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The Gangs of New York film

Dear Eric,

May I ask of you a few questions:

Q. Why does William Deagle tell everyone of the power of the Superior General, then he goes and uses the mystical, mystery keeping you in suspense Pindar of the Council of 13. He claims this person is the ultimate controller. David Icke and other so-called superstars have spoke of this Pindar which personally I believe is utter diversion and nonsense.

Agreed. If there is a Pindar, it or he is subject to the Jesuit General as you know.

Q. From real research it quite obvious that the powerful Rabbi, Answar Bin Shari is the power behind the Council of 13 degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati, being its Chairman.

Disagreed. The Council of 13 that meets in the Rothschild mansion according to ex-Grand Druid John Todd (before he fell) were all Gentiles.

It will be fairly obvious to people in the know that Shari and SMOM Papal Knight King Juan Carlos will work together in the Middle East region. What do you say?

I do not know much about Rabbi Shari, but if he works with Juan Carlos, then he is most assuredly a subordinate just as Peres is his subordinate.

Q. Do you have a photo of Answar Bin Shari?

No. But Barry Chamish might have a photo.

I've looked everywhere coming to no avail unfortunately. I have masses of the Superior General but alas still no Shari.

Q. What did you make and think of the SMOM Hollywood movie "Gangs of NewYork?"

It is most anti-Protestant picturing the main Protestant "butcher" as a dishonest, evil individual. That same individual denegrates a black saying "A jig doing a jig." This is typical Jesuit rhetoric.

I was happy when Bill defeated the priest at the beginning, downwith Popery. What I noticed was they sort of made the non-popists outto be bad and evil and yes they were but... They made the oppositionout to be all great and good so to speak.


I only watched this the other day so this is why I'm late talking about this film. Is there anything you noticed deeper within the film?

Well, it creates anti-Protestant fury and makes the Irish Catholics mere victims of these evil Protestants at "Five Points." Maybe it also is being used to unite both the Catholics and Protestants against the Blacks. Remember the mass murder of the Blacks at the end of the movie by the Papists?


Craig Oxley

Brother Eric


Dear Eric,

Interesting reply but I'm still unsure on this character. On one hand its a good thing he's a mystery as it shows if he's real that he's a powerful character lurking in the shadows. It seems a few more people speak of Answar but it also seems we all don't really know anything about him apart from whats coming from the Bloom clique which is why I wanted more information. I've asked Barry Chamish and he doesn't seem to even know the Rabbi. Have we found someone very high Chamish hasn't yet or is it all fluff?

Usually the powerful Rabbis are men like the Rabbi of Rome and the Rabbi of Jerusalem. These are the Masonic Orthodox Rabbis of power. They love and host the Pope whenever they are called upon. I will have to check on this Rabbi Answar. But compared with the other chief rabbis, he is not much or maybe he is a Jesuit Coadjutor as the Order has openly received Jews since 1946.

There must be someone out there independant of C&D who know of this man if he is real. What makes you think that the Council don't no longer bother with the Gentile rule?

The Illuminati has always been directed by Gentiles; high Jews merely financed it as they do all of the Order's business.

Maybe its true about him now being the Chairman or maybe again its fluff. Anotherproblem is the people who flap their gums about this character and others, when asked for deeper information they do not respond.

Interesting. Is there a pic of him somewhere?

I quite enjoyed that 'Gangs of New York.' What I've noticed is that considering America is a Protestant Nation, in the movies they ALWAYS show Catholic churches and Romanism. Its obvious why when we know the SMOM control all of Hollywood with the help of their Mafiosi. I've highlighted this to others when they watch movies and they all say "oh yes I've noticed that."


Theres some sneaky diversionists out there with some good information only to slap it down with some pathetic information. I don't think Fritz Springmeier spoke of a Pindar but I may be wrong. It would be interesting to know all of Fritz's information as we know now that he's rotting in a jail cell fitted up on phony charges of robbery. So obviously he's more dangerous than Jordan Maxwell otherwise they'd both be in the clink right now. I was told by someone in Europe that Maxwell had said on a European show somewhere that he'd been warned about speaking of the Vatican.

I believe it. He was slow to speak of the Vatican when I met him at the Con Con in 2002. But he spoke out and did a great job.

I cannot remember the details but its possible. I still wonder where all his money really comes from that he throws around. Is it from a good source or a bad source, someone trying to really help mankind or the usual. It all seems a merry go round with these SUPERSTARS as Alan Watt calls them. This is why I followed your information on the conspiracy as it opened up new information which seemed much more logical for once.

I hope no one considers me to be a "superstar." I am only "Brother Eric" with no real bio.

It seems we focus much on Kolvenbach but we should focus also on his closest company around him.

Agreed. His Assistants are very important and make the Black Pope who he really is.

I would see these as far more powerful in the collective sense than singular Kolvenbach if it came to it.


Do you think may be why he's stepping down in 2008 or simply his age and what would be expected of him by then as this agenda quickly escalates?

Agreed. He is really too old to be the agressive, decisive Jesuit Superior General for this Crusade against Islam and the West. A younger man with new Assistants needs to be enthroned who will enjoy the backing of all the Professed electing the new Father General. This is to be the Order's greatest Crusade yet; the best must direct it.

I wouldn't want to be bothered with it all at his age personally. We think we have stressful jobs in our little illusional worlds but his much be amazingly stressful controlling almost the entire planet, what a task through his rather small team.


ThanksCraig Oxley

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Over Wild Situations

I have returned. I've been out for a week because of a sudden passing away of a close member of my family. It was sad and many of my family were crying. I still feel weird by the whole incident. I've seen death before, but I never seen a dead body of a close relative before in many years, so it was very eerie. I've visited many rural areas in Virginia to witness my relatives and see the funeral. Barry Jennings reported on an explosion in Building Number Seven before its collapse. By now, an increasingly number of individuals discount the offical 9/11 story, especially Building Number Seven. That building was destroyed from wittin despite it acquiring limited fires in its structure. No aircraft hit it, so it's very legitimate to assume that explosives were implanted in the Building. It's strange that Rosie got herself out of ABC's the View. I disagree with 90% of her politics (at times she is a vulgar speaking woman), but she was right about 9/11 Truth. 18 states at least are signing on to resolutions getting rid of a pro-CFR North American Union from uniting with their states. That's a good development.

Over the course of a week, new shocking events have come up. One was that RBN had removed GREG SZYMANSKI from their radio shows. Lately, Greg have been interviewing many scholars about the Vatican/Jesuit connection to the new world order. In the past couple of years, there has been an higher level of exposes about the Jesuits. That information ranges from the testimony of ex-NYPD man Jim Rothstein (exposing Roman Catholic Frank Sturgis' role in the Bay of Pigs invastion & the JFK assassination. In truth, Jesuit-trained Castro was a stooge and he was permitted to maintain power in that imprisoned isle) to information on the Knights of Malta (numerous of them are corporate cheiftians like SMOM Geoffrey T. Boisi and Edward L. Hennessy). The Knights and high level Freemasonry (of various rites from the Scottish, York, Grand Orient, etc.) yield great power globally. Is RBN running into the dark side? Frankily, any talk show host has the First Amendment right to talk about the Vatican, Zionists, or whatever they want to. As humans, we're all attempting to get over evil, wild situations.

By Timothy



Greg thrown off the air by Vatican-led NWO agents in control of alternative media!!!
New Investigative Journal Coming Soon. If you want the best ALTERNATIVE TO THE ALTERNATIVE Radio Broadcast TO BE ON THE AIR please help with start up costs as it will take your help to get back on the air
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Greg's Monday show and any future Investigative Journal broadcasts on RBN were cut-off the air by owner John Stadtmiller in a blatant and callous violation of First Amendment rights of free speech. Further, owner and NWO agent Stadtmiller has slandered Greg, which redress of grievance and monetary damages will be addressed in the courts as truth is a complete defense for any slanderous statements made in public, the public consisting of one or more third parties.

Szymanski said: "I will pray for John. He simply wants to cut-off the many credible guests I have brought to the airwaves who connect the Vatican and Jesuit Order to the NWO. I believe this plan has been in the works for months, as my archives have been conveniently taken down by RBN, as well. Further, John's actions prove to me that he is working in collusion with the very enemy I talk about -- the Vatican and Jesuit Order, as the control of the alternative media becomes even more obvious now.
"In my estimation, John's role is to create confusion and distrust. I believe he works in concert with Alex Jones even though the pair always are at each other's throats. This is a ploy, a way to confuse and a way to keep the Jesuit message off the air. John will appear to allow the Vatican message while Jones won't allow it. But I believe they work for the same evil boss and, in the end, the real truth presented by scores of my guests was eventually silenced."

Greg added: "I am in the process of starting and producing a new and more vibrant Investigative Journal, beginning soon. This costs money and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Further, my show will not hold back the clear facts about the enemy's tactics as well as exposing the true culprits. I urge you to boycott RBN and any other network who withholds facts about the Vatican and Jesuit Order's involvement in the NWO. The real sad part of this whole affair is that many of my guests will be deprived a forum for the time being, as Stadtmiller and his other hosts will continue to blame the Jews. I will find another outlet away from Stadtmiller's intimidation and Jones' arrogance and fear-mongering. I will find a place where all voices are heard with like-minded people not afraid to confront these individuals, who are fronting for the real enemy. My only hope is that you will not allow these traitors to lead you, the listener, down the wrong rabbit hole. Simply put, if the evil history of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican are not addressed, history will repeat itself. It is my opinion that both Stadtmiller and Jones are part of the problem not the solution because they conveniently hide and control facts, facts indicting the true enemy -- The Vatican and Jesuit Order.

"Here is an email from my Monday guest, Eric Jon Phelps, who was cut-off along with me 45 minutes into my Monday broadcast."



Dear Brethren and Friends,

Well, it has finally happened. John Stadmiller has thrown Greg Szymanski off RBN. Greg stated on his show today while interviewing me that if he is taken off RBN in the future, then you know, i,e,. that RBN will not continue to tolerate the exposure of Vatican/Jesuit designs against the US. Mr. Stadmiller inturrepted the show and cut off Greg but I was still on the line. Stadmiller then said, "Greg, you had better answer me you SOB." Then Mr. Stadmiller called me and apologized for ending the show with the reason that Greg was stealing his advertisers. I responded that he could have allowed the show to finish but as it stands he lent credibility to what Greg had warned about. He then apologized again after a few other words and we hung up.About five minutes later Walter Williams called and told me that Stadmiller had thrown Greg off RBN. Walt and called John and told him that the reason that he ended Greg's tenure at RBN was because John was getting heat from the top.

Walt, an old acquaintence of John from years gone by, confronted John and then John hung up on him.So, as far as I am concerned, RBN and GCN are squarely in the lap of the Jesuits through their many invisible strings to their bow of occult control. May the Lord give Greg another venue for getting his/our message out---that the Vatican is behind the WTC demolition, the "War on Terror," the CFR, the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists---the Frankists---and the quest for a New World Order to be centered in Jerusalem.Keep up the good work Greg and the Lord will open another door to accomplish his will and work.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Craig: Alan Watt's sums it all up just nicely from the CIA creation of Shortwave to the phony Christian Radio Shows of Shortwave and Internet then and now.Alan Watt on Alex Jones & the ABC/GCN affiliation

Alan Watt exposing superstars like Icke and the Christian Radio shows.

Minuteman Matt: I knew Stadmiller is a temporal cojuidtor remember how he was all pissed a few months ago and tried to shoot someone with a gun.

Craig: Seems like all these creatures are off their head. The World is now possessed!

Daniel: Congrats Mr. Stadmiller! You just signed RBN's death warrent and you don't even know it.

Hello,Greg's Investigative Journal archive from January 24, 2007 through to today's show (April 23, 2007) is still available on the RBN website.You should download the whole archive immediately,before it disappears:, we are so glad that you are continuing on May 2, 2007;keep the fight up, the evil Jesuit vampires are on the run, and the light of day is breaking fast on them.

Thanks, Daniel. These interviews of Greg's lately have been just phenomenal.It's no wonder he has spooked all the Vatican shills.Greg mentioned already in his April pledge drive:

Further, even the alternative radio stations like GCN's new sister station, We The People Radio, are clamping down on those who want to warn people about the Vatican's evil infiltration of free people around the world, telling the Arctic Beacon it will not carry radio shows who utter a peep about the dreaded "V" word. The new GCN station's reasoning: "The message is too polarizing and divisive." It sounds to us like a clamp down on free speech and just another alternative outlet, like The American Free Press, who have fallen to Vatican psyops power and money. If you question that statement then ask: why the blackout on Jesuit and Vatican evil. Good will prevail, evil always loses in the end. regards



Dear Brethren,"I called in to Greg's show on 4-23-07 to talk to Eric Phelps and Greg about the Vatican's involvement in the N.W.O. satanic system. While I was waiting to go on the air Greg's showwas taken off the air by John Stadtmiller. John got on the phone without asking me who I was to start with, and told me that Greg was taken off of the air because Greg was "stealing" advertisers from RBN. I told him that I believed the REAL reason was because he didn't want Greg talking about the Vatican and Jesuit's on air anymore. John said that Greg was playing a "one string" guitar. Greg told me many weeks ago that John wanted to take him off the air if he (Greg) continued to talk so much about the Vatican. I then told John that he was told from the powers above to take Greg off of the air, he then hung up on me. I have known John for many years and remember he and Mark Koernke on air when they had the Intelligence Report together on WWCR and then on WWRB. I used to travel with both of them. When they were on the air they both would use the phrase "Kosher Mafia" to describe the powers that be that are in control of the NWO. We all know what the word "Kosher" comes from, pertaining to Jewish people. When I asked them what they meant by that term they would use the words "False Jews"or Khazars. When anyone listens to RBN's talk show hosts a consistent theme is present when they identify who is to BLAME for the ills we are suffering under, as the ZIONISTS. They named the Rothchilds and many other Jewish people as the culprits. Koernke and Stadtmiller also used the phrase "The iron fist on a velvet glove" when describing how the NWO operates, which is a JESUIT phrase that they used to describe how the Kosher Mafia" in setting up their NWO. You can find this phrase in "The Footprints Of The Jesuits" by R.W. Thompson dated 1894. The ONLY TALK SHOW HOST that DID NOT BLAME THE JEWS was Greg Szymanski. He has correctly identified the culprits as the Vatican and its' JESUIT ORDER. When Chris Gerner was a talk show host Stadtmiller did the SAME THING TO HIM when he started to expose the Vatican and the Jesuit Order on his show taking him off air using the same excuse that he was playing a one string guitar. In my opinion RBN and GCN are both shill organizations for the Vatican and its' EVIL (murdering) Jesuit Order. "

-Walt Williams4-24-07

Comments sent by Listener to RBN:
Hi,I'd like to share my feelings concerning the removal of Greg Szymanski's Investigative Journal and the tactless manner in which Mr. Stadtmiller acted. I used to listen to the show every day as much as I could. It would be something that I would look forward to hearing every day. I was happy that RBN hosted the show, allowing the marginalized to have their voice heard. Iwas hoping that it wouldn't come to what has happened now.Not only will I, and many, many others, not be able to listen to my favorite internet radio broadcast, but we won't be listening to RBN at all, period. I believe Mr. Stadtmiller should be ashamed of himself for allowing himself to be used as a tool of the higher-ups, submitting to what malicious people want, as well as conducting the removal so unprofessionally. I only hope that he realizes his mistakes and corrects them so that the turmoil he has caused may be calmed. RBN has lost an incredible asset and its integrity is gone. I hope it comes back soon.




The overpopulation myth in America


Born in the USA: America and the Demographics of Underpopulation
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by Nicholas Eberstadt
April 29, 2007 Note: Nicholas Eberstadt is the Henry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute.

The concept of "American exceptionalism" has been applied mainly to the political differences that separate the United States from the "Old World": the striking absence of any serious American socialist movement; the spirit of Manifest Destiny informing its foreign policy, and so on. But America's exceptionalism extends beyond the explicitly political and into the nation's very rhythms of birth and death. These rhythms constitute what may be described as American demographic exceptionalism.

Paradoxically, although the United States may well count as the "first new nation" (to borrow a phrase from the late Seymour Martin Lipset) to embark upon the project of democratic modernity, U.S. demographic patterns have not conformed to those of the world's other industrial democracies. On the contrary: After several decades of seeming convergence in population patterns in the early post-World War II era, we have witnessed more than a generation of strong and stubborn "demographic divergence" in population profiles between the United States on the one hand, and virtually all other OECD countries, on the other. And there are potentially even more dramatic divergences in store.

Two demographic tendencies separate the United States from virtually all other developed countries in Europe and Asia. The first is childbearing patterns: At a time when most rich countries report markedly low birth rates, U.S. fertility levels are close to long-term population replacement levels, making the United States peculiarly fecund for a contemporary affluent democracy. The second is immigration patterns: America's absorption of foreigners continues apace, with high and continuing inflows of immigrants from the Third World, but without (as yet) the symptoms of cultural indigestion that have lately troubled much of the European Union.
America's demographic exceptionalism would be a fascinating academic sidenote if the United States were today a tiny state, distant from the core of global power, as it was in 1790. But the United States is now the world's dominant power, as well as the most populous developed society: more than twice as large as Japan, three times as large as Germany and five times the size of France, Italy or Britain. America's exceptional demographic trends are therefore of interest not only to demographers and sociologists, but also to economists, strategists and policymakers looking at the international environment that awaits coming generations.
The Facts
From its earliest Colonial origins, childbearing was believed to be markedly higher in this frontier society than in the settled regions of Europe whence most Americans traced their roots. This American fertility premium was noted and discussed by leading thinkers on both sides of the Atlantic--Malthus in Britain, Crиvecoeur in France and Benjamin Franklin in America (who reportedly offered the vision of Americans "swarming across the countryside like locusts").
Those perceptions were grounded in demographic reality. The U.S. Bureau of the Census estimates a "total fertility rate" (TFR) in 1800 for America's whites of more than seven births per woman per lifetime, compared with contemporaneous rates of about 5.7 in England and 4.5 in France. Fertility levels were even higher for African-American slaves; the black TFR for the 1850s was nearly eight--a level more than 40 percent higher than for contemporary U.S. whites.

From this exceptionally high starting point, the United States moved more or less steadily over the course of the 19th century through a demographic transition toward lower death and birth rates. By 1900, the United States was the world's most modernized and affluent large country (excepting only Britain ), and with its white TFR by then down to 3.6, its fertility transition had progressed further than it had in most of its European counterparts (again, excepting England, as well as France).
After World War II, in the era of the developed world's baby boom, U.S. fertility levels once again jumped above Europe's. According to the UN Population Division, America's TFR in the 1950s was over 3.5, whereas Europe's was under 2.7--just three-fourths the U.S. level. But in the pervasive "baby bust" that followed, U.S. fertility declined even more sharply than Europe's, dropping to levels that, had they continued, would have presaged steady population decline in the absence of immigration. By 1976, America's "period" TFR was 1.74--lower than the fertility level of the EU--15 that same year, less than half of America's own level from the late 1950s and 18 percent lower than the requirements for longterm population stability.
At that juncture, standard-issue modernization theory seemed triumphant: Socio-economic development appeared to have brought about a basic convergence in fertility trends (at sub-replacement levels) for the world's developed regions. But a funny thing happened on the road to depopulation: America's fertility levels turned upward, and then persistently skirted replacement level. In 1989, America's period TFR rose slightly above two and has remained in that neighborhood ever since. In the 16 years from 1989 to 2004, America's TFR averaged 2.02 births per woman, suggesting a net replacement rate (NRR) of 98 percent from one birth cohort to the next.

America's limited but unmistakable fertility upsurge over the past generation marks a striking departure from trends for almost every other developed society. In the first half of this decade, according to UN Population Division projections, America's TFRs and NRRs were fully 50 percent higher than Japan's and about 45 percent higher than averages for Europe as a whole. Europe's overall fertility levels, to be sure, may currently be depressed by the post-communist demographic shocks that some former Soviet bloc countries (most notably Russia) in eastern Europe continue to experience. But even compared with the amalgam of west European societies, the U.S.-European fertility gap now looks like a yawning chasm. America's recent fertility trends have even opened a divide between the United States and Canada, countries that have long been regarded as demographic "twins." In 2004, the TFR in the United States was 35 percent higher than in Canada (with a still greater differential separating the United States and French-speaking Quebec province).
How can we explain the fertility gap now separating the United States from practically all the rest of the developed world? Experts worldwide have already begun to discuss two uniquely American social phenomena: first, America's increasingly multiethnic composition (due in large measure to high rates of net immigration), and second, the partly related phenomenon of American teenage fertility levels, which are famously high in relation to other contemporary affluent democracies. Yet however plausible such factors may sound, they cannot fully explain the gap.

Consider teenage childbearing patterns: Although America's high rates may be notorious within today's OECD societies, the fact is that U.S. teenage birthrates fell by about a third between 1990 and 2004, even though the overall U.S. TFR remained relatively high and steady. By 2004, moreover, teen births comprised just a tenth of all American births and about a tenth of America's overall TFR. In practical terms, that means that a total cessation of childbearing by women under twenty years old would still leave U.S. fertility levels more than 20 percent higher than western Europe's.
As for fertility differences by ethnicity in the United States, these are real enough, but it is easy to exaggerate their significance. With the single, albeit highly significant, exception of Hispanic Americans, fertility levels for U.S. minorities have largely been converging with the non-Hispanic majority. Indeed, average fertility levels for Asian Americans are almost identical to those for "Anglo" Americans, and Native American levels are now lower. While birth rates remain higher for African Americans than for Anglos, the current black-white differential (just 9 percent) is now the lowest it has been since the slavery era. The Hispanic-Anglo fertility gap, for its part, is mainly a matter of the high reported birth levels for Mexican Americans (whose calculated TFRs currently touch three). Some other Hispanic Americans register fertility levels fairly close to Anglo levels (for example, Puerto Ricans), or below them (Cuban Americans).
The single most important factor in explaining America's high fertility level these days is the birth rate of the country's Anglo majority, who still account for roughly 55 percent of U.S. births. Over the past decade and a half, the TFR for non-Hispanic white Americans averaged 1.82 births per woman per lifetime--subreplacement, but more than 20 percent higher than corresponding national levels for western Europe, and much higher if one compares "Anglo" TFRs with those of western Europe's native born populations.
The Reasons
What accounts for Anglo America's unexpectedly high and stable propensity to reproduce? Carefully tailored pro-natalist government policies certainly cannot explain it: The United States has none. By the same token, U.S. labor patterns do not seem especially "family-friendly." Americans work longer hours and enjoy less vacation time than any of their European friends across the Atlantic, and none of the economic or policy explanations for the growing fertility gap between U.S. Anglos and west Europeans offers a satisfying explanation.
The main explanation for the U.S.-Europe fertility gap may lie not in material factors but in the seemingly ephemeral realm of values, ideals, attitudes and outlook. Public opinion surveys, for example, have thoroughly established that Americans tend to be more optimistic about the future than Europeans--a disposition that could weigh on the decision to bring children into the world. Similarly, more Americans report being "proud" of their country than do Europeans, which, quite plausibly, could lead to more births. All else equal, patriotism or nationalism may conduce to higher birth rates. Most portentously, perhaps, survey data indicate that the United States is still in the main a believing Christian country, with a high percentage of households actively worshipping on a monthly or weekly basis. In striking contrast to western Europe, which is often provocatively (but not unfairly) described as a post-Christian territory these days, religion is alive and well in the United States.
It is not hard to imagine how the religiosity gap between America and Europe translates into a fertility gap. Unfortunately, the proposition is devilishly difficult to test. Although the United States is (in Pitirim Sorokin's term) a "quantophrenic" society, hungry for all manner of facts and figures, a more than three-decadeold Federal law expressly forbids the U.S. Census Bureau from posing questions to the citizenry about religious affiliation. This specific stricture has evolved into a broader general operational posture within the U.S. Federal statistical system that information on the religious beliefs of U.S. citizens should only be collected, if at all, under truly exceptional circumstances. Consequently, there are virtually no official national data for the United States that would permit a rigorous testing of the hypothesis that America's religiosity is directly related to its childbearing. Attempts to connect those two factors on the basis of broad, aggregate observations and trends run the risks of committing what statisticians call the "ecological fallacy"--mistakenly associating two unrelated phenomena for want of examining relationships at the individual level. For the time being, at least, this proposition must remain a speculation.
The United States has historically also been and remains a nation populated overwhelmingly by immigrants. Immigration, both legal and illegal, remains a central feature of the country's demographic life. The 2000 census count hinted at the scale of illegal immigration by noting that there were six million more residents than the "intra-census projection" had prepared U.S. officials to expect.
Western Europe has experienced its own influx of newcomers over the past generation, but in both relative and absolute terms the influx of migrants to the United States has significantly exceeded the European influx. U.S. Census estimates and projections place net migration into western Europe over the past decade (1996-2005) at roughly 740,000 persons a year, about 1.9 migrants per thousand of the settled population. The corresponding U.S. figures are about 980,000 a year and a rate of 3.5 per thousand. Some developed societies have net immigration rates today that are higher than America's--Australia, Canada and New Zealand, for example. But no large country today (defined as having at least fifty million people) has a rate even close to that of the United States. While the United States accounts for a fourth of the population of the so-called "developed regions" (including east-central Europe and Russia), it accounts for nearly half of the area's annual net migration.
In purely arithmetic terms, America's high flows of net immigration do explain much of the country's steady population growth. Currently, about a third of the U.S. annual demographic increase can be attributed to net immigration, but new descendants of immigrants account for an even greater share of that annual change. In fact, depending upon how far back we set the benchmark, we could ascribe virtually all U.S. population growth to immigrants and their progeny. A good benchmark would be 1965, the year when U.S. immigration laws were thoroughly liberalized and much higher and more geographically diverse quotas superseded the restrictive legislation of 1924.
Estimating the precise proportion of U.S. population growth since 1965 due to immigrants and their descendants is a little trickier than one might think, however. To my knowledge, no published work has attempted it. Jeffrey Passel of the Urban Institute suggests in unpublished estimates that about 53 percent of U.S. population growth since 1965 can be broadly ascribed to immigration. America's population has grown by more than 100 million over that period--from about 194 million in midyear 1965 to just over 300 million at present--this means that post-1965 immigrants and their descendants account for well over fifty million Americans, or more than a sixth of its residents.
The foreign-born population of the United States is now more than 33 million, nearly 12 percent of the total. In many urban areas, the proportion of immigrants is considerably higher. The 2000 census, for example, found that 22 percent Chicago's population was foreign- born. Corresponding proportions exceed 30 percent for Boston, 35 percent for both New York and San Francisco, and 40 percent for Los Angeles. Since less than a fifth of these migrants originated from Europe, Canada or Australia, America's new wave of immigration is overwhelmingly non-European. More than a fourth of America's foreign born, for example, now come from Asia. An estimated 52 percent of the newcomers are Latin American, with Mexican-born immigrants accounting in turn for the majority of these Latinos. The Census Bureau estimates that more than nine million Mexican-born men, women and children live in the United States today, more than half of them illegally.
America's latest wave of immigration has certainly exacerbated certain domestic tensions. Certainly, it has stimulated an undeniable measure of "nativist" political backlash. (Witness the law passed last October for erecting what would be the world's largest fence, a gigantic 700-mile barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border, and continuing proposals to seal off the rest of the border as well.) Furthermore, post-9/11 America now views the idea that seven million or more people have entered the country illegally through the prism of national security.
Yet when all is said and done, America's new immigrants are assimilating tolerably well, in the pattern of earlier historical migrations to the United States. Despite the high concentration of relatively poor, and poorly educated, immigrants in big cities, America's urban areas have not become tinderboxes for violent unrest by the foreign-born, unlike contemporary Europe. Furthermore, despite alarums that "some" immigrants (code language for Mexicans) are failing to assimilate or are positively resisting assimilation, the evidence points in the opposite direction. (A recent study in Southern California, for instance, suggests that Spanish-speaking at home among Mexican Americans declines steadily from one generation to the next, at a pace similar to the decline of foreign "kitchen talk" in America's highly successful Korean and Chinese immigrant communities)
The United Sates has experienced anti-immigrant paroxysms in the past (such as the one resulting in the 1924 Immigration Act). Economic historian Jeffrey G. Williamson has argued that the last great U.S. crackdown on immigration was decades in the making, bringing to a flashpoint tendencies that had been gathering from the 1890s. This was an era, Williamson recalls, characterized by rising economic differences, high volumes of migration, significant pressure on wages for low-skilled native-born Americans, and gradually increasing political calls for immigration restrictions. In this earlier era, Williamson argues, America's radical immigration rollback was finally catalyzed by a "triggering event"--namely, World War I. Williamson's analysis is compelling precisely because so many of those same social, economic and political tendencies are gathering in the United States today. It thus begs the question: Could a new triggering event lead to a similar anti-immigration policy?

The Future

American fertility and immigration trends cannot be forecast with any great accuracy over the coming generation (nor can they be for any other developed country). However, if American demographic exceptionalism continues for another decade or so, the consequences could be truly profound.
Just what such exceptionalism would portend may be seen by comparing U.S. Census Bureau projections for the United States and western Europe for 2025. These projections assume a gradual improvement in life expectancies in both regions. More critically, they posit an increase in both west European and American TFRs (to 1.62 and 2.18, respectively, in 2025) and a slight absolute decline in average annual net migration for both regions (to about 700,000 and 900,000, respectively). Some reputable demographers quibble with these assumptions (the United Nations Population Division's "medium variant", for example, envisions that U.S. TFR will drop below 1.9 by 2025). In any case, these projections vividly illustrate the longer-term implications of continuing American demographic exceptionalism.

In demographic terms, western Europe and the United States would be strikingly different places two decades hence. Western Europe's total population would be shrinking despite continuing immigration, while America's would still be growing by about 2.8 million a year. Western Europe would be much "grayer" than the United States, with a median age of 46 years (as against 39 years) and nearly 23 percent of all people 65 or older (versus 18 percent in America). In this future, children under 15 would make up just a seventh of western Europe's population, but nearly a fifth of the U.S. population. Senior citizens (65 and older) would outnumber children (under 15) in western Europe by a ratio of roughly 1.6 to one, while the United States would still have more children than seniors.
Although western Europe's total population would still exceed America's by around fifty million in absolute terms (400 million versus 350 million), all of that differential would accrue from older age groups (fifty and older), with the balance weighted especially toward septuagenarians and octogenarians. For the under-25 population, on the other hand, Americans would outnumber west Europeans.

America's prospective demographic divergence will affect not only Europe, but the entire developed world--and indeed beyond.
By these same Census Bureau projections for 2025, America's population growth rate would be the highest among the more developed regions, and America's median age, apart from fascinating exceptions like Albania, would rank toward the bottom. The United States would also be the only developed country of more than fifty million people with more children than senior citizens, and the only developed country at all whose working-age population (15-64) would be growing.
Moreover, America's population trends presage a demographic divergence not only with western Europe, but also China--the nation widely regarded as today's leading contender for rising global power. Thanks to decades of sub-replacement fertility--a consequence at least in part of Beijing's relentless and coercive birth control program--China's population growth stands to decelerate sharply, and its society to age dramatically, over the coming generation.

Under current projections for the year 2025 the United States looks to be a more youthful country than China by such criteria as median age. In 2025, furthermore, China's 15-64 labor force will have been shrinking in total size for more than a decade; the corresponding U.S. manpower pool is expected to be increasing, albeit modestly. Perhaps even more striking, population projections by both the U.S. Census Bureau and the UN Population Division envision the absolute annual population growth of the United States to exceed China's by 2025.

To the extent that population structure influences economic performance, America's exceptional demographic profile could confer developmental advantages on U.S. society. All else equal, America's relatively youthful population should experience less pressing burdens from pension and health costs in the years ahead than the rest of the world's more elderly developed democracies. A growing labor force offers opportunities for innovation, start-up and reallocation of productive resources that a declining workforce does not. The best-educated elements of any developed country's workforce tend to be the youngest entrants, but while that group stands to shrink in relative and absolute terms throughout the developed world as a whole over the next two decades, America's pool of young manpower will almost certainly continue to grow.

Beyond population composition, absolute numbers also matter in international affairs. America's aggregate population size has an incalculable but nonetheless genuine bearing on the country's global predominance today. The United States is the world's third-largest country (after only China and India), and projections suggest it will remain number three in the next few decades.
With its exceptional and robust projected population growth, America is also poised to account for an increasing share of the total population of the present developed countries. Whereas the ratio of Americans to Russians today is a little more than two-to-one, by 2025 that ratio may be almost three-to-one. There are 3.6 Americans for every German today; there will be 4.4 per German in 2025. There are five Americans for every Italian today; there will be six per Italian in less than two decades. And so forth. Such trends might reinforce U.S. international predominance, even though the divergence in demographic profiles between the United States and the rest may also portend an era of diminishing affinities between the United and its historical Western allies.
Assessing the implications of such unfolding trends is, of course, speculative. But as these projections show, U.S. demographic exceptionalism is not only here today; it will be here tomorrow, as well. It is by no means beyond the realm of the possible that America's demographic profile will look even more exceptional a generation hence than it does today. If the American moment passes, or U.S. power in other ways declines, it won't be because of demography.

The PBA ruling

More words from Eric and Brother Nicholas Rivera

Hello Eric,

thanks for your extensive and detailed reply. I'm aware that most jews are, just like us, victims of the despotic world order. When I started investigating things about this world order my first impression was that indeed the vatican and especially the jesuits and opus dei were controlling the current world order. One of the things which convinced me at first was the fact that the jews were all alone while fighting against the arabs in the 6-day war and the yom kippoer war, they didn't get any help from western countries.

Good point, however, the diplomacy that arose out of both wars benefitted the Vatican. The Temple mount was now in the hands of the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists although Moshe Dayan gave back the mount to Arab Moslem control within 24 hours. And the Yom Kippur War "intended to bleed the Jews" in the words of SMOM Henry Kissinger, was used to give more advanced military hardware to Israel via SMOM Alexander Haig, Jr.

However, there are some facts I just don't understand: why are the largest international investment banking companies like Goldman Sachs and many others owned by jews?

This is the impression the Order wishes to make on the casual observer. Goldman Sachs is Jewish in name but is run by the Knights of Malta---White Gentile Roman Catholics. Google Geoffrey T. Boisi and Carnegie Corporation of New York. Both Carnegie and Goldman Sachs have Jewish names. (By the way, when J. P. Morgan bought Andrew Carnegie's steel works White Gentile SMOM Morgan paid 100 million less than the company was worth, thus stealing that amount from Carnegie.) Boisi had been a senior general partner of Goldman, Sachs & Co. where he served on the firm's management committee and head of investment banking overseeing worldwide mergers. This is but one of many examples of the SMOMs controlling what apparently seem to be Jewish firms.

These companies really own much more than 50 % of the investment capital in the US. The world bank is also led by a jew, Wolfowitz.

Paul Wolfowitz is another CFR token Jew. The Archbishop of New York oversees the CFR via his Jesuits at Fordham University---Jesuits like CFR Presider Joseph A. O'Hare. Wolfowitz, like Bloomberg, like Greenspan, like Blumenthall and a host of others are conscious, traitors to their own race, while serving Rome and the interests of the Jesuit Order.

If jesuits really control the world, then why don't they do anything about the fact that jews own such vast amounts of capital ?

White Gentiles (English, Irish and Italian Roman Catholics) own the vast majority of the world's capital, i.e., all paper currencies, all the central banks, all the gold hordes and the oil cartels. The Jews involved in finance are always up front and ready to take the blame for the crimes committed by the Order. This same pattern is evident in Hollywood---the Jesuit Theater.

And what about this prophecy which would refer to Ashkenazi jews ?:Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are of Israel, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 2:9 says:". . . I know the blasphemy ofthem which say they ar Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." This verse must be understood in light of other passages from the Word of God.In John 8 Christ is speaking to racial Jews. In 8:37 He said, "I know that ye are Abraham's seed; . . . " acknowledging that these Jews were racial Jews. But he then goes on to tell them that they are not spiritual Jews as was Abraham. Christ later says in 8:44 that you Jews "ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do."

The contrast is important to understand. These Jews he was speaking to were indeed racial Jews and the physical descendants of Abraham. But spiritually, just like all Gentiles, the spiritual father of these Jews is the devil. This is why every man must be born again (John 3) if he is to see the kingdom of God, be it on earth with Christ's earthly reign yet future or in heaven with Christ for eternity.Further, all who deny that Jesus the Messiah (the Son of God)has come in the flesh is of that spirit of antichrist (I John 4:3). Thus, there are Jews who are saved whose spiritual Father is God (Romans 9) and there are Jews who are not Jews whose father is the devil---just as there are the world's unsaved Gentiles whose father is also the devil.In this light we understand Revelation 2:9. The Jews of that verse are indeed racial Jews, but they are not spiritual Jews with a circumcised heart (Romans 2:29). Their father is the devil and their synagogues are synagogues of Satan as says the verse. The same principle holds true for Gentile churches. They are composed of racial Gentiles but because they do not believe the Scriptures, their churches are churches of Satan---the first being the Roman Catholic Institution. All the apostate Protestant churches follow suit now penetrated with Freemasonry.Now does this verse make sense to you, Dirk?

Kind regards,Dirk

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


New Radio Interview with Eric Jon PhelpsShow: The Investigative JournalHost: Greg SzymanskiDate: Monday, April 23, 2007Topic: Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins 3, discusses the many ways that the Jesuits and the Vaticantry to disguise their world control, and instead try andblame the Jews and the Zionists, for being the worldcontrollers. While Eric is describing all this, he is cut off mid-sentence at 41 minutes 23 seconds, as RBN pulls the plug on Greg's Szymanski's show!Don't miss this hard-hitting and very revealing interview!

Download the Interview:MP3 format



Jesuits' Morality in Media, 1983 Photo of Jesuit Morton A. Hill w/ SMOM Shriner Ronald Reagan in Masonic grip, CFR and Jesuit-controlled Appeal of Conscience Foundation

The Jesuits in the person of Fr. Morton A. Hill created Morality in Media Inc. an organization which publicly was anti-pornography, but secretly did nothing about it because the "pimp of the cloth" Archbishop of New York Edward Cardinal Egan in control of the Mafia Commission (Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, and Larry Flynt all have Mafia ties and Flynt once spoke at Jesuit Georgetown) is the porn king of the U.S.I believe the Foley page pedophilia scandal was allowed to leak because the Order controls the White House prostitution ring in Washington DC through their Illuminati. Foley's case is not isolated, but it is commonplace. The White House and U.S. Capitol are Jesuit-controlled whorehouses.

The Order will foment scandal afterscandal until Americans grow disillusioned with both CFR parties. The race agitation was further fueled with Master Mason and Scottish Rite 33nd Degree Freemason Michael Richards who played Kramer on the sitcom Seinfeld who pretended to leave the lodge the same month he fomented racial tension during a comedy routine at the Laugh Factory Nov. 17 2006.

The African American men Richards directed his tirade against had a Jesuit-trained Jewish lawyer Gloria Allred seek monetary compensation from Richards. (the handshake looks Masonic to me) Caption: Fr. Hill brought together a coalition of concerned national leaders who met with White House staff and enforcement agency officials, and in March 1983, they met with the President himself and the heads of the agencies, and recommended a coordinator to pull the agencies together for aggressive enforcement. As a result of this meeting, a White House Working Group on Pornography was formed in June of 1983, and in December, President Reagan addressed the nation's U.S. Attorneys and called for tighter enforcement of the laws. history of MIMAwards Dinner photos of Jesuit Hill w/ Pat Boone, Donny and Marie Osmond, Ed Sullivan, Robert McNeil, Masonic Billy Graham, Masonic Fulton Sheen, and SMOM Spyros Skouras.

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation is openly headed by a Jewish rabbi who is also a CFR member but the men who are really in control are CFR Presider Jesuit Joseph A. O'Hare who is a Vice President of the Foundation and Daniel L. Flaherty S.J. a member of the Board of Trustees and Trustees' Advisory Council. photo is interesting- Masonic Billy Graham who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is signing an autograph at the 1971 Rose Parade of which he was Grand Marshall while a brother Shriner looks on and he looks as if he is waiting to have a word with his brother Mason Graham. (two fingered "peace" Druidic gesture popularized by Masonic Winston Churchill is a Papal gesture of his supposed universal temporal and spiritual power-Graham displays it here) Click on Next or Previous and search the names of Past Grand Marshalls which include Masonic Earl Warren, SMOM Frank Sinatra, SMOM Lee A. Iacocca, SMOM Bob Hope, Masonic/SMOM Gerald Ford, Masonic Walt Disney, etc.

-Brother Nicholas


Dear Eric,It was quite obvious this person hasn't read any of you work and more importantly understood it. I'm really fed up of all this Judiac ruling the World NONSENSE. I also didn't appreciate him utilising the 'F' word in your presence when we know you absolutely hate to see any form of swearing withing our mails addressed to yourself. When are people finally going to wake up and smell the Vatican coffee? Theres just so many agents out there pumping peoples minds about the Jews. As I've highlighted in the past its utter nonsense and goes against common sense if it were true. I really think William Cooper was right in taking the Gloves off with people and their fallacies and nonsense. Its time to forget people like this and concentrate on people of worth who can make a difference. Right now I'm fuming about all this Jew disinformation and people constantly fighting one another about who was in OTO and who was in Scottish Rite. The Order is seriously controlling the so-called conspiracy exposing opposition. Their making it so difficult to get the true message into sheople's dense brains loaded with Fluoride and God only knows what else. I personally believe that people should be addressing their HEALTH first before even caring about JESUITS ruling the Earth. Our health is being seriously attacked like never before, without it you cannot fight and lead a reasonable life. Mind you within this SMOM Bird Cage prison we live in I truely cannot see anyone having a good life wether they believe it is or not.I thought your explanation of the Hiram Abiff interesting but I would just like to ask why you think others such as the legendary William Cooper thought Abiff was jacque De Molay of the Knights Templar? It makes me laugh when Jew haters cannot use common sense and ask themselves why would the SMOM give up what they had awarded to them after the Templars were destroyed? Oh right their really going to give it all to the so-called Jews. I think not indeed, the Jew can work for his keep and x-amount more freedoms than most walking the Earth.

-Craig Oxley

Dear Craig,

I agree with you totally.Your point on personal health is right on target.Keep up your great work and never be discouraged by the ignorance of thesheeple. As Cromwell said, "A few good men are greater then numbers."

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Info on the Jesuit order

hello eric,I wanted to throw this piece of info to you. You probably already are aware of this. Jack welch( Irish Catholic) was ruling the roost at GE. For his head of news he picked Robert Wright (Irish Catholic). Wright hired Tim Russert (Irish Catholic) to run the nbc washington bureau and to host meet the press. And he hired ChrisMatthews(Irish Catholic) to be the number 1 cable guy.He also groomed BrianWilliams(Irish Catholic) to take over the nightly news. Matthews' guest hostis usually mike barnicle( Irish Catholic) and another guest host is pat buchanan(Irish Catholic). I could go on with other names, NBC NEWS is a club of Irish Catholics. Incredible.take caretony-------------

Dear Tony,

Priceless information! And Chris Matthews was trained by Jesuits at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. and Tim Rissert was trained by Jesuits at John Carroll University in Cleveland. Brian Williams is CFR and Jack Welch is most assuredly a Knight of Malta as GE is one of the major contractors in the building of the Black Pope's anti-gravity machines---flying saucers.

Brother Eric


Dear Eric,Remember on that General Electric and MSNBC are British Secret Intelligence Service assets.Craig


Craig's comments are in brackets:


your site carries a somewhat misleading name. I'm not a catholic at all so I don't write you to defend catholiscism but I feel I must inform you about the following facts:


You are very right that Jezuits are ruthless and responsable for a lot of misery in this world. However, you don't seem to be aware that the priory of sion, the knights templar, the order of malta, the elite of the jezuits, the new order of the templars (founded by Von Liebenfels) AND the elite of the SS (Thule Gemeinschaft= a creation of the bavarian illuminati) are all organisations which were created by the same people : the black nobility.

Agreed. I know this and speak much about it in VAIII. I show that Bavaria is the greatest Jesuit stronghold north of the Alps. It was from Munich that the Order launched its First Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) that destroyed Protestantism in Austria, Bohemia and one third of Germany. The Order had a powerful Inquisition in Ingolstadt as proven by James J. Wylie in his The History of Protestantism, Vol II, written in 1878. This Black Nobility who are Knights of Malta is composed primarily of White Gentiles, families like the Krupps, Bohlens and in Bavaria, the Wittelsbachs. I prove in VAIII that the Jesuit Order founded Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the College of Clermont in Paris, France, writing the first 25 degrees by 1754. The purpose was to restore the pro-Jesuit, Roman Catholic Stuarts to the throne of England. I further show that the symbology in the rite of the Master Mason (3rd degree) is in perfect correlation with the history of the Jesuit Order's suppression in 1773 and revival in 1814. Hiriam Abiff is the Jesuit Order; he is killed by three ruffians---the Roman Catholic Kings of Portugal, France and Spain who expelled the Order from their empires in 1759, 1764 and 1767. The Pope extinguished the Order forever in 1773 with a Papal Bull---thus the death of Hiriam Abiff. But how is Abiff raised from the dead? He is brought back to life by the Grand Master of the Lodge with the Lion's grip and the whisper of a phallic password (Mah-Hah-Bone) into the ear of Abiff. The Pope is the Grand Master of the Lodge and it was Pope Pius VII who revived the Order in 1814 via another Papal Bull. Scottish Rite Freemasonry was intended by the Order to be the front for the Jesuits in establishing the Pope's Temporal Power over every nation on earth. Von Libenfels was a Masonic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and I cover his history extensively in VAIII. His calling for making the Jews of Europe a "burnt offering" was carried out by the Order controlling Bavarian Roman Catholic Jesuit Coadjutor Heinrich Himmler. In fact, half-Jew Hitler had a secret meeting with ex-priest, openly Lutheran, Georg Lanz von Libenfels before the Jewish Holocaust began. That mass-murder of the Jews within "The Pale of Settlement" had been planned by the Order controlling Tzar Nicholas I (who first established the Pale) for nearly 100 years.

[Please spell the Society of Jesus members correctly utilising a 'S' and not a 'Z' just for a start. Now has this indoctrinated bafoon Dirk read any of Eric's information before running off at the mouth? Seems not, how can anyone say Eric doesn't seem aware of the Knights of Malta? This is a complete joke and you'll probably find this clown Dirk doesn't even know their real name being the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA.]

Hence the fact that they share the same symbols: the iron cross and the deadshead with the crossed bones. Ever wondered who the black nobility is? They are a bloodline of Ashkenazi jews who pretend they are christians: they claim that they are descendants from christ but they aren't since their origin lies in eastern europe since 600 before christ so they have nothing to do with the Sephardic or Mizrahi jews from the middle east.

Disagreed. The Ashenazi Jews are indeed racial Jews and their origins can be traced back to the Assyrian captivity of the ten northern tribes of Israel in 728 BC. This heresy that the Ashkenazi Jews are not racial Jews was newly introduced into the early twentieth century. You will look in vain to find such a teaching prior to 1900 or thereabouts. I have a friend who is a racial Ashkenazi (who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ of the Reformation New Testament) whose Hungarian parents were murdered in Auschwitz. If the Ashkenazis were not racial Jews, then why would the Jesuit ordered SS go to the trouble to round up 400,000 Ashkenazi Jews of Hungary? The Ashenazis are racial Jews as are the Sephardic Jews. Rome knows who are the racial Jews. This is why the Order went to the trouble of installing the IBM Hollerinth machines thorughout Europe before the roundups began. The census enabled the SS to more easily arrest the Jews of Europe after Hitler's invasion of France. And IBM was run by 33rd Degree Freemason Thomas J. Watson, Sr. His picture is in VAIII.

[Oh his programming is wild isn't it as are most sheoples still falling for all this Judiac ruling the world front nonsense.]

So why does the black nobility claim they are christians? They claim they are Roman Catholics.

They do not claim to be Christians as Roman Catholics are not Christians by any definition. Roman Catholics, just like the Moslems, believe in works salvation and conduct ordered mass-murderes called crusades or jihads. Thus a Roman Catholic is no more a Christian than is a Moslem. The Black Nobility of Europe is composed of Roman Catholics and a few Pope-serving racially Jewish families.

Simple answer: because they wanted to infiltrate in the top of european organisations. They also wanted to be able to deliver banking services without being recognized as jews.

The Vatican has used certain Jewish families as their money men for centuries. Before the Rothschiles it was the Fuggers. The Jewish families of wealth and banking are nothing more than the "Keepers of the Vatican Treasury." And the Vatican is ruled by White Gentiles, not racial Jews. According to the Scriptures, we are living in the "times of the Gentiles" with Gentile supremacy controlling Jerusalem. The Jews ruling Israel are merely surrogates for the Papacy for which reason it is illegal to openly preach the Biblical gospel in Israel. This time will only end with the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 21:24-27).

["Now turn to the "The Shetars Effect on English Law" -- A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land, found in "The George Town Law Journal, Vol 71: pages 1179-1200." It is clearly stated in the Law Review that the Jews are the property of the Norman and Anglo-Saxon Kings. It also explains that the Talmud is the law of the land. It explains how the Babylonian Talmud became the law of the land, which is now known as the Uniform Commercial Code. The written credit agreement -- the Jewish shetar is a lien on all property (realty) and today it's called the mortgage! The treatise also explains that the Jews are owned by Great Britain and the Jews are in charge of the Banking system. We are living under the Babylonian Talmud, it is were all of our problems come from. It was brought into England in 1066 and has been enforced by the Pope, Kings and the Christian churches ever since. It is total and relentless mind control, people are taught to believe in things that do not exist."]

So why would a bloodline Ashkenazi jews murder 6 million jews and people with jewish blood (beware that some people who were murdered didn't even know they were jews because they happened to have a jew in the family 4 generations earlier) ?

I will not deny that the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists participated with the Black Pope's SS in the mass-murder of European Jewry, including the Ashkenazi and Sephartic Jews. Ben Hecht in his Perfidy makes this perfectly clear as wall as Barry Chamish in his several writings. This is further evidence that these Masonic Labor Zionists are merely Rome's Court Jews carrying the policies of their master, the Pope of Rome. The Chief Rabbi of Rome and the Pope are bosom buddies!

Because these black nobility Ashkenzi jews don't give a f*** about a human life and the 6 million people had to die because their (Ashkenazi) bloodlines were not pure or because they were Sephardi or Mizrahi jews (real jews from middle east) and they don't like Sephardi or Mizrahi jews and last but not least: they knew that killing 6 millon jews and people with jewish blood would give an enormous boost for their zionistic ideas and their plans for a world order:

Further, these Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists (many of whom were racially Jewish Ashkenazis) have used the mass-murder of over 6 million racial and religious Jews as a stepping stone to the restoration of the Pope's Dark Age "Kingdom of Jerusalem"--- the nation of Israel. Thus, these wicked sinners have converted the horrible Jewish Holocaust into an Industry to finance Rome's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist-led "Kingdom of Jerusalem." Never does the Holocaust Industry blame Rome for the murder; only the Lutheran Church and Martin Luther are blamed as shown in Washington, D.C.'s Holocaust Memorial. Further, Luther never wrote On the Jews and their Lies which I also address in VAIII.

the holocaust made sure that nowbody these days dares to speak out loud the fact that all important banking organisations are led by their bloodline of Ashkenazi jews while Sephardi or Mizrahi jews are treated just like us, like cattle.. As i already stated, these Ashkenazi black nobility bloodlines are among us since about 1000 after christ and their worst enemy has always been the Vatican and the pope.

Disagreed. The racial Jews of power are mere servants of the Pope. If they disobey, they are eliminated, like Rabin. Certain Jews of power are Knights of Malta Henry Kissinger and Edgar Bronfman as well as the late and wicked Louis M. Bloomfield---one of the greatest financiers of the Jesuit Order's colleges in Canada. Again, they are the Pope's Court Jews and never resist the Vatican.

However, with the creation of the jesuits in 1540 they infiltrated the Vatican to be able to control it from within.

The Jews never started the Jesuit Order. Loyola was not a Jew but a Spanish Gentile whose family would have been expelled by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492 had the Loyola's been racial Jews. True, Laynez was a racial Jew but due to that exposure, the Order passed a statute to their Constitutions in 1593 that no Jew could be a Jesuit. Ex-Irish Jesuit E. Boyd Barrett confirmes this in his work, The Jesuit Enigma which is quoted in VAIII. This statue was repealed in 1946, Jews thereby being admitted for their service during the Order's Second Thirty Years' War. Several key Jews in Israel are Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors.

[Yet we see more Vatican programming trying to fool people that the Jews rule the world. These people will do anything to hold onto their beliefs that Jews rule the World. When we speak of the Vatican their security blanket is removed and they become fearful, attacking and deceitful.]

Hence the fact that the jesuits killed ,poisoned and intimidated countless popes!

Disagreed. The Jesuits attacked the Pope's who resisted their centralizing power. The Devil founded the Jesuits to reorgainze the Papacy after the Lord's Bible-based Protestant Reformation had dealt such terrible blows to the credibility to the Papacy. A different group of Luciferian Gentiles were given the power over the Papacy. Those popes who resisted were punished or killed---as were many of the Roman Hierarchy.

The first freemasons were also a fierce enemy of the black nobility but freemasons were also infiltrated. In 1776 the black nobility Ashkenazi jew Adam Weishaupt created the Bavarian Illuminati and in the meantime these guys have almost complete control over the Scottish and York rite so they are in control of the world.

Adam Weishaupt was not a racial Jew. He was a German White Gentile who was appointed to teach at the Order's University in Ingolstadt---the strongest Jesuit haven north of the Alps! Weishaput was under orders from the Black Pope Lorenzo Ricci to create the Illuminati for the purpose of uniting all Freemasonry with the Order including the Masonic House of Rothschild. It was at this time that the massive fortunes of the Jesuits were committed into the hands of the Rothschilds---this becoming the bankers for the Jesuit Order. With this order in place, the Jesuits launched the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars---financed by the Order's House of Rothschild. After the Order's revival, the Rothschilds and Warburgs and Sassons and other Jewish Houses (in submission to Gentile bankers who are now Knights of Malta) merely became the "Keepers for the Vatican Treasury." This is why the Jewish Freemason, CFR/British Knight, Alan Greemspan openly headed the Federal Reserve Board. Jews must appear to rule the Pope's bank. But his master were Knights of Malta, men like Irish Roman Catholic William J. McDonough of the New York Fed.

The most powerfull family of the black nobility- Ashkenazi bloodline are the Rotschild's. They lost exactly one family member in the holocaust: a catholic born women married to one of the Rotschild's with no Ashkenazi roots whatsoever. A cheap cover up to hide the fact that the Rotschild's themselves were the chief architects of the holocaust: hence the fact that the lists of the people who had to be deported to concentration camps were made by a jewish council and NOT by the germans!

Disagreed. The German Nazis of power were Roman Catholic Bavarians. Himmler, Gestapo Mueller, Josef Mengele and many others were Bavarian Roman Catholics. Their immediate master was Munich Archbishop Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber beholden to the Jesuits of St. Michael's Church about 100 yards away from the Munich Cathedral. Himmler had the power of life and death relationg to the deportation lists. No priest could be shipped to Dachau without Himmler's approval---as Rome was purging its Vatican Empire of "liberal" priests. Agreed, the Germans have unjustly been blamed for the deeds of the Pope's Nazis, as this was all a plan to destroy the Protestant Reformation in Germany---especially in Prussia. Protestant Prussia died in 1946---to the delight of the Jesuit General.

[Disagreed also, as the Rothschild wealth is dwarfed by some of the main players within the Black "Venetian" Nobility, being the most power of the black families.]

Did you know that Bilderberg was founded by Joseph Hieronim Retinger (a polish Ashkenazi jew!),

Disagreed. Joseph Rettinger, who indeed founded the Bilderbergers was a "33rd Degree Freemason and a well trained Jesuit priest" according to John Coleman's Conspirators Hierarchy, p. 52. And Coleman would know as he was British Intelligence.

[This shows he's simply running off at the mouth but hasn't studied correctly. Why didn't he mention that Joseph was a Jesuit? Mind you at least he speaks of him unlike David Icke who just speaks of Bernard whilst convienantly forgetting the Jesuit mastermind behind the SMOM's Bilderberg controlled from their 'The City' by one of their inner cores being the PILGRIM SOCIETY.]

Prince Bernhard (an ex-SS officer) and Paul Rijkens who, in 1933, had a personal meeting with Hitler!

Both men were White Gentiles as no Jew was permitted into the SS as per the policy of the Jesuit Order. The SS was patterned after the Jesuit Order as you know.

Before you think I'm just another conspiracy geek I must tell you that I was meant to be a very high ranking Scottish rite freemason but due to the fact that I found out the truth during my initiation period things may turn out to be different..

So glad to hear of your refusal to continue.

[This persons writings and mannerisms seem very immature indeed. So are we supposed to be amazed because of being around the Scottish Rite? No thanks it means nothing and from your writings it most definately means nothing. Theres 33 degrees were told in the Scottish Rite. Until you hit 32 your almost nothing as Albert Pike highlights in 'Morals and Dogma.']

Anyway even if your site doesn't tell the whole truth I respect your initiative to resist these new world order freaks. However, I advise you that you change the name of your site or at least tell the people that the vatican itself is in complete control by those jesuits and that ordinary priests, bishops and kardinals have NOTHING to do with the evil intentions of the black nobility and these Ashkenazi bloodlines like the Rotschild's.

The title of the site will remain the same. I do state that the Jesuits rule the Vatican. I do state that the Rothschilds finance the Jesuit Order and the Vatican Empire, as do the White Gentile Rockefellers and the White Gentile Morgans. But the Bible is clear: The Jews, while in their Disapora, are the "tail" of all nations, not the "head" of all nations (Deuternomy 28:44, 64-68). Jerusalem is "trodden down by Gentiles" to this day (Luke 21:24-27). Thus, Gentiles rule the world's politics, banking and religions. Racial Jews, if in the limelight, are merely the Pope's Court Jews. Thus, the gulit for the world's woes falls on the Devil-worshipping, White Gentiles ruling the Jesuit Order which Order rules the Pope and his Roman Hierarcy as well as international Scottish Rite Freemasonry.I trust this is helpful.

[Who does this person think he is? I wouldn't have wasted my time with a reply to this ignorant, I-know-it-all-NOTHING personally.]


Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

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Craig Oxley]

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Was the VA TEch shooting a black op?

Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin

Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin

Deadly accuracy, disturbing revelations suggest outside involvement in VA Massacre, cocktail of brainwashing from prozac, violent video games contributed to carnage
Paul Joseph WatsonPrison PlanetThursday, April 19, 2007

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digg_title = 'Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin';
digg_bodytext = 'Seung-Hui Cho was a mind-controlled assassin, whether you believe he was under the influence of outside parties or not, the fact is that the cultural brainwashing of violent video games and psychotropic drugs directly contributed, as it does in all these cases, to the carnage at Virginia Tech on Monday morning.';
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Seung-Hui Cho was a mind-controlled assassin, whether you believe he was under the influence of outside parties or not, the fact is that the cultural brainwashing of violent video games and psychotropic drugs directly contributed, as it does in all these cases, to the carnage at Virginia Tech on Monday morning.

Gun grabbers are already exploiting the tragedy to disarm future students from the opportunity of being able to defend themselves against deranged killers, but the media circus is completely silent when it comes to the laying blame at the feet of a deadly cocktail of mind-warping drugs and bloodthirsty shoot-em-ups.
Outside of the obvious culpability of the factors we see in every mass shooting - video games and "antidepressant" drugs, numerous red flags concerning Monday events are beginning to suggest that Cho was more than a heartbroken nutcase with an axe to grind.
Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle.

"I'm dumbfounded by the number of people he managed to kill with these weapons," said Mesloh, "The only thing I can figure is that he got close to them and he simply executed them."
Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.
Cho was certainly no slouch, in the two hour gap between the first reported shootings and the wider rampage that would occur later in the morning, during which time the University completely failed to warn the students despite having loudspeakers stationed throughout the campus, Cho had time to film a confession video, transfer it to his computer, burn it onto a DVD, package it up, travel to the post office, post the package, and travel back to his dorm room to retrieve his guns and then travel back to the opposite end of the campus to resume the killing spree. The almost inconceivable speed of Cho's actions become more suspicious when we recall initial reports that there were two shooters.

Even if we rule out the fact that Cho had received expert firearms training, the cultural mind control of violent video games and mind-altering psychotropic drugs were themselves a cocktail of brainwashing that directly contributed to the carnage, as they do in nearly all these cases.
From the very first reports of the shootings we predicted the killer would be on prozac, would have recently been in psychiatric care and would have regularly played violent video games and that has precisely turned out to be accurate in all three instances.

-------The Internet leader in activist media - Prison Thousands of special reports, videos, MP3's, interviews, conferences, speeches, events, documentary films, books and more - all for just 15 cents a day! Click here to subscribe! Find out the true story behind government sponsored terror, 7/7, Gladio and 9/11, get Terror Storm!--------------

"Several Korean youths who knew Cho Seung Hui from his high school days said he was a fan of violent video games, particularly a game called "Counterstrike," a hugely popular online game in which players join terrorism or counterterrorism groups and try to shoot each other using all types of guns," reports Newsmax citing the Washington Post.
"In December 2005 -- more than a year before Monday's mass shootings -- a district court in Montgomery County, Va., ruled that Cho presented "an imminent danger to self or others." That was the necessary criterion for a detention order, so that Cho, who had been accused of stalking by two female schoolmates, could be evaluated by a state doctor and ordered to undergo outpatient care," reports ABC News, " but despite the court identifying the future killer as a risk, they let him go.
Investigators believe that Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech murderer, had been taking anti-depressant medication at some point before the shootings, according to The Chicago Tribune.
Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as well as 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, the Oregon killer who gunned down his parents and classmates, were all on psychotropic drugs. Scientific studies proving that prozac encourages suicidal tendencies in young people are voluminous and span back nearly a decade.

Jeff Weise, the Red Lake High School killer was on prozac, "Unabomber" Ted Kaczinski, Michael McDermott, John Hinckley, Jr., Byran Uyesugi, Mark David Chapman and Charles Carl Roberts IV, the Amish school killer, were all on SSRI psychotropic drugs.
Since these deadly drugs are prevalent in almost all mass shooting incidents, where is the call to ban prozac? Why is the knee-jerk reaction always to attack the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans to self-defense, a right that was exercised in January 2002 when students subdued a shooter at another Virginia university before he could kill more than three people because they were allowed guns on campus?
Why are the deeper reasons behind what motivates young men to kill pushed aside while control freaks demand that law-abiding citizens be disarmed of the only thing that can protect them from such madmen?
Questions about the sequence of events on Monday, VA Tech, as well as the profile of the killer are arousing increased suspicion.

We have been receiving numerous calls and e mails alerting us to the fact that VA Tech is pulling links from its website concerning their relationship with the CIA. Reports from November 2005 confirm that the CIA was active in operating recruitment programs based out of VA Tech. Several professors from VA Tech are involved in government programs linked with NASA and other agencies.

Wikipedia also pulled a bizarre recently taken photograph of Cho wearing a U.S. Marines uniform.
Such details only fan the flames of accusations that Cho could have been a Manchurian Candidate, a mind-controlled assassin.
The CIA's program to create mind-controlled assassins that could be triggered by code words, MK ULTRA, is not a conspiracy theory, it's a historical fact documented by declassified government files and Senate hearings. President Bill Clinton himself had to apologize for the program before he left office.
On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said, "The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens 'at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign."
One such victim of these experiments was Cathy O'Brien, who immediately after the shootings re-iterated the revelations in her latest book, that Blacksburg Virginia is a central location for mind control programs that are still ongoing today.
CIA mind control programs can be tracked back to the 1950's and Project BLUEBIRD, later renamed ARTICHOKE. From blogger Kurt Nimmo;

“BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director on April 20, 1950. In August 1951, the Project was renamed ARTICHOKE. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE included a great deal of work on the creation of amnesia, hypnotic couriers, and the Manchurian Candidate,” writes Colin A. Ross, MD. “ARTICHOKE documents prove that hypnotic couriers functioned effectively in real-life simulations conducted by the CIA in the early 1950’s. The degree to which such individuals were used in actual operations is still classified…. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE were administered in a compartmented fashion. The details of the programs were kept secret even form other personnel within the CIA…. The BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE materials establish conclusively that full Manchurian Candidates were created and tested successfully by physicians with TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA…. As well as being potential couriers and infiltration agents, the subjects could function in effect as hypnotically controlled cameras. They could enter a room or building, memorize materials quickly, leave the building, and then be amnesic for the entire episode. The memorized material could then be retrieved by a handler using a previously implanted code or signal, without the amnesia being disturbed. Hypnosis was not the mind control doctors’ only method for creation of controlled amnesia, however. Drugs, magnetic fields, sound waves, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, and many other methods were studied under BLUEBIRD and ARTHICHOKE.”

Researchers into supposed "lone nut" assassinations time and time again run across evidence pointing to CIA mind control experimentation. The best example is Sirhan Sirhan, Bobby Kennedy's assassin. Sirhan was found to be in a completely trance-like state after pulling the trigger and couldn't even remember shooting Kennedy when asked about the incident days later. Sirhan's lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, has presented convincing evidence that Sirhan was under mind control.

Either way you cut it, Seung-Hui Cho was a victim of brainwashing and mind control. The right questions are not being asked and the finger of blame is being pointed in the wrong direction, ensuring that another tragedy like the VA Tech Massacre is almost guaranteed.

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Hypocrite Kucinich Drafts Legislation To Ban Guns


Hypocrite Kucinich Drafts Legislation To Ban Guns

Entertains notion that bloodthirsty Neo-Fascists carried out 9/11, then says we should hand over our only protection against them
Paul Joseph WatsonPrison PlanetFriday, April 20, 2007
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digg_title = 'Hypocrite Kucinich Drafts Legislation To Ban Guns';
digg_bodytext = 'Dennis Kucinich has shot himself in the foot, pardon the pun, by alienating a huge majority of his most vocal and active online supporters, the 9/11 Truth Movement, in drafting legislation that will completely ban the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians.';
digg_topic = 'politics';
Dennis Kucinich has shot himself in the foot, pardon the pun, by alienating a huge majority of his most vocal and active online supporters, the 9/11 Truth Movement, in drafting legislation that will completely ban the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians.
Kucinich has effectively ended any minute chance he had of becoming President in 2008.
The Congressman from Cleveland has received plaudits for being the only man on Capitol Hill, besides Ron Paul, to even consider pushing for a new inquiry into the events of 9/11. Though Kucinich warned that the investigation "would be limited," he has promised to organize a committee before the end of the year to focus on "Some specific areas that to me represent the most egregious examples of distortion of truth or lack of information."
"By focusing in on that, I'll be able to bring forward a new dimension to the discussions. And from there, we'll move ahead," said Kucinich.
According to Raw Story, the Congressman has also selected a date to introduce articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.
Wonderful, empowering, a breath of fresh air - but you know it just sounded too good to be true, because now comes this;
"Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that would ban the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians."
That's right - our intrepid warrior in the fight to restore the Constitution, wants to gut the very bedrock of it - the Second Amendment.
Just as the Bush administration exploited the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to ram through the Patriot Act, Kucinich cites the Virginia Massacre as evidence of a "national emergency" that requires an instant assault on the bill of rights to "protect" us all from the madmen.
Kucinich is seemingly willing to entertain the notion that 9/11 was carried out by a ruthless gang of bloodthirsty Neo-Fascists within our own government, yet he thinks we should all hand in our only means of defense against such thugs when the men in black ski-masks come knocking.
Notice Kucinich specifies that only "civilians" will be forced to turn in their weapons - the guardians of the state will still be allowed to arm themselves to the teeth to keep us all safe.
Gun control is a religion, and no matter how many facts you throw out about how guns prevent hundreds of thousands of crimes every year, or arguments about how criminals don't obey laws and gun control only disarms the victims, the majority will never change minds that are already made up.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Internet leader in activist media - Prison Thousands of special reports, videos, MP3's, interviews, conferences, speeches, events, documentary films, books and more - all for just 15 cents a day! Click here to subscribe! Find out the true story behind government sponsored terror, 7/7, Gladio and 9/11, get Terror Storm!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Liberals still argue that the language of the Second Amendment applies only to a "well regulated militia" and not the individual, selectively ignoring the very framers of the Constitution, the founding fathers, who in their writings made it abundantly clear that the right to bear arms was included so Americans had a recourse to defend themselves against a tyrannical government - the very tyranny that Kucinich is grandstanding to oppose in his 9/11 and impeachment movements.
A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.--- Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, 1785. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, (Memorial Edition) Lipscomb and Bergh, editors.
We established however some, although not all its [self-government] important principles . The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; ---Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824. Memorial Edition 16:45, Lipscomb and Bergh, editors.
No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms. ---Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776.
[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation...(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.---James Madison,The Federalist Papers, No. 46.
Zacharia Johnson argued that the new Constitution could never result in religious persecution or other oppression because: "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them."
Roger Sherman, during House consideration of a militia bill (1790):
[C]onceived it to be the privilege of every citizen, and one of his most essential rights, to bear arms, and to resist every attack upon his liberty or property, by whomsoever made. The particular states, like private citizens, have a right to be armed, and to defend, by force of arms, their rights, when invaded.
14 Debates in the House of Representatives, ed. Linda Grand De Pauw. (Balt., Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1972), 92-3.
Many more quotes can be found here.
Activists within the 9/11 Truth Movement who believe that elements of the U.S. government attacked them on September 11 but support relinquishing the only defense against tyranny to these very same killers are in serious need of a wake up call. They should also immediately identify with George W. Bush, who also shares their zeal for gun control.
Dennis Kucinich needs to understand that if he attempts to legislate away our fundamental liberties and our single defense against tyranny while proclaiming himself to be a champion of freedom, his hypocrisy will be his downfall and the 9/11 Truth Movement will desert him.

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