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Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint

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Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint
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Admission Hidden in Plain View: Paid Reporters Risk Millions of Lives Praising Dangerously Under-tested Vaccine, GMO Programs.
Aaron Dykes
January 31, 2012
Reports commonly say Bill Gates– through his philanthropic foundation work– is ‘saving lives’ and ‘feeding the world’s poor.’ In fact, the billionaire is made out to be almost a saint.
But there’s no mistaking the genocidal undertones. Hundreds of millions if not billions are living on the edge of starvation at the start of the 21st Century, while a new era of GMO-proliferation and Big Agra domination pose other grave threats– both economic and vital. Thus, it is extremely important that we collectively decide on the best solutions for the future– or at least avoid the worst outcomes; it could prove far too costly in hindsight to pander to the wrong development.
So why has “the media” been so positively-glowing about Gates’ singular heavy-hand pushing GMO crops on the developing world (see AGRA partnership with Rockefeller Foundation and Monsanto) while vowing to lower population numbers through his global vaccination campaign (see GAVI alliance with Rockefeller Foundation), all while helping consolidate ownership in the food market now driving up prices (see global food security under Gates Foundation, Cargill and others)?
The simple answer is that many media voices are foundation funded– with grants and partnerships paid directly from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
The very journalistic outlets who should otherwise be holding Gates’ policies accountable with tough questions and volumes of scrutiny are instead financially-tied to his work.
Infowars Nightly News: Does Bill Gates Have a Conflict of Interest Problem?
For example, an ABC News article discussing the expansion of GMO drought resistant crops– aimed directly at Africa and the developing world– is published under a glowing title: “Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives, Fixing U.S. Schools, Reflecting on Steve Jobs”. Mixed with disclosures that Gates holds 500,000 shares of stock in the world’s most controversial company, Monsanto, is a note at the bottom admitting that ABC News’ coverage has been sponsored in part by Gates, under the BE THE CHANGE: SAVE A LIFE program focused on health care in the poorest areas of the world:
ABC News sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Paid PR or Support for Unbiased News Reporting: ABC Says Bill Gates ‘Saving Lives’ in Story Sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Without a doubt, disclosing their links is better than not doing so. But is it enough?
A big part of the problem is that Bill Gates, son of a top Planned Parenthood official, is in league with a group of wealthy eugencists working to reduce the world’s population. But instead of admitting the agenda he is working towards, much of his heavily-backed efforts are branded in “the media” under hopeful sounding terms like “global health,” “feeding the world’s poor,” “fighting disease” and other positive buzz terms. Look at the secret meeting of billionaires back in 2009, at which Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and numerous other celebrity elites gathered to coordinate population reduction-targeted programs.
Note the difference between ABC’s dull headline “Meeting of America’s Richest About ‘Need,’ Attendee Says” vs. the London Times eye-catching headline “Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation.”

But ABC News is far from the only media partner funded in part by Bill Gates.
The London Telegraph, too, has at least two blogs– on Global Development and Poverty Matters– subsidized by the Gates Foundation. Many stories, such as those on the rising prices of food, note the sponsorship of Gates, but the stories themselves fail to deal with the other interests owned by Gates– such as shares in Cargill and Monsanto– that may directly affect or influence the very food crisis at hand. Instead, the sponsorship logo paints a mainly positive impression of the foundation in the minds of readers.

Two blogs at the London Telegraph are overtly subsidized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, but the media outlet denies this potential conflict of interest affects their journalistic integrity.

To be fair, the same sponsored blog does post articles critical of Bill Gates, like this one: Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?. So why would Gates pay to support these reports if it could tarnish his image? Entities as large as the Gates Foundation know that they can never avoid all criticism; a better PR strategy, therefore, is to funnel one’s own critique through “friendly” outlets– a classic limited hangout.
Both the London Telegraph and ABC News claim that their relationship does not bias the reporting or add editorial pressure. However, if there was no benefit from such ties, lobbyists would have stopped taking politicians out for dinner & entertainment a long time ago.
Criticism is indeed dished out at Gates, but it is “balanced” with heroic, almost saint-like portrayals. The “media” has steered clear of covering the controversy over vaccine dangers (except to demonize whistleblowers), as well as studies that show GMO crops have correlation with cancer, organ failure and multi-generational sterility in lab rat studies?
In a CNN interview [no known sponsorship from the Gates Foundation] with Bill Gates, he was given softball questions heralding his savior status in Africa. Meanwhile, Gates was given freehand to smear Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who prominently raised questions about the possible link between vaccines and autism in a study. While on CNN, Gates called him a ‘fraud’ and overtly suggested that the doctor was biased from a financial interest– all while potentially costing the lives of vulnerable children:
Bill Gates: Vaccine Safety Skeptics Kill Children!
Wakefield has already initiated a lawsuit against journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal for publishing lies, distortions and mischaracterization of his work. Yet Brian Deer has been criticized for not disclosing his own links. He appeared at a French conference attended by three MMR vaccine manufacturers (targeted by Wakefield’s research) as well as– you guessed it– the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Similarly, the producer of a BBC (Gates Foundation grant recipient) documentary largely attacking Dr. Wakefield also failed to disclose her links. According to the Age of Autism blog, producer for the BBC program, Alexandra Feachem, is the daughter of Sir Richard Feacham, a bonafide beneficiary of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and advocate for private-public partnerships in health.
But while opponents of Wakefield tried to target his alleged conflicts of interests, including financial, the Gates Foundation continues to give annual grants to dozens of media organizations and medical paper writing groups– from training to reporting and more. The Seattle Times disclosed in Feb. 2011 at least 45 media entities receiving money from the Gates Foundation. Some of the money is significant, other grants are paltry– but history shows that such financial support tends to sway influence (even without “buying” it).
Among these organizations are big name news media, including the BBC, NPR and AllAfrica.com, as well as numerous university and global outlets, and of course, many press clubs and training grounds for tomorrow’s journalists. Further recipients include many centers that write or train for the writing of medical research and journal publication:
AllAfrica Foundation
BBC World Service Trust
Brookings Institute
Columbia University
Crosscut Public Media
Editorial Projects in Education
Education Writers Association
Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia
Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies
InterMedia Study
International Center for Journalism
International Center for Journalists
International Women’s Media Foundation
InterNews Network
Johns Hopkins University
Learning Matters, Inc.
Lincoln Square Productions, LLC
Link Media, Inc
Mater Medical Research Institute
National Conference of Editorial Writers Foundation
National Journal Group
National Press Foundation
National Public Radio (NPR)
New Venture Fund
Overseas Development Institute
President and Fellows of Harvard College
ProPublica, Inc.
Project Hope (to publish papers on global health issues)
Public Library of Science
Public Radio International
Regents of the University of California Berkley
Rhodes University
Seattle University
Stanford University
Steps International Foundation
Teachers College, Columbia University
Aspen Institute, Inc.
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
United Nations Foundation
Unity Journalists of Color, Inc.
WGBH Educational Foundation
Washington News Council
World Health Organization
Is it any wonder that when the London Telegraph publishes a positive story about the Gates Foundation’s work on tropical diseases (without disclosing their sponsorship, per article), the British Medical Journal releases a study on tropical diseases at nearly the same time that upfront quotes from a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spokesperson and refers to their activities in working with 13 pharmaceutical companies? [No direct connection between Gates and BMJ is alleged here.]

The White House has been under fire– both during the George W. Bush Administration as well as the Barack Obama Administration (also, campaign plants on CNN)– for paid news scandals masquerading as fair, but friendly reporting. They are, of course, taxpayer funded government institutes, making their conflicts of interest more poignant and controversial.
Yet, in the quasi-private sector where numerous large foundations, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation chief among them, also grant money to media outlets while simultaneously promoting campaigns (like GAVI and AGRA) where they hope for positive coverage, questions of ethics also arise. Given the scope of operations at Gates, Rockefeller and other mega-foundations, there is no doubt that decisions they make– in what and how to promote– can have consequences for the world’s population that even outweigh what governments do.

With that in mind, it is time that Bill Gates’ image in “the media” as a savior of the poor be blemished with the full light of day and balanced with full criticism and deep discussion about the impact his foundation’s choices can have on our very livelihoods and future.

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Savant wrote:

Of course, ther simpleminded twit who names herself after SBT's "maceo" isn't serious; just doing the usual deflection and disruption.
But those HONEST people who are interested, the quote I posted at #1484 from King a collection of his addresses that were broadcast from November to December 1967, over the CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION. It was the seventh annual series of Massey Lectures. The lectures were named in honor of Vincent Massay, former Governor General of Canada.
These lectures by Dr. King were collected together in a volume entitled THE TRUMPET OF CONSCIENCE.
While I couldn't expect that uneducated pseudo-Maceo to know this, the position expressed by Dr. King regarding PERSONHOOD and property, is a central principle of the philosophical school known as PRESONALISM. Dr. King studied under Personalist philosophers and theologians at Boston University. He was himself a Personalist, or at least regarded personalism as his "basic philosophical position."(p. 100, STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM). Personalism espouses the idea of the primacy of the personality, both human and divine. This is both a metaphysical and a moral position. Actually, any personalist (not just Dr. King) would hold the same position that King holds regarding the primacy of personality over property. Therefore, it is idiotic to ask where King got it from, or ponder whether he plagiarized it. When in some of my published writings I argue that freedom constitutes the structure of existence, or speak of human situation and existential freedom,any philosophically literate person could tell that I was arguing from the standpoint of existential philosophy.
Similarly, any philosophically literate person knows that when King emphasizes the primacy of personality, or the interrelated structure of reality, he's espousing a Personalist theme.
Maybe I can start a philosophical thread for persons interested in such matters.
Worst violence by KKK in UNIFORM :

Police have arrested more than 400 Occupy Oakland protesters, as well as a number of journalists, in one of the largest mass arrests since the nationwide Occupy protests began last year.

It's so unfortunate that democratic mayor in Oakland has joined with billionaire vs people:
Now you are talking about illiterate fanatic men in 3rd world but in US you are talking about the men who are "supposed to be" protector of "abused" women, who are under oath to bring democracy to other countries. How could they value rights of women of OTHER COUNTRY when they disrespect serving women of this country ?

You are hiding under WW underwear, don't you feel sympathy for women who are spat on face, hit on head and RAPED ?

THESE ARE THE WOMEN WHO ARE TRYING TO PROTECT OUR BELOVED AMERICA. Yes, I feel sympathy towards all abused women, and this rightly belong in here. They are also people who are 99% abused by the unjust system that demeans women. Didn't the people who fought against slavery and segregation joined ARMS with women suffrage movement ?

America has lot to clean up in it's own backyard than launching wars.

EkDesiLadki wrote:
You might as well answer the question.
There are Muslims in Baltimore and Washington, DC who translate works of Dr. King (and films on Dr. King) into Arabic adn Farsee. They disseminate them (sometimes having to smuggle them) into Muslim countries. They've tried to promote, and with some results, a revolutionary nonviolent Arab Spring.
But I don't think Pint of Snapple is really interested. She, after all, claims that Dr. King's professors said that King was dumb. In fact, I've READ letters by his professors at Boston University who speak of him as one of their best students.
Snapple must be related to Zaius, another racist buffoon who fabricates stuff.
Savant wrote:

Wow! Is this the SAME Le Monde in whose pages I read (in Paris in 1987) a sympathetic review of Manning Marable's HOW CAPITALISM UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK AMERICA?
Have they moved that far to the right? If they're trashing Stephane Hessel's TIME FOR OUTRAGE (INDIGNEZ-VOUS!), a book that is now popular among many American Occupy activists, then I can guess Le Monde is not particularly favorable to the 99% Movement.
And the spirit of Dr. King would not much appeal to them even though King inspired humanity (and, I hear, the Arab Spring).

it has been a loong time now around the mid 1980's and remember last year Sarkozy thought he could get control completely.
Eric Le Boucher is today speaking as Davos forum spokesman just like the other guy interviewed who fin the lame Hollande's programme (better than Sarkozy for sure) to be "archaic" and claiming only dismantling completely the French 1944-1946 "welfare" state would be good and praising to maximise the Corporate benefits and slash the salaries even more !
In economy, Le Monde is clearly pro-capitalist now.

Libération is also down the drain hardly centre-left.

a whiteboi

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Poul says:
Democracy is ‘Socialism’ ??
What the F______ is wrong with you Americans,
to much Mind-control drugs in your food and water-supply or WHAT ?
I live in a (former) Social-Democratic Welfare-state . You know what ?
Just the fact that honest working people get treatment for their cancer, or that they get a new kidney if needed (and ‘available’) makes it worth every single cent I pay in taxes !
You may think that we are just Socialist Euro-trash, but you know what ?
I don’t mind paying a bit of what I earn to ensure that the less fortunate don’t have to live in a cardboard-box under some bridge ! They are my COUNTRYMEN ! And I don’t want to see them freeze or starve to death . If that is ‘Socialism’ : I’M A SOCIALIST.. And PROUD OF IT !!


Poul says:
I know .. It’s the same here . And it’s even worse in America and a lot of other places .
Do you blame Olof Palme for that, or the Quisling ‘liberals’ (European for ‘Libertarians’)
your nation seems to favour voting for ?
None of the Nordic ‘Welfare States’ are what they used to be .
I blame Nixon and Kissinger, who sold ALL our manufacturing-jobs to Chinese Commie-’labour’ .


Poul says:
We used to be ‘Social Democracies’ .
Some politicians even talked about a thing they called ‘Economic Democracy’ .
Yes, it’s a ‘strange’ mixture of capitalism and ‘socialism’, basically we took the good things from capitalism AND from socialism, hoping it would make the bad sides of either disappear ..
It did work, until the commie-slaves ‘stole’ all the real jobs ..


agentbluescreen says:
So you don’t mind at all being taxed and bled dry to pay for a “common defence” communism against Muslims being robbed by your government in Palestine, and against phoney, foriegn false-flag al CIAduh cave-dweller false-enemies manufactured by your own communist government but you DO MIND paying for a “common defence” against the real, genuine, national enemies of communicable disease, cancerous industrial chemical poisonings and health misfortunes?


agentbluescreen says:
War is Communism, and “the common defence” is another way of writing “communism”.


PAK says:
Free market, domocracy or whatever it’s all bull. THe human condition is corruptable as long as you can gain control and power over other’s. So until we all get over the nonsense that has us seperated there is no freedom under any devised system. It’s all nonsense because if tommorow we got rid of all governments whether democratic, republic, or dictatorship and replaced it with a free market the people would be screwed. The big money men who control the market and own the land would say i aquired this all legally through the last system i have the right to all my assets. They would then hire a private army to protect their assets and control the prices of everything. That is a fuedal system not a free market. The only truth is we need to all start working together to figure out a new system or we can continue to screw each other over until we are extinct.


Scientists created bird flu superbug that could set off next global pandemic


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Brother Internet


Time Never Sleeps

There is a geo-political alliance of Russia, China, and Iran. It’s battling against the Western power structure for basically world supremacy. This is the new often neglected reality in the world today. There is the Eurasian Triple Alliance is real. Moscow and Tehran have common interests. Russia and Iran are major energy exporters of resources like oil. They are near the Caucasus. They oppose the American supported proposed NATO missile shield. This missile shield is about NATO wanting to build military anti-missile devices in Eastern Europe. Iran and Russia view this proposal as a threat to their military integrity. Now, Moscow and Tehran are making alliances with Armenia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Syria, and Venezuela. Yet, above all things, both republics are also two of Washington’s main geo-strategic targets. America doesn’t want Russia and China to stop their expansion in the Middle East. The Eurasian coalition is used against U.S. influences in Eurasia (or the heartland in geographic terms). China is confronting America’s encroachment in East Asia and the Pacific. Iran and Russia is confronting the Western advances in Asia and Eastern Europe. Iran and Russia worry about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Central Asia. If Iran is an U.S. ally, Russia and China could be threatened. Iran has ethnic, culture, linguistic, economic, religious, and geo-political links to the Caucasus and Central Asia. Iran is one gateway into Russia via Central Asia. Some U.S. war mongers want to conquer Iran (not for freedom). They want the Caspian Sea Basin filled with oil routes and pipeline power. Russia and China supported U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran for strategic reasons. They want token moves in order for the U.S. to not rush into a war. These sanctions have caused tensions between Tehran and Washington. Later, Iran became more apt to form alliances with Moscow and Beijing. Russia and China, however, would never support crippling sanctions or any form of economic embargo that would threaten Iranian national security. This is why both China and Russia have refused to be coerced by Washington into joining its new 2012 unilateral sanctions. The Russians have also warned the European Union to stop being Washington's pawns, because they are hurting themselves by playing along with the schemes of the United States. In this regard Russia commented on the impractical and virtually unworkable E.U. plans for an oil embargo against Iran. Tehran has also made similar warnings and has dismissed the E.U. oil embargo as a psychological tactic that is bound to fail. Russia and China, however, would never support crippling sanctions or any form of economic embargo that would threaten Iranian national security. This is why both China and Russia have refused to be coerced by Washington into joining its new 2012 unilateral sanctions. The Russians have also warned the European Union to stop being Washington's pawns, because they are hurting themselves by playing along with the schemes of the United States. In this regard, Russia commented on the impractical and virtually unworkable E.U. plans for an oil embargo against Iran. Tehran has also made similar warnings and has dismissed the E.U. oil embargo as a psychological tactic that is bound to fail. President Mahmud Ahmadinejad of Iran met with Russian President Dmitry A. Medvedev of Russia. In August 2011, the head of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Secretary-General Saaed (Said) Jalili, and the head of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation, Secretary Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev met in Tehran to discuss the Iranian nuclear energy program as well as bilateral cooperation. Russia wants to work with Iran to prevent the U.S. to act too aggressive toward Iran. In November of 2011, Russia and Iran have signed a strategic cooperation and partnership agreement between their highest security bodies (in politics, economics, security, and intelligence). The agreement was signed in Moscow by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Supreme Security Council of Iran, Ali Bagheri (Baqeri), and the Under-Secretary of the National Security Council of Russia, Yevgeny Lukyanov. Russia publicly said that they will do all in their power to prevent an attack on Iran. On January 13, 2012, Rogozin, who had been appointed deputy prime minister, declared that any attempted military intervention against Iran would be a threat to Russia's national security. In other words, an attack on Tehran is an attack on Moscow. An attack on Iran could therefore literally be a start of WWIII.  Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons and is no threat to surrounding nations directly. So, the neo-cons want to conquer Iran for its vast energy reserves and natural resources. Not only that, they also want to make Iran a strategic springboard against Russia and China. One of the final goals as mentioned by the neo-cons is to battle against China in economic/geo-political means or by a war. In January 2012, both Russia and Iran replaced the U.S. dollar with their national currencies, respectively the Russian ruble and the Iranian rial, in their bilateral trade. This was an economic and financial blow to the United States. Another twist in this saga is that Russia, China, and Iran support Syria. Syria is having a crisis. The geo-politics of Syria is similar to the influence of Eurasia. Russia, Syria, and Iran want trade routes to flow in the Caspian Basin under their control. The cancelled or delayed deployment of thousands of U.S. troops to Israel for "Austere Challenge 2012" was tied to ratcheting up the pressure against Syria. On the basis of a Voice of Russia report, segments of the Russian media erroneously reported that "Austere Challenge 2012" was going to be held in the Persian Gulf, which was mistakenly picked up by news outlets in other parts of the world. This helped highlight the Iranian link at the expense of the Syrian and Lebanese links. The deployment of U.S. troops was aimed predominately at Syria as a means of isolating and combating Iran. The "cancelled" or "delayed" Israeli-U.S. missile exercises most probably envisaged preparations for missile and rocket attacks not only from Iran, but also from Syria, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories.

In our time, the reactionaries have a new mantra to support their agenda. Their mantra is the worship of property rights above the promotion of human rights. Human rights are superior to property rights period. A human life is more important than any form of property. Now, people  falsely believe that private property rights are more important than human rights. This is an old debate, but the truth is even older. Today, we have the 99 percent challenging the 1 percent of the world. There is a housing market with as high as 14 million Americans in or facing foreclosure. Back decades, folks were deprived of housing rights. That is why LBJ signed the 1968 Housing Act in order to promote housing rights. Today, we have a housing crisis. The propertied classes want to promote property rights to an extreme as to even promote monopolies. The elite controls the huge banks and even the courts (that brought off judges). There are laws that oppose fraudulent filings, biased contracts, and phony robot signing. They control the marshals who seize folks' property, and constantly denigrate the real victims as “irresponsible.” Some banks are foreclosing on properties that they don’t even own. Many abuses that homeowners face in America daily would make even Jean-Jacques Rousseau have questions. He postulated that the social contract gives property rights as a moral claim. Rousseau said that property is about something you legally obtained and have a legitimate claim to ones holdings. He admitted that might doesn’t make right. That means you can’t steal someone else’s property and claim it as you own. A social contract allows individual rights and a group of people to protect the individual’s rights if necessary. This group acts as a community. So, the criminal actions by some of the 1 percent are in violation of the social contract. Therefore, the abuses by some corrupt entities ought to be fought against.  Matt Stoller, a former aide to former Congressman Alan Grayson tries to unravel a massive contradiction that rises to the man at the top. That means that Stoller said that there 2 structural problems with new Federal task force. One is that the current administration is trying to preserve the current banking structure’s architecture (and its personnel who run these large institutions). If you have a real investigation of financial corruption, the whole banking architecture could collapse. The current banking system is what the President relies on since this system funds the political process among both parties. He made this clear in his first State of the Union, when he said a priority of the administration was to ensure that “the major banks that Americans depend on have enough confidence and enough money to lend even in more difficult times.”  Perhaps this is why so few bankers have spoken out loudly about this latest effort to target their financial frauds. They know it’s not serious and recognize that political business like the news business is now a branch of show business. Are we our brothers’ keeper? The answer to God is yes. I accept the responsibility of being my brothers’ and sisters’ keepers to help humanity (and this is pro-God).

A lot of the mainstream media aren’t reporting on the police brutality against the Occupy Oakland protesters in Oakland, California. Kevin Gosztola wrote about Oakland police were in riot gear. They filled the area with tear gas, flash bang grenades, and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland protesters trying to take a vacant building this afternoon. Occupy protests and reporters were harassed. There has been the intentional harassment of reporters at Occupy protests. This is why America has fallen to 47th in global press freedom rankings. Many of the Occupy protests were in city Hall and police brutality is real in Oakland for decades. I don’t agree with some of the demonstrators breaking into a historic building and burning an U.S. flag. The police claimed that the Occupy individuals threw rocks at them and engaged in illegal activity. About 300 people were arrested and the crowd ranged from 1,000 to 2,000 people. I think that some of the Occupy Movement should use wise judgment, but their overall agenda is correct. There is economic inequality in the world and people have the right to witness economic justice (especially for the poor). Some of the unjust violence has been done by a minority of Occupy people, not a majority of the people in the Occupy Movement. Therefore, I want to make that perfectly clear. Michael Davis, 32, who is originally from Ohio and was in the Occupy movement in Cincinnati, said Saturday was a very hectic day that originally started off calm but escalated when police began using “flash bangs, tear gas, smoke grenades and bean bags.” “What could’ve been handled differently is the way the Oakland police came at us,” Davis said. “We were peaceful.” Oakland, New York, and Los Angeles has been the cities that have some of the strongest activists of the Occupy movements. This event has been used by some to omit the Oakland police acting in police brutality for years and decades. Earlier this month, a court-appointed monitor submitted a report to a federal judge that included “serious concerns” about the department’s handling of the Occupy protests. It’s the same super rich that instituted world wars, depression, violence, the slave trade, and the Holocaust. The deal is that reactionaries can lecture on states’ rights all they want. Yet, corporate power can seduce government at the local and state levels too. That is why Koch brothers’ interests aided Scott Walker to destroy the collective bargaining rights of working people inside of the state of Wisconsin. These corporatists fund people to promote voter ID laws (under the guise of voter fraud). This was some of the same justifications where Jim Crow existed. Some of these new coercive laws can obstruct blacks, the youth, the poor, and the working class from voting. We live under a corporate state. The 99 percent are fighting against the current corrupt system in order for society to be ruled by the people (not big business or the oligarchy). Now, we have the President saying that students at colleges that increase tuition the most would receive the least amount of assistance (based on a financial metric system). This is slick undercover austerity, because many colleges increase their tuition not because these colleges hate their own students. They do it, because aid by the states to higher education has been radically slashed. Some have no choice to cut costs or possibly forfeit federal assistance. A January 23 report in the journal Inside Higher Education shows that state funding for colleges and universities declined by 7.6 percent from the 2011 to 2012 fiscal years. Overall funding for higher education is 4 percent lower than it was in 2007. So, over spending in higher education is a fantasy. Specific requests from states for federal assistance to forestall budget cuts have been rejected. With the paltry education funding in the federal stimulus running out, even more state cuts are planned for the coming year. Covert profit motive is at the heart of some parts of U.S. society. We need real reforms not militarism.

Far often, sometimes we don’t think about imperialism. Yet, we live under an imperialist system. Even when some of our people are in universities and institutions, we have to be careful to not accept the ideologies of the status quo. While some of us are blessed and fortunate enough to have some basic resources, some of our black brothers & sisters globally suffer economic exploitation (hunger and wars daily). It was our ancestors (and people who knew about  labor and resistance to imperialism) that made it possible for some of us to have an education or a profession. Therefore, we should serve the people. We should oppose neocolonialism. One method of doing this is joining groups that are genuinely dedicated to African liberation and the ending of imperialism in Africa period. It has been on the backs of African labor that built up the imperialism of Europe and America. Therefore, Europe was born in large measure at the expense of Africa’s freedom and happiness. People realize this fact. The white racists haven’t stopped their goal of total conquest of Africa (from the first Maafa onward). Therefore, black nationalists & other black individuals are correct to point out that we either seek cultural assimilation & annihilation or growth of independent Black Power. We face a war physically, socially, psychologically, and genetically. The enemy in this war is white supremacy. African labor in the past 500 years has been exploited by the 1 percent to oppress humanity. Our labor has been used to benefit those in power more than for our own black self interests. Today, neo-colonialism deals with the extraction of resources in Africa by the World Bank, European powers, and the IMF. These resources include: gold, oil, cobalt, platinum, uranium, diamond, cocoa, and other resources. Wars have been fought by Europeans in order for them to steal the mineral wealth of African nations. These resources are extracted by imperialist powers and then consumed in North America, China, Europe, Japan, etc. This wealth is not radically used to help the poor or radically develop African infrastructure. As Luwezi Kinshasa has written: “…We all know by now that under direct or indirect colonial slavery, African workers and peasants are never paid the real value of our labor and natural resources, which are defined by imperialism, which has its origin in the capture and enslavement of Africa and African people in the 15th century….” The same spirit of anti-imperialism that Garvey, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Malcolm X, Kimathi, etc. had is the spirit that we should have today. We should work with real organizations, we should speak out, and we should in our daily lives promote better relationships with our own people. We can’t think internationally when locally our house isn’t in order. We get our house in order locally, act locally, and act nationally (plus act internationally). We should thank Fannie Lou Hammer for other sisters for making their contributions for Africans in the world too. We should research information and not accept anything as true. It takes a village (or a community) to raise human beings at times. The African tradition promotes community assistance to black African people (because when that occurs, real protection comes for children and everyone else). So, don’t support Africom, don’t support the IMF, don’t support the evil World Bank, and don’t support neo-imperialism. Selfish individualism, materialism, and American exceptionalism (aka imperialism) are therefore antithetical to real black African culture.

2012 is here and the 2012 Summer Olympics is coming soon. Rik Clay and other researchers believed to found blatant Zion symbolism in the 2012 Olympics. Zion is an old word that refers to Jerusalem and the future Kingdom of the Messiah. Ironically, Tisha B’AV falls on July 27th, 2012. This is the day that the London Olympics opening ritual or ceremony takes places. People realize that many of the imagery of the Olympics didn’t exist recently. They come from the Nazis, the French, and the ancient pagan Greek Olympics. The Olympics of the ancient Greeks and the Olympics in modern times celebrate human athleticism, competition, and harmony among city-states (or nations worldwide in our time). London is where the Opening of the XXX Olympiad. It’s an interesting time. London went from a Roman colonial city to the modern internationalist city that it is presently. Tisha B’Av (or the Ninth of Av) is an annual fast day in Judaism. It’s named for the ninth day or Tisha in the month of Av from the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of the both the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem. In occurred 655 years apart on the same Hebrew calendar date, which is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. The Temple being destroyed the 2nd time ended modern recording of the tribes and many Jewish people spread into Asia, Europe, and yes into Africa too. Where do you think the Lemba and the Ethiopian Jewish people come from? The 2nd Temple was destroyed in ca. 70 A.D. by the Roman army leader (later Emperor) Titus with his 2nd in command named Tiberius Julius Alexander. Many of the road names in London where the Olympic village is have religious/Masonic, and occult names like the prefix Ley-, Carpenter’s Road, Great Eastern Road, Angel Lane, etc. The logo of the Olympics has the words “Zion” on them. June 21st is when Prince William was born in the Summer solstice. For years, many Brits falsely believe that they are collectively descendants of Israel. This view is called British Israelism and it has been debunked from across the religious spectrum. Even the Illuminati Card Game shows a London Tower falling in the future. The Illuminati card game existed in 1990 where a man drew events so similar to the future (in the 200-2012 timeframe especially) that Secret Service agents arrested the man in 1995. There are 330 cards. The card game shows the attack in the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, swine flu, the oil spill (looking similar to BP), weather control or chemtrials, etc. The Tower falling card shows 5 people where red white, blue, green, and white (all colors of the London Olympics in 2012). The mascots of the 2012 are Wenlock and Mandeville. These are 2 beings with all seeing eyes on them. Now, Mandeville is an UK man that believed in human selfishness and other controversial tenets. This is the philosophy of the elite. The elite believes in materialism, selfishness, bigotry, and hatred. This is why popular culture is filled with unjust violence, materialism, and nihilism. The London Olympics like previous Olympics have occult symbolism and strange things all over the place. Now, the 5 rings representing the 5 continents were created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin (or a French Freemason and the founder of the modern Olympics). High level Freemasons and high level Knights of Malta use bread and circus to distract, contain, and control the masses. It is also important to not discount athletics. There is nothing wrong with athletics and real sports. Athletics and doing sports like basketball, baseball, football, track and field, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, Nascar or any form of vehicle racing, etc. are excellent ways to develop teamwork, confident, a great health, and other modes of human improvement. We are thankful for all brothers and sisters of all backgrounds doing sports legitimately. This expose is about exposing occultism in the world and not to bash anyone performing a sport. So, I want to make that perfectly clear.

By Timothy

Social Security and the Constitution

virtuous raconteur
02:28 AM on 01/12/2012
"I believe I'm the only one that has a program that would protect us so that we can work our way out of it,"

Social Security already is a retirement protection system. That's how it's designed. We "work" our way out of it through taxable contributi­ons. You want to get elected? Lay off the rant about how SS is broke and you are how you're the only one who can fix it. Boomers may be old, but not stupid. And please remind the other (G)et (O)nly (P)rofit running mates that this IS an entitlemen­t program because WE PAID INTO IT. We're entitled to our money back, however it's calculated to dribble back in.
02:35 AM on 01/12/2012
"Ron Paul wants the states to decide on things like head starts, education, and so forth. When the federal government has that kind of power, we end up with BS one-size-f­­its-all plans like the horrible failure of "No Child Left Behind"

BS. All the 47 nations doing better than us in education have centralize­d national education policies, strong public schools and government­-funded college. The reason behind public education failures in the US is the GOP sabotaging and underminin­g public education, the same party RP bows to and which will tell him not to run as an independen­t candidate. He will obey like he's ALWAYS done.
10:35 PM on 01/12/2012
I'm a scientist. That makes me even more qualified than you to speak about scientific education. And because I'm a scientist, I work with people educated in other countries every day (you probably have no idea how many foreign-ed­ucated scientists work in this country.) It's actually you who needs to get more informatio­n about what's going on outside of this country. First of all, you obviously have no idea that New Zealand and Sweden have been subjected to massive waves of immigratio­n. Only fooIs like R.u.s.h can believe these are lily white paradises and those who don't know any better.

Secondly no, teachers aren't paid more in those countries. In fact the US ranks squarely in the middle of the OECD countries. I'll post a link below.

So, you clearly are uninformed and in no position whatsoever to patronize me.
my income is micro
12:39 AM on 01/12/2012
To these "originali­sts", if something does not appear in the Consitutio­n as it was originally written, it is unconstitu­tional. What they manage somehow to overlook, is the fact that the Constituti­on was written by people who realized that time changes all things. There are provisions for amendments to the Constituti­on for that reason. Sometimes the people who amend the Constituti­on get it wrong (prohibiti­on), but most of the time they get it right. The Constituti­on of the United States is a living, growing, adaptable document, not a set-in-sto­ne rigid set of rules. Even Scalia is correct in the fact that women's rights are not in the original Constituti­on. However, I, for one, am grateful that time and wisdom altered that mistake. Now, if we could alter Scalia.
12:26 AM on 01/12/2012
Automobile­s and airplanes are unconstitu­tional!!!
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
12:33 AM on 01/12/2012
Is Ron Paul in the constituti­on>?????
K August
Research alecexposed
11:50 PM on 01/11/2012
"You know, Social Security, and these other programs are unconstitu­tional,"

Major fail. Social Security has kept Millions from starving after they get too old to work and with
the Federal minimum wage of just over $7.00.....­does he believe that saving for your old age would be more important than food and having a roof over ones head?
Seer Clearly
Only truth remains when fear is denied
03:20 AM on 01/12/2012
In a society in which we all agree to care for those who need caring for (supposedl­y a Christian value, but to Christ's horror not something modern Christians seem to understand from his teachings) then you aren't "stealing" anything from someone to help those in need. Let's face it, if you believe that helping those in need means you're stolen from, you are actually advocating throwing human beings away like yesterday'­s trash.

By your logic, there would be no taxes, and hence no public works (roads, schools, airports, etc.) And no matter how many people died in the street, you'd be happy because you could keep a dollar or two to spend on yourself.
Seer Clearly
Only truth remains when fear is denied
03:20 AM on 01/12/2012
In a society in which we all agree to care for those who need caring for (supposedl­y a Christian value, but to Christ's horror not something modern Christians seem to understand from his teachings) then you aren't "stealing" anything from someone to help those in need. Let's face it, if you believe that helping those in need means you're stolen from, you are actually advocating throwing human beings away like yesterday'­s trash.

By your logic, there would be no taxes, and hence no public works (roads, schools, airports, etc.) And no matter how many people died in the street, you'd be happy because you could keep a dollar or two to spend on yourself.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is lord
11:49 PM on 01/11/2012
I wonder what Ron Paul would of said to women in the early 1900's that wanted the vote. "Forget it. That's not in the constituti­on." That's his answer to everything­.
K August
Research alecexposed
11:53 PM on 01/11/2012
Bingo! That's what a lot of folks who support Ron Paul don't stop to consider.
Things have changed in the last 200 years.....­. we can't go backwards!


Wisdom is the principal thing
10:06 PM on 01/11/2012
This is the kind of position that puts the lie in liar. How to you claim that that you are a constituti­onalist, but pick and choose the things that are unconstitu­tional, according to your own statement, yet say you would not eliminate them?

This exactly why Adams, Jefferson, and the others who wrote and approved the constituti­on recognized that it needed to be a living document and gave the congress to the power to create legislatio­n that enabled the govern int the times in which they found themselves­. The constituti­on is not a rigid static document.

The same rationale that permitted the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments is the same rationale that permitted the developmen­t of legislatio­n to creat Head Start. It's the same rationale that enabled congress to create the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

If Ron Paul is okay with permanentl­y structured institutio­nal racism, discrimina­tion, bias and unfairness­, then he will maintain his so-called constituti­onalist stance because that will allow him to just ignore the conditions at the root cause of problems within the nation.

The constituti­on was created as a framework. The founding fathers expected future generation­s to be wise but fill it in.
09:51 PM on 01/11/2012
To the utterly uninformed RP supporters who claim he never wrote the racist comments on his newsletter­:

"FACT CHECK: Ron Paul Personally Defended Racist Newsletter­s"


How do you reply to that Binea?
Farmer/Baby Boomer/Liberal Democrat
10:02 PM on 01/11/2012
The Paulites refuse to accept the truth about Dr.Paul.I doubt they will even bother to go to the link.It's really sad.
Paul has been caught in a bold faced lie and his supporters are in denial.
Good post PTBVL.
Farmer/Baby Boomer/Liberal Democrat
10:20 PM on 01/11/2012
If you will go to the link provided you'll find that Paul does not deny the incendiary words.Paul tells the Dallas Morning News in 1996 that the words he wrote in his 1992 newsletter were taken out of context.Dr­.Paul admits to saying those disturbing things.
America needs a Labor Party
10:31 PM on 01/11/2012
It does not fail the logic test. The Constituti­on purposely remains silent on many matters because the founders in fact wanted flexibilit­y to a degree. Remember that a majority of 535 Representa­tives and a filibuster­-proof majority of 60 Senators must AGREE on what 'one regards as "good,"' and then the President must SIGN it into law. So it can hardly be said that the last rule is to 'do whatever you want.' Checks and Balances, Joseph.

Two questions: Who checks and balances the transnatio­nal corporatio­ns and internatio­nal banks? and question two: how is the 60 vote rule around filibuster constituti­onal? The GOP uses that one all the time...
09:45 PM on 01/11/2012
Funny how "libertari­ans" often use the same rhetoric as R.u.s.h L.i.m.b.a.­u.g.h down to the same words, like calling taxes "other people's money" and claim that they're legal theft.
Clearly these s.o.c.i.o.­p.a.t.h.s don't care much for the underprivi­leged who would be wiped out in a "libertari­an" society, but I wonder if they would be willing to pay for a private army, private police and private firefighte­rs. Maybe, just maybe, they're colossal h.y.p.o.c.­r.i.t.e.s? You know, like their Republican hero who's been railing against the government for ages while at the same time living off a government paycheck..­.
11:11 PM on 01/11/2012
"The poor just keep growing with your ideas in place."

FACT: countries with the most social programs have the least poverty.
FACT: we're fast becoming a third-coun­try nation, as our social programs are sIashed ever more.
10:41 PM on 01/11/2012
"PauI understand­­s that we can't end all of the unconstitu­­tional programs overnight.­"

Just because he calls something "unconstit­utional" it doesn't make it so. Heck he calls Social Security unconstitu­tional when the SCOTUS ruled in 1936 that it's absolutely constituti­onal.

"I think Paul's idea of gradually transition­­ing back to a free society makes sense."

Oh yeah, a "free" society in which corporatio­ns can do whatever they want (because there's no longer any semblance of corporate regulation­s), the underprivi­leged have no social programs to rely on and Alabama will ban evolution and put creationis­m on textbooks. Some "free society"..­.

Refuting the Old GOP Lie that: We have no Money Left


Discussions about Economics in 2012

Note by Me: Ron Paul is pro-BP too.

By Timothy




the reason healthcare is a mess here and not in the rest of the developed world is because of free markets. health is not a supply/demand item...broken legs and cancer don't follow free market fantasies. what does happen is that costs go up, providers have to charge insurers more to cover the uninsured who can't afford it, insurers protect profits by raising premiums and cutting benefits, less people can afford them so more uninsured and around we GO AGAIN. true competition = public option


The people are the government and the government is the people. When Republicans say they want to limit the control government has over our lives what they are really saying is they want to limit the control people have over their own lives. Citizens must be able to protect themselves from private industry and government is the tool we use to do so.
The money supply tripled yes, and yet prices haven't risen anywhere near as much. The monetary base started expanding in late 2007. So, it's been 4 years. lol That's quite a lag. How long does it have to be before you conclude you don't know what you're talking about>
1% ers see taxes on their wealth as (class warfare). When they bribe congress to increase taxes on the poor and middle class its justice. ECONOMIES ARE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP NOT THE TOP DOWN. Small businesses are the engines of the economy. Its spendable cash in the hands of as many people as possible. Rich people suffer from illusions of purity,and grandure. Destine by God to rule over "what they view as" the rabble in the middle class, and the poor they see as scum.


First, what's the difference between the individual mandate and a tax? The constitution certainly allows for wealth redistribution if it allows for differential income tax rates, which it does.
Second, health insurance is very much like fire insurance in that the best way to prevent the spread of epidemics is for everyone to have easy access to healthcare.
O'Donnell was being an a___  here, but he was right. Schiff had no real plan for health care. He says he's for allowing the total free market, but when pressed what that actually means - eliminating Medicare - he backtracks and has no solution.
In his world no one would receive education, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.


conditions in Red China weren't that good before Capitalist reforms either.
but that was more related to that it's a Right-wing Totalitarian dictatorship that oppresses essential human rights and necessities to live free, far more than had anything to do with Socialist economics.
but its Socialist economics were not implemented in a Democratic enough way either, similar Soviet failures by Stalin.
they wanted more political freedom, more Free Speech & Free Expression freedoms & less censorship. they wanted human rights violations & worker exploitation by Capitalists in China ending.
this summer, investigations have revealed that the student protests are happening again for the same demands! they struggle for freedom was not silenced!


students wanted Liberalization (Capitalist) & political reforms to continue for more Free Speech & Expression Rights.
but they didn't want Capitalist Globalization happening to China's economy & they didn't want Capitalist reforms too quickly.
they wanted a few minor recent reforms undone & returned to Socialism. but they wanted to continue reforms toward elements of Capitalism gradually. they wanted Labor rights restored, preserved & enhanced. they did want some Capitalism.


after China became State Capitalist, the horrible sweatshops & student oppression happened.
Capitalism brought economic inequality, class structure and class privilege injustices.
Socialism wasn't properly reformed to Capitalism. not in proper ways. that created a kind of watered down Socialism lacking Worker protections.
then the 1989 student protests at Tiananmen Square that were horribly silenced by Right-wing Communist regime.


delusional, uninformed on Public Healthcare. you wouldnt pay our bills or Healthcare. we'd ALL pay each others' care. i pay YOUR care equally to you pay mine, regardless of income.
i make over $160,000/yr, three jobs, mostly two business jobs & extra for govt job. if worried of unequal cost, i likely make more than you so i'd pay far more of your care. but that's not how it works! we equally pay & equally reimbursed. you dont get Public Healthcare nor elementary Macro-economics.


@chewbaca1989 it's very simple: ronpaul wants more and more and more deregulation and more tax breaks for the wealthiest. well, we've seen the proof, several times now. it NEVER EVER "trickles down".
no regulation as ronpaul wants will result in greater corporate control, an unaccountable beast that will not reinvest in America, will not give a d___ about your liberties nor workplace rights and safety, and WILL use credit agencies and private security to monitor you and your behavior.


it's you who's ignorant of a long list of essential knowledge of political & history, dvorshka!
Nazis were Nationalists & Social Darwinists for traditional Conservative culture, Free Market "Survival of the Fittest", eliminate "weakling inferiors" thru Natural Market laws, weed out Weaklings using Predatory market.
Fascism was rational reaction by wealthy racists to protect Private Property, privilege & luxuries. Hitler believed in Conservative Authoritarian privatized govt!


Economic Darwinism like Social Darwinism is a predatory belief. It's got it's roots in Psychopathy and Narcissism. It's all about a pathological élite enslaving everyone else by debt and deception. Banks will give you a loan but never advertise their own stocks' dividends. You've got to ignore this bullsh*t and learn how to make money work for you, not work for money. There'd be less opportunities for these con men. Why dont they just broadcast Give us all your f_______ money and F____ You All?!


they did love it. this was their economics.
they used it in German domestic products & services industries within Germany (and other countries, after Nazis invaded and occupied) to starve "the weak", too Poor & Disabled to work for good income.
Hitler was Austrian, he lauded the rich Austrian inheritance nobility, direct descendants of medieval feudal Crusaders, the brutally sadistic Teutonic Knights, who practiced "only the Strong survive", the "weak" must starve or be cremated.


He misses the biggest problem of all. After the GLB Act the bankers on Wall Street earned billions of dollars in commission selling worthless private label mortgage-backed securities and they never broke a single regulation doing so. That's why they get to keep the cash. Paulsen's buddies. The GSE lending standards were higher than the private market, enabling private bankers to tap into the subprime market. Shiff is either lying or embarrassingly misinformed.


Two things Schiff is ignoring:
1) The Nasdaq bubble was not the same as the US GDP, nor was it very influential to real economic growth.
2) The Nasdaq bubble only burst thanks to the financial deregulation of the Clinton administration by repealing the Glass-Steagal act and passing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act.
Ironically Peter Schiff supports deregulation so he would have supported the bill that eventually led to this Nasdaq bubble. But in no way was it the end of the US economy!


i thought this old guy was great because in some videos he talks against the war and especially the evil financial system, but now im hearing that tsome of the fundamental rights of a civil country(i.e. education and health care) are negated!! OMG and such a man would be permitted to be president of the united states? Well, u know after Bush im not surprised anymore, all is possible in this country inhabited by morons. BTW a lot of respect goes to the host, this is how a journalist should do!!!


Ron Paul has been shouting about bankruptcy and inflation for decades. It keeps not happening. The funny thing is that he believes this because of an economic doctrine formulated over a century ago which, even at the time, was warning of the same thing, and it has never happened. Market cycles have gotten easier and crisis fewer with regulation, contrary to his ideology.
The Fed sets inflation targets, usually at 3% a year, and they hit it every time. They know exactly what they're doing.


Welfare states are pretty successful. I'm an anarcho-socialist and even I admit that. I think we can always do better but there is no denying that socially democratic or socially liberal welfare states are the most successful in the world by utilitarianistic standards, by average wage, by life expectancy, etc.


Paul problem, and the whole libertarian philosophy, is that it puts too much trust in voluntary altruism...its just nonsensical the way they maintain this dark world view all the way thru concerning government agents until it apply to people doing what they want with their own money, then magically people are magnanimous creatures.




09:46 AM on 01/12/2012
Ron Paul is part of the oligarchy, as are all the Repugs and 90% of the Dems. In his (too) long political career, Ron Paul has done nothing but help enhance the oligarchy. The idea that a Randroid Libertaria­n would be "against" the oligarchy is laughable.
Grumpy Old Dude
My s/n is an Acronym
05:10 PM on 01/12/2012
Please quote me accurately­....I said that I don't trust him! I don't trust anyone that claims what I paid into my entire life is not Constituti­onal, I'm living on it now! But the deal breaker for me, is his defense of the right of private property owners to discrimina­te against people! His belief that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was wrong makes him a scary little man!

Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions


Indy Super Bowl: National Security State Protects Sports Fans from Prostitutes


Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Ron Paul and the Environment



1/28/2012 7:29 AM EST

It is crystal clear that those newsletters reflected Ron Paul's views then, and probably reflect them now as well.

Ron Paul (and his considerably more despicable son Rand) are not "libertarians" in the old sense of that word. They are not proteges of great men like William O. Douglas and Hugo Black, who understood that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society and that government had many good purposes among which was the regulation of commerce and industry. >
This modern day, capital "L" Libertarianism arose in part from the civil rights movement, and the cry of "states' rights" as a euphemism for racial bigotry, and the notion that people had an individual right to discriminate however their prejudices dictated. The other part is the anti-tax crusade conducted by Republicans since the late '70s but pioneered by the Libertarian Party.

Paul advocates some limited aspects of genuinely libertarian thought -- avoidance of foreign military adventures, an end to the ill-begotten "War on Drugs," and an opposition to the truly oppressive degree of government surveillance that is now so pervasive in our society. These stances are laudable, but his economic ideas are truly crackpot and truly dangerous.

There is no liberty under the impoverishment his economic policies would foist on America. They are ignorant and childish, and they indicate a very essential misunderstanding of the impact on the lives of real Americans. These were lessons learned in the late '20s and early '30s that Ron Paul would have us forget and deny, and particularly in conjunction of the other lessons from that era that we have so hastily abandoned under "supply side economics," the result would be an unmitigated disaster of unprecedented scope.