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Bretton Woods II: Stiglitz calls for new monetary order

“A Second 9/11″: An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine

John McCain and embryos

More Jesuit information in October 31, 2008

Dear Friends and Brethren,

Knight of Malta Willis Carto is mentioned in Roman Catholic Martin A. Lee's The Beast Reawakens (1997). The theme of the book is the re-emergence of fascism in Europe and of its coming to the US. There is even a rare picture of Carto speaking from a podium.

I have been informed that Willis Carto, the White Roman Catholic Neo-Nazi and founder of Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight (and dear friend of the late SMOM J. Peter Grace!) organized a meeting between the hatefully racist, anti-Black, Freemasonic White KKK and the hatefully racist, anti-White, Freemasonic Black NOI. The incident is mentioned in Racial Situations---Class Predicaments and of Whiteness in Detroit by John Hartigan. This proves the words of Malcolm X to be true: "the KKK and the NOI have the same paymasters."

In another book titled The Man to See, the life and work of Knight of Malta Edward Bennett Williams is delineated. In that book it states that NOI leader and Freemason Elijah Mohammad went to see Williams after the assassination of Malcolm X seeking legal help for the NOI assassins. Clearly, the American SMOMs overseen by the Archbishop of New York City control both the KKK and the NOI via the brother Templars, the high level, Illuminized Freemasons.

I will find the quotes and put it up ASAP.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric




This movie portrays Bavarian Roman Catholic SS Major Josef Mengele making a "selection" at Auschwitz. All his tedious records of his experiments were left to the Jesuits manning the NKVD that accompanied the Red Army "liberating" Auschwitz. Mengele was escorted by Jesuits through the Brenner Pass, he then being aided by Bishop Alois Hudal to escape to South America. This monster was protected by the intelligence services of the Allies ruled by the Knights of Malta loyal to that antichrist in the Vatican, Pius XII.

Mengele is the personification of the Jesuit Oath of the Fourth Vow. He merely fulfilled the wishes of his master, Jesuit General Ledochowski---a Pole and the master of Poland's Nazi SS death camps.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

_________________ is a site showing some truth, but then goes into the left/right paradigm. They seem to forget that the new world order crowd promotes abortion worldwide, the man made global warming deception (The CFR, the Club of Rome especially, and the Bilderberg outline support of global warming hysteria when climate change is a normal part of the Universe. Some scientists are predicting an Ice Age and the Arctic Circle's ice has grown in about 30% in one year alone), etc. We should have a concern for the environment (Real environmental issues include chemtrails, deforestation, GM foods, and chimeras). Yet, solutions should include developing the Third World and building up our nation, not having anti-liberty rules (like mercury filled bulbs or monitoring our homes, etc.). Abortion is no right as we know. Abortion is covertly promoted by the Jesuits via Georgetown University as proven by Mary Collins' research along with their support of globalism (plus the Ecumencial Movement). Abortion is about tearing an unborn baby limb from limb. Much of their body parts are sold in the black international market. I haven't seen the site in many months. They claim to be apart of the alternative media, but they just omit certain information to project their liberal perspective on issues. Feminism is a mechanism in which its supporters claim that they just want to promote the idea of the equality of the sexes. Later, it's just bound for some of its extremists to promote the lie of the non-differences of both sexes. Also, many of the leaders of feminism like Gloria Steniem were funded by the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation. That should tell you something. Alexandria is an expert on the nuts and bolts of feminism.

By Timothy




Right on Alexandria and Timothy!

You're right about, it's not really alternative because it buys into the liberal/conservative false paradox. There's some truth, but not a whole a lot.

Yeah, when doing research, I did come across that the feminism and the likes of Gloria Steniem were funded by the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation. The same people who funded the radio broadcast production of "War of the Worlds" to conduct a test, if you will. Yeah, people went nuts after the broadcast and didn't wait to listen at the end that the whole thing was fake.





Hello, Eric:
I have read some of your writings and find the data worth looking into further.

I thought you might find this interesting:
In his book 911 Synthetic Terror  Webster Griffin Tarpley writes that the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a "false flag" operation (Pg. 68-70) planned by Lord Robert Cecil and the British government because "it was politically vital to keep persecuting the Roman Catholics." He gets this information from the "Jesuit Gerard".

It is appalling that Tarpley expects the world to forget the Catholic Inquisition , and the years of Bloody Mary burning Protestants in England just prior to Elizabeth's reign, and that the Jesuits were founded for the purpose of destroying Protestant Christianity (and Protestant governments).

What gutsy nerve to suggest that the (harmless) Jesuits would not try to
overthrow  Queen Elizabeth's government! This gross distortion of history casts severe doubt on everything he writes. Why, then, have so many nations expelled the Jesuits if they do not engage in such subterfuge?

Many people writing on these topics appear to be Jesuits themselves, and perhaps the 'La Rouches' that Tarpley is linked to as well. There are no fingers pointing to possible intrigues of Rome at all in his writings.

He gives a talk on this on YouTube also:

It is a shameless distortion of history, but even if it were true, the English had good reason to try to protect themselves from the Jesuits.


Dear Linda,

You are right on point.

Remember there were at least threee assassination attempts on Queen Elizabeth I's life during her reign. The pope's Bull of Excommunication calls her a Bastard Queen and thus pursuant to the Jesuit maxims, the first to get near her could kill her and it would be no murder. Remember the pope's financing the attack of the Spanish Armada in 1588? There were 30,000 soldiers on board the 120 ships ready to kill every Protestant in Engand and to deport the Queen to Rome for her torture and execution. Also remember the King James I openly expelled the Jesuits from England shortly after he took the throne in 1603, and he publicly burned the regicide doctrines of Jesuit Francisco Suarez.

Now about King James persecuting Roman Catholics, let us see. The Catholics were never forced to go to Protestant services until after the attempted assassination of Elizabeth. The wicked sinners brought it upon themselves. If those Roman Catholics were true nationalists as they should have been, they would have reported the Jesuit plot to assassinate their Queen. Further, Jesuit Gerard and Jesuit Provincial Henry Garnet were key planners and guides in the plot to blow up King James, his Roman Catholic wife, and his two sons along with the entire Parliament. That was the king's Jesuit condemnation for converting to Protestantism and favoring the Reformation.

Although there are many good facts in Tarpley's book on GHW Bush, Tarpley is in fact a bold-faced Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and I have called him such publicly. He is also tied to that Grand Orient Freemasona Lyndon LaRouche who is a fascist and fully intends to bring the Empire into a military dictatorship. LaRouche, like Tarlpey, are "good Roman Catholics."

Both Tarpley and LaRouche protect and defend the pope of Rome, that foreign monarch and fakir who claimes the right to rule the souls and governments of all men via his bogus Spiritual and Temporal Powers.

Good analysis below, Linda.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric




The Catholic/Masonry connection by KeithTruth







> Lately, I've read posts on the influence and power of the Jesuits who
> control Masonic Labor Zionism, have coadjutors in every branch of
> Judaism (putting their own people in peril) and Israeli government (to
> the detriment of the people) and how they are the main pushers of
> "interreligious dialogue" for the purpose of getting any opposition to
> put their guard down-the Vatican II Council was a clever public
> relations move to convince the world Rome changed. The only thing
> she's changed is her tactics! It was just another way only more
> unassuming to serve the interests of the Black and White Papacy
> (something Leo Zagami does not wish to understand.)
> These are very telling photos of hofjuden (I first heard this term
> from the late Sherman Skolnick) or Papal Court Jews who have no king
> but Caesar!
> (The
> video links to the right are sad and sickening to watch rabbis and
> cantors blessing and praising the very man who sold Zyklon B gas for
> I.G. Farben used in the Holocaust to mass murder their own people,
> men, women, and children. It is a tragic and utter betrayal of their
> memory!) Krupp believes his foundation has evidence Hitler's Pope Pius
> XII actually helped Jews during the Holocaust!
> American Jew Gary Krupp (this same surname is connected with the
> Jesuits' Illuminati and I.G. Farben I wonder if this Krupp is
> connected to this bloodline Fritz Springmeier wrote about and if he is
> this is another clear example of Illuminati subservience to the
> Babylonian mystery religion), founder of the "Pave the Way Foundation
> Inc." who was invested by Pope JP II as a Knight of St. Gregory in
> 2000 for helping Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza founded and built by
> Padre Pio, a Capuchin monk and Roman Catholic mystic. Krupp was the
> seventh Jewish man to be made a Papal Knight. According to a recent
> book Pio faked his "stigmata" with acid.
> Last year, he was promoted by Benedict XVI with the rank of Knight
> Commander with a Silver Star of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St.
> Gregory the Great for Krupp's work in Jewish-Catholic, Vatican-Israeli
> relations. In the name of "interreligious dialogue" a very one-sided
> plan is being carried out, and Gary Krupp is a willing participant.
> Here is Papal Knight Krupp meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
> In addition, to being a Papal Knight, Mr. Krupp was given the rank of
> "Officer Brother" of the Protestant SMOM Order of St. John in 2005 by
> consent of Queen Elizabeth II.
> Here is a link to an open letter a Sephardic Jewish group called "The
> Committee to Save Mt. Zion: Addressing the Threatened Handover to the
> Vatican" founded by the International Sephardic Jewish Leadership
> Council (ISJLC) addressed to Krupp. They rightfully protested his
> betrayal of the Jewish people evidenced by his IRS records which
> showed his "Objectives for Fiscal Year 2005" included "Restoring two
> important shrines to the Worldwide Catholic Church." One of these is
> "The Cenacle" an ancient building which for Jews is part of the
> traditional site of Tomb of King David and purported by Roman
> Catholics to be the Upper Room where the Last Supper took place.
> I read a deal was in the works between the Vatican and the Masonic
> Labor Zionist Government of Israel which entails exchange of control
> of the Cenacle on Mount Zion for a 12th century synagogue in Toledo,
> Spain which has been a Catholic church-Santa Maria la Bianca Church
> since the 15th century expulsion and massacre of the Jews during the
> Spanish Inquisition.
> Papal Knight Rabbi Rosen denied such a notion as "nonsense."
> This a February 2005 article "The Vatican and Its Friends Are Not Your
> Friends" by Shelomo Alfassa, Executive Director of the ISJLC
> There are certain Jewish leaders and/or rabbis who serve the Jesuits
> and their Papacy, but there is also opposition from people in Israel
> to Vatican control of their land to be returned to them completely
> plus the territory promised to Abraham and his descendants when Yeshua
> Messiah returns and reigns from the throne of David.
> Other hofjuden include (this list of course is by no means complete or
> definitive)
> Chief Rabbi David Rosen- President of International Jewish Committee
> on Interreligious Consultation (IJCIC), member of the Permanent
> Bilateral Commission of the State of Israel and the Holy See that
> negotiated the establishment of full diplomatic normalization of
> relations in 1993, Made a Papal Knight Commander of St. Gregory in
> Jerusalem in a Nov. 2005 ceremony, member of the Israeli Chief
> Rabbinate's delegation for interreligious dialogue with the Holy See.
> Photos:
> More photos here:
> Rabbi Leon Klenicki- (Masonic B'nai Brith) Anti-Defamation League's
> Interfaith Affairs Director Emeritus, second ADL interfaith official
> to receive papal knighthood. former ADL Co-Liaison to the Vatican,
> Papal Knight of St. Gregory
> [Conservative movement] Rabbi Mordecai Waxman- First rabbi and
> fifth Jew to be made a Knight of St. Gregory, died in 2002
> Brother Nick







Dear Daniel,

You need to consult Craig Heimbichner's Blood on the Altar, (2005). Therein he proves that Leo Taxil was privy to high Masonic rites and secrets. You must also read Leo Lehman's Behind the Dictators (1942). Therein he reveals the Jesuit connection to Taxil. Backed by the Jesuits and given secrets of the Craft which he openly revealed, Taxil then "admits" his claims were all a lie and deception. I wonder where he received his secret knowlege of the Craft? Could it have been from Pope Leo XIII's Cardinal Secretary of State, Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro (1843-1913) who was a member of the highest Masonic brotherhood of the day, the Order of Oriental Templars (OTO)?

The purpose of the Order in using Taxil was to bring disbelief among the peoples that Freemasonry was evil. (Remember that the Black Pope's International Invisible Empire of Freemasonry was his vehicle in subduing all nations to the Temporal Power of the pope.) Taxil was used to discredit those who were exposing the occult, Satanic religion of Freemasonry, which included the great the learned and godly ex-Worshippful Master and ex-Romanist, Edmond Ronayne who wrote The Master's Carpet: Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical; Reviewing the Similarity Between Masonry, Romanism and "The Mysteries," and Comparing the Whole with the Bible, (1887).

What Taxil attributed to Pike, was absolutely true. I use the quote frequently.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric






Ok - you made me curious about Haushofer. smile.gif

Just my first 2 cents on it… it's a whole new playingfield we are looking at here.

I didn't have time to check every detail of the links included - but the picture it draws is pretty clear to me.

"On Haushofer's influence on the German leadership: "Haushofer only met Hitler three times in his entire life. When my husband and Hitler were in Landsberg Prison, Haushofer visited only my husband. Hitler drew his geopolitical thoughts in Mein Kampf directly from Ratzel. Professor Haushofer never influenced him." (Interview with Frau Ilse Hess, 25 July 1978, in Sloan, p. 53.)"

That would at least let us know that while Hess was there at Landsberg it is possible that they sat down with Haushofer and talked about their ideas. And wasn't Stämpfle there also, or did he write somewhere else? So Haushofer having had influence isn't that far off.

"Karl Haushofer (General and Professor) of Geo-Politics infamy (Alan LeVey was also a fanboy), was one of only three westerners ever, who have become members of the Green Dragon Society. Haushofer was a military attache in Tokyo when he joined before WW1."

Both Gurdjeiff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the "Superman". The lodge included Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring, and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell. It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the "secret" psychological techniques of the esoteric lodges. Haushofer taught him the techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan Lamas- and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon.
"Further, the man made connections with the Kokuryu Kai (Black Dragon Society). An ultra-right Japanese secret society infiltrating business and governmental positions, the Black Dragons sought imperial expansion and military supremacy, filling Haushofer's mind with possibilities and pride (The New Axis). Haushofer, fascinated by the sect's exclusivity, stealth, and reach, wanted to create his own Black Dragons."
Der Puppenspieler: The Role of Karl Haushofer in the Third Reich - By Peter Tatara

Shadowy forces preferring to remain in the background have always guided Japanese nationalism. These forces guided the Black Ocean and other militarist secret societies, just as the Black Ocean later guided the Black Dragons. The ultimate driving force behind these secret societies, the politics and power plays since the nineteenth-century, is the Order of the Green Dragon.

Be aware that Black and Green Dragon are two different societys - some throw them into a ring and say either can't be true because it's to confusing that different names are used. That just seams to be a diversion. The Black Dragon were created by the Green Dragons!

"Green Dragon Zen: In this category I place Soto, which is the parent of the Green Dragon Society, Rinzai, Fuke, Northern and Southern Chinese Ch'an sects, Vietnamese and Korean sects, and all the variant sects which practice the most toxic forms of Zen: those which actually use the Lotus Sutra as a means to promulgate their distorted views of Buddhism. This is the greatest slander of the Lotus Sutra which is possible. I lump them all under the Green Dragon banner (I'm sure they do not appreciate this, but that is not a concern), because Green Dragon has had a tradition of secret propagation, and penetration of new areas with the most aggressive intent to build a lasting foothold in every society it touches. All of the other sects in any locale, will orient themselves to the Green Dragon."
"To be specific, the Green Dragon Temple at Green Gulch Farm in Sausalito was started by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi of the Green Dragon Society of Soto Zen. Most of Northern California Zen is essentially Green Dragon.
So, responding to his circumstances, he sheds his Marin personna, goes to Afghanistan to train as a terrorist with those bent on America's (his mother's home) destruction with Al Qaeda, whose parents Abdullah Azzam and Bin Laden came from the Islamic Jihad, which along with HAMAS was a descendent of the Muslim Brotherhood,which was connected to the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin El Husseini, who was part of Himmler's SS, who all worshipped Hitler, who wrote Mein Kampf in prison, while the former corporal received weekly visits from his mentor, General Karl Haushofer, who as a military attache to Japan studied Zen and was directly connected by Master-Disciple chain to Bodhidharma.
To be specific, Karl Haushofer was a member of the Green Dragon Society of Soto Zen."

Through Haushofers Black Dragon connections it seams they also made Pearl Harbor possible!



Dear Boris,

I thought the sentence on the Jesuits was somewhat watered down. Thanks for the clarification.

Clearly the Jesuits ruled the Center Party, and it was the Zentrum that brought Hitler to power via Leiber. Thus Pope Pius XII was the master of Hitler and behind every policy Hitler pursued. I suspect that Karl Haushofer, the man who laid the plans for Hitler's taking of Austria and Czechoslovakia and the ultimate invasion of Poland was also a Thule Society Jesuit. He was released after his capture through the power of Jesuit and American Army officer Edmund Walsh of Georgetown University.

The German people have been blamed and continually punished for the deeds of the Jesuits who carried out their Inquisition and Crusade in the name of the German people. It is time to right that wrong.

Brother Eric

Jesuit Wars (I don't agree with Eric on every issue, but he is right to expose the Jesuits)

David Cloud's Friday News

Toronto Change confronts former PM Paul Martin on signing SPP

Peter Dale Scott & Dan Hamburg on COG (and more information)


Peter Dale Scott & Dan Hamburg on COG

You Tube
October 31, 2008

Thanks to Reprehensor.

Peter Dale Scott and former Democratic Party Congressman Dan Hamburg discuss “COG” - Continuity of Government plans by the George Walker Bush administration, and previous administrations. Recorded August 8, 2008.









From Lies, Continues the 9/11 Cover Up

Jesse Richard
October 31, 2008

These days, has become the be-all, end-all arbiter of truth. I don’t know how this happened. The site is wrong about a great many things, for some reason people still cite Snopes to me as “proof” that I am wrong about one thing or another, as if they were a know-all god that can not tell a lie. Well, when it comes to 9/11, is a false and very outdated god.

FBI Website - 2009-10-30Because I have a very strong understanding of how media deception works, it comes as no surprise to see how ignorant the general population of the United States is about 9/11, and that to this day so many people still believe the official narrative of the events of that day. The disconnect between the official narrative and the body of available evidence could not be greater. Still, the general public still does not understand that the evidence that has been unearthed not only exposes the lies of the official story, but, in fact strongly supports theories that 9/11 was an inside job.

This is mainly because the official body of evidence is never discussed by the gatekeepers in the establishment media. As an example, consider the entire bin Laden aspect of the 9/11 events. Everyone from the left to the right continues to babble on about how we need to get bin Laden, and how George W. Bush should have gone after bin Laden after 9/11 and how bin Laden is our greatest enemy. Well, everyone except the FBI. You see, the FBI admitted that they do not have any evidence linking bin Laden to the events of 9/11 and as of the writing of this article they do not reference 9/11 on their Most Wanted bin Laden page. I may be incorrect but I believe that I was the first person to point this out, doing so in April of 2006. At least, I was not and am not aware that anyone else pointed this out prior to my article. Either way, by June 2006 others went ahead and confirmed my findings. But thanks to the reality management of the mainstream media, very few people know about this.

Anyway, recently I was perusing some forum when I came across an argument about 9/11, where some well meaning but ill informed person chimed in by citing Snopes as proof that the Bush administration did not defy the no-fly rules imposed on the nation ater 9/11 in order to shuttle members of the bin Laden family out of the country. (This was pointed out by Michael Moore in his film Fahrenheit 911) As of today, 10-30-2008, Snopes, the be-all, end-all source of truth, has this “fact” listed as FALSE! Unfortunately for Snopes I don’t like liars…and I am calling them out on this. I am not only publicly requesting that they correct this information but I would like to know why information on a topic this important has been wrong for so long on their site? I will bet you that people have tried to get them to correct this “error.” Snopes last updated this article on December 11th, 2005. Of course, since that time, a great deal of new evidence has come to light, much of which clearly contradicts the claims stated on the site. Snopes, however, has not corrected their incomplete, out of date, and incorrect declaration in almost three years!!!

The unreliable and condescending people who run have chosen to belittle and ridicule factual evidence that contradicts the official narrative about the attacks of 9/11. They have chosen to ignore evidence that exposes the many 9/11- related lies told by the Bush administration, stooping so low as to title this particular piece: “Flights of Fancy!” Well, a more respectable website has provided the public with pretty solid evidence contradicting the deception perpetrated by Snopes, the Bush administration, and the criminal establishment media! The flights in question did take place and the information related to those flights were indeed covered up by the US government. The F.B.I did contradict its own conclusion when explaining the circumstances involving the flights, and most importantly the criminal media did absolutely nothing to make the public aware of any ofl this. If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that this information was originally confirmed by Richard Clarke during the 9/11 Commission (Omission) hearings. But for those of you who do not remember, like the people who run…here is some more recent documentation:

So here is my simple request…next time anyone feels like correcting me on an issue, leave out of the conversation. Unless you are trying to prove to me that the latest spam epidemic is dangerous, I prefer to get my information validated by someone or something that can itself be proven valid.

PATRIOT ACT AND FEMA DETENTION CAMPS (from Chuck Baldwin) and Jesuits

_____________________ (The Jesuits)

Homeland Security Program Riddled With Problems


Homeland Security Program Riddled With Problems
CBS 2 Chicago
October 31, 2008

It’s called Project Shield and will cost you more than $40 million when it’s done, leaving U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for a countywide high-tech surveillance program. So why is the homeland security project busted?
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Police sources told CBS 2’s Dave Savini that taxpayers got ripped off and that all the cameras and software in the world are meaningless if they don’t work.
CBS 2 Investigators sifted through government contracts and confidential emails revealing how Project Shield’s pot of money was dished out. The trail led to bankrupt companies, phony addresses and falsified documents — not the words you want to hear when talking about terrorism and your tax dollars.
Project Shield continues to be touted as a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. Federal tax dollars paid for it to be installed in squad cars and on towers throughout Cook County.
“It’s a waste of taxpayer money,” said East Hazel Crest Police Chief Ray Robertson. “I can’t get it to work on a daily basis.”
Read article

Pro Life Manna (Nebraska Report Shows Abortions Down 15 Percent to New Historic Low)

Halloween is Today

Today is Halloween. Halloween comes from the Celtic pagan holiday of Samhain. Samhain in the time of the Druids had human sacrifice and other sick ceremonies. Lisa Ruby and Fritz Springmeier believe that occultists still do human sacrifice on this day. Its rituals today involve a praise of death and the grosteque nature of the world. I don't celebrate it. It's better to expose what Halloween really is than participate in it. The Taliban, Pakistani leaders, and Afghani delegates have agreed to talk to each other. Barry Newhouse from the Voice of America on October 29, 2008 made manifest these news. On Tuesday, Pakistani and Afghan political (including tribal) leaders meet in Islamabad, Pakistan. They agreed to seek talks with the Taliban insurgents in attempting to limit the violence along with their shared border. This announcement transpired after a two day meeting described as a mini-jirga in the Pakistani capital. VOA’s Barry Newhouse reports more about this occurence from Islamabad. Both groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan agreed to form new committees in both nations to establish contact with Taliban groups. Abdullah Abdullah (Afganistan's former foreign minister) explained that these committees will work independently from any other peace talks being pursued by the 2 governments. They want to work with opposition groups as well. The names of the officials involved in the talks are kept secret because of security concerns. The governments in Islamabad and Kabul have repeatedly proposed holding peace talks with Taliban factions if the militants agree to recognize the governments' legitimacy. Militants have rejected those conditions. New talks are focusing on negiotation. Each side in the grand jirga pledge to confront militancy, improve border security, and try to have more fast dialogue with Taliban groups. It's a big imperative for this to occur. This is so much better than adding 30,000 more Americans troops in Afghanistan or threatening to attack Pakistan by some. The reality is that dialogue, negoitation, and talks are a whole lot better than imperialism. These talks repuidate obviously the archaic and bad policies of the neo-conservatives. The neo-conservatives' philosophies are antithetical to the principles of liberals, conservatives, and the rest of real Americans completely.

Byron J. Richards, CCN from October 28, 2008 on outlined that teen sleep problems can lead into depression and drug abuse. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher that great sleeping habits can induce better health among people. He believes that specific biological pathways can explain why sleep problems may lead into substance abuse. New science finds that the brain has a thermostat that controls arousal and awakeness. If this thermostate is too low, your head won't stay awake during the day (or you have narcolepsy). If it's set at the right level, you sleep with little trouble (and you will be awake during the day). Sleep problems usually occur when your arousal thermostate gets set too high. This can make you experience fatigue and disrupt your cognitive or learning functions in your brain. Science now shows that your arousal thermostat is established by a pair of excitatory neuropeptides produced by neurons located in the lateral hypothalamus, and projecting throughout your brain. They are called hypocretins. The hypocretins are links to reward and pleasure (related to our dopamines and endorphins). Too much arousal can cause a big need of a fix then shuts down. Some call this pathway as a reflection of drug abuse. Recent research shows that teens with sleep problems are 2.3 times more likely to become depressed within seven years, with a statistically significant increase in suicidal thinking and suicidal attempts. Richards wrote that only 20% of teens get adequate sleep and 16% of teen say that they have noticeable sleep problems. Even 28% of teens report falling asleep in school. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles have shown that even one bad night of sleep turns on the core inflammatory gene signal (NF-kappaB) within cells of your body. That is why we need antioxidants for our body. Depression is related to a lack of it among other factors of course. We need oxygen in our brains, because it can help with us to improve our body and sleep processes. Oxygen in the brain must be in the right amount with antioxidants, so it doesn't cause problems. We of course don't need free radicals since they are damaging to our health. Teens need 9 hours of sleep per night according to Richards. Less sleep can cause hypertension and hypertension of course can raise the risk of heart (or cardiovascular) disease. Current research clearly shows a lack of sleep in children is an independent risk factor for obesity. That is why poor sleepers have a 92% higher risk of obesity compared to the best sleepers. The deal is that good nutritution and right sleeping habits are crucial ways for anyone to develop their health to the best possible way.

Reuters is reporting that a doctor in Germany is having a controversy. The female German doctor is accused of infecting 2,000 patients with HIV or hepatitis. If that's true, he is one cruel person. German authorities said that this doctors re-used unsterilized needles, which may have infected hundreds of people. Some of the needles were only washed with water and some of the needles weren't cleaned at all. The 56 year old doctor worked in Bad Saulgau. People who are infected are waiting if they have HIV or hepatitis. Economic news are coming on. The GDP slightly decreased and Exxon Mobil recieved a record profit from its oil revenues (in over $14 billion). There has been comparisons between the Great Depression and this time now. Some people said that FDR's philosophilies ought to be implemented today to assist our economy. The New Deal was complex and everything in it wasn't perfect. Many praise 32nd Degree Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt, yet he was the one who executed the immoral Japanese Internment program. The problems of the Great Depression existed even in Herbert Hoover's time. Hoover promoted higher taxes, allowed the Federal Reserve to tightened interest rates, and other bad economic prolicies that exacerbated the economic downturn. Our 2008 economic downturn is caused also by hyperinflation, unnecessary spending, corruption by Wall Street, the FED manipulating with the economy, and less oversight. The bailout of 2008 is extremely bad, because it has unnecessary bonuses toward multinational corporations, it has sections that restrict judicial oversight, some parts of the bailout law are blacked out, it hasn't radically improved the economy at all, it doesn't really address the causes of the economy, and other problems are in it. You couldn't make this stuff up. The bailout is nothing more than token measures that increases the risk of the total destruction of the middle class. It's been over 79 years since the Great Depression. A 2004 report by economists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), concluded that not Hoover, but Roosevelt's anti-free market policies prolonged the Great Depression by seven years. That Depression had some of its start when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. The FED soon permitted too much inflation and increased the money supply (along with small increases in bank reserves, risky loans, and the promotion of a cheap money policy. This was used to help England economic problems) massively from June 1921 to June 1929. Too much government intervention along with bad money policy really caused the great Depression. The NRA also enacted corporatives that some criticize as authoritarian since it violated anti-trust laws. Schechter v. U.S. ruled these coporatives as unConstitutional. Many in the Great Depression were jailed for charging too little and violations of economic liberty persisted. Clarence Darrow investigated the program in an independent commission and called it "harmful, monopolistic, oppressive, grotesque, invasive, fictitious, ghastly, anomalous, preposterous, irresponsible, savage, wolfish." Even the Agricultural Adjustment Act caused the destruction of crops and livestocks to keep the agricultural prices high (which was during the time Americans were starving during the Depression). Robert Higgs, not a supply-sider, has demonstrated other ways, in much greater detail, that FDR in fact prolonged the Depression. Higgs said that Roosevelt copied Woodrow Wilson's oppressive wartime economic policies at peacetime. Higgs said that recovery was slower since investors were uncertain about their property rights in their investments. Some cite decreases in unemployment from 1933 to FDR's death as vindication of FDR's policies. Yet, World War II probably was the driving factor of the improvement of economic growth (even with that, sugar, butter, and foods were rationed. People worked harder for less, and military spending was 40% of the economy). FDR signed the bad deal of Yalta sucking up to the Soviets and secretly made Operation Keelhaul (where at least of thousands of refugees from the USSR were forced to go into Stalin's Communist regime. They were enslaved and killed) a reality. Roosevelt had gun control, turned away many Jewish refugees into America, and did other bad things. So, Franklin Delano Roosevelt isn't the deity some people protray him as.

The Council of Europe in 2006 reported that worldwide sex trafficking had reached epidemic proportions over the past decade according to the Associated Press. One reason for the surge of these sexual crimes are the selection abortions occuring, especially when they are happening in Asia. The Boston Globe said that these cultures are in the USA. Legalized prostitution has exacerbated the problems. Researchers regularly find that the demand of women to be used in prostitution is interlocking with the sex trafficking industry. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle in 2006 outlined that San Francisco may be a huge U.S. sex trafficking gateway. The reason is that San Francisco is among one of the largest commercial centers of sex trafficking (not only in infamous locations of Bombay and Bangkok). Sex trafficking is now about an $8 billion international business. The Chronicle said that San Francisco's liberal attitude toward sex, few pimps being arrested, etc. made the international sex traffickers to do business undetected there. Now, San Francisco is proposing Proposition K to decriminalize prostitution. Even the liberal mayor, the district attorney, the police department, and others in San Francisco oppose Proposition K. They believe that it would increase street prostitution, hamper the fight against sex trafficking, and forced more people into the sex trade. Prostitution blatantly exploits women. It exploitation and harm against women caused by prostitution isn't just in America, but it's global. Sex trafficking is blatantly immoral as well.

Joe Biden is a notorious CFR member as many realize. JAY WARREN from the Canadian Free Press on October 29, 2008 wrote about Joe Biden mentioning the new world order again. Biden gave his speeches recently of course supporting the Barack Obama campaign. Days ago, Barack gave a 30 minute TV spot in many networks to describe his agenda. That is unprecendented. Biden said that Obama if he is President will witness a big crisis. Joe Biden perceived that Barack Obama is ready for it, but some of his decisions will be unpopular. I'm sure some of Obama's actions in terms of foreign policy won't be popular. Barack Obama knowingly or unknowingly is a puppet of the establishment. Foundation money funded his campaign (as well as John McCain's campaign) and the mainstream media is giving him record breaking support. Only FOX News seems to have some strong opinions in dissent with his policies on a consistent basis. Joe Biden said that this is a new Democratic Party as a reflection of a new world order. The new world order is the break down of national sovereignity in order to embrace globalism in simple terms. That's the globalist goal for many thousands of years. Barack Obama and Biden want war in Afghanistan, make America to be apart of NATO, and use left cover in neo-liberal imperalism. These goals have decieved a lot of liberals into thinking that real change is coming from Barack Obama. Obama may be right on some issues, but he's dead wrong on other issues. Barack Obama is definitely wrong in threatening Pakistan when they just elected a new President (he could be much more moderate than Pervez Musharraf) and on abortion.

There is a shocking admission made by one person. Steven Ertelt from at October 29, 2008 outline that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said something. Ginsburg said that Roe v. Wade went too far on the question of abortion. That's an amazing admission since most pro-abortion people would never make such a big admission at all. Roe v. Wade made legal abortion at virtually every trimester of the women's pregnancy. Ginsburg said that Roe made it an easy target for critics because it was such a sweeping decision. Ginsburg described on how the Court bit off more than it could chew with Roe. She also suprisingly explained that the high court left little room for state legislatures to limit abortions. She wanted dialogue with state legislature in order to reduce restrictions on abortion if the ruling was written differently. She said these words in a conversation with Princeton University Provost Christopher Eisgruber. The Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted that her favorite part of the Constitution was the due process section of the 14th Amendment. This is ironic since pro-abortionists use the 14th Amendment obsessesively, yet incorrectly to justify their support for abortion (and the Roe v. Wade decision). The Constitution also says that the government can't deny anyone their right to life without due process. This is clear that legal protection for unborn children is paramount since they are human beings. This conversation existed last week. Ginsburg spoke at the Richardson auditorium. Ginsburg still believes that abortion is the woman's choice, when abortion is murder. Abortion ends the choice of the unborn human being and it doesn't promote real choices at all. If abortion is fine, would pro-abortionists be willing to agree with their own mother to abort them (from years ago) ending their lives? I don't think so. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the most liberal Supreme Court Justices of all time. If she says that Roe went too far, you know that Roe v. Wade went too far.

Censorship on the Internet isn't just occuring in some European countries or China. It's being promoted heavily by the nation of Australia. The government of Australia wants to have China-censorship in the form of a national filter. This filter will block websites considered "controversial." Free speech advocates believe that this plan will only block more websites in the Internet. A provision whereby Internet users could opt out of the filter by contacting their ISP has been stripped from the legislation, meaning the filter will be universal and mandatory. The System Administrators Guild of Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia have attacked the proposal, saying it will restrict web access, raise prices and slow internet traffic speeds. At first, this plan was a way to try to stop child pornography and adult content. Now, this plan can extend to ban sites talking about euthanasia or anorexia. The Human Rights Watch condemned internet censorship. Extreme censorship and a huge firewall have caused bad delays in Internet services. That could be similar to the dial up connection that were bad from the mid 1990's. China's internet ban sites with a remotely strong political stance on issues. Western elitists have called for Internet censorship like ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, John Reid, Joe Lieberman (who's intimidating Youtube to illegally ban some videos over there now), and others. The EU also proposed legislation that would prevent users from uploading any form of video without a license. Even in America, some want to censor websites by force of the government. Governments are doing this since they realize that the Internet is one of the few places where the public can recieve the real truth without spin or lies. The Internet has been great in exposing the new world order, government sponsored terrorism, and the war on terrorism hoax. Therefore, putting a gag on the Net can strife a lot of free speech among real truthseekers. Well, the lesson here is that the government has no right to censor or completely control the Internet at all period. If you don't like something on the Net, you individually handle your business, without government mandates or controls.

Genetics have been exploited for a long time. reported that genetic testing in a petri dish could eliminate imperfect humans before implanting in mom. Genetic testing is now changing medicine today. Medicine can treat, detect, and even prevent diseases. One procedure allows scientists to test embryos developed in the laboratory so that only "healthy' embryos are implanted in the wombs. Experts talked about this at the National Press Club on Tuesday. This is silly and odd. This action is called pre-implantation. This is done by egg fertilization in a petri dish and then the embryos are screened (so that those with genetic disorders can be eliminated according to panelist Sherri Bale). Bale is a medical geneticist and a co-founder of GeneDx. This company offers molecular diagnoses of hereditary disorders. Bale believes that there are benefits to pre-implantation. The reason is that she believes it can detect possible diseases or mutations in children. Genetic testing is a complex issue. It can cause great child caretaking techniques, while in some instances increase the risks for abortions. One problem with genetic testing is that some states are trying to force newborns to be tested for as high as 20 genetic conditions. I never believe in that because it violates privacy and the government has no right to test newsborns against a parent's will at all. Genetics are increasing at a great weak. Also, I don't endorse creating embryos and then destroying them for research sake. I oppose that action fully. There are evil people who are exploitating genetics in order to create chimeras, violate human individuality, and other nefarious goals.

Fingerprinting is occuring at an amazing pace. Urmee Khan from the Telegraph on October 29, 2008 reported that parents are to be fingerprinted by nursery schools. It's a disgraceful policy because this is an obvious violation of citizens' privacy rights. As high as 50 nurseries and playgrounds have signed up to this new security measure. This is the first time parents have been targeted in that way. Civil libertarians have legitimately branded this decision as a "huge overreaction." This is occuring in the United Kingdom. This new entry system forces people who collect their children to place their finger on a scanner. This makes sure that only nominated individuals can get through secure entrances. Kidsunlimited, the nursery chain, will be rolling out the new technology to its 50 playgroups. Honeycomb Solutions, the security firm behind the technology, say it is an effective way to monitor who is on their premises. The scanner deals with converting parent's fingerprints into a code number. This number allows the system to recognize the finger without storing any biometric data. The company says that the database can't be accessed by any human. This is similar to the way banks protect credit card pin numbers. Sadly, many parents love it. Peter Churchley of Caring Daycare, a group of eight nursery schools in Surrey that cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years, said: “We’ve had the Honeycombe Solutions fingerprinting technology installed in two of our nurseries." These fingerprinting systems and 5 CCTV cameras will cost 10,000 pounds according to Mr. Churchley. This fingerprints are approved by the government. Civil liberty groups believe that stolen identies are possible with these new technologies. Of course, readily the government admits that these oppressive biometric systems are about controlling society. The technocrats from the Huxley brothers to those today advance the proposition that a controlled, managed society under an elite is very necessary. In actuality, human independence ought to be advanced instead of a Huxley-like Big Brother state.

Secret Societies are real. There is news that the Maltese Freemasons are going public on the Internet. They have a full fledged website discussing their activities, history, and abotu their statue. With most secret orders, they probably won't reveal everything on thenature of their organization though. Of course like the Masons, they claim just to be a group filled with humility, tolerance, and charity. The truth is that Freemasons, the Jesuits, and other order radily embrace the occult via the Mysteries, Universalism, and an utopian vision for the world. An utopia is impossible of course since mankind is inperfect. The Malta Lodges (from England, Scotland, and Ireland) went into one single Grand Lodge in 2004. They claim to follow the laws of the state they reside in. Magistrate Carol Peralta has been a "Worshipful Master" of the Leinster Lodge before being appointed magistrate. This has fuelled speculation about the impartiality of public officers. Their main lodge headquarters are at Casa Viani in Valletta. This place housed the Lodge of St John and St Paul, which was founded in 1815 by Walter Rodwell Wright, Chief Justice of Malta from 1814 to 1826. Recently, the New Age crowd have stepped their attacks against Christianity with films like Zeitgeist and their interesting statement. Even Jordan Maxwell have called Christians stupid and praised Manly P. Hall including Madame HP Blavatsky. Maxwell encorporated the biased HP Blavatsky's sources to promote his agenda that almost nothing on Judaism is true. Ironically, Blavatsky expressed anti-Semitism that Hitler promoted. Maxwell mentions the words Jordanus Maximus. These words come from Madame Helena Petronva Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled" book. Maxwell read HP Blavatsky's works. To Maxwell's credit (and I don't agree with him on every issue), he has exposed the Vatican's link to the new world order. Each of them (i.e. Manly P. Hall and HP Blavatsky) praised Lucifer with Blavatasky outright promoting Satanism. Hall also promoted Sir Francis Bacon's plan of using America to be a new Atlantis as an excuse to form the world commonwealth. That is nothing more than a code name for the new world order. There are also Vatican agents. One is named Aloysius or Al Caffrey. He's the retired Director of the CIA in Los Angeles and worked as a deacon of the Catholic Church in LA. This research was found by Thomas Richards. He also was in the Fourth Degree of the Knight of Columbus. He fought in the Vietnam War. He has other connections with intelligence and AIDS research. The K of C have ties to Supreme Court, police agencies, and other places. The K of C are foot soldiers in trying to make America as Catholic as possible. The deal is that we should promote individual liberty, but not be ignorant of the tools of the NWO, especially the wicked New Age Movement (with ties to many Jesuits like de Chardin, the Lucis Trust, the Rockefellers, the UN, etc.).

By Timothy

Incentivizing Murder: Plan Colombia and the Bitter Fruits of Empire

Ayers dedicated book to Sirhan Sirhan

They Made a Killing: The Use of Knowledge of Covert Operations in the Stock Market

CNN Beams Star Wars Technology for Election Night

New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement Part 4 to Part 7




The US Government and the Bin Laden Tape

New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement Part 1 to Part 3 (A Must see from KeithTruth)



North Hollywood Installs “Talking Cameras”

GOP Convention Protesters Seek to Exclude Evidence from Upcoming Trial


GOP Convention Protesters Seek to Exclude Evidence from Upcoming Trial

October 30, 2008

2 men facing bomb-possession charges say police conducted illegal searches of trailer, basement

St. Paul police had no authority to break into and seize a cargo trailer rented by a group of protesters at last month’s Republican National Convention, attorneys for two men facing bomb-possession charges argue.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In motions filed in federal court, the attorneys for the Texas duo say because police didn’t get a warrant to search the trailer, the things found inside it — homemade riot shields — should not be allowed as evidence in their upcoming trial.

The attorneys also claim other evidence involving eight Molotov cocktails found in the basement of the men’s St. Paul apartment building should be thrown out. The reason: Even though police had a search warrant for the building, it didn’t specify a basement search.

“It’s our position that the Constitution didn’t get suspended when the Republican National Convention came to town,” said one of the attorneys, Jeffrey DeGree, who represents David Guy McKay.

Last month, a federal grand jury indicted McKay, 23, and Bradley Neal Crowder, 22, on charges they possessed Molotov cocktails during their stay in St. Paul. The government contends they were part of an Austin, Texas-based protest group that intended to use the incendiary devices to destroy property and injure law enforcement officers during the convention.

DeGree also has filed a motion requesting the government disclose the name of the informant it used to infiltrate the protest group. Independent sources, who declined to be named, have confirmed the informant was Brandon Darby, also of Austin, a former organizer for a grass-roots group that helped with relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good Study Wrong on Abortion Laws

MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data

Putin: We must end monopoly in world finance

Most Presidents Ignore the Constitution

Former Adviser: McCain Camp ‘Smoking Crack’

News in a Local Small Town

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carl Jung

More Jesuit info in late October 2008

P>Dear Brother Sxxxxxxxxxxxx,

I know that JFK planned to get Cuba back from Jesuit Castro via a public speech to displace Cubans. But I do not know of this book. Thanks loads. This is another reason Cardinal Spellman eliminated JFK. Cuba is to be the Order's staging base for our coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

Subject: Ultimate Sacrifice


Are you familiar with this book and its theory? Gore Vidal endorses it.

Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK (Hardcover)

by Lamar Waldron, Thom Hartmann

Book description:

Ultimate Sacrifice reveals, for the first time, John and Robert Kennedy's plan for a coup in Cuba on December 1, 1963 — a plan that involved a U.S. military invasion. Unique, distinctly different, and far more advanced than any previously disclosed operation, this plan is corroborated by many declassified military and CIA documents that have never been quoted in any book before. It provides the missing piece of the puzzle regarding JFK's murder, and explains why Bobby Kennedy told close associates that the Mafia was behind his brother's assassination.
The Mafia had managed to infiltrate the Kennedys' intended coup. Ultimate Sacrifice describes and documents an attempt they made to kill JFK in a motorcade several days prior to Dallas. This attempt had more than a dozen parallels to Dallas.

Building on the work of the seven governmental committees that investigated aspects of JFK's assassination, the four million documents that were declassified in the 1990s, and exclusive interviews with many Kennedy insiders, the authors are able to tell the full story of these incidents.

• New History Reveals Previously Unknown CIA Code Name, AMWORLD— As Well As Linked Assassination Attempt in Tampa on November 18





Dear Sister Alexandra,
Amillennialism means "no millennium" as in no literal thousand year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth with a rod of iron from Jerusalem the throne of David. Instead it means Jesus Christ is reigning in heaven and in hearts. Amillennialism is not Biblical [as far as I know given what I thought i knew about eschatology and futurism was incorrect] because Revelation 20 clearly says Jesus Christ is going to reign and throughout the Old Testament this is clear.

Roman Catholicism accepts amillennialism because it is a convenient alibi for the Papacy. If there is no literal thousand year reign of Jesus Christ then that means sinful depraved mankind led by the Papal Antichrist can usher in peace on earth but this is impossible. Every attempt by sinful man to achieve peace without Jesus Christ has failed and will continue to fail like the Pope's United Nations. Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Mussolini, Mao Tse-Tung, etc. all had a Jesuit-inspired worldviews and their reigns of terror were violent and bloody.

After what I've learned about the Jesuitical Futurism which is taught in most churches and popularized by books like the Left Behind series and movies on the end times, it is the mainstream and popular view. I'm going to read up on the Jesuit influence on dispensationalism and millennialism. Brother Eric told me that there is Jesuitical Futurism and Biblical Futurism. The Order has taken Biblical truths and distorted them to fit them and make them agree with their enforcement of Papal universal temporal and spiritual power.
May the Lord bless you dear sister and May his Holy Spirit guide you and I into all truth as He promised and all other truth-seekers on this board.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera









Revealing and Incriminating Photos, Bush Family, Knights of Columbus, Georgetown Walsh SFS and related topics

Here are some revealing and incriminating photos
The effeminate then American Pope John Cardinal O'Connor with Masonic

Photo of Jesuit Karl Rahner and Joseph "The Rat" Ratzinger taken during
the Vatican II Council. Jesuit Rahner mentored the future Antichrist Pope
Benedict XVI
This website is Tridentine "Old" Roman Catholic and says the popes since
Vatican II are anti-popes.
[interesting photos]

Archives of Skull and Bonesman and SMOM William F. Buckley Jr.'s Firing
Line. Here is a clip of Papal Knight Buckley with Protestant traitor and
33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham whom I believe was always an apostate,
a fake, a manufactured evangelist financed by the "Baptist" Illuminist
Rockefellers, "Protestant" William Randolph Hearst and puffed up and
popularized by the SMOM and Skull and Bonesman Henry R. Luce's press for
serving the Jesuit Order by preaching Arminianism and aiding in building
up the Jesuit agitation of Communism which the Order invented and
perfected in Paraguay, used to make Protestants and Roman Catholics of
the American empire unite, and it was used to justify extirpation of
peoples in accordance with the Council of Trent who refused to submit to
the Roman Whore. Masonic Graham propagated the Nuclear War and Cold War
hoaxes he said mankind has at his disposal the weapons to bring the
prophetic things about in 2 Peter 3 about how the elements shall melt
with fervent heat and Revelation 18. Graham also said mankind lived under
the shadow of the bomb and was on the edge of a precipice. He said former
Nazi then NASA Werner Von Braun was a scientist preaching the Christian
faith, he believed CFR Richard Nixon was an act of God according to SMOM
Buckley and Graham said he believes there are beings on other planets but
that this planet is the only one in rebellion against God. Graham was an
Illuminatus even then subject to the his Jesuit masters having received
the yoke of Rome from a Jesuit college Belmont Abbey in 1967. This
program was called "The Decline of Christianity" Taped Jun 12, 1969 (New
York City, NY)

Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor CFR, Bilderberg, Rhodes Scholar, Masonic
DeMolay Bill Clinton whom I believe is a crypto-Jesuit,this empire's
first Jesuit president is pictured here at a Catholic Mass receiving a
Communion wafer. T he Order has big plans for him which could include
making him the next Secretary General of the Pope's United Nations.

This photo was taken in 1951. Two U.S. eagle seals thus a double-headed
eagle (one eagle head to the left and one directed to the right) and the
Jesuit seal IHS in between on the McDonough Memorial Gymnasium at
Georgetown. The Order has taken these seals down. I checked the
Georgetown website and those seals are no longer displayed. (more clear photo of
one eagle head pointed to the left and another to the right a Masonic
double-headed eagle modeled after the Masonic phoenix) (Jesuit Walsh
Building: note it was dedicated by that CFR Jesuit-controlled Dwight
Eisenhower he relayed orders he received from the Archbishop/Cardinal of
New York's Council on Foreign Relations and he obeyed the orders of his
Georgetown Jesuit masters)

Eisenhower was the abject slave of Jesuit Walsh and praised him after
that perfidious son of Loyola went to his eternal damnation in hellfire.
The following is found on Wikipedia:

President Eisenhower sent a letter to Georgetown University when Father
Walsh died, which read in part:

The death of Father Walsh is a grievous loss to the Society in which he
served so many years, to the educational and religious life of the United
States and to the free people of the Western world. For four decades, he
was a vigorous and inspiring champion of freedom for mankind and
independence for nations... at every call to duty, all his energy of
leadership and wisdom of counsel were devoted to the service of the
United States. [What a load of Papal bull, what a cop-out!]

On to the Bush Family, Roman Catholic Jeb Bush is a Third Degree Knight
of Columbus. This was confirmed by his brother Luciferian Fourteenth
Amendment American Emperor George W. Bush in his speech to the 122nd
Knights of Columbus Convention in Dallas on August 3 2004. Jeb Bush led
the U.S. Delegation to the Coronation which included Michael Steele,
Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (a U.S. temporal leader)Carl A. Anderson,
Chief Executive Officer, Knights of Columbus (head of the strong lay arm
of the Church of Rome and promoter of Jesuitical politics) Helen Alvare,
Associate Professor of Law, Catholic University of America (represents
Romanist domination of education in the U.S.) and Frank Hanley, President
Emeritus, International Union of Operating Engineers (all unions are
controlled by the criminal arm of the Jesuits' Vatican-represents the
Mafia Commission which SMOM Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. denies has anything to
do with the gambling industry and that it only happens in the movies.
controlled by the Archbishop of New York Cardinal Egan).
See the question
Q:What is the most misunderstood thing about this industry (gambling), do
you think?
[SMOM] Fahrenkopf: "I think there are...stereotypes that are out there
that look back 30, 40 years ago, which are perpetuated by some movies,
that come out of Hollywood, you know? "Casino." And you go back to the
"Godfather" movies. I mean, for years, the FBI and major law enforcement
have said there is not, today, in -- what we call the entertainment,
casino/entertainment business -- an organized crime penetration. It's not
A lot of the opponents love to drag up the old stereotype and throw it
out. So, that's number one. Secondly is the question whether or not
having a casino or gambling in a particular community attracts what we
call street crime. That there's something inherent, something endemic
about gambling that creates street crime -- people are going to get
mugged. There's going to be larceny and so forth. And I think that's been
proven over the years, by law enforcement, to be not true.
It's nothing inherent in gaming. Any endeavor, any enterprise that
attracts large numbers of people... the crime rate at Orlando went up. It
wasn't anything that Mickey and Minnie were doing that caused it, it was
just that it was a draw of people to a community. Branson, Missouri is
one that I use quite often. A wonderful, wonderful town in the Ozarks
with country music. They pride themselves as being the buckle of the
bible belt. And very limited alcohol, certainly not in any of the
theaters that are there. It's now a country-western Mecca. And their
crime rate went up.
It wasn't because of anything that's happening there. It's a very safe
place. But, what you do is when you draw large numbers of people to a
community, you are going to have street crimes. It's not -- doesn't have
anything to do with gambling, inherently.

Well, these servamts of the Papal Caesar, and Coadjutors CFR Bill Clinton
Andrew Card (who uses a mental filing system invented by Jesuit Matteo
Ricci) George H. W. Bush, CFR Condoleeza Rice who may be to this
Jesuit-controlled empire ruled by the Georgetown Jesuits what Queen
Victoria was to the British Empire which was controlled by the Jesuits of
They were all there for the "Inauguration" of current Papal Antichrist
Benedict XVI.

Here is a photo with Third Degree Knight of Columbus Jeb Bush on bended
knee (the photo is cropped but you can tell he is not standing) to the
White Pope.
(video of Emperor Bush's remarks)
"Openly Religious, to a Point"
Bush Leaves the Specifics of His Faith to Speculation
(the article ends with the word "enigma" to describe George W. Bush's true
beliefs-a Jesuit enigma perhaps?)

Emperor Bush also said he turned to the Knights for help with his
faith-based initiative so he appointed Roman Catholic K of C Jim Towey as
director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community
Initiatives. Bush also mentioned that Virgil Dechant, his family friend
was in attendance as was his political boss the present American Pope
Edward Cardinal Egan. Now Dechant was the previous Supreme Knight before
Carl Anderson succeeded him. The CFR-controlled press tried to make Bush
seem anti-Catholic to attract Protestants to his rhetoric written by
ecumenical Michael Gerson Bush's former chief speechwriter who was
recruited by counterfeit ecumenical "Protestant" Jesuit Temporal
Coadjutor Charles W. Colson.

Prescott Sheldon Bush was Jesuit-trained at Stonyhurst as was Roman
Catholic Freemason Arthur Conan Doyle author of the Sherlock Holmes
novels who was a Spiritualist in his late life. Prescott S. Bush
"studied" there for five years from 1908 to 1913. I found this on
Wikipedia. I don't even think Kitty Kelley in her book "The Family: The
Real Story of the Bush Dynasty knew this or if she did she did not
include it.
Prescott then enrolled in Yale University where he joined the
Jesuit-controlled Order of Skull and Bones. Prescott Bush also made a
speech at Georgetown University on Law Day, 1959 May 1 which also happens
to be the satanic high day of Beltane.
George W. Bush's nephew Pierce Bush is a sophomore at Georgetown.
I read up more on the Georgetown Jesuit Walsh School of Foreign Service
and learned that James L. Jones the current NATO Supreme Allied Commander
Europe (SACEUR) and former Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
(USMC) was trained by Jesuits at the Walsh SFS as was the George Casey Jr.
the Commmanding General of the Multinational Force in Iraq. Casey was
trained by Jesuits at Boston College High School as well. I believe
Jesuit-trained Coadjutors Jones and Casey, CFR John Abizaid and possibly
Roman Catholic Peter Pace who replaced CFR Gen. Richard B Myers as
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the Company's men who are slated
to betray the U.S. troops in Iraq in the near future thus creating
justification for a compulsory military draft. The Order deliberately
chose Coadjutor Casey, a poor and ill prepared leader with no combat
experience or knowledge of the Middle East to oversee the execution of the
Jesuit Order's plan of sabotage of Fourteenth Amendment America's
military. (Bio of Coadjutor George Casey Jr.)

Excerpts from article:

His household goods had just been moved into the renovated residence of
the vice chief of staff of the Army five weeks ago when Gen. George W.
Casey Jr. received word that he was likely headed for a new assignment:
commander of all U.S. forces in Iraq...

Casey was not an obvious choice for the Iraq job. Apart from a stint as a
U.N. military observer in Cairo in 1981, the general has spent little
time in the Middle East. He also has no combat experience...

In an interview, Casey cited a lifelong interest in international
affairs, stretching back to his undergraduate days at Georgetown
University's School of Foreign Service in 1970. Time spent as a senior
officer in the 1990s sorting out the international jumble in Bosnia and
Kosovo has helped prepare him for the political complexities and military
challenges of Iraq, he said...

More recent stints at the upper reaches of the Pentagon's Joint Staff and
the Army have made him very comfortable dealing at the national level and
have given him a good understanding of how to coordinate matters between
the Pentagon and State Department, he added...

In preparing for Iraq, Casey said he has talked at length with [CFR
member and Director of National Intelligence] Ambassador John D.
Negroponte, who will be heading the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad...

Casey had not intended to make a career of the military. His father, Maj.
Gen. George W. Casey Sr., died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam in 1970
-- the year Casey graduated from Georgetown.

Although Casey was commissioned a second lieutenant after graduation, he
planned to stay in the Army two years before entering law school. A
subsequent decision to extend his military duty for a year to attend
airborne school took Casey to Germany, an experience he enjoyed. He has
remained in the Army ever since.

As a four-star general, Casey will bring greater authority to the Baghdad
assignment than the three-star officer he is replacing, [Roman Catholic]
Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez-the CFR-controlled press say he is a
Christian but his fruits show otherwise. Sanchez has lied about and
covered up evidence of blatant war crimes]. The move is intended partly
to consolidate U.S. troops -- including Special Operations forces and the
Iraq Survey Group, which has been hunting for weapons of mass destruction
-- under one command. It also is meant to enable [CFR member] Gen. John
P. Abizaid, head of U.S. Central Command, who has responsibility for all
U.S. troops in the Middle East, to spend more time on other matters.

Asked about a possible role for NATO forces, Casey said he would welcome
their assistance in training Iraqi troops [See how Jesuit Temporal
Coadjutors Casey-commander and general of all military forces in Iraq and
NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) Jones (a very powerful
player) both men trained at the Georgetown Walsh SFS are working together
to sabotage and betray our nation's sons and daughters to the delight of
the Black Pope?] What he needs most from the international community
[news speak for the Pope's New World Order which Satan through his Black
Pope is creating and strengthening using his International Intelligence
and Terrorist Networks financed by his International Drug Trade], he
said, is a brigade-size force -- about 5,000 soldiers -- to ensure
security for the U.N. mission charged with helping set up national
elections next year.

The Order always boasts of their plans through their entertainment
theater of Hellywood. Well, a new video game "Shattered Union" presents a
scenario that fits especially the Supreme Court bypass of a presidential
election, a sham election, low-yield nuclear detonation in Washington
D.C. and the EU peacekeeping forces sent to maintain order (foreign
troops on U.S. soil and a second U.S. Civil War)-you said when the
detonations come to Washington Jesuit Georgetown will be unaffected.
Watch the game trailer (Barbara Aho details the
timetable of the game and what it might unfold in real life) It is very
interesting! This is a chapter of her work DEATH OF THE PHOENIX: FINAL

I'm excited about VAIII and I'll be looking forward to hearing more of
your radio interviews. I wish I could listen to you on shortwave radio. Is
there anyway to listen to you online? May the Lord bless you dear brother.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera




Dear Susan,

Thank you for contacting me.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 10:09 PM
Subject: Question

> Dear Mr. Phelps:
> I just listened to you on the archived broadcast of Greg Syzmanski's
> internet show. I understand what you were saying since I have read
> many of these things from other authors. My question is this: Where
> does the Orthodox Church fit in? At the time of the Reformation, the
> Protestants were trying to get away from the abuses of the Roman
> church, but did not know much, if anything, about the Eastern Church,
> since the printing press was in its early development.
> I don't know how familiar you are with the Orthodox Church, but it has
> been increasing in membership in the US as people are seeking Truth.

There is no truth being preached in the Orthodox Church. Every priest I know of uses the corrupt, Jesuit-inspired, Westcott and Hort Greek Text, having abandoned the Lord's Byzantine Text once used by the Orthodox.

> The following link goes to a publisher and distributer of Orthodox
> Christian materials.

Doctrinally the Orthodox Church, first headed in Constantinople and later, after the city's fall in 1453, having moved to Moscow, refused to submit to the "primacy of the Bishop of Rome"---the Pope. Therefore, Rome hated Orthodoxy and finally overthrew it via the Jesuits using the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917---aided by the Jesuits in the US. Thus the Pope, via Masonic Orthodox priests and its Masonic Patriarch, rules that huge institution.

The Orthodox Church, like the Roman Catholic Church, does not preach the true gospel of grace but relies upon the "good works" of the member for salvation. This is Cainite, bloodless, anti-Christ religion which the devil loves and the risen Lord Jesus hates. Protestantism, now infested with Freemasonry, has become the same--- an apostate, Bible-rejecting, "good works" religion---that will lead to the lake of fire after the Great White Throne judgment. Please understand that I must speak pointedly, and scripturally.

I trust this is helpful, Susan.

> Susan E. Hansen-Engelhard

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric



Interesting Article!

Scientology springs from Freemasonry's OTO. Cardinal Secretary of State to Pope Leo XIII, Mariano Rampolla, was also OTO like Aleister Crowley.

All roads lead to Rome its master, the Black Pope.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

What You Didn’t Know About Scientology by Mark Owen




Dear Zxxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting me.

I do not believe in this "serpentine theory" regarding the Jews. That theory is premised upon the false Khazarian theory that certain Gentiles replaced the historic Jews and thus the Jews of today are not racial Jews. I recently wrote an article on the false Khazarian theory that I will forward to you.

I do teach the Jewish race is being preserved during its Diaspora for the purpose of inheriting the Abrahamic promise as to their future in the promised land. Exekiel 48 is most clear on the division of the land to the surviving 12 tribes inheriting Messiah's millennial kingdom at the end of Jacob's trouble.

I trust this is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric




When I first heard about the Neo-Conned! books a couple of months ago, I knew that Jones would be pushing them eventually. Those books are published by IHS Press, a Catholic publisher. The basic idea of the books is that there is a Zionist neoconservative conspiracy against Islam and that the Pope is the good guy. The books are pro Muslim and mention the statue of Benedict XV in Istanbul.
Jones interviewed editor John Sharp in the third hour of his program on 2/28 and is now selling the books on his website.

-Mark Brewer







The "crusade" against Islam people are talking about is not an actual crusade, but a war designed to look like one to the Muslims. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were covertly carried out so the Muslims would think that the Zionist neoconservatives were attacking Islam while at the same time Sharia law was forced onto those countries. That is why the constitutions of both of those countries say that no law may be passed that contradicts Islam. See it for yourself.

Article (2): 1st - Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation:
(a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam.

Article 3 [Law and Religion]
In Afghanistan, no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.

Both of these countries were attacked by Bush and the neoconservatives and they now have Islam as their law. This disproves the myth that there is a crusade against Islam. With Islamic dictatorships installed, the pope can enjoy his "blessed despotism" he wants in all nations.
I am not sure where the Angleton quote came from nor do I know the context of it. The Knights of Malta have protected Islam in the past. Knights Alexandre de Marenches and Giscard d'Estaing protected Khomeini in France and helped him go back to Iran. Knight William Casey supported the Saudi royal family dictatorship and the Taliban. Saudi Prince Turki al Faisal and Sultan Qaboos of Oman are members of the Pinay Cercle, which was founded by Knights.


-Mark Brewer




Thanks for the info Mark! I agree that this "crusade" against Islam is only for show to foment the Black Pope's crusade against North America. I believe the recent destruction of the Shia/Shiite mosque in Iraq was a practice run, a test to see the reaction and it has brought to the brink of civil war. It is no surprise that the Knights of Malta in the CIA, MI6 and SIS working together have installed dictators throughout the Middle East and created the Wahhabic Muslim governments and "terrorists" (the Hegelian Dialectic demands that they create the problem and the solution) to restore the Temporal Power and make it ripe for Jesuit takeover. Sharia is nothing more but the Islamic counterpart of the Council of Trent and Romanist canon law. Blame for the destroyed dome of the mosque in Samarra has been directed at the Jesuit-controlled empire and Masonic Sionist/Zionist government of Israel instead of the Black Pope's Islamic Terrorist Network funded and overseen by his International Intelligence Community financed by his International Drug Trade. [The U.S. led Iraqi Multinational Force is led by Jesuit Georgetown Walsh SFS trained Temporal Coadjutor George Casey who has no knowledge of the Middle East nor combat experience setting U.S. soldiers there up for betrayal, failure and huge losses in the arid desert wasteland saturated with depleted uranium making it a death-trap.
The Jesuit Order is using the U.S. to foment its own future foreign invasion to eventually destroy the U.S. through FEMA Homeland Security concentration camps manned by foreign troops, a Jesuit-controlled fascist military dictator who will mercilessly roundup Jews, Bible-believing Protestants, Baptists, and Calvinists as the Department of Homeland/Fatherland Security acts as the Unholy Office of the Inquisition under another name. The Gestapo/SS of the American Reich is Homeland Security and the Archbishop of New York's Council on Foreign Relations along with the Canadian Council of Chief Execuitives and Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales (Mexican Council on Foreign Relations) has agreed to annex Canada and Mexico to the U.S. thereby expanding the scope of the Department of Homeland Security. The Jesuit Order plans to punish all of North America and I think all of the Americas by making them one whole bloc ruled directly by the Jesuits, their Knights of Malta, Illuminati and Masonic Craft.

Skull and Bonesman and Knight of Malta William F. Buckley blaming the Jesuit-controlled U.S. empire for the problems of Muslims to the delight of his Jesuit masters. The Order is directing the hatred the world toward the U.S. because it must be presented as the Nazi Germany of the 21st century.
(It Didn't Work)

Islam is merely a sister cult of the MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Rev 17:5). The visible White Pope Antichrist Benedict XVI will not condemn Islam because it has served and will continue to serve the wicked ends of the Papacy. The Black Pope and his Jesuits are Benedict XVI's penholders and you can be sure that he has a Jesuit confessor as every Pope has since the Luciferian Company of Jesus was reinstated with more power than it had before it was formally suppressed by Pope Clement XVI (his predecessor Pope Clement XIII due to pressure from European monarchs decided to take action and suppress the Jesuit Order but the night before the meeting discuss the fate of the Order he was poisoned. (Pope Clement XIII)

According to NNDB, "The Jesuits had fallen upon evil days; in 1758 Pombal expelled them from Portugal; his example was followed by the Bourbon countries -- France, Spain, the Two Sicilies and Parma (1764-68). The order turned to the pope as its natural protector; but his protests (cf. the bull Apostolicum pascendi munus, 7th of January 1765) were unheeded. A clash with Parma occurred to aggravate his troubles. The Bourbon kings espoused their relative's quarrel, seized Avignon, Benevento and Ponte Corvo, and united in a peremptory demand for the suppression of the Jesuits (January 1769). Driven to extremities, Clement consented to call a Consistory to consider the step, but on the very eve of the day set for its meeting he died (2nd of February 1769), not without suspicion of poison, of which, however, there appears to be no conclusive evidence."

According to Vatican Assassins by Brother Eric Jon Phelps "after a four-year investigation, his (Pope Clement XIII) successor, Pope Clement XIV did sign a Bull of Suppression in 1773 "under the seal of the fisherman," part of which reads:
"...'that the name of the company shall be, and is forever extinguished and suppressed;' that no one of them do carry their audacity so far as to impugn, combat or even write or speak about the said suppression, or the reasons or motives of it,' and that the said bull of suppression and abolition shall 'forever and to all eternity be valid, permanent, and efficacious' " (Phelps 206).

Back to the Islamic cult-it is very much in agreement with Roman Catholicism which is no accident because the false religion was created by Rome for the purpose of exploiting the large Arab population of the Middle East and using them to take Jerusalem for the Pope. The plan backfired and the result was the Crusades during which Papal-controlled Islam fought Papal Roman Catholicism. The top leaders of both religions were in agreement in terms what they believed. The Shiite Muslims are devotees of Fatima affectionately calling her "The Lady of Light" and all Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Christ as did the false prophet Muhammad. They say they accept Jesus as a prophet but not as the Son of God. Now, Islam teaches vicegerency of human beings meaning they own the world after first becoming a servant to Allah-the moon idol of the Middle East whom they falsely call God. Take vicegerency and think of a synonym for it-vicar perhaps? Muslims believe Jesus was merely a prophet and that his representative or vicegerent aka vicar is the Pope of Rome. The Jesuits' Vatican has the Muslims on their side and the CFR controlled media has fostered this relationship between the deceived Muslims and the Roman whore of Babylon.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera