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Savant's Words

Of course, we've lived with this racial disdain and vilification (and worse) for centuries. But it is especially galling to have bigots entering a supposed AFRICAN-AMERICAN forum and spewing their racist venom. If they want to do this in StormFront, who cares? But certainly not in an "African American Forum." But as I've said, this place is NEITHER African American nor a Forum.



If this place were a REAL African American Forum it would have been ablaze during the summer of 2013 (and beyond) with discussion of the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the enforcement provisions of the Voting Rights Act o 1965. It would be ablaze now with discussion of he challenges to the Fair Housing bill of 1968 now before the Supreme Court. Especially as we're in the 50th anniversary of the Selma campaign for voting rights---and the second years since the gutting of the Voting Rights Bill by the Supine Court---there should be all kinds of discussions on this matter. Young brothers like Timothy should be talking with older brothers and sisters who came up in that era about the significance of what's happening. We should be talking about how we're going to defend these rights and work to save the future for our children. The wave of police violence against Black communities has gotten attention, and evoked activism in real time among our people and sympathetic non-Black allies. An AA forum should be a place where these forces can meet, discuss and talk strategy. And what of the relationship between rising economic inequality and growing police violence in Black, Latin and poor communities? This should certainly be discussed. Or the prison industrial complex so incisively critiqued by Michelle Alexander and Angela Y. Davis? We reportedly have more sisters and brothers in prison today than ever---more Black men in prison than were in slavery 160 years ago. Economic dislocation which dislocates families and communities (which also leads to more crime), racist police violence, mass incarceration, the undermining of our hard won rights and liberties, hunger and homeless, and the mental erosion of consumerism and mass entertainment (with even "news" becoming increasingly a circus of amusement)--these are all vital issues, issues of life and death. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble: But whether or not you want to marry a Black man or woman is hardly a matter of great historical importance. It has little relevance to the burning issues of our times. And as long as you are obsessed with this, YOU will have no relevance either. No we need a forum which addresses more vital matters.


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Nixak 77 on Malcolm X

Nixak*77* • 4 days ago
The more they claim things have supposedly have changed [for the better - aka 'progress'], the more in reality they've actually stayed the same SOS! Points Malcolm X made in this last speech [a week before his assassination]: that are just as relevant today as they were 50 yrs ago:
- Police brutality vs Black people.
- The use of crime stats to demonize Black people to justify [racist] police violence vs Black people- decades before anyone even heard of jokers like Rude Fooliani & FOX Noise
- The way the Lame-stream media spins those standing against / won't tolerate racist oppression as the 'real' problem who 'advocate violence'.
- In 1965 the watch word was 'Selma', 50 yrs later the watch-word is Ferguson. Then the cops were siccing dogs & using water cannons & 'Billy'-clubs on the protesters, now it's MWRAPS & sound cannons [& they've still got the dogs & clubs].
- 1965 they were hyping the VRA Act, 50yrs later the SCOTUS Court guts the VRA on the watch of the first Black POTUS & AG.
- 'Liberal' 'humanitarian' BOMBING in the name of 'democracy' & protecting civilians [decades before anyone ever heard of 'R2P']. In this case it was in post Lumumba Congo. Malcolm did NOT even name Mobutu as the US' & Belgium's go to 'Negro' in the Congo at that point, but rather Tshombe'.
[A Brief history of the 'Rape of the Congo' - Under the Belgiums King Leopold & his ilk slaughtered up-to 10 MILLION Congolese & Maimed MILLIONS more- circa late 1800s early 1900s. When Congo had a chance at a new start w independence under Patrice Lumumba, though constitutionally elected he was still over-thrown in a CIA / Belgium backed coup that ultimately resulted in the rise of that notorious dictator Mobutu. Thus Congo / Zaire been catching HELL ever since. Then came the fall-out of the Rwandan 'genocide' in the mid 1990s that spilled over into Congo / Zaire- resulting to-date in 6 - 7 Million dead {& counting} & mass RAPE of Congolese women & girls as a 'weapon of war. This is spearheaded by the staunchly US backed regimes of Paul Kagame' {Rwanda} & Museveni {Uganda]]
- The US [& NATO's] use of [white] mercenaries in to carry-out their nefarious geo-political objectives in Africa & else-where- yrs before anyone even heard of Black-water / Xe....

Also note that Malcolm X was likely the first prominent leader in the US [Black or white] to publicly speak out against the Vietnam War at-least 2 - 3 yrs before MLK did in April 1967. Other prominent Black leaders ahead of the curve on Vietnam IE: on record as being against the War were SNCC [Stokely Carmichael / Kwame' Toure'], the NOI's Muhammed Ali & the BPP Party.

Part 2: 50 Years After Murder, Malcolm X Remembered by Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz & A. Peter Bailey

Friday News.

The low voter turnout (in the Chicago mayoral race) signified the dissatisfaction that many have of the mainstream two party system. The interview between Jaisal Noor and Kari Lydersen had the great mention of how some of the council seats are going to be in a runoff election too. The mayor is not the only person with great political power in Chicago, but council members as well. Recently, there has been the public revelation of the secret interrogation facility operated by the Chicago Police Department. We have a long way to go to combat police terrorism. It’s obvious that Rahm Emanuel represented the interests of the 1 percent. It is an exciting, but we have to use our discernment and we will see who will win the mayoral race. Rahm Emanuel has only 45 percent of the total votes and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia had 34 percent. Therefore, the runoff election will take place in the first Tuesday in April of 2015. Rahm Emanuel has spent eight times the amount raised by Garcia. There was the referendum for Chicago getting an elected school board instead of the mayor controlling it totally. People are fighting against the privatizers and the corporate exploitation of society. We know that former Chicago public schools chief has been a big advocate of charter schools, teacher firings (even of qualified, excellent teachers), high stakes testing, and privatization. This has been carried out in Chicago and throughout the America. Over 50 Chicago public schools were closed in 2014. That was down over the proposal of over 100. Rahm did this action despite opposition and all of the closed schools were in mostly Black and Latino communities.  And under Rahm and the Daleys, Chicago has expelled roughly as many poor and black residents in the last 20 years as New Orleans after Katrina. The city that elected Harold Washington in 1983 was over 40% black. Today's Chicago is about 27% African American. Rahm supported many privatizations like giving the city’s parking spaces to a consortium that is linked to corporate interests. Garcia supports a city ordinance that would grant reparations in the form of cash settlements, housing assistance, free tuition at city area colleges and free medical care for the falsely convicted.  Now, we will see what will happen. The people on the side of justice want real changes not neoliberal status quo policies.

I wouldn't blame people to be angry over this outcome (of no civil rights charges being made against George Zimmerman). We should be angry at our people being killed in America unjustly. This action comes as no surprise. The memory of Trayvon Martin should definitely be utilized for us to continue to fight. In our lives, what is past is not even prologue. The issue of race must be overtly spoken about in public despite what any pro-post racial advocates say. We live in a state of oppression currently. Past will never be prologue for us unless we experience authentic, unequivocal justice. Melissa Harris Perry has grieved over the passing of Trayvon Martin. I wish that George Zimmerman would never have stalked Trayvon Martin in the first place. In that sense, Trayvon Martin would be alive today. Zimmerman is a sick man who said that it was God's will for him to kill Trayvon Martin. I understand Melissa Harris Perry's frustration. We should be angry at the status quo. That is why we must continue to fight unjust laws, we ought to oppose police brutality, and we have to defend the human dignity of black lives. RIP Trayvon Martin. Hip hop is a complex, diverse, and creative art form. It was created by the black poor and the black proletariat of the ghettoes of NYC (during the 1970's. Hip hop has Caribbean influences too. Kool Herc has Jamaican ancestry). The masses of the people have the right to listen to or not listen to an artist’s records. Iggy Azalea says that she doesn’t get enough respect, but people should never be required to listen to her records or even like her artistry. She has to realize that some people will like her and some people will not. White privilege is real and that privilege should not be used as a means for one artist to demand undue preference. All human beings should be treated fairly and equitably (as people). I don't believe that Iggy should be called out of her name or disrespected unfairly. Yet, any hip hop artist is not entitled for the coerced listening of their music. No hip hop artist should expect all people to listen to their records. That is the fundamental point. It is not about hating on Iggy. This situation is far bigger than Iggy Azelea. It is about disagreeing with the machine that glamorizes materialism and other evils at the expense of the aspirations of the masses of the people. That is the point.

I know that I'm not the only one who is confused at the statements made by Lee Daniels. I don't see the connection with the statements of Monique and "reverse racism" (which there is not such a thing as racism is racism). Monique's statements were not racist. They were based on her personal experiences and I want to hear Monique's side of the story (on the new accusations that were made by Lee Daniels that Monique was difficult to work with and refused to thank certain people). Fundamentally, the words from Monique and Lee Daniels prove how cutthroat Hollywood is. Lee Daniels' admission that he is a sellout doesn't surprise me one iota. Many people know that he said misogynistic statements about black women and he said that white people can call black people the N word. Lee Daniels and Don Lemon are loved by the establishment, because they aren't revolutionaries. We don't have to play ball at the expense of our integrity or our dignity. We can speak out, shout for the truth, and establish unique solutions. I have noticed that Lee Daniels has thrown Monique under the bus. Typically, when many black people have disagreements, we will handle it behind closed doors (then we stand as a united front in public). Don Lemon has certainly compromised to the establishment. His argument to Talib Kweli (who gave thousands of dollars to the Ferguson movement) proves that. I am certainly disappointed in Daniels and Lemon. They know better. Many brainwashed black people love massah more than they love their own people. The good news is that there is an increasing number of black people waking up and realizing their identity and they want solutions. We have to keep on going as a'int nothing is going to turn us around.

To each its own, but a person's body is a person's body. Some folks have natural bodies and some have had surgeries (in varying degrees). I think what is most important is for people to find ways to love their inner beings. There are people who have used no surgeries and those who had many surgeries, but they possess a lack of appreciation for their personal humanity. That is the problem that we should address as a society. The physical appearance will change over time due to the natural processes of human biology (and other factors), yet we can help others see the value of themselves (and the inherit beauty from within). Also, there is nothing wrong with the black African phenotype. In order for freedom to come about transparently, then we have to reject archaic, evil white supremacist notions of body image. Beauty is diverse not monolithic. On this Earth, the massive materialism, the massive economic exploitation, etc. has harmed many lives and we have to change the world (so, society exists in a more altruistic fashion). It is a sad story truly. What Sarah Baartman experienced was something (which includes mental and physical abuse) that no human being should experience. Her story should definitely inspire anybody to treat black people right, especially the black Sisters. Her story shows why we do what we do. This is why we are in total opposition to the system of white supremacy. This is why we are opposed to imperialism and any form of human exploitation.

Also, I have read the article that Sister Ilyasah Shabbaz (or Malcolm X’s daughter) has written. Her article was a critique of the Black Lives Movement. First, I had to step back and look at history (since I love history as many others do). Back during the late 1960’s, rebellions occurred because of racial oppression and police terrorism in our black communities. The capitalist elite later had no choice but to accept concessions. Later after Dr. King was killed, many black people decided to join the bourgeois and accept the neoliberal society (of the prison industrial complex, of economic regressive policies, of scapegoating the black poor especially, and neo-imperialism). The events of Diallo, Troy Davis, Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones, Michael Brown, etc. inspired the development of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many of the youth know what time it is. I am 31 and I know about why riots occur and the historical, political breakdown of many aspects of Western society. Sister Ilyasah is right to say that Malcolm X would fairly critique this new movement. Back then, Malcolm X critiqued the civil rights movement, sometimes in strong terms. So, he would critique this current movement. He would want solutions, but he would also encourage the movement as an elder. We are fighting the system of white supremacy and Malcolm X would make that point explicitly. Also, another point is to be made as well. Many organizations in this current movement have outlined demands and solutions. Hands UP Coalition DC has called for the demilitarization of the local police, immediate prosecution of crooked cops, the end to the War and Drugs, and other direct proposals. Ferguson Action is one group that has specific agendas in their website and I have seen it. Many relatives of the victims of police brutality have spoken up and are part of such organizations now. This movement has very politically independent people in them (as some of them are opposed to the agendas of the Republicans and the Democrats). Malcolm X was politically independent and criticized both major parties without apology. Movements don’t have to be centralized. This movement is decentralized and has many grassroots organizing. Leadership is not necessarily centralized by a few people. Leaders can be ordinary human beings fighting for real social change. Ilyasah Shabbaz’s article is a great article. She has the right to her views. We can’t rely totally on slogans. Also, we should oppose imperialism as Malcolm X was anti-imperialist, he criticized capitalism, and he wanted opportunities for women. By 1965, Malcolm X was a progressive black revolutionary. Malcolm X opposed imperialism and wanted pan-African unity. So far, the Black Lives Movement (which existed spontaneously and independently) has existed longer than the Occupy Movement. Any movement has to be critiqued. This new movement is no exception. We should encourage the youth, give advice, and establish strategies plus solutions. I wish more peace and blessings for Sister Ilyasah Shabbaz.

By Timothy

Ukraine War: A Reverse Cuban Missile Crisis

The Mystery of the Civil War’s Camp Casey

Conscious Words

If this place were a REAL African American Forum it would have been ablaze during the summer of 2013 (and beyond) with discussion of the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the enforcement provisions of the Voting Rights Act o 1965. It would be ablaze now with discussion of he challenges to the Fair Housing bill of 1968 now before the Supreme Court. Especially as we're in the 50th anniversary of the Selma campaign for voting rights---and the second years since the gutting of the Voting Rights Bill by the Supine Court---there should be all kinds of discussions on this matter. Young brothers like Timothy should be talking with older brothers and sisters who came up in that era about the significance of what's happening. We should be talking about how we're going to defend these rights and work to save the future for our children. The wave of police violence against Black communities has gotten attention, and evoked activism in real time among our people and sympathetic non-Black allies. An AA forum should be a place where these forces can meet, discuss and talk strategy. And what of the relationship between rising economic inequality and growing police violence in Black, Latin and poor communities? This should certainly be discussed. Or the prison industrial complex so incisively critiqued by Michelle Alexander and Angela Y. Davis? We reportedly have more sisters and brothers in prison today than ever---more Black men in prison than were in slavery 160 years ago. Economic dislocation which dislocates families and communities (which also leads to more crime), racist police violence, mass incarceration, the undermining of our hard won rights and liberties, hunger and homeless, and the mental erosion of consumerism and mass entertainment (with even "news" becoming increasingly a circus of amusement)--these are all vital issues, issues of life and death. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble: But whether or not you want to marry a Black man or woman is hardly a matter of great historical importance. It has little relevance to the burning issues of our times. And as long as you are obsessed with this, YOU will have no relevance either. No we need a forum which addresses more vital matters.



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The People of Chicago Stun Obama's Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Now It's Round 2

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What is Neo-Liberalism? A Revolutionary Analysis of the Final Stage of Imperialism

Wednesday News on late February of 2015

Any legitimate endeavor to encourage childhood exercise and combating childhood obesity should be commented. I agree with the Let’s Move campaign. I don’t agree with the President on every issue (like on civil liberty matters, neoliberal policies, etc.), but I do realize that the situation that we are in didn’t originate in 2009. While I don't agree with the White House on every issue, I will always deplore the reactionary slander against the President and his family. We have a long history and the struggle continues. The same white supremacist system existed throughout Presidencies. The First Lady (who is a strong, beautiful black woman) and the President has raised strong daughters. People can call the President many words. Yet, the First family loves their children. So, we have to put pressure in society to change and we have been motivated in fighting for solutions. We should not only express legitimate critiques of the White House. We have to go out and be part of the solution too. I want the Let’s Move campaign to be strengthened, to achieve even greater, positive results, and I want the initiative to continue. Even some Democrats want to promote the neoliberal agenda of trying to slash corporate taxes up to ten percentage points. We will an increase of social inequality. The majority of the new jobs are low wage jobs including a large percentage of them being part-time and temporary positions. Wages are stagnant, benefits have been slashed, and millions remain unemployed (or have dropped out of the labor market altogether). There can been huge cash handouts sent to wealthy banks and the lowering of the working class' living standards. This is a recovery for the rich and the super-rich not for the working class. The deficit has declined and that is good news, but we have a long way to go. This situation is not new. In NYC, there were sweeping cuts in municipal workers’ jobs and compensation. This happened in 1975. There was the bailout of Chrysler in 1979-1980. There was the suppression of the working rights after the 1981 smashing of the PATCO air controller strike. We know about the forced bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler in 2009 (including their bailouts later on while wages of workers have been halved).

Esther Okade is a great young Sister. Most people do quadratic equations when they are teenagers, yet she is 10 years old doing it. Her dreams certainly represent her great value as human beings. Also, her family is blessed too. Esther has a brother who is extremely intelligent. Genius is found throughout our people. Bless Esther. Certainly, we should remember Selma. The movement of Selma was about how many people of many backgrounds (like members of the SCLC, the DCVL, SCLC, etc.) stood up for fundamental human rights in the midst of racism, police terrorism, and other obstacles. John Lewis is right that we don't live in a post racial society. Giuliani's false words and extremism should be rejected. We should continue to stand up against not only institutionalized racism, but economic oppression too (as economic oppression, racism, the War on Drugs, and other injustices oppress people). We need revolutionary change in society. We have to keep on fighting for truth, justice, and equality. People cried during the performance (of Common and John Legend's song of "Glory"). The song Glory means many things. It refutes the lie that all forms of hip hop is evil. So many people want to demonize all hip hop. They should listen to this song and witness real hip hop, because that song is every bit hip hop as it is R&B. It refutes the lie that post racial rhetoric is true. The song is powerful and inspirational. The more I listen to it, the more I am inspired to fight for the beloved community (and for justice for all black people). Common and John Legend are absolutely right to mention that our voting rights are under threat, especially with the Supreme Court decision (including the voter ID laws). We have to expose the prison industrial complex which has ruined the lives of our Brothers and our Sisters. Their performance was excellent, stirring, and it was filled with passion. The events of Selma back in 1965 have motivated the Black Lives Matter movement too in 2015. 50 years have passed and we are still seeking our freedom. Men, women, and children even now seek change, are helping their community, and believe in the truth of justice being indivisible for all. We will continue to speak up and to stand up for social justice, liberty, and freedom without question.

Monique just told the truth. Blackballing is common in Hollywood. In this generation, compromising your integrity doesn't work anyway in the long term. We have a legacy to build. Monique should be encouraged in her endeavors. It is noticeable that Lee Daniels never denied or refuted Monique's comments, which makes Monique comments even more accurate. I have no problem with being strategic in advancing our lives (there is a time and place for everything), but we should reject being submissive to evil. Being submissive to evil or compromising human integrity has nothing to do with advancing. That has to do with violating human principles. Sheryl Lee Ralph is correct to mention a possibility of Monique making a comeback. We should not allow Hollywood to dictate to us in how we should be. We should be unapologetic in how we express our inner and outer beings. I feel empathy for the child (who said that President Barack Obama doesn't love America). I don't agree with him. He has the right to his views, but I don't agree with his premises. It is obvious that he is being manipulated by reactionary forces. President Obama certainly loves America. He loves America by his speeches, etc. The President has issued drone strikes, bombs on certain places, and supported other militant foreign policy actions. The neo-conservative extremists don't feel that Obama is going far enough. Many of these extremists want to strike Iran, which is ludicrous. ISIS evolved from al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda came from bin Laden. Bin Laden was a U.S./Saudi funded asset from 1979 (in Operation Cyclone). ISIS is a counterrevolutionary, evil group. ISIS has done terrorism and the U.S. government has done terrorism in many nations for decades. Also, black people have been the recipients of terrorism by the U.S. government & reactionary, privatized forces (from slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, etc.). If you want to know about terrorism, look at American history.

Zendaya Coleman responded to Rancic with historical facts, class, and inspirational statements. It is a shame that in this generation, we have people who want to disrespect a young woman in such vicious terms. Locs are part of real human expression. Just because someone wears locs doesn’t mean that that they smell like weed, etc. Some individuals have to live in the 21st century and realize the dignity of people of color must be respected. People of all colors wear locs and our hair has the right to be shown in diverse ways (as beauty is diverse). Rancic’s obviously desperate apology was certainly a plan for her to save face. We will continue to defend not only locs, but justice too. I love that Zendaya listed India Arie. She is a great music who expressed classic records. Locs are here to stay. If the GOP wants real outreach, then they need to change. They need to talk about civil liberties, the evils of the War on Drugs, fair housing, police brutality, respect for women, cleaning up the environment, and other real issues that people care about. So far, the leadership of the GOP still wants to continue with the same old agendas of austerity, massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and believing in post racial rhetoric. The GOP is still headed by reactionaries. People have the right to believe in what they want. Likewise, I have the right to not be a Republican too.

Malcolm X’s Autobiography was assisted by Alex Haley (who was a liberal Republican). To understand Malcolm X’s thinking and thoughts, Malcolm’s Autobiography is a critical resource in understanding the philosophies and views of Malcolm X. Alex Haley was a great journalist and interviewer. He interviewed many people from Jim Brown, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and to Muhammad Ali. He is famous for being the author of the bestseller “Roots,” which would be a famous miniseries. The book and the miniseries were about the story of Alex Haley’s ancestry from Africa to America. It dealt with slavery, oppression, the Civil War, and freedom. His story is an American story. The Autobiography of Malcolm X has inspired black people all over the world including human beings of all colors as well. The book was first published in 1965. The book has been based on interviews between Malcolm X and Alex Haley between 1963 and 1965. Malcolm X wanted a strong autobiography, so he constantly edited information and added necessary information. The book described Malcolm X’s views as having the love of blackness, believing in Black Nationalism, and following pan-Africanism. Malcolm X took control over the composition of the work. The book has the foreword and then the Introduction. There are 19 chapters in the great book. The last Chapter is entitled, 1965. The epilogue was written by Alex Haley and there are words form Ossie Davis on Malcolm X. In 1992, attorney Gregory Reed bought the original manuscripts of The Autobiography of Malcolm X for more than $100,000 at the sale of the Haley Estate. The manuscripts included three "missing chapters" that were omitted from the original text. In a 1964 letter to his publisher, Haley had described these chapters as, "the most impactful material of the book, some of it rather lava-like.” The titles of the chapters are “The Negro”,”End of Christianity”, and “Twenty Million Muslims.” These chapters have been released to the public in 2010. “My life has been a mirror of what the black ghetto across America present as a community of despair,” Reed read from the chapters, “and a way of life that warps millions of Negro minds into social problems of broken homes and families and tragedies. The word ‘ghetto’ today often meets our eyes and ears, but not even those who live there can convey its actual horror to anyone who lives somewhere else. I can only hope that the reporting of my life will show what happened to me. And that one can transform his circumstances to better one ’s self and their children.” “The races in America have just declared war with each other,” Reed read. “The black man is accusing and bitter. The white man is guilty, alarmed and confused. In this turmoil for them both, I think that when my life is looked upon in the right way, there might be drawn from it something of value for humanity.” In other excerpts, Reed read, Malcolm also reflected on his own life. “Today, it is my mission to end the white man’s continuous enslavement and imprisonment of America’s black man’s mind,” Reed read. “When I was for a decade, another ghetto hustler, once called Detroit Red, talking out of the side of my mouth. Today, the New York Times reports me as the second most sought after speaker on university campuses, after Barry Goldwater.” In another excerpt, Malcolm wrote, “Today, the FBI and other agencies watch me wherever I go. Once every word I uttered was slang, or foul and today I am interviewed and quizzed by panels or experts on the major television and radio programs.” William Alex Haley (who is Alex Haley’s son) said that Malcolm X and Haley spent about three years meeting on Grove Street in Greenwich Village in order to complete the autobiography. William said that both men were friends. Ilyasah al-Shabazz or the daughter of Malcolm X praised his father as a man of integrity (during the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Education Center when the rediscovered chapters were released to the public. The center was the former Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan).  Hopefully, these lost chapters can be included in future additions of the “Autobiography of Malcolm X.” Therefore, I recommend “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” 100 percent.

By Timothy

Many News today

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday News in late February 2015

For years, it has been documented that the Bush administration has used the “war on terror” to do horrific torture practices (against prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). It has been found that the Bush White House has promoted CIA “black sites” and other prisons abroad as part of state policy. The CIA torture report last year revealed these barbaric practices done in our name. The drive for U.S. imperialism involved the plunder the domination of the world’s resources (the Western imperialists used force to promote its predatory aims). The ruling class that is waging imperialist war abroad is waging a class war at home, presiding over the enormous enrichment of the financial oligarchy at the expense of the working class. There is no hard line between foreign and domestic policy, which is a fact that was given concreteness as published in Guardian newspaper that one of the top interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had pioneered the methods he used at the torture camp working as a detective in Chicago. According to the Guardian, Richard Zuley obtained at least one wrongful murder conviction by methods that he would later use at Guantanamo Bay. These methods include prolonged shackling in “stress positions,” threats against family members, threats that the accused could be subject to the death penalty if they did not confess and demands that those under torture implicate themselves and others.

The newspaper cites the example of one Chicago woman whom Zuley kept shackled to a wall for more than 24 hours until she confessed that she and her ex-boyfriend had committed a murder. She is in prison to this day. Another victim was Lathierial Boyd, who was released in 2013. He spent 23 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Among Zuley’s victims, according to the Guardian, was Ould Slahi, author of the recently-published book Guantánamo Diary, in which he recounts being tortured, sexually assaulted and beaten to within an inch of his life at the prison, to the point where he would sign any confession his torturers would put before him. The revelations, declared the Guardian, express “a continuum between police abuses in urban America” and the torture perpetrated in the name of the war on terror. The case of Zuley is hardly an aberration, however. The American ruling class presides over a country that incarcerates a greater percentage of its population than any other in the world, where the brutal treatment of prisoners is a daily reality. There is a recent report from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) documents the evil conditions facing over 80,000 people in solitary confinement in the U.S. prison system (like the mentally ill, mentally handicapped, and children). The barbaric practice has been declared a form a torture by the United Nations. The ACLU has mentioned that 95 percent of people subjected to solitary confinement developed psychological illness like panic or anxiety attacks and hallucinations. In Texas alone, there are more than 100 prisoners who spent more than 20 years in tiny cells for 22 hours a day without any direct contact with any other human beings. Many domestic prisoners are used to hold people accused of terrorism. Some of them are in there via entrapment by intelligence agencies. Next week, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the body that oversees civilian penitentiaries, will implement a new rule that, in the words of law professor David M. Shapiro “all but prevents prisoners incarcerated in the United States and suspected of connections to terrorism from speaking with their families.” Shapiro notes that another set of recently introduced methods “make an unprecedented inroad into the attorney-client privilege, permitting federal agents to intercept communications between certain prisoners deemed a threat to national security and their attorneys.” He adds that prisons in New York and Colorado have already used these methods. The prison system continues the barbaric action of state-sanctioned executions. We see a militarized police force killing people with impunity and an intelligence system that spies on people in violation of basic democratic rights. Both major parties are complicit in this system. Bush and Obama functions their neoliberal policies in this system. The ruling class want to suppress the political opposition to war, police brutality, and social inequality. The actions of torture, forced confession, etc. have no place in a modern day society. These problems still go on today.

The Kiev regime is trying to conscript children in foreign countries for military service in Ukraine. The Kiev regime is desperate. It is now involved in conscripting Ukrainian children adopted or fostered by parents in foreign countries. The children are now being drafted. There is an article showing this information from the Spanish newspaper called E Heraldo. It is found in the Aragon region of Spain. This conscript ion story has been said by Eduardo Puente or the Association of Child Welfare. Man in the mainstream media has accused Russia of making threats in the Baltic, which is false. There is the EU, the IMF, the European Central Bank, and Germany trying to force Greece to bow down to them economically. Some speculate that Greece could renounce its unpayable and unjust  €320 billion national debt, quit the Eurozone, and ally with Russia (plus support the New Drachma). The Baltic stats include Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. The EU, the European Central Bank, the IMF and European finance ministers have already been doing all the destabilization that’s needed – forcing Greece into a deep program of austerity that has seen the economy shrink by 25% over five years, the closure of vital public services, mass unemployment and the forced sell-off of public assets. And now the Greeks – and their newly elected Syriza government – have had enough. This week the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras flatly refused to renew the €240 billion ‘bailout’ package, which comes with all the austerity strings, and he today advanced proposals for a ‘six-month assistance package’ free of harsh conditions to give Greece time to renegotiate its debt. Today, Greece is a still a NATO member. We will see what Greece will do in the months and years ahead.

“Lucy” is a move that is famous. Lucy came out in 2014. The movie was written and directed by Luc Besson. The movie is about a woman who unlocked the full 100 percent of her brain power instead of the 10 percent that humans reportedly use. The movie is a science fiction movie filled with pseudo-science and action scenes. Many people have dealt with the Luciferian philosophy of the occult elite and its dogma of transhumanism. The film has a lot of action scenes involving Asian gangsters. Lucy is played by Scarlett Johansson. The whole movie is about Lucy increasing her brain capacity that allows her to gain the knowledge required to become a “god.” Luciferianism and transhumanism are two concepts that must be defined first before going forward. Luciferianism is about the worship of Lucifer and the belief that Lucifer was a positive being who just wanted to give humanity knowledge about godhood (by eating the fruit of the tree). The fruit represented knowledge. Luciferians, in essence, view the serpent as the good guy. To Luciferians, when human beings eat the fruit, they received divine knowledge and humans can be gods. This doctrine is similar to Gnosticism. Many of this philosophy are similar to the philosophies of Kabbalaism, Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, etc. So, Luciferianism is about Lucifer making man into a god. The British philosopher Max More loves Luciferianism and transhumanism (which is about using humans and technology to make man like a god basically). The movie starts with Lucy being a young woman. She is a regular person. She gets mixed up in a high stakes Asian mob deal. She is confused about her life. The first scene of the movie shows a cheetah hunting a prey (or showing how the world has the unilluminated masses being hunted or being the hunters in the jungle of modern day society). Lucy is roughed up by the mobsters. The mobsters make her sell drugs. They gave her CPH4 or a synthetic drug that is about to flood the European market. The drug makes her brain more powerful. The drug being synthetic was made by humans. In transhumanism, human evolution is done via science and technology. Professor Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) gives a lecture on the human brain and it endorses transhumanism. Professor Norman wants to humanity to be immortal. He said: “It’s up to us to push the rules and laws and go from evolution to revolution.” Lucy soon gets a gun and shoots the Asian men. Lucy breaks from her cells and kills everyone in the vicinity. The remorseless killing of people is not about advanced intelligence. Lucy doesn’t’ feel pain, fear, or desire. Lucy is evolving. Lucy uses her powers to control people. Her eyes change to look almost reptilian. Lucy kills a man too. Lucy controls and monitors people’s electronic devices (which goes on in real life like what the NSA does). Lucy transforms and emits a great burst of light to change into a god. Lucifer ironically means light bringer. Lucy is face to face with the real Lucy (or the first missing link according to scientists). That scene is similar to the Michelangelo mural where it shows God touching the hand of Adam. Once the ritual ends, she gives Dr. Norman a USB stick containing all of her knowledge. The cop comes in the room and said that where is Lucy. The cop receives a text message saying that she is everywhere. The movie Lucy is philosophy and deals with the philosophy of transhumanism. There is the occult influence in the movie as well. The movie shows the distinction between humans without knowledge and those with it. It deals with contrasts, actions, and philosophies.

The roots of the struggle in the Black Lives Movement have a long history. After the changes in the 1960’s, the reactionary forces have used their backlash. That backlash included the establishment of the prison industrial complex, the growth of the War on Drugs, the forming of voter ID laws in various states, and other forms of oppression (which target the gains from decades ago like voting rights, affirmative action, and the social safety net). Throughout the 1980’s and the 1990’s, there have been police killings of black people across America including New York City. The West African immigrant Amadou Diallo was killed by four NYPD cops in front of his apartment building in 1999. Cincinnati cops killed Timothy Thomas who was an unarmed black teenager. Later, days long rebellion occurred in the city’s black community. In the aftermath of 9/11 in America, the NYPD intensified its racial profiling of not only Arabic peoples, Muslims, and South Asians. They used racial profiling against black people and Latinos as well. There was Jena Six and the horrendously bad government response involving the Katrina disaster. Black people in New Orleans and its surrounding areas were shot at by the police and racist vigilantes. Surviving black people were demonized as criminal “looters.” Private corporate interests displaced the lands of black people and the poor in New Orleans as a way for privatization to develop. The 2008 recession caused the greatest destruction of black wealth in U.S. history. The great recession has devastated communities nationwide. The Occupy Wall Street movement developed in their first meeting in September of 2011. The Occupy Wall Street movement showed the truth that income inequality is a serious issue that must be discussed. The deaths of Trayvon Martin inspired great protest. The events of Ferguson began a new era of the liberation struggle. These events stirred up the current Black Lives movement today. These people are greatly politically independent. We face new challenges. We know that there was the bombing of a NAACP office in Colorado Springs. The PBA leadership has issued offensive statement. We know that NGOs are trying to infiltrate the movement. We also know that the Black Lives Matter Movement includes great people. This movement is multiracial and international. This is now the most sustained period of antiracist protest in decades. Young, African American antiracist activists are leaders of this movement for racial justice. We are keeping our eyes on the prize (which is freedom, justice, and equality for all human life).

By Timothy

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Malcolm X: A revolutionary life

The Ghost of Bobby Lee

White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson

Malcolm X's Assassination (50 Years Later)

Friday News in midst of the record cold in America.

Libya has been in a state of chaos since 2011, because of the NATO intervention. Gaddafi was killed and soon Libya is basically in a state of partition. Factions like the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. are fighting for total rule in Libya. Ironically, NATO forces aided many rebel factions in Libya years ago. Many of the rebel factions are now ISIS. The West once aided the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorist group. Therefore, the complexities exist in Libya. The West still wants Libya to be a future client state and civil war is still waging in that area. First Lady Michelle Obama is a very beautiful, intelligent black woman. Also, she is doing an excellent job in showing more awareness on healthy living. It is very important for men, women, and children to eat more fruits and vegetables (and exercise). Exercising and eating healthy cause a myriad of benefits for human beings. The Let’s Move campaign also deals with the helping children. Helping others out of motivation of love and human compassion is such a blessing. Bless the First Lady. There has been study after study showing that a radical taking of refined carbohydrates carry many negative health risks. We know what works certainly. There must be a focus on fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods. We can have proteins in a moderate fashion and exercise is very important too. Exercise carry great benefits from improved brain function, improvement in our emotions, the enhancement of our immune system, the strengthening of our bones, and increasing our life expectancies. We have to study accurate health related information, which deals with fats and other nutrients. We have to not only help ourselves. We can educate others, especially our relatives and friends, on how much beneficial it is for people to execute a healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest things that we can do as a means to be healthier is for us to not drink any sodas. Learning great health information should never to be used to demonize someone in an inappropriate fashion, because of their weight or their fitness level (as humanity should be treated with dignity and with respect). This action is about building up folks and inspiring human beings in a positive direction.

At the end of the day, we can get back to what’s natural if we want to radically improve our health. Eating more fruits and vegetables is important. Also, we should not eat foods with massive carbohydrates and massive salt. We have to reject toxins too. In other words, we have to understand what we eat and what chemicals the food contains too. We have to eat healthy, quality food. We can eliminate sodas, massive sugars, etc. We have to learn about our family history. The reason is that when we learn about genetics found in our family tree, that information can prepare us to handle our physical health. Dr. Robyne Chutkan is a very intelligent person. The video is great in how she refuted numerous misconceptions about health. On the issue of minimum sentences, people from across the political spectrum do have agreement on eliminating the War on Drugs (and outlining alternatives). Mandatory minimums, being used constantly in society, are blatantly archaic. The crime rate overall has gone down since the 1970’s. Mass incarceration has a huge cost on black families constantly too. The criminal justice system has a long way to go in creating a fair society. FOX News promotes a distraction on numerous issues. The truth is that the West, decades before Obama was President, aided radical groups via Operation Cyclone, Operation Ajax, etc. ISIS is a counterrevolutionary, evil organization. ISIS’s ideology is repugnant just like imperialism is a repugnant ideology too. We have to understand the complexities of the Middle East in order for us to solve the problems in that region. Many of the problems over there were caused by Western neocolonial actions in that part of the world from the end of WWI (via the slick Sykes-Picot Agreement) to the present.

Azealia Banks is very honest about her views. We all respect her honesty. I agree with her on some issues like on the TI controversy, but I disagree with her on other issues (like her descriptions about Erykah Badu). Colorism is a serious problem not only in this country, but worldwide. We have to listen and empathize with any victim of colorism. Azealia Banks is obviously hurting. Yet, being hurt is no excuse for others to hurt others. People get hurt all of the time, but many people have used that hurt as a way for them to stand up for human justice. She definitely needs mentorship from older people and encouragement. Strong elders can tell her the truth and give her inspiration. She is a young human being and she has the whole future ahead her as a black woman. Her words represent the angst, the anger, and the hurt that is found in many of our youth. The youth need to realize that they are respected and they are loved by us. No dark skinned black woman should be oppressed, stereotyped, and demonized. There are dark skinned Sisters who are standing up for their human dignity and are making great contributions in the world. The Sister Lupita has shown the world that beauty is diverse and beauty deals with compassion including growth of the human soul. When the soul is blessed, the human consciousness is blessed too. We have to not only show the truth in season and out of season. We have to combat anyone who expressed colorism or stereotypes against black people. Love is not just about goodwill. Love is demanding real, transformative, and positive change in society. I don’t believe that all men despise dark skinned women, but it is true that many males have patriarchy and colorism as part of their psyches. No one can deny that. We understand her frustration and we understand her pain. Her pain is part of the pain of our ancestors who suffered unspeakable mistreatment and abuse by evil people. We want her to grow and all of us wish the best for Sister Azealia Banks.

From the comments of the person, I have witnessed (from the anonymous voter) racism, white privilege, arrogance, and misconceptions about what the film Selma was all about. Many people have said that people cried when they watched Selma. So, the movie had a lot of art and emotion. The director of Selma Sister Ava Duvernay never said that people should vote for the film, because black people are in it. She said that the film should be judged fairly and the anonymous Oscar voter is not the only person with such obtuse views. Actors and actresses wearing “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts during the NYC screening is fine with me (which is part of the freedom of speech). That should never be a criterion on whether a movie should be voted on by the Oscars or not. One thing that I respect about the Black Lives Matter movement is that this movement can’t be completely contained by the establishment. Selma has been awarded by the Image Awards. We, as black people, don’t need token white validation. We should just express ourselves, promote excellence, and oppose injustice (as liberty is always the part of path of righteousness). Hollywood is not run by black people. They are run by a select group of mostly male white people. Another point is to be made too. Money is not necessarily the sole indicator of power. There are many people with a lot of money, but the elites own specific forms of diverse wealth, own millions of square miles of land, own oil, own commodities, and own other resources beyond just money. So, we, as black people, must develop our own infrastructure so our wealth can be readily passed on to our descendants. Also, we have to fight poverty more effectively if we want to be free as black people. Some wealthy black people are doing some things, but many of them just don't care. I have to keep it real. Others have kept it real too. Building our infrastructure is key. Building is one principle that our elders have advocated. After Jim Crow apartheid ended, some black people just left their communities to seek a corporate dominated life at the expense of the poor. We see the economic inequality grown, the growth of the evil War on Drugs, bad trade deals, gentrification, etc. since the 1970's. Black Wall Street proved that we can do this (or establish our independent power base). Unity is important and the embrace of black consciousness is a necessity. I do have faith and hope. We have to keep on fighting and keep on helping others.

There was the public viewing of Malcolm X from February 23-26, 1965 at Unity Funeral Home in Harlem. It was attended by from 14,000 to 30,000 mourners. Malcolm X always loved Harlem and Harlem loved Malcolm X as well. The funeral took place on February 27, 1965. There were loudspeakers set up for the overflowing crowd outside of Harlem’s thousand seat Faith Temple of the Church of God in Christ. A local television station carried the service live. There were many people who attended the funeral including members of the civil rights movement. These people were John Lewis, Bayard Rustin (that’s ironic since Rustin was one of his greatest ideological critics), James Forman, James Farmer, Jesse Gray, and Andrew Young. The actor and human rights activist himself Ossie Davis gave a stirring, great, and eloquent who delivered a great eulogy. His eulogy personified the truth that Malcolm X was our shining black prince and he was our living black manhood. Malcolm X was buried at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York. Friends used the gravediggers’ shovels to complete the burial themselves out of respect for Brother Malcolm X. There were diverse reactions to the assassination of Malcolm X. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sent a respectful telegram to Sister Betty Shabazz saying that he was sad at the shocking and tragic assassination of Malcolm X. He mentioned that: “…While we did not always see eye to eye on methods to solve the race problem, I always had a deep affection for Malcolm and felt that he had a great ability to put his finger on the existence and root of the problem. He was an eloquent spokesman for his point of view and no one can honestly doubt that Malcolm had a great concern for the problems that we face as a race…” Elijah Muhammad in my view said disrespectful comments about Malcolm X even after he was assassinated. Elijah Muhammad told the annual Savior’s Day convention on February 26 that, “ Malcolm X got just what he preached…We know such ignorant, foolish teachings would bring him to his own end….” Elijah Muhammad lied and said that Malcolm X preached violence when he did not. Malcolm X preached self-defense and human freedom. Writer James Baldwin, who had been a friend of Malcolm X's, was in London when he heard the news of the assassination. He responded with indignation towards the reporters interviewing him, shouting, "You did it! It is because of you—the men that created this white supremacy—that this man is dead. You are not guilty, but you did it.... Your mills, your cities, your rape of a continent started all this." Many of the Western news media individuals were disrespectful to Malcolm X also in response to his assassination. The New York Times wrote that Malcolm X was "an extraordinary and twisted man" who "turn[ed] many true gifts to evil purpose" and that his life was "strangely and pitifully wasted". TIME called him "an unashamed demagogue" whose "creed was violence." TIME will also slander Dr. King after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would courageously oppose the Vietnam War (which was done after his Riverside Church speech in April 4, 1967). Outside of the U.S., and particularly in Africa, the press was sympathetic. The Daily Times of Nigeria wrote that Malcolm X "will have a place in the palace of martyrs." The Ghanaian Times likened him to John Brown and Patrice Lumumba, and counted him among "a host of Africans and Americans who were martyred in freedom's cause". Guangming Daily, published in Beijing, stated that "Malcolm was murdered because he fought for freedom and equal rights", while in Cuba, El Mundo described the assassination as "another racist crime to eradicate by violence the struggle against discrimination.”

By Timothy

Malcolm X: A look back at the charismatic leader


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The Texas Ranger


The Many Causes of America’s Decline in Crime

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A Barbaric Lynching In the Dominican Republic

Wednesday News in February of 2015.

The judge’s decision is part of hypocrisy. Judge Hanen is a George W. Bush appointee, so his decision to temporarily stop the executive order is not unusual. The lie is that this executive order from the President equates to amnesty. Amnesty is a pardon without punishment. The executive order deals with a limited amount of undocumented human beings (in it, it uses a temporary stay of deportation for about three years. This executive order is not amnesty). These immigrants are human beings not aliens (they don't come from Mars. They are from planet Earth) and I know some people want to scapegoat them for NAFTA, for the recession, etc. Yet, the real culprits in our immigration problems came from originally from the same multinational corporations who exploited labor in the Economic South at the expense of human life and human dignity. That is the issue. This is a labor issue too. What more do these reactionary extremists want. In 2013 alone, this administration deported 438,421 people, which is the highest number of annual deportations in American history. This White House has deported more people than any President in U.S. history and twice as many as the Clinton administration. These extremists lecture us about the land when racists stole the land and created arbitrarily borders as a means for control. The President’s immigration policy is blatantly centrist. Eisenhower allowed 300,000 Cubans to emigrate and he gave quotes to orphans to join families. Ford allowed 360,000 Vietnamese people to emigrate into America. Reagan allowed emigration of 7,000 Polish people, he allowed 15,000 Ethiopians to emigrate, he rescinded the deportation of 200,000 Nicaraguans, and he executed massive real amnesty. George H. W. Bush deferred deportation of recently amnestied 1.5 million spouses and children, and he deferred deportation of about 190,000 El Salvadorans. George W. Bush deferred deportation of Liberians, expedited naturalization for green card holders who joined the military, and enabled Cuban physicians to seek asylum in U.S. embassies. It is ironic that these previous Presidents did all of these things, yet many don’t know about this let alone criticize these Presidents massively for these actions. Now, we have a new President doing similar actions and people are acting like this is new. Any immigration policy should be fair, comprehensive, and just. No child born here should be punished for the actions of others and that is why I accept birthright citizenship. Many immigrants are of black African descent too. Yes, the Afro-Brazilians, the Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-French, etc. are our Brothers and our Sisters.

At the end of the day, people among both genders should accept themselves and respect themselves. Sexuality is part of the human experience, but no one should exploit sexuality as a means for a person to do evil. Parents certainly have every right and the justification to teach their children about how important their human autonomy is. Parents also have the right to teach their children about ethics, honor, integrity, and how to treat people rightly. A lot of people in society just want materialism, selfishness, and a Me attitude. I am not in favor of those objectivist concepts, because humanity (whether some like it or not) are interrelated or interdependent. What affects one person will affect others directly or indirectly. The strengthening of families by teaching children about structure, strength, the freedom of conscience, and dignity is just plain commonsense. The selfish mentality in our society must change. We have the right to control our bodies and not to let anyone violate our inherit human rights. We have every right to be unapologetically black. Decades change, society may change in certain areas, and many other things may change. Yet, the truth remains. It remains and one truth is that blackness is strong and beautiful. Mellody Hobson is correct to mention that having a black President in the White House doesn’t mean that we live in a post-racial society. True success is not just about overcoming obstacles. It is about when you finally get to a measure of success; we give back to those less fortunate (and acknowledge those who helped us as no human is an island). I wish her the best.

To commit food stamp fraud is really low and extremely evil. Many people need food stamps sincerely and these criminals should be punished without question. The false stereotype about black people and food stamps still persists unfortunately. We will fight evil and we will continue to defend the honor and the integrity of black people. It is no secret that the reactionary GOP members have used the Southern Strategy and other deceptive tactics historically in trying to gain political power. Many Americans vote against their economic interests, but we are in the right side of history. We will not waver in our commitment to social justice and economic justice. Those who abuse food stamps ought to be held accountable for their actions. We live in a society where millions of poor people suffer in the States. There is massive economic inequality as proven by the Gini coefficient including other financial indicators. There are many people overseas that live on less than $5 a day. That is why it is so vital for us to have compassion for the poor (which is not only morally right, but that compassion along with establishing progressive social policies can combat poverty). Dr. William Harvey is being honest. Rep. Yvette Clarke has said similar comments as well. I have read about the Plus Loan changes, which has defunded some HBCUs too. Historically, HBCUs have educated a lot of our people and they have been an institution which has played an integral part of the black liberation struggle. HBCUs should be strengthened now. This situation proves once again that neoliberal policies don’t work to solve the problems which are found in the black community. The President needs to go into the HBCUs and propose radical, comprehensive solutions to the budgetary problems including other issues found in some HBCUs. They need to be built up not disregarded. They have huge value in black culture. Dr. Jahi Issa has written great research on this issue too.

It will take a village to solve this problem (of what goes in with black children). One article did a great job in outlining the diverse issues that we must address as black people from health issues (as improving our health will improve our intellectual strength, our physical bodies, and our livelihoods in numerous ways) to the environment. Counseling is important. If a male has issues and participates in counseling, that doesn’t mean that he is less of a man. That means that he is being proactive in enhancing his own being. We don’t need many studies to figure out the issues in our communities. We know about the problems and we know that we need solutions. The question is how to do and do it effectively, so the masses of the people can be helped (not just a select number of folks via funding from non-profits). Many of these problems are systematic in the system not just individual. In order to improve our communities, we have to both improve ourselves individually and collectively change the system (for we need collective, proactive activity not individual selfishness. It is a total lie that hard work alone will liberate us. Most of us work hard all of the time, but we are still economically exploited. We have to get to the root of this problem which deals with systemic racism and poverty). We should both improve our communities with our own power (via self-determination) and change the corrupt system (which is in favor of the interests of the 1%. We don’t need capitalist exploitation. We need liberation and justice). That is why we don’t need that fear. Evil people fear us, especially when we do acts of righteousness in society. Certainly, they are a minority now in the world population. The racists certainly are afraid of courageous, strong, and resilient black people (of both genders) who stand up for integrity, freedom, and justice. In life, we will deal with situations and tests. Life is a journey and in our generation, we have the opportunity to help our communities, so our future descendants won’t have to deal with what we deal with now. Yes, there is beauty in our melanin. It has glorious properties. Also, when you do exercise, self-reflection (or prayer including mediation), eating healthy, etc. you not only feel better physically. Your soul and your personality become better too. We have to study, learn from others, and help others. Life is not just about dealing with our own lives. It is about having a sense of altruism too. When we help others, we help ourselves.

The revolutionary Malcolm X was killed on February 21, 1965 in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom. He wanted to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity. The audience was about 400 people and his wife including his children were present. Benjamin X introduced him. When Malcolm X got on stage, he first said the Islamic greeting “As-salamu alaykum.” Then, one person said, “N____ Get your hand outta my pocket!” Malcolm X and his bodyguard tried to end the disturbance and then a man came forward and shot him once in the chest with a sawed off shotgun. Later, 2 other men charge the stage and fired semi-automatic handguns at Malcolm X. The secret undercover agent Gene Roberts tried to save Malcolm X’s life. Malcolm X’s wife protected her children and she was crying. Malcolm X was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm., which was shortly after arriving at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. One gunman named Talmadge Hayer (who was a member of the Nation of Islam during the time of the assassination) was beaten by the crowd before the police came about. During this day, there were no cops unlike previous events. Witnesses have said that the person who used the shotgun was a large Black man with a navy blue gray trench coat. People have said that the man who shot the shotgun was William Bradley. Talmadge Hayer had said this too and William Bradly recently via his lawyer has denied the allegations. One thing is true though. The assassination of Malcolm X was a conspiracy and the U.S. government illegally monitored Malcolm X’s activity domestically and internationally (via the NYPD, the CIA, and the FBI). That is a fact and that has been documented by Karl Evanzz’s excellent book entitled, “The Judas Factor” where he writes that John Ali (of the NOI) was an FBI informant. We know that Talmadge Hayer was one gunman. In the beginning, Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X were tried and convicted in March 1966. Later, Hayer issued a confession on 1977 and 1978). His confession has been called the Hayer affidavits. The affidavits said that Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson were not the assassins. Hayer said that the conspiracy involved members of the Nation of Islam’s Newark, New Jersey, Temple Number 25 with people like Wilbur McKinley (who shouted and threw a smoke bomb to create a diversion), William Bradley (he is Al-Mustafa Shabazz today. He denies involvement in the evil assassination of Brother Malcolm X), Leon Davis, and Benjamin Thomas. Leon Davis, according to Hayer fired his pistol at Malcolm X after the diversion. Benjamin Thomas, according to Hayer, was involved in the conspiracy. Also, we can’t omit the role of the FBI, the CIA, and the NYPD had in the oppression of Malcolm X either. The FBI and the CIA illegally surveilled Malcolm X constantly. The CIA monitored Malcolm X’s meetings in Europe and Africa including Asia where he met heads of State (and wanted to go into the Bandung Conference of March 3, 1965. Malcolm X also wanted charges to be brought against America for its overt human rights violations of African Americans at the UN and at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. His petition was scheduled at The Hague on March 12, 1965). The Judas Factor book document how the FBI’s William C. Sullivan used BOSSI (or the New York Police Bureau of Special Services) to infiltrate the OAAU via black American agents. BOSSI Director Anthony Ulasewicz supported this action. So, CIA, FBI, and NYPD agents monitored Malcolm X (including his OAAU and MMI organizations). The author Karl Evanzz used documents from the FBI, books, and documents to show this research. Another author named Baba Zak Kondo also documents that John Ali was most likely a FBI agent. It is no secret that the FBI’s COINTELPRO operation wanted to neutralize Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and any revolutionary or black nationalist leader who could be a black Messiah (in galvanizing the masses of black people in establishing real social change). There must be the release of all government filed at it relates to the assassination of Malcolm X. Decades have past and now is the time for this action to be done. There must be an independent investigation of the assassination of Malcolm X.

By Timothy

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Seventy years since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army


There is the Minsk cease fire agreement. There are extremists from the U.S. and Ukraine who want to make Ukraine a puppet state of the EU/NATO network. Some American and Ukrainian officials have issued provocative threats and accusations against Russia. This has happened in less than 48 hours after German, French, Russian, and Ukrainian negotiators reached a cease-fire agreement following the marathon of talks in the Belorussian capital of Minsk. It is obvious that the White House and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko want to continue the diplomatic, economic, and military campaign against Russia while blaming this situation totally on Moscow. The pro-Russian separatist forces are still in eastern Ukraine. There has been fighting in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces. The West is accusing Russia of executing Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine. US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki accused Russia of violating the cease-fire agreement by massing military equipment around the Ukrainian-held city of Debaltseve, which is currently under siege from pro-Russian forces. “The Russian military has deployed a large amount of artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems around Debaltseve, where it is shelling Ukrainian positions,” she told reporters, adding, “We are confident that these are Russian military, not separatist systems.” Psaki also accused Russia of preparing a large shipment of supplies to pro-Russian forces. She didn’t show conclusive evidence to back up her charges. US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters that even with the new agreement, there would be “a long road ahead before achieving peace and the full restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty.” He said, “We will judge the commitment of Russia and the separatists by their actions, not their words.” There has been no conclusive evidence that Russian troops have been directly assisting the pro-Russian separatists in a permanent, collaborative relationship. Of course, the neocons like Republican Senator John McCain (who is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee) condemned the cease-fire. The extremists want to send military aid to Ukraine, so the war can continue. The Right Sector militia is still here as well. The agreement calls for the pulling back of artillery and other heavy weaponry so as to create a buffer zone along the current lines of fighting. Other key points are the removal of all foreign fighters and weapons from eastern Ukraine and the release of all prisoners of war. The agreement also calls for constitutional changes to grant greater autonomy to rebel-held areas, while requiring the separatists to return control of the border between eastern Ukraine and Russia to the Kiev regime. The Kiev regime used an offensive against rebel held territory in the eastern Donbass region. The pro-Russian separatists used a counter offensive and they captured many territories. They gained control over the Donetsk airport. Deaths have occurred among both sides. Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry official Eduard Basurin told reporters Friday that shelling of the rebel-held cities of Horlivka, Donetsk and Luhansk since Thursday had killed ten civilians and wounded nineteen others, including three children. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) released a report Friday stating that illegal cluster bomb munitions had been deployed in the shelling of Luhansk on Thursday. The coup installed junta caused these problems in the first place. At the end of the day, we will wait and see what comes next.

It is obvious to see that the neo-conservatives want war not peace in Ukraine. There are battles in Donbass. Washington heavily funds, trains, and directs Kiev’s military. The conflict will probably go on for some time. The elites waged the war and they aren’t quitting anytime soon. On September 5, 2014, both sides again agreed on ceasefire terms. At the time, illegitimate oligarch president Poroshenko said: “I give the order to the chief of the General staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to cease fire, starting from 18.00 (local time) on September 5.” Donbass forces ceased fire. Kiev continued conflict. Many factions agreed on terms straightaway. There were September 19 follow-up memorandum provisions. The West will not tolerate Ukraine being truly run democratically. They will accept puppet rule in Ukraine from Kiev. Kiev imposed economic blockade conditions on Donbas. Now, some want U.S. combat forces to train Kiev’s military. In September, Kiev agreed to end fighting, withdraw its forces, continue national dialogue, improve Donbas humanitarian conditions, allow autonomous local elections, and pursue economic recovery and reconstruction, among other promises made. Kiev breached all of these proposals. The West wants Ukraine to be in one piece under Kiev rule or balkanized like Yugoslavia for easier control. Autonomous regions are not tolerated by the NATO elite, especially not independent, democratic ones. The Marioupol shelled hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, and city streets. Years ago Maidan sniper killings were false flags blamed on former President Yanukovych’s government. Former Ukrainian Security Service chief Aleksander Yakimenko later admitted it. Saying shots killing police and civilians were fired from Kiev’s Philharmonic Hall controlled by opposition forces at the time. So-called Maidan self-defense commandant Andrey Parubiy ordered the killings. These were controlled events. Later was appointed national security and defense council head. According to Yakimenko, he worked with US Special Forces at the time. Merkel and Hollande have talked with Putin on peace talks. Right now, the conflict in Donbas rages onward. There are more civilian deaths and injuries being reported. The destabilization of President Viktor Yanukovych’s elected government began in November 2013 when Yanukovych balked at a proposed association agreement promoted by the European Union. The truth is that this situation should not be totally blamed on Putin at all.

One of the most controversial deeds that people have done is when people have critiqued or criticized capitalism. Too many people view capitalism as a god instead of just an economic system. There are religious people who are capitalists, socialists, and followers of diverse economic philosophies. We know that global capitalism has oppressed many people for centuries. In essence, the people should have the right to democratic rights. The oligarchy should not own the majority of the wealth and the resources of the Earth. Wealth should be fairly distributed. At the heart of true spirituality is LOVE. Without love, we can’t know God, because GOD IS LOVE. That is why when commercialization is used as a means to exploit others and when the pursuits of power and worldly gain overshadow the necessity to help out the community, and then problems arise. We should reject carnal pursuits and focus on loving our neighbors as ourselves (which is part of the Golden Rule). The Golden Rule never fails. It is the love of money which is the root of all evil. Altruism has been condemned and rejected by Bernard Mandeville, Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand, and others. We are interdependent as human beings and no marketplace is infallible. Only the Creator is. Placing maximum freedoms for markets and merchants without legitimate regulations have caused corruption and injustices. We see how the capitalist system embraces the love of money evil concept, which has become the foundation of modern day society (from that root have caused evil fruit as capitalism deals readily with the expansion of carnal desires and the praise of the human ego). The grand lie that capitalism is the only possible way to organize an economy must be exposed and opposed. We see that half of the world’s population lives on less than 2 dollars a day. That is more than 3 billion people. Things must change. We must always reject greed, because not only damages resources, but it distorts the value of human dignity. The repugnant and even vulgar thought - central to the system of capitalism - that the world should be divided into a management class of "haves" (i.e., the rich) and a laboring class of "have nots" (i.e., the poor) is really a shame. When everything is turned into a commodity, then we see more corruption. In other words, selfishness is wrong and we need to be selflessness. That is why people all of the time are acting in ways of service from teaching others to read, helping the homeless, coaching teams, mentoring, improving the environment, and other positive actions. A great spiritual human being will always respect labor rights, want equality for all people, and to advocate justice. There is nothing wrong with having godliness with contentment as this is great gain.

Her story (from Victoria Rowell) is very sad and very common. The mistreatment of black actresses and black actors is very common (not just back in the day, but today). Many actors and actresses, who are black, have been degraded, denied jobs, and struggle harshly. Victoria Rowell’s lawsuit represents how far society has to go in respecting the dignity and humanity of black people. Victoria Rowell is an amazing actress. As others have mentioned here, along with the suit (which she has every right to pursue), she and others can collaborate and form of their own infrastructure (to promote their own black acting services and their own movies plus shows, which can accurately portray the diverse experiences of black life). We are a gifted people and a strong people. We have the spirit, the strength, and the ingenuity to make revolutionary changes in the world. I wish the best for Sister Victoria Rowell. This is a great, blessed campaign. When we learn more about the legacy of strong, intelligent, and courageous black women, we certainly understand more about black history itself. The sacrifice and the contributions of Betty Shabazz, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Coretta Scott King, etc. The past inspires us. Not only does the past inspire us. The present inspires us too. Many activists today are engaged in a real campaign to combat racism, police brutality, misogyny, and all forms of injustice. Their work should be acknowledged and respected as well. We have to not only condemn and oppose evil. We have to build up our people and be a living example of caring for each other as one people and as one community. We are one family.
#We are Black History

From 1964 to 1965, Malcolm X developed both of his MMI and OAAU organizations. The MMI or the Muslim Mosque Incorporated was purely religious and it was used to express Islamic expression (outside of the framework of the Nation of Islam). The OAAU organization was a political group that accepted black people who were religious, secular, etc. The OAAU stands for the Organization of Afro-American Unity. The OAAU wanted to unify black people globally as a way for the black community to have freedom, justice, and equality. Both the MMI and the OAAU were formed in June of 1964. At the heart of the OAAU was that it was a Black Nationalist organization whose goal was building up the black community, having voter registration drives, set up black enterprises, and allows black people to control their own community. Malcolm X traveled overseas to meet with African heads of state to not only promote pan-African unity. He wanted to gain their support, so America can be tried in international court for America committing human rights abuses against African Americans. He met with Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Nasser of Egypt as a way to defend the interests of the Third World. Malcolm X supported the independent revolutions of Africa and the Third World as a means of standing up to the Western, imperial hegemony. As time went on, Malcolm X spoke in more international terms. He said that black people are in an international struggle for freedom in fighting for human rights. Malcolm X opposed imperialism and he criticized capitalism by his own words. We know that some NOI members threatened his life. Harassing phone calls are sent to him and to his wife. Also, the FBI and the CIA monitored him worldwide illegally not just in the States. Malcolm X attends the second African Summit Conference in Cairo in August 8, 1964. His views are furthered articulated when he speaks in Oxford University in England on December 3, 1964. In that speech, he exposes the hypocrisy of American “democracy,” and he endorses self-defense. He said that: “…extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Malcolm X spoke in December of 1964 to support Fannie Lou Hammer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Malcolm X speaks at the Militant Labor Forum in his “Prospects for Freedom in 1965.” By January of 1965, Malcolm X’s views evolved rapidly. He was ideologically become more progressive and he allowed women to have leadership positions in the OAAU. During the last months of his life, Malcolm X was developing a revolutionary, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist approach in fighting oppression. He planned to send a petition to the United Nations as a way to make America accountable for its human rights violations against black Americans. He not only criticized the Kennedy administration for its response to the civil rights issue. He opposed Lyndon Johnson for his reformist rhetoric and for his advocacy of the Vietnam War. On February 14, 1965, his house is firebombed. His wife and his daughters also survive the attack. It happened in 2:46 am. He comes to Detroit to speak about it. While addressing an OAAU rally at the Audubon Ballroom, Malcolm X is shot several times and murdered on February 21, 1965.

By Timothy

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Savant's Words

The second two paragraphs of my post # 61 have already "debunked " most of your nonsense here. And I knew enough history in high school for that to be old news. If you wipe out HALF the population of Germany in religious wars, you have killed a larger proportion of Germany's population than Stalin killed of the Russian population even though German casualties by 1648 was not above 10--12 millions. If you wipe out 90% of the Aztecs and virtually ALL of the original Caribbean peoples---in the name of your Christian god, of course---then you've even outdid Hitler....though an important difference is that since Hitler didn't win the wars he could not exterminate ALL the Jews without conquering all of Europe. For the same reason he could not permanently enslave the Slavs (whose fate he intended, though over a longer period, to be not really different than the Jews) without crushing Russia. Again, if Belgian Christian imperialists wipe out half or more of the population of the Congo, then they have equaled or excelled the SCALE of atrocities committed by Stalin or Hitler. Aside from Christian arrogance, it is only because of white racism that the names of King Leopold, Andrew Jackson, Cortez and others are not in the same company as the names of Hitler, Stalin and Franco. But those European Christian imperialist murderers did to people in Africa, Americas and Asia what Hitler did to other Europeans. Their victims were of a different religion and color than the peoples of Western Christendom.



Marx killed no one that I know of. If he had I've no doubt that it would have been religiously reported in the mainstream corporate media and in a million books. Lenin was not even Jewish. And Trotsky, like Marx, was an atheistic person of Jewish parentage who was as disinterested in Judaism as many of my secular Arab, Iranian and Indian students are disinterested in Islam and Hinduism.



While I'm not a PROFESSIONAL historian I've read quite a bit of history. I even have a B.A. in history. Again, I've read that in North and South America there were MILLIONS of Indian before the coming of the European Christian invaders. The most conservative estimate of the Aztec kingdom's population that I've seen is 8 millions, with 10 millions being a more commonly cited figure. European fire and sword, forced labor and European diseases (most Europeans didn't bathe in those days) cost the lives of about 90% of the Aztecs. And that' s just ONE indigenous people among those upon whom fell the murderous white Christian holocaust. Not withstanding some rhetorical flourishes, Aime Cesaire was on point in DISCOURSE ON COLONIALISM when he wrote the before Europe became victims of Hitlerism she was its perpetrator. Force labor, genocide, racist dehumanization---a ll the evils that Hitler applied more scientifically upon other Europeans---were imposed on peoples of Africa, Asia and the Americas during the first four centuries of the imperial expansion of Europe. In CRITIQUE DE LA RAISON DIALECTIQUE, Sartre implies that even the disaster of fascism in Spain was partly a matter of chickens coming home to roost. Part of the army which Franco used to topple the Republic were Spain's own colonial armies. And we all know the Catholic Church blessed and supported the cause of Spanish fascism---as Protestant and Catholics often did in Germany as well. And we know how Franco's lunatic Falanquistas massacred civilians while complementing the staccato of their machine guns with cries of "Vive el Christo rey!". The murdering theocratic bastards!



I've heard that soooo often. Jews were supposedly in control of both the Muslim and Christian slave trades. Wrong. Granted, some Jewish merchants were involved. And that was criminal, but no more or less than Christian and Jewish merchants involved. And BOTH trades were dominate and controlled by gentile Christian and Muslim traders. It's the same junk about Jewish bankers. I generally dislike bankers, but see no reason to dislike Jewish bankers any more than Christian bankers. Wall Street sucks, but I could care less about which Wall Street pirate is Jewish or gentile. Corporate piracy and gangsterism is an abomination.



By the way, I am against the persecution of Christians as I am against Christian persecution of others--or even Christian persecution of EACH OTHER. Which was very commonplace until fairly recently. Actually, capitalism was the cause of WWII, not atheism. No Depression, no Hitler. No fascism. No wars of aggression--at least not in Europe among Europeans. Oh, there was also nationalist and racist resentments and hatreds---some of it fostered by Christianity--with out which the likelihood of war would probably have been considerably less even with the Depression. World War I became a prelude to WWII. And the war makers were quite often devout (or hypocritical) Christian rulers.



Charlemagne waged wars of aggression against pagan tribes. Muslims also waged aggressive war against pagans. And we haven't mentioned wars between Christians and Muslims. Or wars by Christians against other Christians, or by Muslims against other Muslims (still happening, sadly). Then there were the Christian war against Native Americans. I don't recall that Native Americans ever invaded Europe. Yet even here invading European Christians often claimed they were acting in self defense.