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Meeting and Greeting the Crusaders in Africa


I will not Back down in 2013


DHS is at it again. The Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano addressed a joint session of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriff's Association winter meetings on Monday. The meeting had the DHS and their allies to boast about the federal government's actions. These actions include them to violate and cause irrelevant Posse Comitatus. Napolitano conflated gun violence, active shooter incidents, and violent extremism. A press release on the DHS website outlined the information. The DHS underscored the Department's collaboration with law enforcement to counter what they deem as "violent extremism." The FBI and the DHS have worked together in a new training resource web portal that wants to get access to hundreds of countering violent extremism training materials, case studies, analytic products, and other resources. The DHS wants to create a platform for communication and information sharing about countering violent extremism among law enforcement agencies across the nation. There has been a lot of criticism after the DHS document on "rightwing extremism" came about. The DHS have since used its words carefully. “Groups and individuals inspired by a range of religious, political, or other ideological beliefs have promoted and used violence against the homeland,” the Countering Violent Extremism DHS page states without naming specific groups or individuals. The DHS also created a "Homegrown Violent Extremism Lexicon" the blurs the lines between Second Amendment activists (under the phrase of militia extremists and sovereign citizen extremists (to racist skinhead extremists, lone offenders, and unwitting co-optees or a target of the FBI as it manufactures’ fake terrorism).We know that the DHS is very willing to use the gun violence after Sandy Hook massacre as a means to integrate state and local partners with the DHS, which can trample down the concept of Posse Comitatus (and the real principle of separation between local law enforcement and the federal government). “DHS will expand ongoing efforts to prevent future mass casualty shootings, improve preparedness, and strengthen security and resilience in schools and other potential targets while working with partners at all levels of government,” the DHS press release dated January 28 states. So, the DHS wants to work with local enforcement in trying to prevent future shootings. Their "Active Shooter: How to Respond" handbook talks about how potential active shooter victims to “find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you… behind large items” and “[b]lockade the door with heavy furniture.” Also, Houston residents have been rattled by government fire and helicopters. The federal government is acting in the wrong when it doesn't inform citizens when it conducts questionable military exercises in residential neighborhoods. This has been going on for years and decades. KTRK-TV in Houston reported that the U.S. Army along with other agencies did something. They took over the Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston on Monday. Alarmed residents called the police and complained about gunshots and helicopters. The Army didn't give any details about why the training came about. This similar act of a military came after another outrageous training exercise in Florida last week. Last Thursday, the military helicopters simulated combat over a freeway in downtown Florida. Federal troops rappelled down on building and mass transit platforms as stunned residents hit the deck as they respond to machine gun fire echoing across the city. These evil acts are trying to desensitize human beings to accept the tyrannical militarization of society, especially in enclosed urban communities.

We either have economic stagnation or full employment. It is as simple as that logic. No one wants an economic collapse. There has been a bipartisan act in Washington, D.C. to advance quasi austerity. We know that austerity never worked in the past and the present. Great Britain has proven to the world that austerity hasn't worked and it has brought a deeper recession in the world. Britain may even go into its third economic collapse in four years. It has a 0.3% decline in its GDP in the last quarter. It has the worst year for manufacturing on record. David Cameron advanced austerity when he elected. He did it and now Britain has the worst economy on record since back to 1830. This time was before the reign of Queen Victoria. U.S. history shows something different from FDR. When FDR came into office, he instituted stimulus programs that directly created job. He created a lot of infrastructure that is still with us to employ human beings. In 1936, FDR and Congress got the economy moving. They discussed about deficit spending. They wanted to cut the funding of the New Deal as a means to decrease the deficit. When they did this, there was the Roosevelt recession of 1937 and 1938. Roosevelt understood his error and he started to stimulate the economy again. The recession ended and growth returned in America. Even before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. economy was growing. The lesson is that radical deficit reduction will cut to human needs and you can have a recession if that policy will exist. An economic collapse is heavily linked to massive deficit cuts. When you have high unemployment, the deficit as a percent of GDP is right. If we reduce unemployment, the deficit will strink. There is a chart from St. Louis Federal Reserve shows the deficit as a percentage of GDP (red line) vs. the unemployment rate (blue line); for 60 years the pattern has held. When unemployment drops, the deficit as a percentage of GDP drops. When unemployment rises, the deficit rises. Job creation is one solution that can solve our issue. Jobs are a solution to many economic complications. We need a full employment program as a means to lower the deficit and lower our unemployment rate. Full employment can help fight poverty, hunger, eviction, foreclosure, personal debt, and retirement savings issues. It is taboo in our political system to even talk about full employment, a guaranteed annual income, or disagreement with laissez faire capitalism.

Once again, history always clears out bigotry. Malcolm X worked with Yuri Kochiyama. Yuri is an Asian American that stood up for the civil rights of black Americans and many other human beings of color. I believe that Malcolm X is more than qualified in speaking up for black African liberation than racists. Malcolm X believed in equality for all people regardless of skin color. Many Asians worked with the NAACP decades ago and in other black civil rights organizations. Malcolm X supported international cooperation among human beings of color to end Western oppression not worshipping Uncle Sam. Malcolm X emphasized the parallels between the African-American struggle for equality and the Asian, Latino, and African campaigns against European colonialism in 1965. Many Black Panthers worked with Hispanic organizations decades ago. There was the 1967 agreement among Black and Brown groups to fight for human rights. Folks need to know their history. Dr. King supported a coalition of human beings of color to try to end poverty via the Poor Peoples Campaign. It is true that Dr. King and Malcolm X would have strong disagreements with the White House on some issues. I have too and I have made this known, but this revolves around immigration. It is strange for some Americans to lecture on immigration when this country was founded by the illegal theft and murder of human beings of color. For centuries, people of color have assisted our black human beings for liberation. To assume otherwise, either someone is a racist or they do not know history. This doesn't mean that we as blacks should bow to non-blacks or anything like that. We should never tolerate anti-black hate crimes done by racist Hispanics at all or tolerate discrimination against our people. We have the right to promote black interests and individuals are correct that Barack Obama has not done enough to advance our black interests. Also, I made critiques about Obama for years on Africom, civil liberties, etc. We should respect and advance real Black power, but I will never accept white racist lies as a means to go along with Black power at all. Afro-Latinos are black and black Africans deal with the immigration issue. Some want to omit that since they want present the falsehood that this issue only deal with non-black Latinos, especially Mexicans. Some can follow the Glen Beck neo Confederate xenophobia doctrine all they want, but I have a right to disagree with that archaic point of view. We as blacks carried the torch for human rights, but that doesn't mean that we hate our neighbor in the process. Afro Latinos are black and there are groups in Brazil and across Latin America that respect their blackness despite discrimination in that part of the world. I respect their movement and their love of their black African heritage. Not all Latinos are black, but Afro Latinos are black. There are more blacks in Brazil than the States, so this American arrogance of denying that some Latinos are black when there organizations in that region calling themselves black is Western American arrogance. We are black African regardless if we live in Brazil or Detroit. A massive economic development program is needed in America. Also, we can easily have a comprehensive approach in handling our border and dealing with the folks already here. No one is agreeing with illegal immigration morally, but Obama deported a record number of undocumented human beings. So, he is not soft on this issue. If we can end the Great Depression, if we can end Jim Crow, and if we can go into the Moon, then we can solve this issue and have rational legal immigration not xenophobia. I believe in helping my family, but what I don't agree with is scapegoating an ethnic group that did not originate our oppression. Our oppression is caused by the system of white supremacy not human beings with a brown skin tone at all. Our system being broken is not a lie. When you have unjust laws, immoral wars, the unjust War on Drugs, officials calling for reform, a massive issue of trafficking in the Canadian border (when the Mexican border has had a radical decrease in illegal immigration) and you have a militarization of society, then our system is broken. There are still immigrants in this country, but we should reform our system. Some e seem to omit that the immigration bill is hardly some amnesty since punishment and border security are included in the bill. When I am provoked, I will drop the truth on you. I knew by instinct that others will respond in an anti-undocumente worker fashion too. Either we will have the Glen Beck, Michael Savage approach to this issue or a rational approach. If we want improvements for our people, then we need a radical solution involving the redistribution of economic and political power progressively. We can call for the ending of the Drug War and fight for real reforms. We can do it without following the path of a Michael Savage. I still believe in the Dream.

Many Republicans are trying to use slick means in trying to suppress the black vote and the Democrats scatter it as Glen Ford wrote. The deal is that many Republicans are trying to change laws. The Republicans want to exploit a Black state lawmaker's absence in Virginia as a means to advance a redistricting bill. This bill will increase the GOP's chances to take decisive control of the state Senate. Many Congress folks felt that it was more important to attend President Obama's inaugural than to advocate justice. The Republican redistricting plan will increase the number of majority Black districts to six from the current five. The catch is that getting enough African American together in making a new Black district will move Blacks out of districts represented by white Democrats. This will weaken the Democrats' chances of taking the Senate. The Democrats disagree with this policy since they feel that they will lose political power. Both parties want power. The Republicans want to strengthen their influence in Virginia and the Democrats want to scatter the Black otters around, so they can win elections in a small margin. The Republicans want to keep black human beings from voting, while the Democrats want black human beings to be in the imperfect Democratic establishment. So, both major parties want to use actions as a means to gain control. The establishment liberal and conservative black politicians have used their corporate backing to stifle real independent black politicians. One example is how former Black Republican Denise Majette defeated Cynthia McKinney for Congress in 2002 inside of Georgia. This was in a Black majority district and Majette only won 15 percent of the African American vote. Republican New Orleans former Mayor Ray Nagin won office in a city too. Philadelphia’s law and order mayor Anthony Nutter won in 2007 won since he appealed to the Democratic establishment. City Councilman Charles Barron or a former Black Panther won half of the black vote, but he still lost by a landslide in a majority black congressional district to Hakeem Jeffries (who loves school privatization). So, these realities outline the fact that both parties have dirt. It is still time for us to carve out of own independent interests for black people wherever they live in the world.

It is not a secret that America and the West are having an overt invasion of Africa. America is deploying troops in 35 African nations. These nations include Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Niger, etc. The Associated Press reported on this story on Christmas Day. The mainstream media is not talking about this story at all. The real reality is that this invasion has nothing to do with Islamists since the Western intelligence community aided such Islamists for decades. The West wants to cause the conquering of the resources that are found in Africa. The West is having a geopolitical rivalry with China. The West has executed violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and other places in the world. Typically in the world, the establishment wants western journalism to justify war mongering on the guise of fighting Islamic extremism, which is similar to the Cold War's fight against "godless" Communism. This is very similar for the scramble for Africa back in the late 19th century. The U.S. African Command or Africom has built a network of supplicants among collaborative African regimes that want American bribes and armaments. Africom staged Operation African Endeavor. This came last year. It was about the armed forces of 34 African nations taking part in this military rill, which was led by the U.S. military. U.S. officers are in every level of command of Africom from the general to the warrant officer. Africa has a great history of liberation like Patrice Lumumba and Nelson Mandela. Now, we have a colonial elite in the 21st century again trying to conquer Africa as Frantz Fanon said is like a promotion of a capitalism rampant via camouflage. There is the location of Eastern Congo. This area has a great deal of strategic minerals. It is ruled by the rebel group called the M23. The M23 is influenced by Uganda and Rwanda (these nations are known allies of America). France and NATO harming Africa have been in the making for a long time. Many folks legitimately opposed Mubarak and other dictators. Now, there is a struggle for the future of the Middle East and Africa. NATO has bombed places in Africa like Libya. Muammar Gaddafi ruled over Africa's largest oil reserves. Sirte was reduced to rubble and the British SAS directed the rebel militias and this has been exposed as a racist bloodbath. The Taureg have fled home across Algeria to Mali. The Taureg wanted a separate state since the 1960's. As the ever watchful Patrick Cockburn points out, it is this local dispute, not al-Qaeda, that the West fears most in northwest Africa in the following terms, “poor though the Tuareg may be, they are often living on top of great reserves of oil, gas, uranium and other valuable minerals." Cameron from the UK has ordered troops to Mali now. There is a RAF drone going in Mali. They want to fight jihadists. The Islamic terrorism line has been used an excuse for the West to try to steal African riches. Mark Curtis’s Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam (Serpent’s Tail) or John Cooley’s Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism (Pluto Press) or The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski document how much of Islamic terror has been prop up by Western influence. The mujahedeen evolved into Al Qaeda. The mujahedin was a creation of the CIA, the ISI, the MI6, and other militants. Operation Cyclone caused the Soviet Union to leave Afghanistan, but the extremists still remained. Therefore, we know the truth. The truth is that terrorism is wrong regardless of who does it.

By Timothy


Latino Gang Members Arrested For Alleged Hate Crimes Against Black Family


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The Benghazi Affair: Uncovering the Mystery of the Benghazi CIA Annex

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South African Police Confess To 1977 Murder Of Activist Steve Biko On This Day In 1997

The Astounding Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocates

DHS buys 7000 full-auto assault rifles, calls them ‘personal defense weapons’


The Pacific Ocean: The Pentagon’s Next “Human Battleground”

Near February 2013 News

Michael Moore praised the CIA propaganda film called "Dark Thirty." He is singing the praises of the film on the Goldman Sachs linked Huffington Post. The Huffington Post is known for idolizing the man Leon Panetta. The fake left always backs the establishment (for example, the Nation is supporting the torture inspirer John Brennan) just like the fake right. The film was influenced by the CIA and the White House. Moore claims that the film doesn't justify torture when in fact it does greatly in a serious way. The CIA corresponded with the filmmakers to negotiate favorable access to a movie that one CIA official called getting behind the winning horse. The screenwriter Mark Boal met with the CIA at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia for a meeting scheduled on Friday. This was done only 19 days after the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Mark knows a lot of this assassination since the CIA was involved in the film. Mark Boal was accompanied by Michael Feldman of the Glover Park Group, a Washington consulting firm specializing in “strategic communications,” according to the CIA emails. The director, Kathryn Bigelow, also visited Langley to “meet the people Mark had been talking too,” another CIA official noted.” Michael Moore makes the ridiculous and unsubstantiated claim that President Barack Obama stopped completely Bush's torture program when he came into office. The current administration is advancing indefinite detention and global drone battlefield tactics in the world. The drone attacks have intensified in the nation of Yemen. Despite the claims of large numbers of civilian deaths, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a controversial U.S. ally in the war on terror, has always supported the drones. These drones cost Yemen tons of money financially. Four sisters of the Ali Mohammed Nasser family in Yemen were killed by a drone attack. Afrah was 9 years old when she and her three younger sisters Zayda (7 years old) , Hoda (5 years old) and Sheika (4 years old) were struck by an American drone. Ibrahim, a 13 year old boy of the Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye family in Yemen was struck by a US drone, together with his younger brother Asmaa (9 years old) and two younger sisters, Salma (4 years old) and Fatima (3 years old). These children are innocent. They are not different from our own children. Torture is of course wrong and evil of course. Not only is torture wrong and evil, but also drone bombings killing civilians including children as well without due process of law. According to the Washington Post on January 1, 2013, the Obama administration has embraced rendition. Rendition is a policy where there is a holding and interrogating of terrorist suspects in other countries without due process. There has been a widespread condemnation of the tactics in the years after September 11, 2001 attacks. Moore believed that once the current President was in office, the CIA had to turn into more police work as a means to find Osama bin Laden. The reality is that the film was created as a means to promote the foreign policy agenda of the establishment among other reasons. We now have a policy where the U.S. military can arrest, detain, and hold anyone in the world indefinitely until the end of the global war on terror via the NDAA. Critics believe that it can theoretically apply to U.S. citizens. The ACLU even mentions that: "...The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president — and all future presidents — to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield..." That is a key summary of the law. The Nobel Peace Prize winning President loves this nefarious NDAA law. Michael Moore may be right to agree with universal healthcare, but he is wrong to support a film that advances torture, propaganda, drone strikes, and dead kids in faraway lands. You even have folks like Prince Harry gloating that he killed Muslims and comparing it to playing a Xbox video game. He called his acts of killing Muslims to be a joy by his own words. This is the sick mentality, which is commonplace among the cultural ethos of the war on terror. In contrast, his heroic mother Princess Diana said the following words: "...Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.” Therefore, it is customary just for us to advocate peace and to advocate teh end the war on terror. We have better things to do like building up the infrastructures of the world, having a real policy of justice for human beings, and to agree with constructive activities. The Windsors or the Saxe Coburg Gothas are known for their advancement of the British Crown, of war, of allying with Nazi figures, and other evil deeds for a long time.


There is the U.S. debt ceiling controversy around. The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans. They have pushed back the deadline for raising the federal debt ceiling on Wednesday. They want to vote on a measure that would suspend the current limit on federal borrowing until May 19. The vote averted an immediate crisis over the debt ceiling that could threaten to harm U.S. including world financial markets. The move can set the stage for more negotiations in the next few months. The two business major parties do agree with some deep cuts in social programs as a means in their minds to handle the deficit. The White House issued a statement that they like the postponement of the debt ceiling. White House Press Secretary said that if a bill would reach the President's desk, then he would not stand in the way of the bill becoming law. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hailed the House action, declaring, “I’m very glad that they are going to send us a clean debt-ceiling bill.” Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington State, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, immediately embraced the requirement in the House bill that the Senate pass a budget by April 15. The catch of the voting for this debt ceiling extension is that the Republicans want the intensification on the assault of the social safety net against programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Some Republicans want to follow Paul Ryan's approach. This plan will try to reduce the annual federal deficit to zero over ten years. Ryan doesn't give details on this plan or the cuts required in handling the situation. Ryan once said that he wants parts of Medicare to transform into a voucher program and eliminate much of Medicaid. There is the sequester debate. Both parties are to later negotiate on how to handle the spending cuts to the military. It will take effect on March 1. Some want offsetting cuts somewhere else to prevent the scheduled cuts to the military. The aim is at the social safety net programs. The difference among both parties is how much of the social programs will be cut economically. The debt ceiling could be pushed back into May of 2013. The Treasury hit the previous debt ceiling of $16.4 trillion on December 31 and has been engaged in stopgap measures to avoid further borrowing. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had said that these efforts would be exhausted as early as mid-February, warning that federal payments, including March 1 Social Security checks, might be endangered. The vote for the temporary suspension of the debt ceiling was 285-144, with most Republicans supporting the bill (199 for and 33 against) while Democrats were split (86 for and 111 against). Most Democrats withheld their votes until all the Republicans had voted, in an effort to compel as many Republicans as possible to support the measure, which was opposed by Tea Party groups. Many Republicans voted to extend the debt ceiling deadline, because corporate America was concerned about something. They were concerned that if another debt ceiling crisis came about, then it would led into a downgrade in the U.S. credit rating like happened in August of 2011. This could damage the U.S. and world economy. There is an economic slowdown in China and other economies in Asia including Latin America. Some European nations are experiencing an economic slump. The President is open to compromise on a cutting deal that cuts Medicare and Medicaid, it can raise the eligibility age for Medicare form 65 to 67, and change the formula where cost of living increase for Social Security recipients come about. In the final analysis, both parties love some quasi-austerity goals indeed. We live in a time where students have huge school loans. Some individuals have to work 2 or 3 jobs at work to maintain a living. Some jobs have no health care, no pension, and no sense of security. We are not in a post racial America, because racial injustice still remains in society. America has a stagnant growth of 1.3 percent while corporate profits are in record levels. According to CNBC, corporate “cash balances have swelled 14 percent and are on track toward $1.5 trillion for the Standard & Poor's 500, according to JPMorgan. Both levels would be historic highs.” Record wealth among the super-rich isn’t trickling down to the poor or middle class Americans at all. Both parties want austerity or massive cuts instead of saving money and investing money as a means to enrich the lives of all Americans. There may be no other option, but to have investments via spending as a means to jump start the economy since massive reductions in government spending will increase unemployment in America.


The Belgian MP Laurent Louis expressed public opposition to the France intervention in Mali. He gave a strong speech listing concrete reasons on why France is wrong in attempting to reconquer the nation of Mali. This is neo-colonialism and this action by Western powers is ever wrong. Laurent Louis said that the action in Mali can cause a destabilization in the nation. He is accurate to say that it is wrong for nations to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and to overthrow legitimate leaders under the guise of advancing "democracy" and fighting "terrorism." The war on terror has been expansive over the course of years. There have been the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, we see conflict or revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other places in the Middle East. He criticized Belgium for funding the Islamist rebels to overthrow Bashar Al Assad. Ironically enough, these similar cliques are being battled by the French. Many of the militant rebels in Syria want to impose Sharia law in Syria. Some of them reject any progressive or democratic reforms in the nation of Syria at all. Louis wanted Belgium to improve its economic conditions in a recession like world, but he rejects sending the Syrian rebels 9 million euros. He disagreed with Western nations taking over nations, building military bases all over the globe, and funding extremists. For thousands of years, war has been heavily strategic. Some wars involve a faction to gain more oil wealth, resource wealth, or various forms of other economic wealth. Big corporations heavily benefit from wars. Even the Mali battle is being exploited by corporate interests. His speech shows excessive profanity, which I don't agree with at all. He admitted that, "...Haven't we created September 11th, after all, to justify the invasions, arbitrary arrest, torture and massacre of innocent populations?" This sounds similar to the 911 Truth Movement. Louis wants Belgium to leave the UN, NATO, and the EU. The reason is that he feels like these organizations are not trying to orchestrate peace, but violence and the destabilization of sovereign countries (as a means to make nations submit to financial interests not human interests). He tells the truth that opponents to the Mali regime are not all terrorists at all. He wants President Hollande of France to respect the Geneva Convention as it cites the fair treatment of all prisoners of war. It is accurate to deduce the truth that the French operation against Malian fighters has exacerbated the tensions in Mali. The French executed an unilateral decision to enter Mali. The Tuareg are known to have a long history of legitimately disagreeing with colonialism and neocolonialism. The only solution to this crisis in Mali is not imperialism or puppet leadership. It has to be a radical political solution. Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of Pan-African News Wire. He wrote great information on the Malian crisis. The war in Mali has to heavily to do with the control of gold and uranium resources in Mali.

Far too often, many human beings for whatever reason refuse to expose the Jesuits and their Counter Reformation in modern day society. For years, I and others have exposed the links between the Jesuits and intrigue. Now, I will continue to do so since it is the right thing to do and God would want all of the truth to be shown among the human race. Protestants, Baptists, and other have used numerous credible sources and the presentation of historical information as a legitimate means to disagree with the Jesuit Order indeed. The Protestants and the Baptists didn't just suffer under the Catholics, but under the Church of England's theocratic agents as well. This has been documented by UK's Troy. It is a historical fact that the anti-Reformist, pro Conformist High Commission English Inquisition killed many believers of the Scriptures and advocates of political freedom. In 1615, Archbishop Abbott, a High Commission Court member, “forbade anyone to issue a Bible without the Apocrypha on pain of one year’s imprisonment” (Moorman, Forever Settled, p. 183). This order was likely aimed at the Geneva Bible with its 1599 edition printed without the Apocrypha. This order was unjust obviously. The Jesuit Order came about in 1540. The Jesuits came when the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order inside of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits' goal since its inception was to destroy the influence of the Protestant Reformation. Despite its imperfections, the Reformation was right to advocate the freedom of religion, free press, and the right of any human being to question the superstitious doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Jesuits and other agents infiltrate world societies today. For example, Vatican agents were key in the execution of the Vatican Ratlines wherefore the Vatican allowed Nazis to escape justice from Europe. It was the Roman Catholic Knight of Malta & German Vice Chancellor that once gave power to the baptized Austrian Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler. Diem was a Jesuit trained dictator that caused a huge amount of persecution against the Buddhists in Vietnam. Ironically, the Jesuits made communes in Paraguay before Marx was born. Marx hated his own people as documented by the pastor Richard Wurmbrand in his book entitled, "Marx and Satan" which was published in 1987. He or Diem caused so much chaos, that he was assassinated by members of his own people (and the assassination was supported by Lyndon Baines Johnson as he admitted it on tape). After his assassination, South Vietnam suffered a defeat by 1975. Like a Hegelian Dialectic, the establishment funds the Ecumenical Movement, the CNP, and the left gatekeepers via foundations, corporate interests, and other powerful individuals. The Jesuits aided McCarthy in his reactionary rants about Communism and similar Communists philosophies have been espoused by the Vatican's Sir Thomas More in his Utopia as well. The Cold War hysteria was created as a means for the establishment to use its intelligence community to control world society and to flush out genuine nationalists in the world. In other words, the extreme laissez faire cartel capitalist system and the radical Communist system were used as control mechanisms to strife real solutions in the globe (and to centralize power in select banks and select high level political, economic, and religious organizations). It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, many secret orders and international bankers have exploited the legitimate grievances of human beings to ferment revolutions in the world. For example, the Order and the big banks funded the Russian Revolution of 1917 (under the guise of legitimately opposing the tyrannical policies of the czars). To this very day, the Jesuits and their allies have had an influence in the economic, political, religious, and social affairs of the world not only in mostly Catholic nations in the globe. The Jesuit Georgetown Law professor Louis Michael Seidman writes that the time has come to scrap the Constitution instead of trying to improve upon the Constitution as the Constitution says and encourages. What more proof do the skeptics need? They or the Jesuits were banned form European nations in the 18th century for their nefarious actions. One of the greatest pro-Jesuit agents was the Roman Catholic William Schaw. John Daniel's book entitled, "Grand Design Exposed" presented a lot of missing links between the Jesuits and the power structure of the modern world indeed. It is claimed that he or William Schaw was a great influence in the modern existence of Freemasonry. For the elite always uses the spiritual sword of evil and the temporal power of control as a means to rule over the masses. Now, this doesn't mean that we exclude fascism from the equation for fascism is still a great evil and great threat in the world as well.


Secret Societies and the occult have had a presence in film and television all of the time. Numerous arcane symbology have been placed in popular culture all of the time. Film is a known medium where certain archetypes are sent into the subconscious mind. Now, in our time, we have some in the media advancing a consumer driven culture where there is a desensitization of morals. One example is how anti-intellectualism and a debasement of males and females are common in movies and television (not just in the mainstream music industry). Far too often, we have an excess of materialism instead of living in a more people orientated society. Some movies talk about some Messiah figure to led humanity into freedom or enlightenment like the Matrix with Neo. Neo Anderson is the Matrix character that acts as an anti-hero. The Matrix Trilogy makes references to the Merovingian, Seraph, and it showcased Neo's supernatural abilities to kill to electronically stop the Machines temporarily. Even the X-Files years ago talked about the infant named William. This child was a child of an otherworld influenced bloodline born to Dana Scully character. Another theme in occult influenced Hollywood deals with a post-apocalyptic film. Even 1979's Mad Max described this world filled with revenge, violence, and lax legal enforcement. NBC in 2012 created the show called "Revolution." The television show describes the city of Chicago 15 years after the Blackout. It shows human beings striving to survive in a world that was nearly destroyed. Mel Gibson was the leading actor in that film. He is known for playing the alien agenda film called Signs and the film about William Wallace called Brave heart. Other actors who acted in similar occult related films range from Johnny Depp, Ian McKellen, John Geiglud, Sean Connery, and the list goes on and on. If you deny that Hollywood doesn't deal with occult themes, you can just know about the Exorcist and Poltergeist. The ABC/Disney Network is known as well for covering topics like Atlantis, the Holy Grail, and other supernatural subject matters. The global popularity of the Davinci Code movie series outlines the huge interests of human beings in Secret Societies. Da Vinci Code delves in to the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Vatican, and other issues in the world. The book and the movie portrays Christians as intolerable reactionaries that seek to hide the truth of spirituality from the world and it outlines the Illuminati as scientists seeking to preserve the truth to the masses. The folks who own the television networks are in the Western elite bloodlines for the most part. Therefore, the networks want to present their ideas or their interpretations of reality in front of the public space. Da Vinci Code came from Dan Brown's literature, which used a large amount of disinformation and outright lies about Christianity (as a means to advance a Gnostic, pro Goddess spiritual system in the world basically). Secret Societies are ever real in our day, but we have to use accuracy in the 21st century as a means to fully describe the real compositions of these occult, arcane Secret Societies.


By Timothy





Law Professor on CBS Says ‘Let’s Give Up On The Constitution’

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Great Research on the Boule

More Debate Information on the Jesuits

Dear Craig
King James was no Protestant (he was a crypto-Catholic & aligned with that Roman carbon-copy Church of England) & has nothing to do with the foundation of Protestant Western Civilization (the usurpation of it by Jesuit-loyal forces – yes!). He was a Papal Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, overseen (until 1602) by Roman Catholic “General Warden of the Craft” William Schaw – who between them were the first two Jesuit emissaries who sought to infiltrate & control Scottish Freemasonry (not the “Scottish” Rite, which was a product of Jesuit/Stewart intrigues in France via Prussia & onto the USA eventually) – that branch of the Templars who were still then hostile to the Roman/Jesuit nexus. Schaw was seminal in forming James ongoing crypto-Romish mindset – which manifested in his actions & inactions & was thinly covered by his rhetorical, propagandist writings.
Agreed. Schaw was a Masonic Roman Catholic agent of the Jesuits, the Order hoping to replace the deceased, pro-Reformation Queen Elizabeth I with Roman Catholic James Stuart, the son of the traitor, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots. Elizabeth I had once again expelled the Order in 1602, thus they sought legal reentrance into England via their King of Scotland, James VI, waiting in the wings to be “named” King of Great Britain. In the light of Dorothy and Charlton Ogborn’s epic masterpiece, This Star of England (1952), it is clear that “William Shakespeare” was in fact Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Lord Great Chamberlain to the Queen. (“Shakespeare” was not Francis Bacon, as Chris Pinto and others would have us to believe!) Further, the Ogborns prove that Elizabeth I and de Vere (the greatest swordsman in all England, hence “Shake spear”) were secretly engaged at which time she conceived a son later known as Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. Henry, like his father, would be a staunch Protestant, later responsible for successfully opposing the Order’s conspiracy within the primarily Roman Catholic House of Lords to give the Virginia Colony to Jesuit-ruled, Roman Catholic Spain. Knowing that the Queen had a lawful heir, the Order, via Robert Cecil (his father, Willilam being also a traitor for Rome, he having sought to marry the Queen to several Roman Catholic monarchs, while he also stole de Vere’s 86 landed estates via Edward’s forced marriage to Cecil’s daughter!), had to make sure Elizabeth would name Jamesas her successor, rather than son Henry. Therefore, while Elizabeth lay dying, she suppossedly whispered into the ear of Robert Cecil the name of the man to take her throne. Robert Cecil declared she designated Presbyterian “James,” and the Order was now on track to return England to the Temporal Power of the pope of Rome via this pro-Catholic Presbyterian monarch.
But the risen Son of God would foil this plot, turning the heart of James to true salvation in Christ evidenced by his subsequent deeds during his early kingship. First we must remember that William Schaw had not one day of influence over James the I, Schaw dying in 1602. Thus, the assertion that this Jesuit Coadjutor had any influence over King James I is totally ungrounded. Apparently the risen Son of God killed him, as the Lord was planning to use James for another purpose that would effect the entire world bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. In spite of being trained by the godly Presbyterian George Buchanan, the real negative influences upon James VI were profligate Roman Catholic relatives Esme Stuart and Captain James Stuart who imbibed young James with the Jesuitaical doctrine of absolute power. Thus, James became an enemy of Scottish Presbyterianism and its Kirk. Indeed, according to James A. Wylie, Esme Stuart and the Duke of Guise sought to use James to restore relations with France. Esme, aided by several Jesuits, sought to destroy Presbyterian Protestantism, at the time, the greatest bulwork against divine right absolutism unlimited by the chartered rights of the people and Kirk of Scotland.
As to the claim that James and Schaw were Jesuit coadjutors who sought to infiltrate and control Scottish Freemasonry, this cannot be the case. Since the Jesuit Order is in fact the Order of the New Templars (i.e., the secretly revived Knights Templars only a thousand times worse), it is nonsense to believe the Scottish Templars were hostile to the Black Pope’s quest in returning England to papal control. Loyola himself was a Spanish Templar, in league with the Templars of both England and Scotland, evidenced by his secret visit to England to converse with certain Roman Catholic royals about the time he established the Society of Jesus/Horus. Thus, Troy’s claim to the contrary is incorrect.
As to James’ pro-Catholic mindset, no doubt he was a tool of the Jesuits during his reign as the King of Scotland as covered by my January 7, 2011 Friday broadcast, but he will undergo a change after he becomes King of England/Great Britain that will result in four things:
1. His expulsion of the Jesuit Order from England and Scotland in 1604, thus building upon the Order’s Expulsion by Elizabeth I in 1602.
2. His public burning of the theology of Jesuit Francisco Suarez justifing regicide.
3. His authorizing of the translation of a new English Bible in 1604 intended to unite both Protestant Scotland and England.
4. His promise to protect the Protestant faith and to prevent the Temporal Power of the pope from being re-established.
According to James A. Wylie, James now becomes a real enemy of Rome and her Jesuits. On page 526 of volume 3 of The History of Protestantism, Wylie states:
“They began to despair of the King of the Scots—prematurely, we think; but they were naturally more impatient than James, seeing the restoration of their church was with them the first object, whereas with James it was only the second, and the English crown was the first.”
The conspirators sought the help of Pope Clement VIII who issued two bulls, one to the Romish priests and the other to the Romish nobility and laity, preventing any monarch from ascending the throne who will not further the power of the papacy. Further, help was sought from King Philp II having lost his Armada in 1588, he merely giving his ascent, but no financial or physical help. Thus the Jesuits, via Jesuit Provincial Henry Garnet, hatched out the plot to blow up Parliament, the king and his family in 1605.

So according to Eric I am a “Jesuit”?! Yes, black is white & white is black with Eric Phelps it seems. Perhaps he should apply to be the Black Pope’s official director of the “Anti-Jesuit Movement”, as he clearly seems to be displaying the necessary symbolic reversal techniques? Quite frankly – despite my central disagreements with Eric regarding James VI/I, the KJV & George Washington, I still had quite a bit of respect for Eric until reading that pathetic smear attempt. Pretty disappointing if not altogether unsurprising, considering my having rejected a number of Eric’s “sacred cows”. After discovering & reading the mountain of evidence against these two false heroes I could not go along with the cover stories enveloping them any longer.
I engaged in no pathetic smear attempt, but merely recited eight acts of Troy that benefit the Jesuit Order’s Counter Reformation as did Tupper Saussy and his several conclusions in his Rulers of Evil. Troy does not fully address my facts but rather attacks me: “If you cannot refute the facts, then attack the man.” Further, I have no sacred cows but am willing to make a change if proved wrong on any point. A mountain of evidence proving James was not saved, not a believer in the true Christ of the Reformation Bible after reading his Works? Was Solomon a pagan since he departed from the Lord and permitted the worship of false gods in Israel? My point concerning James is the same with Solomon, for which reason James is called “our English Solomon.” Both had a good beginning in seeking to please the Lord in resisting Rome but later departed from the truth and served the designs of Rome. The same is true with Bible-believing Prince Bismarck; he had a good beginning, winning the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, creating the Protestant Second German Reich in 1871, and suppressing the Jesuits in 1872, but he later revoked the righteous anti-priest Falk Laws, and engaged in Rome’s pillaging of “the Scramble for Africa” in 1885.
My advice to all truthseekers looking for the most accurate expose on James VI/I’s pro-Romanism & details some (but by no means all) of his several subsequent Jesuit advisors is John Daniel’s “Grand Design Exposed”(Pp. 95, 224-245).
This pro-Catholic treason of King James occurs during the latter part of his reign. His refusal to go to war at the outbreak of the First Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) against the Catholic League and to fight on the side of the German Lutheran/Calvinist Protestant Union evidences his loyalty to the papacy. His closing of the Protestant English Parliament in 1621, the reasons Troy cites below being to enforce the anti-Catholic laws and to insist that Prince Charles not marry a Roman Catholic, further evidence James’ loyalty to the Jesuit Grand Design for overthrowing Protestant England. His refusal to go to war with Spain, for which Cromwell castigates James in Parliament years later when Oliver was the Protector, further proves James’ secret allegiance. And in 1624-25, Jamesprovides a warship for France to make war on the Huguenots of France, but the Protestant English sailors refuse to fire on their Protestant Calvinist brethren of Rochelle. James later arranges a marriage for his son to the French Roman Catholic Henrietta Maria, for which anti-Jesuit Japan breaks off all trade relations with Great Britain and his favorite adviser George Calvert who openly declared his Roman Catholicism in 1625, obviously was an agent for the Jesuits in furthering their plan of restoring the pope’s Temporal Power. But all of these events transpire during the last 10 years of James’ reign, when he was backslidden into the sin of serving Rome. These are not the events that characterized his early years from 1603 to 1615. James had a good beginning and a bad ending.
This book is available at the following links for those wishing to take the blinkers off: (a bit more expensive at this latter link for reasons unknown).
This excellent & crucial reference work is also most excellent at revealing Order of Cincinnati/Royal Arch Mason George Washington’s Romanist leanings & Jesuit connections – as is that other most scholarly Jesuit-exposing history book P.D. Stuart’s “Codeword Barbelon” (which Eric ironically sells on his website).
I recommend both books; I know John Daniel personally as he called me and thanked me for publishing VA. Stuart’s work is excellent save for his Romaizing of Washington (premised upon a Jesuit lie with no historical data recorded in 18th or 19th century histories) as does Saussy as does Pinto. To outrightly reject these works is to deviate from the maxim necessary for true research: Eat the meat and throw away the bones. There is no irony about it. Washington was no supermason as I prove in my book, that he did not enter a masonic lodge but once or twice during the last 30 years of his life, the Order of Cincinnati in that day being merely a miliary order for former Revolutionary War officers, that Washington openly opposed the Illuminati that he said had not overtaken American Freemasonry. I further have proved that Washington was poisoned by Tobias Lear V, the agent of Thomas Jefferson and enemy of George referred as our American Joshua by the learned and godly President of Yale College, Ezra Stiles.
If I am a Jesuit, then so is John Daniel & PD Stuart – by Eric’s standards. Let people think what they will – but let them be given all of the available sides to the story first. Why is Eric’s version of all events of history (which includes covering up the Catholic complicity of James VI/I & George Washington – for reasons best known to Eric himself) the only “acceptable” version of events? Can Eric name one Jesuit asset that I have covered up & gatekeepered the activities of? Nope! But I have named two of the big ones & he dislikes this so much that he calls me a “Jesuit”. Nice try but really – very weak & pitiful. The “my way or the highway” attitude says more about the critic than the one who is criticised.
Disageed. Daniel and Stuart are deceived; Troy has established a pro-Jesuit pattern of works as did King James during the latter years of his reign. Troy has not answered my eight points leading to the conclusion of him being a Jesuit Coadjutor. Additionally he sows discord between other brethren in my association including Marco and Maxi. Troy has unnecessarily insulted Marco calling him a “Jesuit fag.” Further, Troy does not believe any translation of the Bible is the Word of God, he denies the importance of Baptist Captain John Gano baptizing Washington in the Hudson River in 1783, Washington giving his sword to Gano, ad infinitum! Troy has an agenda based upon his several works I have cited. The most pitiful trait paraded by Troy is his lack of a solution to the question of the destruction of White Protestant England. If the AV1611 is a Jesuit fraud; if there is no translation that is the Word of God, then how can England ever be raised to greatness once again, resisting the Temporal Power of the Pope and his EU? Troy has no answers since he disbelievs the Bible to be the infallible Word of God and his misunderstanding of Protestant history. Shall we next expect an attack upon the great Purtian Oliver Cromwell who quoted the AV1611 throughout his letters as proven by Carlisle?
Eric’s writings on historical matters & those pertaining to more contemporary goings on have great value & I do not recommend that they are dismissed by any means. Far from it. However, they do not & should not exist in a vacuum & books such as those listed above should be given equal weight & value & concerning the info that they bring forth on James VI/I (in “Grand Design Exposed”) & George Washington (in “G.D.E.” & “Codeword Barbelon”) they should in my humble opinion be given far greater weight, as their conclusions are the same as mine reached independently, their information & mine complementing & fleshing out the reality behind the foundation myths of these two characters.
They have been considered and weighed with the conclusions of other books written closer to the time of the men under examination. My concern is the Jesuit Counter Reformation Grand Design to destroy the reputation of the illustrious George Washington (surrounded with Calvinist preachers during the war), to destroy the names of the real founding fathers of the American Republic (1789-1868), to make King James I a Jesuit Coadjutor from the day he set foot in England, to paint him as an unbeliever inspite of his Works published in 1616, to portray Cromwell as a tyrant and a usuperer, to portray the Gunpowder Plot as a conspiracy of James and Cecil rather than the Jesuit Garnet (as does Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Webster Tarpley), to utterly ruin the reputation of the moving men of the Reformation (Luther, Calvin, etc.) as well as the Reformation’s greatest statesmen, though they weakened during the finishing of their offices, etc. Troy doesn’t get it and if he continues will be held accountable for his libel and slander of the men who gave him his freedom of speech by which he expresses his erroneous, intolerant, inconsiderate and unbibilcal views.
A brief summary of my issues with James for those who want a quick overview (utilising selections from posts of mine at the Unhived Mind to minimise needless retyping:
All of James’ words are but as the chaff which the wind bloweth away (Psalms 1:4) compared to his actions & non-actions which say it all:
* Replacing the Bible of the Reformation, the Geneva Bible with his authorised official crown/state version.
Interesting. Even the Puritans after time abandoned the Geneva Bible in favor of the AV1611 due to its superior prose and melodic verse necessary for easy memorization—as the 47 translators intended. The Order has never launched an attack against the Geneva Bible, rather against the AV1611 as per their words found in Leone’s The Jesuit Conspiracy.
* Forcing Catholic practices upon Protestants: see the Five Articles of Perth ( & ).
This transpired in 1616 and consumnated in 1621. As previously stated, this transpired during the last half of his kingship when he was in the grips of the Jesuits. This is evidence of his bad ending in contrast to his good beginning.
* Dissolving English Parliament in 1621 after being challenged with a petition to enforce the anti-Catholic laws, go to war against Roman Catholic Spain & for the demand that his son Charles, Prince of Wales to marry a Protestant – rather than his preference, the Roman Catholic Spanish Infanta, Maria: see the Spanish Match ( )
Again, this was in the latter part of his reign.
As for the Gunpowder Plot:
cui bono?
who stands, or stood, to gain (from a crime, and so might have been responsible for it)?
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: Latin, literally ‘to whom (is it) a benefit?’
Hmm, seems to fit the time frame for the words origin just perfectly too. So who did benefit?
King James himself:
Nonsense! This is in complete violation of the historical record given by the foremost Protestant historians of the Reformation (Wylie, D’Aubigne, Mosheim, etc.). Further, it is proven that King Henry IV of France alerted James of the plot, yet another reason the Order killed the Frenchman in 1610. The Jesuits really wanted to blow up Parliament as proven by Wylie, a superior in history to both of us.
His spymaster Sir Robert Cecil (1st earl of Salisbury) successfully managed to extract one of the highest royal subsidies ever from Parliament in the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot. He also had the perfect cover for implementing pro-Roman actions & avoiding the enforcement of anti-Roman ones, while mouthing anti-Roman rhetoric, thus acting as the perfect tool for the Jesuits this side of the English Channel.
Jesuit expelled in 1604 by James; Jesuit tried for the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and fully proved guilty in 1606 by Coke; had Westminster been destroyed, the AV1611 would never have been completed—a Jesuit goal; yes, Robert Cecil was a Jesuit Coadjutor as was his father William in the court of Elizabeth, but the Puritans kept both of them from runaway treason for the papacy.
The Jesuits themselves in both the short & the long term:
- Through the High Commssion’s ruthless & brutal suppression of the Protestant Reformers (as opposed to the Church of England Conformers) & the Protestant Geneva Bible & via King James carefully minimising repression of Catholics, with the Anti-Catholic laws being a thin “smoke screen”.
The king indeed persecuted the Puritans for which reason many left for the new world during his reign. And I will ceed the fact that Bancroft may well have been a Jesuit Coadjutor as was Archbishop Laud during the reign during the reign of Charles I. Clearly Laud was a Jesuit as proven by Augustus Toplady. Agreed, the Commission was terrible, but the Anglicans generally hated the Puritans who were the real targets of the Commission. This is sad and a terrible crime, yet the six separate groups of translators were not corrupted into completing an honest translation. My professor Dr. Rembert Carter, earning his Ph.D from Edinburgh, stated openly in class that the AV1611 was an honest translation. It was open to the public, and the work had to pass by six committes before it was approved. The purported 14 changes of Richard Bancroft did not corrupt the text and I challange Troy to prove otherwise. If you read the Dedication of the Transators, is it all lies or is it the heartfelt truth coming from the writer? Again, it is the AV1611 the Jesuits hate, not the Geneva Bible. Further it was a Puritan that called for a new translation before the king in 1604, Dr. John Rainolds. More can be read on the Commission at
- The ability to eventually come to fully control the United Kingdom, facilitated by both James’ Masonic structure (reworked by James’ Grand Warden William Schaw) & the crypto-Catholic Church of England’s monopoly on ecclesiastical matters, both entities eventually contributing greatly in different measures to the near-complete legal (compounded by the present financial) destruction of UK sovereignty & its spiritual weakening, leading to its amalgamation into the Jesuit-created Papal European Union.
This is a moot point. The present has nothing to do with this past record. Cromwell broke the chain that James and Charles I welded on the feet of the English Protestants. Charles II and James II restored that tyranny. William III broke that chain again, but the Hanoverian King George III restored that bondage and the English have been kept there since that time. When Britain abandoned the AV1611, the Empire began to be used for the purposes of Rome throughout the mid-nineteenth century. When America abandoned the AV1611 in about 1901 with the New American Standard Bible, the American Empire (1868-present) has been the utter tool of Rome in restoring the Temporal Power around the world aided by the British—thus the Pope’s Anglo-American White Power Structure is in full swing. The infant Masonic Structure of James I has undergone changes so as to have it conform to the Jesuit Papacy.
Eric’s claim that Bancroft was not on the AKJV translation committee is just plain wrong.
Strangely Eric seems to have completely forgotten this previous piece of correspondence which showed him to be as wrong then as he is now.
I note that Eric wasn’t able to reply then – without showing his error, which instead he insists on repeating now. As Eric would say: “The question is why?”
Archbishop Richard Bancroft was not on the Second Cambridge Committee. Both the Translator’s Revived by McClure and Final Authority by Dr. William Brady do not list Bancroft on any committee. True, he had oversight, but he did not participate in any of the work save a purported 14 changes to the text after completion—which I would like to see documented. Thus, though a potential Jesuit coadjutor insisting upon the inclusion of the pope’s Jewish-fabled Apocropha, God kept him from corrupting the work.



To: “Eric Jon Phelps”
Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 7:25 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: God’s Secretaries: Reply to MP #2
On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 22:07:42 +0000, “TS” said:
The KJV was used to promote King James’ Jesuit-infiltrated Masonic system
which he & his Roman Catholic Master of Works & General Warden of the
Craft William Schaw took to England when the Sinclairs said “up yours”
when he wanted to be Grand Master of Scotland – which system became the
Grand Lodge of England, later the United Grand Lodge of England, headed
today by the Duke of Kent who is married to a Catholic, who’s son got
married as a Catholic in the Vatican in late 2006 & who’s younger brother
Mark Mason Grand Master Prince Michael of Kent is married to the most
senior Dame in the British & Irish Delegation of the Pope’s
Franco-Neapolitan Constantinian Order.
These guys & all within their lodge system have but one Bible – the King
James appropriately enough. The Jesuit-alligned Masonic British
Empire/Commonwealth hid behind its Christian face & committed bloodshed
everywhere it went. Ah, but God bless King James! Which “God” was “using”
King James? The God of This World – Satan – it would seem. So God does
not coordinate events on Earth, Satan does. God will only intervene if we
ask him too & he deems it appropriate. We have given dominion over the
Earth to Satan when we ate the fruit in the Garden. Sin is selfishness,
selfishness is sin. If a whole bunch of bloodthirsty Rome-alikes prayed
to him to give them the new Bible that “God uses now” (sounds like a
celebrity endorsement), I think that we can safely say that they would
not have got passed the Son to get to him to give them a hearing.  KJV is “super safe”? “Super safe” sounds more like a condom type to me. Agreed though that the NIV is pretty much the bottom of the barrel.


On Dec 28, 2010, at 1:12 PM, TS wrote:
Tony: How can James VI/I, false God of faux-Reformation idolators
everywhere be considered to be anything other than the whitewashed
propaganda myth handed down to us to gobble up like hungry fools?
James VI/I surrounded himself with Jesuits like William Schaw &
assorted other Catholics, crypto-Catholics & Catholic sympathizers, a
number of which such as Bancroft, Abbott & Andrewes were on James’
Puritan-persecuting High Commission dishing out torture & death to
those who would not conform to James’ preferred Roman Catholic
“opposame” Church of England. These were some of the key members of the
King James Bible translation committees. The Puritans were so pleased
that their most hated monarch & his Romish churchmen were offering to
replace the Geneva Bible with the KJV – Everyone knows that! The fact
that so many of them upped & went to America with their Geneva Bibles
was so that they were suffering from temporary insanity – why, who
would want to be far from dear King James??
It is of course sheer lunacy to deduce that he had Roman sympathies
from the fact that he dissolved Parliament in 1621 in response to being
challenged with a petition to enforce the anti-Catholic laws, go to war
against Spain (Roman Catholic Spain that is) & for his son the Prince
if Charles to marry a Protestant instead of the Spanish Infanta Maria.
Those Five Articles of Perth that he tried to ram down Scottish
Christians throats to make them partake in Romish practices – that
must’ve been a joke! Can’t they take a joke those dour Scots?
No Good King James could do no wrong. The Vatican-alligned United Grand
Lodge of England & the Jesuit-created Scottish Rite love him – or his
Bible at least! Even Calvinists love him these days (as bizarre as it
might seem, but hey we are talking about a man whom no right-thinking
person must question the integrity & agenda of). Heck, if if he’s good
enough for the Jesuits (despite the weak protestations based on
specious quotes to the contrary) & friends, then let’s join in on the


A lot of the Jesuit power over the United States came about with the founding of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry from the early 19th Century. City of London agents were involved with the trust known as the Constitution, but may I remind you that the Constitution does not aid the common man of America. May I also remind you that no man has really owned land even with allodial title since the destruction of the Law of Mortmain. We then have to remember the Secret Treaty of Verona in 1822. I have no youtube videos anymore my friend!
-= The Unhived Mind
“But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach in the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. States are the parties to it.“ -Padleford, Fay & Co. v. The Mayor & Aldermen of the City of Savanna, 14 Ga 438, 520, S.C. Georgia (1854)
1607-Virginia – Charter by King to the Virginia Company of London
1620-Massachusetts – Charter granted by the King to the Puritans
1623-New Hampshire – King appointed Council of New England for settlement
1624-New York – Charter by King to Duke of York
1622-Connecticut – Charter by King to John Winthrop
1634-Maryland – Charter by King to Lord Baltimore
1636-Rhode Island – King granted “Charter of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations”
1638-Delaware – Charter by King to Duke of York
1643-Pennsylvania – Grant by King to William Penn
1653-North Carolina – Grant by King to Sir Robert Heath
1660-New Jersey – Grant by King to Duke of York
1670-South Carolina – Grant by King to Eight “Lords Proprietors”
1733-Georgia – Grant by King to a Corporation entitled: “Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America

Debate on History and the Jesuits (Both sides shown)

On 7 Jan 2011, at 00:25, Craig Oxley wrote:
On Thu, 6 Jan 2011 18:41:50 -0500, “Eric Phelps” said:
Dear Craig,

Over several months, I have been forced to this conclusion via Troy’s own self-incriminating words.

1. Troy sided with F. Tupper Saussy against me when I accused Saussy of being a Jesuit coadjutor. He never asked me for a clarification, but hands down, I was dead wrong. I know Saussy was a coadjutor and intend to fully prove my point in the near future from quotations from his Rulers of Evil which I have read four times. Saussy promoted that the Order has the right to be the ruler of evil which is not to be resisted by anyone. He further claims that armed resistance of Christians to governments controlled by the Order is biblically wrong thus undermining the entire Reformation and promoting the Counter Reformation.

2. Troy refuses to consider evidence that George Washington was indeed a Bible-believing Christian, not conspirator or a Roman Catholic. No, George was just another Illuminati Freemason working for the Jesuit Order despite the high Christian character of our “American Joshua” as described by the great Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College. Troy ignored the fact that Washington was baptized by one of his captains, Baptist Pastor John Gano, in the Hudson River in 1783 as documented by Dr. William P. Grady. All of this means nothing to Troy.

3. Troy favors Zagami over Vivaldi when Zagami sought to prevent Vivaldi from exposing the Council of Ten in a public forum. Without Vivaldi, we would have no knowledge of the Jesuit Council of Ten noble families. Zagami hates Oliver Cromwell while Vivaldi loves him. Zagami hates the Bible while Vivaldi at least reads it despite certain inconsistencies of the past.

4. Troy utterly condemns the AV1611 English Bible as a work of the
Jesuits and Freemasonry. I put Troy in contact with Brother Alan
O’Reilly, one of the foremost English scholars on the topic of the
Reformation and the AV1611. This man is a published author and has
worked in this arena for the last forty years or so. Troy refused to
heed his comments or even meet with Alan in person. This betrays an
agenda that is pro-Counter Reformation.

5. Troy utterly condemns the Protestant British Empire as being evil
from its inception, the day King James united Scotland with England via the AV1611 Bible. With that unity, God sent the Scriptures to the end of the earth with the British shippers and navy, the AV1611 to be translated into 60 different languages. This is evil in Troy’s eyes. The British Empire was nothing but an oppressor of mankind spreading a false version of the Bible—a most beloved Jesuit shibboleth.

6. Troy utterly condemns King James I, refusing to consider the fact
that James I was truly converted to Christ after he arrived in London
from Scotland in 1604. King James’ Works of 1616 prove his belief on
Christ of the Bible. Further, Troy avoids the truth that James I
publicly burned the works of Jesuit Francisco Suarez justifying regicide. James also expelled the Order in 1604, shortly after he became king; in the same year authorized a new translation of the English Bible; in 1605 was nearly blown to bits by the Order’s Gunpowder Plot foiled by King Henry IV of France for which the Order would stab Henry through the heart in 1610. All of this is avoided by Troy, lest evidence of James’ loyalty to the Reformation, at least in the early years of his kingship, should be admitted.

7. Troy continually claims that Roman Catholic William Schaw was a
controller of James, yet Schaw died in 1602, nearly two years prior to James’ formal, physical accession to the throne.

8. Troy claims that the Order was in control of all Freemasonry from the beginning of its restoration in the late 1500s to the present day. He never gives ascent to the two Grand Masonic Schisms without which there would never have been the pope’s suppression of the Jesuit Order or the founding of the Protestant Federal Republic of these United States of America (1789-1868). He avoids the fact that American Freemasonry was not controlled by the Jesuit-ruled Illuminati at the time of the Protestant and Baptist Calvinist American Revolution, a fact that Washington made quite clear.
Thus, based upon the above, Troy, in espousing Jesuit doctrine, is either a Temporal Coadjutor or stupidly deceived. He attacks the very linchpins of the Reformation and nations born out of that grand revolution, an attack that even a professed Jesuit could not improve upon. Since I know Troy is one of the most brilliant men I have ever met, he is not stupid, ignorant or deceived. He knows exactly what he is doing: furthering the Black Pope’s Counter Reformation, tearing the English and Scottish peoples away from the Book that, if believed and acted upon, would set back the pope’s Temporal Power in Great Britain—and America. For if the pope’s Spiritual Power is not broken via the Word of God in English, then his Temporal Power over the most hated nation of England will never be broken.

Though I deeply regret the above conclusion, it is true based upon the evidence that Troy himself has provided. He has condemned himself with his own words.
Further, Opus Dei is not connected with or founded by the Venetians. The Venetians have been a conquered people with on political power since Jesuit-directed Napoleon destroyed the pro-Reformation Republic of Venice in 1797. The Spanish Jesuit Josemaria Escriva started that damnable Order in Jesuit-ruled Spain in 1928, the same year the Order founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

Lord bless,

Brother Eric


From: TS
Date: 7 January 2011 05:12:43 GMT
Dear Craig
I shall comment on Eric’s quite odd & frankly largely false statements below regarding myself on a point by point basis.
Firstly I recommend that all readers read the following prologue concerning Eric’s quite fallacious statement, which he then goes on to elaborate in a most convoluted & unbecoming manner below:

1: I asked Eric in correspondence a very long time ago to provide full details as to why he stated that Saussy was a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. As for Eric being “dead wrong” I have no recollection of stating this. Saussy’s work (“Rulers of Evil” – available at: & ) has much to recommend it & confirms much of the historical expositions & revelations of John Daniel & PD Stuart. However Saussy’s philosophical conclusions were rather oblique & peculiar & not shared by myself. Still: “Eat the meat & spit out the bones” as Eric says. To say that I sided with Saussy is I think a bit of a stretch. Still, if Eric can provide a dated email quote from myself then we can see for ourselves just how far of a stretch that would have been.

2: Those who doubt Washington’s pro-Romish actions & Jesuit associations should read P.D. Stuart’s “Codeword Barbelon”, John Daniel’s “Grand Design Exposed” – & Eric’s “favourite” Tupper Saussy’s “Rulers of Evil”. Three very different Jesuit-exposing authors with three quite different vantage points & outlooks – yet all three agreeing on Washington’s duplicity.
For independent revealing info on Washington I also recommend:
“Why George Washington Should Be the Pope’s Hero”
As I wrote to Walt Williams before he recently asked me to remove him from my email list:
Using your reasoning, do you believe that John Daniel (in “Grand Design Exposed”) & PD Stuart (whose “Codeword Barbelon” Eric sells at his website) – who both maintain that George Washington was not only allied to the Jesuits – might be Jesuits themselves? … Washington had Royal Arch artifacts among his possessions. This is more a sign of Jesuit infiltration of certain Masonic lodges & chapters – at least on the US at the time – due to the fact that their creation was the French/Prussian-developed system that later became the Scottish Rite, rather than the British Isles-originating Royal Arch.
Also: Washington’s preeminent position within the Society of Cincinnati indicates that he did have Romish leanings … As I have posted once before:
Interesting to note among its members who were also US Presidents that we find Roosevelt & Truman, respectively the 32nd & 33rd Presidents of the US & also respectively 32 & 33° Freemasons. We also find as members, those SMOM Order of Merit members US Presidents Reagan & Bush. Two of the most openly devoted US servants of Rome who alongside their antecedent were members of a hereditary society named after a Roman Consul turned Magister Populi.
Also thought-provoking is that one Larz Anderson III, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio is considered to have been a prototypical member, especially when we note that he was the First Secretary of the American Embassy & Charges d’Affaires in Rome.
3: V.V. Vivaldi-Pasqua III mostly tells Eric what he thinks he wants to hear. I have stated before that I believe his information regarding this supposed Council of Ten is flawed & inconsistent. When I first interviewed him he wasn’t even sure of this number “ten” which he eventually settled on & which I surmise he derived from the old Venetian Council of Ten (no surprise as he lives in Venice). Also: the old Houses of Farnese, Borja/Borgia, Pamphili & Aldobrandini no longer exist. The current “Aldobrandini” are really a branch of the Borghese family who adopted the name. One irreconcilable point that VVV made & which EJP rejects is that the Council of Ten rule over the Jesuit Superior General. EJP’s rejection of this statement nulls his claim of the great contribution of VVV’s info on this supposed “Council”. I don’t recall Zagami ever commenting on Cromwell. As for his position on the Bible, from what I can make out he is more critical of orthodox interpretations of the scriptures rather than completely hostile per se. What VVV (which of course means “666″ – as though Eric was unaware!) really thinks of the Bible is anyone’s guess. If he thinks as much of it as he does the Archbishop/Patriarch of Venice Scola, then he must love it – in a very Catholic kind of way!

4: The AV1611 was a work of Reformation-derailing, Protestant-torturing, crypto-Catholic Anglican High Commission Court members & their cronies. Commissioned to usurp the true Bible of the Reformation, the Geneva, its publication was a political statement of monarchical/ecclesiastical totalitarian authority. Sure it is great literature, but its best writing was lifted straight from the Geneva – its spiritual superior. Its worst parts were taken from the Latin Vulgate (which themselves had become further corrupted over time). Alan O’Reilly is a member of the false opposition BNP & as far as I recall lives in Craig’s city of Birmingham, not London where I live. Eric is no doubt getting confused as to who has refused to meet with him as no such invitation has ever been extended to myself. While Alan is a most-studied man in the Bible I believe that he is defending a religious ideology that ultimately maintains the largely covert British Intelligence-guarded Establishment status quo rather than seriously challenges it. He will no doubt claim to disagree.

5: It is impossible for the AV1611 to be translated into even one different tongue, let alone 60. A translation is a translation. They will be as different as the different English-language translations are from each other – in some cases probably even more (excepting any removed passages). Eric’s claim that I believe this is evil is a laughable fiction. As for the “Protestant British Empire”: Well I certainly don’t think that the former term is compatible with the latter. Empires are for Caesars. My Lord’s kingdom is not of this world.
John 18:36 (using Eric’s preferred KJV):
Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.
John 19:15:
But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priest answered, We have no king but Caesar.
As I have shown in previous correspondence any tensions between James VI/I & the Jesuits (such as the Gunpowder Plot) were elaborate deceptions as proved by James long-term, closely Jesuit-advised, pro-Roman actions both before & after this diversion operation. The British Empire from the time of James VI/I on was an extension of the Roman Empire utilising a Masonic mask. What Eric calls a Jesuit shibboleth is in fact a Hegelian dialectical strategy of the Jesuits that he has either fallen for or is completely aware of but covers up for reasons unstated.

6: Eric claims that I “avoid” certain actions & words attributed to James VI/I. This is false. I have dealt with most of these before. My position is that actions speak louder than words. The “English Inquisition” of the High Commission Court, the financial windfall that resulted from the Gunpowder Plot, The Five Articles of Perth that were forced on Scotland, the dissolution of Parliament in 1621 over their anti-Roman demands & James VI/I’s many Jesuit & Catholic advisors as detailed in John Daniel’s “Grand Design Exposed” & via my own researches all speak louder than some almost certainly ghostwritten sops attributed to the Masonic monarch.

7: William Schaw, Rome’s man in Albion influencing the Scottish monarch had a number of successor Jesuit & Catholic royal advisors in his English period. This can be discerned from the insightful research of John Daniel in “Grand Design Exposed”, which provides crucial details concerning the likes of James VI/I’s Secretary of State George Calvert.
8: Eric writes:

“Troy claims that the Order was in control of all Freemasonry from the beginning of its restoration in the late 1500s to the present day.”

This is complete & utter fabrication. The Jesuits via William Schaw & James VI of Scotland (late James I of England, who brought Schaw’s Masonic system with him) tried to takeover Freemasonry in Scotland from 1598 through to Schaw’s death in 1602 – & failed. The precise nature & extent of Jesuit influence over FM in Scotland in subsequent centuries is difficult to assess, but I have yet to come across evidence of the close Roman connections that FM in England has as witnessed via the Duke of Kent (United Grand Lodge of England Grand Master & husband to a Roman Catholic & whose son was married in the Vatican in 2006) & his younger brother Prince Michael of Kent (whose wife is the Senior Dame for the British & Irish delegation of the Papal-loyal Franco-Neapolitan Constantinian Order), both first cousins to the Queen of England. I maintain that there are certain key lodges & high Masonic officers who are loyal to the Jesuit-directed Papal Roman Empire & that certain influential obediences & Masonic lineages are instrumental in this Rome-serving covert global power structure. The most pre-eminent among these being the United Grand Lodge of England & the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite. American Freemasonry was, despite Eric’s protests to the contrary, without doubt Jesuit-infiltrated by the time of the American Revolution. George Washington was the foremost example of this. The books of Daniel, Stuart & Saussy leave one in no doubt of this. Eric can write off Saussy, but l don’t hear him attacking John Daniel & P.D. Stuart. Their studies need to be examined by all concerned parties.
Eric says it all when he declares:
“Troy … is not stupid, ignorant or deceived.”
Indeed. I see things most clearly & pass on to others what I see so that they too may benefit from the unobscured perspectives & revelatory insights that have come my way one way or the other & which I claim little credit for.
These “very lynchpins of the Reformation” that Eric refers to are nothing of the sort. The true Reformation was in the 1500′s & the Jesuits via their high-level agents & assets from the end of that century through to the latter part of the 1700′s worked ceaselessly to ensure that the British Isles (& thus Empire of the time) & America would be Roman colonies. Men like James VI/I & George Washington were the ones who furthered “the Black Pope’s Counter Reformation”. If I lie, then John Daniel & P.D. Stuart lie.

The claim that I am “tearing away the English and Scottish peoples” from the Bible is contrived to say the least. In my fight to get the Geneva Bible reassessed & made known on a wider scale I have been seeking to redress an historical wrong & to show that that is the only Bible worthy of the epithet “Reformation Bible”. I am not saying that it is the only one worth reading & owning & I am not saying “put away your King James Bibles”. I am saying that too many falsehoods have for too long surrounded the latter via the inflated claims of some of its adherents & that that actually undermines its credibility & stature, i.e. too many of its adherents are its own worst enemy.
So in my deconstruction of Eric’s multi-pointed charge sheet I have also shown the lack of substance to his claims, showing that I have not provided the evidence that he claims or said the words with which he claims that I have condemned myself.

Eric takes your connection of Opus Dei to Venice as being mine (& of which I myself am unaware). So on his subsequent points there we do actually concur in a strange poetic conclusion.
Godspeed –



On 7 Jan 2011, at 06:12, Avenueoflight wrote:
TROY… I am glad you have taken the incentive to research these things for yourself and have come to find that these things we teach are truth! Exactly,…… why are the Carrolls (biggest part of this picture) Washington, Ricci, Franklin, and the others left out of the picture? Largest landholders and slaveholders in the country! Living directly across the river one from the other. Covering up the Jesuit (Carroll’s) total involvement with the founding of this nation for their political / religious / monetary CONtrol for these end days approaching and the Mark of the Beast using ameriKa as the militant arm of the Vatican. Rev. 13, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:45the militant arm of Rome to enforce it upon mankind. Truth is Truth
Here is another source, cash or money order to cash :

Belgian MP Laurent Louis speaks agianst the War in Mali

The Transcript is found at these links:

Fruitvale: Oscar Grant Film Wins Big At Sundance [VIDEO]

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

SyrianGirl debates FSA on Australian show 'Insight'

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Who’s Who? Who is Behind the Terrorists?

Cree7's on President Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas

Cutting Edge Ministries

Housing is a Human Right

Freedom Rider: The State Killing of Aaron Swartz

Liberty and Rights

To be fair, it is time to show the critiques of the current White House. The expression of the following facts is not to personal slander the brother, but the President has to be made known of some errors in order for the country to achieve better achievements. In our time, all of us haven't strongly fought for economic justice, peace, and ending the prison state not just the current administration. Now, the White House has not successfully addressed in a radical way on how to reduce the unemployment rate in America, especially in the black community. He didn't raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour almost as soon as he made it. We do not see a massive job creation program to address these bad economic conditions in America. We need a living wage and the real assistance to the oppressed in the world. We have to end the War on Drugs completely, because the violation of human civil liberties and the ruination of the lives of men and women too have been the result of the decades long War on Drugs. The White House has advanced numerous reactionary economic policies in America. For example, President Barack Obama has advanced Wall Street bailouts and he allowed other austerity plans too. The NSA is reading millions of emails in the world and the White House advances this policy with our taxpayer dollars. On some foreign policy matters, the administration acts as a continuation of the previous Bush administration. For example, the President presides over Africom and other militarization policies in Africa. Libya has been attacked by US backed NATO forces that caused many civilian deaths and allowing a puppet regime to take over Libyan territory. Many black innocent Libyans have been raped, terrorized, assaulted, murdered, and even lynched by brutes or terrorists. Even innocent Syrian Christians and Shias have been killed by U.S. backed terrorist rebels in Syria. The unjust drone attacks in the Middle East and Africa is ever known today. The drone attacks occur now in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and across the African continent. Innocent men, women, and children have been killed via the drone attacks without due process or international law consideration. There are still some intelligence agencies that may continue the torture programs. There has been an expansion of the assassination program that has killed American citizens without due process of law in this administration. For example, U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was killed without a trial by jury including his teenage son (who was innocent). There has been the advancement of policies that circumvent not only constitutional rights, but human rights or international via the authorization indefinite military detention of human beings (potentially of U.S. citizens under certain circumstances). Isn't ironic that the man that condemned the Bush's invasion of Iraq (and his violations of human rights) is now a prosecutor of imperialist wars (and he is using drone missiles and other tactics as a means to carry out this agenda). In foreign policy, the elevation of Obama’s administrator of drone attacks, John Brennan—a man who under Bush publicly defended torture—to the position of CIA director signals an expansion of military aggression and extrajudicial killings. This reality means means that we still witness further attacks on democratic rights.

California Senator Diane Feinstein wants radically more gun control legislation to be passed in America. She doesn't just want an assault weapons ban, but more pistols and shotguns to be banned as well. The state should exist to serve humanity, but I never agreed with the notion that the state should have a monopoly of the force of arms. Human beings have the right to have the private ownership of arms. Also, human beings from across the political spectrum love gun rights not just the Republicans. I don't believe that the government should have some firearms monopoly. Feinstein's bill doesn't talk about the War on Drugs, poverty, or other methods that can radically decrease gun violence. The bill talks about criminalizing tons of not only semi-automatic rifles, but shotguns, and handguns. It would criminalize citizens buying ammo magazines that hold more than 10 rounds even while the federal government via the DHS can purchase ammo magazine of nearly unlimited capacity. The government can never enforce these laws without using guns to do so ironically enough. Massive gun prohibition hasn't work just like drug prohibition hasn't worked either. We know about the massive failure of marijuana prohibition and alcohol prohibition either. If innocent human beings lack certain guns, only criminals will have them since a criminal by definition respects no law or dictate. In real life, Illinois citizens are still being arrested for recording police officers despite a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling last year that blocked the enforcement of the law on the grounds that it was unconstitutional. So, the skeptics can't tell me that tyrannical policies aren't here in America. Now, we have the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. Feinstein used a multiple gun display as a means to advocate her goal and this may broke DC's gun law ironically. “The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time,” Feinstein said. “Therefore, there is no sunset on this bill.” She made it plan about her goals. The bill would make it a misdemeanor for any state or federal official to “enforce or attempt to enforce any acts, laws, executive orders, agency orders, rules or regulations of any kind whatsoever of the United States government relating to confiscating any firearm, banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm, imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, taxing any firearm or ammunition therefore, or requiring the registration of any firearm or ammunition therefore.” It is a known fact that better socioeconomic conditions with more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens equals to less crime. This has been shown in Switzerland, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, and throughout the Earth. Now, Australia is banning bolt action guns. These anti-gun liars said that this was about semi-automatic weapons, but now they want to ban certain handguns from law abiding citizens. Studies document how the assault weapons have little to no effect to overall gun crime in America. After the ban was gone in 2004, gun violent crime continued to decline. NY Governor's new SAFE Act according to critics like Dr. Paul Appelbaum at Columbia University may turn New York into a psychiatric police state. A better way to handle gun crime is to improve our socioeconomic conditions, to create jobs and real opportunities for folks, to fight poverty, and to end the War on Drugs. We ought to ban any criminal or those with serious mental illness issues (via due process from owning a gun), we can target criminals who are using guns with strong enforcement, we ought to fight the underground, illegal sales of guns, we need to address mental health reforms, and there is nothing wrong with actions that fight violent gangs. There should be more of building of community development programs, we need to target gun trafficking, and we need to execute other reasonable policies that can deter gun violence. Yet, law abiding citizens should not have their right to bear arms violated at all. We also need to be inspired to advance a culture of tolerance and respect for each other, because many crimes come about as a result of hurt, pain, and suffering. There is no shame in loving our neighbor as ourselves. Another great idea is to allow doors in schools to have a ballistic door with magnetic locks as a means for shooters to not have entry into a lot of rooms in schools. There should be a campaign to advocate firearm safety. The solution has to be comprehensive.

More information is coming out about Mali. France recently invaded Mali with over 2,000 troops from the Foreign Legion in January of 2013. France has also sent out dispatched Special Forces troops to neighboring Niger to secure uranium mines that are run by the France state owned nuclear power company Areva. Le Point reported that the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian had quickly agreed earlier this week to a major innovation or ordering the Special Forces Command to send troops to protect the Areva uranium production sites in Imouraren and 80 kilometers away in Arlit. The magazine said that this is the first time ever use of French commandos to directly defend the assets of a corporation. The magazine discussed information about how the French government officials have taken the decision after the botched attempt to rescue the French hostage named Denis Allex in Somalia. There was the recent bloody hostage taking incident and siege at the Armenas gas facility in Algeria where over 80 human beings were killed. Those two events “in addition to launching the ‘Serval’ operation in Mali have significantly increased risk factors for French installations, including industry and mining in the region,” Le Point reported. When the French commandos are sent to the uranium mines in Niger, it just the documents the overriding economic and geo-strategic motives behind the French military intervention in Mali. These Euro imperialists use the guise of fighting against Islamist "terrorists" as an excuse to control resources in their former African colonies, which are actual nations today. Official spokesmen at both Areva and the French Defense Ministry refused to discuss the new military deployment citing security concerns. Officials from Niger deny any knowledge of the dispatch of the Special Forces commandos. “It’s true that the terrorist threat has increased today, but as far as I know there is no such agreement in place at the moment,” one official told Reuters. One Niger army officer told the new agency that there were security arrangements in place that had been agreed to with France and imposed after the September 2010 kidnapping of 7 employees of Areva and one of its contractors in the northern Nigerien town of Arlit. “We also have counter-terrorism units in the Agadez region,” said the officer. “For now, I don’t know of a decision by the Nigerien government to allow French Special Forces to base themselves in the north.” Niger was colonized by the France until Niger created its own independence in 1960. The yellow cake from Niger's uranium ore have been used to create France's nuclear bombs and fuel for its nuclear reactors (that account for over 75 percent of the country's electricity). Niger now is a very poor nation. Tuareg militias want a more fair distribution of uranium revenues in Niger. They are a minority ethnic group in Niger. There has been radiation contamination of areas in Areva. The French backed Malian army has been accused of torturing and executing civilians like many Tuareg human beings. Niger has given exploration permits to Chinese and Indian firms. There are Al Qaeda related factions in Mali and they came from the Soviet-Afghan war back in the 1970's. The CIA funded these radicals from that time period to the modern era.

There has been the issue of drug treatment programs. On many times, these programs haven't been funded adequately. Some individuals who seek help lack access to treatment; they experience insurance barriers, have months of long waits, or participate in programs that don't meet their needs. Some can't even have treatments because of an arrest or a criminal conviction. Almost 40% of people who wanted drug or alcohol treatment reported that they are unable to obtain it, because they had no health coverage and could not afford it. There ought to be an expansion of drug treatment programs as a means to handle the end of the War on Drugs. It should be focused in handling health, safety, and improving quality of life among human beings. Others have advocated heroin assisted treatment, which has been documented to work abroad, but it is still not available in the United States. If more funds were sent to treatment and other health approaches to drug use, then you can save a whole lot of taxpayers’ dollars. The effectiveness of reducing drug addiction and likeminded issues ought to discovered on the overdose deaths, amounts of drug addicted human beings, and the transmission of diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. Drug policies ought to be made and judged on the ability to help society, to improve the environment, to build up families, to restore civil liberties, and the elimination of racial disparities in the judicial system. The New Jersey Senate Health Committee unanimously passed a new bill that will expand access to the lifesaving overdose antidote called naloxone. The interesting thing about this development is that this policy witnesses a widespread bipartisan support. Now, the bill comes into the full Senate in the state of New Jersey. Naloxone is a prescription medication that blocks and reverses the effects of opioid drugs like heroin and Oxytocin. Even now, it is normal medical practice for emergency personnel to administer when summoned to the scene of an overdose. Naloxone is only in prescription, so overdose victims regardless lack access to it. S2082 seeks to expand access by providing protection from civil and criminal liability to medical professionals who prescribe the drug and laypeople who administer it. Overdose deaths are a serious issue in New Jersey. This is a great policy since it can prevent human overdose all over the state of New Jersey. Senator Joseph Vitale, the sponsor of the bill in the Senate, says "Drug overdose continues to be the leading cause of accidental death in New Jersey. Each year it surpasses the number of deaths caused by automobile accidents and guns. Expanding access to naloxone will allow this medication to reach its full public health potential and will be an important part of New Jersey's comprehensive efforts to address drug abuse." Patty DiRenzo of Blackwood lost her son, Salvatore, to an overdose when he was 26 years old. “Sal was a beautiful soul who unfortunately struggled with addiction. If the people he was using with on the night he died had access to naloxone, he might still be alive today. Instead, my son was left alone to die. It’s extremely important to have policies like this one in place, so that other families are spared the grief that mine has endured.” The Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act has tons of support from a wide spectrum of public health organizations, treatment providers, and advocacy groups like the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence—NJ, the New Jersey State Nurses Association, the National Association of Social Workers—New Jersey, Integrity House, the Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministry, Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, etc.

WWII has many ironies. IG Farben was the military industrial complex of the Third Reich. Numerous IG Farben facilities back then were bombed by the Allied forces. This chemical corporation produced a pesticide called Zyklon B that was used in concentration camps. The Zyklon B pesticide used in the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkeanu concentration camp inside of occupied Poland. IG Farben was created 2 years after the German Hyperinflation of 1923 and the establishment of the Dawes Plan. It was created in 1925. Back in April 12, 1945, General George S. Patton and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the U.S. Army looked at a pile of corpses inside of the Ohrdruf concentration camp in Goth, Germany. Many of the Jewish folks and other nationalities like the Germans, Pols, French, Hungarians, Russians, Dutch, etc. died in various concentration camps at the hands of the IG Farben chemical cartel. They were also killed with help from the German central bank called Reichsbank, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and the Gestapo-Schutstaffel death squads. We know that the Reichsbank was the Central bank of the Third Reich. It was the German central bank from 1876 to 1945. Back in 1934, Hjalmar Schacht was the President of the Reichsbank, Herr Plessing was a famous figure, Dr. Emil Puhl was the Vice President of the Reichsbank, and Herr von Wedel was a famous figure in that time period. Hitler was a famous ally of Schacht for years in the 1930's. In April of 1945, gold bars, jewels, and stolen foreign currency were gone form the Reichsbank vaults in Germany. The worth was estimated from $3.34 billion. Many of the corporate elite that aided the Third World went off scot-free from the Nuremberg trials. The International banks from Thomas W. Lamont to Montagu C. Norman influenced German society, economy, and politics before, during, and after World War II. Just look at the German reparations history and the reconstruction plans. The Nazis worked internationally in Asia, and other places. Back in October of 1937, Hermann Goering was pictured riding in a carriage with British diplomat Lord Halifax. Nazi German army officers celebrated a toast with a group of Imperial Japanese army officers during World War II. The IG Farben Building in Frankfurt am Main after WWII changed. It served as the U.S. Army Fifth Corps and an outpost for the CIA during the Cold War. John McCloy used the placed as a headquarters for then occupied Germany. During WWII, IG Farben was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the globe. It has a huge amount of economic power and political influence in the Nazi state. Wall Street money financially backed IG Farben. IG Farben was a merger of already 6 giant German chemical companies with the names of Badische, Anilin, Bayer, Agfar, Hoeschst, Wiler ter Meer, and Griesheim Elektron. IG Farben is short for Internationale Gesellschaft Farbenindustrie. Later, Hermann Schmitz (who helped to organize IG Farben) would be on trial for war crimes at Nuremberg. Other IG Farben directors were put on trial, but not the American directors of I.G. at all. With Wall Street capital, IG Farben wouldn't have grown in the first place. Hitler would have a chance to not be a dictator at Germany and WWII could have ceased to exist. Paul Warburg was on the board of directors of IG Farben's U.S. subsidiary. Other leaders include Carl Bosch, Fritz ter Meer, Kurt Oppenheim, and George von Schnitzler. Carl Krauch was the Nazi plenipotentiary for chemical production and he listened to his sentencing verdict at the Nuremberg trials.

By Timothy