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Freedom Rider: The Lessons of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling



So Donald [Trump] Tokowitz-Sterling- NBA owner & [discriminating / choosey] slumlord- in yet another [of many] affairs [Tokowitz / Sterling's married] w a BI-RACIAL Black-Latina young enough to be his grand-daughter, has a racist rant because she takes a pix w LA Laker legendMagic Johnson & sends it as a insta-gram [FYI: Tokowitz / Sterling owns the LA Clippers whichshares the same stadium w the LA Lakers]. So did Tokowitz / Sterling get into a racist tizzy fit cause he thought his mistress was 'kickin it' w & getting sprinkled w a little 'Magic Dust'?? - IE: Did he thinks his mistress may have been cheating on him the same way he's been cheating on his real wife for yrs w multiple mistresses & call-girls??? So if this is what Tokowitz / Sterling really thinks about the NBA Legend 'Magic', we know how little he & his ilk think of  'Homeboy' & 'Emilio' from the Hood & the Barrio!
Tokowitz / Sterling doesn't want his young Bi-Racial Black-Latina mistress bringing any of herBlack friends to games to watch his BLACK ball players play [earning him MILLION$$$ in the process]- WTF???!!! This from a guy who reportedly once brought one of 'fillies' [a different mistress]  to the Clippers locker-room shower & told her to 'Check-out at all those wonderful black bodies...' - Just like 'ole massa' checking out the black 'merchandise' on the slave-auction block!!!
Then this racist Napoleon complex ego-maniac thinks he's more important to the game than his players- OH Really??! I've read several articles on Tokowitz / Sterling's life [IE: an excerpt on him from Dave Zirin's expose' on sports team owners called 'Bad Sports'] & no-where do they say he was ever an athlete / Basket-ball player - not even back in college.Does this Dude really think fans come to see his old wrinkled, old-f_t, ugly-a___ mug, or see Chris Paul, Blake Griffin et-al do their thing & 'hoop it up'??!  Dude you've got it exactly a___-backwards! Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, et-al don't need you to feed & cloth them- You've used Brothers like them to make your racist-a___ filthy rich- DUHH!!!

PS: Thanks to Sis Margaret Kimberley & S.Hutchinson for reporting something that even the so-called 'liberal-left' 'alternative' media has failed to report- RE: Tokowitz / Sterlings statement confirming how Blacks [including Ethiopian JEWS] are being mistreated by the Likudnik Regime in Israel.
PS-2: IMO The Real Lesson from guys like Tokowitz / Sterling's & 'Ole Massa on the Range'Clive [the Jive] Bundy's  racist rants that've been posted live [apparently they ain't got the memo that we're in the NSA / Big Brother's Watching Everything age], is to destroy the Myth of Post-Racial USA!!! IMO There's too many rich [& even not so rich] white folks that not only want to roll-back Affirmative-Action, Welfare, Social Security, Voting Rights, etc- but like Clive [the Jive] Bundy says want to see us all back in chattel-slavery!!!
PS-3: the NAACP's role in this sorry--a___ saga is so d___ pathetic that I'll just refer to Davey D's piece: 'The NAACP is Just As {a__}Backwards as Donald Sterling[ -&- also Arundhati Roys DN! interview talking about how BIG Biz $$$ was used neutralized many lame-stream Civil-rights orgs IE: the NAACP @ - Note: the relevant part is after the 2nd station-break]

China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power

Sterling, Bundy, and Other News

Life is about choices. This man is a billionaire. He knows right from wrong. If he did not commit adultery, many of his problems would have disappeared completely. Any human has to have self-control. Marriage is a serious foundation. Many married people have been around for decades filled with love, compassion, and humility. Marriage can be fun, but it should not be a selfish game at all. Adultery has consequences and Karma will get folks who do it. Many people (among both genders) want to seek exploitation from others. It is our jobs to not only respect human life, but to utilize discernment to prevent ourselves from being taken advantage of. Donald Sterling for a long time have shown a legacy of intimidation, arrogance, bigotry, and perverted ideologies. He did not act real since he tried to present himself as a normal man when he was really a deceptive wealthy person. He has no reason to complain since he violated the vows with his wife and he tries to justify his evil deeds. He violated the rules of the NBA Constitution and federal laws. We should use this incident as a means to continue in the fight for justice. We should understanding the system of racism/white supremacy more and we should continue to help out our community. So, this punishment is unique and powerful. These are my first impressions of the decision made by the NBA commissioner. The league has a strong historical legacy with our people obviously. Some people are going to say disrespectful words, but these folks like Sterling will have to face the consequences of their words and discriminatory actions (as an NBA owner when owners determine the economic fate of so many people. Their biases can negatively and even illegally impact the economic opportunities of minorities). His prior actions also influenced the decision made by the NBA (as he is banned for life). Donald Sterling's life as a career racist has spanned decades. There is a moral code in the NBA since the NBA is a business (and children watch the games). The NBA has to set an example for the youth. It will difficult for him to do business in the sports industry from now on. I wonder if he will sell his team. That is an important question. Sterling was a married man and he committed adultery against his wife. Sterling executed policies that discriminated against human beings based on color. He had to pay a fine in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. His anti-discrimination policies effected much more than one person economically & socially. These actions are worse than the acts of the woman. The woman should not be used as a scapegoat (she has nothing to do with his words or his discrimination against others) when one man is accountable for his own words and policies. Donald Sterling is much worst in character than the woman. Sterling had to pay money for violating federal laws that prevent housing discrimination. Bundy is wrong too. In these days, we as a people have every right to describe including outline courage.

I am sick and tired of Bill O'Reilly's lies. The truth is that black teenage pregnancy rates have gone down in America. Stereotypes about black people are played out. We see more and more black Sisters graduating from colleges, owning businesses, and working in other occupations. I know these Sisters in real life. Bill O'Reilly will not touch on these stories since he wants to blame black people for the evils found in society. Bill O'Reilly refuses to expose income inequality, Wall Street corruption, and touch on exposing the massive racial discrimination in the world. Teen pregnancies have existed along before Bill O'Reilly was ever born. We should have both moral development and economic justice as a means for us to improve ourselves. Also, he talks about the 72 percent of black children who grow up in single parent households. He forgets that not all single parent households are monolithic. Many single parent households exist, because of a diversity of reasons. This stat means that their parents are not married and it included single fathers and people who live together who are not married as well. According to the Department of Education, over 50-percent of Black women ages 18-24 are currently enrolled in college. Black women's graduation rates have improved steadily with over half now completing their degrees. So, it is not the end of the world in all sectors of the black community at all. We have issues of course, but we can overcome our issues with continued effort and legitimate actions. Teen pregnancy has been cut by 51%. The fastest single motherhood rate increase is in white not black women. More black girls are finishing school and graduating from college in record numbers. Black women are starting businesses at higher rates and our labor participation rate is one of the highest. One third of black working women are in management. Bill O’Reilly ignores how the Wisconsin court via its federal judge stroke down the Wisconsin Voter ID law. The court struck down the law as unconstitutional, which is a good thing. These laws are wrong since they restrict the times when citizens can vote, make a narrower requirement on voting requirement, and places on undue burden on minorities including the poor on voting in general. Actual voter fraud is very, very small. O’Reilly has used deceptive views on Sterling and Bundy to. Racism is generational and most racists in America are heavily older, white reactionary men. Also, racism is bigger than an individual problem. It is found in the system of modern society. The issue is that the ideological views from FOX News attract people like Cliven Bundy, Ted Nugent, George Zimmerman, etc. as a means for that network to cause political agitation. Bill O’Reilly ignores about how the 1978 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke decision, struck down the use of racial quotas, but also ruled that the use of race in admissions in the pursuit of a diverse student body is constitutional under the 14th Amendment. There is individual responsibility in the world (parents should do their jobs including other people) and O'Reilly is a coward for singing out Beyonce for the complex problems that we face as a people.

The French treatment of the Haitian slaves was horrible. It was so bad that the black Haitians couldn't take it anymore and legitimately fought for their liberation. The French and Spanish mistreatment of Afro-Caribbean slaves in the rest of the Caribbean was horrible as well (just like in the States). There were racist Jim Crow policies in Cuba during the early 20th century (which was supported by U.S. imperialist interests). There are many in that region that unfortunately deny their black heritage. The good news is that plenty of Afro-Latinos love their black African heritage. Massive discrimination by color existed in the Caribbean including Latin America back then and even today. Afro-Caribbeans should never embrace a superiority complex and falsely view themselves as superior to African Americans. African Americans likewise should never embrace a superiority complex and view themselves superior to Afro-Caribbeans either. In the final analysis, the struggle is still the same. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. WE ARE ONE BLOOD. IT'S ONE LOVE. If we continue to get on our grown folk vibe and fight injustice, we will be fine. Among all of us, regardless if we Diaspora Africans are found in the States or the Caribbean, we can learn from each other. There are things that bind us together and we can we should oppose the ideology of denying ones heritage. Also, we have to respect diverse cultural dynamics. I am a black American man, but a Brother or a Sister from the Caribbean will have different cultural realities than me. I have to understand their cultural diversities (and vice versa) as a means for all of us to build better understandings among each other as human beings. Our struggle for black liberation is international. That is why strong, legitimate Afro-Cuban activists are in Cuba now legitimately fought for their human rights (against racism and discrimination). We just have to keep on fighting and keep on working to combat prejudice including ignorance in the world. I think that one positive involving this situation is how Lupita gave a great speech exposing how beauty is diverse and dark skinned people have as much value as any other human being in the world. Lupita's great intellect, courage, beauty, and resiliency can inspire black youth to continue forward in expressing their dreams and aspirations. Beauty is also about treating your neighbor as yourself, it is about compassion, and it is about human dignity too. The Caribbean has great natural beauty. :) I learned that many tourists are viewed positively and negatively by Caribbeans for a variety of reasons (like some Caribbeans welcome visitors and others view some tourists as exploitative. That is why we should learn the culture and social mores of any nation that we plan on going. In that sense, we can be prepared to express a progressive attitude toward our neighbors in another location). One beautiful item of information that I learned is how so much black African cultural influence impacted Caribbean food, music, cuisine, etc. then and now. Family is a concept that is not just about familial relations. It is about loving people in our community as friends not as adversaries. Family is about all of us as humans realizing our common human value and promoting care for people. That is about advancing a true family too. You made great points about children. If children witness more people caring about each and solving problems diplomatically, then society is further enriched. Our infrastructure must grow too. We need more building, manufacturing, parks, great grocery stores, etc. We have to assist the elderly too. It is always a blessing to witness the growth of our communities.

The TransCanada is using an insidious PR campaign to promote their Keystone XL pipeline. They are using their “Good Neighbor” Charm offensive. TransAmerica is using a public relations charm offensive in Texas. This was similar to when FDR utilized the good neighbor policy that wanted U.S. foreign policy practitioners — to curry favor in Latin America and win over its public. Recently, TransCanada announced it would do something similar in Texas with its newly formed TransCanada Charitable Fund. The difference was that FDR never wanted such a pipeline to be created in the first place. TransCanada has pledged $125,000 to 18 Texas counties over the next four years. It funds channeled via the East Texas Communities Foundation. In February, the company announced the first non-profit recipients of its initial $50,000 grant cycle. “The fund is designed to help improve East Texas communities and the lives of their residents through grants to qualifying non-profit organizations in the counties where TransCanada pipeline operations and projects exist,” explained a press release. “All funded projects and programs fall within three charitable categories: community, safety, and the environment.” They want to use more positive language as a means to justify their policies. This fund came about, because the Public Citizen published its November 2013 report. The report discovered that there are safety issues during the construction phrase of the Keystone XL’s southern leg. The report found faulty welding, dents, and parts patched up including other anomalies. The pipeline is made up of many hundreds of miles. Julia Trigg Crawford, a Lamar County resident (one of the counties eligible for TransCanada’s grants) best known as the landowner who filed a major eminent domain lawsuit against TransCanada for Keystone XL South, told DeSmogBlog she believes the timing of the fund’s launch is suspect. “Texans are smart enough to see what’s going on here,” Crawford said. “Before the heat got turned up with the Public Citizen report, TransCanada’s community involvement consisted of half-page newspaper ads across Northeast Texas saying, ‘We want to be more than just a pipeline company. We want to be a trusted neighbor.’” There are ecological and safety issues with the pipeline too. The cost for the Keystone XL South and Houston Lateral can be as high as 3 billion dollars according to its 2013 Annual Report. The pipeline wants to send tar sands oil into Texas refineries in a daily basis. These refineries are found in Port Arthur and Houston. This can harm the environment of both cities too.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were converging ideologically. Before Malcolm X was unfortunately assassinated, he came into Selma in 1965 to ally with Dr. King's efforts to fight for voting rights among black people. Malcolm X said that Dr. King was right in desiring voting rights. I saw Malcolm X on video saying this and he allied with the late Coretta Scott King on this effort. Both agreed with fighting for justice, both advancing the dignity of black people, both loved Africa, both critiqued capitalism, both were going into a more progressive direction as time on, and both were blatantly anti-imperialist. They had a difference on the issue of nonviolence/self-defense, but they wanted the same goal. We all want the same goal. The powers that be hated Malcolm X and Dr. King. We are stronger when we are more unified. The BPP and so many others unified in common cause that could make our country so much better (and radically transformed America). That is why they divided such groups. Today, we will continue onward. Also, we are also we are battling against reactionary views and extremists. They are fascists. These extremists (including not only the Bundy types, but some even those calling themselves “libertarians”) worship the free market, hate immigrants, refuse to advocate true revolutionary change, harbor hatred of compassion, want armed militias on the border, and desire to destroy all social programs which people have won for themselves. We know about civil rights history. The era of 1954 to 1968 was in the midst of the Cold War. The bourgeoisie permitted the gradual abolition of legal segregation and a little upward mobility of a select number of black people, but they also allowed the racist white backlash, which deals with police terror (including the fact that the FBI and local police agencies killed 38 Black Panthers. Others were railroaded into prison) & other policies that suppressed heavily the struggle for black freedom. Police repression continues today. The bipartisan war on crime existed as far back as 1968 and it has harmed the black community in many ways. We have to ally with the poor, the homeless, and the working class as a means for us to create real change comprehensively in our nation. That means that we have to advocate a living wage, real unions, and the modernization of industry. We have to condemn imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism no matter who executes it. 

By Timothy

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After New Sanctions on Russia, Ukraine Moves Closer to Civil War

Columbus or Native American Day?

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Monday News

The Ukraine crisis continues. There have been discussions between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry. John Kerry wants a more reactionary foreign policy agenda. He issues Cold War rhetoric and uses demagoguery. He made many errors. He supports war if necessary and he harbors a distain of the self determination of the sovereign state of Crimea. Four parties in Geneva “agreed that all sides would refrain from violence, intimidation, and taking provocative actions,” he said. “We agreed that illegal groups would lay down their arms…We agreed to implement” objectives discussed. “From day one,” he added, “the government of Ukraine started making good on its commitments – from day one.” He said that from day one Prime Minister Yastsenyuk has kept his word. John Kerry said that: “He suspended Ukraine’s counterterrorism initiative over Easter, choosing de-escalation, despite Ukraine’s legitimate, fundamental right to defend its own territory and its own people.” The truth is that Kiev putschists have no legitimacy at all. They have no legal authority and they represent mob rule. The Kiev regime has violated Geneva terms. They have deployed military forces and Right Sector thugs to Eastern Ukraine. They have attacked nonviolent civilians and committed cold blooded murder. Kiev buildings remained occupied illegally. There are no constitutional reforms created by the Kiev regime. The putschists want unchallenged nationwide control. Russian nationals have been threatened. Coup appointed fascists run Ukraine and Neo-Nazi extremists hold high government positions. Lavrov wants the situation to be resolved in the fulfillment of Geneva agreements. Lavrov wants Kiev-directed violence stopped. He wants Right Sector neo-Nazis disarmed. The world knows that Eastern Ukraine self-defense forces are not immoral. Eastern Ukrainians have the right to defend themselves, advancing their human rights, and the fascist military forces (including Right Sector neo-Nazi thugs) have attacked them. Crimeans acted on their own volition. They overwhelmingly chose reunification with Russia. They voted 96.77% to do so. Turnout was a record 83%. Independent monitors called referendum voting scrupulously open, free and fair. Not a single irregularity was found. No Russian invasion happened. Kerry invented one out of whole cloth. Irresponsible Russia bashing infested his rhetoric. Big Lies substituted for truth. Even U.S. intelligence has found no information about Russian involvement in Eastern Ukraine. U.S., NATO, and EU forces want Western hegemonic ambitions. Russia is not perfect, but even they have not called for a massive invasion of Ukraine at all. There should be peace in that part of the world. Human rights, civil rights, and the rule of law are important principles to promote.

This is not uncommon. Folks have shown great words on this point like usual. His views signify the essence of the doctrine of white supremacy. Many people like Donald Sterling express the exact same sick views. He obviously doesn’t respect black people or any human being for humans have the right to associate who they want to. She is a grown woman. It is ironic that he doesn’t want his girlfriend to associate with blacks, but blacks heavily make up the players in the NBA. Black people are on his team causing massive financial benefit in his life. The class act Magic Johnson spoke the truth on this issue too. Donald Sterling is not a real man at all. His racist words ought to be condemned. The woman of color is worth more than that and she can leave the man ASAP. People have to have self-respect and not associate with a vile racist like Donald Sterling at all. He paying money for violating federal housing discrimination laws outlines his deep bigotry. People have the right to not go into any Clipper game and not fund this man at any way shape or form. It is the intense jealousy of the white racists that make their viciousness all the more reason for us to oppose their agenda. Typically, many who want to degrade a person want to be just like that person. These racists have had a barbaric history from the Maafa to their actions in the four corners of the Earth stealing, destroying, and exploiting the lands of people of color (their crimes have been so vicious that I can't type the atrocities here because of the censors). It is our job to call these bigots out and to build in our communities. We should condemn evil and do righteous actions as a means for our people to improve. The comments were so bad that Barkley had to criticize Sterling as a man. I don't agree with Charles on many issues, but this man Donald ought to be ashamed of himself. I think Barkley made an interesting point. He was right to say that this man Sterling has the power to discriminate against black people with his status of power (so, Donald Sterling crossed the line. Even if he was not the owner of any team, his comments crossed the line regardless). He or Sterling should be punished, suspended, and stripped of his ownership powers period (as Magic Johnson has advocated. I am glad that Magic said that he will not be in a Clippers game as long as the racist is the owner of the Clippers). Hopefully, the post racial types can wake up and see that we are still struggling for our liberation. When these racists are honest with their views, we should feel encouraged to fight harder for the advancement of our community. The hypocrisy of white racist males is in full display. The SCOTUS's decisions have been interesting (that court have shifted into a more reactionary tone) and we should continue to fight and to live our lives. We should not embrace post racial fantasies, but I will not support this owner's views. His comments about Magic Johnson are deplorable and disgusting. His views on women are ignorant as well, so we should be independent, but revolutionary. I hope that the NAACP does the right thing (and refuse to give this racist the Lifetime Achievement award). If they do the wrong thing, then it is a shame. Also, there is nothing wrong with expressing righteous indignation over legitimate issues. Many people are falsely classified as expressing irrational "emotionalism" for just expressing legitimate outrage. There is not a single thing wrong with both expressing legitimate outrage and doing something about injustices constructively (we have every right to confront the imperfections found in the system). Selfish individualism has proven to be a lie as documented by the great recession. We should advance more cooperation with each other and realize that we are our Brothers' and our Sisters' keepers.

The U.S. Supreme Court gave a blow to civil rights with the upholding of the Michigan ban on affirmative action. The Michigan vote banned the consideration of race. The decision was based on deception. The Michigan decision was a reversal of the very legal and political principles which guided the movement for equality from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. The court said that it had no jurisdiction to overthrow the ban on considering race and the history of national discrimination as factors in admissions to higher educational institutions. Since the 2006 Michigan vote, there has been drastic declines in the number of African American and Latino students in universities and colleges around the state the country. The decision upholds the anti-affirmative vote in Michigan. It also rejected a federal appeals court decision that said that the adoption of such a state law violates the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which ostensibly guaranteed equal protection under the land. Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative jurist, summed up the majority view saying in essence that such considerations of racism and past discrimination was not needed and was unconstitutional. To her credit, the minority opinion was written by the only Puerto Rican jurist, Sonia Sotomayor. She disliked the decision. Justice Sotomayor, who recognizes that her career path is directly related to the affirmative action programs that helped Latinas from the Bronx get into Princeton University and Yale’s law school, said the majority opinion represented the refusal “to accept the stark reality that race matters is regrettable. We ought not to sit back and wish away, rather than confront the racial inequality that exists in our society.” The Michigan vote to ban affirmative was based on deception and racism. The reason was that the ballot was promoted as a way to advance equal opportunity when it was not. Many believe that any advancement made by oppressed nation is “reverse discrimination” against the dominant oppressor nation. Civil Rights gains and other rights were gained as a product of mass struggle. Laws alone were not enough to end institutional discrimination. You have to use policies to address inequalities in the system and affirmative action is one way to deal with those inequalities. JFK originated affirmative action policies on the federal level and LBJ extended them. We have to fight back against injustice via mass struggle, resistance, and mobilization.

Many of my relatives lived in the ghettoes and in the projects. When I was young, I traveled throughout the projects as a younger person (as a means to go from point A to point B). Many of the people that I have encountered there were well behaved, law abiding, strong, and upright human beings. My life story (including the lives of others including other facts on sociology) refutes Cliven Bundy’s words on its face. The Tea Party has done a poor job in rooting out bigots and nefarious extremists from spewing their retrograde, neo-Confederate ideologies. Some of those who embrace Bundy's views can't get over the fact that the Civil War is over. They claim to express dissent with big government, but say nothing on the fact on how many of them benefit directly from big gov’t services from Social Security to Medicare. Bundy is wrong to characterize African Americans (who are poor) into one box when poor African Americans are not monolithic at all. You can’t control where you are born. It does not matter where you are born. It matters on what you do in contributing your talent in helping your neighbors (and using our time to love the truth for truth is beautiful. :). Racism is based on hypocrisy, so white racists ignore the fact of trailer parks having massive white people living in them (and these racists would never classify all white people in trailer parks in such negative designations). Yes, his examples are ignorant and erroneous. His words are about FEAR. He and others like him fear CHANGE. The demographics of America are changing and by 2043, people of color will constitute a majority of the American population. That fear is not right. We should have love for true love will cast out fear (and respect for humanity in many colors is an inspiring ideal to embrace). He needs to be a man. He needs to face the truth and pay what he has owed to others. He should reject pointing fingers that has nothing to do with his situation at all.

My mother is a wordsmith, while my father is more of a politically inclined man. I get my compassionate, humanitarian side from my mother and my political side from my father. At the end of the day, we all want the same pristine goals. We want freedom, justice, and liberation for our people. We want our descendants to grow up in a world where they will not suffer what we have suffered in our lives. We want more Brothers and more Sisters to achieve their goals, to stand up for monumental truths, and to enact positive contributions in the lives of humanity. We are in profound solidarity with our people globally. Regardless if we live in Harlem, London, Accra, or Johannesburg, we are ONE PEOPLE. WHEN WE ARE FULLY UNITED AS ONE PEOPLE FOR REAL, THEN OUR POWER CAN MASSIVELY AFFECT THE WORLD. We all want a cleaner environment, an end to poverty, our human civil liberties respected, and our families strengthen too. We seek not only morality to exist in the world, but accountability and mutual cooperation among our neighbors. In that sense, we want the corruptions in the system to be completely abolished and our people to experience social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional improvement. Each human has their own experiences and thinking on issues. As human beings, we have the right to describe our life experiences as a means to give the world unique perspectives. These perspectives can help solve complications. Some people just hate any gentle spirit like Draper. Leonore Draper sincerely fought for peace in the city of Chicago. There is evil in the world and that is fully shown by the crimes we witness in the world on a daily basis. I do speak on what I was taught and experienced. Other individuals honestly show your views too. Many people like Sweet Sister Courtney are a very honest human being. We are different and we have similarities. Our similarities and our differences make life dynamic and diverse. In our differences, we can learn about our uniqueness, but we can be more appreciative of the preciousness of human life in general. The crime rate in Chicago has fluctuated over the course of decades. The crime rate now in Chicago is lower as compared to 20 years ago, but it is still extremely high. One death is one death too many. We can't have a selfish AGENDA when we deal with problems. We have to care, because we are human. A true human cares and seek love, accountability, and justice. LOVE deals with compassion and it also deals with advancing ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE TOO. Multiple solutions are necessary involving this situation excluding an AGENDA. More solutions coming about at the same time can develop more positive results. We both want the best for city and the world.

 By Timothy

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Savant's Words

It's not yet certain whether Hillary will even run. Probably she could beat Mitt Romney if she ran and he was her opponent.....unless the voter suppression acts passed by Republicans in red states prevents (or greatly reduces) the voting of people who usually vote Democrat. That's a distinct possibility. In case people have forgotten, the Supreme Court this past summer virtually gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Or rather they gutted the enforcement provisions,which amounts to about the same thing. It doesn't matter much who the individuial is, nor is that what I had in mind. I don't know even if Clinton is for certain the Democrat candidate or who the Republican will be. They will represent corporate interests. And most likely, the Republican candidate will be as usual even further to the Right than the Democrat.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend News

Yes, the ship is sinking. The Republicans, who supported the faux patriot Bundy, ought to feel ashamed of themselves. They supported him for the sake of advancing retrograde political philosophies (not because they love real revolutionary principles). FOX News has constantly scapegoated the poor & minorities for a while. Now, they are backtracking. This man received massive handouts and refuses to pay taxes while the poor regularly pay taxes, work long hours, and still suffer much more than him. This man is ignorant of American history, black culture, sociology, anthropology, and a wide spectrum of subjects. His card has been pulled as a faux populist, millionaire reactionary activist. He is constantly using the race card. His ridiculous views should continue to motivate all of us to handle our business, grow our families, and build in our communities. I just heard that Bundy said more offensive words. The real issue is not his ignorance though his ignorance must be exposed and condemned. The real issue is about us continuing to stand up for our communities, to stand up for affordable health care, to stand up for a better environment, to stand up against bigotry, and to stand up for the truth in general. The reactionary dogmas of Bundy including his GOP/Tea Party ilk will not prevail since we have the truth on our side. Racism is truly a disease that has harmed societies and spread harsh lies among the populace. Sister Courtney is right that FOX News just used this racist man as a means to target President Obama when FOX News should be talking about real issues like the TPP, petrodollars, the continued assault on our civil liberties, and net neutrality issues. Bundy should pay his fees and accept responsibility for his own actions. I did so much research about this man. I just found out that he is a pampered multimillionaire. This man is not some blue collar populist. He advances neoliberalism and white supremacy. So, we know that this racist has been exposed for the world to see. Anybody advancing his cause ought to feel shame. This man is a criminal, a hypocrite, and a liar. He wants to talk about our black people, but Cliven Bundy is a tax deadbeat that refuses to face personal responsibility for his own actions. That is ironic. He is violating state and federal laws. Even the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association has condemned his actions too. FOX News has been on his side and now many of them from that network want to distance themselves from him now.

This is not uncommon. Many have shown great words on this point like usual. His or Donald's views signify the essence of the doctrine of white supremacy. Many people like Donald Sterling express the exact same sick views. He obviously doesn’t respect black people or any human being for humans have the right to associate who they want to. She is a grown woman. It is ironic that he doesn’t want his girlfriend to associate with blacks, but blacks heavily make up the players in the NBA. Black people are on his team causing massive financial benefit in his life. The class act Magic Johnson spoke the truth on this issue too. Donald Sterling is not a real man at all. His racist words ought to be condemned. The woman of color is worth more than that and she can leave the man ASAP. People have to have self-respect and not associate with a vile racist like Donald Sterling at all. He paying money for violating federal housing discrimination laws outlines his deep bigotry. People have the right to not go into any Clipper game and not fund this man at any way shape or form. It is the intense jealousy of the white racists that make their viciousness all the more reason for us to oppose their agenda. Typically, many who want to degrade a person want to be just like that person. These racists have had a barbaric history from the Maafa to their actions in the four corners of the Earth stealing, destroying, and exploiting the lands of people of color (their crimes have been so vicious that I can't type the atrocities here because of the censors). It is our job to call these bigots out and to build in our communities. We should condemn evil and do righteous actions as a means for our people to improve. Donald Sterling will reap what he will sow after this no doubt. Karma is nothing to be played with.

Felicia Smith is totally wrong in her behavior. Individually, she should face punishment. Teaching is an important occupation. The child experienced abuse, disrespect, and exploitation. Her actions were totally unprofessional and are the opposite of the essence of real educational action. She can celebrate the male student’s birthday in so many alternative ways. She can sing a song, give candy to the student, and even talk about the student’s birthday in a progressive, positive fashion. She giving a lap dance to the student is in violation of educational policies and other laws too. She should face accountability for her individual actions. She does have issues that she has to deal with (she does need both accountability and help to deal with her issues). She should learn lessons too. Also, I have a great thought on this issue. We should not only promote ethics and true morality. We should give examples, reasons, and stats also on why ethics, truth telling, and stable action contribute to the betterment of society overall. The financial collapse back years ago was a product in part of greed, selfishness, and immoral economic action. So, giving reasons on why doing the right thing is great to the youth can further improve communities. More teachers should experience job ethics training (and there has to be further action to prevent such things from occurring). The female teacher obviously should face punishment and we can learn lessons from this story as a means for us to learn better ways to assist our people. She does need to be punished and receive help too. People should have a strong foundation as a means to fulfill their total human potential. Balance is the key too. There is nothing wrong with having legitimate fun in life, but we should always reject abuse & inappropriate behavior in the classroom. They are certainly sophisticated in how they execute their vicious system. We as a black people should reject the wicked traps of society. The judicial system for a long time have split our families, ruined lives of our Brothers and our Sisters (including innocent people), and fought against true black progress. We should oppose domestic violence with vigor wholeheartedly (any form of domestic violence is evil and immoral. What Rihanna suffered can never be justified at all period) and we should expose the corruption and unfairness that are greatly found in the judicial system. The powers that be can easily continue with the trial as soon as possible, so people can move forward. Yet, they wanted to institute a delay, which signifies in my view a personal animus towards Chris Brown. Chris Brown should be told the truth, face accountability, and be allowed to improve his life. He is accountable for his actions and we have to continue to be on guard about the traps in life. We should reject the bait and conduct our lives in dignity plus honor.

Neoliberalism is an economic philosophy that believes in massively deregulation, austerity measures, massive free trade policies, etc. That view has been promoted by Hayek, Milton Freidman, and other Republican reactionaries. The Mont Pelerin Society (whose members have links to eugenics, etc.) advanced it and that is a reactionary organization. The Mont Pelerin society is the mother of the Tea Party Movement that much of the general public doesn’t know about. Al Gore and Bill Clinton accept many neoliberal principles too, so no major party is immune from its doctrines. I have researched this information for a very long time. Now, some are right that many people who claim to be liberals are closet racists. There are many liberal establishment figures that have done corruption and evils. That is true. Yet, I prefer to be politically independent and Cliven Bundy's words (as we both agree) are repugnant, inaccurate, and disrespectful. At the end of the day, we should not worship the establishment and we can live our lives independently. If any religious institution fails to address the legitimate needs of the people, then that institution will fail. Not all religious people are monolithic. Some religious folks are doing great things and others are obviously frauds. At the end of the day, you have to allow individuals to decide for themselves whether they want to go into a religious building or not. I know believers in God who are moral and are fighting for justice. I know non-believers who fighting for justice, and believe in morals too. One philosophy that I can't stand is the prosperity gospel. I have a real dislike of that "gospel." Any organization involved in the trying to deal with the black community should bear responsibility in their fundamental policies. One truth is that we can't use religion to exploit people. Far too often, some folks want to use religion as a means to prevent revolutionary change in the black community (including to fleece the poor and to exploit black women). We are better than embracing authoritarian philosophies & theocratic distractions. That is why we should allow the freedom of people to believe in spirituality or not.

The pivot of Asia agenda has been imperialistic, slick, and an agenda that I profoundly disagree with. Massive sanctions have starved even innocent North Koreans. The status quo obviously doesn’t work as the status quo has increased tensions in the region. America has encircled China and it wants to end constitutional restrictions on the Japanese armed forces (as we know that Japanese militarism has caused the 1937 Nanjing massacre. Likewise, I condemn the unjust bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki decades ago). These actions of encirclement and militarization are very provocative overtly. Both America (which has police brutality, many violations of human rights here, unjust laws, militarism, and massive economic inequality) and North Korea should clean up their houses. There is nothing wrong with immediate, strong peaceful negotiations among both countries to resolve issues excluding provocative, unjust militarist actions. For years and decades, the West has deployed weapons against innocent civilians in violation of international law and any ideals or principles. Since 1945, America has killed about 46 million people in other countries, most of which are civilians (either directly or via proxy by its puppet regimes). 4.3 million people were killed in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during Washington’s war on all three nations (from 1962 to 1975). On Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the U.S. dropped 20 million gallons of the deadly chemical herbicide Agent Orange. In Vietnam's case, the aim was to destroy forests where Viet Cong guerrillas were hiding. Agent Orange damaged foliage extensively but obviously failed to stop the guerrillas who eventually won the war. These chemicals caused many Vietnamese civilians to suffer mental disorders and physical deformities. Many American soldiers suffered diseases too. As U.K. journalist John Pilger informs us, "In 1970, the U.S. Senate reported: 'The U.S. has dumped on Vietnam a quantity of toxic chemical (dioxin) amounting to six pounds per head of population.' This was Operation Hades -- the source of what Vietnamese doctors call a 'cycle of foetal catastrophe.' I have seen generations of children with their familiar, monstrous deformities. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, with his own blood-soaked war record, will remember them." John Kerry fought in Vietnam back in the 1960’s and now in 2014, he is the Secretary of State supporting a neo-liberal, authoritarian Kiev puppet regime. Depleted uranium has harmed the Iraqi population too.

 By Timothy

Great Words on Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is a barrier put in place to ensure that organizations can't discriminate against minorities. Also as an instrument to ensure blacks got a fair shot at being accepted into schools and businesses which were almost entirely white run and still mostly are. Rather than addressing the much bigger issue of racial discrimination shown in studies by princeton on hiring practices of businesses treating black males as if theyre all convicts based on the stereotypes and social stigmas perpetuated by the media and the discriminatory laws and profiling enacted by conservatives you take a few examples where a small number of whites didn't get into schools which had quotas for diversity, and highlight those as a huge and rampant issue thats holding white society back. Those studies showed that black males with the same background and resumes as their white partners were brought in for interviews or hired at 14% as opposed to 34% for whites when both had no criminal background. When both had criminal records the rate was 5% to 17%.

That means black males are treated as criminals for purposes of hiring whether they are or not. In fact whites get even more benefit if they have criminal records than blacks with none. And for purposes of promotion its probably even worse. But you dont care about that and arent going to focus on it because it doesnt affect you. You'll simply claim that because society finally voted a minority to the presidency that racism and prejudice doesn't exist in this nation, or no longer creates an unbalanced playing field, in spite of massive poverty in minority communities. Groups like the NAACP are not racist but promote equal treatment for minorities and typically combat racism. Rather than look at issues they've fought against like Republican support of a schools ability to recieve tax breaks while continuing to ban interracial dating, you just buy into the conservative mantra that they are anti-white and look down on other groups or some BS. Its always the black groups that are demonized. You do realize there are Latino, Asian, Jewish, LBGT, and womens rights groups as well. If it wasn't so easy to demonize blacks I guess you and your conservative buddies would try to list one of those groups first and get laughed out because people generally accept them as fighting for equal treatment, unlike the KKK which looks down on other groups and believes whites are superior.

The NAACP does accept whites as well, as do HBCUs which are known to provide scholarships to whites as minorities on campus. You'd turn a blind eye to history and the fact that blacks have been beaten and discriminated against by the government itself as recently as our parents generation when jim crow, fire hosings, attack dogs on civil rights marchers were accepted. And laws like those enacted by the war on drugs sentencing minorities to terms longer than murderers, for nonviolent crimes while police continue to profile and target minorities while giving whites a pass continue that discrimination less overtly.



How is that a simple explanation when the majority of blacks aren't arrested for violent crime or murder but non violent offenses and those statistics have steadily gotten worse since you began targeting, profiling and ripping fathers from their homes for the same non violent offenses whites were getting away with? And many of these werent even offenses during the time of the founding fathers who encouraged and used hemp regularly. White society outlawed it because it was the drug of choice for blacks and hispanics, as opposed to alcohol, and because the paper and alcohol industry sought to retain their profits by demonizing it as reefer madness. I'll join you in blaming racism and a terrible prison system which turns non violent offenders into hardened criminals, but people themselves are people. When whites were poor in the slums, huddled close together your immigrants had the same violent tendencies and statistics, look up the gangs of new york, australian penal colonies etc. Now take the ability of a father to raise his son to be a man out of the equation and add to it profiling causing him to be arrested and unable to get a job if he has a minor blemish as a youth, stigmatizing of society so he can't get a decent job to raise a family, and covert racists in hiring positions like Donald Sterling who accepts that he has to work with blacks but will never promote them to any real positions of power or influence and you exacerbate the situation by a thousand.

Yet you'd turn a blind eye to the need for some type of action being taken or some type of program to take into account the often impossible conditions many of these youth have to get through to even have a shot at these schools, by eliminating affirmative action and doing nothing about the stigma that still exists and is rampant against blacks and darker minorities. The same stigma perceived by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, racist as he may be when he asks his mixed girlfriend to stop inviting black people to his games, or portraying the fact that she has black ancestry etc. because it makes him look bad in front of his white borderline racist colleagues, associates and a large portion of the mainstream society in America to this day. Instead conservatives blame violence in the black community on rap culture, ignoring the fact that gangster rap wasnt even popular until well after violence peaked. much less when it began trending upward. You ignore the real factors that did contribute to it such as poverty and inability to get a job, and the social stigmas of being black continue to follow black youth.

Racism on an institutional level is still alive and well in america, things are no where near equal for a minority child being born into this country, so why are you getting rid of affirmative action now and pretending that its a different way? Because you and most conservative whites have ignored, turned a blind eye to, or just not cared that its that way?


The U.S. War Crimes Record: Obama hypocritical in denouncing other nations' atrocities, U.S. responsible for killing of millions, mostly civilians

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Great Words


Your stances on issues make you a RINO within the Republican Party. You might be right that we have to agree to disagree in whether your fabricated version of history is due to brainwashing or a misunderstanding of things. Our infrastructure is still in horrible shape and replete with century old piping, dilapidated roads and crumbling buildings in many areas. This would be even worse if not for the new deal. The Great Depression also widened the gap between the poorest if the poor and the wealthiest. Of course you'd think it prolonged the depression because your flawed theory of trickle down economics tells you that there's no way prime pumping grows the economy. The Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln these days and if his views were as progressive now as they were viewed then you all would be calling him a socialist radical. It's just like adjusting for inflation, you're claiming these people would be considered conservatives now because their public views were about as in line then as it gets for the 1800s which is exactly where a moderate republicans views might be now. But you have to understand those views were progressive in that time. The modern Republican Party is mainly the champion of the wealthy. That's why your biggest supporters are the super wealthy. Not the poor. And while you may be moral and give back to make up whatever progressive income taxes had been lowered to since the time of Reagan when the gap between the poor and wealthy in this country started to balloon like that of a 3rd world country, the majority of your brethren are not and would label you and your family as rinos. You've gerrymandered the house which is the only reason you'll maintain it. I can't vote republican knowing that any rep that gets in there will tow the GOP agenda if they want to stay in office, which means declining investments in health, education, and any domestic programs in order to make room for extravagant spending on obsolete weaponry as opposed to r&d, tax cuts for the super wealthy, and the lobbyists agenda who often line their pockets. There's corruption on both ends which is why we need your party to be viable as it once was, its just so blatant amongst the GOP which is still willing to invoke the southern strategy to drum up votes as they've done with Obama on this birtherism, pandering to the Ted nugents of America, and trying to undo the progress made in the civil rights era while blatantly ignoring instances where practices are still unfair such as hiring and promotion in this country. But you see the world through a different lens which is possibly tinted in a way you would not realize that, so agree to disagree.


Anglias04's Words to Me:
Thanks. Unfortunately I am still in the middle of finals and have some deadlines at work and otherwise and waking up to respond respond to repeated posts and skewing of history with crafty wording is not really an option at this point. I'm going to have to bounce at this point as I said based on my situation long ago. Out of all the right wingers I've argued against after stirring up the hornets nest on drudge etc over various accounts over the years depending on what account I have for the particular site they link, id have to say this one has been the most unnecessarily prolonged because of her willingness to go back accept what I've just said but then skew it and frame it in revisionist mantra. I have quite a few republican friends and my best teachers have been a staunch democrat of ap us history and a contract law republican. But most republicans I know are either republican because their parents were or for tangential issues such as abortion or strong religious views they think the party is in line with. The truth is its become the party of the wealthy against the issues of all minorities and poorer whites who its often brainwashed to put against us and hold all of us back. The democrats are far from perfect but they're also far from the GOP in that respect and the best option we have for now. Once the GOP destroys itself and is reborn to be a viable party in a minority majority nation in which it can no longer play on prejudice fears, maybe then we will have a viable two party system again, though that may take 20 years. Also apologies for typos and spacing, please realize that most if what I post from work has to be from a cellphone even during lunch and breaks.



Thanks for your concern, but real quick:
1. Democrats also come in all sizes shapes and more often than not ethnic backgrounds. There's a reason why the Republican Party of today is far less popular with minorities than that of old and it has to do with the prejudice displays accepted and tolerated by the vast majority of you. How about you look at the 1828 election and look up a map of the 2012 election. Just do a google search and look up the stats for how each state voted on Wikipedia. If you don't believe the southern strategy worked and that the parties switched sides you're ignorant to history.

2. Any neocon on the most popular republican websites would label you a RINO. Especially if you ran on those platforms. Pro gay marriage and welfare, anything pro civil rights such as affirmative action. Your handlers would beg you not to say a word on other issues and campaign solely on abortion or something.
3. Teddy Roosevelt drew the same support at the turn of the 20th century as the democrats do today and for good reason. Their domestic policies were largely similar and in the same vein. Many of his views were shared by his cousin FDR. The Great Depression and its aftermath IMO created an environment where both parties restructure themselves and became the parties we have today. Don't follow the party name follow the people and where they lived. That same southern conservative Christian voting block you claim as republicans were pro slavery back then anti Lincoln and his agenda. Their descendants largely make up the republicans of today and whoever else the GOP and the wealthy of today have been able to bamboozle.
4. You. Can revise history all you want to demonize JFK etc at that time. The fact is the parties switched sides and lost that conservative voting block his 50s handlers had him scared to protect and in the 60s he was fervently on the right side of history. The democrats have almost always been on the right side of history since then and regardless of whatever their personal feelings are the party's agenda in the modern era is progress. Regardless of how good of a person you and my republican friends may be your overall party agenda is status quo and regression and prosperity for the wealthiest.
5. Your version of history with FDR is completely revisionist and in line with what I expected following the republican recent reevaluation of history. Your party had been spreading the same ignorance about FDR since you realized you had a problem in the 90s. And touting Reagan in a more positive light as some type of super president both domestically and in foreign policy. No one from the 40s would have believed how you all have tried to assassinate FDRs character. He wouldn't have been voted in 4 times if the new deal wasn't benefiting the country. But it conflicts with your trickle down theories so you've convinced yourselves it must have prolonged the depression the same way you find a couple wacko scientists to pay to say there is no global warming you've found wacko economists who disagree with the vast majority. The same way you've found nutjob statisticians to claim you'd win the last election in a landslide.
6. Forgot to respond on abortion earlier but sperm also have living cells for that matter. A fetus does not have a functioning brain and heart on day 1 and functioning organs for some time. You can't tell me with certainty when life begins and the bible doesn't attempt to. Yet you've got many republicans staunchly opposing even basic contraception, let alone other forms if birth control and the morning after pill. I'm against abortions after the second trimester. Your party is also made up of many running on anti abortion campaigns even in instances of rape and incest.
7. Keep doing good in the world in your donations to the poor but please stop spreading revisionist history.

Angilas04's Great Words

That's the democratic party when they were the conservative party of america or still housed most of its social conservatives. Read my post below for more info. The republicans are no the party of the south and conservatism. You seem fond of the revisionist history of the Republican Party which claims FDR (voted in 4 times, new deal, saved us from the great depression, led the US to victory in WWII, championed the poor,) prolonged the great depression, Reagan (War on Drugs, weakening of the unions, trickle down economics) was the greatest domestic president, and that the KKK are still members of the democratic party when they are now overwhelmingly in support of conservatives. Maybe a quick visit to storm front and their political bashing or a listen into some of the callers on conservative radio will enlighten you.


I guess you never heard of the Southern Strategy or the fact that the majority of blatant racists including the dixiecrats fled to the republican party some time between FDR and Reagan. Why do you think racist southerners were pleased when JFK was assassinated in Dallas. One of the biggest proponents of civil rights in the white house was killed. Republican Trent Lott and former democrat who switched parties during the southern strategy- Stom Thurmond pushed Reagan to support federal tax cuts being extended to Bob Jones University, which banned interracial dating, undermining the same attorneys the Jimmy Carter administration pushed with the IRS to remove their federal tax cut guarantee.

It wasn't until the NCAA stepped in and brought publicity to the issue that they backed off. How about you take a visit to stormfront or read the racist comments posted in any story linked to by the biggest conservative website drudge report if you think Republicans of today are your friends. Minorities vote democrat for good reason. Not all republicans are racist but the vast majority of blatant racists are republicans, and people like Ted Nugent are welcomed by them with open arms. He was invited by GOP rep Steve Stockman to the state of the union and has called Obama a subhuman mongrel. BTW the NRA used to oppose the individual right to own guns out of fear blacks and latino's would own them back during civil rights. They support it now in the interest of the manufacturers who line their pockets and lobby. I'm not against a persons right to own a hand gun, but they seem to draw the line at nothing short of a nuclear deterrent and would have the streets flooded with semi automatics requiring no background checks.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.



1. The southern strategy continues to this day. Why do you think Republicans are now overwhelmingly the party of the south? They also find their support highest in the areas immediately surrounding former plantations. Though demographics are changing so in a decade they may even lose their grip on Texas.

2. The only lie is pretending that the likes of Strom Thurmond didn't leave the Democratic Party for the Republicans due to to the civil rights act. He first joined the Dixiecrats, a splinter group from the Democratic party immediately after Truman integrated the armed services and then ultimately left the Democrats for the Republicans in '64 after LBJ swayed the majority of democrats into pushing for civil rights.

3. Republicans have been engaging in history revisionism as of late and its pretty disturbing. You're right in saying that the South is conservative. It always has been and patently illustrates how the parties have switched sides over time. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt - progressives of old and republicans. FDR, JFK, LBJ - progressives during the transition period, democrats (though there were republicans during this era who still held and ran on progressive views). Clinton, Obama- progressives of the modern era- all democrats. Social conservatives traditionally prefer the status quo, which has meant slavery, segregation, or internationally apartheid. Social progressives want to move forward socially whether its minority rights, investment in education and technology, or rights of the poor. This goes for other countries as well. Democrats are the progressive party of the modern era. In the past it was the republicans.

4. Never said Stormfront was run by the republican party, merely that the vast majority of their members are conservative republicans. They use racist language like that of staunch republican supporter and mouth peice who has been seconded by the likes of Sarah Palin and recently invited to the State of the Union by a GOP Rep, Ted Nugent, calling blacks and other minorities subhuman mongrels. Drudge Report however is a republican website, and its posters flood any story linked to it with racist language similar to that of Stormfront, the only difference being that they seem less hateful of the jews. You won't see a democratic website in that vein.Not saying there aren't democrats who hold racist views. But the vast majority of blatant racists who choose their political allegiance on racist views are staunch conservatives and in this country, Republicans.

5. On the subject of the NRA and gun control look up the Mulford Act. As a direct response to fears of the old black panther party (not the new one which is a fringe group) during the 1960s civil rights era, restricting the ability to own and carry guns in public. Reagan pushed this act. Then in the 80s when fears of Blacks with illegal guns were on the rise they switched stances and encouraged the use of guns, and played off those fears. Reagan's administration heavily demonized blacks during the War on Drugs and almost exclusively focused on black use and sale of drugs, mainly cocaine, when whites even used crack in higher numbers. You may want to watch the Many Rivers documentary to refresh your memory of this.

The NRA may have originally been pro training but during the 60s their stance was motivated by race, now all that matters to them is green, and they'd push you to be able to own a rocket launcher with no background check if it realistically served their agenda. As I said I'm not against your right to own a hand gun, rifle or even a shotgun to protect yourself. But semi-automatics without background checks don't have many uses besides mass murder. If you just want it because you want it and think you need because you interpret the 2nd amendment the way the modern conservative supreme court does and kind of ignore the militia element, then I suppose to go toe to toe with big govt you want WMD's too?

You're more knowledgeable on history than marcw52, unfortunately you seem completely versed in the revisionist history propagated by the modern republican party and are unfortunately spreading this misinformation to the uninformed. If I wasnt in school, working, and starting a business I'd be there to educate you and those like you every step of the way. But then I'd fail in my own goals which I think can do more to lead people to the truth than these online debates. Its so many of you spreading this propaganda now that I'm really starting to believe Murdoch and the Koch brothers are paying people to do this. Which reminds me, another example of the modern racism in the republican party listen to fox news or try to view some of the posts there.

You're sure to see a lot of racism openly available and accepted there.


While my other comment is waiting approval before lunch ends I will simply say that Theodore Roosevelt founded the progressive party and ran for a third term. He was staunchly against nearly everything republicans of today stand for with regard to business and economics. For you to sit here and claim that he was not a progressive or simply ignore the fact that the south used to be democratic when it was still part of the Bible Belt which often twists and perverts Christian values such as love thy neighbor but if you're struggling then too bad, shows your deceitfulness. It's not egotistical to say I could educate you when you spread so much misinformation that any child with a basic grasp of US history could educate you.



I dont think I misunderstood anything. Your post is completely revisionist in its historical, though I do like your personal donation bit, I dislike your attempts to spread faulty history that I'm 99% certain no reputable historian would support unless they're bought and paid for by the GOP. You claim Theodore Roosevelt would be appalled at the comparison to modern democrats, yet he was a the original opponent to big business in this country. The trust busting he championed is the literal opposite of the republican mantra. The deregulation and trickle down economics of the Reagan, and Bush eras led directly to the huge disparity you see today between the 0.01% .1% and 1% whose incomes have all more than tripled over the past 3 decades as the rest have declined or remained stagnant (I'll attempt to link a chart after this post). You also forget that he championed the progressive income tax. Walk softly and carry a big stick yes, but not if that stick cost you more than all the other worlds sticks combined and is the majority of your budget as you sacrifice domestically to compensate for republican paranoia The reason I said you ignore the fact that democrats were the southern party of old refers directly to the statement in your previous post: "The reason why there’s such a large percentage of Republicans in the South is because Republicans tend to be conservative and far more moral than Democrats, which tend to be liberal/socialist. The Southern states arepart of the Bible belt and so they’re generally more focused on morality and traditional family values, which are conservative Republican ideals."

You're playing loose with the facts if you claim the southern strategy had no effect when the majority of the south was formerly democratic. If you think Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, and Ted Nugent loving politicians are the exception in the republican party pay attention to what is actually said on any mainstream conservative website blog, the biggest two being drudge and fox, which do not disparage the opposing party the way huffpost or dailykos do but are instead filled with racist, prejudiced language and diatribe, or take note the next time a black woman at the GOP convention is having peanuts thrown at her, or the next time conservatives take a stance completely opposed to minority rights and issues.

There's a reason your party lost the black vote, latino vote, asian vote, jewish vote, native american vote and every other minority in the country. You're probably a conservative idealist who believes that the party upholds traditional values. They do not, youve been brainwashed. The only concern of the majority of leaders in your party is a paycheck. The fact you think obama is a socialist when Nixon was for a graduated income tax over twice the percentage at the top of what obama's pushed for shows how far you've been brainwashed. You need to accept the FACT that the parties switched places prior to Reagan and that any voting map will readily show it. Anyone thats buying your fantasy of history during the modern era I'd encourage to double check those statistics as well. Also I wanted to discuss the war on drugs with you earlier, which you claim targeted minorities due to violence, yet you ignore the fact that there was a huge shift in arrests as a result of the WoD from violent offenders making up the majority of our prison population to nonviolent offenders being arrested at far higher rates. You've got mandatory minimum sentencing laws on the books now putting some guilty of possession in as long as if not longer than murderers in many cases. I don't get the sense that you're a bad person. Just incredibly misled politically. I dont mind if your reason for spreading republicanism is rooted in your stance on abortion or because your family has been in the party for a century. What I do mind is when your stance is based on the revised history that the party has been pushing this past decade, and you're actively spreading it to further confuse people who don't know better. Yes I have better things to do with my time and doubt anyone is reading past this point, but I hope you at least reevaluate the change in membership and location of the parties as evidence of the southern strategies existence.

As your family had ties to Reagan, mine did to Tip O'neill, so I can understand your desire to overlook his flaws. I'll acknowledge Tip's in supporting the WoD as a result of pressure in Boston following the Len Bias' overdose. JFK I will acknowledge did mishandle bay of pigs, but thats exactly why he was assassinated, because he sought to target the jobs of those same intelligence officers who misinformed him. His optimism also led us to the moon and he and lbj's efforts helped expedite this country's path to civil rights, enacted under Johnson's presidency. LBJ's war on poverty great society, and the civil rights act were some of the greatest domestic policies this country attempted to embark on. FDR's new deal also helped the prime pumping of this country out of the great depression and the poor loved him for it. Today's republicans would frame it as redistribution of the wealth although it rebuilt this land's necessary infrastructure.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Information about Issues

This is the first time that I have written on the Bundy incident. Cliven Bundy is not a domestic terrorist as many establishment liberals have called him. He is not some super patriot as the establishment Right have called him too. After much research, Cliven Bundy is a reactionary, wealthy oligarch who exploited the concerns of many as an excuse to advance neoliberalism. He is a vicious racist and bigot too. Bundy is a multimillionaire oligarch with 14 kids and many grandchildren. He allowed his cattle to graze on publicly owned land without paying feeds to the federal government. He has talked and allied with reactionary Alex Jones. Bundy claimed that his family “settled” the land over a century ago, so he has claim to it. He claims that the federal government has no legitimately. His argument is moot, because if the fed has no legitimacy, no legitimate claim to that land exists for him due to his family taking it 100 plus years ago. He should pay his fees to the Native Americans since his prior to being there using his logic. Many of the Mormons back then killed innocent people in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857. Bundy claims that he is fighting over regulation, but he is really fighting any regulation that costs to multimillionaires. He is refusing to pay the same fees that 16,000 public land ranchers do each year. Many people are shilling for oligarchs who want to make more money. Even the BLM disagrees with his efforts. Alex Jones claims that this cause is some blue collar call to arms when it is not. Jones is silent with one Canadian company was grabbing land for the XL pipeline from the Texas and other blue collar Americans across the Midwest. There are sincere activists who are opposed nonviolently to the KXL Pipeline. These people include ranchers, Native Americans, environmentalists, and Mustang preservationists. So, this agenda of Bundy, Rand Paul, the Kocah Brothers, and others is all about privatization. One businessman is angering people in blaming “government” when the government has been infiltrated by oligarchical interests not all of the people. Fascism is where select millionaires and billionaires are against any regulation and work with the government to harm the people. So, it is about big, select companies buying government agencies to do the work for them. Alex Jones has not explicitly condemned neoliberalism as a philosophy at all. Bundy is not a poor, suffering man. He is a rich bourgeoisie person. We see fascism in the world that we must defeat. This Tea Party/Koch Brothers agenda is truly obvious. You can’t be a true liberty lover and shill for the select interests of multimillionaires and multibillionaires at all. I do believe in disagreeing with Monsanto, and any corrupt policies from Big Business, but the general welfare ought to be advanced. Ron Paul wants all federal land holdings to end, which will harm the environment and cause corporate exploitation further. No regulation in any aspect of society is immoral. That is why Tea Partiers are hypocrites on issues on liberty. They lecture folks on liberty, but many of them refuse to oppose Stop and frisk in Brooklyn.

I agree some folks 100 percent on the issue of black people having the right to defend themselves. I studied this history for years. During the days of American slavery, racists enacted laws to restrict or ban black people from owning guns (as a means to prevent rebellions and revolutions). The Haitian Revolution was a product of armed black people fighting back against a brutal French empire. In America, the Civil War came about and armed black people in the Union side fought valiantly against rebels. During Reconstruction, black people owned weapons to defend themselves against Klan attacks. Even the Freeman Bureau outlined this right. The Federal Freedmen’s Bureau widely distributed circulars that read in part, “All men, without distinction of color, have the right to keep arms to defend their homes, families, or themselves.” We see that the Black Codes prevented in many cases law abiding black citizens from owning weapons. There were the Deacons of Defense who had guns to protect civil rights activists throughout the South. The Black Panthers back in the 1960's armed themselves to battle oppression and discrimination. They executed a progressive policy of free health clinics, educational services, monitoring police action, and they opposed imperialism directly. Now, of course, we should oppose violent crime with guns. Guns are not toys. Guns should be taken seriously. We are opposed to wanton, senseless violence against anyone in any location on Earth. Yet, innocent law abiding human beings should never be equated to criminals. That is precisely the point. We need economic justice (there should be more job training and job creation programs too) and other solutions to address issues in our community. There can be no real immigration policy without addressing the socioeconomic interests of African Americans. That is a truism. The current President has deported millions upon millions of undocumented human beings (and in 2010, he has ordered National Guard troops to be at the border, so he is not a total progressive on this issue at all. IJS). Anyone saying the millions of undocumented workers in America will have no impact on the lives of African Americans is naive. That is why we should advocate definitely execute punishment against illegal immigrants who have done felonious crimes. There should be a fair, equitable, and just immigration policy, but it should not harm the rights of African Americans though. There should be border enforcement, the improvement of workers' rights, and an increase of the minimum wage (as a means to decrease illegal immigration). There should be policies of preventing unfair discrimination against black people in construction and other industry jobs too. There should be fair trade rules (as we know that NAFTA has harmed America and even Mexico) and any immigrant should not be mistreated or abused of their human rights too. Immigrants should never be scapegoated for imperialism or the crimes of Wall Street (including the rest of the Western elite) at all. That is important, because human rights are human rights. HUMAN RIGHTS ARE SUPERIOR TO STATES' RIGHTS. Dr. Ron Daniels wrote a great article on this issue that I agree with him. 

The solution to the violence in Chicago is not monolithic. There should be increased vigilance against illegal gun usage (and increased punishment for those who do crimes with guns). There should be more collaboration between authorities and community leaders. Nothing changes unless the community takes a significant role in the solution. Also, the Great Sister Courtney (who is a Great Friend) made an interesting point about people protecting their areas. That is an excellent point. :) . Malcolm X and the old school BPP advocated self-defense units to protect our communities. Such independent organizations are needed today to protect the streets of Chicago. I have no issue with that at all. Also, we have to address poverty and lax infrastructure the poor communities of Chicago. When you have massive school closures, high unemployment, and austerity, then those problems are what we need to address too. We want have job training and job creation programs, a moratorium on evictions including foreclosures, and increased services sent to the people (like hospitals, recreational facilities, etc.). We should treat this situation as a national emergency, because it is. The situation is complicated. Without families being improved upon, nothing massive will change. Both genders of adult age have a responsibility to assist the youth. This situation is a blatant emergency and we should treat it as such. Also, it is important to note that many Brothers and Sisters are working day in and day out to battle against the violence in Chicago too. Their efforts ought not to be ignored. Far too often, the youth are readily treated with disrespect and neglect. I think the point about caring, monitoring, and encouraging the youth is a very important point. This neglect of the the youth can't be the case permanently, because if we don't care about the youth, we don't care for ourselves (since we were once youths). Young people should be guided into the right direction. There has to be massive task forces to address violent, criminal gangs and drug running. Also, the social & economic conditions have to be addressed as well. Neoliberalism has damaged Chicago and the 2008 Great Recession exacerbated the problems. So, both family development strategies, radical solutions to address crime, and socio-economic policies can go a long way to help solve this issue. It is obvious that nothing can be solved comprehensively unless poverty is greatly addressed. We know about racism and discrimination. We know about the many economic disparities that exist in the United States (and places globally, because the Oxfam report further documents financial disparities between the super-rich and the rest of humanity globally). That is why we should use self-determination and develop further our own infrastructure (in terms of educating our people, building in our community, and developing unique ways to grow the strength of our families). People should not whine in an immoral fashion, but demanding change (and being active to do something about problems) is not equivalent to whining at all. Not to mention that black people have the right to live in America. Black people built up a lot of America and we have the right to improve our own lives. Without strong families, there is no strong community. Not to mention that human beings need economic justice and raising the minimum wage (eliminating bad trade deals including eliminating fiat currency filled privatized central banking) is one solution out of many that can address poverty. 

First, the students from the Committee have every right to make their grievances known. That is part of their free speech rights. I don’t know how successful their movement will be since that university is a private institution. Yet, their demands are not extreme at all, because it would be in the best interest of the University to appeal to as many people as possible among many backgrounds (especially because of the demographic changes in America. 2043 is coming). If one student feels uncomfortable with a school glamorizing the crimes of traitors, slave owners, and white supremacists, then the whole student body is disrespected. So, I do wish the Committee members the best, but I do believe that we as black people should strengthen HBCUs too. Many of our greatest leaders came from HBCUs and we should not ignore their huge contributions in the power of the black community. The decision is typical since we have a heavily reactionary Supreme Court. Many who whine about affirmative action refuse to expose legacies (or granting relatives of alumni access to go into universities even if they are not qualified for it), the Homestead Act, and other privileges granted to certain people. There are many misconceptions of affirmative action. Inequalities and racism can't be solved by private power alone or waiting for change. Folks have to use private and public power as a means to address legitimate grievances. Inequalities must be addressed by revolutionary policies, not post racial rhetoric. Affirmative action is a method to address class and racial injustices. Affirmative action can be used among equally qualified candidates too. Times certainly are changing. 2043 will be an interesting year to say the least. Obviously, Bruce Shepard wanted to spark debate. He mentioned no slurs or issued some massive policy change in his statement. Debates on this issue are fine, because we need to address problems of diversity in our educational system. Real people want qualified people of every color or background to have fair access to universities if people want to go into universities. A poor citizen on average (who is very intelligent) will not have the same opportunities as a rich person of equal intelligence (and qualifications). So, we have to address structural issues in our nation as a means to make the nation experience true justice. We (who are authentic) all want justice at the end of the day. There is nothing wrong with universities seeking better diversity in a legitimate fashion. Education is diverse as well and it is more than just universities (since real education can be found in trade schools, apprenticeships, internships, and other areas). Black people for eons have talked about real issues too from police brutality, TPP, our civil liberties, anti-imperialism issues, corporate corruption, the FED, QE, austerity, bad trade deals, AFRICOM, etc. We are opposed to fascism (since there are certainly wrong people who want our waters and air polluted, our rights suppressed, and our heritage to be bashed). Us calling for an increase of the minimum wage, the elimination of voter suppression laws, an end to the war on terror, Wall Street criminals to be fully prosecuted, the banning of corporate personhood (as shown via the Citizens United decision), the ending of QE, our black heritage to be respected, and other solutions are BOLD, SPECIFIC DECLARATIONS. So, Brothers and Sisters should keep on showing the truth. Brothers and Sisters have every right to speak truth to power. So, black people have great intellectual curiosity and we will continue to proclaim the truth. Unfortunately, some black people have self-hatred. Some black people will wake up and others will be left behind. The handwriting is on the wall. Events like the death of Aiyana Jones and the mistreatment of our people globally by barbarians show us what time it is. White racists have shown their love of a corrupt system and their hatred of us. We should use our energy to embrace TRUTH, LIGHT, AND DEVELOPING OUR COMMUNITIES. I believe in treating my neighbor as myself, but I don't believe in bowing before injustice. When we stand up, we won't bow. We just stand.

There is nothing wrong with communities improving. Yet, we have to be careful with one thing. We should always reject a “black capitalism” that many so-called nationalists (not all nationalists support). They believe that businesses alone can liberate us. They can’t. There is nothing wrong with enterprises, but we have to make sure that workers are treated right as well. We should embrace real success and not the right wrong success. The right success is allowing workers to have a living wage (some want at least $15 an hour), to have affordable medical benefits, etc. Managers should not steal hours and wages from workers. We have to deal with the fact that black child poverty is increasing, black unemployment is in double digit levels, and there is a wage crisis in our community. We want justice and justice is beyond individualized pursuit of wealth and status. A collective effort and collective actions can only create liberation for us as a people. Collective struggle is certainly necessary for us to witness the revolutionary change that we all desire. The scourge of neoliberalism is a threat. The prison industrial complex is another threat too. Not to mention that we have to improve our health. Too much junk food has contributed to cancers, diabetes, etc. We need more organic farming and organic foods in poorer communities (not just in the middle class or rich areas of the nation). There should be universal health care in America or at least Medicare for all. So, the rich of our people should understand these things. They should be encourages to fund homeless shelters, black media or arts festivals, tech-savvy programs, and other black sponsored events. Many Brothers and Sisters are doing what is right, so their actions ought to be commended. We should never degrade our people. We should be honest and speak truth to power though. So, we need our financial, health, educational, and cultural powerbases to be strengthen. We need justice and liberation point blank period. 

By Timothy