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Answering O'Reilly

We know that the Federal Reserve is bailing out foreign banks. So, for some, the American people and the economy are being harmed by international interests. The Federal Reserve policy benefits big foreign banks. The Federal Reserve has also intentionally locked up bank money so that it is not loaned out to Main Street. The FED policy is about 81.5% of all money has been created by quantitative easing is sitting there gathering dust (in the form of excess reserve). This money ironically is not being used to loan out to help Main Street or the American economy. A large percentage of the bailouts went to foreign banks. A 2010 Fed audit also revealed that of the $1.25 trillion of mortgage back securities the central bank purchased after the housing bubble popped, some $442.7 billion (or more than 35%) were bought from foreign banks. Many of the FED created money is being held by foreign banks. This truth has been documented by the Levy Economics Institute from May in the following words: "...Excess reserves are the surplus of reserves against deposits and certain other liabilities that depository institutions (loosely called “banks”) hold above the amounts that the Board requires within ranges set by federal law. The general requirement is that covered institutions maintain reserves at least equal to ten percent of liabilities payable on demand. For the first time in history, there is statistical evidence that as much as one-half or more of excess reserves are held for United States banking offices of foreign banks..." Zero Hedge reported on the same facts in the following words: "...As per last night’s [Federal Reserve] H.8 update, commercial bank deposits rose by $94 billion in the week ended July 17: the fourth largest weekly increase in history …. This took total commercial bank deposits to an all-time high of $9.54 trillion...The entire difference can be attributed to the $2+ trillion in excess reserves created by the Fed since the start of the [global financial crisis]..." There is as high as 2.1 trillion dollars in Federal reserves with banks. We know that foreign banks continue to be the biggest beneficiary of the FED's monthly $85 billion liquidity largesse. They are the biggest winners during QE2. In fact, the total reserve cash distribution continues to favor foreign banks, which now have a record $1.13 trillion in cash, or $9 billion more than all Domestically-chartered banks, at $1.122 trillion. Global liquidity as created by the FED is highly fungible. There are more mainly European banks benefiting from this reality. The FED is using policies that benefit the super elite at the expense of Main Street (or the U.S. economy including average Americans). The foreign super elite benefits from this action than even some elites in the States. Therefore, the Federal Reserve are sucking the prosperity out of America and shipping it abroad. So, we know what we are up against. We are still fighting for justice, worker rights, and human rights. There is still racial, class, and other forms of injustices in the world. The struggle continues. We know that imperialism is unjust, so unjust wars including occupations ought to cease to exist. We should not be silent in the midst of unwarranted wiretapping. We shall not be silent when we have extrajudicial murders of Black brothers and sisters in cold blood now in the USA. We shall not be silent when reactionaries try to enact foreclosures, evictions, budget cuts of vital public services, cuts to social programs, attacks on worker rights, and police brutality. We shall speak up for not only environmental justice, but universal health care for all human beings in the world. I will never blame the economic crisis in the world on immigrants or other human beings. The struggle for the rights of workers is similar to the February 1968 strike of Memphis sanitation workers. They went on strike as a means to demand recognition and collective bargaining rights through the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. The racist city administration of Mayor Henry Loeb refused to negotiate with the workers, and a citywide strike support committee was established, headed by James Lawson, a long-time civil rights organizer. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on March 18, 1968 spoke to about 13,000 human beings as a means to call for a general strike in Memphis to force the city administration to recognize the sanitation workers. On March 28, the police rioted on the day of the general strike. They attacked a mass demonstration in downtown Memphis. Federal provocateurs also caused violence in Memphis. The city administration shot dead a 14-year-old African-American youth and declared an emergency, calling in the National Guard to suppress the demonstrations and the sanitation strike. It was only after Dr. King's unfortunate assassination that a deal was reached between the city and the strike workers. So, the value of unions is greatly related to our history in America. We should mobilize ourselves as a means to rebuild American society. We should disagree with corporate greed and advance public need. We need to address the vital issues of poverty, national discrimination, and oppression.

We know that the Syrian rebels and beheading Christians and using child soldiers. These re evil, abhorrent actions. These rebels are unfortunately funded by the White House. Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels are ironically aided by the Western governments. They are beheading innocent Christians still and using 14 year old child soldiers. It is a shame and a disgrace. It is immoral to fund the rebel troops that kill innocent citizens. Syria should never be thrown back into an even more reactionary state of affairs if the rebels win. Even some Democrats agree with funding these murderous, terroristic rebels. Some of the Syrian rebels massacre innocents in public beheading sessions where they applause and cheer. This is total perversion and demonic. Much of the mainstream media refuses to report on this reality. Even Reuters from August of 2012 admitted that the President secretly went ahead and enabled support for Syrian rebels while bypassing any form of checks or balances. There is the June 2013 headline that reads ‘Syrians behead Christians for helping military, as CIA ships in arms’ in The publication, and we’re still letting this happen. The report in the Washington Times reported more information on the story in the following words: "...A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian insurgents who say they aided and abetted the enemy… The reported beheading of the two Christians comes about the same time America has started sending arms to rebel fighters, the Wall Street Journal revealed this week.” The CIA is wrong to give the rebels weapons as a means to perform their horrendous brutality against innocent human life. Missionaries in Syria have talked about this situation. The rebels kill Christians who do no convert and pay excessive taxes to the rebel army. The rebels want Christians to convert to Islam or die. Some kill Christians in the center of town as a means to scare friends and family from challenging the Syrian rebel army. The House and the Senate Intelligence Committee approved the continued support of the Syrian rebels even after the funding officially runs out for this fiscal year. The Syrian war continues that pits Sunni rebels against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad (who is an Alawite). Western imperialists carved up the Middle East after the First World War. This was done via the secret Sykes-Picot treaty of 1916. Since then, the West played the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurdish forces against each other. There have been thousands of human beings that died as a product of the Syrian civil war. Many establishment liberals are wrong to support the evil rebels. One of them was Abu Sakkar. He is the commander of a rebel militia fighting in Qusayr. He cut an internal organ out of the body of a dead government soldier and bite it. This same commander has been widely quoted calling for the slaughter of all Alawites. According to the London Guardian (14 May), before forming his own militia late last year, “Sakkar was a well-known member of the Farouq Brigades,” a “militia with mainstream leanings” that “became one of the rebels’ best resourced fighting forces” due to financing from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This situation is very similar to the events of the late 1970's when the West aided the mujahedin. In Afghanistan, reactionary Sunni mujahedin (holy warriors)—among them, Osama bin Laden—were armed, funded and trained by the U.S., Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to kill Soviet soldiers. The Red Army had entered the country at the request of the modernizing nationalist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) regime, in order to defend the USSR’s southern flank and to prop up the besieged government. The PDPA’s introduction of minimal social reforms—especially those benefiting women, such as the lowering of the bride price—had provoked a jihad led by the landlords, tribal chiefs and mullahs. As the CIA undertook its biggest covert operation ever in support of the mujahedin, Afghanistan became the front line of the imperialist crusade to destroy the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is gone and now NATO is used as a bulwark in the world today. This system of white supremacy (which even some alternative media figures refuse to talk about. We know their names) is linked to the current agenda of imperialism plaguing the world today. It has even more influence and evil than the current White House. So, we know how to put the truth into real perspective. Today, we witness the continuation of the war on terror. Also, it is important to note that the Syrian rebels are not real Muslims. They are not representative of all followers of Islam. These rebels are in violation of any real faith tradition. They are extremists that exploit religion as a means to carry out great evil against humanity. So, the rebels are indeed wicked and work for the imperialists indeed.




One Saudi Prince defects from the Saudi Royal Family. Prince Khalid Bin Al-Saud has announced his defection form the Al-Saud royal family. He outlined his defection via his statement. He called on other princes to break their silence and reveal the truth for sake of God. The Saudi prince referred to his "sufferings" under the reign of the Al Saud regime. He called those experienced as being bitter. He told these revelations to the Saudi twitter writer Mujtahid and Saudi activist Saad al-Faqih (he lives in London currently). He said that he thanked God that helped him understand the truth about the Saudi regime via a “direct horrible personal experience” so that he could have a taste of what people suffered from throughout the country. “With pride, I announce my defection from Al Saudi family in Saudi Arabia,” he wrote in his statement. Some of his statement reads the following words, “This regime in Saudi Arabia does not stand by God’s rules or even (country’s) established rules and its policies, decisions, and actions are totally based on personal will of its leaders.” “All that is said in Saudi Arabia about respecting law and religion rules are factitious so that they can lie and pretend that the regime obeys Islamic rules.” He criticized the royal family for considering the country as its own property while silencing all voices from inside and outside the government calling for any change and reforms. Khalid Bin Farhan said that the ruling family has deliberately pulled the country to the current condition where cries of oppressed people are ignored. “They don’t think about anything but their personal benefits and do not care for countries' and people’s interests or even national security,” he added. He said that the current issues in Saudi Arabia are not temporary or superficial. They relate to unemployment, low wages, and unjustified distribution of common wealth, facilities, and services. These problems are very deep and real. According to the Prince, there is huge political and financial corruption including the abuse of power by the regime. This fraud is found in the Parliament and the judiciary system. The Saudi prince said that everything that the pro-reform opposition says about the country's political, economic, judiciary, social, and security condition (including their abuse of religious values) are true. He said that the situation is even worse than what is said in criticisms. He wants anyone who cared for the future of Saudi Arabia to join him and the reform stream and break their silence on Al Saud corruptions. It is easy to see that the Saudi elite have sold out their own people for the Western imperialists in many capacities form funding CIA back rebels to economically exploiting the Middle East's resources for profit (at the expense of human rights and other progressive freedoms). Many of these monarchies of the Persian Gulf are filled with the evils of brutal theocracy, the suppression of women's rights, and the harm to religious liberty. That is why protests by human beings against these reactionary regimes from Qatar to Saudi Arabia continue to persist. The absolute monarchies are certainly a threat to world security and human freedom indeed. That is why such regimes fear their own populations. They rely on the support of the United States and the British for aid. Some of them even work or cooperate with the Israeli Mossad. Now, the good news is that sincere freedom fighters are in the Persian Gulf who are dedicated for real change in the world. They want freedom and human rights indeed.


We know about illegal orders in the military. There were the details of My Lai. My Lai was a Vietnamese village. It was destroyed by the U.S. soldiers. Men, women, and children were killed by Western military forces. The military selected the fall guy for the massacre named Lt. Calley. In the armed forces, folks were subjected to numerous classes on when to follow or when not to follow orders. There are illegal orders and legal orders. If someone was following what they knew to be an illegal order, not only would the person that gave the illegal order to be held responsible, but the person that carried out the illegal order could also be charged. On many cases, folks follow orders immediately. Inside of the battlefield, quick decisions are made. The fog of war means that in the midst of war, there are controversial actions taken and debates had. Some folks follow orders even if it means putting your life on the line. There are numerous unspeakable horrors of war spanning throughout human history including the Vietnam War. We have rules as found in the Geneva Convention on the Laws of War. We have seen the war on terror for almost 15 years now. Many of these invasions and operations from the West now in the war on terror contradict the precepts from the Geneva Convention. The American soldier is in a predicament. There is the issue of obeying constitutional law and international law. Many folks refuse to violate the oath of protecting and defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Manning was a Private First Class. He was allowed to access sensitive information that showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the American military was committing atrocities and crimes. These acts were not only against his moral code. They were against military law and the Geneva Conventions. We know about the Western military crimes of depleted uranium (a weapon of mass destruction) and destroying cities like in Fallujah with air strikes, artillery, and armor. Some imperialists murdered men, women, and children indiscriminately and all for intents and purposes destroying the city. The war on terror is wicked filled with undeclared wars. When Manning brought this matter to his superiors, he was ignored. This is what many soldiers experience when confronted with horrific crimes. Private Manning wanted to go to the public with this information. Yet, the American government views him as equivalent to a terrorist enemy. Bradley Manning showed a lot of courage to release the information to Wikileaks. He was in front of a court martial after being tortured for months by the military. He was forced to remain in solitary confinement for months being in a cold dark cell. He was treated like an animal in direction violation to all military law and the Geneva Convention (that relates to the treatment of prisoners). Most of his defense has been deemed inadmissible (by the folks in charge of his Court Martial). The United States military once proclaimed that if a soldier saw wrongdoing and violations of the Geneva Convention on the Laws of War, that soldier should go to a higher authority and report it, and if it was within his power, he should try to stop it.  The Private did report it, but the report of these violations fell on deaf ears. Manning is paying the price for doing the right thing. The war on terror includes wars filled with invasions of other nations against all International Law, National Law, the Geneva Conventions, etc. We have seen an observer call on Apache attack helicopters to fire on journalists walking with their cameras on a city street, and once they were wounded and lying on the street and when people ran to help them, the Apaches were ordered to fire on the rescuers. Manning let the world see this. Still, no charges were filed against the individuals responsible for these actions. Bradley Manning is suffering because of executing courageous actions. We shall not be intimidated. The truth must be known and imperialism is always immoral.





Bill O'Reilly made recently disrespectful, racist, and ignorant views on the black community and our issues. You know me. I will respond to his lies. Bill O'Reilly made the lie that African American culture today is all about degeneracy, violence, and other fragrant evils. In other words, the black community is responsible for its own oppression collectively not the system of white supremacy, not discrimination, not a racist criminal justice system, and not police terror in the streets of black community. He ignores the fact that many black leaders have criticized many musicians using the N word and other controversial, vulgar language in their lyrics for years and decades. He ignores the many single black mothers that have raised exceptionally gifted children and have been great role models for our community. A real family is very diverse and we are all family in the black community. Our situation never came from single black mothers trying to live a better life. Our situation came from the Maafa and centuries of oppression by the oppressor. Many black human beings have talked about the black family for generations. For O'Reilly to lie and assume that no major black leaders have talked about family issues is silly by me. An adulterer like him has no merit on that issue. For him to slander Sister Michelle Alexander and Martin Luther King III as the grievance crowd is to show his white supremacist mentality. The truth is that anybody has the right to call for justice in an imperfect society. Folks have the right to disagree with police brutality, to disagree with discrimination, and to oppose the evil system of white supremacy day in and day out period. Blacks and whites do drugs at about the same rate, but far more blacks go to jail for it and get longer sentences than whites do, and that is a fact. O'Reilly lies about that fact. The ironic thing is that even President Barack Obama has for years called on black men to step up and act as positive role models to black youth (I don't agree with all of Obama's Booker T. Washington stuff, but this is a fact). O'Reilly just lies and denies the reality of the President doing it. Many African Americans grow up in segregated communities with little economic opportunity or development, decreased employment opportunities, long term unemployment, and failing public schools. Racist reactionaries like Bill O'Reilly and Dinesh D'Souza believed that blacks have cultural inferiorities and these cultural issues are causing African Americans to suffer not other factors like discrimination, and socioeconomic factors. The reality is that racism shapes the communities of America and it harms the poor. The reality of foreclosures, redlining, and predatory lending have harmed some in the African American community. Now, we know that mainstream U.S. capitalism was built on the labor black slaves. When slavery overtly ended in the States by 1865, the capitalists of the North and South stoked racism as a means to divide the workforces, drive down wages, and increase their profit margins. The new poor include folks that are very educated and still can't receive a job or receive very low wage jobs. So, the solution is that all levels of government and all Americans will have to contribute their time and effort to fight poverty and economic inequality (from institutions, organizations, religious bodies, all levels of the government, charities, and the whole nine yards). I will never be a reactionary and blame all poor human beings for poverty itself. Many times, poverty is a systemic problem brought about by neoliberalism, oppression, and other socioeconomic issues. Poverty is complex. Also, we need radical solutions. Today, our economic recovery is stagnant because most low wage and service sector jobs are being created. These anti-poor policies, shrouded in anti-Black rhetoric, were underpinned by the politics of "personal responsibility," which looked to shift the blame for poverty and unemployment away from inherent problems in the system--as they were identified in the 1960s by everyone from the Black Panther Party to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.--to the individual failings of Blacks themselves. So, the racists blame the black people (who are victims) of their own oppression instead of the white supremacist elite in charge of the whole corrupt system in the first place. When 650,000 jobs have been lost every month since December, it's difficult to mount an argument that the problem of unemployment is a moral one. The corporate elite have personal irresponsibility when they receive trillions of dollars in bailouts, but they want the government to refuse to even bailout the poor and workers in cities including other locations throughout the American landscape. We have to address racism and class oppression in the world. We have to address economic inequality, low wages, and health care complications. Industrialized nations mostly have universal health care while we do not in the United States of America. The American dream has been distorted by some. Some want the American dream to be the dream of supremacists that want all humans (especially black human beings) to be colorblind not loving their blackness, to want humanity to confirm to a wicked economic system, and to want society to bow before imperialism (including worker exploitation) not justice.



By Timothy


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Detroit: The Bell Tolls for All of Us

Illinois Police Kill 95-Year-Old With Taser Shocks and Bean Bag Rounds

George Zimmerman Juror B29 = Racism/White Supremacy Refinement


My Response to a scapegoater of black human beings.


Well Al Sharpton isn't Jesus and he's far from being any kind of Christian. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing if anything. Truthseeker, you have a lot to learn about Al Sharpton. Just because he has a "REV." in front of his name, doesn't mean he follows that righteous path. He's incited a nation full of hate and racism. Blacks murdering and raping whites is so common, everybody seems to have accept it as a fact of life, some will even make up excuses for the black criminals, believing that white people deserve it and/or that whites have, possibly via mind control, made blacks do it. It's unacceptable if the victim of a violent attack defends himself, as e.g. Zimmermann did, it may inspire other people to finally grow a pair and stand up to thugs on our streets.
Sharpton's demanded they arrested Zimmerman, so Florida did. Sharpton demanded a trial and he got one. Sharpton didn't like the verdict so his comment was this is "an atrocity." After the verdict, Sharpton didn't like the jury, even though the prosecution and defense both picked them and approved of them. Sharpton now says the jury is racist.
The true atrocity was the incredible blatant and sickening anti-White - pro-Black bias exhibited by the media controlled by the person yelling the loudest or for ratings. The media blew this case out of all proportion for what really should have only been a news item of interest to a local audience. Sharpton ensured it was not. Why is that...It was an opportunity for him to cash in and to take this anti-White - pro-Black war to a different level, which it has. And the black community fell for it. The media and Sharpton and Trayvon's parents went so far as to use photo bias in using a four year old photograph of Trayvon, rather than a recent image that would have portrayed him in an accurate light. Most of all, they tried to frame the whole event as being another tall tale of the evil, hateful, and bad 'White racist' man who fatally attacking a poor and innocent young black youth because of the color of his skin. George Zimmerman isn't even a white man nor is he racist.
Sharpton was wrong about Tawana Brawley, Duke LaCrosse Players, and now he's wrong about Zimmerman.
Sharpton, in 1987, there was the Tawana Brawley case and at the same time of the Crown Heights Riots. Sharpton's role were vile words that incited the anti-Semitic rioters, which made an already volatile violent situation much worse. Sharpton constantly screamed to the rioters, "No justice, no peace!"
Sharpton has blood on his hands because he is partially responsible for the continued violence during that riot and for the stabbing death of a jewish scholar visiting from Australia. Not to mention the 100's of other people that were injured or killed. Looting and burning buildings, rapes, murders and he fueled that fire ANDDD fueled that fire and he called numerous people racist....all from a lie this girl told that Sharpton kept going. If you let the law handle things appropriately, the truth will prevail. Sharpton didn't do that and he pushed, and pushed, and pushed the hate of the rioters and in the meantime, innocent lives were lost or injured.
You all hang on to every word Sharpton says like he's Jesus. That's sick, disgusting, and ignorant. Your mob mentality brain isn't capable of logic hence the HIGH rate of black on black crime. It's a fact and there's your truth, Truthseeker.

My Response:

You listed so many errors, false statements, stereotypes, etc. that is shocking even for me. Now, like many of what you people do, you take things out of context, you put words in folks’ mouth, and you change the subject. The subject at hand in this article is about the lives of black males mattering. That is the point. He is right in saying that the life of black males matter. Black males matter in the world and in the black community just like all black human beings matter regardless of nationality or gender. I never called Sharpton Jesus. I know all of the reactionaries’ views on Al Sharpton. I know many of his controversies. The truth is in between the 2 extreme perspectives of the situation. The truth is that Al Sharpton is not perfect, but he is right on some issues (from being opposed to police brutality to wanting the life of innocent black males to be protected in the world). You just want black folks to accept your reactionary way of thinking. Sorry, we will not, because we will follow our own thinking. Our black community believes that we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers (We don't agree with telling the suffering let them eat cake). My black people rejects imperialism and Empire and we believe in collective action beyond just individual initiative. The rest of your points outline issues that you need to take up with NAN and Sharpton not with me. I am my own man and I have my own independent thinking. Al Sharpton apologized for his previous errors and in the 21st century, he never called for inciting a nation to hate and racism. You cannot find a single quotation from him saying that recently at all. Most black human beings are not raping white human beings. I never support rape of anyone of any color, gender, or background period. Rape done by whites or blacks is evil. Whites have a huge legacy raping blacks (including other humans of color) in epidemic levels for centuries and even recently. White folks target us all of the time for romance or sexual exploitation.

You stalk us all of the time including here in social media when we want to independently express our ideals. You say nothing here to rebut the white racist trolls here, but want to target my sincere, non offensive words on the issue of the value of black life. How ironic. I reject the offers from many whites who want to have romance with me. I love Sistas. Most black human beings love black people. I love black women socially and romantically. Also, most crime in America is intraracial or occurs among the same race. Not to mention that black folks have talked about the great evil of black on black violence for a very long time and white reactionaries like Bill O'Reilly ignore that truth. Crime in the black community has to do with many factors. It has nothing to do with all black human beings collectively being culturally inferior (which your ilk implies all of the time). No one is many excuses for anything.

Folks are talking about how poverty, discrimination, oppression, recessionary economic realities, and socioeconomic factors contribute to criminal actions including the bad conditions in poor areas including other areas. That is reality not excuses. Zimmerman has a known history of assaulting a woman, he was accused of sexual molestation, and he assaulted a police officer. These actions are far worse than what Trayvon Martin ever did in his life. His or Zimmerman's MySpace was filled with bigotry against Mexicans, so he is no hero. Any man that assaults a woman is no hero. The family of Trayvon Martin demanded an arrest. The family of Trayvon Martin demanded a fair trial revolving around the murder of their innocent son. The family of Trayvon Martin shed tears sincerely over the passing of their beloved son. Al Sharpton was asked by that family to help. See, you disrespect a grieving family since you don’t care about a grieving family. You care about advancing an agenda that gives vigilantism a path to exist in the world (and give license for racists to kill innocent, unarmed black youth in cold blood under the guise of stand your ground. Your agenda is to try to make black human beings docile to the system of white supremacy. You want black human beings to accept an Eurocentric way of thinking that abhors protests, that abhors standing up strongly for justice, and that abhors expressing a black cultural identity in a firm way. We as blacks have the right to roar for freedom and roar righteousness in our legitimate indignation). Also, a lot of folks and many human beings did not like the verdict. The verdict was a tragedy and Sharpton never called the jury racist explicitly. You just use anti-black race baiting rhetoric. The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. The other real atrocities are when Sean Bell was murdered by the crooked police and when the innocent six year old Sister Aiyana Jones was murdered by evil police too. The real tragedy is North Carolina trying to pass a regressive voter ID law that limits voting access. The real tragedy is when our brothers and sisters are taught self-hate by a wicked, materialistic Western society. The real tragedy is about reactionaries ignoring the epidemic of white pedophilia, white serial killing, white massive war crimes against foreign lands, white rape, and other crimes by white supremacists then and now. There is nothing wrong with being pro-Black, so to imply that it is a sin to be pro-Black is silliness. The mainstream media reported on the trial and was down the middle in my eyes (in some cases and biased in other cases). Many folks in CNN and FOX supported Zimmerman. FOX is like Zimmerman central, so you obviously need to learn that. FOX News labeled Zimmerman as an angel. The truth is that Zimmerman is half white and he is not black. He not being black is a fact. No real person said that he was totally white. Zimmerman is blatantly a vigilante, a fake cop, claims that it is God's will for him to murder a teenager, and an assault of a woman. He is a sick person. Also, you ignore the whites rioting in Tulsa, Oklahoma where dozens of innocent black, women, and children were murdered by white terrorists. You forget about rioting Europeans harming and even killing black human beings in Europe because of their black skin color recently. You ignore even today, some black Americans experience racism. You ignore the civil liberty violating stop and frisk action in NYC. So, you want to minimize black suffering as an excuse to justify white domination of Western society (which is the system of white supremacy). See, that is the point. I do not hang onto every word of Al Sharpton. That is another lie that you have made. I am not ignorant. I am intelligent, I am black, and I am beautiful. I have rich and noble history. Black women are the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth too. I do not have a mob mentality you bigot.

My brain is highly cognitive. There has been a decrease in overall crime in the span of three decades inside of the USA. We have issues in our black community, but we are not mostly criminals you bigot. We can defeat racism with the destruction of the system of white supremacy. You try to ignore some of your faults as an excuse to paint the false narrative that black human beings are collectively brutes (and we are responsible for the Maafa and our oppression totally. We are not). I make no excuses for Al Sharpton’s errors. You just want to change the subject as a means to make it about him while ignoring the subject at hand. Unjust laws have the right to be eliminated via constructive avenues. I have never condoned rioting of innocent property at all. Most blacks never endorse rioting that destroys property of their own communities at all. We condone justice and peace. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice for freedom and you have to fight for freedom without being docile to white people. A real black person never bows before a white man or a white woman at all. The subject in this article was about black males having value. My life as a black man has great value. We just stand without malice like men and like women. That truth is what you can never refute at all. Black is Beautiful. Black is Strong. Black is Lovely. Our dark melanin is indeed God's Gift and it is great as well. Black is the Truth for God is pro-Black African. The truth is Golden and it is in 4-D. I will break it down for the Brothers and the Sisters indeed. My flavor is real, the struggle continues, and my soul is blessed.

By Timothy (Me)


To Courtney from Me:

Thank you Sister from my heart. You hold it down as well. At first, I did not want to respond to the guy. Then, I read the rest of his words and then I felt a thought in my mind to wanting to respond. Also, you are blessed with your wisdom too. Yes, the enemy focuses on our issues as a means to push psychological buttons, try to intimidate debate, and have a very limited view of the issue at hand. Thanks for your words Sista. You are very intelligent and filled with Glory.

-By Timothy (Me)


Encouragement from the Sweet Sister Courtney:

courtneyrR                                                                                                          \

Standing Ovation!!! Racist really should worry about the 86 percent of YT on YT crime, that happens in their communities that rarely gets told by the media . The focus seems to be a bit one sided. Excellent post. :)

You are very very welcomed and , I would totally understand if you didn't respond back. It's exhausting trying to explain common decency to people who have none. Or doesn't feel it important enough to at least attempt to have some.At the same time, nothing but good came out of your response to his lies. The fact that you choose to respond ,created a teachable moment for those that come across your views,knowledge,wisdom and truth because it is the truth. Intimidate debate is right. They do the same in real life and they are very condescending about it, when you are approached by undercover racists in everyday life. I feel a person just has to let them know in a certain way that let's them know that, african Americans have insight and intelligence and that,we are not to be played and toyed with, and to assume so, would be a mistake on their part. Only in the sense that, people who know who they are, know they don't have to cowar to those without insight and light.When they see that they are dealing with something real, it makes them angrier but also terrifies them. They usually back off but if not, they switch up tactics, when they see that they can't talk down to you and that you are not tolerating it. They have this warped view of African Americans, of African American men because it's so rooted in fear that their minds can't fathom the idea of docile African American men. They don't see the black man as the protector but he is a fierce protector when his strength and leadership, is called upon. You are very intelligent and filled with glory too. we all continue to be works in progress. :) A lot of people are learning from you along with so many others. You're very kind. :)



No problem. I absolutely want the best for everyone and not just to experience that for myself. The time that we are given, is simply not long enough but we are blessed to have what we have. I wish more people saw that.Encouragement, goes along way and you never know who is listening. I never could understand how people look down on those who are sensitive. Life is sensitive at times so it can't be a bad thing. Especially when balanced out along with strength.EVeryone that tries their best has value.It does not matter what we look like. Old has value , we all will get their one day. Being fat, can be changed. It's a controllable thing. Even those that don't try, still have value to others. They make us want to be better as well as reaching back to show them differently, like many did for us But it's up to them to take that fruit or not. I've come to realize that, all my experiences, all of them,help to shape me into the person that I am.. They are all just my perspectives based on what i've been through. Just like anyone else . Society simply can't paint us all the same as African American women. Same as AFrican American men. It's true that many of us grew up idealistic but , that does not mean that we are not aware of the truth. We get a bad wrap on all fronts but,their are so many like me, who look like me, who are just so down to earth. good natured, not looking to get over on anyone but was taught to work hard for their worth and not settle for anything less than their worth. As for my dad, I have no other choice but to make him proud. I carry his last name. :) Thank you Truthseeker2436577.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Historical Information;query=id:ugabma_wsbn_63671

Ted Nugent Exposed

Refuting Bill O'Reilly's Garbage



Neither the Right or Left have love for Blacks because in America Blacks are hated to the core by the original oppressor and other groups that have been taught to hate Black
people by that oppressor.
I'm an Independent and from what I can see: One party is overtly racist while the other is covertly racist. The Huffington Post is a very liberal site and when I look at some of the user names such as "Never Going Right" say that the "killer of Trayvon was defending himself against a thug", that tells me that so called "left wingers" are no different than the overt racists on the right.
I could NEVER be part of the Republican party because many are overt racists. Many believe all Blacks are on welfare and many are just truly ignorance pesonified. Many love to make Blacks into caricatures and many play into every racist stereotype about Black people.....I feel Black Republicans have some very deep seeded self hate issues but I feel the same about many Black Democrats that feel it's okay for your party to set you aside for others and take your vote for granted. Democrats will also try to use Trayvon for politics the same way they use slavery for politics just like Biden when he told Blacks, "they gone put yall back in chains" and that is the ONLY reason Democrats will give for 'why you need to vote for them"....
Blacks have been getting killed every since the first African stepped on the shore in chains and NOT ONCE has the so called party of Blacks ADDRESSED the issue because you have NOT DEMANDED they do so....
Blacks need to be Independent and unlock the chains around your mind. Get off both major party "political plantations". Democrats are no different than Black Republicans that let racists take advantage of them. One does it with a scowl while the other does it with a smile.


Poll Says White People Would Like To Drop Race Conversation


White people are no more "racist, evil people by nature" than black people are "violent thieves by nature,
Actually history proves me correct,not only Americas history but global history. It is a fact that wherever White men have gone they've always brought trouble and war with them,this rings true since civilization began to current times. Part of having an honest discussion is stating facts. Do I mean All White folks not at all, but more than enough to keep the ball of racism, oppression and division going. Racism like stealing is a learned behavior and due to the racist history of America one can argue anything Black folks learn, we learned it from our historic oppressors.,
Which Jesus are YOU talking about??? The blond haired, blue-eyed, pale skinned one??? And while you desire Elders and Cosby to be on this "panel" let's add Tim Wise and Father Phlanger as well. I'm sure they will acknowledge the SAME thing I'm stating. Whites have NO interest in addressing white supremacy as they have NO desire to lessen their privalige. The continued "game" is to PRETEND that Blacks have an EQUAL share in YOUR behavior. NOT!!! That's like asking a rape victim to SHARE blame with the evil rapist!!! GTFOH with that "game".
This is what I meant about the type of white person who comes to this site and trys to be some kind of half-a$$ed psychoanalyst. You have absolutely no insight into the emotions or thoughts of black people because you cannot even do a simple thing like listening. Racism is YOUR disorder, therefore your focus should be on analyzing yourself and figuring out how to cure it. When you are ready to do that then we can begin to have a real conversation about race.
See, that's WHY the so-called "race" conversation can NEVER occur. Whites can NOT give up their FALSE ideology of supremacy. A close look at your posts SHOW that YOU want to direct the "conversation". I am suspose to ACCEPT YOUR Ghanaian preachers WORD, while you REJECT a counter voice. Whites want to CONTROL the topic BECAUSE they want to protect their FALSE supremacy at ANY cost. And don't ACT surprised at YOUR behavior. Yes, you are rapists, murderers, torchers, liars, molesters, genetically jealous, diseased, and the list goes on and on. No wonder YOU don't want Blacks to talk about your behavior to the WORLD!!! You are the one who believes in MURDERING innocent children planting bombs, shooting up movie theaters, churches, etc. The EVIDENCE SHOW who has the anger issues. Nice try, though!!!
Well, they better get use to it because, this topic is never going to go away until white supremacy is eradicated .What that means is, it requires YT people to be honest and do something about those that keep it alive. Off my soap box.
Has there ever been a conversation though?
I wonder do they say that to the so called Jews that migrated to that land now called Israel or is this a conversation that is dropped when they make "claims" of talking race with Black people?
Japanese people remember the a=effect of the atomic bomb.I know this because a friend of mine that happens to be of Japanese descent told me that every year a day of remembrance is set aside for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Infact her parents and her Grandmothers who are alive go on a pilgrimage there every year.
Europeans that migrated to Israel from Europe that claim The Holocaust always speak on their history.........Blacks are the only group of mass trauma that are discouraged to deny the pain of the race as it pertain to racism because it makes the descendants of the oppressors uncomfortable but that is not OUR problem. Black people need to dig very deep to the centuries of pain because many Blacks are still slaves when it comes to "mentality"....
Black people need to educate other Blacks on just how deep this issue is.As Black people,we don't even have our ORIGINAL names. We don't speak our native tongue.We don't the actual African country our ancestors come from.No one has been hurt more by racism than Black people because our original oppressor taught other races to hate us as well.My Dad is actually thinking about taking a test to ascertain such the history of his bloodline.

Conservative Black Chick: Trayvon’s Mom ‘Manufacturing Race War,’ ‘Didn’t Care About Him’


The World that We Live In

The evil militarization of American society is a common occurrence today. Recently, there has been a deployment of Blackhawk helicopters in Chicago. These forms of urban warfare training exercises have become a familiar feature of American life. This exercise was unannounced. A civilian population has been startled by it. It happens all of the time. This secretive action have been cosigned by the local police agencies and elected officials (among both major parties). One of the many reasons why this action has transpired is because these exercises are to give U.S. troops in what the Pentagon doctrine refers to the "Military Operations on Urban Terrain." The U.S. military loves these operations. In the past 10 years, the military has stepped up its house to house fighting in urban centers. They have used invasion and occupation in weaker nations militarily like Afghanistan and Iraq (in allow them and puppet regimes to subjugate the resisting populations). The Army runs a 1,000 acre Urban Training Center in south-central Indiana that boasts over 1,500 "training structures" designed to simulate houses, schools, hospitals, and factories. The center's web site states that, “can be tailored to replicate both foreign and domestic scenarios.” These training exercises include flying Blackhawks low over Chicago apartment buildings or rolling armored military convoys. Similar actions have been shown through the streets of St. Louis. In 2012 alone, there has been at least 7 such exercises being utilized in Los Angeles, again inChicago, Miami, Tampa, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Creeds, Virginia. So, these exercises allow troops to get used to U.S. cities while desensitizing the American people to the domestic deployment of U.S. military might. Some deployments are more advanced. The elite use the justification of prosecuting the global war on terror as a means to pass repressive legislation. They have created a new bureaucracy of state control under the Department of Homeland Security. Even in the current administration, the White House has claimed the power to throw enemies of the state into indefinite military detention or even assassinate them on U.S. soil via drone strikes. This transpires while we have a huge expansion of electronic spying on the American population. There has been a growing influence of the U.S. military in domestic affairs. Back in 2002, there was the creation of the U.S. Northern Command for the first time dedicated a military command to operations within the U.S. itself. In May of 2012, the Pentagon admitted that they want to have new rules of engagement for U.S. military forces operating on American soil to provide support to civilian law enforcement authorities including responses to civil disturbances. The document declares sweeping and unprecedented military powers under a section entitled “Emergency Authority.” It asserts the authority of a “federal military commander” in “extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.” In other words, the Pentagon brass claims the unilateral authority to impose martial law. In a recent article, a senior instructor at the Fort Leavenworth Command and General Staff College and former director of the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies laid out a telling scenario for a situation in which the military could intervene. “The Great Recession of the early twenty-first century lasts far longer than anyone anticipated. After a change in control of the White House and Congress in 2012, the governing party cuts off all funding that had been dedicated to boosting the economy or toward relief. The United States economy has flat lined much like Japan’s in the 1990s, for the better part of a decade. By 2016, the economy shows signs of reawakening, but the middle and lower-middle classes have yet to experience much in the way of job growth or pay raises. Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to double digits …” The Pentagon describes possible futures indeed. Now, we know that the civilian police force has been heavily militarized for decades. SWAT has been a common happening in the streets of America. DHS funds SWAT units all of the time. SWAT like units were utilized in the streets of Boston and other locations in the aftermath of the Boston bombing months ago. This occurred in April. The militarization of society leads into distrust, further widening economic inequality (between the billionaires including the multi-millionaires and the working class). It harms civil liberties and human rights. It also leads into militarism in terms of domestic lands and foreign lands as well. Even the Pentagon admits to this by their documents. We have the right to disagree with militarization and use action.

We know that there are legitimate criticisms about the White House. Now, the following information is not about that. This is a about the illogical, bigoted folks in the GOP that hate President Barack Obama personally in an evil way. Many reactionary Republicans in Congress want to even cripple the U.S. government if the first African American President Barack Obama doesn't submit to their demands. Now, this doesn't represent all Republicans. Some Republicans want to do the right thing, but this just describes the extremists. Some Republicans want to use gerrymandering for the purpose of trying to continue to have a majority in the House. They want to filibuster if necessary. There are many possible fiscal crises in the fall. Some Republicans have threatened to shut down the federal government or even default in the national debt. The GOP has been responsible with sugarcoating the health reform law. Some of them want to devastate funding for food stamps, environmental advancements, transportation, education assistance, and other domestic programs. “These are tough bills,” Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Kentucky, who heads the House Appropriations Committee, told the New York Times. “His priorities are going nowhere.” Many reactionaries believe that minorities, women, immigrants, etc. are undeserving of certain rights or services. Many of them gloat over the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial (where he murdered an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin). Some FOX News pundits even mocked the outrage of the verdict from the African American community and Obama's personal expression of sympathy. This is not a post racial America. This time is a signal that we should refute the views of the reactionaries. We must defeat the goals of the reactionaries completely. They want to take back America to a regressive time. The reality is that the modern Republican Party has been mostly white and the nation's minorities have turned more and more to the Democratic Party outlines a dilemma for the GOP (in shattering their image of racial tolerance). This new crypto-fascism by the reactionaries is nothing new. The Republicans who are extreme do not want compromise or execute revolutionary changes. They want to sink the world's economy via an U.S. debt default if they do not get their way. Either we have will white supremacy as a system in the world or we will defeat it. The size-of-government narrative is just a euphemistic way of avoiding the underlying issue of race, a dodge that is as old as the Republic. We know that Thomas Jefferson was a great hypocrite who was a front man for the then South's chief industry of human slavery. Though he had famously declared, as “self-evident” truth, that “all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” he also was one of Virginia’s major slaveholders. And he engaged in the pseudo-science of racial supremacy, measuring the skulls of his African-American slaves to try to “prove” their inferiority, which he did not do I might add. He, Patrick Henry, and George Mason wanted a strong state controlled militia in Virginia as a means to prevent slave revolts. The Southern plantation structure funded his political campaigns. Jefferson took a teenage girl named Sally Hemmings around his travels including in France. He exploited a vulnerable girl, which is one of the worst crimes that a man can do. The Federalists believed in a strong federal government while Jefferson was an anti-Federalist. The Federalists also were the ones, particularly Hamilton and Adams, who demonstrated sympathy and support for Haiti’s black freedom-fighters, while Jefferson did all he could to undermine their success. Thomas Jefferson (when he agreed with the French Revolution) was not opened minded to support black men, black women, and black children who were successful in defeating the evil French Empire in Haiti at all. Jefferson sympathized with the Alien and Sedition Acts, which violated free speech and free press. Thomas Jefferson claimed to be for limited government, but he agreed with the imperialist Louisiana Territories acquisition. Many reactionary Southerners back then followed states' rights ideal to the extreme. As University of Virginia historian Brian Balogh noted in his book, A Government Out of Sight, Southerners asserted an extreme version of states’ rights in the period from 1840 to 1860 that included preventing aid to disaster victims. Balogh wrote that the South feared that “extending federal power” – even to help fellow Americans in desperate need – “might establish a precedent for national intervention in the slavery question,” as Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne noted in a May 22 column. There were some gains as a product of the Second Reconstruction (of the golden age of the 20th century civil rights movement from the 1950's to the early 1970's). The white reactionary backlash came in the late 1970's to the next level with Republican Ronald Reagan and others talking about small government and states' rights. The Reagan era reversed many strides made after WWII to open mainstream society to black citizens. There was hostility to even legitimate refutations. Today, reactionaries want to make the current Presidency fail not as for a just reason. They want it to fail as a means to cause states' rights to dominate human rights, to allow imperialism to be more ballistic, and to love laissez faire capitalism without real justice for the poor and suffering in the world. So, we are fighting the system of white supremacy. The enemy hates a multicultural America and they hate the movements for Black Unity also. We have every right to advance progressive economic justice and progressive social justice in the world for all of humanity.



The juror B29 made interesting revelations about the trial recently. The Juror B29 (who calls herself Maddy) said that he felt pressured to find Zimmerman not guilty. She is a Puerto Rican woman or a woman of color.  “I was the juror that was going to give them a hung jury,” she said. “I fought to the end. “I felt like I let a lot of people down, and I’m thinking to myself, `Did I go the right way? Did I go the wrong way?’” she said. “As much as we were trying to find this man guilty … They give you a booklet that basically tells you the truth, and the truth is that there was nothing that we could do about it.”Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin (or Trayvon Martin's parents) felt devastated about the revelations from juror B29. Sybrina Fulton said that the juror's comments confirm their thinking about the case. She issued the following statement about juror B29: "...It is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror B29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true. That George Zimmerman literally got away with murder. This new information challenges our nation once again to do everything we can to make sure that this never happens to another child. That’s why Tracy and I have launched The Trayvon Martin Foundation to try and take something very painful and negative and turn it into something positive as a legacy to our son..." Maddy continued to feel guilty about the verdict. Maddy or Juror B29 believes that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, but there was not enough evidence to convict him on various charges. The juror B29 told everyone about this issue and she feels guilty and uncomfortable with her decision. If she would have felt that Zimmerman was guilty of murdering of Trayvon Martin, she should have kept voting her conscience (and that would result in a hung jury and a new trial). She wants to apologize to the family of Trayvon Martin about the whole ordeal. She obviously has a lot of guilt complex by speaking out in public. The other juror who spoke out in hiding feels no shame about her decision, while B29 feels some sense of remorse about the case. It is obvious that B29 was intimidated by the other jurors to make an uniform decision in favor of Zimmerman. Every way that you look at it, it is a tragedy. She was still part of the clique that allowed an unrepentant murderer to be let free. So, that reality should resonate among us. Zimmerman is a murderer and Trayvon Martin was an unarmed victim. Zimmerman weighed more than 50 years than Trayvon Martin. Also, George Zimmerman was trained in MMA fighting. Also, if Zimmerman was knocked nearly unconscious, how did George Zimmerman knew almost everything Trayvon said to him as Trayvon was allegedly beating him up? Trayvon Martin's body was found 40ft. from where the murderer claimed Trayvon first sucker punched him and knocked him to the ground. We know that Zimmerman have contradictory statements about the whole incident. The reactionaries for a long time have always tried to justify killing unarmed black Americans. The SYG is one law out of many laws (from the past and present) that deals with that perverted, evil tradition. The struggle is not over. It is not over since we have right to fight. We have the right to speak out and unify in our community as a means to prevent these actions (even if we see a stalker harassing an unarmed, innocent black child in our face, then we have the God given right to do something about it). We have to be strategic also. We must fight for voting rights as well. We know full well that the Voting ID laws are bigger than what its proponents talk about. These repressive laws deal with reducing the days that human beings can vote. It deals with certain requirements that studies prove will negatively affect the voting turnout of minorities, the elderly, the youth, and the poor. Some in North Carolina has proposed a very restrictive anti-voting law that will restrict voter registration drives, eliminate same day voter registration, and other regressive actions. Also, many folks have sued these states with voting ID laws all of the time. Also, many voters have been restricted to vote as well recently. Before these laws, voting has been readily available for citizens. Reactionaries pass such laws as a means to gerrymander districts and advance anti-minority, xenophobic, and other pro-bigotry policies. The ACLU and other groups have documented the weaknesses of these extreme voting ID laws. This policy of federal intervention by Holder against Texas is necessary. It is a part of this continued struggle for voting rights and human rights. The VRA is never an outdated law period. It is a law that was made by the blood, sweat, and tears of real activists who fought for human freedom and rightful dignity. The Voting Rights Act is a law that supposed to represent real ideals and real humanity for American citizens. We have every right to defend voting rights as a means to prevent efforts from reactionaries who want to harm the legitimate aspirations of black human beings all day every day. This is a new generation. We are fighting for our liberties. The war is still going on and we won some battles. Yet, we will win the war in the end. Good will always triumph against evil.



One of the most racist comments about immigration this year comes from Rep. Steve King (R-IA). Even John Boehner has rejected King's comments. Rep. Steve King said that undocumented youths are drug mules with cantaloupe sized calves. He defended his comments in many places and on Laura Ingraham show. Steve King said that he will not apologize for the statement at all. Many folks from across the political spectrum have criticized Steve King on this issue. He claimed that his comments are based on his personal experience of dealing with human beings crossing the Mexican-American border. Notably, he said that for every so-called DREAMer who is a valedictorian, there are “one hundred drug mules” and “you can tell by their physical characteristics what they’ve been doing for months.” So, these words are very wrong. The reason is that undocumented immigrants are trying to have a better life. They are not collectively drug dealers at all. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is right to call King's remarks as hateful language. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) “strongly disagreed” with King’s comments “inexcusable.” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) also criticized King on Wednesday morning on MSNBC saying,”...that’s not a path that we should be going down.”  Steve King last year compared immigrants to dogs. Last month, Steve King called a peaceful DREAMer sit-in demonstration at his District of Columbia office an "invasion." He also suggested the U.S. to electrify its border fence because “we do that with livestock all the time.” And in recent memory, King drafted and helped to pass an amendment that would end the deportation ban on DREAMers. He defended racial profiling with Arizona's anti-immigration SB 1070 law. Regardless of Steve King's reactionary views, the vast majority of Americans want comprehensive immigration reform. Most Americans even want a pathway for undocumented immigrants. More so, House Republicans Eric Cantor and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) are pushing the Kids Act, which is similar to the DREAM Act in that they both provide a pathway to citizenship. The House Republican leadership sees the Kids Act as the path of least resistance, but the approach would leave out at least nine million undocumented immigrants who wouldn’t qualify. King wants to have more corporate financial support. Some of the reactionaries worship states' rights when many states historically have maintained segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, and other injustices decades ago under the guise of states' rights. Sometimes, the federal government (including activists among the human race) was necessary to end Jim Crow segregation. My anti-tyrannical words detail my view of the federal government to not be involved in imperialism, illegal spying, Wall Street Bailouts, militarization of domestic locations, or endorsing regressive laws like the voter ID laws or the Patriot Act. I do agree with the federal government legitimately providing the general welfare of society above and beyond state supremacy. That is the reality that some reactionaries ignore. In other words, the federal government should not harm human rights, but it can serve the people via advancing the general welfare of society. Also, we have Federal Bill of Rights. We have the Federal Constitution, so the Federal Bill of Rights is superior to states' rights. Unjust state power is not God, so unjust state power ought to be opposed succinctly by any freedom fighter




SNCC had a great role in the Civil Rights Movement. SNCC stands for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. It was created in April of 1960. SNCC was the younger, new wave of civil rights activists in that time period. Folks were tired of Southern discrimination and Jim Crow. The Supreme Court ruled that Jim Crow segregation was unconstitutional in law. Yet, it was a reality in many locations of America during the 1960's. This caused direct action protests, civil disobedience, voter registration drives, and other activism by SNCC including other human beings. SNCC was created after February 1, 1960. That was the day when 4 students at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro decided to sit in a segregated Woolworth's lunch counter and demand service. This caused a change in history. 6 years before that time, the Supreme Court ruled segregation unconstitutional in the landmark Brown V. Board Education case. Apartheid style Jim Crow law imposed segregation in every aspect of public life in the South (that included movie theaters, swimming pools, parks, restaurants, buses, schools, government services, and everything else). The Brown ruling established the idea that segregated facilities couldn't be equal. So, segregation was unconstitutional. This decision had to be accompanied with massive desegregation. In 1957, African American students tried to attend Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas in 1957. They faced so much violent opposition that Republican Eisenhower had to send in soldiers from the Army's 101st Airborne Division to protect the students. New black Southerners came on the scene by 1960 since little desegregation was occurring. Weeks after the February North Carolina sit-in, thousands of students have similar sit-ins across the South. By April, student activists from many cities wanted to come together to discuss the new movement and how it could be broadened. Ella Baker (or the executive director in Dr. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference or the SCLC) facilitated the founding meeting of SNCC. Ella Baker was one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history. Baker was an advisor to SNCC. She wanted SNCC to make its own decision and not subordinate itself to SCLC or other established groups. SNCC worked in the Freedom Rides (or when Black and white activists would sit together in segregated interstate buses as they traveled from city to city in the South as a means to protest segregation in the South). The first Freedom Ride was from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans. This comes after the 1960 Supreme Court ruling in Boynton v. Virginia that legally desegregated interstate transit. CORE launched the Freedom Rides (CORE stand for Congress on Racial Equality. It was based in the North). The CORE activists were so much beaten that the original Freedom Riders stop their trip in Birmingham, Alabama. SNCC leaders took over the Freedom Riders crusade. Diane Nash was a SNCC leader in Nashville. She argued that the movement would be set back if the racists were able to stop the Freedom Riders. She organized a contingent of students to go to Birmingham to resume the journey. Many students were arrested by Bull Connor when they came into Birmingham. They sang songs in jail. The Freedom Riders were attacked again by racists including reporters. This caused an international spotlight on Jim Crow. Many SNCC chapters grew all over the South. They were involved in registering black Americans in Mississippi to vote. SNCC ultimately spearheaded what the organization named Mississippi Freedom Summer, a campaign in 1964 to register Blacks to vote and mobilize a challenge to the racist Mississippi Democratic Party. Students from the North were recruited to work with local activists on voter registration. The Freedom Summer volunteers endured deadly violence. Vanderbilt University expelled James Lawson since he led civil disobedience workshops attended by young activists. Then President John Kennedy and his brother attorney General Robert Kennedy wanted SNCC to be more moderate in their action, but SNCC legitimately refused to do so.  Their efforts were one contributing factor in the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act to be passed in America. SNCC influenced the Black Power movement with its members like Kwame Ture and H. Rap Brown. SNCC later on refused to advanced concessions and bourgeois politics. They wanted revolutionary changes in society. That is why many of them allied with Malcolm X. The capitalist Republican and Democratic parties (a Dixiecrat is a Dixiecrat you know. Many of those Democrats including those from the GOP love imperialism today) are entities that in many cases stifle revolutionary actions. So, even now, we should fight bad conditions in the ghettoes, the mass unemployment, the mass incarceration of our people, and the police brutality that harm the lives of black Americans (of all socioeconomic levels, especially the poor) every day. The struggle continues.

By Timothy

Friday, July 26, 2013

“Big Brother” Has Been Watching You… For a Long Time

New DHS Headquarters was a CIA MKUltra Test Facility

Second-Largest Dutch City Bans Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide

More Wisdom

Ms. J says:
Well, I have to say that I appreciate the work of you and the entire Umoja group, Pam. You all are trying fighting against racism and don’t seek any large-scale public attention to yourselves.
Part of me wonders if some black people often do “anti-racism” work to get more attention, but I think the RWS know very well that it’s the unsung heroes who often do more for Black people than the Black people shown all over the media. After all, the message is much more important than the messenger.
Other Black people tell me that they think I’m going to be a big leader someday, but I just want to help others who need it without any large-scale recognition. We ALL can be leaders if we just look around us and get constructive things done. I find it interesting that Black people are supposed to have some “Leader” tell them what to do, but many White people talk or act that way.
But I have a question for all of you: Do you think Black people would be in a much better position if Mr. Fuller’s Code was much more popular with Black people during the Civil Rights era? I often wonder where we’d be as a people if we were all individually codified but united.


TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J
I agree that the message is more important than the messenger. That’s why we published under a pen name to keep the focus OFF of us. We are the least important part of our message.
Becoming a “Leader of One” teaches us to think for ourselves BUT UNITED with other like-minded individuals to achieve a common goal using a common strategy.
We have seen what happens when black people follow a ‘leader’ and that leader is jailed or killed. The followers become demoralized, discouraged and derailed.
If Mr. Fuller had his code back in the early 60s (I don’t think he did) and we had chosen that road instead of “integration” we would have been an entirely different, more sane, and more self-respecting people, but I also think the white supremacy system’s reaction to us would have been entirely different.
Hard to say how that would have turned out but it is an interesting question.
Here’s the link to some Neely Fuller Sound clips on “codification”


Mariama says:
I love your “Leader Of One” comment. I think that if more of our people used this one, they would be so much better off. We should not care about integration, we should just want equality!


TrojanPam says:
@ Mariama
I think being a “Leader of One’ is the most practical solution for the Victims of White Supremacy.
Unfortunately, the system has refined their method of NEUTRALIZING any potential black “leader” that they cannot control. They learned their lesson during the 1960s during the “negro uprising” and unlike their Victims, they LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES, go back to the drawing board and come up with a NEW PLAN.
the NEW PLAN is to CREATE “BLACK LEADERS” and finance them and control them so black people will be led astray and never be able to overcome our oppression.
Actually, I don’t seek “equality” because that is impossible within a white supremacy system. What I seek is “JUSTICE” and unfortunately, I have concluded that the only POSSIBLE way to overcome our oppression is to SEPARATE FROM WHITE PEOPLE. At this time, it’s not practical, but I see no other recourse.


TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J
I appreciate your support for our efforts!
I think more whites use “anti-racism” to make money than black people. Working in so-called “civil rights” is different from anti-racism work, in my opinion, because most civil rights prominent people don’t talk about “white supremacy” (in my limited experience) and are always seeking more integration than separation.
I don’t think Mr. Fuller had a “code” in the 1960s, he was still developing it, I suspect, but, yes, black people would be MUCH BETTER OFF, had we had Mr. Fuller’s code and information.
Of course, the white supremacy wasn’t going to sit idle and lose money, and that’s where the CODIFICATION + A LEADER OF ONE would come in
for example, instead of MARCHING, black people would just stay HOME instead of financially supporting degrading films
Instead of calling another black person a foul name, we would refrain from name calling each other
Instead of sharing our precious black bodies with racist man and racist woman, we would spend our intimate time and energy VALIDATING AND LOVING EACH OTHER
all those things are LEGAL, UNQUESTIONABLY A CHOICE, and something that would have HUGE RAMIFICATIONS if millions of black people became a LEADER of ONE and started LEADING OURSELVES toward more self-respecting behavior.


Kushite Prince says:
Cornel West has been on a rampage lately! In this article he calls Al Sharpton and other prominent blacks nothing but rent-a-negroes! Very strong words!
I can’t deny that what he says has a lot of truth to it. But those that are NOT codified will not realize that West is one also!lol Deception is the name of the game. And that is a game that racist man/woman know how to play very well.


TrojanPam says:
@ Kushite Prince
I don’t know what the deal is with Cornel West, but if his “tirades” didn’t benefit the system of white supremacy, he wouldn’t get a SECOND of on-air time.
I strongly suspect that he is being used to promote more anti-blackness not just among black people, but also non-black people, who are watching black people literally PULVERIZE other black people on air. Not too long ago Rae Dawn Chong was blasting Oprah (have no idea why), saying the most awful things.
I would warn ANY AND ALL PARENTS of black children to STEER THEM AWAY from the entertainment field (which includes newscasters and pundits), it is one of the most TOXIC DUMPS on the planet for black people

Ms. J says:
Speaking of Racial Showcasing, the Hispanic juror from the George Zimmerman trial did an interview on Good Morning America. She said that she wanted Zimmerman to be charged as guilty, but she faced much pressure from the five White females to not push for a hung jury.
This woman looks like she could have some Black ancestry, and she’s the only one who has publicly shown her face. This is so telling. Thanks for the post, Pam!,0,4361149.story


TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J
I heard about that Juror, too. As soon as the verdict was announced, the news media in my town were already giving specific details about the Hispanic juror but NONE about the white female jurors, and when I heard that, I thought, uh-oh, here we go, throwing the non-white person under the bus.
Now, she’s getting all this attention and surely, some black people will be angry at this non-white person and will have forgotten that the MAJORITY OF JURORS WERE WHITE FEMALES.
I told a black male friend of mine before the verdict was announced that afterwards, NOBODY BLACK would be talking bad about those WHITE FEMALE JURORS or white females in general, but would still be talking BAD about that 19-year-old black female witness, Rachel Jantel.
So far, I haven’t heard a peep of a comment about white females.


LBM says:
Posted on CREE :
One of the things we can start to do is stop maintaining white folks lies. Anyone watching the ESPY Awards can see clearly that WHITE FEMALES ARE NOT AFRAID OF BLACK MALES. Can we stop THAT lie?? I live in NYC and I see white females with the nattiest, blackest, etc etc dudes. So please. More than one of those jurors probably “rented a dread” at some point. My last trip to Senegal/Gambia was filled with images of white female predators paying for Black “escorts”. Where’s the fear? Stop the nonsense.
Another ache in my tooth : stop mimicking “black on black crime” unless we’re going to start saying “white on white crime.” No matter how many white males kill their wives and feed them to the neighbors, or white females kill their children – no one is saying it’s okay for any random Black person to walk up to a white creature and murder them.
These may seem minor but they things we can do (or not do) immediately.
P.S. Some of those flappin’ jaw “showcasers” on CNN and the like, sex with white females so why aren’t they questioning this supposed “fear factor?”


TrojanPam says:
Excellent points, just like Zimmerman wasn’t afraid of a 17-year-old UNARMED black male, OTHERWISE he wouldn’t have stalked him or gotten close enough to provoke a confrontation.
You’re absolutely right. White females are NOT the least bit fearful of black males OR black people. The only exceptions might be some circumstances where any woman would be afraid but otherwise, I have seen no evidence of that “fear.”
I have watched white females get aggressive with black males with the expectation that he will back down (and they are seldom disappointed). I have seen a white female deliberately step on a black male’s shoe and laugh it off like a joke (no, he didn’t know her AND no, he didn’t think it was funny).
I have seen random white females wandering around poor black neighborhoods (hunting for a ‘good time’), coming into black bars and nightclubs, and associating with (sexing) random black males like they didn’t have a fear in the world. Years ago, I was friendly with some young black males (in their 20s) who used to talk about the white females who would come to where they were hanging out and offer to have sex with them in the bushes, and this was so COMMON that these males didn’t think it was a big deal.
And like you mentioned, thousands of white females of all ages travel a thousand MILES or more just to have random sexual encounters with strange black males in Senegal and who knows where else in the world they travel just to have sex with the big, black boogey-men of their twisted and racist imaginations.
That’s not fear, that’s WHITE ENTITLEMENT. And as far as that old white-damsel-in-distress routine of grabbing their purses when a black male in a business suit gets on an elevator is all part of MAINTAINING THE WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM by demonizing their Victims.
I’ll also add (and this might offend some) but the DOMINANT POSITION of the white female in a white supremacy system ALSO MEANS she is the DOMINANT ONE in a sexual relationship with a black male. Without realizing it, the black male is SUBMITTING to the white female– it is NEVER the other way around, regardless of what lies she tells him OR what he believes.
That ACT OF SUBMISSION on the part of the black male actually FEMINIZES HIM, not in the physical sense, but in a PSYCHOLOGICAL SENSE, which might explain the tendencies of black males (who exclusively sex white females) to be very aggressive, even hostile toward black females.
I have experienced this behavior personally many times, and now I believe that this aggression is DISPLACED ANGER that he cannot express toward that DOMINANT white female population that has demeaned and humiliated him publicly and privately — even while in the same bedroom — because it is unsafe for the black male to take it out on the white female population unless he’s willing to risk jail or death.
SEX with white people MANDATES that the black person (male and female) is always the SUBMISSIVE ONE, even when it appears to be the opposite, because that white person is calling the shots and is the one who more than likely initiated the sexual encounter.
White people always do the choosing, NOT the other way around. I talk about this behavior in the book, “The Interracial Con Game.”
Once black people understand the (con) game called “interracial sex,” they will never again believe that it is a liberating or humanizing experience, but is one of UNEQUALS where the white person is engaging in an act of EXPLOITATION.
Your second point (excellent also) about the media never calling white people killing other white people as “white-on-white crime.” Or that whites killing whites means black people oughta be able to do it, too.
Never thought about that! In that light, I agree that we should cease and desist calling it “black-on-black” as though killing is the domain of black people, something that has roots in our defective character and genetics.
Both your points are worthy of a blog all by themselves, and if I get time, I might write them


Sharina says:
Thanks for the enlightenment you bring.


TrojanPam says:
@ Sharina
Thank you for supporting this blog!