Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Third Millenninum & Extra

We're almost to the dawning the late decade. Fintan Dunne is at it again. Now, he claims that a whole list of people are conscience or non-knowingly shills for the Elite. He won't talk about the Secret Societies controlling the world and using intelligence agencies (CIA/MI5/MI6/Mossad, etc) and the international bankers as thier pawns. He still haven't apologized for mocking many sincere religious conservatives fighting for liberty, truth, and justice.

So, I disregard Fintan Dunne as a constant distraction for real liberty seekers. If we want real victory, we must eliminate all distractions from our minds. We must fight, be active, and defend our precept. It's a fact that 9/11 was a product of a controlled demolition, especially with Building #7 when no aircraft hit the building. We know about the toxins in our foods like soda and drinking water like aspartame, flouride, mercury, etc. that can damage our immune system and increase the risk for harmful diseases like cancer.We realize the complicancey of many Americans over the horrible reality of the destruction and continual lies that George W. Bush still tell about Iraq. With all of the bad news, we can cite the good news.

Many people are waking up to the facts about the Elite attempting to create the Pan American Union and the New World Order (one world government). People are active and the Big Brother system in America haven't ascended into epic proportions. What we need is not infighting and not censorship, but unity to fight against these criminals. Yeah, we need to expose shills like Art Bell, Fintan Dunne, Jim Kaminiski, and others. Also, we need not to be too obessive with shills, so we won't become distracted on our real purpose and duty to help our fellow men. We must be strong and fortified with the wisdom, temperance, and meekness to carry on. Let us never waver in our mindset, but be laquoious and firm in our intensions and actions. Never follow racism and anti-Semitism against Jewish people or Arabic people, but love for all men. Let's hate evil and corruption, but not our neighbor. We must live out the true creed of hating evil, but loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Genetically containments have spread in Australia as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Cindy Sheehan is one brave woman. She is protesting George W. Bush for the war inside of Iraq. Bush is responsible for Sheehan's son death, because Bush allowed the troops to be placed inside the country of Iraq. Faulty supplies, the majority of the American people opposing the war, and other problems still reign; yet George W. Bush obviously doesn't care. More bloodshed is a joy for his statements about staying the course.

Now, the Bush administration is threatening to charge Cindy for trespassing if she refuses to leave Bush's ranch. Cindy is calling Bush to meet with her and ask him why did Bush allowed her son to die in Baghdad. That is a necessary question that Bush must answer since Iraq wasn't a direct threat to America, there were no massive quantities of WMDS in Iraq, and Americans and Europeans funded Iraq enabling Saddam to kill tons of people decades before the 2003 unjust invasion.Now, there's a debate about evolution and intelligence design. I believe in schools, there should be a discussion about Evolution's flaws and many proponents of Darwin's theory don't want that to happen. The fact remains that Darwin believed in inferior and superior groups of people and many scientists have used creditible evidence to dissent with Darwinian evidence. To see the complexity of cells, humans, animals, and the rest of the universe; it is very just to subscribe Almighty God as the intelligence that put everything into being.

Some people who promote ID are Diests, so we must be careful not to yolk with unbelievers to justify the flaws of Darwinian Evolution. Also, and are one of the best sites on the Internet detailing the errrors of Evolution and the facts on God creating the universe in a scientific and logical way. The crime of abortion still goes on. John Roberts, despite the babykilling-supporting, terrorist organization of NARAL, isn't Pro-Life for he viewed Roe V. Wade as settled law and refuses to radically end the murderous practice of killing unborn babies [created in the image of Almighty God]. Border problems still exist in America and now the military is trying harder to use exercises domestically in American soil, which violates Posse Comitatus. Years ago, foreign troops and black helicopters existed before stalking the American people and the Elite want more of it today.

This is a pretext to possibly create Martial Law in this country as proven by FEMA documents and other components. I believe in the God-given right of self-defense in physical resistance. Jesus was no pacifism and if the government tries to force you to do something against God's law, you have a moral right and are justified to defend yourself. Mostly, we should pray to God to repentance and renewal, but we are justified to defend ourselves as well. Having a gun is honorable for anyone, especially adults to resist tyranny. The Second Amendment always allow individual citizens the right to own and use firearms for defense. Even the founders accept the people as the militia to defend our families and country. Even the Bible says that to Obey God rather than men. Let's go and expose shills, fight, think, believe, have faith, and act with the power of Almighty God.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

August 10, 2005.