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Jesuit Information in April 2009

Note by Me: I don't agree with Eric on views on race.

By Timothy



> Dear Eric,
> I get the picture now. Initially i thought this was being done to
> malign the muslim world. By doing so, by which i mean 9/11, i reasoned
> they wanted to create an excuse by which to rid of the muslims and
> therefore the iraq and afghan war. The current financial crisis also
> seems to be of their making. Looks like the matters have some other
> objective. This is being done by a group of people to acheive their
> ends. Why is this attributed to satan, if at all he exists, when its
> merely some people with bad motives? Satan and all seem to be
> religiously radical concepts to explain away people's bad intentions.
> Does this have a possibility of spinning into something bigger like a
> world war?
> regards,
> Luke

Dear Luke,

The Jesuit General in control of Pope Benedict and the papacy rules the
world through his Jesuit Order, he also controlling high-level, Illuminized
Freemasonry, Scottish Rite as well as Grand Orient Freemasonry. This means
the General controls the top Islamic leaders through Freemasonry. This
means the Jesuit Superior General controls his CIA-created Al Qaeda
Masonic-Islamic international terrorist network---for the benefit of Rome.

Thus, it is the Order using its Islamic terrorist networks including Hamas,
Hezbollah, and Fatah, to wage war against what is left of White Protestant
Western Civilization---all of those Islamic groups being financed by the
Black Pope's oil bonanza, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. The Order via Knight of
Malta pulled off 911 so as to justify its 21st century Crusade against Shia
Islam, that crusade being financed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the
UAE---home of the new commercial capital of the world, Dubai.

Satan is indeed real as the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him when tempted by
him in Matt.4 and Luke 4. Deep within the Vatican, Satan is worshipped as
did the Knights Templars and as is done by the high Jesuits of today. A
cursive review of parapsychology evidences entities indewelling men and
women who can speak and demonstrate high intelligence and historical
knowledge. There evil spirits and they are submitted to their leader,
Satan, who has plotted to created a world government under the final pope,
murdered, risen from the dead to then sit in a Third Rebuilt Hebrew Temple
in Jerusalem as the Antichrist and Beast of Rev. 13:3-10.

This war will most assuredly become what I call The Third Thirty Years' War
(2001-2030). Like the first two (161801648 and 1914-1945) the Black Pope
will orchestrate it aided by his high Freemasons and Knights of Malta.

Lord Bless,

Brother Eric


Knight of Malta Middle Eastern Navigator, King Juan Carlos of Spain the Roman Monarch controls the Middle East. He answers only to the Jesuit Papal Bloodlines and their front Jesuit hieracy such as the Superior General. Jesuit soldier Thomas Michel controls the powerful Turkish Fethullah Gulen in control of Turkish Ottoman freemasonry and the Grand Logde of Turkey in Istanbul. The whole Middle East answers to the Roman hierachy of the Jesuits and their subordinated since 1798, Knights of Malta. All this goes on of course covertly through inter-religious dialogue as the cover.

Craig Oxley


Brother Eric,
Here is my response to a Man who contacted me on MySpace, that is friend to a Russian brother. They call their Ministry, Eklesian Saints and use the P with the X in the middle as a Symbol (What does that symbolize Brother?), how Romish in My Opinion!

Thank You for the friend request. I see your one of Igor's friends. I accepted Christ as my Savior in the last 6 months. I'm a former Roman Catholic, who started listing to the Gospel from my Mentor Eric Jon Phelps, a Baptist/Calvinist. My question is why do you have links to those wicked Sinners video's like Ron Paul, who once said how the Pope is a "great man", and Jesuit Co-adjutor Alex Jones, who gives some truths, but claims that any of us that believe the Papacy is behind the New World Order is "crazy". He fails to point out that most of the Bilderburgers are Knights of Malta, subject to the Pope of Rome! Its quite evident that our once great Calvinistic Republic has been infiltrated by the Jesuit Order with Jesuit trained alumni, Irish Roman Catholic Joe Biden as Vice Pres, Italian Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi, as leader of the house, Italian Roman Catholic Leon Pannetta as the head of the modern day "SS" the C.I.A., and the Head of the Department of "Romeland" Security apostate Protestant Janet Napolitano.Not to say 35% of the Senate is Catholic and 5 out of the 9 Supreme Court Justice's are Papists! I hope you preach against the wicked doctrine of Papal Rome, because most Preachers these days are Cowards, afraid that if they speak out against Rome they'll get popped! Secondly I hope you don't subcribe to the Arminian doctrine, that "oh Christ is comming any minute, lets just kick back and not resist evil" because we can't do anything anyway. We are urged to resist evil at all costs in our sphere of influence.
Lord Bless,
Excerpts from my Appearences on "Bibliacl Truth in History & Prophecy"
Pslam CH 110
"The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool."

"The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek."

"The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath."

"He shall judge among the heathen, he shall fill the places with the dead bodies; he shall wound the heads over many countries."

Remembering that all is going to plan in Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting at the right hand of his Father ready to vanquish his enemies, making them his footstool! Unlike that Wicked White Devil in Rome, who has the audacity to claim he is of the Order of Melchizedek , Jesus Christ of the seed of David is the true “King of Kings, and Lord of Lords” not the White Pope, not the Black Pope, not the Cardinals, and certainly not the Sodomite “Spiritual Bastard” Priests of the Church of Rome. For even though he is merciful and just, he is a God of Wrath who will crush the Kings serving the Pope’s New World Order. He is not some gimpy, hippie, Socialist-Communist, long-haired, blue-eyed, Pagan of Romanism. It’s time to repent White brothers, Do we want to be the Heathens, he judges at Megiddo, when he appears out of the Heavens with sword protruding out of his mouth to smite the Nations, its time to get right with God!

“Be not deceived: God is not mocked: . . . for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

Remembering, that God sees everything let us not lose heart knowing that the condemnation of these men and women serving the Pope in Washington is certain at the Great White Throne of Judgment, such as: Socialist/Communist Liberation Theologian Barrack “Barry Davis” Obama, his White Irish Roman Catholic Master, Jesuit trained having honorary degrees from St Joseph’s University and the University of Scranton Joe Biden, head of the House, Jesuit trained at the University of San Francisco Italian Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi (ushered in by Jesuit, House Chaplain and President of USF, Stephen Privett) Italian Roman Catholic CIA Director, Jesuit trained at Santa Clara University Leon Panetta, and his fellow Jesuit trained alumni at Santa Clara University, fake Protestant head of the Department of “Romeland” Security Janet Napolitano, preceded by that White devil Michael Chertoff who’s name in Russian ,the word "Chertoff" means "of/to the Devil." And last but not least that wicked witch, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton trained at Jesuit Georgetown University, preceded by that Traitor to her own black people Condi Rice who prays to Thomas Moore at the Red Mass!



> Dear Eric,
> As you are quoting the bible in your replies to support what you say
> it implies that your responses rely on the scripture. I for some
> reason cannot attribute people's bad intentions/traits to satan whose
> existence you support by saying that jesus spoke to him as per
> matthew's gospel. As a sidenote then although it does not pertain to
> our main discussion why did/does God need to rest on 7th day and
> moreso when even a day or for that matter night is god's creation?
> regards,
> Luke

Dear Luke,

You must have a final authority for your life, and you do. All men do. My
final authority for faith and practice is the AV1611 Reformation Bible.
Before my time of salvation in Christ, being an atheist, I was my own final

Concerning God resting on the Seventh Day, He "ceased from activity" as God
neither tires nor needs no "rest" as we understand the word "rest." He did
this to institute the first divine institution, the second being marriage
between Adam and Eve.

Secondly, God created only the day light, not the night. The night was
brought into God's creation of Genesis 1:1 by the fall of Lucifer/Satan when
he was cast down (Isa. 14). Thus, Satan is the prince of darkness, and the
father of it. God separated Satan's night from His daylight and called them
"day." Herein we have the bibilcal doctrine of separation good from
evil---a maxim for every born again bible believing Christian.

I trust this is helpful.

Lord Bless,

Brother Eric

Top Senate Democrat: bankers “own” the U.S. Congress


Top Senate Democrat: bankers “own” the U.S. Congress
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Glenn GreenwaldSalonApril 30, 2009
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Sen. Dick Durbin, on a local Chicago radio station this week, blurted out an obvious truth about Congress that, despite being blindingly obvious, is rarely spoken: "And the banks — hard to believe in a time when we’re facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created — are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place." The blunt acknowledgment that the same banks that caused the financial crisis "own" the U.S. Congress — according to one of that institution’s most powerful members — demonstrates just how extreme this institutional corruption is.
The ownership of the federal government by banks and other large corporations is effectuated in literally countless ways, none more effective than the endless and increasingly sleazy overlap between government and corporate officials. Here is just one random item this week announcing a couple of standard personnel moves:
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Texas Doctor Claims Swine Flu Cases Far Worse Than Reported


Texas Doctor Claims Swine Flu Cases Far Worse Than Reported
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Paul Joseph Watson


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Marcus Gitterle, an emergency medicine physician based out of New Braunfels, Texas, sent out an internal alert which contains several stunning claims about swine flu that, if true, officials have presumably sought to keep from the public.
Dr. Marcus Gitterle, an emergency medicine physician based out of New Braunfels, Texas, sent out an e mail alert to his patients which contains several stunning claims about swine flu that, if true, officials have presumably sought to keep from the public.

“After I returned from a public health meeting yesterday with community leaders and school officials in Comal County and Hays County, (name removed) suggested I send an update to my patients in the area, because what we are hearing privately from the CDC and Health Department is different from what you are hearing in the media,” writes Gitterle.
The doctor claims that the actual number of confirmed cases of swine flu is 10 to 25 times worse than has been reported, and that people are not recovering easily, as has been claimed, but that many Americans are in fact seriously ill.
“The way they fudge on reporting this is that it takes 3 days to get the confirmatory nod from the CDC on a given viral culture, but based on epidemiological grounds, we know that there are more than 10 cases for each “confirmed” case right now,” claims Gitterle.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“This has not been in the media, but a 23 month old in Houston is fighting for his life, and a pregnant woman just south of San Antonio is fighting for her life,” he writes.
Gitterle’s mention of a “23 month old in Houston” obviously refers to the Mexican toddler who died on Monday night and was announced as the first U.S. fatality on Tuesday morning.
Quick access to drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza, as well as ventilators, is preventing fatalities on the scale of Mexico, but Gitterle warns that “within a couple of weeks, regional hospitals will likely become overwhelmed”.
Gitterle warns, “ER’s south of here are becoming overwhelmed — and I mean that — already. It is coming in waves, but the waves are getting bigger.”

The doctor states that the severity of the situation has already crossed the threshold of the definition of a WHO phase 6 pandemic. “This has not happened in any of our lifetimes so far. We are in uncharted territory,” he writes.
Gitterle claims that President Obama is being advised to declare a national emergency and that this could happen within the next 48 hours.
“This may not happen, but if it doesn’t, I will be surprised. When this happens, all public gathering will be cancelled for 10 days minimum,” writes the doctor.
Gitterle advises people to avoid all public gatherings, especially those held indoors, to avoid going to their ER if they feel ill, and to take the nutritional supplements N-Acetyl-Cysteine and Oscillococinum. He recommends Relenza as a more powerful drug than Tamiflu but warns that supplies of both drugs are running out fast.
The doctor states that swine flu is infectious for about two days prior to symptom onset and that the virus can spread for more than seven days after symptom onset. The symptoms are the same as normal flu, although it has been discovered that swine flu causes a distinctive “hoarseness” in many victims.

“Since it is such a novel (new) virus, there is no “herd immunity,” so the “attack rate” is very high. This is the percentage of people who come down with a virus if exposed. Almost everyone who is exposed to this virus will become infected, though not all will be symptomatic. That is much higher than seasonal flu, which averages 10-15%. The “clinical attack rate” estimation from CDC and WHO may be around 40-50%. This is the number of people who show symptoms. This is a huge number. It is hard to convey the seriousness of this to those outside of the medical fields,” he writes.

Abilene, Texas Planned Parenthood Now Gives Women Dangerous Abortion Drug


Abilene, Texas Planned Parenthood Now Gives Women Dangerous Abortion Drug

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 29, 2009

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Abilene, TX ( -- The Planned Parenthood business located in this Texas panhandle city is now giving women the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug. Also known as mifepristone, the abortion pill has been responsible for the deaths of more than a dozen women worldwide and has injured more than 1,400 in the U.S. alone.
Officials at Abilene's Planned Parenthood Perini Center indicate they began dispensing the abortion drug two weeks ago.
"We have had clients access the service in our Abilene center," Carla Holeva, spokeswoman for Odessa-based Planned Parenthood of West Texas, told the Reporter News. "We are pleased to be providing a service that has been requested by our clients in Abilene."
Holeva cited security concerns in declining to answer questions about how many women have used the dangerous abortion drug so far or which doctor is giving women the drug.
She said an out-of-town physician who travels to Texas from another state is coming to Abilene to fulfill the FDA requirement that the drug only be disseminated by a licensed physician.
Holeva said Planned Parenthood of West Texas recently obtained a state license allowing it to distribute the abortion drug -- and the licenses have been a source of controversy in Texas.
Earlier this month, state health department officials asked other Planned Parenthood centers in the state to stop doing abortions with mifepristone because they are operating without proper medical licenses.

The Department of State Health Services ordered four San Antonio-based Planned Parenthood abortion businesses to stop doing unlicensed abortions.
It released a letter to a group of state lawmakers who have inquired and indicated state officials will investigate the four centers in question and one licensed Planned Parenthood facility.
Planned Parenthood officials say they are following the cease and desist order to shutter the abortion centers until further notice. They blame not having the proper licenses on a communications problem.

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Cap and Trade: $3,900 per Family per Year

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A Recap of life in 2009

The Swine flu virus is spreading. It is also called H1N1. It gained coverage from Mexico. There are still a limited number of people who died from it, but that doesn't diminish the value of the lives lost. The WHO or the World Health Organization denies that this swine flu is a biological weapon, but we don't know all of what this virus is all about. The swine flu virus is a completely new strain. It's an intercontinetial mixture of human, avian, and swine viruses. There has been no reported A-H1N1 infections of pigs. Former NSA official Wayne Madsen believes that this strain was a product of a genetically manufactured military biological weapon. It's too early to make that view though. Although, it is true that the Fort Detrick , the U.S. Army Medical Command installation (that was the source of the 2001 anthrax attacks), is again attracting suspicion in light of the swine flu panic after it was revealed that criminal investigators are probing whether virus samples recently went missing from its biolabs. A spokesman for Fort Meade named Chad Jones said that the CID is investigating how missing virus samples came about from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Baxter wants to develop the swine flu vaccine when they have a bird flu scandal in their own organization. Baxter spread vaccine tainted with the deadly avian flu virus that spread globally. As reported by multiple sources last month, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter. Baxter claimed that the infected vaccines were done by accident, but it's difficult to merge a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident. Luckily, it wasn't injected into humans, but ferrets died from experiments using the vaccines. Baxter confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus that is blamed for scores of deaths in Mexico and has emerged as a threat in the U.S., reports the Chicago Tribune. This new virus is a merging virus. Pigs, birds, and humans are dying from it. This swine flu is limited though. Also, millions of Mexicans die each year from TB, tythoid, and malaria. The media rarely reports this. We should take the swine flu virus serious. Yet, we ought not to be paranoid about it. We do know that this crisis is being exploited by the government to promote mass mandatory vaccination of citizens. DHS and FEMA have plans in place to accomplish this (or force a population to be vaccinated which is called ring or traced vaccination), as D. H. Williams wrote for the Daily Newscaster in February. An Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago revealed a plan to “vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours” as part of a Hazard Mitigation Plan. That is why there is a nationwide FEMA program that wants religious leaders to make people to have forced vaccinations, martial law, steal property, steal firearms, etc. in the case of a national emergency. The SNS is the United States’ national repository of antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, and who knows what else. It is jointly run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano mentioned the SNS stockpile when she declared the so-called Mexican swine flu outbreak a public health emergency. Also, this event could be one layer of the depopulation agenda. An exploited virus can kill many people. Globalists like Prince Philip and others express their sick intention of wanting 80% of the world population to die in the near future.

Police brutality is going on again. ABC 13 from YouTube on April 27, 2009 described how a Iraq war veteran was beaten and tasered by cops. This occured at Las Vegas airport. An Iraqi War veteran says that Metro officers beat him at McCarran International Airport. Action News has video of the alleged beating two months ago. National guard Sergeant Mark England said that the officers beat him with a nightstick and shot him with a taser. This happened after an argument with TSA agents at the airport. The Metro officers involved are still working and Metro says based on the video Action News showed them they believe the officer didn’t do anything wrong. It's obvious that the officers did something wrong, because you don't use multiple people to beat on a man like that. This proves that we have a long way to go to get police brutality under control. The famous Gospel singer Tonex is well known now. People know about him. Tonex once went into a profane rant against those that disagree with him. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean you do out and have a profanity rant about your life. Tonex grew up in the Pentecostal church that embraced the heresy of the Oneness doctrine. Tonex claims to embrace the Trinity today, but he believes that you must speak in tongues in order to be saved. He suffered throughout his life from deaths in his family to other issues. No one should gloat in his suffering, his divorce, etc. Today, he is joined with the New Age/pro-5 Percenter singer Erykah Badu. Badu said that Jesus was a cool rebel. Tonex worked with pro-World Faith movement teacher TD Jakes. TD Jakes is correct to point out that there is nothing wrong with improving our financial affairs. He's totally wrong in believing that financial security is a sign of how well our spiritual relationship with God is. The apostles and other were dirt poor, yet they have a great relationship with God. Therefore, a rich saved person is equal to a poor saved person. Money doesn't define salvation, God does. Also, the love of money is the root of all evil. Many of these artists follow the world's formula for popularity and profit. With all of these issues, there are good news. People can wake up, leave the worldly stuff behind, and make Yeshaua HaMaschiach their Lord and Savior. Even people like Tonex and their ilk can wake up. Even the Bible says that we have every right to have legitimate judgment in numerous areas. We can't judge a person's soul and salvation, but we can judge false doctrines as wrong. Sometimes, legitimate criticism in the right way can lead a person to improve their own lives. The "Judge not at any circumstance" crowd have apparently forgotten about John 7:24 exhorting believers to judge rightful judgment.

Generation Rx is a new film that is created by Kevin B. Miller. Miller exposes a real issue that is going on in the world. For decades, some doctors, government officials, journalists, and others have praised psychiatric medicines for children. This film exposes our culture having been a radical antidepressant culture in the Western world. Kevin P. Miller is an international award-winning filmmaker. This film has experts, doctors, etc. proving that drug companies and the FDA work together to promote dangerous antidepressants on the American people. This documentary has families displaying their testimonies of following the advice of their doctors. They faced devastating consequences for doing so. Their children have suffered from these types of drugs as well. The film exposes the risk factors of many drugs that relate to antidepressants. The film lasts for about 81 minutes. The irony is that there are gun free zones near schools, yet drugs are being spread unto children like candy. Some children abuse these drugs. The abuse of antidepressants have been a consistent factor in why children massive school shootings occur in the first place. That is why some of these drugs can cause suicidal thoughts. The film say that some in Big Pharma would hide the effects of these drugs. It's been known for a while now that we should be careful about what drugs we take into our bodies. There was a testimony of people exposing Prozac back in 1991 to the FDA. He also expose Codex Alimentarius and "free trade." Codex Alimentarius is an agenda supported by Big Pharma (and the United Nations) that seeks to regulate how vitamins are sold in the world. Some proponents of Codex want most vitamins to be banned from consumers to recieve. This is inspite of the facts that vitamins are crucial to the improvement and efficiency of the human immune system. There should be health freedom. The government, Big Pharma, the FDA, etc. have no right to control the health of our nation at all.

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular. Joel Turtel from April 25, 2009 on had a story about homeschooling experiences. He believes in homeschooling, because he feels that is an efficient way to do well in mathematics and help children achieve a great career in the future. Joel writes about Caitlin Gurthrie Freeman (a female)'s homeschooled experiences. She wrote a letter to the College Admission boards. Caitlin wrote about attending the private alternative school of Antioch School. She later felt that Ridgewood didn't create her independence in terms of her educational future. She didn't want her brain to be the property of the state. She left Ridgewood in June of 1993. Caitlin loved her time in homeschool. She concieved of the time of having freedom to learn with limitless time and a great sense of accomphlishment. She felt that knowledge was rapidly accessible to improve her thinking on various subject matters. Caitlin had an interest in archaeology and paleontology. She experienced reading literature from William Shakespear to Isaac Asimov's "The Realm of Algebra." I heard of Isaac Asimov's works as a child. She worked online on the Internet to perform her homeschool actions as well. She feels that homeschooling can develop a more hands on approach in solving problems like cooking foods and solving math equations. Homeschooling to many people can allow more time to accomplish duties and organize a schedule better. Caitlin had free time on her hands. Her self learning help her a lot. Homeschooling has a right to exist and it has benefits among numerous students. It's fact that homeschoolers have been excellent in handling college courses and developing significant careers in a lot of fields. Many of the homeschooling, general information, and parent-organization websites listed in the Resource section of my book, “Public Schools, Public Menace,” can also give you an idea of what homeschooling can be like. These websites have many true stories by parents who describe their homeschooling experiences, and offer homeschooling tips. Some folks are choosing homeschooling, because of the problems that relate to public schools. Public schools have had issues with radical secular humanism, the bashing of religious values, and other scandals. Yet, I believe in true educational freedom. A parent has the right to choose public schools, private schools, and even homschooling for the children if they desire to.

Elizabeth Allen from San Antonio Express-News on April 27, 2009 wrote about suspected or confirmed cases of the swine flu climbing to 12. The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District said Sunday that it will close all its schools for at least one week. The district also canceled today’s planned public meeting at Steele High School in Cibolo, where the two Texas cases of swine flu were confirmed last week. There are 10 suspected cases being tests. These people are all from the school district or household contacts of the infected student. They range from a 6 year old to people in their 40s. Dr. Sandra Guerra is the regional medical director the Texas Department of State Health Services. She admitted to these circumstances on Sunday. There might be more cases of people affected out there. Linda Moses of Cibolo is sick. She has symptoms of vomiting, diahrrea, and a cough. Both of her son have shown flu symptoms as well. One attends Clemens High School. “I allowed him to go over and spend time with his grandparents, which I’m a little worried about now, because that’s the last thing they need,” Moses said. Linda is planning to see a doctor as soon as possible, because of the news of the district wide closure of schools. Linda Moses commented that these troubling events are beginning to hit home now. Schertz closed its public library and Cibolo closed its parks. Cibolo is asking churches and gathering places to postpone activities. Rebecca Villarreal, spokeswoman for the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City district, said the situation is changing every day. The school district has set up an information hotline at 210-619-4700 for parents and school employees to call for updates, Villarreal said. “We recorded the message for the week, and if there's a change we'll update it,” she said, adding that the district is working on adding a Spanish version of the message. “We know we're going to have questions, especially come Friday, (when) the big question will be, ‘Is there going to be school on Monday?'”Some fear that this flu will be a pandemic. Hopefully, this won't happen. The future is uncertain when dealing with this virus though. The virus spreading across the world in America, Europe, and even in Israel.

Steven Ertelt from on April 27, 2009 described aobut the possible Judicial pick by the name of David Hamiliton. The Senate held a Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday on President Barack Obama's first pro-abortion judicial nomination. David was a former Clinton federal district court nominee to serve on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamiliton was initially appointed by President Bill Clinton to a district judgeship in Indiana at 1994 even though the ABA gave him a "not qualified" rating. In that position, Hamilition made rulings. These rulings prevented Indiana to implement its informed consent law (this law gave women information about abortion's risks and alternatives. "For seven years Indiana has been prevented from enforcing a statute materially identical to a law held valid by the Supreme Court in Casey, by this court in Karlin, and by the fifth circuit in Barnes," the appeals judges wrote in their decision. Yet, I don't agree with laws that say give informed consent and then you can kill the baby though). Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is the chairman of the Senate panel. He scheduled a hearing on Wednesday for Hamilton's nomination after Republicans boycotted an earlier hearing saying they were not given enough time to prepare for it. Hamilton has the backing of that Indiana’s Republican senator, Dick Lugar, but pro-life Sen. James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, has already pledged to filibuster Hamilton's nomination. Pro-Life Senator Jeff Sesson of Alabama (who is another Republican) have indicated that he might vote against Hamiliton and even support a filibuster of his nomination. Session accuses the administration of promoting far left nominees. Hamilton found his decision against the Indiana informed consent law overturned by the appeals court where he may serve. In fact, the 7th Circuit Court issued a statement chiding him for holding up the law. Hamiliton was the vice president for litigation and a board member of the Indiana branch of the ACLU, a top pro-abortion law firm. David Hamiliton hasn't been willing to even want to reduce abortions in his decisions. Therefore, David Hamiliton should be criticized legitimate for his pro-abortion actions. The pro-life truth will always remain forever.

Christians and Conspiracies have been a touchy subject for sometime now. People now know about the new world order agenda in a very high level. There are books, the Internet, videos, newsletters, etc. exposing this subject in a concrete level. So, there is no excuse to not now about world leaders calling for the new world order (especially if you're an extremely intelligent human being). We do know that Bible prophecy predicted such times like the rise of Ecumenicalism, the teachings of false doctrines, immorality, the new world order, etc. Some people who are supposedly exposing the new world order sprew disinformation and speculation. Others exposing the new world order have presented noteworthy facts. It's fine to discuss about the New Age, Communism, the heresy of Romanism, etc. It's even more important to educate and help our fellow human beings about these issues as well. Conspiracies are apart of human existence. The reason is that a conspiracy deals with 2 or more people planning an act in secret and then carrying it out. So, human history is awash with conspiracies. Even the Bible exposes conspiracies from Isaiah 8:11-14. So, we should expose conspiracies, yet this ought not to escape the commandment from Jesus Christ to spread the Gospel. In other words, we should teach on issues pertaining to the new world order and never submit to evil, but we should help people via spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well. Even the Biblical prophecies about the Antichrist have the saints of God rejecting the Mark of the Beast. They resisted an evil governmental decree and are going to be murdered for it. So, we have every right to resist evil and follow the good aspects of life. So, we should present accurate information about the new world order. Yet, we shouldn't forgot our duty to help people in the world around us. Throughout history, human beings with confidence and a God-given drive have improve areas of their fellow men. We should carry that torch.

By Timothy

Are we obligated to keep the Sabbath today?

WHO Readies Level 5


WHO Readies Level 5
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Sky News
April 29, 2009

The World Health Organisation will reportedly raise the swine flu alert level to five, the second highest level.
A phase five alert is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t
It is called when there is human-to-human spread of the virus in at least two countries in one region.
So far, 150 people are thought to have died from the H1N1 strain.
All but one of the deaths has been in Mexico. A Mexican toddler visiting the United States was the first death in America.
The virus has spread to nine countries and may have infected more than 2,500 people.
Sources say the level will be raised from four to five soon.
It follows intensive consultations with experts and analysis of the spreading virus within and from Mexico, sources add.

The change in level would put governments on alert about the need to stockpile antiviral drugs such as Roche’s Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s Relenza.
And also to speed up efforts by the pharmaceutical industry to create a vaccine to fight the swine flu strain.
On Monday evening, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan convened a meeting of its emergency committee to assess the level which had previously been at three on the six-stage scale.
The panel recommended an increase to four, which formally indicated the infection could spread between humans to cause community-level outbreaks.

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Dr. Horowitz: Anglo-American Vaccine Industry Behind Swine Flu Outbreak

Is Swine Flu A Race-Specific Virus?


Is Swine Flu A Race-Specific Virus?
First death in U.S. is Mexican toddler, prompting questions about why only hispanics have died despite outbreak spreading to at least ten countries

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The first swine flu death in the United States has been confirmed, but the victim is a Mexican toddler. Serious questions must now be asked about why a virus that has spread across at least 10 countries and is suspected in many others has only killed hispanics, and whether a race-specific bio-weapon is being beta-tested.
Scientists are still baffled as to the contrast between the lethality of the virus in Mexico compared to the rest of the world. Despite the virus being confirmed in the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Costa Rica, and Austria, with probable cases also occurring in France, South Korea and Slovakia, the virus has killed only Mexicans.
We are also told that the virus which sickened students at a school in Queens is the same strain as the one found in Mexico.
How can it be that the only fatalities are Mexican hispanics nearly a week into the outbreak?
Race-specific viruses can occur naturally, but this is a rare phenomenon. Is the swine flu virus a synthetically manufactured race-specific bio-weapon being beta-tested in preparation for more deadly pandemics in the future?

The U.S. military-industrial complex’s interest in race-specific bio-weapons as a tool of warfare is not a paranoid conspiracy theory - it’s outlined in their own public documents.
“Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool,” stated the September 2000 Rebuilding America’s Defenses report released by the Project For A New American Century - the ideological framework of the Bush administration.
In 2006, Armed Forces Journal, a mouthpiece for the military-industrial complex, carried a military strategy plan written by retired Major Ralph Peters which called for “ethnic cleansing” to be instituted in the Middle East so that the region could easily be dominated by the joint interests of Israel and the United States.

As far back as 1998, Wired Magazine, citing the London Times, carried a report detailing the fact that Israel was already readying race-specific weapons for this very purpose.
“Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London’s Sunday Times,” stated the article.
“The report, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus.”
Wikipedia - that bastion of credibility - claims that the story was debunked but fails to provide conclusive evidence.

Strong speculation that recently constructed bio-defense facilities in the United States are being used to conduct with race-specific bio-weapons has also come from credible sources.
A 1999 UK Sunday Herald piece highlighted a report by the British Medical Association which concluded that race-specific bio-weapons would be ready within 5 years, “enabling governments to target victims solely on their genetic make-up.”
“Genetic weapons capable of wiping out specific ethnic groups are no longer the stuff of science fiction, military and scientific advisers with the British and American governments have admitted,” states the report.

“Professor Vivienne Nathanson, head of the BMA’s health policy research, said: “Biological weapons had limited use due to the shortcoming of being unspecific in targeting. “However, genetic targeting is now possible. Probably in the next five to 10 years we will see the manufacture of relatively specific biological weapons which are lethal in small volumes.”
The article explains how FBI crime labs have stumbled across genetic markers specific to blacks, whites, hispanics and native Americans during routine work. The same markers have been discovered in Palestinians, setting them apart from Israelis.
“If you add together a number of different markers for different populations you can start to be specific to a target population,” states Nathanson.
Lest we forget the innumerable instances where pioneering eugenicists and members of the global elite have publicly called for the earth’s population to be reduced to “sustainable” levels.
Perhaps the most infamous example of this is Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen of England, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to earth as a “particularly deadly virus” to “cull” the surplus human population.

As Alex Jones documents in his seminal documentary End Game, this mind set is endemic amongst the elite.
So having established the fact that race-specific bio-weapons have already been produced and are ready for use, and having confirmed that the elite have repeatedly expressed a desire to use them, it’s necessary to ask whether or not hispanics are being targeted by the swine flu outbreak as a beta-test of these weapons.
Since the common flu virus does kill people every year, a handful of non-hispanic deaths attributed to swine flu will not disprove this hypothesis, which will remain a possibility unless we see a significant number of fatalities of non-hispanics.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carrie Prejean tells church she was pressured to apologize, keep quiet


The media and Arlen Spector

This is the link.

Trembling saints


They teach a works-based salvation as far as I know.

Christians are not required to keep any one day. That was given ONLY to the children of Israel. See Romans 14:5.

I understand they also do the clean/unclean meats thing--no eating pork, etc. I tend to keep away from that stuff for health reasons, not for religious reasons. Again--that law was given only to Israel.

It appears that they teach a kind of replacement replacing Israel. The church does NOT replace Israel, see Romans 11.



Glen Beck lied;article=123878;title=APFN

Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents


Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents
Text size


Kurt Nimmo
April 28, 2009

Many people react with incredulity when the assertion is made that the so-called swine flu outbreak in Mexico may be manufactured crisis. And yet history is replete with examples of government using biological and chemical agents for political purpose.
As a primary example, consider the CIA’s secret war against Cuba and Fidel Castro.
The CIA used chemical agents and toxins then stockpiled at Fort Detrick against Cuba and Fidel Castro.
In 1975, the Church Committee revealed a CIA memorandum listing deadly chemical agents and toxins then stockpiled at Fort Detrick. “These included anthrax, encephalitis, tuberculosis, lethal snake venom, shellfish toxin, and half a dozen lethal food poisons, some of which, the committee learned, had been shipped in the early 1960s to Congo and to Cuba in unsuccessful CIA attempts to assassinate Patrice Lumumba and Fidel Castro,” write Ellen Ray and William H. Schaap (Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way, Ocean Press, 2003, p. vii).
Schaap cites the work of Dr. Marc LappĂ© (Chemical and Biological Warfare: The Science of Public Death, Student Research Facility for East Bay Women for Peace and Science Students for Social Responsibility, 1969), who claims that the U.S. Army had a biological warfare agent prepared for use against Cuba at the time of the Missile Crisis in 1962, mostly likely Q fever (Coxiella burnetii, a bacterium that affects both humans and animals). In 1977, a Washington Post report confirmed that during this time the CIA maintained an “anticrop warfare” program.

In regard to swine flu, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on January 10, 1977, that CIA “operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971.” The outbreak, the first time the disease hit the Western Hemisphere, was labeled the “most alarming event” of 1971 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. Cuba reacted to outbreak by slaughtering 500,000 pigs. An intelligence source told the newspaper “that early in 1971 he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at Ft. Gulick, an Army base in the Panama Canal Zone. The CIA also operates a paramilitary training center for career personnel and mercenaries at Ft. Gulick.” The source said he was given instructions to turn the container with the virus over to members of an anti-Castro group.
A d v e r t i s e m e n t
In 1980, described as “the year of the plagues” by Schaap, “Cuba was beset with disasters. Another African swine fever epidemic hit; the tobacco crop was decimated by blue mold; and the sugarcane crops were hit with a particularly damaging rust disease.”
By 1981, the Cuban population was targeted with hemorrhagic dengue fever, a devastating disease transmitted by mosquitoes. “From May to October 1981 there were well over 300,000 reported cases, with 158 fatalities, 101 involving children under 15. At the peak of the epidemic, in early July, more than 10,000 cases per day were being reported. More than a third of the reported victims required hospitalization. By mid-October, after a massive campaign to eradicate Aedes aegypti [mosquito], the epidemic was over,” writes Schaap. “The history of the secret war against Cuba and the virulence of this dengue epidemic were enough to generate serious suspicions that the United States had a hand in the dengue epidemic of 1981. But there is much more support for those suspicions than a healthy distrust of U.S. intentions regarding Cuba.”
After interviewing officials from the Pan American Health Organization and of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, Schaap states that he believes the “epidemic was artificially induced.”
The epidemic began with the simultaneous discovery in May 1981 of three cases of hemorrhagic dengue caused by a type 2 virus. The cases arose in three widely separated parts of Cuba: Cienfuegos, Camagiiey, and Havana. It is extremely unusual that such an epidemic would commence in three different localities at once. None of the initial victims had ever traveled out of the country; for that matter, none of them had recently been away from home. None had had recent contact with international travelers. Moreover, a study of persons arriving in Cuba in the month of May from known dengue areas found only a dozen such passengers (from Vietnam and Laos), all of whom were checked by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and found free of the disease. Somehow, infected mosquitoes had appeared in three provinces of Cuba at the same time. Somehow, the fever spread at an astonishing rate. There appears to be no other explanation but the artificial introduction of infected mosquitoes.

Researchers believe the Mexican swine flu outbreak may also be “artificially induced.” First, the Mexican outbreak occurred outside of the normal flu season (influenza usually obeys a regularly re-occurring time period – in temperate climate zones, the flu season will typically begin in the late fall and peak in mid- to late winter, while in tropical zones flu seasons appear to be less pronounced, with year-round isolation of the virus). Second, the genetic makeup of the fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza — including genetic elements from bird flu, swine flu and human flu covering three continents — appears to be man-made.
“What seems suspicious to me is the hybrid origin of the viral fragments found in H1N1 influenza,” writes Mike Adams. These viral fragments include human influenza, bird flu from North America, and swine flu from Europe and Asia.

This is rather astonishing to realize, because for this to have been a natural combination of viral fragments, it means an infected bird from North America would have had to infect pigs in Europe, then be re-infected by those some pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed the bird to carry it again, then that bird would have had to fly to Asia and infected pigs there, and those Asian pigs then mutated the virus once again (while preserving the European swine and bird flu elements) to become human transmittable, and then a human would have had to catch that virus from the Asian pigs — in Mexico! — and spread it to others.
At present, there is little evidence the virus was created in a U.S. lab and deliberately unleashed on an unsuspecting Mexican public. However, there is plenty of evidence the U.S. military and the CIA have used biological agents in the past, including “tests” on the American people.
“More than 200 experiments were carried out in U.S. rural areas to test the spread of non-lethal germs,” writes Joe Allen. “These tests were also carried out in San Francisco in 1950 and in New York in 1966. While the cover for these tests was to study a ‘defense’ against biochemical warfare, U.S. war planners wanted this knowledge for offensive use against an enemy population,” for instance livestock and people in Cuba, as mentioned above.
At the height of Cold War insanity, the U.S. government gave a free hand for its scientists to experiment on anything that could possibly further its military prowess. The CIA experimented with LSD for “mind control.” At Fort Detrick, scientists studied the possibility of spreading yellow fever and plague with insects. Anti-crop bombs were built for the United States Air Force to be used in the Third World.

It appears this insanity did not stop with the Cold War. Last week, the Frederick News Post reported Army criminal investigators are looking into the possibility that disease samples are missing from biolabs at Fort Detrick.

Finally, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has reported that “a top scientist for the United Nations, who has examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as HIV/AIDS victims, [and] concluded that H1N1 possesses certain transmission ‘vectors’ that suggest that the new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon. The UN expert believes that Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and the current A-H1N1 swine flu virus are biological warfare agents.”

Again, at this time, there is no definitive evidence indicating the Mexican virus is a bioweapon. However, there is plenty of factual evidence pointing to the fact the U.S. government (and other governments) have developed biological weapons and have used them against target populations.

Alex Jones

Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food

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Montana Supreme Court Gets Pro-Life Legal Brief Opposing Assisted Suicide

North Carolina "Involuntarily Isolating" Suspected Swine Flu Patients (That is Fascism)

Obama Nominee Advocates Internet “Fairness Doctrine”


Obama Nominee Advocates Internet “Fairness Doctrine”
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April 28, 2009

Last week it was reported that Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein, an early campaign advisor and Obama booster, was nominated to be administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget.
Cass Sunstein.
“As one of America’s leading constitutional scholars, Cass Sunstein has distinguished himself in a range of fields, including administrative law and policy, environmental law, and behavioral economics. He is uniquely qualified to lead my Administration’s regulatory reform agenda at this crucial stage in our history. Cass is not only a valued advisor, he is a dear friend and I am proud to have him on my team,” Obama said in a White House press release.
Sunstein might be a constitutional scholar, but that does not mean he stands behind the Constitution.
On Monday, WorldNetDaily reported on Sunstein’s belief that the government should impose a “fairness doctrine” on the internet. “Barack Obama’s nominee for ‘regulatory czar’ has advocated a ‘Fairness Doctrine’ for the Internet that would require opposing opinions be linked and also has suggested angry e-mails should be prevented from being sent by technology that would require a 24-hour cooling off period.”

According to Obama’s nominee, the internet is “anti-democratic” because users can filter out information. “A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government,” Sunstein wrote. “Democratic efforts to reduce the resulting problems ought not be rejected in freedom’s name.”
Sunstein would impose mandatory “electronic sidewalks” on the internet. These “sidewalks” would display links to opposing viewpoints, a concept described as a “Fairness Doctrine for the Internet” by Adam Thierer, senior fellow and director of the Center for Digital Media Freedom at the Progress and Freedom Center. “Apparently in Sunstein’s world, people have many rights, but one of them, it seems, is not the right to be left alone or seek out the opinions one desires.”

Sunstein describes this as “libertarian paternalism,” an oxymoron if there ever was one. He also admits his control scheme is unconstitutional.
It is up to the government to impose civility on the internet, according to the professor, not only in regard to opinion but language as well. “Software already exists to detect foul language. What we are proposing is more subtle, because it is easy to send a really awful e-mail message that does not contain any four-letter words.”

Cass Sunstein also has problems with the Second Amendment. In a 2007 speech at Harvard he called for banning hunting in the U.S. and believes “almost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine. And if the Court is right, then fundamentalism does not justify the view that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms.”
“It’s hard to imagine President Obama nominating a more dangerous candidate for regulatory czar than Cass Sunstein,” Brad O’Leary, author of Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech, told WND. “Not only is Sunstein an animal-rights radical, but he also seems to have a serious problem with our First Amendment rights. Sunstein has advocated everything from regulating the content of personal e-mail communications, to forcing nonprofit groups to publish information on their websites that is counter to their beliefs and mission. Of course, none of this should be surprising from a man who has said that ‘limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.’ If it were up to Obama and Sunstein, everything we read online – right down to our personal e-mail communications – would have to be inspected and approved by the federal government.”
Of course, the federal government is a tool of the ruling elite who are determined to squash the internet — or turn it into a version of cable television controlled by large corporations — because it offers an alternative to their propaganda, disinformation, and mind control.
If Sunstein is nominated to head up the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, we can expect him to work on imposing an internet “fairness doctrine” behind the scenes. The office, which is part of the Office of Management and Budget, reviews federal regulations before they are issued. The office largely works behind the scenes, but it can have a major impact on regulatory policy.

Arlen Spector switches from Republican to Democrat

This is the link.

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Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations


Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations
Says public should “trust” government when it institutes draconian measures to deal with pandemic

Paul Joseph Watson
April 28, 2009

Time Magazine’s coverage of the swine flu scare has a noticeable subplot - preparing Americans for draconian measures to combat a future pandemic as well as forcing them to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

In an article entitled How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976, the piece discusses how dozens died and hundreds were injured from vaccines as a result of the 1976 swine flu fiasco, when the Ford administration attempted to use the infection of soldiers at Fort Dix as a pretext for a mass vaccination of the entire country.
Despite acknowledging that the 1976 farce was an example of “how not to handle a flu outbreak,” the article still introduces the notion that officials “may soon have to consider whether to institute draconian measures to combat the disease.”
Later we discover exactly what this will entail, namely “when to institute mass vaccination programs,” according to Howard Markel, director of the Center for the History of Medicine at the University of Michigan and a historical consultant to the CDC on flu pandemics.
Markel notes that the less politically combustible situation in America today compared to the post-Watergate era of Ford would make such draconian measures more achievable.
“Even so, he says, citizens still need to trust that the government is working for the greater good,” adds the article. “The American public has to be forgiving and patient and do [their] part too,” according to Markel.

Americans would indeed have to be very trustworthy and ultimately forgiving in taking a vaccine by government decree manufactured by a company that was been caught red-handed contaminating their vaccines with far deadlier viruses than swine flu.

As we reported yesterday, Baxter International confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus that is blamed for scores of deaths in Mexico and has emerged as a threat in the U.S., reports the Chicago Tribune.

As reported by multiple sources last month, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.
Since the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible, this leaves no other explanation than that the contamination was a deliberate attempt to weaponize the H5N1 virus to its most potent extreme and distribute it via conventional flu vaccines to the population who would then infect others to a devastating degree as the disease went airborne.
These are the people we are supposed to “trust” and “forgive” according to Time Magazine and Markel when the federal government breaks down our door, guns drawn and dripping needle in hand.

The "Practical Politics" of a Presumed Plague (Updated, April 27) A Must Read

A Culture Of Surveillance by Chuck Baldwin (A Must Read)


A Culture Of Surveillance
Obama Taking Up Where Bush Left Off
By Chuck Baldwin
The Covenant News ~ April 28, 2009

It is truly amazing how much news the American news media chooses to ignore. If one wants to discover what is actually going on in the world, he or she often has to go to the foreign press. This has again been the case with a story that every American should be extremely interested in, but which has been totally ignored by the American news media. I found this story in Russia Today.

According to, "The personal computer may soon be not-so-private, with the U.S. and some European nations working on laws allowing them access to search the content held on a person's hard drive.

"President Obama's administration is keeping unusually tight-lipped on the details, which is raising concerns among computer users and liberty activists."

The report also states, "In extreme secrecy from the public, the United States is hammering out an international copyright treaty with several other countries and the European Union. Under the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (or ACTA), governments will get sweeping new powers to search and seize material thought to be in breach of copyright. But why all the secrecy?"

Russia Today quotes Richard Stallman, prominent American software freedom activist, as saying, "Democracy gets bypassed and they can do to us whatever they want. I can only guess that it's going to be nasty, because if it weren't going to be nasty, they wouldn't need to keep it a secret."

The report also said, "Up until now, the breach of copyright has been a civil matter. The Obama administration seems to now want to criminalize it."

The report continued saying, "Some say modern America is being overtaken by a culture of surveillance."

A culture of surveillance indeed. What began in earnest under former President George W. Bush is now sharply escalating under President Barack Obama.

According to Ecommerce Journal, President Obama and his Big Brother fellow travelers in Congress are seeking power to "cut the whole world off the Internet." The report says, "Senators John Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe proposed the Cybersecurity Act that would create the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor. Its powers are detailed in the The Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

"If the President so chooses, he can call a 'cybersecurity emergency' and shut down or limit any 'net traffic or a 'critical' network 'in the name of national security,' though the bill fails to provide concrete definitions on what is 'critical' or what constitutes an 'emergency.'"

The report goes on to say, "This new legislation seeks to give even more power to the government to regulate the Internet and, in future, the possibility to regulate content and usage. What begins as a method of defeating terrorism and protecting telecommunications, can quickly become a method to regulate 'hate speech' to assign 'motive' or 'intent' to harm and even to regulate and legislate the flow of information that is deemed by the 'thought police' to be inflammatory or counter-productive to their cause."

The report says that the new cybersecurity legislation can be a "framework for future, more invasive legislation. It is a first step to the loss of internet privacy, free speech and the free flow of information."

So, once again, the passing of a Republican Presidential administration and the advent of a Democratic Presidential administration have resulted in zero change in the overall direction of the ship of state. In the name of "national security," the federal government of this country continues to deepen its commitment to what can only be described as a police-state mentality. And, once again, the national news media in America chooses to ignore the story, and by so doing, shows willful compliance with this disturbing phenomenon.

I wonder how many Obama supporters are paying attention?

During the Bush years, my "conservative" brethren (especially the ones calling themselves Christians) repeatedly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the myriad foibles and falsehoods, and frequent fraudulence of President Bush because he was a Republican. Now we will see how many Obama supporters will look the other way in order to protect President Obama because he is a Democrat. I suspect most of them will show themselves of no better character than the Bush supporters.

Consider: Obama promised to end the war in Iraq. But what has he done since being elected? He merely moved the major combat theater to Afghanistan. He is even in the process of escalating the war in Afghanistan to possibly include Pakistan. So, where are the "peacenik" liberals who supported Obama? Why do they not loudly proclaim their opposition, as they did when Bush was in office?

Furthermore, Obama criticized Bush's undisciplined deficit spending, but what has he done since becoming President? He has deeply expanded Bush's failed financial policy of excessive deficit spending. Again, where are all the loud voices of protest?

George Bush wanted amnesty for illegal aliens. Barack Obama wants amnesty for illegal aliens. George Bush supported the assault weapons ban. Barack Obama supports the assault weapons ban. George Bush wanted to limit the legal rights of certain people charged with crimes. Well, friends, Barack Obama also wants to limit the rights of people charged with crimes.

Just last week, an Associated Press report stated, "The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant's lawyer is present, another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights.

"The administration's action--and several others--have disappointed civil rights and civil liberties groups that expected President Barack Obama to reverse the policies of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, after the Democrat's call for change during the 2008 campaign."

So, where are Obama's supporters who thought they were voting for change? Will they do nothing, as did Bush's supporters, and accept this abridgment of personal liberty, simply because "their man" is in the White House? Probably.

In addition, George Bush created a Big-Government monster known as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Can there be any doubt that DHS is in the process of manufacturing a ubiquitous surveillance society that eavesdrops, snoops, and monitors virtually our entire lives? And what does Barack Obama do immediately after assuming office? He multiplies and expands the surveillance society to even greater degrees. So again I ask, where are all the Bush critics to denounce Barack Obama's draconian anti-privacy, anti-freedom policies?

The Internet is the last best source of free and independent information left. Think where the liberty movement would be without the Internet. But even as we speak, President Obama and his allies in Congress are attempting to obtain the authority to censor information on--and curtail access to--the Internet. Plus, in the name of "cybersecurity," they are plotting to obtain the authority to monitor and seize anyone's personal computer at will.

The Russia Today report is right: we do have a culture of surveillance. We also have a culture of cowardice by people from both sides of the political aisle who, in the name of partisan politics, are willfully accommodating and facilitating the demise of this constitutional republic.

Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin Live

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America’s Shame

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mainstream media

God doesn't endorse Fraud

CIA Ignored Warnings From U.S. Soldiers That Torture Would Not Work


CIA Ignored Warnings From U.S. Soldiers That Torture Would Not Work
Published on 04-27-2009 Email To Friend Print Version

Source: London Telegraph

The country's spy chiefs were also warned that harsh techniques were likely to produce "unreliable information". But under pressure from the White House, the CIA brushed the concerns aside and approved a controversial interrogation programme for suspected al-Qaeda prisoners that included simulated drowning by waterboarding.

The military document described forms of extreme questioning as torture 13 times in two pages, just a month before government lawyers said the techniques did not reach that threshold and interrogators first used waterboarding against a captive.

The overview on "the use of physical/psychological coercion in interrogation" was sent in July 2002 by the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA), which runs the programme to train US military personnel to resist torture if captured.
The lessons from this SERE programme - Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape - were viewed as crucial in devising coercive tactics for questioning terrorist suspects. So the fact that JPRA interrogation specialists raised such strong concerns about the efficacy of extreme duress, in the memo obtained by The Washington Post, will dramatically raise the stakes in the row over torture now engulfing Washington.

The document is fuelling the political firestorm that has raged in the US since President Barack Obama ordered the release of four memos by former Justice Department lawyers, detailing harsh interrogation techniques and ruling they did not constitute torture.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney has led the Republican assault on Mr Obama, insisting that the tactics elicited information that has kept America from terrorist attacks since 2001. It is an unprecedented attack by such a senior former White House figure on the new incumbent.

Mr Obama has also come under fire from anti-war activists and liberal Democrats demanding that former officials be prosecuted. The row on the right and left and has spun out of the White House's control.

At the heart of the debate is whether the CIA techniques produced useful information from detainees such as Abu Zubaydah, a senior Al Qaeda operative who was waterboarded 83 times in Aug 2002.

Breaking a seven-year silence, Ali Soufan, the former chief FBI interrogator who questioned Abu Zubaydah for three months before he was handed to the CIA, has flatly contradicted Mr Cheney, saying that no additional "actionable intelligence" was gained from the extreme tactics.

Tellingly, the JPRA document asserted that "upwards of 90 per cent" of interrogations achieved their goals by establishing a rapport with the captive, rather than by imposing duress.

The memo was compiled at the height of discussions about how to interrogate suspects involving President George W Bush's then national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, the CIA chief George Tenet and legal advisers from the Department of Justice.

The JPRA memo, part of a bundle of documents detailing the effect of severe interrogation tactics on American prisoners in past conflicts such as Korea, raised repeated red flags that were evidently ignored. It expressed concern that captured US personnel would face greater danger of torture if the US practiced the tactics on its prisoners. But most seriously, the memo dwelt on the efficacy of of coercive questioning.

"If an interrogator produces information that resulted from the application of physical and psychological duress, the reliability of this information is in doubt," it stated. "A subject in extreme pain may provide an answer, any answer or many answers to get the pain to stop.

"The application of extreme physical and/or pyschological duress (torture) has some serious operational deficits, most notably the potential to result in unreliable information."

The concerns dovetail with criticisms made by Mr Soufan, who now runs a security consultancy. "I saw that using these alternative methods on terrorists backfired on more than a few occasions - all of which are still classified," he said.

The unease was not limited to the FBI, Art Keller, a former CIA Middle East case officer, told The Sunday Telegraph. "Unbeknownst to the general public, the CIA has been haemorrhaging experienced field personnel, resignations of conscience over harsh interrogation tactics and other mistakes in the 'global war on terror'," he said.

The released memos revealed that the CIA allowed 10 forms of physical and psychological coercive torture, including waterboarding - a technique used since the Spanish Inquisition. It has been widely considered as torture and after ther Second World War the US military executed Japanese soldiers who were found to have used it on captives.

The technicalities of extracting information under duress were spelled out in careful detail. They included keeping detainees awake for up to 11 straight days, placing them in a dark confined boxes and playing on their phobias by putting insects into the box with them. Other techniques involved "walling" (slamming naked detainees into walls), dousing prisoners with freezing water and waking them up for prayers every half hour.

With military precision the CIA set out how each technique should be used. Waterboarding involved strapping a prisoner downwards to a stretcher inclined at an angle of "10 to 15 degrees", covering his nose and mouth with a cloth and and pouring water "from a height of approximately 6 to 18 inches" for up to 40 seconds at a time.

Earlier, using standard interrogation techniques, Zubaydah had shared secrets of the September 11 attacks with the FBI team. These included the vital detail that key planner was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was subsequentlty captured and waterboarded 183 times in March 2003.

But there was intense pressure from the White House to prove that al-Qaeda was working with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The desired answers were not being obtained through standard interrogation methods.

Mr Soufan's FBI team was frozen out by the CIA and a retired Air Force psychologist named James Mitchell took the lead, even though he had never conducted an interrogation before he took over.

He began by declaring that Abu Zubaydah had to be treated "like a dog in a cage," at which point the FBI withdrew its investigators. Working with the CIA, Mr Mitchell is reported to have "reverse-engineered" harsh interrogation techniques, including waterboarding which Chinese Communists used to break down US captives in the Korean War for propaganda purposes.

The role played by psychologists in the harsh interrogations has led to disturbing claims about the role of the American Psychological Association (APA). The world's largest pyschologists' body convened a specially convened task force in July 2005 that ruled that psychologists could assist in military interrogations.

But there are concerns that the task force was dominated by psychologists associated with the military, one of the largest employers of the profession through its veterans hospitals.

Meanwhile, the controversy over the Obama White House's approach to the previous administration's tactics is certain to deepen after it agreed to release up to 2,000 photographs of alleged abuse at US-run prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.