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Donna Summer - Looking up (1980)

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She (Professor Marybeth Gasman) broke the code among white establishment members. Many people refuse to say what she said in public. The key to her words is that there is a system that wants a monopoly of voices in Ivy Leagues school that caters primarily to white males (and their interests). The power structure is based on not meritocracy, but on connections, class privilege, and many Ivy Leagues intentionally suppress the voices of qualified black people. That is why HBCUs are so important, because some of the greatest black doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, business experts, and other cultivators of culture have graduated from HBCUs. Building up our own institutions is very important. This proclamation has been advanced by our black historical legends for a long time. Collective power is always stronger than individual , selfish pursuits. Also, it is important to acknowledge the many, great black scholars who are doing great work. For example, Sister Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She recently received a grant in order for her to research laser technology in order for her to fight cancer. Therefore, diversity is beautiful. Diverse ideologies and diverse peoples give the world unique perspectives, creative thinking, and makes the world much more enriched socially. Back during the 1960's and the 1970's, many of our people fought for universities to just include Black Studies. Today, we are fighting against economic inequality, racism, discrimination, and other injustices. Our cause is just, because when black people have freedom for real, then the human family in general will be blessed indeed. Our minds, our voices, and our intellectual curiosity as black people always matter. We matter. Our black lives are not based on subservience to tokenism. Our black lives are valuable, honorable, and we will keep the faith. Not to mention that our ancestors suffered a whole lot worst than us and we can build up our infrastructure in a higher level in our time.

Fall is here. Fall is a season where many human beings have cogent reflections about life and a commitment to the Dream that we cherish. We believe in economic justice and social justice. The fall readily show leaves changing, holidays celebrated, and a renewed focus on the love of family. Family is important, because families sustain communities, improve life, and grow the bonds of love in the world. Not to mention that the fall is a period of time where we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Humor, fun, and other forms of enjoyment ought to be expressed and embraced. The reason is that we are not islands and we are diverse in our thinking and our other attributes personally. Therefore, I echo the sentiment that humbleness, wisdom, and honor are concepts that we believe in wholeheartedly. One of the biggest myths promoted is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, so all black people must be Republicans in order for us to be real. The truth is that Dr. King was never a Republican. Dr. King has made it clear that he doesn't view either major party as God. He voted for JFK, and Lyndon Baines Johnson. He said that he was willing to support RFK or McCarthy for the Presidency in 1968. Also, Dr. King supported civil rights, labor rights, he was against the War in Vietnam, and he believed in the separation of church and state (while acknowledging the right of people to have the freedom of religion). So, he was not a far right Republican. He was his own man ideologically. We have the right to believe in what we want and we have the right to reject bigotry and promote justice in the world.

Cicely Tyson is a great woman. For decades, she has not only acted in classic movies. She has been an active proponent of community work and she has worked in many legitimate causes that has blessed the lives of so many people in the world. Her determination, her grace, and her class can never be duplicated by any human being. She lived during the the times of Jim Crow, but her passion for the arts has inspired many black women to perform excellence in a high level. There is a picture of her from the 2016 American Theatre Wing annual gala in September of 2016. She is celebrated at the gala as well. Before I was born, she was the epitome of courage. She is still the representation of courage in our generation as well. She is 91 years old and she is just amazing as a human being. She is a great black woman and we honor her achievements. It's great to know about international artists. She is Sister Amara La Negra. She is a young black woman as she was born in 1990. She has support among her family and fans too. She has a gorgeous Afro and she is from the Dominican Republic. There are a lot of Afro-Dominicans in the world. She loves her black heritage too. She has said. "estoy muy orgullosa de ser una negra." This is why it is important to not only study about black people in the world, but to express love and solidarity with our people in a Pan-African fashion.
Bless Sister Diana Danelys De Los Santos (Amara La Negra).

There is no question that they targeted her. The legalization of medical marijuana alone (which I believe in) without the dismantling of the corrupt policies of the War on Drugs & the prison industrial complex is no revolution. It is a measure that doesn't go far enough. The young Sister was honest with what her intentions were. She was investigated by the authorities for years and it's clear that she doesn't merit multiple decades in prison for her actions. The criminal injustice system wants to punish her harshly, yet it is rare for corrupt Wall Street bankers (who ruined the lives of tons of people) to receive long term jail time. Many crooked bankers experience a slap on the wrist (for the most part). As many have mentioned, many corporations want profits without investing money in eradicating poverty or ending economic inequality. The prison industrial complex is a horrendous problem where nonviolent drug offenders in many cases are in prison longer than some murderers and assaulters. This situation is an example of double standards and racism. I wish the best for Sister Charlo Greene. The oligarchy established these unfair rules to benefit themselves as many have mentioned. In our generation, more people are exposing the hypocrisies about how many bankers only get fined when they swindle tons of people money while a black woman is facing 54 years in prison and she is not a super criminal involved in massive financial corruption.

I believe that Carson's stereotyping of black Americans as just mental automatons (without intellectual curiosity) for one party collectively is blatantly offensive. Also, there are many black people who are politically independents and know the truth about many things. The media has manipulated many people from across races for years. That doesn't mean that black people collectively are manipulated by the media as many black people have great consciousness to realize that only a handful of corporations control the major media conglomerates in the Western world. Ben Carson says nothing on imperialism, living wages, police terrorism, environmental justice, economic justice, the War on Drugs, and other important issues. You can make the case that Ben Carson voluntarily decided to be a GOP member in order for him to promote the agenda of the GOP. We know that the 2 capitalist parties of the Republicans and the Democrats have done dirt for over one century. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that one political party has the monopoly on corruption. Ben Carson fails to see that humanity is diverse. We exist in different nationalities, different sexes, different ideologies, and different backgrounds. Just because a person of another background calls for an end to bigotry, an end to oppression, an to end xenophobia, and to just promote basic human rights, that doesn't mean that this person is being divisive or wants to promote a wedge issue. The right to end police terrorism, the right to end sexism, the right to end voting suppression, and the right to end discrimination are not wedge issues. They are human rights issues and Ben Carson needs to realize that fundamental truth. Ben Carson has been very gifted in neurosurgery, but I disagree with him on many political issues. Donald Trump is the living representation of white intellectual mediocrity, of sexism, of crassness, and of bigotry. Therefore, we believe in the Dream and we'll fight for it too with stats and with other facts all day and every day (in that order).

By Timothy

Could positive train control have prevented NJ accident?

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Black Agenda Report's (late September 2016 Articles) From Charlotte to Foreign Policies's_next_genocide_somalia


The First Presidential Debate among Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

I am watching the debate. There are many thoughts going into my mind. First, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton and the moderator Lester Holt constantly. At the beginning of the debate, Trump hit Hillary on NAFTA (which history has shown is a bad trade deal and Hillary was on the defensive on that issue). Later, Hillary just blew Trump away. Trump ran out of ideas and out of gas. Trump was a habitual liar on race, on Iraq, on gender, on taxes (as he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times and he failed to release his tax returns publicly. His proposals to gut regulations and promote economic nationalism will increase the risk of a trade war. He admitted that he doesn't pay federal income taxes, which isn't fair), and on other issues. Trump admitted that he doesn't do excess preparation for debates and that is why he lost.  Hillary Clinton was not overly hostile while Trump is hostile from the gate. Tons of fact checkers will refute Trump for his many lies. I recall so many lies that I lost count. The debate dealt with the economics situation in America, race, and foreign policy issues. Trump was disrespectful to Hillary, and the moderator. When Trump has said that he has great temperament, then the audience laughed. First, the economy is not perfect, but the economy today is much better than 2009. There is less unemployment rates and private job growth has increased. Economic inequality is still very high. Trump acts like tax cuts for the wealthy and austerity measures will bring economic prosperity. The truth is that trickled down economics has never worked to improve the economy among the poor or middle class in a comprehensive fashion. Investments in the New Deal and the Great Society decreased poverty and expanded economic growth. Reaganomics has almost tripled the deficit, grew homelessness, and expanded economic inequality. On race, Trump supported the Birther lies against the President without apologizing to the President. Trump only rejected the Birther lie in 2016. For years, Trump has questioned the citizenship of the President. Donald Trump also wants law and order, which is a coded phrase for the expansion of police powers against citizens. Trump supports stop and frisk in New York City, which has been ruled unconstitutional. He talked about NYC and crime when the crime rate in NYC started to decline under Mayor David Dinkins (which was before Giuliani and Bloomberg). Hillary talked about ending mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders, ending private prisons federally and statewide, ending other evil policies. Hillary Clinton cited racism as a serious problem involving police brutality.

Hillary Clinton's greatest answers on the debate deal with race, Donald Trump's corrupt business dealings, and about situations at the end. On foreign policy, Trump opposes the Iran nuclear deal and wants certain nations to have nuclear weapons. The truth is that a decline of weapons of a nuclear nature is a wise policy to have. Trump also supports torture and has an incoherent foreign policy. The Iranian nuclear deal is better than bombing Iran. So, Trump was more ambiguous in his statements. Trump interrupted tons of times. Hillary was more precise in her words whether people agree with her or not. As for me, I don't agree with the Iraq War and I believe in social justice. Also, he never apologized for his misogynistic statements. Hillary Clinton was more calm in the debate. While I disagree with Hillary's overt militarism and war mongering policies, she exposed the vulnerabilities of Trump. Trump, by the end of the debate seemed lacking in substance and energy. Trump has said nothing on how to improve the black community while Hillary has called for eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent offenders, eliminating private prisons, and wanting investments to make colleges more affordable. Trump (who supports torture and is against the Iran nuclear deal which has prevented war in Iran) genuflects the police while he is mainly silent on the epidemic of police brutality in the world. I don't agree with Hillary on every issue, but Trump's narcissism and egomania caused him to lose the first debate.Hillary Clinton exposed Trump's sexist statements too. She was smiling in the debate. In essence, Hillary Clinton won the debate and Trump just ran out of ideals and gas by the end of the debate. That is why you have to prepare for debates.

We shouldn't compare LeBron James to Jesse Lee Peterson or Sotomayor. Lebron actually supported Kaepernick's right to express himself and he is unlike Mike Ditka. Ditka totally disrespected Kaepernick personally. Therefore, Lebron James eloquently outlined his views. The fundamental point is that we witness police terrorism in the world. We face capitalist exploitation and unregulated capitalism is a determent to human civilization, it has harmed the environment, and it is an enemy that must be defeated totally. I won't sugarcoat my words here. Lebron James should be commended for his efforts to invest in education and scholarships that will help thousands of children in Ohio. He is speaking out and using money to help our community. Lebron James has black children that he loves and he has a beautiful black wife that he loves, so he does love black people. Also, the fight for justice can be waged in diverse ways, but the fight nevertheless ought to be waged. Our people face the enemies of police terrorists, racists, and other evil people who seek the status quo. We reject the status quo and we reject a national anthem created by a slave owning racist who wanted tyranny not democracy. I will never forget about Tamir Rice (I don't agree with Lebron on Tamir Rice and other issues, but I won't equate him to Sheriff Clarke or Sotomayor). Malcolm X was an internationalist. Malcolm X supported an end to imperialism, he promoted pan-African unity, and he criticized capitalism by his own words (that I can quote). Lebron James' comments are not harsh, and they are not brutal against Kaepernick. Also, it is important to note that Black Lives Matter doesn't mean that other lives don't count. It means that black lives ought to be treated with dignity and with respect, nothing more or less. We can be diverse on how we fight for change, but we are not compromising in our goal and in our aim. there is nothing wrong with setting up economic enterprises and allowing black people to have jobs. Also, there is nothing wrong with boycotts, self defense, and resistance against tyranny either.

In life, we get to reflect. Today, as we get closer to 2020, we see a new era. Many young people, who have been told that they lack consciousness, are asserting themselves in fighting for justice in the streets. Many of the older generation have given wisdom to the younger generation. Also, those of us, in our 30's, have seen the transitional phase of American history. We have witnessed the end of the Cold War and the start of the information age. We have seen the Twin Towers fall in our late teens and early 20's. We have seen the growth of technology and social media. It is important to recognize that regardless of our age or nationality, we live on this same Earth and we desire the same goal of liberty and justice. That is why we live on this Earth. This is why our cause is just, because it's based on love and an appreciation of our courageous forebears who desired the same thing that we desire today. 2016 is almost gone. It has been a sad year for many reasons and it has been a year that makes us aware our valuable life is. Therefore, I encourage everyone to keep onward in the work for freedom. The issue of policing and black liberation are many of the major issues of our generation. There ought to be no silence on these issues. Either we want to be free or we don't. I desire to be free. The video being released was done not because of the kindness of the Charlotte police. The police in Charlotte was blatantly hesitant in releasing the footage of the passing of Brother Keith Lamont Scott. The police released this footage as a product of the pressure given to them by the people of Charlotte and the family of Keith Lamont Scott. History teaches us that changes never exist by pressure-less persuasion. Changes come by resistance, pressure, and social activism. The video is a snuff film and the Brother was shot 4 times. The video footage released showed no evidence that Keith was an immediate danger to any officer and there is no conclusive evidence from the video that he had a gun or aimed a gun at police officers. Police corruption has been documented for years and decades. Independent parties should investigate this tragedy and the pain that Keith's family is going through is unfathomable.
RIP Brother Keith Lamont Scott.

Recently was Sister Serena Williams' birthday. She is now 35 years old. Legend is an accurate word to describe her. Serena Williams is a living legend. From the streets to Compton to various places all over the world, Serena Williams exemplifies grace, class, strength, and a great sense of perseverance. Not only is she the greatest female tennis player of all time, she is one of the greatest athletes in human history. Serena Williams won 38 major titles, Olympic gold medals, and 22 Grand Slam single titles. Her power in the court is amazing and her drive for excellence is always inspirational. She has broken down barriers and inspired especially black women to pursue careers in athletics, business, politics, education, legal affairs, etc. Her life also includes the love from her parents. Her mother and her father supported her for decades. Her Sister Venus Williams is also an amazing, great tennis player in her own right. Serena Williams honors the legacies of Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, Zina Garrison, and so many other Brothers and Sisters who loved the game so much. She is a beautiful black woman. Black women are mothers of the human race. Her beautiful physique makes it known that she has the right to express herself and that black beauty is diverse never monolithic. That means that black people are beautiful in diverse sizes and diverse personalities. Beauty also deals with compassion, alms-giving, and the love of truth. I believe in the Golden Rule wholeheartedly. She has publicly advocated for justice and she has condemned evil stereotypes eloquently that some people unfortunately embrace. Serena Williams is the living representation of what overcoming obstacles is. Her kindness and her philanthropy has blessed many people around the world. She's a role model for girls and women. Serena Williams is just getting started. Also, she is an inspirational human being for all in the human family.
Bless Sister Serena Williams.

By Timothy

Shimon Peres passed away at 93 (August 2, 1923 – September 28, 2016)

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Kashif - The Mood 1983

More on the Presidential Debates

Black Lives Matter

Donald Trump's lies in the debate  (I don't agree with its support of deemphasizing race and gender, but it has some insights)

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Monday Information

Denver has a long history. The first people of Denver were Native Americans. As time went onward, the Denver area was part of the Territory of Kansas. It was land that existed from May 30, 1854 to January 29, 1861. It was created by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which deal with slavery, popular sovereignty, and whether Kansas would be a free state or not. The Denver area wasn’t settled that much until the late 1850’s. Many prospectors looking for gold moved on. This changed in July 1858. During that time, Green Russell and Sam Bates found a small placer deposit near the mouth of Little Dry Creek (in the present-day suburb of Englewood) that yielded about 20 troy ounces (620 g) of gold, the first significant gold discovery in the Rocky Mountain region. News spread rapidly and by autumn, hundreds of men were working along the South Platte River. By spring 1859, tens of thousands of gold seekers arrived and the Pike's Peak Gold Rush was under way. In the following two years, about 100,000 gold seekers flocked to the region. By the summer of 1858, there was a group of people from Lawrence, Kansas. They arrived. They also formed Montana City on the banks of the South Platte River (or modern day Grant-Frontier Park). This was the first settlement of European Americans that would become the Denver Metropolitan Ara. The site ended very quickly. The reason was that there were poor findings by miners. Most of the settlers and some structures moved north to the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. At that location, a new settlement called St. Charles was established. That location was accessible to exiting trails and had previously been the site of the seasonable encampments of the Cheyenne and Arapaho. Five weeks after the founding of St. Charles in October of 1858, the town of Auraria was founded by William Greeneberry Russell and a party of fellow settlers from Georgia on the south side of Cherry Creek.  The town was named for the gold mining settlement of Auraria, Georgia. It was formed in response to the high cost of land in St. Charles and gave away lots to anyone willing to build and live there.  A post office was opened in Auraria in January 1859 serving the 50 cabins that had already been constructed. A short time later a third town, called Highland was founded on the west side of the South Platte River.

Surrounded by steep bluffs and separated from the other two settlements by the river, it was slow to develop. In November 1858, General William Larimer placed logs to stake a square mile claim on the site of the St. Charles claim. He was a land speculator from eastern Kansas. The claim was across the creek from the existing mining settlement of Auraria. The majority of the settlers in St. Charles returned to Kansas for the winter and left only a small number of people behind to guard their claim. Larimer and his followers gave the representatives whiskey, promises, and threats and the St. Charles claim was surrendered. The name of the site was changed to Denver City. This was named after the Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver. Some wanted the city would be the county seat of then Arapaho County, Kansas. Ironically, when Larimer named the city after Denver to curry favor with him, Denver had already resigned as governor and no longer had say in naming the capitol. Denver was a mining settlement in the beginning. Gold prospectors panned gold from the sands of nearby Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. Larimer, along with associates in the Denver City Land Company, laid out the roads parallel to the creek and sold parcels in the town to merchants and miners, with the intention of creating a major city that would cater to new immigrants. During the early years of Denver, land parcels were traded for grubstakes or gambled away by miners in Auraria. More gold deposits were found in the mountains west of Denver in early 1859 as gold was lacking in the Denver area. This might cause Denver City to be a ghost town. The gold rush started and Denver was used as a hub for the new mines. Early expeditions into the area, such as the Pike and Long expeditions, had returned east referring to the plains as the "Great American Desert" which deterred immigration. Despite this, frontier posts and forts existed and traded with the natives and frontiersmen. However the closest major trading routes, the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails, didn't come with in a hundred miles of the Denver area. Until a permanent trading route was established the locals had to make due with what little extra new immigrants brought with them. New immigrants migrated into Denver. Auraria began to take an early lead with the first saloon, smithery, and carpentry shop. But in May 1859, Denver City donated 53 lots to the Leavenworth and Pike’s Peak Express in order to secure the region’s first overland wagon route. Offering daily service for “passengers, mail, freight, and gold,” the Express reached Denver on a trail that trimmed westward travel time to as few as six days. With supplies being delivered to the Denver side of Cherry Creek, businesses began to move there as well. By June, Auraria had 250 buildings compared to Denver's 150 buildings, and both cities were growing quickly. With this growth, there came a need for a wider government.

Many people have talked about the iPhone7. It was launched in September 16, 2016. This is a new product from Apple. It has a new glossy black color, better battery life, faster processors, and improves water resistance. It has no headphone jack. It has a dual lens camera for iPhone 7Plus. Its A10 Fusion processor is upgraded. It has a stereo sound too. It was first released by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone Plus are very popular smartphones. Another new feature on the iPhone 7 includes a new quad core system on chip where at most 2 cores are used at once. It has an improved graphic performance too. Much of the reception about the new devices has been mixed. Samsung Galaxy S7 is another popular smartphone device too with great batter life and water resistance. The iPhone 7 does have touch sensitive area and improved camera function, but it has a lack of a headphone jack. Some users have been reporting a strange hissing noise from the phones. The noise, which is unknown how common or widespread, happens while the device is under heavy usage. Cnet reports it as "faint buzzes and hums coming from the backside.” The Daily Telegraph speculates that the iPhone 7's new A10 Fusion processor is the source of the sound, linking to tweets that compare the phone's hissing sound to "hearing the fans spin up loudly whenever your Mac’s CPU gets used to its actual potential. In 1984, Apple introduced the MacIntosh computer, which changed PCs forever. In 2001, Apple revealed the I-Pod for the first time in history. The first iPhone came announced in January 9, 2007.  It was introduced in America on June 29, 2007 by the late Steve Jobs. Technology will continue to evolve and we are blessed to live in a time where various phones, the Internet, social media, and other devices are abundant in our world society.

The opening of the African American National Museum of History & Culture is historic and great. I am excited about it. I am an African American. My experiences in this world are unique. My people survived the Maafa, Jim Crow, the evil peonage system (which was de facto slavery), and others evils. Our black ancestors not only build up this nation, but made tons of inventions. We have been trailblazers that proclaimed the Dream in public view and the heroes to inspired the world to promote human rights. Our stories, our strength, and our resiliency as African Americans is nothing short than a miracle. No other people in human history survived what we have survived and made lemonade out of lemon in a fashion that we have made. So, the National African American museum of History & Culture is exciting. Also, we know what the journey isn't over and we have a very long way to go. New chapters of history are being written. Yes, we are America. Before Ellis Island, we were here. Before the words written on the Constitution were etched, we were here. Before the Mayflower, we were here too. Slavery couldn't stop us. Jim Crow couldn't stop us. Therefore, we (as African Americans) will continue to grow, to inspire others, and to fight to justice without apology and without compromise. We, who are African Americans, are diverse geographically, ideologically, culturally, class-wise, and in other manifestations. Yet, we should fight for the same goal, which is total freedom, justice, and equality for black people. We should honor our heroic ancestors who shed blood in order for us to live in this generation. We should be inspired to strive for excellence, to remember our past, and to engage in this audacious journey to make a better future for ourselves and for our posterity. That is that intrinsic path that we (who are African Americans) are in.

It is sad news that Brother Bill Nunn passed away today. He was only 63 years old. He was born in the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Throughout his life, he was a great actor who played a diversity of roles. As a friend of Spike Lee, he was in some of Lee's most iconic films like School Daze (which wanted to expose elitism, colorism, negative peer pressure, and other evils in our world. The film's ultimate message was to promote Black Unity), Mo Better Blues, Do the Right Thing, and many other movies. Bill Nunn was in New Jack City. Bill Nunn was in Spiderman movies as well. He had charisma, intelligence, and love for our people. In the film Do the Right Thing, it realistically not only showed urban life in New York City. It showed the realities of black America during the late 1980's when our people were suffering police brutality (as the Radio Raheem character was killed by one cop by a choke hold. This was very similar to Eric Garner in NYC being unjustly murdered by one cop in a choke hold), racism, and economic injustice. These same problems continue to persist in 2016 after almost 30 years of time. Do the Right Thing was so ahead of its time. Radio Raheem was a character that typified many working class black men trying to survive in a cruel, imperfect world. In real life, I have seen Brothers with the large radios walking down the street back in the day. So, Radio Raheem isn't based on fantasy. It's based on real people. Always humble, he loved his family and was an amazing father to his children. Spike Lee gave a great, eloquent commentary on Bill Nunn's life and legacy as a man. We realize that life is precious and sacrosanct. Also, his life reminds that we must continue onward in the work of using almsgiving, standing up for justice, and believing in the Dream in our hearts and in our minds. That is how Bill Nunn lived his life and we shall continue in the journey for real freedom as Brothers and Sisters.
I send condolences to Bill Nunn's family and friends.
Rest in Power Brother Bill Nunn.

By Timothy

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Events in Charlotte.

Many words must be mentioned. First, it must be established that the vast majority of the people in Charlotte utilized peaceful protest. The peaceful protesters are speaking their minds and they want accountability to exist in Charlotte. There was violence. Yet, violence wasn't just shown by some non-cops. Some cops used tear gas and rubber bullets in the action of violence too. The Governor of North Carolina talked about there is no excuse for violence. The Governor needs to be reminded that the Revolutionary War included widespread violence. During that time, many people burned homes and used guns to kill the Redcoats. During WWII (or the bloodiest war in human history), violence was used against the Nazis (which was justifiable). Many of the heroic Deacons of Defense used guns to defend their communities against racist terrorists. Therefore, unjust violence against innocent people and against innocent property is wrong. Yet, self-defense used in the right way is fine with me. Violence is found in drone strikes and torture too which is found in the war on terror. People must be consistent. If violence is wrong, all forms of violence must be condemned (including the unjust violence done by many police officers). That is why I respect a pacifist. I don't agree with pacifism, but a pacifist is consistent to oppose all violence out of his or her moral convictions. No successful change in society came about by submitting to the oppressor. Change can either exist by peaceful nonviolent means or by self defense. The rebellion of Charlotte is representative of the crisis of police terrorism in America and it shows how many voices have been neglected. We need investments and crooked cops must be punished. So, while I don't agree with innocent property being harmed, damaged property is not more important than human life. I send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Keith Lamont Scott. RIP Brother Keith Lamont Scott.

I agree with Sheryl Underwood's words about police brutality. She spoke from her heart and she said that cops, who brutalize and kill black people, should be in prison. That is what we want. We don't want tokenism. We want justice and human liberation. Also, she was hurt and we're all hurt all the problem of cops murdering innocent black people. It is a shame that some want to scapegoat the victim of this situation. Some even want to blame black people for the problem of police brutality, which is wrong and evil. When a white person kills a white person, people don't call it white on white crime. Every time someone of our race does wrong, then society blames black people collectively for it. That's wrong and it's racist. The truth is that most crime in America is intraracial and are in close proximity to each other based on socioeconomic factors (not by inherit genetics). Also, to end police brutality is to make sure that the police are made accountable for their actions. That means that cops who do the evil of murdering people unjustly must be stripped of their jobs, stripped of their pensions, and sent into prison. Any police union who supports crooked cops must be boycotted. The Blue Wall of Silence must end. There must be investments to build up our economic and political power. Also, respectability politics doesn't work. It is fine to have integrity and ethics. Yet, all of the ethics in the world didn't stop one cop in shooting a black man in Florida who followed commands and held his hands up. Therefore, ethics must be embraced by us, but showing ethics can't stop all forms of police brutality since crooked cops by definition don't respect morality or ethics. Black people are still murdered by evil cops when they did everything right. So, we face police terrorism in our communities and we must resist evil.
Black Lives Matter.

Colin Kaepernick has expressed personal courage to stand up against racial injustice and police brutality. His protest is peaceful and legitimate. Regardless of the words from the haters, Kaepernick has outlined sincerity, determination, and a strong human sense of consciousness to recognize that America is still a place where black people face oppression. Also, it is important to fight for economic justice too. The vast majority of police brutality occurs in poor, working class communities and help to the poor is one of the most important things that we should do. Not only is Kaepernick spending 1 million dollars, but he is using transparency to show where that money is going to. Many other players like Brandon Marshall are making their voices known too. The National Anthem was created by a slave owner and a racist. One verse of the national anthem explicitly supported slavery. Anyone of black African descent and any freedom loving person period has every right to not respect an anthem that supports the oppression against our black ancestors. We know that the psuedo-patriotism that the bigots supports is nothing more than the agenda of white supremacy (as Washington and Jefferson are scoundrels and white supremacist racists). Our black human lives are more important than post racial myths and acceptability to the status quo. We don't support the status quo. We want justice and human liberation. Kaepernick experiencing death threats is truly sad and it shows how the far right extremists don't care about dissent or freedom. Dissent is a human right along with making sure that the oppressed are respected. I certainly honor Colin Kaepernick's actions.

Don King is known for his shenanigans. Not only was he was once an ally of the Mafia (which is known to use drugs and violence to harm many people in the black community), but he has economically exploited many boxers for decades. He also beat a man to death during the 1960's. Don King is not only a Republican, but he said tons of garbage that no rational person can support. He called black people 'Negroes' for life. Don King also used the N word, which is wrong. First off, I am not a Negro. I'm a grown black person with great intelligence and a lot of determination in my spirit. Second, Don King should be ashamed of himself with his submissive token act. He also made white folks in the audience laugh, because those white folks know that he is saying words that they think and have said in private. Don King's words and mentality is representative of some black supporters of Donald Trump without question. Don King has been tap dancing for decades. Many of the cops will still lie even after the video footage is shown publicly. It seems like that they or the cops can never find any imperfection with their conduct. Meanwhile, the families of the victims are mourning and experiencing a great deal of pain. They did the same thing to Tamir Rice's family. Tamir's relative was almost arrested and the cops blamed Tamir for his own death, which is a lie. Terance's family and Philando's family deserve to be treated with much more respect by the authorities. Also, I have noticed that authorities don't tell slain police officers' families in Dallas if they forgive Micah Johnson. The authorities don't ask the families of dead cops if they forgive the cops' killers. Therefore, black people shouldn't be asked questions that have nothing to do with the situation at hand. We face a serious problem when cops unjustly kill our people at will without any real accountability.

Everyone should be outraged at this. We, as black people, face a war for our survival. Terrorist cops are terrorizing black men, black women, and even black children. The police officers disrespected black people and offended a grieving black family. I agree with the late Brother's sister 100%. Shelby should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A terrorist was arrested in NY (who was shooting at officers. The cops there were focused to injure him not kill him) without his death, but a non threatening, unarmed black man was killed when he held his hands up. The Brother Terrence Crutchers was no threat to any of the officers. Just because a black person is tall and a bigger person doesn't mean that he is trying to harm someone. There is no excuse for his murder. There is no excuse for the officers to do nothing, but redirect traffic for minutes after the Brother was shot. The late Brother was falsely labeled a threat by the officers without proof and he was murdered by one white female officer. He was bleeding and the officers never immediately came to his aid. Shelby and other officers ought to be brought up on charges. This story is why we fight for the rights of black people. This is why we oppose police terrorism and we should resist this tyranny by using our economic and political power. We have a lot of economic power in America. Crooked cops should be prosecuted. The haters lecture us about "good cops," but they fail to realize that not every black person is a murderer or wants to harm someone. Cops have tons of privileges that an ordinary citizen doesn't have. Also, these haters lecture us on respectability politics when a black man in Florida held his hands up and complied to all commands. He was still shot. I send condolences to Tiffany Crutchers and her family. The life of Terrence Crutchers mattered. We want not only equal protection. We want liberation and real freedom.
Rest in Power Brother Terrence Crutchers.
Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

Civil Rights Movement: Activists Fight For Black Rights

Gun Rights

Justin Carr: Man Shot During Charlotte Protest Has Died

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shannon: Cam Newton is trying to play both sides of the race issue | UND...

Savant's Words

Now you've proven your stupidity. Case closed. Oh, everything I stated in my previous analysis is factually correct. And at least as of right now, Trump support among African Americans ranges from about 0%--2%.

Do you actually rely on Youtube for your enlightenment. I'd be very careful there is I were you. But then again, a lot depends on WHAT and WHO you even watch on Youtube. But don't let it be you window to reality.


That doesn't make sense. How can you switch from supporting a socialist--or at least social democrat--to supporting a right wing corporate plutocrat? (Not that Hillary is wroth getting excited about). It you voted on matters of principle and conviction, and if that's what got you to vote for Sanders, you probably should be voting for Jill Stein. At most, you might hold your nose and vote for Clinton--as the only way to vote AGAINST Donald Trump. (Needless to say, the latter option will not be mine)


Most of Bernie Sanders program and philosophy has already been working, and quite effectively, in other democratic countries. There's nothing unrealistic about it. It may mean that corporates (and the rich in general) can't get all the tax they're accustomed to. It may mean that money going into maintain a huge military budge whilce schools and health care suffer. It has been estimated that the money spend on those wars in the Middle East would greatly help (or even be sufficient) to finance education at all levels and a single payer universal health care too. It is the right wing which though it could have endless wars for corporate profit and not have to pay for it, And if anyone has been grandstanding, it is that demagogic right wing buffoon Don Trump and that opportunist Hillary Clinton.


 That's what these murders by fascist pig cops are called. But henceforth, we must also assume the right to take whatever measures we deem necessary to defend ourselves from the pigs. If in my own mind a cop is a threat to me I can assume the right to take any measures necessary--as cops do when they shoot down even Black toddlers. Henceforth, we also have the right to perform "justifiable homicide" on cops when we deem it necessary and appropriate


95% of Blacks are NOT mired in abject poverty today. Th4e middle classes are about a quarter of the entire Black population. And most Blacks are working class folk, not a lumpen proletariat.


Donald Trump and Stop and Frisk

Cop fired for not shooting Black man undergoing mental health crisis

Eyewitness account of Charlotte rebellion in response to cops killing Keith Lamont Scott

The pipeline protesters are fighting for all of us

Tensions in Charlotte, North Carolina

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shannon Sharpe and Ray Lewis give their thoughts on Tulsa police shootin...

Interesting Information.

Your quote: 'RNA molecules have also been created (through natural mutation and imposed selection) that can create new nucleotides (the raw ingredients for the creation of more RNA)'
But I said No-one really has a real clue how to make DNA, RNA, organic function proteins, etc from raw INERT, INORGANIC substances [let alone how random processes could do it]... IMO your above quote just basically confirms what I said!

 Tell me You're NOT really trying to compare say carbon crystal lattices of diamond, to the formation of DNA & RNA molecules &/or active functional proteins in biological cells & the molecular machines of biological cells, are you [just because both diamond & organic-cells are carbon based]???
They've been making man-made diamonds that look just like 'natural' diamond for decades now, yet NO-One even has a real clue how to make DNA, RNA, functional proteins, etc from scratch, using just raw, inert, inorganic materials!!!

The Old 'Waste-Space' Claim. The main issue w folks like you who insist the Universe is full of so-called 'wasted space' is, you all 'ASSume' to know what you could NOT possibly know- what's the optimum matter-space configuration for life besides this one which we do know for Sure DOES Indeed WORK!!
Astrophysicist Luke Barnes said he once had a debate w vocal atheist Jerry Coyne, who asked Barnes 'If the Universe is so fined-tuned why doesn't the Universe have top ranked beach front type real-estate every-where'?? Barnes response was if that were so then the Universe's average mass-density would be about that of water, but if that were so the Universe would have begun to COLLAPSE In on itself within days [DUHH]!!
Just how far do you want to take this [not so] 'Clever' 'Wasted-Space' argument?? IE: Take our Solar-System- One could argue it too seems full of 'wasted space', since only Earth has a bio-sphere. Now Earth's radius is 4000mi vs Earth's distance from the Sun = 93 Million mi [= 1 AU]- thus within 1 AU the ratio of space devoid of life is [2.3(10^4)]^2 = 5.3(10^8) Xs greater than that containing life [& that’s just figuring within Earth’s own orbital plane]! Then consider our Solar System's total radius is at-least 30 AU [or even more]- so you should multiply that 5(10^8) by a factor of 1000. So from a very simplistic strict-materialist view-point this too would seem like a whole lotta of so-called 'wasted' empty space.
- So why not just move Earth closer to the Sun to say approx Venus' orbit [that would save space], & in process move Us right out the Sun's HZ / Goldilocks Zone, insuring that Earth would end-up just like Venus- w an aver surface temp of 860*F [= 650*F above the boiling point of water]!! Wow what a more 'efficient & effective use of space'- NOT!!
Or the structure of atoms also might seem full of 'wasted space', cause it's overwhelmingly EMPTY Space [total atomic volume approx (10^13)Xs more than the volume of atomic nuclei which have 99.94% of atoms' mass].
Even on Earth itself one might claim there's a whole lotta 'wasted' space. Again Earth's radius is 4000 miles yet the shell that has any life at-all is NO-more than 10 - 15 miles thick [includes the lower atmosphere plus the ocean depths]. Then consider that despite the over-population hype- all 7.2 billion humans could 'theoretically' fit inside of Texas & the population density would = that of NYC- without even having to use 2, 3, 4, etc... story bldgs. FYI: TX is just 1/13 of the US' land-mass & the US is about 1/3 of N.America's land-mass, while N.America is just 1 of 7 continents [ranked 3rd out of those 7]. That means from an overly simplistically narrow-mathematical view-point one might argue Earth is UNDER-Populated by at-least some 200Xs - 300Xs- if NOT even more so!! Yet many/most of your ilk who claim the Universe is full of 'empty wasted space', also INSIST that Earth is already far too OVER-Populated- Humm...
- In fact an entire continent, Antarctica [which is bigger than both Europe &/or Australia], is almost devoid of large complex life-forms such that it has NO Reptiles, Mammals, trees & flowering plants at-all!! This also is almost [but not quite] so for the World's largest island, Greenland, which [like Antarctica] over +90% of its landmass is covered in ice over +1 miles thick!! Again from a very simplistic strict-materialist view 'what a waste of space'!! Yet many/most of your ilk, also tell us that if Antarctica's & Greenland's Ice sheets [which together hold over +90% of Earth's entire fresh-water supply] were to suddenly melt, much/most of Earth's coastal & island areas would be totally submerged [sea-level would rise by at-least 100 meters or more]- & thus basically threaten to wipe out civilization as we know it!!
So what if we filled all of that vast empty space in atoms & the Universe as a whole in w mass what would happen? Well according to modern science & physics everything would just COLLAPSE into a massive BLACK-HOLE- IE: the entire Universe would just be one HUGE Black-Hole- collapsing to a point singularity!!! That's really a quite 'efficient & effective' use of space Huhh??? NOT- Duhh!!! But again according to Dr Barnes even if the Universe's average mass-density = water's it would still collapse, just not quite as fast & dramatically!!
So IMO- If you & your ilk can't come up w a more 'efficient' less wasteful space-matter configuration for the Universe that would work better than the one we Know for SURE Does Actually WORK, & then PROVE that yours would indeed work better... IMO you-all are just ARROGANTLY talking out you-all's 'backsides'!!!
PS: I've already commented enough about this so-called 'Multiverse' BS- masquerading as a 'real' Science{fictional} 'theory' [see my previous comments]!
PS-2: Strict-Materialistic Atheists try to have it both ways re this so-called 'Empty Wasted Space'. On one hand they insist that all the empty space w NO life means there's no God... -Yet- Then they hype-up every exoplanet discovery as being so-called 'earth-like' & teaming w life, w many claiming there are Billions of so-called 'earth-like' planets w ET type civilizations in just the Milky Way Galaxy alone. Then they also claim this means there's no God. So this is just the old lame-game of 'Heads I Win, but Tails You Loose'!
IMO this LAME Ole [tho you-all think it's 'clever'] 'Empty Wasted Space' {non}'Argument' Does NOT / Can NOT disprove God's existence, & neither would more discoveries of so-called 'earth-like' [NOT!] exoplanets- even 'IF' there are any w ET on them [IMO a Mighty BIG IF]!!

Don't even try to put words in my mouth!! I'm NO fan of Ken Ham & I'm NOT a YEC. Does it sound like I have NO interest in / know nothing of science?? I said specifically that IMO searching for Nether Worldly 'multiverses' & 'Ghostly' gravity waves from 15 Billion yrs ago, is NO where near as urgent a priority as eliminating hunger & poverty; universal access to clean water, sanitation, electricity, health-care, education, etc; addressing & resolving the ongoing crises at Fukushima & Chernobyl; etc...
Then you made that 'wise crack' that maybe only Christians' & People of Faith's $$$ should go to pay for that. to which I responded that cuts both ways...
- Now are we going to have a serious dialog, or are you going to to keep trying to make these snide little 'wise-cracks'??!
PS: If Ken Ham hustled up the $$$ for his [attempt] to 'recreate' a full-scale model of Noah's Ark by His OWN efforts &/or w His OWN $$$, & then opened it to the public & some folks freely choose to go there; IMO that's their choice to make, just as it's my [& your] choice NOT to go there!! I think that's called 'Freedom of Expression' & 'Freedom of Choice', whether I [or you] agree w what Ham's expressing or NOT!!
PS-2: Most Churches are built w $$$ donated by their church-members. While most of these BICEP2 / 3 type projects, including Hubble, Kepler's exoplanet search, etc... are funded w Public Tax $$$!! IMO if church-members choose to donate their $$$ to build a church, that's their choice [It's called 'Freedom of Religious Expression']. But IMO the public has both the right to know & also should have some say-so re: how their Tax $$$ is spent, what it's spent on & to what purpose!!

 From Einstein's special relativity equations: Mv = mv/[√1-(v^2/C^2) ] - So M = m / [√1-(v^2/C^2) ] - Where M = relativistic mass, m = rest mass, v = effective velocity, & C = the speed of light. You don't have to be a mathematician nor astrophysicist to see as v approaches C, M effectively BLOWS-Up to INFINITE Mass, which is IMPOSSIBLE!! And if v 'theoretically' went well beyond C you'd get some 'imaginary' quantity, which God only knows what that would mean & how'd that could possibly work in the real-world!!
Playing around w 'clever' sounding semantics IE: SPACE can expand faster than C, when Einstein's space / time / matter-energy continuum says that all 3's existence are CO-Dependent on each other, NOT Independent from one another [means you can NOT have one absent to other 2]- may sound 'clever' to you, but I ain't buying it!! Plus at the initial instant of the 'Big-Bang', sub-atomic particles had NOT even formed yet let alone 'objects', there was only LIGHT Energy initially!! So what you're effectively saying re 'inflation' is that initially Light [then] traveled much faster than Light [now]- Humm... 'Brilliant'- NOT!!
'Galaxies BEYOND the Cosmic Horizon...' - If they're Beyond the cosmic Horizon, How can we possibly even see them- especially if they're moving AWAY FROM Us even faster than light itself??? That means that they'll ALWAYS be BEYOND the Cosmic Horizon, which means we'd NEVER be able to see them- DUHH!!

The Legal System

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Terrence Crutcher was involved in educating himself. He was a husband and a father to children. He was a religious man and a man who was killed by a police officer. His death is a tragedy and I send condolences and prayers to Brother Terrence Crutcher. He was murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a large urban community. Oklahoma has a long history and a diverse cultural legacy. As usual, the police said that they didn't nothing wrong. Terrence Crutcher was an unarmed black man who was no immediate, life threatening threat to any of the officers in the vicinity (as the video has documented). Many cops will shoot first as we have seen time after time again. It is a shame that in this generation, many people are killed unjustly by those who have a badge. We know that Crutcher had his hands up before he was shot. It is obvious that the officer didn't have to kill the man. After he was killed, the officers never immediately gave him aid or try to stop the bleeding. They stood there while Crutcher's blood flowed in the street. That is a disgrace and the officer should be charged with many things by their callous actions. We live in an age where oppression continues and I'm in solidarity with the family of Terrence Crutcher who desire justice. We want justice. As always: Black Lives Matter. Rest in Power Brother Terrence Crutcher. It's always important to promote empathy. I send all the respect in the world to those who take their time to fight cancer, to promote philanthropy, to work in charities, and to advance healthy medicine for fellow human beings. As we get older, we see how interconnected we are as human beings and we recognize the importance to bless others. We live on Earth not just to live, but to help humanity. We believe in justice for all too.

I think that 2 points should be made. I don't agree with Jay Z on many issues. Jay Z hasn't apologized for blatantly selling poison to our people years ago. His selling of poison to our people caused many lives to be ruined forever. Therefore, there is that contradiction. I don't agree with his lyrics that disrespect women and glamorizes the N word. Second, it is important to expose the War on Drugs as a detriment to social progress. Even the War on Drugs existed before Nixon's time. Nixon modernized the War on Drugs. Back decades ago, Harry Anslinger, was aggressive to prosecute people who suffered drug addiction. According to journalist Johann Hari, Harry Anslinger was so racist that he used the N word in many reports outright. We know that former Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman said that Nixon used the war on drugs to try to harm the black community. Therefore, the War on Drugs is a war on civil liberties, on black lives, and a war on people who suffer drug addiction. Ronald Reagan's support of the evil War on Drugs outlines Reagan's extremism once again. Reagan opposed Medicare, he was silent for years on HIV/AIDS, and he promoted a far right agenda that we are still fighting today. Non-violent drug offenders shouldn't be placed into prison in the same length as murderers, rapists, and assualters. The short film accurately expressed how cruel and unfair the War on Drugs is. People from across the political spectrum legitimately oppose the War on Drugs and want alternatives like banning mandatory minimums for non violent drug offenses, investments in drug treatment plus rehabilitation, the legalization federally of drugs for medical purposes, and addressing racist sentencing practices (as black people are in prison more than whites even if all parties are convicted for the same offense . That is wrong. Black people use drugs less than whites overall too in America) that continues today. Yes, Black human lives always matter.

There has been news about the bombings in New Jersey and NYC. First, I am glad that the victims are alive. Ahmad Khan Rahami, was recently arrested by the authorities. He was arrested in Lenden, New Jersey. The bombings in New York City and New Jersey have no justification whatsoever. Many innocent people were hurt as a product of the bombings. We should continue to fight extremism and terrorism. Presently, there are more than 1,000 state police and National Guard troops in NYC. We have witnessed an increased of the militarization of society since 2001. Also, we should reject xenophobia (xenophobia is linked readily to racism and the far right does have many people who are stone cold bigots) as many people are scapegoating all non-Americans and all Muslims for the demented actions of a few. There should be more outreach in the Muslim community. Trump Jr. is a coward and a liar to compare Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles. He's a disgrace and I will never vote for Donald Trump. It is important to find the facts and to promote justice in our society. I'm not going to hold back what I am going to type. Donald Trump is a pervert and a sick person who mentions those words about his own daughter. For years, he has used bullying, bigotry, and egomania to promote his agenda of extremism. Many people support him, because many Americans don't give a (concern) about true tolerance. Many Americans want to condemn all Muslims as criminals, many Americans hate black people (or promote the myth that black people collectively have a genetic pathology for criminality which is a lie), many Americans have bigotry on a massive scale. So, this election doesn't surprise me. The economic issues in America has been exploited by that charlatan in order for him to promote his Republican campaign. Trump is a Republican and he is the face of the GOP as a Republican candidate (who is actively promoted the failed trickled down economics of Reaganomics). His misogyny is abhorrent. His silence on police terrorism against black people is disgraceful. His language is cruel and filled with irrationality. I will never vote for Donald Trump.

It is obvious that she desires votes. Hillary Clinton is overtly trying to gain more support via pandering by talking about Black Girl Magic. Black Girl Magic is real and I want to make that clear. Pandering has existed for a long time among both major parties. It is true that black women are very important in the world and they desire respect and human justice. Also, I will promote social and racial justice forever. There are neoliberals who believe in imperialism and the status quo. Also, there are many far right people who slander anyone who believes in helping the environment or believes in social justice. The far right agenda (which is supported by Trump and his group of deplorables. Trump is a notorious bigot and liar) includes misogyny, theocracy, racial scapegoating, xenophobia, and a promotion of police terrorism in our streets. Therefore, our eyes are on the prize. That prize is about the fair distribution of wealth, living wages, universal health care, strong investments in education, and human justice. Obviously, there should be an appeal involving the case on hair. The court allowed companies to discrimination workers based upon hair, even if locs or dreadlocks are shown professionally. This is an era of the fight for our human rights and survival period as black people. We know that many people of black African descent could be further discriminated against by their hair being in locs or dreadlocks. People can wear locs and dreadlocks in a professional fashion and the court failed to see that truth. I adamantly disagree with the decision and the Army had to change its policies because black women courageously stood up for their rights in terms of their hair. With this bad decision, people with braids, Afros, etc. could potentially be discriminated against by fiat. That is a problem. The love our of blackness is not just about our beautiful black skin. It is about our hair too. Laws must be changed, but courts ought to enact common sense too. Black hair must be respected.

We live in a new age. We have the crisis of capitalism that has contributed to economic stagnation, wars, and many social problems in the world. An unarmed black man being murdered in Tulsa and other black people being killed in Charlotte and Ohio represent an emergency in American society. We, as black people, and freedom loving people in general are in a war for our survival. We have fascists who want to slander refugees and we have many evil people who are hateful against humanity. We know that Terence Crutcher’s death was a war crime and black communities are occupied by police forces for years and decades. These evil executions are not just found in America. It is found overseas too. There is a video released by Wikileaks of a 2007 mass murder of Iraqi civilians by U.S. helicopter gun crews over Baghdad. More people know about the truth. The third stanza of the “Star Spangled Banner” explicitly slanders and denounces black people since many of our black ancestors fled into the British lines during the War of 1812 (and opposed U.S. oppression). The protest of Colin Kaepernick in defiance of the injustices that our people face has spread across the nation. Many players and many cheerleaders have knelled down and refused to stand when the national anthem was playing. Also, Africans are very intelligent people. Africans have survived the Maafa, Jim Crow, and other injustices to be scientists, doctors, lawyers, political activists , inventors, and other heroes. Black people have shown great resiliency. We have a long way to go, but we are still here. We are black people. What I also know is about the GOP's racist southern Strategy, the Iraq War, the failed trickled down economics, the Katrina response disaster, austerity, and other bad policies (that the far right omits). Therefore, I believe in political independence. No one on this Earth will make me vote for Trump. No one real condones Hillary Clinton calling black children super predators. She is wrong to do that. Trump also made a racist remark about he doesn't support an American judge by virtue of his Mexican heritage. There are Third Party options. There are other options. Black people are not hypocrites if black people both criticize Hillary and Trump like I have done in the Internet plenty of times. There is a huge problem when some people view either the GOP or the Democratic Party as divine. Just because many black people oppose Trump doesn't mean that those same black people support Hillary Clinton. Many black people have excellent intellectual curiosity. Therefore, I don't back down from my core convictions and I'm willing to stand for my convictions forever. I believe in racial, social, economic, gender, and environmental justice 100%.

By Timothy

Malcolm X Supports Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

American University protests.

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Black Women in Medicine.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Another child killed by Ohio cops

When the 99 Percent found their voice

US Strikes in Syria

Pan African Culture.

In August of 1968, Shirley Chisholm was elected as the Democratic National Committeewoman from New York State. Soon, she became a member of the United States Congress. In 1968, she ran for the U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 12th Congressional district. This was done by a court mandated reapportionment plan. Reapportionment means the changing of seats of a legislative body depending on the changes in population involving the results of an election. This plan redrawn to focus on Bedford-Stuyvesant and it was expected to result in Brooklyn’s first black member of Congress. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. in `1945 was the first black member of Congress from New York City as a whole. Edna F. Kelly sought re-election in a different district. Chisholm announced her candidacy in January of 1968. She received organizational support. Her slogan was “Unbought and Unbossed.” During the Democratic primary, she defeated 2 other black opponents. They were Senator William S. Thompson and labor official Dollie Robertson. In the general election, she staged an upset victory over James L. Farmer, Jr., the former director of the Congress of Racial Equality who was running as a Liberal Party candidate with Republican support, winning by an approximately two-to-one margin. Chisholm thereby became the first black woman elected to Congress.  In Congress, she worked in the House Agricultural Committee. She helped to promote programs to help the hungry and poor. She supported the food stamp program and was involved in the creation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (or WIC) program. Chisholm would credit Rabbi Menachem M. Scheneerson to the fact that many poor babies now have milk and poor children have food. She worked in the Veterans’ Affairs Committee too. She faced discrimination, but she continued to fight onward. She joined the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971 as one of its founding members. She was one the founding members of the National Women’s Political Caucus too in the same year. She along with New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug introduced a bill to provide $10 billion in federal funds for child services by 1975. They did this on May 1971. A less expensive version was introduced by Senator Walter Mondale. It was passed by the House and Senate as the Comprehensive Child Development Bill. Then President Richard Nixon vetoed it in December of 1971 (he claimed that it was too expensive and would undermine the institution of the family, which is ludicrous). Shirley Chisholm ran for President in 1972. She explored her candidacy as early as July of 1971.

She officially announced her presidential bid on January 25, 1972 in a Baptist church in her district in Brooklyn. She wanted a bloodless revolution in the Democratic nomination convention. Chisholm became the first black major-party candidate to run for President of the United States, in the 1972 U.S. presidential election, making her also the first woman ever to run for the Democratic (U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith had previously run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1964). Her campaign wasn’t funded greatly. She struggled to get votes, but she was viewed as a symbolic political person. She was disrespected and ignored by much of the Democratic political establishment and received little support even among some of her black colleagues. Her husband supported her 100 percent though. In May 1972, the Secret Service protected her because of threats made against her life. Previously, Conrad Chisholm was her bodyguard. She won a lot of votes in California. She won 28 delegates in the primaries. Her supporters were people from NOW, African Americans, women, Latinos, etc. The 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida was the rise of the progressives in a high level. Senator George McGovern was nominated as the nominee. He was defeated by Nixon during the Presidential election. Among the volunteers who were inspired by Shirley Chisholm’s campaign was Barbara Lee, who continued to be politically active and was elected as a progressive congresswoman 25 years later. Later, Chisholm promoted more progressive policies like reductions in military spending, education funding, health care, opposition to the draft, opposition to the Vietnam War, women rights, etc. She wanted better treatment of Haitian refugees when Jimmy Carter was President. She wanted to end the Internal Security Act of 1950. Chisholm's first marriage ended in divorce in February 1977. Later that year, she married Arthur, a former New York State Assemblyman. She retired from the Congress in 1982 and she was dissatisfied with the course of liberal politics in the wake of the Reagan Revolution. In other words, she opposed the many far right policies of Reagan and the compromising of many politicians who claimed to be “liberal.” She taught politics and sociology from 1983 to 1987 in Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts. She campaigned for Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaigns in 1984 and in 1988. She continued to speak out for freedom and justice. She passed away on January 1, 2005 in Ormond Beach near Daytona Beach, Florida. In February 2005, "Shirley Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed," a documentary film, aired on U.S public television. It chronicled Chisholm's 1972 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. It was directed and produced by independent African-American filmmaker Shola Lynch. The film was featured at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. On April 9, 2006, the film was announced as a winner of a Peabody Award. Shirley Chisholm was a hero and a legend. RIP Sister Shirley Chisholm.

Afro-Canadians are a very great and resilient people. They make up a minority of Canada’s population, but they have an extensive history and cultural heritage. Afro-Canadians are from the United States, some are born in Canada, some are from Africa, some are from South America, and some are from the Caribbean. Therefore, they include Jamaicans, Nigerians, Haitians, Afro-Latinos, etc. Most Black Canadians are of Caribbean origin. There are about 945,665 Afro-Canadians living in Canada today. Most are from Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. About 30% of Black Canadians have Jamaican heritage. 60% of Black Canadians are under the age of 35. 57% of Black Canadians live in the province of Ontario. 97% of Black Canadians live in urban areas. The first recorded black person to set foot on land in Canada was a free man named Mathieu de Costa. He was traveling with the navigator Samuel De Champlain. He arrived in Nova Scotia between 1603 and 1608. De Costa was the translator for the French explorer Pierre Dugua, Sieru de Monts. One slave in Canada was Olivier Le Jeune. He was the first recorded black slave transported from Africa to Canada. He was from Madagascar. Back then, both Native Americans and black people were slaves. Centuries ago, a lot of slaves in Canada lived in Montreal. Quebec and Trois-Rivieres were other regions with a high slave population too. Many people in Canada also aided runaway slaves. This caused the government to Issue an ordonnance in 1734, stating that the public should not employ runaway slaves and captains should not carry them out of the territories without severe penalty. During the period of 1769-1794, numerous advertisements existed for the return of runaway slaves in the Quebec Gazette. During the American Revolutionary War (which lasted from 1775 to 1783), the British promised freedom to the slaves who fought for the British. Many slaves became free in Nova Scotia and some were brought into slavery again. After the Revolutionary War, about 3,000 black people were transported to Nova Scotia. Black people faced discrimination, segregation, and slavery in Nova Scotia.  Due to the failure of the British government to support the settlement, the harsh weather, and discrimination on the part of white colonists, 1,192 Black Loyalist men, women and children (in 14 ships) left Nova Scotia for West Africa on January 15, 1792. They settled in what is now Sierra Leone, where they became the original settlers of Freetown. They, along with other groups of free transplanted people such as the Black Poor from England, became what is now the Sierra, also known as the Krio. Under pressure of the new refugees, the city of Saint John amended its charter in 1785 specifically to exclude blacks from practicing a trade, selling goods, fishing in the harbor, or becoming freemen; these provisions stood until 1870. Although by then, they were largely ignored.  Slavery was abolished in Nova Scotia in 1787 and in 1793 in Ontario or Upper Canada. In the War of 1812, the British took back slaves seeking refuge to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Others settled in southwestern Ontario. By 1834, slavery was abolished in all British territories. The Underground Railroad (which lasted from the 1820’s to the 1860’s) saved lives and brought thousands of ex-slaves into Canada. The refugee slaves which settled in Canada did so primarily in South Western Ontario, with significant concentrations being found in Amherstburg, Colchester, Chatham, Windsor, Sandwich. These settlements acted as centers of abolitionist thought, with Chatham being the location of abolitionist John Brown's constitutional convention which preceded the later raid on Harper's Ferry.

While the first newspaper published by a black woman was founded in North Buxton by the free black woman Mary Ann Shadd which pressed for Black emigration to Canada as the best option for fleeing African Americans. Detroit was a major transit point with locals like Chatham and Sarnia in Ontario being a final destination. Black people still faced segregated lives and discrimination in Canada. They went to segregated schools. In 1850, Canada West passed the Common Schools Act, which segregated the school system. Nova Scotia passed a similar act later.  Blacks went to sub-par schools that were under-funded. Many black people settled in the Vancouver Island district after 1858. Governor Douglas encouraged black immigration from California on the condition that most would defend the territory. Many black people left California because of discriminatory resident taxes. 400 hundred black families sailed to Canada. One famous black person the territory was John Sullivan Deas, a businessman. Mifflin Gibbs was the first black Canadian politician and he was elected to the Victoria City Council. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, the first Black Canadian to be a licensed physician, participated in the American Civil War and attended the deathbed of United States President Abraham Lincoln. Because of segregation and other grievances, after the Civil War in the U.S., Canada experienced a decrease of the black population, from 60,000 to 18,000, in a thirty year period. Some Afro-Canadians lived in western Canadian areas like Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Some settled in Alberta between 1905 and 1909. During WWI, few black people served with white Canadian soldiers. Many black Afro-Canadians worked in ditches and trenches without experiencing combat. By World War II, many black people served in mixed regiments and refused to serve in construction regiments. Most black people in Canada (like in America) wanted to be free after they fought in the war. From the 1950’s to the present, many black immigrants from the Caribbean came into Canada in a higher level. Black Canadians has contributed greatly to Canadian culture. Many of the first visible minorities to hold high public offices were black like Michaelle Jean, Donald Olive, Stanley G. Grizzle, Rosemary Brown, and Lincoln Alexander. In 1975, a museum telling the stories of African Canadians and their journeys plus contributions was formed in Amhertsburg, Ontario. It is called the Amberstburg Freedom Museum. IN the Atlantic region of Canada, the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia was formed in Cherrybrook. Today, police brutality issues persists in Toronto and other places of Canada. Black Canadians have made great contributions in society.

Afro-Cubans are here and strong. Most of their ancestry came from West Africa. They have developed influences in Cuban literature, music, art, dance, and other aspects of culture.  Over one million Afro-Cubans live in Cuba presently. Many of them have African origins like from the Yoruba (or Lucumio, Akan, Arara, Congo, Igbo, Carabali, Madingo, Fula, Makua, etc.). Afro-Cubans are found all over Cuba. Most are found in Eastern Cuba. Havana has the highest number of black people of any city in Cuba. Many African immigrants recently are coming into Cuba from Angola especially. Many immigrants came from Jamaica, and Haiti. They mostly settle in the eastern part of the island. Afro-Cuban populations have increased after the 1959 Cuban revolution, which was led by Fidel Castro. This was caused by the mass migration from the island by the mostly white Cuban professional class. Some Afro-Cubans have left Cuba to America too. There have been Afro-Diasporic linkages between Afro-Cubans and African Americans as documented by Caribbean Historian Frank Andre Guridy, Associate Professor of History and African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of Forging Diaspora: Afro-Cubans and African Americans in a World of Empire and Jim Crow (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2010). There were massive cultural interactions among Afro-Cubans and African Americans from 1898 to the start of the Cuban Revolution. Both communities experienced racism and discrimination then and now. Many Afro-Cubans went into Nigeria (which is the home of Yoruba and Igbo cultures) as ex-slaves during the 17th and 19th centuries.  In Equatorial Guinea, they became part of the Emancipados; in Nigeria, they were called Amaros. Despite being free to return to Cuba when their tenure was over, they remained in these countries marrying into the local indigenous population. Many Afro-Cubans fought to free Angola from imperialism during the Angolan Civil War. Haitian Cubans exist too. Afro-Cuban religion can be broken down into three main currents: Santeria, Palo Monte, and Abakuá, and include individuals of all origins. Santería and Abakuá both have large parts of their liturgy in African languages (Yorùbá, Igbo and Ñañigo, respectively) while Palo uses a mixture of Spanish and Kikongo. Santería is syncretized with Roman Catholicism. Afro-Cuban music uses rhythms, instruments, and other facets of sound. Even today, racism is found in Cuba. Many black people are excluded from tourism jobs. Many people shun discussions about racism in Cuba. Also, many Afro-Cubans are standing up to oppose racism and oppression in Cuba too. Many leaders of the Cuban Revolution including Fidel Castro publicly condemned racism. Yet, racism is still a serious problem in Cuba. During the 1920's and 1930's Cuba experienced a movement geared towards Afro-Cuban culture called Afrocubanismo (or the promotion of black culture, literature, painting, etc. in Cuba). Poems and essays by black writers began to be published in the 1930's in newspapers, magazines and books, where they discussed their own personal heritage. Afro-Cuban and Afro-Cuban heritage artists such as Nicolás Guillén, Alberto Arredondo and Emilio Ballagas brought light the life experiences of Afro-Cubans. Today, there are numerous Afro-Cuban human rights activists, athletes, musicians, poets, writers, actors, actresses, etc. who are contributing their talents in Cuba and throughout the world as well. Many well-known Afro-Cubans who live in Cuba or elsewhere are Gina Torres, X Alfonso, Laz Alonzo, Lola Falana, Faizon Love, Ana Fidelia Quirot Moré, Regla Torres, Martín Dihigo, and Yarisley Silva.

By Timothy