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Clint Eastwood's Controversial RNC Performance

Slow Death and Fast Profits: The Globalisation of Pesticides and Poison

Jesuit Information in late August of 2012




NSA 9/11-era head: Lt Gen Michael Hayden (RC)
CIA 9/11-era head: George Tenet (Jesuit-trained)
NSA present-day head: Lt Gen Keith B Alexander (RC)
CIA present-day head: Gen David Petraeus (Jesuit-trained)
* 15th NSA Director: The NSA’s 9/11-era Director was Roman Catholic Lt Gen (now Gen) Michael Hayden (in office 1999-2005; Hayden subsequently became the 20th CIA Director, replacing Jesuit-trained George J. Tenet;
* 16th (& current NSA Director) Roman Catholic Lt Gen Keith B. Alexander (i.o. 2005-date).

* 18th CIA director (DCI): The CIA’s 9/11-era Director was (Georgetown EAW SFS) Jesuit-trained “Greek Orthodox” George J. Tenet (i.o. 1997-2004; subsequently employed by the Jesuits more overtly as a Georgetown University staff member).
* 19th CIA Director (DCI): Yale Book & Snake secret society & Psi Upsilon fraternity member Porter Goss (i.o. 2004-2006);
* 20th CIA Director (DCI): Roman Catholic Gen Michael Hayden (i.o. 2006-2009);
* 21st CIA Director (DCI): (Santa Clara Uni) Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic Leo Panetta (i.o. 2009-2011; Panetta is currently the US Secretary of Defense);
* 22nd (& current) CIA Director (DCI): (Georgetown Uni: EAW SFS) Jesuit-trained General David Petraeus (i.o. 2011-date).




Dear friends
Blogger & forum poster (at Unhived Mind for around the past five years) Avles Beluskes had some very rare insider information on the Vatican Octopus arms, most notably the Constantinian Order, which is one of two religious-military lay orders of the Pope, the other being the Order of Malta. Unfortunately I do not have any saved webpages from his blogs or Unhived Mind posts – too many things to think about at any given time, it is too easy to let it slip to save these things. If anyone has a folder of his stuff then please pass my way.
The fact that Doug mentions that just after the original Avles Beluskes blogs were taken down a new blog called “Avles Beluskes Novice” appeared raises a few speculations:
Did AB pull his own blogs, perhaps due to a nervous/mental overload/breakdown or threats of violence (I do recall him mentioning strange goings on outside his home a while back) – or was he taken out of the equation (a la Rik Clay?) & had his blogs pulled “for him” & perhaps these new replies to Doug are not in fact from Avles’ hand?
Considering the newish blog being called (rather strangely) “Avles Beluskes Novice” did AB actually become a novitiate in some Masonic Order or Papal religious order, say even the Jesuits & choose not to keep his blogs up? (Unlikely I would have thought, but I guess that there is always the possibility. Also: Was that newer blog even by AB at all?).
Did AB discover a whole other dimension to the global conspiracy that fractured his understanding of it up to that point & was it was all too much to integrate?
If the blogs do reappear (unlikely I would think), will they take on a different direction?
Well, may never know I guess, but these things should be considered in this case & in others that are evocative of it.
Hopefully Avles Beluskes is able to come through whatever ordeal he is going through intact mentally, physically & spiritually & as his own man.
P.S.: & why (as Doug’s email exchanges show) is Avles Beluskes email coming from an “Alice”?
Are we to be led to believe by whoever sent the email on Avles’ behalf (whether Avles himself or someone else) that he has a female alter-ego called Alice? Avles/Alice?? Or was Avles actually a woman called Alice? Not that that makes his research any less valid one way or the other, but is that what he was referring to when he wrote in response to Doug’s enquiries as to what has happened to Avles Beluskes & his blogs:
“… my life has well heavier problems than Vatican NWO … problems without solution except death … I present a disturb even to you.”
All very curious …
- TS



The Seat of EL via the Holy See controls Worldwide Commerce and Freemasonry

Now who rules the financial World? Its the Roman Empire aka the Holy See under the Company of Jesus (1814). The Admiralty Law which rules all commerce Worldwide is based on Vatican Canon Law last adapted in 1984. This Law was perfected by the Roman Empire like most other things they dominated and mastered. Whether you’re in Israel or Turkey you have to do business in the Roman Admiralty Law system which dates back to the Phoenicians and known as the International Maritime Admiralty Law or simply the Law of the High Seas. The sea being the source of the Ecclesiastical power of the Holy See aka Chair of Peter. The seas being controlled by the Moon Goddess Yarikh who the idolizing of Mary by the Catholic Church is really all about. Remember the Church worships Kronos, Zeus and Selene of Greek mythology.
People interested in the Papacy power over Worldwide commerce should start to study the Papal Bull Unam Sanctum which Pope Boniface VIII bought forth in 1302. The Same Pope who destroyed the Knights Templars in the early 14th Century then handed their old power and wealth to the Knights of Malta in 1312 by the Papal Bull Ad Providam. Today all the real powerful bloodlines and beings are Knights of Malta such as Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV. You then have Dames of Malta such as Queen Beatrix and Elizabeth Mary II all within this ancient power running this World for the Papacy. The supposed Protestant divisions that are recognised by the Catholic real Knights of Malta headed by Cardinal Grandmaster Matthew Festing, are controlled by his authority through the Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem via Geneva, Switzerland which is the Canton headed by the House of Savoy head, Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV who’s not only a Knight of Malta, he’s a Constantinian Knight, Knight of the Equestrian Order Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem just as Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain is.
The sovereign City of London is known in the occult as New Jerusalem and is run by the Crown Maltese who took it over from the Crown Templars aka Knights Templar thanks to the Ad Providam bull of 1312 by Boniface VIII. All commerce and your existence goes back into this square mile for slavery via the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 which is a collective slavery based on number Papal Bulls such as the Aeterni Regis of 1481 by Pope Sixtus IV and of course back to the source Unam Sanctum of 1302. I’m sorry to inform you that the Holy Roman Empire never died it just weakened for a period and is now revived as prophesied by the scriptures. You may wish to study the Congress of Vienna held in late 1814 to understand this. Incidentally this was the same year that the Society of Jesus took control of the Holy See which was obvious to those in the know by 1870 with the Doctrine of Infallibility.
Knight of Malta, Heinz Kissinger (DVD Agent, Sabbatean Frankist) told you all that to control the World you have to control the finance. He told you to control the Nations you have to control the energy. Whilst Kissinger told you in order to control the people you have to control the food. Note where organisations like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are based aka Rome, Italy. I suggest a study of the Rabobank of the Netherlands if you want to see one of the financial sources of the Agriculture and note how powerful of a private bank this really is and its unknown to most. The Nations are controlled by the Knights of Malta via The Worshipful Company of Fuellers who control the energy sector, military and the intelligentsia. The Knights of Malta utilise The Worshipful Company of Grocers in the control of the food. Finally the financial system is controlled by the Knights of Malta through The Worshipful Company of International Bankers.
These Livery companies are ruled through Freemasonry and you’ll noticed each one of the Livery companies are in their own right a Freemasonic Lodge with their own Worshipful Master heading the Lodge as you’d see in any other normal Freemasonry Lodge. You’ll also note on many of the Coats of Arms of these Livery companies you’ll see the arrow of the Knights Templar such as The Worshipful Company of Grocers. Usually this arrow would be in black and its all over the place in Switzerland where the Knights Templars also went to get away from the suppression, just as they did with Portugal and Scotland. What you wasn’t told was that a few Templars were allowed to go to the powerful Aragon. Freemasonry was born from Aberdeen, Scotland in the 15th Century and then by 1598/9 you had the official regulation so to speak by the William Schaw statutes. This is the original Freemasonry created by the Knights Templar of Scotland. Now you had battles between factions of Templars as well as other non-Templars.
The Aragon Templars which had formed from the Order of the Calatrava and the Order of the Montesa were very much about infiltrating and take total control of the World and all other Templar Freemasonry. The Aragon Templars were created into an order once known in Spain as the Los Alumbrados, this today is known as the Society of Jesus, the very order which rules the World under its Knights Templar structure of power and monitoring taken from the ancient Hashashiyyin of the Middle East which Ignatius Loyola had dealt with during his trip to the Middle East. This is the same ancient Middle Eastern Order which all the Knights Templar derived their structures of power from as it was perfect for ultimate control and obedience.
The Aragon Templars as the Society of Jesus bought about an order in the 18th Century called the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. All the degrees were created by the Society of Jesus even those instituted by Frederick the Great their protector. This order was bought about in order to take over Freemasonry and do away with the competition of the Scottish Freemasons. This has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism verses Templarism its pure Templarism vs Templarism remembering how the Society of Jesus do not give a damn about Catholicism if the truth is known, their followers of the Saturnalian Brotherhood evidenced by their logo of the IHS with the ‘H’ as the ancient Saturn symbol for the God of judgement and time. They’re the opposite of the worshipers of Zeus aka the Chair of Peter, they detest Zeus and infact they’re the Brotherhood of Typhon. This is interesting when you understand the connection of the House of Bourbon to the Society of Jesus through Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain tied in with the Farnese family who commissioned the Society of Jesus for Francis Borgia.
Some may turn around and say well in Freemasonry you also have the York Rite, I contend that the Scottish Rite is of far greater power within the Roman Empire and most people involved in this conspiracy such as Knight of Malta, Tony Blair along with William Clinton etc are all Scottish Rite high level Freemasons. Incidentally Dealey Plazza where U.S. President J.F Kennedy was assassinated by Permindex under orders of Sir John Hobson is in fact controlled by the Scottish Rite. The hit was executed on behalf of the Knights of Malta, many of whom went there to witness the event such as Knight of Malta George H.W. Bush who’s run the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst intelligentsia for thirty four years. Can you tell me any other intelligentsia leader who’s been around for anything like that? He was also the Director of Central Intelligence for a year just before taking the DVD command. I suggest you check their ties along with FBI Division #5 in the killing of Kennedy and the connections to Jesuit Quebec as with most events including 9/11. The York Rite is very much connected to Catholicism via The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. May I remind you that above the Knights of Malta you have the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and then you have the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulche of Jerusalem. Incidentially you have the Sepulchre who protect the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and the Borgo Santo Spirito. Another protector of the Borgo Santo Spirito is the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia who incidentally do not share any of their intelligence unlike well known intelligentsia organisations. We can then go into the United Grand Lodge of Freemasonry which is not the all seeing eye of Freemasonry as run by the Grandmaster, The Duke of Kent. The more powerful real all seeing eye of Freemasonry is the infiltrating Grand Lodge Ekklesia based in Vatican City controlled by the Society of Jesus and housing lodges for both Scotttish and York rites including the Ordo Templi Orientis.
-=The Unhived Mind


Note by Me: I don't agree with his views on the KJV, but most of the information is accurate on this issue.

By Timothy

We have British Intelligence governed by the Joint Intelligence Committee itself governed by the Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Government. You will notice two of the controllers of the ISC are Privy Councilors named Robin Butler and Michael Ancram. These are two special persons who belong to much greater powers controlling part of the highest levels of this power structure and control over mankind.
Robin Butler is of the actual blood of the Butler’s who are really the Ormonde name changed who rule Ireland. You then have Michael Ancram of Clan Kerr who is married into the powerful Catholic Howard family who rule the roose over Britain with the Perci family of the Duke of Norfolk and roots of fifth-degree witch Barbara Bush (Pearce) in Texas. Michael Ancram also has connections to the Crooked Nose Clan where David Cameron comes out of with a silver spoon in his Common Purpose mouth. The same Cameron family named as the King of the Solar City. David Cameron being connected to the House of Keswick opium dealers the part controllers of the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation with Chinese Er-Bu and of course The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

You have the Order of the Garter and the Sovereign Dame of Malta, Elizabeth II. She takes the title Sovereign from the Holy See since the Vatican created the title in 1481 with the Aterni Regis Papal Bull. The next level is the Howard, Butler and Perci arena all working for the Roman Empire continuum which controls the British Empire continuum aka Livery Companies of New Jerusalem aka City of London Corporation. Notice the connection of the Howard family to the home of the Archibishop of Westminster, Vincent Nicols.

You should note the Knights Templar arrow on the shield of the Butler family and those all important acorns. The acorn symbolizing the fertility and rebirth whilst being part of the ancient sacred oak tree which could withstand a lightening strike from the mighty Zeus the planet Jupiter the God of the Vatican. You will also see the acorn used by the Della Rovere and the Papal Nobility Farnese family of old which is now continued through the House of Bourbon commanded by Juan Carlos the Emperor of the New unHoly Roman Empire who’s also known as the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem giving him complete control over the Middle East and North Africa. He part uses this control through his Union for the Mediterranean located in Barcelona and Malta.
The Emperor is also a high level controller of the Order of Malta which commands all the military intelligentsia under the Cardinal Grandmaster based in Rome. The Order of Malta is overseen by the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George (Bourbon) and the powerful Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which Juan Carlos is also a high controller of along with its Cardinal Grandmaster. These all answer to the power of the Holy See at Vatican City guarded by the Swiss Guard and Knights of Malta. These all answer to the grand pooh bar, the Curia Generalizia at Borgo Santo Spirito which is guarded by the Spanish Centro Nacional de Inteligencia of the Emperor for the protection of the Superior General and his Assistancy controlling The Entity the greatest and most powerful intelligence agency on Earth.
The over-hyped Mormon cult intelligence is governed by The Entity and it was the Jesuits who set up the Mormon cult. Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit solder Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ who also gave the Mormons the Satanic Union State of Utah. Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ also handled the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike. The current rigged challenger to the U.S. President is Mitt Romney a fagmaster from the Mormon Church the same Mormon cult who owned the hotel used in Virginia this year to host the Bilderberg meeting tied to Order of Malta Knight Heinz Kissinger (Nazi DVD operative) and Privy Councilor and Lord High Chancellor, Kenneth Clark the two of the most common builders of the mountain for the King (Superior General) in the crows nest. Mitt Romney is the chosen one by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst leadership which includes Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush the DVDs thirty-four year long leader and Heinz Kissinger.

Your only hope against this wicked Satanic and Luciferian system is to hold a Puritan true-Christian Geneva Bible 1560/99. Do not follow any other Bible including the Crown copyrighted King James Bible mastered by an occultic Enochian Magician pirate, Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers of the Livery pirates den at New Jerusalem. May I remind you that Caroll Quigley failed you tell you that the Anglo-American establishment is controlled by the Jesuit Order. Thats not so surprising when you understand his masters at the Jesuit military fortress of the U.S. known as Georgetown University and currently commanded by Loyola soldier, Thomas Smolich SJ. All another Jesuit diversion to keep you eyeing everywhere but Rome. The true old definition of a Jesuit was always a person who deceives the people.

Finally let me remind you that the Jesuit Order are not followers of Jesus and neither are the Catholic Church. Catholicism is not and never will be Christian its roots lie in Mithraism. Christians existed during the Roman Empire who would kill and thrown Christians to the lions for amusement and pleasure. The Catholic Church is the Roman Empire continuum in the veils of Christianity in order to hoodwink, usurp, infiltrate and now destroy. The Jesuit Order do not follow the same God as the Catholic Church who worship the planet Jupiter known as Zeus or Peter. The Jesuit Order follow the planet Saturn the reaper the same as the Synagogue of Satan exposed in the Geneva Bible. The Jesuits are seen as the Typhon God working for Kronos the mightiest God of all and the one who helped birth Venus aka Lucifer the Divine hermaphrodite. The God of light and the rainbow as well as the Prince and power of the air. This is the reason that Baphomet is part masculine and part feminine just like Venus and her mother the Moon (Cybele).
The Jesuits completely control the Vatican and have done since 1814-1870 onwards. The Jesuits desire the destruction of Catholicism as planned in order to bring about the one-World religion of Light known as the Luciferian Doctrine. The Jesuits never forgived the Church for their suppression in 1773 and never will. They easily forget how it was the anti-Christos Pontiff who allowed their origins to survive the Knights Templar suppression in the 14th Century. These surviving Knights were allowed to enter the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and did so changing into the Order of the Calatrava and Montesa. Today these orders are Grandmastered by Emperor Juan Carlos, the most powerful Knight in the World.
-= The Unhived Mind

RNC Protesters Vastly Out Numbered by Cops


RNC Protesters Vastly Out Numbered by Cops

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Kurt Nimmo
August 30, 2012

It looks like the $50 million in tax payer money Congress doled out for security during the Republican National Convention has paid off.
According to ABC News and Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, so far this week three protesters have been arrested. Caster said most protests downtown consisted of fewer than 10 people and protesters were vastly outnumbered by cops.
ABC News said Hurricane Isaac may have discouraged protesters, but “some believe the huge show of force by law enforcement may have scared off any potential troublemakers.”
“There’s probably—and I don’t know what the number are, but there’s probably 10 security personnel for every protester who’s in town,” Tampa radio host Rob Lorei told the Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.
“What’s interesting is that you can’t get through downtown Tampa within blocks and blocks of the Tampa Convention Center, so if you’re trying to drive through, if you’ve got business down in that part of town, you have no access to it,” he added.
Prior to the RNC, the government converted downtown Tampa into a virtual police state. The convention is designated by the Department of Homeland Security as one of four National Special Security Events to be held in 2012. Others include the G-8 and G-20 confabs and the World Bank and IMF meetings. Globalists are particularly keen to make sure protests do not interrupt their move toward world government and bankster consolidation.
Speaking engagements by establishment political candidates have provided the TSA with an excuse to rifle through bags and conduct impromptu searches. “Tampa cops have used control freak rules dictating what citizens can carry in public during the convention to circumvent the protests of puppeteer activists,” we reported on Monday.
“Thousands of police — local, state, and federal, virtually all in khaki — will be on hand throughout the week, including the Florida National Guard. Over $50 million dollars have been spent to secure the area and suppress freedom of movement within downtown Tampa and surrounding areas,” Dave Id reported for on Sunday. “Nearly 100 high-resolution surveillance cameras have been installed in the vicinity. Miles of fencing and concrete barriers have gone up in concentric rings around the site of the convention in the last couple of weeks. Helicopters constantly buzz overhead. There are even reports that unmanned flying drones will patrol the skies over Tampa, a first for a political convention in the United States.”
The federal government and the establishment media engaged in a coordinated propaganda campaign before the event. On August 23, we reported on a Department of Homeland Security and FBI bulletin issued to law enforcement warning that “anarchist extremists” would use IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, at the Republican and Democrat national conventions.
“FBI and DHS assess with high confidence anarchist extremists will target… infrastructure in Tampa and Charlotte, with potentially significant impacts on public safety and transportation,” CNN dutifully reports.
No such “high confidence” terror incident has thus far occurred in Tampa. So-called “anarchists” were few and far between within the designated Gestapo zone surrounding the RNC.
The dismal protester turnout in Tampa underscores the fact that significant protest against the globalist empire – at least in the United States – is virtually dead or at least dormant. During the reign of Bush, the corporate media ignored large antiwar demonstrations and the Bush administration disparagingly dismissed them as “focus groups.”
Since that time, the Department of Homeland Security and elements of the national security state, operating under the rubric of the global war on terror, have implemented a high-tech surveillance police state that has successfully discouraged meaningful protest.
In late 2011, the Department of Homeland Security worked closely with law enforcement around the country in a coordinated crack down on the Occupy movement. The move effectively killed the movement that had captured headlines and inspired millions.
The Democrat convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, scheduled to run from Tuesday, September 4th through Thursday, September 6th, will likely be a repeat of the RNC. Millions of tax payer dollars will be spent to make sure protesters do not interrupt the establishment’s dog and pony show in the lead-up to its stage-managed election in November and the re-coronation of Obama or the installation of his ideological twin, Mitt Romney.

Gates Foundation Funds ‘Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System’ and ‘On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’

Paul Ryan's Fact Check

Journalists Intimidated For Exposing TSA Violating 4th Amendment

Video Shows Cop Kicking Defenseless Man in the Throat

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The RNC Speeches and Other News


Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey gave his speech in 2012 Republican National Convention. He spoke bluntly about issues and presented his regular rhetoric in falsely classifying Social Security and other programs as "entitlements." The transparent fact is that people worked and earned the benefits that are found in Social Security and Medicare. He is known to berate public servants. His policies have harmed the state of New Jersey. New Jersey is ranked the 47th in the nation in GDP growth in 2011. New Jersey's state unemployment rate is 9.8 percent, which is the fourth highest in the nation (which only trails Nevada, California, and Rhode Island). New Jersey is ranked 44th in personal income growth in 2011. The state lost 12,000 jobs last month, which is the most in the country. Christie is so brazen in his extreme policies that he wants tax cuts for millionaires while blocking millionaire surtax. He slashed social spending and opposed plans to help New Jersey's workers. He cheered the firing of public sector workers. Public sector workers have built this nation for centuries and for him to cheer their firings is perverted to say the least. He eliminated important infrastructure projects on false pretenses. Job growth has been stagnant when he handed out a number of corporate handouts. So, just because Governor Christie claims that his Republican economic policies are a success in New Jersey doesn't make it so. You can't demonize the people and give economic giveaways to the rich then claim to be some economic guru. It doesn't work like that. Christie talks about debt, but Romney's tax plan (which includes 10.7 trillion dollars in tax cuts) would make the debt significantly worse. The big drivers of the debt were a product of Bush era policies. Even a recent poll said that 53 percent of Americans would raise taxes now rather than cut Social Security benefits for future generations. CNN is confirming that a Republican attendee was removed after throwing nuts at black CNN camerawoman. The delegate reportedly said, “this is how we feed animals.” This is how many in the GOP feel about my black people. A bunch liars & bigots representative of many GOP folks. They don't hide in their hoods anymore. So, the camerawoman sister should receive our sympathies. If someone would try that in front of my face, well, you know the rest. Mike Huckabee and Condoleezza Rice gave their speeches. Huckabee described mostly about domestic issues, while Condoleezza Rice pronounced words mostly about foreign policy. On domestic policies, Condoleezza Rice's words made some believe that she might run for Governor in California. The Sister Condoleezza Rice was right to describe the value of immigrants inside of America. The mosaic of American culture is heavily impacted & enriched by the importance of immigrants. Paul Ryan spoke at the Convention too. Condoleezza Rice, Huckabee, and Ryan expressed eloquent words, but the catch is that some of their policies don't work. A foreign policy that ignores the terrorists among the Syrian opposition groups is something to know about. To claim that you want the Arab Spring or other movements to liberate fellow human beings, while support Gulf States which promote some of the barbaric, sexist, and anti-civil liberty policies in the world isn't representative of ideological consistency. Claiming to strengthen the social safety net, but you want to radically cut that social safety net (without a cent of increased taxation on the super-rich) is baffling. To say that you want to have Medicare to exist as voucher system for people in my generation, while cutting it in a slick fashion in the near future equates into a hypocritical position. Eloquence in speech doesn't always equate into accuracy. I respect any human beings' right to speak of their views in public, but I have a right to dissent peacefully as well.

It's easy to see that the West is violating international law all over the world. Years ago, some in the media, universities, federal courts, and human rights organizations acted as a bulwark against some of the corrupt policies of the state. That day is over. Many of these same institutions aren't acting as checks and balances against the current power structure. We exist in a culture where propaganda is utilized by these same oligarchs as an excuse to circumvent the rule of law (and this reality allows power to be resisted among the oligarchy). Propaganda is greatly shown in America. For example, elaborate movie glamorize jingoistic patriotism. Television shows present people acting as soldiers and the war on terror immorally continues unabated. When women were arrested in Russia for protesting Russian policies, the West said that this was an example of gross human rights violations. Human Rights Watch, Chatham House, and Amnesty International came in to denounce the imprisonment of the punk rock female group. They are known as Voina (or War). They perform lewd or scandalous unannounced public performances in places like the Russian cathedral, a sexual orgy in a museum, and other controversial events. Three of the cathedral performers were apprehended, indicted, tried, and convicted of breaking a statutory law. They were given the 2 years prison system. You can make the case the sentences are excessive, but this is hardly equivalent to Stalin's gulag system. The Voice of Russia showed a broadcast of a discussion of the case. Representatives from Human Rights Watch and Chatham House argued that the case is a free speech case. They classify the women as political prisoners for criticizing Russian President Putin. The truth is that the punk rock group did a blasphemous performance in the Russian cathedral. Putin wasn't mentioned. There were references to Putin later added to the video in order to turn the crime into a political protest. The hypocritical human rights representatives that these acts are typical in Putin's Russia. Yet, similar laws are found in European countries. Europeans arrested and punished even more severely. A similar copycat group of women staged a similar protest in support of the punk rock group. They were arrested in Germany. The musicians shouldn't receive 2 years in prison, but this isn't equivalent to the acts of Hitler or Stalin. It's hypocritical for the West to lecture on Russia's sins, when they have to atone for its own sins. These human rights organizations are silent about Washington's support for the destruction of Syria. Syria is being torn apart by numerous foreign terrorist factions. Real human rights groups are not auxiliaries of Washington's propaganda. Today, the elite use some of these color revolutions that moved countries from the Russian sphere of influence into Washington's sphere of influence. Even author Tony Cartalucci said that Amnesty International is U.S. State Department Propaganda. Cartalucci wrote that Amnesty's executive director is the former State Department official Suzanne Nossel, who conflates human rights advocacy with U.S. global hegemony. I don't agree with the errors of Putin, but Putin is correct to not endorse some imperialist invasion of Syria. Amnesty International in August 23 email to its members "Wake Up World" blamed the violence on the Syrian government (not al-Qaeda or other Washington funded terrorist groups that are being unleashed on the Syrian people). Amnesty wants the Syrian government to be overthrown. In America, Brandon Raub shown a facebook message where he questioned the official story of 9/11. He posted a message on Facebook and it was legal. Later, the local police, the FBI, and Secret Service descended upon his home. They dragging him out and on an order of a social worker, they committed him to a mental hospital for observation. The judge in Virginia let him go, because Raub suffered blatantly unjust treatment. You will notice that the mainstream media, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, or the Chatham condemn this illegal, immoral act. Instead, a Virginia circuit court judge, W. Allan Sharrett, demanded Raub’s immediate release, stating that there was no reason to detain and commit Raub except to punish him for exercising his free speech right. This is a blatant violation of the freedom of speech and the left foxes don't say a syllable about it. More Americans are punished for exercising their free speech rights. Well, my people have experienced this for centuries, but other people are recently experiencing this tyrannical situation. This is widespread. There are youtube videos of police violence against even the Occupy movement. People of all walks of life today (not decades ago) regularly experience beatings, pepper sprays, being sat on their heads, etc. by crooked police officers. People who peacefully exercise a constitutionally protected right in America are being assaulted in an unwarranted fashion. There are more protest over the punk rock group in Russia by token human rights organizations that over the illegal detention and torture of Bradley Manning or the UK government's threat to invade the Embassy of Ecuador, and to drag out WikiLeaks' Julian Assange. Even the Chinese government permitted the Chinese dissident to have safe passage to the U.S. (when he sought asylum in the U.S. embassy in China). This was a part of international law. Yet, the UK doesn't want freedom and democracy to allow free passage to Assange when he has been granted asylum. No protests about it is coming from Hillary Clinton at the State Department. In “China’s Rise, America’s Fall,” Ron Unz makes a compelling argument that the Chinese government is more respectful of the rule of law and more responsive to the people it governs than is Washington. Isn't it ironic that Russia and China today (not the UK and Europe) are challenging Washington's claim that America is above international law (and must overthrow governments that is disapproves). The rule of law ought to be respected irrespective of the aims of imperialists. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Chatham House should be on the case about these issues. The United States has some of the worse police state policies on Earth from torture to the prison industrial complex (where men and women are treated like almost slaves [the 14th Amendment clearly says that if you are imprisoned, you technically can be a slave] and some of them are unjustly raped by sick individuals).

Personal responsibility is a vocabulary phrase that inspires folks and spurs debate all in the same time. In our time, reactionaries distort the true meaning of personal responsibility as an excuse to promote a one size fits all, medieval, feudalist, and anarcho-capitalist agenda. I believe in personal responsibility. Every human who is conscience is accountable for his or her own actions by their own volition. We realize that murder, lying, fraud, and other forms of debilitating actions are morally reprehensible. Yet, life is complex. Life is social, not just individual. Many people are poor and suffer not because they lack personal responsibility. It's because we still have a institutionally corrupt system that permits oppression, poverty, and other abuses. Telling people to get up by their own bootstraps isn't going to work all of the time when a man or a woman doesn't have boots to begin with. Many suffering individuals work long hours and still receive low wages or lax health care. That reality isn't a product of human beings lacking personal responsibility, but it's a product of an economic system that reward luxuries instead of enriching the lives of the poor. This doesn't mean that all is lost or we need pessimism. What we need is a radical redistribution of political and economic power as the late great Dr. Martin Luther King said decades ago. It is a cruel jest to assume that tax cuts for the super wealthy and draconian cuts to social programs are indicative of a just new frontier. People may claim that people build it, but you didn't build it alone. There were grants, loans, and public resources that helped you to build it. Personal responsibility is real, but fighting white supremacy is real too. Personal responsibility is simply about making folks accountable for their own actions. It is never a means to shift away the blame from white supremacy to many of our problems in the first place. See, there is a difference between personal responsibility and oppression. When our people witness evil voter ID laws, unjust wars, and dangerous modified foods, these things are a product of corporate corruption. These things has nothing to do with people having a lack of personal responsibility at all. You will notice another thing. The same people that attempt to lecture us on personal responsibility will not lecture Wall Street crooks stealing our wealth as lacking personal responsibility. They will not lecture the Pentagon or the military industrial complex on personal responsibility when they organize massive war crimes (especially people of color) for decades. They will definitely not lecture the multinational corporations or the mainstream religious establishment to have personal responsibility either. We still live the dream. We are still fighting for civil rights, economic justice, an end to racism, and the elimination of oppression from the Earth. Our journey may be harsh and audacious around the way, but the solution is at sight. The ending of the racial caste system in America was one of the greatest events in human history. Yet, we are not finished still. Fundamentally, social and economic justice is basic fixture of our aims. You can't have true jobs and true freedom without economic & social justice. The work is not completed, because 12 million American children are hungry. The work is not finished when we have those that want to roll back the rights won by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We must press on and we will press on. It is in the culture of our people to embrace a cooperative society or a community orientated society. This is a society where every man, woman, and child in the Universe is respected in their gracious dignity. It's a society where the welfare of the people is placed with high importance beyond deficit hawk ideologies. It is when we have social transformation and personal self transformation. People gave their lives for the dream and the dream still carries on pervasively. Justice is beyond old talking points from puppets. Justice is the overturning of the laissez faire capitalist system and forming a better progressive system that can help all people among all socioeconomic classes. That's justice. Justice deals with making health care a human right not privilege and promoting reparations for our people.

People realize that antioxidants from foods can help human beings. Our cells must have oxygen in order to metabolize minerals and vitamins. This achieved in that cells can survive. If cells can't use oxygen to metabolize, then they resort to fermenting glucose for their energy. Cancer cells can grow when cells when cells can't metabolize. This is why cancer patients should avoid sugar. Cellular oxidation is necessary in our health. When cells don't have enough oxygen, damage to cells can come about. What happens is oxygen molecules can form free radicals when interacting with certain problematic molecules, such as heavy metals and toxins. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms. They are mixed with unpaired or odd number of electrons that become trouble makers. The radicals therefore can create cellular and DNA damage. Free radical are unstable and cause healthy cells to be damaged or die. When a chain reaction of cellular oxidative stress comes about in a particular organ can cause damage to a specific organ. If an organ doesn't operate properly in this scenario, cancer can develop in that cell. We have antioxidants that can protect cells from being cancerous. Antioxidants are molecules that can safely interact with free radicals and stop the chain reaction from continuing or even starting. There are numerous enzymes that consist of an antioxidant defense system. Sometimes the toxic environment can overwhelm the antioxidant defense system. So, the human body needs miconutrient minerals like selenium, Vitamins (like E, C, and beta carotene) in order to build up our body. They are found in foods and supplements. We need even more antioxidants than 100 years ago, because of our toxic environment. One Day. We can get excellent food sources for antioxidants from many types of foods. They are found in fruits like strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Raisins have such antioxidants. We can eat vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, artichokes as well. Kidney beans, black beans, nuts, grains, and unprocessed, dark (or high in cacao) chocolate have great levels of antioxidants. The antioxidant gluathione can recycle and rejuvenates most antioxidants.

In order to understand Nazism, you have to know that the Nazis waged a terror war against the organized workforce. The Nazis burned books. Also, there was Ernst Rieger. He had a son named Hellmut. Ernst worked with the KPD William councillor William Swan and other members of the Social Democratic Workers' Party (the SAP), the Communist Party Opposition (KPO), and the trade unions in Heilbronn plus the surrounding area to form an active resistance movement that was only broken in 1938. Hitler was in league with major industries and civic elites in Germany. In fact, members of the bourgeois parties voted to grant Hitler the unlimited powers (as found in the Enabling Act of 1933) that led to the dictatorship. Hitler owed his power to the ruling elite. They raised him to be a dictator of Nazi Germany. Hitler of course hated Marxism, Bolshevism, and he harbored anti-Semitic views. So, the German people collectively back then weren't responsible for the Holocaust. It was Hitler and his allies (some of his allies were made up of industrialists and international bankers). In his comprehensive work published in 2007, Die “andere” Reichshauptstadt—Widerstand aus der Arbeiterbewegung in Berlin von 1933 bis 1945 (The Other Imperial Capital: Resistance by the Berlin Labour Movement from 1933 to 1945), Hans-Rainer Sandvoss, deputy head of the German Resistance Memorial Centre and member of the SPD, meticulously researched the workers’ resistance in Berlin. Hans-Rainer Sandvoss proved that the workers strongly resisted Hitler and his nefarious aims. Groups protested against Hitler from labor organizations (from the SPD and the KPD), trade unions, smaller left wing entities, Christian workers' associations, and Trotskyist groups. There was a solidarity of workers that resisted the Nazis. It's a historical fact that the Nazis abolished trade unions, collective bargaining, and the right to strike. So, resistance groups were critical in promoting freedom and not Nazism. Corporate America aided the Nazis and then they covered their tracks by 1943, because the Axis were about to be defeated. Even Allen Dulles tried to make peace with Nazis like Prince Hohenlohe back in 1943. The same corporations that sponsored pro-fascist groups at home were guilty of knowingly trading with the Nazis during WWII. The fascists and the Nazis were recruited by the CIA after WWII in promoting the Cold War agitation (and promote a paranoiac attitude about Communism).

By Timothy

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Did i say anything about superiority?..Let alone a particular race being surperior?
Put it this way do ur own reasearch about enzyme ihibitors n calcified pinal gland scholars blk and white contribute to these claims.
In that case i wonder why scientist are so astounded with blk nueromelanin with is produced in blks pinal gland,theres no better melanin then nueromelanin.
Blk produces all colors genecticly, the process of melanin creation is quite complicated yet explainable.


Brotha obviously you read my comment the wrong way...I was talking about how mofos like Alex Jones and a lot of these right wing based media outlets are trying to flip the script on what's really happening to make themselves look like victims of something and are trying to distort the truth...all that black people racebaiting crap is b____  to try to negate the serious racism going and that's being called out by black people...and the NBP aren't doing any vigilante act they just want an arrest

RNC Attendee Throws Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’


moerumm Moderator 7 hours ago

When you are completely void of ideas. When you can't defeat your opponent on the merits. When you have no plan to lead, you resort to your natural predisposition to use race as a weapon.Now, that was my civil response.
My black response, I would have opened a can of Kicksomea___ and poured it all over the Peanut thrower.


so funny how they do this around their people when your out numbered. had their been a fair shake of african americans at that convention, it wouldnt of happened. if i was an african american at that convention and romney herman munster did nothing to address this incident, that would be a very clear message as a black republican that you are only needed for a vote and nothing a presidential candidate, he has a responsibility as a leader to check his people. thats what leaders do.
i tell you what , that could not of been me behind that camera. 


CourtneyR Moderator 1 hour ago

this incident and others like it should be all over the MEDIA .that it should not be and will not be tolerated. the more they continue to down play these incidents, the angrier people across this country are going to become.  and when it boils over, their is nothing anyone can do to stop is seriously time for african americans to stand tall, and any other group of people that care enough,to  start dealing with these people who are racist one on one. racism is a serious problem and these incidents are allowed to happen and made light of as if it isnt. im telling you, i dont have any problem with anyone who wants to live peacefully but if im confronted by one of these racists throwing anything at me, its going to be a serious problem. its a damn shame ,grown as W people acting as if they have power over you. not gonna happen.and african americans need to wake up. this election has nothing to do with fairness. this is an election about RACE


Timsomor Moderator 5 hours ago

I want to see what Michele Steele (AKA Fiddler) will say to get his party/Masters out of this one.  He will mosdef make his money tomorrow on MSNBC, not doubt saying the other party does it too in some strange way. Animals!
These people don't hide there hate anymore, Nor do they hide the hoods.  It is now in the form of a TeaBag!


Steele didn't get an invite to the convention at all apparently. They don't need him anymore since they decided to rev up the Southern Strategy.


I'm surprised that news organizations are not covering this story.  If somebody threw peanuts in my face and called me an animal while I was doing my job, I'd call the police and have them arrested for assault.
But really, what do you expect from a party that photoshops the Obamas as gorillas and emails them as jokes, and that thinks it's funny to talk about birth certificates. What one reaps, he will sow. Have you heard these people promoting tolerance?  And now they are Willie Hortoning the president by insinuating that he intends to revive the good old days of Welfare.
Anyway, I'm shocked that CNN and other news stations are covering up this story. If this was a story about a white woman being disrespected, they'd be all over it.


slapchopped Moderator 56 minutes ago

Stay classy, Republicans!


2ysur2ysub Moderator 15 minutes ago

If this incident isn't the clarion call for ALL of us to put the GOP out of business, then we'll be slaves for the rest of our lives.  These racist GOPs have shown disrespect to the President in ways that makes the Bush Administration look like a Black debutante ball.  I hope each of us is doing something for his or her party, whatever it is.... but you OWE it to yourselves to let your outrage be shown, in polite discussion, but more importantly at the Ballot Box.  Get Latinos on board, and the sane White people who know to dislike the GOP brand - WE CAN DO THIS.  TOGETHER. VOTE AGAINST BIGOTRY. VOTE YES FOR AMERICA.




agree jay.just makes me so mad. this should be all over the news.second, i cant understand how this convention can be so for the people while again, people in louisiana are getting pounded again by a hurricane. I hope she goes on the  news outlets very soon and expose whats really going on at the gop conventions.


I am certain that if a white man or woman was behind the camera, this would have never happened.  Having just argued with someone who believes this was just a joke directed at the "mainstream media",  I call BS.  But even if, for argument's sake, this was neither racist nor misogynistic in its intent, it was still the reprehensible behavior of a bully.  The argument that "this was just one guy out of thousands" is ludicrous.  It is symptomatic of undercurrent that has been tolerated for the last few years, and maybe even subtly encouraged.  If conservatives want to stop the Republican Party from self-destructing, they must reign in the ever-growing element of those who show no restraint or respect in their actions and in their words.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering Patrice Lumumba

Four Facts About New Jersey’s Economy Chris Christie Won’t Talk About At The Republican Convention Tonight

France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government


France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government
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Kurt Nimmo
August 28, 2012
France’s recently elected socialist president and Bilderberg stooge Fran├žois Hollande has told Syria’s CIA and MI6 run opposition to form a provisional government. Hollande said France would then officially recognize it as Syria’s legitimate government.
photoFran├žois Hollande.
In February, the Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, told the Senate Armed Services committee that al-Qaeda has “infiltrated” the Syrian opposition groups France boasts it will recognize.
“Strangely, the fact that Washington, in cooperation with its allies, is now sending communication gear, military intelligence, and weapons to militias in Syria with considerable – and growing – ties to al-Qaeda has not made the Obama administration blink,” John Glaser wrote in July.
Glaser mentioned a supposed “vetting process” that avoid arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda and Islamic extremists, “but the process is made up of untrustworthy, third-party sources and intelligence officials have recently told the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times that the truth is that the US doesn’t know who is getting the money and weapons.”
In fact, there is plenty of evidence that the CIA trained, armed, funded – to the tune of $3 billion – and supported Osama bin Laden and what would ultimately become al-Qaeda.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently admitted that the United States created al-Qaeda, although her admission was at best lightly covered by the establishment media.
The U.S. also supported al-Qaeda in Libya prior to the murder of al-Gaddafi. Following the destruction of the north Africa country, Libya’s transitional ruling authority agreed to send weapons and fighters to Syria to assist the Free Syrian Army.
“Under Bush and Cheney, the alleged presence of al-Qaeda was used as a pretext for bombings and invasions,” historian Webster Tarpley wrote in 2011. “Under Obama, an overstretched and moribund US-UK imperialism is using al-Qaeda as its own irregular infantry in the effort to harass and cripple the nation-states of the world, causing them to disintegrate into a tribal, sectarian, criminal, and warlord chaos. In the current phase, al-Qaeda has resumed its original status as CIA guerrillas. As a result, civilization itself is threatened across vast areas of the globe.”

I Was a Mormon: Connie Raddon

TSA Workers Perform Bag Searches at RNC


A Very Odd and Unexpected Silence Regarding the "Srebrenica Genocide"

Foreign Policy Editor Throwing A Fit Over Growing Resistance To Agenda 21