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Palin/Obama 2012: More MK Oz-Disney Mass Hypnosis

New Years Eve Information

There was a naked wheelchair protester being targeted by the TSA. A woman protested the invasive new TSA airport security. She donned just a bra and panties. She is being targeted and prevented from flying by TSA officials. They cited an unusual contour on her body. The wheelchair user's name is Tammy Banovac. She was once groped by TSA agents at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers world Airport. She stripped in protest in November 30. She didn't like TSA workers touching her genitals, etc. “If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault,” Ms Banovac has said, noting that she is hand searched every time she flies because of her disability. The TSA perverts should of been ashamed of themselves for it. Banovac's protest led an hour long interrogation at the hands of the TSA. Her wheelchair found nitrates, which can be used in explosives. She was targeted with her clothes on by the TSA. She is now recognized by TSA in airports. Given the bizarre explanation or lack thereof for preventing her from flying for 24 hours, there can be little doubt that TSA agents are intent on punishing Banovac for her earlier protest by making her life hell every time she enters the airport. The TSA have used a vendetta aginast people who don't support the borg of the state. In early 2010, Stacey Armato was locked inside a glass box for almost an hour by TSA agent in a Phoenix airports. She refused to allow them  to put her breast milk through an x-ray device, a legitimate request that is even written into the TSA’s own guidelines. Armato was informed by a police officer that she had been singled out by TSA agents who recognized her because she had filed a complaint against them regarding the handling of her breast milk the previous week.

The Left gatekeepers are at it again. Ishmael Reed is one man who's a progressive ironically exposing these left gatekeepers for all to see. They or the Left Gatekeepers try to crucify President Barack Obama (even in silly ways. You can disagree with the man without reactionary, obscene invective. Establishment progressives want Obama to act as a servant to their interests. On ther other hand, a real man should be independently progressive to not suck up to the Foundation-funded left gatekeepers or neo-cons at all) instead of damning the wicked corporate system itself. Reed exposed the establishment left's abandonment of exposing housing foreclosures. Some of them oppose torture in Abu Ghraib, but won't expose the torture in prisons found in  Illinois, New York, New Mexico and California. Amy Goodman exposed torture in the Philippines not in Riker's Island, which is not far from her firehouse studio. Goodman wants universal health care, which I have no issue with. During her appearance on “Democracy Now,” Ms. Ensler was right to denounce the rape of Congo women by soldiers, but she spent only a fraction of her time on the multinational corporations that are financing “rebels” all over Africa and the arming of the soldiers by American firms. As Hugh Masekela, the great South African trumpeter told me, during an interview, “All African wars are surrogate wars.” Malian writer Manthia Diawara (We Won’t Budge) chair of Africana Studies at NYU said that whites still run Africa. Ensler legitimately expose female suffering in the world, but refuse to expose the plight of males without balance. The Huffington Post float the lie that the blacks of New Orleans have done cannibalism according to Ishmael Reed. While Goodman symphatizes with the dictatorship in Cuba, the Left gatekeepers continue on. The Tea Partiers are used by the  14,000 families who own one quarter of the country’s wealth. Many people were discriminated against and denied access to capital, which contributed to our economic problems now. Scheer seemed to blame those whom he referred to as “minorities, the poor and drug addicts” for the recession because of policies that opened the mortgage lending market to people like these who couldn’t afford to pay. He agrees with billionaire Antoinettist, Thomas Friedman, who came to the same conclusion. This is a conclusion disputed by Freidman’s Times colleague Paul Krugman. Reactionaries lecture about affirmative action when affirmative action benefited white people the most (I mean affirmative action in the Homestead Act too). There is an economic issue here. Some of this financial crisis is due to bad public policy, including tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and other measures that have redistributed wealth upwards-- to those who are already rich and arguably don't need more. Another reason for our crisis is discrimination in housing, labor, and lending plus the deregulation of the lending market. Some Left Gatekeepers want to only talk about class without race. Right Gatekeepers don't want to talk about neither. The truth is that you must tackle the issues of class, race, and socio-economic factors in making real solutions in America. These same Republican hypocrites hate entitlements, yet they are the same people that benefited from the New Deal, the Great Society, Medicare, Social Security, the G.I. bill, and other government programs. The Left Gatekeeper David Corn believes that fatherless homes is a black problem, exclusively, in a country where 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and the nuclear family comes in at about 5 percent. Slick left gatekeepers' curtains and sheets have been exposed (from the likes of Maher and others). The deceiver Gloria Steniem and Robert Gates even defended Bill Clinton's adulteries. Gates slandered blacks as collectively anti-Semitic years ago. These Left gatekeepers are no different than a Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck type. Like the neo con liars, many Left Gatekeepers blame the victim instead of the wicked system. The hypocrite MSNBC netwrok would criticize FOX News for authentic reasons, yet they allow a racist like that Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan on their show. According to U. S. News & World Report (1/16/92), Pat Buchanan said In 1977 that Hitler was "a political organizer of the first rank," a man of "extraordinary gifts," "great courage" and elements of "genius."

MTV issued their special on abortion. This is a new time than back then. Now, more young folks are Pro-Life than a generation ago. There are even Pro-life commercials in BET now about genocide in the black community from abortion (causing more deaths per years from HIV/AIDs, heart diseases, and other issues combined). This was taboo only 10 years ago. The show wanted to give women a chance to express publicly their aborting experiences. The show was called "No Easy Decision." These decisions aren't easy. Most women get abortion since they feel that they have no other option left. Most women don't glamorize abortion or celebrate it. Women have an unique expression of emotions on this issue. MTV is MTV, so they want to promote abortion on the show. They wanted to ignore pregnancy centers nationwide that can help women with abortion issues. They outnumber abortion clinics in America by a three to one ratio. They bring hope to women in despair. The stories of these centers can be seen at Some want hope and some want despair. James and Markai argue about the language about the human in the womb. They point out that thinking of the child as “a little ball of cells” makes it easier to go through with the abortion. Notice that the reason is not that it is true, but that it makes it easier. Yet the manipulation of truth goes too far for Markai when James calls the baby a “thing.” That offends her. You don't use deceptive language like a ball of cells to dehumanize the unborn in the womb. Markai said that God doesn't give us situation that we can't handle, which is true. The people or participants in the program had courage and honesty to outline their own experiences. Groups like Silent no More are promoting solutions for women as well. You can't morally compromise your soul or core convictions.  “I know I can do it,” Markai declares to her mom in the face of the odds of how difficult it will be to get through college while raising two children. Markai had hope. But eventually, despair took over, because both she and James thought they were doomed to making their second child suffer deprivations that they could not bear to think of. Nobody shared in this program the simple fact about the suction abortion procedure that Markai underwent, in the way, for instance, that abortion doctor Harlan Raymond Giles did when he gave sworn testimony in US District Court as follows: “Question: Can the heart of a fetus or embryo still be beating during a suction curettage abortion as the fetus or embryo comes down the cannula? Answer: For a few seconds to a minute, yes.” (Western District of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S). So, the humanness of the unborn is easily known.

New paradigms in thinking is important. In the 21st century, people reject hardcore socialism and hardcore laissez faire capitalism. People want new solutions to solve problems since these 2 extreme economic philosophies either don't work or are limited in what they can achieve to grow our standard of living. It's obvious that our current corporate dominated government isn't benefiting all of the people. They are serving the radical free market instead. They want to protect the interest of big corporation having socialistic like bailouts for the rich and cut throat competition for the poor. Our current American economy is more corporatist instead of a mixed economy. Laissez faire capitalism has been apart of Western Exceptionalism, imperialism and other evils for eons. There is nothing wrong with trade, business development, and other means to have economic growth. These actions existed in the world without modern capitalism ever existing. Even nations in Africa, Asia, and other places have trade and cultural development for eons as well. It's hypocritical to advocate do for self alone (then ignore the GI Bill college benefits to VA Home loans that benefited other people. These people receiving these benefits experienced government intervention). Even back then, many people like African Americans had trade unions to negotiate wages and have better working conditions for shipwrights. There are other incidents where when people have real communities with real businesses, reactionaries try to ruin it. Instead of following one cutter system, and independent economic system should form to develop our communities, build up our own resources, etc. Especially, people of color should control their own resources as well. Limousine liberals and left gatekeepers are wrong to assume black people are just incompetent charity cases that need permanent dependence on them for help. The right gatekeepers are wrong to assume that any government intervention in the economy is some sin. It's hypocritical to say let's get rid of welfare for the poor, but don't eliminate welfare or bailouts for corporations. The government handouts for the rich are tax abatements, historical tax credits, "enterprise zones," subsidies and the like. It's better to give welfare and real social services to those that need it (in the form of WIC, Section 8, child-care, community colleges, the elderly, the sick, the infirmed) than those using the system (like big corporations and the like). For black people have always been self sufficient for eons. The Great Depression, the Gilded Age, our current economic crisis, and the Middle Ages gold crisis proved that laissez faire capitalism don't work. There should be both individual enterprise and collective enterprise in making real economic reforms. The independent economic path is superior than socialism/communism and laissez faire cut throat capitalism (causing record economic inequality. almost 44 million Americans lived in poverty and 50.7 million were uninsured – the highest ever since the Census was taken. Abuses of taxpayers' money is real). Today, the private Federal Reserve control the U.S. monetary system causes bubbles. That is why Stephen Zarlenga and others want economic reforms in society. Having of all the money in private banking hands causes economic instability instead their is no control of it in checks and balances. Even Abraham Lincoln creating the Greenback system was a successful economic system for the most part. The IMF have done austerity measures as well. ". In fact, you will probably become a slave if Gold is used as a currency because there is NOT ENOUGH Gold to supplement the expanding population (when the economy expands, you need resources to adjust to it). Even Thomas Paine wanted an social insurance program by financing with with a tax on ground rent not on wages. All regulation isn't good, but some is. Radical contraction in the money supply harness recession. Funding of infrastructure is important since you need updated infrastructure to adjust among the changing ties of technology plus science. Plus you need money to fund this, which contradicts Austrian economic rhetoric of decreasing monetary cash in order to build up the economy (that is an oxymoron since you need some spending of money to grow the economy in a rational fashion. That includes updating our bridges, roads, railways, hospitals, and scientific endeavors). Humans via vision, compassion, and social reforms have improved upon civilization. Even though FDR wasn't perfect, his administration saw rises in GDP in most of his terms, even before U.S. involvement in WWII. You don't allow the whole system to collapse and then hope the free market can pick up the pieces (that is why the private sector is hoarding money with little investment until the the government pressured them to give crumbs to citizens). You act in strong intervention to help your fellow man. Even Dr. Martin Luther King before he died said that he wanted independence, self determination, and a revolutionary ethic that benefits the whole world (especially in the Third World that has historically been dominated by counter revolutionary tactics from the reactionaries of the West).

Cardinal McCarrick greeted Admiral William Fallon in the September 11th memorial mass in D.C. The Red Dragon of Rome is still around. Theordore Cardinal McCarrick is the Archbishiop of Washington, D.C. and he's called your Eminence, yet you call no man that name. Jeb Bush is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus. Bush Sr. is a honorary Knight of Malta too. Bush Sr. kissed the foot of the Pope of Rome. Now, Josh Reeves and others have exposed new information on Julian Assange. Reeves said that Assange's parents ran a touring theatre company. In 1979, his mother remarried to a musician who belonged to a cult led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The cult called themselves "The Great White Brotherhood" or thew Santiniketan Park Association (aka the Family. It was a cult. Some children in the cult were drugged with Big Phrama drugs). This name is related to the views of the Theosophical and New Age Movements. The U.N. has the Theosophical works in their own buildings. The United Nations promotes Lucis Trust and like minded organizations. As many as twenty eight children had been 'collected' under the custody of the director, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, a theosophist. Many Theosophists promote New Age teachings and a new world religious ideology under the guise of trying to create world harmony. Assange exposed many secrets among the Western governments that I have no issue with, but the real truth must be shown as well. Assange claimed that a member of Australian intelligence advised on the Family cult. The Wikileaks scandals is allowing the establishment to use justify to censor information and attack the Internet (among information deemed "private"). Many leaders of the Wikileaks structure have ties to the mainstream media. One example is that Wikileaks leader Philip Adams had key posts in the Australian government. Adams also “chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for the Mind at Sydney University and the Australian National University”. CFR member Michael Spence also serves on this board and Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, has served as well until 2001. The 2008 Distinguished Fellow of the Center for the Mind was former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has faced a slew of accusations for war crimes. Wikileaks had contacts with elite organzations including Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy (as exposed by former Wikileaks member John Young). Young finally quit the organization on January 7, 2007. His final words: “Wikileaks is a fraud... working for the enemy." The total truth of Wikileaks can be known in the future.

By Timothy

Second Amendment Champion Aaron Zelman Passes Away



Second Amendment Champion Aaron Zelman Passes

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Illinois Gun
December 31, 2010
The second amendment community has lost a champion. Aaron S. Zelman Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership passed away December 21, 2010

He is survived by his wife Nancy, two sons, Erik and Jeremy. Funeral services were held at 11am December 24, 2010 at the Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue, 2909 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon. Memorials can be made to JPFO, P.O. Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027.
Aaron was often interviewed by Alex Jones on his radio show and was a no nonsense voice for protecting and defending our second amendment. He would often speak in favor of a Bill of Rights Culture for all Americans and of the need for people to get involved.
While JPFO is known for its posters and articles supporting gun rights, it was Aaron’s work in exposing the connection between our 1968 Gun Control Act and the 1938 Nazi gun control laws in “Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny” that brought JPFO to the attention of most gun owners.
More recently Aaron took JPFO in a new direction; documentary films.
Innocents Betrayed was one of Aaron’s first films.  It was an award winning film exposing the true cost of citizen disarmament when governments go bad.
In the newest documentaries from JPFO, “No Guns for Negroes” and “No Guns for Jews” Aaron took a more aggressive approach by directly targeting his audience.
Ralph W. Conner Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Donna Major, Boston Field Coordinator for the Second Amendment Sisters were the featured spokesmen in “No Guns for Negroe’s”.
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“No Guns for Negroes” explains how the right of self-defense is a right of every American and if that right is taken away then the individual is made powerless.
Aaron’s final film “No Guns for Jews” may be Aaron’s master piece and his legacy.
“No Guns for Jews” calls out Jewish politicians and leaders that support gun control and asks the question, why do so many Jews support gun control when it’s in direct violation of Torah law.
At one point in the documentary, Rabbi Dovid Bendory holds up his New Jersey Firearms Identification Card and asks “What’s the purpose of this; the purpose of this is to have my name on a list so that the state police know that I am a gun owner”.
He then explains how these are the types of laws made by man that have created problems in the past.
In the last member correspondence, Aaron announced the Drudge Report had agreed to accept advertising from JPFO to promote our films. He referred to it as the 800 Pound Gorilla. Hopefully this effort will be able to continue.
In the last few years Aaron began offering posters and other material for free including the two latest documentaries, No Guns for Negroe’s and No Guns for Jews.
Aaron will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend.
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Links of interest.

Washington Post Misleads Readers on Abortion Availability

Hollywood Celebs Helped Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in 2010

Reality Of Illusion 4: Julian Assange The White Brotherhood and the Nazis

Note by Me: I don't agree with Josh on Blavatsky, but most of this information is accurate.

By Timothy


Press Censorship

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cardinal Keith O'Brien: austerity era could help, us live the simple life [DARK AGES II]

Underneath the Happy Talk, Is This As Bad as the Great Depression?

Rep. Schakowsky: Social Security Not Part of Deficit Problem

Life News

Clallam County Democratic Central Committee elects employee for the eugenics founded Planned Parenthood group as its new vice chair

MTV’s controversial special on abortion stars black teen

What well known Progressive had racist ties to the KLAN ?

Christine O’Donnell calls new allegations a false attack by “establishment career politicians” on a “Grassroots Citizen Politician”

Was it “No Easy Decision” for MTV to air black girl’s abortion or was it a return to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project”?

Economics from many Points of Views

The Bootstrap

Feds, Police Enforce Mandatory Blood Tests At Florida Checkpoints


Feds, Police Enforce Mandatory Blood Tests At Florida Checkpoints

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Feds, Police Enforce Mandatory Blood Tests At Florida Checkpoints 041010topPhoto: blakespot
“No refusal” DUI stops soon to expand nationwide
Steve Watson & Paul Watson
Dec 30, 2010
In a shocking, but not unprecedented, turn of events drivers in Florida will be mandated to allow police to jab a needle in their arm and extract blood at DUI checkpoints should they refuse to submit to breath tests.
At what have been described as “no refusal” checkpoints, judges will be on hand to issue a warrant allowing police to demand blood.
DUI defense attorney Kevin Hayslett told 10 News WTSP that the mandatory blood tests are a clear violation of constitutional rights:
“It’s a slippery slope and it’s got to stop somewhere,” Hayslett explained, “what other misdemeanor offense do we have in the United States where the government can forcefully put a needle into your arm?”
Watch the report:

The program is gathering pace and has already been instituted in other States. As we have previously highlighted, police in Texas and Idaho are already forcibly jabbing needles into people’s arms and taking their blood at DUI checkpoints, even if they are merely “suspected” of being drunk.
The Associated Press reported last year that officers in Texas and Idaho are training to withdraw blood from “suspects” as a replacement for the standard breathalyzer test, primarily because police can’t make anyone breathe into a tube but apparently, in the “land of the free,” they can forcibly hold someone down and jab a needle into their arm and take their blood, “a practice that’s been upheld by Idaho’s Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court,”.
Nicole Watson, the College of Western Idaho phlebotomy instructor teaching the Idaho officers, described how the process would unfold.
“Once they’re back on patrol, they will draw blood of any suspected drunk driver who refuses a breath test. They’ll use force if they need to, such as getting help from another officer to pin down a suspect and potentially strap them down, Watson said.”
The practice of cops drawing blood at the side of the road has been in place in some areas since 1995 but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that the program is ultimately intended to be introduced nationwide.
As Alex Jones exposed over a decade ago, the eventual plan, under a 1993 executive order signed by Bill Clinton, is to institute mandatory blood and urine testing at the DMV:

In October of this year, Washington DC introduced a voluntary program offering free HIV testing at the Department of Motor of Vehicles office in Penn Branch in Southeast Washington for those renewing their licenses. Participants received up to $15 to help defray their DMV costs.
The program was clearly intended to acclimatize drivers to the idea of providing blood samples when applying for a new license.
Of course, once Americans are trained to accept authority figures jabbing them with needles against their will on a whim, programs for mandatory mass vaccination will be all the more easier to implement.
As we covered earlier this year, the government is harvesting samples of DNA from every newborn child in the country, storing them in monolithic bio banks and providing them to outside researchers and other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, all without the consent or knowledge of parents.
In April 2008, President Bush signed into law a bill which formerly announced the process that the federal government has been engaged in for years, screening the DNA of all newborn babies in the U.S. within six months of birth.
Described as a “national contingency plan” the justification for the law S. 1858, known as The Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007, is that it represents preparation for any sort of “public health emergency.”
The bill states that the federal government should “continue to carry out, coordinate, and expand research in newborn screening” and “maintain a central clearinghouse of current information on newborn screening… ensuring that the clearinghouse is available on the internet and is updated at least quarterly”.
Sections of the bill also make it clear that DNA may be used in genetic experiments and tests, both by the government and by researchers chosen to handle the DNA samples and the information that goes with them.
Allowing the government to illegally obtain and store Americans’ blood is a total invasion of privacy and completely unconstitutional. Every effort should be made by citizens to resist this tyranny and prevent the bloodsucking state from building their national DNA database.

TSA Tyranny

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Subliminal Messages in TRON: Legacy

The Chemtrail Conditioning Program

FBI Delivers Anti-terror Flyers to Farm Supply Stores

crammasters's words Part 2 (Controversial, Yet Accurate information)

Jan 31, 2010 01:09 PM
REPLYING TO crammaster ON Jan 16, 2010 02:40 AM Link Back
"Trojan Horse - Death of a Dark Nation" is a MUST read.
It'san EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, read Crammaster. It's abook that you don't won't to put down. I applaud both you and your co-authors for a bookwell researched, thoughtout, and written.
Crammaster, when I can read a book thatTOTALLY consumes me,AND brings me more AWARENESS, thatmakes me ANGRY,makes me CRY, and even makes me LAUGHand to think aboutwhat400 years of white power and howRacism and WhiteSupremacyhas has greatly IMPACTED Black People today on EVERY level.It'slike the 327 pages isn't enough. You want more.
Reading "Trojan Horse", Itook my time. I RE-READ sentences, paragraphs, and even total chapters that were so on point! You wonder sometimes are you the only personseeing this "brutal attack" onBlack People.
Well Done!
Q? Chapter 49 - Are you the "Man in the Mirror"?
Jan 31, 2010 05:54 PM
REPLYING TO REDHEELS ON Jan 31, 2010 01:09 PM Link Back

Also, we're working on the 2nd book, which is halfway finished, about BM/BW relationships and it's along the same vein as Trojan Horse. It's no Steve Harvey relationship-type book, and we don't talk about dressing up for your man and getting all "shiny"

We talk about what we think is the biggest source of conflict in our relationships and some of the things we need to understand before we can overcome our African Holocaust.

I'll keep you posted.

If you want to contact me via my email, shoot me an email from our website and join our mailing list I'll make sure (no matter what happens on this site)

that you are among the first to know about book #2.


Dec 05, 2009 11:34 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 05, 2009 06:15 AM Link Back
And so are your posts. You are kind where I am blunt.
I have lost my patience with these lost, showcase negroes that are paraded before us as "role models."

I explain to my sons and daughters that money is NOT the measure of a man -- or a woman. I let them know that doing anything for money is a sure recipe for misery and disaster. I let them know that RICH PEOPLE are a lesson in life and teach us all that money DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESS and does NOT solve every problem in life. Otherwise there would be NO rich, drug addicted, sex-addicted, messed up, monked-up, jacked-up, mentally ill, eat-a-holic, or divorced RICH PEOPLE.

I go even further and I do not let the TV babysit them. I do not allow them to watch videos that I know nothing about. And if they have questions, I give them honest, not baby-fied, answers.

My blood offspring will not grow up thinking grass is blue, or the sky is green, or that the WM is God. They will know what time it is and will be stronger for that knowledge. I take a cue from the Jew, when he teaches his children about anti-Semitism. No one would dare accuse the Jews of teaching hate.

Feb 03, 2010 01:19 PM
REPLYING TO tmsine ON Jan 18, 2010 04:24 PM Link Back

ME: And this is what I fight against, this manufactured war between BM and BW. I can see (and feel) the increasing DISCONNECT between us because we do not understand that we are being programmed to fight each other.

I understand why you feel that way, sister, but we are in this together. When the system attacks one of us; it attacks all of us . Am I saying you should defend BM like Tiger Woods? Hell no, I don't defend him, but I recognize what he failed to recognize:

t hat no amount of white p____y or interracial marriages, or bi-racial babies, etc will change his RACE or his SKIN COLOR or the fact that he is a n____a in America.

And what you see on these boards is the same kind of ILLUSION OF INCLUSION that some BM and BW are seeking when they put down their own race,

but they will find, just like Tiger, that their obvious displays of SELF-HATRED AND SELF-CONTEMPT can be seen by EVERYONE but themselves. Everyone else sees it for exactly what it is: LOW SELF-ESTEEM.


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted August 17

And the funny thing about whites that are obsessed with black people in the sexual sense, (really thats the ONLY sense in which they lean to us), is the FACT that if a black person isn't interested in being with one of them, they have the NERVE to call us RACIST!

That is the problem as well. Black people haven't truly learned the meaning of racism/racist, they are STILL stuck in the 'white definition' of it, so they embrace whites just to NOT be seen as such...

Its a shame that black people feel like as long as they are willing to sleep with whites, they aren't racist people. When in actuality a black person CAN NOT be racist nor practice racism...

But a black person will give you holy hell if you even try to tell them that whites are racist...BUT will agree wholeheartedly about someone like ME or you being racist, when we have exuded not one quality, ability nor trait....

Dec 05, 2009 06:50 PM
REPLYING TO crammaster ON Dec 04, 2009 10:09 PM Link Back
To Crammaster-
" The self-hating, ignorant of knowledge of self, black male does not see his dilemma because he is blinded by the need for white validation, and does not see that we are the ONLY MEN on the planet who do NOT understand the power and protection of ethnic unity = black man + black woman" THANK U! THANK U!! THANK U!!!
This is the best summation I've ever read/heard coming from abrotha. It makes mehappy that there're brothas like you out there whoare intelligent enough to see the traps.Your statement holds true and true, no ifs & buts about it.How come bm aren't learning that their actions are bringing down their own ethnic foundation. A HOUSE DIVIDED IS A HOUSE CONQUERED...
Dec 07, 2009 06:54 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 07, 2009 06:39 PM Link Back
say what??? drugs & alcohol?

say it ain't so!

the almost funny part is it's BW who get slammed the most on these threads for being gold-diggers and materialistic


when these white females get all the house negro male's loot -- and there's a list of them as long as today's unemployment lines -- these BW-bashing posters are strangely SILENT....

Not a peep

obviously some think it's normal to enrich the white -- not the black -- community.

there's a lesson in every post on this site, if you think about them long enough...


Also, you make a good point when you said:

There are 3 kinds of BM and BW,those who make things happen,those who watch what happens and those who wonders what happens.

Food for thought...

PS Thanks for the info about Tiger and the NAACP. Hadn't heard about that
Note by ME: I don't believe that most West coast brothers and sisters are sellouts like that, but I get the point.
By Timothy
Dec 09, 2009 01:31 AM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 08, 2009 10:15 PM Link Back
check this out

occasionally I experiment posting in west coast forums like Seattle, San Fran, LA, Denver, etc. and if the post has anything to do with race, i almost never get any replies.

The west coast is psychological death for black folks. In my experience, many west coast black folks are so submissive to white supremacy, they act like the white man's eavesdropping on every conversation they have about race. Not surprisingly, the rate of IR, especially for BM, is off the chain.

Those two things seem to go together: unconscious (white-identified) black folks and addictions to white flesh/lovers. IR makes blacks compromise too much, because it is difficult to safely walk the line between OUR black reality and their white lover's white reality. And most white folks do not want to know or hear about what black folks go through and will even act like you're exaggerating about racism when you're being victimized.

These white-identified black folks are deep into denial that in order to keep peace in their IR household they will ignore the signs that their white lovers/spouses are racist, or at least hold a lot of negative opinions about black folks. These black folks think because that white person shares their bed or is hung up on dark meat, that that means they see blacks as equals. Straight BS.

In the book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, there's a chapter called "The Pet Negro Syndrome" which explains this "pet negro" phenomenon, where a white person will accept one black person, but shuns all others as defective.

I remember when this dude, Lee, a BM neighbor, starting dating this white female (who incidentally stole him out from under her black female "friend" (BW start using your heads and STOP bringing these white females around BM -- most are USING you and have NO QUALMS about taking your black man if he allows it)

One day,my lady ran into this white female my neighbor was dating at the grocery store, and they got into a conversation. My lady said, she could tell the white female wasn't comfortable with black people from the things she said and the vibe she gave off.

Cutting to the chase, this white female said to my lady, "I'm so glad Lee is different."

My wife said, "What do you mean, different?" thinking, uh-oh, what kind of BS is coming now?

So, the white female said, "Well, Lee's not like most black guys, he's not ignorant and doesn't use a lot of slang."

My wife said her mouth almost fell open, but she was cool because she wasn't surprised, cause she could tell this female didn't know she was racist.

This BM eventually married her, and i had to wonder, what was this fool a___ BM thinking? He obviously didn't know or didn't care what kind of white female she was, so he got what he deserved, in my book

Some black folks are so hypnotized and brainwashed by white supremacy, they become their own worst enemy, and start identifying with their own oppression, to the degree that they turn against their own race.
Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 19

@Redalert7 who said, "What I can clearly see is that BM want a woman who will lift him up; especially when he has had a hard days work, he doesn't want to come home to a nagging wife/girlfriend. He wants a woman who will build up his spirits..not knock him down."

ME: Absolutely

Redlalert7: "What women want is "stability and security." They want to feel that when they have a child with this man, he can protect and secure their future. These are primitive instincts. And I think all men and all women want the above."

ME: I also believe that women -- since they are more vulnerable than men especially during pregnancy -- look for security and stability -- REGARDLESS of race. That's the role MEN play in a society, to provide for and protect their women and children. The only time men look to women for security, is when they lack manhood training and have been raised to think and feel and act like a female, hence the dependency on women by many males who have not had fathers OR fathers who trained them in the ways of manhood.

redalert7 said: "The sad thing is that too many black folk would rather believe what whites tell them about themselves, than just taking a stand and being responsible for their own "self." EVERYBODY has bought into the lies/myths about black people?.because we are the most targeted. If a person is barraged with negativity day in day out?.there is bound to be a time when their psyche can't take anymore; they start to take on the monster that is fed to them."

ME: Until we understand what was done to US during slavery --and stop foolishly dismissing our 500 YEARS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE (because white folks told us it wasn't important) -- we will stay confused and blaming each other.

Redalert said: "This is why connecting with each other is important (unity). Unity is strength.......hence the strong will stand for themselves and the weak will fall for anything."

ME: I agree, UNITY is the most powerful weapon the black collective has, which is why the "system" works so hard to keep us apart and pitted against each other...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 21

@ _A_ who said,"I saw the lady interviewed and she seems relatively intelligent. However she was asked how long she was married and she responded by saying "three wonderful Years" "wonderful???" really? If that's the case, why are you calling Dr. Laura (probably on hold for 30mins) for advice on this?"

ME: because she's in denial, brother, things didn't get bad all of a sudden, she just had her blinders on EVEN while she was "dating" her WM

_A_: "Secondly, if your husband is allowing these dudes to come over and dis you like that, he has NO RESPECT for you love."

ME: Most WM draw a line in the sand when it comes to race, they might choose that BW over another white individual, but they will NEVER choose her over their white privilege

maybe she was getting too "uppity" and he decided to let his friends put her in WHITE CHECK, like "do u know who u are compared to who we think we are?

and i suspect with the crashing economy, a lot of white folks are taking bigger and better potshots at random black folk, because RACISM always increases during hard economic times. So all the black folk who are convinced that race relations are getting better, u better open your eyes...

_A_: i have listened to Dr. Laura myself on a few occasions, and although I have never heard her go this far, she has come dangerously close on many occasions. Honestly it doesn't bother me one bit.

ME: I listened to her a few times years ago, and she struck me as an arrogant, self-righteous, racist, insecure, full of herself....uh, I won't say the B word cause that's not nice...

however, I think black folk should be WAY past the point of being shocked when a white folk practices racism, unless u live in a cave, it doesn't make any sense...

_A_: When you understand that you live in a world whose foundation is oozing white supremacy like puss from a pigs paw, why should ANY of us be surprised when ANY of it's citizens displays this type of behavior? I'm certainly not shocked by it, because I EXPECT it.

ME: Absolutely...

_A_: "But the real deep thing here is, white people don't see it that way. They will tell you they believe white supremafcy is real, but it's not them, it's always someone else.

ME: u better than me, brother, i can't get no white folk to talk about white

_A_: For most whites and unfortunately too many blacks believe that white supremacy can only be found with those that wear white sheets. They don't see people like Harry Reid, Jennifer Aniston or Anderson Cooper as white supremacists. This shyt is real deep, deeper than many people realize."

ME: All have practiced white supremacy at various times, (don't know that much about Anniston but i assume anybody white who works in racist Hollywood definitely BENEFITIS from white supremacy

good to see u back, brother...


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted August 20


Total agreement, especially with your last paragraph. That is a major problem to solving the issue. NO ONE seems to agree on what exactly supremacy is nor racism as a system.

We still have black people STUCK, thinking racism is not liking someone's skin tone! And scarily enough, when you explain racism to blacks, they immediately jump on the defense of whites! Like you said, blacks only think you can find a white supremacist on Stormfront..So not the case, what more blacks need to do is listen to that Omar Thornton story...
He was SURROUNDED by white supremacists with not one white sheet on their faces. That is the amazing part of white supremacy, they don't even have to 'hide' or join a huge group or chapter to hunt black people and terrorize them these days...All blacks have to do is go to work, at the local bar, they call them 'friends', and sadly enough.....Laying next to them in bed....

Great post brother....keep teaching....


Female, 38, Bedford, OH
Posted August 26

@nodoubt 10,brother blackmen do the same.Some blackmen are more friendly and respectful to white women as they are black women.I see that more than the other way around.Black people are more nice and friendly to whites period.In my profession i have more blacks that think i am automatically a nursing assistant or if i provide educational teaching to a black patient on say diet,medication teaching or their disease process,its as though they dont believe me they need clarification from the white nurse.Black nursing assistance are resistant to my authority,but totally submissive to white nurses.I also have worked with black nurses who will barely speak to me and other black nurses but will break their damn necks to speak and talk to white nurses.So this is a sad reality that we treat,respect and are kind to every other race except our own.You will never see the reverse whites almost always treat their own kind with respect and kindness over blacks.

Male, 27, Saint Louis, MO
Posted August 26

Another thing, no one has to actually DATE outside their race in order to experience other cultures. LoL that's lustful thinking to say that someones has to DATE. You can be friends with anyone of another race and still experience another culture without intimacy. Nothing would be different in your learning process of this other culture besides the absence of sex.

I believe Dr. Martin Luther King was saying that we can have integration without assimilation. Meaning entering a society of another race as a Negro and come out of that same
society with your Negro identity.
Integration does not mean assimilating or for this matter being sexually intimate with another race.


Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted August 26

Nodoubt10, "Another thing, no one has to actually DATE outside their race in order to experience other cultures. LoL that's lustful thinking to say that someones has to DATE. You can be friends with anyone of another race and still experience another culture without intimacy. Nothing would be different in your learning process of this other culture besides the absence of sex. "

Brother I think you just dropped something I haven't heard anyone express before on these blogs/forums. That small paragraph rang loud and clear. I can speak spanish, french and japanese, cook the different foods, learned the cultures, dance styles, listen to some of the music and even have a few in my family...I have YET to date outside my race.

You hit the nail directly on the head when you say WE should be able to indulge and learn of other groups without having to lay with them. That, to me, is where the issues begins and the black ends.....But it also makes you wonder WHY blacks, men and women, feel so inclined to be intimate with others, allow others deep into their personal lives, while at the same time IMITATING others who have absolutely ZERO understanding of who we are as a people. Hence THIS particular blog regarding the caller on Dr. Laura's show...

I think we can both rest our

Great post!


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Posted August 26


THIS is why the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and the African Holocaust were the BIGGEST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN HUMAN HISTORY


Europeans put a new and terrible spin on HUMAN SLAVERY when they destroyed the SOUL AND IDENTITY of African slaves to break them down to the extent that they COULD NOT rebuild themselves.



folks, it is time to drop the nonsense, open your eyes, pick up a book, turn off the TV and educate ourselves

while there is still time....

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted Yesterday


On the second video -- counter mark 4:00 --

Sammy asked Ali: "What does black power mean to you?"

Ali: "Well, to me, black power means, number one, black men respecting and protecting -- with their lives, if necessary -- their women.

Because we are taught by our leader that a man's woman is the field which produces his nation. If he don't protect his field, he'll produce a bad nation."



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 09

@ easy_one

as always, a thought-provoking post that requires us to think

when u said, "How do we compete? How do we counter a daily, non-stop, 24-hour, round-the-clock onslaught of publicity, entertainment, social networking and niche lifestyles that beat us (parents, teachers, concerned adults, etc.) into irrelevance?"
1. BY TAKING CONTROL OF OUR HOUSEHOLDS and talking to our kids MORE. for example, we have ONE TV, and it stays off 95% of the time. We started our kids off early with reading, we read around them, we've even acted out some of the stories for fun (i know, its and we gave them mostly creative games, that require them to build or make something. We have some videos -- NOT the white supremacist fairy tales most black kids are brainwashed with -- but with nature videos and things that have to do with the REAL WORLD.

Do they complain about other kids having things they don't have? Hell yeah, but those kids are complaining about something else even when they get everything they want...

We talk about it, we teach them about racism/white supremacy and how black females are degraded and black males are demonized and WHY it is happening and now they see things and come and tell me about it, like, "Daddy, why do the white people on the news act like all the people in Africa are starving and don't go to school?"


for those who think our kids are too young to get the straight dope, let me assure they are NOT. They are as smart as you RAISE them to be.

2. TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR EDUCATION. My mentor home-schooled all 13 of his children (with the same WIFE), and all his kids went on to college and graduated. Now this is not a practical solution for most folks --

but we can help them with their homework, show up at school and let them know we think their education is important to US, take them to museums, and other trips that TEACH them something...

but that is not enough SO we will have to COME TOGETHER as a community, stop spending all our cash on preacher PIMPS, clothes, alcohol, partying, big homes and luxury cars -- and create our OWN schools


If they are hooked on McDonald happy meals, and Fruit Loops, we did it to them. I know this is tough, especially for single parents or folks who are struggling financially because in many innfer city black neighborhoods, fresh fruit and vegetables are either too expensive OR not readily available.

but that doesn't mean feeding our kids McDonalds for dinner either.

food is the building blocks for a sound mind and body, and if they are not eating good food, their minds don't work right, and they will not do well in school


brother, the only way to overcome this psychological GENOCIDE of our black kids is for US to get to them before the SYSTEM does...

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying there are any perfect solutions OR that I have any answers, all u can do is do the best u can do


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 30

@ easy_one

another interesting post
I'm going to print this up and read it

the main weapon of white supremacy is DISTRACTION and PROJECTION

getting blacks to blame each other is the GAME,
while the real problem AND the real criminals are whites and the white supremacy system itself

make no mistake about it

@ Rabel_Fibal

a WM has NO ROOM or right to throw any stones when it comes to irresponsibility and the slaughter of innocents


crammastersJan. 7th, 2010
at 4:03 pm

i respect Mr. Smiley but it is time to move on to REAL SOLUTIONS, that require more than holding symposiums, meetings, marches, picket lines, protests, and other media-intense dog and pony shows where people clap and cheer and go home to repeat the same patterns.
It is time for the REAL HARD WORK AND SACRIFICES: (1) create more stable families by NOT having children outside of marriage; staying at home and out of nightclubs; being faithful to our spouses; putting our children first, which means going to school events, doing homework with them; stop using TV and material things to keep them busy so WE don’t have to spend time with them.(2) stop relying on showcase blacks and politicians and other black “role models” to solve our problems and be “role models” for black children and BE OUR CHILDREN’S ROLE MODELS. (3)stop building mega-churches and start building MEGA-BUSINESSES to employ our people (or accept future 50% plus black unemployment rates). We have too much work to do to listen to any more speeches..


@ tc2ewra who said, "Todays it seems like the "education" we receive makes us bigger and better "tools' for service in the system of white supremacy"

absolutely right

most of these elite blacks are out for themselves, and have taken up the mantle of white supremacy, hoping they can profit from the exploitation and abuse of their own people.

second, most are afraid of the system, because they have seen the power (and danger) up close and they know these elite whites are nothing to play with

third, a good percentage of them lay down with white folk every night, they feel privileged to socialize with whites, and they PIMP the misery of the black masses

because they no longer relate to their own people and often view them the way a white folk would

from a distance..



Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 04

@ Crammaster who said "most of these elite blacks are out for themselves, and have taken up the mantle of white supremacy, hoping they can profit from the exploitation and abuse of their own people. "

You are right brother.

Unfotunately oftimes the more "education' we get the more distance we put between us and our people.

This educational system is a vehicle for white supremacy. Its infused with white supremist values, morals, standards and ideals.

Therefore we need a strong sense of self to keep us properly balanced

Far too often we come out indoctrinated
not educated.


Male, Age Private, United Kingdom
Posted December 05

Actually, the biggest threat to white supremacy is an aware, afrocentric, independent, RESOURCEFUL black family/community with economic resources...

That's why they camped in Africa and took African slaves to their barren lands...

You know the saying, keep your enemies closer than your friends...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 05

@ African S who said, "Actually, the biggest threat to white supremacy is an aware, afrocentric, independent, RESOURCEFUL black family/community with economic resources...That's why they camped in Africa and took African slaves to their barren lands... "

Absolutely right. It's not about being "educated"

hell, some negroes act like they're the first black folk to get an education. Folks in my family (who are now deceased) were college graduates back in the 1940s and still couldn't get a good job

ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE is the ONLY freedom. That means you don't have to rely on ANYONE --especially your enemies -- to put food on the table and a roof over your head

the fact that black folk collectively can't do EITHER, should concern us more than whether our kids can get into fugging Harvard

what is very interesting and very telling (to me) is Adam Clayton Powell criticized the mentality of Harvard blacks before I was born

and we're still having this same conversation today

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 05

@ venita

right, right, (some) educated blacks are the enemy of their people -- which is WHY the white supremacy system gives them scholarships, tenure, good jobs, awards, titles, and offices

their main function is to create the (false) illusion of "black progress"

and their other job is to ride herd on the black masses to make sure no real progress (or grass root leaders) are created

when i ask black folk what the last "first black so and so" ever did for them or for any black folk, all I get is a blank stare

that says it all


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 11

@ Venita who said, "I dont think he is white identifed,i do think he has a slave minded mindset,Does that make sense? Hell maybe i am the confused"

most black folks are white-identified to some degree (in my opinion, and that includes me), only some folks recognize the symptoms of their illness and some don't

like me, for example, i'll catch myself having a slave-minded thought or reaction to something and i might catch myself and wonder, 'what's that all about? why do i feel the need to impress or reassure this white person?"

Sis, it is impossible to have TB and get completely well when you're still forced to live in a TB ward where u keep getting re-infected....

black folks are trapped in a white supremacy society (america) and we are confused. Some folks are more confused than other folks, that's the real difference...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 11

@ Venita

that's an excellent question

my first impulse is to say no because "white-identified" brings up images of black folk tomming and trying to act "white"

but when u think about it, being "slave-minded" it means we think and act and treat other black folk the same way we saw whites treat us

for example, being "slave-minded" (to me) would be the way some black folk beat the hell out of our kids -- the SAME WAY slaves were beaten and the same way that we were forced to beat and mistreat each other

but would "slave-minded" black folk exist if we had not been the slaves of whites for 400 plus years?

I would say the two things usually mean the same thing, but one may be more visually obvious (white-identified) than the other one where you have to really analyze the behavior of slave-minded black folk to see where their behavior really came from...

(hope that made sense)


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted December 06

@ tc2ewra

right, right, right

even during the Civil Rights movement, a good percentage of black folks just wanted those "troublemakers" to go away and stop riling up the white folk

most will wait to see what happens to you
and then after the work is done
will come out of hiding to see how they benefit

(yeah, that's cynical, but human nature being what it is what it is...)


Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA
Posted December 12


Interesting answer to the sister.

I see being 'slave-minded" being related to fear. Being afraid to step outside of the place that has been allocated for you. Not wanting to expand an idea, thought or discipline if you think it might upset. White people. Not wanting to do anything that might displease them.

"White identified" I thought had more to with trying to imitate White people. Trying to act like them, think like them, talk like them, govern like them, worship like them etc. Trying to emulate White people.

For some reason these are just the images that come to mind when I hear those phrases.

Certainly I could be wrong.


_A_May. 2nd, 2010
at 3:16 pm
“There were Jews who profited from the Holocaust, but do the Jews bring that up and say, “hey, since some Jews did the wrong thing, let the Nazis off the hook?”
The fact is, all modern day blacks have ever known is oppression. To them it’s not oppression, but just the way life is. How many times will you hear old folks say that you have to work twice as hard just to be looked at as equal. If that’s the case, doesn’t that suggest that the deck is indeed stacked against you? If the response is yes, then I would ask, why aren’t we working twice or 3x as hard to CHANGE that system? Why are working twice as hard, to be accepted into an unjust system? Conversely, modern day whites have never known anything but white supremacy, this is why technically, they are ALL white supremacists. That’s not to say all desire to hang you from a tree etc. because as you stated (and reminded me) some whites recognize this phenomenon, and will even work to reverse it (C.U.R.E). But for people like XS_611 who has had the benefit of being a part of a supremacist system his entire life, it’s really just an after though to him, and this is what makes it a trivial matter in his mind, or as he thinks, something illusionary in ours. Imagine a child that has grown up with money his entire life (proverbial silver spoon) after a while money is just an after thought in his daily and since he has never known a day without it, he can and will always downplay the importance of it. Take those billions away though and see how quickly the perspective changes. Same principle applies. Put these people on the other side of the fence, and the viewpoints change. Ok, XS_611 is going on the “do not reply” list. I’m no longer interested in debating him, because at the end of the day, the struggle transcends these simpletons!
p.s. Lets see what corny response he has to my changing his name.


crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
at 1:20 pm

@ _A_
I want to add one more black bone to the white soup regarding black reparations….

If the JEWS can get reparations for 12 years, the descendants of slavery DESERVE reparations for 400 YEARS. And let’s not forget that MY TAX DOLLARS, and my parents and grandparents tax dollars went to pay for the reparations of Jews and the Japanese. Hell, my folks didn’t have anything to do with putting Jews and Japanese into concentration camps BUT BLACK folks still had to pay, right?

So what if some Africans participated in the slave trade? Slavery didn’t make Africa one of the richest nations on earth BUT it certainly made Europe AND America super rich. In fact, neither nation would be as powerful right now, had it NOT been for the slave labor of MILLIONS of enslaved AFRICANS…

AIG, Aetna, Lloyd’s of London, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, are just a FEW of the huge corporations that STILL exist to this day — benefited from slavery.

Now name me ONE African multi-national corporation that benefited from slavery OR one corporation owned by black Africans that began during slavery and is STILL STANDING…

There were Jews who profited from the Holocaust, but do the Jews bring that up and say, “hey, since some Jews did the wrong thing, let the Nazis off the hook?”

Don’t fall for the hype of these black lackeys, like Harvard Professor Gates, who is paid to do his white masters’ dirty work. Funny thing, for all the loyalty he has shown them over the years, if I remember correctly, the police handcuffed you like a common criminal, didn’t they, Professor Gates?


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted July 04, 2010

@ venita

sister, sister, I understand, BUT u must understand, this BLACK GENDER WAR is all by design. It began during slavery and has never let up for over 400 years.

read the posts I posted on that site, and the posts from more sensible brothers, and you will see the same handful of BM who make most of the ignorant comments.

Some of the "posters" on these "black" (white-owned) websites are PLANTS, sister, who are hired to keep the flames going...

also check out this site and you will see I am not in a minority, I'm just more vocal than a lot of BM who will never post anything on line....

Black Men: What We Love About Black Women m/TQRAK6D6A037FEG5L/p34

I am going to post something in the next few days that will be in our second book about IR and the REAL statistics that prove the white media is deliberately distorting what is going on...

we must all make a greater effort to EDUCATE our people instead of throwing up our hands in frustration...

Female, 32, Adelanto, CA
Posted July 02, 2010


Broken records...You and me both, but I can't get tired of hearing my brothers appreciate us...

There are MANY black men who in fact do just that...The media just makes it a point to keep that MAJORITY knowledge oh so quiet...

My sisters really do need to hit your page as well as the links you provide...With all of the black males, (robots I call them), that denounce us day to day, it only takes ONE brother like yourself to let me know whats up!

My strong black father implanted the seeds of just who a black man is supposed to be in this world for his woman and children, and there is nothing that can erase that message..

I love and appreciate each and every one of you...



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 31, 2010

@ nodoubt

brother, i should be thanking u, you have dropped a lot of GEMS on my posts, including the links to these videos...

I agree, that the BM caller seemed like he was thinking of doing it -- NOT because he wanted to, but he was WEAK-MINDED enough to let that racist white female call the shots

hell, maybe, she's paying the bills and wearing the pants, cause it sounds like she PUNKED HIM OUT, thinking she could get away with that.

Now, try to imagine her being a German female and the dude is JEWISH and his grandparents died in a Nazi concentration camp...and his GERMAN girlfriend wants to play act a Nazi and he plays the concentration camp prisoner, and she wants to "pretend" to torture him and then have sex with him...

can't imagine it, can u? Neither can I...



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 31, 2010

@ nodoubt

brother, no self-respecting JEWISH man (or woman) would tolerate that behavior, they wouldn't even tolerate a jewish Dave Chappelle making a comedy skit about the Holocaust, the way the black Dave Chappelle did about black civil rights marchers being bitten by dogs.

that' was the LAST time I watched that brother's show. Couldn't believe that sh__. (i'm gonna see if I can find that damn video...and post it to make an example of how far black comedy should NOT go...)

Like Dr. Frances Welsing once said


and when you look at the black community, at the violence, you can understand why.



crammastersJun. 4th, 2010
at 8:10 pm

@ MisterUnderstood425
absolutely, what is happening is nothing new. there is nothing new under the sun because humanity never learns from its past — or its past mistakes.
Katrina should have been a wake-up call for blacks in america, but after the coverage died, so did our interest. i believe we KNOW on some level that we will NEVER be considered equal to whites in this nation, but are avoiding facing the truth. They are not going to change a system that benefits white people. Who would? So, that means WE WILL HAVE TO CHANGE
and that doesn’t mean “interracially dating” — that is a certain death sentence for a people who lack unity. Believe this, behind closed doors, whites aren’t telling each other to “date interracially” they’re thinking about WHITE UNITY — and so far, it has helped THEM rule the world!

Changing means we MUST COME TOGETHER, BLACK MALE AND BLACK FEMALE, to raise our children so they will NOT be completely INSANE, and coming together to create a sustainable, safe,and productive environment where being “black” is not a crime; it is an ASSET.

if we do not put that remote down, and stop watching all that “fantasy TV” and start paying attention to what is really happening to our own people — be it unemployment, prisons, foreclosures — and understand that NONE of this is by accident, it is all by design —

we will keep going circles, getting dizzy, asking over and over and over — “what’s going on? why are they doing this to us? When will it stop?” etc, etc.

the answers are there, in books like ours (check out my personal message), in books by Dr. Frances C. Welsing, Neely Fuller, Jr., Haki Madhubuti, and so many other black men and women who sometimes sacrificed careers to bring the truth to the black masses…you can find Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller on youtube. check them out.

the most powerful weapon blacks have at their disposal, right now, is NOT a new Mercedes, a recording contract, a college degree, or any status or material item

the most IMPORTANT thing we can possess is KNOWLEDGE. We better get some while there is still time, or suffer the consequences…


SoularFlarezJul. 24th, 2010
at 2:11 pm

7-24-2010 1:23 am
Why is it, when black people do these ‘looking for love’ type shows, they are NEVER as ‘classy’ as the “Bachelor’ or the ‘Bachelorette’?
These c___s caught up in this ‘flavor of love’/’what chilli wants’ BS should really stop and think about WHY they have to look like absolute fools, when the SAME producers, (white ofcourse), don’t require this of their own…
7-23-2010 8:17 pm
@ all
did it ever occur to us that we are doing what they WANT us to do?

We let the (white) media goad us into fighting each other over some(false) bullshyt THEY CREATED FOR US

Look at all the reality shows where the black person ALWAYS picks the white person? HAven’t we caught on to this MIND GAME SCAM that is designed to pit BM against BW?

Who CREATES these shows?
Who SCRIPTS these shows?
Who CONTROLS what is said in the “black” articles we fight about?
Who PAYS all these silly male and female negroes to come on TV and clown for the cameras?
Black people?

Hasn’t anybody else noticed that the whites on white reality shows NEVER PICK A BLACK PERSON, But the black people ALWAYS PICK THE WHITE PERSON? Yet some folks are on this thread talking (crazy) about how this black dude with a wedge of wheat grass on his head has the “right” to like who he likes…

Does anybody believe this dude is looking for “true love” with a pack of pitiful, fame and money hungry groupies? Don’t we know these “couples” go their separate ways AFTER the cameras stop rolling (and the checks stop coming)?

Don’t we know he is being PAID to pick who they tell him to pick, the same way New York, Pepa, Chili, Flava Flav, Hot Sauce, Chicken Wing, BBQ Rib, and Mr. Catfish ALL PICKED the (white) folks those producers told them to pick…

instead of getting mad, we should be feeling sorry for these negroes who sell themselves for a TV show and a dollar, because they have NO regard for the POISONOUS images they are selling to black youth: WHITE IS SUPERIOR and NO RESPECT FOR SELF

to quote the movie DONT BE A MENACE


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted January 15, 2010

One more thing

Integration and assimilation (trying to fit in with whites) cannot be done at the same place and time as black unification.

Assimilation is the OPPOSITE of black unification.

Racial equality is IMPOSSIBLE in a system where whites have all the power and blacks have to ask (beg) for what they need (be it jobs, schools, food, or justice).

Those who disagree AND claim that black folk can concentrate on doing both (seeking integration AND black unification) at the same time...

Take a look around
you'll see how well that's working...