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Black Israelis fighting for their rights.

Howard Schultz's Views Exposed


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Bishop Talbert Swan's Words


Fights for Justice.

We have every right to advance our interests as African Americans. Also, we have the right to demand any Presidential candidate to tell us what concrete policies that they will enact to help our communities. We have made it clear about our goals and intentions. We are clear that we want something done about the criminal justice system. We have 2.3 million people in prison in the USA. America imprisons more people than any nation on Earth and that's a shame. Capitalist corporations exploit prisoners not only for profit, but for human degradation as solitary confinement is still found in many prisons. It is not right for people to threaten black families prison for truancy rules. Three strike laws against nonviolent offenders should end. There should be an end to the War on Drugs and be replaced with compassionate alternatives to help those with drug addiction issues. We desire total reparations. Other ethnic groups have reparations historically, and African Americans are entitled to them (as our ancestors were forced to work in this land without wages under vicious brutality). We not only abhor police brutality (as cops are a protected class in America with cops killing over 1,000 people in America per year with little to no punishment for their actions), we want federal laws to make sure that cops, who enact terrorism, are held accountable. We desire change in education. We are tired of some of our people having dilapidated schools.

We don't want only a select few of our people to experience high quality education. Every child deserves high quality education (from public schools, trade schools, etc.) with small class sizes and advanced technology in order for them to reach their God-given destinies. We want something done about housing. Foreclosures, high rent, and expensive housing are real problems. We have a paradox of massive income inequality, massive overproduction, stagnant wages, rising costs of living, and massive underemployment (where people work 2-3 jobs just to maintain survival in America). We want labor rights to be advanced. Dr. King died in protesting for sanitation workers in 1968. Therefore, we believe in unions, regulations, and a high priority for collective bargaining. We desire our civil rights and voting rights protected as we are against voter ID suppression laws that exist in numerous states. That is why we want investments in affordable housing with modern amenities and we want living wages. We want poor people and any people to have a strong social safety net and real public resources. As for health care, an expansion of health care is a must, along with paying for health care among state lines, and the end goal of universal health care. Also, we desire economic empowerment that deals with direct funds to black owned enterprises, so those gifted with economic savvy can grow their gifts. Opposition to imperialism is just (which means opposing authoritarian dictators and opposing far right extremists like Netanyahu). We want respect shown to black media (in developing further independent media) and we desire total black liberation worldwide.

Gilded Age economic policies are obsolete and retrograde. That is why we need a redistribution of political and economic power. We desire universal health, living wages, and new taxes on millionaires plus billionaires. Other nations have a wealth tax too. The 1% must have accountability. Income inequality (as fully documented by the Oxfam report in 2019) must be talked about and curtailed. When a white racist or a black self hater lectures us on black on black crime, tell that person that the crime rates in America has declined among all backgrounds (and the vast majority of black people are not murderers or rapists). Also, we should tell them that crime is based on proximity, socioeconomic factors, and other reasons not on race or color. It is hypocritical for some to believe that society is colorblind but ignore the racism plus classism found in the criminal justice system. Therefore, we have to see the truth that evil crime is unjust while recognizing that tons of black people are doing heroic work in fighting against it.

Roger Stone has plead not guilty for his charges. The Trump team has allied with reprehensible characters like Roger Stone for years. There are emails and statements showing that Roger Stone has lied about many issues. His recent offensive statement that Stone has made is comparing his trial as a "legal lynching." What Stone has gone through is no where near a lynching. A lynching involves abuse and murder plus terrorism that tons of black Americans have experienced. Roger Stone has been interviewed by the reactionary extremist Alex Jones. Roger Stone is known for making offensive statements.

Today, the actor Jussie Smollett was assaulted by 2 white racists in Chicago. Chicago has a known history of racism. Dr. King was hit in the head by a rock by a racist in the Chicago area back in 1966. The 2 criminals beat Jussie and tied a noose around his neck. Also, he experienced a chemical attack on his face by the attackers. He was called racist and homophobic slurs. The criminals said to Jussie that, "This is MAGA country." It is no secret that there is an increase of hate crimes in America since 2016. That's reality and we have many Trump supporters enacting terrorism in American society. We wish him a full recovery. There is no excuse for the hate crime against Jussie Smollett and this tragedy shows the epidemic of the abuse, harassment and murder of black people and people of the LGBTQIA+ community. Assault, saying slurs, and other evil actions have no place in America or anywhere on this Earth period. Bigotry and injustice are twin evils that must be combated with justice.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is considering to run for President. I don't support his campaign for tons of reasons. One is that he calls himself a "centrist" independent. As you know, I oppose centrism in every fiber of my being since centrism is not revolutionary. Centrism is part of the status quo. Every social movement for change from the abolitionist movement, the civil rights movement, and the labor movement didn't cause change by centrism. These movements developed victory by activism, fighting back against injustice, and opposing the status quo. He is wrong to oppose Elizabeth Warren's multimillionaire tax plan. Warren tax plan will generate billions of dollars of revenue that can help fund America literally. Warren wants a 2 percent wealth tax on net worth above $50 million and a 3 percent tax on net worth above $1 billion. A minority of people in the U.S. owns the majority of the wealth in America. That is truly an issue. Clearly, making sure that millionaires and billionaires have true economic accountability. Schultz promotes corporate interests instead of the interests of the poor and working class people. We need leadership that isn't afraid to confront the oligarchs and who wants real change to come in the world.

By Timothy

Monday, January 28, 2019


Monday Updates in late January of 2019.

One of the most talked about and one of the greatest films of the 21st century is "If Beale Street Could Talk." It includes great actors and great actresses who perform in a movie about the African American experience during the 1970’s. Barry Jenkins wrote and directed the film. It is based on the novel of the same name by James Baldwin. Many people falsely assumed that James Baldwin reduced his revolutionary views by the time of his passing. That is false. Back in the 1950's, he temporarily rejected socialistic views, but he later became more revolutionary decades later. By the 1970’s, he became even more progressive on economic issues. By the early 1970’s, he broke with liberalism and became a socialist. In No Name in the Street, from 1972, he wrote that the American oil interests don’t care about human life. In the same book, he wrote the following words: “…Huey believes, and I do, too, in the necessity of establishing a form of socialism in this country...The necessity for a form of socialism is based on the observation that the world's present economic arrangements doom most of the world to misery; that the way of life dictated by these arrangements is both sterile and immoral; and, finally, that there is no hope for peace in the world so long as these arrangements obtain…” Now, the movie was released on December 14, 2018 in America and previously on September 9, 2018 (at the Toronto International Film Festival). The cast included Kiki Layne, Stephan James, Regina King, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, Michael Beach, Dave France, Diego Luna, Pedro Pascal, Ed Skrien, and Brian Tyree Henry.  The film is about a young African American woman who supports her family and fights to try to clear the name of her lover. Her lover was wrongly charged with a crime. She wants to do this before the birth of her child. The movie combines the themes of hope and pain, of triumph and tragedy, and resiliency plus hope. It is a very emotional film with excellent acting. The characters detail the lives of Clementine Rivers and Alonzo Hunt. They are played by Kiki Layne and Stephan James respectively. Clementine or Tish Rivers narrates much of the movie. They were friends throughout their lives and develop a romantic relationship as time goes on. They live in Harlem, NYC during the 1970’s. This was when deindustrialization and massive economic changes come into New York City (along with the social and political movement growing in America). The film showed New York City landlords who refused to rent apartments to black people. They or the couple find a warehouse and convert it into an apartment. Levy is the Jewish landlord and rent to them at a low rate since he loves seeing couples in love, regardless of race. Clementine is harassed and assaulted by a man and then Alonzo pushes the man out of the store to defend Clementine. The police wanted to arrest Alonzo, but the woman who runs the grocery defends him. Alonzo is later arrested for being accused of raping a woman. There is no evidence for the rape, but Officer Bell wants the case to go forward. The victim is Victoria Rogers.

Clementine talks with Alonzo while he is in jail.  “I hope that nobody has ever had to look at anybody they love through glass,” laments Tish. Tish speaks to the plight of the black poor (as cited by Baldwin) in the following terms as Tish asserts: “Though the death took many forms, though people died early in many different ways, the death itself was very simple and the cause was simple, too: as simple as a plague: the kids had been told that they weren’t worth s___ and everything they saw around them proved it. They struggled, they struggled, but they fell, like flies, and they congregated on the garbage heaps of their lives, like flies.” Clementine is pregnant with a child. Most people are supportive of the pregnancy except Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Hunt (or Alonzo’s mother) views the child and Clementine as being damned which caused Frank or Alonzo’s father to hit Mrs. Hunt. Sharon is played by Regina King. Sharon is the mother of Tish. Both families of Tish and Alonzo steal money from their employers in order to post bail for Alonzo. Sharon tries to convince Victoria to recant her story while she is in Puerto Rico. Victoria Rogers refuses to do so. Later, Alonzo accepts a plea deal instead of a long prison sentence. Years later, Clementine, and her son Alonzo Jr., come to jail as they wait for Alonzo’s release. The movie isn’t meant to harbor respectability politics. It is meant to emotionally outline the reality of many poor and working class black Americans during that era. The film has been critically acclaimed. The film won the best Independent Film for the African American Film Critics Association award. Regina King won the Best Supporting Actress award for the African American Film Critics Association and for the Golden Globe Awards. It has won many other awards too.

There has been much debate about the Gillette commercial, so I decided to see it for myself. Many sexists hate the commercial since they view it as attacking men and any form of masculinity. These are the same people who slander single mothers and believe in massive xenophobic rhetoric. So, I take nothing from them as serious. Therefore, here are my thoughts after looking at the commercial for myself. As a black man, I didn’t feel any offense by the commercial. The commercial didn’t make me feel like it was demonizing every single man. It was inspiring men to hold other men (who abuse people) accountable. It even showed great men who did the right thing in stopping violence and inspiring children. The commercial was about presenting the truth that the best in men doesn’t relate to harassment, abuse, rape, or mistreatment. It relates to upliftment, standing up for justice, and having great character. It exposed bullying as evil and unwarranted. Not to mention that it basically praised men who are doing the right thing while recognizing that we must end the epidemic of abuse and harassment of fellow human beings. The Gillette commercial was one of the most inspirational commercial of 2019. You can criticize corporate controversies involving Procter & Gamble (P&G), which owns Gillette, but the contents of this commercial is very powerful plus legitimate. Toxic masculinity is evil and should be gone while positive masculinity should be advanced.

Manly P. Hall was one of the famous occult writers of the 20th century. His works document the esoteric ties to Freemasons and other arcane societies. His books describe information on comparative religion, America, the occult, Freemasonry, philosophy, and other topics. Manly P. Hall was also a 33rd Degree Freemason who lived from 1901 to 1990. He was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and passed away at Los Angeles, California. He promoted mysticism and his books told the truth about Freemasonry having ties to many esoteric concepts. That is why he was a 33rd Degree Freemason and he admitted in his books that many Masons praise Lucifer and that many in America wanted a secret destiny to promote a total transformation of society. He classified America as a new Atlantis which was influenced by Sir Francis Bacon. He also founded in 1934 an organization called the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. His famous book was the Secret Teachings of All Ages plus the Lost Keys of Freemasonry. In 1944, he wrote the book of the Secret Destiny of America and he wrote the 1951 book of America’s Assignment with Destiny. His literature and lectures wanted to convey the message that the allegories and rituals of the ancients can be used in our time in order to build up modern humankind. He talked about alchemy, esoteric views, and Masonry. Universialism is one tenet of Manly P. Hall. Hall has mentioned, “The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as a Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha, or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth” (“The Lost Keys of Freemasonry”, p. 65). It was reported in 2010 that President Ronald Reagan adopted some ideas and phrasing from Hall’s book The Secret Destiny of America (1944), using them in speeches and essays. In fact, Ronald Reagan was an honorary 33rd Degree Freemason and a member of the Bohemian Grove. Hall’s book of the Secret Teachings of All Ages (which came about in 1928) outlined the New Age view of how spiritual illumination in the pineal gland or the third eye can cause the rising up of human beings. Hall dedicated The Secret Teachings of All Ages to the idea that “concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds.” Hall didn’t sugarcoat his words. His literature outlines information about black magic and demonology. The Secret Teachings of all Ages outlined information about alchemy, the Rosicrucians, the Kabbalah, Shakespeare, etc. He married twice. His second wife was Marie Schweikert Bauer. Manly P. Hall believed that occult knowledge came from Atlantis. In legend, Atlantis was a powerful civilization that ended by the Great Flood. Later, this knowledge spread into ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, etc. according to Hall. There is Rosicrucian imagery in his works. Manly P. Hall believed in his ideologies. I don’t agree with all of the views of Hall. Likewise, we have to understand that Freemasonry is not some quaint, simplistic group. It has direct ties to the occult and other rituals as documented by Manly P. Hall’s research.

By Timothy

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Arrested Development - Living - [Official Music Video]

Cornel West on Bernie Sanders and Why Donald Trump Is a ‘Gangsta’

Kamala Harris holds first rally as 2020 presidential candidate


Fox News’ Sean Hannity appears to have acted on directives from newly revealed Stone-WikiLeaks emails


How white narcissism affords only white people the right to fear

Housing market racism persists despite ‘fair housing’ laws

Kamala Harris' complex legacy (of what's she is right and wrong on) Both sides shown.

Friday, January 25, 2019

More News


One of the most disrespectful comments from Wilbur Ross is him saying that he doesn't know why furloughed workers have to go into food banks to get foods. He is totally wrong. These workers are starving literally. They can't afford loans from banks. They are suffering as a product of the Trump-engineered shutdown. During this time, human beings should definitely show more empathy and compassion to federal workers who aren't getting paid and lack two paychecks during this tragic time. The current shutdown refutes social Darwinism. We are our brothers' and our sisters' keepers. In our time, the age of naivete is over. Racism is not just about individual acts of bigotry or someone with hoods on their heads harming people. Racism is also institutional and systematic. One example of this institutional form of racism is about how some deprive black people the right to vote. It is about denying people jobs based upon someone's color even if that person has outstanding qualifications. It is about a current so-called President slandering majority black nations and then lying to claim to not be a racist. Therefore, we have to be cognizant about these issues if liberation is to come. Justice is indivisible meaning that if we're not free then no one is free. Freedom is not an either or proposition. Freedom is meant for all. At the end of the day, we want people to have joy, tranquility, and a sense of realizing their total potentials.

She had many dreams and they came into fruition. She made many contributions in life and she is a blessed woman. Her name is Kenya Moore and it is her Birthday too. Right now, she is 48 years old. Detroit is the city of her birth. She modeled and was the second African American woman to win Miss USS at 1993. She won Miss Michigan too in 1993. Later, she was in many TV shows and movies. She has been lied about, but the lies never broke her spirit. She persisted to not only thrive, but to inspire others to achieve their goals triumphantly. By 2017, she married the businessman and restaurant owner Marc Daly. On November 4, 2018, Moore gave birth to a girl, named Brooklyn Doris Daly. Brooklyn is named after the palce where Kenya and Marc met. Doris is named after Kenya Moore's grandmother. Kenya Moore is in joy after the birth of her daughter. Kenya and Marc love their child and you can see it in their words and in their glorious happiness. Kenya Moore certainly is living her best life. I wish Sister Kenya Moore more blessings.

Recently, Terry Crews and Tariq Nasheed had a debate on toxic masculinity and the black community on Twitter. Usually, I don't comment on Tariq here that much since he is a hypocritical fraud for many reasons (i.e. claiming to be for black empowerment, but he promotes sexist dating advice). Yet, in order for change to come, we have to confront those who spews deception. Tariq is the type that condemns certain types of IRs, but his wife is a product of an IR (and Tariq said that he lusted after Brooke Hogan and he would bring the flag of Europe in the bedroom. He's a piece of work. I'm not making this up. He's a total hypocrite). I love Black Love and I love black women. Additionally, I won't call people slurs if that person is involved in an IR. Tariq claims to be for black people, but wrote books glamorizing pimping black women. Pimping women is one of the worst things that anyone can do. Terry Crews asked Tariq a perfectly legitimate question about how black women ought to be treated equally in the world. Then, Tariq deflected and didn't directly answer the question. He subsequently accused Terry Crews to be a pawn of white racists and promoting the agenda of hating on black men. The truth is that white racism is real and there is massive, evil hatred of black men. We can look at movies, and other aspects of society to witness that.

Yet, black men aren't the only people being hated on. Also, black women are being hated on in society too. There is an epidemic of black girls and black women being abused physically, sexually, and emotionally (Nasheed minimized this reality). Terry Crews is just saying we, as Brothers, have to address this issue and stop the abuse of our people. I do believe that Terry Crew should be more militant on conscious issues, but he is right on standing up for justice (in fighting against abuse) and being opposed to toxic masculinity. Tariq is the type that discusses issues on race (we know about phony white liberals being caught in advancing racism, we know about the system of white supremacy, and we know about the anti-black racism shown by many non-black people), but he uses that as a slick way to promote his misogyny, disinformation, xenophobia and deception (as found in many of his Hidden Colors documentaries, books, and shows). Tariq Nasheed is a total Hotep. He or Tariq (who once called himself King Flex advancing rap records with anti-woman lyrics plus glamorizing gang activity) is known to curse plus demonize black people who disagree with him and he has said blatantly anti-black and anti-women comments for years. Tariq has never repudiated or apologized to the black community for his promotion of macking, pimping, and using lyrics to degrade black people. There is an old video of Michael Moore and Tariq Nasheed where Tariq admitted that he was a pimp. This coward threatened to beat up the woman named Pearl Jr. in a radio discussion. Enough said. He is a totally evil person.

There is another video of Tariq saying that single black mothers aren't deserving of reparations in terms of land. He is also lied and said that some black women slaves didn't have too bad. The truth is that slavery by definition is having it extremely bad, so this person hates black women, especially black women who disagree with him. He is a threat to black liberation. Tariq Nasheed is an arrogant, condescending person. For example, in a video with the traitor Jesse Lee Peterson, Tariq Nasheed said the lie that non-black people are too dumb to get smart. That is on Youtube. He is a disgrace. In my opinion, I believe that he is a colorist. Tariq's refusal to answer Terry's question and then disrespecting Terry shows Tariq's insecurity. Ironically, his statements about Terry Crews show that he doesn't care about black men or black women. Real recognize real and Nasheed isn't real. Therefore, we have to embrace truth. Being pro-black is glorious.

By Timothy

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Late January 2019 News

Many news are existing now. the Senate will vote on dueling bills to end the shutdown. Today is Day 33 of the shutdown. This situation is unsustainable, because the shutdown has harmed airports, IRS workers, other federal workers, and the lives of regular people. Many Coast Guard members and lawyers have to go into food areas since they don't have the money to buy food. Folks are starving. The shutdown is very dangerous. In the West Coast, Los Angeles teachers have ended their historic strike and negotiated a deal. The agreement included smaller class sizes and higher wages for teachers. Trump is representative of the corruption, the ruthlessness, and the selfishness found in capitalist oligarchs. Trump revealed that racism didn't originate from him, but it is part of a long system of oppression stretching back centuries in America. Rudy Giuliani is a Trump spokesman and lawyer who has expressed contradictions, lies, and deceptions throughout his time defending Trump. We know that the NRA spent $30 million dollars in trying to get Trump elected. Mueller is investigating the NRA situation. The Trump campaign has known ties to the NRA. Trump is a billionaire habitual liar with links to the Mafia and convicted plus indicted people who were once a part of his administration. Right now, we have a global trade war along with Trump administration leader Bolton preparing a war against Iran. The Trump base are filled with racists, sexists, and xenophobes. Trump wants limits on legal immigration too, so his rhetoric about immigration is overtly fascistic. Undocumented immigrants are entitled to equal human rights just like anyone else.

He is a DJ, a record producer, an actor, and a comedian. He has toured the world to spread music and the love of the arts. His name is Brother DJ Jazzy Jeff and it was his birthday yesterday. He is now 54 years old and he was born in Philadelphia. He is famous for joining Will Smith in promoting hip hop records from Summertime to Parents Just Don't Understand. He and Will Smith won the first rap Grammy. Back then, the Grammy harbored hatred of hip hop music. Today, hip hop music is found throughout the Grammys ironically. Jeffrey Allen Townes has been on many avenues to express his gifts earnestly. Jeffrey Allen Townes married a great woman named Lynette Jackson. I wish Brother Jeffrey Allen Townes more blessings.

A lot of events are going on in the world. Oxfam has further documented the growing economic inequality in the world. It found that 26 richest people on Earth own the same amount of wealth as the wealth of the 3.8 billion of the poorest people on Earth. While the rich are doing fine, you have the poor and middle class in many cases struggling to survive. We see the stock market going down. We also are witnessing a trade war, the American shut down, refugees being scapegoated, and other issues. While this is going on, Trump is obsessed with the wall when many things go into ports of entry beyond the U.S./Mexico border. The immigration issue is very complex and requires a comprehensive, compassionate solution. The shutdown is causing the FDA to delay food inspections and delay law enforcement authorities to do their jobs. Also, many federal workers, who are furloughed, have no choice but to get foods from soup kitchens including charities to live on. Trump's words represent the worst of what these bigots stand for. Trump is a clear enemy of democracy and freedom. There is no other way to put it.

Regularly, we celebrate a hero who sacrificed his life for our freedom. Also, we celebrate the countless human beings globally who are making a difference now in seeking justice too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. appealed to the moral conscience of America in order to make America witness its errors and make the right changes. In that way, liberation can exist prominently. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife, Coretta Scott King, was a revolutionary too. She protested, wrote literature, and organized movements for social change from Atlanta to Charleston, South Carolina. Substantial change never comes unless grassroots people demand it and activate the unity to fight for it. Dr. King articulated the message that nonviolent resistance can engineer a change in policies away from the status quo into true progress. Today, after 90 years after his birth, we express our continued commitment to social justice. Yes, nothing will turn us around.

It is certainly important to make known my views on the Native American elder who was confronted by teenagers in Washington, D.C. The truth is apparent. The teens had "MAGA" hats on which showed that they believe in the agenda of Trump. Trump is a notorious white supremacist and racist. These kids were from an area near Cincinnati. Everyone knows that Cincinnati and areas surrounding it has a known history of racism. Also, the teenager who said that he did nothing wrong is truly full of it. He could have easily walked away from the Native American, but he didn't. He had a smirk on his face while he starred at the Native American since he wanted to intimidate the elder. Also, many teenagers mocked the Native Americans (with them showing mock tomahawk chops) and said other words. There were also fringe Hebrew Israelites (who are known to use profanity, slander women, etc. These folks aren't representative of all Hebrew Israelites) in the vicinity who used slurs and other disturbing language that I don't agree with. I don't believe in calling any human slurs or vicious invective. I do believe in calling a person mean, a liar, a traitor, etc. if the shoe fits. Yet, those words are different from overt slurs. What the teen did was use the slick tactic of deflection of blaming the fringe Hebrew Israelites (when the vast majority of Hebrew Israelites aren't shouting at random people in the street, but they are law abiding, peaceful people) as an excuse to justify his action. It is as simple as that.

By Timothy

Monday, January 21, 2019

WTH?!? NBC News Tells Staffers Not To Call Steve King’s Racist Comments ...

Kamala Harris

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2019.

Now, we witness ninety years after the birth of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We live in a new world since 1968 (there are old and new movements growing in favor of human liberation), but the same goal of justice, freedom, and equality remain. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia to two great parents. His father was a well known preacher in the Atlanta area who fought for civil rights. His mother was a very kind, religious woman who believed in justice as well. Dr. King was very intelligent. He played sports, he was involved in his local church whose name was the Ebeneezer Baptist Church, and he was an excellent orator. His mother explained to him how racism was evil and we must do our part to advance righteousness in society. He graduated from high school and came into college at the age of 15 years old. Later, he earned his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees at various universities in the North. Dr. King married Coretta Scott King. Coretta was just as much a social activist as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coretta Scott King promoted nuclear disarmament, civil rights, and peace long before the 1960's. Dr. King and Coretta at first lived at Montgomery, Alabama. He was a pastor of a church. While this was going on, the Montgomery Bus Boycott existed. Claudine Clovin and Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. Also, Rosa Parks didn't just boycott. She was a member of the NAACP, Rosa Parks supported Malcolm X, she opposed apartheid, and she was a real activist throughout her entire life.

Now, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was headed by black men and black women who were tired of oppression. They fought and won the fight to integrate buses in Montgomery and ultimately nationwide. Dr. King gave inspirational speeches to carry onward with the fight for human justice. Then, Dr. King and his family moved into Atlanta. They had many children and fought for civil rights. By 1961, SNCC would exist to promote grassroots organizing. Ella Baker was the major mentor to SNCC leaders. Also, Dr. King talked with President John F. Kennedy and at times criticized him for not going far enough on racial issues. JFK later gave his June 1963 address to the American people to advocate for racial equality as a moral issues and promoted a civil rights bill in Congress. Dr. King had setback in the Albany movement of 1962, but gave the great "I Have a Dream" speech tribute to humanity at Washington, D.C. on August of 1963. Dr. King envisioned his Dream as being judged solely by the content of his character not by the color of his skin. He gave a similar speech before in Detroit. The March on Washington was created by a diversity of people. After that speech, Medgar Evers was assassinated and four innocent black girls were murdered at a Birmingham church. These girls just wanted to worship God. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rightfully blamed the racists and those who sat on the sidelines on the issue of civil rights for the bombing deaths of four little girls. In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize and saw the signing of the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act (which was one of the most progressive, greatest legislation in history). After the 1965 Voting Rights Act was signed into law, Watts had a rebellion in Los Angeles during the summer of 1965. The Watts rebellion opened Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eyes about how far the nation had to go in eliminating racial and economic oppression. Watts exploded because of the years of racism, economic exploitation, and police brutality in the Los Angeles community. A traffic stop evolved into a rebellion. Dr. King was booed by many black people at a Watts community meeting. That was rare back then, but Dr. King knew that he couldn't take this personally, because black people were reacting to the pain and hurt they have experienced by the oligarchy. They exposed how futile naivete is when black people still suffer bad social conditions. So, Dr. King wanted solutions involving understanding and activism to realize that Northern and Western black people deserve freedom and justice too just like anyone else. Dr. King realized that it's fine to eliminate Jim Crow apartheid, but you also need to fight poverty (in making sure that human beings have economic rights to achieve their own sense of happiness). He fought for voting rights in Selma, Alabama and witnessed the start of he modern Black Power Movement in 1966 (after Kwame Ture gave a speech in Mississippi advocating for Black Power). Black Power ultimately was about self-defense, self-determination in the black community, and independence in building up black institutions. There were conservative and progressive factions of the Black Power Movement too.

While moderate civil rights leaders like Roy Wilkins condemned Black Power, Dr. King said that Black Power was a call for respect and he agreed with the positives of Black Power while rejecting separatism. Dr. King worked in Chicago in 1966 too to advocate for housing rights and an end to discrimination in the Chicago area. Chicago was different than the South since Chicago had laws banning segregation, but Chicago had unwritten rules still promoted housing discrimination based upon race. Marches existed and Mayor Daley was hesitant for any revolutionary solution. White racists in the thousands in the Chicago area utilized violence against peaceful protesters. In Chicago, Dr. King was hit with the rock in 1966. Dr. King had an agreement with mixed results. While this was going on, Dr. King already opposed the Vietnam War in principle, but didn't go public in it in a very forceful way. That would change by January of 1967. By January of 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a clear cut opposition to the Vietnam War and wanted American withdrawal of troops from the Vietnamese peninsula. He said so in his famous April 4th, 1967 Vietnam war speech at Riverside Church in Manhattan, New York City. He exposed the war as a crime against people and stripping resources from the poor in America to benefit oligarchy. He was praised and criticized for his words.

The mainstream media, the corporate leaders, the moderate civil rights leaders, and reactionary anti-Communist extremists all criticized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his courageous anti-war stance. Still, Dr. King persistently defended the truth. Dr. Martin Luther King traveled the world to spread his message of social justice plus nonviolence. He also promoted the Poor People's Campaign in late December of 1967. He was inspired by Marian Edlelman who exposed the poverty of the Deep South. The Poor People's Campaign wanted the poor of every color to go to Washington, D.C. to demand billions of dollars from the federal government to advance housing, jobs, infrastructure, and other tools to end poverty in the United States of America. LBJ and others opposed this plan especially his planned march to Washington, D.C. by the Spring of 1968. In early 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. supported the Memphis sanitation workers' strike that wanted union rights and economic justice.

These sanitation workers suffered low wages, racism, discrimination, and disrespect from employers. The reactionary Memphis mayor Loeb refused to give union recognition to the black sanitation workers. Dr. King helped to spread inspiration among the Memphis community along with other people. Dr. King saw a initial peaceful march turn violent by provocateurs and FBI-funded agents. Later, Dr. King promoted to have another peaceful march in Memphis. He had an injunction and he refused to adhere to it. While sleeping in Memphis, Ralph Abernathy called him from the Lorraine Hotel to go into a church to give a speech. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came into the church in the midst of a storm. His "I Have Been to the Mountaintop" speech was another excellent speech. It called for a boycott, an end to the injunction, economic power, and other solutions. He mixed history, philosophy, and other themes in a poetic fashion. He said that he may not see the Promised Land, but black people will reach into the Promised Land. After the speech, he felt relief and hope that the Memphis sanitation workers strike would be victorious. By April 4, 1968, he was assassinated at 6 pm. He was only 39 years old. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral was historic. Many of the same ones who hated Dr. King's views, gave condolences ironically. Afterwards, Dr. King's memory has been honored by protests, volunteerism, social justice efforts, and other actions that build up communities. Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. was a revolutionary black man. He criticized capitalism, opposed the death penalty, made known the inequalities in the health care system, and praised democratic socialism. Coretta Scott King worked for justice too until her passing as well. Dr. King and Coretta's children also worked hard in the social justice tradition too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a compassionate hero who believed in great principles. Yes, we still believe in the Dream in 2019.

By Timothy

Friday, January 18, 2019

Being Conscious.

When you imagine about excellence, you have to describe her. She went from the Southside of Chicago to the White House. She has never forsaken her roots since they are part of her longevity. Constantly inspiring black people, women, and girls, she has expressed her calling in multifaceted ways. Her name is Sister Michelle Obama and it was her Birthday yesterday. She is now 55 years old. She is the first African American First Lady in history. She is the greatest First Lady of the 21st century and of American history for many reasons. She is the most progressive First Lady in history and she made words confronting injustice. Constantly, she has been fighting for health for children, and believing in worldwide freedom. Her story represents the necessity of us to help black communities, uplift black people, and advance causes beneficial to humanity.

Exquisite in her fashion style, many scholars are motivated to develop more creativity. When the haters go low, she goes high to condemn racism, xenophobia, and bigotry. As a fighter for the aspirations of girls, she is not silent to speak passionately in favor of human rights for girls including women. She married a man who would be the first African American President of America, who is Barack Obama. Also, she was a lawyer and an university administer. As an author of her memoir Becoming, her story is an incredible American story. Michelle Obama has 2 daughters of Malia and Sasha. She is an amazing black woman. I wish Sister Michelle Obama more blessings.

Some new bombshell news is that Michael Cohen said that Trump directed him to lie to Congress. If this can be proven true, then this is a game changer, because that represents an impeachable offense. Lying to Congress is perjury and is a serious crime. Also, Cohen said that Trump allowed him to promote phony polls in order for him to try to win the election. Cohen's allegations are very serious. Cohen will testify to Congress at early February of 2019. If Cohen was told by Trump to lie to Congress, then this is easy to see that it's an obstruction of justice (and by definition an impeachable crime). As this goes on, we witness the continued shutdown. That shutdown is harming the lives of many Americans who struggle to get food and other necessities in their lives. The shutdown should end as soon as possible since people's lives literally in the balance. Trump's recent environmental cutbacks shows that he is the most anti-environment President possibly in American history.

One thing that gets me is that some Hoteps say that since many whites get away with rape (and abuse) then R Kelly's crimes should be minimized. I disagree with that view completely. We know of double standards and the racism found in the judicial system. We know that many black people are innocent in prison, but R Kelly isn't innocent. We know that in America, black people readily have to work twice as hard to get into the door. Yet, that is not an excuse to minimize the crimes of R Kelly. R Kelly brutalized girls and women via pedophilia, intimidation, and harassment. There are no excuses for his actions. He is not the only one who should be held accountable. Anyone in his entourage who encouraged or stayed silent about what he did (and they knew about it) should be held accountable too. Calling out hypocrites (like Toure, Lady Gaga, etc.) is fine too. No one should experience abuse. We all have sympathy for the victims.

I'm not glamorizing Cardi B. I'm old enough to know better. This is the person who called black women cockroaches and calls black people the n word with the -a at the end of it. If someone calls me the n word, that person is not my friend. Many black folks and other non-black folks still support her. That tells me that some folks care more for popular culture than liberation. Also, many folks who support Cardi B aren't just the types that loves reactionary views. Even some fake liberals act like Cardi B is some cultural phenomenon when she is a culture vulture just like DJ Vlad and all of the rest of them. Colorism, compromising people, and the corporate industry props up Cardi B. Forget colorism. Cardi B glamorizes gang violence, vulgarity, and the exploitation of women. We have to use our minds and she isn't black. She is a multiracial Latina woman. If I know all of this stuff, the industry knows of this too. Many sellouts just love the attention and seek validation from people who harbor jealousy and hatred of black people. Many in that mainstream industry care more for profit and degradation than enlightenment. Many of the same ones who lecture others on progressive thinking are silent on the corruption found in that industry. It is bigger than Cardi B too, because that industry pays money to some artists to make anti-black and anti-women lyrics. That's really revolting. We have to use our strength and our discernment to promote truth and what's real.

By Timothy

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

L.A. Teachers Strike Set to Enter Second Day

Black Agenda Report News


House votes to reject white supremacy after Steve King's comments

Updates and Real Information.

Yesterday was the Birthday of one of the most heroic people in history. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but his legacy reached into the four corners of the Earth. His oratory was excellent and his competitive spirit was trailblazing. Also, he not only spoke in favor of human rights. He was involved in protests, organizations, boycotts, and other forms of political activism. He was assaulted, spat upon, stabbed, shot at, cursed at, booed, and slandered. Many men would have broken down under the pressure by that experience, but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never wavered in his commitment to social justice and nonviolence. He went to college when he was a teenager. He earned his Ph.D. and he was a middle class preacher (and he was a lifelong clergyman from his ordination to his unfortunate passing). Later, in Alabama, he was involved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott of the 1950's. He electrified black Southerners to counteract unjust laws from Atlanta to Selma. An unjust law is no law at all. Later, he traveled into D.C., Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Norfolk, Virginia (in the 757), and in Chicago. He traveled the world in India and in London too. He was in Africa. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife Coretta Scott King inspired him to be against nuclear weapons and to be more overt in opposing the Vietnam War.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted civil rights, reparations, and economic justice. He connected the evils of materialism, militarism, and economic exploitation as coming from the same source. He realized that activism and grassroots organizing were key methods in causing change. Dr. King wasn't popular in America just before he died from 1967-1968. Reactionaries called him a Communist when he rejected Communism in his books and speeches. Moderate black leaders criticized his anti-war views and his promotion of the progressive Poor People's Campaign. Yet, helping the poor is a prerequisite for social enlightenment. He passed away in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is the home of jazz and Dr. King died in the midst of his support of the Memphis sanitation workers desiring just wages and union rights. Dr. King's life showed that he went from a middle class child into an international revolutionary that loved his people. The Dream is not fulfilled yet, but we, of this Joshua Generation, can go so much further in making sure that the Dream is completely and thoroughly realized (as he envisioned).
Rest in Power Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I keep on hearing about the Meghan McCain words on the View recently talking about how she thought that issues dealing with racism were done in the 1960's. She is completely wrong since even the individuals much younger than her realize that racism, classism, economic exploitation, police brutality, sexism, xenophobia, and other evils are still with us in 2019. She basically condemned Steve King's overtly bigoted remarks and said that Republicans are not racist in the majority. The truth is that any supporter of Trump is a racist or a supporter of racism period. About 40% of Americans support Trump. On many issues, there is no middle ground. We have to take stands and speak our minds no matter who disagrees with us. Trump's policies and statements prove that he is white racist extremist. It is always a tactics among many far right white people to distract and minimize racism in order for them to promote a false, Utopian view that society is nearly colorblind. That obviously isn't true. Now, Meghan McCain has a tendency to yell and be very disrespectful towards people who disagree with her. Yet, we should never be that way. We should be cordial, but don't get it twisted. If someone is lying about you, you have every right to defend yourself verbally. She even disagreed with the Gillette commercial when that commercial praised men doing the right thing while condemning males doing the wrong thing. We want men and women to be greater and have happiness at the end of the day. We want black people to have power since power enriches us collectively.

Many people in Congress want Steve King of Iowa to resign because of his racist and xenophobic comments. He said that he doesn't know why the words of white nationalism and white supremacist are offensive. He said that white Western culture is superior to other cultures of the world. He also said that undocumented immigrants have strong legs to carry marijuana into America from Mexico. So, racist rhetoric like that should be condemned and Steve King's views are reprehensible. Also, his views are not uncommon. Back in the day, white racists said these words all of the time. The difference now is that more videos, more social media, and more people are exposing racism in real time. That is a good thing since the only way to fight evil is to shed light on it and use policies to combat it. The House condemned his views and Steve King should resign. The House of Representatives, by a vote of 424 to 1, approved Tuesday a resolution rejecting white supremacy and white nationalism. Democrats and Republicans are calling for Steve King to resign from Congress. During 2019, tons of people aren't tolerating racism and bigotry. We, who live in America, are best when we appreciate our diversity and when we combat any form of bigotry. The statements from Steve King are not representative of Americans (or any freedom lover) who believe in human justice, democracy, and compassion for fellow people.

For over three decades, she has been involved in acting and directing. She has shown the world the light of black excellence and she continues to motivate us in her roles. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in View Park-Windsor Hills, California. Her name is Sister Regina King and it was her Birthday yesterday. She is now 48 years old. When she was young, she was in the show called 227 that detailed the life of an African American family in Washington, D.C. Later, she was in many movies from thrillers like Enemy of the State to dramas like Boyz N the Hood. By the 21st century, she was in the shows Southland and American Crime. She was in the critically acclaimed film called If Beale Street Could Talk. The movie is about a black family in America experiencing joy and pain plus accomplishments and tribulations. The film explains the power of black resiliency. Recently, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has won many awards like BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and the Satellite Awards. Always on the move to promote justice, Regina King has a great legacy today. I wish Sister Regina King more blessings.

By Timothy

Monday, January 14, 2019

Who invented the Internet?

The late Trojan Pam's Words

The Faux Revolution: Foe to the Black Collective

Dropping the One-Drop rule

Vigilant Citizen's Research.

Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

After Watergate, the country of the United States of America was in a crossroads. There was political division, economic uncertainty, and confusion.  Gerald Ford now was the President by 1974.  Some people wanted to bring people together. The 1970’s saw massive social, political, and economic changes. Gerald Ford was a moderate Republican who had a long political history. He played football at the University of Michigan. He was in the United States Navy and fought Nazis during World War II. He was elected to the Congress and served in the House for 25 years, even being the House Minority Leader in 1965. Gerald Ford was a hard worker and he had more integrity than Richard Nixon. Now as President, Gerald Ford was in a unique situation. Many people in America back then wanted Nixon to go into jail. The public didn’t have a massive trust in government. Economic problems plagued America too. Gerald Ford dealt with these problems, but his administration struggled politically. Ford allowed Nelson Rockefeller to be his Vice President. Nelson Rockefeller is known as a person who was the former governor of New York State, he was involved in the Attica disaster (where prisoners who assaulted), and he supported the War on Drugs (despite his moderate views on other issues). Ford continued the Nixon foreign policy positions. Many people questioned why America propped up authoritarian, totalitarian anti-Communist governments while claiming to promote freedom overseas. Ford followed détente. Also, the Stalinist Soviet regime continued to suppress human freedom which is antithetical to the essence of socialism. Gerald Ford kept Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State. He desired detente with the Soviet Union and China. By late 1974, Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev met.

They endorsed the Helsinki Accords. The documents put the nations of Europe on record to promote human rights. Gerald Ford wanted the Soviet Union to promote more political freedoms. This set the stage for SALT II which wanted to limit nuclear weapons among America and the Soviet Union. Gerald Ford saw the end of the Vietnam War. The communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia killed 1.5 million people from 1975 to 1979. The U.S. didn’t stop this. The exception was when U.S. Marines freed the American merchant ship called the Mayaguez when it was seized by the Khmer Rouge. South Vietnam lost to North Vietnam while Ford was President. Congress refused to invest money to help the Vietnamese people in the South and American troops came home from the conflict. Hundreds and thousands of Vietnamese people fled into America. Some used boats to escape. These boats included some of the largest mass migration in modern history. In 20 years, more than 1 million men, women, and children left Vietnam and came to other nations abroad. Some Vietnamese people came into America and Canada. It wouldn’t be until decades later until Vietnam and America would have a better relationship with each other.

One of his most controversial actions was a full pardon of Richard Nixon for any crime that he had committed as President. Gerald Ford believed that pardoning Nixon would be the only way to move forward since a trial of Nixon would last undoubtedly for years. Ford wanted to heal the nation’s wounds, but he was criticized for it. Ford denied that he used a pardon to fulfill a deal with Nixon. His popularity went down. Watergate was fresh in people’s minds back then. Later, the 1974 election existed. That election caused Republicans to lose 48 seats in the House of Representatives including Ford’s district in Grand Rapids, Michigan. President Ford had to deal with stagflation too. Stagflation was about high inflation and a stagnant economy. Inflation was in double digits by 1974. So, Ford wanted to lower inflation and lower prices by his voluntary plan called Whip Inflation Now. WIN didn’t work since it was voluntary and Ford had no extensive economic plan for economic growth. Factories shut down. Consumer demands for goods decreased. Unemployment massively grew which further caused Ford to lose support. By the mid-1970’s, Jimmy Carter rose up in the political arena nationally. Carter worked in Georgia. He was once governor of the state of Georgia. By 1976, he won the election with a slim popular vote majority. Carter presented himself as an ordinary man. Many people distrusted professional politicians. He is a born again Christian, so many fundamentalist Christians supported this. This would be the first time in a long time where conservative Christian voters would have a huge influence in a Presidential election. A Christian fundamentalist is a person who believes in a strict, literal interpretation of the Bible as the foundation of the Christian faith.   Conservative Christians increased their role in politics by the 1970’s. Carter had inexpensive in national political affairs. He had town meetings, he walked in the inaugural parade, and he carried a suitcase. He was a center-left President. He had trouble getting legislation because he lacked many ties with Democratic leaders in Congress. Also, it is no secret that Carter and Edward Kennedy didn’t like each other. Jimmy Carter accused Kennedy of ruining chances of his national health care bill. Edward Kennedy accused Carter of not being progressive enough on issues. President Carter passed bills with input from his party.

Jimmy Carter fulfilled one of his campaign promises to give amnesty to Americans who fled America during the draft of the Vietnam War. Carter wanted to help people move forward from the Vietnam War and the divisiveness it had. Yet, the war was emotional for many and Carter was criticized by many for his action. Barry Goldwater criticized Carter for this, but Carter realized that the Vietnam War caused pain in America. The Vietnam War was an unjust war and pardoning many is far better than allowing more people to die in an unjust war. Jimmy Carter had to deal with the energy crisis and inflation like Ford did. Inflation made items more expensive, it stripped savings, and it was terrible. Western European and Japanese companies competing more for the car market than decades ago. Japan sold fuel efficient and less expensive vehicles. this resulted in more profits for Japanese companies instead of more profits for U.S. companies. Chrysler had to get a federal loan to survive the new market reality. The energy crisis dealt with rising oil prices. A gallon of gas rose from 40 cents in 1973 to $1.20 by 1979. Fuel shortages were bad in 1976 and 1977. Folks needed heating oil. Factories closed and businesses lost profits because of fuel shortages. The conservative movement grew into new heights by the late 1970’s too. More Americans joined Evangelical churches. By 1980, one in five Americans was a religious fundamentalist. Also, many megachurch and Evangelical pastors used television by the late 1970’s to spread their message like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, 33rd Degree Freemason Oral Roberts, and others. Millions of viewers saw their shows and religious promotion. At his peak, Falwell had 280 stations showing his views and his broadcast was sent to 1.5 million viewers. Religious conservatives hated the progressive changes in the 60’s and 70’s. Some hated abortion, many disagreed with the ERA, many differently disagreed with homosexuality, and others believe that the Supreme Court eliminated prayer in school (which is lie. The Supreme Court said that teacher or government led prayer in public schools is illegal not individuals praying in public school on their own accords). Falwell formed the Moral Majority in 1979. Religious conservatives are right that adultery is wrong, integrity is important to advance, cults should be exposed, and that there is nothing wrong with believing in God. The weakness of many conservative religious people is that many of them readily ignore the important issues of labor rights, environmental justice, combating racism, ending sexism, and fighting imperialism overseas. Some of them falsely want equality for some people and not for others which contradicts the premise of the Golden Rule (or treating your neighbor as yourself. In other words, equality and justice for all means for all. Many conservative religious people embrace bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred of any progressive contribution to human civilization). Also, you can’t coerce people to follow your viewpoint as people have the right to voluntarily believe or not believe in your views. It is not morally right to jail someone if he or she is ideologically opposed to your views. You can peacefully agree to disagree. Many religious conservatives allied with economic conservatives and anti-Communist radicals to oppose government spending plus advance a hawkish foreign policy (that grows defense spending). This alliance was one major catalyst in bringing Ronald Reagan to be President by 1980. By 1978, affirmative was limited by the Supreme Court via California v. Bakke to make race as one factor in admission cases while eliminating racial quotas.

Jimmy Carter dealt with foreign policy issues too. Jimmy Carter wanted a foreign policy that respected human rights internationally. He wanted other nations to end torture, stop the abuse of human rights, and end political repression. He desired to fight evil and stop the imprisonment of people without trial. Jimmy Carter at first continued the detente policy with the Soviet Union. He met with Leonid Brezhnev and promoted the SALT II Treaty. Many in the Senate opposed SALT II since they believed that the national security of America would be in jeopardy. Later, in December 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan since Afghanistan back then was ruled by a socialist government and the Soviets wanted to prop it up. Carter withdrew from the SALT II Treaty and banned Americans from participating in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Elitists like the late Trilateral Commission member Zbigniew Brzezinski influenced President Carter to express a more hawkish tone against the Soviet Union. Brzezinski hated the Soviets and aided the Mujahedeen to fight in Afghanistan via the CIA’s Operation Cyclone. Osama bin Laden was a member of the Mujahedeen movement. President Carter wanted human rights to be advanced in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These developing nations in those regions were in the Cold War history. Carter wanted to ally with nations that treated its citizens very good. Nicaragua was fueled by the Somoza family filled with dictators. Carter wanted that changed. The leftist Sandinistas in 1978 rebelled against the Sandinistas. General Anastasio Somoza ruled Nicaragua back then. Carter withdrew support from Somoza because of his brutal dictatorship. General Somoza fled since he had little power and the Sandinistas came into power. Carter wanted to improve relations in Cuba too. Fidel Castro ruled Cuba since 1959 and he was a Stalinist communist.

Relations among Cuban and America became worser by 1980. The reason was that Castro wanted anyone to leave the island from the port of Miami to leave. The catch was that Castro wanted criminals to leave from the island’s prisons. The Mariel situation was controversial. Less than 20 of the people transported had spent time in prison. Many folks were political prisoners. Americans in many cases disagreed with Castro. Some viewed Castro as having no concern for the welfare of the emigrants. Carter returned the Panama Canal Zone to Panama. This policy was right and warranted, but he was criticized for it by reactionaries. The Senate narrowly supported the decision by 1978 and gradually the canal was controlled by Panama. One of President Carter’s greatest accomplishments was his historic peace agreement negotiated by him among Israel and Egypt. Egypt once didn’t agree with Israel’s existence in 1948. President Anwar el-Sadat wanted better relations in 1977. Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin met in Jerusalem to negotiate a peace agreement. Carter invited both men in Camp David to make a deal. Camp David is a Presidential retreat. After nearly two weeks, Begin and Sadat agreed to have the Camp David Accords. This was about Egypt recognizing the nation of Israel's existence while Israel withdrew its troops from the Sinai Peninsula (which it had controlled after the 1967 Six Day War). It was a historic time. Later, another disaster came. Carter wanted the agreement to be a springboard to promote cooperation in the Middle East. Later, his Presidency would end in part by the events of Iran.

For decades since the 1950’s, America supported the dictator called the Shah in Iran. Iranian protests against him increased by the 1970’s. The Shah left Iran since he had cancer. This was in January of 1979. Later, the fundamentalist clerics supported the Ayatollah Khomeini to rule Iran. Carter allowed the Shah to get medical aid in America. Iranian students protested this decision. Later, some Iranian students invaded the U.S. Embassy and kidnapped 66 Americans as hostages. Khomeini ran the Iranian government. Khomeini and his supporters wanted to defy America. The hostage crisis dominated the last part of Carter’s Presidency. This crisis caused many Americans to see that foreign policy wasn’t just about the Soviet Union. It dealt with the Middle East too. Few Americans were released early. Later, the rest would stay for 444 days. It would only be after Ronald Reagan would be inaugurated at January of 1981 when the rest of the American hostages would leave Iran. By 1980, the conservative movement grew and reached into new heights of power. At 1964, the conservative movement was low in power after the defeat of Barry Goldwater. That is why the conservatives planned a long term organizational powerbase to get the White House by 1980.

In the modern sense (we know classical liberalism is different from progressive thinking), liberals wanted government intervention to help the poor while conservatives wanted the free market, private organizations, and individuals to help the poor. Liberals and conservatives believe in the same goal (which is freedom, justice, and equality), but they disagree on the approaches on getting to that same goal. Back in the day, liberals and conservatives were equally in both Republicans and Democrats. By 2019, most Republicans were conservatives and most Democrats were liberals with moderates spread out in both major parties.  Liberals were responsible for many laws that protected the rights of minorities and women, especially after World War II. Liberals rely on international organizations like the United Nations to resolve conflicts. Liberals believe in governmental regulation of industry. Conservatives wanted to cut government regulations of industry and the environment. They want tax cuts and they were made up of anti-communists, religious conservatives, and economic conservatives like Milton Freidman. From the 1960’s and the 1970’s, members of both parties wanted significant role of government in domestic affairs. Later, the New Right increased their movement to fight against liberal policies. The New Right criticized the New Deal policies to gain more voters from the Midwest and the South. The growth of the Sunbelt states (filled with technological industries, and other businesses) increased more conservative voters in contrast to the declining populations of more liberal Northern areas. After the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of the 1960’s, most white Southerners voted more for the Republicans instead of the Democrats. Therefore, demographic shifts were abundant during the 1970's. The Moral Majority allowed Republicans to gain more voters as well. The counterrevolution would change America, but the progressives would still fight for freedom regardless. The Election of 1980 changed the world forever indeed.

By Timothy

Friday, January 11, 2019

Angela Davis alternative event, organized by broad coalition, will be ‘grassroots,’ open to public

Trump’s claim that black Americans are hurt most by illegal immigration gets pushback

New Updates.

We are witnessing a new era of the Trump administration. Trump has threatened to issue a national emergency about wanting his wall. Scholars have said that this action will undoubtedly led into a court challenge. Also, the resident in the White House has lied and said that there is a flood of drugs going into America in record levels and that undocumented immigrants are just filled with tons of criminals plus terrorists. This isn't new. For years and decades, we have seen an expansion of the executive branch even impeding on democratic and constitutional rights. After the stolen 2000 election, we witnessed alone the Patriot Act, torture, warrantless surveillance, and other bad policies. Some extremists believe that the government can assassinate U.S. citizens overseas without due process of law, which is wrong. If there is anything that constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors,” justifying the immediate drawing up of impeachment procedures, it is such a threat to overrule Congress through executive fiat. Trump wants to defy Congress with his threat of calling for a national emergency. Trump is a clear and present danger to democracy. Revolutionary change is not a one nation deal. It ought to manifest itself internationally.

Yesterday was the birthday of a former boxing legend. His name is Brother George Foreman. He was born in Houston, Texas. Later, he won the heavyweight title. He won an Olympic gold medal in 1968. After defeating many opponents, he faced Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali used his skills, experience, strength to defeat George Foreman in Zaire back in 1974. This was the time that Foreman was depressed and didn't know where to go in the future of his life. Later, George Foreman became an ordained preacher. By the late 1980's and the early 1990's, he returned to the win. He won a heavyweight title again being the oldest man to have done so. He proved to the world that he could still box at a professional level at his 40's. He has a loving family and children. His Foreman Grills have been sold worldwide. Community service is embraced by him and his humble spirit has been a blessing to human beings globally. I wish Brother George Foreman more blessings.

Embrace positivity too. We live in one life. Our lives are miracles. The reasons are plenty. One is that we exist with DNA and tons of cells with great uniqueness and creativity. Also, we are created equal and in our value, there is dignity. Not to mention that our ancestors were brave to defeat slavery, defeat Jim Crow, and defeat other evils. In our time, we have the keen responsibility to not only help our communities, but to inspire our people to move forward in a just direction.

The point is that Trump and tons of his supporters are non-empathetic to the suffering of people during this government shutdown. Right now, many people are suffering to make ends meet. You have the Coast Guard not being funded adequately and national museums being closed. Trump has always hated the concept of the separation of powers since he wants the executive branch to rule by fiat in the American government. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and you have many Trump supporters gloating over the suffering of innocent human beings. That is despicable and it shows that Trump supporters are filled with racists, sexists, xenophobes, and people who don't care about common sense. The shutdown is a reflection of the callous, inconsiderate, and offensive stubbornness of that male in the White, Trump. There is no excuse now. Anyone that supports Trump is an enemy of freedom period. Trump supporter Steve King of Iowa praises white supremacy in public and Trump supporters still ally with him. You have people like Steve Bannon spreading hate and xenophobia. You even have some people loving the Confederate flag when that flag is racist and is related to slavery plus injustice. So, the handwriting is on the wall. That is why I will continue to show my information and speak my mind.

No one should be surprised at Steve King. For years, he has made racist comments. His recent racist comment is about how he said that he doesn't believe that the phrase "white supremacist" is offensive. Steve is wrong period. He once said that white nationalism is a legitimate view to follow. He once had a Confederate flag on this desk. Many Republicans support him and voted him into Congress. It is only recently when some Republicans and some conservatives like Ben Shapiro are criticizing him beyond some politicians. Steve King is a racist and a total extremist. Some new updates is that Michael Cohen will testify in Congress in public in the future. This is amazing since it is the first time that he will do such an action. He is a person is that admitted his lies about the election and he accepts his conviction. Once being a Trump ally, he is now an enemy of Trump. Michael Cohen has a lot of testimony that collaborates the research from Robert Mueller about the issue of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He will go to testify to the House Committee by February of 2019.

By Timothy

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Angela Davis

Dorothy Dandridge

South Africa Suffers Capitalist Crisis Déjà Vu

Angela Davis “Stunned” at Award Revocation, But Still Coming to Birmingham


Black Agenda Radio, Week of January 7, 2019

Trump’s immigration speech was an insult to the nation’s intelligence


Trump gave a lying speech about immigration. Undocumented immigrants are never collectively terrorists. We know that undocumented immigrant border crossings have gone down for the past 10 years. Most heroin that comes into America comes by legal borders of entry. The shutdown continues and people are hurting. These people in federal government jobs deserves to be paid money. While this is going on, airport security could be compromised as other problems can arise (like the FDA now furloughed their workers which can harm the health of people. Now, this shutdown could lead to more evictions from HUD-subsidized homes). Trump's proposed wall makes no sense and we have to be about our business to help humanity. I disagree with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for rescinding an award they planned to give to Angela Davis, because Angela Davis defends Palestinian human rights. Defending the humanity of Palestinian people is not anti-Semitic and Davis has also fought the prison industrial complex for decades. Many brave Jewish people are also in favor of Palestinian liberation too. Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam gave clemency recently to Cyntoia Brown (who was a victim of sex trafficking). She will have a August 7, 2019 release, plus 10 years of supervised parole.

Also, we have to refute white racist talking points. One is that we have a growing amount of crime bigger than decades ago. The truth is that America has a growing amount of people of color while the crime rate is going down nationwide since 1980. Racists think schools are typically filled with weapon-carrying delinquents and gang members, but even as schools and the country have become less white, weapons possession on campus (and in general) has dropped among youth, of all colors. As the annual report, Indicators of School Crime and Safety, demonstrates (in its 2017 edition, released in 2018) this decline in criminal behavior/victimization held for all racial and ethnic groups, and was visible in city, suburban and rural schools in equal measure. So, when you see oligarchs and the racists attack black people and other people, realize that they are the enemies of freedom, democracy, and justice. In our diversity, we can find unity in fighting for our human rights.

The government shutdown harms the most vulnerable in society. Many of us are blessed with thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in savings. Many of us have insurance. Many of us don't have to worry about homelessness and lax educational or lax job opportunities. Yet, there are others in society who experience massive poverty and homelessness. These human beings deserve our compassion and our respect. In this society, some people want to malign the poor, but I won't. We will treat our neighbor with dignity and with respect 100 percent period. Now, millions of Americans could have their food stamps cut from the SNAP Program or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP is one way on how the poorest of Americans buy food. 39 million Americans need food stamps to survive. The average monthly benefit is $245. Now even this minimal aid stands to be withdrawn—partially in February and completely in March—if the government shutdown drags on.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has furloughed approximately 95 percent of employees in Food and Nutrition Services, the office that oversees the SNAP program. So as USDA workers go without pay, food stamp recipients’ benefits may also be slashed. Also, small businesses could take an economic hit from the shutdown since these businesses need low income customers to increase their productivity. SNAP policies are harsh and cruel now. This continued shutdown prolong suffering among many people. Trump is stubborn for a wall since he's a xenophobe when his ancestors were German immigrants. He's a hypocrite since he slanders undocumented immigrants when many in his administration by been legally proven to be overt criminals and liars. Trump is a habitual liar and hopefully this shutdown can end soon, so people can get to work and receive their benefits. This is why we need a stronger social safety net, so Americans can achieve a high standard of living that they deserve. Internationally, we want human beings to be free too from poverty and injustice. We believe in the Dream.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Helen Baylor. She is now 65 years old and she was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She worked with Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, and Stevie Wonder. By the 1970's, she worked with Chaka Khan as well. She later became a born again Christian and made gospel music for years and decades. She released her first gospel recording on Word Records in 1990 and her first five albums all hit the Top Ten of the U.S. Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart, with the most successful being 1995's The Live Experience, which reached #1 on that chart. Her testimony has been inspirational and her life is a great lesson of the perseverance of human souls.
I wish Sister Helen Baylor more blessings.

By Timothy

Monday, January 07, 2019

Governmental Issues.

When learning about government, it is always important to know many concepts relating to it. American constitutional government has many functions and definitions. The definition of the consent of the governed is that the people are the source of any and all governmental power. Government isn’t all powerful and can only do things that the people have given it the power to do in limited government. The rule of law is that the government is bound under law and those who are governed. The people rule in a democracy. Also, representative government is about when the people elect public office holders to make laws and conduct government on the people’s behalf. The American Constitution didn’t exist in a vacuum. Many laws existed during the centuries before this time of 2019. There are similarities and differences between many governmental documents. The charters of the Virginia Company of London guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists. The Virginia Declaration of Rights was a model for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence existed in 1776. It wasn’t part of the United States Constitution. It was the colonists showing grievances against the king of Great Britain. It declared the colonies independence from Great Britain. It affirmed that there are certain unalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". It mentioned that all people are equal under the law, but as we know, the writers of that document didn’t practice what they preached. The Articles of Confederation formed the first form of national government in America.

It had major powers for individual states. It had a weak central government. The federal government couldn’t tax or enforce laws. This caused the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom stated that the freedom of religious beliefs and opinion ought to exist. The Constitution of the United States of America including the Bill of Rights was created. It formed the structure of the United States government. It guaranteed equality under the law with majority rule and the rights of the minority protected. It affirmed the individual worth and dignity of all people. It protected the fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. The problem was that the 3/5s Compromise was in the Constitution and slavery existed back then. The Preamble of the Constitution set out the goals and purposes of the government. In other words, the Preamble outlined why the Constitution was written in America. The Preamble cited “We the People” saying that the power of government comes from the people. The Preamble said that the United States government was created to form a more perfect union, to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty. 

The Constitution of America can be amended in many ways. The amendment process is complex. There are over 25 amendments to the United States Constitution. The Amendment process can exist by Congress or convention first by proposal. Then, it is ratification by a majority of U.S. states. In the state of Virginia, state amendments are done by proposal (achieved by the General Assembly or convention) and then it is ratified by the voters of Virginia. That is why people vote on state amendment proposals all of the time. There are many rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Any citizen is a person with rights and duties under the government, who, by birth or choice, owes allegiance to that government. The Fourteenth Amendment said that citizenship is the following designation: “All person born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside.” People can achieve citizenship in America by birth or by naturalization. Immigration and naturalization since the twentieth century has contributed to a diverse American society. In the naturalization process, a person must demonstrate knowledge of American history and principles. They must read, speak, and write words in ordinary usage in the English language. We have fundamental rights and liberties here. The First Amendment mentioned the freedom of religion. That means that the government can’t make an official religion or endorse an official religion. The government can’t unduly interfere with the free exercise of religion too. The First Amendment has the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to assembly, and the right to petition. The Fourteenth Amendment extends due process protection to the actions of the states. Citizens have the duties to obey laws, pay taxes, voluntarily serve in the armed forces, and serve on a jury or as a witness in court when summoned. I have served jury duty before. Citizens have many responsibilities. They can register and vote. They can hold elective office. They can communicate with government officials to influence government actions. They can serve on government positions. They can be a part of political campaigns. They can be informed on current issues and respect others’ right to an equal voice in government. Citizens can help society by tutoring, volunteering, expressing concerns about issues (like the environment, education, public health and safety, etc.), and join democratic institutions. Great citizens confront injustice since the government will not be completely perfect. Also, great citizens will help other people and express courtesy. There must be respect for the law, but the law must respect people for an unjust law is no law at all. 

Political parties are involved in the government and can allow citizens to participate in the political process. Political parties recruit and nominate candidates. They can educate the electorate about campaign issues. They help candidates win elections and they monitor the actions of officeholders. There are the two major parties of the Democrats and Republicans along with other parties. The 2 major parties have more economic and political power in America. They appear more to the center than third parties. Third parties can introduce new ideas and press specific issues. Some have personalities. Voters vote based on research, separating fact from opinion, and finding bias. Some voters can reject propaganda. The mass media identify candidates, discuss issues, and use op-eds or editorials to talk about issues. Many broadcasts share different candidates’ messages. Running for office is very expensive. Candidates now must have extensive fund raising actions. Wealthy candidates have an advantage in national elections and even in state elections. The PACs or political action committees help to fund campaigns. Special interest groups aid candidates as well. Campaign finance reform tried to limit rising campaign costs. There are now limited on how much individuals can contribute to political candidates and campaigns. Voting is a responsibility of citizenship. Voter registration is required before a citizen can vote. Voting in Virginia means that this person must be a citizen of America, a resident of a Virginia location and precinct, and at least 18 years old by the day of the general election. People can register to vote online, at the Division of Motor Vehicles, by in mail application. Voter registration in Virginia closes 22 days before elections. Factors can precinct voting by education, age, and income. Some citizens don’t vote because of lack of interest and failure to register. Voter participation is usually higher in Presidential elections than in state and local election. Every vote matters. 

The Electoral College process is used to select the President and Vice President of the United States. The Electoral College deals with a state of electors being selected for each state by popular vote. Most states have a winner take all system. The electors meet to vote for the President and Vice President. This winner take all system has some targeting densely populated states for campaigning. Although, candidates must pay attention to less populated states whose electoral votes may make the difference in tight elections. The numbers of electors in each state is based on the size of the state’s Congressional representation, which is based on the state’s population. The requirement for a majority vote to win in the Electoral College favors a two-party system. That is why some people want the Electoral College abolished because it denies the majority vote deciding who is the President of America. Students can work in the state, local, and national elections in many ways. They can participate in campaigns and work in classroom plus online projects. The Constitution of the United States defines the structure and powers of the national government. Governmental power is divided among the national government in Washington, D.C. and the governments of the 50 states. Legislative, executive, and judicial powers of the national government are divided into three, independent (plus distinct) branches of government. The legislative branch makes the laws of the nation. It is made up of Congress, a bicameral legislature made up of the House of Representatives (435 members are in the House based upon the populations of the states) and the Senate (it has 100 members or 2 per state).  The legislative approves the annual budget. They can confirm Presidential appointments, raise revenues via taxes plus other levies, regulates interstate and foreign trade, and declare war. The executive branch is headed by the President of the United States of the chief executive officer of the nation. The executive branch executes the laws of the land, prepares the annual budget for Congressional action, and appoints cabinet officers, ambassadors, and federal judges. It administers the federal bureaucracy. The judicial branch interprets laws. They are made up of the federal courts including the Supreme Court being the highest court in the land. The Supreme Court exercises the power of judicial review. The federal courts try cases involving federal law and questions involving the interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. 

By Timothy