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Not a Word About Gentrification as Black Urban Population Declines

Freedom Rider: Attack of the Cruise Missile Liberals

Excellent article

“The belief in white American superiority effects and infects every policy discussion in this nation.” 
You're a hundred percent right and truer words couldnt be written. I can;t tell you how happy it makes me that the true spirit of 60s radicalism can still be found. But on another level, what shall we make of the scared pragmatism of the left, who is so afraid of a republican retaking the executive that they submit to every form of Democratic abuse? I say they need to dig in, abandon the democrats and let the chips fall where they may. 

good piece but

I totally disagree with your initial statement: "Peace loving Americans are few and far between. The vast majority of our citizens see nothing wrong with their government killing masses of people as long as the rationale sounds high minded and noble." MANY people I know are completely against war of any type, regardless of whether it's for "spreading freedom" or "fighting terrorism." But the problem is they don't care enough to voice their opposition, fearing being labeled as either sympathetic to our "enemies" or looking like cowards. But I think things start to really hit home when people see the pictures of the destruction our troops really do. Did you see the pictures from that Rolling Stone article about the Kill Team? They guys are just killing civilians for fun and I don't believe anyone can condone that with sincerity. Unfortunately, the youth of today, including the a vast amount of black youth, are more concerned with their cars, kicks and chicks than they are with international relations. Unfortunately, the spirit of the 60s died in the 60s. We don't have peace loving heros and artists speaking against our government. There are no more Jimi Hendrix's, just more and more self-absorbed rappers spewing their self-indulgent nonsense. I pray that one day the youth will awake from their intellectual slumber and see the world for what it is and where it's going. —tyrone

Economic News in March 2011

Portugal's budget deficit misses targets, increasing bailout fears
Portugal had a budget deficit of 8.6pc of GDP last year, exceeding the government's target of 7.3pc and putting more pressure on the country to seek a bail-out. ... fears.html

German, French and Dutch will need to pay very soon again. Also for Ireland, they need EUR 24 billion for their banks. Portugal is now a matter of time, the interest they need to pay on their debt is exploding...they're delaying EU help, but it's too late for them.Portugal is small, Greece and Ireland, but if Spain is going,that's a different story or...Italy or France, ther's is been spoken about that.

-Flying Dutch

Dutch business news reported that US home sales plunged to lowest level ever recorded in 40 years.

New Home Sales Plunge to Record Low in February

It's the unwining of mortgage-backed securities, worth tens of trillions, the real problem. Not too high mortgages etc, but the ponzi-scheme of multiplying mortgages 50 times or so of the original value by speculation. Nice aslong it goes u...p, but when it comes donw there's nothing to stop it, no austerity measures can stop the unwinding of derivatives tens of times GDP, even fi you cut all of government away,t eh unwining will continue as there's no way to cover those losses, that's the real crisis and why so muhc money is created to cover it up and now they squeeze a few percentages economic growth out of it, with a wrong method of calculating growth anyway, but without that you are back to a depression with minus 1% growth rates or so and this cannot continue forever. But some of the bigger countries are saving themselves to point towards a few weaker countries and target them to buy time for themselves. Onhe way out is maybe war, especially for the Anglo Saxons to prop up the Dollar as when the oil price goes up it fuels the Dollar which actually is loosing ground naturally. And the Us Dollar is a petro-Dollar based currency, deal of Kissinger with Saoudi's. So turmoil or war in the Mideast and N-Africa is actually godo for tWashington and the Fed overal to save more time for the Dollar, just like speculative attacks on weaker small countries of the eurozone is buying time for the Dollar and Pound , distracting. If oil goes up 10%, the Fed is able to do more money creation without additional inflation,the inflation is thene xported to the rest of the World, this is what you see in Northern Africa, the Mideast and East Asia. So Washington is busy to export the side effects of their own currency devaluations to others and so able to keep floating while other countries in better shape actually are driven tot he edge earlier than some of those that actually are in deeper troubles, but have more financial tricks. Washington is able to buy time with this Dollar as World currency and petro-Dollar.

Germany is aware of this and therefore the first to try to ban certain forms of speculation as they are at the end of the line if the others are collapsing, France and the Netherlands too. But it seems that France is seeking the other way........war and joining the Anglo-Saxon camp and Mr Sarkozy is a close friend of Edouard de Rotschild of the same banking and military industrial compex the Anglo-Saxon and Netherlands is built on. Germany is actually part of it too as it all began once in Frankfurt, but Germany is been a threath for British imperial hegemony many times ( too big powerfull industries and manufacturing and scientific developments, too good labor ethics to basicaly surpass all the other big countries) and it seems that Germany and the Anglo-Saxon bloc, London and Wallstreet are seeing more and more rifts.

not unwining...haha..but unwinding....just ignore my typos please!!

-Flying Dutch

Secret Illegal War Of Aggression Has Been Raging In Libya For Weeks

Webster Tarpley: Al Qaeda does US dirty work in Libya

Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

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Ohio poised to limit collective bargaining

Republicans to grill FCC chief on Google ‘Wi-Spy’ probe

Syria, Revolution, and Domestic Issues

Ellen Brown wants the state’s money to be kept in the states in order to solve the budget crisis in America. Today, people want to cut spending, raise taxes, or public assets as solutions to our debt crisis. There is a credit freeze on Wall Street. Since 2009, the banks have curtailed their lending more sharply than in any year since 1942. This have caused the continuation of unemployment and causing local tax revenues to plummet. Some want to restore credit in the local economy. Some want the Federal Reserve to give capital and liquidity that is vital to create bank credit like it gave $12.3 trillion in liquidity and short-term loans to the large money center banks. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn’t want the FED to do this as he said in January 2011; because he said that it would be too costly (the total deficit of all states comes to less than 2% of the credit advanced for the bank bailout. This isn’t a part of FED’s mandate. Congress can change the law to allow the FED to give credit to local government. The states can increase bank lending to small businesses that have been hit hard by the tightening credit standards. There can be a drawing of increasing interests via the creation of a bank modeled on the BND or the Bank of North Dakota. Now, the BND is the only state-owned bank in the country. The BND has a known 92 year history of safe, secure, and very profitable banking. North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. In 2009, when other states were floundering, it had the largest budget surplus it had ever had.  There have been 8 states now having bill pending to either have state owned banks or have studies to determine their potential. Such bills have been introduced in Oregon in January 11 in its legislature, in Washington State in January 12, in Massachusetts on January 20, in Maryland on February 4 in its legislature. They join Illinois, Virginia, Hawaii, and Louisiana, which introduced similar bills in 2010. The Center for State Innovation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, was commissioned to do detailed analyses for Washington and Oregon.  Their conclusion was that state-owned banks in those states would have a substantial positive impact on employment, new lending, and state and local government revenue.  A state owned bank can partner with community banks in supporting them to make loans. The BND acts as a mini FED in the state. There can be correspondent banking services to financial institutions. The BND can have less than 2 percent of its deposits from consumers. All state revenues are deposited in the BND by law. Municipal government deposits are also reserved for local community banks, which are able to use these funds for loans specifically because the BND provides letters of credit guaranteeing them. Now, the BND is a part of the Federal Reserve System. The BND is self sustaining and self funding since it doesn’t imperial state funds or tax money. It can manage forum and built up a surplus. The BND has a return on equity of 25-26% and has contributed over $300 million to the state (its only shareholder) in the past decade -- a notable achievement for a state with a population less than one-tenth the size of Los Angeles County.  Compare California’s public pension funds, which entrust their money to Wall Street and are down more than $100 billion, or close to half the funds’ holdings, following the banking debacle of 2008. A state owned bank allows the state to keep its money local and the money flows to the state Treasury and the local economy. North Dakota has the most local banks per capita and the lowest default rate of any state. The BND is not run by politicians to avoid derivatives and risky subprime loans.

James von Brunn, Pedro del Valle, and other fascists hated JFK. Brunn was born in 1920’s. He is said to be associated with reactionary white supremacists. It is known that in 1964 that former Marine Corps Lt. General Pedro Del Valle gave Von Brunn a copy of “The Iron Curtain over America” by John Beaty. Von Burn later blamed Jewish people for destroying Europe and destroying America. This book was from 1951 and has been called anti-Semitic by the B’nai B’rith’s ADL. Beaty claimed that Eastern European Jewish people like Supreme Court Justice & Freemason Felix Frankfurter and Samuel Rosenman (or President Roosevelt’s speechwriter) were part of that conspiracy to ruin the world. The book influenced the Jesuit-trained disinformationist Senator Joseph McCarthy. Del Valle recommended Von Burnn to a position with the reactionary book publisher Noontide press. Its founder was Jesuit-allied Willis Carto. Carto was a Holocaust denier (the Holocaust was heavily influenced by the Vatican. One example is how the Vatican’s Ustashis murdered over 600,000 innocent Jewish people, Serbs, and Gypsies in then Yugoslavia) and he founded Liberty Lobby that aspired to have public policy influence. So, Valle was a pro-Nazi type. He was an ITT President involved in the Childe coup and this installed Pinochet. He was a traitor to his Hispanic people (working for a white supremacist power structure and believing in their doctrines like a traitor. I don’t respect traitors). Del Valle was in the military in WWI and WWII. He was the first Hispanic to reach to the rank of lieutenant general. He could have been a possible governor of Puerto Rico as he was considered for the job by Freemason President Harry Truman. He wanted to get rid of Communists in a paranoid way by creating the Defenders of the American Constitution (They used citizen vigilantes to guard against sabotage and reason). He had controversial views and he didn’t win the race for Governor of Maryland back in 1953. According to people, Charles Willoughby (the alias for German-born Kurt Weidenbach, MacArthur’s chief of military intelligence) left a number of false, self-incriminating trails for reporters and the FBI to follow after President Kennedy was dead, including Mafia figures and lower echelon intelligence assets, eg. Lee Oswald. James von Brunn’s friend Pedro del Valle, a vice president at ITT, went on to be instrumental in the overthrow of Salvador Allende and the establishment of a military dictatorship in Chile. Some believed that Willoughby could have been involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The fascists indeed hated JFK. Willoughby wanted to fight the Red menace or Communism. His mentor was General MacArthur and MacArthur opposed a ground war in Vietnam. He was one of the elderly advisers to JFK. H. L. Hunt and other oil men funded Willoughby’s publisher and friend Billy James Hargis. In September 1961 Hargis announced that a secret fraternity to coordinate right-wing activities would soon be formed. Then, on March 21, 1962, a carefully selected group was called together in Washington. No press representatives were allowed at the founding session of the Anti-Communist Liaison, which brought together about one hundred delegates representing some seventy-five right-wing groups at the Washington Hotel. One person that was named as its chairman and operating head was Edward Hunter. Hunter was a National Advisory Board member of Young Americans for Freedom.

A lot of people have discussed about Alveda King. Some conservatives love her for her stances on abortion and social issues. Some liberals hate her for her views on Dr. King and social matters. I thought about this when I've looked a Youtube video calling her an Uncle Tom, which I find very disrespectful. You can disagree with her politics, but she does have a sincere heart in caring for her people (especially wanting black families to grow without record abortions in the black community. This has stagnated the black population in America). Alveda King has been involved in programs to help women who are pregnant and children in America. Now, Alveda King has made errors recently too. We know what those errors are. Alveda King is wrong to ally with the neo-con and Mormon Glen Beck since Beck is a notorious reactionary. Beck said evil, inflammatory comments even about the children of the President that he had to apologize for. He slander 9/11 Truth activists, the victims of 9/11, and the victims of Hurricane Katrina (by him calling them scum). I wouldn't ally with a man like Glen Beck or his movement. I won't give a dime to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or that "crew" at all. Alveda King is wrong to assume that Dr. Martin Luther King would be some Republican when King's own family said that Dr. King wasn't affiliated with a political party. He voted for JFK in 1960 and LBJ in 1965. He believed in universal health care, opposition to the Vietnam War, he loved social justice, and he wanted a radical change in the current economic system. Republicans, especially Tea Party-like Republicans, would abhor that. We should reject any form of historical revisionism that doesn't tell the full story pertaining to the essence of the mission and agenda of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Alveda King believed that Dr. King would be Pro-Life, which is a high probaility (since his father, Jesse Jackson, and Ralph Abernathy were all Pro-Life. Yet, Dr. King supported birth control). This is why Alveda King promotes a black Republican group in order to inspire blacks to be Republicans. The reality is that Republicans and Democrats are apart of the same tree of nepotism, patronage, and political slick rhetoric. We who are black (and of any race for that matter) should be politically independent and not unconditionally adhere to any political philosophy or political party. Alveda King Ecumenically allies with some pro-Papal groups because they are Pro-life. Well, just because some may oppose abortion, doesn't mean we should unite with them spiritually. Anyone of any creed deserves respect and mutual dignity, but we don't compromise our creed to be accepted into a fold. We ought to maintain our spiritual independence under God.
Many establishment liberals trade blood and treasure for oil company profits by supporting President Barack Obama’s airstrikes in Libya. It’s very hypocritical for some of these so-called progressive sites to support the unprovoked bombing of Libya. They support these acts under the guise of humanitarian reasons. Yet, to use tomahawk missiles with depleted uranium to destroy objects is not about human endeavors at all (or bring freedom and democracy to an oppressed people). Even Ed Schultz supports the decision of President Obama to bomb Libya. Schultz claimed that this operation is limited to a few days to prevent Gaddafi from slaughtering people, but NATO says that using ground forces or supplying the rebels with weapons isn’t completely out of the question. Defense Secretary Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted that the operation could last for months (debunking Schultz’s main argument that it’s only a few days long conflict). This justification that Ed uses is similar to Wolfowtiz and Rumsfeld falsely claiming that the Iraq war would be quick and easy (and only cost a couple of billion dollars that would be paid by Iraqi oil). The humanitarian argument is convoluted and hypocritical. The Western elite pick and choice which civil uprisings and dictators they support without no genuine concern for democracy or civil rights for decades. Now, the elite wants to act sincerely for the interests of the people, when they covertly want Middle Eastern resources to benefit their own Empire. The intervention is about protecting oil resources and to control the Middle East (to keep Israel intact as well). Whether it's control over Egypt's Suez Canal, Libya's sweet crude, or propping up the tyrannical Saudi regime in the face of protesters there, this selective military action in Libya seems to be exactly what liberals screamed about during Bush's preemptive oil wars. A RAND documents reviewed the U.S. oil policy in the Middle East and associated region. It shows that President Jimmy Carter said in his January 23, 1980 State of the Union Address that he wanted to prevent if necessary military force against outside forces that want to gain control of the Persian Gulf region. Even before this, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in September of 1978 issued a strategy assessment in which it wrote of 'continuous access to petroleum resources' as priority #1 in the region, along with seeing that Israel survived. In 1979, the military put together a 'Rapid Deployment Force (RDF), which soon gained full, unified command status as the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM).' Mike Rozeff said that Western control over oil in the Arabic oil is a key priority of the current Western establishment. That is why the U.S. fought over Kuwait in 1990 and now in Libya. The U.S. armed dictatorial regimes for a long time. They want oil to flow interrupted. The U.S./NATO alliance is doing the agenda of multinational oil companies not necessary for national interests. The oil companies benefit from drilling contracts when the military incidents end. There are BP’s massive drilling contracts in Iraq and even ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair had kickbacks from. Furthermore, the average price for oil prior to America's undeclared wars from 2001-2002 was less than $23 per barrel.  After America invaded Iraq, the price of oil skyrocketed relatively quickly to peak at $147 in 2008, leaving some to speculate that this spike in society's life-blood was the real trigger for the economic collapse in the fall of that same year. This 500% increase in oil prices in just 5 years didn’t benefit Americans at all. The Huffington Post and others justify this expensive and unconstitutional new war front and they slam domestic spending cuts (caused by bloated unnecessary defense, war, and surveillance spending). The progressives are no different than the neo cons that they despite since the progressives use humanitarian tags as an excuse to promote warfare. This military preemptive strike is illegal and it will cost a lot of money to finish the job. Establishment progressives like neo-cons support unjust war (serving the military industrial complex, Big Oil, and we continue to see evil austerity cuts at home). I don’t support Qaddafi, but independent Africans should rule Libya without imperialists or dictators.
There are events in Syria as well. There is a Revolution all over the world. This Syrian Uprising has signs of being another globalist backed coup d’├ętat. There is a conglomeration of Western backed human rights activist. The Syrian Revolution has a logo. The Otpor fist was first used in Serbia in 200 and it’s handed off to numerous movements that are trained by the U.S. funded CANVAS organization, including Tunisian & Egyptian youth movements. It’s called the Syrian Youth Revolution. “A prominent Syrian opposition figure says the country is “a bomb, ready to explode” as protesters demand freedom and an end to president Bashar al-Assad’s “cancerous regime,”” reports Australia’s ABC News. This prominent Syrian opposition figure is “human rights activist” Haitham Maleh, of the Human Rights Association of Syria, recently released from a Syrian prison. Haitham Maleh and Muhammad al-Hassani (another activist. His plight has been used to stir up unrest) each have pro-bono legal services from the CFR-filled “Freedom Now” organization. Freedom Now receives funding from the Morial Fund, the Lantos Foundation, which includes Israeli President Shimon Peres as an adviser. Real Network Foundation also funds Democracy Now. The Charles Bronfman Prize proclaims on its website about Jewish values, Global Impact. Freedom Now gets pro bono legal support from the Pillsbury law firm, which is a CFR corporate member. Freedom Now specializes in political prisoners from many regions of the world. It attracts the attention of globalist ambition. The use of human rights abuses deals with globalists a perceived moral high ground from which they can exert pressure on target nations. This is very similar to the operation being run by Chatham House globalist Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff, who is defending western-backed Mikhail Khodorkovsky to ratchet up pressure on Russia, and Thaksin Shinawatra to exert pressure on Thailand. There are individuals from the corporate world using “human rights” as an excuse to promote radical changes in the Middle East. There have been many evils in Syria against Syrians’ human rights. That is true, but we can’t use falsehoods as an excuse to promote the Manifest Destiny 2.0. Syria was once included in George W. Bush’s Axis of Evil and in 2007, Rhodes Scholar and U.S. General Wesley Clark mentioned in a 2007 speech about wanting Syria being slated for destabilization and regime change. Other actors in the Syrian unrest are wary of the London-based Syrian Human Rights Committee whose hearsay statements posed on its website are cited by corporate news media in outlandish reports of violence that also include “activists say” after each allegation. The Syrian Rights Committee puts on a poorly staged demonstration outside the Syrian Embassy in England. Information on Syria comes from “human rights organizations” like SHRC gives a good majority of information to mainstream media sources. Kamal Labwani was arrested in 2005 in Syria after returning from a trip to Europe and the United States. He met with government officials, journalists, and human rights groups in his effort to change the Syrian government. The officials Labwani consorted with were George Bush’s Deputy National Security Adviser J.D. Crouch. The U.S. called Syria a rogue state. John Bolton wants Syria to be targeted by possible U.S. military action. Syria accused Labwani of communicating with a foreign country and inciting it to initiate aggression against Syria doesn’t seem so farfetched. In most nations the punishment for treason is death, under Syria’s cancerous regime, Labwani got 12 years. Some of these movements have been backed by the West and they have been supported by the corporate owned media. This is a part of the same events in North Africa and the Middle East. Destabilization efforts are occurring in Egypt, Libya, and Syria is here. If these efforts are successful, the West could have more overt involvement in these affairs.

By Timothy

Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike against Monsanto


Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike against Monsanto

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The Cornucopia Institute
March 30th, 2011
Lawsuit Filed To Protect Themselves from Unfair Patent Enforcement on Genetically Modified Seed
Action Would Prohibit Biotechnology Giant from Suing Organic Farmers and Seed Growers If Innocently Contaminated by Roundup Ready Genes
NEW York: On behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed suit today against Monsanto Company challenging the chemical giant’s patents on genetically modified seed. The organic plaintiffs were forced to sue preemptively to protect themselves from being accused of patent infringement should their crops ever become contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically modified seed.
Monsanto has sued farmers in the United States and Canada, in the past, when there are patented genetic material has inadvertently contaminated their crops.
A copy of the lawsuit can be found at:
The case, Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association, et al. v. Monsanto, was filed in federal district court in Manhattan and assigned to Judge Naomi Buchwald. Plaintiffs in the suit represent a broad array of family farmers, small businesses and organizations from within the organic agriculture community who are increasingly threatened by genetically modified seed contamination despite using their best efforts to avoid it. The plaintiff organizations have over 270,000 members, including thousands of certified organic family farmers.
“This case asks whether Monsanto has the right to sue organic farmers for patent infringement if Monsanto’s transgenic seed or pollen should land on their property,” said Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT’s Executive Director. “It seems quite perverse that an organic farmer contaminated by transgenic seed could be accused of patent infringement, but Monsanto has made such accusations before and is notorious for having sued hundreds of farmers for patent infringement, so we had to act to protect the interests of our clients.”
Once released into the environment, genetically modified seed can contaminate and destroy organic seed for the same crop. For example, soon after Monsanto introduced genetically modified seed for canola, organic canola became virtually impossible to grow as a result of contamination.
Organic corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and alfalfa also face the same fate, as Monsanto has released genetically modified seed for each of those crops as well.
Monsanto is currently developing genetically modified seed for many other crops, thus putting the future of all food, and indeed all agriculture, at stake.
“Monsanto’s threats and abuse of family farmers stops here. Monsanto’s genetic contamination of organic seed and organic crops ends now,” stated Jim Gerritsen, a family farmer in Maine who raises organic seed and is President of lead plaintiff Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association. “Americans have the right to choice in the marketplace – to decide what kind of food they will feed their families.”
“Family-scale farmers desperately need the judiciary branch of our government to balance the power Monsanto is able to wield in the marketplace and in the courts,” said Mark A. Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, one of the plaintiffs. “Monsanto, and the biotechnology industry, have made great investments in our executive and legislative branches through campaign contributions and powerful lobbyists in Washington.”
In the case, PUBPAT is asking Judge Buchwald to declare that if organic farmers are ever contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically modified seed, they need not fear also being accused of patent infringement. One reason justifying this result is that Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seed are invalid because they don’t meet the “usefulness” requirement of patent law, according to PUBPAT’s Ravicher, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney in the case.
“Evidence cited by PUBPAT in its opening filing today proves that genetically modified seed has negative economic and health effects, while the promised benefits of genetically modified seed – increased production and decreased herbicide use – are false,” added Ravicher who is also a Lecturer of Law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York.
Ravicher continued, “Some say transgenic seed can coexist with organic seed, but history tells us that’s not possible, and it’s actually in Monsanto’s financial interest to eliminate organic seed so that they can have a total monopoly over our food supply,” said Ravicher. “Monsanto is the same chemical company that previously brought us Agent Orange, DDT, PCB’s and other toxins, which they said were safe, but we know are not. Now Monsanto says transgenic seed is safe, but evidence clearly shows it is not.”
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

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The plaintiffs in the suit represented by PUBPAT are: Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association; Organic Crop Improvement Association International, Inc.; OCIA Research and Education Inc.; The Cornucopia Institute; Demeter Association, Inc.; Navdanya International; Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association; Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter, Inc.; Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont; Rural Vermont; Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association; Southeast Iowa Organic Association; Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society; Mendocino Organic Network; Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance; Canadian Organic Growers; Family Farmer Seed Cooperative; Sustainable Living Systems; Global Organic Alliance; Food Democracy Now!; Family Farm Defenders Inc.; Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund; FEDCO Seeds Inc.; Adaptive Seeds, LLC; Sow True Seed; Southern Exposure Seed Exchange; Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds; Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., LLC; Comstock, Ferre & Co., LLC; Seedkeepers, LLC; Siskiyou Seeds; Countryside Organics; Cuatro Puertas; Interlake Forage Seeds Ltd.; Alba Ranch; Wild Plum Farm; Gratitude Gardens; Richard Everett Farm, LLC; Philadelphia Community Farm, Inc; Genesis Farm; Chispas Farms LLC; Kirschenmann Family Farms Inc.; Midheaven Farms; Koskan Farms; California Cloverleaf Farms; North Outback Farm; Taylor Farms, Inc.; Jardin del Alma; Ron Gargasz Organic Farms; Abundant Acres; T & D Willey Farms; Quinella Ranch; Nature’s Way Farm Ltd.; Levke and Peter Eggers Farm; Frey Vineyards, Ltd.; Bryce Stephens; Chuck Noble; LaRhea Pepper; Paul Romero; and, Donald Wright Patterson, Jr.
Dr. Carol Goland, Ph.D., Executive Director of plaintiff Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA) said, “Consumers indicate, overwhelmingly, that they prefer foods made without genetically modified organisms. Organic farms, by regulation, may not use GMOs, while other farmers forego using them for other reasons. Yet the truth is that we are rapidly approaching the tipping point when we will be unable to avoid GMOs in our fields and on our plates. That is the inevitable consequence of releasing genetically engineered materials into the environment. To add injury to injury, Monsanto has a history of suing farmers whose fields have been contaminated by Monsanto’s GMOs. On behalf of farmers who must live under this cloud of uncertainty and risk, we are compelled to ask the Court to put an end to this unconscionable business practice.”
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Rose Marie Burroughs of plaintiff California Cloverleaf Farms said, “The devastation caused by GMO contamination is an ecological catastrophe to our world equal to the fall out of nuclear radiation. Nature, farming and health are all being affected by GMO contamination. We must protect our world by protecting our most precious, sacred resource of seed sovereignty. People must have the right to the resources of the earth for our sustenance. We must have the freedom to farm that causes no harm to the environment or to other people. We must protect the environment, farmers’ livelihood, public health and people’s right to non GMO food contamination.”
Jim Gerritsen, a family farmer in Maine who raises organic seed and is President of lead plaintiff Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association based in Montrose, Colorado, said, “Today is Independence Day for America. Today we are seeking protection from the Court and putting Monsanto on notice. Monsanto’s threats and abuse of family farmers stops here. Monsanto’s genetic contamination of organic seed and organic crops ends now. Americans have the right to choice in the marketplace – to decide what kind of food they will feed their families
- and we are taking this action on their behalf to protect that right to choose. Organic farmers have the right to raise our organic crops for our families and our customers on our farms without the threat of invasion by Monsanto’s genetic contamination and without harassment by a reckless polluter. Beginning today, America asserts her right to justice and pure food.”
Ed Maltby, Executive Director of plaintiff Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) said, “It’s outrageous that we find ourselves in a situation where the financial burden of GE contamination will fall on family farmers who have not asked for or contributed to the growth of GE crops. Family farmers will face contamination of their crops by GE seed which will threaten their ability to sell crops as organically certified or into the rapidly growing ‘Buy Local’ market where consumers have overwhelmingly declared they do not want any GE crops, and then family farmers may be faced by a lawsuit by Monsanto for patent infringement. We take this action to protect family farms who once again have to bear the consequences of irresponsible actions by Monsanto.”
David L. Rogers, Policy Advisor for plaintiff NOFA Vermont said, “Vermont’s farmers have worked hard to meet consumers’ growing demand for certified organic and non-GE food. It is of great concern to them that Monsanto’s continuing and irresponsible marketing of GE crops that contaminate non-GE plantings will increasingly place their local and regional markets at risk and threaten their livelihoods.”
Dewane Morgan of plaintiff Midheaven Farms in Park Rapids, Minnesota, said, “For organic certification, farmers are required to have a buffer zone around their perimeter fields. Crops harvested from this buffer zone are not eligible for certification due to potential drift from herbicide and fungicide drift. Buffer zones are useless against pollen drift. Organic, biodynamic, and conventional farmers who grow identity-preserved soybeans, wheat and open-pollinated corn often save seed for replanting the next year. It is illogical that these farmers are liable for cross-pollination contamination.”
Jill Davies, Director of plaintiff Sustainable Living Systems in Victor, Montana, said, “The building blocks of life are sacred and should be in the public domain. If scientists want to study and manipulate them for some supposed common good, fine. Then we must remove the profit motive. The private profit motive corrupts pure science and increasingly precludes democratic participation.”
David Murphy, founder and Executive Director of plaintiff Food Democracy Now! said, “None of Monsanto’s original promises regarding genetically modified seeds have come true after 15 years of wide adoption by commodity farmers. Rather than increased yields or less chemical usage, farmers are facing more crop diseases, an onslaught of herbicide-resistant superweeds, and increased costs from additional herbicide application. Even more appalling is the fact that Monsanto’s patented genes can blow onto another farmer’s fields and that farmer not only loses significant revenue in the market but is frequently exposed to legal action against them by Monsanto’s team of belligerent lawyers. Crop biotechnology has been a miserable failure economically and biologically and now threatens to undermine the basic freedoms that farmers and consumers have enjoyed in our constitutional democracy.”
Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst for plaintiff The Cornucopia Institute said, “We need the court system to offset this power and protect individual farmers from corporate tyranny. Farmers have saved seeds since the beginning of agriculture by our species. It is outrageous that one corporate entity, through the trespass of what they refer to as their ‘technology,’ can intimidate and run roughshod over family farmers in this country. It should be the responsibility of Monsanto, and farmers licensing their technology, to ensure that genetically engineered DNA does not trespass onto neighboring farmland. It is outrageous, that through no fault of their own, farmers are being intimidated into not saving seed for fear that they will be doggedly pursued through the court system and potentially bankrupted.”

Calls Confirm Planned Parenthood Misleads on Offering Mammograms

In Your Face: CNN Segment on Libya Entitled “New World Order”



In Your Face: CNN Segment on Libya Entitled “New World Order”

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Kurt Nimmo
March 30, 2011
The clip features the usual NWO suspects, including Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations since July 2003; former U.S. rep Jane Harman, soon to be the boss of the globalist training center, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; the neocon Robert Kagan, who is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a PNAC co-founder, and the neocon and former CIA director under Clinton, James Woolsey, who is a self-described “Joe Lieberman Democrat” (meaning he advocates bombing small and defenseless Muslim countries) who is also a PNAC supporter and former member of the CIA-infested Freedom House (an Orwellian term – it should be called the “Color Revolution House”).

Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level


NATO Chief Opens The Door to Libya Ground Troops

$550 mln for US Libya operations: Pentagon

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Jul. 21st, 2010 at 7:51 pm Rush is simply doing his job — he’s a paid “entertainer” whose job is race-bait. He is the flip side of the white liberal and black puppet whose job is to oppose Rush. Same people pay both sides. white folk and black folks fall for the hype yet remain in the dark.

No need to hate (Rush); appreciate the brilliance of playing both sides of the so-called NONEXISTENT right and left, and playing the black and white public for SUCKERS…while they take all our money and run it over to the Swiss bank accounts…

we have got to start being more logical, less emotional and put on our thinking hats and start asking “why” is the same thing happening over and over….?


Jul. 18th, 2010 at 8:31 am …And Rush Limbaugh is a puppet master… a sheep herder extraordinaire made into a millionaire by the blind sheep who feed on his brand of grain.. divisive, racist, ridiculous rants… some that even he doesn’t believe. But he knows that pushing the buttons of fearful, downtrodden Whites and steppin fetchit Blacks will keep his brand popular and keep his pockets full…
How ironic is it that for someone who rants and raves against Blacks and Gays ad nauseam, Limbaugh paid Elton John, a very out and proud Gay man, a million dollars to sing at his wedding a few months ago… this is further proof that Rush doesn’t believe half the venom he spews, but it gets him paid big time because his sheepish followers believe him… Brilliant!


May. 28th, 2010 at 11:17 pm @crammasters
I know exactly what you mean. Many of us will protect them quicker than their own will and the thing is they don’t even have to ask for the protection.
I guess some of us think it will bring some kind of advantage. They want to be sure its understood that they don’t feel like the other Blacks.
Its 2010 and some folks still don’t know what time it is.
Well these are said to be hard economic times (not that things were rosey before) which often have a way of showing you who your friends really are.


May. 28th, 2010 at 9:15 pm @ tc2ewra who said, “Thats MAKING IT PLAIN and in truth its not nearly enough.
You cannot be sane and knowledgeable and have any sympathy for this woman’s tears.”

you’re absolutely right, brother, NO SANE person would, but a lot of us are INSANE, and a lot of us would have jumped up and fought with that brother over what he said, KNOWING DAMN GOOD AND WELL HE WAS SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

I have seen it with my own eyes, black folks getting mad at ME, because I said something a white folk didn’t like! And I tell them, the same as I would tell that white folk,

Fool (yeah, I said fool), you must think white folks are so stupid, they can’t tell when a negro is kissing their a___…

and then they just look at u

makes a brother want to snatch a negro up!


May. 28th, 2010 at 9:08 pm @ TremayneDC who said, “And funny enough how the BW at the end went to comfort the WW from the truth. This is the s**t that they have Brainwashed our Women into. THE MAMMY look at the s**t!”

brother, I was cool with the video until i saw that BW at the end, I wanted to reach into my monitor and snatch her up…reminds me of Oprah, who used to have all these shows with crying WW, and she would sit there, all sad, petting their hair, but let a black folk come on the show, she didn’t shed nary a tear, and forget it, if a BM was on the show!

but the funny thing is, with all that kissing up to WW she did, when Oprah lost all that weight years ago, some of them turned on her like she stole something. They were outraged, man, like, whoever heard of a skinny MAMMY?

And when Oprah endorsed Obama instead of Hillary, a lot of her WW fans threw a fit and her ratings dropped, like — whoever heard of a black Mammy putting another negro’s welfare ahead of Scarlett O’Hara???? lol


May. 27th, 2010 at 1:34 pm I saw this video a few years ago and it is just as BOMB today as it was then. The killer part is, didn’t some RANDOM BW come rescue that white female from hearing the TRUTH that she asked to hear?
the house slave protecting her mistress…and black folk will do that mess every time, fight to protect white folks’ feelings by fighting with other black folk…yet that same black female is being victimized by the white racism that brother is railing against…
That BM didn’t MAKE that white girl stop and talk to him. SHE challenged them and instead of that brother backing down — like too many of us do — the BROTHER LAID SOME TRUTH ON HER,
to let her know that her WHITE PRIVILEGES she takes for granted, that ALL white people take for granted, came at a high cost to someone who wasn’t white. EVERYTHING she has and her parents have, came from the BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, RAPE, THEFT, SACRIFICE, and SLAUGHTER of other non-white human beings — and that’s a FACT.
And so, here come the crocodile tears, so folks will feel sorry for this UNHARMED white female instead of HER shedding tears for the crimes of HER PEOPLE against HIS PEOPLE. She has flipped the script once again, making the VICTIMS THE VILLAINS, and the VILLAINS into the VICTIMS…
which is the way “history” has always been taught in America…
The Brother was absolutely right, most whites DON’T care about anyone’s humanity but their own, that’s why you see the ENDLESS shows on TV about missing white females, but NONE about missing black children or women, or Hispanics, or Asians.
Did u folks know that 30% of the abducted folks in this country every year are BLACK? Did you know that BW have the highest percentages of rapes in this country? Did you know that on the same day that the Central Park jogger was assaulted (a white female) that a black female was thrown from a roof to her death in the Bronx? Who gets all the coverage? The white female.
folks who have a problem with this outspoken brother can’t DISPUTE what he is saying because they KNOW he’s telling the truth about white racism…
in this society, that’s the BIGGEST CRIME OF ALL…


May. 26th, 2010 at 2:28 pm Why is it when a black person speaks some truth these days they are labeled militant or angry?
But it was this SAME speech back in the day that afforded all of you the comfort of being able to label this man right today…
Had it not been for people like this brother, BROTHER trying to wake you lames up, we would still be trying to sit at lunch counters with white folks while people were throwing food and pouring drinks over your heads…supposedly making a difference…
Phazex_Female, Once again….good sh__!


May. 25th, 2010 at 5:26 pm Why must he be labeled as a Militant?
Euro-clowns are notorious for this—”character assassination”, especially with regard to black MALES. I agree with the brotha, this social order is not working and has not worked for decades. It needs to be dismantled and restructured.


Ty_Mack1 Jul. 22nd, 2010 at 10:16 am
I live here in Raleigh, and see this stuff being shoved down our throats. First, let it be said that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what the NAACP has historically stood for and aqccomplished. That said, I don’t really agree with what the NAACP does nowadays, for the most part. I think it has become more of a reactionary organization that a proactive one. As such,I kind of agree with Crammasters take. I think that instead of BEGGING the school board and whomever else we think would be a rational, impartial partner in this and that MIGHT listen to the obvious argument FOR diversity, that we should change our focus to making sure that we provide the BEST education for our kids. The school board has MADE their decision and are doggedly pursuing it, and they have every racist in the area JUSTIFYING what they are doing and villifying everyone that is against it…Trust me…those of us that know the real value of diversity are feeling the heat here, and it ain’t the 100 degree temps. Long story short, I was recently admonished because of my dislike for the NAACP’s direction, and the fact that I wasn’t soing anything to help CHANGE them for what I feel is the better…Simply put…Not part of the solution=Part of the problem. So, I just joined a local chapter about a week ago. Here are some of the ideas that I PERSONALLY am going to try to push.
1) Study skills classes. One of the main problems that I see with SOME of the students is thaqt they just don’t know HOW to study
2) Tutor the tutor Classes-Teach the neighborhood parents some of the basic stuff so they can tutor their own kids
3) Mentorship programs-We need better programs to show our kids ALTERNATIVES to being rappers and Athletes. There is a young lady here in Raleigh that started a program called “My Bookies” program (Black men go into the schools and read to the kids) because their studies showed that MOST elementary kids here have NEVER seen a Black man read


crammasters Jul. 21st, 2010 at 6:44 pm
@ odoggz
one thing i would add is back in the day, black folks married each other, lived next door to each other, helped each other, and raised the next generation together, sometimes grandma, grandpa, momma, and daddy under the same roof.

what kills me is all over these black websites, some black folks are praising IR, yet will be all disappointed when black people have no collective power, no community, and no ability to create our own institutions.

how the H do we think that happens? By the men and women of the same ethnicity coming together. The reason Arab and Indian men can come into our communities and get rich is they STICK TOGETHER, AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

you don’t see them jumping off the boat, trying to find a white person to date or breed with. They know they aren’t white, they know they never will be white, but they know there is POWER in having a business base.

black males and females will have to make a choice — very soon

1) ethnic unity and a chance at prosperity
2) disunity, IR, and economic SLAVERY. it’s just that simple…


Note by Me: Not all people are like that in CA. There are tons of real brothers and real sisters living in California (sellouts and House slaves are worldwide) , but the rest of these words are accurate.

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 06, 2009


First, consider where vidguy99 is from: California, land of the clueless negro (sorry if that offends, but the west coast has some of the most submissive, white-identified black folks in the nation)

Second, black people cannot be racist. There is only ONE kind of racism: white racism. Racism is systematic power. Black people do not have the power to affect the lives of white people, or where they work, live or play.

Third, any black person who still believes in the fantasy of "integration" is not fit to give advice to any conscious black person. If that sounds harsh, so be it. It is impossible to "integrate" into a white supremacist system. By its very nature and definition, whites will always be MORE equal than non-whites.

Blacks cannot be equal (or integrated) when we own and control nothing. That's not integration, that's SUBJUGATION. Equality means you do not have to assimilate or imitate white people. Equality means white people cannot STOP you from being equal.

Fourth (and last), the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Black people have jumped through EVERY hoop, rolled over, played white, played dead in the head, kissed a**, married and bred with whites, and the civil rights clock is turning backwards right in our faces.

What kind of insanity would compell us to keep knocking our heads against the brick walls and ceilings called "integration." It's time to wise up, peep the game, stop playing on somebody's else game board, by their rules, and start CREATING OUR OWN GAME OF LIFE.

It's that or perish. It's just that d__ simple.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 06, 2009

BlaqMiss said: "Every Blaq person and every other non-white person or group has the Earth-given right to stand firmly FOR their freedom in the face of their oppressors."

She is absolutely correct. Try to imagine a friend begging to belong to a club that doesn't want her or him as a member. Is that self-respecting behavior? Of course not. Do those club members respect the beggar? Of course not. Does anyone who begs to be accepted by another two-legged animal (who is not God) deserve to be respected? Of course not.

Black people -- collectively -- are in the deadly grips of low self esteem combined with a Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome -- in other words, we are still slave minded.

That is the ONLY excuse for desperate need to please, placate and appease our oppressors. And until we recognize that fact, and work to UNDO the damage that 500 plus years of slavery and oppression created, we will, our children will, and our grandchildren will experience the same kind of oppression.

We must face facts: Non-whites cannot be equal in a white supremacy system. Non-whites will NOT be allowed to become equal in a white supremacy system. Non-whites must create their own systems and expect vigorous resistance from those who benefit from their enslavement. Non-whites will have to make the choice to either live (and die) on their feet; or serve on their knees. That (in my humble opinion) are the only two options. Google the "Stockholm Syndrome" and you'll see our black faces embedded on that page...


May. 24th, 2010 at 4:57 pm “People what was the first thing that come out of her mouth? DO YOU LIKE YOUR COUNTRY.”
Yes, these words above, coupled with, “Well, blacks held other blacks in slavery” are TWO of the “favorite” terms that the euro-clowns use as if this exonerates them and their heinous treatment of BLACK people.
Don’t get the chit twisted–though blacks sold other blacks? Though it was morally wrong, THEY HELD NO POLITICAL OR ECONOMIC POWER. The euro-clowns DID.
The brotha gave her what was long over-due her–a harsh, verbal beat-down. I just wish that I had been NEXT in line.
And until WE as BLACKS learn that “Power only respects Power” (and how to get it), our progression will continue to be slow.
In Solidarity, bros. and sistas.


Male, 32, Detroit, MI
Posted August 19, 2010

Yea, I noticed that commercial to. I was at the food court across the st from where I live and this becky was checking me out so hard and she was looking why I wasn't interested in her and then some fine sistas walked passed and they got my attention as they walked passed where the becky was sitting she rolled her eyes at them then looked back at me and starred as if I was supposed to lust all over her and all black men are attracted to white women. I get called racist all the time for turning white women down by whites. So, now if you don't have sex with whites or not attracted to them. You're considered a racist in thier demented minds. I really hurt becky's feelings that day. She was turning red. I noticed that she was with another white chick and a brother.


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 19, 2010

@ Daenticer79

Brother, u have no idea how many times i have been in that situation, especially when i was playing college ball, white females could not understand why a BM would not give them play.
They didn't know my pops RAISED me to respect BW NOT to lust after or admire WHITENESS, I grew up around my moms, and a lot of beautiful dark-skinned, intelligent, and classy black females, so I learned at any EARLY age the value and beauty of black women...
thank God....
what i discovered is a WF is practicing racism when she EXPECTS and DEMANDS that a BM accept her "sexual challenge" OR EXPECTS or DEMANDS that he rank her above the black female.

What the naive BM does not understand is a WW will sex a BM on a dime because she does not care what we think, we have NO POWER to destroy her reputation, we have NO credibility in the white community, only a WHITE MAN can hurt her reputation and that's why she will do things with us that she won't do in front of the WM...and will TELL you that..

"I better not let Jim or Joe see me doing a BM ...giggle, giggle..."


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted August 20, 2010

Oh wow....I watched the little commercial...

Ummmm, "I like my sliders like i like MY men"??? Are you kidding me?

This black man is basically puppy dogged on the arm of a white woman. Talk about a message! I don't think I have ever known a black man in my lifetime that would be on one arm of a white woman as the TOY, while the white guy sits on the other arm as the 'PRIZE'...Heads-up black men, this is how white america views you when it comes to white women...

This is another reason why white men are so angry with black men. Even though this commercial clearly represents the white male most likely as the 'smart' one, he's still the WEAKER of the two. In white people's eyes, thats perfectly alright because it also shows that they in fact, have the BRAINS. I personally would choose to have brains over brawn any day. (Just not from a white male...AHEM!).

It is commercials like this that also perpetuate the 'black men are sexual deviants' MYTH. WM's FEAR BM because of this. White people have always painted black men as these overt, psychopathic-sexual maniacs that can't get enough of their white women,(which also explains the BM's p*enis being cut off in EVERY lynching that has ever taken place),...And sadly enough, some black men feed right into it...Especially when they turn on their black women.

The brother right 'below' me is correct when he says that white women are astonished when they can't grab the eyes and attention of a black man. When my female white co workers found that NONE of them could grab one black guy's attention at work, they automatically tagged him as gay. So a black man has to be gay if he doesn't want them? How very superior is that! Nevermind him being married to a black woman already, and the simple fact that he isn't attracted to white women, those chicks just couldn't believe it. @Daenticer- You are also dead on about blacks being called racist if they won't or don't want to date whites. True as well that white people put the tag on us. But I can go you one better and tell you of MANY times that a BLACK MAN has told me I was racist, bitter, and prejudice because I prefer blacks, my own people, over whites...That one NEVER ceases to amaze me, and it is commercials like this one that fuel the fire. But ask ANY black person WHY do we have to intermingle with whites and they will tell you that it's because this is the year 2010, racism is over, we should get over slavery, we had the glorious integration blah blah blah.

But yet, they have NO problem with whites that ONLY date, marry and sex among their own kind.

I have also seen black men that attempt to get white women's numbers, and when she says 'no', he quietly keeps going on about his way...BUT have watched and heard black men curse a black woman OUT if he can't get hers...

Not only do whites feel as if they STILL 'own' us, and we black women are to do what they say do...They have now talked our black men into feeling the same way about us...

And people wonder aimlessly and tirelessly at WHY and HOW a black woman could become 'angry' in this day and age...Because the ill treatment of the BW hasn't changed since we were forced onto these ill fated shores....

Cramm, this one is TOO deep! You know I shall return!


My Response:
Thank you for your intelligent answer and response. But when someone tells me this I do not understand how it can be racist when the very issues I speak on in the Black community are very much real and are not dealt with in the so called "mainstream" media.
When a Chinese man is concerned with his community/culture, no one claims that he is racist. When an Italian man is proud of who he is, why isn't it considered nationalism? God made us in all different colors and varieties that are to be celebrated. But when a Black man with a stolen culture/religion speaks out in a proud uplifting way, it's racism. But when Black men are portrayed in the news disproportionately as thugs & do-nothings, it's called news.....
Talk to me, because if I as a Black man ignore the problems that WE have that are NOT dealt with in the integrated society that you yearn to dwell in so much, who will?

And while you may want a totally integrated society, then why in every city all over this "beautiful and just" (And yes, I AM being sarcastic!) country, there are divided communities whose boundaries are unseen to the naked eye but very much real and are spoken of in a "hush hush" manner.

And if truth be told, the oppressive entities who stand off in the shadows benefit MORE from our ignorance and downtrodden condition in the LONG RUN than anything that I do here online for FREE!
If I am so racist for attempting to clean up this mess then why aren't you outraged at the people who created a system that enables them  to benefit from it?
.......and if truth be told I am not making one thin dime for sharing my soul here with my family here on Black Planet so understand that EVERYONE is not driven by the need for a profit!

Please let me know how you feel about this......

Lance Scurvin



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ Jortex

brother, there are black folks who "hate" me for posting what i post, now I could understand white folks getting hot under the collar about my posts but black folks???

it's so obvious, brother, that the white folks in power are PUSHING INTERRACIAL SEX on black people, all u got to do is look around black planet (!)

but I BET you they're not pushing IR on white websites for white folks...

even in the movies, TV shows, and commercials, they are always PAIRING up the BM with a WW (and sometimes even a HW or AW) and

BW are either invisible or undesirable for one reason or another (obese, crazy weave, crazy attitudes, ignorant, loud, neck rolling, etc) so we will see OUR WOMEN the same way the WM has been portraying them since the beginning of slavery....

what folks got to understand (or not) is every IR relationship in the media is NOT sexual,

just showing the WW and BM always supporting each other (like most Morgan Freeman and many Denzel Washington movies) while the black female is ABSENT sends two powerful messages:



You, me, and the other folks who support this post CANNOT be the only one who are seeing them push, shove, force down our throats all this INTERRACIAL SEX BULLSHYT

maybe some black folks think this is 'racial progress'

even while the degrading images of BW keeps increasing

even while the black unemployment rate is (unofficially) over 35%,

even while most of the housing and employment gains that blacks have made collectively over the last 40 years are disappearing

even while BM at Angola Prison (in Louisiana) are PICKING COTTON for less than 90 cents an hour for a corporate cotton farmer (the only difference is BLACK SLAVES didn't get 90 cents an hour)
yet some black folks don't want to talk about "racism"....acting, thinking and wanting to be like white people

and folks like me and you got a "problem"...or we're "racist" or I'm "mean"...

and some of these black folks got sons AND daughters who are being damaged by these messages so what does that say about how much WE care about protecting our kids, man?

i got a daughter and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anybody make her feel "inferior"...

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ Daenticer79

right, a man's BODY is his temple, and who he lays down with is who he GETS up is a spiritual exchange as well as an exchange of bodily fluids and physical embraces...
again -- Omar Thornton should be a WAKEUP CALL for BM, this brother did EVERYTHING he could think of to be a "good black man" to those white females even to the point -- i suspect of allowing them to abuse and exploit him. And nothing worked...Man, it hurt to listen to that brother's 911 call....I got to do a blog on that...

Farrakhan also advised BM to uplift the BW, and so did the Honorable Elijah M. They both knew that no MAN CAN RISE HIGHER THAN HIS WOMEN AND THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN
absolutely, I have seen this with my own eyes...and the clueless BW who think this white woman just happens to wind up with their man, sleeping with him behind her back OR taking his a___ off altogether....

Some BM take this as a compliment, but the way i see it, she's the Trojan Horse, creating hostility and breaking up relationships and families just to get her kicks and black D

I used to work with a married BM (who was old enough to know better) and we worked the late shift, and these white females would come up to our job and have sex with him in the parking lot...and some of them were married, and I asked him, what the hell u gonna do if one of their white husbands finds out, or catches you in his car sexing his wife, fool?

First thing that's gonna happen is the door's gonna get straight yanked off it's hinges and the next thing he knows his a___ will be accused of RAPING that WW

seen something similar happen to a young BM, who got accused of rape when the police found him having sex with a white female and they coerced her into saying it was rape or they were going to take her to jail.

Another case this BM was accused of rape by his ex white girlfriend, and they convicted him and even though she later recanted her story, the DA said, fugg that, we got that N locked up now. I'll see if I can find the link to that case and post it....

BW need to wise up and so do we....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ venita

sis, a lot depends on where u live, also. the majority of BM in my area date/marry BW.

I have no doubt of what u are saying, because I see it on TV, videos, especially among young naive BM who are being raised by the TV

that's why I spend precious time posting and blogging, trying to drop some knowledge among the population and encouraging other THINKING BM & BW to drop some knowledge

unfortunately, the enemy has more money, power, influence and channels

what these IR-dating BW and BM will soon find out that they have FORFEITED their future and have gone DEEPER INTO SLAVERY

and sis, it is only a matter of time before they find out exactly what I am talking about as WHITE RACISM INCREASES

and they will RUN BACK TO FIND SAFETY WITHIN A BLACK COMMUNITY they did NOTHING to build up and will find they got nothing coming....


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ venita

just look at my blogs, the same 7 or 10 people posting

are other folks reading them? who knows?

and a good source informed me that a lot of BP posters hate me (right) because of what I post and so that shows you the MENTALITY of many black folks today

they know I'm telling the truth -- because if I was full of shyt, they'd be telling me this

instead, they avoid thinking about it and so will become even bigger victims of racism -- and it won't be by MY HAND because i put it out there

see, the universe holds us ACCOUNTABLE for having knowledge and when a person AVOIDS knowing the truth, the universe has no mercy....

right now, black folk have been dealing with racism for a very long time, and we should have LEARNED SOME LESSONS by now, but instead, we get mad at black folks who dare to talk about it...

while we embrace the same people who are victimizing us...

No, sis, they don't hate me, they hate the REFLECTION in the mirror of a person who is lying, deceiving and DISRESPECTING THEMSELVES...

They hate the light and love the darkness

they hate the truth and reward the liar

in the end, I did what I was supposed to do -- tell the truth to the best of my ability. This is NOT a fugging popularity contest, this is my attempt to HELP MY PEOPLE escape the FATE that the white supremacists have in store for us...

only God can judge what I do, no one else....


mixedracebeauty03 wrote:
Even my mixed race self,parents from 2 different race, knows that IR dating is another "false" veil they use to make it look like everything is just all sugar and spice. Satan sure is "slippery" and knows how to make you confused and believe everything he does as fact. Confuse the hell out of you till you don't know yourself, or what is right or wrong. And if you happen to "disagree" you are crucified and villified as "Anti" this and "anti" that. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. That's how it works.
IR dating and marriage does NOT CHANGE the situation nor the EVIL that resides on this Earth. Satan is alive and well.
It's systematic and societal,it's deeply rooted, not just a quick fix like" oh people should date out".... it is not a "people" problem. So what if races are marrying and dating???!!! is that supposed to create "equality and justice"? It does not change a damn thing. Thus far, with all the IR dating and marrying....have you seen any significant change?? A big fat NOOOOO!
Don't be jaded and fooled with Satan's work. Remember that is what he is good at!!
I agree with you, but I must say it is rather rare to find a mixed race person on Topix speaking so honestly about this. Most mixed people on here will play along as if IR dating makes everything hunky-dory when it isn't. It's kind of refreshing to know at least some of you see it for what it is.



Mz Brown wrote:

LOVE YA!!!! MY BROTHA...even though we can disagree
I hear you sis....;)

As long as the subject at hand moves forward, thats my only goal....gettin the message out to the masses of our young brothers and sisters, so they won't sell their soul and genes to these genetic defects.....


-216 Elite


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 20, 2010

@ venita

if u did hate me, I might as well cut BP loose...because that means I lost a beautiful, down for her people, sister,

which would mean I was doing something wrong....

I agree with u, but a part of me believes many black folk are playing the hide in the cotton NUT ROLE, I think they get what I'm saying, I think they know the truth underneath all those layers of BRAINWASHING


the DESIRE to get at that info MUST be there and the will must be there and many are taking the easy way out, thinking that will make them safe, but i am here to tell u and anybody else reading this

ignorance is not safety. Ignorance makes you more vulnerable, and if we don't believe that look at our unemployment rates, our foreclosure rates, our incarceration rates, our divorce rates (and BM/WW divorce rate is the HIGHEST compared to BM/BW, WM/WW, and BW/WM divorces), our low marriage rates, our low business rates,

come on now, hell, what I post ain't the problem, it's our IGNORANCE, our willful ignorance about the system of white supremacy that has put us in this trick bag

so what do we do? We get deeper into the shyt by rejecting our own and breeding, dating and marrying the same folks who BENEFIT from our oppression (??)

and then have the nerve to "wonder" why we are in the condition we are in?

a few years ago I actually had a BM on blackvoices come after me, slamming my posts and telling me that there was no excuse for black poverty, that people were poor because they wanted to be poor, and that he was doing great and wasn't worried about the economy because it will always be good for folks like him who work hard

well, he's out of work AND out of luck...

it's that kind of foolishness, refusing to believe that we are part of a community of black people (whether we want to be in it or not, just ask Harvard Prof Gates when he got arrested in his own home) if he is black or not....

and the same black folk that would call me a "racist" for talking agaiinst white supremacy are the same ones who are losing everything, their jobs, savings, homes, and MINDS...

(excuse me, Venita, I'm on a rant


LOL, Nobody cares if BW date out. I'm just showing evidence supporting the fact that the media is trying to brainwash blacks to date whites. They are currently working HARD to get BW into WM, even the people over at Stormfront (white supremacist forum) have noticed it. Their intent was to get Black men to desire white women so that black women are left alone, then push white men as the solution for black women being left behind by black men.
TruthbknownLDN wrote:

Your mentality is the same.