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New Big Screen Documentary Exposes Pat Tillman Cover-Up


G20 Protesters Being Abducted, Bundled Into Unmarked Vans In Toronto


Kagan Tells Senate She Implemented Clinton's Views, But She Promoted Abortion


Texas Rangers arrest Candi Cooper outside Austin home


Flying Dutch on Welfare, etc.


http://christianinfobomb.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19988 (I don't agree with Jewish baiting, but it's mostly accurate)

So imagine there cannot be more jobs created, there is unemployment and many people hunting for the same job, but if you need welfare they just cut it, while it's already nothing in the UK to begin with.So cutting welfare exactely when people need it more than ever.

-Flying Dutch


Imagine, they can't just take( steal) pensions, but it's been done ins everal countries.
They can't wait to take those huge sums of money and to use it as a multipliers for derivatives and their own interests.

The Government’s political strategy emerged as the Prime Minister conceded his “radical” plans to slash spending and shake up the public sector could anger voters and cost him the next general election.

Speaking in Toronto at a G8 summit, Mr Cameron said he was prepared to be a one-term prime minister rather than back down on his wider agenda of shrinking the state and decentralising government power.

Criticising Labour under Tony Blair for playing safe, Mr Cameron said: “I would rather have five reforming years as Prime Minister than 10 wasted years like Blair. I want this to be a radical reforming Government.” Mr Cameron said he was determined to enact the agenda he has developed with Nick Clegg, his Liberal Democrat deputy.

“There are a lot of plans coming out between now and the summer and the reform agenda will be running through almost everything we do going forward,” he added.

-Flying Dutch

The Industry Part 65


Fluoro Fish


The Internet Must Remain Free


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Toronto and G20 protests

Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

Hypocrite Toronto Police Demands Resignation of Labour President over Agent-Provocateur Comments

Peaceful Protesters Attacked, Arrested While Cop-Car Arsonists Left Alone

Cybersecurity Measures Will Mandate Government “ID Tokens” To Use The Internet

Monday Updates in Late June of 2010

Economic news are coming in. People like Bill O'Reilly obsess with debt and claim that austerity measures are needed to solve our economic crisis. He omits that we can have state banks, create debt free money, and other populist methods to have the money avaliable to create economic growth. We don't need to cut legitimate services that can allow the poor and the disabled to possibly die in the streets. Even Alan Greespan want to radically cut programs as other deficit hawaks do. Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz (who are both economists) want a 2nd round of stimulus. These neo con hypocrites like O'Reilly talk about cutting spending, but they refuse to cut any spending from the war on terrorism. The global elite want austerity as to maintain their power base, while economic growth is more stangant among the poor and middle classes. Strangling wealth and radically cutting spending don't grow the economy at all. It slows down growth. The private sector is not maximizing its profit. How can you get sufficient economic growth from the private sector when that sector isn't growing right. You need some injection of capital to act as a foundation for more growth to occur (among both the private and public sectors). And while it is not true that the stimulus "has done nothing" as the deficit hawks claim (IHS Global Insight, Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody's Economy.com all estimate it created around 2.5 million jobs.) its effects have largely been canceled-out by the gigantic state budget gaps. This is why some want a real stimulus to be sent into the financial system until the economy truly gets on track.

There is the new study proving the link between abortion (and physical, sexual abuse by women's partners). The partner relates to the boyfriend or husbands done following an abortion. the University of Iowa researchers led the study. It showed that women seeking abortions have experienced a high rate of violence and abuse form their partners. The study was published online in June 17 in the American Journal of Public Health. Audrey Saftlas is an University of Iowa professor of epidemilogy and lead author of the study. She talked about the results her team found. "Women seeking termination of pregnancy comprise a particularly high-risk group for physical or sexual assault," she said. "In our study, almost 14 percent of women receiving an abortion reported at least one incident of physical or sexual abuse in the past year." She said that these findings strongly support the need for clinic based screening with interventions. These high risk women need resources according to her. She wants referrals and support to help them and their families reduce the violence in their lives. The researches examined 986 women who had abortiosn and completed questionnaires. Overall, the researchers found that the combined 1 year prevelance of physical or sexual abuse by any perpetrator was 13.8 percent. The prevalence of physical and sexual violence by an intimate partner was 9.9 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively. Of the women who reported such pre-abortion violence, 74 percent of women identified their former partner as the perpetrator of the violence and 27 percent identified a current partner as responsible for the violence.The numbers don't add up to 100 percent because some women reported violence by both current and former partners. Saftlas said that the figures prove that women seeking abortions have frequently left abusive relationships in the months before the abortions. So, woman who have had abortions or speak out for their say abortion centers should ask women if they are having an abortion (as a result of partner abuse and assaulted. Abortion is not in their best interest to especially resolve those abuse and assault situations). There are the leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (this is a national network of women and men who regret their decision or pariticpation in an abortion) believe that the survey doesn't go far enough in identifying how women seeking abortions should be counseled. "A Planned Parenthood official who participated in this Iowa study admits that her organization has not been asking women about any abuse they’ve suffered," said Janet Morana, co-founder of the organization. She told LifeNews.com, "That Planned Parenthood has been aborting women’s babies for four decades and is only now talking about maybe asking women if they’ve been abused shows that women’s lives are of no consequence to them." Penny Dickey is the Planned Parenthood of the Heartland chief operating officer and a study author. She said that her abortion business pariticpated in the study. Georgette Forney is the co-founder of the group and a woman who has experienced the personal regret of an abortion. She said that: "...asking women if they’ve suffered physical attacks by their babies’ fathers would be an innovation for Planned Parenthood...What the organization’s sales staff should really do, but which they will refuse to do, is ask women if they’ve been coerced by a boyfriend, husband, or parent to have the abortion. We know that feigning concern for women is one thing for Planned Parenthood, asking women questions that might cause them not to abort is quite another," Forney said.

Some wonder if the toxic corexit rain is killing crops in Mississippi. The crops dying in Mississippi has been reported by Yobie Benjamin (as writing for the San Francisco Chronicle). There is the mysterious disease stricking crops. It may be connected to the BP oil gusher. Benjamin writes about the damage done by the oil gusher spreading way beyond the ocean, coastal areas and beachers. There has been collateral damage that appears to include agriculture damage way inland Mississippi The disease have damaged many crops from weeds (to farmed organic an conventionally grown crops). Benjamin believes that the disease is a product of BP spraying the oil dispersant Corexit 9500 in the Gulf of Mexico. Corexit 9500 is believed to be responsible for the widespread repots of oil cleanup crews reporting various injuries including respiratory distress, dizziness, and headaches. "Dispersants have never been applied on this scale, leaving environmental scientists guessing about the consequences. Corexit may have caused seven cleanup workers to be admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and nausea,” reports Popular Science. Beth Buczynski is apart of Care2, which is an environmental website. She said that there are concerns with Corexit. There are movements in the water, there is the precipitation cycle, etc. Scientists are scared that soon the consequences of using dispersants could be falling from the sky. The EPA asked BP to stop using Corexit. It is banned in 18 natiosn since it has great toxicity. Yet, BP has refused to do so. So far, there is no direct evidence that Corexit 9500 caused the crop damage in Mississippi from the sky. Benjamin, although, says that there : "...is very strong suspicion that ocean winds have blown Corexit aerosol plumes or droplets and that dispersants have caused the unexplained widespread damage." There is a tropical storm near Mexico. This is the beginning of the hurricane season. Hopefully, it doesn't cause much damage in the region at all. Tropical sotrms usually occur in the eastern Atlantic. Dr. Remata Reddy, who studies and teaches tropical meteorology at Jackson State University, told WAPT in Mississippi said that: “As oil evaporates and comes into contact with a tropical storm, the chances of acid rain falling within the storm are possible.” Corexit is a toxic substance. If it can kill crops, corexit can do damage to humans and animals.

Elena Kagan has her first hearings today. People want to find out her views on life issues, the military, gun rights, and other important questions. The Supreme Court recently ruled that people have the individual has the right to own guns regardless of what states they live in. Many liberals have questioned about her view on executive powers and so-called "race-neutral" social policies that avoid solutins that target racial disparities. President Barack Obama claims that Kagan is fair and a credible addition to the Supreme Court. Kagan was apart of the centrist Bill Clinton White House and agenda. There are almost 5,000 pages of documents of Kagan that has been researched by researchers. Kagan was the deputy to Bruce Reed between 1997 and 1999. Reed was a White House domestic policy aide and an operative of the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC is of course the outfit that funnels corporate money to favored Democratic politicals. Clinton was one of the founders of the DLC in the 1980's. They existed to get leaders from the South to stay with the Democratic Party (when some were coming to be Republicans). It was Reed who coined the phrase, “End welfare as we know it.” Welfare bashing is the common feature of Austrian economic proponents. Kagan and Bruce Reed didn't want strong especially black progressive influence in the administraiton. Progressives are right on some issues and dead wrong on other issues. In Clinton’s second term, their nemesis was Christopher Edley, Jr., a Black law professor who founded The Civil Rights Project at Harvard. Edley was brought into the White House as a consultant to help shape the president’s racial policies. Edley wrote that he feared “this could well be the administration that presides over the substantial dismantling of opportunity in selective higher education.” Reed and Kagan rejected the idea of forming a White House commission on race. Both of them bashed the social safety net in the wrong terms as vectors of dependency. They viewed focusing on civil rights issues as things of the past. Ms. Kagan writing that the White House “focus should be on the future, not Kerner – meaning the 1968 Kerner Commission Report that warned of two separate nations, “one white, one black.” In a sense, Elena Kagan and Bruce Reed personified the white corporate backlash against Black and labor influence in the Democratic Party. This is the limosine liberal mentality. A real man would expose issues pertaining to many issues and won't obfuscate them at all. Kagan Argued Before Supreme Court: its Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It. (as proven from a Youtube video describing the Supreme Court's oral arguments from Citizens United v. FEC).

Jesuits being in China is an easily provable historical occurence. The Jesuits worked in Communist China while Mao was ruling there. Most Americans could never overtly enter Communist China until 1973. Yet, an American Jesuit (from the University of San Francisco) can enter into San Francisco to enter China with no problem. According to Jesuit Malachi Martin's "The Jesuits" from pg. 33, Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea came into China. It's easy to see that Jesuits play a Helegian Dialetic game in the Vietnam War too. Some Jesuits publiclly opposed the war. Other Jesuits like Dan Lyons publicly supported the Vietnam War. Lyons even entered Communist China. David Rockefeller was famous for visiting China back in the 1970's. One of the first Jesuits to enter China was Matteo Ricci, S.J. For centuries, the Jesuits & the British East India Company controlled much of the economic system in China. The establishment aided the Communist Revolution in 1949 and they fund China today in 2010.

Robert Byrd died in 2010 today. he lived from 1917 to 2010. He was a Klansmen in West Virginia and he said that he changed his mind on civil rights matters before he died. He could memorize many subjects and tidbits of history. He was an orphan and went into law school. He was an intellectual and was a student of legislative processes. He used federal dollars to help out his own state of West Virginia. Robert Byrd opposed the Iraq War since he believed that the Constitution forbade war in the fashion of preemptive actions (without a declaration from Congress). He was relected in the Senate for decades. He didn't want to use American military might, harm diplomatic efforts, and other consequences in having the Iraq War. Robert Byrd spoke out against the coal mining industry, because some in that industry had safety violations and exploited the workers in that region. There should be environmentally-safe procedures in helping people. Some people after his death want term limits since Robert died literally while he resided in the Senate. He wasn't perfect as none of us are.

By Timothy

Kagan and Life issues


Peaceful Protesters Attacked, Arrested While Cop-Car Arsonists Left Alone

From http://www.infowars.com/peaceful-protesters-attacked-arrested-while-cop-car-arsonists-left-alone/

Peaceful Protesters Attacked, Arrested While Cop-Car Arsonists Left Alone

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, June 28, 2010

An eyebrow-raising photograph of one of the anarchists who set fire to a Toronto police car during anti-G20 protests this past weekend shows him wearing Nike clothing, a potential indication that provocateurs dressed up as black-bloc “anarchists” were again employed by authorities to cause mayhem in order to justify a brutal police crackdown and crush free speech, as peaceful protesters were attacked and arrested while the anarchists who torched the cars were left alone.
The picture shows the two culprits who set fire to the police car congratulating each other and looking remarkably relaxed about potentially being caught by police considering what they had just done. One of the men is wearing Nike pants – the distinctive logo of the company can be seen above his left pocket.
Why would a hardcore anarchists so dedicated to his cause that he is willing to torch a police car be wearing clothing made by a company that anarchists universally abhor, and one that has routinely been targeted by anarchists for well over a decade?
The authorities certainly wasted no time in responding to the mayhem the anarchists helpfully generated for them with brute force. After anarchists torched four police cars, reporters and other peaceful protesters were targeted with rubber bullets, with another Guardian journalist being repeatedly punched and elbowed by cops.
“A newspaper photographer was shot with a plastic bullet in the backside, while another had an officer point a gun in his face despite identifying himself as a member of the media,” reported the Canadian Press news agency.
Journalist Steve Paikin of public broadcaster TV Ontario described the brutal beating of the Guardian reporter.
“As I was escorted away from the demonstration, I saw two officers hold a journalist. The journalist identified himself as working for ‘the Guardian.’ He talked too much and pissed the police off. Two officers held him a third punched him in the stomach. Totally unnecessary. The man collapsed. Then the third officer drove his elbow into the man’s back. No cameras recorded the assault. And it was an assault.”
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Paikin noted how middle class, peaceful demonstrators were being attacked and arrested by police, while the anarchists who provided them with the pretext to do so were nowhere to be seen.

“The police just started arresting people. I stress, this was a peaceful, middle class, diverse crowd. No anarchists. Literally more than 100 officers with guns pointing at the crowd. Rubber bullets and smoke bombs ready to be fired. Rubber bullets fired.”
“I have lived in Toronto for 32 years. Have never seen a day like this. Shame on the vandals and shame on those that ordered peaceful protesters attacked and arrested,” added Paikin
Could the two men in the picture be cops dressed up as anarchists? It wouldn’t be the first time that cops had posed as protesters and deliberately staged violence in an effort to justify a heavy-handed police response.
We have documented numerous different occasions where the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated by the authorities to provide a pretext for a police state crackdown.
A recent example occurred at last year’s Pittsburgh G20 summit, where footage showed three burly older men who look completely out of place with black bandanas over their face walking alongside young protesters during a march against police brutality in a You Tube clip entitled “G20 Epic Undercover Police Fail”.
The clip would be hilarious if it was not so disturbing. Protesters walking behind what are obviously badly disguised cops claim they broke cameras and acted aggressively towards genuine protesters, as well as carrying gas canisters. During a peaceful demonstration on the same night, riot cops savagely attacked protesters with batons and rubber bullets while also assaulting and arresting students who weren’t even part of the demonstration.
Following the SPP protests in Canada three years ago, Quebec provincial authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding black mask-wearing “anarchists” were in fact police infiltrators used to gather information on protesters.
Video shows two of the provocateurs pick up rocks and try to incite violence before they are outed as cops by legitimate demonstrators. The two thugs then tried to slip behind police lines before their fellow officers were forced to stage their arrest. Again, the fact that they were cops in disguise was later admitted by authorities. Interestingly as it applies to the Toronto “anarchists,” one of the primary reasons the men initially aroused suspicion was the fact that they were wearing the same distinctive boots as the uniformed riot police.
Watch the video.
Alex Jones’ film Police State 2: The Takeover exposed how the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities during the violent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.
The authorities declared a state of emergency, imposed curfews and resorted to nothing short of police state tactics in response to a small minority of hostile black bloc hooligans. Police allowed the black bloc to run riot in downtown Seattle while they concentrated on preventing the movement of peaceful protestors. The film presents clear evidence that the black bloc anarchist group was actually controlled by the state and used to demonize peaceful protesters. Watch the video below.
At the WTO protests in Genoa 2001 a protestor was killed after being shot in the head and run over twice by a police vehicle. The Italian Carabiniere also later beat on peaceful protestors as they slept, and even tortured some, at the Diaz School. It later emerged that the police fabricated evidence against the protesters, claiming they were anarchist rioters, to justify their actions. Some Carabiniere officials have since come forward to say they knew of infiltration of the so called black bloc anarchists, and that fellow officers acted as agent provocateurs.
At the Free Trade Area of Americas protests in Miami in late November 2003, more provocateuring was evident. The United Steelworkers of America calling for a congressional investigation, stated that the police intentionally caused violence and arrested and charged hundreds of peaceful protestors. The USWA suggested that billions of dollars supposedly slated for Iraq reconstruction funds are actually being used to subsidize “homeland repression” in America.

The leadership of the black bloc has been completely usurped by the authorities and anyone who still professes to be a member of the group is either supremely naive or completely stupid. To dress up like terrorists, all in black with ski masks and bandanas (like the police) immediately sends out a negative message to the watching public and demonizes legitimate protesters, as does pointlessly setting fire to a police car. Engaging in such acts only bolsters the rational and reasonable facade of groups like G20 that the anarchists supposedly want to discredit.
Such incidents provide the perfect justification for the authorities to shut down the free speech of legitimate demonstrators who actually have something of substance to say and a means of communicating their message, people like Charlie Veitch, who was arrested, tortured and caged by Toronto police thugs after he used a bullhorn.



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Other News

Charlie Veitch: Arrested, Tortured, Caged by Toronto Fascist Police at G8/G20

Blagojevich on tape: Get Obama to fund-raise from Warren Buffett, Bill Gates

Food & Depopulation: Scams and Solutions

Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

From http://www.infowars.com/report-toronto-police-rough-up-journalists-arrest-peaceful-protesters-at-g20/

Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

Daniel Tencer
Raw Story
June 27, 2010

Reporters covering the G20 summit in Toronto say they were the target of police violence overnight, as riots blamed on anarchist groups left four police cars burning in the financial district and resulted in the arrests of some 150 people.
“A newspaper photographer was shot with a plastic bullet in the backside, while another had an officer point a gun in his face despite identifying himself as a member of the media,” reported the Canadian Press news agency. The agency did not say if it was its own reporters who were targeted.
Previously: Toronto gets ‘secret’ arrest powers ahead of G20 protests
In a remarkable series of Tweets early Sunday morning, journalist Steve Paikin of public broadcaster TV Ontario said he witnessed “police brutality” against a reporter and the arrests of peaceful demonstrators.

“I saw police brutality tonight. It was unnecessary. They asked me to leave the site or they would arrest me. I told them I was doing my job,” he Tweeted.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“As I was escorted away from the demonstration, I saw two officers hold a journalist. The journalist identified himself as working for ‘the Guardian.’ He talked too much and pissed the police off. Two officers held him a third punched him in the stomach. Totally unnecessary. The man collapsed. Then the third officer drove his elbow into the man’s back. No cameras recorded the assault. And it was an assault.”
Paikin had been at a demonstration in Toronto’s Esplanade neighborhood, a densely-populated area near the waterfront. He said police moved in on a crowd of peaceful, “middle class” protesters and began arresting them.
“Police on one side screamed at the crowd to leave one way. Then police on the other side said leave the other way. There was no way out,” he Tweeted. “So the police just started arresting people. I stress, this was a peaceful, middle class, diverse crowd. No anarchists. Literally more than 100 officers with guns pointing at the crowd. Rubber bullets and smoke bombs ready to be fired. Rubber bullets fired.”
Paikin, a respected journalist who has hosted national election debates in Canada, said he was “escorted” away by police before he could see how many people were arrested, “but it must have been dozens.”

“I have lived in Toronto for 32 years. Have never seen a day like this. Shame on the vandals and shame on those that ordered peaceful protesters attacked and arrested.”
Earlier in the day, police told media that a small group of “Black bloc” demonstrators broke off from a protest of 10,000 people and began smashing storefront windows along the city’s trendy Queen Street.
The CBC News Network reported that protesters smashed in the windows of an American Apparel outlet, pulled out the mannequins and spread feces on the floor. The storefronts of McDonald’s and Starbucks locations were also damaged, as were numerous bank branches.
Police shut down all public transit in the city center, including subway and streetcar lines. They also shut down a large downtown shopping complex after reports of looting. AFP reported that some 200 people were trapped inside, unable to leave after the mall was put into lockdown.

Toronto a 'fortress' ahead of G8, G20

From http://www.roguegovernment.com/Toronto_a_%27fortress%27_ahead_of_G8%2C_G20/21802/0/3/3/Y/M.html

Toronto a 'fortress' ahead of G8, G20
Published on 06-25-2010 Email To Friend Print Version

Source: RawStory

Thousands of Canadian police threw a tight security net over eastern Ontario province Thursday as world leaders began arriving for key summits focused on economic recovery and development.

In one of the North American country's largest ever security operations, some 20,000 police have been deployed in the city of Toronto and the exclusive lakeside community of Huntsville, some 225 kilometers (140 miles) to the north.

Leaders from the Group of Eight leading economies will meet Friday in Huntsville, before joining up with other officials from the Group of 20 developed and emerging nations in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday.

In a huge operation, police combed Toronto's streets barricaded by wire fences and miles of concrete blocks, backed by overhead helicopters, with many schools and businesses closed, and the main Union Station partially shut down.

Local trains only were allowed to unload passengers, who arrived to find the platforms mostly deserted, and security personnel posted at every corner.

Protestors are planning days of demonstrations to focus attention on issues from the environment to the rights of indigenous peoples.

For the second day in a row, Toronto police said they halted a potential threat to the summit, when the driver of a car laden with home-made weapons was arrested near the downtown Novotel hotel, less than a mile from the convention center where the G20 summit will be held.

The silver Hyundai, topped with a riveted steel roof container was found to contain five fuel canisters, a chain-saw, a home-made crossbow, and arrows.

"The design of the vehicle gave us some concern," constable Hugh Smith told reporters, as a hazardous material crew and a bomb disposal squad secured the car.

Smith confirmed a man, in his mid-50s, had been arrested, but said no charges have yet been brought. "This is an ongoing investigation," he said, adding the car was "filled with weapons of opportunity."

Tensions are already running high after Canadian authorities Wednesday said they had uncovered a plot to bomb the summit, charging a 37-year-old Toronto man and his common-law wife with possession of explosives.

Among the first leaders to arrive was Chinese President Hu Jintao who Thursday kicked off a state visit to Canada. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was also due to arrive later in the day, hours after White House talks.

The G8 summit will focus on development, tackling issues such as peace and security, maternal health and international crimes. Seven African leaders have also been invited to participate.

The G20 talks will focus more on shoring up recovery as the world economy emerges from its worst crisis in decades.

A leaked draft of the final G20 communique, obtained by the environmental group Greenpeace, warns "the recovery is uneven and fragile, and unemployment remains at unacceptable levels."

The talks could also flare into a row between Europe and the United States, with Washington urging its European allies not to cut government spending before recovery is assured, fearing it could trigger a double-dip recession.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been criticized for aiming to slash spending in Europe's top economy by some 80 billion euros (98 billion dollars), said she expected "fruitful" but "contentious" discussions here.

"We, as Europeans, and in particular Germany, are of the opinion that reducing deficits is essential... for achieving sustainable growth that we all want," Merkel told reporters.

Merkel has insisted deficits must be cut in the wake of the eurozone debt crisis that forced Berlin to stump up the lion's share of a rescue mechanism despite fierce voters opposition.

The G20 leaders will also discuss contentious moves to slap new levies on banks to help fund future crisis, with observers saying an agreement remains elusive.

Japan's new center-left Prime Minister Naoto Kan will make his international debut at the summits in Canada, just three weeks into his job. The fifth Japanese premier in four years was to hold talks with Obama and Hu and also meet the leaders of Russia and South Korea, and likely Britain and Germany.

"Japan in recent years has had a different prime minister every year," Kan said in an interview with public broadcaster NHK.

"Japan's politics and diplomacy have become weak because of it," he said.

Political and Social Instability in Kyrgyzstan


Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: The “New Austerity” Road to Financial Serfdom


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flying Dutch's words

This privatization and big cartelist and lobbiest system is crushing American society, it's the most present in the Us, that's why the US is going down with healthcare, education and many other area's of society, the promised better quality, competition, service etc never came!!
( once again i'm not talking about REAL free market where the middleclass own companies and compete, but that's not the case anymore today, whihwen many countries began privatization that was already gone and so the outcome of privatization was guaranteed to be bad and the opposite of what was being promised!!)
The US is a clear example to which almost everybody is familiar is, because it's a big nation and on tv in most countries, but also leading in privatization from the start.
The US can do much better, people should demand more care in return of the Obama. Adm. for what they are paying now that launched this plan which is going to cut even mroe care, but jacking up budgets.

The Economic Sytem




As i said earlier, the US has larger deficits then Greece, they got most of the derivatives that can collapse and all these inbalances are higher on average than in the European Union.
So when you get stuck,what do you do? when you can't go up due to financial and other economic complications you have one way to go, drag your main competitors down to survive.So knowing the EU is not a sovereign nation, but bunch of countries, you attack the weakest spots and of those rather those with small economies. Because smaller economies cannot hedge themselves easily with tens or even hundreds of billions of Dolalrs against speculation, so you create panick in your main competitors and sentiments do the rest and soon it looklsike the EU is in worse shape than the US, and that's what Obama's handlers want. This way the Dollar has some breathe s it was earlier on top of the hitlist. This is why Germany wants to ban the most dangerous derivatives and speculation while the oligarchs in US/ UK ( Wallstreet, Chicago and London) don't, because they got most derivatives and hedgefundses and speculators and use and abuse those whenever they want on others. But, if Obama's handlers woudl really want recovery, not just boosting growth which they call recovery ( which is stalling even witht eh heavily optimistic calculated statistics) they would have been banning those that Germany did and making along term plan, investing most of the TARP monies intoboostign labor productivity ( only way to go u) , technology and infrastructure of all kinds.
But that's barely happening, so the financial predators that have their pupopets into power in the US have no interest to run an economy.
Aside of the fact that most economists are too busy talking about finances, not economics.
All you hear is cutting or stimulating budgets, that's not economics, it's finances!
You can maybe balance finances, but ruin an economy. It's not liek comparing a household or family with an economy as some economists are doing!
Families need to balance budgets, they have no economy running no industries, manufacturing to take care of.
So austerity, which Germany is doing too much, the UK and many European nations is the other negative side.
It's nice to balance your financices ( Europe) but what about your economy? So you see basically two wrong developments on both sides of the Atlantic.

-Flying Dutch



It's really simple, those with the most privatised and so most commercial health care, they have the worst performances.
This began in the US and the most agressively too.Many nations where the same course is followed start to see the sam problems.( also in other area's of the economy where is privatized)
The market working idea is not functioning, because you don't have so many companies, but rather big pharma and insurance giants, cartel and lobbygroups. so there's no competition. If there would be competition, it still could work
so now you see exactely the opposite of what is promised of market working, lower performance, less service, les quality, higher prices. Higher prices because many are run by cartels and secondly because lobby groups and often their puppets in goverment position or bribed politicians agree to accept campaign money, in return for that they agree to jack up budgets in health care so that these companies can have a bigger piece of the cake or higher prices to jack that up. so the resul is that or higher prices inflate the performance or a bigger share of the budget is ending up for pprofits. and commercial companies tend to not invest in maintenance of bettering the system , look at the Californian powergrid and the brown outs that was a clear example of what commercialized sectors turn into. That owner just want profits, so is cuttign expenses as much as possible and delaying all maintenance as much as possible, plus not investing in a modern grid!!
Because most of the economy is now cartels or very big companies and not many family companies of middle class etc, the result is the same in every sector of the economy where you see this privatization,d espite all promises!!

Also if you have a high income in the US you can get all service and quality that you want, it just happens so that 90% or so of the Americans don't belong to that group anymore.So you have this class system if you got money you can do anything, if you not, you have not even right on health care.That leads to social instability, but also too much higher costs as many chronically ill people or others with low incomes that could have been helped are ending up severely ill or wasted for the labor market, by then you wasted all money invested and you're guaranteed to get nothing in return for it as the person is given up basically.This aside of who has to pay all this.In the Netherlands, despite we're raned first, i see a worsening, i guess the others are dropping faster, because the commercialization is going on.when Germany and the Netherlands privatized medicines, the price went up 300% to the degree that politicians capped the price and made measures to normalize them. In the US that was not done and nobody is interfering,t hat's why it's so expensive as these private companies running healthcare have no interest in lowe prices, investing or expanding quality for the same amount of money you pay!

That's true Annie,thanks for telling.

so more money in the US? I guess for higher level jobs, not for blue collar?

In my country the salaries are higher than in the US right now, but for high level jobs it's much lower, but for low level jobs it's much higher.

That's also why there's less povrty, aside that the unemployment rate is much lower for years.

but the culture makes a difference, in the Us it's very hard, i know. Unions have no power, so you get fired very easily, there are not many rights or entitlements.

If you're really competition driven elbow work etc, you might like the Us, you can get big salaries if you are havinga good health, are competition driven and never ill or sick and have soem skills.
if not, it's not your favorite coutry to work and live for sure!!

-Flying Dutch

More News

CFR Member Gupta Says Kids Need H1N1 This Year

The Farnese and D.C.



The Jesuits in China

Jesuits in Communist China under Mao. Remember at this time in 1973 no American could enter Communist China. We were fighting a war in Vietnam backed by Communist China. But an American Jesuit from the Order's University of San Francisco can enter Communist China and leave with no problem. Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea did the same thing according to Jesuit Malachi Martin in his The Jesuits, p. 33.

This is more evidence that the Jesuits ruled Mao and Communist China. American Jesuit Dan Lyons---promoted of the Vietnam War called "Father Hawk" also entered Communist China.

All Traitors.

Brother Eric



a year later in 1974 david rockfeller of the CFR went to visit china according to:
New York Times, 8-10-1973.

and just like father aldon says its an examplry. rockefeller is also a memeber of the bohemian grove, which has the jesuit patron. and another memeber of the grove kissinger was on the board of a dvisors to CNOOC a chinese oil compan in 2001.



user posted image

You should find information on Jesuit soldier, Matteo Ricci SJ very interesting when dealing with the land of China. Also note the history of Macau which is now the location where the powerful Henry Breakspeare supposedly resides of the same Papal Nobility family name. Lets also note how Macau is now the gambling capital of the World whilst Las Vegas is insolvent and lacking even water. Can we not see whats happening with this power shift? It would seem that China does have eminent domain over the United States at this current time but just doesn't have the balls to fully execute it right now until the Papal Nobility give the nod of course, which may be sooner than you think. This is nothing more than the Jesuit transference of power in order to destroy one civilisation for another. Remember The Company of Jesus was covertly controlling the British East India Company who were the front masters of this technique.

user posted image

-Craig Oxley

How many Americans are targeted for assassination?


Bill Gates now pushing genetically modified seeds in Africa


New Age Information




Delays can never stop the Truth

The G8 have tried to stagnant Third World progress for decades since the 1970’s. Even the Dulles brothers believed that the non-alignment agenda of the Third World (or being neutral from Communists and the West) was still pro-Communism. That was a lie of course. John Foster Dulles shared bugbears with Winston Churchill. Both were obsessed with Communism, what Dulles called “godless terrorism.” There has been structural adjustment conditionalities, aerial bombardment. Now in 2010, the G8 (with Russia) want to meet in Toronto, Canada. There will be protests there as this is a common feature of the meeting. This gathering is its 33rd official gathering. The G20 was formed in 1999 at the initiative of the “locomotives of the South,” the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), South Africa (who joins them in another iteration, the IBSA – India, Brazil and South Africa) and Mexico. Soon, the G20 will be the premier economic alliance. Even with the failure of neoliberalism, European banks still wanted austerity measures in Greece. That Goldman Sachs had colluded with the Greek ruling elite to enable and mask its debt was not the issue. The lesson from the Greek debacle was that European countries had to hastily bring down their deficits. These deficits had to now be paid for not by higher taxes on the rich (or even more effective tax collection on extant rates), but by cuts in government social spending and on effective taxations of all kinds on the working-class. The consumption of the elite could not be touched, but the consumption of the poor, low as it is, is going to be curtailed. The newly elected Conservatives in the UK hastened to slash government spending, with the Conservative leader, David Cameron, telling his fellows to change their “whole way of life.” This policy is brutal. Zapatero is going to cut 15-billion euros from his budget in Spain. The socialist & IMF member Dominique Strauss-Kahn support the measures in Spain. So, there is a battle between economic populists and the speculators who want economic harm against most of the people in the world. Some liberals are right to say that it’s truly despicable that some Republicans want to block unemployment benefits to Americans. Some in Wall Street oppose giving legitimate benefits to people suffering in places like Michigan. One Democrat called Ben Nelson voted against giving people unemployment benefits. Some GOP members have tried to filibustered the bill. Numerous Republicans are very hypocritically to support billions of dollars in Iraq for rebuilding the country, but oppose giving money to the people in helping rebuilding their own lives in America.

The Supreme Court ruling made it a crime to work for peace and human rights groups. I don't agree with that decision at all. This means that former President Jimmy Carter could be prosecuted for monitoring fair elections in Lebanon. The Supreme Court made a broad reading of the law criminalizing "material support" to terrorism as a statute that critics argue targets legitimate free speech. In a 6 to 3 decision, the highest U.S. court sided with the government. They found that an NGO could face prosecution for providing non-terror-related support, including rights training, to US-designated terror groups. The case deals with the Humanitarian Law Project. That is a human rights group, which the court ruled could face prosecution under the material support statute for providing human rights or conflicts resolution training to groups including the Kurdish PKK or the Tamil Tigers. Most of the members of the court believe that their decision is constituion. In a press release sent to RAW STORY, the Center for Constitutional Rights argues that the ruling "criminalizes" free speech, and that even former President Jimmy Carter could face potential prosecution. This case is the Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. This was the first case to challenge the Patriot Act before the Supreme Court. It was the first post-9/11 case to pit free speech guarantees agaisnt national security claims. Peaceful advocacy to create peace is not immoral at all. Chief Justice Roberts wrote for the majority, affirming in part, reversing in part, and remanding the case back to the lower court for review; Justice Breyer dissented, joined by Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor. Expert advice, training, service, and personnell can be falsely and vaguely interpreted to mean that someone is aiding terrorists. Plaintiffs sought to provide assistance and education on human rights advocacy and peacemaking to the Kurdistan Workers' Party in Turkey, a designated terrorist organization. Multiple lower court rulings had found the statute unconstitutionally vague. Breyer dissented with the decision. He said that denying money and other resources to terror groups is fine. Yet, Breyer believed that the aid groups' mission is entirely peaceful and consists only of political speech, including how to petition the U.N. "Not even the 'serious and deadly problem' of international terrorism can require automatic forfeiture of First Amendment rights," he said. CCR Cooperating Attorney David Cole was disappointed in the decision. The reason is that the Supreme Court equated human rights advocates assistance in nonviolent resolution of disputes as terrorism. Said CCR Senior Attorney Shayana Kadidal, “The Court’s decision confirms the extraordinary scope of the material support statute’s criminalization of speech. But it also notes that the scope of the prohibitions may not be clear in every application, and that remains the case for the many difficult questions raised at argument but dodged by today’s opinion, including whether publishing an op-ed or submitting an amicus brief in court arguing that a group does not belong on the list is a criminal act..." The ACLU opposes the decision since it's violation of the First Amendment. It criminalizes free speech that is meant to promote peace and human rights.

There is the case of a Maryland practitioner killing a woman in a failed abortion. This person may get a proble. A state attorney for Anne Rundle County, Maryland has referred an abortion death case involving Romeo A. Ferrer to the local Police Homicide Unit for a possible criminal investigaiton. This move comes after pro-life advocates held a press conference earlier this month asking the Maryland Board of Physicians to take strong action against Ferrer. The complaint against Ferrer revolves around a February 2006 abortion he did on a 21 year old African African woman at Gynecare Center in Severna Park. The woman's name is Denise Crowe. The women sought a 2nd trimester dilation and evacuation abortion procedure, but it eventually claimed Crowe's life and left her 3 year old son without a mother. Ferrer is accused of failing to properly administer pain medications, failing to monitor the patient's respiration and ventilation. He's also accused of failing to employ standard method of care to resusciate the patient. He's accused of giving her a fatal overdose of mepredine, which is a narcotic known as Demerol. This case was stagnant for years. Later, the Maryland Board of Physicians in April filed a petition against Ferrerr for "failure to meet the standard of quality care" in his negligent treatment of Crowe that resulted in her death. That case is still under consideration and could take months to resolve. At the same time, local and national pro-life groups, including Operation Rescue, banded together to call for the revocation of Ferrer's license. Coordinated by the Maryland group, Defend Life, a complaint was filed with the State Attorney's office through attorney Matt Paavla. His complaint is the one forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division's Homicide Unit of the Anne Rundle Country Police Department. "Romeo Ferrer has proven himself to be a danger to the public. We understand that due process takes time, but we also understand that every day this quack is open for business is another day that we could see yet another woman injured or even killed," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman
"An immediate emergency suspension of Ferrer's medical license is necessary in order to protect women from further injury while these investigations are taking place," he added. "To that end we are seeking additional information about abortions done by Ferrer." Troy Newman wants people to contact him if a person (or their friends and loved ones) have been negatively impacted by an abortion done by Romeo Ferrer at the Gynecare Center (in Severna Park, Maryland).

It's been found that there has been a large amount of methane in the Gulf of Mexico. This has been reported by Reuters. Texas & M University oceanography professor John Kessler said that methane gas levels in some areas are "astonishingly high." Kessler just performed a 10 day research expedition near the BP oil gusher. Kessler's team measured both surface and deep water with the 5 mile or 8 kilometer radius of the BP's destroyed wellhead. “There is an incredible amount of methane in there,” Kessler told reporters. He said the level may be as much as one million times the normal level. In late May, BP said that methane makes about 40 percent of the leaking crude by mass. According to the EPA and others methane, large amounts of toxic hydrogen sulfide, benzene (that poison is found in soft drinks), and methylene chloride are leaking into the Gulf. Lindsay Williams is a former Alaskan pipeline chaplain. He said that he has high level oil industry ties. He said that the deadly gases are escaping from the breached wellhead. Investigative journalist Wayne Madson said that the dealing with the dead zone (created by the escaping methane) was within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster (according to his sources inside the federal government, FEMA, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers). Madsen said that Corexit 9500 (or the oil dispersant used by BP) is viewed by FEMA sources as mixing with the evaporated water from the Gulf. This deadly mixed is being absorbed by rain clouds. This can cause toxic precipitation and threatens to continue kill marine and land animals (including plant life and humans within a 200 mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster site in the Gulf). “Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula,” Madsen writes. The SCMLA or the SoCal Martial Law Alerts on June 13 predicted that the Gulf states would be evacuated. Gre Evensen is a retired Highway Patrolman. He estimated that about 30-40 million people would need to be evacuated away from the Gulf’s coastline (in at least 200 miles inland). This is a huge feat that requires the FAA and FEMA. This SCMLA report shows credence to Madsen’s report. Some geologists believe that the methane was once trapped in a massive bullbed for thousands of years under the sea floor. Matai and others fear that the methane can trigger an exploit (with pressure to be between 30,000 and 70,000 pounds per square inch). “The bubble is likely to explode upwards propelled by more than 50,000 psi of pressure, bursting through the cracks and fissures of the sea floor, fracturing and rupturing miles of ocean bottom with a single extreme explosion,” Matai explains. “If the toxic gas bubble explodes, it might simultaneously set off a tsunami traveling at a high speed of hundreds of miles per hour. Florida might be most exposed to the fury of a tsunami wave. The entire Gulf coastline would be vulnerable, if the tsunami is manifest. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and southern region of Georgia might experience the effects of the tsunami according to some sources.” Many people are concerned about the toxic rain, and the release of these toxins (like deadly hydrogen sulfide benzene, and ethylene chloride). Martial law is the only way a massive evacuation could be accomplished. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the government all but declared martial law in New Orleans and the southern Gulf Coast. That region was called a state of emergency not officially martial law. It was the largest military mobilization in the area since the Civil War. There were combat equipped troops and private contractors stealing guns from innocent law abiding residents. They went house to house doing it. There was the censorship of the media. On September 7, 2005, MSNBC’s Brian Williams reported that the city had “reached a near-saturation level of military and law enforcement.” Williams and his crew were ordered to stop taking photographs by gun-toting National Guard troops. Williams said he experienced “the palpable feeling that this area is somehow separate from the United States.” Indeed, if Florida and the Gulf states are evacuated as predicted — and again, Madsen’s sources are usually impeccable — a large part of the country will be separated from the United States and placed under martial law.

Secret Societies are real. For thousands of years, the elite and secret orders use slick indoctrination techniques and other forms of cultural control actions to try to control socieites. Some in Masonry have to lie or conceal information from each other. There was a man named John Dewey. He was a socialist and some accuse him of being a communist. He infiltrated the education system in the USA. Troy found out that Peter Sutherland (who was the BP and Goldman Sachs Chairman) was Jesuit trained from Gonzage College in Dublin and he was the consultor for the Vatican Central Bank (or in the the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See). Gonzaga College S.J. is a private Roman Catholic boys' secondary school in Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland, under the trusteeship of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit Order). Founded in 1950, the curriculum is traditional, with a broad general programme of subjects including the classics at junior cycle and the opportunity in senior cycle to study eight subjects for the Leaving Certificate. Gonzaga College is one of five Jesuit schools in Ireland. He has ties to the WTO, the UN, and the Trilateral Commission. So, Sutherland is a key agent promoting the new world order agenda.

By Timothy

Cutting Edge Updates


The Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf

Note by Me: I don't agree with violence or revenge.

By Timothy


From http://www.infowars.com/the-real-truth-about-bp-and-what-is-happening-in-the-gulf/

The Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf

Kurt Nimmo
June 25, 2010

BP is engaged in criminal negligence. It only pretends to clean-up its mess when government officials arrive for photo-ops. BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.
BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told reporters earlier this month: “I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are greedy companies or don’t care, but that is not the case with BP. We care about the small people.”

Small people. Expendable people. The woman in this video tell us what is really happening in Louisiana. BP, Obama, and Congress — all beholden to large corporations and bankers — are sacrificing thousand of people and keeping it hidden.
The corporate media talks about Florida’s beaches and lost tourism money. They talk about the marine animals covered in oil but not the children who are coming down with respiratory problems from toxic gases blowing in from the Gulf.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Idiots on Fox and CNN trade barbs back and forth about Obama’s lack of leadership. It’s the Democrats say the Republicans. It’s the Republicans say the Democrats. Fingers get pointed while oil washes up in the salt marshes and deadly chemicals rain down on crops in Mississippi. People are beginning to talk about a new disease… Gulf of Mexico Syndrome.
“The petro-chemical-military-industrial complex is gassing Gulf Coast residents with poisonous Benzene and Corexit dispersant at dangerously high levels in the largest U.S. domestic military operation to date,” writes Deborah Dupré. “Human suffering in the Gulf is increasing from the world’s latest and largest toxic oil kill as BP lies and government remains silent about human health risks and associated military interventions. Most immediately damaging of the operation’s withheld information pertains to toxins breathed since the explosion.”

Near the end of the above video Kindra Arnesen talks about what toxins are doing to her children. Her story is likely not an isolated incident. Lots of children and old people with respiratory ailments are having problems with the air in Louisiana (and soon other Gulf states and Florida). The media is just not telling us about it. The media is owned by large corporations. The corporate media’s job is to distract with mindless fluff and cover up the crimes of the corporatists.
If this continues much longer the military will be called in — not to evacuate people but to contain angry people who will ultimately organize and take things into their own hands. Violence and revenge cannot be ruled out.
Can you blame them? Wouldn’t you do the same thing if BP destroyed your livelihood and poisoned your children?

A Delay

My area has been having Internet issues. Hopefully, by July, it can be resolved. So, that is why I haven't made new articles.


Keep on showing the truth. In recent months, every since I've been exposing paradigms, it seems my mind is waking up in a higher level of understanding.

By Timothy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kagan Calls Israeli Judge Dredd “My Judicial Hero”

From http://www.infowars.com/kagan-calls-israeli-judge-dredd-my-judicial-hero/

New video has emerged on the eve of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings which shows Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan praising an Israeli activist judge as “my judicial hero,” underscoring Kagan’s alarming hostility to the Constitution and her views on empowering appointed judges with political agendas.
“The video provided to Whispers by Americans United for Life shows Kagan in 2006 praising retired Judge Aharon Barak during a ceremony at Harvard when she was dean of the Harvard Law School,” reports U.S. News and World Report.

During his stint as a judge on the Supreme Court of Israel from 1978-1995, Barak garnered a notorious reputation for pursuing an activist judge agenda. Reagan court pick Robert Bork labeled Barak “dangerous,” and “the worst judge on the planet,” adding that he led “the most activist court I have ever seen”.
According to a review of his tenure, “Under the leadership of Judge Barak, the Supreme Court significantly increased the [range of] fields in which it is [willing to intervene].”
In his 2006 book The Judge in a Democracy, Barak wrote that “a good judge is a judge who, within the bounds of legitimate possibilities, makes law that, more than other law he is authorized to make, best bridges the gap between law and society and best protects the constitution and its values. He also says that judges should go “beyond actually deciding the dispute.”
Watch the clip below.
All of this only adds to the case against Kagan in singling her out as the most unconstitutional Supreme Court pick ever.
Kagan has publicly expressed her hatred for the first amendment, stating that speech the government deems to be “offensive” should be ‘disappeared’.
In a 1993 University of Chicago Law review article, Kagan wrote, “I take it as a given that we live in a society marred by racial and gender inequality, that certain forms of speech perpetuate and promote this inequality, and that the uncoerced disappearance of such speech would be cause for great elation.” (emphasis mine).
Under Kagan’s definition of the government’s role in policing free speech, the state would also have a remit to censor things like newspaper editorials, as well as the political opinions of radio talk show hosts or television reporters. This is alarming given the fact that Obama’s information technology czar Cass Sunstein has called for the re-introduction of the “fairness doctrine,” which would also force political websites to carry mandatory government propaganda.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In a January 2008 white paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” Sunstein called for the government to tax and outright censor political viewpoints it deemed unsavory. Shortly after the paper’s publication, Kagan praised Sunstein as “the preeminent legal scholar of our time”.
During the Citizens United vs. FEC case, Kagan’s office was asked by Chief Justice John Roberts if the government could ban publications it they were paid for by a corporation or labor union.
“If it’s a 500-page book, and at the end it says, ‘and so vote for x,’ the government could ban that?” Roberts asked, to which Kagan’s deputy, Malcolm L. Stewart, said the government could censor such information.
Kagan’s standpoint on free speech, that it is subject to regulation and definition by the government, has no place in America, completely violates the fundamental premise of the First Amendment, that even unpopular speech should be protected, and would be better suited for countries like Iran, Zimbabwe or North Korea.
Little surprise therefore when we learn that in her undergraduate thesis at Princeton, Kagan lamented the decline of socialism in the U.S. as “sad” for those who still hope to “change America.”
Kagan’s repulsive take on the rights enshrined in the Constitution is not just limited to free speech.

The Supreme Court nominee outlined her belief that Americans can be guilty until proven innocent, or in fact just plain guilty without even the chance to be proven innocent, when she was quoted as saying, “That someone suspected of helping finance Al Qaeda should be subject to battlefield law — indefinite detention without a trial — even if he were captured in a place like the Philippines rather than a physical battle zone.”
Kagan is also hostile to the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. She has habitually come down on the side of gun control in claiming the state has the right to impose restrictive gun laws and said that she disagrees with the language of the Second Amendment.
Despite accepting the 5-4 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller as a precedent on gun rights, Kagan added that the Constitution “provides strong although not unlimited protection against governmental regulation,” thus leaving the door open for future regulation.

NRTL in Pittsburgh

From http://lifenews.com/nat6459.html

National Right to Life Pro-Life Convention Begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
June 24, 2010

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Pittsburgh, PA (LifeNews.com) -- The 40th annual National Right to Life Convention kicked off today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with an encouraging and energizing speech from the pro-life organizations's president, who urged pro-life activists to get involved in the 2010 elections.

Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, who is credited with exposing the practice of forced abortions in China, also led off the convention with a forceful critique of the one-child family planning program there.

"Pro-life activists working at the local and state level make up the backbone of the pro-life movement and we are honored to bring them together in Pittsburgh this year," said Wanda Franz, Ph.D., president of the National Right to Life Committee

"This year’s convention gives us a chance to reflect on the pro-life advances made in the past year – including groundbreaking legislation in Nebraska and Oklahoma. And it gives all of us the chance to redouble our efforts to protect life by networking and learning from some of the leading experts in the movement," she said.

Franz asked the audience of hundreds several rhetorical questions asking whether they were ready to work to support pro-life candidates for office and to continue opposing the pro-abortion, pro-rationing health care system President Barak Obama signed into law.

Author Angela Franks, Ph.D., will speak at this evening’s general session, on Planned Parenthood’s war against children. In her book Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy, she discusses Sanger’s contributions to the modern day culture of death. There will also be a special presentation celebrating the 25th anniversary of Teens for Life.

On Saturday morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner will receive the National Right to Life Legislative Leadership Award for outstanding pro-life leadership in Congress, as he addresses the importance of continued pro-life activism.

In total, the convention, hosted by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, will feature more than 60 workshops and five general sessions addressing every issue affecting the pro-life movement today from recent state legislative victories, stem cell research and fetal development to the dangers of healthcare rationing in the Obama health care plan and the possible effects of the DISCLOSE Act.

Celebrating its 25th year, the National Teens for Life convention will run concurrently with NRLC 2010, featuring sessions aimed at training and educating young pro-life leaders from across the country.

"Our goal is that everyone leaves the convention with the tools they’ll need to continue touching hearts and changing minds," Dr. Franz added. "Working together at all levels, we are making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society: the unborn, the elderly, and the medically dependant and disabled."

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U.S. Predator Drones to Surveil Mexican Border


Israel Vows To Tighten Gaza Blockade – U.S. Media Reports Blockade Eased


The Statue of Liberty Part 4


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D-Town: African American Farmers, Food Security and Detroit


Late June 2010 News

The Iraq War still isn't over for numerous reasons. The pullout of American troops have been increased. There might be a massive pullout of Iraq by the 2011. President Bush set up a plan of withdrawal from Iraq and President Barack Obama is supporting this agenda. Much of the coalition forces have left Iraq as well. Some fear that when US forces totally withdrawal, a civil war might develop (there are still tensions among the Shi'ite and the Sunnis in Iraq). Some Iraqis don't trust the Iraqi forces. In the mostly Sunni Baghdad district of Adhimiyah, the leader of the local paramilitary organizaiton (called the Sons of Iraq) was assassianted recently. Ziyad Tariq Nouri witnessed the killing. Ziyad is a 33 year old shop owner. he said that the security forces colluded in the murder and the Iraq's security forces are now feared in Iraq. A Sunni paramilitary leader, his wife, and 2 of his son were murdered. The man was a key member of the Awakening movement. His name is khudair Hamad Saad. These groups whose members have died helped U.S. troops fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Shias and Sunni have had tensions in Iraq for centuries. Some attacksers are attacking the Iraqi government. Iraq is mostly Shia, while most of the government of Iraq is controlled by the Sunnis. There is DU issues in Iraq as well. D.U. can harm people. D.U. is short for depleted uranium.

The EU is trying to ban the construction of ordinary family homes by 2020. So, the EU wants a regulation to ban the construction of ordinary family houses starting from 2020. They will only allow the passive houses. For example, page 33/71 of the PDF document above says that all new buildings have to be “nearly zero-energy buildings” by the end of 2020. It has to be true by the end of 2018 for all new buildings occupied by public authorities. The pasive house is a cube that tryies to covers its energy needs by a perpetual motion machine or something that has the same carbon footprint. It's isolated, so that the CO2 you exhale by breathing will never get out of the house. The EU is trying to control private property as much as possible. There are only about 15,000 passive houses in the world. They are mostly in Germany, Austria, and Scandanavia. The passive house is more expensive than the other houses. Ordinary houses will become a scarce, limited commodity is the EU"s plans become a reality. However, don’t expect that the existing owners will be completely protected against the new insane policies. If they want to sell or rent their house or apartment starting from 2012, they will have to get a document about the energy efficiency of the real estate – something that costs $500 or so. If this AGW-rooted reasoning (or the lack of it) manages to survive until 2020 and the regulation will be close to its activation, people will horde classic houses because they implicitly include the permission to use heating systems as we know them today.

Fritz ter Meer in 1947 was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal. He was tied to IG Farben. Fritz didn't bother to mention the fact that I.G.'s campaign contributions, the anti-Semitic and authoritarian examples they set and prototype concentration camps they conceived in WWI were the main factors in limiting their present "detainees" options so dramatically. He was a member of the Managing Board of IG Farben from its inception to its dissolution. As the Wartime Manager, he was responsible for IG Auschwitz.In the Nuremberg Tribunal, ter Meer stated: "Forced labor did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death." In 1948, ter Meer was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to seven years in prison for plundering and slavery. In 1952, ter Meer's sentence was commuted, because he had friends in high places. Just fifteen years after they were convicted in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, these companies were again the architects of the next major human rights offences. In 1962, they established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Codex Alimentarius is about limiting health freedom and if possible outright ban all vitamins plus supplements in the world. This agenda has been exposed by numerous health experts. From 1954 to 1964, ter Meer was apart of the Managing Board of AG Bayer. Bayer aided the construction of the RU-486 pill. So, the Nazis were involved in Code Alimentarius. These are same firms and indeed the same individuals, who gave the Auschwitz concentration camp inmates the deceptive slogan "Arbeit mach frei" ("Work makes you free"). So, this is information to know, because the Nazi's philosophies of hate, Big Pharma harm against humans, and imperialism didn't die with WWII. They still occur today and we have a right to fight against this evil.

A study proves that abortion triples breast cancer risk among Sri Lanka women (as compared to women who carry their pregnancy to term). Researchers from Sri Lanka found this out. The study was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology and found a 3.42 odds ratio against women having abortions compared with those who kept their baby. Abortion was the most significant factor in the study on breast cancer risk. Researchers found a significantly reduced risk associated with prolonged duration of breastfeeding a newborn. Malintha De Silva and colleagues from the University of Colombo led the study. The Sir Lankan study is the fourth epidemiological study in fourteen months to report epidemiological study in 15 moths to report an abortion-breast cancer link. These includes studies from the U.S., China, and Turkey. Other studies have shown the protective effect a full pregnancy has for women. In the case in Sri Lanka, having a baby and subsequent breast feeding between 12-23 months after birth had researchers finding a 66.3% risk reduction in comparison to those who had never breastfed and those who had breastfed between 0 and 11 months. The risk reduction climbed to 87.4% for the 24-35 months group and 94% for the 36-47 month group. "Obviously, women who abort forfeit the protective effect of breastfeeding," said Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, a group that educates women about the breast cancer risk from abortions. "The loss of that protective effect is incurred in addition to the effect of abortion leaving the breasts with more places for cancers to start," she said. "According to the researchers, 'mammography is not widely available for routine screening' in Sri Lanka. Therefore, health professionals must emphasize disease prevention," Malec added. "It is criminal that the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has covered up this risk for over a half century. Uncle Sam is abusing women by concealing the risk." There is one person in the United States named Louise Brinton (who is a NCI branch chief) served as co-author of the report. She and her colleagues admitted that induced abortion and oral contraceptive use were associated with the increased risk of breast cancer. The authors cited a statistically significant 40% increased risk of breast cancer following an abortion. NCI can’t ignore this information. Many researchers globally don’t depend on the agency for grants. The new study article is called “Prolonged breastfeeding reduces risk of breast cancer in Sri Lankan women: A case-control study.”

Austerity is evil of course, because it’s about depleting legitimate resources form the people (while preserving the luxuries of the super rich elite). No one should allow their pensions and savings to be eliminated for debt (that the government fraudulently racked up in their name). The IMF and the European Central Bank promote austerity measures constantly. International financial institutions have made errors for years. Austerity measures didn’t work for the people of Ethiopia. This was when the IMF/World Bank network sold the state assets, public utilities, farms and factories for pennies on the dollar to multinational corporations. Some Africans nations have been given dangerous genetically engineered crops under the guise of food aid via the USAID. The bankers stole food from the land and replace it with GM foods. Austerity is nothing more than a form of economic slavery to an elite group of banksters (that have created fiat wealth to their own advantage). These austerity measures have been done in Brazil as well. The IMF altered the Brazilian constitution. This allows transfers of money from the federal funds to the bankers (instead of to state governments). This IMF structural adjustment program occurred in Peru. That caused Peru to devastate their local agricultural economy It made illegal coca production being one of the only viable way of many farmers to make a living. From the first IMF-sponsored “economic reform” package in Peru in 1978 to the second round of IMF reform in the early 1990s, coca production increased over 400%. The 4.8 billion dollar IMF loan (in the late 1990s) can into offshore bank accounts (to mobsters, politicians, and bankers) instead of the the Russian people. The Russian people still were told to pay the money back when they didn’t receive the money. IMF loans harm people in the world. IMF austerity programs have been exposed by Joseph Stieglitz (he’s the former chief economist of the World Bank). He said that the IMF’s modus operandi is to conduct economic raids of debtor nations, dismantling and selling off infrastructure for the benefit of foreign corporations, and making sure that all public money is used to pay off the bankers. He called this evil deed the IMF riot. IMF bases riots have occurred in Bolivia (over water prices), Indonesia (over food and fuel subsidies that can starve people), Ecuador (over cooking gas prices), and Argentina (over the complete collapse of their country), because of the IMF’s evil austerity measures. People are protesting against this evil since corporations and corrupt government officials have stolen wealth from the people. Whenever, militarized police have tried to control citizens and these militarized police are ruled by the elite. In Iceland, there were debts owed to foreign banks and some in Reykjavik rioted. Those in Iceland later became populist. They controlled the government. Later, Iceland refused to bay the foreign banksters the debt since it was fraudulent. There is the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto. Canada owed 1 billion dollars too. People should realize that austerity measures causes more problems and it doesn’t solve them. We should oppose the fascist agenda of the financial oligarchs completely.

Bill O’Reilly Says “Fiscal Tough Guy” Romney Will Be Next President


Obama Fires McChrystal, Selects Petraeus to Oversee Forever War in Afghanistan

From http://www.infowars.com/obama-fires-mcchrystal-selects-petraeus-to-oversee-forever-war-in-afghanistan/

Obama Fires McChrystal, Selects Petraeus to Oversee Forever War in Afghanistan

Kurt Nimmo
June 23, 2010

Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal today and replaced him with the globalist General David Petraeus. Obama said McChrystal’s actions undermined civilian control of the military and asked the Senate to confirm Petraeus immediately.

In announcing Petraeus’ nomination, Obama said institutions are stronger than individuals. One wonders what Thomas Jefferson would have to say about that statist assertion.
The new overseer of the opium fields in Afghanistan attended the Bildberger confab held in Spain this year and also attended the secretive meeting in Greece last year.
Since Petraeus is a seasoned establishment insider, his appointment is a natural. He is a member of the one-world CFR. The CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, listed Petraeus as number eight on its list of “Top 100 Global Thinkers.”
In April Petraeus’ name was floated as a possible presidential candidate. “Neocon warmongers love Petraeus. The American Enterprise Institute — one of a handful of neocon think tanks behind the push to invade Iraq and kill a million plus Iraqis — bestowed its 2010 Irving Kristol Award on Petraeus. The late Kristol is considered to be the godfather of the neocon movement,” we wrote at the time.
“He’s a serious guy,” declared the “hawk” (neocon) Rep. Pete King in October. “He’s about the only one out there who could really challenge Obama, who isn’t as strong as he was a few months ago… I think he’s an independent, and I haven’t talked to him about this, but I’d encourage him… I’d be open to it.”
Democrat Peter Beinart of the Council on Foreign Relations has compared Petraeus to Eisenhower, the last general president (who incidentally warned about the influence of the military-industrial complex). The GOP, argues Beinart, will “need someone with enough personal appeal to avoid the culture war food-fights that obsess the Republican base, someone who exudes moral traditionalism and fiscal prudence without appearing fanatical or intolerant.”
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In other words, somebody who is not associated with the Tea Party and other political threats to the establishment.
Petraeus’ party affiliation is a mystery but he has been courted by both parties as a modern-day Eisenhower, the San Francisco Chronicle claims. Both Republicans and Democrats love the General.
Not that party matters — when it comes to forever war both sides of globalist one party system agree it is imperative the Pentagon attack small countries and slaughter grade school children, grandmothers, and wedding party members. Afghanistan’s opium is a prize that must be retained and controlled.

Petraeus’ presidential aspiration was put into serious jeopardy after he “fainted” during a Senate hearing on the war on Afghanistan a few days ago. It is speculated that he actually had a seizure.
Petraeus was instrumental in the illegal invasion of Iraq. He assumed command of USCENTCOM and was responsible for U.S. operations in 20 countries from Egypt to Pakistan, including Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He has thrown his support behind Obama’s “Afghanistan strategy,” that is to say endless war against an enemy created by the CIA and an ever-increasing body count of innocent civilians.
In short, he is perfect for the forever war in Afghanistan.

No sooner was Petraeus selected than John McCain said he will pressure him to abandon Obama’s “arbitrary” July 2011 withdrawal date and instead base troop drawdown on the current conditions in Afghanistan.

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Jacob Hornberger exposed for supporting Ayn Rand


rexmundi Reply:June 23rd, 2010 at 5:21 am
This is an old Rush Limbaugh trick, straw man if you will. You take a piece of truth, add it to your point, and formulate an equation that equals acceptance amongst people.This is how Rush has been successful at getting middle class, working men and women, to hate high wages, quality standard of living, and National loyalty of companies.Heavy brain washing has made the average UPS worker, who got his benefits of his unskilled labor by the blood sweat and tears of the labor movement, to think he is a Country Club Republican, who plays golf and hates Unions. This is how we have been engineered to accept NAFTA, and GATT.You cannot compare seatbelt laws, helmet laws, grass length regulation, and curfews, toan out of kontrol, reckless, Global Conglomerate, who blew a hole in our f---ing ocean.
The Atlas Shrugged quote is 100% the modus operendi of today’s, dictatorial elite, but itdoes not apply to the situation at hand.

STARMAN Reply:June 23rd, 2010 at 6:02 am
Ayn Randsaw selfishness and greed as virtues; and, to their later disgrace, so, too,did many others.
Ayn Rand’s writings are nonetheless responsible for giving greed and selfishness the sheen of respectability they previously lacked, especially among the bespoke jackals that serve our currencies back to us in the form of loans.
Rand was alleged to be a mistress to Philippe Rothschild, who instructed her to write the book in order to show that through the raising of oil prices, then destroying the oil fields and shutting down the coal mines, the Illuminati would take over the world

rexmundi Reply:June 23rd, 2010 at 6:18 am
Well, the only reason they won’t be successful, is that greed and corruption haveclouded their reason.It damn sure won’t be because the masses became moral , and demanded justice andrighteousness.The elite are a symptom of our disease. We have bread and fed them, as much as theyhave para-sited us.

rexmundi Reply:June 23rd, 2010 at 5:08 am
Dude, with all the wire tapping, free speech zones, illegal wars, and total obliteration ofcivil rights, and you pick this to call the Obama puppet a Dictator?
Any Commander in Chief could legally, and rightfully so, shut BP out of the clean up, indict their chain of command in this incident, freeze their assets, and seize their bank accounts.
We’re talking about a Biblical proportion, national disaster. and this idiot is trying espousethe evils of regulation.
Only asking them to set up a fund, is more proof of collusion, and the very real possibility that this was sold to the administration as a false flag for Cap and Trade.But apparently this is a false flag out of kontrol, and maybe the true rulers meant for that to be the case.
The gloves are off, and the Elite ain’t pulling any punches. No more wimpy 911’s, to facilitate legislation, it’s Helter Skelter, hard core, depopulation time. And they ain’t screwing around. They’re unleashing the Crack-en.