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Torture Architect Argues For Indefinite Detention of Americans


The Aftermath of the Michigan and Arizona Primaries.

The Michigan and Arizona primaries are over. Mitt Romney won both primaries with Rick Santorum being number 2 in both state primaries. Now, we have Romney and Santorum saying controversial comments. The GDP has grown by 3 percent in the final quarter of 2011. So, the economy is improving in many areas, but we have a long time to do to witness a radically better American society. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney each won 15 delegates in Michigan. Rick Santorum doesn’t like the act that the late President John F. Kennedy advocated the separation of church and state. That's interesting, because Kennedy didn't want hostility for toward public religious expression. He believed that the government shouldn't dominate any religious institution unfairly neither should a religious group dictate the constitutional or legal policies that is being made manifested within American society. Rick said that public schools collectively are a hindrance to society and that it's snobbish to go to college. Public schools have serious issues, but many of them have been successful over the course of the centuries in the world. Santorum uses religion as an excuse to promote authoritarianism domestically, while war mongering in foreign policy matters. I disagree with that specific agenda, because a jobs plan and anti-austerity measures can assist the American people. 18.6 % of all Americans struggle for getting food in America. That's a disgrace. Even Mitt Romney's tax plan will allow the top 0.1% will get thousands of thousands in tax benefits. You can't tax cut your way into economic growth and you can't drill your way out of this problem. So, it makes sense to build people up and promote safety for our people, food for our children, confidence for the outcast, and inspiration for people.

For years, people have exposed Austrian economics. Now, even Henry Makow has written about this issue. In 2012, a revolutionary thinking is arising. We aren't going to accept establishment views no matter how it is wrapped up into. I woke up for a while about what Ron Paul's and his Austrian economic agenda was really all about. The philosophy of libertarianism has been influenced by many people like Bernard de Mandeville. Peter Goodgame has written about this issue as well. Mandeville believed in following man's carnal desires. Ironically, Satanism believes that man's carnal desires is liberating for man instead of following spiritual righteousness. De Mandeville's "Fable of the Bees" outlines his views conclusively. The elite from the foundations to other groups fund libertarianism. For example, Mises (an architect of modern libertarianism) allied with the globalist Coundenove-Kalergi. Coundenove-Kalergi was a pro-Jesuit agent desiring an European Union like system in the world. Ok, Mandeville was born in the Netherlands in Rotterdam at 1670. He moved into England during the William of Orange's accession to the throne. He was linked to the Blasters and the occult Hell Fire Clubs of the late 1700's England. He wrote satire too. Free marketers like Freidrich von Hayek praise Mandeville as a mastermind and a great psychologist (whose views were before or anticipated those of David Hume, Adam Smith, and Charles Darwin). He loved the Fable of the Bees. Modern Austrian thought came from Carl Menger. Mandeville believes in self interest and the material well being. Austrian economist and theocrat Gary North loved "The Fable of the Bees" as the most important poem in the last 300 years. Mandeville wanted liberty for man to pursue his basest material and carnal instincts. He viewed evil, selfishness, and licentiousness leading into prosperity. That sounds like Satanism to me. According to Mandeville, "Evil is the grand principle that makes us social creatures, the solid basis, the life and support of all trade and employment without exception." Even Romney said that: "...I'm not concerned about the poor..." Hayek, Mises, and definitely Ayn Rand dismissed altruism and solidarity as hindrances to a society's economic success. In other words, gaining money is more important than loving humanity. That's false since tolerating vice in society can corrupt it. David Rockefeller helped Ludwig von Mises. Mandeville think that there must been poorly educated laborers to maintain a nation's wealth. Following in Mandeville's hoof steps, Mises emphasized that "men are born unequal and that it is precisely their inequality that generates social cooperation and civilization." Anarcho-capitalist Murray Rothbard didn't accept Mandevillie's views, but he wanted parents to have a legal right to not feed their child (or starve them) for having a free market in children. The libertarian Ayn Rand believed that man must have a duty to himself primary and do what he wishes (not to help others). Ayn Rand admirer Ron Paul shows occult hand signs, and is linked to a Masonic GLO. When you see Marxism and Austrianism, you see a pattern. Both ideologies oppose nationalism, some of their members have hostility toward religious expression, and they support unrestricted free trade. Marxism/Communism and Austrianism are 2 sides of the Hegelian Dialectic. It's more powerful than the Left/Right paradigm since more people are escaping that paradigm daily (but not on economic issues). Libertarianism is right to promote individual liberty and freedom for human beings. Libertarianism (in my opinion) is wrong in denying that public power can help humanity or that any strong government intervention is wrong. Some have exploited libertarianism as a means to advance social Darwinianism or a dog eat dog philosophy. This doesn't mean that the government should control all aspects of society. That's tyranny. Yet, the government should protect people's liberty, have defense, use taxes, build up vital infrastructure, and promote the general welfare of the people. That is why if Ron Paul takes 1 trillion dollars out of the budget, this will cause a deflationary depression over night. People will take to the streets. The poorer 99% will pay for this policy as well.

Now, you have Australian ethicists wanting to have after birth abortions. There are "ethicists that are college professors in Australia that believe in pro-infanticide views. This view has been popularized by the American professor Peter Singer in that Peter calls for the killing of infants after they are born (or after birth abortions). Their names are Alberto Giubilini with Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethnics at the University of Melbourne. They write that in: "...circumstances occur[ing] after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.” The believe in infanticide. They believe that parents can kill newborns if they don't need it or if the infant doesn't work in the favor of the parents. They want infants to be killed if there are instances where the newborn would be putting the well-being of the family at risk, even if it had the potential for an “acceptable” life. The authors cite Down’s syndrome as an example, stating that while the quality of life of individuals with Downs is often reported as happy, “such children might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.” They feel that they should kill newborns if the newborn has Down syndrome (and the parents are poor or lack social, economic, or psychological abilities to care for the child with Down syndrome). Giubilini and Minerva say that merely being a human being is not enough to warrant a respect for a person’s right to life. To kill newborns that have a disability is sick, but this is the new stage in the battle for life. The 2 researchers don't even consider the newborns human beings. This refutes the lie that no one is pro-abortion. These 2 scientists prove that there are pro-abortion people in the world. There are the horrors of partial birth abortion too. The arguments in favor of partial birth abortion are very similar to the arguments in favor of infanticide. We can't allow innocent human beings to die. To judge human life immediately outside of the womb as worthy of death is a slippery slope indeed. In fact, there is no such thing as a potential person. There are persons existing in the world. Wesley J. Smith, the prominent American bioethics attorney, says bioethics now contains no ethics whatsoever in the following words: "...Or to put it another way, too often bioethics, isn’t. On the other hand, to be fair, the ancient Romans exposed inconvenient infants on hills. These authors may want to take us back to those crass values, but I assume they would urge a quicker death...."

The Department of Homeland Security seems to fear violence from Occupy Wall Street when many of the violence have been provoked by feds. The DHS has been known for years to spy on political activists. The concern of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been found by a leaked document, which was obtained by Rolling Stone Magazine. The DHS was created under the auspices of protecting America from terrorist attacks. Now, it's trying to monitor and keep tabs on citizens that express their First Amendment rights. “The five-page report – contained in 5 million newly leaked documents examined by Rolling Stone in an investigative partnership with WikiLeaks – goes on to sum up the history of Occupy Wall Street and assess its “impact” on everything from financial services to government facilities,” writes Michael Hastings. The documents prove that the DHS found information about the Occupy Movement via Twitter feeds from OWS activists. This again proves that the federal agency is spying on social media as part of a chilling effect on free speech. This refutes the claims made earlier this month by DHS representatives about the agency only wanting to create messages relating to natural disasters. Homeland Security’s fear that the demonstrations could lead to violence is summarized in the final paragraph of the document. “The growing support for the OWS movement has expanded the protests’ impact and increased the potential for violence. While the peaceful nature of the protests has served so far to mitigate their impact, larger numbers and support from groups such as Anonymous substantially increase the risk for potential incidents and enhance the potential security risk to critical infrastructure (CI).” The DHS has monitored Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Also, the DHS has worked with others to use raids on OWS camps across the nation. The Federal Protective Service (or part of the DHS that is used to proved security for government buildings) arrested photographers at Portland's Terry Shrunk Plaza during an Occupy event. This proves that the FPS is now operating as Homeland Security's secret police unit. Since 2006, the FPS has been used to spy on dozens of peaceful dozens of peaceful advocacy groups. The FPS monitored scores of lawful protests and political rallies in the name of national security. In 2004, the FPS arrested a veteran for the crime of complaining to his local VA office in Des Moines. The DHS is targeting activists from the other side of the political spectrum that is about cracking down on free speech. In one case, the DHS hired a private Israeli security firm to spy on anti-tax protesters in Pennsylvania, characterizing the group as a terror threat. Given the fact that the DHS has reinvented itself as a secret police force whose primary objective is to spy on political activism, it’s unsurprising that Egypt’s notorious state security service, complicit in the imprisonment and torture of anti-regime activists, last year decided to re-brand itself as “homeland security”. The Department of Homeland Security has been exposed time after time again.

Popular Culture is still going on. The passing away of Whitney Houston was strange to say that least. When people knew that she passed, people still partied in a sick fashion. Bobby Brown's sister Leolah said that Whitney's death was not accidental. Some view Whitney's death as celebrity ritual killing. Leolah Brown told similar words to Access Hollywood. Leolah's attorney advised her not to say who or what she believes killed the singer. Bobbi Kristina was found asleep in the same bathtub the night before Whitney died. The Forbes article reported a guest complaining about water cascading into their suite from Whitney. Leolah is also extremely concerned for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, claiming that “she is not safe right now." She is basically saying: “The shady people who got Whitney are now after Bobbi Kristina." She defended the actions of Bobby Brown. No one knows the total details of Whitney Houston's passing. Toxicology reports are coming in the future to figure out some information on the events that were related to the death of Whitney Houston. Before she died, Whitney Houston wanted more creative control over music and movies. Before her death, Whitney Houston produced or executive produced over 10 films. Her last film will be a remake of the 1970's film called "Sparkle." "Sparkle" is like our generation's "Dream girls" or the "Temptations" television miniseries. Whitney Houston didn't have enough time to talk about the film's real meaning. Whitney Houston wanted Aaliyah to play Sparkle, but she passed away in the plane crash in August of 2001. See, Whitney was about to produce more of her own label, production company, and more products (but control it).

By Timothy

"Red Tails"


Economic Information (A Must Read. I have been writing about this for years).


gaudi says:
Go to a search engine and type “commnuities destroyed by gold mines”.
..and theres more.
So all you bleeding hearts that amount nothing more than mere words when you go on about such and such is poisoning the air, the land, the waterways, taking away peoples livelihoods in parts of the world and on and on….your true color are coming on becauase in dont give a d___ about ANY of it. You are selfish individuals and place you own desires, wants and needs before anything. Its all about the many aint it? You dont care about this world or what other people put up withj becasue its allllll about you.
You are heading dwon the same d_____ road of running over the little people of the world as long as……Their A return On Your Investment, and as long as you think you will safe & cozy..well to hell with eveybody else.
Like I said. If Ron Paul or any of these other people realy want to dismantle the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the Import / Export Bank, The World Bank, etc..then go for it and do it AND retrunn to the peoples of thid Globe what has been taken from them by bomb, by pen or by contracting with leaders that have nothing on their own peoples. Ya think Ron Paul can do that? Oh no.
What Ron Paul is gona play is demonize the things that already have stolen while at the same time penalizing the victims. Its the ‘we got it now so we’re gonna put a lock on our dealings cuz we aint sharin’. “. Come on Paul. Spread the Wealth that the US has plundered from peoples around the World or do you stick with the slogan of no more foreign aid now? Give it back to the people.


gaudi says:
I believe it is a very slippery slope to place any commodity that is traded in the world markets as a global currency. With gold as the global curency, which Ron Paul states that he wants see, it would be the so-called “new world order’s” dream come true.
“Abolishing the Federal Reserve”. How exactly step by step is this going to be? Have you every even seen the holdings on this global monstrosity? What? Is Ron Paul going to turn over the table of the money-changers and begin distributing all those global assets to the peopls of this world who have been robbed and plundered? H____ no. He and all those other poloiticians are talking ‘budget cuts’. Do any of you mentally retarded Amercan s____ for brains even know what a budget is and what a financial report is?
Have any of you ever seen the United States government’s list of holdings? Its global and in the trillions upon trillions of dollars, mixed with a basket of currencies.
And dont give me any of this what has been so comon here over the years that you’re in it for the people. Ive seen for years bleeding heart stories and comments about those oh so poor people in Iraq getting bombed, those p[oor people in Afghanista & Pakisatn getting bomber. Big oil going into other parts of the gloabe and destroying people, property and the environments. Aint that right? But when it comes to gold mining operation terorizing comunites, evey d____ one of you sorry a____ hypocritical windbags turn a blind eye. You are just as selfinsh as the idiots that support Obama.
What did they do? They went on and on about Bush & Cheney using lies to kill Iraqis and steal the oil. But when those same Obama supporters can obvioulsy see that Obama is murdering Paks & Afghans, and Libyans….they shut up about that and make excuses for their man. And you people do the same d____ thing by making excuses.
And here we have Ron Paul playing the derivates (going short) even though he gets up their with that whiney nasaly voice of his and speaks negatively about derivatives; just like that fraudster Gerald Celente who come to find out was playing right in there with the ‘white shoe boyz’. You people are dumber than a box of lugnuts.
Every politician, and yes that measn the global corporatist Ron Paul too, is supposed to list their investments.
Of course the gold bugs are going to throw their support behind Ron Paul. Even though they go on and on about how the Fed Reserve is responsible for the massive debt, theyll still support the Pauls even though the Pauls make no bones about all of you are going to have to pay off the trillions of debts. But heeeeey, lets just take away granny’s insulin or aunt Helen’s blod pressure meds. Yeah, that a d_____ good thing.
What should happen is that all these global asstes the government has and the Fed Reserve has, the IMF has, the World Bank has, the UN has ( and yes..the UN is setting on a s_____ of gold too ) should be given to the peoples of this world that have had to put up with al they trrannical fascits b____ led by the United States.
I recall Alex Jones just months ago bawling his eyes out on the media about ‘the dolar is the only thing we got.”. Well boo fk’n hoo. And here he is suppoedly supporting Ron Paul that wants to ushed in a new global currency. Carry on keyboard warriors and “truthers”.


gaudi says:
Actually small-minded one; I did not respond to you because some people have a job to go to.
Who says there is no wealth? And where exactly is it that has no wealth?
I could give you some links but I’d rather not bother because in your world you already state that you dont care about facts.
“..beloved establishment canidates..”. Really? I’ve never voted a day in my life and I never will. In one way, form or shape..they are all men and women of low character and lacking integrity. They cover thier own wrong-doings and point fingers. The USA is fascist right down to the bone and its been tyrannical since it’s earliest days of existence.
So no, I dont vote and I know that these layers of governments that are inside the United States of America are a long ways from being broke. Take a d_____ look at their Comprehensive Financial Reports and you tell me agin that they are broke. All these politicians claiming they are broke is nonsense
you tu


gaudi says:
Do you even know what true communism is? Have you ever talked with Russians in their own homes, or even Paks & Arabs for that matter.
What the Soviets had and what China has sure as hell aint no communism. The USSR had a system that was heavily on the scale of socialism but communism? Not even.
Communism would entail no markets, no banks, no currencies and no profits. And communism aint ever gonna happen because it would entail every single person working towards a goal for both themselves and for all others. But humans are incapable of that. My Russian acquaintences ( actually former Soviet ) get a kick out of it when they hear Americans use the communism term. They just shake their head at.
And something else interesting. They definitely see the American kids in school as so far behind the Russian educational programs its pathetic. The complete useless garbage that is in the educational curriculums in the US is so lacking in making the children think, especially in the math & sciences.
So before you use that term ‘communism’, understand first what it is, and it aint ever gonna happen cuz most humans are too d____ lazy and selfish. Even the peoples of the USSR knew it was a utopian idea

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Afro Latino History


Can African Americans please STOP defining other people's racial identity for them? Newsflash you're NOT the boss of us. Not all African Americans but too many African Americans I have come across in my young life have an ignorant and limited view on blackness and black people. If you're not African American, you're not black. If you have a Spanish last name you're not black. If you're too light for them, you're not black. If you have a certain hair type/texture you're not Black. If you're weren't born in Africa, Jamaica, Haiti or to slaves in America you're not black. On and on. Educate yourself. There's a black world outside of your limited imagination and education.



Actually the girl is a black latin but sadly many black folks have a hard time understanding that euros didn't just drop us off in North America and a few places like Jamaica and the Bahamas. Thats why folks like LA LA got to explain that she is black to these slow fools. Just like my sister in law with a freaking college degree telling me the people in Jamaica are black but someone like Sammy Sosa isn't cause he speaks spanish (may the lord have mercy on ignorant educated folks). I gave that woman one of Paul Mooney's DVDs and said watch that then come back after Paul tells it like it is and tell me Sammy ain't black....LOL!!!

Sounds like some folks need to see Black in Latin America.

Anyway blacks folks need to stop reading Essence. I mean how stupid are people? Didn't they tell you what they were about when they had Kim K on the cover? Didn't they tell you what they were about when the black owner refused to listen to black business people offers to buy the company instead selling it to white buyers??

Just a little secret for the slow people...........Ess ence is not for you if you are black!!!



Thanks for the clarification because I'm like how is she not black? I thought they were saying she doesn't consider herself to be black which is sadly true for many of my fellow Blatinos. They stay trying to deny. I don't know how many times I had to try to tell people that my Cuban ancestry is not relative to my skin colour. I cringed when people ask me if I'm black and half Cuban. My dad is Afro-Cuban proud.

-Ventena Vista

Rights Groups Petition FAA On Use Of Drones In US Skies

Dem Operative with CIA Background Calls for Open Primary Shenanigans


Dem Operative with CIA Background Calls for Open Primary Shenanigans

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Kurt Nimmo
February 28, 2012
In an effort to get the war criminal Barry Obama re-elected in November, Markos Moulitsas has launched “Operation Hilarity,” a plan to exploit open primaries in Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in order to get Rick Santorum nominated.

“The longer this thing drags out, the more unpopular the Republican presidential pretenders become,” Moulitsas writes from his bully pulpit at Daily Kos. “Just look at Mitt Romney’s trajectory, which followed Herman Cain’s trajectory, and Newt Gingrich’s trajectory, and Michelle Bachmann’s trajectory, and so on.”
Markos ignored the very real trajectory of Ron Paul just like his friends on the supposedly “liberal” side of the establishment media have ignored him. Ron Paul is the only antiwar candidate out there, but Moulitsas and his buddies are not interested in shutting down the murder of innocents, just getting establishment Democrats reelected.
Markos writes that if Democrats are “squeamish about this, just remember what’s at stake – not just the White House, but Nancy Pelosi’s gavel and a Senate run by Mitch McConnell. The weaker the GOP standard bearer, the better our chances in November.”
Markos – who was courted by the CIA and was a former Reagan youth who mysteriously experienced a sudden Democrat conversion – ends his plea by asking his loyal drones to donate five bucks to his circus sideshow.
Moulitsas’ stunt reveals that Democrats are not interested in ending Obama’s wars or rolling back the influence of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street on his administration, but merely making sure the Democrat flavor of the two sided establishment party retains its hold on Congress and the White House come November.

Pasteurized Milk Linked to Cancer: Infowars Nightly News

Ethicists Argue Killing Newborn Babies Should Be Allowed


Ethicists Argue Killing Newborn Babies Should Be Allowed
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Shocking reminder that eugenicist beliefs underpin medical establishment
Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
A paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics argues that abortion should be extended to make the killing of newborn babies permissible, even if the baby is perfectly healthy, in a shocking example of how the medical establishment is still dominated by a eugenicist mindset.

The paper is authored by Alberto Giubilini of Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne.
The authors argue that “both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons,” and that because abortion is allowed even when there is no problem with the fetus’ health, “killing a newborn should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”
“The fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant,” the authors claim, arguing that adoption is not a reasonable counter-argument because the parents of the baby might be economically or psychologically burdened the process and the mother may “suffer psychological distress”. How the mother could not also “suffer psychological distress” by having her newborn baby killed is not explained.
“Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life. Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life: spare embryos where research on embryo stem cells is permitted, fetuses where abortion is permitted, criminals where capital punishment is legal,” the authors write.
The practice of infanticide has its origins in barbaric eras of ancient history, but it is still common is many areas of the world today, including China where the one child policy allied with the social pressure to have boys has resulted in a massive imbalance in the population. Studies have found that 40 million girls are ‘missing’ in China as a result of gender-selective abortion and infanticide. In India, there are 50 million less females for the same reasons.
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In Pakistan, over 1000 babies a year are the victims of infanticide, which is rarely punished.
Matthew Archbold of the National Catholic Register explains how the legalization of infanticide, killing newborn babies, is the logical conclusion of the starting point of the argument, which is that the fetus is not human and has no right to live.
“The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the sand,” he writes.
Respected bioethicist Wesley J. Smith notes that the debate surrounding “the right to dehydrate the persistently unconscious,” which eventually led to events like the Terri Schiavo case, started with articles in bioethics and medical journals.
“Or to put it another way, too often bioethics, isn’t. On the other hand, to be fair, the ancient Romans exposed inconvenient infants on hills. These authors may want to take us back to those crass values, but I assume they would urge a quicker death,” he writes.

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Nearing March 2012

There are huge cultural and religious tensions in the world. Activists are protesting the burning of Korans in Central Asia plus the Middle East. Newt Gingrich is the neo-con Republican candidate. Gingrich comments that America shouldn't apologize at all for the Korans being burned so profusely. Gingrich is saying these words since he has a reactionary viewpoint on foreign policy affairs. He actually wants a war in Iran if necessary. Also, he conceives that his words will cause more support to his campaign by the Republican bases. It's strange that Gingrich's Presidential campaign has been floundering and he is desperate. Now, we have violence and murder by some Muslim extremists (incited by the Taliban and Wahhabists, who were funded and some were outright created by the Pakistanis ISI & the CIA). President Barack Obama expressed regret about the whole incident. The current installed President of Afghanistan is the former UNOCAL consultant Hamid Karzai. Newt Gingrich accuses Karzai of tolerating the violence in Afghanistan as a means to blame America first. It is wrong to see 2 American troops to be murdered. That is wrong. Also, these events prove that the Afghanistan war should end as soon as possible. It was unjust from the start, because Afghanistan nationally didn't attack us on 9/11. The people who attacked us on 9/11 were a group of people desiring conflict in the world. We know those people. They are of the elite. Afghanistan can be a real democratic society, but this will not occur until years down the line. There were the torture deaths of Afghan prisoners at the Bagram Theater Internment Facility, also known as the Bagram Collection Point. In 2002, U.S. soldiers chained two Afghans to the ceiling at the facility and beat them to death. Seven soldiers who took part in the torture and homicide were never charged. “In interviews and statements to investigators, soldiers who served at Bagram have at times echoed the defenses offered unsuccessfully by the soldiers charged with abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, saying they were acting on instructions from military intelligence personnel or on the authority of superior officers,” the New York Times reported on August 8, 2005. In early 2011, Der Spiegel published photographs of U.S. soldiers posing with dead Afghan civilians. Five soldiers based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state have been charged with murder and conspiracy in the case. “In addition to the five soldiers charged in the deaths, seven soldiers in the platoon were charged with lesser crimes, including assaulting the witness in the drug investigation, drug use, firing on unarmed farmers and stabbing a corpse,” the AP reported on March 20, 2011. In January of 2012, American soldiers were caught urinating on dead Afghan bodies. These examples along with Abu Ghraib exposes the evils found in American imperialism. A lot of civilians have died in Afghanistan. The U.S. military slaughtered nine children in an air strike in Afghanistan's northeastern Kunar province. NATO has killed people in the Ghaziabad district of Kunar province killing 65 civilians. There were 40 children under the age of 13, 22 women died, and dozens more were injured in the event. In April of 2010, there were U.S. soldiers raking a civilian bus with gunfire near Kandahar. In 2010, Wikileaks released massive, documented war crimes done by the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan. The U.S./NATO war crimes are found in Serbia, Libya, and other sovereign countries inside of the globe. There were found in the release of civilian murders. The documents revealed the covert unit that will “kill or capture” Taliban leaders, a clear violation of international law and the Geneva Convention. On July 26, 2010, the Obama White House condemned the release of 92,000 military documents but said nothing about the war crimes perpetrated by the Pentagon and NATO. Newt Gingrich outright supports the slaughter in Afghanistan and desires more mass murder in Iran. President Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich agree a lot with foreign policy. The difference is how each man proceeds with their ideas of foreign policy. Gingrich is more reactionary obviously on foreign policy issues. The lesson here is that we should continue to oppose war crimes against humanity and the international bankers ought not to control our system. Mutual negotiation, peaceful colloborations among nation-states, and peace are superior to embracing a war mongering ethos. I don't agree with Americans being murdered over there or innocent Afghanis being murdered as well. 2 wrongs don't make a right. That's common sense. For the record, President Barack Obama was right to apologize for the Koran burning. I don't agree with the President on every issue, but he was right on that. Lives are in stake and a man has to show cultural/religious sensitivity in a complicated culture.

It's easy to witness that many Founding Fathers had links to a secret agenda and secret societies. That secret agenda is to allow America to be the new Atlantis or the new revolutionary state whose influence would spread all throughout the Earth precipitously. George Washington, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin are well known Freemasons. Some Founding Fathers used Freemasonic Lodges as a conduit instrument to promote the American Revolution. John Hancock was a ship owner and a trader of goods. He used his expertise in smuggling order for the funding of the Revolution to continue. St. Andrews Lodge was the famous Masonic Lodge during the 18th century that Hancock including the elite classed people were a part of. The Lodge was a place where secret oaths, secret handshakes, and assistance to fellow "brothers" were common place. If a Mason was on the square or on the level, he would be trusted by the Lodge. At least 12 people from St. Andrews Lodge participated in the Boston Tea Party (in protesting the British Empire's oppressive policies against the colonists in colonial America). The Boston Tea Party has 30 men dressed with Mohawk to dump 10,000 pounds of the King’s tea in Boston harbor. Green Dragon Tavern was another place where Masons from St. Andrew's Lodge came into. There were the Sons of Liberty and the Loyal Nine working in the Boston Tea Party as well. George Washington was a very intelligent man. He worked as a farmer, surveyor, and a military man (as far back as the French and Indian War). He believed in the Masonic ideas of liberty and fraternity (except when it came into black slaves, females, etc.). To Masons, God is like the Great Architect who used geometry in creating the Universe in general. The surveying tools of architecture is found in Freemasonry. Benjamin Franklin was a member of the controversial Hell Fire Club. Sir Francis Dashwood headed the Hell Fire Club, which was filled with orgies, hatred of mainstream religion, and the worship of the human will. Franklin loved sciences, so he devised inventions including other infrastructure (inside of Philadelphia for example) in order for the American experiment to flourish for long generations. The Lodge of the Nine Sisters welcomed Benjamin Franklin as well. Yet, you have to give credit when credit is due. George Washington survived assassination attempts by British spies. Many early Americans sincerely desired liberty from the oppression from the British Empire. Also, back then (like in all eras of human history), there were forthright, authentic believers in God in America that desired religious freedom. The defeat of Cornwallis in Yorktown along with the Treaty signed among both sides caused America to have freedom. Ironically, the Inauguration actions of George Washington was highly Masonic. For example, the marshal of the day's events was Freemason and general Jacob Morton. The oath of office was administered by New York State's Grandmaster Robert Livingston. Livingstone of course was a Mason. Washington's escort was Freemason and General Morgan Lewis. The Bible used in the oath was from the St. John's Lodge in New York. Washington, D.C. was laid out by Freemason Pierre Charles L’Enfant and other folks too. Some French Knights of Malta were in the Order of Cincinnati.

The extremist Tucker Carlson recently said that America has the right to annihilate Iran, because Iran was evil. Iran isn't perfect, but there are tons of Iranians that desire a real, great system in their respective nation. Not all Iranians are monolithic in their thinking process. To ascribe a collective, faulty interpretaiton of all Iranians is representative of embracing ignorance not accuracy. This philosophy is embraced by some people who believe that Muslims are a bloody thirsty enemy (and Islam is represented as totally embracing never ending terrorism and bigotry). Of course, these views are false. Many extremists want the war on terror to act as religious crusade in order for the West to control Middle Eastern oil. There are still numerous progressive Muslims that desire equality, freedom, and authentic dialogue with the rest of humanity. There is still the myth repeated by American media and politicians that Iran’s President (Ahmadinejad) said that Israel should be “wiped off the map." The truth is that Ahmadinejad was talking about getting rid of the current political administration in Israel (as the New York Times translation notes) not destroying Israel off the face of the Earth. Ahmadinejad is quoting Ayatollah Khomeini. Even Arash Norouzi (who doesn't like the current Iranian leadership) admitted that Ahmadinejad didn't say that he wants Israel to be eliminated from the Earth. Many Orthodox Jewish people oppose the call for invading Iran. America overthrown Iran's democratically elected government. It backed Iraq during Iraq's war against Iran. The U.S. supports terrorist groups trying to overthrow the Iranian government. So, it's hypocritically to call for an attack of Iran when Iran hasn't preemptively invaded nations or overthrown governments in a long time. Even the Constitution is clear in saying that we shouldn't militarily intervene in any nation without Congressional approval & moral reasons. Tucker's father directed the Voice of America, which is a CIA operation according to sources. To advocate to attack and kill innocent men, women, and children (while stealing a nations wealth and resources in the process) is blatantly immoral. We have serious economic problems here. Another war could make our economic vitality more fragile and more unstable. Tucker opposes 9/11 Truth. That is why he criticized David Ray Griffin and Jesse Ventura for questioning the official story of 9/11. Griffin and Ventura has more evidence and credibility on discussing this issue than Tucker Carlson. No body has the right to annihilate everyone in a nation. That's Nazism. The American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey said that the Pentagon believes that Iran "hasn't decided to make a nuclear weapon. Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that an attack on Iran would be catastrophic. The reason is that Iran is an ally of Russia. An attack on Iran is equivalent to an attack on Russia according to Putin. That means that if Iran is attacked, Israel, NATO, and American forces could fight Russia along with Iran. This would cause an all out war, the economy in the world could suffer, and oil prices could rise radically (by the Straits of Hormuz being restricted of trade via oil supplies). So, we should hope that there will be no attack in Iran.

Now, we live in a new era of politics. People want to be free. They desire to free in America. They desire to be free in Europe when the Berlin Wall fell down. There were revolutionaries who fought to defeat apartheid in then fascistic South Africa. Then, Mandela came to be the first black African President of South Africa. During the 1960's, students and the youth fought for liberation in South Africa, Asia, and America. Today, many followers of the Occupy Movement have protested to demand economic fairness, and end to the war on terror, and real populist solutions to our present economic inequality. The insurgent workers in Wisconsin even began a new revitalization of the labor movement. For years, the labor movement has been dormant. Not anymore, since labor groups are strongly advancing the call for collective barganiang all over the nation. I am an egalitarian. In other words, I believe that all human beings are equal in the qualities of mind and character. There are, in the human race, people who are unjust, just, wise, and ignorant people. There is a common humanity and the inherit dignity of the human personality. That is all the more reason for us to not degrade a human being, because of his or her physical differences, personality differences, socioeconomic differences, or backgrounds. Decades ago, there was huge Jim Crow racism and exploitation. That experience was cruel, nefarious, and outright repugnant. Today, racism still exists in the world and we should fight against it now. Yet, our issues are more complex. There is economic injustice effecting a wide spectrum of people. This economic suffering affects the poor, people of every color, and people of every background or preference. There are people struggling to pay for health care. Some folks have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to corporate insurance companies just to survive. There is an exorbitant amount of school debt that folks have to pay. Before Dr. King died, he created a multiracial coalition to promote the interests of the dispossessed. Dr. Martin Luther King's Poor Peoples Campaign even desired an Economic Bill of Rights to allow the federal government to be made accountable for its crimes against the poor in the USA. While, I do make critiques on the liberal establishment. I do not condemn sincere progressives in the Occupy Movement that want to make progressive changes in American society. Therefore, I will always place my views in intentional context. Even Malcolm X before he died made a radical critique of capitalism as a foundation of racism (like Dr. Martin Luther King believed. Dr. King felt that we should embrace a people oriented society instead of a thing oriented society). Modern day Goldwaters like Ron Paul may be correct on various issues, but not on public solutions to help the human race. For charity and private industries alone can never solve poverty or promote full individual liberty. You need an active public and private services avaliable for the people to develop their own standard of living. True human rights ought not to be divided into 50 different interpretations, but it should be uniform across the board in the nation including the world. Freedom ought to be demanded. Dr. King indeed was right to promote "...a RADICAL REDISTRIBUTION or economic and political power." The government is by of, and for the people, so people have the right to make demands on the government to genuinely make solutions in the world.

Fred Hampton was one of the warriors of liberation. He's an inspiration of black people. He's an inspiration of all people as well since he advocated power for all of the people. He lived a short life, but he made a wide impact in the world stage. He lived from August 30, 1948 to December 4, 1969. He was the chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP). He was born in Summit, Illinois and grew up in Maywood. His parents moved north from Louisiana. He worked in sports and graduated from Proviso East High School with honors back in 1966. He studied the law in order for him to be conversant with the law in defense against the police. He enrolled at Triton Junior College. Ironically, he was active in the NAACP to promote freedom and nonviolence for his community. He utilized his great organizational and leadership skills to improve educational resources for the impoverished black community in Maywood. He agreed with the Black Panther Party's philosophies. He started to ally with the BPP and adopted their 10 point program. He moved into downtown Chicago and joined the Party's Illinois chapter in November 1968. The Illinois chapter was created by SNCC (organizer Bob Brown in late 1967. In a short span of time from 1968 to 1969, he made significant achievements in Chicago. He made a nonaggression pact among Chicago's most powerful street gangs. He united factions of African Americans and Latino Americans, because both groups suffered poverty. He wanted to have a class conscious, multi-racial alliance between the BPP, the Young Patriots Organization, and the National Young Lords (under the leadership of Jose Cha Cha Jimenez). Others joined this coalition like the SDS, the Blackstone Rangers, the Brown Beres, and the Red Guard Party (of the Asian American community). In May 1969, Hampton called a press conference to announce that a truce had been declared among this "rainbow coalition," a phrase coined by Hampton and made popular over the years by Rev. Jesse Jackson (with his Rainbow PUSH Coalition). Fred Hampton had street smarts, book smarts, oratorical ability, and organizing skills. He was a threat to the corporate fascists. He supported the Free Breakfast Program. Fred Hampton was about to be appointed to the Party's Central Committee's Chief of Staff. At times, Fred utilized controversial language, but you have to realize what he been through. Folks were lynched, the police were killing innocent human beings at will (with no accountability against the officers), and conditions in our communities were bad (as they are now ironcally enough). So, we know where Fred Hampton was coming from. He was murdered by the CPD and the feds in the morning of December 4, 1969. The FBI monitored Hampton and tapped his mothers phone in February 1968. The FBI used the traitor & informant William O'Neal to cause dissension and infiltration of the Black Panthers. The FBI sowed distrust and division by forging a split between the Panthers and the Rangers. The FBI used disinformation to lie about brothers and sisters involving the BPP too. This was a part of the COINTELPRO plan that would try to stop the rise of a "Black Messiah" to radically improve the conditions of the black community. COINTELRPO harmed labor leaders, civil rights activists, anti-war activists, and a wide spectrum of revolutionaries who disagreed with the establishment. The police first shot Mark Clark and he died instantly. One man of the Panthers fired a weapon and the rest of bullets fired were from the crooked Chicago Police Department. The FBI agent Clark placed drugs or barbiturates in the drink of Fred Hampton. Therefore, Fred Hampton couldn't wake up during the time of the shooting. Fred was lying on a mattress in the bedroom with his pregnant girlfriend. Two officers found him wounded in the shoulder, and fellow Black Panther Harold Bell reported that he heard the following exchange (of the police killing Hampton in the head to make sure that Fred Hampton was dead). The rest of the Panthers were assaulted, wounded, and arrested. They were accused of false charged and each were held on US $ 100,000 bail. This atrocity occurred less than 45 years ago. Fred Hampton’s funeral was attended by 5,000 people. He was eulogized by Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy (plus other). In his eulogy, Jackson noted that "when Fred was shot in Chicago, black people in particular, and decent people in general, bled everywhere." The coward William O'Neal committed suicide since he was responsible for his death like the other cops were. The families of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark stood strong and sued the city, state, and federal governments. The government was forced to pay the Hampton and Clark families for $1.85 million. If Fred Hampton was alive, he could of made not only Chicago better in solving gang violence, drugs, violence in general, etc. He could of made America better, because of his great organization skills, charisma, intellect, and oratory abilities. Fred Hampton to us liberty lovers of every background was a freedom fighter and a warrior for justice. He did a lot for his people. He was an inspiration for us to do what is right to improve the conditions at least for our family and people in our own communities.

By Timothy

FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”

‘CIA feeds us bad info on Iran nukes’ says IAEA ex-head

Advice on Reality (from the Revolutionist and Others)

Redefined wrote:

What's sad is some Biracial People have more Black Pride then some BP.
I haven't met many Bi-racials who are actually ashamed of being who they are, but there are many blacks who have been taught to hate themselves, some don't even realise just how much self hatred they have, but the signs are all the same, example,
blacks who refuse to shop at black stores, blacks who perpetuate the slave master training of light-skin vs dark-skin, blacks who only date outside their race, blacks bleaching their skin, blacks who are afraid to acknowledge their history and blacks who have no racial pride.

The worst are blacks who fail to see the benefits of unifying and working alongside with other blacks to work towards a common goal...The reason I say this is because these are the type of blacks who helped sell us out before and during slavery, conspired against our leaders and helped have some of them killed, these same type of blacks helped spy on the black power movements for the FBI ...

Africa was colonised because the white man noticed that these sellouts were willing to sell their people, so the white man took full advantage of the divisions and colonised African countries one by one... No African country could even call on their neighbour to help them as they were enemies, hence easily conquered.

An example of this type of black person would be W.E.B. Dubois, he thought against Marcus Garvey's ideals of "Back to Africa" and "Black nationalism and doing for self", Dubois thought that the best way for blacks to move forward was to integrate further with whites and move up in white companies, he filled the NAACP with white board members.... but guess what happened to him, the whites soon turned against him and saw him as an "Uppity Negro", they tried to send him to prison for tax evasion but failed, then Dubois tried to rid the NAACP of whites but failed so he then ended up moving to Africa and then dying in Accra, Ghana!

These blacks who have no racial pride have no use to themselves and when whites turn against them they have no one to turn to for help... Even Michael Jackson tried to be white for so long but when whites turned against him calling him a molester, Michael J then decided to surround himself with the nation of Islam for protection, lol...

-The Revolutionist


NearFuture wrote:

They'd raise hell if we even tried to own a business in their community.
And yeah it's crazy right? Black people act like it's a sin to work with each other, I don't get it.
I do get it, black people were taught during slavery that they cannot achieve anything on their own, that training has stuck with many black people.
As a result of this conditioning, many black people do not think like men and women, they think like children who have to be dependant on the real adults for their survival, they believe that we should stick by massa's side in order to be fed, employed, clothed and educated...
NearFuture wrote:

This is why I say black people need to stop and change the way we think. Have you noticed that alot of advertising is being placed on black people, atleast in America, I see alot of blacks in car commercials and I realised blacks account for 30% of new car sales, so I know they're catching on to our buying power, wonder if we'll give in to the propaganda. alot of these indiviualist ideas also comes from modern day music also, "imma get my money, and no one else matters", just a big mess. You'd think blacks would notice that every amount of rights blacks aquired came about when they were unified i.e. the civil rights movement & the black nationalists parties. IT'S JUST A FACT OF LIFE, UNITY is the "KEY".
The system knows that any money passing through our hands will end-up straight back into the system, it won't even circulate our communities once, they are just making sure the money goes where they want it to go. Even worse are the blacks giving them free advertisement in hip hop, such as gold grills, spinning rims, Diamonds, Platinum, jewellery and Training shoes... We are too easily exploited as a race.
NearFuture wrote:

Sadly I heard about those instances of African immigrants being harrased in Russia and black footballers experiencing outright racism and if we really unified and became a stable force to be reckoned with we'd have more respect and we'd have power.
The funny thing is most of these black footballers are earning in excess of £100,000 per week, now if that isn't success I don't know what is, but yet still they are treated like common Negros, even a black billionaires like "Oprah" still experience racism. Our personal success means nothing to others, we are still viewed the same, weak...

They would be reluctant to mess with anyone else in this manner because if it came down to it other races can defend themselves from whites and they are all becoming nuclear powers while we are dis-united and struggling to produce even simple weaponry!

-The Revolutionist


Note by Me: I don't agree with all of the views found in the music, but I show this information since the person is right that black people should learn their real history unashamedly.
By Timothy
2. We must learn our history and be proud of it, learn from it, and then build upon it. Black people today have been duped too many times, we are always making the same mistakes that blacks before us have made and have said to watch out for. Black people are also told that we have made no real contributions to civilization, yet the oldest remnants of civilization are indeed found in Africa we must learn our history and make it more important to us than any other. We have to look at history and understand why black people have fallen.

Our black children are taught white history before they even hear the name Mansa Musa (one of the kings of Ancient Mali), and we wonder why so many of them take up destructive black stereotypes as a model of "blackness". We have to establish order, I've heard black children say being accomplished or speaking in correct english is acting or talking "white". You know why? Because they do not have a model of what being "black" is. They look at the white ran media and see all these black people speaking in incorrrect english and basically learn "how to be black" from these celebrities and entertainers.

The thing is no one knos what being "white" and what being "black" is because it DOESN'T EXIST, yet we're always saying things based on color.

Have you ever noticed that when white people try and act "black" or be a so called whigger, the talk like they're uneducated and wear the stereotypical gangster clothes because that's what they subconciously think being BLACK IS, IT'S DISGUSTING TO SEE WHAT THESE PEOPLE VIEW US AND ESPECIALLY DISGUSTING THAT SOME BLACKS VIEW OURSELVES IN THE SAME NEGATIVE WAYS.

But you know what? stereotypes exist, so I say we use them as a tool

I call this flipping, we have to teach our kids that talking proper is talking "black", getting an education is "what black people do", teach them that the medias representation of black people is not for our entertainment but too study how the world views us.



I also believe black people should boycott music, and movies, and anyother type of media that proceeds to make money off of black stereotypes.

the mainstream rap music should be frowned upon and we must demand artists that progress the black race, one of my personal favorites is Stic Amn of Dead Prez, I belive he is a good role model for black youth, no ones perfect but his music makes me see a future of black kids with positive music choices:


-Near Future


Not really, it's as easy as speaking to your trusted black neighbors about what's going on in your community and doing something about it. Like a Neighborhood Watch, except black people are investing in ourselves.

Asains are an even smaller minority in America and they are extremely economically prospering as a group, I advise that you expand your horizons.

Sorry, but if blacks want any type of progression WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES, we have to stop asking others for help. Besides hispanics and blacks would never unite with eachother and hispanics are also doing better than us, they have proceeded us as the largest minority since 2008 and their numbers are growing. STOP BEING DEPENDANT.

I don't get you Freddie, how could black unity be anything else but a good thing for black people? I don't think you understand the simple logic of power in numbers, seriously?

Personal acheivement has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for BLACK PEOPLE, I just can't register your opposition to black unity, so black people being unified and producing on their own and becoming a world power is not a personal acheivement for us all?

Speaking of timing, the time for BLACK UNITY is NOW

-Near Future

Santorum: “Separation Of Church, State Makes Me Want To Vomit” (Rick needs to be reminded that his Church ought not to make policy here in America)


1 minute ago (11:37 AM)
Rick Santorum is starting to turn into David Koresh. He seems to be developing a “god complex” even though he says “Obama thinks he is better then you”. Founding fathers didn’t want a country where the government ran religion like it did in England. Talk about being out of touch with the average American voter.
6 minutes ago (11:33 AM)
Hand Rick a bucket....

Reagan 10/84 “We in the United States, above all, must remember that lesson, for we were founded as a nation of openness to people of all beliefs. And so we must remain. Our very unity has been strengthened by our pluralism. We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate.”

Military Keynesianism Can’t Work … Because WWII Was Different from Current Wars

The Anti-Life Agenda

Sometimes It Pays to Double Check... RE: Dorothy Roberts Book

The Author refers to Dorothy Roberts book 'Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty,' to justify giving Sanger's Eugencist tendencies a pass, even implying that MLK, Malcolm X [the 1st time I've heard this one before] & Mary McLeod Bethune [also haven't heard that one before] supported Sanger's birth-control initiatives for Black People [IE: her 'Negro Project']. Well here's what says is the main thrust of Sis Roberts book: } 'Roberts, a law professor at Rutgers University, makes a no-holds-barred response to both the liberal and conservative retreat from an assertive, activist, and socially transformative civil rights agenda of recent years--using a Black feminist lens and the issue of the impact of recent legislation, social policy, and welfare "reform" on {poor}Black women's- control over their bodies' autonomy and their freedom to bear and raise children with respect and dignity in a society whose white mainstream is determined to demonize, even criminalize their lives. By using history of American law--beginning with slavery-- regarding the issue of state interference with the Black woman's body, the author explosively and effectively makes the case for the legal redress to the racist implications of current policy with regards to 1) access to and coercive dispensing of birth control to poor Black women 2) the criminalization of parenting by poor Black women 3) the stigmatization and devaluation of poor Black mothers under the new welfare provisions... ' - "African American women have been engaged from the start in an ongoing fight to gain control of their reproductive choice. First, in days of American slavery, from being controlled by white "masters" who forced slaves to produce children to work for them, and now, from government "solutions" to African American child-bearing like the distribution of the long-term contraceptive Norplant in African American communities... Abortion should not be the sole issue of a truly progressive reproductive rights movement because coercive sterilization and contraceptive programs are also painful incidents in black women's reproductive history. Roberts also takes the mainstream feminist movement to task for failing to oppose recent 'welfare reform victories' [Ole Slick Willie at work in bi-partisanship w Newt Grinch-witch] because of the destruction such punitative measures have on Black communities. Although most recipients were and continue to be white, policy debates were flooded with inferred images of the Black "welfare queen" to foster and exacerbate racial and class tensions..." - {
Four categories of criminal acts cited in the 1951 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide include, not just the physical killing of members of “national, ethnical, racial or religious” groups, but also the infliction of serious harm to members of the group; imposition of conditions of life that are calculated to bring about destruction of the group- in whole or in part, or measures intended to prevent births among the group.
So lets add this all up: PPFA's founding 'mother' Margret Sanger was an avowed Eugenicist [if not out right racist] who instituted a 'Negro' Project [How does one reconcile this assertion “It appears that Sanger was motivated by a genuine concern to improve the health of the poor mothers she served rather than a desire to eliminate their stock.” w this Sanger quote- "Programs that provide "medical and nursing facilities to ‘slum mothers’ are insidiously injurious,… {Because} they facilitate the function of maternity {for ‘slum mothers’} when the absolute necessity is to discourage it"

Margret Sanger’s ‘The Pivot of Civilization’ chapter "The Cruelty of Charity." pgs 114 -115 1st Ed 1922.] 75% of PPFA centers are in/near Black & Brown neighborhoods even though both together = only 29% of US' population ["Our birth control clinics all over the country are doing their utmost to reach the 'lower strata' [IE: minorities] of our population. . ." Margret Sanger’s March 1939 Letter to Frank Boudreau, of the Milbank Memorial Fund]. Results: Black & Brown abortions = 60% of the total [even though they both together = only 29% of the US' population]. 52% -56% of all Black pregnancies & 29 - 33% of all Hispanc pregnancies are terminated in abortion- while only 9% of white pregnancies terminate in abortion. HUMM- If the subject were 'Stop & Frisk' instead of so-called 'Freedom of Choice' [a term popularized by non-other than Ole Slick Willie by the way]- IMO: We'd call this a clear-cut case of Racial Profiling!!!
About 1 yr ago this author wrote a piece which made the hyberbolic claim that the Repugs move to cut Gov't funding of PPFA = RAPE of women [especially Black & Brown Women]. Here the author suggests the claim of Genocide vis-a-vis Black & Brown abortions & PPFA is Hyperbolic. But if one looks at what Sis Dorothy Roberts documents, the 1951 UN definition of Genocide & Black & Brown abortion stats vs locations of most PPFA clinics - IMO - the term Genocide is not hyperbolic at all!

From the above article: } 'Or what about those holy rollers who trusted in God’s plan but can’t quite accept that experiencing rape and incest is a gift? Black and Latina women live in hyper-religious communities that have disproportionately high rates of rape and sexual assault. Restricting abortion access is clearly part of God’s plan.' {
First of all only the most extremist elements on this topic insist on NO exemptions & exceptions in the case of rape & incestial rape - thus IMO: this is something of a red-herring. 2nd-ly Apparently its not sufficient for the author to attack the Black Church- even though, despite its short-comings & many valid criticisms- has certainly contributed far more to the Black freedom struggle & Black Community than PPFA [PS: The most 'religious' church goers in the Black Community are none other than Black Women! {A Fact quite evident at Whitney Houston's Funeral service this past Sat]. BUT- This statement IMO: is a thinnly veiled attack on Black & Brown men [Black & Brown men are disproportionally {compared to white men?} incest molesting rapists IE: back to the 'Precious' slander]- w NO data to back it up. SO-Who bennefits from pitting Black & Brown women vs Black & Brown men??!!


Liberal massa give anti-Black reproductive system drugs anyway

Unfortunately for you, these tough economic times are forcing these crackers to make no bones about their UN "Agenda 21" plans for us all. Apparently this womens "liberation" hustle is not working fast enough for them.
"Michigan is breeding poverty"
FEBRUARY 12, 2012 AT 6:47 PM
Since the national attention is on birth control, here's my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan's drinking water.
We've got a baby problem in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don't have the skills to raise them, too many are delivered by poor women who can't afford them, and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences.
Michigan's social problems and the huge costs attached to them won't recede until we embrace reproductive responsibility.
Last year, 43 percent of the babies born in Michigan were to single mothers. And even though Medicaid pays for birth control, half of the babies born here were to mothers on welfare. Eighteen percent were born to teenagers who already had at least one child. And nearly 1-in-5 new babies had mothers with no high school diploma.

In Michigan, poverty is as much a cultural problem as it is an economic one.
I spoke with an educator who is dealing with a single mother, mid-30s, with 12 children and a 13th on the way. The kids have an assortment of fathers with one thing in common — none married their mother. This woman's womb is a poverty factory.
It wouldn't matter if Michigan's economy were bursting with jobs, the woman and her children would still be poor.
Who's supporting these kids? If you're a taxpayer, you are. The roughly 45,000 children a year born onto the welfare rolls is a major reason Medicaid will consume 25 percent of next year's budget.
Those kids are more likely to grow up to be a strain on Corrections spending or welfare recipients themselves. And they'll drain money from the schools and universities that could help break this cycle.
In the 1990s, Michigan considered penalizing women who had more babies while on welfare, but pro-life groups killed the idea out of fear it would lead to more abortions.
Now, says state Human Services Director Maura Corrigan, the state is trying other measures, including attacking school truancy and the new four-year limit on welfare benefits, which she says is already increasing participation in work training programs.
"We are trying to get at generational poverty," she says. "We're studying positive incentives to change."
But she says the cultural breakdown is a strong tide to row against.
"We're watching marriage move from being part of the social fabric to being merely optional," says Corrigan, who devotes her personal time to working with disadvantaged children. "The kids I mentor don't know people who are married."
They do know people whose irresponsible behavior is being subsidized by their neighbors.
And as long as the taxpayers of Michigan keep paying for them, those babies will keep on coming.
I say forget about Margaret Sanger for now. TODAY, we have scientific dictators in the DemonRATic administration who are pushing the same type of ideology displayed above^
The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination Exposed by Dr. Webster Tarpley 1/4
Part 2/4
Also Google "Agenda 21" or "Bill Gates Agenda 21" or "Bill Gates vaccines population" or "GMO population" or "Henry Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200"

Theosophical Society

GOP Candidates To Unemployed/Uninsured Woman: You’re On Your Own. She Applauds (VIDEO)


Trippin MczoinkCollapse

"This woman doesn't take into account the philosophy behind Dr. Paul's answer."

Nor have you -- you've been duped.

"If we didn't have the Medical Industrial Complex, insurance and drug companies writing legislation, and the bureaucracy of Medicare and Medicaid, our country would be different"

Yes, instead of 40,000 a year dying from inadequate health care, there'd be millions. You are too ignorant to know that the reason Medicare was started in the first place is that your vaunted free markets denied care to the elderly.

"In a free market, prices would fall"

Only for those the insurers would compete, namely, the healthy who aren't likely to have a claim. Their rates are already low. For everyone else, the prices rise, if indeed insurance can even be had. You haven't a clue what you're talking about, you're just repeating the lies about loving you that Ron Paul whispered in your ear while he copped a feel in your pants.

"We are a charitable people"

Indeed, yet despite all that charity, the need so ourstrips that charity people die because of it. Over ten times the number of people every passing year than died on 9/11, and getting worse.

"The man was a Doctor before government intervention..."

Which means that as far as economics and markets go, he's a rank amateur, a poser, and a charlatan.

"He has seen what charitable hospitals can do...."

As have we all. People who haven't had health care in decades have to be turned away when free clinics visit their communities because the turnout is so big. Charity is no way to run a health care system.

"It breaks my heart that my tax dollars pay for other people's healthcare, when I can't afford it for myself. "

You aren't the only one that can't afford health care. Join the club - there are millions of us. Stop whining.

The answer is not to let the insurers run the place like Ron Paul wants to do, it's to force them to own up to their end of the contract, to extend coverage to all regardless of preexisting conditions, and to make sure that the vast majority of their profits go into paying benefits - all provisions of the health care act.

The only thing we need in addition is the public option, a low-overhead benchmark in the market, in the form of a Medicare buy-in for all comers. The last thing we need is this Texas a_______ giving the crooks free reign to ____ all of us.


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Your reasoning is not quite what it should be, There is a free market for most and that is what has forced the prices so high in healthcare. Everyone duplicates services to make the most profit and so we pay up to 4 times or more for theie healthcare than they would in any other country. Free markets do not work in healthcare as America demonstrates to the world.


Curcumin is a potent tool in the war against prostate cancer and dementia

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesuit Information in late February 2012



Remember folks Howard E. Hunt has told you the Jesuit Order is the greatest intelligence service in the World. This is the same for the secret intelligence network of the Vatican created by the Jesuit Order like the Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano known as ‘The Entity’ which was created thirty two years after the creation of the Jesuits in 1534. Who created Mossad? It was British Intelligence’s Sir William Stephenson the same being who created the Central Intelligence Agency. British Intelligence was created by The Worshipful Company of Mercers using Mercer Sir John Dee. So please do not over trump up Mossad, Israel sings to the tune of New Jerusalem aka City of London run covertly by the Jesuit apparatus and their Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden. Remember the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati was a creation of the Jesuits for revenge on the Catholic Church for suppressing the Jesuits in 1773. The true founder was Jesuit trained Raimondo di Sangro’s puppets Giuseppe Balsamo along with of course sheep-dipped Jesuit soldier, Adam Weishaupt. You should note that Sangro’s mother was a Gaetani of the powerful Kingdom of Aragon where the origins of the Jesuit Order started with the Aragon Templars connected with the Borgia and Bourbons. This is why today you see the Spanish Royal Coat of Arms with the powerful Kingdom of Aragon symbolism present.

-=The Unhived Mind

Knight of Malta James M. Moroney, Jr., Co-conspirator in Kennedy Assassination

February 13, 2012 01:39THEUNHIVEDMIND Leave a Comment

Posted by EJP on Feb 2nd, 2012

Here is another Knight of Malta to add to the list of co-conspirators in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Though a Knight of Columbus and the Roman Catholic son of Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy, Jack became disobedient in opposing Cardinal Spellman’s Vietnam war (“Spelly’s War”). Threatening to break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind,” while planning the invasion of Cuba given to Jesuit Coadjutor Fidel Castro by Knight of Malta CIA director Allen Dulles after the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy had to go.

Jesuit Superior General Jean Baptiste Janssens gave the order for “heretic” Kennedy’s “extirpation.” Controlling the American Hierarchy, the Jesuits at Fordham University in the Bronx aided Archbishop of New York City Francis Cardinal Spellman (“The American Pope”) in the Jesuit General’s CIA design to kill Kennedy in Dallas. Spellman contacted his Bishop of Dallas-Fort Worth who at the time was Thomas Kiely Gorman, the leading Knight of Malta in the region. In planning a successful cover-up after the murder, the Dallas Morning News was to be censored. No word of limo driver William Greer (who stated to Jackie in Parkland Hospital that “I had to do it” according to Dr. Guy Abraham) being the real shooter of Kennedy; no word of the storm drain shooter was to be uttered; no word of multiple gunshots could be reported. The testimony of many witnesses must, in the end, be neutralized by the press in Dallas.

Hence, Gorman called upon one of his most faithful Irish-American Roman Catholic Knights. That man was James M. Moroney, Jr., vice president of the Dallas Morning News. The cover-up, including the murder of Jack Ruby, was successful for which Moroney was catapulted to riches and fame becoming a mover and shaker of Belo Corporation, one of the American Empire’s largest publicly traded publishing and broadcasting companies. Moroney, like Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch, was a Knight of Malta as well as a Knight of the Equestrian Order.

These, dear reader, are the men of power, the great merchants of the earth, the inner circle of the pope’s International White Power Structure. If we White men are to take the lead in resisting these exceeding sinners before the Lord, resisting by at least telling the truth, we will need the protection of the Most High God Jehovah of Hosts through the Person of his beloved Son, murdered and risen from the dead, the Lord Jesus Christ. To obtain this protection, we must individually repent of our sins, believe the gospel of Christ unto salvation (I Corinthians 15:1-4). Then, in pleasing the Lord through obedience to his Holy Word, the AV1611 Reformation English Bible, the LORD will intervene for us in answer to our fervent and effectual prayers in Jesus’ name.

Time is short and we have much work to do, dear brethren!

Brother Simon, thank for your post below!


The vice president of the Dallas Morning News at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was James M. Moroney, Jr. – a devout Roman Catholic, a Knight of Malta, the founder and director of a Jesuit school (Cistercian Preparatory School), the president of Catholic Charities, he is a director of the Catholic Foundation, the director of Montserrat Retreat House (Roman Catholic), and a director of the National Conference of Catholic Charities. He was also a Knight of Malta and a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher.

See the article link Link.

Moroney is clearly an agent of Vatican. He was in a key position (vice president) at the Dallas Morning News at the time of the assassination.