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The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

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We know fully that the Bilderberg Group meeting in 2014 will be filled with war criminals, Big Oil leaders, banskters, and neo-liberal advocates. The meeting will happen in the Copenhagen Marriot Hotel in Denmark. The conference will also include members from military intelligence, politicians, finance, academia, and neocon think tanks. While Bilderberg claims its annual conference is “to foster dialogue between Europe and North America”, the worldwide monetary system as well as the US-NATO global war agenda are slated to be discussed behind closed doors. Bilderberg expert Daniel Estulin said that the Bilderberg Group talked about the 2008 economic crisis before. Estulin correctly predicted the housing crash and the 2008 financial meltdown, because of his sources in Bilderberg told him what the elite were planning. This was based on their 2006 meeting in Canada and the 2007 conference in Turkey. We know that many too big to fail banks like Goldman Sachs has too much power in the world. Goldman Sachs will be represented by: Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, and Robert B. Zoellick, Chairman of the Board of International Advisors of The Goldman Sachs Group. Their presence is by no means accidental. Both Sutherland and Zoellick “in their previous lives” before joining Goldman played key roles in strategic trade negotiations including NAFTA and the WTO. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is on the Bilderberg agenda and Goldman Sachs is intent upon playing a leading role. “Too big to jail” HSBC will also have representatives, the Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings, Douglas J. Flint, and his senior advisor Sherard Cowper-Coles. These mega banks have a longstanding record of financial fraud. Goldman Sachs has been caught in being involved in financial manipulation since the 19th century. NATO Secretary General Anders Fog Rasmussen will be in the Bilderberg Group meeting too. As for “too big to jail” HSBC, on December 10, 2013 the US Justice Department “announced a settlement with the British-based HSBC bank regarding charges of money laundering Mexican drug funds that allows the bank to admit to wrongdoing and pay a fine without being criminally charged.” In 2012 the US Justice Department issued a statement saying that after an exhaustive investigation, they “concluded that the burden of proof to bring a criminal case (against Goldman) could not be met based on the law and facts as they exist at this time.” Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers were involved with supporting the policies that contributed to the recession. Robert Rubin was involved in abolishing the Glass-Steagall Act, which paved the way to the Wall Street casino and lead to the 2008 collapse. Lawrence Summers advocated IMF policies in developing nations, whose structural adjustment program policies resulted in mass poverty. So, for 4 days, instrumental people (some of whom are involved in economic disastrous policies, imperialism, and maintaining oppressive surveillance policies) will meet in secret. The mainstream media is not totally covering the Bilderberg Group because of obvious reasons.

We know what the challenges are. The deal is that we have to encourage more of our people to gain degrees in more engineering fields, computer science fields, and other fields. In many high schools, I have seen many African American youth being involved in AP Computer Science classes, working in various computer projects, and celebrating their accomplishments. That is a great reality to behold. Using the tools of engineering and technology can change the world literally in so many dimensions. So, we have to deal with the reality of the situation. We want more Brothers and more Sisters to transform communities, to learn the sciences, to dream large, and to contribute their talents in the world firmly. Doing anything legitimate that can really benefit the human race is a true blessing. More and more STEM subjects should be advanced in our community and we have to utilize vigilance against racism and discrimination wherever it rears itself. The recommendations (from the Brothers' Keepers Initiative) are legitimate in my eyes. We should get all of the advice and inspiration from the communities including other real experts. At the end of the day, the communities in America are in the front lines of helping the youth to pursue a better standard of living. Education is important. When I mean by education, I don't mean corporate sponsored education or disinformation. Our people need real education on their real history, on their real culture, and their great value as human beings (along with learning about the subjects of math, science, etc.). More and more mentors should exist. Even when one child is inspired to do something positive by a mentor (or a volunteer), tons of other people can be further enriched. A child should be told that they are somebody and they need hope too. There can be no elimination of poverty without investing in education and addressing income inequality. I agree with India Arie's commentary on the late Sister Maya Angelou 100 percent. She is a great artist that also describes conscious messages in her music. I love her song and video entitled, "The Truth."

A lot of people need to realize how much Maya Angelou loved Africa. The words from the panel are very educational. The elders are increasingly passing away and it is our responsibility to utilize the lessons from the elders as a means for us to move forward. African tradition deals with expressing stories, loving art, embracing STEM subjects, and respecting women (young black females have been inspired by Sister Maya Angelou spanning numerous generations). She was active in the struggle for real. These ideals are part of our heritage spanning thousands of years. The tyrannical policies from the one percent ought to be opposed. We must address socioeconomic issues. Since she traveled all over the world, we should learn progressively about different cultures too. We must never embrace some American superiority complex, because we can learn from others and gain understanding with people globally. In that sense, we can establish more harmony in the world as Maya would want us to fight for. This is the fight that she championed. She never championed imperialism or Empire. She believed in peace and social betterment. We can't be free unless we respect our black African heritage. RIP Maya Angelou. Malcolm X collaborated with Strong Black Women like Gloria Richardson, Fannie Lou Hamer, Selma Sparks, Vicky Garvin (who organized much of Malcolm X's travels into Africa, especially into Ghana), and yes the late Maya Angelou. Malcolm X's respect for women and respect for humanity is a blessing. He had a gift to directly expose the nefarious conditions in the world and who was responsible for it. It is very important to acknowledge the sacrifice that women and men had to express as a means to fight. He loved his family and his wife. His love for his people was admirable. I loved how he respected his wife and his children. His mindset was obviously in rejection of the lies from the status quo. He opposed the Vietnam War. He allied with the anti-colonial movements of the world. He disagreed with many of the excesses of capitalism. He wanted the youth to have a stronger voice in advocating revolutionary change in the world. So, back then younger members of the human race loved Malcolm X. The youthful spirit today is still part of the moral arc of the Universe bending towards justice. Yes, Malcolm X never wanted to be menacing. He just believed in self-defense, which is an inherit human right.

Any independent action that is legitimate to combat this problem of health issues is welcomed. Also, us as individuals can do our research too. We should research all we can on organic foods and other healthier foods. We know that many large multinational corporations make huge profits in the billions of dollars in the sense of promoting unhealthy foods globally not just in the States. There are many activists who are sincerely exposing poisonous foods, corporations promoting water privatization, and talking about GMOs too. We should listen to voices that are accurate and want a real change. There is nothing wrong with those forming their own gardens. Community gardens are growing. Also, we have to address income inequality and show compassion. Those, who are overweight, should not experience ridicule or disrespect. They should experience inspiration, respect, dignity, and compassion. Regardless of someone's weight, all people have inherit rights and should be treated with dignity & with respect. This issue is complex and health freedom is tied to human freedom in general. Food that is GMO free is excellent. Even European nations label their foods that are GMO filled and we should know which foods have GMO in them. The journey of health freedom is a long one, but we will fight for healthy living in our lives. The American Empire has been very costly to folks globally not just in America. NATO has not only bombed Afghanistan, but they have bombed Libya as well. American troops will remain in the nation including CIA mercenaries and numerous private contractors (albeit in a smaller capacity). The war on terror has been exposed as a brutal evil when you have Western forces working with al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Libya, Syria, etc. as a means for elites to promote puppet regimes throughout the Middle East region. Therefore, the Afghanistan people should have the opportunity to control their own nation excluding Western occupation. American troops should come home (We have to do something about the VA situation since that is a disgrace). I am not an isolationist, but I am not a neo-conservative either. Neo conservativism is an abhorrent philosophy. The dignity of any human ought to be respected.

I am certainly not surprised at this development. FOX News is known for embracing a certain ideological viewpoint most of the time. I hope that Stacey Dash will condemn corporate personhood. I hope that she will believe in universal health care and an end to imperialism. I hope that she proclaims publicly about condemning many of the corrupt actions of the one percent from their role in the financial collapse to their role in their opposition to an increase of the minimum wage. There should be ideological diversity in the world, but people have every right to peacefully including cogently disagree with Stacey Dash's views. I disagree with many of her views. Her being on FOX News is her business. We just need to continue in fighting for justice for humanity (and reject reactionary propaganda). At the end of the day, we should love truth, Africa, and our people. The following story is a great story. I looked at Reading Rainbow as a child (back in the late 1980's and the early 1990's). Using modern technology to reach children in advancing literacy and the love of literature is a positive action. Intellectual development, problem solving ability, etc. can be greatly improved via reading books. Levar Burton is a great man. Slave revolts are key histories in our history. They exist in the Caribbean including South America not just in the States. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel, and others definitely are important human beings. Our people fought diligently not only against the Maafa, but against the Confederacy including against oppression in general. Reconstruction, the slave revolts, etc. are similar to the 1960's in the sense that many heroic people wanted to fight back against oppression during the decade of the 1960's (like Fannie Lou Baker, Ella Baker, Malcolm X, Dr. King, Patrice Lumumba, etc.) like others have been doing before. The 1960's was in the midst of the Cold War too and we have to understand the Cold War to witness why things occurred in the 1960's in the first place. There was the growth of Third World nationalism and the Non Aligned Movement.

By Timothy

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RIP Maya Angelou

The more we know about this tragedy in California, the more we understand more about this issue. The murderer has not only disturbed views. He internalized white supremacist thinking in his psyche. That is a recipe for disaster as history tells us. The evils of misogyny, racism, and white male supremacist entitlement have been expressed by this sick person. Certainly, we have to fight back against such retrograde ideologies if we want to get solutions. This situation is more than about mental illness (though mental health is an important issue). It is about too many people in society worshiping the immoral views of white supremacy. The self-hatred expressed by some white-identified biracial people is apparent. I like how the article mentioned the phrase alpha male, because the murderer is not a true man, but a disturbed male. In actuality, a man should not strive to be a stereotype. He should strive to be strong, intelligent, compassionate, and conscious of his own surroundings. I like how the article shows the truth that many view black people murdering others as a thug and many view white people murdering others as “mentally ill” or it is just an anomaly. The truth is that murder is murder. Murdering innocent human life is evil no matter who does it. I feel for the victims’ families. Also, we should express empathy for the lives lost of Brothers and Sisters worldwide too. Many folks ignore the dignity of black life. Many people need to realize that rejection is not the end of the world and there is no justification for murdering innocent human life (Some need to realize that it is wrong to scapegoat women, blacks, etc. for all problems of the world). No one is entitled to do whatever they want to do. Folks are entitled to freedom, justice, and equality without exception. Yet, this murderer is not entitled to any women that he desires though. There is a difference between human freedom and the anti-human, oppressive agenda that the murderer promoted. The murderer's insecurities and retrograde views on relationship are representative of his nefarious agenda (he wanted to promote the evils of racism, misogyny, and male supremacist privilege). This sick person should inspire more people to stand up against evil. Folks with insecurity issues need help or therapy to handle their issues excluding unjust violence. I feel for the victims' families.

Raynard Jackson is so wrong on so many levels. His views are very disrespectful and offensive. His anti-black rhetoric is truly perverted. First, there are tons of black women who have supported black men then and now. There are tons of Sisters who have been on the front lines supporting the rights of black men from the event of the murder of Sean Bell, to opposing the discrimination inflicted on many black men, and to opposing the harsh policies of the prison industrial complex. Also, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham have issued many bigoted, vulgar comments about black people (including black men) for years. Coulter's theocratic, Islamophobic, and race baiting words should be rejected by any self-respecting black person point blank period. So, I don't need to bow down nor respect the views of reactionary, extremist, and bigoted people. I just need to be a better human being, love my people, and respect the rights of humanity in general. Those are real actions to pursue. I will never agree with the views of Coulter or Ingraham. I will agree with the views of Ida B. Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer, Cynthia McKinney, and other Strong Black Women. This anti-black women bashing has got to stop. Raynard's views on black women are sexist and ignorant since black women embrace a wide spectrum of ideological views and black women are not all monolithic. Raynard accepts the archaic views of austerity, the barbaric war on terror, and other views that numerous self-respecting people reject. We should all continue to condemn black women bashing and black men bashing. In the final analysis, we are all in this together. Cooperation is needed in our community and we should fight against evil. If Sterling persists to fight this situation to the very end into next season, many NBA players have made it very clear that they will either boycott the league or refuse to play for the Clippers. This situation is different from Paula Dean or even Don Imus. The NBA is highly popular among African Americans. Many African Americans would use their economic power to influence the economic dispositions of the NBA negatively if Sterling fights to prevent himself from losing ownership of the team (well into the next season). The NBA Constitution is heavily private and his statements have been detrimental to the brand of the Clippers (in terms of its prestige as having Sterling being its owner presently). Each side will make arguments on why either Sterling should not or should sell the team. Sterling continued to make controversial, detrimental comments to CNN’s Anderson Cooper (in public), so that certainly is taken into consideration. Regardless, he will not go quietly (if he ends up not owning the Clippers).

If the Nigerian defense chief has located the girls, then that information can be made more readily available to other authorities. It has been clear that many in the military and the leadership of Nigeria have been involved in either corruption or wrongheaded actions like delaying their condemnation of Boko Haram's actions. Boko Haram is linked to al-Qaeda (and we know that decades ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski aided radicals back in the 1970's that evolved into al-Qaeda). Nigeria is dominated by Western corporate interests (as the Shell Corporation have impoverished numerous Nigerian farmers and workers for years) who want to further exploit the oil resources in Nigeria. Some have exploited the terrible kidnapping of the young Nigerian girls as an excuse to promote imperialism and neocolonialism in Africa. Independent organizations should help with real Nigerian human beings as a means for them to find and rescue the young girls. Yet, we have to allow address income inequality in Africa and human beings have the right to advocate the expulsion of Western imperialism from Africa too. This issue is more complicated than at face value. First, it is good and welcomed news that there has been progress in childhood obesity. That is good thing. We have a long way to go. I don’t feel that all nutritional standards ought to be eliminated, because we should never go back into the status quo. Many corporations have a vested interest in advancing unhealthy foods even in schools, which is highly sad. There are other legitimate groups who seek healthy or even organic foods to be common in all sorts of schools. The health of the children takes precedent over the status quo or corporate interests. Students, parents, etc. have every right to be informed on healthy foods. Also, if tweaks are necessary, then they should exist cogently. Yet, all real standards ought not to be totally eliminated at all.

More and more American reject the occupation of Afghanistan. Corporate interests and many factions have exploited the resources and the ethnic diversity of Afghanistan. Some fail to see that Afghanistan has great ethnic diversity and its geography is heavily mountainous. Other folks who wrote that the military and civilians have been lied to are absolutely correct. You can look at the recent scandal of the VA to witness the deception, exploitation, and harm done to many soldiers. Even during this administration, there was a troop surge (as supported by the White House including by Hillary Clinton and Gates). It is paradoxical that the establishment claims to love the troops, but ignores the needs of the soldiers once they return home. It is obvious that the American Empire is a detriment to world peace, the U.S. economy, and the democratic rights of other nations globally. Osama bin Laden was originally aided by Western forces back in the 1970’s. In addition to its vast mineral and gas reserves, Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the World’s supply of opium which is used to produce grade 4 heroin. The U.S. still plans on having military bases in Afghanistan. The pivot of Asia agenda is interrelated to this war too. Wars are not fought in a vacuum. Many wars, then and now, were fought over the mineral resources including other resources in various countries. The war in Afghanistan has been part of the evil war on terror. American troops should leave Afghanistan and end the occupation. The Bilderberg Group is coming soon in June of 2014. There are many developments about it. The Bilderberg Group is a meeting place of the world’s elite from bankers, political leaders, royalty, corporate heads, and others. Almost 150 human beings have been invited to the 62nd annual Bilderberg conference. It will be held in Copenhagen Denmark from May 29 to June 1, 2014. Most of the participants are from Europe and North America. It started in the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands back in 1954. Even Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed according to Michael King from WXIA has been invited to the Bilderberg Group conference. The conference released its preliminary list of key topics of discussion this year. They want to discuss about privacy, the Ukraine, Europe, current events, technology, the middle class, China, the new architecture of the Middle East, etc. It is obvious that the West wants a more unipolar world. There is the crisis in Ukraine and the anti-EU revolution spreading across Europe. The Bilderberg agents and other internationalists were directly involved in forming the EU in the first place. The internationalists want the TTIP or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The TTIP advances globalization further. The EU controls a high number of laws and regulations in nations in Europe. The EU has been opposed by those who sincerely talk about the needs for national sovereignty and democracy. Yet, I will not use national sovereignty as an excuse to promote the evils of xenophobia, or any injustice against any human at all. We should never be radical reactionaries. We ought to embrace the common wealth and the general welfare of society. We should have human rights. Even when we see plans of a drawdown in Afghanistan, we see that the White House still wants to maintain a contingent of troops in Afghanistan for years to come. We see how imperialism has been harmful for world peace and we have the right to oppose imperialism in a strong fashion.

Yes, She is FOREVER A QUEEN. :-) Her intelligent was excellent. Her compassion was overt and she expressed the great gift of human literature. My mother has been influenced by Maya Angelou in many ways. She has inspired so many Sisters in real life. I remember reading her literature when I was really young. Also, she worked in the movement of liberation. She corresponded and collaborated with Malcolm X (in his travels to Africa. Maya Angelou also traveled into the Motherland plenty of times). Africa gives us perspective on what is most important in life. It is not about devious tensions. Life is about truth, and doing real action. She will be missed, but she lived a long life. She was blessed to have a strong family and great friends. RIP Maya Angelou.

By Timothy

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Monday News

Now, it is has been over fifty years since the late President Lyndon Baines Johnson gave his “Great Society” speech on May 22, 1964. He did it in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His words and the policies of the Great Society was the peak of post-war liberal reformism. The Great Society agenda included a series of social programs. These programs were in response to some of the worst forms of social misery in post war America. The suffering was egregious. The Great Society did reduce extreme poverty in America. It expanded significantly the quality of public education, provided millions of people, and caused regulatory checks on major corporations. Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs from the Great Society provided health care to the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. The Food Stamp Act of 1964 created America’s food assistance program. Federal funding for primary and secondary education was expanded, including in poor areas. The National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities was created as a result of the Great Society too. These programs along with FDR’s New Deal reform came about via bitter struggle. Many people fought via strikes, protests, etc. to cause these laws to exist. People fought against Jim Crow racial segregation, and union exploitation. The U.S. ruling class feared social upheaval in America and Communist sympathizers in America. So, they implemented many changes. In announcing the “Great Society,” Johnson set out a half-century time-frame to judge its success. “The challenge of the next half century,” he declared, “is whether we will have the wisdom to use [America’s] wealth to enrich and elevate our national life, and to advance the quality of our American civilization.... For in your time we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society.” LBJ wanted to fight poverty in a capitalistic context. We see that we have made progress, but not revolutionary changes. One in five children in the US lives in poverty—the “wealthiest nation in the world” has one of the highest child poverty rates of any major capitalist country. There are dozens of counties throughout the US where a third of children do not get enough to eat. Food pantries report running out of supplies, and each year cities say they face ever-greater demand for assistance for the homeless. American capitalism has, by any measured, failed in the “challenged” outlined by Johnson 50 years ago. The Vietnam War, tax cuts to the wealthy, etc. harmed our economic situation greatly. The Vietnam War caused the West to send over 500,000 U.S. troops to come into Vietnam. There is the contradiction of Johnson’s pretensions about social reform at home and mass murder approved abroad (in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, etc. not just Vietnam). The quagmire of Vietnam came at the peak or zenith of America’s military and economic power. Beginning in the 1960s, the United States' balance of trade declined and ultimately turned negative, as America's global competitors, including Japan and Germany, began to outstrip it. Later, both Republican and Democratic administration stripped corporate regulation and cut social programs. We know that social inequality in America is at the highest since before the Great Depression and the New Deal. Neoliberalism has replaced social liberalism today. Therefore, we should continue to fight for not only egalitarianism, but for social including economic justice.

Chris Christie is a disrespectful person. His austerity, privatization, and neo-liberal agenda is well known. He has called a grown black man a boy, so I have no respect for him as a man. Christie's conversation to Baraka is tame as compared to his other reckless statements to citizens. Now, the campaign is over. There is nothing wrong with being hostile to the status quo. There is nothing wrong with being hostile against injustice and poverty. We can be hostile against evil without being disrespectful towards fellow human beings. Too many of our people have been lukewarm toward the critical issues confronting our community and our people. So, the new mayor of Newark Ras Baraka should continue to receive encouragement, inspiration, and advice from the people that brought him into office (which are made up of the people of Newark. The community of Newark can send him great advice on how to address the important issues in the city). He won the election against his opponent (Shavar Jeffries is a founder of a charter school). Now, it is his responsibility to use his time and effort to improve Newark. He has to govern. There is nothing wrong with real businesses existing. Yet, businesses should serve the people not vice versa. Many businesses have done corruption (businesses should not do whatever they want) and real businesses should exist in service to the aspirations of the citizens of Newark. Not only education should be improved upon in Newark, but its infrastructure too. All of the poor and the working class ought to have their rights and dignity respected. Poverty must be addressed and state plus local power ought to be utilized in creating the necessary solutions that can adequately benefit the people. I wish Ras Baraka the best. RIP Amiri Baraka. These racists always believe in historical revisionism. The ex-SELECTED (NOT ELECTED) President George W. Bush obviously have an inferior enunciation of the English language than President Barack Obama. In the fall of 2001, after an eight-month review of 175,000 Florida ballots never counted in the 2000 election, an analysis by the National Opinion Research Center confirmed that Al Gore actually won Florida and should have been President. The SCOTUS (with the backing of the electoral college) selected Bush 43 to be President. The electoral college, not the majority vote necessarily, selects the President. Voter fraud was abundant in Florida during the 2000 election too. Bush 43 is a great example of white privilege in action. Ta-Nehisi Coates is another great black scholar. Many black people know not only one language, but can write and speak in multiple languages. The reality is that black genius is found globally from kids going into universities being younger than 17 years old to massive black engineers and black physicists explaining the diverse mysteries of the Universe.

The Guantanamo Bay prison has been representative of the injustices and the evils found in the war on terror. Both major parties have supported its continued existence and the rest of the major nefarious components of the mammoth American Empire. Many in Gitmo are innocent of any crime according to various experts too. Many of the detainees have been released as well. Legal experts have documented torture transpiring in Gitmo. Indefinite detention is blatantly immoral. It is a facility with many similarities to the grotesque Inquisition. Gitmo should be closed completely. I just listened to Stephen A. Smith's words. I don't see anyone rational pouncing on Mark Cuban unfairly. He or Smith ignores how people can disagree with many parts of Cuban's words. People have the right to critique and dissent with Cuban's statements. No one is saying that Cuban should go to jail or be harassed by his comments, but people have the right to disagree. See, Stephen wants to have it both ways. He wants folks to agree with him, but he wants to ignore the voices that disagree with him. That is the point. No one real is saying that all issues in the black community are race related. Black people have worked hard in America. We have built up cities, and the poor among our people have worked extremely hard too. He hasn't educated me, since I heard of his condescending statements before. You can work hard and won't have freedom unless we resist evil. We worked hard in this nation and we fought against the Maafa, slavery, and Jim Crow via resistance against oppression. Freedom is never gained by folks submitting to a system that is wicked. Freedom is gained by struggling against that system and enacting revolutionary change. Nonviolent drug charges are not equivalent to rape, assault, or murder at all. Not to mention that black people receive higher sentences than whites if both are charged with the exact same crime (as documented by studies). That ends the argument of the lie of black genetic criminality. The people who commit most of the rape, pedophilia, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and financial fraud in America are not black people at all. There has to be an accounting of the wicked, fallible policies found in the judicial system. Most black men don't have felonies. The sick black men bashing and the sick black women bashing both are truly cancers in the world. It must not only be repudiated. It must be opposed. Crime is complex. We should not only condemn unwarranted crime. We should find ways and execute methods to end unfair sentencing against people and restore full legal & human rights to felons (after they have paid their debt to society).

Yasiin Bey has always been a conscious human being. I do hope that whatever issues that deals with him being prevented from visiting America can be rectified, so he can visit America if he wants to. I respect those who leave America to build fruitfully in their own lives. I also respect those who stay in America and seek to fight the many injustices found in the USA too (like fusion centers monitoring innocent protesters, the prison industrial complex, police brutality, etc.). Yasiin Bey is right to expose torture and he is right to disagree with the evils found in the reactionary war on terror. Human beings have the right to condemn the widening income gap and to use constructive deeds as a means to see solutions. I am glad that Yasiin Bey is living in the Motherland too. Also, why would we want to go back anyway? Go back to what? I don't want to go back to a time where my voting rights were overtly denied based on the color of my skin. I don't want to go back to where the poor were denied basic benefits because of their class. I don't want to go back to where women were denied the right to vote and denied their other human rights. I don't want to go back to when environmental protections were nearly nonexistent. So, we want to move forward. We want to move forward to be better than the past and the present. Any form of racial discrimination in the realm of housing ought to be condemned. Such of an action is unjustifiable and morally repugnant. Also, racism is complex. Solutions to deal with this serious problem will have to be multifaceted. Not to mention that we have to deal with economic inequality too. Many people have done the right thing, earned a college degree, and even earned a job. Then, some of these same people lost that job and live in poverty because of a layoff, sequester, or budget cuts. Therefore, some have to realize that poverty is not as simplistic as numerous reactionaries assume that it is. The scholar Ta-Nehisi's Coates have written excellent historical analysis of the situation. Redlining is a perverted act that harmed many black human beings. The vicious oppression against black people has been disgraceful. Nothing will change unless revolutionary policies come about. There has to be massive structural changes in society. These racists need to learn some history indeed. The truth is that Black is beautiful and black Africans have made great civilizations in history (like the great sub Saharan civilizations of Nok, Ghana, Mali, Songhai, etc.). People of Black African descent then and now continue to contribute excellent time and effort in the world today.

There are many lessons that should be learned in the black struggle for liberation. One of the greatest lessons from Malcolm X is about that we should embrace political independence. Malcolm X said at the Audubon the following words: “…Either party you align yourself with is suicide. Because both parties are criminal. Both parties are responsible for the criminal condition that exists.” The changes in the views of Malcolm X heavily dealt with world politics. He knew that the people of color in the world have every right to liberate themselves from colonialism, especially from Western imperialism. He saw the American black struggle as part of an overall colonial liberation struggle. American bourgeois politicians can never save us. Malcolm X wanted the U.N. to condemn America for its racist policies and back then the U.N. condemned South Africa for its brutal treatment against black South Africans decades ago. Racism must be solved via social struggle not just by individual enlightenment. Black freedom has been violated by interests of both major parties. We should never beg for token reforms. We should demand for freedom and justice now and use militancy as a means to advocate solutions. Since the 1960’s, the establishment have sought bourgeois political leaders to contain revolutionary fervor in America. Workers have the right to be liberated including the poor (plus the homeless). Also, we ought to continue the interests of Africa too. Africa is the Motherland. Brothers and Sisters in Africa fought back against European imperialists for the total, complete liberation of Africa. Patrice Lumumba died for us. 69 black activists in South Africa in Sharpeville were killed in 1960, because these Brothers and Sisters were fighting for equality and justice. Therefore, we should always understand the sacrifice that black people made in the battle for freedom in Africa. We are in solidarity with strong, revolutionary human beings of the Third World who seek peace & justice. There must be a radical redistribution and economic and political power as a means for humanity to be free.

By Timothy

Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Thai military detains politicians and activists

Weekend News in May 24, 2014

There are fusion centers used nationwide that spy against not only the Occupy Movement, but other peaceful movements in America. There is a report based on documents obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund. It provides highlights and analysis of how the DHS (or Department of Homeland Security) funded Fusion Centers that used their vast anti-terrorism and anti-crime authority (and funds to conduct a sprawling nationwide hour by hour surveillance effort). This effort even targeted even the smallest activity of peaceful protestors in the Occupy Movement in the Fall and Winter of 2011. The report was released in conjunction with a major story in the NY Times that is based on the 4,000 pages of government documents. These documents were uncovered by the PCJF or the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund. They investigated this issue for two years. The fusion centers were created after the 9/11 attacks. It has immorally collected and provided surveillance information on peaceful protestors. The Pentagon, FBI, DHS, police departments, and chiefs, private contractors, and commercial business interests are all involved in spying fusion centers. So, people advocating social and economic justice in America are still illegally monitored all of the time. Until now, the role of the Fusion Centers in their application of anti-terrorism authority and resources has been shrouded in secrecy. In 2012, the Senate issued an investigative report on the Fusion Centers that The Washington Post described as revealing “pools of ineptitude, waste and civil liberties intrusions.” The Department of Homeland Security in typical fashion condemned the report and defended the fusion centers. They believe that the report used out of date data from 2009 and 2010. Yet, the evidence of the report proves that the fusion centers continue to this day. The FBI and other domestic intelligence and law enforcement target Occupy. The fusion centers violate human individual freedoms and they should be defunded and ended immediately. Although the Fusion Centers’ existence is justified by the DHS as a necessary component in stopping terrorism and violent crime, the documents show that the Fusion Centers in the Fall of 2011 and Winter of 2012 were devoted to unconstrained targeting of a grassroots movement for social change that was acknowledged to be peaceful in character. The PCJF said that one DHS commander subscribes to the PCJF’s constituent emails via his personal email account (and send their emails to his DHS account and circulates them to other law enforcement personnel). The PCJF is fighting for the drop the charges against the 700 peaceful protestors who had been mass arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, 2011 (the PCJF is also litigating the class action constitutional rights suit from those arrests.) We should take action on this issue. Fusion centers ought to be condemned and ended in America.

Cuban’s opinion on black people in hoodies is all the more reason on why we should fight false stereotypes day in and day out. I don’t care what someone is wearing. If a person is not messing with me, I will not cross over across the street. I judge someone on their character & deeds on their skin color. False stereotypes and erroneous biases ought to be condemned and rejected. In the final analysis, we will never receive justice until the system of racism/white supremacy is ended being replaced with justice. We have to understand that we are not truly free totally and we have to educate ourselves and others on the deceptive mechanisms of oppression. Racism is more than about discrimination. It is about the scapegoating, evil exploitation, oppression, and mistreatment of people based on skin color. We should not seek validation from the comments of the one percent or ignorant corporate elites spewing vile rhetoric. All people should grow and gain more wisdom. No one is perfect and his comments remind us of the work that we have to do in making the world better. What is most important are not Mark Cuban's comments. It is about how we can further mentor youth, how we can fight against the disparities found in the criminal justice system, how can we strengthen our families (since mothers and fathers are so valuable in raising up a child), and how we advance economic justice. We have to do constructive action not just talk about the issue of racism (which I have no issue with). We should seek self-respect, execute dignity, and fight against evil. Some omit that the Holocaust, the genocide of Native Americans, the genocide of the Maafa, many of the war crimes during the war on terror in the 21st century, and other atrocities were organized and carried out heavily by non-blacks. Marcus Garvey was right to call black beautiful and to acknowledge the great value of the Motherland of Africa. Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, and other black leaders warned us about neo-colonialism from the West too. Some of our people will be blind and others are awaked. The deal is that we have to fight back. We have no choice or the battle is lost. There is nothing immoral at opposing the evil system of white supremacy. Yasiin Bey has always been a conscious human being. I do hope that whatever issues that deals with him being prevented from visiting America can be rectified, so he can visit America if he wants to. I respect those who leave America to build fruitfully in their own lives. I also respect those who stay in America and seek to fight the many injustice found in the USA too (like fusion centers monitoring innocent protesters, the prison industrial complex, police brutality, etc.). Yasiin Bey is right to expose torture and he is right to disagree with the evils found in the reactionary war on terror.

It is a shame that Tell Me More has been cancelled. Media diversity means many things. We as a community need diversity, but we also need quality too. Too many shows today advance degrading images of black people. Too many shows stereotype our people in a harsh fashion. That is why shows that offer crucial analysis of our own concerns and aspirations are important to advance. We are a diverse people, so our diverse interests, nationalities, and stories ought to be represented too. It won’t be an easy process to increase media diversity, because of economic issues, corporate power structures, and other reasons. Yet, we should fight for it. It is a legitimate goal to embrace. Also, we have the right to support qualified, credible black journalists and legitimate shows that depict a fair image of our people too. Real black people doing what is right need our support. New digital technology should be used to spread the message to African Americans who may not listen to radio. Wide spread media access is key in bringing the message from black voices to the people. We can’t sit behind the sidelines, because we have the right to advance our interests. I wish the best for Michel Martin also. Defining true black leadership depends on what black leadership folks are talking about. Tons of the mainstream black "leaders" have betrayed the black community on many occasions. Many of them have corporate ties and are loved by the establishment. Many of them back in the day opposed the liberation, anti-war agendas of Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, etc. Many grassroots, independent black leaders have been doing what is right for years. There are many leaders helping human beings with green programs, some are mentors, and many of them are helping with preventing tensions in our communities. Their stories are not readily shown by the mainstream media though. So, leaders should be decentralized. No one person can solve our issues alone. When we have tons of leaders and the people fighting numerous battles, then victory can be a certainty.

Dr. Ben Carson is slick. I will give him that. He is an excellent neurosurgeon and his accomplishments in that regard are inspiring. He is in error to compare a centrist health care law to slavery. The reality is that the modern system of racism has not been contrived by “liberals” as a means for them to divide people maliciously. It has been contrived by elites as a means to dominate and control societies (in causing people of color to live in the system of white supremacy). Extremists like Cliven Bundy, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. agitate racism including other forms of political agitation as well. We have to eliminate a color blind mentality, because disparities and discrimination exist based on race or skin color. We should all treat people the same irrespective of skin color, but we can’t wish racism away via reactionary propaganda. Racism is more than just individual action. It is systematic and structural, which Dr. Carson omits. We have to change institutions that harm society, we have to confront unjust laws, and we have to deal with the reality that false perceptions exist among people based on race. We should oppose those false perceptions, have discussions, do constructive action, etc. as a means to solve this problem. Any real human being would want self-improvement. The primary purpose of any university would be the education of students and other legitimate, focused goals. I have no issue with athletics. I love athletics. Yet, the function of learning skills, STEM subjects, business, the arts, etc. have a preeminence of importance above athletics. Some HBCUs are cutting postseason endeavors not totally ending athletic programs in general, so there is still time for some HBCUs to grow academic performance. Many schools have such problems, because of mismanagement, leadership problems, and other reasons. I am not a deficit hawk, but we need more than money to solve this problem. There should be a reminder to any athlete and non-athlete that human beings need something to fall back on (since the vast majority of those in an university will not go into the professional field of sports. That is a transparent fact). We should strive to be diverse. We should inspire anyone to learn on how to build or to create, to problem solve, and to comprehend great technological information (there is nothing wrong with athletics, but athletics should not be used as a crutch to minimize the importance of academics). Therefore, we need real solutions to address this issue and the solutions have to be comprehensive and deals with long term development. Also, many HBCUs need adequate financial and other resources too.

The Black Panthers were grassroots Brothers and Sisters that want to fight police brutality, economic inequality, and racial injustice. They allied with anti-imperialist movements globally and they sought even free health clinics for human beings. The FBI instituted COINTELPRO and other programs to violate the civil liberties of not only the Black Panthers, but other activists who disagreed with the aims of the status quo. At the end of the day, we either have power to the people or power owned heavily by the one percent. There were a lot of women not just men who were leaders in the Panthers too. Fred Hampton and others were unjustly murdered by policing authorities nationwide. The old school BPP may be gone, but their ideals are still in the hearts and minds of freedom loving peoples. Their revolutionary spirit is still within the souls of Brothers and Sisters all over the world. The oligarchs violating the human rights of activists back then are really deplorable. The Black Panthers were heroic human beings that wanted revolutionary change in the world. I wish that the young girls are found. Yet, some are exploiting the tragedy of the missing girls as an excuse to promote AFRICOM and further Western domination of the oil & mineral resources of Nigeria including the rest of Africa. Authorities so far can't find the girls. We know that the IMF and other agencies have a huge stake in the economic exploitation of Nigeria. Jonathan Goodluck (not just the Boko Haram terrorist group) have done injustices too. U.S. imperialism must end in Africa. Independent organizations should work to find the girls, but America should never activate a militarization agenda in the Motherland at all. I do pray that the girls are found though. These are our people. We need to focus on things that matter. These things are the care of our families, the compassion shown to the elderly including the poor, and the continuation of Black Love. We all live in this small planet and we cherish fundamental, legitimate humane principles (or opposition to torture, an end to imperialism, and the promotion of altruism), and we seek justice established among the inhabitants of the Earth. Black Love is a Revolutionary Act.

By Timothy

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday News in late May

Dylan Teague McDonald is correct. Many black people make it a rite of passage to read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm X expressed profound truths before and after his Hajj. He told the truth that black people have the right to never be ashamed of their physical features that the CREATOR GAVE THEM. Our black heritage is beautiful. Malcolm X revolutionized cultural thinking about society and the evil white supremacist system. As he became older, he transformed. He became more progressive and realized that freedom loving peoples of the world (including non-blacks) deserve liberation from the oppressor. He exposed the evil viciousness of white racism, but he told the truth about the great value of black human life. He defended black human personhood. He publicly stated that all people deserve justice, equality, and freedom in 1964 and in 1965. He said that he will judge people on their character not on their color before he was assassinated. Many black men and black women have been inspired by Malcolm X. Malcolm X became more progressive and understood that society must have workers' rights and educational opportunities for women as a society to be a truly just society. He gave people strength, confidence, and courage to continue in this struggle for liberation. He was friends with people of numerous backgrounds (like Abdul Rahman Babu, Yuri Kochiyama, Ossie Davis, etc.), and he stood up for Africa. He loved Africa. Bless Africa. Black people have every right to fight for justice and use Malcolm X's memory as a means for us to continue forward (in loving our friends, condemning the degradation of our Brothers and our Sisters, opposing crime in our communities, opposing unjust capitalist exploitation of the world's resources, opposing police brutality, and supporting anti-imperialist efforts). We want the total liberation of black African peoples globally point blank period without exception. RIP Malcolm X. Naiveté and denial are something. White racists have stolen lands for a long time and they have stolen cultures globally. That is why our leaders (including tons of our Brothers and our Sisters) have condemned the wickedness of white supremacy. So, we know what the truth is all about. Also, the Brother Solomon Comissiong has shown great research on this issue. He exposes imperialism, the corporate media, and how the corporate elites have hijacked some in the mainstream music industry.

I took my time to think about this issue and these awards. First, music is diverse. Music should not be limited based on upon nationality or background. The contributions of black people involving music have been invaluable. Many people recognize our contributions and other ignorant folks don’t. The American Music awards represents the interests and taste of mainstream America. So, it is not surprising to witness certain artists winning the awards. Others have shown excellent information on how many white artists have stolen the compositions of black music. Obviously, many underground artists or other artists have not received true recognition for their talent today, because of the corporate domination of the mainstream music industry. A Brother named Solomon Comissiong has written great articles on the music industry including other political matters. Now, Justin Timberlake mimics Michael Jackson. Many artists may mimic our culture, but they can never duplicate our culture or our being as black people. That is the point of the matter. The hologram performance of Michael Jackson is the sign of the times. They did the same with the late Tupac Shakur. The hologram of the late Michael Jackson showed a great deal of image clarity. The performance was odd since Michael Jackson (who had incredible talent and singing ability) has deceased. For the past two decades, we have seen an increase of zero tolerance policies in schools. These policies have ruined the lives of children from every grade level. Also, many of the youth are held accountable for their actions. I am not saying that students who do assault, disrespect, or perform any serious violation should not be held accountable. I am saying that many students with minor infractions suffer excessive consequences on a myriad of occasions. This young female did not threaten anyone, did not fight anyone, and did try to create violence in the classroom at all. The prison industrial complex is also filled with innocent people including nonviolent drug offenders who were sentenced excessively because of mandatory minimum sentences. The problems in our community are complex not simplistic.

A lot of thoughts come to my mind on this issue. Racial apartheid was condemned in the Brown decision. Racial apartheid is forever immoral. Just laws ought to be respected. Law alone can’t solve the problem of a reality where unfairness exists in public schools including all other schools nationwide. Many teachers (who abhor the status quo) have advocated a back to basics approach, which I agree with. Too many subsidized testing based on random memorization is not going to cut it. Students need to learn basic skills and problem solving as a means to allow them to develop their learning. Also, the parents must be encouraged to be involved in the lives of their children. I am not talking about dedicated, great parents. It is not about all parents, but certain parents neglecting their responsibility in helping their children achieve their paramount goals. These actions are legitimate, but they are not enough. Many parents in poor communities are doing an excellent job in educating their children, but numerous poorer schools have lax resources and other problems that prevent students from reaching their true potential. You can't solve this problem unless income inequality is addressed. Kids in suffering communities have to be encouraged. They have to be told that they are somebody. They have to be told their value and their worth (we have to show that we care about them for real). So, we need both family development strategies in our communities and economic justice too. There must be radical socio-economic changes in this country. The government can’t fix everything, but the government can fix some things (as the government ought to be made up by and for the people. See, the oligarchy have a great responsibility in harming our educational system via their Foundations & austerity agenda. Scapegoating the poor solves nothing. Having true economic investment, accountability, and revolutionary solutions will cut it). Many people are poor by no fault of their own, so the poor need resources not blaming totally for this situation. It will take public resources (not just private effort) to get qualified teachers, newer textbooks, and a stronger infrastructure that are desperately needed in suffering schools too. It will take a comprehensive effort (among all levels of government, teachers, students, parents, individuals, etc.) not a limited effort. Finland and Massachusetts have shown us great ways in creating solutions involving this issue. We are a community. I am not surprised at this action of some House Republicans supporting cutting aid to urban areas, but maintaining aid to rural areas in a bill. Many Republicans have shown their disdain for urban and poor human beings via this action. It is a shame that many people vote against their economic interests by voting for reactionary Republicans too. Assisting the poor and feeding the hungry are legitimate avenues to perform. The recent tragic mining disasters in West Virginia document again that Republican policies don't work comprehensively to improve the environment or to help urban communities either (or even rural communities for that matter. Urban communities deserve empathy and compassion not neglect or disrespect). Urban and rural communities should be treated with equal respect and dignity. So, this abhorrent, retrograde action made by many House Republicans is part of their overall agenda. We have the right to oppose that agenda with vigor and zeal.

There has been a huge controversy with the Zuckerberg money sent to Newark. Zuckerberg, Gates, and other advance the controversial privatization of education/charter schools agenda. They want to use corporate money and corporate influence to dominate more of the educational functions of society. The new mayor Ras Baraka recently defeated a Cory Booker like acolyte for mayor. We know that massive privatization can and has harmed the infrastructure of mainstream society. School privatization has led to schools closing down and teachers lacking job security. Zuckerberg back in 2010 announced that he was contributing 100 million dollars to the Newark, New Jersey public school system. Such large private donations to public schools have been taboo before. Many schools have been funded with government money and were made accountable only to the people for their actions. Today, we see rich people and corporations. Charter schools have not caused massive improvements in education. They have caused mixed results, the firings of thousands of qualified, black teachers, schools closed, and stolen resources from public education while profits are made for hedge fund leaders. Republicans and Democrats alike have been supportive of this agenda. No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top are programs with the same bad end results. The people of Newark decided to reject the money from Zuckerberg. That is their right. Booker supported the school voucher movement when he was mayor. He was economically backed by the Bradley Foundation and Walmart’s Walton family. Even Shavar Jeffries was a founder of a charter school and was funded by Wall Street’s interests. Charter schools have always been coded for privatization, corporate backing, and the splitting up of public education. As we have seen, the neoliberal policies have been a huge detriment to society in general. Neoliberalism has harmed the environment, harmed health care rights, and ruined the social safety net for humanity. We have to be careful in Nigeria. We should condemn the kidnapping of the girls, but never use the unjustified kidnapping as an excuse to advocate Western imperialist blunder of the resources found in Nigeria at all. We should never endorse U.S. militarization and neocolonialism in Africa at all. So, while Boko Haram’s actions ought to be condemned. Western imperialism and any form of imperialism in Africa have to be gone from the Motherland of Africa completely. AFRICOM has no business in Africa at all. Real, progressive leaders in Africa ought to exist in replacement of bourgeoisie leaders. Independent, intentional collaboration is necessary to find the missing girls and return them home.

Both parties are responsible for the damage done to the economy. Both parties in their leadership follow orders from the one percent. Bill Clinton was a centrist and he used triangulation. A centrist is a person who have done both legitimate things politically and made errors including compromises as well. That sums up the Clinton legacy. He ended welfare as we know it. He allowed policies to grow the prison industrial complex (with his love of the War on Drugs and strict three strike laws. He believed in the death penalty) and he eliminated Glass Steagall. So, he was not a radical progressive as some reactionaries have called him. He agreed with not only NAFTA, but the WTO, and GATT too, which contributed to the loss of millions of American jobs. Bad trade deals should be replaced with fair trade. Even with the tax increases in Clinton’s 1993 budget plan (which I have no issue with at all), the wealthy pay a substantially lower percentage of their income in taxes during his Presidency than they did in 1977. The economy boomed in the late nineties, with unemployment reaching historic lows. Wages, after years of lagging behind economic growth, finally began to rise. However, a majority of the twenty-two million jobs created during the Clinton years paid less than $7 an hour. The reality was that Clinton played his role in helping to create a low-wage, low-benefit economy. The number of working poor increased under his watch. According to a 1999 report compiled in part by the National League of Cities and the National School Boards Association, “The number of children in working poor families leaped by one-third from 1989 to 1997, despite a booming economy and a twenty-five-year low in the nation’s unemployment rate.” Clinton had a reactionary foreign policy too. So, people know the truth. Clinton, the one-time anti—Vietnam War so-called "protester", continued Bush’s 1992 invasion of Somalia, invaded Haiti in 1994, bombed Serbia in 1995 and 1999, Sudan and Afghanistan in 1997, and Iraq almost continuously throughout his administration. To force North Korea into negotiations, Clinton threatened in 1994 a war that could have provoked a nuclear conflict. He enforced the murderous sanctions of Iraq that killed over one million Iraqi civilians. Bill Clinton's Presidency was better than other Presidencies like Harding, Coolidge, Andrew Johnson, and Reagan, but he followed Republican-lite policies as a means to preserve his political power.

By Timothy

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Other News

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Savant's Great Words

Perhaps more BACKWARD Africans and African Americans have a silent war going on between them. More ADVANCED and PROGRESSIVE African Americans and Africans are at war with common enemy--the imperialistic white ruling class and its negro flunkies.



The Black middle class--by which I mean college educated professionals, intellectuals, modest size entrepreneurs, etc--constitute about a fifth or fourth of the entire black population of the USA. About 1% constitues a wealthy upper class. The great majority of African-Americans are working class folk, people of modest means if not simply impoverished. The great majority even of whites are also working class, often poor but not as often poor as are AA (or Latino) masses. I would like to point out--and our black petty bourgeois and bourgeois ought to remember this--that the backbone of the Black freedom Movement of the 1960s (going all the way back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955), was none other than those poor Black working class folk whom you now so contemptuously speak of as "hood___ ", or scorn for being so "ghetto. "


Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday News

There are enumerable benefits of Vitamin D in the world. Vitamin D is necessary for the betterment of our human health in general. Giving 20 minutes twice a week of sun is fine. Yet, getting the Vitamin D that we need is complicated in life. Vitamin D is not technically a vitamin. It is a pre-hormone that is created when the human skin is exposed to sunlight. It is the only human nutrient that is created from sunlight. This action is similar to the actions of a plant using the sun to execute photosynthesis. Vitamin D is related to Nature. It is a great immune system booster. It has been found to be protective against osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, and other cancers. Vitamin D can improve the human mood, fight depression, improve memory, and increase problem solving abilities. Inadequate levels may contributes to the blues many people feel in the winter. It is wild that it has been estimated that 80-90 percent adults in North America are vitamin D deficient. Wearing too much sunscreen according to expert Deane Alban can cause Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D1 to Vitamin D5 are important. These are vitamin supplements. Also, we can get tested if we are Vitamin D deficient or not. There was a total injustice against Jerome Burdough who died in prison. When I read all of the words of the story, the more angry that I got. What kind of sick people would allow a man to die like this. This man was not even arrested over murder or any felonious crime. Even if he was, he still should not be treated in such a negligent, offensive fashion. Rikers Island prison officials involved in dealing with the care of Jerome Murdough ought to be ashamed of themselves. The late Brother's family have every right to sue. This incident confirms the constant disrespect of black human life that is expressed by the white racist power structure in society. It shows that we have to continue to fight for the human dignity of prisoners as the late Brother George Jackson advocated in his words and in his literature. The oppression against the poor, the homeless, and black people in this country has been disgraceful and abhorrent. That is why it is important for us to help the poor, the dispossessed, and the oppressed in life's road. The family are in our prayers. RIP Jerome Murdough.

Before any marriage, both men and women must create a fair plan on how to go about it. Both parties should go through even advisors and legal authorities as a means for a prenup to be fair among all parties involved. I am in favor of Black unity and the whole nine yards. Also, we have to be reminded that there is no shame in a man or a woman discussing about the serious matters related to marriage. Marriage is not a game. It deals with economic, emotional, and social realities that both people involved will have to deal with. Marriage is a voluntary decision. Some folks will not be married. For those who plan on getting married, they should get expert advice from not only relationship experts, but from those who were married for a long period of time. Those being married for decades (like my parents) can give invaluable wisdom to those who desire to get married as well. They have been through the storm and the rain. If someone wants to get married, then there has to be a real connection, there has to be friendship, and mutual appreciation for each others' similarities and differences. Doing what is right means that both parties involved would incorporate their aspirations and interests in a fair fashion. Subsequently, a true marriage involves sincerity and great mutual cooperation. Some in the younger generation want to give up on marriage so easily. Yet, sometimes, folks have to embrace patience in order to make things work effectively.

History is a great teacher. All of the human race’s ancestors been through a lot, so we can learn intrinsic, valuable lessons on how to live and about courage too (in our modern generation). Treating your neighbor as yourself regardless of color is an ancient, true, and stabilizing concept that all of us ought to embrace. That is the lesson that Sterling has failed to see. When folks do the right thing and exhibit the action of finding common solutions, then the overall components of our society is enhanced. It is immoral to disrespect others, because all of humanity is entitled pointedly to dignity and respect. For a long time, many folks see the power structure of the world. For the past 5 centuries, the one percent has executed policies that have grown economic inequality (as documented by various reports even in this year alone). Racism is a cancer and it deals with unjust power exhibited by some against certain human beings based upon irrational, ignorant notions on race. The system of white supremacy is opposed by us day in and day out. There are very strong Sisters and Brothers in the world too. Many scholars have defined racism as having the power base to oppress others too. Also, there is class oppression in the world. For the past 4 years, I have researched more heavily the issue of class oppression. The world is imperfect. There is violence everywhere and those who hate peace. The imperfections, the cruel character of some people, and the derelict, arrogant attitude of some should never be an excuse for us to be nihilistic or embrace evil. Yet, we can do something about it. Certainly, potent courage is rare today. Lebron have stood up from the beginning again the ignorant statements of Sterling. We have a long way to go to make society truly fair for minorities. We can also fight on. It isn’t just the NBA that must deal with this issue. It involves institutions from across the board. There is nothing wrong with having differences in a workplace. That can cause different ideals to flourish productively. Many of these ideals can make business improve or the occupation be more creative (humanity is made up of different people and diversity is the spice of light). Folks are correct to mention that any worker should never tolerate a hostile work environment all. Workers have the right to speak up about such matters and make their grievances known in a transparent fashion.

They should call it an unique form of PSTD instead of a "hood disease" which is immature. The problems in many inner cities are readily known. The shipping of jobs overseas, family dysfunction, economic inequalities, struggling schools, crime, and other ills have contributed to the problems found in communities nationwide. These problems are not limited to the inner city too. They exist everywhere. The most important thing is to figure out solutions in solving these complications. There is nothing wrong with encouraging stronger black families (so, mothers and fathers can raise their children in the right way. We need more strong parents, so our communities can be stronger). Yet, we have to do more than that. We have to address the social and economic inequalities in society too. There is a massive wage gap, a massive economic inequality gap, and a war on terror causing economic harm to our country. We need to end the war on terror, end the war on Drugs, end all unjust laws, end unfair tax breaks, etc. as a means to efficiently invest in our inner cities and the rest of American infrastructure. The growth of economic cooperatives in the USA (as represented in the recent Jackson Rising Movement found in Mississippi) can improve the lives of urban America too. We need economic justice and racial justice not just family development. There ought to be a revolutionary change in society. We should talk about the issues of QE, Africom, the Ukraine crisis, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, petrodollars, and other vitally important issues. I have written about these issues here before. Also, some of these same experts are now saying that is condition doesn't expert, so we should use our discernment strongly.

First, real black men deserve dignity and respect. This story is specifically about black males. All human deserve dignity and respect too. Too many folks in society demonize black men with slander and disgraceful, false stereotyping. Black men are diverse, intelligent, and strong. I use the term black men not fake "males." There should be combination of methods for the further improvement of black men. Individual and collective actions ought to be taken to make our community stronger. We should treat our families with respect, never give up, mentor the youth, tell the youth that saying the N and other degrading language is immoral (and give reasons why such deeds are wrong). Any man has the right to join or work with independent organizations that are helping black males in general like academies, workshops, etc. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH COLLECTIVE ACTION EITHER. THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. We should never use racism as an excuse to give up or to harm others inappropriately. We should use racism as motivation for us to do better for ourselves and for our communities. We should publicly condemn injustice and stand up. There is nothing wrong with fatherhood. Fathers have every right to raise boys into real men. Men have every right to stand up (e.g. when we see something wrong, we have the right to speak up about it. We defend our people. Taking more of an proactive role in assisting kids, addressing economic disparities, and encouraging our people are necessities too. Condemning racism and discrimination is a legitimate action that folks can take as well) and not sit down in the midst of problems. Black men should be treated as men neither as commodities nor assets at all. We are men period. We are men. Dylan Teague McDonald is correct. Many black people make it a rite of passage to read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm X expressed profound truths before and after his Hajj. He told the truth that black people have the right ot never be ashamed of their physical features that the CREATOR GAVE THEM. Our black heritage is beautiful. Malcolm X revolutionize cultural thinking about society and the white supremacist system. As he became older, he transformed. He became more progressive and realize that freedom loving peoples of the rights (including non-blacks) deserve liberation from the oppressor. He exposed the evil viciousness of white racism, but he told the truth about the great value of black human life. He defended black human personhood. He publicly states that all people deserve justice, equality, and freedom in 1964 and in 1965. He said that he will judge people on their character not on their color before he was assassinated. Many black men and black women have been inspired by Malcolm X. Malcolm X became more progressive and understood that society must have workers' rights and educational opportunities for women as a society to be a truly just society. He gives people strength and courage to continue in this struggle for liberation. He was friends with people of numerous backgrounds (like Abdul Rahman Babu, Yuri Kochiyama, Ossie Davis, etc.), and he stood up for Africa. He loved Africa. Bless Africa. Black people have every right to fight for justice and use Malcolm X's memory as a means for us to continue forward (in loving our friends, condemning the degradation of our Brothers and our Sisters, opposing crime in our communities, opposing capitalist exploitation of the world's resources, opposing police brutality, and supporting anti-imperialist efforts). We want the total liberation of black African peoples globally point blank period without exception. RIP Malcolm X.

By Timothy

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Friday, May 16, 2014

60 Years after the Brown v. Board of Educational decison

It has been 60 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Brown V. Board of Education. That decision outlawed legalized segregated schools in America. Yet, we have a paradox. Today, we witness a re-segregation that has increased since the late 1980’s. Eliminating segregated schools has nothing to do with calling black teachers inferior. We know that there are tons of excellent, qualified black teachers back then and now. It has to do with human beings having the right to be educated in any public school without regard to race, class, or color. That is the point. It is about any student regardless of class having the right to receive a strong, adequate education. Millions of African Americans migrated into the North and Midwest (including the West Coast) from the South as a means for people to gain economic & political rights. They wanted children to have a better education. Many black people were forced into crowded ghettoes and they sent their children to segregated schools via design. Back then, segregation was legal in the South, but in the North it was heavily custom. Black people in the North suffered racism in their housing and school options (backed up by the government agencies and the force of law). Black people fought to end segregated schooling. Even from 1920s to the 1950s, large desegregation battles took place in Northern suburbs and industrial towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Michigan. The NAACP supported lawsuits against segregated schooling. In 1951, Barbara Johns, a high school junior, organized a student strike at her all-Black high school in Virginia to protest poor conditions and overcrowding. Students contacted the NAACP for help, but its lawyers advised them against striking. The strikers' determination won the lawyers over, however, and their claim became part of the basis of the Brown case. Brown did not immediately end segregation, but it was a turning point. It gave black people confidence to struggle for black liberation. We also must see that residential segregation and lax resources should end as well. Separate schools based on race in a racist society will never be progressive at all. Also, activists back then wanted desegregation to not integrate into a white supremacist society. They wanted black people to have access to better resources that many white schools had. That is the point of black liberation. We wanted to free economically, socially, and politically (and not allow the government to discriminate against us based on skin color). We wanted liberation and the best resources possible as white people have had. We wanted justice. As Detroit parent Vera Bradley put it: "We were upset because they weren't getting as many materials as some other schools. We figured if it was desegregated, we would get the same." The psychological angle of Brown had the perverse effect of falsely & immorally stigmatizing Black schools (and consequently, Black teachers) as necessarily inferior. Black kids were to be "integrated" into white schools--but never vice versa. There was no timeline for desegregation from the Brown decision.

The Brown II ruling caused desegregation to come with all deliberate speed. In the opinion of one NAACP lawyer, this really meant "movement toward compliance on terms that the white South could accept." Stiff resistance to these court rulings came from white reactionaries. There were harassment, firings, and evictions.  In 1956, Alabama outlawed the NAACP altogether. In 1957, when the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth tried to enroll his children in an all-white school, he and they narrowly escaped with their lives. Famously, when Black students tried to integrate Little Rock Central High School in September 1957, they were driven back by the Texas Rangers and by racist mobs. President Dwight Eisenhower tried to avoid the conflict, but eventually was forced to send U.S. troops to escort the students--the first time federal troops had been sent into the South since the Reconstruction era following the Civil War. Southern racists were not giving up their Jim Crow system without a fight. Brothers and Sisters fought back. A decade after Brown, 90.7 percent of the South's Black children still attended all-Black schools--400,000 more than in 1956. Schools in the North like in Harlem fought against segregation and inferior education. In New York, Viola Waddy was a part of a group of Harlem parents who, defying the law, kept their children out of school in 1958. The "Harlem Nine" won an important victory when a judge ruled that the New York City Board of Education was offering inferior education to Black children. Boston leaders fought against racial segregation too. Similar efforts existed in Chicago in the 1960’s too. Institutionalized racism and other policies contribute to massive Northern segregation. The busing issue was always a canard. In 1970, half of students in the U.S. went to school by bus, but fewer than 5 percent of those students did so because of desegregation plans. Now, American schools are massively resegregated. Brown caused many positive changes and demographic changes have made full desegregation with whites more difficult. At the end of the day, schools need self-determination and resources. These items relate to desegregation. We don’t need to sit next to a white student to learn information. Yet, we do need small class sizes, qualified including experienced teachers, and rich plus stimulating curricula that are readily found in richer, whiter communities. Black communities need these resources too. Predominantly white suburban schools often spend twice what urban school districts do and three times what poorer rural areas spend. And when they find government funding insufficient, donors in wealthier areas shell out the cash for reading specialists, music and arts, science labs and computers as well as the extracurricular field trips and activities that make for a quality learning environment. Education ought to be universal and not discriminatory based on class or race. Only a genuine movement of parents, teachers, and students can wrest the kind of redistribution of resources that we deserve. Desegregation should be used to end the structure of racism placed in society. Desegregation is about legitimately ending racial apartheid since we are all human beings. Racial apartheid in any form is evil point blank period. The economic system benefits the evil system. Black education can never be improved without addressing black unemployment, the prison industrial complex, environmental racism, and the housing crisis. We have to find ways to end the harsh conditions in the ghettos and the barrios nationwide. Race and class inequality woven in schools must be dismantled if we want to be free.

The Indian elections are finished. The U.S. wants to press for greater support for the pivot to Asia agenda. India is the most populous nation that calls itself a democracy. India is an ally of Washington. India wants to have more economic power than China. The West wants India to be used as a means to surround China geopolitically. Narenda Modi is a reactionary who lead his right wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its National Democratic Alliance to power in New Delhi, according to exit poll results. However, a State Department spokesman later said that were Modi to become India’s prime minister, he would be welcome in Washington. Ironically, America revoked Modi’s visa back in 2005, because of his role in instigating the 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom. For eight years since, its diplomats shunned the Gujarat Chief Minister. In early 2014, however, the U.S. Ambassador to India Nancy Powell made a very public trip to Gujarat to meet with Modi, signaling that the United States is ready to work with him. The U.S. is starting a new relationship with Modi. Powell said that she was retiring. There is a growing U.S. and India relationship business wise. The 2008 Indo-US nuclear accord was meant not only to underpin the Indo-US “strategic partnership;” it was also meant to blaze the trail for the US nuclear industry securing lucrative contracts. But to the chagrin of the US nuclear industry, India—after protests driven by the memory of how Union Carbide’s US owners escaped providing any compensation for the 1984 Bhopal disaster—refused to tailor a liability law to US stipulations. India’s ruling elite has issues with U.S. having relations with Pakistan, Iran, etc. India for the most part has allied with America in the 20th and 21st centuries. India has worked with the U.S. in expanding military and strategic ties with the U.S. knowing that Washington wants to use India as a strategic counterweight to China. Japan is partnering with India too. Japan is allied with America’s pivot to Asia agenda. Japanese imperialism has its own ambitions to use India to develop an alternative cheap labor supply network to that now centered on China. China is expanding its resources globally. So, India is having a historic time indeed.

It would be courageous if LeBron James boycotted the League until Sterling was removed as an owner. I will wait to see what the League will do. Sterling continues to make offensive comments. His actions and his words blatantly violate rules from the NBA Constitution (according to NBA officials). I still respect LeBron James as a man, because he at least was one of the first men who condemned the evil words said by that racist Donald Sterling. LeBron James greatly loves and takes care of his family like any real father would. The bigger question is where do we go from here? We can’t acquiesce to the status quo. We should definitely use our economic and political power to fight back against racism. When an owner prejudges our people, then all of us are attacked not just NBA Players. It is important to make sure that we defend our dignity heroically against any injustice. It is a shame that many from the local NAACP (found in Los Angeles) knew about Sterling’s ways and still allied with a man with lax character. Our heroes from the past were involved in not only sit-ins and protests. They used groups of people to protect civil rights workers and other folks in our communities from racists. Sometimes we have to sacrifice in order to gain something. Too many of our people desire a "comfortable" lifestyle instead of sacrificing truly for their dignity and self-respect. It is very disappointing for the President to support a nominee that desires to place an evil emblem (which relates to the oppression, harm, and murder of our people) on the state of Georgia flag. With the recent reactionary Supreme Court decisions ranging from corporations to voting rights, we should always stand up for our principles. He should immediately withdrawal the nominee and pick a human being that is qualified and that will show respect for the interests of black human beings. Yes, sometimes the suit and tie wearers are even more bigoted than a poor Klans person. With the current sorry state of our judicial system, we can't afford to see more extremist judges at the bench at all. It is a shame that many doctors refused to help her. Many doctors have to show a little more compassion since she is experiencing a massive tumor that created a massive burden in her life or Doris Davis. I am glad that one doctor will give her the necessary surgery that she needs and desires. Hopefully, she will be fine without massive complications after the procedure. This event proves that we can't have the status quo involving our health care system. We still have a way to go to make sure that universal health care is instituted for all Americans. We have the right to advance our economic rights and our health care rights too.

We are learning more about the Nigerian situation. There is more to the violence in Nigeria than what the mainstream media is showing. I express sympathy to the mothers and fathers who are missing their precious daughters. More than 200 schoolgirls being abducted is a huge tragedy. The viral spread of the "#BringBackOurGirls" campaign has cast a spotlight on a terrible crime and horrific social conditions in a long-neglected part of the world. Now, we should use this event as a means to support militarist actions that benefit the Nigerian ruling class and the world’s imperial powers at all. That will make the violence and injustice worse. Boko Haram is a theocratic terrorist group. The families of the victims have every right to protest in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja at the end of April 2014. The abductions came in the northern Nigeria town of Chibok. The U.S. and British government will assist the Nigerian government in their operations against Boko Haram. The Nigerian government of President Goodluck Jonathan bears some responsibility in this affair. He has used violence in Northern Nigeria. He has delayed in responding to this tragedy. We should support the working and all other peoples of Nigeria, who struggled against tyranny. Multinational corporations and powerful government benefit from the injustice in Nigeria. Boko Haram has killed Christians and males too. Last week, the purported leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, took responsibility for the abductions in Chibok whose age ranged as young as 9. We know that the Nigerian security forces have been killing, torturing, illegally detaining, and raping civilians according to the June 2013 Nigeria’s own National Human Rights Commission report. Some Nigerian government forces are killing people without making a difference between militants and innocents. Africa is filled with U.S. military bases using covert and overt operations in Africa. Nigeria has big economic inequality. Many Western multinational companies have exported oil from Nigeria and caused environmental destruction too. As the Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole wrote on Twitter, "Terrorism is not a natural disaster." Nigeria's history of colonial exploitation and the plundering of the country's natural resources by multinational corporations set the stage for "[c]riminal negligence by successive Nigerian governments [that] created ideal conditions for Boko Haram," Cole wrote. Nigeria’s government policies must be challenged. The solution is for the girls to be found via non-imperialist international means. Also, grassroots people in Nigeria have the right to confront poverty wages, unemployment, government repression, and sectarian divisions. 

 By Timothy