbo-jumbo about “change” was a sleight of hand, a parlor trick designed to fool them. Bush and Obama, however, are merely front men for a political order determined to conquer the world through never-ending violence.
More than a million dead Iraqis and the dismantling of Iraqi civil society will serve as a brutal modus that will now be used against Pakistan. Obama’s brand spanking new mega-embassy in Islamabad — complete with slaves and “third-party” servants — will be the center of operations for the dismantling of Pakistan.

San Diego County Threatens to Fine Couple for Holding Bible Study Meetings

The Garden of Eden

Masonic imagery in Popular Culture

Undergrad AKA's Denounce and Share Testimonies

The President promises Matthew Shepherd's mom 'hate crimes' law

Guess who Census banned as 'partners'

Thursday, May 28, 2009

World Government Plans

Free Speech

EPA to accept Pesticide Experiments on Humans

Words on Issues

Dear Craig,

I will debate anyone concerning my position on Israel. Coadjutor Marrs will
not engage nor anyone else as my position is Biblical as well as
historically accurate. Concerning buying diamonds wholesale from my Israeli
source, when a diamond is sold to a retail jeweler, it is first a matter of
supporting the Jewish people's right to be in their land and then secondly a
matter of business. Both reasons are Biblical and thus should pose no
trouble for any one of us. Since Marrs and Co., cannot refute what I say,
he attacks me personally and thus I win the field by violation of the rules
of debate.

I will always be pro-Israel, i.e., the right of the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic
people to live in the land promised to their fathers Abraham, Issac and
Jacob. I will always be anti-Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist as that wicked
faction rules that nation for the benefit of the Jesuit papacy, not for the
benefit of the Hebrews.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

Supreme Court rules police can initiate suspect’s questioning (This is a violation of Miranda rights)

William Tyndale


Part 2


Part 3

Sotomayor Voted to OK Asylum for Spouses of Women in China Forced Abortions


Sotomayor Voted to OK Asylum for Spouses of Women in China Forced Abortions

by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 28, 2009

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Washington, DC ( -- As advocates on both sides of the abortion debate look for any indication of how appeals court Judge Sonia Sotomayor will decide cases on abortion if she is elevated to the Supreme Court, another abortion case on which she issued a decision is coming into play.
Sotomayor is known to have written a decision upholding the Mexico City Policy, the provision preventing taxpayer funding of groups that promote and perform abortions overseas and which President Barack Obama overturned.
She also ruled in a case concerning pro-life protesters and overturned a lower court decision that went against them.

Now, a third abortion case has surfaced from July 2007 in which Sotomayor wrote a dissenting opinion differing from the majority of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in a political asylum case.
The court had to determine how frequently victims of the forced abortion policies of China can apply for asylum in the United States.
In its decision, the 2nd Circuit ruled that spouses and unmarried partners of women who face inhumane treatment under rigid Chinese population control measures do not automatically qualify for asylum.
The court said section 601(a) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 explicitly protects those who are forced to "abort a pregnancy or to undergo involuntary sterilization, or who has been persecuted for failure or refusal to undergo such a procedure or for other resistance to a coercive population control program."
However, the appeal court alleged the law is unambiguous about extending protection beyond that -- such as helping spouses or partners of the victims.

Still, it determined that, "A spouse who has not demonstrated that he himself is a victim of persecution cannot be entitled to asylum under this section of the statute."
Judge Sotomayor was not the only member of the appeals court to dissent, but her opinion made it appear she understood the problems of Chinese people, men or women, who face persecution in China brutal population control regime that requires couples to only have one child and uses forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations to punish offenders.
"The majority clings to the notion that the persecution suffered is physically visited upon only one spouse, but this simply ignores the question of whom exactly the government was seeking to persecute when it acted," Judge Sonia Sotomayor wrote.
“The termination of a wanted pregnancy under a coercive population control program can only be devastating to any couple, akin, no doubt, to the killing of a child,” she wrote"The harm is clearly directed at the couple who dared to continue an unauthorized pregnancy in hopes of enlarging the family unit," she added.Sotmayor also noted “the unique biological nature of pregnancy and special reverence every civilization has accorded to child-rearing and parenthood in marriage.”Meanwhile, in a 2008 case, Sotomayor wrote an opinion vacating a deportation order for a woman who had worked in an abortion center in China.In her opinion she described how the woman had allowed the escape of a woman seven months pregnant -- which Chinese officials would have considered a crime for her to allow.

As with the other cases in which Sotomayor participated, theasylum opinion has nothing to do with abortion policy or statutes and it gives no indication that Sotomayor would support or oppose a bid to overturn Roe v. Wade or allow continued pro-life legislation at the state level.
But it makes it more clear why some pro-abortion groups are uneasy about her confirmation -- with three decisions in three cases that sided with the pro-life position, if only tangentially.

The Obama Youth Corps and The Wave


More on the Bavarian Illuminati

More News

U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level

NY officer acquitted for body slam that broke woman’s jaw (That's unbelievable) (Atlantis)

Sotomayor on Gun Rights

Insane Thug Cops Attack Emergency Paramedic


Insane Thug Cops Attack Emergency Paramedic
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May 28, 2009

All across the country, cops are attacking people for not responding quick enough to barked commands or for not groveling in deference to their thuggish authority. Insane and violent cops have been caught repeatedly on tape and video assaulting non-violent citizens, tasering and even murdering them (Infowars and Prison Planet are replete with such stories).

In a recent incident, Oklahoma cops pulled over an EMT vehicle and assaulted a paramedic:

From the New9 website:

PADEN, Oklahoma — An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper and a paramedic were caught on tape scuffling Sunday while a patient was being taken to the hospital.

The fight happened on Highway 62, near Paden, after a OHP and first responders argued over a close call on the road.

OHP alleges that one of the paramedics on the video assaulted the trooper, but the assault was not caught on tape.

“We’re like trying to tell the guy, ‘Dude, my mom is in the back,’ and my stepdad was like, ‘My wife is in the back. Can we do this at the hospital?’” said Kenyada Davis.

Kenyada Davis’ mother was the woman in the back of the ambulance being treated for heat exhaustion.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

He was able to shoot the altercation with his cell phone’s camera.

Davis said it all started because the ambulance failed to yield to OHP troopers, who were en route to a call along highway 62 in Paden.

Davis said the driver of the ambulance was trying to avoid hitting a car that slowed down and wasn’t aware of troopers nearby until it was too late.

“He slowed down, and as the car was getting over, that’s when he passed us,” Davis said. “I didn’t hear him.”

But after OHP troopers finished their official business, they pulled the Creek Nation ambulance over. One of the troopers chided Paul for failing to yield.

Once the ambulance was pulled over, Davis pulled out his phone and shot video of the scene.

Watch the full video of the altercation between the trooper and first responders.

According to the OHP, the paramedics assaulted the trooper just before the fight broke out.

“It didn’t look like it was being handled very well, at least form the tape I saw from the troopers’ standpoint,” said NEWS 9 Legal Analyst Irven Box.

The entire scene, including the alleged assault was captured on dash cam video and has not been released.

The Okfuskee County District Attorney’s office is reviewing all of the footage and could file criminal charges against the paramedic by the end of the week.

News about Ida, etc.

Legislation and Youth bridages (from Pam Schuffert)

Foreword: Although I did not write the following article, it is excellent and a severe warning to the Christians of America of what is to come.-Pamela Schuffert


-Deadly COMMUNIST POLICIES Imposed Upon Our Children and Prohibiting CHRISTIAN BELIEFS Through NEW BILL


For all the Evangelical Pastors who promoted President Obama, look carefully at the language of the new bill called “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” (GIVE).

It forms what some are calling “Obama’s Youth Brigade” and his goal is to enroll over one million youth. But, look at the anti-Christian nature of the bill.

The Bill would forbid any student in the brigade to participate in “engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytizing.” (Christian missionary type outreach to others.)

[NOTE-This does NOT mean they can't do the above only WHILE WORKING ACTIVELY in the YOUTH BRIGADE. It MEANS in their OWN PRIVATE LIVES on a daily basis! How OUTRAGEOUS! And how very COMMUNIST!-Pam]

That means no church attendance or sharing your faith.

Here is part of the HR1388 Bill’s wording:


Section 125 (42 U.S.C. 12575) is amended to read as follows:


Engaging in RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION, conducting WORSHIP SERVICES, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities DEVOTED TO RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious INSTRUCTING OF WORSHIP, or engaging in any form of RELIGIOUS CONVERTING[missionary outreach to others]."

In other words Christians would not be allowed to be part of this Obama Youth Movement. Why do you think that is?

Dr. Orly Taitz, is a female attorney who lives in Mission Viejo, California. She is also a dentist and speaks five languages.

According to an interview she gave in WorldNetDaily, she was born and raised in Kishinev, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe that was formerly part of the Soviet Union.

She compares the “Obama Youth Bill” to the Soviet Union which used children for slave labor and indoctrination.

Dr. Taitz said, “Parents were NOT ALLOWED TO HOMESCHOOL their children. They were forced to enroll them in government schools. From the age of 6, all children were required to become YOUNG COMMUNISTS. You had to send your child to school, and your child had to be a member of the young communists,” Taitz said.

“There were no children who were not members. You had to do it. If you were one of the best, you become a member of the Communist Party. It was constant brainwashing. There was no choice, and people resented that. They were scared to speak up.”

[Christians in America, you better NOT be afraid to SPEAK UP in this hour! COWARDS have never won a battle YET! -Pam]

There are parallels between what happened in the Soviet Union and Nazi, Germany and what is happening in America now. BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS are being profiled as DANGEROUS "RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS!"

In Communist China churches and Christians are not allowed to preach or teach on Bible prophecy. In the same way Christians who believe in “end time’s prophecies” are to be profiled. THE SAME THING IS NOW HAPPENING IN AMERICA!

These “unnamed rightwing extremists", a term which is used over 47 times appears to profile any taxpaying U.S. citizen who may hold one or more of the following beliefs and could be classified on an elaborate government computer network as a “rightwing extremist, militia member or terrorist.

Any one of the following beliefs could classify an individual or groups as a terrorist:


[NOTE-A major plank of communism and the NWO is world population control by ABORTION.-Pam]

Critical of the United Nations (The UN is majorly a tool of Russian communist agendas for the world.)

Critical of the New World Order (a modern term for WORLD GLOBALISM/COMMUNISM)

Critical of the Federal Reserve

Homosexual marriage [There goes preaching from the BIBLE!]

Oppose the North American Union [The NWO plan to create ten world regions uinder the NWO, with the NAU being "REGION NUMBER ONE"]

Critical of the income tax

Oppose illegal immigration [A major tool to create "multi-culturalism" or destroying our national identity as Americans and providing homogenizing of Mexicans, Americans and Canadians for the NAU merging of all three nations into one world region. Communists did this all the time when annexing other nations to form their "SOVIET UNION."]

Fear foreign powers such as Communist China, Iran, Russia and India [Who would NOT fear what Russia and China plan to do to America in the future?]

Concern about RFID chips [The kinds of chip implants that will be forced upon Americans for the coming "CASHLESS SOCIETY," called in the Bible the "MARK OF THE BEAST."]

Belief in Bible prophecy or “End Time Prophecies” (Because the NWO IS End-Time Bible prophecy fulfilled completely! How they HATE exposure!)

[Hmmm...sounds suspiciously like MY BRAND OF ANTI-NWO AGENDA JOURNALISM is targeted! COULD my name possibly be on their HIT LIST?Ha-ha-ha.-Pam]

What is interesting about the above list is that a great deal with it has to do with things that have nothing to do with the individual nation. The only possible reason any national government would be concerned about its citizen’s objecting to things like new world order, world government, the United Nations, homosexual marriage, a regional global government like the North American Union, abortion, RFID chips and belief in end times prophecies is because this is what they are planning to promote in the near future. Otherwise why be bothered about it?

I would suggest to you that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled far faster than most of us realize and that this why governments around the world are concerned about these things.

Make no mistake about it: across the U.S., Europe, Australia and other regions, Bible-believing Christians are going to be persecuted before the Tribulation Period. However, many Christians and Christian leaders think that if they “give up land for peace,” they will be left alone. I

It will not work for the Church. Getting up and apologizing on national television for supporting traditional marriage as some American ministers have done, is not going to earn you acceptance from the world.

The answer is to obey the words of Jesus Christ when He tells us to “occupy until I come.” This is not a plea for a kind of Christian reconstructionism, it is simply Jesus telling us to faithfully proclaim the truth in season and out of season until He comes for His Church. Maranatha!
Endnote from Pamela Schuffert-I finally stand vindicated on what I have been warning America and my fellow Christians now for 13 years, both on radio, lectures and websites and television. AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING.

And as I have stated for 13 years, based on many inside revelations from former CIA NOW planners, military and many other sources, CHRISTIANS ARE AMONG THE MAJOR TARGETS for arrest, brutal mistreatment and elimination at the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY deathcamps via prisoner boxcars and shackles (Nazi/Bolshevik style.)

Such reports of mine documenting this have been all over the internet and on websites worldwide.What is coming to "AMERIKA" is exactly what happened to Christians in COMMUNIST RUSSIA and CHINA and all other communist nations. And exactly what happened to confessing Christians who dared to stand up against Nazi atrocities in Germany as well.

They were taken mainly by TRAINS to the GULAGS/CAMPS for brutal torture and finally elimination. Isn't it interesting: HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF.

And it should be obvious as to what can happen to an outspoken Christian-based journalist like myself when they finally decide they have had enough, and I get taken away to never be seen again in this world. You can imagine what I will face before they finally terminate me.

I have worked with surviving victims of Russian/Eastern European communist persecution for 3 decades now, and I know what happens to Christians who oppose communism (NWO) actively.

I am glad I have been a committed Christian of 38 years now, who realizes I must prepare for great suffering and martyrdom at the hands of this coming tyranny.

I am glad my Bible taught me to expect such persecution for righteousness' sake, to not fear them that can destroy this body, and to be faithful unto death. That is frankly all I live for now, as this NWO/communist tyranny comes down in "AMERIKA." I am so marked for elimination by so many people, it is not funny.

But friends, I tell you, JESUS CHRIST is WORTH IT ALL, and so is my eternal soul. Church in America, many of whom used to scoff at my reporting and tell me IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, you are about to have a rude awakening.

And for you mockers and deniers, please don't expect much sympathy from people like myself who have suffered many things and laid down our lives to tell you the TRUTH, only to be mocked by so MANY OF YOU!

Bible prophecy told you it was coming. Investigative journalists like myself have told you it was coming. All the evidence was there. And now it is almost upon us. Are YOU prepared to face this coming persecution?

-Pamela Schuffert



All TRUTH goes through 3 stages:

FIRST- it is ridiculed...

SECOND- it is violently opposed...

THIRD- it is finally accepted as SELF EVIDENT.

Jesus Christ declared,

"You shall KNOW THE TRUTH,

and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."

~Pamela Schuffert~