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Great News: US 4th Circuit overturns NC voter ID law

Empress Taytu Empress Taytu: Warrior Queen of the 1896 Battle of Adwa

A Historic Time and the end of the DNC

Hillary Clinton gave her historic speech in Philadelphia yesterady. She is the first woman to have accepted the nomination of the Presidency from a major party. Her speech touched on many issues from foreign policy to domestic issues. The Democratic Party in general has overtly taken on the mantle of patriotism, the military, and other themes. A story about her life was narrated by Morgan Freeman. She was introduced by her daughter Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea has said that Hillary Clinton is funny and is a thoughtful person. Her speech talked about her life story as a person who went from college to being a political leader. She was born in Chicago, Illinois at the year of 1947. Also, Hillary Clinton spoke about the contrast between her vision and Donald Trump’s vision for America. Hillary Clinton proclaimed her vision as inspirational, optimistic, and full of hope for the future. She conversely conveyed Trump's agenda as gloomy, pessimistic, and totally negative. She made many proposals in promoting universal health care and calling on the super wealthy to pay increased taxes. The Clinton couple accumulated $230 million from 2001 to 2014 through their relations, above all, with Wall Street financial firms and giant corporations. The speech was made by Hillary because of many reasons. She wanted to humanize her personality as she has high levels of unfavorability rates. It is also important to deal with reality. Since 9/11, Hillary Clinton has supported the Iraq War, the NATO bombing of Iraq, war in Syria, and other military operations. She focused on the point that the middle class must thrive while omitting the necessity to liberate the poor from poverty. The last day of the convention was filled with stirring speeches and a Muslim family refuting the Islamophobia of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton made overt appeals to patriotism, economic nationalism, and militarism. She wants to stand up to China when there is a difference between Chinese people who want justice and a Chinese political establishment that desires the status quo. She wants NATO to do battle against the Russian policies. We still face gender inequality in our world. The growth in social inequality among women has risen more rapidly than inequality among men—the percentage of total female earnings accruing to the top female one percent has doubled since the 1980's. In the final analysis, we shouldn’t be blinded by theater. We will continue to fight for economic justice, an end to imperialism, and a society where justice for all is made real.

People have the right to believe in what they want. I can't be a conservative on every issue though since I believe in federal parks, I believe in using the government to imprison Wall Street bankers who are criminals, I believe in racial plus social justice, I believe in the federal enforcement of civil rights laws, and I believe in an increase of the federal minimum wage. The weakness of conservatism is that it in many cases refuses to analyze concepts into nuisance, it almost deifies states' rights (when we know how states' rights was used as a coded phrase for states to enact Jim Crow and other racist policies. Human rights is superior to states' rights), it advances patriarchy among many of its supporters, and in many cases promotes the American exceptionalism myth and the Horatio Alger myth. In the final analysis, we face a situation where there is an oligarchy with inordinate power above and beyond the 99%. We believe in transparency, power, and egalitarianism not bigotry. There are many people of goodwill who are among a diversity of political ideologies. I know many of them in real life. Also, we have a situation where some trolls and extremists want to shame progressives and act like progressives have made no accomplishments in American history. That is a lie. Progressives were involved in forming the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Social Security, the 40 hour work week, collective bargaining, environmental protections, and other things that many take for granted. Therefore, we will defeat right wing extremism in the end. Both major parties have mistreated and exploited our black people for a long time. Our allegiance is to black liberation not to the Republicans or to the Democrats. Political independence is fine with me. The problem with Donald Trump is that he's a bigot, a sexist, an xenophobe, a demagogue, and he has no concrete plans to solve our problems. The problems of Hillary Clinton involve her ties to Wall Street interests, her advocacy of overt militarism, and her incrementalism. I will never tell anyone who to vote for, but I will say vote your conscience. As for me, I can't vote for Trump. I'm studying Jill Stein's views now.

The police officers in this situation involving the death of Freddie Gray have shown massive incompetence. They never immediately called an ambulance to help Freddie Gray when he was clearly hurt and wanted help. He was placed in a van and traveled into many locations without regard to human decency and respect. He died in the hospital. His family are still suffering emotional pain for the rest of their lives. Today, we see another injustice by no officers being convicted. Once again, Sister Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been made the scapegoat by some, which is a shame and a disgrace. The truth is about Marilyn Mosby is that she has shown passion, she has defended the humanity of Freddie Gray, and she has still proclaimed the truth that there is corruption found in the police institution of Baltimore via her recent, powerful speech. She's a hero. As Marilyn Mosby has stated, she was stonewalled in many parts of her investigation. The judge was blatantly involved in the maintenance of the system not the execution of revolutionary change. This is personal, because my grandmother (who is almost 100 years old) lives in Baltimore. I'm from Virginia obviously. I have seen the many places of Baltimore from Pennsylvania Avenue to Druid Hill Park. I have seen the row houses, Mondawmin Mall, its Downtown (with many gorgeous brick colored buildings), and its poorer communities where I have seen police in real life monitoring those areas. Therefore, we have systemic problems of racism, poverty, and economic injustice that has harmed many of the people in Baltimore. That is why we abhor police terrorism and desire human dignity, the changing of laws, and the promotion of real justice in our society.

Bill O'Reilly is a low person who is a coward. I have no respect for him and I will go there. Bill O'Reilly unintelligent, racist, and offensive statements is apart of an overall far right agenda to minimize the evils of slavery. Slavery has no justification whatsoever. Also, there was no great housing conditions involving slaves. Slaves were routinely beaten, raped, assaulted, and murdered constantly. Slaves were not fed food for promoting comfort (as there is no real comfort in slavery). They were fed food as a way for them to conduct labor involuntarily without payment. Our black ancestors not only built the White House. They built up large portions of America without pay. He tried to be slick to target the eloquence and the beauty of First Lady Michelle Obama's speech. Frankly, he or O'Reilly (who curses at people and assaulted a woman) should be fired. I don't understand how people can watch his network, especially some black people who watch his show. He told black kids that he didn't hope that they won't steal his hubcaps. He told one black person that he can go back to Africa for supporting reparations, he threatened Jeremy Glick, and his own daughter said that he did domestic violence against his ex-wife. Therefore, O'Reilly has no real character as a person. He is funded by FOX News to spew his hate speech. White racists are jealous of the wisdom, the courage, and the beauty of First Lady Michelle Obama. We won't back down. Right is on our side.

Life is filled with adaptation. We adjust in life all of the time. Yet, some folks want to shame single people into relationships and I can't co-sign that. There is nothing wrong with working together in relationships and to compromise in any relationship. Yet, single people are not monolithic. Just because someone is single doesn't mean that they lack social skills or they can't adapt to the changing surroundings of society. Many single people can enact great relationships in the future. Being single or being in an relationship is a choice and a person's relationship status ought to be respected. Peter used a cop out with his words. Peter cursed Cynthia out constantly and was constantly leaving the house. His statement about "successful black women" is a false stereotype and offensive. Many black women who are rich or have made tons of accomplishments have strong progressive relationship skills. Tons of black women have shown strength whether they are single or not. Sister Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a great athlete and a very down to Earth person. She is one of the greatest sprinters of our generation and of all time. She is 29 years old and she is going strong. She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica as she loves Jamaica greatly. She has won many gold medals and she has shown great love for her family and even for her track and field competitors. Many of her competitors are friends of her. She has graduated from college and has worked in organizations to help with developing education and altruism the world over. She's married and I have great respect for her. Bless Sister Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Karen Jordan is a woman who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Decades ago, she fought for civil rights in order for Girard College to be accessible to all people. The civil rights movement in Philadelphia should be acknowledged. She grew up in the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a Northern city with a large amount of history and culture. We honor the heroes who made great contributions in the overall freedom struggle. Bless Sister Karen Jordan.

By Timothy


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Walter Rodney

Solange Knowles & Toyin Odutola discuss 'inspiration'

Savant's Views

The problem is with the police as an INSTITUTION. At one time Batimore's polic were overwhelmingly white. Now about half are Black, but the police operate in pretty much the way as they did when I was a kid and cops were maybe 90% white. Remember that in apartheid South Africa in the mid to late1980s it was estimate that up to 30% (or more) of the cops were Black, but that didn't make the police less brutal over there. Black cops don't necessarily make police less brutal over here either. The entire SYSTEM must be change.


Greetings, Sioux sister. How are you? Do you know a colleague quoted an alleged Trump comment from a 1998 edition of PEOPLE Magazine in which Trump said that if he ever wanted to run for President he'd choose the Republican Party because that party has the dumbest and most gullible voters? I'm trying to track down that article.


Yeah, white guys like Dylan Roof killing 9 unarmed people in their own church is much braver. White men gunning down 12 year old Tamir Rice were very brave. Whites cops ganging up on Eric Garner and killing him was very brave, and also brave when they shot Amadou Diallo multiple times in the fact, and when one shot Mr. Scott several times in the down in South Carolina. But I wonder: Is Monika just play acting, just pretending to be stupid? Or perhaps it's not an act.


If you are ashamed of being black, then this shame reveals your inferiority complex. It reveals your slave mentality, your mental colonialism. First of all, it was TWO Black men who slew those cops. If you think BLACK PEOPLE are cowardly as a group, that tells me that you have the problem. I should also point out that cops killing black people--even unarmed women and children, is not exactly a manifestation of courage. And while I do not support the idea of killing cops--what we really need is a popular movement to end racism, exploitation and police terrorism--it could be argued that if it actually came to the point that the police had to be faced militarily, it would not be cowardly but INTELLIGENT to use guerilla tactics against a military force more well equipped and numerous than your own forces. Such tactics were used in America's 1776 revolution, and in numerous revolutions and underground resistance movements throughout the world. But what we need a popular social movement of liberation. Armed Struggle, if it comes to that, ought to be the LAST recourse.

Kenya and other Information

Girls Of The Leesburg Stockade

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Words Refuting O'Reilly


Freedom Rider: Wikileaks Exposes Democrats' Corruption

Black Agenda Report News

Historic News and our Struggle for Justice.

We live in a new era. Hillary Clinton yesterday was officially nominated by the Democratic National Convention as the party’s Presidential candidate in the November election. Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be nominated by a major party in American history. Bernie Sanders has supported Hillary Clinton. Many pro-Bernie delegates were removed like Nina Turner. The supporters of Hillary believe that she will execute progress. The convention has been a mixture of music, speeches, and words dealing with politics. We know about the DNC emails proving the antidemocratic manipulation of the primary process by the Clinton campaign and the illicit diversion of millions of dollars in campaign donations from the state parties to the Clinton campaign. Many speakers spoke the truth about wanting rights for African Americans, women, the disabled, etc. While, other speakers ignored the Wall Street, Pentagon, and CIA links to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has explicitly went along with the disastrous policies in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. There was the historic display of the Mothers of the Movement. They were the 9 mothers of black men, black boys, and black girls who were killed by the police and others. Their names are Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin; Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland; Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis; Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner; Cleopatra Pendleton, the mother of Hadiya; Maria Hamilton, the mother of Dontre; Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown; and Wanda Johnson, the mother of Oscar Grant. They have courageously spoken about their stories and their loss. They desire criminal justice reform, sensible gun control measures, and racial justice. The crowd saying Black Lives Matter is important. They supported Hillary Clinton, which is their right. These women have shown great compassion and their voices should be shown. Samaria Rice has also been courageous to promote political independence and speaking out against the current administration not going far enough in combatting police terrorism in our community. I can’t support Hillary or Trump because of obvious reasons. We want corporate oligarchs to not control our lives. We want us or the people to control our own lives. Bless the Mothers of the movement and Samaria Rice.

Throughout her life and today, First Lady Michelle Obama exemplifies class, eloquence, courage, and love. Her love for her precious black daughters and for the rest of her family is amazing. Her words in the convention were moving. She described how our ancestors build up the White House when they were oppressed by the cruel injustice of slavery. She spoke about the evil of bullying and when evil folks go low, we should go high. Michelle Obama spoke clearly and affirmatively that we should never scapegoat an entire creed or an entire ethnic group for the complex problems or complications that we face as Americans. She gave the greatest speech among both conventions.
Her beautiful, lovely words were not only passionately and emotional, but her words dealt with promoting the Dream that our ancestors fought for and we believe in our 21st century generation. When bigots tried to harm us via slavery and Jim Crow, we stood up and defeated them. Yes, we defeated Bull Connor and Jim Clark. We defeated Jefferson Davis and others. When people said that we can't, we proclaim that we can. In the midst of our journey in America among centuries, we have become teachers, lawyers, athletes, social activists, and many other great contributors to society. We know that we have a long way to go, but we will keep on walking, keep on standing, keeping on building , and keeping on proclaiming that the principle of equality and justice are more than just words. They represent our way of life, our way of thinking, and our hope for the glorious society that we desire as one people on this Earth. We know that she is the greatest First Lady in America history.
We won't stop because we can't stop. Black Lives Matter.

The Industrial Period from 1874 to 1929 saw Dallas grow from a center of farming and ranching into a major self-sustaining industrial city. The industrial growth in Dallas was formed in part out of problems hurting Dallas area farmers. After buying supplies on credit during the year, farmers owed merchants the majority of their crop. Costs to ship to the coast were very high, and the price of cotton was dropping. By 1880, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad under the leadership of Jay Gould reached Dallas. In 1885, the Main Street was lit with electricity. In 1888, the Dallas Zoo opened making it the first zoological garden in the state. In 1890, Dallas annexed the city of East Dallas, which was larger geographically than Dallas. The annexation made Dallas the most populous city in Texas during that time period. After the national financial panic in 1893, numerous industries and five Dallas banks failed.  Cotton prices dipped below five cents a pound and the lumber and flour markets had all but vanished, so many people began leaving the city. By 1898, the city began to recover and grow again. In 1894, Parkland Memorial Hospital opened just west of Oak Lawn. In 1903, Oak Cliff, a city across the Trinity River, was annexed. By the turn of the 20th century, Dallas was the leading drug, book, jewelry, and wholesale liquor market in the Southwestern United States. It also quickly became the center of trade in cotton, grain, and even buffalo. It was the world's leading inland cotton market, and it still led the world in manufacture of saddlery and cotton gin machinery.  During the early 20th century, Dallas transformed from an agricultural center to a center of banking, insurance, fashion retailing and other businesses. Founded here were Marcus and the now-defunct A. Harris and Brothers ready-to-wear stores. The 14-story Praetorian Building was the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi River and the tallest building in Texas during that time. Texan blacks, Mexican Americans and poor whites were excluded from much of the progress by being disfranchised when the state legislature imposed a poll tax in 1902. In addition, it had earlier established Jim Crow laws, making racial segregation legal and continuing to impose the system of racism/white supremacy. The Trinity River flooded in 1908. It was 52.6 feet high. 5 people died and 4,000 people were left homeless. Property damages were estimated at $2.5 million. After the flood, the city wanted to take action to control the Trinity and build a bridge linking Oak Cliff and Dallas. By 1911, George Kessler or a city planner created a plan for both the Trinity and the city. His plans were initially ignored but ultimately brought back, updated, in the 1920's. By the 1930's, many of his plans had been realized. The expansion of industrial jobs attracted migrants from across the region, as well as weaves of immigrants, first from southern and eastern Europe. Many neighborhoods of Dallas have demonstrated the process of ethnic succession, whereby immigrants or migrants move into lower cost housing until they can get established. One group moves out to newer housing and another new group fills the area. For instance, Polish Jewish immigrants settled together beginning in the late 19th century. As they got established, they gradually moved to newer housing.

The area bordered by Maple Avenue, McKinney Avenue and the MKT (Missouri, Kansas, Texas) Railroad became known as Little Mexico following 1910, when it was settled by a wave of Mexican immigrants, who left the disruption following the defeat of President Porfirio Diaz and his government, and the start of the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920). Mexicans from all walks of life came to the Dallas area to take jobs in factories, agriculture and the railroads. In 1911, Dallas was chosen as the location of the eleventh regional branch of the Reserve Bank. That year millionaire Dr. William Worthington Samuel, purchased the first ambulance for the city of Dallas, and later donated thousands of dollars to expand Parkland Hospital. The growth of aviation generated new development in the city in World War I. Love Field was established as an aviation training ground. Fair Park was the home of Camp Dick, a training facility as well. The city purchased Love Field in 1927 to use as a municipal airport. In 1915, Southern Methodist University opened. The Great Depression affected many Americans. Business in construction flourished in Dallas in 1930. In that year, Columbus Marion Joiner struck oil 100 miles east of Dallas in Kilgore. This caused the East Texas oil boom. Dallas quickly became the financial center for the oil industry in Texas and Oklahoma. Banks made loans to develop the oil fields and Dallas became the financial center for all oil fields in the Texas Panhandle, the Permian Basin, East Texas, Gulf Coast, and Oklahoma. By 1931, there were falling prices and overproduction, which affected the city economy’s negatively. By then, more than 18,000 people in the city were unemployed. Before the New Deal policy started, the city had a work for food program that helped many human beings. After a long campaign in the years leading up to 1936, the state of Texas chose Dallas as the state of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. More than 50 buildings were built for the Exposition in Fair Park and 10 million visitors came to see the US$25 million spectacle (or $426 million in today’s terms).

Marian Anderson was a heroic black woman. She was born in Philadelphia as it is very important to recognize the heroes of the great city of Philadelphia. Throughout her life, she expressed music to the world not only as a means to give joy for humanity. She wanted her voice to inspire change whereby justice is made into a reality. She was involved in the civil rights movement and she has inspired tons of women globally. She was powerful, courageous, beautiful, and she was filled with grace. Her grace and her dynamic oratory moved people. We all honor her a great deal. She is a black woman who is one of the greatest human rights advocates in American and world history. Not too many people know her, but we know about her here. Her name is Erna Harris. She was born in 1908. She was a freedom fighter, a journalist, a scholar, and a social activist. During World War II, she publicly opposed the evil Japanese internment camps and she wanting Jewish refugees to come into America, so that they can escape Nazi murder. She supported civil rights for African Americans and she opposed nuclear bombs. There is a strong history of our Brothers and our Sisters opposing nuclear technological development. She supported environmental causes, women's rights, and she opposed the evil system of apartheid in South Africa. Of course, she opposed the unjust Vietnam War too. Her breadth of knowledge was incredible. She knew about Middle Eastern affairs, sports, history, anthropology, and economic issues. In recognition of her lifetime of human rights work, the Graduate Theological Union's Urban Black Studies Department (Berkeley) awarded Harris an honorary Doctor of Human Letters in 1978. Erna Prather Harris passed away on March 9, 1995.Now, we know many parts of her story. Her memory will never be forgotten. RIP Sister Erna Harris. One of the subjects that I do like to study is about the African Diaspora. Virginia Brindis de Salas was a great woman of the African Diaspora. She is a famous Afro-Uruguayan writer how wrote about issues relevant to the black community in Uruguay. She lived from 1908 to 1958. Brindis de Salas was an active contributor to the black artistic journal Nuestra Raza. Her writings made her, along with Pilar Barrios, one of the few published Uruguayan women poets. Throughout her life, she promoted justice, dignity, and equality. This fight for justice and liberation aren't just legitimate goals that we desire in America alone (where I was born in). This is an international fight as well. Coretta Scott King knew it. Ella Baker knew it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew it and Malcolm X knew it too. That is why the creed that we follow is to help the sick, the poor, the elderly, and our neighbors.

RIP Sister Virginia Brindis de Salas.

By Timothy

Bill O'Reilly's racist comment.

Absent from Mothers of the Movement appearance on DNC stage: Tamir Rice's mother

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Dr. Fania Davis

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Times and Social Change.

The Black Panther Party and internationalism go hand and hand. The Black Panther Party didn’t just want freedom in America. They wanted all oppressed peoples internationally to have liberation. For example, the Black Panther Party opposed the Vietnam War and desired the Vietnamese people to have independence. The Black Panther Party desired Zimbabwe and South Africa to be free from colonial rule as well. The BPP supported the revolutionary movements in Latin America. On November 29, 1968, 1500 delegates from all over the Americas came into Montreal for the Hemispheric Conference to End the War in Vietnam. Salvador Allende, who was the President of the Chilean Senate and later was President of Chile including other people were there to oppose the Vietnam War. Quebecois secessionists were in the meeting. M. Hoang Minah, or the North Vietnamese minister of culture was there too. Many Black Panthers led by Bobby Seale and David Hilliard came into Montreal too. They met at St. James Church in downtown Montreal. Bobby Seale said that there can be no peace without justice. Brother Zeke from Baltimore spoke to promote anti-imperialism. Members of this meeting supported the National Liberation Front of Vietnam. The Black Panther Party's Ten Point Plan and policy positions embrace much of Marxism since Marxism by nature is anti-imperialism and pro-proletariat. Jamaican Connie Matthews organized the travel of the Black Panthers to travel into Scandinavia (which is a region filled with social democratic and socialist policies). Bobby Seale and Masai Hewitt came into Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Helsinki, Finland, and Copenhagen, including Germany. They wanted to promote the anticolonial struggle against imperialism. They promoted Free Huey rallies. Connie Matthews wanted proletariat revolution internationally. Eldridge Cleaver traveled into Cuba and in Algiers, Algeria to promote the Free Huey campaign from 1968 to 1969. The Pan African Cultural Festival of 1969 was represented by the Black Panthers including other pan-African organizations in Algiers, Algeria. Cleaver would link up with representatives of the North Vietnamese too. The Black Panthers Party was a global movement with chapters in multiple countries throughout the Earth.

We should always acknowledge the WNBA players who heroically stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement too. Many WNBA players during the time of July 2016 have worn warm up T-shirts honoring the movement for Black Lives and the slain officers. Players took the court wearing shirts that said phrases like “Change Begins With Us,” "Justice and Accountability," and "Black Lives Matter." The memories of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile should never be forgotten. 70% of the WNBA is black, so the players of the WNBA want to express themselves in support of the movement for social justice (as they have the right to do). People, from all over the world, (including other athletes) have praised their actions. We have a crisis of police violence in our nation and this issue should be talked about.  Players shouldn’t be silent on important issues.  The Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve tweeted, "To rebut BLM with 'All Lives Matter' implies that all lives are equally at risk, and they're not. #BlackLivesMatter doesn't mean your life isn't important if you aren't Black--it means that Black lives, which are seen without value within White supremacy, are important."  Phoenix Mercury star forward Mistie Bass on Twitter said: "Don't say we have a voice and then fine us because we use it." WNBA Player Tina Charles has said that on Twitter that: “I refuse to be silent @WNBA.” Once, the WNBA fined the Indian Fever, New York Liberty, and Phoenix Mercury $5,000 each while each player who wore the political T-shirts were fined $500. Later, the WNBA rescinded the fines via the actions of WNBA President Lisa Borders. Lisa Borders have said the following words: “…All of us at the WNBA have the utmost respect and appreciation for our players expressing themselves on matters important to them. While we expect players to comply with league rules and uniform guidelines, we also understand their desire to use their platform to address important societal issues…Given that the league will now be suspending play until August 26th for the Olympics, we plan to use this time to work with our players and their union on ways for the players to make their views known to their fans and the public and we have informed the players that we are rescinding the recently-imposed fines." This proves that actions made by athletes can improve the conversation and inspire change.  I congratulate Liberty guard Tanisha Wright, Liberty forward Tina Charles, Liberty guard Swin Cash, Indiana Fever’s Briann January, and other WNBA players who spoke truth to power. Black Lives Matter.

The year of 1971 was the turning point in the Black Panther Party movement. During the year of 1970, the Black Panther Party was in its apex and afterwards in 1971, it was furthered suppressed by the FBI (and other agents of the federal government). Soon, it started to decline nationally. In January 1971, the Black Panther Party created the Intercommunal Youth Institute in January of 1971. This was created to demonstrating how black youth ought to be educated. Ericka Huggins was the director of the school and Regina Davis was an administrator. The school was unique in that it did not have grade levels but instead had different skill levels so an 11-year-old could be in second-level English and fifth-level science. Elaine Brown taught reading and writing to a group of 10- to 11-year-olds deemed "uneducable" by the system. The school children were given free busing; breakfast, lunch, and dinner; books and school supplies; children were taken to have medical checkups; many children were given free clothes. In January 1971, Newton also expelled Geronimo Pratt, who since 1970 had been in jail facing a pending murder charge that he said that hasn’t committed. He was recently released years ago and he passed away recently. Newton also expelled 2 of the New York 21 and his own secretary, who fleed the country. February 1971 was the time when Huey P. Newton and Eldridge Cleaver split and they argued during a live broadcast link up. Newton expelled Cleaver and the entire international section from the party. Huey Newton wanted to have a further development of social programs while Eldridge Cleaver wanted outright insurrection and political resistance against the oppressive capitalist state ASAP. Newton wanted revolutionary existence to exist in a step by step process. Actually, Eldridge was more against Hillard (whom Cleaver believed was right wing, and moderate instead of revolutionary).

In May of 1971, Bobby Seale is acquitted of ordering the Rackley murder, and returns to Oakland. From mid to late 1971, hundreds of Black Panther Party members quit nationwide. On August 21, 1971, George Jackson (a Panther leader, author, and activist) was killed by guards at San Quentin State Prison. 3 guards and 2 white inmates were also killed. During September of 1971, Huey P. Newton visited and stayed in China for 10 days.  At every airport in China, Huey was greeted by thousands of people waving copies of the Little Red Book and displaying signs that said "we support the Black Panther Party, down with US imperialism" or "we support the American people but the Nixon imperialist regime must be overthrown". During the trip the Chinese arranged for him to meet and have dinner with a DPRK ambassador, a Tanzania ambassador, and delegations from both North Vietnam and the Provisional. Huey was under the impression he was going to meet Mao Zedong, but instead had two meetings with the first Premier of the People's Republic of China Zhou Enlai. One of these meetings also included Mao Zedong's wife Jiang Qing. Huey described China as "a free and liberated territory with a socialist government." On October 1, 1971, thousands of Chinese people were in Tiananmen Square and they waved red flags. They praised the Panthers. There were revolutionary theater groups, acrobats, and folks of the revolutionary ballet performed in the celebration. Huge red banners mentioned the words of “Peoples of the World, Unite to Destroy the American Aggressors and Their Lackeys.” After 1971, the Black Panther Party would never be the same again.

Donald Trump is a demagogue. He knows that many Americans are filled with rage, hate, bigotry, racism, and sexism, so he uses his regressive opportunism to blame not monopoly capitalists and Wall Street interests (who are responsible for the Great Recession and many economic problems), but he scapegoats others for the situation that we face currently. Trump wants to reinforce many of his supporters' evil prejudices. Many speakers and delegates in the RNC have slandered the BLM as equivalent to terrorists and Trump doesn't condemn that. Speakers in the RNC include Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Clarke, and other extremists. Manafort is Trump's adviser and Manafort is linked to being a lobbyists to extreme people. Many of Trump's supporters who believe in the lie that if we disagree with Trump, then we must be treasonous or a people with lax character. They want us to respect their views, but when we disagree with them, then they don't respect us. So, these far right hypocrites have no respect from me. I also found out that Trump's speech is lax in specific solutions. There is no mention of increasing the federal minimum wage. There is no mention of a federal job bill that can create millions of jobs for Americans. There is no mention of the strengthening of workers' rights. There is no mention of investments in the arts and music in the education system or eliminating corporate exploitation. There is no mention of a crackdown of police terror against black Americans and other people. There is nothing in his speech about improving voter rights. There is nothing about the Flint water disaster and environmental policies (like the restrictions of fracking and using vigorous action to clean our environment) that can help society. There is no mention of expanding health care with at least a public option and forming universal health care. There is no mention of fighting structural poverty with using progressive actions. Therefore, Donald Trump is speaking the same ideologies as George Wallace and Richard Nixon has spoken of during 1968. The same law and order rhetoric (which is coded language for police suppression of democratic rights and blaming especially poor black people for many problems) is tired and repugnant. We need international collaborations to solve our international problems (as Trump is a blanket supporter of Netanyahu and his Likud government) without jingoistic nationalism. America is not God. People are already comparing his speech to things that Hitler and Mussolini have said. The haters, trolls, and liars (who refuse to expose the conservative, right wing establishment with folks like the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party, members of FOX News, etc.) always say that I support Hillary unconditionally, which I don't. Therefore, we are opposed to racism, xenophobia, militarism, ageism, sexism, classism, and imperialism. I will never support Trump period. We want black people to be free for real.

By Timothy

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Hillary Clinton supports Tim Kaine as VP for the Democratic ticket

Say Yes - Iyeoka (Official Music Video)

Closing Plenary: The Spirit of Art and Activism - Yara Shahidi

A New Time in our World

Today, Trump gave fascistic rant to conclude the Republican National Convention. In his speech, he accepted the nomination as the Republican Party candidate in the 2016 Presidential election (which was given to him officially). His gave his speech in crowd of his supporters. He expressed his words in a long time in over an hour. He showed his stream of consciousness words. He didn’t offer a specific political program. Instead, Trump has shown non-sequiturs and they outline his vicious views and his own self-obsession. Trump outlined a bleak picture of American society. He said that America was wracked by crisis, but he didn’t say that the origin of the crisis came from economic inequality, endless war, the capitalist system, and racism. He wanted to scapegoat undocumented workers instead. He wanted to talk about terrorism in monolithic terms instead of saying that terrorism has complex origins and a progressive approach is necessary to solve our problems. He talks about crime and the defense of the police, but he refuses to tell the truth that many innocent black people, etc. have been wounded and killed by police terrorists. He wants to expand the powers of the police under the guise of “law and order.” He is the law and order candidate just like Nixon. Law and order have been coded language to describe unconditional support of the police while blaming black people for crime in general, which is racist. He believes that he alone can improve America while ignoring the Congress and other governmental bodies that must pass legislation. Using the language of any would-be dictator, Trump declared, “Beginning on January 20th, 2017, safety will be restored” to the United States. If elected, “Americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of the United States are enforced.” He is bombastic and he promotes extreme nationalism. He promotes building a border wall in the southern border, which won’t happen and Mexico won’t pay for it. He claims to want to stop the gangs and the violence, but he promotes violence overseas. He promotes the policies of reaction.

He wants to ban immigration from “any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place.” That policy is impossible to enforce. He said that the catastrophe in the Middle East has been created by 15 years of war, but he turns to advocate a massive escalation of military violence in the region. He wants to destroy ISIS fast. He condemns China for “theft of intellectual property” and their illegal product dumping. He blames China for currency manipulation. He wants to end the abolition of existing trade deals and replace them with, “a new, fair trade policy that protects our jobs and stands up to countries that cheat.” According to the political theory propounded by Trump, the massive global economic contradictions that have arisen out of the protracted decline of American capitalism are to be resolved through the methods outlined in his book, The Art of the Deal. In fact, the logical corollary of his “America First” nationalism is world war, with the American military used as the instrument for enforcing the interests of American business all over the world. In essence, American exceptionalism hasn’t solved our problems. It has expanded them. In essence, the Great Recession and the economic devastation in the world caused a section of the conservative middle class to embrace more far right policies (and the free market economics that they love have deliver no real solutions to American society). He is not the champion of the working class. He is of the financial elite. He has laid off workers for years. His proposals include reducing taxes, especially for corporations, refusing to have a federal increase of the minimum wage, and eliminating government regulations. The Republicans have heavily restricted voting rights in 19 states, and add more anti-union right to work laws in various states too. In the RNC, speakers and delegates have issued calls for violence and repression, including the arrest and even assassination of political opponents. But behind the bombast and raucous cheering of the delegates, an air of demoralization and desperation prevailed throughout—expressive of a ruling class terrified of social upheavals on the horizon. We see a decline of capitalism. Trump comes as a representation of how extremism is common in Western society. Now, we see that the Republicans and Democrats in their leaders deal with right wing views, pro-war policies, and embracing of the political establishment. Soon, we will have the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on Monday. The Democrats will cite the hate fest of Cleveland in the RNC as an excuse for people to vote for Hillary Clinton. Yet, we should have political independence and vote our conscience.

It is certainly important to send great sympathy to Samaria Rice. She is going through a lot of pain and heartache. Her son was killed by a cop. To this very day, she has promoted the human rights of black people. She spoke tons of truth in her interview with Joy Reid. We, as black people, should never be lectured on our pain. We have every right to express righteous anger at this situation. We live in a crisis in our country where police officers have more impunity, more rights, and more sympathy than ordinary citizens. Police can kill and in tons of cases not receive any punishment. There is a recent story where a black man was shot by the police (in Florida) when he had his hands up in the middle of the street on camera (and that man was still shot by the police for no reason). Therefore, it is bigger than some "few bad apples." This is an emergency and a systemic problem, because most cops don't publicly speak up against police terrorism for fear of losing their privileges or their jobs. Many cops who, have spoke up, are either fired, suspended, or demoted in real life. Therefore, we should reject the views of the hypocrites who talk about "Blue Lives Matter" when they or the police receive all of the sympathy in the world whereas black people aren't given that equivalent sympathy or respect by mainstream society. The President has enacted tons of policies to enrich the lives of other constituents (via executive orders, speeches, and other policy decisions), but he seems to refuse to overtly condemn police terrorism in a revolutionary fashion in public. The President can do many things. First, he can speak out in public to condemn police terrorism, the injustices that black Americans experience, and the system of racism/white supremacy by name in many speeches. That can set the tone that we have a serious problem in our land that existed from centuries of oppression against black people by evil racists.

He can push for federal legislation to allow federal prosecutors to investigate incidents of police misconduct. Therefore, we shouldn't view every political leader as infallible. Some people believe in the myth that the President is immune from any legitimate critique, because of his background. That is wrong, because legitimate criticism is part of the freedom of speech and critique can in many incidents can cause progressive change in the world. Frederick Douglas critiqued Lincoln. Dr. King critiqued Kennedy and even Johnson at times. Therefore, when we critique President Barack Obama, we aren't blaming him totally for police terrorism in general. We are holding him to a high standard as we pay that man's salary and he is obligated to defend the human rights of all Americans (not just the police). The President doesn't tell Latinos, Jewish people, and other groups of people that he is not the President of those human beings alone. So, change must come. The President didn't attend the funerals of Sterling Alton and Castile. He can easily use executive orders to deal with cameras, community policing, better training, collection of better federal data on police killings, etc. The President can go into many states to advocate legislation in state governments to address this problem. He is the chief executive of American society and he must do his job to prosecute cops who murder our Brothers and our Sisters. So, we believe in the Dream and democratic egalitarianism. Yet, we have to fight for that Dream. It won't easy, but victory is better than defeat. Ultimately, long term, comprehensive change must originate from the masses of the people or us. We want our victory by any means necessary.
We want justice.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee is a legend. She is much more than a legend. She is one of the greatest athletes in human history period. She is a trailblazer and a living example of how excellence is part and parcel of our people's existence. She was born in 1962 in East St. Louis, Illinois. From her childhood, she had many dreams of success and her relatives gave her great love and a sense of motivation to fulfill her dreams. She loved track and field for decades and her great athleticism and compassion has inspired the world. When she was in college, she played basketball as well. She participated in 4 Olympic Games and she performed magnificently in the long jump and the heptathlon. Her first Olympics was the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Her last Olympics would be in Atlanta, GA in 1996. I watched that one on TV. I also watched the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain on television as well. She made earned awards and acknowledgments. Her humble spirit is glorious and she loves her family a great deal. In 1988, Jackie Joyner-Kersee established the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation. This foundation sends resources to help the youth, adults, and other people in the East St. Louis community and throughout America. She has given to many charities and she has worked tirelessly for the improvement of our society in general. She has inspired other athletics to get involved in charitable organizations that are geared to improve communities too. Her life story is a glorious one. It teaches us that helping others is important and it promotes the valuable lessons that athletics can teach us. We are near 2020 now. She is a great, beautiful black woman and we praise her forever. It is our priority to love mercy and to help our neighbors. We should continue to live our lives in service for the truth and promote the value of love and benevolence. Bless Sister Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Jeanette Jenkins have helped people for years. I remember seeing a BET commercial a while ago showing her promoting more awareness of heart health for the African American community. Being an African American, I certainly took that commercial to heart. I knew from then on, she will achieve even greater accomplishments. Her purpose in life in part is to promote exercise and fitness for humanity. Jeanette Jenkins was born in Ottowa, Canada. She is a tremendous inspiration for people. She has not helped out celebrities, but unsung human beings too. You can always tell that she loves to workout and assist people, because she is smiling and  has a gregarious personality. Her workouts deal with cardio, kickboxing, stretching, and other forms of plyometrics. In our generation, plyometrics and stretching along with the usage of weights is highly popular. Likewise, we want any human being to experience happiness and joy in their lives. Keep up the Great Work Jeanette Jenkins.

By Timothy

Trump and the RNC

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Is Blue Lives Matter a Racist Hate Group?


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Let the Truth Be Known.

There is something that must be expressed. It's time to expose the lie and the myth of respectability politics. That lie is that if a person isn't wearing conservative clothing, isn't acting in a certain way, etc. then that person's humanity should be questioned and reviled. The fact is that we have the right to protest and stand up for change despite our clothing attire. Also, back then and today, we have many unjust laws. Dr. King made an excellent point about how we should follow just laws (as mentioned in his 1963 Letter from a Birmingham Jail), but disregard unjust laws. That is why Dr. King and others disobeyed unjust laws intentionally in order for them to fight for social change. Courage is not a submission to the status quo, but outright resistance against a horrific system. Democracy is to be vibrant and strong not anemic. Therefore, regardless if we have a suit or worn clothes, we are somebody. Regardless of what zipcode where we reside, we have the right to express our humanity in an unapologetic way. While some want to follow the reactionary, extremist trope of "law and order," we want compassion and justice. As people know, I will never vote for Donald Trump. Regardless of how eloquent we speak, our legitimate aspirations for justice and freedom ought to be respected. We live in a time of change. Social movements are abundant. Likewise, our core convictions remain. We love our black heritage and we abhor injustice. We love black liberation and human liberty. Therefore, we praise the great public school teachers who are educating students greatly. We praise the fitness experts and those who are involved in exercise in general being a blessing and showing videos that inspire people globally. I also praise real friends who have excellent discernment, who send prayers to me, and who have shown a manifold of inspiration. We believe in protecting the environment and we know that the journey isn't finished yet. We witness tensions, economic problems, and many places ravished by wars & poverty. Yet, we still have hope and we will continue to believe in the Dream. For thousands of years, human beings fought for the establishment of the Dream, which desires people to live in a world where racism is extinguished and the full potential of humanity is expressed without discriminatory policies. In essence, the Dream is about caring for people and loving the essence of democratic principles. Part of the Dream is also to recognize succinctly that health care is a total human right not a privilege. Therefore, almsgiving is our way of expressing our compassion and our spiritual power. Those who live with us are our Brothers and our Sisters. This common bond among us is truly beautiful. Collective power to solve problems is better than the evil of selfish individualism. Life is bigger than us alone and we help ourselves by helping others. For decades into the future, I will always believe in my principles and fight for justice for all.

Steve King has said racist garbage for years. His characterization of fellow human beings (who are non-white) as subgroups is the height of bigotry. Anybody who supports Steve King is a traitor. He talks about Western civilization when Western "civilization" was filled with theft, genocide, bigotry, slavery, religious deception, economic exploitation, and other injustices inflicted on black people and people of color. His sugarcoating of the barbarism of imperialists like Columbus, Magellan, and those other criminals represents his overt advocacy of the system of white supremacy. The group of people who murdered more people, stole more land, and caused more imperialism than any other group of people in world history aren't black people. We know the truth. We know how his "Western civilization" wasn't civil and it is the antithesis of true civilization. Many white Europeans were influenced by non-whites in culture, art, music, etc. I know about European history too. I am disappointed in MSNBC's Chris Hayes in not calling King out. Yet, I shouldn't be surprised, because many of the same ones in the corporate media who claim to be "liberal" are some of the most prominent defenders of the Western Empire. The Sister called this man out and Hayes is supposed to be this great "liberal." White people came from us genetically not the other way of around. Steve King ignores real history since he has a warped view of the world. America is multiracial in its composition today. People like Steve King have made it known that they don't care about black people, so we shouldn't endorse his hate speech. Steve King's views can go to hell. There are many words that I can say about him and we know the words. For the record, black people made many contributions in architecture, sociology, science, mathematics, history, astronomy, politics, religion, anthropology, and other matters for thousands of years (long before that reactionary Steve King was born). We will fight for our humanity, because we are in the right side of history. We are right to advocate for freedom and justice. We love and cherish black people and we honor the sacrifice and courage of our black ancestors.

Right now, some people want to blame BLM and protesters in general for this event, which is illogical and evil. First, we live in a crisis of American society. For years, many people have ignored and disrespected the legitimate call of black people for racial and social justice. When police officers are killed, this society shows massive sympathy with the officers' families. When black unarmed people are murdered, their whole lives are investigated (by the haters) with suspicion, scorn, and apprehensiveness. All innocent human life have equal value. Therefore, when cops (who are not harming people) get killed, then that is just as wrong as when innocent black people are killed unjustly by police terrorists. So, I deplore the tragic killing of cops in Baton Rouge and I deplore the murder of our black people by crooked police too.
There is decline in the amount of cops killed as compare to 2014. Yet, there is an increase in the amount of citizens being killed at this time in 2016 as compared to 2015 (in the same time). More cops die of suicide yearly than die of being killed by another person via gunfire yearly. Being a cop isn't the most dangerous job in America. Therefore, we deplore the murders of innocent human life. Yet, solving this problem doesn't mean that we have a fake unity that doesn't address structural problems and ignores the concerns of black people. To have a solution, we must hold crooked cops accountable (when those who murder our people are rarely found guilty like the cops involved in the death of Freddie Gray not being convicted of any crime), progressive policies must exist, and real investments must exist in order for us to build up our communities' infrastructure. To build is to grow. We want to fight poverty and stand up for our human rights.

We should never be quiet. I have respect for Nakia Jones who presented a fair, self-reflection about the situation. Dave Clarke (who condemns protesters in an offensive way) is a person who has nothing to show but vitriol and lies. The situation in Baton Rouge has nothing to do with the BLM movement. The BLM is made up of women, men, and children who oppose police brutality and racial injustice. Also, these same haters always mention "black on black crime" when issues like these come up because they want to scapegoat black people collectively for every problem in America. America itself was created by the violence between the Patriots and the Redcoats. The evil actions of dropping atomic bombs on men, women, and children in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was part of brutal violence too. We are in a war for the survival of our black community and liars like Clarke should be called out. People aren't anti-cop. People are anti-police brutality. Also, that coward Clarke omits that intraracial violence in the black community is reported all of time. There are many heroic black activists who condemn and fight intraracial violence day in and day out. BLM doesn't preach hate. They preach black solidarity and love. Also, Clarke (who doesn't say anything in that interview about black innocent people in Charleston who were murdered by a murderer) has not expressed outrage in a strong fashion when crooked cops kill black people. He has more concern for the lives of cops than non-cops when all innocent human life have equal value. Sheriff Clarke and any sheriff (of any color) with those ideologies are cowards. They care more for the safety of the status quo than freedom and justice for black people. There are things more important than complacency. Liberation of black people is better than complacency. Some of them know the truth and don't care. Some don't know. Regardless, sellouts (like Sheriff Clarke) will continue to sellout. The current, corrupt capitalist system is against the interests and aspirations of humanity. Strategies, political education, economic growth, and organization are necessities to form solutions. People like Clarke are blatantly being used to promote the agenda of police repression and the further suppression of our democratic, human rights. We oppose the War on Drugs, the evils found in the criminal injustice system, and police terrorism 100%. We disagree with the hypocrisy of some who lie and say that BLM promotes hate (when it doesn't), but refuse to expose real police terrorism against communities across America. We are against bigotry. We desire justice.
#Black Lives Matter.

Nelson Mandela was a hero. No words can describe the heroic courage and sacrifice of this man. He was born in a time when our people (in South Africa and in America) were filled with overt bondage and oppression via unjust laws. He lived for decades to promote the principle that equality and justice go hand in hand. Madiba was born in 1918. He promoted the Freedom Charter, which was a progressive document that wanted the end to apartheid and desired the redistribution of the wealth fairly among all people of South Africa. He worked in the ANC for decades. He was jailed and sent into prison during the 1960's. The CIA told authorities where Nelson Mandela was in order for the oppressive regime to arrest him. In jail, he suffered indignities, isolation, mistreatment, and harsh work in the prison. Yet, he never lost his faith. Many people would break under pressure, but he stood firm like a strong human being. His convictions persisted and he was finally released out of prison in 1990. Soon, apartheid was gone and he became South Africa's first black President in 1994. He continued to promote justice. He passed away in 2013. Today, in our time, South Africans are still fighting economic inequality and racism, but our spirits are in unison with South Africa. We want South Africa to be filled with liberation among its people.
RIP Brother Nelson Mandela.

By Timothy

Monday, July 18, 2016

Political Information

I'm Neither disappointed in NOR surprised by Bernie's endorsement of Billary. This was quite predictable & even actually predicted last yr by folks such as BAR's Bruce Dixon, Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley, Paul Street, etc... [= folks who did real homework & analysis, & weren't drunk on the 'Feel the Bern' HYPE]- As soon as Bernie announced he was running for POTUS as a Corp DIM, & committed from the get-go to back Billary if/WHEN she won the Dims' nomination [as the Dims' price of admission for him to run as a Dim]- An outcome that was also quite predictable & even predicted! [IMO what's actually NOT nearly as predictable last yr, was Trump winning the Repugs' POTUS nomination]!
- Bernie also said several Xs he would NOT run as an independent- cause he did NOT want to be a so-called Nader type 'spoiler'. So why are Sandernista now so surprised & disappointed that Bernie's ultimately done exactly what he said he'd do from the get-go- If/WHEN he failed to get the Dims' POTUS nomination???
So NOW it's all about what's the Sandernistas' Plan B [or GP]? Will they take their marching orders from Bernie & hold their noses to vote for LOTE DLC Corp Dim Billary, or exercise their Indy 3rd party option(s)??!
PS: Voting for Racist Repug Trump is NO real option for 'real' progressives, either. IMO That would be an irrational, reactionary, 'shoot yourself in the foot' move.
- That's the trick-bag the elites are trying to trap progressives into based on duopoly [Dims vs Repugs- Period] thinking. They've served-up Billary vs Trump, a {non}'Choice' we're just supposed to hold our noses & swallow without puking!! Well IMO here's a better choice: Vote for the GP Party's Jill Stein, or even Libertarian Gary Johnson, or the Party for Socialism & Liberation, or even writing in 'Micky Mouse' would be better than voting for either Billary / Killary or Donald [Duck] Trump!!!

Durham, North Carolina.

A Nation Divided

There is news about the Baton Rouge situation. Here are my thoughts. I don't know all of the facts as of yet. 3 officers were killed and 3 others are wounded in Baton Rouge. We know there is one shooter and possibly more. This is a tragedy and a sad time for America and the world. We all condemn these acts as evil as there is no excuse for murder. Some people believe that there is more than one shooter. People will still say that we must condemn violence. I condemn unjust violence, but I will never condemn self-defense. The Revolutionary War involved killing. The Vietnam War involved killing and murder. Police brutality involves evil violence and in many cases murder. Therefore, there is no justification for the cops in this situation in Baton Rouge to be wounded and murdered. Yet, when unjust wars exist, the far right doesn't say stop the killing or stop murder. I wanted to say a lot more stuff, but I will keep my peace for the sake of God. Therefore, some people have to be consistent. If murdering cops for an unjust reason is wrong (which it is), then murder involving unjust wars are wrong too. Change comes by continuing to stand up for our human rights and not bowing down to the establishment. What is disgraceful is how the chairman of the FOP saying that the President isn't doing enough to support the police when the President in every speech during this month (involving policing, etc.) has praised the police institution. The FOP Chairman didn't condemn Patrick Lynch's words about how the Mayor of NYC has blood on his hands (which is false). I find it ironic that the same ones who lecture us that not all cops are bad don't say that all black people aren't all bad when intraracial crime comes about. Those same hypocrites ignore or minimize police terrorism. They have a superficial view of reality. They (or the post racial types who reject anyone talking about racial & social justice) don't want others to judge them, but they judge people unfairly who stand up against racism, classism, sexism, and other injustices overtly. We are supposed to tell the truth in season and out of season. One of the most despicable acts done by some is for some to exploit this tragedy as an excuse for many folks to condemn peaceful protesters or the BLM as well. Those who do that do a disservice to the victims of this tragedy. I believe in unity, but not fake unity. We know how racists hate Black Unity and I will forever promote Black Unity and Black Love. Unity deals with establishing justice. We want a better society for humanity.

There was the failed military coup in turkey. It was headed by a section of the Turkish officer corps. On Saturday, the coup was ended by the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The rebel military and police units fought each other in Istanbul, which is the country’s economic center and in the political capital of Ankara. At least 265 people have been killed and hundreds of more have been wounded. Over 3,000 military personnel have been arrested and thousands of judges have been suspended. The coup represented a wing of the military and state apparatus who disagreed with Erdogan. They wanted to in their minds, “reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and the general security that was damaged.” Erdogan is an autocrat and has done a lot of evil in Turkey, but he has been democratically elected.  Erdogan, who was on holiday at an Aegean Sea resort, used a FaceTime video call to a live news broadcast on CNN Turkey to denounce the putsch and call for “people to gather in squares and airports” to defend his government. Thousands of people in Istanbul, Ankara, etc. were in the streets to occupy locations like a media center. They also stopped the coup from taking shape. Near Arkara, Turkish Air Force F-16 jet fighters shot down a helicopter operating in support of the attempting putsch. The Turkish parliament building was bombed by the rebels in Ankara. A large section of the armed forces, the main Turkish business, federation, and the Obama administration opposed the coup. The coup was defeated by pro-government forces. The TRT main state television broadcaster was retaken by pro-government individuals. So, this was a breakdown of the bourgeois government of Turkey. We have global economic crisis, social inequality, and the consequences of the Western imperialism (where U.S. imperialists and its allies want to dominate the oil rich Middle East plus undermine Russian and Chinese influence in every part of the world). This comes after the fallout from the Leave vote in the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. America continues to have a political crisis over police killings and the possibility of Donald Trump unfortunately winning the November Presidential election. France is ruled by emergency rule. NATO expands in Eastern Europe near Russia. There are the contested claims in the South China Sea. Erdogan is allied with the AKP. For years, thousands of Islamist militants came from Syria into Turkey and back to fight Assad. Many of them have sought refuge in Turkey. Turkey has been hesitant in fighting ISIS until recently when Turkey allowed the U.S. to use its areas to launch attacks in Syria and Iraq against ISIS. Turkey doesn’t want a strong Kurdish hegemony especially when Kurdish fighting in northern Syria has created a de facto autonomous region in northern Syria near Turkey’s border. To divert internal social tensions and pre-empt renewed unrest among Turkey’s Kurds, Erdogan has carried out a brutal crackdown on Kurdish-based political parties and the Kurdish population as a whole.  The failed coup could inspire Erdogan to increase his crackdown on dissidents in Turkey. Erdogan accused imam, Fethullah Gulen of organizing the coup as Gulen is a known opponent of Erdogan. I don’t agree with Erdogan on many issues and the people democratically elected him.

By 1914, Ottoman authorities had started a propaganda drive to present Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire as a threat to the empire’s security, which is ludicrous. An Ottoman naval officer in the War Office admitted that the Armenians were scapegoated as the enemies of society. There was the April 23-25, 1915 tragic even called Red Sunday (or what Armenian people call  Կարմիր ԿիրակիGarmir Giragi). On that date, the Ottoman government rounded up and imprisoned an estimated 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders of the Ottoman capital Constantinople. They rounded up other people in other centers and they were moved into two holding centers near Ankara. Interior Minister Talaat Pasha ordered the arrests. This date coincide with the Allied troop landings at Gallipoli after unsuccessful Allied naval attempts to break through the Dardanelles to Constantinople in February and March 1915. After the passage of the Techir Law on May 29, 1915 (it was supported by the CUP Central Committee), the Armenian leaders, except for the few who were able to return to Constantinople, were gradually deported and assassinated. The Tehcir Law gave the Ottoman government and military authorization to deport anyone it “sensed” as a threat to national security. The date of April of 24 is commemorated as Genocide Remembrance Day by Armenians around the world. In May 1915, Mehmet Talaat Pasha requested that the cabinet and Grand Vizier Said Halim Pasha legalize a measure for the deportation of Armenians to other places due what Talaat Pasha called “the Armenian riots and massacres, which had arisen in a number of places in the country." However, Talaat Pasha was referring specifically to events in Van and extending the implementation to the regions in which alleged "riots and massacres" would affect the security of the war zone of the Caucasus Campaign. Later, the scope of the deportation was widened in order to include the Armenians in the other provinces. The Tehcir Law caused the confiscation of Armenian property. Also, the slaughter of Armenian continued after the enactment of that unjust law. It outraged much of the western world.  While the Ottoman Empire's wartime allies offered little protest, a wealth of German and Austrian historical documents has since come to attest to the witnesses' horror at the killings and mass starvation of Armenians. In the United States, Times reported almost daily on the mass murder of the Armenian people, describing the process as "systematic", "authorized" and "organized by the government." Theodore Roosevelt would later characterize this as "the greatest crime of the war.” Historian Hans-Lukas Kieser states that, from the statements of Talaat Pasha it is clear that the officials were aware that the deportation order was genocidal. Another historian Taner Akçam states that the telegrams show that the overall coordination of the genocide was taken over by Talaat Pasha.

The Armenian genocide involved death marches too. The Armenians were marched out to the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor including the surrounding desert. There is no evidence that the Ottoman government gave extensive facilities and supplies to sustain the lives of hundreds and thousands of Armenian deportees during their forced march to the Syrian Desert and after. By August 1915, the New York repeated an unattributed report that "the roads and the Euphrates are strewn with corpses of exiles, and those who survive are doomed to certain death. It is a plan to exterminate the whole Armenian people.” Talaat Pasha and Djemal Pasha were completely aware that by abandoning the Armenian deportees in the desert they were condemning them to certain death. A dispatch from a "high diplomatic source in Turkey, not American, reporting the testimony of trustworthy witnesses" about the plight of Armenian deportees in northern Arabia and the Lower Euphrates valley was extensively quoted by The New York Times in August 1916. The article from the NY Times mentioned that witnesses saw thousands of deported Armenians under tents in the open and they were in hunger begging for food and water. They were starved to death. Similarly, Major General Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein noted that "The Turkish policy of causing starvation is an all too obvious proof, if proof was still needed as to who is responsible for the massacre, for the Turkish resolve to destroy the Armenians.” There were German engineers and laborers involved in building the railway. They also saw Armenians being crammed into cattle cars and shipped along the railroad line. Franz Gunther, a representative for Deutsche Bank which was funding the construction of the Baghdad Railway, forwarded photographs to his directors and expressed his frustration at having to remain silent amid such "bestial cruelty.” Major General Otto von Lossow, acting military attaché and head of the German Military Plenipotentiary in the Ottoman Empire, spoke to Ottoman intentions in a conference held in Batum in 1918.

He said that the Turkish authorities wanted to exterminate the Armenians in Transcaucasia. Many military leaders from Turkey raped Armenian women. Many deportees were sold as sex slaves in some areas in Mosul and Damascus according to the report of the German consul there. Many Armenian girls and women were left behind dying. The Ottoman government created a network of 25 concentration camps to murder Armenians who had survived the deportations to their ultimate point. This network, situation in the region of Turkey’s present day borders with Iraq and Syria, was directed by  Şükrü Kaya, one of Talaat Pasha's right-hand men. Some of the camps were only temporary transit points. Others, such as Radjo, Katma, and Azaz, were briefly used for mass graves and then vacated by autumn 1915. Camps such as Lale, Tefridje, Dipsi, Del-El, and Ra's al-'Ayn were built specifically for those whose life expectancy was just a few days. According to Hilmar Kaiser, the Ottoman authorities refused to provide food and water to the victims, increasing the mortality rate, and Muslim men obtained Armenian women through recorded marriages, while the deaths of their husbands were not recorded. Bernau, an American citizen of German descent, traveled to the areas where Armenians were incarcerated and wrote a report that was deemed factual by Rössler, the German Consul at Aleppo. He reports mass graves containing over 60,000 people in Meskene and large numbers of mounds of corpses, as the Armenians died due to hunger and disease. He reported seeing 450 orphans, who received at most 150 grams of bread per day, in a tent of 5–6 square meters. Dysentery swept through the camp and days passed between the instances of distribution of bread to some. In "Abu Herrera", near Meskene, he described how the guards let 240 Armenians starve.

By Timothy