Friday, October 28, 2005


I do respect the APFN (American Patriot Friend Network) website for mentioning a lot of information about the corruption in government, OKC, 9/11, etc., but now they censored dozens of articles in their Discussion Forum. Many of these articles have nothing to do with degatory language at all. This is even worse than Alex Jones' censorship for not even Alex censored dozens of articles in a span of months now at least. That's why many folks are not going into the Forum. Some people there have slandered Pam Schuffert (a real Patriot) and some of the people there are very vile anti-Semites. I refute them when necessary, but I'm only one man and usually AFPN doesn't censor that (though any form of censorship is wrong). Also, APFN says Free Lyndie England when she was convicted by law for her brutal treatment in Abu Ghraib. I do think the higher ups ought to be prosecuted as well, but freeing her is just as evil as not getting the higher ups. WINGTV is denying any Middle East connection to the OKC bombing, but that's wrong for many reasons. First, many Muslim radicals as we speak are butchering Christians in Nigeria, Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. That's wrong and just because people expose that, doesn't mean that we're in league with the Neo Cons. Second, many eyewitnesses reported in Alex Jones' movie 9/11 Road to Tryanny have witnesses seeing Middle Eastern men next to Timothy McVeigh. They can't all be liars now. These Muslims were patsies and most of these Iraqis were sent to America in the Bush administration, so they had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. The white supremacists were also patsies infiltrated by the federal government by the CIA, FBI, etc. In the final analysis neither the Arabs or the white supremacists had total involvement in the attack, but the Feds since multiple bombs in the structure of the OKC building exploded. The Feds also had total foreknowledge of the event. That can't be done by the Ryder Truck alone and many researchers have proven its controlled demolition as well. To say that the Muslim radicals are innocent 100% is just as much a lie as to illegal invade nations of the Muslim world. Many mainstream sources have proven a Middle East and white supremacist connection to OKC. Not to mention that many Neo-Nazis have colloborated with Muslim radicals indeed, because of their hatred of Jews. As for WINGTV's tirade against Zionism (especially Labor Zionists working with the Nazis in WWII that are traitors to Eretz Yisrael), any rational scholar knows that Zionism has nothing to with the Torah, God-fearing Jews, and authentic Judaism.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Perry Logan refuted.

Perry Logan from the site of

is a typical doubter. He refuses to look at the obvious mistakes of Bill Clinton (like aiding China with high-tech technology, connections with Mena Arkansas, lying about his adulterous affair, etc), even though George W. Bush is making mistakes that Clinton will ever dream. He refuses to look at the corruption of vaccines, the population control agenda, world leaders promoting a New World Order (global government), the demonization of conservative Christians, and other facts. I can refute him with my hands tied behind my back, but here's a person named phloydius answering his propaganda: (His words are in bold. I don't agree with Alex Jones on all things, but he's right about the Elite and I show this to present the mindset of the doubters. We must also constantly show rational information backed up by real evidence without theories as well. That's our responsibility. There must be no sensational garbage.)

Perry Logan uses ad hominem attacks against folks that folks who agree with Alex Jones have low IQ, etc. when that's a lie. Perry even denies that the government trained al-Qeada, when it's a historical fact that the government trained Muslim radicals to fight in Afghanistan in the 1980's. He refuses to admit that Arnold is a Nazi, when his father is a SA Nazi, Arnold praised Hitler, and refuses to withdraw support for the Nazi Kurt Waldhiem. If I had Arnold's life, I would be a Nazi. Perry Logan is sending the impression that anyone maintaining that 9/11 is an inside job is an extremists when government throughout history made terror attacks for thousands of years. Perry Logan is sending the impression that anyone maintaining the view that 9/11 was an inside job is an extremist when governments throughout history made terror attacks for thousands of years. Tons of researchers like John Conner, Victor Thorn, Alex Jones, Morgan Reynolds, David Ray Griffin, and other people hold on to the view that 9/11 was an inside job. They can be all extremists or crazy, so Logan is just wrong. The truth about the Skulls and Bones and the Bohemian Grove [not what Perry Logan omits] is that both organizations use occult rituals. The Bohemian Grove praise the false god Molech. A video of the S & B have a wierd ritual as well and both groups have members who make up much of the elite and powerful people in America like Presidents, business people, justices, and others. This liar talks about gun rights, but gun control was utilized against black people in the 1700's and 1800's to prevent them from defending themselves. is a link rebutting his pro-gun control propaganda. Hitler passed the Gun Control Act of 1938 harming Jewish people. Many of the Black Codes had gun control provisions in it. JPFO documents this but Perry Logan forgotten about this apparently. JPFO documents the racist nature of gun control, so gun rights has nothing to do with slavery as Perry lies about. Slaves were prevented to own guns and this gun control policy was spread across the south. , ,, , and offer facts of the racism in many folks (not all) who promote gun control.

He's in the Left/Right Paradigm by rightfully exposing the corruption and mistakes of the Republican party, while not ferociously admitting to any massive mistakes done by the Democrats (i.e. FDR's concentration camps used to house Japanese and other ethnic groups, Truman's slurs against blacks and Jews, many Democrats opposed anti-lynching legislation, some Democrats supported the Black Codes, etc.) He has almost a demonic obsession with blaming Republicans and conservatives for everything, yet people who are Democrats and those of the Left made errors as well. Both Republicans and Democrats have dirt, but there are some sincere people among both parties. He's pro-abortion as well. We must be ready to engage these people because it's a battle of minds and the hearts of the people in this time. He's totally pro-United Nations when they supported abortion, a lot of the leaders of the U.N. were Communists and socialists, even Cythnia McKinney exposed the U.N. being involved in child sex slaves rings (even the NY Post mentioned this), and the Christian Berit Kjos exposed the U.N.'s Agenda 21 plot. Many legitimate human beings have opposed the United Nations. He denies that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor, but mentioned a book called "Mother of all Conspiracies documenting FDR's criminal act. That book posseses tons of critical information. Even the history channel discussed about this. The only few things that I agree with him on is about opposing the Iraq War, George W. Bush should be impeached for messing up this country in many ways, and we can do better. My opinion is that government corruption should be exposed and dissent preserved. We should fight against evil, but we must not embrace crazy theories also like Perry rightfully tells as well. Perry is still a deception though. He needs to comphrend that many conspiracies have existed throughout human history and it isn't abnormal to accept a rational conspiracy fact.

P.S. Logan says that Gloria Steniem wasn't a CIA operative, but Dr. Henry Makow wrote elaborately about Gloria's CIA connection. He even denied that Margaret Sanger promoted eugenics when many authors like George Grant proved her pro-eugenics quotes and she advocated segregation of the "unfit" in her mind. That's eugenics. Dr. Cathy Burns proved that she was a drug addict and was into the occult. He's a useful tool of the establishment. Perry Logan is easy to refute since he present outright lies and half-truths.

By TruthSeeker24


Perry, I was just looking at your list of Alex Jone’s “beliefs”, and I just shook my head, and didn’t know where to start. So I just picked a couple of them to start with…
91% of Americans are Nazis (Alex says anyone who favors gun control is a Nazi; 91% of Americans favor mandatory handgun registration)

Perry, what is your source on this? The most favorable poll to gun control I’ve seen has been in the 50-60% for stricter gun control. That is a far cry from 91% for handgun registration. I’d like to see some documentation on this.
Here are some of the more gun-control favorable polls that I have found:

Perry Logan: Vicente Fox can morph into a green devil. (Alex says he saw him do it. Honest.)

Perry, I would absolutely love to see or hear some documentation on this. I went out and did a google search on this, and all I could find was posts by Perry Logan to forums and websites with lists almost identicle to the one’s he has posted here. I was not able to find anyone else making this claim, nor was I able to find any information about it on any of Alex’s site. And I’ve never heard him claim this either. Can you provide anything to backup this claim?

Perry Logan: The Founding Fathers were stupid (they were Masons––but they didn’t know about the secret conspiracy so obvious to Alex & his friends)

Perry, When did Alex Jones say that the Founding Fathers were stupid? I know he has mentioned that several of them were FreeMasons. But he is not the only one that says that, so do many history books. What are you trying to say with this comment, and do you have any documentation to back up your statment about Alex’s feelings towards the Founding Fathers?

Perry Logan: Most Americans believe the government was behind 9-11 (this is based on Alex’s misreading of a Zogby poll; Alex misreads EVERYTHING)

I believe that you are misrepresenting what Alex says about the Zogby poll. He says that most New Yorkers believe that the government had Prior Knowledge. Here is the Zogby poll from the offical site:

Perry Logan: Alex Jones can predict the future, because he goes to the SECRET WEBSITES where the New World Order tells you EVERYTHING IT’S GOING TO DO. Just think: if you can find those websites, YOU can predict the future too!

Perry. When, name one time specifically (and document it, which should be easy since all this shows are recorded and accessible) where Alex Jones says he can “predict the future because he goes to the Secret Websites where the New World Order tells you everything it is going to do”. Please, Perry, identify one time, just one time.
I think that maybe you are refering to many of the official government websites that he and many other read through and read all kinds of interesting things… These are not secrets. Here are some of the websites:
Project for the New American Century
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
United Nations Offical Site
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Neibhborhood Watch Program
Library of Congress (Search House & Senate Bills)
These are some of the “Secret” website you must be talking about.


Here's another person refuting Perry Logan:

Perry Logan: The movie claims the WTC buildings were bombed...without citing a single engineer


Friday, October 21, 2005

Reflections Part 2

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)

Welcome to the new era. Going through lows and ascending into great heights is normal for any human for the full human experience is composed of those parameters. For me, this is only the beginning of my total intellect. I’ve refuted people before and I won’t submit or acquiesce my agenda. The only thing people can do if they want me is to say my name period. A lot of people disagree with me and that’s fine with me, but false generalizations about real Bible-Believers and my people are things that I can’t stand. Pure honor must be expressed though. I’m not with agitation, but inspiration and real manhood to make the facts apparent. Forever, I remember many Holocausts for centuries like the Slave trade holocaust killing 50-100 million black men, women, and children, Hitler’s Holocaust killing 15+ million Jews and Gentiles, the Russia/Chinese Holocaust butchering 50+ million Orthodox & Chinese Christians, and I will never forget the American abortion Holocaust killing 50+ million unborn babies for no legitimate reason. All of them convince me of the evil capability of mankind. Regardless, hope eloquently presides in my mind. I see racism everyday in my life plus evil, but God will replay for all of the sin committed. America is a nation filled with conspiracies, assassinations, and corruption. Brutality is real here friends. From slavery, the assault of religious dissidents, corrupt police using dogs on people wanting liberty, Randy Weaver, Waco, OKC bombing, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and a black man plus a journalist being assaulted by deranged policemen recently in October of 2005, etc. Where did I start discovering about the New World Order? Well, it began in the Spring of 1997 (when I was enrolled in the eight grade of Middle School).

I saw Jim Hagee talking about the Pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. That interested me since I haven’t heard of those subjects before. Jim Hagee is definitely a Bush follower, over exaggerates on some issues, and follows the false doctrine that Jewish people don’t have to be saved when Jesus Christ said convert all people. I researched more then in 1999, I saw Robert Howard’s HardTruth website. It was amazing with graphics and tons of prose making it the best conspiracy site of all time. It was gone in 2003 and then the Forbidden Knowledge website (that I first saw in 1999 to witness information about Washington D.C.’s occult symbolism) revived it at 2004. In 2001, things began to change. I ascended into learning tons of extra information about the New World Order from Fritz Springmeier and Eric Jon Phelps. A couple of more outlets increased my intellect in realizing the plot of the globalists like Cutting Edge, Northstar, Liberty to Captive Ministries, and many others. Once again, the is still mocking the rapture when the early church and the Bible believed it for 2,000 years.

Manifold theologians have validated that point. The Second Coming is one of the cardinal tenets of the Christians faith. They are stewards of the Peak Oil theory, which is promoted by the CFR, Club of Rome, and Bilderberg Group. Alex Jones, WING TV, Paul Watson, Dave McGowan, and many others have pointed out legitimate information that dissents with Peak Oil. Just because someone disagrees with the premise that all of the oil is running out [which some predicted in 2003, but it never occurred and new oil production is occurring now] doesn’t mean that all people who don't agree with Peak Oil are shills. Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone wrote a letter to Ken Adachi that oil is plentiful in Alberta, Canada. Dave Ebner wrote an article for the Globe and Mail that oil in Alberta is wroth $1.4 trillion. Ottowa have many billions of dollars worth of oil as well. Many scientists point to oil as abiotic and continuing to develop inside the Earth.

Once again displays animosity to Bible Believers. The person heading it is a Jewish guy named Mark Rabinowtz. I called Oil Empire out plenty of times and the only thing they have to do is to say my name, then it’s on. When I say that it’s on, it’s on. When it’s on, I will display tons of critical information blowing their deception out of the water. You can guarantee that. They still believe that Bush is some right wing Christian, when Fundamental Christianity is being demonized in the media and Bush is a member of the occult Skulls and Bones plus Bohemian Grove Secret Societies. Oil Empire still link to websites distorting (like the anti-Christian Theocracy webpage) conservative Christianity and bashing sincere religious folks since most religious conservatives oppose a theocracy and the Dominion Theology. Real conservative principles of this Republic aren't representated by the corporate and governmental rulers of this country. These people will never outline that big business interests like the Rockefellers help set up the United Nations and many far left groups have supported population control and sterilization programs harming the Third World. The Georgia Guidestones call for 500,000,000 people alone to live on Planet Earth, which is a sick depopulation scheme supported by the Global Elite.

As for Harriet Miers, she is a Bush Neo-Con yes woman. Andrea Stone, from USA Today, reported that Miers said to Freemason Chuck Schumer from New York that she didn’t make any promises on how she will vote on abortion. In other words, we will have to guess what she will decide on whether killing unborn babies is good or not. What a shame. A decent human being would say that I’m opposed to modern infanticide and blood letting that the pagans did centuries ago. That’s abortion. It’s paganism period. Back thousands of years ago, people sacrificed their children to Molech and shed blood. Abortion is important to talk about since God wants the lies of “reproductive choice” (really abortion prevents the reproduction of a child) to justify killing babies to be exposed. Now, you go Dr. Phil supporting Planned Parenthood and homosexuality. is one site with rational evidence and stirring though rebutting Planned Parenthood’s propaganda. Never forget that Margaret Sanger (a drug addict, occult member, and promoter of segregation with Nazis on her staff) invented that group. The American Girl company, a subsidiary of Mattel Toys, Inc., launched the "I Can" campaign. They sent the money to Girl Inc. that supports abortion and even lesbianism. Miers is still ambigious on her views on critical issues. Tons of other women, minorities, etc. are more qualified than her, but Bush chooses her instead. I viewed the Million More March in Washington D.C. on C-Span.

My impression is that I agreed with some of the people there and disagree with other points. I agree with them that black people should act in an even more radical in helping our communities. With all of the improvements, numerous problems still remain. I agree with the speakers' opposition to the Bush administration, the Iraq War, FEMA negelience in the response to Hurricane Katrina (validated by tons of Patriots, Christians, and lovers of truth), voting corruption, and other forms of vice in this country. I disagree with a minister wearing the occult ankh symbol on his neck. I don’t agree with some of the speakers that blaming conservative Christians is the way to go as well. Now, this march was supported by Louis Farrakhan. He’s the leader of the Nation of Islam and said controversial statements before. I can never aligned with him since Eric Jon Phelps, Ali, and other sources prove that he is a FBI informat, is in a false faith [that even orthodox Muslims don’t accept], and fosters ecumenicalism. I’ve seen a lot of the people saying Allah when it’s a pagan false diety from Arabia thousands of years before Islam was invented by the “prophet” Muhammad. Masons Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton was there as well. The riot in Toledo, Ohio was unjustified even if some brainwashed, racist Neo-Nazis wanted to protest in a mostly minority neighborhood. I honor self-defense, but not rioting, especially in your own neighborhood. To see the rest of "Reflection Part 2" , you can click on this link.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

More on Ann Coulter and 9/11


I think people exposing Ann Coulter are correct. She had made many contradictions and is a Bush follower for the most part. She doesn't discuss much about the civil liberty problems with George W. Bush and other real issues in this nation. She is right on a few issues, but her many outrageous comments ruining the rest of the limited credibility that she possessed. As for religion, many folks have always distorted religion to achieve an end. I don't even consider many extremists a spokesman for any sincere religious individual. Many folks don't want to mention the Atheistic Communists genocide of millions of people in Russia and China. Ann Coulter is caught up in the Left/Right paradigm. She doesn't look at Bush being part of the Bohemian Grove and Skulls and Bones, the evidence pointing to the inside job of 9/11 (proven by folks like WINGTV, Alex Jones, etc.), the CIA leak scandal, the depopulation agenda, Big Brother, how the government trained many "terrorists" before, and the evil Neo-Con agenda threatening the world. The Project for a New American Century outline that rather clearly. The corporate media including tools and puppets like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. may feed some people spin, but honorable people can learn the real truth and counterract this savage agenda.

By TruthSeeker24


The New Jersey Badger: I read, once, a fictional character's commenting that one should never call someone else crazy when hearing a statement that sounded that way. Instead, one should ask the speaker what s/he meant.What _do_ you mean, 'Timothy (TruthSeeker24)'? :confused: :crazy:

Response: To New Jersey Badger:You know what I meant. I believe the government was involved in 9/11. Many evidence point to that including folks like Alex Jones, Dan Corner, WINGTV, and tons of other folks in the world. This forum isn't about 9/11, but these links discuss about it in more detail:

*The government have been involved in terror attacks for thousands of years, so it's not insane to assume that the government had a role in 9/11. Not to mention that many of the hijackers are alive, they were trained in government bases, and government foreknolwedge have been proven time after time again. Like always Ann Coulter is a brainwashed Neo Con who needs to wake up.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Here's a new debate with the New Jersey Badger in October 25, 2005:

New Jersey Badger: If you honestly believe that stuff, then you are seriously deluded, and/or as nutty as a fruitcake. Your theories require that a substantial portion of the human race be "in on it", while existing, proven-in-blood conspiracy praxis requires that as few as possible persons know the truth in order to keep any secret.I will bandy words with you no longer; if you choose to reply, the field is yours for the last word. We have no common ground of perception, you and I.New Jersey Badger, signing off.

Response: I honest believe that stuff since they are validated by real sources and it's a very logical conclusion. I'm not nutty and many folks subscribe to my notions like Morgan Reynolds, Victor Thorn, Alex Jones, military people, scholars, engineers, and tons of human being around the world. Obviously all of those people aren't insane or nuts. This is not a theory, but a conspiracy fact. Conspiracies by definition means more than one person planning and executing a plan to achieve a specific end. By that definition alone, tons of conspiracies have existed throughout human history. Even the Bible mentioned conspiracy, so people describing conspiracies aren't irrational. Conspiracies can be compartmentalized, so a select few can know all of its details, while the common people are oblivious to the plot.

All information must be evaluated to develop its credibility, but 9/11 being an inside job have stood the test of time and review. As for conspiracies, all of the human race don't realize it. That's normal for things done in secret can be withheld from people. Just because few people know about real history, doesn't mean that real history doesn't exist. Few people realize that select American industrialists supplied Hitler with arms, but that doesn't mean that Hitler wasn't funded by no American businessmen. I realize that we have no common ground. I accept the view that government today is corrupt and we have a responsibility to expose evil in government. I believe that Bush's oath to the evil, dark Bohemian Grove and Skulls and Bones are innapropriate if he wants to proclaim himself as moral or some sort of "Christian." The facts are there with people waking up everyday about them. The links I've prevented to you not only display the fallacies of the accepted story of 9/11, but gives the fact of select people in government desiring to own oil resources, fight illegal/immoral wars, and promote an one world government agenda. Even now, folks are bashing alternative natural medicine through the Codex scheme. Ann Coulter is a useful tool of Bush and the corporate people plus the rest of the Elite controlling him.

My hope is that you can wake up since the door is there.



Encouragement from a Fellow Patriot:

Brian Hall
Re: Reflections Part 2
Fri Oct 21, 2005 16:59
Could you please contact me (Brian Hall) at . It is very important to all citizens of this U.S. A mentor of mine has stated what an impressive leader christian patriot and intellectual you are. We are all on the same side. Thank you B.H.

Ann Coulter

She is a famous woman. Coulter is the legal correspondent for Human Events and writes a popular syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate. Coulter also shows columns at She graced columns, TV political shows, and other forums. On many occasions, when someone opposes her viewpoint, she claims that someone is a liberal or a traitor even in an angry or yelling mood. I will have to tell the truth on this matter because she’s a fraud. She’s a neo-con not a conservative. A neo-con supports unrestrained war without Congressional approval or conclusive evidence, they support illegal laws like the Patriot Act and Victory Act, embrace big government bureaucracies like Homeland SSecurity, use imperialism, and other precepts that real liberals, conservatives, and independent strongly reject. Many neo-cons were liberals like Savage. On the summer of 2003, Alex Jones interviewed Ann Coulter on radio and refuted all of her points. Ann Coulter was very ignorant of basic historical facts such as believing that the original Patriot Act didn't violate our rights and later said she never read the Patriot Act, she denied that Patriot Act II exists, denied that Bush's grandfather funded the Nazi's, dismissed the existence of the CFR (Council On Foreign Relations), denied that the U.S. Government trained the 9/11 hijackers at the Pensecola Naval Air Station (according to MSNBC), denied that Bohemian Grove is a secret organization, denied that Bush wants to take away our guns and basically implied that anybody who defends the Constitution is a nut. Wow. Ann Coulter claims to have patriotism, yet she adhere to Gestapo policies of Bush. The Patriot Act with its blatant ambiguous, illegal sections so violate our rights, that an elementary school person can understand this. Are many neo-cons blindly following Bush for the sake of adhering to ideology?

The truth doesn't care about ideology. The truth sometimes ends allegiance to ideology. My allegiance is to God alone not to ideology. If a man or woman is "left" or "right" and agrees to fascism, there is no choice but to rebuke, reject, and carry on. She dismissed the existence of the Council of Foreign Relations? Is she smart? The Council of Foreign Relations even have their own website that I've visited plenty of times at She is real good deceiver, I give the woman that. Bush might be a gun-grabber since he supports the outlaw of automatic handguns from law-abiding civilian citizens (that was stopped in 2004). Bush can go further and it is unfortunately that both parties have follow the Illuminati's credo of disarming the populace for their own advantage. Bush is a Nazi like his grandfather and tons of information shown by real Patriots detail that even the USA government banned Prescott Bush and his Bonesmen buddies from dealing with the Nazis in WWII. It's mentioned in an old newspaper. 9/11 was a pure inside job using the intelliegence agencies and other government officials to destroy the Masonic Twin Towers and partly the Pentagon, and in PA to create the Masonic New World Order. There is conclusive evidence for the training of terrorists in Florida and foreknowledge by the US government, so that really isn't an issue anymore. That's common knowledge. Ann needs to wake up to what is going on. Defending the Constitution is a nut? wow. The Constitution is part of the laws of the USA. There are many Nazi connections with the Global Elite rising in America and Europe. This is from research from and Mae Brussell is another truthseeker of the 1980’s who died of mysterious reasons. Here’s some people that refutes Ann Coulter’s new book called “Treason” presenting fascists who had links to Nazis. [This is not a representation of the Right, but extremists who are on the far edge]:

General Reinhard Gehlen-He was Hitler’s chief intelligence office against the Soviet Union in the fake “Cold War.” Allen Dulles, an USA intelligence officer during the war who the CIA chuckled on Gehlen that “He’s on our side and that’s all that matters” and “Besides, one need not ask a Gehlen to one’s club.” He's a Knight of Malta and help create the CIA and trained Mossad troops.

Allen Dulles- Dulles is a high-level Freemason and was a Director of the CIA. He funneled an aggregate of $200 million in CIA funds to the Gehlen Organization it became known. Allen Dulles spared German SS Commander Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy. Wolff acted in full authority, for he was formerly chief of Hienrich Himmler’s personal staff. Wolff dispatched at least 300,000 Jews to the Treblinka death camp and Wolff was handed a token sentence for his crimes.

John J. McCloy-(a member of the Council of Foreign Relations) is a Nazi and has connections with Chase Manhattan [an oil company] is a Nazi. At the 1936 Olympics, he shared a box with Hitler. He was in contact with Rudolph Hess before the Nazi leader made a mysterious flight to England in 1941. The Trading With the Enemy documents in 1942 manifests this truth of Nazi-U.S. involvement in the killing of millions of innocent human beings and Standard Oil Of NJ (owned by the Chase Manhattan Bank) funding I.G. Farben’s Sterling Products. Standard Oil tankers plied the sea lines with feul for the nazi war machine. Standard Oil tankers plied the sea lines with feul for the nazi war machine. Before the war, McCloy was legal counsel to Farben [The German chemical monopoly]. During the War, McCloy was an assistant secretary in the War Department and he blocked the executions of nazi war criminals, displaced Japanese –Americans in California to interment camps, refused Jewish refugees to the USA, forced a pact with pro-Nazi Admiral Darlan, refused to bomb nazi concentration camps to spare inmates, etc. McCloy helped hid Nazi Klaus Barbie (The butcher of Lyons) from the French. Barbie and other Nazis were hidden out with the 370th Counter Intelligence Corps at Obergamergau. Private Henry Kissinger was one of their keepers and Henry soon entered Harvard as McCloy’s protégé. McCloy commuted death sentences of nazis and supervised construction of the Pentagon. In 1952, he came to the U.S. to be the President of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

J. Edgar Hoover- Hoover continued to have friendly relationships with Nazis who dominated Interpol, the Berlin-based international secret police. He obsessed with the fake US-invented “Red Menance” since 1919 when he became the head of the Bureau’s General Intelligence Division. Fanatical nazis like Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard, Heydrich, Arthur Nebe, etc. were active in Interpol. Hoover exchanged lists of wanted criminals and ignored Nazi death squads in Berlin in the 1930s. He worked with the Vatican Ratline to send war criminals to America. Many folks classify him as a flaming homosexual. J. Edgar Hoover is definitely a 33rd Degree Freemason and the first head of the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover was not a hero. He used the unconstitutional and illegal method of COINTELPRO to imitimidate and illegally slander people who weren't even communists. In fact in the 1960's he took a blind eye to the RFK investigation of the Mafia. Why? It is because both the modern Mafia and the FBI were very Masonic validated by tons of evidence. Also, the FBI in the 1970's created restrictions of power after Hoover's death because of Hoover's folly.

Richard Nixon- In 1945, Nixon was a Naval officer and captured Nazi documents. Those documents tie Dulles to the Nazis by the head of the Nazi oil cartel Kontinentale Ol A.G [Konti for short] within partnership with Allen Dulles’ principal Nazi client I.G. Farben. Both companies had despicable records regarding the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. Allen Dulles made a deal with Nixon According to the (old spies) Allen Dulles made a deal with the young navy officer who was reviewing the Konti files - Richard Nixon. Nixon would help Dulles bury the Konti files. In return, Allen Dulles "arranged to finance [Nixon's] first congressional campaign against Jerry Voorhis." (The Secret War Against the Jews, p. 221) Nixon from the 1950’s-1980’s used the Republican Ethnic Division to get displaced fascists and Nazis to contribute to Nixon’s campaigns. Richard Nixon is a member of the Bohemian Grove and the Council of Foreign Relations. Nixon talks about the JFK assassination and Nixon was in Dallas during 11/22/1963 and connections with the Cuban extremists. In Watergate tapes are found of that and oh Watergate which Nixon treasonously tried to obstruct justice and he resigned because he knows that he will be in court for more than obstructing justice if all of the tapes were released to the public. Nixon always had Nazi ties (Nazis were hired in his 1968 Presidential campaign) being head over Jack Ruby (recorded by new documents).

George H. W. Bush- Bush was gone to the military in 1942 to support his family troubles for over his family trading with Nazis. After the war in 1959, he owns Zapata Offshore Oil Company and participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion using his ships and researchers have found ties of Bush 41 to those involved and those who covered up the JFK assassination. He was Nixon’s protégé. Later in the 1970’s he funds Osama bin Laden’s war in Afghanistan and was the Head of the Council of Foreign Relations and the CIA. In the 1980’s, he involves himself in the drug trade with his many oil companies (Gary Webb's book "Dark Alliance proved that the CIA allowed cocaine shipments into America. proved the problems and fraudulent War on Drugs situation).

Ronald Reagan-Reagan is the nicest of the bunch, but he has some folly. In the 1960’s, he stalked Black Panthers and passed the illegal Mulford Act to bar guns to be shown in public and is an ardent gun-control advocate. He is an honorary Thrity-Third Degree Freemason and accepted the diplomacy of the Vatican in 1984 being treasonous since the Vatican is a city within a sovereign city and nation of Italy. He tripled the national debt and is also involved in the creation of concentration camps (Rex 84) for implementation of the New World Order. There are just as many people who are pro-Democrats (Bill Clinton, UN, Schumer, Feinstein, Earl Warren, etc.) treasonous as those who are Pro-Republicans (George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles, etc.) so Ann Coulter is refuted with her distorted view of patriotism, history, and influence. Ann Coulter is hereby shown forth as a Trojan horse neo-conservative shill (agent working for the enemy) for the New World Order.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

George Orwell's imaginations become reality

Back years ago, I thought that any thing even remotely close to George Orwell's books like Animal Farm and 1984 was too far out to exist now. On the other hand, the new developments in this nation under the Presidency of George W. Bush proved that Orwell was correct. For example, biometrics is here, hybrid species are promoted by some scientists, and many other problems are festering in America. I don’t believe we are in a total 100% police state, but police-state like policies grow and are in existence now. The new Freedom Initiative was passed giving schools the right to check students for mental illness, even if the testing weren’t ascribed by the parents. The Patriot Act blatantly violates our civil liberties that constitutional scholars from the Left and the Right have equally opposed it. Jon Rappoport wrote and article in October 17, 2005 describing how Columbia University is utilizing a Program called Teen Screen to check for "mental illness." It's all a front so the pharmaceutical companies can sell psychotropic drugs to young children. Many of these drugs like Ritalin can increase the tendency of suicidal thoughts and many of the school shooters from Columbine and other locations were on these drugs. Big Pharma is apart of this also to prevent authentic natural medicine to be accessed by the people. On website, Carol Segal is scared that his land might become stolen under the new Supreme Court's illegal pro-eminent domain ruling. This is inside New Jersey.

This has been confirmed by folks on the entire political spectrum. With all of the polarization in the United States of America, people can agree on some issues to try to change this nation. Lord Carlile, a deputy High Court judge in Britain, rightfully warned Britain to not embrace the anti-civil liberty laws that are so common place in America. I'm not worried about the shills and the racists, because they have nothing to say that can convince me of their lies plus they always display half-truths and contradictions in their arguments. You still have many conservative Christians dissenting with George W. Bush with real evidence and not conjecture like Chuck Baldwin. It isn't just Bush that's pro-globalist and Neo-Con, but William Jefferson Clinton is another follower of internationalism as well. Clinton was a DeMolay Freemason when he was a child and was a Bilderberg Group praticipatant. Now, the mainstream media prop this man up as almost "World President" or "World Statement." From adulterer and dress stainer to World President is a mighty development. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Clinton Global Initiative was his program held in New York City’s Sheraton Hotel & Towers, from September 15-17 to promote the U.N.'s social agenda. The U.N. is the group for sterilization, controlling national property (with programs like Agenda 21), abortion (under the guise of "sexual education"), etc. The usual establishment left wing suspects plus corporate big wigs were there like Leonardo DiCaprio, Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Oprah Winfrey, as well as corporate moguls like George Soros and Rupert Murdoch (who met with Hillary Clinton. That's one extra sign proving that the Left/Right paradigm is decieving Americans into being unnecessarily divided). Since the government have been conclusively fingered in so many terrorist attacks, it is not surprising that former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid believe that the Indonesian government was behind the Bali bombing in 2002. The more I delve into the Avian flu virus (which reports have shown its spread into Europe), I'm convinced that it's overly exaggerated. Most people on Earth during this time will never recieve a highly toxic bird flu. I place my faith in God without fear mongering. Personally, I'm against land taking, biometrics, abortion, genetically engineered foods, illegal wars, gun confiscastion, and martial law.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Friday, October 14, 2005

On the ACLU

I do oppose the ACLU for many reasons. First, I might cite a couple of things that I do agree with the ACLU. I do agree with them in the sense that they support some of our civil liberties like being against the Patriot Act, Bush’s policies toward our Bill of Rights, and their opposition to torture. It is important to preserve our civil liberties and be truly free, but liberty shouldn’t be a license for moral relativism, corruption, or sinfulness at all. I disagree with the ACLU’s attack on religious expression. Just because people communicate religious themes in the public square, doesn’t mean that expression is a violation of the establishment clause. I’m pro-Life and I abhor their anti-life policies. The ACLU was founded by Roger Baldwin, an extremist and he was quoted as being a socialist. Even today, the head of the ACLU is Anthony Romero, a homosexual and a CFR member. The CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and other organizations with their ilk advocate a global government that we must dissent with.

As for abortion, the Pro-Choice side uses emotionalism and more emotionalism. Roe v. Wade is not even validated by any law, not to mention it’s a federal intrusion on the states to decide how abortion laws ought to exist. Plus, many states before 1973 had laws on the books dealing with abortion, so the state legislatures are apt to handle the situation. Roe v. Wade violates the Preamble of the Constitution saying that life is not deprived without due process of the law and the inherit right to life, which comes from our Creator. Science has proven the personhood of the unborn (not to mention that prominent scientists have outlined that life begins at conception) and more of young are being more Pro-Life than ever before. Bigotry of evil is holy. I’m a bigot against murder, corruption, racism, sin, evil, death, torture, etc. If I’m that kind of a bigot, then I’m guilty as charged. The ACLU is hypocritical by rightfully wanting certain civil liberties for Americans, but denying the civil liberties of the unborn, gun rights, and the rights of the disabled plus terminally ill. I wrote my comments also on this link.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Life and Death

Well, I'm still moving forward. I've been through discussion, but I'm unmoved and I will not compromise my core convictions at all. As for this Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate, people realize where I stand on it. Recently I heard new propaganda from Planned Parenthood saying that we don't fund abortion. That is false since Planned Parenthood have been caught plenty of times sending money they know full well will result in abortion. Also, many judges have found Planned Parenthood guitly for its shady activites. People can say what they want, but Bush is still Pro-Choice, the vast majority of Americans oppose partial-birth abortion, and more and more people (especially the young) are becoming more Pro-Life than ever before. The bird flu drama must be taken with a grain of salt and caution since the warning of the NYC subway have been proven false

By TruthSeeker24

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I agree with WINGTV about Alex, but they are still bashing conservative Christians. First off, WINGTV, the end times is mentioned in the Bible for anyone with clear since. Second, it is not fear mongering to outline prophecy in a nice, logical way plus the Bible perfectly says that the world will not end and the New World Order will be defeated by God and his believers period. Third, Tammy Faye and her ilk aren't even real fundamentalist Christians, but apostates. I tell you that this bashing is getting annoying. I've been through debates before. If WING TV wants a discussion about this issue, I'm here. Fundamental Christians have been fighting the New World Order for decades like Watch Unto Prayer and Cutting Edge Ministries. It's a lie to put conservative Christianity into the category of perpetual fear mongering. Real Bible Believers don't live in fear, but live with strength and honor. It's obviously that WINGTV expose the Zionists (and rightfully so), but almost nothing from them is on the Knights of Malta, Le Cerle, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, high-level Freemasonry, etc. I've been bringing all my life. I'm not like Alex since I will defend my position against anyone regardless of ideology. I do respect their activism and they aren't shills, but their conservative Christian bashing is tired, old, a distraction, and a 100% lie.

First they issue an article by Michael Langston when a child can understand that Jesus Christ is called God in the NT the this nonesense. The end times is in reference to the present age before the tribulation and is not about the world blowing up and being destroyed, which is unscriptural. Isn't it ironic that some of these people are bashing Christians when if it weren't for Christians and other religious people, the criminals running the government would enslave us. Also, many folks don't want to talk about the Atheistic communists killing 50 million+ Orthodox Christians or the 2 million African Sudan murdered or the millions in Chinese murdered by cold blooded atheists many of whom are Christians. It seem like they blame religion for everything. It kinda makes me sick basically. I get this anti-religious conservative trash on TV, on the street, on the Internet, etc. almost everyday. Who are they kidding? I'm a warrior and they don't call me TruthSeeker24 for nothing.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Abound in Hope

When I contemplate about Harriet Miers, she is apparently a Bush supporter and an infamous Neo-Con. Now, I’m not flabbergasted since George W. Bush spurred John Roberts to be in the Supreme Court when Roberts called the abomination of Roe. v. Wade “settled precedent,” agreed on certain policies that are against our fundamental civil liberties, and supported the pornography smut organization of Playboy. Some good news is that many conservatives are viciously traversing Bush’s new judicial nominee. Global News Matrix reported that the Dallas lawyer Miers covered up Bush’s records involving his Texas Air National Guard entry. Miers supported a major local tax increase, promoted all women to be in combat, and was on a panel that supported the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC’s existence is against our national sovereignty and it’s one stepping stone to world government. Miers subscribed to gay adoption, yet homosexual parents have been to be under threat of disproportionate abuse plus there is usually no access of the child to his or her’s other biological parent. There is dispute among the Pro-Life Movement whether Harriet Miers cares about saving the unborn, but time will tell if Harriet if Pro-Life or anti-Life.

Her allies and she said that she is an Evangelical Christian. There is nothing wrong with being an Evangelical Christian. Her law firm, Locke Liddell & Sapp LLC, was fined $30 million for cheating investors. Even though she was never directly involved, she originally supported those accused in the lawsuit. Tons of minorities, men, and women are more qualified than Harriet now, yet Bush didn't pick them. White House adviser Ed Gillespie accused people that dissent with Miers broadly as embracing sexism and elitism, which isn't the case at all. Regardless of what Cliff Kincaid will say, Harriet needs to answer many questions about her core beliefs and she is still a strong Bush ally, which should call for legitimate concern among individuals. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Wayne Madsen reported of Blackwater mercenaries patrolling the streets of New Orleans. The Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the Prince Group (The McLean, VA based parent company of Blackwater) is Knight of Malta Joseph E. Schmitz. SMOM Schmitz authored a blueprint for rebuilding New Orleans and Louisiana plus he’s the son of pro-segregationist John G. Schmitz. Madsen have shown his ties to folks involved in the Dominion Movement, which has nothing to do with holy Fundamental Christianity. It’s been established by Brother Nicholas Rivera that Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is a Knight of Malta and his wife Karen Garver is a Dame of Malta. Even Domino Pizza magnate Thomas Monaghan is a member of the SMOM (Knights of Malta) plus Jeremiah Denton, Paul Henkel, Geoffrey T. Boisi [with connections to Jesuit Boston College and Wall Street], Bowie Kuhn, and others.

The Knights are controlled by the Vatican and the Vatican is ruled by the Order of the Jesuits. Trillions of dollars have been taken from U.S. taxpayers, yet accountability to decipher where the money have gone is difficult to decipher. Proud men like Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh don’t make me intimidated. Proud women like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Hillary Clinton will never make me embrace their godless, heathen ideologies. Masonic Jewish Zionism, abortion, torture, toxic poisons like aspartame, gun confiscation, oppression against even people regardless of race, social Darwinism, hatred of Posse Comitatus, and racist ideologies are never precepts that I entertain.

Instead, we must develop our intellect and intelligence along with invigorating our spirituality. Let the Spirit of the Living, Almighty God’s help is requisite for total victory. As long as I have breath flowing in my lungs, I will expose the false gospel prosperity/positive thinking movement promoted by establishment “Christians” like Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes. Warren is propping Ashley Smith up, but God certainly didn’t love the sin that Ashley did to send that murderer meth in her house. I don’t believe that God blessed that situation or it was a “miracle” at all. I abhor Time-Warner censoring Alex Jones' websites of,, etc. On the other hand, I find it ironic that Alex is exposing censorship, yet Victor Thorn's and Lisa Guiliani's WING TV recorded Alex censoring radio calls being sent into his show. An article entitled "Clone-Generated Milk, Meat May Be Approved" by Justin Gills from the Washington Post in October 6, 2005 even showed another disgusting example of genetically modified foods. They are here in America now. Gills wrote that the FDA might approve of milk and meat, which was originated from cloned animals. The FDA claimed that the food will be safe, but consumer groups are rightfully disagree with this atrocious proposed decision. The best foods have always been organic and natural. I agree with Larry Lawson that people like Stew Webb, Tom Flooco, and others use blatantly false stories like Bush being indicted by Fritzgerald. THE INDICTMENT STORY IS PURE DISINFORMATION. I believe that we ought not be distracted, so we can really rebel against the Elite.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill Bennett's comments about abortion.

You know how I feel about Bill Bennett's comments already. His comments were stupid and racist. Crime is not defined by race per se. It is true that many blacks commit crime in a higher disaproportional level than our population in certain instances, but scholars have proven that urban residence and poverty are stronger factors that can increase crime beyond race. Bill is not even a conservative, but a NeoCon supporter of the Project for A New American Century Document. "Rev." Jesse Lee Peterson is something else. He's right on many social issues and exposing the mistakes of many people like Prince Hall Mason Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, but he said that blacks in the Superdome turned it into a ghetto when the reports of murder and rape have been exaggerated. Also, Peterson won't hire blacks with so-called "African" sounding names. Peterson haven't discussed real black history about Egypt, Olmecs, Nok, Ghana, Songhai, etc. to black youth to strengthen their resolve. I guess this guy forgotten about the theft of votes during the 2000 Election and how Bush's family tree aided Hitler and the Nazis. Plus, Prescott Bush was friends with many of the racist, eugenic robber barron industrialists. In 1969, George H. W. Bush and others supported the population control of black people when the population rate of blacks were stable in that period. If there was any man who is a hater of his own people, Peterson is the one. Me and my little brother call him a hater of his own people and he is that whether he likes it or not. I have no problem with Peterson's help with many blacks in the West Coast, but I do have a problem with his unfair stereotypes against most black people. Most black people aren't living as savages or lack moral character as Peterson lyingly assumes. I have an interesting term to call Peterson. I know you know what it is. I've got to be real.

Peterson is acting like an Uncle Tom here. To presume that infants are pre-disposed for violence is not only unintelligent, but racist and pro-eugenics. Have Bennett factored that these infants can have a possibility for radical positive change in America? He hasn't, but Bennett is known for committing the unbiblical practice of gambling. He can say obscene things about blacks, but can gamble greatly. He should of exposed that gambling problem in his "Book of Virtues." You know me and I will bring it as usual. The fact is that blacks were 20-22% of the population in the 1800's. From the 1940's-present, we stand around 12-14% of the population with the usual fluctuations of crime. Most people who commit crime, hate crimes, or even are in poverty aren't even blacks. The only thing that I agree with Bennett is that aborting every black child is morally reprehensible, but to suggest that solely aborting black infants will decrease crime is faulty since much more factors other than race account for crime. I also respect the real conservative website for exposing Bill Bennett as well.

In 2002, blacks committed ca. 2 million violent crimes and whites committed a little more than 3 million violent crimes. (U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Criminal Victiminization in the United States, 2002, Statistical Tables). Whites have been involved in the majority of the Hate crimes. Time Wise recorded government figures that from 1995-2000, blacks were 65% of racial/ethnic hate-crime victims. Whites were 21% of the victims. In 2001, there were 4.6 times more white on black crime than black on white hate crime. Criminologists estimate that 70% of all crimes are committed by only 7% of the offenders. Crimes are more done intraracial among blacks and whites than interracial. Whites victimized 2.9 million whites in 2002, while blacks only victimized whites 614,000 times. So, whites are more likely to be victimized by white people than a black person. The smoking gun is that abortion is already in a disproportional high level among black Americans, while the crime rate hasn’t radically decreased in America. More than 500,000 unborn black babies die each year and about 1,500 babies are aborted each day in the United States. 36% of all abortions are blacks when blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. Totally, 14 million black children died since 1973.

Margaret Sanger is known to advocate the decrease of the black population for improvement of society. Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” promoted the lie that a decreased black population will raise the standard of living for blacks in general. The fact is that struggle and effort will increase of our population. Groups like LEARN (Life Education Resource Network), the African American Pro-Life group and others have documented abortions’ killing of black people today.

The truth is that increases in population can stabilize a community and the black population is not growing rapidly. Rev. Luke Robinson, a black pastor in Frederick, Maryland even said that the black birth rate is only 0.9, while whites have 2.2, and Hispanics have 3.2. We aren’t even replacing our own population. To even hypothesize that black people are the sole factor in the reason for crime is not only stupid and unintelligent, but racist and pro-eugenics. Plus, no black infants are criminals now, so there’s always that possibility that they can make a positive impact in the world. All humans are creations of the image of Almighty God.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)