Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday News in late March of 2014

Many of them or the racists obviously don't know who they are. The reactionaries don’t want to live in the past (or mention the past), because they want to ignore the past (as a means to diminish the suffering, pain, and interests of BLACK PEOPLE). It is the arrogance of white reactionaries that is truly shameful. The Brother named John Henry, David Jones, and others have proven scientifically the genetic ties between white people and Neanderthals. It is the faux superiority complex of them (or white racists) that should be opposed by any black person. They or white racists are definitely jealous of our black melanin, our fighting spirit, and our heroes (like Martin Delaney, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, John Henrik Clarke, Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker, etc.). We know about our history from the Kingdoms of West Africa to the great scientific scholars among our people in the 21st century. The Black Panthers had weaknesses, but they were strong, dedicated, intelligent, and heroic Brothers and Sisters who fought oppression. The original Black Panthers were a key part of the overall Black Liberation Movement. They were created during the 1960’s. They instituted legitimate programs like educational programs, health care services, community patrols to watch and monitor the police (and avaricious dope dealers who wanted to exploit those suffering drug addiction), and organizing tenants, etc. Their 10 Point programs have principles that are relevant in our time. Their programs had popular support and dealt with community building. The BPP were heavily opposed to fascism. We need community building a radical redistribution of economic and political power as a means to see revolutionary, social change in the word. The Black Panthers outlined a revolutionary analysis of the happenings of the world. Their breakfast programs helped many children. In parts of New York City, Black Panthers were successful in driving dope dealers out of some neighborhoods. It was required to be educated on revolutionary thinking as a prerequisite for someone to join the Black Panther Party. So, we should be anti-oppression, anti-imperialism, and pro-freedom. There are geniuses in all races including black people. The Afro-British Imafidon family is known as the smartest family in the U.K. The youngest siblings, Peter and Paula, made history by becoming the youngest students to enroll in secondary school. Their older sister, Anne-Marie, was the youngest student to pass A-level computing at the age of 13. That family is black. The Sister Autum Ashante was accepted into the University of Connecticut at the age of 13. The FBI with their COINTELPRO propaganda program slandered the Black Panthers collectively as a criminal enterprise when they were opposed to capitalism and economic exploitation. One article by one of the NY 21 Panthers was entitled, “Capitalism + Dope = Genocide.” The Panthers were right that the CIA was involved in drug running in a long time and that the FBI used abhorrent policies that violated the human civil liberties of people across backgrounds. Also, it is great to study the words and literature from Fanon, Malcolm X, Bobby Seale, Huey, Angela Davis (who believed that prisons are obsolete now in our contemporary society), Kwame Ture, Nkrumah, Jamal Joseph, Michelle Alexander, Marshall Eddy Conway, and others. These human beings give insights into the psychology of an oppressive system. The oppressive system deals with mass imprisonment of our Brothers and our Sisters, the War on Drugs, economic exploitation, imperialism, and other forms of bigotry common in the world. So, we are going to understand the past, live in the present, and fight for a better future for our people.

Synagogues have been destroyed, the rights of Russian speaking people have been violated, and other abhorrent measures have occurred by the fascist, puppet regime in Kiev. It is a positive update that at least President Obama and Vladimir Putin are at least talking. Putin is not perfect, but he is neither Hitler nor Mussolini either. Real folks want this crisis to be resolved in a peaceful fashion, but I will never recognize that fascist state (that came about as a product of a slick putsch) in Kiev at all. Only a hypocrite would claim to love democracy but back a fascist influenced Kiev government. Many leaders of that puppet regime have fascist and Neo-Nazi ties. John Brennan told a senior lawmaker on Feb. 28 that a 1997 treaty between Russia and Ukraine allows up to 25,000 Russia troops in the Crimea region, the Los Angeles Times reported on March 3. "The number of Russian troops that have surged into Ukraine in recent days remains well below that threshold, Brennan said, according to U.S. officials who declined to be named...." Crimean independence is a welcomed development. Self-determination is a human right and Crimean human beings voted for their independence via a peaceful referendum (They did not use violence against civilians or passed evil laws at all unlike the fascists in Kiev did). Imperialism under any cloak is evil. I wish for Ukraine & Crimea to be independent and free. Malcolm X gave huge respect to Fannie Lou Hamer, Gloria Richardson, and other Sisters in the struggle. Fannie Lou Hamer was courageous and worked diligently to oppose the Vietnam War, she fought against poverty, and she worked to advance the concept of cooperatives in American society. Ella Baker was the Mother of SNCC. Fannie Lou Hamer allied with Malcolm X as a means to advance liberation for black people. Malcolm X became more progressive on issues of women than even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was as others have mentioned before. When Malcolm X traveled in Africa and other locations, he transformed and expanded his fundamental understanding of the world. Brother Malcolm posed with Shirley Graham DuBois in Accra, Ghana. Both of them agreed with a pan-Africanist agenda that desired women to achieve education and true human dignity. Therefore, we have every right to advance anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, and anti-capitalism. As Malcolm X said: "...It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck. Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it’s more like a vulture and can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, then capitalism has less and less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It’s only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely.”(Malcolm X, January 18, 1965 in the Young Socialist Magazine). Fannie Lou Hamer passed away in 1977. RIP to her.

I listened to the Sister Yandy Smith’s speech about health care as a means to witness her words. I am a fair man, so I listened to her views. Bless her and her family. The ACA was a compromise between those who loved the status quo and those who wanted supremely universal health care. The current ACA law was heavily influenced by corporate lobbyists (as the Heritage Foundation originated a lot of the ACA’s compositions) and by the leaders of the health insurance industries. Many people will benefit from the law while others will struggle still. The ACA is not the smoking gun. It is the beginning and a step. Every industrialized nation in the world has universal health care but America. Margaret Flowers, MD has great research on this issue and she advocates a single payer system, which I have no issues with. Health care is a human right since improving our health is a key part of living life in the highest potential possible. So, we should continue to fight for the final goal, which is universal health care. There is one study (from a a new Wallet Hub report) alone documents the hypocrisy, deception, and extremist nature of the leadership of the GOP. The numerous statistics are not misleading since it documents how many Red States rely heavily on federal government funding. These states can reject federal government funding and use policies to not pay more in federal taxes, but they don’t. The Tea Party/GOP clique always lecture human beings on federal government sending, but their greatest supporters rely on potent federal government aid (including social programs like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) heavily. They talk about the poor receiving welfare, but ignore welfare given to the super wealthy in the form of tax breaks, bailouts, and other giveaways (in a record level). Wall Street has received record profits. They ignore how corporate corruption & lax regulation not the government alone caused the BP and West Virginia environmental disasters. They regularly and continually ignore solutions that can decrease the poverty rate in America from instituting an increase of the minimum wage (that most Americans support), the establishment of a guaranteed annual income, ending imperialism, and a comprehensive, jobs program that can create jobs via public investment. The social safety net has every right to be maintained since many parts of it from Social Security to Medicare has benefited the lives of millions of America for decades (we have the stats to prove it). So, I will never be a Republican at all. I believe in workers’ rights, I believe in establishing a clean environment, and I believe in protecting human civil liberties.

Kobe Bryant's commentaries were interesting to say the least. When the Heat players and others were wearing hoodies and supporting Trayvon Martin’s family, they were not rejecting the right of political diversity among the black community. They were not demonizing black people who embraced alternative points of view. They were allying with a grieving mother, a grieving father, and a grieving family. Even vicious racists disrespected Trayvon Martin’s family before. Yet, Kobe says nothing about that and he said nothing about other ethnic groups too. If he said similar words about Hispanics, Jewish people, and others among other backgrounds, he would be heavily criticized by those human beings. So, human beings have every right to support the human dignity of Trayvon Martin. His life had value. Kobe never said those words about his own legal plight years ago either, which is very ironic. Those of goodwill use the tragic death of Trayvon Martin as a means to strongly oppose extrajudicial murder of black humanity, to oppose police brutality, and to build more in our own communities. That is the essential point of the matter. We have the right to help each other, to respect each other, and to ally with each other as black people. African Americans have a strong legacy. African Americans are made up of human beings that fought for civil rights, that instituted massive technological and scientific achievements, and believed in true dignity. Anybody that denigrates AAs is an ignorant person point blank period. Many of the youth face real, significant challenges. We are not naive about the shadiness of individuals who desire to exploit the youth for nefarious purposes. Materialism and selfishness are common evils present among the youth and others in the human race. Some fail to witness that legitimate investments in your community (that can improve the community) will yield much greater long term benefit than immediate, selfish social gratification. You are right that we should never aid any person that looks down or has irrational, bigoted hatred of black people. Some of the youth should not be naive about the actions of the oppressor. The oppressor can change stripes, but their goal is still the same (which is the exploitation, control, harm, etc. of black people). Many of the youth are doing the right thing and those who are doing what is right ought to be acknowledged and respected. You are again correct to call for the need to build in our black community and to advocate economic justice too. No man can be free unless all women are free. No woman is free unless all men are free too. Both genders in our people must experience justice as a means for the black community to experience liberation.

There are Detroit water cutoffs and the social counterrevolution in America. Detroit is situated alongside the largest surface freshwater system in the world. The authorities have begun a shutoff of water services. This will target 3,000 households every week for the next several months. If these plans are fully implemented, then it could cause tens of thousands of families will no longer have access to one of the most fundamental necessities of life (that being water). This expresses the cruelty and irrationality of capitalism. This is a blatant social crime and those responsible are criminals. The DWSD or the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is setting its sights on those who are delinquent on their bills. Nearly 50 percent of all accounts (or 150,000 out of 324,000) fall into this category. This is a city where more than a third of the population lives below the poverty line. The consequences of this policy will be harmful. It will increase the hardship of disease, death, etc. Families will be forced to live without basic sanitation or choose between running water (and other necessities like food, clothing, and health care). A lack of access to running means an inability to shower, use the toilet, cook, or take medications. It can lead to buildings or homes to be condemned, which will force residents into the streets. Breakup of families can come. Children are shifted to relatives or removed by the state on charges of neglect. Like the cutoff of gas or electricity—a mass phenomenon in Detroit—a water shutoff is a destabilizing, debilitating and psychologically devastating experience. Detroit once boasted the highest per capita income in the country as a former center of manufacturing in America. Historically, access to water was seen as a benchmark of social progress. It was considered a national disgrace that, in 1950, a quarter of the population (and half of the rural population) did not have access to plumbing. This act in Detroit is a damning indictment of American capitalism and the corporate and financial elite that runs the country. There have been government programs along with a general increase in living standards that have established plumbing for the vast majority of Americans. Still, there are about 2 million Americans who have insufficient or no running water. The cost of water for consumers was kept low as a matter of policy. Most water companies were set up as public utilities, subsidized by local and federal government spending. There were gains of the working class in the post-World War II period. There advances came directly or indirectly by social struggle. For more than three decades, there has been a systematic effort by the ruling class to turn back the clock. This massive retrogression since the financial crisis of 2008 has turned into a social counterrevolution. This counterrevolution targets the jobs and wages of the working class. The financial and political elite has slashed spending on social infrastructure. A recent report by the Georgetown Law Human Rights Institute noted: “Historically, federal and state governments would cover some long-term costs in the form of infrastructure grants. Since the 1980s, however, these grants have given way to infrastructure loans, pushing water systems to charge their customers full-cost, or near full-cost, rates.” (“Tapped Out: Threats to the Human Right to Water in the Urban United States”). Between 2000 and 2012, water rates in Detroit increased a shocking 119 percent. Over the same period, median household income in the city declined by about 15 percent. Today, the average monthly water bill in the city is $75 ($900 a year)—or about 3.5 percent of the median income. Regressive changes have caused this reality in Detroit. Water rates have surged nationwide in the past 10 years, more than doubling in a quarter of the 100 cities surveyed. Corporate interests want to exploit water resources. Big investors and bondholders finance public utilities. Many who can’t pay for services will see their rates increase. Privatization is growing in Detroit. After undermining the finances of the city through the shutdown of auto production, predatory bank loans, tax abatements and other corporate handouts, and massive cuts in state and federal financial aid, the ruling class wants more real estate speculators to handle its infrastructure (while the working class are forced to leave the city). The privatization of resources and restructuring of the world is one big goal of the elite. The evil of capitalism is that it is based on private profit and the subordination of every social right to the rapacious dictates of the corporate and financial aristocracy. Water shutoffs should be opposed in Detroit. The water system in Detroit should be controlled by real public ownership.

By Timothy

Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Weekend News

Kwame Ture and Dr. King were allies and friends. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always respected Kwame Ture as a young Brother. They expressed disagreements, but these disagreements were in the realm of spirited debate excluding personal tensions. It is like I may have some a disagreement with my blood Brother in real life, but that is still my Brother and I respect my Brother. That analogy holds true among Brothers Kwame Ture and Dr. King. Both men agreed to oppose the Vietnam War on moral, legal, and philosophical grounds. Both said that the Vietnam War was an expression of imperialism by Western forces and it was an affront to the anti-colonial, revolutionary movements of the world. Now, even after 1969, Kwame Ture still was involved in revolutionary politics. He spoke heavily in the States in the 1980's and in the 1990's as a means to inspire black youth to continue in the struggle for human liberation and the liberation of Africa (or our ancestral homeland). Kwame Ture worked in political organizations heavily. Dr. Martin Luther King believed in black self-determination and the building of black institutions as outlined in his 1968 MOUNTAINTOP SPEECH. Dr. King never embraced race-neutral ideologies. He understood that black people accepting BLACKNESS was a key psychological method in counteracting white supremacy. Dr. King just rejected an extreme form of separatism (that some who loved Black Power adhered to). Dr. King never rejected all aspects of Black Power. He just wanted black people to use power in a way that did not rely on slogans. Kwame Ture was a heroic black man. Now, Kwame Ture believed in independence not Jim Crow segregation or token integration. Kwame True was a dedicated anti-capitalist and a person who wanted black people to lead their own movement for liberation. Numerous human beings are right that we have to develop programs of social uplift to help African Americans living in America. We must continue to fight economic injustice, racial oppression, environmental harm, and our liberties being violated by corporate interests. Also, we have to understand our role in the global, international picture too. In other words, we are not just human beings living in America. We are Africans too. We are not free totally unless all of Africa is free. The 1966 Black Panthers gathered much of their ideals from Dr. King, Malcolm X, the Deacons of Defense, and Kwame Ture. Kwame Ture supported the Lowndes Party in MS that used the Panther as the logo before the BPP came about in Oakland. I respect how the righteous members of the BPP advocated anti-imperialism, community development, and anti-capitalism. I will give credit when credit is due. Yet, in life, one lesson is morality. When a human being is moral, he or she can have full strength to battle oppression. So, we have to be moral if we want to witness the victory.

The study shows the truth in an amazing fashion. The study (from Dr. Jeffrey Berger and Dr. Carlos Alviar) is comprehensive, detailed, and blatantly transparent. Marriage is a very important part of human existence. Strong marriages can lift up human beings, strengthen children, and grow the power of communities worldwide. We should promote strong, loving marriages in our society. Human beings who are compatible with each other have every right to be married, to have children, to actively fight for building up the black community. This struggle for liberation is also about fighting economic inequality. It is about caring for the poor. It is about advancing the human dignity of our people and to oppose imperialism too. These actions further grow authentic social change. Advancing stronger marriages legitimately has nothing to do with being an extremist or advancing an authoritarian theocracy (which I oppose forthrightly. Human beings have the right to be single if a person desires to be in a free society). It is about encouraging more love among our people. It is about sufficiently seeing that our families are valuable and our families matter in the world. The hatred and demented actions of white racists against the inhabitants of the world is unparalleled in human history. No human should participate in bigotry (anyone who is involved in racism is wrong), but as a black man, I HAVE EVERY GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO CONFRONT WHITE SUPREMACY AND TO ADVOCATE JUSTICE FOR MY PEOPLE. Six million human beings signing up for the ACA is an interesting development. One thing is true. We can't go back to the status quo (or health care being solely some for profit system, which is an abomination). The status quo caused massive fraud, waste, and abuse throughout our health care system. The Affordable Care Act was a reaction to the problems of the status quo. It has strengths and weaknesses. Many compromises are in it. I believe that ACA is a step, but it is not the final goal. We should continue to advocate health care for humanity and do it in the correct way at the same time. It is their (or the racists') insane jealousy of us that makes them irrational as you have mentioned here. Our great melanin (which is documented to protect the human eye from free radicals, protect the skin, etc.), our resilient spirit, and our strong legacy will remain. They or white racists are doubled minded since they deny any racism among some in their people, but they want to issue negative stereotypes collectively against all BLACK PEOPLE. So, they are angry that KARMA is showing up and the world is witnessing their abhorrent agenda. Black liberation is neither racist nor evil at all. It is the righteous goal of any real black human being. Like the Black Panthers of old, we have to continue to endorse community based programs as means to progressively improve the conditions of our situation. 

The Republican extremists are hypocrites. You have displayed irrefutable facts that the racist trolls and white racists in this site can never ever refute. The racist Southern Strategy overtly was used as a means for Republicans to appeal to white racist sensibilities and scapegoat the poor and black people for the criminals acts done the ruling class. Even Republican strategist Lee Atwater, back in 1981, admitted that the Southern Strategy was bigoted from the very beginning in its composition. Before he died, he issued an apology for what he has done. The GOP has never condemned in strong fashion the evil comments made by Limbaugh, Nugent, Coulter, O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, and the rest of those reactionary extremists. It is ironic that the core of the GOP's support is found in places where there is a high level of government services sent to citizens. Also, they say nothing on government funded bailouts and the government using taxpayer dollars to fund the military as well. The Democrats are not perfect either, but the vicious rhetoric from many of inside of the GOP is unparalleled. At the end of the day, we want health care, jobs, a stronger environment, the protection of our civil liberties, our voting rights preserved, equality, justice, and the liberation for all black people worldwide (for Black is Beautiful). I agree with those who say that we as black people are tired of the "get over it" rhetoric from some. They are 100 percent correct on that point. I find it funny that reactionaries want people to get over it, but many reactionaries will never get over the fact that black people have the right to disagree with Republican extremism. Also, Black people have every right to embrace INDEPENDENT THINKING. THE INDEPENDENCE OF THINKING AND THE INDEPENDENCE OF ACTION ARE KEY PARTS OF THE BLACK LIBERATION STRUGGLE POINT BLANK PERIOD. The Maafa was much worse than indentured servitude. Many indentured servants were freed and given much more legal freedoms than oppressed black slaves in Africa, the Americas, and worldwide. The Maafa was a brutal crime, which is worse what than the Irish, the Germans, and the Russians have suffered. Today, some of these same white ethnic groups in America benefit from the system more so than Black Americans. What these white ethnic groups suffered can’t be justified. Not to mention that serfdom is far less brutal than overt chattel slavery. Slavery was not abolished in some countries until the late 19th century or in the 20th century like Saudi Arabia (it banned it recently by 1962). There is still slavery in the world today harming different backgrounds including black people. Not to mention that the brutal lynchings, rapes, theft across continents, stereotypes, lying propaganda, discrimination, etc. of black people worldwide far exceed the suffering of the Germans, Russians, Scots, and Irish. BLACK PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HATED ON AND STEREOTYPED MORE SO THAN ANY PEOPLE IN HUMAN HISTORY. Therefore, black people have suffered as a product of racial hatred and class oppression. Many white ethnic groups still view themselves as superior to black people. Even today, anti-black racists groups are common in Europe. They brutalize black people right now in Russia, France, Italy, and all over Europe.

They or reactionaries lecture on socialism and welfare, but some of them refuse to discuss about socialism for the super-rich that has existed via tax breaks, oil allowances, bailouts, etc. (which some of them enthusiastically support). The New Deal is a perfect example of their hypocrisy. The New Deal involved a massive government giveaway to mostly white Americans. Black people in many cases were prevented, via discrimination, to receive the massive benefits from the New Deal. Before the New Deal, it was the government that gave immigrants and white citizens benefited from the Homestead Act (which used government money for farming, college, and other things). Now, they want to talk about condemning any public program. Black people have worked hard in this nation. Our ancestors were paid nothing in this country as slaves. Today, we are still fighting oppression and injustice. Exposing the ruling class for its hypocrisy and abominations is just plain commonsense. Any oppressed people have every right to demand justice and recompense. I fully comprehend the arguments against universal health care. One major misconception about universal health care is that it will only exist in this top down government totally run, mandatory system. That is not true. There are universal health care systems that allow flexibility in its composition. Every industrialized nation has universal health care except America. Many of those nations have better health indicators than America. If it can work there, it can work here. Also, cutting costs, and making health care more efficient can be part of an universal health care solution as well. In America, there are tons of stories of human beings dying by failing to pay health bills, dying because of expensive surgeries, and dying because of expensive health care services in general. One such story about the evil found in the status quo involved the Brother of Veronica De La Cruz. Her brother in America could not afford health care costs and he died, because of a corrupt health care system (before ACA came into existence). I make no justifications for the ACA’s errors at all. What I do mention is that a single payer system is superior to the ACA. There is nothing immoral of preventing discrimination based on preexisting conditions. There is nothing immoral about talking about health care in moral terms. This is a moral issue. Canada is an interesting nation (Canadians should improve its imperfections in their health care services, but that does not mean that any form of universal health care is immoral though. Dr. John P. Geyman, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington have debunked many misconceptions about universal health care), and other nations have great successes with UHC.

Barbarism, police state terror, and the denial of basic democratic rights are all descriptions of crooked members of the NYPD. The same ones lecturing our people on law and order readily are silent on the disorder and lawlessness of evil police officers. Quinshon Shingles was heroic to stand up against folks who wanted to use the badge as a means to humiliate people. Framing black people is a historical fact and the capitalist prison industrial complex is filled with many innocent members of the human race. The settlement given to Shingles is positive news. Yet, we have so much more to go in fighting for inherit inborn liberation. Grieco being investigated for various abuses and crimes represents KARMA in more ways than one. So, the overarching theme is that police brutality should be continually opposed forever. I share the same frustration that you have. These racists and reactionaries are despicable. They hate us when we intellectually refute their inaccurate arguments. These racists are evil. They disrespect Trayvon and his family, so I have no respect for any racist at all. Their evil is truly demonic and they exploit tragedies as a means to diminish the value of black life. They hate black life and they make all sorts of excuses to justify any extrajudicial death of black people. So, we are in solidarity with our Brothers and our Sisters here. So, real human beings should keep on doing what they are doing. Humanity is Strong and I am not worried at all. My parents experienced the evils found in the Jim Crow South too and they told me and my relatives’ stories about that obscene time period. The parents and grandparents suffered Jim Crow oppression. The Klan was involved in that oppression and the Klan is a terrorist group. That is why the Deacons of Defense (who were Brothers who owned weapons in a group as a means to stand up against injustice) used self-defense against the Klan as a means for the Deacons of Defense to protect civil rights activists all over the South. Even Malcolm X before he died, called for self-defense units to go into the South to counteract the vicious crimes committed against black people by white racists. So, we are right to struggle for justice. Yes, I love Caribbean music. I have Caribbean blood in my mother's side of my family. I like Billy Ocean's music, I respect Bob Marley's music, I heard of Peter Tosh's talent before, and so many other talented human beings. Yes, Reggae and African music are similar. Much of the music from the Caribbean has African, European, and even some Indian influences. There is a strong Indian population in Trinidad now. The drum sounds that are found in many Caribbean songs come from Africa. Music from Haiti (with Voudou), the Dominican Republic (with merengue), Trinidad (with its calypso sound, which is heavily found in Carnival celebrations), etc. have roots from Africa. Sisters like Dandelion are correct to describe the similarities between reggae and African music indeed. 

 By Timothy

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Real Information in Late March 2014

Honestly, black people have the right to believe in political independence. I don’t have respect for the leadership of the GOP or the Tea Party at all. They tolerate bigotry & extremism from Rush Limbaugh, Savage, Ann Coulter Bill O’Reilly, and others (who advance the agenda of white supremacy). I abhor that agenda 100 percent. With that being said, we have to be real with our economic situation. The privatized Federal Reserve (who blatantly manipulate interest rates) and central banks globally have harmed the infrastructure of nations, deregulated massively national resources, influenced wars, increased unemployment, and grew economic inequality. We know that the QE benefit Wall Street not Main Street heavily at all. The IMF's and the World Bank's massive privatization and neo-liberal policies have disrupted economic progress as well. History shows that. Anyone that refuses to expose the corruption found in Wall Street and refuse to expose corporate corruption is missing the point. So, we should end the system of central, privatized banks, and focus more on public banking including decentralized banks (including independent, cooperative banks as advocated by Ellen Brown, Stephen Zarlenga, Dennis Kucinich, and others). True currency ought to be based on sound money (like debt free money) not debt filled money. Both parties for a long time have advocated bailouts for the big banks, QE, imperialism, unfair trade policies, NSA spying, imperialism including war mongering, etc. That is a fact. So, we need to work in independent organizations that are actively creating solutions in our community. We have the right to protest (and to vote), but protesting is not enough. We have to mentor, work in community based programs, support those who are actively fighting discrimination, support those who are creating grassroots solutions, and advocate economic justice. We need more than economic justice (a higher minimum wage that most Americans support, an ending of unfair tax breaks for the super wealthy, and even a guaranteed annual income are items that I have no issue with). We need social justice too. Racism and discrimination should be opposed with all of our strength not just economic corruption. We are fighting a racial and class struggle for human justice at the end of the day. That means that we have to advocate legitimate regulations against pollution (since lax regulations contributed to the BP disaster and the disaster in West Virginia recently), we have to return our civil liberties that have been stripped from us, we have to advocate workers’ rights, and we should advocate voting rights. 

I agree with you 100 percent. The current President has been heavily insulted in a vicious way. The Belgium newspaper tried to save face. Their perverted depiction of the President and his beautiful wife is disgraceful, evil, childish, and immature. Europe is not some progressive paradise as some have depicted it as well. There is still a strong neo-Nazi racist movement in Europe. Leopold II of Belgium during the 19th century was involved in the deaths of millions of black people in the Congo. So, Belgium has a history of being involved in the atrocities of European imperialism. The newspaper's explanation over its evil action is blatantly a desperate attempt to try to maintain their abhorrent reputation. The satirist trying to justify his action is a true shame. I am not surprised by this since racism and vicious caricatures of black people are global phenomenons. We have to confront these things since nothing changes unless we fight for solutions and confront evil. We have to confront evil in order for good to prosper in the world. I am in solidarity with Brothers and Sisters in Belgium (and others globally). Donald Rumsfeld is who he is. He is a hypocrite. He complains about foreign policy today, but he was involved in the foreign policy disaster of the Iraq War. His role in the Iraq War caused tons of Iraqis and Americans (including others to die) based on faulty intelligence, deception, and other forms of lies. War crimes, destruction of infrastructure, depleted uranium, and torture have festered as a product of the Iraq War. Rumsfeld was an ally of Nixon and other reactionaries, so we know where he stands. He stands for corporate interests. He stands for a retrograde foreign policy that adheres to imperialism not rational thinking. He shook hands with Saddam Hussein back in 1983 too. Neo-conservative policies have only exacerbated issues in the Middle East. He is an unrepentant war criminal. His ape remarks signify how some try to dehumanize the President by saying that an ape can do better than him. That is an insult to the President’s intelligence and his humanity. So, Rumsfeld’s remarks reflect his immaturity and his ignorance. These white reactionaries make no bones about how they feel about us as black people. Therefore, I have no respect for Donald Rumsfeld or his neo-conservative agenda at all. I remember doing research about Belgium and the Rwanda massacres. The Organization of African Unity (OAU) issued a report that had talked about this issue too. That is a great point. Prof Michel Chossudovsky has great research about how America and France are related to the geopolitics of these massacres. Major General Kagame, who led the RPF insurrection, was supported by the US and Britain. Glen Ford and other experts have documented the West's role in their lax responses to the Rwanda massacre too.

So far, Russia has not invaded all of Ukraine at all. Crimea has asserted its moral right of self-determination. Putin is not perfect, but he is not Hitler either. Many fascists and neo-Nazis have power in the new puppet Kiev regime. It is a shame that Western power want to recognize the fascist led putsch regime in Kiev. Also, folks should research petrodollars, gas, and oil and how it relates to this crisis. It has a very great deal to do with this crisis also (Russia and China are in unison involving the Ukraine issue. If both nations unite to harm the petrodollar in response to the Western sanctions, then that will cause massive problems globally). I found that 25 percent of the natural gas that Europe uses comes from Russia. Ukraine has only 4 months of natural gas supplies stockpiled. So, we have to realize the interdependence of these events. I believe that the President should go for massive negotiations and more threats against Russia will not solve this problem totally at all. I condemn fascism too since these fascists are harming the democratic rights of the Ukrainian people. At the end of the day, we want an independent Ukraine and an independent Crimea (without imperialist interests). The President still condemned the March 16 referendum that caused Crimea to effectively seceded Ukraine. The West wants Moscow to accept the Western backed fascist coup in the Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed to meet with the foreign minister of the Kiev regime. “We set forth our vision to establish good national dialogue taking into account all residents of Ukraine,” Lavrov told a press conference after meeting with Deshchytsia. In reality, we should never give a veneer of democratic credibility to an illegitimate, fascistic regime in Kiev. There is a debate on whether Kiev will conduct the elections in an orderly fashion. The fascistic and anti-Russian character of the forces on which the Kiev regime rests precludes any meaningful democratic process or any lasting agreement with Moscow. Shortly after Lavrov’s talks with Deshchytsia ended, Ukrainian police operatives shot and killed a key leader of the fascist Right Sector militia, Oleksandr Muzychko. This led to threats from the Right Sector, which played a key role in last month’s putsch that it would retaliate. President Barack Obama will meet to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Pope, and Italy’s new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and Saudi Arabia (to meet with King Abdullah). The West wants use capitalist techniques as a means to pressure Moscow to give in to their demands on Ukraine. The U.S. even threatens to pressure Russia’s oil and natural gas industry that supplies a third of Europe’s demand and is central to the Russian economy. So, the Western Empire (with its now G7 meetings and its NATO encircling Russia) has been exploitative, evil, and wicked. The Empire is in decline and we have the right to advocate true democratic freedoms not imperialism.

Frank Aconoma admitted that he wants white supremacy. He wanting white supremacy is by definition racism. As black people, we want to abolish and end the system of white supremacy (which is a system that brutalized nations, harmed human rights, and caused discrimination), so a system of justice can be instituted. These people are extremists. That wicked organization or the Klan have been directly involved (in all levels) in depriving black people of human rights, in destroying religious buildings, doing rapes, and committing murder. Just because someone is not lynching a person or killing someone, doesn't mean that person is disqualified from being a racist. So, Frank Ancoma is wrong. That is why black people should reject the reactionary aims of that group and advocate true liberation for all black people globally. Malcolm X back in February 4, 1965 in Selma, Alabama (to SNCC youth) gave a great description of that nefarious white supremacy group. Here are his following words: "...I hope I haven’t put anybody on the spot. I’m not intending to try and stir you up and make you do something that you wouldn’t have done anyway. I pray that God will bless you in everything that you do. I pray that you will grow intellectually, so that you can understand the problems of the world and where you fit into, in that world picture. And I pray that all the fear that has ever been in your heart will be taken out, and when you look at that man, if you know he’s nothing but a coward, you won’t fear him. If he wasn’t a coward, he wouldn’t gang up on you. He wouldn’t need to sneak around here. This is how they function. They function in mobs-that’s a coward. They put on a sheet so you won’t know who they are-that’s a coward. No! The time will come when that sheet will be tipped off. If the federal government doesn’t take it off, we’ll take it off..." Malcolm X was right in his words. Also, Malcolm X never became an integrationist to the establishment after his trip to Mecca. What he did change was his views on race, race relationships, and the possibility of an eventual brotherhood. He changed some of his views and he became more progressive while not changing his overall core convictions. After Mecca, he continued to travel in Africa and held numerous discussions with many revolutionary Africans. Malcolm X understood that racial oppression was not just about bigotry, but it also involves economic, political, social, and cultural exploitation from the oppressor. Malcolm X became an internationalist and he wanted to execute actions as a means to internationalize the struggle. He accurately saw that racism and capitalism are linked and that you can’t have capitalism without racism (for capitalism in essence causes competition, divisions, and exploitation leaving many human beings suffering). We need to formulate a politically independent means to address the needs of our people and the rest of humanity. We know that the modern capitalist system use brainwashing techniques and other means to worship selfish individualism at the expense of the suffering including the poor. We (as black people and freedom loving human beings in general) are a majority while the capitalist elite is a minority. So, there is nothing racist about an organization that is all black in it of itself. There is something racist about institutions of oppression that seek to harm society at large via discrimination and injustice. So, we need no token concessions. We just want freedom. Society must be revolutionary changed to benefit the entire human race.

This story is so touching. Misty Copeland is certainly inspiring human beings all over the world. The gifts of dance and ballet are blessings. When we help another human being in a decisive way, then we are blessed too. That is what life is all about. It is about learning our value and giving our time plus efforts as a means for us to assist the human race. Her story represents how people can overcome challenges and be strident in living their lives. I wish the best for Misty Copeland. There can be no true black liberation without black women's empowerment. Black Women from Ella Baker to Fannie Lou Hamer have made great contributions in the black struggle. In fact, Malcolm X woke up a great deal even before his Hajj. Yet, after his Hajj, he accelerated his understanding of the world in a transformative way. The Sister Vicky Garvin coordinated much of Malcolm X's travels into Africa. The Sister Selma Sparks was a leader in the OAAU's newspaper called the Blacklash. She conducted interviews with Malcolm X and Malcolm X allowed women to have a leadership role in the OAAU itself. Lynne Shifflet was the office manager of the OAAU. Do I like Caribbean music? Yes, I love Caribbean music. I have Caribbean blood in my mother's side of my family. I like Billy Ocean's music, I respect Bob Marley's music, I heard of Peter Tosh's talent before, and so many other talented human beings. Yes, Reggae and African music are similar. Much of the music from the Caribbean have African, European, and even some Indian influences. There is a strong Indian population in Trinidad now. The drum sounds that are found in many Caribbean songs come from Africa. Music from Haiti (with Voudou), the Dominican Republic (with merengue), Trinidad (with its calypso sound, which is heavily found in Carnival celebrations), etc. have roots from Africa. One Sister named Dandelion is correct to know about the African links to reggae. Michael Vick not only paid his debt to society. He has worked in pro-animal programs that deal with rational treatment of animals. If a man expresses legitimate contrition over his mistakes and does actions that prove that he truly has a change of heart, then folks will have to move on. PETA is silly and ignorant to judge this man harshly over events that he was made accountable for before. PETA has it extremism too. Michael Vick should continue on what he is doing, ignore the haters, and express the great talent that God has given him. It is ironic that many refuse to forgive black people, but they want to forgive others who are assaulters, murderers, and other criminals. Michael Vick is a very intelligent, articulate black man. I have seen his interviews before. I wish the Brother the best in his life.

By Timothy

Monday, March 24, 2014

Regime Change in Ukraine and the IMF’s Bitter “Economic Medicine”

The Globalization of Poverty: Inside the New World Order

Vicki Garvin!/SugahData/Journals/Liberator.S.pdf

Monday News

There is the German Bild newspaper called the Bild. It featured an interview with the Ukrainian politician and oligarch Yulia Tymoshenko. She is being treated in a Berlin hospital. She tried to compare him or Vladimir Puti to Hitler. Putin made recent remarks. She said that Putin’s words were “the like of which the world has not heard since 1938.” She said that Putin represents unfiltered fascism, which was even more dangerous than Hitler’s National Socialism, because “he camouflaged it with phrases about friendship between peoples”, Tymoshenko said. Putin wants to “redraw the map of the world through wars, mass murder and blood”. This would become Putin’s “Mein Kampf”. This is extremism and totally false. The German newspaper in Germany called Bild has almost 2.5 million daily sales and a reach of over 12 million reading. This paper is spreading propaganda about the situation. Apart from the business daily Handelsblatt, which wrote that Tymoshenko’s statements raised “doubts about her state of mind”, no one in the world of German politics and media has rejected her Putin-Hitler comparison. Her words represent a distortion of historical truth. Tymoshenko trivialize the brutality of Nazism. German laws even forbid such statements. According to paragraph 130 of Germany’s Penal Code, if someone “denies or renders harmless an act committed under the rule of National Socialism”, such as genocide or crimes against humanity, it is punishable by up to five years imprisonment or a fine. She equates Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which was based on a clear vote by Crimean residents, with the Hitler’s war of destruction against the Soviet Union (where 20 million Soviet human beings were killed including millions of Jews, communists, and partisans who were mercilessly butchered even in Ukraine). This trivialization of Nazism and the Holocaust is wrong and evil. Tymoshenko has been praised in the Western media as an icon of Ukrainian democracy. Her right wing Fatherland Party has just formed an alliance with the fascist Svoboda for the planned elections in May. We know that German industrialists financed Hitler and President Paul von Hindenburg appointed him as chancellor in January of 1933 (because Hitler promised the capitalist ruling class that he would smash the organized working class once and for all and he would wage a war against the Soviet Union). The Nazis supported bigots in Ukraine to attack the Soviet Union. The Nazis used the Ukrainian farmland and resources as a means to fund that wicked Empire. There was the pro-Nazi OUN or the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists of Stepan Bandera. Bandera today is revered by Svoboda as a model and hero. Bandera worked with the Nazis during the Holocaust. On June 30, 1941, before the invasion of regular German troops, the wing of the OUN in the city of Lviv lead by Bandera carried out a massacre in which about 7,000 Communists and Jews were killed. Germany wants to get resources now and they are in cooperation with the EU and NATO allies. Svoboda, which is celebrated by the fascist German National Party (NPD) as “one of Europe’s most significant right-wing parties,” closely linked politically and organization ally with the British National Party (BNP), Hungary’s Jobbik, Italy’s Fiamma Tricolore and France’s National Front (FN). In May last year, the NPD faction in the Saxony state legislature received and entertained a delegation from Svoboda. Ten years ago, when Oleh Tiahnybok took over the leadership of Svoboda, he told his supporters in a speech, “Grab the guns, fight the Russian pigs, the Germans, the Jew-pigs and other vermin. Fight for our Ukrainian homeland!” These are allies of some in the German government. The German ambassador in Kiev met with Tiahnybok many times last year. Even the Christian Democrat affiliated Konrad Adenauer Foundation invited Svoboda members on study tours in Berlin. The Svoboda was a strong force in the Maidan (Independence Square) protests. Many fascist thugs helped to overthrow the government and they organized a reactionary putsch in Kiev. Yulia Tymoshenko knows these facts very well. Her Fatherland Party differs only slightly from those professing fascist and anti-Semitic views. Her electoral alliance with Svoboda was struck in close consultation with the German government. We should oppose fascism and imperialism forever.

The war activists and the peace activists advocate for an agenda. Many of them are in government positions. Some have huge funding, access to big media, and organize meetings all of the time. Some have contempt for the public and the war activists use fear a distorted view of nationalism as a means to gain support. War activists are propagandists typically. Many are not journalists, not researchers, and not academics. We should educate ourselves about these issues. William Kristol and Robert Kagan are neo-cons and war activists. They have their organization called Foreign Policy Initiative. It represents a modified version of the Project for the New American Century, which was an earlier war activist organization. The FPI talks less about oil and more about human rights, but they want the U.S. domination of the world. They find any success by anyone else in the world a threat to America. They want more military development and war if necessary to be an end in itself. This mentality was embraced by imperialists back in the 19th century. Agitators are deluded in believing that war brings strength and glory, builds character, and makes a nation a Super Power. Kristol recently lamented U.S. public opposition to war. The reason is that most Americans, via polls, are sick of wars. We are outraged in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. We don’t want new ones to start up again. In September, missile strikes into Syria were successfully opposed by public resistance. In February, a new bill to impose sanctions on Iran and commit the United States to joining in any Israeli-Iranian war was blocked by public pressure. The country and the world are turning against the drone wars. That is why real activists are right to advocate the dismantling the infrastructure that generate pressure for wars. There are military bases in over 100 nations. Weapons sales are growing. New nukes are being developed. NATO has expanded into the edge of Russia. The neo cons are invoking the Cold War as an excuse to promote war agitation (ranging from giving anti-ballistic missiles to Poland and Eastern Europe to literal military aid to the Ukraine). Kagan worked for Hillary Clinton. Kagan’s wife is Victoria Nuland. Nuland is involved in stirring up the situations in Ukraine as Assistant Secretary of State. President Barack Obama admires Robert Kagan. Kristol criticizes Obama as not going far enough and Kagan reassures Obama that he is doing the right thing yet he must build up the military a bit more. The war mongering by the current administration and previous ones can never be justified. We should build up own our nation. Even a small fraction of U.S. military spending can guarantee the whole world food, clean water, and medicine. So, we should fight against not only war, but oppression in the world via legitimate means. 

The whole situation must be discussed, because human beings are suffering in the world. Corporations in the States presently have massive profits and record tax breaks. Wall Street banking interests have record profits. According to the estimates from David Cay Johnston, American corporations hold about 7.9 trillion dollars in liquid assets. This level is higher than corporate revenues. There should be investments in STEM related fields. More human beings in America should have the opportunities to get into such careers. Such careers that are related to STEM fields are not going away, since we need concepts relating to science, technology, etc. as a means for us to develop homes, to grow infrastructure, to finalize engineering projects, and to advance technology in general. Also, we need a fairer tax code and there has to be revolutionary economic solutions here from ending QE to even establishing a guaranteed annual income (including other methods to fight for full employment. The central banking of the Federal Reserve blatantly benefits select monetary interests, which is antithetical to the aspirations of Main Street). Populists like Ellen Brown, Stephen Zarlenga, etc. want a fair public banking system (where banks are more decentralized not centralized. States, counties, cities, etc. should form their own banks as a means to strengthen economic power in communities nationwide). These banks can cause more direct economic improvement. So, the burgeoning movement for local, cooperatively-owned and community-oriented banks ought to be supported. We know that the error filled Federal Reserve is not public at all. We need the development of economic cooperatives too. Economist Kaoru Yamaguchi's computer model has shown that a public-based money system and spending government money on jobs fixing our infrastructure is the best form of economic growth. We should continue to support policies to fight racism, militarism, discrimination, and poverty. Massive austerity ought to be rejected since real folks want the poor to have justice not oppression. Solutions can’t be monolithic since our economic problems are very much complex.

In life, we have to learn more. Regardless, we are in a struggle for liberation. Now, we should be careful to not follow counterrevolutionary agenda. We are revolutionaries. We believe in workers’ rights and human rights in general. We should not only build up real infrastructure, but we should advance more radical politics. The oppression back in the early 20th century was terrible like today. Even Booker T. Washington by the end of his life began to speak out in more direct terms against Jim Crow, lynching, and D.W. Griffith historically inaccurate film of 1915 called “The Birth of a Nation.” In the early 20th century, black people were lynched all of the time. We have to reject xenophobia and chauvinism. Many counterrevolutionaries today love to cut welfare and social services as a means to advance “self-improvement” and “economic independence,” but such actions only hurt human beings, especially the poor. We have to have a class and racial analysis on why things are in the first place. Malcolm X was also right to advocate equality between the sexes. In other words, we have to reject fascism in all of it dimensions. Human beings should not only learn STEM fields. Human beings have the right to support the arts too including any form of culturally excellent subjects. We must agitate for solutions. The war on organized labor continues. A proletarian rebellion is rejected by the ruling class. So, the ruling class supports reactionary groups as a means to divide up humanity into warring factions and to allow folks to love the capitalist system. We know that capitalism has done wickedness. Chattel slavery was based on a plantation economy and accumulated capital via unfreed fixed labor. Even in the North during Jim Crow, black people were economically exploited. Still, the black proletariat and other black human beings have a tremendous impact on the evolution of the class struggle. C.L.R. James has argued that if it were not for the masses of black people in the South via the Underground Railroad and other slave revolts before the Civil War, the northern bourgeoisie and the Southern plantation owners would have compromised. C.L.R. James was right that Malcolm X wanted African American self-organization, but he did not want a new African American capitalist state. Malcolm X wanted equal rights for African Americans, but not assimilation into the white establishment capitalist society.  He said this after his Hajj into Mecca. He believed in equality in his following words from February of 1965: "...I believe in a society in which people can live like human beings on the basis of equality..." Malcolm X was a revolutionary and allied with the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist movements of the world. At the time of his assassination, Malcolm X was a great revolutionary. He would be even a greater leader if he was around today. Also, we have to acknowledge the leadership role of women who fought in the liberation struggle of humanity. Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Septima Clark (who created a network of Citizenship Schools that taught poor Black men and Black women to read, to write, and to register to vote), Rosa Parks, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, and Dorothy Height are some of the many heroes who stood up for truth plus justice.

In Venezuela, its citizens are fighting fascism. Captain Jose Guillen Araque is from the Venezuelan National Guard. He recently gave President Maduro a book on the rise of Nazism. He warned Maduro to fight back against fascism before it is too later. Later, the young captain Araque was shot by a U.S. backed assassin in the streets of Marcay in the state of Aragua on March 16, 2014. There has been up to 29 Venezuelan soldiers killed since the fascist uprising. This officer was a prominent, patriotic individual. The Venezuelan fascists have support from Washington (including from a swath of the Venezuelan upper and middle class). These fascists constitute a minority of the electorate and they want to take power via various means. So, President Maduro (as warned by Captain Guillen Araque) should end fascism. Many well-meaning democrats and social democrats have died in their fighting for democratic principles. These fascists are organized, violent political groups. They are using a mass terror campaign as a means to destabilize and overthrow the democratically elected Bolivarian government. This fascism lacks the extreme racist and nationalist ideology of German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese predecessors. Yet, they do work as proxy of U.S. imperialism and Colombian warlord allies. Yet, Venezuelan fascism’s racism is directed against its multiracial African-Amerindian Venezuelan working and peasant classes – as demonstrated by their vitriolic racism against the deceased President Hugo Chavez. These fascists hate the popular majority, they hate the Chavista Socialist Party (who won 18 out of the 19 elections), they resort to armed seizure of power by a minority acting on behalf of the domestic and US imperial ruling classes, and they want to destroy the very democratic institutions and procedures (which it exploits to gain political power). They target working class institutions from communal councils, neighborhood associations, public health and dental clinics, public schools, transport, subsidized food stores, political meeting places, public credit unions, trade union organizations and peasant co-operatives. They support capitalist banks, huge commercial landed estates, and manufacturing firms. Extremist fascists should not be compromised with. They try to end democratic institutions and they hate human liberties. First, the fascists are not simply a small band confined to pounding on pots and attacking municipal workers in the upper-middle class neighborhoods of Caracas for the benefit of the international and corporate media. The fascists are organized on a national basis; their members are active throughout the country. They act in a decentralized fashion, but their strategy is centrally controlled. They target vital institutions and infrastructure in numerous strategic locations. The fascists unite with reactionary professors, drug traffickers, smuggling gangs, paramilitary groups, etc. These terrorists have bombed health care clinics, stores, and the public transport system. So, they want to overthrow the democratic government of Venezuela. Some things are happening though to combat this threat. The National Assembly has voted to strip Congresswoman Corina Machado of her immunity as a deputy in the National Assembly so she can be prosecuted for inciting violence. The President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello has presented detailed documentary evidence of her role in organizing and promoting armed rebellion. Several opposition mayors, who were actively involved in promoting and protecting snipers, street thugs and arsonists, have been charged and arrested. The paramilitary groups have links to the business elite including the fascists. These terrorists bomb food markets and attack the trucks transporting food to the poor neighborhood, so these terrorists are the enemy. These fascists should be defeated.

By Timothy

The Truth about the Ukraine

Nixakliel - 03/20/2014 -

02:58 The false bipartisan meme: 'Drill Baby Drill' [whether from Obama Dims Or McCain / Palin Repugs] - Is that tar-sands & deep-sea oil, & gas-fracking is about US' energy independence & US jobs. Yet this article highlights the fact that much / most of this fracked-gas, tar-sands & deep-sea oil is ear-marked to be exported to the EU & other markets to challenge Russia as the EU's current main supplier. So deep-sea oil drilling risks poisoning the Gulf of Mexico's eco-system [IE: BP's Gulf Oil Disaster], & the KXL & gas-fracking risks poisoning the US water supply, all so Big Oil Corps can make an even bigger killing than they do now, while the US 'well oiled / gas-guzzling war-machine [IE: military &/or econ warfare {aka Econ sanctions] keeps turning.

So is this really why the US has targeted major OPEC states for regime-change [IE: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Venezuela] - So US oil corps can again dominate the oil market w little effective challenge??? FYI: The average effective production cycle for gas-fracking wells is just 2 yrs- before they have to drill another one. While the number of permanent jobs for the KXL will be less than 100. If the EU goes for this US sucker move & become overly dependent on the US for its oil & gas, just to spite Putin's Russia- IMO they'll live to regret it. RE Deadbeat's Blurb: I'm less concerned about his anti-Bolshevik [= anti-Russian?] rant, than challenging his claim that this [US / NATO / IMF- backed] Ukrainian coup did NOT have literal Neo-NAZIs as key players. Once I saw these guys openly display Confederate [Huhh? WTF?], white-power & NAZI insignia over Gov't bldgs in Kiev, that's all I need to see. Yet Neo-NAZI / Neo-Fascist guys hold at-least 3 or more key posts in Kiev's new coup gov't- including over the military, police & {in}Justice ministry. So will these Ukrainian Neo-NAZIs now revive a modern SS / storm-trooper type military / police force??!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Theodosina Ribeiro: The first black woman elected to São Paulo’s city council. Now in her 80s, she is still committed to the advancement of Afro-Brazilians

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The US Housing Market is Still “Flat on its Back”

Savant's Words

There are far more Black Americans than you think who are also intrigued about African cultures, and have informed themselves. But it can be said about Americans in general that they're pragmatic, anti-intellectual, and parochial people. Americans generally know less about the outside world than do people in other industrial societies, and could generally care less. Whoever takes an interest in African or other non-American cultures really do belong to a minority, regardless of whether they're white, black, Latino or what have you.



 Even some of his facts are skewed. The number of poor whites certainly exceed the number of poor Blacks. Given that whites are 75% of the population the number of poor whites might even exceed the entire Black population. But the PROPORTION of poor Blacks is greater than the proportion of poor whites. A far smaller proportion of whites are. But those who are exhibit more or less the same kinds of problems (crime included) as poor Blacks or Hispanics. The primary difference between the old south and the new, is that the New Jim Crow has begun replacing the old. There has been tons of research on the persistence of racism in the post-1960s era by various human rights groups, including Amnesty International, and various groups of scholars. If you were interested you'd know about this. As for racism you display that repeatedly in your own posts even while denying it.



My Personal Opinion on Tommy Sotomayor

Tommy Sotomayor is truly a counterrevolutioanry, reactionary Uncle Tom. He refuses to talk about revolutionary solutions or even discuss about pan-Africanism (which is a great concept to adhere to). He doesn't expose how race and class oppression contribute to the damage done in the black community. He ignores how many black women have been at the vanguard of the black liberation struggle from Ella Baker to Gloria Richardson. Misogynistic rhetoric against the Sisters is treason. Even today, many Brothers and many Sisters are fighting hard for justice. I prefer reading literature, working, helping my family, and building in my community than listen to the rants from that Tom Sotomayor. I will always embrace revolutionary ideals in my life.

-By Timothy (Me)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

We Remember and Honor Chokwe Lumumba

The “Black Messiah:” The Life and Assassination of Malcolm X

Nixakliel says:

What is Baba Zak Kondo’s thoughts RE: of the role of then NOI National Coordinating Secretary John Ali [IMO Ali held essentially the same rank as Malcolm in the NOI's hierarchy- minus Malcolm's visibility] in Malcolm’s assassination??? It has been reported by the late Louis Lomax [who knew Malcolm X & wrote a book on his & MLK's assassination's called 'To Kill a Black Man' - Lomax was doing further research on a more extensive expose' when he was killed in 1970 in a car crash due to brake failure- HUMM] & also Malcolm X researcher & author Karl Evanzz that John Ali was an FBI informant who attained hi rank in the NOI & thus was part of Elijah Muhammed’s inner circle of advisers meeting w Mr Muhammed on a daily basis [unlike Malcolm]. IMO due to Mr Muhammed’s chronic heath issues, Ali along w Supreme FOI Capt Shareef [& other key NOI ministers] were effectively running the day to day OPs of the NOI. Malcolm X himself said that John Ali exacerbated tensions between him & Elijah Muhammad, & thus considered Ali as his “archenemy” within the ranks of NOI leadership. On Feb 20, 1965, on the eve of Malcolm’s assassination, Ali reportedly met with Talmadge Hayer, who was caught at the scene of the Audubon & later confessed to being one of Malcolm’s killers [also see - this article also emphasizes the role & actions of Malcolm body-guard & NYPD undercover-cop / BOSSI agent Gene Roberts re: Malcolm's assassination]. Thus IMO if the order to ‘hit’ Malcolm came thru John Ali, though it would have naturally been assumed, by the NOI’s rank & file FOI, to have come Mr Muhammed- if Ali was indeed a hi-ranking FBI informant it would have been just as [If NOT MORE] likely that the ‘hit’ order actually came from Edgar Hoover’s &/or Sullivan’s FBI office!!! Also can Baba Kondo clarify which royal family member’s may have played a role in Malcolm’s death- besides of-course Mr Muhammed himself?

Malcolm X in his Auto-biography, referred to his friendship w Wallace Muhammed, who he said is the one who actually first confirmed his father’s relationships w several of Mr Muhammed’s young secretaries [resulting in several out-of-wedlock births], & the strife this caused within the royal family itself. This led Malcolm ‘confronting’ Mr Muhammed re: this issue, which ultimately was a prelude to Malcolm’s ouster from the NOI.

Weekend News in Mid March of 2014

Many seem to forget about the 47 percent comment that disrespected millions of Americans. The reality is that the Gilded Age was so brutal that the corporate elite was forced to institute concessions. The truth is that many of the poor are poor by no fault of their own. Most of the poor work hard and are honorable human beings. They are not parasites. The real parasites are those who exploit natural resources as a means to pollute the environment, those who created war crimes, and those who plunder the wealth from other nations illegally (via Wall Street interests) and are not prosecuted for it. So, real human beings should keep on exposing the wicked system of white supremacy. Everyone has the right to their opinion. I just disagree with some of what the Sister Betty Wright said. It doesn't matter how lyrical a person is. We as a people have had enough our Brothers and Sisters being degraded (and called outside of their names by white racists and even by some deluded members of our people). We have had enough of the N word being used to describe us as a people collectively. We have had enough of rape and other immorality being glamorized in music. We have had enough of militarism and imperialism in the world. So, we have every right to critique things. It is bigger than Rick Ross, because many folks are much worse than him (like reactionary racists, dictators, murderers, etc. Rick Ross should not be blamed for everything wrong in the world). Yet, we have to take a stand on things. RIP to Jerome Murdough. This story signifies the need for all us of to address mental illness in our community in a more dedicated fashion. Jerome Murdough never deserved to be treated with such disrespect and with such a disregard of his human dignity by the NY Corrections Department and the city of NY at all. He was not checked up regularly and his mental health needs were never adequately addressed in a progressive fashion. He should not have died in the first place if alternative actions were instituted for his situation. The prison is directly responsible for this man's death and Jerome's family should do all means possible to make sure that the city of New York is held into account for their negligent and revolting behavior. This man should of not of been sent to Rikers Island when this man was not harming anyone, but was just trying to find shelter. Homelessness and poverty are important issues for us to discuss and find solutions to. We have every God given right to express ourselves and not agree with their reactionary agenda. Our ancestors built cities and suffered unspeakable actions without pay. Therefore, we should not take any garbage from any of these bigots here. As long as we fight with a just cause, we will be fine. The truth is known more than ever and they certainly fear the strength of the BLACK YOUTH. The black man and the black woman united is a powerful force in the Universe that can overcome mountains of adversity and oppression. We overcame the odds during the Maafa, during slavery, and during Jim Crow. We will continue to advance excellence and adhere to the creed of liberation.

 Yes, you can look at his policies on drones, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. to witness that he or the President is not weak on foreign policy matters. I don't agree with him on foreign policy, yet he is not anemic on foreign policy matters. Fundamentally, the President should not invade Ukraine with troops over this issue. We should allow diplomacy to handle this matter. We see that the unelected government of Kiev continues in its fascism. The Svoboda party led by Svoboda MPs stormed the offices of Ukraine’s state television, NTU, after NTU broadcast the Russian parliament signing a treaty with Crimea. They broke into the office of NTU President Aleksandr Panteleymonov and forced him to sign a resignation letter. The attack was led by Igor Miroshnichenko, a Svoboda MP and deputy head of the Ukraine government’s committee on freedom of speech. Crimea asserting its right of self-determination is something that I am not losing sleep over. Neo-con extremist rhetoric from McCain, Palin, and others are things that I reject. Sanctions coming from both sides are interesting, but sanctions can never be a permanent solution. Only fighting for the interests of the Ukrainian people (in allowing that nation to be independent without EU/NATO/IMF domination) is a solution. Many in that Kiev government are filled with racists and fascists. So, Western imperialism should never be justified at all and Putin is not perfect either. How can the West lecture on human rights, but it violated the human rights of blacks and others for decades and centuries (even in violation of international law in places like Guatemala, Chile, Iran back in 1952, etc.)? In the final analysis, we want human liberation. There is a lot of information that the public doesn’t know about. We know about many of the Brown storm troopers that conquered Kiev. President Yanukovych escaped into Russia to save his life. The Mme Timoshenko came out of the jail and swore to void treaties with Russia to expel the Russian Black Sea Fleet from its main harbor in Sevastopol. The new government is ruled by the oligarchs in the Eastern provinces. There are children in Ukrainian schools were ordered to sing “Hang a Russian on a thick branch” and the oligarch-governor’s deputy promised to hang dissatisfied Russians of the East as soon as Crimea is pacified. Putin’s forces came into the Crimea by virtue of an international agreement (like the U.S. has marines in Bahrain) secured Crimea’s airports and roadblocks provided necessary support to the volunteers of the Crimean militia (called Self Defense Forces). The Crimean parliament asserted its autonomy and promised a plebiscite in a month time. We know that most Crimeans in the polls declared Crimea’s independence as the Crimean Parliament has done. The poll’s results were spectacular: 96% of the votes were for joining Russia; the level of participation was unusually high – over 84%. Not only ethnic Russians, but ethnic Ukrainians and Tatars voted for reunification with Russia as well. A symmetrical poll in Russia showed over 90% popular support for reunification with Crimea despite fear mongering. Putin has celebrated this event. Russia is not perfect, but Russia is not wrong in having the right to condemn a puppet pro-EU Kiev state. The neocons have tried to justify the Kiev coup with folks like Robert Kagan (or the husband of Victoria Nuland), John McCain, etc. Alexander Yakimenko is the head of Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) who had escaped to Russia like his president. Yakimenko accused Andriy Parubiy, the present security czar, of making a deal with the Americans. On American instructions, he delivered weapons and brought snipers who killed some 70 persons within few hours. They killed the riot police and the protesters as well. The US Neocon-led conspiracy in Kiev was aimed against the European attempt to reach a compromise with President Yanukovych, said the SBU chief. They almost agreed on all points, but Ms. Nuland wanted to derail the agreement. Many Russians in the Ukraine, etc. don’t wish to experiment discrimination at all.

Tons of folks are correct that we must oppose the agenda of the plutocrats. They have harmed the environment, brutalized our Brothers and Sisters, scapegoated the poor, disrespected the unemployed, and manipulated the elderly in a cruel fashion. We realize as we get older, that true wealth is not found in select interests, but in the commonwealth. The fight for the cooperative society will continue. We need mutual cooperation as a means to solve our problems. Now, these activists have every right to create a petition as a means to establish a strong Ohio Voters Bill of Rights. Our voting rights have been harmed in the past and in the present with the events of the 2000 election (and other events). Now, the problems with many Voter ID laws are numerous. Some have error filled voter purge databases. Some restrict the days on when human beings can vote. Some limit the amount of IDs that one can utilize as a means to vote. There is no massive voter fraud crisis in the States, so the reactionaries are wrong to assume that such laws are totally without political intent (when gerrymandering will exist as a product of such regressive measures). Health care is important to promote. The following words that I saw show the total truth that the final goal of universal health care is not yet realized. There are many strengths and weaknesses found in the ACA. Many people will benefit from the law and others will still suffer. The most important thing now is to fully understand the ACA's strengths and weakness, so we can promote more improvements involving our health care now and in the future. So, we are still fighting for the betterment of our health care not an elimination of even the legitimate parts of the ACA. I wish for those that need affordable, strong health care to receive it. Many religious people back thousands of years ago including early Christians followed socialist communalism (and they thought this was consistent with their spiritual ideals). One notes that in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, it is written: "They devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles and to COMMUNAL LIFE....All who believed were together and had all things in common; they would sell their property and possessions and divide them among all according to each one's need." These words were long before the teachings of Karl Marx. These words were from the apostle Luke. Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that it was possible for America to embrace a democratic socialism and he believed that true wealth is found in the commonwealth. We see that back in the 1930’s how millions of libertarian socialist peasants and workers risked their lives to fight Franco’s fascist falagnist. The workers wanted to establish a free, cooperative society. Folks have the right to advocate a working class democracy. There are many democratic socialists, libertarian socialists, and other revolutionaries who fought for the truth.

The list of folks that you have mentioned are known for their extremism, bigotry, hatred of ideological diversity, etc. Additionally, they embrace views antithetical to the true interests of black people, the poor, the elderly, oppressed people in the world, women, etc. You will notice that the leadership of the GOP will never overtly condemn the disturbing statements made by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Nugent, and others. The reality that you have shown is certainly one of the many reasons why we will never support the reactionary GOP political party. Have a Great Weekend. I respect Denzel Washington's underrated movies too like Steve Biko and the Preacher's Wife (when he plays an angel and tries to set things right in the community) too. Yes, Hollywood is very racist. Many talented Brothers and Sisters are in there, but (un)Holly(weird) should not be our salvation. Long term, we ought to develop our own movie production companies, our own movies ruled by us, etc. in a higher level. Lupita N'yongo is a very beautiful, talented Sister. I think that one great thing that she did was to speak out openly against colorism and to inspire us to respect the image of Dark Skinned black humanity for black is beautiful (among all skin tones). Black Love is grand too. :) I hear what others are saying. Folks should have recognized the beauty and diversity of black people from jump street. When the white establishment puts a stand of approval on someone, then folks just jump on the bandwagon when we should never be on a token bandwagon. We should just respect black people as true human beings from the start. I wish the best for the Sister Lupita. The good news is that more of our people know the truth. With advances of the Internet, books, DVDs, and other multimedia, more and more Brothers and Sisters realize what the deal is. When we appreciate our own being excluding validation from others, then that is one step moving forward toward that essential goal of black liberation. Also, we have to constantly educate black youth on their value and their great dignity since the mainstream corporate entertainment industry continues to peddle stereotypes and falsehoods about black humanity. Our DNA, our great melanin, and our great BLACKNESS in general are from the CREATOR. We are gifted and we are ONE BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE at the end of the day. We are still fighting for the quest for social and economic justice. Our precious civil liberties should be maintained. Many human beings have fought the totalitarian racial caste system of the South and we are still fighting against imperialism and injustice today. Black people have every right to get the concrete freedom of self-determination and economic justice. Our society should be person oriented and not thing oriented as the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. eloquently stated. We need to reject imperial politics. We need to establish a single payer national health care system. We need to strengthen legitimate democratic unions in advancing solidarity not reactionary propaganda at all. Economic rights should be extended to the working people and the poor. Egalitarian ideals are a must to advance in the world.

The conflict in Ukraine deals heavily with oil too. The West wants to control the Ukraine for geopolitical reasons and to continue with the Western financial oligarchy. For the past almost 13 years, we see war and rampage coming about in Central Asia and the Middle East (where those regions have ruined and anarchy). The U.S. military juggernaut has found a serious complication with Crimea. There is a Russia Black Sea Fleet there. Crimea is a location that must pass if it wants to extend it bases all over Eurasia, seize control of vital pipeline corridors and resources. The West wants to create itself as the dominant military/economic power player in the new century. Moscow now is not withdrawing from the Crimea or relinquishing control of its critical military outpost in Sevastopol. Crimea has been invaded by the Cimmerians, Bulgars, Greeks, Scythians, Goths, Huns, Khazars, Ottomans, Turks, Mongols, and Germans. We see that the Council on Foreign Relations and other think tanks want U.S. foreign policy to reign supreme in the world. The War on terror has been very harsh. It has eviscerated our civil liberties and advances a globalized agenda where only select corporate CEOs and bored bankers wanted to control most of the wealth of the world. The Russian Army knows how to defend themselves, so massive invasion of Russian forces will not happen. The perma hawk John McCain wants America to take the gloves off when dealing with Putin. Massive sanctions against Moscow will cause massive consequences. We know that ExxonMobil’s biggest non-U.S. oil project is a collaboration with Russia’s Rosneft in the Arctic with billions of dollars of investments at stake. Russia can retaliate by eliminate that contract. Sergei Glazyev, the most hardline of Putin’s advisors, sketched the retaliation strategy. He wants Russia to drop the dollar, sell U.S. Treasuries, and encourage Russian companies to default on their dollar dominated debts. These actions along with an alternative currency system with the BRICS including Venezuela and Iran (hydrocarbon producers) will harm the American economy. Washington is acting reckless with its imperialism. Author Nafeez Ahmed expands on that theme in a “must read” article in Monday’s Guardian. Check out this brief excerpt from Ahmed’s piece titled “Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry”: “Ukraine is increasingly perceived to be critically situated in the emerging battle to dominate energy transport corridors linking the oil and natural gas reserves of the Caspian basin to European markets… Considerable competition has already emerged over the construction of pipelines. Whether Ukraine will provide alternative routes helping to diversify access, as the West would prefer, or ‘find itself forced to play the role of a Russian subsidiary,’ remains to be seen.” (Guardian). So, the Western oil giants want more resources in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Yanukovych rejected the EU deal in favor of Putin’s sudden offer of a 30 percent cheaper gas bill and a 15 billion dollar package. The Ukraine has domestic gas woes, energy, food, and other consumer bills. Later, police brutality used to suppress what began as peaceful demonstrations was the last straw. So, oil has much to do with the rioting, the coup, and the Russia/USA conflict. The lust for Eurasian energy resources continues. Wall Street is heavily linked to Big Oil. Zbigniew Brzezinski characterized the conflict with Russia in terms of cutting off “Western access to the Caspian Sea and Central Asia.” So, we see that the lust for resources is linked to Western imperialism.

By Timothy