Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 Monday News

The situation is complex (of the proxy war in Yemen). There is the Bab el-Mandeb strait, which is a key area where oil is exported from the Persian Gulf to the rest of the world. Since Saudi Arabia is a strong American ally, the USA is siding with the Saudis in their fight against the Houthis. The Houthis are a group of people who existed during the era of the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. Also, it is important to note that the West wants geopolitical interests and that is why they (including Saudi Arabia and Egypt) want the puppet leader Hadi to return into Yemen. This military intervention in Yemen by the Gulf States and Egypt against Yemen has nothing to do with promoting "democracy."  According to Simon Tisdall of the Guardian, the Houthis evolved from a peaceful organization to a more reactionary, militant one after the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq by the West. They were once suppressed by the Washington-backed Saleh dictatorship. U.S. drones and U.S. Special Forces attacks occurred regularly in Yemen to root out the rebels until these rebels grew their power. Now, U.S. forces have evacuated Yemen. Many Arabic nations have agreed (in late March 2015) to establish an unified military force as a way to battle the Shia Houthi forces in Yemen. The Western imperialists want Yemen to be a puppet state not because of advancing "democracy" (because the West supports authoritarian, anti-civil liberty nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt). The West wants specific geopolitical interests (of oil, political policies, etc.). The problems in Yemen do deal with poverty, unemployment, etc. It is interesting to note that Ghani of Afghanistan spent a long time out of Afghanistan prior to being the political leader of the country. He also was an official at the World Bank, so we know where his allegiances lay at. There is not only the actions of the Taliban that people have a right to discuss about, but there are rival warlords in the country too. Many neoconservative extremists want troops to permanently stay in Afghanistan. Long term, there can only be a political solution to the crisis or Afghanistan could very well be partitioned based on religious/ethnic lines.

The Civil War is part of American history. We can’t know about American history in a full fashion without understanding what the Civil War was all about. It was the bloodiest war in American soil and its ended overt slavery. The Union and the Confederate forces fought each other across states and it pit even relatives against each other. I am from Virginia, so I am reminded of the Civil War all of the time. Many Virginians and people globally know about the Civil War greatly. Museums, statues, etc. remind us about the Civil War all of the time. There were numerous factors that led into the Civil War like trade issues, political issues (like many Republicans seeking to expand free soil states while many Democrats wanting new states to embrace slavery), economic issues, sectarian disputes, and other factors. Yet, one primary factor on why the Civil War existed was the North and the South’s discussions on slavery. The Northern bankers wanted free labor while the Southern aristocracy wanted slavery to exist and their cotton crops to continue to grow. Black slaves were forced to grow cotton, while cotton resources exported into the North, Britain, etc. Since 1776, America was developed via numerous controversies. The First Amendment Revolution was not completed fully, because black people, women, the poor, and other minorities were readily deprived of their human rights (by an oppressive, capitalist oligarchy). Many Founders feared that he Southerners would not approve of the Constitution, so they compromised to the evil Southern aristocracy as a way for them to allow the Constitution to count slaves as three-fifths of person and to allow slaves to have no citizenship rights. The Bill of Rights was also established as a way for extend human rights. This injustice (of continuing legalized slavery and oppression) among others plagued America for decades. The invention of the cotton gin, the growth of American imperialism in North America (i.e. the Louisiana Purchase and the broken treaties with Native Americans were injustices), and the growth of the abolitionist movement (which made up of blacks and whites) caused the tensions in America to grow. Even Thomas Jefferson before he died knew that the nation was headed for a Civil War indirectly. Some of the Southerners wanted to expand territories into more areas beyond the Old South, but the Northerners rejected this action (since they viewed it as a way for the South to gain more political power in Congress). The newly formed Republican Party had members who didn’t oppose slavery per se, but they didn’t want new territories in the Union to adopt slavery (they wanted new territories to be made up of free labor). Many Republicans back then did oppose slavery though. The Missouri Compromise of 1850 didn't work to end tensions in America. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 allowed incoming settlers to decide for themselves on whether to permit slavery. This caused white racist terrorists to attack abolitionists, black people, etc. in Kansas. The evil Supreme Court decision from 1857 prevented Dred Scott (who was a slave) to have full human rights. In 1859, John Brown led an unsuccessful attempt to incite a slave uprising at Harpers Ferry. He was courageous and he worked with many black people. He died and he was a hero just like other heroes who include Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, etc. President Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. His original concern was maintaining the Union at all costs. Ideologically, Abraham Lincoln abhorred and hated slavery, but he didn't want the South to end slavery immediately. As time went on, Lincoln moved into the left and became more progressive on issues of slavery, race, and the Union. Therefore, the Abraham Lincoln of 1865 is a whole lot different from the Abraham Lincoln of 1860.

To know biology, we all must know about DNA. DNA is short for Deoxyribonucleic acid. In essence, DNA is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses. For decades, scientists and researchers have researched DNA and find its unique qualities. DNA is like a code that determines the functions of living organisms, it can store genetic information, and it is very structured. So, DNA is a nucleic acid. It has proteins and carbohydrates. All nucleic acids compose the three macromolecules which are vital for all known forms of life. Most DNA molecules are made up of two biopolymer strands coiled around each other to form a double helix. The two DNA strands are called polynucleotides, because they are made up of simpler units called nucleotides. Each nucleotide is composed by a nitrogen-containing nucleobase (either guanine or G, adenine or A, thymine or T, and cytosine or C). There is also the monosaccharide sugar called deoxyribose and a phosphate group. The nucleotides are joined to one another in a chain by covalent bonds between the sugar of one nucleotide and the phosphate of the next, which results in an alternating sugar-phosphate backbone. According to base pairing rules (A with T and C with G), hydrogen bonds bind the nitrogenous bases of the two separate polynucleotide strands to make double-stranded DNA. DNA is heavily used for biological information storage. Biological information is replicated as the two stands are separated. A significant portion of DNA (more than 98% for humans) is non-coding, meaning that these sections do not serve as patterns for protein sequences. The two strands of DNA run in opposite directions to each other and are therefore anti-parallel. Attached to each sugar is one of four types of nucleobases (informally, bases). It is the sequence of these four nucleobases along the backbone that encodes biological information. Under the genetic code, RNA strands are translated to specify the sequence of amino acids within proteins. These RNA strands are initially created using DNA strands as a template in a process called transcription.

Alexander the Great died in 331 B.C. So, his empire was split among his generals. General Seleucus I Nicator tried to take control of Persia and later Mesopotamia, Syria, and Asia Minor. The ruling family of Seleucus became the Seleucid Dynasty. Seleucus was killed in 281 B.C. by Ptolemy Keraunos. In Iran, Greek language, philosophy, and art came with the colonists. This period was the Hellenistic age. During the Seleucid Dynasty throughout Alexander's former empire, Greek became the common tongue of diplomacy and literature. Massive trade and cultural exchanges existed too. Buddhism came into Iran from India. Zoroastrianism from Iran came to influence Judaism. There have been statues of the Buddha in classical Greek styles in Persia and Afghanistan. Greco-Buddhism existed too. The Parthian Empire existed by 248 B.C. This existed during the Arsacid dynasty that reunited and governed the Iranian plateau after conquering Parthia (and defeating the Greek Seleucid Empire). The Parthian Empire expanded into Eastern Arabia and Mesopotamia later on. Parthia was the Eastern arch enemy of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire never reached into Iran, because of the Parthian Empire (who had a heavily armed and armored cataphracts and lightly armed but highly mobilized mounted archers). The Romans couldn’t conquer them and vice versa. The last Parthian King was defeated by the new Sasanian Empire. It existed in 224 A.D. and lasted until 651 A.D. The first shah of the empire was Ardashir I. He reformed the nation economically and militarily. It was a huge empire that ruled from Egypt to Central Asia in its peak. They defeated the Romans in the Battle of Edessa in 260 A.D. and took the Roman Empire Valerian prisoner for the rest of his life. The Sasanians fought the Romano-Byzantine armies in Mesopotamia, Armenia, and Levant. Justinian I (of the Byzantine Empire) made an uneasy peace with payment of tribute to the Sassanians. The Roman-Persian wars exhausted the Persians. Then, Islam came about in ca. 632 A.D. The Muslims grew their Empire rapidly. They defeated the Iranians at the Battle of al-Qâdisiyah (632) in Hilla, (present day Iraq) to the invading forces of Islam. The Sassanian civilization had a strong culture and influenced European and Asiatic medieval art. Even Muslims were influenced by the Sassanian Persians. Iranian King Yazdegerd III was defeated by Islamic forces. The Umayyad Caliphate dominated Iran and the Saffarid Dynasty existed. Several dynasties existed and then Iran was controlled by the Mongol Empire. The Safavid Empire set the stage for Iran to be mostly Shia Muslim. By the 20th century, the nation of Iran would be changed forever.

Patrice Lumumba was born on July 2, 1925. His father was named François Tolenga Otetshima.  François was a farmer. His wife was Julienne Wamato Lomendja. Patrice was born in Onalua in the Congo. He was part of the Tetela ethnic group. His birth name was Élias Okit'Asombo. His original surname means "heir of the cursed" and is derived from the Tetela words okitá/okitɔ́ ('heir, successor') and asombó ('cursed or bewitched people who will die quickly'). He had three brothers (Charles Lokolonga, Émile Kalema, and Louis Onema Pene Lumumba) and one half-brother (Tolenga Jean). Lumumba was raised in a Catholic family. He was educated at a Protestant primary school, a Catholic missionary school, and finally the government post office training school. He passed the one year course with distinction. He could also speak Tetela, French, Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba. Lumumba worked in Kinshasa it was called Leopoldville back then) and Kisangani (which was called Stanleyville back then) as a postal clerk and as a traveling beer salesman. In 1951, he married Pauline Opangu. By 1955, Lumumba became the regional head of the Cercles of Stanleyville. He soon joined the Liberty Party of Belgium where he worked on editing and distributing party literature. He studied in Belgium, but he was arrested in 1955 on charges of embezzlement, but he returned the funds. He was released in July 1956 with the helped of the Belgian lawyer named Jules Chrome. Naturally, Patrice Lumumba was always a political person. He helped to found the MNC or the Mouvement national Conglais in 1958. Lumumba and his team represented the MNC at the All-African Peoples’ Conference in Accra, Ghana during December 1958. Lumumba wanted to advance Pan-Africanist beliefs. Pan Africanism is the view that all of Africa should be unified socially, economically, and politically as one. The conference was hosted by Pan-African President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah influenced Lumumba, all Africans, black Americans, all members of the black African Diaspora, and all freedom loving peoples of the world. In late October 1959, Lumumba, as leader of the organization, was arrested for inciting an anti-colonial riot in Stanleyville where thirty people were killed; he was sentenced to 69 months in prison.  The trial’s start date was on January 18, 1960. This was the first day of a round table conference in Brussels to finalize the future of the Congo. Lumumba was in prison at this time, but the MNC won a huge majority in the December local elections in the Congo. Lumumba was released from jail because of strong pressure from the delegates. He attended the Brussels conference. The conference culminated on January 27 with a declaration of Congolese independence, setting June 30, 1960, as the independence date with national elections from May 11-25, 1960. Lumumba and the MNC won this election and the right to form a government, with the announcement on June 23, 1960 of 34-year-old Lumumba as Congo's first prime minister and Joseph Kasa-Vubu as its president. In accordance with the constitution, on June  24 the new government passed a vote of confidence and was ratified by the Congolese Chamber and Senate.

By Timothy

Friday, March 27, 2015

U.S. Blames Others for its Own Crimes

7 Black Women Science Fiction Writers Everyone Should Know

Friday News

Regardless of how people feel about Empire, some white people, who are complaining about the diversity in the TV industry, truly are trying to disguise their own hypocrisy. For over one century, Hollywood and the television screen has not only restricted talented black actors and actresses from being in that world, but they have shown vicious, false stereotypes about black people. My view is that we need to encourage qualified, talented black actors and black actresses. This is a new generation and some reactionaries want to have some sense of nostalgia for a time where black people were even in fewer opportunities than today. For decades, white actors have portrayed even Native Americans and other ethnic groups in a racist fashion, yet Nellie never mentioned this fact of history. Today, black actresses, black actors, and others have told their stories about struggling to receive roles all of the time. This is why it is even more necessary for us as a community to promote progressive, fair, and strong shows that describe our experiences accurately. Nellie Andreeva’s article (which I profoundly disagree) outlines her subconscious white guilt (we don't live in a colorblind society especially in Hollywood, so we need to continue to reject deceptive rhetoric) and an omission of many keys facts about the struggles of black people in the acting occupation.

Jesee Lee Peterson is worse than Tommy Sotomayor, and many people put together. He thanked God for slavery. He compared the Maafa to a bumpy plane ride. He said that stuff about the First Lady that I can't repeat here and he relishes being called a traitor to his people. He's a total disgrace. I have heard of him since 2005 when on C-Span that he actually said straight up that black people must love white culture. So, this man has been brainwashed with not only self hatred, but he loves the system of white supremacy. His recent comments have shown lies. Many white Americans have killed black people, shown racial slurs, and brutalized black people even recently during this decade of the 21st century. Also, there is nothing wrong with ending racism and ending economic inequality completely. Peterson ignores that most crime in America is intraracial, black crimes rates are declining, and organizations today are fighting black on black crime all of the time. Peterson's other great lie is to classify black progressive people who want a real conversation on race and want to expose how centuries of white oppression has damaged the world order as equivalent to "black racism." Showing the truth is not racist. What is racist is about scapegoating all black people for the War on Drugs, police terrorism, and other evils. Jesse Lee Peterson is in no position to lecture anyone on race when he has slandered the experiences of our ancestors who were the victims of the Maafa and has disrespected black people. He should be ashamed of himself. Uhuru.

We, as black people, have been the masters of forgiveness. We forgive people all of the time. Yet, I will flip the script. Does mainstream society ask the Jewish people to forgive a Nazi war criminal? Does mainstream society ask the Japanese to forgive those who were involved in the Japanese internment during WWII? We know the answer to those questions. Jewish people always say Never Forget and Never Again. We should always adopt that same mentality and attitude. This double standard involving forgiveness is real. Therefore, forgiveness is very personal and it is up for the victim to decide whether to do it or not. Ultimately, it is Mo’ne Davis’ decision. It is her choice. This situation is never her fault. It is the fault of that male misogynist extremist. Forgiveness should never be utilized as a casus belli (or pretext) to cause that sick male (not man since he’s not a real man) to be reinstated. Also, forgiveness is not about the omission of evil, it is not about forgetting about the past, and it is not about ignoring the struggle either. We know what time it is (as we will always remember what our ancestors have gone through centuries ago. We will never forget every ounce of blood that they shed for us to live during this new generation) and we ought to act accordingly. The University should continue to prevent him from being reinstated. This is part of the accountability that reactionaries constantly lecture black people about. The bigger issue is that we have every right to stand up for the human dignity of black people. Mo’ne Davis is a talented person who was slandered by a sick piece of work. We should never tolerate sexist slurs displayed at all. No child should be disrespected like that at all. We have every right to stand up for our people.

This is totally revolting. It is blatantly wrong for a Chinese restaurant to discriminate against Kenyan residents in the Kenyan country. The Kenyan government ought to shut that restaurant down for its blatantly discriminatory policy. That evil policy is racial profiling and ignorant, because Kenyans are a strong people. It is hypocritical for the Chinese restaurant to scapegoat Kenyans for the actions of a few. That is why we fight for the right of Africans to control their own resources. Also, we are opposed to any policy which restricts legitimate human rights. There are many words that should be displayed about this issue (of one member of the SAE fraternity who said that he was sorry in a press conference in front of numerous black people). Many people here have shown the truth on this racist male. First, he refuses to explain where he learned the chant and how was it taught to him. That is interesting, because his bigotry was definitely not only shown by him, but by others in that fraternity. He could have easily gotten into more detail about where the evil chant originated from. His white privilege allowed him to speak in front of black clergymen and one State Senator (who are all black). Many of us have to stop being played and be real. The truth is that the actions of Pettit represent a carefully orchestrated photo op. Let’s call it as we see it. It has covered by the mainstream media news coverage and that event outlines the trappings of a smokescreen. Just because he said that he never thought of himself as a racist doesn’t mean that he is not a racist. He’s a racist and he was caught on tape. That is why he said that he was sorry. If no one knew about what those members of that frat did, then he wouldn't of said that he was sorry in public. Some whites exploit our huge propensity for forgiving people as a way for them to cover up the real issue (which is that there is a serious problem of racism, misogyny, abuse, and elitism found in many Greek organizations) and to save their reputations. The racist chant video certainly documents to us that we have a long way to go and we have to be even more proactive as a way for us to advance our human rights.

This is why austerity doesn't work. This news is exactly why I don't believe in massively cutting legitimate, vital resources in our communities. There must be a growth of hospital services, and other medical infrastructure as a way for human beings to help people suffering HIV/AIDS. The illnesses of HIV and AIDS has unfortunately killed a lot of Brothers and Sisters. When these illnesses effect one of us, they effect in turn all of us. Certainly, we ought to show love not bigotry towards those who have HIV/AIDS. People who experience HIV/AIDS need compassion, humane treatment, and resources. Anybody, who is sexually active, should get tested in my view. The stats are disturbing, but with work, we can change those stats (and save more lives). I'm glad that Dr. Abigail Hankin-Wei and so many other people including activists are doing their parts in helping others. We are called to help others. At the end of the day, we want lives to be saved and we desire the greatest resources possible to be given to those with HIV/AIDS. Human beings want justice and compassion and we promote these ideals unconditionally.

By Timothy

Savant's Words

Also the organized violence of capitalism and institutional racism, the violence of imperialist wars in the Middle East should be called to a halt.



And hopefully white on white violence, white on black violence, white on Asian violence, white on Hispanic violence, and police violence against the citizenry. And--very important--the violence of the have nots against the haves. Very important since in his final days Dr. King was trying to organize a Poor Peoples Movement, a movement of working class people and their allies. Economic justice, and an ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS.



Yes, that's interesting. It so happens that I've picked up a book by sociologist Phil Zuckerman who talks quite a bit about this. The book is called SOCIETY WITHOUT GOD. We discover that there are two nations---Sweden and Denmark--in which a MAJORITY of the population are atheists. And they have much LOWER crime rates than we do, are better educated, live in peaceful and democratic communities, and possess a high level of moral and social consciousness. The religious minority are also very tolerant and civil in their relations with each other, but would probably be seen as backsliders or Christian "libtards " by our Christian Right. No matter what Samoan and other religious reactionaries might say, no matter how much the Christian Right (Protestant or Catholic) might believe that "a society without God would be hell on earth: rampant with immorality, full of evil, and teeming with depravity", this isn't what you find in Denmark and Sweden. Instead you find societies that are "remarkably strong, safe, healthy, moral and prosperous... " (Zuckerman, SOCIETY WITHOUT GOD, p. 4). Another interesting observation by Zuckerman: "The first thing I noticed upon our arrival in Scandinavia was this: NO COPS". Even in larger towns cops seem quite scarce in Scandinavia. You have cops in small American towns than in large Scandinavia cities. Can you imagine that? Scandinavians do not prey on each other and are not afraid of each other. Imagine something like that in religiously saturated America. So called "freedom loving" Christian American would freak out absent the authority of armed cops, armed enforcers of the interest of the 1%.



Now as far as French racism is concerned, the ethnic difference between Arabs and Berbers is probably ignored. They're all Arabs and they're all a degraded race. According to Alice Cherki in FRANTZ FANON: A PORTRAIT, that is precisely how French colonizers in Algeria regarded the "native population." Sometimes the natives were classified as Muslims, but "Muslim" meant Arab, and there was no distinction among "natives " who were Arabs and those who were Berbers. Interestingly enough, "Muslim" began to take on racial meaning. Now this really gets whacked. For obviously there are SECULAR Algerians (whether Arab or Berber), and even a few Christians. But in the colonizing narrative of the French, "native" meant "Arab" (regardless of whether you Arab or Berber, or even part Arab and part Berber). And Muslim became a term for "natives " regardless of whether they still believed in the religion of Islam or not. Religious and racial identity became conflated in the colonizing imagination of the French. Perhaps the nearest I can think of a parallel in American terms, would be anti-Indian racism of whites like Andrew Jackson who referred even to the Christianized "civilized tribes" of Cherokee as "heathen savages.



Coretta: Since you've read Cleaver's SOUL ON ICE, you may as well check out some other stuff by people from the Black Panther era. Perhaps, George Jackson's SOLEDAD BROTHER and ANGELA DAVIS: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.



It looks like it's a mispronunciation of a French word which itself was a mispronunciation of the Spanish. Webster indicates that the English version of the N-word became current between 1640--1650. By the way, the French word "negre" can mean the same as either the less disreputable English "Negro" or the disreputable N-word with an "I". In Spanish, Negro (with a different pronunciation than English) simply means black. I'm not sure, simply do not know enough about Spanish, to know if "Negro" in Spanish is like the French "negre" used to mean both Negro and "ni***r. " In French, only the context tells you which meaning "negre" has . An observation: While in the Dominican Republic, home of my ex, I noticed they were showing on TV the series known in America as "Roots"- --about the family of Alex Haley. The AMerican TV series was translated into Spanish, and it carried a new title: "Los pobres Negros." Which as best I can tell means "The poor Negroes." I gather from the context at least that the demeaning implications of "ni***r" was not the intent.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Photos of Ferguson


Get on the Bus: Inside the Black Life Matters ‘Freedom Ride’ to Ferguson

Sister Trojan Pam's conscious Words (in late March of 2015)

@ kuasi

If I understand your post, I agree that these whites (above) pretend it’s all good clean fun (degrading black people) while pretending to be innocence of the FACT that they’re still practicing racism.

-Sister Trojan Pam



they could not have them WITHOUT OUR COOPERATION. We have to stop acting like we have NO control over ourselves. Yes, we are programmed and brainwashed but we must make a greater effort to correct our own behavior INSTEAD of begging and pleading and searching high and low for white people to change.

THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DISMANTLE THEIR SYSTEM OF POWER AND PRIVILEGE. PERIOD. So, now what? Are we going to keep on pretending and lying to ourselves and keep having sex and marrying and breeding in the hopes that something will change? What kind of self-respecting person thinks having SEX is going to change a corrupt society? Come on now…

Most of us won’t even support blogs like this. I know there are people who come here and leave, never to return (cause my analysis is too harsh :-)

So, what are we going to do? Only time will tell but time is running out AND I have made a decision that I’m going to keep on saying what I think is true (like my post about Obama that most folks didn’t want anything to do with) and let the chips fall where they may

because at the end of the day, our efforts OR lack of efforts will determine our future.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Shanequa

Oh yes, this is MUCH WORSE than Jim Crow.

Even during the WORST segregation, black people had the DIGNITY and the INTELLIGENCE to recognize when we were being disrespected.

Even the TV show, Amos and Andy was taken off the air because of pressure that it stereotyped blacks. But that show is super mild compared to the GARBAGE today that passes as black entertainment.

Black people would have NEVER supported a black male like Russell Simmons who made Harriet Tubman a porno star in a video

Black people would have never supported a black TV actor (Terrence Howard) who literally BEGGED to be allowed to call black people “niggers” on a primetime FOX-TV show.

Black people would have never watched a “reality” show where black females call each other bitches and rachet hos and show such hatred toward each other.

Have we truly lost our minds??

We are DEFINITELY much worse off mentally and emotionally than we were 50 years ago. And the reason I do these posts is the FAINT hope that a seed will be planted in someone’s mind that we are signing our own FATE if we continue to support ANYONE AND ANYTHING that degrades us.

Either we CHANGE or we accept the consequences of our own foolish actions. It’s just that simple.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ reality_check

I totally agree. It’s like the abusive husband who berates and beats and degrades his wife, telling her how ugly and worthless she is, and then when she tries to leave, he wants to chase her down and drag her back and if she won’t come back, he’ll kill her.

THAT is the relationship we have with white people collectively. They SAY that we’re worthless and ugly and inferior YET they can’t stay away from us and must control us. Why not just let us go?

BECAUSE I need you to blame all my faults and insecurities on. If I didn’t have YOU, then I’d have to look at who I really am.

I do believe there is a certain percentage of whites who would LOVE to see us gone, but I suspect they would soon change their minds. Why? Because then white people would be taking out all that hatred and aggression on EACH OTHER, like they’d done in the past with Salem witch trials, burning people at the stake, all the roman gladiators scenes of feeding each other to lions and all the methods of brutality and torture that they’ve perfected throughout their somewhat short history on this planet.

And instead of black people to visit some of this on, they would be slaughtering each other

Whites wouldn’t be the only ones begging for us to come back, It would be other non-white groups who were getting a “pass” as long as whites had us to kick around but after we’re gone, they would be next. They would become the new niggers.

but they’ll never let us go — voluntarily — or kill all of us off.

they can’t anyway. Like Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. once said: “Whatever put black people here will keep us here.”

Maybe, that’s why some African women have developed an immunity to the HIV virus and why African women in spite of all the efforts by white globalists, in spite of extreme poverty, european-created wars, famine, and GMOs — are STILL the most fertile women on the planet!

that is GOD and the UNIVERSE DECIDING WHO WILL BE HERE AND WHO WILL NOT, not the European — and I believe that decision has already been made.

Don’t be fooled, people.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Timothy

I agree, we MUST fight back against this continuing assault on our HUMANITY by the white supremacist entertainment media and stop supporting ANY entertainer, black or non-black, who wants to profit at our expense.

I personally believe the entertainment world is a CULT, in fact, a SATANIC CULT, and whether you believe in God or Satan is irrelevant, the fact is THEY DO — and are being guided by a BELIEF SYSTEM that is ANTI-HUMAN and ANTI-HUMANITY dedicated to destroying the DECENCY, morality and self-respect of people, in particular, black people.

And who are some of the largest consumers of “entertainment?” Black people, especially black youth. We spend HOURS every day with our children sitting in front of the boob tube (which makes BOOBS out of them), or listening to foolish daily radio, like the Steve Harvey programs where the entire show is based on FOOLISHNESS promoted by grown black males and females (programming us to think and act like FOOLS),

to comedy shows and buffoonish sit-coms and buffoonish movies (like the ones Kevin Hart, a dark skinned black male consistently acts) and rap music

and at the end of the day what you have is a growing NATION OF foolish-acting and thinking people whose thinking and behavior is ANTI-SURVIVAL whether it be our religious practices (learned from slavery) or your entertainment tastes (based mostly on black degradation) or our food choices (death food) or our economic decisions (which keep us broke and in poverty)

See, a FOOL never takes him or herself seriously or their future or their children’s future. When you programmed a people to wallow in FOOLISHNESS they are easy to control, mislead, pimp, prey on, cheat, rob, and will always work against their own self-interest.

Black people have the highest potential on the planet — which is why we are targeted and encouraged to ACT and THINK like fools. We have the power to change this and we must change what we think, say and do if we want to survive what is coming.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Shanequa

Absolutely, Terrance Howard, in my opinion has serious self-esteem issues and harbors a great deal of anti-blackness. Unfortunately, I believe MOST black entertainers are in the same boat he’s in, that most are literally selling their SOULS to be successful. And that the white supremacist media/society NEEDS us for its own evil purposes. Absolutely.

The black entertainers who have some degree or shred of self-respect are often the LEAST successful ones and we need to THINK ABOUT the reasons some are so successful while not necessarily being all that talented. What are they doing that they have been “allowed” into this club?

I think we would be shocked if we knew the “initiation rituals” black entertainers are subjected to in order to be “successful.” And I believe white entertainers as well are under the control of those who control the entertainment world.

The difference is in how they are used and against WHO

I also believe that BLACK LIFE — even black babies — are despised within a white supremacist system where “whiteness” is becoming genetically extinct. That’s why our black children are treated so cruelly, they are seen as a GENETIC THREAT to white survival, which of course, black people aren’t the ones who determine whether whites will become more infertile.

THAT’S THE UNIVERSE AND UNIVERSAL KARMA that is making that decision.

We need to understand the mindset of a war-like people who see their own EXTINCTION on the near horizon. There is NOTHING THEY WOULD NOT DO to make sure that black people join them in their own fate. They do not want to die out alone. They will try to take us with them

(see my response to cdelks2000 above)

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Phazex

absolutely, we use entertainment as a form of escapism. I understand it because I do it, too. And when people are being oppressed, it is natural to want to escape from your mistreatment.

Unfortunately, once the TV show or movie ends, and you still have the SAME problems and issues you have before you started watching them, and do nothing about those problems, they don’t go away. And that’s a problem, our level of apathy and inactivity.

the problem is, we use entertainment not just as a temporary escape, we use TV and movies as the model to DEFINE our reality and direct our thinking and actions to the point where we become UNREALISTIC.

A relative once told me, “Black people didn’t start acting crazy until we started seeing ourselves on TV”

and as I got older I realized she was right. Most of our foolish behavior today comes from the TUBE or MOVIE

I’ve always heard that said, when you know better, you do better

well, I’d like to amend that to say

When you WANT to know better, then you CAN do better

the desire has to be there to make a change for the better

if it is not there, someone can talk until you are black and blue in the face and it won’t make a damn bit of difference to the person who doesn’t want to do the WORK.

because like someone (else) said to me recently, “You can take a fool to school but you can’t make ‘em learn”

And here’s one last truism:

“It is impossible to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep”

-Sister Trojan Pam

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday News

Sister Jessica Desvarieux is absolutely right to mention about large luxury hotels being built in Haiti, while lax health care and other infrastructure problems exist. Haiti has been a victim of Western imperial oppression for centuries. After Haiti received its rightful independence at 1804, the French illegally forced the Haitians to pay to them what they deem "reparations." That is the height of absurdity and disrespect. American forces occupied Haiti during the early 20th century (from 1915 to 1934). Many Haitian dictators have been aided and funded by the West. The neoliberal Martelly is President. UN forces have been caught abusing the Haitian people in a myriad of ways. Bill Clinton is an establishment person with an neoliberal agenda (he wants solely select private corporate tools to dominate the reconstruction effort in Haiti. We all know about Clinton's errors from his support to the repeal of Glass Steagall to his policies that grew the prison industrial complex). NGOs and USAID dominate the economic system of Haiti (especially involving its imports and exports of goods and services). That ought to change. Also, more progressive political parties in Haiti like Fanmi Lavalas has been suppressed of their right to express themselves. The Haitian nation needs real compensation (and Haiti should be rebuilt comprehensively itself based on human need) and they need to be truly independent. Ted Cruz is much more honest in advancing his agenda (because many GOP candidates want to sugarcoat what they really stand for). His agenda is one that I adamantly disagree with. He combined foreign policy militarist rhetoric with other reactionary policies domestically. I can never ally with his extremist ideological views. He has a very small chance of winning the Republican nomination. The Republican establishment definitely doesn’t want him to win the nomination. The corporate 2 party system has exploited divisions and sought power at the expense of the interests of working people, the poor, minorities, etc. At the end of the day, the people want solutions and justice.

We have to learn the lessons of Selma. Selma taught us that grassroots organizing can help people. The DCVL, SNCC, the SCLC, and other groups worked together in common cause to fight for human rights. Black people have every right to affirm their rights regardless of what anyone says. The enfranchisement of black Americans is important. Also, it is important to note that we have to continue in the struggle for human liberation. After Selma, the many economic, social, and political problems haven't been fully rectified. Fundamentally, the power of the oligarchy has not only been abusive and corrupt, but the oligarchy has victimized the masses of the people. We should have more democratic power among the people, but not only that. We have to be anti-imperialist. We shouldn't just be concerned with what's going on in America. We have to have an international conscious. The bourgeois and the capitalist elite hate Venezuela because of the revolutionary changes in that country. The late Hugo Chavez improved education, decreased poverty, defended the rights of Afro-Venezuelans, and a lot of other good actions. Maduro is continuing in the legacy of Hugo Chavez. For the future, we have address poverty, police brutality, GMOs, and other important subjects. We must be politically independent and not bow down unconditionally to the 2 capitalist party system. The movement of Ferguson represented a new era where the Black Lives Matter movement has grown (even stronger than the previous Occupy movement). We need revolutionary solutions. The following information is totally revolting. It is blatantly wrong for a Chinese restaurant to discriminate against Kenyan residents in the Kenyan country. The Kenyan government ought to shut that restaurant down for its blatantly discriminatory policy. That evil policy is racial profiling and ignorant, because Kenyans are a strong people. It is hypocritical for the Chinese restaurant to scapegoat Kenyans for the actions of a few. That is why we fight for the right of Africans to control their own resources. Also, we are opposed to any policy which restricts legitimate human rights.

I have heard what Stephen A. Smith has said. He has made many great points. At the end of the day, we want the same goal. The goal is freedom, justice, and equality for humanity. That goal drives all of us. Both of those major parties are not clean. They are not clean. We can run the list of their errors. Voting is precious human right. I don’t believe in dictating anyone on who to vote for. People should vote their conscious. The events of Ferguson show us not only the necessity of the growth of independence of political power (for us as a people and a community), but the importance of embracing political independence. Many Republicans and many Democrats want to make the black community as a social colony of their interests. We should not be mentally colonized by any of those two corporate sponsored parties. To be free is to think independently and we have the right to be political Independents. This is what the 1972 Gary, Indiana Convention desired. This is what SNCC desired. This is what Malcolm X desired before he was unfortunately assassinated. Many of the victories that we won from the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Housing Rights Act, etc. (which existed by mass demonstrations, protests, resistance, and struggle) are being threatened by right wing forces. We are not only for the development of our families. We want police terrorism to be gone. We want economic justice and social justice. We want our education to be stronger, we want universal health care, and we want imperialism to end (as imperialism overseas is linked to our oppression domestically. Decades ago, the civil war in Vietnam has stripped resources that could have been used to help the poor in America). That revolutionary spirit is in us and there is nothing wrong with voting for our interests. Yet, we need to promote real choices to vote for. That point is vitally important as well. I’m a’int going to be a Tea Party Republican though. LOL. I have no illusions about what the GOP stands for and I don’t support the GOP agenda at all, which is totally reactionary, pro-oligarchy, and retrograde. Ted Cruz (who is a Presidential candidate) shows us what the GOP promotes. I want that to be known straight up.

In essence, we have to look at the past and history. History is a gateway or the aspects of how life was and we can use it, so we can develop strategies to establish a better future. Many elders have shunned the youth and that arrogance (in some refusing to give the youth true wisdom) has contributed to many of the issues that we have witnessed today. The people perish for the lack of knowledge and many have not taken the time to teach the youth about their heroes. I learned a lot from the elders. Also, I never knew many of the unsung heroes of our people until I went into college. To be fair, many elders are doing what is right, they are mentoring, and they are being involved in the lives of so many in our communities. Self-reflection is always important. We have to analyze ourselves and the world around us if we want solutions. One contributing factor in seeing what we witness today is the growth of a more materialist, self-centered culture that has gravitated some people into embracing selfish-individualism. Many individuals have to realize that freedom is not easy. We have to fight in order for all of us to be free and exist in societal tranquility. Caring for one another or altruism is a basic, natural principles that we all love and cherish. The overt and covert mechanism of racism are abhorrent and evil. Many skeptics deny covert racism, which includes micro aggressions and even overt racism (like the comments from the Univision host). Many of our black people have to wake up and see that the struggle is not over. Just because we live in 2015 doesn’t mean that the fight for racial justice is completed. We have a long way to go. Certainly, real progress is about the establishment and growth of our own infrastructure (beyond having certain privileges that our forefathers and our foremothers fought and died for), which is used to help our own people positively. We want positive change whereby a black child doesn’t have to worry about being told white supremacist lies about his or her own identity.

We want the dream of economic justice to be a reality where our people don’t have to get paid part time wages for full time work. Black unity is so important. Forever, I will believe in Black Unity as we were born as a product of that unity. Being united is better than be divided. Jewish, Hispanic, Indian, Irish, German, Polish, Arabic, and other communities of different ethnicities have promoted this communal solidarity for years (you will notice that no one in public calls these people racists for using the common sense action of building up their own infrastructure and growing the confines of their own communities for their own selfless interests). We have the right to do the same. We need to own our own resources, so our people can not only have jobs with a living wage. They can develop farms, schools, and other parts of civilization in a higher level, so our descendants can inherit what black people have established. That’s power. Yes, all black people should reject the white-identified, slavery mentality without question. Megachurches have grown even in the past 10 years. They have huge influence in politics, economics, etc. They do believe in the false doctrine that wealth alone determines spiritual vitality and that being poor is a curse from God (which is ludicrous). Spiritual individuals can have a connection with the Creator without the pomp and circumstance. Black people have lived under segregation and integration. The common denominator is thatthe same system of oppression is still around. That is why we are fighting against the agenda of the one percent, so our Brothers and our Sisters can live in a world where discrimination is gone and justice can flourish. This is why we fight. We not only want freedom, but we want justice too.

By Timothy

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Civil Rights Movement’s Forgotten Radicals

How Mandela and S. Africa Were Freed

A diagnosis of Obamacare

Water and Justice

Water is necessary for survival for us human beings. Therefore, us getting water is a human right. The authorities of Detroit want to resume water shutoffs, which has been condemned by international human rights organizations.  In June of 2014, three representatives of the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights signed a statement declaring that “Disconnection of water services because of failure to pay due to lack of means constitutes a violation of the human right to water and other international human rights.” The city of Detroit plans on positing 800 shutoff tags a day on the doors of residents. Many people have fallen behind on their water bills and are given ten days to pay up or lose access to the water in their homes. As many as 8,000 households could have their water cut off beginning in mid- to late April. The city has already begun disconnecting water service for hundreds of people who were “illegally” receiving water. The policy could potentially affect close to 100,000 people, or 14 percent of the city’s residents. To deny the basic necessity of life is part of a real social crisis in America. The American financial oligarchy and the political puppets in both parties are waging class war against working people in every part of the country. These oligarchies are ruthless, brutal, and barbaric. Last year, the city of Detroit shut off water to more than 30,000 households. They temporarily halted more shutoffs, because of the winter temperatures made the actions more difficult. These actions were part of the city’s bankruptcy policy. There has been the slashing of city retirees’ pensions, health benefits, etc. City services have been privatized. In October of last year, US bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled against a challenge to the city’s water shutoff policy, declaring that there is no “fundamental enforceable right to free or affordable water...Just as there is no such affordable right to other necessities of life such as shelter, food and medical care.” Water rates have increased in Detroit. There has seen the increase of 3.4 percent in Detroit. The sewerage portion of residents’ bills will go up by 16.7 percent. The broader metro Detroit area, including Wayne County, which has a poverty rate twice the national average, will see water rate increases of up to 12 percent. The state constitution has been violated by the political elites to support the austerity measures, but people are restricted of water supplies. Little Caesar’s Pizza billionaire Mike Ilitch is receiving $286 million in public subsidies to pay for the construction of a new hockey stadium. Gilbert, who has bought up prime downtown real estate at bargain basement prices, has been put in charge in demolishing abandoned homes, the better to cash in on his investments. Undemocratic emergency managers have run Detroit too. The big banks and the big investors want to get as much money from the city as possible so its resources can be privatized. The current Chairman and former CEO of Nestle (the largest producer of food products in the world. He invested money to stop labeling of GMO filled products and he has a bad health and ethics record for its infant formula) want water to be privatized. I disagree. Water is a resource that should be publicly protected.

There are many technologies arising in 2015. One type of device is the Voxel8 3D printer. There are many 3D printers now. 3D printers can print 3 dimensional solid objects. They are expensive, but the Voxel8 is different. The Voxel8 can print electronic circuits rather than just plastic objects and it uses conductive ink that dries quickly (and can be embedded in other objects). In the future, it could be used from devices including hearing aids, wearable gadgets, and even quadcopter drones. The image of the printers looks very futuristic. It’s a multi-material electronic printer. Dr. Jennifer Lewis is the director of the Voxel8 Company. She is a Harvard professor. Her previous lab at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana 3D printed a microscopic lithium ion battery. This new technology is developing very rapidly. The Voxel8 Developer’s Kit is a low cost 3D printer (which can print circuits and plastic objects). As Voxel8 Business Director, Daniel Oliver, explains, “Effectively, you could build a quadcopter with any geometry you want, stuff it with the components – on the motor- and the board-side – and, basically, have a fully functioning quadcopter without any wiring harnesses.” He continues, “People will also be able to start creating circuits on their desks. So, if you wanted to test out a circuit design, you could print out a circuit board directly on your desk. You’d have to stuff the components in, as you were doing it, but we’ve shown that you can print out what is basically an Arduino board on our printer.” The possibilities for this technology are endless. In the future, this can revolutionize technology develop and break down monopoly control of 3D printers (if we do what is right and make this technology more accessible and more affordable for people). Oliver also mentions that designs can now dictate the placement of electronic parts. Circuits can be formed to traverse curves and climb walls.  The “Spark Powered” software, dubbed “Project Wire”, allows users to upload a CAD model and start filling it virtually with electronics and conductive ink. Objects can be printed, so that they can be plugged directly into existing electronics like an USB drive. Autodesk CTO, Jeff Kowalski, seems to agree, saying, “We’re excited to work with companies like Voxel8 because they are really pushing the boundaries of where 3D printing is capable. They’re pushing that front edge, so we can actually start to develop new functionalities using 3D printers – create things that have never been created before – and by incorporating conductive inks directly in the 3D printing process we can start to create things that have functions after they’re created.” This technology is exciting. So, these printers can create objects to be placed into electronic objects. These printing results will have great functionality. This is cutting edge technology, which has not been seen even five years ago. There is the Nvidia Tegra Xi chip. This chip is a superchip with 256 professor cores and eight CPU cores. It will come into cars as well. There is the new Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K Ultra HDTV. This television has pixel-splitting technology to have an effective resolution of 7,680 x 4,320.  This can been called the “virtual 8K.” It will be the flagship models for Google’s new Android TV platform. Samsung is promoting its SUHD sets. It will be different than existing UHD (or ultra-high definition) TV. Cue boasts of “eco-friendly nano-crystal technology and intelligent SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine” from Samsung. The SUHD TV is innovative with advanced contrast, brightness, and spectacular color. 4K TVs have been around and SUHD is here. There is the HP Zvr 3D display, which can allow people to use glasses and connected styles to see and manipulate objects in 3D. There are new 2015 computes (like an I7 processor) with a flat keyboard, cameras, and advanced devices too. Such a computer is called the HP Sprout, which is a new generation of computers. It came out in 2014.

The events in Greece are a microcosm of the economic fragility of the world economy. The residents of Greece were tired of the austerity agenda from the EU. Therefore, there was an election that recently ended. The historic election allowed the Syriza party to win the elections on January 25, 2015. The current Prime Minister of the Syriza Party is Alexix Tsipras. The current Finance Minister currently is Yanis Varoufakis (a former economic adviser to the corrupt neo-liberal PASOK leader George Papandreou). People had high hopes that this new Greek government would be imaginative, creative, and progressive, so the needs of the Greek people would be met. So far, unfortunately, that has not been the case. The reason is that both men so far have reneged on every major and minor electoral program that they ran on. They have embraced more retrograde actions and relations with the “troika” They are allying with the IMF, etc. Tsipras and Varoufakis have repudiated their promise to reject the dictates of the “troika.” Syriza, during the campaign, had promised to write off all or most of the Greek debt. In government, Tsipras and Varoufakis immediately assured the Troika that they recognized and promised to meet all of their debt obligations. Syriza had promised to prioritize humanitarian spending over austerity – raising the minimum wage, rehiring public employees in health and education and raising pension payments.  After two weeks of servile groveling, the ‘re-formed’ Tsipras and Varoufakis prioritized austerity – making debt payments and ‘postponing’ even the most meagre anti-poverty spending.  When the Troika lent the Syriza regime $2 billion to feed hungry Greeks, Tsipras lauded his overseers and promised to submit a multi-billion euro list of regressive ‘reforms’. Both men have promised to tackle depression level unemployment (which is 26 percent nationally and 55 percent for the youth). Yet, both men are meeting debt payments and didn’t so far allocate any funds for creating jobs. Syriza promised to re-examine the previous rightwing regime’s dubious privatization of lucrative public enterprises and to stop on going future privatizations. Tsipras and Varoufakis has disavowed that promise. They have approved many privatizations and made overtures to procure new privatization “partners” in lucrative tax concessions (which is selling out more public firms). Syriza came to power under their promises to renounce the country’s 327 billion euro debt, kick out the Troika bailiffs, On February 20, Syriza signed an agreement with the EU which repudiated its pledges to end austerity and abolish the EU austerity Memorandum. Four days after this capitulation, Syriza announced plans for new budget cuts, privatizations, health care cuts and increases in the effective retirement age. Yet, Varoufakis doesn’t want the disintegration of the Eurozone. He even said that he wants alliances “even with right-wingers.” When Günther Jauch insinuated his guest had insulted Schäuble, Varoufakis sang a veritable hymn of praise to the German finance minister—one of the main architects of the austerity diktat in Greece, and therefore one of the most hated politicians in Germany and Europe. These actions represent a total capitulation to the banks. Still, Greek workers are still courageous in battling the Euro banks.

Iran is in the center of debates and discussions on Middle Eastern policies. Some extremists want to attack Iran while others want real justice to transpire in the Middle East. First, it is important to understand its very long history. Iran is a nation in Western Asia. Iran has been called Persia too. It is bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan. Iran now has 78.4 million human beings making it the 17th most populous nation in the world. Many languages are spoken there from Persian, Kurdish, and to Turkmen. Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Zoroastrians, Christians, followers of Judaism, and followers of other creeds exist in Iran. During the Middle Paleolithic era, there have been artifacts found in Kashafrud and Ganj Par sites.  There were Neanderthal people (who are not modern human beings) found in Iran as well. The Neolithic age found more human beings creating settlements like Chogha Bonut (which was the earliest village in Susian) in 8,000 B.C. Settlements grew in and around the Zagros Mountains region of Western Iran. During this time, we see clay vessels and modeled human and animal terracotta figurines produced in Ganj Dareh (or in western Iran). The southwestern part of Iran was part of the Fertile Crescent civilizations. Susa was a settlement created in ca. 4,400 B.C. Settlements like Chogha Mish date back to 6,800 B.C. There have been the ruins of 7,000 year old settlements like Sialk. Susa was the extension of the Sumerian city state of Uruk. Later, Susa was the capital of Elam, which came as a state in 4,000 B.C. Elam was an ancient pre-Iranic civilization. Elam had ziggurats or large Temple and other parts of civilization. At times, Elam has a matriarchal society. Mesopotamia and Iran traded with each other in early urbanization during the Chalcolithic period or the Cooper Age. Elamites called themselves Haltimti. Their language was not Indo-European, not Sumerian, and not Semitic. Later, there were the rise of the Medes, the Persians, and the Parthians. The Elamite supremacy in Iran ended with the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal sacking Susa in 646 B.C. There were a lot of Median people in Iran during this time. For over 150 years Assyrian kings of nearby Northern Mesopotamia were seeking to conquer Median tribes of Western Iran. Under pressure from the Assyrian empire, the small kingdoms of the western Iranian plateau coalesced into increasingly larger and more centralized states. The Median tribes united and fought for their independence. They were united by Deioces.  In 612 BC Cyaxares the Great, Deioces' grandson, and the Babylonian king Nabopolassar invaded Assyria and laid siege to and eventually destroyed Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, which led to the fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The Medes established a foundation of Iran as a nation and as an Empire. They formed the first ancient Iranian Empire. Later, Cyrus the Great established an unified Empire of the Medes and the Persians. This caused the establishment of the Achaemenian Empire, which existed form 550 B.C. to 330 B.C.

So, Cyrus the Great overthrew the Median Empire, the Lydian Empire, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire. This new Empire stretched from Turkey to near India. It was much larger than the Assyrian Empire. Cyrus allowed long roads and a strong governmental infrastructure. He reconciles his subjects to Persian rule and issues more progressive policies. Cyrus's son, Cambyses II, conquered the last major power of the region, Ancient Egypt, causing the collapse of the Dynasty XXVI. Since he became ill and died before, or while, leaving Egypt, stories developed, as related by Herodotus, that he was struck down for impiety against the Egyptian pantheon. Be that as it may, it led to a succession crisis. The winner, Darius I of Persia, based his claim on membership in a collateral line of the Achaemenid Dynasty. Darius at first allowed Susa to be his capital. Then, he started to a building program at Persepolis (that city would be the new capital of the Achaemenid Empire). Darius also rebuilt a canal between the Nile and the Red Sea, which was a forerunner of the modern Suez Canal. His road system from Sardis (in Turkey) to Susa had stations at intervals too. He organized coinage with the daric (or gold coin) and the shekel (or silver coin). The Persian Empire was the largest empire in the world during that time. It tried to promote tolerance and respect for other cultures and religion. This changed with the advent of the Greco-Persian Wars. In 499 BC, Athens lent support to a revolt in Miletus which resulted in the sacking of Sardis. This led to an Achaemenid campaign against Greece known as the Greco-Persian Wars which lasted the first half of the 5th century BC. During the Greco-Persian wars Persia made some major advantages and razed Athens in 480 BC, but after a string of Greek victories the Persians were forced to withdraw while losing control of Macedonia, Thrace and Ionia. The peace of Callias temporarily ended fighting by 449 B.C. Darius II died in 404 B.C. Later, Egypt rebelled under Amyrtaeus.  Later Egyptian Pharaohs successfully resisted Persian attempts to reconquer Egypt until 343 BC when Egypt was reconquered by Artaxerxes III. Alexander the Great rose up to not only unified Macedonia and Greece. He traveled to establish a huge empire and he defeated the Persians. He defeated Darius II in the battles of Granicus, Issus and Gaugamela, swiftly conquering the Persian Empire by 331 BC. The Zoroastrians call him Arda Wiraz Namag or the accursed Alexander.

By Timothy

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rare Malcolm X Interview with Robert Penn Warren on June 2, 1964

Exposed: IBSI’s exploitation of African refugees to promote anti-Palestinian agenda

Middle Eastern history

Racism in Israel

Friday, March 20, 2015

How Quadruplet Family Is Healing After Mom's Death

Friday News on March 20, 2015

Tunisia recently was ruled by a Western-backed dictator Ben Ali until the Arab Spring came to allow President Beij Caid Essebsi to be President. Some of its citizens have joined ISIS. Also, domestically, Tunisia is in a crossroads. While, unemployment has always been high, unemployment is still a serious problem in that nation. People inside of Tunisia rightfully want jobs, income, and real freedom. It is true that Tunisia adopted a new constitution. On many occasions, some governments has executed policies that compromise the civil liberties of their own residents (in response to horrendously evil attacks against innocent people). Recently, Tunisia government officials have ordered the arrest of the popular comedian called Migalo (or Wassim Lahrissi) and television host Moez Ben Gharbia of charges of having “offended the President.” One big point is that the Western imperialist policies in Syria and Libya have caused the massive turmoil in the Middle East, North Africa, etc. Even Egypt now is run by an authoritarian former army commander Abdel-Fatah El Sisi. The junta in Egypt is antithetical to the essence of freedom. It is obvious that ISIS was invented by Western-backed terrorists. Al-Qaeda itself was created by a CIA backed asset. We all send prayers and condolences to the victims and their families of this tragedy (in Tunisia). People deserve true freedom and true democratic rights to exist not imperialism or neoliberalism. All people are entitled to justice. The study about environmental inequality further validates the concerns of environmental justice activists. It is not a secret that pollution exposure disproportionately affects the poor and people of color. This study is important to refute the skeptics who believe that environmental inequality is nonexistent and people can pollute anywhere on the face of the Earth (for any reason). We need real regulations and green activists are working day in and day out to help out poorer communities. We have to learn about toxic waste dumping, GMOs, climate change, and other important subjects as it relates to the environment. We are in solidarity with community-based green organizations that are doing great work.

Netanyahu make no bones about promoting a reactionary, neoliberal, and imperial state. The neo-cons and many members of the political establishment are with him in agreeing with the oppression of the Palestinian people. Yet, heroic people are still fighting for the day in which humanity and justice will flourish all over the Middle East triumphantly. There should be a thorough, independent investigation to find the facts in dealing with Martese. Martese's face has suffered a lot of bleeding and the pictures of the man being injured are very disturbing. Some ABC Officers had to pay a settlement to Elizabeth Daly for its usage of excessive force. Things must change in our society. Many cops have impunity to literally kill people. In society, cops are readily given the benefit of the doubt at any circumstance. Eyewitnesses should tell their stories as well and we all deserve the truth. The protesters have every right to speak their minds and to proclaim the truth that Black Lives Matter. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have slandered the Black Lives Matter Movement. At first, I didn’t want to talk about this issue, but for them to tie the movement to the recent shooting of 2 police officers in Ferguson, Missouri has crossed a line. They are in league with the capitalist establishment and they are paleo-conservative reactionaries. Paul Joseph Watson recently wrote the lie that: “…Once again we see the establishment press affording legitimacy to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement despite its constant invocation and practice of violence…” The Black lives Movement in their organizations have explicitly condemned violence. They have condemned the violence of police terrorism in our communities and violence in general. The Black Lives Movement came about by people who were fed up with the War on Drugs, racist oppression, a bad criminal injustice system, and bigotry in general. This strong movement exist, because they were disastified with the political status quo. People in the Black Lives Matter movement are politically independent.  I do believe that black people in the Americas deserve reparations which the reactionaries Jones and Watson adamantly oppose. The Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay.

For a long time, it has been used a racist epithet. The terminology of describing black people as primates is blatantly offensive and racist. Her original statements never mentioned anything about his comments being distasteful at all. Raven Symone's original comments deny that the ex-Univision host made racist commentaries about the First Lady. People on Instagram have nothing to do with this issue. This issue is about how for too long, some people want to mock the beauty of black women and black people in general. Brothers and Sisters are tired of it. She has the right to her views and people subsequently have the right to disagree with her eloquently. No one said that everyone is racially angry, but some people are in denial about how slick racism can be. Post-racial propaganda is commonly promoted in our generation as we enter the year of 2020. We will not calm down when innocent, unarmed black people are being murdered in the streets by cops. We will not calm down when massive poverty exists in America and all over the world. We will not calm down when oppression still flourished throughout the Earth via many different types of manifestations. Irish, African, Asian, Indian, and other types of cultures have nothing to do with the disrespectful rantings of an ex-host. The truth is that some people need to realize what time it is and act accordingly. I have no issues with humor, joy, and enjoyment of life. We need humor from time to time, but not the overt degradation of our phenotypes (in an inappropriate fashion). I have no ill will toward Raven Symone. I wish the best for her, but I don’t agree with her on this issue. We can’t minimize the situation that we face. We have to be honest about how far that we have to go in order for us to witness the beloved community in which we all desire.

At the end of the day, the well-being of children is very important to advance. Homeschooling is a trend that is great for society. My philosophy is always that we should expand educational opportunities for all children. The goal is that every child should have the opportunity to receive a strong, affordable, and enriching education regardless of a child's color, gender, economic background, nationality, or background. The problem is that the affordability of many schools is lax in many areas. In other words, many great schools are too expensive for many families. If we can make diverse educational systems (from public, private, homeschooling, etc.) more affordable for especially poor families, then we can go a long way in solving the problem. Richer communities receive state of the art technology, targeted funding, counselors, and the whole nine yards, while 21st century resources are heavily restricted in poorer communities. This must change. Many public schools are struggling and some public schools are strong. I have no issue with homeschooling children at all and we need to promote solutions that are known to work (like small class sizes, mentoring kids, nutritional programs, creative curriculums, continuing to support strong, qualified, & excellent teachers, and allow strong community input in educational functions). Children must learn about music, art, and culture (especially black culture for black kids since we need to know about our heritage as a prerequisite for us to be free as black people). This is not about bashing every public school, because many public schools are doing what is right. I have no problems with strong, healthy public schools, private schools, and homeschooling at all. It is about opposing the status quo, because the status quo (like zero tolerance which has contributed to the destructive pipeline to prison situation which we are trying to avert, excessive standardized testing, etc.) is not working for our children.

Jason Riley is a reactionary person. I expect nothing less from him to spew retrograde rhetoric. The evil words spewed by some folks of the SAE fraternity have been condemned by black people from across the political spectrum. We have shown disgust not glee over the evil words. The fraternity members are totally responsible for using racial slurs not single mothers, not the black poor, not black liberals, and not anyone else but those racist frat members. So, that fact alone refutes his whole arguments. He wants to switch around the issue. The issue is about condemning racism in society and fighting for economic justice. Since he loves to talk about the pre-Civil Rights era, let me remind him that the civil rights movement existed long before the 1950’s. Black folks were fighting for their human rights for a long time. Black folks rebelled against the Maafa since the late 15th century. People like Riley have an obsession with the Democratic Party. The Democrats that I know don't call for a federal solution for every problem in our community. Not even their national platform call for that. In fact, many Democrats support neoliberalism, centrism, Wall Street bailouts, and privatization. Not all Democrats are monolithic in their views or ideologies. There were more moderate Republicans like Jackie Robinson & Edward Brooke who wanted the federal government to have a huge role in defending the civil rights of African Americans. I have no problem with social justice, with economic justice, with improving the environment, with protecting our civil liberties, and with the redistribution of economic and political power (as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, and other leaders supported). I’m a political Independent, but I will never mock the brutal history of lynching as a means to make some perverted political point. This liar talks about the “boys in the hood” when many black people in the ghetto are upright, strong, intelligent, love their families, and abhor injustice. There are groups now in the black community that are working to improve the conditions of urban communities all of the time. For Riley to stereotype his own people living in poorer communities outlines his nefarious character as a man. How dare he mock the experiences of the ghetto when the crime rates in the black community have declined since the 1970’s. So, Riley is part of Wall Street Journal and we know how Wall Street has used privatization schemes and other nefarious tactics in harming the economic vitality of Americans. Therefore, we will not back down. We will defend the truth and we will always stand up plus speak up for our rights.

By Timothy

Ferguson Police Shooting: Prison Planet – Railroading Jeffrey Williams and Fanning Racial Hatred in America (Jones and Watson should be ashamed of themselves)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Netanyahu Unmasks Israel

Neocon’s racial bait-and-switch: How John Podhoretz excuses blatant bigotry

Savant's Words in March of 2015

Some people--both African and African-American-- might be surprised at the number of American and African Blacks who actually LOVE each other. The haters on both sides are loud, but theirs aren't the only voices. When I speak of love I certainly do mean love of one's people, a kind of Pan-African solidarity. But sometimes it is interpersonal love between man and woman. One of the things that I, as a professor have been noticing among my black students, are the growing number who have African names, but without (or at least less than ordinary) African accents. When you engage them in conversation it sometimes turns out that they are children of an African couple who move here. But at other times--and this happens OFTEN--they are children of an African father and an African American mother. And some, who do not have an African name, turn out to have an African-American father and an African mother. I've a cousin who married a man from Mozambique, and a male cousin who married a beautiful woman from Ghana. While involved as a university student in the anti-apartheid (which spread like wild fire in Black America during the 1980s & early 90s), I became for some time romantically involved with a beautiful South African woman whom I met at a Black American church, an activist church in the tradition of Martin Luther King, and which was now involved in building support and solidarity for the resistance movement against the fascistic regime in South Africa. In my case, it was precisely in lieu of my SOCIAL ACTIVISM, my commitments as an AA revolutionary, that I met the lovely Mercy from South Africa. I have maintained connections, both political and personal, with Africans here in the USA. Some of them are colleagues in my university. So, the picture is more complex, and sometimes perplexing, than the ranting of the haters would have you believe.



Today a group called "TheFree " posted a report that one state has now passed a LAW which makes it legal to SHOOT POLICE in self defense! Hmmmmm....I hope that law doesn't afford that right to whites only....or only to the well off. But it's an interesting idea. If I do have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness--if these are UNALIENABLE rights as the Declaration of Independence claims--then I see no reason why my human rights should be abrogated simply because the one who threatens me wears a badge. While I was student at Vanderbilt in Nashville, white cops entered thee house of Linda Sumler, supposedly saw a shot gun (which in fact didn't exist) and opened fired---killing Linda, making her husband a widow, and leaving her son (a toddler) motherless. As usual, Lt. Cobb was exonerated by the courts. Too bad he Sumlers didn't have a shot gun, and wasn't quicker on the draw than the cops. Only the courts would not likely to have exonerated Mr. or Mrs Sumler for defending their home and their child. It turns out the cops were even at the wrong house, and had no warrant. Duh....Now if citizens could as easily claim self defense as cops do, the cops would have to slow their roll. I believe he state which legalize armed force in self-defense was Indiana. Perhaps such legislation should be passed in every state, or maybe amended to some existing laws at the Federal level. That would certainly get the attention of this cops.



In short,ifascist pig cops can gun down even UNARMED Black men, women and even children in "self defense", and then walk away scott free with the blessings of our bankrupt courts, then we should have a right--when we reasonably fear our lives are in danger---to shoot cops who threaten us with harm. And we should have as much latitude as do the police. And if courts can exonerate a cop even for the killing of little Tamir Rice, then we should be exonerated for killing HIGHLY ARMED pigs who endanger us.. My rights as a person and a citizen is NOT abrogated by the authority of your badge, officer.



Yep. When the authors of the Declaration spoke of UNALIENABLE rights, they didn't mean only such rights as the existing statutes or the constituted authorities acknowledged. If someone threatens my life, I will SHOOT him or her. I don't care whether it's some scumbag ghetto dope dealer or some scumbag fascist pig cop...or someone higher up. If you endanger my unalienable rights you forfeit your own.

Whoever endangers my life with be thereby endangering his own, And if my foe (cop or not) happens to be a racist who things that black life does not matter, he will learn--too late--that it matters enough for me to kill him in defending it.




I was speaking of introducing you a votre compatriot, Christine. From what I've read, Netanyahu is one of the rightist hardliners in Israeli politics; indeed, progressive Jewish folk in Baltimore have expressed to me their consternation at his election. I heard he said that there would be no Palestinian state as long as he was in power. But short of perpetual war or genocide, I don't see how the Israel/Palestine crisis can be resolved without a two-state solution. Unless Netanyahu has in mind something on the order of a Carthaginian peace---which Israeli journalist Neve Gordon once suggested to me to be the intention of at least the Israeli right wing---than I cannot imagine what he expects to accomplish by his hardline stance. La violence en Tunisie est tragique. It does seem that Tunisia got more out of le Printemps Arabe que les autre pays Arab. That makes the atrocities all the more tragic. But will these Islamist terrorist acts provoke the Tunisians to abrogate what progress toward democracy which they have made thus far? Will there be a retreat from freedom rather than a movement toward freedom? Et vous dite que le Parliament de France fais nouvelle loi repressive pour le lute contra le terrorisme? This is precisely what I've been worrying about. La violence des terrorists Islamique create the climate and the pretext for increasing secular fascism by Western republics. And increasing militarism. Peut-etre c'est le desire des Islamofascistes. Islamofascism encourages emerging Western fascism, which in turn reinforces Islamofascisme, which in turn, etc. Je crois que la liberte will prevail. But this is going to be a long and arduous struggle.



I'm sure you've heard about what happened to the prosperous Black community in Tulsa back in he 1920. And industrial working class and rising black bourgeois and petty bourgeois class DECIMATED by days of mob, police and (according to some reports) national guard violence. Even when blacks tried to play by the rules, racists changed the rules and we lose anyway. The whole business class, aspiring black capitalists, destroyed. I don't even believe in capitalism; but those blacks who did were destroyed for playing the game by the rules and succeeding. Or maybe you saw the film ROSEWOOD, about a fairly prosperous black rural town and community in Florida, made up of farmers, workers, and a few middle class folk---decimated by racist mobs and cops. (A white woman cheating on her husband gets her butt beat by the other man; since it's inconvenient to explain how she got those bruises, she said "I got raped by a black n****r!" Rosewood is destroyed, massacred, burned to the ground. So, even when playing by the rules our enemies either changed the rules, or chastise you for succeeding (against the odds) by the rules. Now, I say f___ the rules and to hell with the system. And to those who say we're not industrious or ambitious enough, I say "May the devil take you, and bad luck to you! To hell with the enemies and haters of my people!" Freedom or death!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Benjamin Netanyahu wins the election in Israel

The reactionary Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory after the closely contested national election in Israel. His Likud Party has won at least 29 seats in the 120-seat Parliament, the Knesset, which caused this party to have a great position to form a ruling coalition. Likud’s main challenger is the Zionist Union. It won 24 seats. The Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog has already called Netanyahu to concede defeat. President Reuven Rivlin, a longtime Likud loyalist, will designate Netanyahu to form the next government once the distribution of seats is finalized among the ten parties that reached the threshold of 3.25 percent of the vote. There have been discussions about the shape of the next coalition long before votes went to the polls. Netanyahu has pledged support from his own Likud. He is supported by other right wing nationalist parties like Jewish Home and Yisrael Beiteinu. These parties have ultraorthodox Jewish people. These five parties combined to hold 53 seats according to exit polls. Herzog heads the Labor Party. His partner in the Zionist Union bloc is former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who heads the tiny Hatnuah party. Herzog had the assured support of only the Zionist Union, the middle-class “left” Meretz Party and Yesh Atid, the secular party of former TV newscaster Yair Lapid. According to exit polls, these three parties may win 44 seats between them. The Kulanu Party or a split off from the Likud has a huge role with its ten seats bringing a new right wing coalition to 63 seats, which is a narrow majority. Netanyahu has offered the finance ministry to Kulanu Party leader Moshe Kahlon, a former Likud cabinet minister. The parliamentary system has contradictions. The parties of the Joint Arab List won 13 seats, which is the third largest in the Knesset. They traditionally refuse to participate in government. Netanyahu fired Lapid as finance minister and Livni as justice minister that brought up a previous coalition. Then, the elections came 2 years later. Netanyahu used extremist rhetoric all over the campaign. He made racist attacks on Palestinians (he even said that Arabic people are coming to the polls, which is race baiting garbage from him). The secular Yesh Atid party backed Herzog.

The election dealt with the issues of the economy in Israel not just about Middle Eastern foreign affairs and the Palestinian plight. There is great economic inequality in Israel. That is why many people in Israel have expressed discontent. The right wing Netanyahu gave a provocative speech in Congress recently which said that Iran wants to have a nuclear weapon, which they don’t have. In the final days of the campaign, Netanyahu shifted focus from Iran to the Palestinians, seeking, with some success, to lure the racist and settler vote away from Jewish Home and Yisrael Beiteinu. He publicly declared his opposition to a two-state agreement with the Palestinians. On Tuesday, he made an unusual Election Day appearance in Har Homa, a Jewish suburb of East Jerusalem built illegally on Palestinian land, to warn that his government was in danger from a reportedly heavy turnout among Israeli Arab voters. In actuality, even the Zionist Union party supports the status quo in dealing with Palestinians. Livni’s father commanded an unit of the terrorist Irgun. She or Livni was famous for being the foreign minister during the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. The sad party is obvious that the status quo continues. Palestinians suffer segregated buses, checkpoints, blockades, and the establishment in Israel could not give one inch of concern. GOP reactionary extremists, talk show propagandists (like Limbaugh, Savage, etc.), the Koch Brothers, Democratic neoliberal compromisers, and theocratic preachers ally with Israeli policies. They are allied with AIPAC too. The negotiations between Iran and the P5 plus one continue. The extremists lie and say that Iran is close to forming a nuclear arsenal. Unlike the secret nuclear power Israel, Iran is a signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty and has always been willing to prove its peaceful intent. Both parties of America (being Republicans and Democratic people) follow American imperialism not just people like Tom Cotton (who supported sending an incendiary letter to Iran filled with neo-conservative rhetoric). We have to ally with progressive Israelis and Palestinians who want peace for all in the Middle East.

For a long time, the racists have used war, sex, money, media propaganda, etc. as a means to try to manipulate and control all of us. The bad news is that we have a long way to go. The good news is that there are many black people globally who reject naiveté and who seek justice in uncompromising terms. I recently saw a website on Afro-Australians and their experience mirror our own in many ways as black people (like in racism, economic issues, and standing up for their human dignity). This is a spiritual battle. That is why one secret is to not only learn wisdom, but to find time to meditate, eat healthy, and treat our people right. When we treat our people right, then we will be blessed. At the end of the day, the spiritual manna can enrich our hearts and our souls as one people. You are right. Some Millennials have to see that the struggle is not over. The structural problems of racism, poverty, misogyny, and other evils still exist internationally. The n word not only slanders black people, but it has been used by many to stereotype human beings in a vicious, derogatory way. The word is anti-human. I am a Millennial. I still believe in the dream where racism and police terrorism are extinguished, so humanity can live in justice, peace, and tranquility. I have faith that one day, there will be no poverty and no imperialism. We will continue to stand up and speak up for our black brothers and our black sisters in season and out of season. When you look at history, we see the Ghetto Warsaw Uprising, we see the slave revolts, etc. These events show that self-defense is never equivalent to unjust violence. I will never forget what those savages (as in white racists) have done to our ancestors.

Rosie Perez knows what she is talking about. We know the racism is found in some (not all) Latino people. Rosie Perez broke it down perfectly. There are many Latinos with a lot of black African heritage. I know about the Afro-Latinos and other people who are black just like black Americans. It is important to know that many Afro-Latinos are progressive activists who fighting for the liberation of black people. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. Raven Symone is 2 years younger than me and she should know better. Many of the "New blacks" want to ignore how subtle and slick racism can be. First Lady Michelle Obama never deserved to be disrespected in that fashion and that is why the host was fired. The comment was racist and stupid point blank period. It is a shame that the First Lady of this country has been slandered not only by the Univision host, but from other people who are evil. Raven Symone, Lee Daniels, Don Lemon, and these New "Blacks" have similar views on race and we have the right to disagree with them. Raven Symone doesn't want to be called African American, which is her right. Yet, I have the right to call myself an AFRICAN AMERICAN AND a BLACK AMERICAN ALL DAY EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT APOLOGY. I hope that Raven Symone embraces more progressive, revolutionary views on race. We all want her to grow and wake up, but we do have the right to disagree with her on some issues. Calling black people as similar to a science fiction movie about apes has been a known racist tactic. We, as black people, should never put up with this. Regardless of our ideological views, one thing that we should never put up with is when the First Lady (who is a gorgeous black woman) is disrespected.

First, it would be fair to show where I agree with Damon Dash on and then later show where I disagree with him on. He is right that people have the right to own their own resources. Power readily deals with ownership. Black people as ideologically diverse as Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, etc. want black people to be empowered as a way for us as a community to control our own destinies. Pooling our resources to help our own people is plain commonsense. There is nothing wrong with power if it is used correctly. There is nothing wrong with black people building our own infrastructure and standing up for our own interests (as long as we promote selflessness, solidarity, unity, and integrity. Selfishness contributed to the Great Depression of 1929 and the current global recession in our generation of the 21st century). Also, there is nothing wrong with a person owning a business as long as the workers are treated right and the economics of the business is dealt with in a legitimate way. Here is what he is wrong at. He called workers lazy collectively. Workers built this nation in many ways. It was the workers in jobs that help America to have legitimate work days, to have safety standards, to have a ban of abusive child labor practices, and to grow the minimum wage. Labor has dignity and to call people with jobs lazy is disrespectful. Also, many qualified people struggle to get jobs, so not all jobs are easily attainable. One aspect of the black African cultural tradition is about cooperation and unity. Cooperative economics and progressive economic insights can help our people. We should always reject cutthroat, laissez faire capitalism. That version of capitalism has exploited not only Africans, but oppressed the workers of the world. If we want to be free, then we should never shame workers in an inappropriate way. We want to shame the policies of oligarchy and advocate economic justice for all people. That’s the point. Neoliberal capitalism has caused endless wars, environmental degradation, colonialism, neo-colonialism (as the resources of Africa and the South are exploited by the one percent at the expense of the masses of the workers) and economic instability, which has resulted in the deaths of over 1 billion human beings in the past five centuries according to the researcher Asad Ismi. The crisis of capitalism has influenced the existence of the modern recession since 2007. There is a massive transfer of money from the poor to the super wealthy (while they have corporate welfare handouts). We must fight poverty since we can never be liberated unless the poor of our community are liberated. Liberation is about empowering the workers and allowing power to be in the hands of the masses of the people.

By Timothy