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US Misrepresents its Role in the Korean War. US Occupation Troops in South Korea under “UN Command”

The Government’s Mass Spying Is An Affront To Democratic Values

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There are citizens in Canada complaining about their guns being confiscated. They are saying that the seizure of guns is something right out of Nazi Germany. Canadian Mounties are exploiting a flood to get folks' guns. The flood waters came in the town of High River in Calgary. Canada's Royal Mounted Police seized firearms from the homes of evacuated residents in exploiting the existence of rising waters. On Thursday, according to the Calgary Herald, the RCMP confiscated a “substantial amount” of firearms under the pretext of controlling the weapons and storing them for safekeeping. "We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” said Sgt. Brian Topham told the newspaper. Residents are outraged by this wrong, heavy handed measure.  “I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” said resident Brenda Lackey. “When people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay.” “It’s just like Nazi Germany, just taking orders,” another resident yelled as the Mounties prevented residents from entering the town south of Calgary. “This is the reason the U.S. has the right to bear arms,” another resident, Charles Timpano, said as he pointed at a group of Mounties blockading the town. This action made by the Canadian police is similar or reminiscent to the brazen act of gun confiscation occurring in New Orleans. This came after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the Gulf Coast region in 2005. On September 8, 2005, New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass ordered local police, the U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals to confiscate all civilian held firearms.  “No one will be able to be armed,” Compass declared. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.” Confiscation occurred without court-issued warrants and often with excessive force by police. During the whole event, there was a police brutality case on video. It was when a 58 year old New Orleans resident named Patricia Konie was physically assaulted and arrested for refusing to surrender an old revolver to the police who had entered her home in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The woman's shoulder was fractured by the police in the incident. We know the history of the Second Amendment. Yet, the concept of the natural right of self-defense is a paramount right. Human beings have the right to own firearms legally. In many times of history, some in the government want to exploit a crisis as a means to disarm the populace. This recent incident in Canada proves that point conclusively. I do not believe that the NSA spying scandal can wait, because innocent human beings' liberties have been violated via the NSA scandal. Also, it is wrong to see the White House to send weapons to Al Qaeda linked terrorists, who are killing men, women, and children in Syria (on behalf of a neoliberal regime change agenda). The mercenary terrorists should have no justification of their actions at all. The secret negotiations of TPP are things that I don't agree with. Yet, this reality doesn't make me hate universal health care. This reality will never make cause me to ignore the system of white supremacy that caused more damage and evil that the President ever did. So, I will place the truth into context. I will outline strong disagreements with the White House on various issues. Yet, I will see the bigger picture of how the establishment is causing havoc internationally. Now, we know the truth. We know that we have to continue to fight for justice in the world completely.


The attacks on affirmative action by reactionaries are not new. It has occurred for decades. Diversity has been given a bare agreement by the Supreme Court, but they have attacked and wanted to destroy affirmative action for years and decades. The modern affirmative action system has been attacked since 35 years ago. Affirmative action was created as a means for African Americans to receive redress over oppression and discrimination. So, the establishment tries to use token diversity as an excuse to not really address the structural systems of white supremacy, poverty, and other evils harming humanity in America. The recent Supreme Court decision was about diversity in education not affirmative action. The Bakke decision in 1978 ended the so-called "quotas" for racial minorities. From that year on, public institutions have been forbidden from pursuing measureable results via program of inclusions of previously excluded classes of human beings. These views have been spoken of by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even President Lyndon Johnson. The Court reluctantly affirmed the principle of the 2003 University of Michigan Law School decision called Grutter vs. Bollinger. That decision means that public educational institutions can claim a compelling interest in fostering diversity on campus (of using race as one factor out of many to create a diverse campus environment). So, the Supreme Court hates affirmative action so much that they want to use diversity as a way to disguise their hatred. Now, Dr. King in his 1964 book, called "Why We Can't Wait," mentioned that “compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro” – an idea that he heartily endorsed. “For it is obvious,” Dr. King wrote, “that if a man is entering the starting line in a race 300 years after another man, he first would have to perform some impossible feat in order to catch up with his fellow runner.”  Dr. King rightfully wanted a Bill of Rights for the disadvantaged (or give preferences for black Americans just like veterans have). How ironic that those anti-affirmative action extremists cite Dr. King as a source of their "race neutral" rants when Dr. King believed in affirmative action. President Lyndon Johnson’s historic speech to the 1965 graduating class of Howard University marked the definitive beginning of affirmative action as public policy. Johnson riffed on King’s metaphor: “You do not take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line of a race, saying, 'you are free to compete with all the others,' and still justly believe you have been completely fair…. This is the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights. We seek not just freedom but opportunity – not just legal equity but human ability – not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result." Equality and compensatory treatment have harmed with Bakke. Today, we know the July 2003 decision; it allowed diversity to come about, but never as a means to address racial injustice or demand real results. After Dr. King was assassinated, many of upper middle class abandoned the movement as a means to advance corporate interests, the system of mainstream capitalism, and to be under the 2 party, corporate system (instead of advancing revolutionary solutions). Ironically, special privileges for the super-rich remains. For the rich, they have legacies, inheritances, tax breaks, corporate subsidies, some companies pay no income tax at all, etc. If the super can have all of this and they have oppressed the world for millennia, then the poor and other minorities deserve real justice as well. We will continue to fight for justice in the world completely. There is no doubt about that.




Glen Beck has been exposed for many years. His extremism and his proliferation of demagoguery are similar to that of Joseph McCarthy indeed. Glen Beck comes in a long line of reactionaries, and controversial figures like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs. Glen Beck has been more overt on television in saying irrational comments while the others usually say some of the most hateful rhetoric on radio shows, etc. He once called the President a racist without any evidence whatsoever. He was a coward and disrespected the President's daughter and then was forced to apologize. He hates progressive change in society. He told the Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to “prove to me that you are not working with our enemies." Beck said that he wants to dispose those from Guantanamo detainees by shooting them in the head. He slandered the brothers and sisters (including all human beings) that were victims of Hurricane Katrina in the most fragrantly evil terms. He wanted the victims of Hurricane Katrina to be removed from their own lands, so predatory developers could exploit their neighborhoods for profit. Ironically, some of this occurred in real life in Louisiana. Like numerous reactionaries, Glen Beck harbors an anti-immigrant mindset. It is one thing to morally disagree with illegal immigration. It is quite another for him to equate illegal immigrants collectively as carriers of diseases and activators of huge amounts of criminal activities.  Immigrants deserve human treatment and justice not slander. Glen Beck was on once on FOX News and now he has his own radio show. He recently converted to the religion of Mormonism. Back in 2010, he led a march in Washington; D.C. Glenn Beck claimed that he wanted a return to morality and sober living among all Americans. Yet, some of the speakers there and Beck advanced militarism and economic regressive philosophies. He tried to invoke Dr. King when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. completely rejected militarism in the Vietnam War. Glen Beck once hated Dr. King in that same year of early 2010. Beck rejects the legitimate ideal that we need jobs and decent housing for all Americans not some. The reality is that we have huge unemployment and only by revolutionary changes can we can see a drop in the unemployment rate. One of his biggest errors is Beck claiming that Nazism was socialism. That is a lie, because reactionaries loved the Nazis. The Nazis wanted eugenics, workers' rights were suppressed, one nation was ruled by one autocratic dictator, they allowed the privatization of the banking system in Germany, and the Nazis hated the Communists ideologically. The Nazis murdered left wing opponents including the Social Democrats by the tens of thousands. Now, we are witness more than 50 years after the 1963 March on Washington, D.C. There are those that want to ruin the Dream, but we want to reclaim and continue the Dream in our generation. The Dream is about the end of barbaric racial oppression in America and the eradication of economic injustices that plagues all Americans. It is about the existence of a just society filled with real justice and equality. It is about the challenging of society to be better. Dr. Martin Luther King talked about poverty, discrimination, war, and other legitimate topics in the world society. In a speech two months before his death, King denounced American foreign policy as a “bitter, colossal contest for supremacy.” Referring again to Vietnam, he said, “We are criminals in that war” and “have committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world.” So, we do witness clearly that the Dream is about also the end of warfare and all forms of wars. Militarism and imperialism readily cause economic destruction globally and more hatreds in society. The working class deserves justice including the homeless. Today, we see many shining lights of humans fighting for truth. Likewise, we still see the establishment using their agents as a means to advance compromise, war, neoliberalism, and other evils. After 1968, the establishment used the privileged layer of the upper middle class as a means to not only ignore the interests of the poor, but to make it seem that radical progress has been made in the USA (when we know that not to be true with huge unemployment, suppression of liberties, and a war on terror). Today, we should still fight jobs, fight for a decent living, and right for social services.

One of the worse times in Hollywood was during the McCarthyism era. This during the time from the late 1940's into as late as the early 1960's in some cases. It was when there were witch hunts against those who held ideological views against the views of the establishment. The hearings from the House of Un-American Activities Committee executed harm against free expression and free thought. It gripped American society. Many movie actors and actresses were accused of being Communists. Some of their lives were ruined. Some actors were silent in the face of such tyrannical attitudes. Others were brave enough to fight against the repressive atmosphere in the time period. Witch hunts were deplorable during that time period, because whether someone was a Communist or not, human beings have the right to believe in divergent views on political, social, or economic matters. Even criticism of the current order is not immoral. The ruling class wanted to spread militarism and capitalist power in the world. McCarthyism was a huge engine whereby the ruling class could carry out their Cold War agenda. Even the AFL-CIO leadership in that era folded somewhat under the grip of McCarthyism. Major figures untouched by the blacklist, such as John Ford, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Mann, Vincente Minnelli, Otto Preminger, Raoul Walsh, George Stevens, George Cukor and Douglas Sirk continued to direct and, in some cases, did their most important work in the 1950s. Much of Hollywood lost their next generation of film directors in the 1950's. There were many artistically great films during the 1950's indeed, but culturally America experienced Jim Crow oppression and too much of conformist outlook on life in general. McCarthyism came even back in the days of Harry Truman. It was Truman that allowed the nuclear explosions of Nagasaki and Hiroshima inside of Japan. McCarthy was a latecomer to the agenda of the Cold War since it came long before the 1950's even. Even folks from across the political spectrum admitted that excesses transpired during the McCarthyism era. Rep. Martin was a Democrat from Texas. He was the first HUAC chairman that wanted to purge so-called "reds" out of Hollywood. Dies admired the Nazi Propaganda Ministry. He supported the Ku Klux Klan and spoke at several of its rallies. This is the enemy that helped to institute the agenda of HUAC. Hamilton Fish, an ardent pro-Nazi, was a disciple of Dies. He did not want equality for blacks. Republican Rep. J. Parnell Thomas, chairman of HUAC at the time of the 1947 hearings, who helped suppress the democratic rights of the Hollywood Ten, and a pathological anti-communist. He compared the New Deal with communism. He was later jailed for fraud. Democratic Congressman and HUAC member John Rankin of Mississippi was an out-and-out fascist. He spews hate against Jewish human beings and others. J. Edgar Hoover wanted to expose Communism in Hollywood. The Hollywood Ten suffered persecution and the establishment liberals of the Americans for Democratic Action supported such witch hunts.


Many religious human beings including Christians (and others) are right that we need to confront the lack of love found in many human beings. That is one of the very weaknesses of a laissez faire capitalist society. Today, modern day consumers run to the global marketplace as a means to get merchandise and other objects. The human apathy can cause destruction in the world. The deal is that we should not lose our sympathy collectively for each other. If we do, then we can act irrational and that reality can cause wars and other forms of destruction in the Universe. The super-rich know that more human beings are waking up about political corruption and the neoliberal globalized system. That is why they advance more law and order including more security (as a means to control the masses and protect them from revolutionary fervor. The super-rich have access to advanced technology too). Also, Yeshua is right to say that in the end times, the love of many shall wax cold as found in Matthew 24:12. Since, humans are made up of body, soul, and spirit, then we should follow the truth. We ought to realize that we need to follow the will of the Father not the will of market forces. We should know that we should get our spirituality in order without the devouring of fleshly pleasures in an inappropriate fashion. A basic truth is that we should love our neighbor as ourselves and serve humanity in a just fashion. Greed is one concept that relates to selfishness and other evils. That is why it is common that that we love God, love human beings, and love not this world. We should continue to express generosity and humility. The enemy wants us to serve ourselves first, to get wealth and possessions in a lustful fashion, and to indulge in selfishness including other lusts of the flesh. When you look at the big picture, we see that capitalism views life as a competition, it loves consumerism, and it loves covetousness. Everything in the world is not a commodity that is made marketable. Money is not necessary for all things of life and we should not bow before the marketplace at all. For centuries, we have seen the decline of love and the increase in commerce. That is why the merchants of laissez faire capitalism like Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith, Ludwig Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Milton Friedman, as well as Ayn Rand (who is referred to by her biographer as "Goddess of the Market"), have all expressed their contempt for love, charity, sympathy, benevolence, or altruism. They are activists for Mammon and not for social justice indeed. Covetousness is nothing more than idolatry at the end of the day. When you have a commercialized world, love is debased in the world. When you witness the economic exploitation in the world, the Golden Rule is seen as the enemy. When I woke up about this reality, I saw the world much more clearly. The elitists want worldly comfort, luxury, and prestige at the expense of dignity of the masses of the rest of the human race. That is why we need altruism, truth, love, and justice as a means to improve our lives and redeem our souls.



By Timothy

The Real CIA – It was our “heroes” in the CIA who handed over Mandela to apartheid South Africa in 1962

Friday, June 28, 2013

How the ANC's Faustian Pact Sold Out South Africa's Poorest

Week in Review: The Rise of Fascism in Greece and the Secret Heart of the Secret State


Lolo Jones' Evil comments on Rachel


lola is an inadequate human being . She has to put others down because, she can't win at anything. She is indeed an ugly creature. Her insides are showing and so are her insecurities. She is the kind of person you ignore. Plenty of those in the world.what's crazy to me is hopw many african americans, can't see the game. I don't care how diversified we are, people have to see what's right in their faces.They have to be able to tell when people are being condescending towards african americans, the subtle racism, the different tactics that they will try to use against you. The backhanded insults and properly put them in there place. This is what I was saying about RAchel. They don't care about her truth because , they don't' care about african american women. African americans period. They care about the package. Have to be able to see through all of this and adjust accordingly. You see what they are saying about her.We are studied very closely for everything. They are intrigued for many different reasons. Just like they have such a jealously about african american women, they look for these kind of stumbling blocks , to justify there love hate for african american women, INCLUDING , many of our own. Their has to be a collective understanding of how to fight. Not just with fists. Have to have many tools to pull when dealing with certain situations



They don't see that they are ATTACKING BLACK AMERICA through her. Even Crump is starting to waver a bit. They are too busy worrying about how we look to WHITE PEOPLE. As you stated, its a game. But as usual, we don't recognize the game until its already over or we have gotten so far behind that we cant recover



You would think she applied to be a damn witness..... its amazes me that with the trial underway why so many people are focusing on her court room antics. People need to stop believing what they see on scripted law shows. She can only be herself not try to be what society feels she should be!!!


 Paul H.                                                                                                                                                     

It's tragic how quickly and with so much glee that some black people throw our black youth under the bus. There are actually black people who are now "ashamed" of how she makes black people look. Those people should look in their own mirrors instead.
This young black, dark-skinned female knows she's in enemy territory. She knows what the white people in that courtroom and on that defense team and in the jury box think of people like her.
She's experienced putdowns all her life -- often from other black people. Of course, she's got attitude. Many on the people who are criticizing her have "bad" attitudes because of the way they have been treated in a white supremacy system like the U.S.

Maybe, instead of criticizing her, black people should be asking WHY the prosecutor agreed to a jury that omitted blacks? Or why his witnesses don't appear to be prepped for the trial -- instead of finding fault with a young lady who has come into a hostile legal system to do the right thing.
What is it about so many black people that we can't WAIT to throw our black youth under the bus? Are we so filled with anti-blackness and self-contempt that all we care about is how we "look" to white people?

I think it's courageous for a young black person to speak the truth about the murder of a young black male that the legal system would love to sweep under the rug like so much garbage. Instead of bashing her, we should be supporting her.
Whichever way this trial goes I hope we have the self-respect to hold the right white people accountable instead of bashing another black person.


Paul H.                                                                                                               

The plantation mentality is still alive and well in our people who do not even realize we are still slaves on the plantation. And just like you have the runaway slaves that were always fighting their oppression, you had the house and wanna be house blacks who loved the massa more than the massa loved himself.
It's not our fault, we have been brain-trashed for over 500 years and all that TV watching has filled us to the brim with white-identification and anti-blackness. I think we need to get real with our situation, and what is happening to our black youth, including closing black schools and building more prisons for young black people.
We might not get justice in this trial -- that's nothing new -- but we can start by creating justice for ourselves by not mistreating each other, stop snitching on each other, stop harming each other and bad-mouthing each other and come together instead of trying to fight our oppression by laying in white arms and in white beds. Come on many ways, we are worse off since integration and interracial sexing than we were during segregation. At least then, we loved and married each other and knew we needed each other.
That's what they want us to do and some of us are guilty as sin for bashing a young black female for standing up and telling the truth knowing she's going to be attacked for it. I would not be surprised if she is later targeted for her testimony by the system or by the police. She could be putting herself in danger and all some of us can think about is "she made us look bad in front of the white folks"
What is that? A Gone With the Wind sequel in 2013? Sounds like slave plantation thinking to me...It's time to stop this slave thinking before we all wind up on a real life plantation -- and that is no joke.


Pete Wells                                                                                                         

What a shame, but what would anyone expect from our own people. Putting each other down regardless of age, education, etc.. is what blacks thrive on. We are white folks best enemy because they know how quick a lot of black will jump ship to get a somewhat pass into the white world. N****'s love pointng the finger so the white folks can say"Oh he's / she's trustworthy. This young lady is trying to tell what she heard before George Killerman murdered Trayvon & has been fed to the wolves. The prosecution did nothing to help while she was on the stand and won't do anything. Murdering George will walk on a murder charge with justifiable manslaughter, while more white people plan another way to kill our youth. .....


Paul H.                                                                                                           

So, I assume you're saying if Trayvon Martin was a white male, and the defendant was black, white people should be omitted from the jury.
What test did the white females on the jury take to separate themselves from the other "racist whites"?
Just trying to follow your logic... which sounds completely wrong-headed. In fact, it's so far off the chain that it's hard to take it seriously.
I think it's obvious why blacks were omitted from the jury: (1) to make sure Zimmerman wasn't convicted of murder. (2), that the prosecution allowed blacks to be omitted because the trial is dog and pony show created by the same racist legal system that drug-tested a dead black boy but didn't drug test Zimmerman, and (3) Zimmerman will either walk or get a light sentence because killing a black person in a white supremacist system is not considered a crime.



The flip side of that logic is MOST whites have NEGATIVE beliefs about Black people. And MOST whites will claim they or someone they know have been "victimized" by a "Black" in one way or another. In fact the defense are playing to that element now with sly racial language.




Thursday, June 27, 2013

Black Tunisians Historically Marginalized

Drone Spies On Sunbathing Woman, Looks Through Apartment Windows, Then Falls Out Of The Sky

CIA Plans August Offensive in Syria

Paula Dean

Eventually she will get angry and use the word loud and publicly. Leopards like that don’t change their spots easily… And she has never apologized to Black people, she apologized only when it was clear her money was going to stop rolling in. I doubt she’ll ever be broke but she will never be what she was. And once she has nothing to lose the hate will come spewing out. Like it’s Black people’s fault….


I am so used to whites being fake a_______ that the only thing that gives me pause in this whole thing is that she gave two apologies in rapid succession – meaning that the first one was not coached by her P.R. people, meaning that she is not particularly slick, meaning that maybe her folksiness (“I is what I is” – *vomit*) is not some corny act, a la Reagan, Sarah Palin or George W.


Anna Renee:
I wonder about that too.
John McWhorter, for example, says that racism is over. If he is right then there is no need for Rented Negroes and so he cannot be one. But for me it is hard to shake the idea that he is just fooling himself and that deep down he knows it.



You summed it up nicely for the reason you outlined. Whites DO bank on OUT THINKING Blacks in EVERYTHING. In addition, they LOVE to carry out their satanic behavior and USE Blacks themselves to justify their(white)behavior. And when you SEE through them, the DO get frustrated and angry. While I was not attacking Ms. Jeantel, as I KNOW what she is stating, we NEED to teach our children the TRUTH about the supremacist environment we exist in, and how to THINK in that environment.

You act as if Black folk do not believe in economic development and uplift. Even Black Democrats and liberals believe that.
What you are saying is one of the talking points that the rented Negro focuses on. It compares all Black people to the least productive person.
Actually conservative philosophy has never been diametrical opposed by most people. Most people are politically in the center. What composes conservative philosophy now is wingnuttery.
Strom Thurman had a more cohesive argument and philosophy than cable news pundits and talk show host.


Protest was a tactic, not a culture. It is also a right. There was much more going on with Black people than marching and still is.
Most people are not entrepreneurs, so they look for jobs. Black people have many skill sets, but where are the jobs. They get educated in mostly two year schools. The health care industry is the largest employer in my city. You see Black people in all aspects of the industry, from phlebotomist to medical doctor.
The problem is that there are not enough jobs to employ all people and the market is mostly saturated with small business and corporations hire off shore.
Employers are driving up the entry requirements and their are not many Black people that handle $30,000/year college tuition. This is not include housing, books and supplies and food. It seems that employers are pre-selecting a certain group of people since they can’t outright discriminate

In regard to Booker T. Washington:
1. He did great material good for blacks through Tuskegee and through raising money for other HBCUs.
2. He is right to urge blacks to get an education, work hard and all that. After all, who in their right mind would urge anyone they cared about to drop out of school and lay about?
3. He never said anything in public that his white donors would object to. They had, in effect, bought his silence. We know because in private he was for equal rights and secretly gave money to fight for them in the courts. But in public he just said what the white man wanted him to say.
He was letting white people believe that everything was all right – black people just have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. White people on this blog are STILL saying that stuff a hundred years later:
Bill: “It’s a shame to watch an entire race stew in poverty, crime and self-pity. The answer is…yes, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” – July 13th 2010.


Ms. DR,
You are beginning to sound like one yourself. The welfare system was reformed during the Clinton administration and the application in many states will not allow for someone to continue to get benefits without working. Most of those jobs are only paying minimum wage so how would you pay for rent on a decent house or an apartment if you have one child to take care of.
Your description of the welfare recipient is a rehash of the last thirty years of speaking about Blacks on welfare and a talking point of the rented Negro. No matter if laws have changed or if it is true for the majority of Blacks..


@ BadNewsBear
No, not fair enough.
The us v them and ingroup/outgroup stuff is probably natural to the human condition, but not the levels of racism seen in America. That stuff is sick and twisted and off the chain. White people are SCREWED UP but, because they control the mainstream culture they can NORMALIZE it and make themselves seem Basically Good. They judge everything according to themselves. Whatever they do is “natural”. So their racial caste system is seen as part of human nature, even though their One Drop Rule is pretty strange stuff.
Racism – dividing the world into a handful of races based on physical appearance and then excusing an unequal society based on that – is not more than 500 years old in the West. The Ancient Greeks certainly did not think like that. Nor the Jews. The word “whites” only goes back to the early 1600s.
This idea that racism is natural IS part of racism, part of what keeps it in place.
No matter how bad things are, they can always be made better. America has proved it can do that with the civil war and the civil rights movement.

The Crippled Fukushima Daiichi Plant: TEPCO Shareholders Want Out of Nuclear Power

Gutting the Voting Rights Act: Supreme Court’s War on Democracy and the Right’s Last Stand for White Supremacy

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Political Crossover: The Troubling Emergence of "Black Reaganism"

Civil Liberties Issues

Africa Under Siege

Historic Times

The recent Supreme Court made the wrong decision about the Voting Rights Act. It seems that some in the Supreme Court want to eliminate Section 4 and they hate Section 5 as well. Now, in a 5-4 split decision, the Supreme Court eliminate a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. Chief Justice John Roberts announced the opinion. It eliminated Section 4. That provision said that parts of America must have changes to their voting laws cleared by the federal government or in federal court, because of the legacy of discrimination in the South. The decision didn't rule that preclearance was unconstitutional. They did rule that the particular formula used in the Voting Rights Act is or the feds can't monitor voting rights laws in a certain way was illegal. Justice Roberts was a major person in the Reagan administration that drafted memos for the top Justice Department officials (that argued for a weaker version of the law). Robert, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito believed that things have changed in the South since the Voting Rights Act was signed in 1965. The reality is that voter suppression efforts continue to persist even in the 21st century. Justice Antonin Scalia made the racist argument that black people are seeking racial entitlement by requesting that their voting rights ought to be protected in his own words: "...had the effect of requiring racially motivated gerrymandering, amounting to the ‘perpetuation of a racial entitlement’ on the part of Black legislators and constituents benefiting from the districting.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg issued the dissent and noted, "The sad irony of today’s decision lies in its utter failure to grasp why the VRA has proven effective.” She also wrote, “The Court appears to believe that the VRA’s success in eliminating the specific devices extant in 1965 means that preclear­ance is no longer needed...” In the Court’s view, the very success of §5 of the Voting Rights Act demands its dormancy.” Ginsburg is right on this point, because there is always a possibility of massive voting discrimination and the VRA is a key way to prevent it. So, preclearance is not stuck down per se, but a procedure is. It was a disgraceful opinion by some in the Supreme Court. The reality is that voter suppression efforts have not ceased in America (not only in the South, but elsewhere too. During the 2012 election, human beings had to wait hours to vote and early voting was cut back in some areas) and Section 4 is a key portion of the Voting Rights Act. The case is called Shelby County v. Holder. This attack on democratic rights by the ruling class is transparently clear. Congress has continually voted to extend the Voting Rights Act as recently as 2006. Decades ago, hundreds of thousands of African Americans including others in the South fought against Jim Crow segregation via marches, sit-ins, and protests. They faced terrorists groups like the Ku Klux Klan. They or civil rights activists faced bombings, lynchings, and beatings. Some died, so we can enjoy some rights today. Now, our rights are being threatened all of the time. Once, 15 states fall under the preclearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act. That is why human beings in North Carolina are protesting against voting suppression efforts among other issues now in 2013. Many of them (especially young human beings have been arrested for speaking truth to power. These are part of the Moral Monday movement). The reactionaries in North Carolina (where taxes are raised on the poor & middle class including the cuts to Medicaid) are livid on how human beings of numerous backgrounds are fighting for liberty and for the common good. There are those have been arrested for peacefully addressing their legitimate grievances. Ironically, Justice Clarence Thomas voted in opposition to one section of the Voting Rights Act and he was born from a poor African American family from Georgia. Thomas and Scalia are notorious reactionaries. The only good news is that this decision can mobilize more human beings to fight for voting rights (while using this wrong decision as a motivation to keep going). A legitimate check in making sure that voting rights is fair has been eliminated. It is a shame. Voting Rights is a fundamental human right and not a select privilege to be granted under huge, unwarranted obstacles. So, it is the Old South vs. the New South. In the end, the New South will prevail with equality and justice.

There is controversy on whether Lebanese affiliates are opening a Lebanese front in the Syrian war. It seems that the West is working in Lebanon as a means to open a new front in the Syrian civil war. Lebanon has a lax government. It has postponed its parliamentary elections. This complicates matters.  There are institutional figures and military commanders that have gone into retirement, but the caretaker government is unable to replace them. There is Hezbollah's intervention into the Syrian conflict. This has strengthened the Syrian government against the anti-government forces trying to overrun Syria. There have been rockets launched by anti-government forces from Syria. They have come from even inside Lebanon against Hezbollah's political strongholds against Shia Muslim villages. This action will inflame tensions between Shiites and Sunnis inside of Lebanon. Al-Qaeda influences have been in Lebanon for years. That is why you can see Al-Qaeda flag flown all over Lebanon. These flags are shown in Beirut, Sidon (or Saida), etc. They can be seen in Trablos or Tripoli including other locations. The U.S. and its allies ignore the fact of how the Future Party of Saad Hariri provides support to Al-Qaeda. The current head of the UN Secretariate's Department of Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, was once the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon before he was promoted in the U.S. Department of State. He took a blind eye to the support to Al-Qaeda by the Hariri family's Future Party and its March 14 Alliance. It is known that the Hariri family has had a long alliance with the takfiris and Al-Qaeda supporters. They have been allied with groups in Lebanon that openly revere Osama bin Laden as a great leader. The Hariri family and members of their Future Party imported the fighters that would later become Fatah Al-Islam into Lebanon. They did this or exploited the takfiri militias in Lebanon as an attempt to crush Hezbollah after Israel failed to do so in 2006. The Hariri family is supported by Saudi patrons and once by the Bush Jr. administration. This family wants Assad out of power in Syria. Even Seymour Hersh exposed that family. Later, Fatah Al-Islam went rogue. The Hariri alliance would blame Syria and the Palestinians for supporting the Fatah group that they aided before. Lebanon is having fighting between the Lebanese army and Fatah Al-Islam. Tripoli had seen fighting between the Alawite community of Lebanon (represented by the Arab Democratic Party) and the Hariri's family's takfiri allies. Hariri's allies openly support Al-Qaeda. They smuggle fighters into Syria and weapons across the Lebanese-Syrian border. The Future Party wants Syria's Assad to be overthrown. Lebanon’s third largest city, Sidon, has also been the scene of fighting and tensions between Ahmed Al-Assir, a Hariri ally, and Hezbollah’s supporters and allies. Al-Assir’s men have even tried to kill one of Sidon’s main Sunni Muslim clerics because he has constantly been working for Muslim and Lebanese unity and saying that there is an attempt to ignite a Shia-Sunni conflict in Lebanon and the broader region. One contingent from the Lebanese military had to stay in Sidon as a means to keep the peace. Sidon is having a battle now since Al-Assir's men attacked and killed members of the Lebanese military for no reason (in a village on the outskirts of Sidon). The Lebanese military have used heavy weapons to fight Al-Assir's group and restore peace to the Lebanese city. Now, the Lebanese state is being targeted. There are been attacks against the Lebanese military from the Syrian border since Hezbollah intervened in Syria. There are attacks in Lebanon even before Hezbollah intervened in the Syrian civil war. Lebanon's weaken government is being exploited as a means for further attacks against it. Sunni and Shia villages have been attacked in Lebanon. The attacks try to burn Sunnis and Shiites against each other. This is why Hezbollah has asked the Shiite clans in Bekaa to stay calm after they have been attacked. Protests have broken out in Lebanon too. So, the Al Assir unprovoked attacks in Lebanon is meant to exacerbate the Shia, Sunni tensions. Lebanon is being attacked as a means to force Hezbollah to pullout from Syria and turn inwards in fighting battles in Lebanon (so Syria can be conquered by the rebels). Lebanon's weakened state is being used by terrorists as a means for terrorists to advance terrorism.

Universal healthcare can be economically beneficial to human beings. It can grow economic freedom indeed. One of the greatest myths that reactionaries say, especially in the past half century, is that guaranteeing healthcare for all Americans would strike a huge economic blow to our current economic system. This claim comes in the midst of the existence of the Affordable Care Act. The reactionary Obamacare critics now continue to ramp up their predictions of doom as the implementation of the law grows. These reactionaries omit that Obamacare is filled with concessions and it is not even total universal healthcare (as Big Pharma was instrumental in writing up certain parts of the law). Robert Frank wrote in the NY Times that the lived experiences in nations like Sweden didn't bear out the fears of economic disaster. Even the more conservative Heritage Foundation's research indicates the same conclusion. The Heritage's Index of Economic Freedom shows how friendly countries are to business, investors, and property rights. The countries that rank the highest on the list are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Mauritius, Denmark, and the United States. Almost every one of those nations has an universal healthcare system or mandates individuals pay into medical savings accounts. Australia and Canada both have single payer systems. Denmark's system is government controlled. Switzerland's system is very similar in many ways to the ACA in the States. Among the top twenty nations on the list are Ireland, the U.K., Germany, Sweden, and Finland — other countries that also have universal healthcare systems. These systems are going for economic freedom, because as Robert Frank have noted, these system can keep down healthcare costs. He wrote the following information: "...The United States spends more than $8,000 a person per year on health care, well more than twice what Sweden spends. Yet health outcomes are far better in Sweden along virtually every dimension..." If you have lower healthcare costs, that means that businesses and individuals can channel more money into the economic via more productive means. That is why universal healthcare can cause human beings to be entrepreneurs or self-employed. Even Australians, Brits, Germans, Swedes, etc. are more likely to work for themselves than Americans (because we suffer under a harsh capitalist system for real Americans are always hardworking and strong). The ACA imposes mandates on employers and an universal healthcare system is better than even the ACA. Universal health care was brought off the table by reactionary extremists (they claim to defend economic freedom, but they really want corporate domination of society). To allow select insurance companies to profit from the sick and dying is wrong. Many populists are here in trying to save Medicare and Social Security. So, in America (where I live at), we are continually fighting for justice indeed.

A new survey said that two thirds of all Americans support the usage of unmanned spy drones for Homeland Security missions. Some critics of this action feel that such missions will include identifying gun owners and tracking of locations of individuals via their cellphones, according to government documents. The poll that conducted this situation was done by the Institute for Homeland Security Solutions or IHSS. The IHSS is a research consortium led by the RTI International. It showed that 67% of Americans support the use of unmanned spy drones for “homeland security missions,” and that 63% support their use in “fighting crime." The survey also canvassed law enforcement officers or 72% of whom supported the use of unmanned drones for surveillance purposes and 66% supported their use for emergency response. RTI International has close ties to U.S. government agencies. Yet, its results are broadly in line with previous surveys which show that around two thirds of Americans are happy with domestic drone use under the justification of fighting crime. “Within 10 years, sales of UAS are expected to grow to 160,000 units in the United States as the technology develops for public safety use and commercial purposes,” states the RTI report. Indeed, over the last 12 months, the Department of Homeland Security has been advancing plans for “public safety drones” which are currently undergoing rigorous testing as part of the Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety” (RAPS) project. There has been initial testing for robotic spy drones for public safety applications being conducted by the DHS' Science and Technology directorate at Fort Sill, Oklahoma last year. The DHS have been giving grants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to police departments across the nation. They have enabled them to purchase unmanned surveillance drones such as the Shadowhawk drone. That is a 50 lb. mini helicopter. It can be fitted with an XREP Taser with the ability to fire four barbed electrodes that can be shot a distance of 100 feet. The DHS is testing numerous different types of drones at a scientific research facility in Oklahoma that have sensors capable of detecting whether a person is armed. There is even a promotional video for the Shadowhawk drone depicting the UAV being used to spy on a private gun sale. CNet’s Declan McCullagh also obtained government documents which show how the DHS is customizing Predator drones originally designated for overseas military operations “to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians worried: identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones.” Experts predict that there will be 30,000 surveillance drones in American skies by 2020 following a bill passed last year by Congress that permits the use of unmanned aerial spy vehicles on domestic soil. FBI director Robert Mueller told Congress that the agency was already using drones for surveillance on U.S. soil on a limited scale. Recently released FAA documents show that the FBI has received clearance to conduct surveillance drone operations inside the U.S. on at least four occasions since 2010. In the final analysis, we need economic populism. We have the right to demand justice and allow Wall Street bankers to be made accountable of their actions. The establishment exploits political issues as a means to attract human beings to go along with their agenda. In that fashion, the establishment candidates defend plutocratic privilege not the interests of the voters. We must oppose huge cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, child nutrition, food stamps, and Social Security.  The reactionaries want low wages, no unions, no unemployment insurance, and nearly no social safety net. Our standard of living has declined by two thirds since the end of the Johnson administration. We have issues of deregulation and laissez faire globalization. If we want solutions, then we have to struggle for employment, wages, education, infrastructure, jobs, science, technology, and other forms of economic development. We ought to be active in our communities locally as well.


This is one issue that I wanted to write about for a long time. There are those who claim to be Independent, but they are really closet reactionaries. They use or exploit the errors of the White House as a means to go beyond strong, dissent against the White House. They use emotionally charged and sometimes bigoted ad hominem attacks against not only the President Barack Obama, but his family. That is truly disgraceful and cowardly. The reality is that we can disagree with each other without unjust hatreds at all. Even some of my own people claim to be Independent (from the Internet, publicly, and in other arenas), but they love the bigotry against the poor, they believe in harming or expressing bigotry against those of another background, and they believe in an economic philosophy that enslaved humankind (and it exploited and harmed the rights of workers all over the world). Many of the so-called Independents follow well known personalities like we know his name. He is Ron Paul, whose allies and himself have been filled with racist, sexist, and classist accusations. It is true that Ron Paul believes falsely that corporate power is equivalent to people power. Ron Paul is the ideological grandfather of the Tea Party movement. Folks like Ron Paul are slick in having support from reactionaries, free market enthusiasts, and those from the left as well. He holds the view of an unrestrained market when such a market has caused disaster in our world. When these so-called Independents want to shut down all U.S. military bases, some of them do not wish to have peace in the world necessarily or form real trade (including compassionate foreign aid). Some of them are just isolationist or try exploiting those who are sincerely against U.S. imperialism as a means to crush much of the social safety net (or advance a perverse form of nationalism). They still want American hegemonic dominance in the world without using U.S. resources to be used as a world police. We have too many military bases in the world, but we should have withdrawals and disbanding excluding the militarization of the borders in the States. Why the so-called populist Independents would want to end the war on Drugs and legalize nearly about any drug, but many of them want to end all public funding for health care. If we want to solve this public health issue then we must have affordable health care here. We need funding of publicly funded emergency rooms and health clinics. When you hear a reactionary (hiding under the Independent label) talking about an end to the war on Drugs (which I have no issue with at all), some of them want only private companies to deal with heroin and meth issues (while those facing addiction problems would be left to die in the streets if they can't get private help). We never need some Gilded Age mindset where the robber barons rule the land. I also notice that some of the faux Independents have a hatred of immigrants (of wanting to end even birthright citizenship. These faux Independents lie and collectively blame immigrants for crime, disease, and other social problems in America when the system of white supremacy have caused more destruction than indigenous Americans or our black brothers and black sisters at all), and a hatred of those of certain background. Some of them hate to support love among human beings. Don Black, founder of the white supremacist group Stormfront, who donated $500 to Paul’s campaign. Folks like Paul want to eliminate any regulations on corporations. Many of them hate equality. Some want to shred the social safety net. The attacks on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are a part of the agenda of the establishment and their Independent allies (who unknowingly follow elite talking points). The Bush tax cuts were regressive and I have the right to reject them. We also have the right to a free public education. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being an Independent politically, but not everyone who claims to be one is one though. It is what it is.



By Timothy




Proposition 8 is gone in California (Same Sex Marriage is made Legal in California)

The Supreme Court strikes down part of DOMA (A Historic Day)

The Crime Argument Refuted

John Henry                                                                                                         

Here is some more Facts:
Motor Vehicle Theft - 63.3% White, 34% Black
Arson - 75.2% White, 22.6 % Black
Other Assaults - 65.6% White, 31.7 % Black
Forgery and Counterfeiting - 66.4% White, 32% Black
Fraud - 66% White, 32% Black
Embezzlement - 66.3% White, 31.2% Black
Stolen Property (Buy/Sell) - 65.2% White, 33% Black
Vandalism - 73.7% White, 23.5% Black
Weapons - 58.2% White, 40.1% Black
Pro__stitution - 54.3% White, 42.4% Black
S£x Offense (except r@pe and pro__stitution) - 73.8% White, 23.5% Black
Source: FBI---dot---gove, table 43a

US Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act


My impression is that anti-Semitism in France is no longer as respectable or fashionable as in the past. But open animosity toward North Africans and Blacks is more common. Nothing like the Dreyfus Affair is likely in contemporary France, unless the modern day Dreyfus were a North African. But no, I don't get the impression that antisemitism is gone. In fact, I seem to recall reading that former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen got in trouble for disseminating Nazi songs and denying the Holocuast happened. But more hostile attention now is directed against citizens and immigrants of color. From what I reas more virulent strains of antisemitism are still be be found, and especially in Eastern Europe. You'll more likely to find this anti-Jewish animosity today in Poland than in France or England



Given Nkurmah's numerous writings from an unmistakably Marxist standpoint, asking to "prove" that he is a Marxist is like asking me to "prove" Augustine was Christian or that the pope is Catholic. If you need proof after READING Nkrumah, you either are too dumb to grasp the obvious or in need of SERIOUS remediable education. As for Negritude being a distration, again it began to wither--fortunatel y!---as REAL POLITICAL STRUGGLES gained steam. When a cultural movement outlives its creative moment, it is time to move on. Fanon, and other revolutionaries in the French colonies moved on. I do not deny it had some value as far as AWAKENING the intellectuals of the colonized territories. Anyone who has read Amilcar Cabral's RETURN TO THE SOURCE, knows their were similar cultural movement in Portuguese colonies. OK, for awhile in waking up mentally colonizied intellectuals. But it's a different matter once conscientized revolutionary nationalist intellectuals joined with the masses in the struggle for liberation. It's a no brainer for people who've read Cabral, Fanon or Toure



He'd be well pleased at the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. Disfranchisement would be deemed by Hitler as most appropriate for dealing with so-called "inferior" races like Blacks, Jews, Slavs, East Indians, etc. But for him that would be only the first step.
We all know what additional steps he's propose.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Campaign and the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
The Supreme Court has just GUTTED the Voting Rights Act! What's next? the Civil Rights bill?



A nonsensical reply to a nonsensical post by a nonsensical person.

What are we going to do about the gutting of our RIGHTS? What did so many people go to jail and die for?
This month in 1964, James Cheney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were MURDERED in Mississippi trying to win our people's right to the ballot. In 1965, after the bloody Selma, AL. struggle, we won that right in the form of the VOTING RIGHTS ACT of 1965.
Yesterday, the Supreme Court GUTTED the Voting Rights Act.

Why are we discussiong and fussing over nonsense?



Research: Unborn Babies Recognize, Process Speech at 29 Weeks

What Black Music Is! A Tribute to Karen Bernod

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Egypt army to step in if unrest breaks out: Defense minister


Putting America Under A Magnifying Glass: Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’

Supreme Court sidesteps affirmative action decision in Texas ruling, tells appeals court to re-hear the case

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria: Cheer-leading Another Blood Bath in the Name of Peace

African Historical Research

trollslayer wrote:

Well #1)"euroasians" didn't migrate anywhere Africans were 1st to migrate to Europe, Asia etc. the others came later and intermixed with the original PPL.#2)Africans originally MIGRATED from SOUTH TO NORTH when we think of the Nile.
#3) Mike has all ready discounted this foolishness about NON-blacks or Africans being where near Africa. Stop casually tossing that LIE out there as if it's a fact. NO NON-Blacks were in N.Africa until much later. Mike has brought PROOF of who was is N.Africa ( blacks or Africans)...YOU have not.
Of course the culture went from South to North. If we have to go into the nitty gritty we see this in cultural pattern. From Kerma an Naqada, the predecessors to Egypt.

But even in Egypt is self throughout the dynasties you will find this pattern in culture etc... From South to North.


Well #1)"euroasians" didn't migrate anywhere Africans were 1st to migrate to Europe, Asia etc. the others came later and intermixed with the original PPL.#2)Africans originally MIGRATED from SOUTH TO NORTH when we think of the Nile.

#3) Mike has all ready discounted this foolishness about NON-blacks or Africans being where near Africa. Stop casually tossing that LIE out there as if it's a fact. NO NON-Blacks were in N.Africa until much later. Mike has brought PROOF of who was is N.Africa ( blacks or Africans)...YOU have not.



Almoravid wrote:

Of course the culture went from South to North. If we have to go into the nitty gritty we see this in cultural pattern. From Kerma an Naqada, the predecessors to Egypt.
But even in Egypt is self throughout the dynasties you will find this pattern in culture etc... From South to North.
Lol...It doesn't even matter. Have you seen the new recent Holliday study?

It said Ancient Egyptians as a WHOLE showed more Affinities with AFRICANS(even African Americans) than with Asiatics and Europeans! LMAO!

Sadly I link you the whole study, you have to download it. A guy named Truthcentric had to email it to me.

But anyways its getting worse and worse for Euro______s since Ancient Egypt being African is becoming more and more obvious in academia. This is why Euro__s like Barros says the Ancient Egyptians were mixed as a LAST RESORT. He now has to lie and say there were Eurasians in Lower Egypt for 30k years when NO sources agree with that ridiculous claim and I already showed the Euro____ that there was LITTLE Eurasian gene flow into Lower Egypt.

Jeff who Barros depends on even knows Ancient Egypt was an African civilization..



People are still arguing about this! WTF. It has already been proven, they are black! They came from ta-netjeru which is modern day northern Somalia and Eritrea, they also comprised of various Nilotic groups. I'm Somali and I believe Africans should unite, from Senegal to Somalia and from chad to south Africa. While we're fighting useless wars in Africa Europeans are brainwashing the world. Have you ever heard about the great Zimbabwe? Or how they said the lalibela churches were built by aliens since it could only be built with modern technology? Or the hamtic theory? Obviously, Europeans wont stop with their b.s. until Africans set them straight. If Africa unites nothing can stop us. And don't fall for their divide and conquer techniques, like how they say horn of Africans are not black but Caucasoid. Next they'll claim that khosians are not black but mongloid. At the end of the day we're black Africans! AFRICA JUST HURRY UP AND UNITE.

You should look up Nabta playa by Robert bauval.

The youtube summary: "Robert Bauval presents evidence that an advanced black African civilization inhabited the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt, and reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story.
The mysterious Nabta Playa ceremonial area and its stone calendar circle and megaliths, and put forward the solid hypothesis that an advanced civilization of black Africans settled in the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt existed."

Anyways, good job Big Mike! Keep fighting for Africa.

Europeans in general are unable to deny the truth any longer with all the fact being unmasked. In fact France and Belgium made a movie featuring ancient Egypt.

As you can see the inhabitants have dark skin but they still incorporated blue eyes. It's as if they can't fully accept the truth despite the irrefutable evidence.

And obviously there were various other kingdoms in Africa to.
- kingdom of askum
-kingdom of kush
- Songhai empire
I could keep on going honestly but I'm pretty sure you get the point. Africa should be synonymous to civilization but westerners have distorted the image of Africa and we as Africans should amend it and give Africa the image it fully deserves.


I have heard about it, I haven't read it yet.

But this is in the opening statement of the abstract.

Bivariate analyses distinguish Jebel Sahaba from European and circumpolar samples, but do not tend to segregate them from recent North or sub-Saharan African samples[...]
--T. W. Holliday* 2013
Population Affinities of the Jebel Sahaba Skeletal Sample: Limb Proportion Evidence


Sinajuavi wrote:

You're full of crap, boy.
That provides no evidence for the composition of the population. Clustering with tropically adapted people would occur in a mixed population. With Europe? Nobody is saying Lower Egypt had Europeans in it. They were of Mideastern origin.
So you have nothing, boy. How about some evidence for the DNA of predynastic Lower Egypt? LOL!!! When you find those studies, you'll find that the people there were mixed with Mideasterners.
LOL! Stop playing games you had yet to post sources agreeing that Lower Egypt had been Eurasian pre-historic times. Now you're trying to save face by saying I didn't when I posted MULTIPLE sources stating that it was actually AFRICAN MIGRATING OUT OF LOWER EGYPT. You have yet to post ANY evidence agreeing with you in the slightest bit...Why? Because NO EVIDENCE AGREES WITH YOU. If so, you would have been posted some instead of your opinions.

Who said anything about Europeans? Stop putting words in my mouth. Both Europeans and Middle easterners are NOT tropically adapted mor*n. Asking for me to post genetic evidence for Lower Egyptians is void since THERE IS NOT MANY DNA STUDIES CONDUCTED FOR ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AS A WHOLE! Why don't YOU post some evidence.

"..sample populations available from northern Egypt from before the 1st Dynasty (Merimda, Maadi and Wadi Digla) turn out to be significantly different from sample populations from early Palestine and Byblos,"

By contrast an excavated set of around 300 burials from Tell el-Dab'a in the northeast delta belonging to a group considered to be Palestinian immigrants living in the late Middle Kingdom/Second Intermediate Period (1750 BC-1550 BC) have physical characteristics which group them more closely with ancient populations from the Near East and at a greater distance from those from Elephantine..."
~Barry J. Kemp.

"Moving to the opposite geographic extremity, the very small sample populations available from northern Egypt from before the 1st Dynasty(Merimda, Maadi and Wadi Digla) turn out to be significantly different from sample populations from early Palestine and Byblos, suggesting a lack of common ancestors over a long time. If there was a south-north cline of variation along the Nile Valley it did not, from this limited evidence, continue smoothly on into Palestine. The limb-length proportions of males from the Egyptian sites group them with Africans rather than with Europeans."

~Barry Kemp, Ancient Egypt Anatomy of a Civilisation

^^^See how easy that was? Where is YOUR sources that debunk mines? Stop playing games f**l and trying to save face...

Again id*t...It was the OPPOSITE! Africans were migrating OUT of Lower Egypt not Eurasians migrating in...
Sinajuavi wrote:
You're a lying piece of crap. Come see me, I'll slap those lies out of you schmuck.
Reported...Because I'm an A-hole like that.:)

Sinajuavi wrote:

Right... and Berbers are not Aterians.
Right...And Berbers origins is not U6. Right...And haplogroup A is STILL found in the Maghreb. Right...And Berbers are NOT ONE monolithic group.:)

U6 is no longer Eurasian anyways. Even Jeff agrees HERE:

So also take this argument up with him...

And again I am still waiting for YOU to post YOUR links proving that Lower Egypt has always been Eurasian since pre-dynastic times.

'The Levant versus the Horn of Africa: Evidence for Bidirectional Corridors of Human Migrations'

'The Position of the Nazlet Khater Specimen Among Prehistoric and Modern African and Levantine Populations'

Still waiting for you to debunk my sources with yours. I posted a mountain of evidence backing me up. Wheres yours??? I know why because no such evidence agrees with what you're saying which is why you have not posted none.

Again still waiting.:)

And again Vinca WAS NOT a civilization. We been through this a million times, especially on this thread where you ran like a ______. >:D
^^^Don't you remember???



Still...Waiting for Barros to post sources+quotes of Eurasians in Pre-Historic Egypt, he hasn't done so since page 1.:P



Khormusan Industry-40k-16k

Halfan culture-18k-15k

^^^ALL AFRICAN! Now can you find me a prehistoric Eurasians culture/industry in Egypt around 30k years??? Can you????

I'll wait.:)



We know Barros alias perru the chump is a circus clown. Bozo the clown the funniest clown in town. 300000 thousand years of nothingness.Where is the evidence of Eurasian admixed Egyptians or even Eurasians in Egypt since "Stone Age times"?? If you ask me this notion of 'mixed Egyptians' is the last refuge that Eurocentrics have. For centuries, whites have denied any and everything African about Egypt and labeled them as Caucasoids whose civilization is 'Near Eastern'. But now that the overwhelming evidence for Egypt's African identity becomes apparent, they only try to concede half way through this silly proxy that they were part African and part Eurasian. They use the modern populace as an example while ignoring the centuries of invasions and immigrations from post-Roman through Islamic times.

Yet not only do we have cranial studies like those of Zakrewski but even DNA Tribes findings showing the ancients (at least royals) to be different from modern Egyptians in that they were very much African.

I say let the naysayers say whatever they want. The evidence speaks for itself. That modern Egyptians are mixed is a given. The baroness is in opium heaven.



I just can't stand that they try to pass off this myth that the Egyptians used to be a different people. Every genetics study says otherwise, and Keita, despite how he frames it, agrees.
That modern Egyptians are not identical to ancient Egyptians is no "myth"
but something proved by both DNA and cranial studies. What about this can
you not "stand?" Here's some data you insinuate is "missing.."
"Cosmopolitan northern Egypt is less likely to have
a population representative of the core indigenous
population of the most ancient times“
– Keita 2005. History in Africa, 2005, 32(1).221-246
"Outside influence and admixture with extra-regional groups primarily occurred in
Lower Egypt—perhaps during the later dynastic, but especially in Ptolemaic and Roman times
also Irish, 2006 .”
-Irish 2009. Dental_affinities_of_the_C-gro up_inhabitants.. Ec Hi Rev
"Studies of cranial morphology also support the use of a Nubian (Kerma)
population for a comparison of the Dynastic period, as this group is
likely to be more closely genetically related to the early Nile valley
inhabitants than would be the Late Dynastic Egyptians, who likely experienced
significant mixing with other Mediterranean populations (Zakrzewski, 2002).
A craniometric study found the Naqada and Kerma populations to be morphologically
similar (Keita, 1990). Given these and other prior studies suggesting continuity
(Berry ET AL., 1967; Berry and Berry, 1972), and the lack of archaeological
evidence of major migration or population replacement during the Neolithic
transition in the Nile valley, we may cautiously interpret the dental health
changes over time as primarily due to ecological, subsistence, and demographic
changes experienced throughout the Nile valley region."
-Starling & Stock 2007. Dental indicators of health.. AJPA 134: 520-28-
“Classical genetic studies show a high degree of genetic heterogeneity in
the modern Egyptian population, suggesting that this population is descended
from a mixture of African, Asian, and Arabian stock (Mahmoud et al. 1987;
Hafez et al. 1986). Genetic heterogeneity within the Egyptian gene pool is
also supported by more recent studies using autosomal STR markers
(Klintschar et al. 1998; 2001)."
---Manni et al 2002. Y-chromosome analysis in Egypt, Hum Bio, 74:5, 645-658