Monday, November 14, 2005

Pro-Life Debates Part 1

Here's a news flash for all the Pro-Lifers"Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license ... All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing."

David Brower - first Executive Director of the Sierra Club; founder of Friends of the Earth; and founder of the Earth Island Institute - quoted by Dixie Lee Ray, Trashing the Planet, p.166This is from a post athttp/ is interesting is the the pro-lifers,/anti-abortion Busjevics are specifically connected to this policy while advocating the right to life. They also advocate the elimination of people with lower IQ's which I do believe would eliminate Bush himself.

Response: I peacefully disagree. First, Bush is not truly Pro-Life as any man who looks at the evidence see. Bush said that Roe V. Wade ought not to be eliminated now, abortion is justified for rape, incest, and to save the mothers' life. He supported Ru-486, which is the abortion pill that has caused dangerous side effects unto many women. Second, many Pro-Lifers aren't followers of Bush like Cutting Edge Ministries, LIberty to Captives, Watch Unto Prayer, and tons of other Pro-Lifers that disagree with Bush on a host of issues. Real Pro-Lifers (even those brainwashed into supporting Bush) will never supported killing people with lower IQ. In fact, Margaret Sanger is quoted as being in favor of segregating those who have a low IQ. She even meet with the KKK and really Hitler and his crowd were adamantly Pro-Choice. That is something that the Pro-Choice crowd doesn't want you to know. Not to mention that Condy Rice is Pro-Choice so all of Bush's team aren't Pro-Life at all. Really, the U.N., many elites, and many liberals also (just like some reactionaries) have supported cutting down the world's population like Ted Turner, Prince Philip, the UNFPA, and other people plus programs. I don't need a newsflash, because the truth is real and I've been here before. Nothing is new under the Sun. Many Pro-Choicers claim that the Pro-Life Movement is hypocritical, but we're not. We support innocent life not illegal wars, etc.

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yourethenazis: And yet you people support the war in Iraq.

shiprah: Some of us do and some of us don't.

Are you aware more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed?

shiprah: Yes, its a heartbreaking tragedy. Not to mention the number of American lives that have been lost.

You say pro-choise people are nazis, but what's more Hitler-esque here?Aborting a fetus, or discriminating against people of a certain (middle-eastern) ethnicity?

shiprah: the deliberate killing of the innocent as opposed to the unintentional is more Hitleresque, we're not at war because of the ethnicity of the ppl but b/c of the threat of terrorism. Besides, do you realize that Islam is a prolife religion? The Iraqi's agree with our stance against abortion. If you feel that the killing of innocent Iraqi's is wrong, great, so do we, but how does that justify the killing of innocent babies?

Or the government being able to take people prisoner for no reason and hold them without bail and deny their legal right to an attorney?

shiprah: This is horrible, but it's not equivalent to killing ppl.

How a government that continually controls and censors the media, or just outright lies to its citizens?

shiprah: Like when preborn babies are denied the right to life through a pro-choice media's censorship?

We live in the "land of the free," and we're trying to bring freedom to Iraq, yet we deny basic freedoms to people here everyday.

shiprah: Like the right to life, so you agree with us. It's terrible in the land of the free we deny the basic right to life to preborn people.

Average income disparities between gender and race are still enormous.

shiprah: Yes, but there is no right to equal income in non-Comunistic countries, and the right to life is more important than the right to money. Besides, are you aware of how abortion has contributed to the feminization of poverty. If you are hurt by the income disparities between gender, why do you want white males to benefit from a multimillion dollar abortion industry, getting richer off minorities and women.

There is a severely unequal distribution of wealth in this country, and the wealthy are blatantly favored by this "administration."

shiprah: Because the rich get the same tax cuts as everyone else? That's not favoring the rich, that's treating them equally. Are you aware that during republican eras more minorities graduate from high school and college and start businesses than any other time? Check out the census. In fact, this administration gives tons of money to start small business so that poor people can be self employed and employ others. This administration doesn't favor the rich, it helps all americans.

Gays and Lesbians are denied their civil rights are guaranteed to them by the Constitution.

shiprah: Marriage isn't a right. For example, you can't marry someone within your family or marry more than one person. You aren't claiming that polygamous and the incestuous are being denied their rights, so you must still believe that there should be some groups who don't have the right to marry as they please. If so, how is this different from some people thinking that gays should be one of the groups not allowed to marry as they wish?

There is an increasing blur between church and state, as the two are practically inseparable from each other under Bush's regime.

shiprah: Bush doesn't uphold any Christian values that aren't already in the Constitution. Yes he supports abstinence education -- but states taht use it have less teen pregnancy. He supports church based addiction help programs -- but it works. Can you think of any negative aspects of his values that he has used in his regime?

The only regime that was more "Nazi" than this was the Nazi regime itself.

shiprah: Really? With the genocide in Rwanda, the massacres of Guatemala, the killing of people who attempt to flee Cuba, you think that the Bush administration is the only regime more Nazi than that of the Nazi's? Why don't you talk to someone who lived under the Taliban or a refugee. I work with Sudanese refugees, believe me, there are much worse regimes.

You people need to realize that even if abortion were outlawed, it would still be performed, only under much less safe conditions, which would result in more hospital visits, which could result in your losing money (many county hospitals receive public funding).

shiprah: I would prefer less funding if less abortions were performed.

Or, people could just go to Canada or Mexico, which could hurt our economy which could make you lose money.

shiprah: I don't care about the money. I just don't want the babies to die.

You people should all be ashamed of yourselves.

shiprah: Why should we be ashamed for fighting for YOUR right to be born?

I'm hardly pro-choice, but even I can see that you are all just as crazy as the liberal leftists that you hate so much.

shiprah: A bunch of us are liberal leftists. We don't hate them.You seem to be deeply affected by societies evils. So are we? So why are you against every evil but one, abortion?

-------------------------The rights of children as individuals begin while yet they remain the fetus-- Victoria Woodhull, U.S.'s first female presidential candidate, 18701994 study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found: "Among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women."

Friday, November 11, 2005

Perry Logan Refuted again.

Perry Logan is refuted again by J.A. whose email is J.A.'s rebuttals are in bold.

Points you made that Alex Jones has said, I couldn't help but chuckle at alot of them. Not because of the absurdity of the points, but the absurdity that you can take things so out of context, and make them seem bent to the point of lunacy.

The ruling elite of the world worship Moloch.

(It's called Bohemian Grove, look it up.)

The secret rulers of the world can live forever.

(I've never heard once Alex say anything of the sort, and I listen to his radio show and watch his documentaries and TV shows constantly.)

The elite have openly announced that they want to kill 80% of us.

(In 1988, Britain's Prince Philip expressed the wish that, should he be reincarnated, he would want to be a deadly virus that would reduce world population. According to a key figure in Britain's leading neomalthusian lobbying organization, Population Concern, the Blair government is much more open to ``policies of population limitation'' than was the previous John Major government. The elite are constantly out in the open, talking about ways to limit the population, and even kill off a majority of us.)

Vicente Fox can morph into a green devil.

(I haven't heard him say Vincente Fox could literally morph into a green devil. I have to say, however, that Vincente Fox is a devil, just like all of the other controlled and corrupted politicians in all governments.)

Jacques Cousteau wants to kill 80% of us. (Jacques, too!) There are live AIDS viruses in the corn. (This means no sex with the corn. Sorry.)

--- ("The United Nation's goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilization, and control human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess baggage, with 350,000 people to be eliminated per day." As for the "AIDs virus in the corn": The Oedible'AIDS vaccine with the HIV glycoprotein gp120 gene has been condemned as dangerous by a number of AIDS virologists because the gp120 gene and gene product can undermine our immune system and generate new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. A day later, the US government disclosed that ProdiGene did the same thing in Iowa back in September. The USDA ordered 155 acres of nearby corn to be incinerated for fear of contamination.)

Waco was a government plot.

(And what would you call the needless slaughter of innocent women and children in a church by United States soldiers?)

Most power outages are government plots.

(I'm starting to think you're making stuff up now. :/)

Illegal immigration is a government plot.

(Illegal immigration isn't a government plot, and Alex Jones has said this time and time again. Not all of the government are letting the borders stay open, but key figures in the government, both federal and state, are permitting illegal aliens to come into the country and have special benefits over legal citizens.)

The counterculture is a government plot.

(Gloria Steinem admitted in her book that she was paid by the CIA. The FBI got in trouble for drug trafficking a few years ago, such as massively spreading drugs like LSD and marijuana to hippies during the 70's.)

Vaccines are a you-know-what.

(There's mercury in the vaccines, which anybody with both halves of their brains in their skulls knows is bad for your body, yet the government is using a few small studies to justify the mercury in the vaccines. Heck, Fox News says mercury is actually good for you, so that must mean we're living in Bizarro World now.)

Thumb scanning is a government plot.

(What else would you call Big Brother?)

Environmentalism is a government plot.

(Global Warming is one of the biggest hoaxes in history. The Earth goes through cycles, where it goes through periods of cooling off, and then periods of warming up, repeated over and over again.)

The National Seatbelt Initiative is a government plot.

(I don't remember Alex ever mentioning this, but here it goes. Not wearing your seatbelt shouldn't result in a possible ticket. Maybe getting pulled over and worked over about the dangers of not wearing your seatbelt by the police officers might invoke some fear and need for safety into them. But this whole "seatbelt legality" thing is worn out and tired. It's just another way for the government to fill up the prisons with mindless little petty crimes.)

Feminism is a government plot.

(See the "Counter Culture" section.)

All domestic terror attacks are government plots.

(Actually, this is where I can prove you're putting words in Alex's mouth. Never before has he said all domestic, or even foreign terror attacks, are government plots. He HAS said, many times before, that only small, poorly trained groups or lone nuts try to pull off non-governmental sponsored terrorist attacks, and for the most part they end up failing. Whenever you see a major attack, and the government following up with new ways to take away our freedom, you can bet on it that the government had a hand in what happened. Look at 9/11 for instance.)

Arnold Schwartzeneggar

(that’s Schwarzenegger , you dolt)

is part of an Austrian plot to take over America.

(More imaginary words from a drone who says Alex Jones "said this". He never said it's an Austrian plot. He said that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Nazi, has praised Nazi, his father was a Nazi, his mother married an SS officer after his father died, his friends admit to him calling black people "n---" and handing out recorded speeches of Hitler. Where you get the "Austrian plot" may be from actual history. Our forefathers put in the amendment to keep foreign born people from being eligible for one reason and one reason only. There was a gigantic, active plot for Austrians to enter into American culture and politics, and literally undermine the nation.

Skull & Bones is part of an English plot to take over America.

(And this seems strange to you?)

Children's cartoons are part of a government plot to brainwash us.

(Walt Disney is an admitted Mason. They even have a tribute to him in a Masonic temple in Washington, D.C. They openly let gay men run around, kissing each other in the park. Again, this seems weird to you?)

The secret ruling elite of the world are putting up buildings that look like owls all over America
(for some reason).

--- (Truthfully, I've only seen a couple of these supposed buildings. They're "not all over America" like you say. And yes, if you look at them at a certain angle, they look like owls.)

Most major police chiefs are CIA operatives.

(Oh no, corrupt police chiefs? No way. Next you'll say that the sun came up this morning.)

Gloria Steinham is a CIA operative.

(You seem to like this whole "feminist" and "counter culture" discussion. She admitted she was paid by the CIA. What more proof do you need?)

The Quakers are all communists.

(Actually, he said that the Quakers were corrupt at the top, just like most other groups as well anymore.)

Anyone who favors gun control is a Nazi (i.e., most Americans).

--- (Most Americans do -not- favor gun control. Whoever told you this is an air headed liberal. Alex never called people who favor gun control laws Nazis, it's a commonly known fact that one of the first things Hitler did was disarm his people so they couldn't fight back.)

All of Clinton's cabinet were Jewish.

(Alex has never said this, for a fact, because Alex hardly ever points out "evil Jewish conspiracies" as the root of all evil. All of Clinton's administration was corrupt, not just the cabinet.)

People have tattoos saying "Don't Kill Me" in Holland.

(Actually, they aren't tattoos as you and the website you ripped these key points from have said. They're cards. Many people in the Netherlands have taken to carrying a card to prevent doctors ending their lives in the event of their being incapacitated. Dutch doctors are increasingly taking the decision to end life based on their own assessment of the likelihood of a reduced quality of life as a result of illness. It is estimated that up to 25,000 people die each year when their treatment is terminated on medical grounds.)

Lyndon Johnson had John Kennedy killed.

(Lyndon Johnson had a hand in Kennedy's death, sure. So did Nixon and even George HW Bush. Watch JFK 2, maybe it will shake your belief in the "magic bullet theory" out of you.)

The UN has sold thousands of children into slavery & for snuff films.

(Actually, the UN has gotten in big trouble for exactly what you just said. Maybe if you would read up on indy news sites instead of ripping so-called "facts" off of biased partisan websites...)

Gays are actively recruiting in our schools.


The government keeps "giant, honeycombed hives full of toddlers drugged on lithium."

(Er. Yeah, you're taking things way out of context.)

The Rothschilds funded Hitler.

(Actually, read independent historical records. Most of the big families around during the time got into major legal issues for giving financial aid to pro-Nazi groups in America, and even sending money through these groups to Germany.)

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