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150+ Smoking Guns about 9/11

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Energy keeps life moving. I still have that energy since I'm smart and I'm very young. One of the disturbing new pieces of information that I've seen is that the European Union told Catholic doctors that abortion is an international human right. While I disagree with Catholicism for many reasons, abortion has nothing to do with morality or basic human rights. The Brussels Journal from December 24, 2005 By Paul Belien reported on this abhorrent story. New information is coming out that students in Washington State are talking a Patriotic test. According to Paul Watson, this test is not the love of the concept of a nation (which is honorable), but almost worship of government and non-questioning of government policies which the Founding Fathers and real human beings abhor. Japan's fertility rate is at a record low, which is just one more evidence that proofs the overpopulation propaganda as a lie. Also, a huge new oil referiny is discovered at Rio De Jinero, Brazil. Petrobras, a Brazilian run oil company, discovered it and this is one more piece of evidence refuting Peak Oil. Peak Oil is not only promoted by the Club of Rome and Big Oil, but it's arguments are faulty indeed. The Associated Press reported on the increasing acceptance of an depression implant to help people with depression. I don't agree with this, because biometrics is always synymoymous with Big Brother, control, and the manipulation of human individuality. As for spying, we must let the law and judicial oversight reign and not unnecessary surveillance, because a real Stasi in the level of the Soviet Union can occur here if there are no checks and balances at all.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Dan Corner's new info from the Resistance Manifesto


MTV and Satanism

MTV and Satanism, the signs are clear by John, CA) A spin-off of MTV’s infamous ’Jackass’ featuring Bam Margera titled ’Viva La Bam’ makes Satan smile while monkeys see and monkeys do, all the while flashing Satan signs into the living rooms of millions. The show is a series of destructive and even cruel pranks done by Bam and his friends on each other and on Bam’s family and is an MTV favorite for many viewers. The logo for the show ‘Viva La Bam features the satanic hand sign ‘el Diablo’ of raising the index and pinky fingers, which has been drawn in as the letter I, complete with illuminating rays coming from behind it. While this sign of the Devil is popular with many practicing Satanists, it has also been popular within rock and roll and heavy metal bands that proudly worship Satan, and can be seen often given by adoring fans as they worship their false idols in concerts. A quick glance at any concert crowd usually shows someone giving the hand sign. The first thing one notices when they visit Bam’s web page,, is a close up of him giving the Satan sign as he proudly salutes Lucifer. Several views from within Bam’s home reveal a large symbol resembling an upside down satanic pentagram within a circle, called a ‘heart o gram’ which is supposed to represent both good and evil. One large ‘heart o gram’ adorns a wall in the Margera home. This pentagram is also used as a hood ornament on Bam’s Mercedes. It’s also interesting to note that fellow ’Jackass, Steve O has a tattoo on his right arm of the so called ’Jesus fish’ only inside the outline of the fish is the word ‘Satan’ in bold letters. In the MTV Cribs episode featuring cast members of Jackass, Steve O picks up the kitten at his apartment and introduces it to the camera as ‘Lucifer’ It is clear that Satan has granted Bam Margera and the Jackass crew material wealth and fame in exchange for their souls as they continue to be some of the worst role models ever to have made it on television thanks to the Illuminati masters who are in control of the mass media, the military industrial complex, and the New World Order.



Jessica Simpson Divorced
Jessica Simpson’s new divorced image causes concern ‘Fallen role model’ could become ‘Satan’s pawn’ says Christian group (Hollywood, CA) The California based Christian group ‘The Resistance’ which received international attention for criticizing Jessica Simpson’s slutty music video ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ preceding the release of the Dukes of Hazard are now concerned about Simpson’s new image as a divorced party girl, her hooking up with P. Diddy, and the effects on impressionable young fans. “It would be really sad to see Jessica turn into someone like Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson” explains John Conner. “It’s just tragic to see her go from a perfect marriage in MTV’s Newlyweds just a few years ago, to a party animal hanging out with Jackass Johnny Knoxville and Satanist Bam Margera. Once a wholesome role model in a sex saturated culture, and a shining jewel of beauty and abstinence, Simpson has now jointed the ranks of the singing strippers such as Brittany Spears and Christiana Aguilera on MTV and in pop culture. “Her husband seemed like a pretty normal guy, and I’m afraid Jessica’s going to hook up with someone like P. Diddy, or Tommy Lee” laments Conner.All this news comes on the heels of the DVD release of the Dukes of Hazard uncensored version, which includes gratuitous nudity, now sealing Simpson as an actress in a skin flick. Conner’s advice to Simpson is simple. “The Devil has you in his grip, Jessica, and the decisions you make now, will affect millions of fans around the world in how they mimic and follow you. I hope and pray that Jessica doesn‘t flush her career down the toilet by doing a movie like Showgirls 2 or putting out anymore slutty music videos”
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2005: A Year in Review.

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Dave von Kleist: Drop the Pods by Victor Thorn and More


Dave von Kleist: Drop the Pods by Victor Thorn

As many people know, a 9-11 conference will be held on December 7-8 in Tampa, Florida. One of the scheduled speakers is Dave von Kleist, co-host of The Power Hour and producer of the DVD In Plane Site. One of the central themes of this video is what has become known as the “pod theory,” which has drawn quite a bit of controversy.Before confronting the pods, though, I would like to say that von Kleist has done some fantastic work on how Flight 77 could not have possibly hit the Pentagon. In fact, it’s precisely because of this research that we carry In Plane Site in our bookstore. But after studying the “pod” angle for quite some time, I realized that this issue was nothing more than a distraction at best, and a deliberate attempt to discredit the entire 9-11 truth movement at worst.As we’ve said many times before on WING TV, jetliners didn’t destroy the World Trade Center towers, nor did fire. Thus, I don’t care if elephants were strapped to the bottoms of those planes; they didn’t bring down the towers. So, why not focus our attention on the crux issue of 9-11 – controlled demolition – and quit wasting our energy on fuzzy photos and peripheral endeavors?Adding more weight to this argument is a recent 30-page report by BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones, who wrote: “The video In Plane Site promotes the theory that a “pod” holds a missile under the wing of the 757 which hit WTC 2. Careful inspection of the undercarriage of a standard 757 leads to the explanation that the so-called “pod” was merely a reflection from the bulged undercarriage. I find that the “pod theory” is very weak and distracts from central issues.”Jones further explains how these misguided notions “ridicule the whole 9-11 truth movement” and that “those espousing weak and un-testable claims should realize that they may be damaging the effort to achieve a rational debate of important issues by poisoning the process with ‘junk science’.” For further insights into this topic, please read
The 9-11 Pods and Time to Denounce 9-11 Junk Science . This sentiment is shared by many others 9-11 researchers, so I’d like to take this opportunity to directly address Dave von Kleist about his presentation in Tampa. Dave, you’re going to be speaking to an audience of 9-11 truth-seekers, many of them newcomers to this field. Do us all a favor and DROP THE PODS. It’s highly questionable from a scientific aspect, and undoubtedly a distraction away from the one area where we can actually nail the perpetrators who were behind this crime – the controlled demolition. You’ve surfed this wave long enough, and certainly made enough money from your DVD. (We know this to be true from all the times Phil “Commander Pod” Jayhan bitched about you stealing his research and pocketing all the profits. He even wanted to “out” you one time on WING TV, but got cold feet at the last minute.)Anyway, Dave, it’s time to quit leading everyone astray on this “pod people” wild goose chase. Do what’s right and drop it completely – not halfway or a quarter of the way – but altogether. Then, in its place, focus your energies on a subject that truly has teeth – the controlled demolition. Professor Steven E. Jones did, as well as Morgan Reynolds, Kevin Ryan, David Ray Griffin, and many other respected members of this community. Dave, you have a responsibility not to jerk people around or have them barking up the wrong tree. So, step up to the plate and put away your “childish things” (i.e. the pods) and go for the throat with something that has teeth – specifically, how a cabal within our own government placed pre-planted explosives inside the WTC towers and deliberately caused their destruction. This isn’t about money or selling videos; it’s about the truth!



Village Voice Disinfo: An Explanationby Victor Thorn

On December 6, 2005, The Village Voice ran an article about 9-11 by Jarrett Murphy entitled, Open and Shut: Four Years Later, We Still Have Ten Big Questions. On the surface, this piece did raise a few valid points and provided at least a glimmer of “9-11 Truth”; but when I called it “disinfo” on the WING TV homepage news update section, some people inquired as to my reasoning. To them, at least from what I gather, any seemingly insightful information about 9-11 is a step in the right direction. So, they wondered, why would I cast this article in a negative light?The answer is simple; and to those who are still naïve about 9-11 and how the mainstream media portrays it, listen closely: the primary reason Jarrett Murphy’s piece falls into the category of disinfo is because it still reinforces the myth that 19 Arab cave-dwellers were ultimately behind the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and this is simply not true. Specifically, the Village Voice column speaks about Zacarias Moussaoui being the “20th hijacker,” then brings Ziad Jarrah, Mohammed Atta, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and al-Qaeda into the picture. What this tactic (albeit a sly one) does is perpetuate the Big Lie where they “assume” (just as the Kean 9-11 Whitewash Committee did) that Osama bin Laden and his rag-tag band of mischief-makers were behind the attacks.So, even though the author tosses a few legitimate morsels of truth our way (even mentioning the World Trade Center controlled demolitions), it really isn’t done in a serious manner where we truly get the impression that he wants to nail these bastards - the real perpetrators - to the wall and call for their execution. Rather, we’re simply being molly-coddled and appeased, for the underlying context is still the 19 Arab hijacker's ruse. Furthermore, if one reads closely, the Village Voice writer also plays up the “raging fire” angle, which, after four years, is inexcusable.In the end, what we’re left with is a yuppified, politically correct, corporate media-slanted piece of fluff that masquerades as “hard-nosed” journalism. In reality, if this man whole-heartedly wanted to see justice, he’d be screaming about 9-11 being an inside job that has become the biggest con-job ever laid on the American people. But he doesn’t. Rather, Murphy played a game of 9-11 tiddlywinks with us, which wasn’t even remotely good enough for me; and in all honesty, shouldn’t be good enough for you either. What we need to do is discern between that which is real, and that which perpetuates the ILLUSION.Once again, The Village Voice gave us a softball when they could have hit it out of the park.
Open and Shut: Four Years Later, We Still Have Ten Big Questions

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New Years

New Years is coming on. 2005 is one of the most incredible years in terms of all of the political developments, turmoil, and other interesting events. Before going forward, Zionism must be explained briefly. I'm a man and I don't smokescreen anything. There are good people who are Zionists (mostly those who just want Israel to be a nation again) and evil Elite Zionists (who are our enemies indeed). Evil Zionists are trying to oppress people, don't have the interests of Jewish people at all, some of them follow the Talmud, Kabbala, and Zohar, many are in the Likud party like Ariel Sharon, and some are in the Labor Party like Shimon Peres. Not all Jews and Israelis are apart of the evil Zionist movement. The elite running the world hold no alliegeance totally to any nation (since many elites promote one world government. That disregards any interests of the people to hold onto national soveriegnty). The Elite use America and Israel as tools to promote their agenda. Good folks like Barry Chamish live in Israel today and they oppose the evil Zionists.

Those Israelis ought to be respected and commended for their acts, not demonized by people spewing half-truths like Daryl Bradford Smith. Where did this come from? All of these evil, occult groups whether the S&B, occult Zionism, Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, etc. originated from the Ancient Mystery Schools and Religions of Babylon and Egypt. So, while we must expose evil Zionists in the world, we must not embrace racism against Jewish or Arabic people. Blaming all Jewish people in general for all of the problems in the world is just a pure 100% lie. I just disagree with Holocaust Revisionism. Gentlemen can agree to disagree on that issue. I will never ever somkescreen anything and I will expose all evil groups like just evil Zionists. Just for the record, the Sephradi, Yemeni, Lemba, Ethoipic, Indic, and other Jewish people exist today and their ancestors were the ancient Hebrews. I love Eretz Yisrael. Recently, Russia economic minister resigned from Putin, because he felt that Russia isn't free. All of the corruption and criminal acts (i.e. biomtrics, anti-Second Amendment policies, surviellance, illegal wars, abortion, evil corporation, euthanasia, the pharmaceutical industry's suppression of real medicine, etc.) existing in the Bush administration and other groups is something that I will never forget. There's no question that we're living in a time of deception and As for me, I still believe in the rule of law, protection of civil liberties, and the monitoring of the executive branch of government.

Even recently a man was shot in an airplane by a marshall when the man solely said that he had a bomb. There is a mystery on whether Samuel Alito will be the next Supreme Court Justice, but I want to know his opinions of the Pro-Life Truth and the power of the executive branch, since the executive branch has too much power as it is now. Regardless of the spin that you see, there are many alternative news outlets that are giving people the real truth on society. For example, James Northstar, Wes Penre, and other folks have websites on what I'm talking about and more. While people like Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews ignore the obvious controlled demolitions of WTCs #1, 2, and 7 (many new researchers and scholars are pointing this out) and the Council on Foreign Relations control of the media, I will keep on creating works and speaking the truth. Recently, fire aggrivated by the wind continue to spread into Torrent County, Arlington Texas and parts of Central Oklahoma. These are grass fires. Recently not only was Unhived Mind Forum was gone for an unknown reason, but BushRevealed Forum was hacked by apparently Muslims. This tells me that I'm on the right track. Yesterday, I seen MSNBC CounterTerrorism Analyist Roger Cressey support the CFR-infested 9/11 Commission when the Commission ignored W199I, Building #7, the U.S. funding Al-Qaeda, Operation Northwoods, and other issues that detail that 9/11 was an inside job. Also, on MSNBC I saw a Minutemen refute a pro-Bush supporter about the evil of illegal immigration. You know what's a real smokescreen? A real smokescreen are people obessesing over Zionists, but won't expose the Jesuits, Knights of Malta (Rick Sanctorum is a member. Rick is right about abortion, but he's a members of a Secret Elite group), Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome, Pilgrim Society, Rhodes Scholar, O.T.O., Golden Dawn, Theosophical Society, Order of the Garter, Freemasonry (Jesse Jackson, Robert Byrd, Al Sharpton, and other prominent men are Freemasons), and other powerful, global organizations equally. Oh yeah, from the AAP on December 27, 2005, Pope Benedict called for a "new world order" like John Paul II did years ago. The London Evening Standard on December 28 2005 reported that Scientists believe that Vitamin D can cut cancer by 50%, which is good news.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Answering Jaryla

Jaryla: What is it with you Americans and the Jews?

Response: What's with us. Some of us Americans respect the Jewish's people contributions in history, science, religion, etc. We respect them unlike real anti-Semites in Europe. I'm just not going to hate Jewish people or Arabic people period.

Jaryla: About 95% of people in the current land of Israel were of Arab origin until the state of Israel was formed. During the creation of the 'Israeli state', many native Palestinians were displaced and forced off their land. Now they remain under illegal occupation by Israel in the West Bank and Gaza following the 1967 conflict. In addition, Jewish settlements continue to be built in these areas and the Palestinian refugees have not been allowed to return home. How can people possibly pass off all this behaviour as the 'will of God'?

Response: You actually believe that. Jewish people were in the land since Biblical days. The Greeks and the Romans stole the land thousands of years ago. Also, after the Disapora, there was always a permanent presence of Jewish people in the land from 70-1948 A.D. Many historians have proven this since the Yemeni, Sephradic, Ethoipic, and other Hebrew tribes communicated with the Arabic people during the 600's A.D. The Palestinians for the most part originated from Muslim Arabs migrated into the land at the 600's A.D. Jewish people and Arabic people were peacefully co-existing with each other. The land was further stolen by the Byzantium and Ottoman Empires. The British defeated the Ottoman Empire after WWI and caused the Mid East strife today. Me and little brother personally blame the Brits since the Brits funded both radical Muslim and radical Jewish groups to try to kill each other. In fact, according to some scholars, if the Jews and Arabs were not infringed upon by the Brits, they would of made up their own solution easily. The land therefore belonged to the Jewish people for centuries before any massive immigration of Arabs in the land. I don't agree with displacement or oppression unto the Palestinians (done by Zionist extremists not holy Jewish people), but they weren't the first people there. Even the refugee situation isn't totally controlled by the Israelis, but by the U.N. The U.N. is also making the refugees stagnant in their own condition. People stole land for thousands of years. America is the perfect example of that. The Gaza Strip recently in 2005 have been given to the Palestinian leadership. Also, it is just for the Palestinians to recieve just compensation for their land taken from them, but that doesn't disregard the Jews presence in the land as well. Not to mention that Palestine was a term coined by the Romans in a bigoted guesture to restrict the Jews to inhabit Jerusalem. Palestine existed from the word Philistine as well, but the Palestinians aren't originated from the Philistines at all, but from the Arabic people.

Jaryla: Terrorism is a problem which has to be dealt with, but you have to look at what fuels it, and the oppression of the Palestinian people certainly isn't helping. By continuing to exhibit a rabid pro-Israeli bias, America will become more and more isolated in the world and continue to fuel the hatred of the Arab people.

Response: I think this "War on Terror" is a farce. Many of the Muslim international terrorism are funded or controlled by intelligence agencies and government. 9/11 being an inside job (i.e. controlled demolition, stand down by NORAD, goverment foreknowledge, training of "hijackers", some of the "hijackers being alive after 9/11, etc.) is admitted by more of the public. Real terrorism deal with abortion, political persecutions, religious persecutions, and other things. I never support any oppression against Palestinian people. Supporting that and being a real religious person is an oxymoron. Just like I don't support oppression against Jewish people as well. I think Real Americans should care less what the world thinks. We should care what God thinks and follow his will. I follow my Creator and we should treat all of our neighbors equally regardless of creed, color, or nationality. I don't believe in Israel's foreign interests superceding our own since Israel ought to handle their own business. I think the main problem is corrupt leadership among both sides. If real leadership existed among the Israelis and Palestinians, change will occur. Also, the average Jew or Arab in the Middle East doesn't want them to be scapegoated all of the time anyway. Low-level Jews and Arabs aren't to be blamed for this mess at all.

Jaryla: In fact, you could almost call Israel the 51st state of America.

Response: Israel is not the 51st state and Christians don't believe. Anti-Semites want Israel to not exist and I don't believe that as well. It may not be God's will to oppress Palestinians (That displacement was obviously wrong), but it is not God's will for us to curse Israel and claim that Jewish people are to be blamed for all problems in the world. America and Europe have more evil, dirt, and sin than Israel will ever recieve. Like always, I don't consider you an anti-Semite at all. As for us American Christians, the Bible clearly states that Jesus was a Jew, salvation is of the Jews, Israel is the apple of God's eye, and God will have a New Jerusalem filled with both Jews and Gentiles. So, I believe that Israel should exist, I believe in no oppression of Arabs and Jews, and I don't accept dual loyalty as well.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Here's another debate:

Tommy D. Kuzdas : Gee Wiz, maybe Milinda Gates believes that women, just like men, have the right to decide their own destinys. Maybe she believes that WOMEN, not the state, not the church, have the right to decide for themselves when they will have children. Oh my god, what an incredible concept! Women are human beings, not slaves, not incubators, which by the way is what you seek to make them.

Response: I have to response about this issue. Any rational human being believes that a woman has a right to fulfill their own destiny. This pro-abort propaganda is getting old Tommy. No one is even supporting to restrict women on when they have children. We want no murder of unborn children. There's a difference. Always, why don't you guys discuss the possible hardcore side effects like depression and sterility that can come as a result of abortion, the new evidence of the personhood of the unborn by 3-D ultrasound devices, many mainstream scientists calling life as beginning in conception, and Margaret Sanger's meeting with the KKK in 1926 plus her Plan of Peace proposal calling for the segregation of what she calls the "unfit." We Pro-Lifers don't deny women their humanity. We love women, but you deny the unborn their humanity. I find it hypocritical when you support the women, but want unborn babies to be killed. Shedding innocent blood is morally wrong for me. Also, laws exist restricting obsence human behavior, so just because we are restricted on what we do to our bodies, doesn't mean that we want women to be placed as second class citizens. Citizenship to the unborn is just. Abortion is a violation of the Constitution being cruel and unusual punishment and it's murder without the due process of law. We Pro-Lifers will fight and I'm not intimidated, because stats, history, and facts are on our side.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

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David Stewart's great article on Alcohol

Christians and Alcohol

by David J. Stewart

There is NO "safe" amount of alcohol

"Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine. Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things. Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast. They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again." -Proverbs 23:29-35

Alcohol is a Mind-Altering Drug

There is absolutely NO way for a believer to justify drinking alcoholic beverages. The Scriptures found in Proverbs 23:29-35 clearly warn everyone (Christian or non-Christian) to abstain from the DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE OF ALCOHOL. "Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder." Did you read that?...LOOK NOT! God is telling us NOT to drink intoxicating wine, not even to "look" at it (i.e., consider drinking it)! For the wise Christian, drinking alcohol is NOT even an option.

The Bible is such a practical book. I recently ran across an atheist's website. The man tried to discredit God and the Bible by pointing out all the ugly portions of the Bible. But the real world is ugly and God is very honest with us in the Bible. It doesn't surprise me that spoiled rotten Americans would have a problem with the Bible. The Bible puts the cookies on the bottom shelf...the truth is there if you want it. Most people don't want to hear the truth (but ironically say they do).

If you'll take another look at the above passage of Scriptures, you'll find the truth about "biteth like a serpent" and "stingeth like an adder". "Strange women" is simply a reference to women who are not his wife. It's just a fact, alcohol and immorality go together! The reference to a man lying down in the "midst of the sea" is simply his hallucinations from the effects of the alcohol. Likewise, the hallucination of lying down at the top of the ship's mast. Alcohol is a DRUG! This is a well-established FACT. As such, alcohol should be treated as a drug but is not. Alcohol abuse has killed millions, whereas Marijuana has not. So why is alcohol legal when Marijuana is not? Multitudes of people have spent years in prison for smoking and/or selling Marijuana. Unbelievably, there are people who have been sentenced to life in prison for mere drug possession, while drunk drivers who committed murder walked away Scot-free. Alcohol is far more dangerous and intoxicating than Marijuana. This is a great HYPOCRISY in America. The Bible clearly teaches that the effects of alcohol have sinful tendencies.

Alcohol's Bloodthirsty History

Look again at the Scriptures above..."They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again." Clearly, this is a reference to drunkenness. Only God knows how many beer-drinking people have woke up the next morning, suffering from a hangover, not remembering what sins they committed the night before. Hundreds-of-thousands of alcoholics have frozen to death on city streets, feeling no coldness due to the numbing effect of the alcohol. Many others have been jack-rolled (beaten up) and didn't remember anything when they woke up in the hospital. It is wickedness! Millions-upon-millions of Americans brag about the times in their life when they got drunk, vomited all over, and then went out and did it again. It's like an achievement to them, all the time laughing and mocking the sin of drunkenness. I used to work with an unsaved man, Russ, who once bragged about party guests at his house who were dancing naked up on his roof. He thought it was the greatest. I watched another man, Dean (a big guy from Iowa), run a knife clear through his hand while trying to cut a rubber hose while drunk. He was off work for a month.

I've seen what alcohol can do. I've stood over the graves of a mother and her unborn baby who were killed by a drunk driver. I saw the crying father and his children. I saw the caskets lowered into their graves. There's just an indescribable feeling when you see those first few shovels of dirt hitting the tops of the caskets. There was a full-size casket and then a very small casket for the baby. So sad, so needless! Where were the beer companies with their "drink responsibly" signs at the funeral?
Alcohol is a deceiver (Proverb 20:1), a bloodthirsty substance always lurking in the bodies of fools for it's next victim.

The Cold Hard Facts

The cold FACT is that 95% of the people who drink alcohol will drive afterwards. It's just the simple truth. It's a great big lie of the alcohol industry. Every single day in America, MILLIONS of beer drinkers stop off in a bar for a drink and then DRIVE away. So the "Don't Drink and Drive" slogan is about as useless, meaningless, hypocritical, and deceitful as any statement ever made. It's a lie of the devil. The beer companies know this dark reality, but the slogan sounds good so they promote it anyway. It's an insult to everyone who has ever lost a loved one because of alcohol to preach "Don't drink and Drive" when people come out of bars by the millions daily and drive away. It's just a FACT: Millions of people drive after consuming alcohol every day.

NO ONE can responsibly drink and drive because there is NO KNOWN SAFE LEVEL of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). The shocking TRUTH that few people realize is that MOST alcohol-caused accidents involve drunks with BAC's within the present acceptable legal limit of .08 (eight hundredths). So according to the LAW, if you divide your blood up into 100 equal parts and 8 of those parts register as alcohol, ONLY THEN are you considered legally intoxicated. Astonishingly, the public actually goes along with this deception! 'Com on folks, .08 is nearly 10% of your blood!!! The old BAC used to be .10, but MAD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) fought to have the standard raised because so many people were being MURDERED by drunks with BAC's within the acceptable limit. The cold hard fact is that each individual's body is different and reacts differently to alcohol (and to different amounts of alcohol). Different brands and types of alcoholic beverages are manufactured under different conditions, having varying amounts of alcoholic concentrations, thus providing a river of toxic cocktails. With all the uncertainties involved, there is simply NO reasonable premise upon which to establish SAFE Blood-Alcohol-Content levels. The list of murdered victims by drunk drivers is PROOF of this fact. Therefore, in the best interests of the country, ALL alcoholic beverages should be outlawed.

I watched my neighbor break all the windows in front of his house after beating his wife up...he was as drunk as could be. I remember a woman who lived across the street from us when I was growing up...month after month, her face black and blue, many of her teeth missing...her husband and her were both alcoholics. The truth is that a library could not contain the volume of books which would need to be written to reveal all the evils caused by alcohol consumption. I don't care where you live in America, just pick up a local newspaper and you'll read about alcohol-related fatalities on a regular basis. It's a great evil in America.
Did you know...

At BAC's as low as 0.02 percent, alcohol affects driving ability and crash likelihood. The probability of a crash begins to increase significantly at 0.05 percent BAC and climbs rapidly after about 0.08 percent. (Zador, Krawchuk, and Voas, 2000)
Virtually all drivers, even experienced drinkers, are significantly impaired at .08 BAC. (
NHTSA, 2003)
In 2003, of the 17,013 total alcohol-related fatalities, 14,630 had BACs of 0.08 or over. BACs of 0.01 to 0.079 accounted for 2,383 fatalities. (
NHTSA, 2004)

While there is no "safe" amount of alcohol for drivers, most people can drink moderately and drive legally when the illegal per se limit is set at .08. A 170-pound male typically would have to consume more than four drinks in one hour on an empty stomach to reach a BAC of .08. A 137-pound female typically would have to consume three drinks in the same time frame. (NHTSA, 2003)
If every state passed a .08 BAC law, 400 to 600 lives would be saved each year (
Centers for Disease Control, 2001).

According to the above statistics, it is a FACT that 2,383 people died in 2003 as a result of a BAC of .01 to don't tell me that it's ok for a Christian to drink alcohol. Did you read statement # 4 above?...'there is no "safe" amount of alcohol for drivers'. What part of NO don't you understand? NO SAFE AMOUNT! So why be reckless with someone else's life and wellbeing? Beer is for fools!!! According to the Greater Dallas Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, a man who weighs 140 to 240 lbs will have a BAC of .02 if he drinks JUST ONE BEER! The average man who weighs 160 to 200 lbs. will have a BAC of .04 to .05 if he drinks 2 beers within an hour. The FACTS don't lie, beer drinking is a fool's game of Russian Roulette.

Estimated Blood Alcohol Content – MEN
Body Weight In Pounds









Subtract .01 for each hour of drinkingOne drink is 1.25 oz. of 80 proof liquor,12 oz. beer, or 5 oz. of wine


It Only Takes Once

Though some people can indeed handle alcohol, it just takes ONCE! ALL IT TAKES IS ONCE! This wisdom alone should prevent any Christian from drinking alcoholic beverages. Do you think that anyone in their right mind wants to kill someone because of their own foolish alcohol consumption? Sadly, some people don't care. I used to work with a pathetic little man that had killed a little girl while driving drunk years before...he actually laughed about it. God will judge these reckless and wicked people who wound and kill others while intoxicated. If you take the drink, you are ACCOUNTABLE to God. If you're lucky, you'll get life in prison or the death penalty here on earth. Because of you don't, then God WILL deal with you much more harshly and avenge the blood of those whom you have destroyed. Do you fear God? If you do, then why risk playing with fire. The risks are great! It is good sense NOT to drink alcohol. If you take the matter of drunkenness lightly, then you need to get right with God. As my pastor used to say, "You can't take two drinks of beer if you don't take the first." Now that's GREAT advice!

Alcohol and Children

No Christian can drink alcohol and twist the Scriptures to justify consuming such an unstable and dangerous substance. I used to hear my father say that his beer was "medicine". It doesn't work like that parents, your kids aren't dumb. The fact that you are calling a can that says "beer" something else (medicine) is telling on you. There's drug stores all over the place, you don't need beer. My father was a professed Christian who drank a lot of beer. I remember the day when all his grandchildren watched him as he was lying face down in a pool of alcohol, drunk as could be. He had hit his head and ended up in the hospital. As a carnal believer, he lived in the bars. I can honestly say that my father's beer drinking prevented him from being close to the Lord. There was always a "phoniness" about my father's faith, no real conviction. He played the religious game, but the truth didn't really matter. By the way, he was also an ordained minister (more of a sinister minister). His alcohol problems robbed his family of any happiness when we were growing up.

My father used to take me with him into the bars to buy his beer. He'd give me a quarter to go play a video game while he sat there drinking alcohol (or arguing with my mother on the phone). I remember seeing pictures of naked women on the walls. I saw women in mini-skirts. I heard the devil's rock music. I smelled cigarette smoke. I heard swearing. I saw men grabbing on women sexually. Then he forced me to go to church on Sunday. How could a professed "Christian" and minister of the Gospel take his son into such a place? This is the apostasy which the Bible foretold would come (2nd Timothy 3:1-7). If you want beer, you will have to go to the house of sin to buy it. I'm not condemning my father, I am simply saying that taking a young child into such damnable places is detrimental to their spiritual development. I am also saying that beer is synonymous with EVERY form of sin. Beer flows like rain through house-gutters in a thunderstorm in nearly every bar, gambling casino, strip joint, and evil establishment on earth. This fact alone should repel every Christian from drinking alcohol. By the way, it's just as wrong for an adult to go into such sinful places as it is for any child. Evil is evil. I love my father, but he allowed alcohol to destroy his life (and ours). Oh listen to me all you Christians...alcohol is of the devil, straight from the pits of hell!!! Don't be a fool.

The rest of his article is found at

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, extra events are coming on in the world. There is a spy scandal, which George W. Bush allowed electronic spying between a foreign and domestic citizen. The New York Times knew about this story and reported on it for years. The truth is that this illegal procedure (since only a FISA court can authorize a spy on citizens) existed among Clinton since Newsmax reported on how he used Echleon to spy on Americans. The NY Times also reported on how the FBI monitored PETA, Greenpeace, and other political organizations. I don't support this Big Brother culture that Bush and his allies promote. Our civil liberties is more important than anti-freedom laws indeed. This is Bush's and the Neo-Cons desperate attempt to preserve even all of the portions of the Patriot Act. Actually, the Patriot Act is so against the United States Constitution, that all of it should be banned period. Lately, I've been hearing about Holocaust Revisionism. While people have a right to peacefully believe that with no arrest, many racists, Neo-Nazis, etc. have supported this view. Many mainstream historians debunked it and racists who promote use it as an excuse to justify the activities of the Nazis. That's why in 2006, I will list a refutation of Holocaust Revisionism. I will expose the nexus between white supremacy, population control, radical environmentalism, anti-immigration, and abortion as well. Lately, I see more Christian bashing. It's a good thing that I'm around to refute those lies. Real Christians will never unjustly kill people. Witheforce, John Wesley, John Quincy Adams, etc. supported freedom for all men regardless of color and they are great Christian role models that counterract the lie that real Christians supported genocide, unjust slavery, and other evils in human history. Just for that, I will in 2006 set the record straight on real Christian history and our contributions. I'm going to target the lie of Peak Oil (supported by Big Oil, the Club of Rome, and other establishment groups) and these anti-Semites who hate both Jews and Arabs. Some of them don't know real history and the fact of a permanent Jewish presence in Israel from Hadrian, Byzantium, the Islamic Empire, the Ottomans, the British, and today. I will not be intimidated by no man whatsoever. I still believe in God creating the universe. As for the Alternative Media Movement, there are some good people there. I witness them all of the time. It is true that a lot of alternative people are shills, but let's not say all people in the movement are. We must expose evil, yet inspire people to change their ways plus reach out to folks as well. I think that WING TV is doing a lot of good, but for them to unite with David Duke is a disgrace. I never consider WINGTV a shill group, but David Duke has never formally apologize to the public on his comments about the KKK, blacks, Jewish people, etc. Even if Duke is right on some issues, without his formal apology, I can never unite with him as a man. I wouldn't be a black man if I didn't oppose David Duke. This is one sign of WINGTV's hostility toward Jewish people.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Resurrection and Beyond Part 4

Popular Culture Part 5

Don't follow the crowd if it is evil. Patient and perservance is our pathway to victory. Popular culture usually spews garbage to make people, especially the youth, to not think critically about serious issues and focus on mundane subject matter like evil parties, etc. Oprah is very loved and popular by the world. For years, she not only believed that many religions can find God, but she had numerous New Age guests on her shows. David Stewart's has a recording of Oprah promoting many ways to God. R. Albert Mohler Jr. wrote on August 31, 2004 that Oprah supported a little girl to become a transgendered male if she wants. also mentioned Mohler Jr.'s article proving that sick advice. Heavyweight companies like Geffen Records show music all over the world. For me, regardless of the almost of spin you see, I disagree with college fraternities. I don't like its Masonic influences and a man can join other clubs and groups inside college without them. Some TV preachers have used many wordly and unnecessary tactics in trying to get people saved. Some of them like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, and Rod Pairsley use theatrics in big domes rather than expose the real issues pressing society like abortion, torture, Secret Societies, real history, etc. Many of them follow false doctrine like when Creflo calls men "gods" when Psalms said that God was mocking the wicked judges and not promoting people calling each other gods.

I guess people want to find my opinion about Dr. Martin Luther King. I agree with him about wanting real liberty for all people, whether white, black, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, etc. I think he did a good deed in trying to make known that real liberty should be for all American citizens, not just white people. I disagree with him with his suprisingly liberal theology. Tracy from documented how Dr. Martin Luther King denied the virgin birth of Christ, denied Hell, questioned the resurrection, and other things that no real Christian should do. You're not a real Christian if you deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, he believe that human suffering was redemptive, which is unscriptural as well. Nothing can save a man period, except by God's grace alone. He palgarized during his time in college and he committed adultery many times like Jesse Jackson. I disagree with him on those areas as well. Cathy Burns' "Billy Graham and His Friends" made known of even more of King's errors. Not only did he recieved the Margaret Sanger award, but Dr. King spoke at a Masonic Lodge the night before he died. He regularly supported his Brother Masons like Andrew Young, A. Phillip Randolph, Justice Thurgood Marshall, Georgia Congressman John Lewis, Benjamin Hooks of the NAACP, Ralph Abernathy, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., etc. The Masons don't want you to know that pro-segregation forces were also Freemasons like George Wallace of Alabama (he changed later in his life), Orval Forbus of Arkansas, James Eastland, and Ross Barnett of Mississippi. There is no proof yet that Dr. King was Mason, but he said these words that are mysterious: "I'm in a fraternity; I'm in two or three." He also said "I'm in a fraternity...I'm saying its dangerous...because it's the best fraternity in the world and everybody can't get in this fraternity..." (A Testament of Hope, 1986, pg. 262).
Is Dr. Martin Luther King a Freemason? I report, you decide friends.

I definitely disagree with Bill O'Reilly for many reasons. Bill O'Reilly is right on some issues like exposing illegal immigration. On the other hand, he rarely expands his mind into other arenas. He regulars says comtroversial comments like saying "Shut Up" to people, a slur against Hispanics, wanting to blow up the U.N. Building (though I'm not too fond of the U.N.), and in August 2005 saying that he would execute prisoners at Gitmo (though he claims to be against the death penalty). If Bill O'Reilly will expose the real truth about Building Number 7's collapse, voting fraud, the CIA involved in drug smuggling, forced vaccinations, Big Brother, the fake War on Terror, delpeted uranium, The Patriot Act ruining our Bill of Rights and Constitution, the real history of Planned Parenthood, Skulls and Bones, etc. then 9 times out of 10 he will become fired. Also, I wanted to talk about "Rev." Jesse Lee Peterson. Yesterday, I saw him bash Kwanzaa. People like him are no different than Jesse Jackson. Alexandra Spears is right to disagree with Maury. Usually he show teen pregnancy and other filth with rare episodes with a positive message.Now you guys know that I will have to talk about the "Rev" Jesse Lee Peterson. I agree with him that the founder of Kwanzaa was a Marxist, but there is nothing wrong with black people learning about Swahili and positive culture aspects of their own heritage. I see no problem with that. Any socialism in Kwanzaa I oppose, but that doesn't mean that black people should remain in the dark about their real history and culture at all. People like Jesse are right on some issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc., but they falsely equate learning about cultural history of black people as being hostile to American society. The Truth of the matter is that black people descended from Kings and Queens centuries ago in Africa. Our footprints were in Egypt, India, Kush, Ghana, Nok, Songhai, Axum, and other places during ancient times with advanced civilization and culture. That isn't the case for many cultures in America represent their culture respectfully, yet they aren't bashing the good things in America. There's a 2 word phrase that my little brother calls people like Jesse Lee Peterson. I guess you know what it is. He's a Bush supporter, yet Jesse Lee Peterson don't realize Bush's anti-conservative agenda as President. He's a Bushbot. Jesse Lee Peterson is also a hypocrite, because Hannakah is a holiday based on Judaism, which is composed of mostly Jewish people. It represents a large part of Jewish culture, yet he's not condemning that holiday. He's the type that wants black people to know nothing about their past and just compromise. Christmas itself is a real made-up holiday since Christ and the apostles never admonish us to celebrate Christ's birth. Christmass related to "Christ-mass" in reference to the heathen mass. Early America seldom celebrated Christmas until the 1800's. Bible-Believers in the 1600's-1700's rejected Christmas outright as pagan.
So, Jesse Lee Peterson hypocritically opposes Kwanzaa, but won't see the paganism in Christmas.

The Winter Season

Just because CHristmas (or X-Mass. Really I don't get why people praise a mythical man named Santa Claus who breaks into people's houses, send gifts, and escapes from being caught of breaking an entering. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) have heathen, pagan origins, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the Winter Season. We must have fun in our lives, but not become compliacent. Recently, you got still more people want to test me out and even claiming that I don't present documentated information, which is false. I've been here before since the beginning. Nothing is making me afraid except God. Another common criticism by some people against me is about let's not make people think that we're "kooks." They also mention that the world must accept us. My response to that is that I could care less about the "world" claiming that we're kooks, because we're gaining more followers day by day. Forget the evil in this world. The Bible says that we shouldn't care for the things in this world. The Bible says we shouldn't conform to this world, but renew our minds.

Still, this year is one of the most highly developing and craziest years in terms of events. From Iraq, Terri Schiavo, torture, Hurricane Katrina (where the police confiscated law-abiding citizens' guns), the tsunami, Earthquakes, the Leak Scandal and indictment of Scotter Libby, mad cow, the bird flu disease, John Roberts, Alito, and the list goes on and on. The lesson is still the same from me. We must investigate what we find and use as much rational, accurate information possible to back up what we say. Also, we need to not embrace fear mongering and hysteria. We need to have the confidence to expose what is going on in the world, the good news, and tools to help us to fight against evil. What we can do is join real groups that want liberty, create exposes, help people, make donations to real charities (especially locally), pray to God, be moral, be firm, never show fear mongering plus rational evidence, always be active, never compromise your core convictions, and question people. Even I need to be question, because I'm not a perfect man. Never follow me 100%, but follow Almighty God 100%. God is always perfect and just, so follow him and his Word in the Bible. Oppose all Secret Societies also.

So, I say Goodbye to 2005 and I await for 2006. P.S. As for the doubters, don't you think that every time you attack me, I just become more intelligent. Your deception doesn't work. I'm back and better than ever. Thank you haters for strengthening my intellect. You haters have nothing more to say to me. Don't you guys know that I love these challenges. Oil, any time you want a real debate, I'm here. If you want to challenge me, then it's on. I guess I win. You anti-Semites need to learn that the Bible says that Jesus Christ was a Jew and salvation is of the Jews. All you Freemasons, the Bible says that Christ is the only cornerstone, you don't say bloody oaths, many Masons called Masonry a Religion, and Freemasonry is documentated as having occult symbolism and occult rituals. I'm only 22 years old now, so this is only the beginning. As for the 9/11 Truth Movement, I'm in it. I disagree with Cynthia McKinney on some issues, but I respect her for exposing the Bin Laden Family/Bush Family economic link and talking to Rumsfeld about NORAD failing to respond during 9/11. I disagree with Peak Oil, because the Club of Rome supports it, many oil reserves are discovered now, and other alternative technologies can easily replaced the need for oil. Even Dr. Stanley Monolieth said the the oil companies are promoting the Green Environment Movement (who want to further control private property as opposed to just wanting clean air, clean land, and clear water alone). Dr. Stanley and mentioned memo describing how Big Oil are gouge prices and create artificial scarcity by limiting capacities of and outright closing oil refineries. Big Oil supports Peak Oil. I see it on commmericals from Big Oil BP all of the time. Therefore, many liberals act like they're bucking the establishment, but the same establishment supports Peak Oil like they do. I truly respect everyone in the Unhived Forum, WINGTV, PhantomTruth Forum, and other places. This is truly my final expose for the year.

Ruach Ha'Kodesh
Asslamu Alaikum
L'Hit Ra'ote
Br'it Chadashah

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

December 15, 2005






Resurrection and Beyond Part 3
Health Information Part 2

I think that is doing a great job in showing information about real health as well. I may not agree with them on every issue, but they love this country and sincerely want to help people in the United States and the rest of the world. Yahoo News reported that a French court acquitted people who vandalized a GM maize crop at Orleans, France. Many of the activists like Jean-Emile Sanchez will only have to pay a fine in euros. While I abhor vandalism, GM or genetically modified foods are very dangerous to society. Not only are they not naturally grown foods, but the chemicals in them can have an increased risk of cancer, mutations, and other problems for human beings. Marc Kaufman from the Washington Post reported on some people (like professor Lyle Craker from Massachuttes) wanting to end the federal government's monopoly on marijuana, so he can create possible medicinal uses for it. I don't want to use marijuana (which can be dangerous for people), but I find it very hypocritical when people bash marijuana when marijuana is safer than alcohol, tabacoo, cocaine, heroine, and other really destructive drugs. It's apparent that mercury, aspartame, flouride, and aluminum ruins the brains, can make seizures, and other problems. Our water in America are flouridated, which can farm many people in this nation.

The Independent - UK reported on how the Glaxo company's prescription medicines doesn't work on most people. Alternative medicine researchers for decades have been exposing on how pharmacetical companies have a monopoly on medicine, while alternative medicine that can help people are suppressed. I always thought that HIV never caused AIDS and new doctors like Patrick Rattigan ND are coming forward proving that the HIV/AIDS link is nothing more than a hoax. Dr Robert E. Willner said that Gallo promoted the HIV turning into AIDS hoax by using fraudulent research. Even Dr Kary Mullis Nobel Laureate said that HIV never caused AIDS at all. Biologist Dr Lawrence Bradford said that AIDS was created by a multifaceted approach, while HIV isn't sufficient to form AIDS at all. As for Alcohol, I refuse to drink any of it. Alcohol will cause brain, liver, stomach, and other damages to the human body. People talk about Jesus, but wine back then was mainly mixed with water. Alcohol back then was less alcoholic than today. The Bible explicitly forbids alcohol use unless for limited exceptions. That's why I don't drink no alcohol for any circumstance. Jim Meyers from Newsmax reported on the dangers on soda. "The Organic Consumers Association" document the dangers of soda as eating your liver, decrease your bodies calcium, and if it has aspartame, it can increase your risk of brain tumors.

Extra Occult Symbolism Part 2

Well, the real Elite regularly use numbers, occult symbols, and other signs denoting their control, while most people don't realize their true meaning. This image is from the Rockefeller Center Plaza in New York City. It represents Atlas holding the world. In Greek mythology, Atlas was punished for a bad deed and made by the gods to hold the whole world. The Rockefeller's family tree is known for eugenics, abortion, and crony captialism.

The tricep symbol is made up of 3 diamonds. It represent the Nordic-like sign to endorse spiritual magice and energy powers according to Texe Marrs. When straight lines fill from tip to tip, it will form a Hexagram.

This is Michael Smith, a supposedly Christian singer with his name spelled backwards and with Runic imagery. Crowley, Aliester. Magick:Liber ABA, book four, 1994 Ordo Templi Orientis ediiton, p. 639 talked about the Satanic pratice of writing your name backwards and doing other things backwards. Mather, George A. and Larry Nichols, The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult, p. 235 says that runic alphabet are used in a magical chant and by other occult groups.

"The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson is one of the most occult and Satanic movies that have brainwashed much of Christendom. There was so many occult symbolism that I found that these 3 are the basic proof of this film being Elite promoted. The logo that Gibson used for the Passion is the picture of the Augustinian nun-mystic St. Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824). Emmerich, from Germany, claimed stigmata [the wounds of Christ in her body]. During the last years of her life, she supposedly ate the Catholic mass wafer then received “visions” of the life of Christ. These phony revelations are incorporated under the title of “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”, published in 1824. The image on the far left show the All Seeing Eye (Horus) and rays of "illumination to her." There is an image of Jim Caveizel with his left eye open. It looks like the All Seeing Eye as wel. A prophecy against the idol shepherd reads like this: "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." [Zech 11:17]. The Icon Productions film logo has an All Seeing Eye as well. There are many verses to refute Mel's Passion movie. It's a Jesuit/Vatican psy-ops to decieve God's people. Mark Brewer exposed that the Shill Mel Gibson might run for Governor of California and the racist Hispanic supremacist group of La Voz de Aztlan support Mel's movie, even his new one called "APOCALYPTO." "APOCALYPTO" dealing with the Mayans' culture.

The X symbol is from pagan origin and that's a fact. The X symbol was used in the Ancient Mystery Religions for thousands of years and in Freemasonry plus the occult. According to many scholars like Dr. C. J. Koster believe that it was the Chaldean sky god and the sun deity in ancient times. Freemasons like 33rd degree Freemason Jim Tresner (in the Scottish Rite Journal) see the X as a symbol of transformation. It’s in the 17th degree of the Knights of the East and West’s logo. X in ancient Egypt meant the sun god or Osiris. Even the insignia for the 29th degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry called St. Andrew is an X symbol. The far right image is the logo for the 29th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry with an X on it. According to tradition, the apostle St. Andrew was crucified in an X cross. Still, the X symbol was pagan since pagans utilized it against Andrew. Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, Confederates (the Freemasons, Knights of the Golden Circle, Rothschild interests and the Jesuits infiltrated its leadership just like the Union side), and other evil groups encourage the X design in their logos. Emperor Constantine used the “X” symbol as well. Don't believe me that it's pagan now, then, check these words out from's "Origin of the Cross" article: "After Constantine had the "vision of the cross," he ahd his army promoted another variety of the cross, the Chi-Rho or Labarum. This has subsequently been explained as representing the first letters of the name Christos, But again, this had a pagan origin. They were found as inscriptions on rock, dating from the year ca. 2500 B.C.E., being interpreted as "a combination of two Sun-symbols, known as the Ax- or Hammer-symbol of the Sun- or Sky-deity, and the + or X as the ancient symbol of the Sun, both of these signs having a sensual or fertility meaning as well. Another proof of its pagan origin is found on a coin of Ptolemeus III from the year 247-222 B.C.E." I'm not lying about this stuff. The Skulls and Bones' crossbone logo appears to look like an X as well. Texe Marrs' Codex Magica backs up my information as well.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

Resurrection and Beyond Part 2

The Occult Secret Society Network

To learn about the occult Secret Society Network, you must know about history from the ancient times and modern times. The Late William Cooper wrote an excellent article on the similarities between all Secret Societies. Occult groups indeed had many similarities. Most of them follow the premise that human salvation is achieved by knowledge by gradual ceremonies. A lower level iniatate is not shown the whole truth in all of these groups. Many of them are shown blatant deception. The higher iniatates are given the whole truth and some of the teachings of the lower levels readily contradict the teachings of the lower levels. All of these organizations withheld many secrets from the general public. One of the main origins of this whole system came from Babylon and Egypt. Their polytheism, levels of groups, and religious people influenced most occult Secret Societies throughout history. I have no problem with ancient Egyptian and Babylonian languages, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, science, etc. but I firmly disagree with their polytheism and them not following the One True God.

Many Mayan groups also had great astronomy and technology, but they performed immoral human sacrifice. Secret occult groups like Asoka’s, King of India’s Nine Unknown group (started in 250 B.C.). In 1100 AD., was the approximate date when Sufi Gilani founds the Arabic school of Illuminati Kadiri Order of Sebil-el-ward in Bagdad. Also, Joachim of Floris founds the primitive Christian sect of the Illuminated Ones. In 1119, the Knights Templar were founded in Palestine at Clermont with 9 original founders. The Knights Templar was later dissolved by a papal decree in 1313 and a year later in 1314 when DeMolay and others were burned in Paris for heresy. From 1378 to 1384, the legendary "Christian Rosenkreuz" is claimed to have forumulated his organization called the Rosicrucian Order, an occultic organization. The Rosicrucians misinterpretated the Bible to promote their occut agenda. They place a high emphasis on the Mary and the Holy Grail. Martin Luther wore the Rosicrucian cross on his shirt. Many authors claim the Luther was a member of the Rosicrucian Order. Famous Rosicrucians were Francis Bacon and Robert Fludd (who studied the magical arts). In 1500 was the approximate date of Roshaiya, Illuminated Ones, in Afghanistan and the beginning of the Alumbrados (Spanish Illuminati) in Spain plus Charcoal Burnes in Scotland. There also were the Hell Fires Club in the 1700’s and the Illumines of France in 1762. Benjamin Franklin was a Freemason and a well known member of the Hells Fire Club. This group was known for doing sexual rituals.

In 1754, Adam was 6 years old and taken in to live with the Jesuits. Later in 1768, he graduates from the University of Inglostadt, and becomes a tutor and catechist. He was ordained as a priest. He used to be a professor of Catholic Canon Law as well. He was the one who created the Bavarian Illuminati, but Illuminati related groups existed for thousands of years before 1776. He divided his group into several levels and it was hunted down by authorities. The Illuminati united with Freemasonry by July 1782. By the 1800's, many offshoots came like the League of Just Men (which assisted Karl Marx in forming his Communist Manifesto ideals). The next couple of pages will look at Freemasonry, the Theosophical Society, the Golden Dawn, O.T.O., Scientology, British Royalty, the Jesuits, and other groups.

Freemasonry is more than just people wanting brotherhood together. How did Freemasonry begin? Masonic documents try to trace Masonry back to Adam and Solomon, but much of this is base on mythical symbolism. Even Freemasons admit that the Hiram Abiff story was a myth to convey teachings unto people. Real Freemasonry existed from the Ancient Mystery Religions found in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and even the Druids. Many guids and workers in ancient Greece and Rome set up the foundation of modern Freemasonry according to Christian author David Allen Rivera. A famous Grand Lodge existed in 926 A.D. They had secret passwords and codes in there. Also, there were operative (non-occult workers) and speculative Masons (occult workers) from 926-1717 A.D. As time grew on, many Masonic Lodge became speculative. For example, the Rosucrian and Mason Elias Ashmode invented the 3 Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry. Modern Freemasonry came in 1717 at England. It was formed by 2 Protestants by the names of Dr. James Anderson (A presbyterian) along with George Payne and Dr. Theopholips Desaguliers (a former Hugenot turned Anglican). That's why many Protestant and Baptist churches are readily infiltrated by Masons to this day. Freemasonry spread all across Europe and America from 1717-1800.

Anton Chiatkan and other writers proved a Masonic connection to the Ku Klux Klan. The Kabbala, which Albert Pike (who was in the Confederacy and was convicted of war crime by using his Native American soldiers to kill 400 Union soldiers in a merciless way by scalping them) supported, contradicted Mosaic Law and true Judaism. Freemason Andrew Johnson pardoned Pike, then the next year, Johnson became a 32nd degree Freemason. The KKK was formed in the spring of 1866 inside of a Tennessee Hotel by ex-Confederates. The KKK relates to the Greek word "kuklos" or circle since a lot of Secret order organize in a circle-like setting. Low Level Freemason General Nathan Bedford Forest (Forrest was initiated in Lodge #168 at Angerona, Tennessee. Paul M. Bessel, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Leadership Center at records Forrest’s membership) was the first Imperial Wizard of the Klan. Pike was the chief Judicial Officer. The early Tennessee Klan had Masons under Pike and Freemason Robert Tombs ran the Klan in Georgia. As As owner-publisher of the Memphis, Tennessee, Daily Appeal, Albert Pike dissented with giving voting rights to black people and opposed Reconstruction. The KKK was pro-Black Codes and the Black Codes had anti-gun laws (proven by JPFO or the Jews for the Perservation of Firearms Organization) in them to prevent balck people to own guns. A statue of this Freemason, Confederate, and traitor Albert Pike still reigns in Washington D.C. to this day (with a majority black population). The Klan wear hooded sheets, burn crosses, and terrorize people like cowards. The Klan was revived in 1915 by William Simmons and many of the Klan in that time were Masons in it. According to, Albert Pike wrote about the mythical Aryan supermen as well. Wyn Craig Wade's "The Fiery Cross,", Historian Dr. Walter L. Fleming, John Covici, and others proved the KKK/Masonry link.

I thank 2tuff and others from the Unhived Mind Forum in exposing a lot of Freemasonry influence in Great Britian as well. Freemasonry is always incompatible to Christianity. For example, Albert Pike and Albert Mackey call Freemasonry a Religion. J. D. Buck (32nd degree) wrote in Mystic Masonry (1925) that "...The only personal God Freemasonry accepts is humanity in toto...Humanity therefore is the only personal God that their Masonic philosophy is that God is whatever you want him to be and is referred to in general terms as the "deity" and the "Great Architect of the Universe," but in higher degrees, he is identified as a force of nature, usually the sun..." Many Masons are members of other occult orders.

33rd Degree Freemason Thomas Watson Sr. (also a Bohemian Grove member), Hjalmar Schact, Old Prussian "regular" National Lodges, Grand Master English Freemason Edward VIII, 33rd Degree Freemason and anti-Semite Henry Ford aided the Nazis as well. This is confirmed by, John Daniel Scarlet and the Beast's book, Eric Jon Phelps, and other sources. EndTimes Deception Website document that the cult Rael has Masonic influences as well. Edwin Black's "IBM and the Holocaust" book proves that Watson IBM company set up the census machines to count Jews and kill them during the Holocaust. Recently, By Vivian Yeo wrote in ZDNet Asia on November 10, 2005 that IBM wants a global identity system for many nations.

Today, there is a high Freemasonry population in Britian today. In fact, Robert Winnett from The Sunday Times on November 20, 2005 wrote that a senior Freemason headed a fund that gave the Conservative Party 93,000 pounds. This Mason's name is Michael Price and he is the provincial grandmaster of Warwickshire freemasons. Winnett wrote that it benefits the Tories than the national party. Price runs tons of Masonic lodges as well. is a link describing many Masons like Andrew John Francis Stebbings, Lord Lane of Horsell (Senior Grand Warden), and others. Sir Winston Churchill is one of the most well known Freemasons in Great Britian. He was a Druid and was Prime Minister of Great Britian during World War II. Michael A. Richards from Seinfield is a 32nd Degree Freemason and this is mentioned in the 2000 version of the Scottish Rite Magazine. There is a radical Muslim/Masonic connection as well. This never denotes the vast majority of Muslims who aren't into terrorism, but a evil minorities like other faiths. Dr. Abdullah Azzam trained Osama Bin Laden and Azzam was a member of the Secret Society called the Muslim Brotherhood. The Scralet and the Beast and proved the Masonic similarities inside of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mason well-known Muslim extremists were members of the Masonic Lodge, Young Egypt, or the Muslim Brotherhood like Gammal Abdel Nasser, Pasha Saad Zaghlul of Egypt, and other figures. Like always, most lower level Freemasons aren't aware of the evil at the higher levels. As for disagreeing with Freemasonry, I thank President John Quincy Adams and the Patriot William Morgan who stood up against Freemasonry. William Morgan died, so that we could learn the truth about that order like you see today. There’s also an interesting fact about Freemasonry. Masons said the word JahBulun"in the Royal Arch Degree (equivalent in the 17th degree in the Scottish Rite and the 7th Degree in the York Rite). Jahbulun actually equals to Yah (Yahweh), Baal, and On (or Osiris). There is also the deal with Solomon. Watch-Unto-Prayer Ministries and even pro-LaRouche site EIR recorded by many Freemasons endorse the building of Solomon Temple (a fake one since only Christ can create the new true Temple).

Now, it's time to discover information about the Theosophical Society and the O.T.O. The Theosophical Society is a very powerful occult society that has heavy influences in the United Nations. Its logo is in the image from above with the Hexagram (having nothing to do with David), the ankh (meaning the sun god), and the swatika (another sun symbol used by the Theosophists, Native Americans, Buddhists, and other groups of people before the Nazis even existed). It was invented by female co-Mason Madame Blavastsky. The year in which she formed the group was in 1875 and she wanted to deal with science, religion, and philosophy. Freemason Henry S. Olcott was a co-founder. She is quoted as praising Satan as freeing man during the Garden of Eden, which is a lie. She praises Satan many times in "The Secret Doctrine," on Vol. 2 pgs. 512 and 513. proved Blavastsky's evil quotes as well. She wrote in favor of a world govenment. The concept of "supermen" didn't originate from cartoons, but from the New Age Movement. Madame Blavastsky wrote and believed that Aryan Supermen from Atlantis escaped the destruction of Atlantis to travel to Tibet. She thought the Jewish people and blacks were inferior people from other origins than the Aryans. This is one of the foundations of Nazism, evolution, and white supremacy. Charles Darwin's grandfather was not only a Freemason, but Charles Darwin was a racist. See, Darwin's original title of his book was named "THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION OR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE.” He also called the black race and Abroriginals as inferior to white people and evolution more from primates than whites. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and other evil terrorists supported evolution and dehumanized people.

"The Extrernalization of the Hierachy" by Alice Bailey from Lucis Trust talked about the New Agers and Satanists' plot to make the Hierarchy (or demonic beings according to Bible Believing Christians) to rule the world. Fritz Springmeier wrote that David Rockefeller is part of Lucis Trust's manageent. On pg. 107 of Alice Bailey's "The Extrernalization of the Hierachy", she wants Lucifer to rule the earthly level and they embrace the "Christ" or the Antichrist. The book on pgs. 511-512 and 514 use the Masonic Lodge, churches, and eductional schools to try to achieve their agenda. New scientists, espeically mircrobiologists and biochemists disagree with Darwinian Evolution, because the complexity of the cell must be destroyed before real evolutionary processes must occur. Mutations is not a sign of evolution, but a genetic defect and the cell is extremely complex in its parts making a sign of a Creator rational and legitimate. Many scientists were and are God fearers indeed. Social Darwinism is similar since it bashes the poor as perfectly justified to suffer punishment and eugenics. The early eugenics movement were made up of much of the American elite, these elite funded the Nazis, and even set up the United Nations. That's why the U.N.'s land was given to them by the Rockefellers. That's why the United Nations supports abortion, depopulation, sterilization, vaccines, and the whole nine yards for decades. That's why I'm sensitive about these things since these racist liars have lied about my people for centuries. Anne Besant was another co-Mason and was head of the Theosophical Society. Alice Bailey's husband Foster (a Mason) founded Lucis Trust (or Lucifer Trust), which is now an U.N.NGO. They promote New Age spirituality. Hitler was a follower of Thesophy. According to Fritz Springmeier, Mahamta Gandhi was into Theosophy. That is true, because proved that Gandhi researched Theosophy, but he didn't join the Theosophical Society. Many Christian ministries like Contender Ministries make mention of the Mediation Room with a cube object where worship is conducted.

The Golden Dawn is another occult group that was formed in 1887. Freemason S.L. MacGregor co-founded the Golden Dawn. MacGregor supported the Kabbalah and had an obessesion with Egypt and dressed as a pharoah. The Golden Dawn was influenced heavily by Freemasonry. Freemason Dr. Wynn Wescott helped create the Golden Dawn as well. Wescott Junior Grand Deacon to the Grand Lodge of England in 1902 and the head of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Wescott worked with the O.T.O. on many occasions. Wescott follow the occult Cabala. A. E. Waite was a Freemason and another famous member of the Golden Dawn as well.
People were arrested for crime and the Golden Dawn's rituals were similar to witchcraft and sexual rituals according to the "Illuminati, All Conspiracy, No Theory" DVD with David Icke and other people.

The O.T.O. is the Ordo Templi Orientis. It was created by Freemason Karl Kellner in 1895. Theodor Reuss was Kellner ally as well. The most famous O.T.O. member was Aliester Crowley. Not only was he a British Satanist, but he said that he was in Craft Freemasonry in Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343. According to John Yarker, Crowley was given the conferred the degrees 33°, 90° and 96° of the
Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, Disciples of Memphis. Yes, there are degrees higher than 33 degrees in Freemasonry. Aliester wrote the "Book of the Law" from a contact that he claimed was from a spirit named Aiwazz. His motto was "Do What thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. He wrote about the New Aeon and Age. His wrote blasted morality and Christianity heavily. Crowley soon headed the OTO in Britian, while the OTO originated in Germany. Rock and roll plus pop musicians regularly praise Aliester Crowley like Ozzy Osbourne, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc. Freemason Dr. Theodore Reuss once headed the OTO as well. NASA's Jack Parson was a famous OTO member who was a Satan wroshipper and wanted to create the Antichrist child. He died in an explosion. The O.T.O.'s logo is still blatantly occultic, which God Almighty doesn't want or intend.One of the best book exposing the Ordo Templi Orientis is called "Blood on the Altar" by Craig Heimbichner. This book is pro-Catholic and I disagree with this book on many front, but it does tell the truth on the OTO.

One famous extension of the OTO is Scientology. Not only was the founder of Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard) was a temporary member of his O.T.O. group (the Ordo Templi Orientis) back in Los Angeles, but he praised Aliester Crowley greatly in his own words. Hubbard's own son believed that Scientology dealt with the Satanic powers. Many in Far Left Hollywood are definitely members like Jenna Elfman, Leah Remini, Catherine Bell (The woman from the Navy show JAG), Christie Alley, Tom Cruise, Isaac Hayes, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley, Greta Van Susteren. According to, it costs $380,000 to join Scientology. Christianity doesn’t cost a thing to be a member. You need to only need repentance, follow God and his Son plus the Holy Spirit. Scientology is divided into many spiritual levels called OTs. The highest OT (or Operating Thetan) is OT VIII. Araine Jackson’s account of OT VIII says that in the OT VIII levels, you must believe that organized religion can’t explain the link between the spirit and the material world (therefore renouncing them). They also must accept that God not only don’t exist, but believe that God is just another implant that must be audited out like any other false memory. The Bible says that the fool have said in their heart that there in no God, so they are fools. Hubbard is anti-Christian by saying in his Resistive Cases, Fromer Therapy, HC0B23 on September 1968 that Christianity uses mind control. Christian Margery Wakefield wrote that Hubbard believes that man is basically good, but the Bible says that all humans have sinned and come short the glory of God. Many writers have denoted a Gnostic connection to Scientology. Even I don't understand all of their complex slang that they use. It's a very weird group. We should all oppose it. Liberty to Captives Ministries has one of the best information about Scientology on the Net. While Scientologists like Tom Cruise fightfully bash psychiatry, but Tom Cruise is part of Scientology, which is part of the NWO agenda as well.

Now, let's look at British Royalty. It's a fact that the Order of the Garter, Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, and the Knights of Malta are one of the strongest groups on Earth. Those orders have heavy power in the intelligence agencies of the world. A very powerful world leader surprisingly is Queen Elizabeth II. She is not only the cousin of SMOM Grandmaster Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (the leader of all Knights of Malta worldwide and was elected as head in 1988), but Queen Elizabeth II is the Grand Patroness of World Freemasonry. The Queen is also a member of Order of the Garter (like Winston Churchill, Lord Carrington, Sir Timothy Colman, etc.) and the Order of St. John [the Protestant version of the Knights of Malta]. The House of Windsor (i.e. the Duke of Edinburgh) itself is House of Windsor based at Buckingham Palace are actually the German royal House of Hanover (Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha) as also said by David Icke. Queen Elizabeth’s private bank of Coutts Bank London is financially tied to the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group is headed by Knight of Malta Frank Carclucci. The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem was created in the 11th century from the Knights Templars. The Knights Templar helped Gerard (founder of the SMOM) became the foundation of the Order of St. John. Pope Paschal II recognized the existence of the Order of St. John in a Papal bull in 1113. The logo of St. John has the Maltese cross with the insignia I.N.R.I. which is Masonic and is the Jesuit’s words in its oath (Iustum, Necaor, Reges, Impios). Famous members of St. John include Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Louis M. Bloomfield, etc. The Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of British Freemasonry. Fritz Springmeier wrote that James H. Carey (of Chase Manhattan) is a Knight of St. John member as well. Some of the British Royal Family supported the Nazis like the father of the Duchess of Kent.

A few people realize that European aristocracies yield global power as well. “The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea” written by great Jewish Christian Tim Cohen excellently making the case that European royalty is linked to globalization and still have immense power. Almighty God wants us to follow him alone not men, so unlimitedly following a King is wrong and immoral. To follow a King to do evil is a sin and also wrong. I follow God alone beyond a King.
Now, it's time to see what you've been waiting for in talking about the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, and other groups. This nexus is going to describe global power. The Order of the Jesuits was invented by Ignatius Loyola in the 1500’s. The SMOM was created in the 1100’s, Opus Dei was formed in 1929 by Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, and the Knights of Columbus was invented in the early 1800’s in New Haven, Connecticut (by Catholics who complained about religious bigotry by the No-Nothing Party and other groups). Jesuit founder Ignatius Loyola was before an inquistion court in 1527 for sympathizing with the Alumbrados. The Vatican has consistently been against real reason, religious freedom, real liberty, etc. for centuries like Galileo, Inquistion, Syllabus of Errors (that bashed modern civilization), and other events. The Vatican is just as evil as the Freemasons.

Here's info about the Jesuits. The Jesuits and Freemasons linked up for centuries. In fact (according to William O. Peterson's work in 1951), many of the Scottish Rite degrees were written in the Jesuit College of Clermont in Paris at 1754. This was done by Chevailer de Bonneveille. Jesuit Peter De Smet was a friend of Freemason Brigham Young. High-level Freemason King Frederick II of Germany admitted the Jesuits into Germany during the 1700's. This is one smoking gun proving that the Jesuits indeed colloborated with Freemasons for centuries. Jesuit Abbe Sieyes assisted Freemason Napoleon Banoparte (initiated into the Army Philadephe Lodge in 1798 and a Templar Mason according to the reliable research of Freemasonry Watch Website). Even Napoleon wrote in his Memoirs that the Jesuits were a military organization and were power hungary. "The suppressed truth about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln" (LCCN: E457.5.M27)" by Burke Mccarty and many other authors document the Jesuit involvement of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In fact not only was John Surratt a Roman Catholic and involved in the assassination, but many of the co-conspirators were Roman Catholics like George Atzerodt, Davy Harold, Lewis Payne, George Atzerodt, and Mary E. Surratt. Surrat became member of Zuaves (personal body guard to the Pope, in the Vatican) before, eventually, being extradited back to Washington D.C. Like always, the Freemasons were involved in the coverup. For example, Mason Stanton coverup information on Surratt's whereabout. Charles T. Wilcox has a new book proving the Jesuit involvement in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as well. Eric Jon Phelps mentioned that the Jesuits trained the dictator Stalin. World War 2 had Jesuit fingerprints all over it. The Jesuit confessor Tacchi Venturi influenced Italy’s dictator Benito Mussolini to outlaw Protestantism in Italy, deported Jews to Auschwitz, and gave military aid to Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud in 1932 [according to]. Hitler was never excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church at all. The canon to Munich Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber was Wilhelm August Patin. Patin was a Dominican priest, S.S. officer, and Himmler’s cousin. SS General Baron Frederick von Eberstein admitted on questioning at Nuremberg that Archbishops Michael von Faulhaber and Brunswick were high ranking officers in Himmler’s Germanic, Teutonic S.S. Heinrich Himmler’s uncle was a Bavarian Catholic priest. In fact Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was not only a New Ager, but he supported the Piltdown Man hoax in the early 1900's. The truth is that Piltdown man was a mixture of bones from a human and an orangutan. Fidel Castro was trained by Jesuits in the Colegiao Laselle and the Colegia Dolores. Even Oswald meet with the Jesuits and his cousin was preparing for the Jesuit priesthood at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL at 1963. THe Jesuits trained Bill Clinton in Georgetown University. Jesuit priest William J. Fulco was the director of the Passion of the Christ with the Jesuit Douay Bible.
Now, the Knights of Malta must be exposed. They are the Vatican footsoliders. They also head many of the military, political, and economic institutions of the world. They once were under the Grandmastership of Russia in 1798. Hitler signed Concordant with Vatican Cardinal Pacelli in 1933 with the help of Knight of Malta Franz von Papen. SMOM Joseph Kennedy sympathize with the Nazis and he was forced to leave his post in 1940 as a ambassador to Great Britain, because of his treason. SMOM Joseph L. Larken appointed Papal leader General Franco of Spain along with the FED. Knight of Malta John J. Rascob was involved in the plot to overthrow FDR’s administration to form a Hitler-like dictatorship was only stopped by General Smedley Bulter, Congressional medal winner. Fritz Thyssen, a Nazi funder, was acquitted at Nuremberg via CFR member and 32rd Degree Freemason Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. The Vatican had the Papacy and many SMOMs involved in shipping Nazis to America, South America, etc. The Knights of Malta also supported the Area 51 base with anti-gravitational devices that the Nazis had. J. Peter Grace is known to be connected to Operation Paperclip and Area 51. The Vril Society and SS went into flying saucer research. The Black Knights and the Black Sun were other pro-Nazi Secret Societies as well. SMOM German WWII General Reinhard Gehlen (Hilter's chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union) not only was involved in the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, but trained Mossad troops. Researcher John Buchannan talked with Alex Jones and proved that Gehlen had a firm role in the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, so the CIA was created by a Nazi. The SMOM had a firm relationship with the JFK assassination. John F. Kennedy wanted the CIA to be eliminated by their corrupt covert activities. The head of the CIA in 1963 was Knight of Malta John McCone. Knight of Malta Lee Iacocca, head of the Dearborn Division of the Ford Company, dispatched Renas [head of security for the Dearborn Division of the Ford Motor Co.] to sent the car that JFK sat to D.C. Iacocca became head of the Ford Motor Company in 1970. SMOM Cartha DeLoach was part of the FBI who investigated his assassination as well. SMOM William Casey invented the Manhattan Institute, which fronting for the illegal/government controlled “faith-based” initiatives. The President of Georgetown is SMOM John J. DeGioia (CFR member). DeGioia is member of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, Chair of its Education Committee, according to the webpage he "represents Georgetown" being a member of the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton was the Chief CIA Counterintelligence and manned both the Vatican and Israeli intelligence desks. The Bush/Bin Laden family network has a business relationship with the Carlyle Group, head by SMOM and CFR member Frank C. Carlucci. Today, the Knight of Malta Juan Carlos of Spain has been involved in the Peace Process as reported by Barry Chamish. Possible 2008 Presidential candidate PA Senator Rick Santorum is in the Knights of Malta and his wife is a Dame of Malta inducted at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC on November 12, 2004. I just found out that Lord Guthrie is not only a Knight of Malta, but a a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons today (mentioned in the site of He supported the Iraq War. It's a known fact that the Knights of Malta are equivalent to the 11th Degree of York Rite Freemasonry. That tells me that high level Freemaosonry and the SMOM aren't enemies, but allies.

As for Knights of Columbus info, John F. Kennedy was a member of the K. of C. Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus Francis Matthews was the Secretary of the American Navy. He allowed thousands of Catholic Vietnamese from the North to South Vietnam aggrivating the Vietnam War as mentioned by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty. In fact, Matthews was the Supreme Knight of Columbus. According to Eric Jon Phelps, Edward Kennedy is also a K. of C. Ronald Reagan's (one of the biggest wolf in sheep clothing ever) own relative was another one and Reagan admitted to that. Tom Ridge is another famous Knight of Columbus member. FBI spy Hanssen was a member of Opus Dei. The critics of Opus Dei say that they use bondage ceremonies.

Skulls and Bones was born in 1832 by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft (grandfather of President William Howard Taft). Anothony Sutton and Ron Rosenbaum exposed its rituals of an occult tomb ceremony, and oath, confessing sexual secrets, masked men, and other weird circumstances. The mainstream media reported the initiate screaming “The Hangman Equals Death! The Devil Equals Death! Death equals Death!” The S & B are in very prominent positions of power in education, politics, religion, etc. Henry Rootes Jackson and John Perkins Sr. were Bonesmen who were secessionists. Howard Stanley was a member of the Skulls and Bones who lead Morgan Stanley & Co. after J.P. Morgan died. Bonesmen W. A. Harriman and the Guaranty Trust financed Communism in the 1920’s along with Knight Woolley, a Bonesmen since 1917. It’s now a historical fact that numerous Bonesmen (like Averell Harriman, Roland Harriman, Knight Woolley, and Prescott Bush) aided Hitler (Hitler was in a S&B like groups called the Thule and Vril Societies. All of those Secret orders worked together since both were linked to the occult desiring evil). Journalist John Buchannan confirmed Prescott Bush's involvement with Union Banking and Prescott funding the Nazis as well from looking inside of the Library of Congress documents. In fact, it’s a historical fact that both the S&B and the Nazi SS used a skulls and crossbones as their insignia. William Bundy was one are in the JFK’s administration. Anthony Sutton was one man who documented all of this information describing the Skulls and Bones.

The Bohemian Grove is similar to the S&B, but they are based in Monte Rio, Northern California. Hundreds of people come to praise the false god Molech, a Druid/Canaanite pagan idol. A statue of it is 40ft. tall in California. Video have a human effigy burned. The whole thing is occult and Satanic since pagan words are spoken in the Cremation of Care ceremony and death with sacrifice is promoted. Corporate bigwigs, politicians, and U.S. media celebrities are in this group like Ike, Reagan, Bush Sr, Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, David Gergen, Walter Cronkite, William F. Buckley Fr., John Diebold, Alan Greenspan, etc.) Many of them “relax”, male and female prostitutes abound there, and authors plus researchers like Herman Schmidt admit that networking involving world affairs exist there. For example, according to Alex Jones, Star Wars, the Atomic bomb, Alan Greenspan’s appointment, and other events were influenced by the Bohemian Grove.

Evil Jewish people have a history as well. It started with apostacy from the OT days and during when some of the tribes went into Babylon. Some followed false gods and during the NT, the Pharisees followed the Midrash. This was written tradition and that's why Jesus said to them that you make the commandment of God none effect by your tradition. Later, these apostate Jews invented the Talmud, Kabbala, and Zohar, which is the religious backbone of the evil Zionist movement. The Sabbeaten movement was involved with this by promoting a false Messiah in decieving many Jewish people. Zionism to me are divided into 2 camps. One camp are good Zionist Jews who just want to come into Israel as a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. The other group of Zionists are evil, want to oppress people, and seek to embrace the occult. Many of them are Freemasons like Shimon Peres, Netanyahu, etc. Some Zionists worked with Hitler and the Nazis. Lenni Brenner’s book “Zionism in the Age of Dictators” at Chapter 7 outline that the Zionist Party some freedom and could publish a newspaper. Non-Zionist Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Rabbi Moshe Shonfield said that many non-Zionist Jews were deceived and the Zionists led a Jewish Council to work with the Nazis. Masonic Jewish Zionist Rudolf Kastner worked with Nazis Adolf Eichmann and Kurt Becher to kill 400,000 Hungarian Jews validated in a trial against Michael Greenwald. Dr. Henry Makow and a group called Jews Against Zionism documented the Nazi-Zionist connection for years. Israel's flag is a Hexagram and has nothing to do with David as well. Many Masonic Jewish Zionists have done other evil like supporting Communists in the Soviet Union, etc. I don't agree with the Anti-Defamation League, since the Masonic B'nai B'rith help formed it, they over exaggerate sometimes about anti-Semitism, and they support a far left agenda. Even conservative Jewish groups oppose them and the pro-gun JPFO.

Anti-Semites talk about the Askhenazi Jews, but Jewish people lived in Germany, referring to Cologne, is found in imperial decrees issued in 321 and 331 A.D. (according to Encyclopaedia Judaica, Vol. 7, col. 458). Jewish people lived in Russia in the 100's A.D. Jews arrived in Pannonia (Yugoslavia) and Romania in the Third Century (according to Encyclopaedia Judaica, Vol. 16, col. 868). Other Jewish tribes are in Israel who are from Yemen, Spain, Ethiopia, Africa, Central Asia, India, China, etc. (i.e. Sephardic, Lemba, the Kaifeng, Indic, Bnei Menashe, B'ney Yisrael, etc.) They have nothing to do with the "Khazars." Therefore, the Jewish people have people and have a land. There are good and evil Jewish people, but not all Jewish people need to unfairly bashed. Evil forms of Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. In fact, Jews against Zionism is a group that opposes Zionism strongly. As for the anti-Semites, they have nothing to say to me. Those lying hypocrites won't talk about persecutions of Christians in Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and other places by Muslim radicals. They are also refuse to believe that there was a Jewish presence in the land for over 2,000 years even after the Disapora. These hypocrites talk about stealing land, but people stole land for thousands of years. America is the perfect example of land theft and that's worse than what they're complaining. Muslim extremists stole millions of square miles in Northern Africa and they're trying to steal Sudan. These bigots say nothing about that, but lie and say it's the Jews' fault all of the time. Give me a break. They won't talk about the Bible elaborately, because the Bible says that All Israel” is used in Ezra 2:70, 6:17; 8:22, 35; 10:5, and in Nehemiah 7:73; 12:47. The return of the tribes also are from Ezra 2:1-2, and that Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews (Mt. 27:37). Jesus Christ is called the King of Israel (the twelve tribes) in Mt. 27:42 and John 12:9-13). The Magi called Christ King of the Jews (Mt. 27:11), Luke 2:36 mentions Asher, John 4:19-26, Jesus said that salvation is from the Jews, Paul (from the tribe of Benjamin) is called a Jew in Acts 1:39, In Acts 18:24, there is a Jew named Apollos, native of Alexandria, Egypt, Anyone who hates his fellow man is a murderer. (1 John 2:9-11, 1 John 3:15), and Israel is the apple of God's eye in Zech. 2:7-11. I will never curse Israel. I will criticize the evil government in Israel and there's a difference. These bigot cry about "Christian Zionism," but a man can still love Israel, oppose any evil done unto any Palestinian Arabic person, oppose the evil in Israel, and still be holy in the eyes of God. Being an anti-Semite and a real Christian is an oxymoron. Also, we don't want any oppression against the Arabs. To say that we must Israel to exist and Arabs to die is not only a lie, but a deception by anti-Semites. Many people from the Vatican and Replacement theology Protestant support anti-Semitic lies, but I won't. The Bible says that the Jewish people were chosen for a duty. Just because people are chosen, doesn't denote racial supremacy. For example, some people are chosen to write books, but that doesn't mean an author is racially superior than another person. I'm not like some people who are scared. I will defend my position. Liars like Yoginder Sikand from said that they we hate Jews. First, hating an individual is a sin and violating God's Word. Second, a real believer in God will never hate a Jewish person for any reason. The Crusades were supported by the Roman Catholic Church killing Jews, Arabs, and other people not Evangelical Christians at all. Most of the Bible were created by Jewish people and we owe them a lot of thanks. Many real Christians centuries ago supported and loved the Jewish people without malice. Then this liars bashed John Hagee (though Hagee accepts false doctrine), but Hagee is right that God isn't finished with Israel. The Bible clearly states that during the 1,000 years with the Messiah, Israel will be expanded into the Euphrates, etc. Then this liar mocks Bible prophecy. These types of people make me extremely angry. Without people like us, you wouldn't be here in this nation. Christians built a lot of this nation and that's fact. Since this guy doesn't know what he's talking about, I'm moving on., Chuck Moorse, and other writers document the Muslim radical/Nazi connection as well. Chuck Morse's book, "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini” and other resources document the Nazi/Muslim connection conclusively. For example, Haj Amin Muhammad al-Husseni. This guy was Yasser’s uncle. Al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem appointed by British Mandate Governor General Herbert Samuel [Rothschild Zionist]. al-Husseni meet with Adolf Hitler at Berlin in 1942. A picture proves it. Al-Husseni lead riots against Jewish people by brainwashing and provoking Arabic people in 1920. Many other programs were led against Jewish people in 1921, 1929, and the 1936-1939 rebellion. According to the documentation from the Nuremberg and Eichmann trial, the SS helped finance Husseni’s efforts in that rebellion. The head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, took al- Husseini on tours of Auschwitz and financed his Muslim academy in Dresden, Germany to be a training ground for a puppet Nazi/Muslim government. In S.E. Europe, Husseini recruited Bosnian Muslims in Nazi occupied Yugoslavia to ethnically cleanse the Jewish people. Nazism brainwashed other Arabic nations as well when the Young Egypt group was formed in the 1930’s with stromtroopers, torch processions, and translations of Nazi slogans like “One folk, one party, and one leader.” Young Egypt attacked Jews and called to boycott Jewish businesses during the war. In William Grim’s “The Palestinian-Al Qaeda-Neo-Nazi Connection” posted on 2/25/2004 said that “…One of the main leaders of the 1941 pro-Nazi coup in Iraq was Khairallah Tulfah, the uncle and guardian of Saddam Hussein. When Saddam failed in his attempt to assassinate the Iraqi leader Abdel Karim Qassim in 1959, he fled to Egypt where he was given protection by Grand Mufti- protégé Nasser and ODESSA-connected former Nazis…” has a lot of information on this issue.

Le Cerle is an intelligence group with people who are Masons, SMOM, and other orders. There are other groups who want global government like the Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group (invented by Jesuit Preist and Freemason Joseph Rittenger according to Dr. John Coleman and Eric Jon Phelps), Council on Foreign Relations (Other Freemasons in the CFR include 33rd degree English Grand Lodge Mason “Colonel” Edward Mandell House, 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason Christian Herter, Scottish Rite Mason Averell Harriman, 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Bernard Baruch, and Grand Orient Lodge Mason Paul Warburg plus Jacob Schiff), the Round Table (invented by Freemason Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes took influence from the Jesuits according to William Jefferson Clinton and Tony Blair are members of it. Cecil Rhodes readily talked about the need for the Global British empire in the world), etc. The Pilgrim Society is a prominent group with ties to British royalty. Members of the Pilgrim Society according to are Paul Volcker, David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Henry Kissinger, etc. Black Nobility (mentioned by David Icke, Dee Jay, 2tuff from Unhived Mind Forum, etc.) as The "Black Nobility" are/were the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, Italy, who in the 12th century held the privileged trading rights (monopolies). Today there in families such as the House of Guelph, House of Bernadotte, House of Hohenzollern (in Germany), etc. Many people who obsess over the Rothschild (though a powerful bloodline) rarely talk about the Black Nobility controlling a lot of wealth on Planet Earth. So, it's not totally a bankers' conspiracy, since ideology, intelligence, political impact equals power as well, not just money. The International Bankers are controlled by the Secret Society Occult Empire.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)