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Friday News in late January 2016

The debate in FOX on Thursday happened without Donald Trump. The candidates from Cruz, Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, and others debated issues and expressed their views. Cruz has recently opposed Trump and Cruz has said that he doesn’t wanted questions about Trump, which caused the crowd to issue an applause. This was the last Republican debate before the Iowa primaries. The primaries have cizens of Iowa voting for many Republican candidates and three Democratic candidates (who are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley). Donald Trump refused to go to this debate, because he didn’t want to be asked questions from Megan Kelly. He called her disrespectful names and his sexism is abhorrent. Trump exploited the suffering of veterans for political gain when he participated in a rally with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. The earlier debate featured Santorum and Gilmore. Gilmore wanted Muslims to be scapegoated. Gilmore called Trump a person who spews fascist talk, which is accurate. Trump lectures people about political correctness, but his fascism is far worse than political correctness. Rubio in the debate was a faithful follower of American exceptionalism. He has postured moral indignation, but he is a neocon warmonger. Rubio had to deal with his conflicting views on immigration on the debate too. A lot of people in the GOP party are overt xenophobes and haters of people from another country. Rubio even praised the blizzard with a sick joke, which killed 31 people. So, I have no respect for him as a man. Chris Christie said that he has the experience as a state executive to debate and defeat Hillary Clinton. Christie is notorious for being a union buster, even Kasich (even though he is slicker about it than Chris Christie). Ben Carson spoke about many issues in the debate too. Rand Paul has boasted about his ground infrastructure in Iowa.  He believes in the free market, which I don’t. An unregulated free market has increased pollution, racism, discrimination, and other forms of oppression. We believe in the rights of humanity, dignity shown to immigrants, and an end to oppression internationally.

This is an emergency and a national crisis. When Flint residents (among men, women, and children) suffered this direct poisoning, it is also an attack against every American and against the rest of the human family. We know that Flint is heavily black and a lot of poor people live in Flint too. The responsibility for this disaster is found not only in the Governor, but in state including local officials involved in this tragedy. Both Republicans and Democrats have used bad policies involved in this crisis. A federal lawsuit should exist. The pipes in Flint are poisoned and corrosive, therefore they ought to be replaced ASAP. Billions of dollars have been spent in the military industrial complex where bombs kill and maim human beings, but some people refuse to send millions of dollars to repair and rebuild the infrastructure of the city of Flint. Also, this incident represents how the corporate oligarchy refuses to care for the lives of black people. Emergency managers use their anti-democratic powers to dominate the lives of people in Michigan. Two officials of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the regional head of the Environmental Protection Agency have resigned in disgrace. The DEQ failed to instruct the Flint water department to add anti-corrosive chemicals to the water when Flint stopped using water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and began tapping into the polluted Flint River. Governor Rick Snyder is a reactionary Republican who fought against workers' rights. Elevated levels of lead have been found in certain areas of Baltimore, Boston, including counties in Texas plus Louisiana. This week, the head environmental regulator in the state of Ohio called national water regulations “broken,” saying that they dramatically understate the true scale of lead poisoning in American cities. Many pipes in certain places of America are over 100 years old and austerity can't solve this problem. According to the Congressional Budget Office, public capital investment in transportation and water infrastructure, already underfunded for decades, has been slashed by 23 percent since its peak in 2003. Laissez faire capitalism is never a solution as Bobby Seale, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fannie Lou Hamer, and other revolutionaries have taught us. Flint residents should not be paying for poisoned water. Snyder and others ought to be arrested for their nefarious actions. Having water is a human right and we want racial justice. This is a class struggle. We want the forces of oligarchy and exploitation to end their reign of oppression. We also want environmental justice too.

The whole tragedy is melancholy in Chicago. Of course, so far, no officer is being held accountable, which is part of the injustice. In any other occupation, many people are fired for much less, but the cops involved in the deaths of these people have not experienced a settlement or prison for even involuntary manslaughter. Also, the phone operator should have never hanged up when someone was calling for help. A 911 operator has the technology to find out where someone is calling from and that operator should have executed more diligence than that. Bettie Jones was a grandmother and she was killed after she just opened a door. Jones was heard to yell, “Whoa! Whoa!” several times before the cops fired. This unjustified killing of a black grandmother should outrage anyone. Also, the story of Quintonio LeGrier shows us that we are in need of federal, state, and local funding for mental health services. All of the facts about the killing of LeGrier haven't been publicly revealed too. Austerity is not only evil, but it can cause many negative consequences in the world too. I believe that the poor and the working class must unite (in an independent, revolutionary fashion) to fight back against the system of capitalist oppression. We still have an epidemic of police terrorism in America. Crooked cops have no respect from me at all. We not only want an independent investigation of this incident. We want accountability and justice too. That is very important, because Black Lives will always Matter.


Both women have the right to establish their own enterprises. Patti Labelle has inspired people with her sweet potato pie product. I love sweet potato pie too. Also, we should never get into the divide and conquer nonsense that has been advanced by evil people in society. Aretha Franklin is a talented Sister in her own right and she wants to establish her products too. We desire both women to experience much more success in the midst of these circumstances. The growth and the development of black enterprises is something that I support. Also, it is important to not just support our own. It is important to fight poverty and imperialism. Any revolutionary abhors poverty and imperialism. Liberation is about the total transformation of society, so the black poor, the black middle class, etc. can have economic and political empowerment to develop as a community and as a people internationally.

Janet Hubert made excellent points in her statements. She is right that we, in the black community, must confront and end colorism once and for all. Colorism is a total evil. She is right that we must build ourselves up internally. She is right to call out the double standards about how Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have issued post-racial statements before and now they want to talk about the Oscars. We have to reject selfish individualism and follow community solidarity. She is right that bad behavior has been rewarded in our society. We don't want strife, deception, violence, and unjust hatred glamorized in our society. I don't agree with her giving a negative connotation to the term ghetto. Bad behavior is not limited to the ghetto. Black people are diverse not monolithic. Many black people are standing up for what is right, taking care of their families, and speaking truth to power. Ghetto is a location not a state of mind. Many people have used the term "ghetto" to disrespect and stereotype poor black people. Just because someone is from the ghetto doesn't mean that this person is a criminal or a destructive person. Bad Behavior is not limited by zipcode as bad behavior exists among people among every race and every demographic. Other than that, Janet Hubert have issued great points that people should take into consideration. We want the black community worldwide to grow and flourish. This movement for justice is international. We want Afro-Caribbeans, Africans (not just Black Americans) to have liberation and independence. We desire an end to imperialism and the system of plutocracy and oligarchy. We want economic justice too.

By Timothy

Thursday, January 28, 2016

NTJAM ROSIE - L'Amour feat. Esperanzah.

The struggle for liberation

The "don't vote for what you want" campaign

The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

I agree. This is a difficult concept to get across to black males AND females — BOTH of who are steeped in anti-woman misogyny AND male supremacy dogma.

But a thinking person would have to ask the same questions your post raised

#1 — why does the white supremacist media seemed DETERMINED and DEDICATED to maligning the black female image and maker her — us — seem so inferior?

#2- why does the white supremacist system seemed so DETERMINED and DEDICATED for keep the black male away from the black female via rewarding him for choosing non-black females and by programming him to view black females — his MOTHER, his SISTERS, his AUNTS, etc with such contempt and mistrust?

#3 — what the most effective way of destroying the black male’s self-esteem? Make him revile his female mirror image which means if he came from (black female) TRASH, then the product of her wombs–male and female– must be TRASH

Bottom line, it’s just that simple. A race cannot rise higher than the female

let me repeat

No people can rise higher than the female of that group

Look how fast we’re falling as a collective when it comes to education and economics

as we sex and mate and marry white and non-black people at a breakneck pace

what has it gotten us? NOTHING. We are further behind as a group than the immigrants who can barely speak English but can run the majority of businesses in the black community — even with all our education and fancy cars and designer clothing and jewelry and alcohol

We better wise up

and start defending and protecting each other while we have time because time is running out, black people

-Sister Trojan Pam

Ethnic Cleansing: The Ultimate Environmental Racism

What Would A Real Discussion on Reparations Look Like? Have We Ever Had One?

Forever Love by Ntjam Rosie

The Black Book of Communism Critiqued (I don't agree with this site on every issue) (I don't agree with this site on every issue)

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Flint, Michigan

Social Issues and Political Matters

It is purely an injustice of the highest magnitude for any resident for Flint, Michigan to pay for the poisoned water in their vicinity. For decades, Flint has been in the forefront of labor rights and social activism. Flint had one of the greatest per capital in America during the 20th century. Flint has been the victims of corporate exploitation and deindustrialization. The masses of the residents of Flint are victims of this man-made disaster (which has been caused by evil people). Governor Snyder and many local officials including other state officials are responsible for this poisoning of the water supply. Snyder and his underlings should be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. This situation involves the harm done to children permanently. Lead damages the human physiology forever and that poisoning is a total crime. These utility rates that Flint residents are forced to pay are exorbitant. So far, 10 people have died in this crisis and we see the rise of Legionnaires disease among many people. The anti-democratic nature of the emergency managers is an affront to the right of human beings to govern themselves democratically. This lead problem is nationwide too. In Louisiana, children in Caddo, Claiborne, Ouachita and Jefferson Parishes had lead poisoning levels higher than 10 percent, with children in Claiborne Parish registering as high as 40 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Studies about this problem has been ignored until recently and we have to fight for justice and what is right. This is why I'm opposed to austerity and the sick "you're on your own" philosophy. Receiving water is a human right as protesters and others have mentioned just like health care is a human right too. Pipes are now corrosive. We congratulate those who send bottled water to people in Flint. Also, the whole infrastructure of Flint, Michigan must be upgraded. This is a problem that deserves a national response. No one should pay for poison.

This story should cause anyone to have outrage. One black person filed a complaint about racial discrimination too. A school environment should be a progressive place where human beings promote ethics, tolerance, and educational development. What these white teenage students did was abhorrent and evil. Many students who have done much less are suspended for five days. The school has a problem since this incident isn't the only incident of its disturbing nature. White racism is global phenomenon. These vicious teenagers used a slur to mock black people, but we, as black people, are the first human beings on Earth. For the teenagers to totally disregard tolerance and a respect for others, therefore the white teenagers, who did this, should be expelled. If a racial slur about Jewish people was shown by those teenager or a slur against other minorities was displayed by those students, then those kids would be expelled ASAP. Expulsion has been done before and also, there should be programs in that school to constantly remind students of the contributions that black people made in human history (and a reminder that any student regardless of skin color must be treated with dignity and with respect). A policy change must happened in that school along with real accountability. I'm from Virginia and not too many people know about the Norfolk 17. Many months ago, I was in a community meeting and an elderly black woman (who talked about black history in great detail) talked about the Norfolk 17. Later, I was inspired to learn more about the Norfolk 17 and the civil rights movement in Virginia in general. The woman (from the Norfolk 17) with that horrendous trauma shows how painful, unjust experiences can effect innocent black people for decades. That is why many people have talked about how trauma from slavery have harmed black people in future generations after 1865. That school over in Arizona has a serious racial problem. When black faculty members suffer racial abuse by students, then there needs to be an overhaul of policy. It is very unfortunately disgraceful that many political leaders have minimized the suffering of black people. This isn't some laughing matter. It must be known that we are black people and we are entitled to justice without delay and without compromise. White racism is demonism and it must be eradicated.

This statement from her or Stacey Dash is why I will never be a supporter of FOX News or a Republican at all. She listed so many lies and self hating statements that I lost count. First, we haven't won yet because many black people still face poverty, police brutality, racism, discrimination, and other evils. Also, most liberals that I know don't advocate separatism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. praised unions, supported affirmative action policies, praised democratic socialism, came out against imperialism, criticized capitalism, and believed in economic justice. I have his own quotes saying these things and I will be more than happy to show his quotations on these issues as well. She doesn't criticize Latino networks, Chinese cultural centers, and the Jewish museums because of obvious reasons. It is hypocrisy for her to want the NAACP Image Awards to be gone, but she is silent on other award shows that reward people of other ethnic groups. Stacey Dash lied and said: "Black people — who say they are more than the color of their skin — mercilessly reinforce stereotypes with more passion and vigor than the KKK." First, black people collectively don't reinforce stereotypes more than the Klan. The Klan raped, murdered, and assaulted innocent black men, women, and children. They have marched in spewing their hatred against human beings. Second, how dare she stereotype black people as viciously intolerant. How dare she demonize black people in that way. She is free to believe in what she wants. Also, people are free to disagree with her. I am sick and tired of people lying and saying that if we disagree with conservatives, then we automatically suck up to the Democrats (we have exposed many Democrats here on many occasions along with Republicans). Also, many progressives have exposed Bill Clinton's far right agenda (in promoting NAFTA, signing Glass Steagall, signing the crime bill, and he ended welfare as we know it in 1996 that cut $24 billion from the federal food-stamp program. It marked the first time that a piece of the 1935 Social Security Act was repealed. Bill Clinton has done other centrist actions as well). Clarence Thomas voted for the gutting of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, so I have no appreciation for his extremism. Progressives have been independent thinkers for a long time.

I am an independent thinker. I independently disagree with Stacey Dash's far right agenda, lies, and ideological submission to reactionary propaganda. Promoting black institutions voluntarily has nothing to do with segregation at all. Learning about black history, loving black culture, and rewarding black people has nothing to do with promoting segregation either. We have the right to study black history and to promote the beauty of black culture. BLACK HISTORY MONTH WAS ESTABLISHED TO REFUTE THE LIES OF WHITE RACISTS. SO, I LOVE MY BLACKNESS FOREVER. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Segregation is an evil, nefarious white supremacist policy of restricting the human rights of black people by law. Segregation dealt with separate signs based on race, discrimination, murder, assault, and other vicious actions. Voluntarily promoting black institutions and black infrastructure without malice is holy and sacrosanct completely. So, she has the misinterpretation of what separatism is. Also, another point is to be made. We have to keep the faith. Many of these reactionaries want us to be baited into getting a reaction. Yet, we will keep on saying that health care is a human right, that civil rights should be advanced, and that the poor deserve compassion and justice not scapegoating. Just because a person lives in a ghetto doesn't mean that this person is a criminal. Equal justice for all is a precept that I will support unconditionally. The care and the devotion to support the young, the aged, the sick, the handicapped, and the oppressed is a duty and a responsibility that we take to heart. There is power in the individual, but the human individual is not divine. Black people exist in many ideologies and I respect that. Black people have the right to be conservative, liberal, independent, etc. What I don't respect is how some want people like me to be a conservative on every issue and I have the right to say that I won't be a conservative on every issue since I don't believe in the infallibility of laissez faire capitalism. Capitalism is not God. I don't worship the police as gods and I don't believe in American exceptionalism. There must be individual and collective power cultivated in order for our communities to flourish for it will take a village to raise up society (as an African proverb has clearly and accurately stated). I believe in equal opportunity, I reject the War on Drugs, and I believe in the formation for justice for all.
In closing, she is just wrong.

Very excellent article from Josie Pickens entitled, "[#SayHerName] Men, Please Discuss Janese Talton-Jackson." Men should have these discussions about male privilege and change must happen. Men have to have discussions (about Janese Talton-Jackson, etc.) and men have to check males who are abusive and who participate in such misogynistic behavior. We have a serious epidemic where black women are harassed, assaulted, and murdered. It's a disgrace. People in general should be angry at this injustice. Women have the right to her own human autonomy. A black woman owns her own body, mind, and soul period. The life of Janese Talton Jackson was precious and she was murdered by a punk and a coward. This is why enough is enough. Black liberation is not about patriarchy or male supremacy. Liberation is about black people being free to live. It is about the principle that a black woman has the human right to walk down the streets without harassment and without oppression. It is important that we fight against misoynoir and make that change real. #Say Her Name. Many civil rights groups have condemned this practice of solitary confinement. I have no problem with the banning of juveniles and nonviolent offenders in solitary confinement (in federal prisons). We still have a very long way to go. The prison industrial complex have ruined many lives in our communities. Many innocent people are still in prisons worldwide. Studies have documented that solitary confinement increases the risk of mental illness, psychological trauma, and even suicide. It wastes taxpayer dollars and it is just inhumane. We need more revolutionary changes too, so this fight against the mass incarceration state is far from over. So, this change is welcomed.

By Timothy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Black Homes Matter: San Francisco’s Vanishing Black Population

Occupy everywhere

Working-class history 101

The Clintons' shameful hypocrisy on racism

Racism Continues in South Africa as Standard Bank Chief Suspends Economist for Racist Tweets

The Empire Files: Examining the Syrian War Chessboard

Tax Breaks Won't Fix Poverty in Baltimore

Clinton in Denial About Impact of Trade Policy on Immigration

Flint Water Crisis: Forced gentrification?

Monday, January 25, 2016

The 1968 Presidential Election

Study: Coconut Oil Improves Cognitive Functioning in Alzheimer’s Patients

The Black Power Era

Police killer indicted in Georgia

The 2016 Election

Five years of the Egyptian Revolution

Katrina Pierson

22 Powerful Photos Show the Devastating Reality of Flint's Water Crisis

14 MLK Quotes You’ll Never Learn in School

1. “I imagine you already know that I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic… [Capitalism] started out with a noble and high motive… but like most human systems it fell victim to the very thing it was revolting against. So today capitalism has out-lived its usefulness.” – Letter to Coretta Scott, July 18, 1952.

2. “Call it democracy, or call it democratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all God’s children.” – Speech to the Negro American Labor Council, 1961.

3. “We must recognize that we can’t solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power… this means a revolution of values and other things. We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together… you can’t really get rid of one without getting rid of the others… the whole structure of American life must be changed. America is a hypocritical nation and [we] must put [our] own house in order.”- Report to SCLC Staff, May 1967.

4. “The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.” –Speech to SCLC Board, March 30, 1967.

5. “I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective – the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed matter: the guaranteed income… The curse of poverty has no justification in our age. It is socially as cruel and blind as the practice of cannibalism at the dawn of civilization, when men ate each other because they had not yet learned to take food from the soil or to consume the abundant animal life around them. The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty.” –Where do We Go from Here? 1967.

6. “[W]e are saying that something is wrong … with capitalism…. There must be better distribution of wealth and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism.” – Speech to his staff, 1966.

7. “If America does not use her vast resources of wealth to end poverty and make it possible for all of God’s children to have the basic necessities of life, she too will go to hell.” Speech at Bishop Charles Mason Temple of the Church of God in Christ in support of the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike on March 18th, 1968, two weeks before he was assassinated.

8. “I have always been deeply interested in and sympathetic with the total work of the Planned Parenthood Federation” -1960

9. “Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race.” Why We Can’t Wait

10. “But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear?…It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.” -The Other America, 1968

11. “Again we have deluded ourselves into believing the myth that Capitalism grew and prospered out of the Protestant ethic of hard word and sacrifice. The fact is that Capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad.” -The Three Evils of Society, 1967

12. “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Beyond Vietnam, 1967

13. “Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn. The reality of substantial investment to assist Negroes into the twentieth century, adjusting to Negro neighbors and genuine school integration, is still a nightmare for all too many white Americans…These are the deepest causes for contemporary abrasions between the races. Loose and easy language about equality, resonant resolutions about brotherhood fall pleasantly on the ear, but for the Negro there is a credibility gap he cannot overlook. He remembers that with each modest advance the white population promptly raises the argument that the Negro has come far enough. Each step forward accents an ever-present tendency to backlash.” Where Do We Go From Here? 1967

14. “First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.“ Letter From Birmingham Jail, 1967

Via Spirituality for Justice

Human Health Information and Other News

The human heart is a muscular organ made up of many parts. It pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. The human blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients. Also, the heart assists in the removal of metabolic wastes. The heart is found in the middle compartment of the mediastinum in the chest. In humans (including other mammals plus birds), the heart is divided into four chambers. They are the left and right atria including the lower left and right ventricles. Commonly the right atrium and ventricle are referred together as the right heart and their left counterparts as the left heart. A healthy heart has blood flowing in one way through the heart due to heart valves, which prevent backflow. The heart is enclosed in a protective sac, the pericardium, which also contains a small amount of fluid. The wall of the heart is made up of three layers: epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium. The heart pumps blood throughout both circulatory systems. Blood low in oxygen from the systemic circulation enters the right atrium from the superior and inferior vena cavae. It passes to the right ventricle. From there, it is pumped into the pulmonary circulation though the lungs when it receives oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. Oxygenated blood then returns to the left atrium, passes through the left ventricle and is pumped out through the aorta to the systemic circulation (when the oxygen is used and metabolized to carbon dioxide). In addition the blood carries nutrients from the liver, and gastrointestinal tract to various organs of the body, while transporting waste to the liver and kidneys.  Normally, each heartbeat that the right ventricle pumps the same amount of blood into the lungs as the left ventricle pumps to the body. Veins transport blood to the heart and carry deoxygenated blood (except for the pulmonary and portal veins).  Arteries transport blood away from the heart, and apart from the pulmonary artery hold oxygenated blood. Their increased distance from the heart cause veins to have lower pressures than arteries. The heart contracts at a resting rate close to 72 beats per minute. Exercise temporarily increases the rate, but lowers resting heart rate in the long term, and is good for heart health.

In our generation, we witness a world where permanent war and the breakdown of American democracy continue. There is still indefinite detention of many detainees without trial. The drone assassination is not only evil and unjust. It killed an U.S. citizen al-Awlaki without a trial. Anwar al-Awlaki warranted rights under the Constitution, but he was killed without warrant or trial via a drone attack.  Al-Awlaki’s mother and father filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration in June 2012 for assassinating their son without due process of law. In April 2014, a judge refused to allow the suit to proceed to an evidentiary hearing and dismissed the case. Savage writes that Judge Rosemary M. Collyer “explained that executive-branch officials carrying out national security operations ‘must be trusted’ to do the right thing because even the prospect of a later lawsuit could make officials risk averse and ‘hinder their ability in the future to act decisively and without hesitation in defense of U.S. interests.’” Al-Awlaki’s father, Savage notes, “decided not to appeal, saying he had lost faith in the American justice system.” The current Obama administration has executed an unprecedented number of lawsuits against whistleblowers. This is a crackdown of the freedom of press. The current administration has expanded the Bush administration’s use of executive privilege to prevent the release of information regarding anti-democratic programs that are related to the war on terror. The military industrial complex along with the intelligence apparatus has a dominate role in political life. Imperialist war policies are common now unfortunately. When we see military commissions, which people have debated about, this is an important situation. We witness indefinite detention, mass surveillance, and done assassination, and then we have to condemn these things as evil. The blood from Hiroshima, Afghanistan, Fallujah and other places from the world cry out from the ground.  While the Western elites condemn ISIS (which is an evil, murderous organization), they ignore the terrorism done by the Saudi Arabia. So, we advance the truth consistently.

There are recent comments made by 2 cowardly white racists about the Oscars. Gerald Molen (who said that the Oscars aren't racist, etc.) is totally wrong and sick to disrespect the legitimate exposure of the racism of Hollywood. Hollywood is racist and Molen having connections to the Academy Awards proves our points completely. Molen talked about Michael Moore since Moore talks about racial issues in a way that he disagrees with. Molen is of the far right. He’s also a Mormon, and Mormons never placed black people in the priesthood until 1978. Michael Moore’s political views have nothing to do with this issue. If you listen to many of these white racists, then they will come out as a bigot in public. Also, this coward Gerald Molen (he grew up on Montana) called people “spoiled brats” who are crying about racism. Racism is real. People have been killed because of racism in society. So, for Gerald to dismiss the reality of racism in Hollywood shows his total arrogance and callous attitude which is representative of racists like him. Gerald Molen has financed Dinesh D’Souza’s faux documentary about Obama. Dinesh is known self hater who ignores the evils of colonialism and imperialism in the world. Dinesh actually defends colonialism in Africa and in India, so he is an enemy of black people and all people of color. He’s a disgrace. Dinesh committed adultery. In May 2014, D’Souza pleaded guilty to one felony count of making illegal contributions in the names of others. He or Molen produced Schindler’s List, so he should definitely know better. The Holocaust involved the murder of millions of Jewish people, black people, the handicapped, etc. because of racist, bigoted motivations. I have seen both Malcolm X and Schindler’s List too. Both films show how vicious bigotry is and how we have the right to stand up against racism no matter what. Spike Lee have talked about the Oscar for over 2 decades.

Hollywood is not as progressive as people think it is. Hollywood has promoted sexism, racism, classism, imperialism, etc. in their movies, etc. since its inception. The comments from Charlotte are disrespectful and racist too. She lied and believed that people are by and large accepted in society. That’s false. Racism is an institutionalized problem in the wold that must be addressed not by tokenism, but by the end of the system of racism/white supremacy to be replaced with the system of justice. We need revolutionary change. Standing up against racism as found in Hollywood has nothing to do with promoting racial hatred. It is about telling the truth. Racists always try to change the subject or ignore real issues. She is very racist. In France, there is discrimination and racism. The bombings in France were evil and I express sympathy for the innocent victims who died in Paris. Also, I do realize that the leadership of France (for decades and centuries) have a long legacy of imperialism, xenophobia, and other evils. So, we should build up our own. These white bigots (they don’t criticize Asian community enters, Jewish advocacy group, Hispanic organizations, but they want to criticize black people when we stand up for something real) have no respect for black people and they have inferiority complexes. When you look at Molen and Charlotte’s demeanor and eyes, you can see their evil. They or white racists readily steal our culture and lie about our history. That is why black people should always support black institutions. Our wealth should be cultivated to develop our communities and we should help the black poor plus the black working class. We can’t be free unless we fight to defeat poverty. We desire pan-African unity too. That means that we are in solidarity with our black Brazilians, our Afro-Caribbeans, etc. worldwide. We don’t need to beg anyone for our freedom. We should fight for our freedom by self-determination, social activism, Black Unity, and community development.

The culture of Norfolk, Virginia has a long history. African Americans make up over 100,000 people in Norfolk. Norfolk’s total population is about 246,000 people. For black culture, there is obviously the Attucks Theater which was built in 1919. It is the oldest theater in Norfolk that was designed, developed, financed, and operated entirely by black people. Norfolk State University makes up a large part of black culture in Norfolk, Virginia as well. Norfolk State University is the 10th largest historically black university in the nation. It is a university that my relatives attended and graduated from. It is a university with a lot of great history and culture. I have been to Norfolk State University plenty of times. It was founded in 1935 and they are also known as the Spartans. NSU is a member school of Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Virginia High-Tech Partnership.  Norfolk State's undergraduate and graduate programs are divided into eight schools/colleges like School of business, School of Education, etc. The school also offers 36 undergraduate degrees, with a new degree being offered in Optical Engineering. Many well-known alumni from Norfolk State University include Alex Moore, Yvonne B. Miller, Tim Reid, Randall Robinson, Chandra Sturrup, Na’im Akbar, Anthony Evans, and so many other human beings. Also, Norfolk State University is home to the Harrison B. Wilson Archives and African Art Gallery and a display of African-American history, folklore, and culture can be found at the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is found on the corner of Brambleton Avenue and Church Street. It is 83 feet high and it is a granite monument. It gives tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders who fought for freedom and justice.  The memorial conceived by Joseph A. Jordan, Jr., former Norfolk Councilman and General District Court Judge, is inscribed with quotations of Dr. King and contains a fountain at its base. The Cannonball Tail on 401 East Freemason Street has a tour of the historic sites in Downtown Norfolk that relates to Norfolk’s rich and multifaceted history.  There is the West Point Monument at Elmwood Cemetery. It is recognized as one of the South’s only known tribute to African-American veterans of the Civil and Spanish American Wars. This is part of a Virginia Civil War Trail site, which is marked by a statue of Norfolk native and first African America Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant William Carney of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.   The cornerstone of the monument of Sgt. William Carney was set on Decoration Day, May 30, 1909, and was completed in 1920. The St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church is found on E. Bute Street. It was created during the 19th century. St. John back in the 19th century was known was the Mother Church for African Methodism in Virginia.  Also, the First Baptist Church of Norfolk is the historic church. It was formed in 1800. It included free black people, slaves, and some whites. It is a resisted national landmark which includes a small museum of artifacts.

By Timothy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Famous Abolitionists


Left Behind or Led Astray?

Rich Wilkerson, Jr., Kanye and Bieber's Celebrity Pastor, and Counterfeit Christianity

Republican Party Breaking Apart on Eve of Iowa Caucus; National Review Touts “Conservatives Against Trump” Broadside by 22 Buckleyite and Neocon Ideologues

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Nixak*77*  7 hours ago
So Billary's support for the anti-worker Neo-Liberal Corp agenda, did NOT even start w their & Al ['Green Jeans'] Gore hawking & pushing that oh so 'pro-worker' / 'eco-friendly' [NOT!!!] NAFTA. It began in 1983 [= the Ray-Gun era assault on Unions] when {'Dollar'}Bill Clinton was AR Gov & Billary was AR's 1st Lady.
It was they, Billary- NOT George Bush Jr, who started the national trend of privatization of schools, the testing regime, & also attacks on Teachers' Unions- as she SAT on that oh-so 'worker friendly' [NOT!] WalMart's board!!!
Chris Hedges says that after Slick Willy & Gore pushed NAFTA, the US labor movement should have kicked the DNC Corp Dims' asses to the curb back in1994!!! Yet the largest Unions' {mis}'Leaders' are still backing Billary over Bernie [let alone the GP's Jill Stein]. And they want to know why the US labor movement is NOW in such a SAD shape- Duhh!!!

Nixak*77*  Nixak*77*  13 hours ago
PS-FYI: Famous / World Class Vegan / Vegetarian Athletes: Bill Walton, Robert Parish, Pau Gasol [NBA]; Ricky Williams, Tony Gonzales, Herschel Walker [NFL]; Prince Fielder, Hank Aaron [Baseball]; Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses [Track]; Venus & Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert [Tennis]...
They are all PROOF a well balanced plant-based diet DOES NOT impair [& in fact may improve] physical abilities IE: strength, speed, power & endurance- & even longevity!
Note Re: The claim that veganism / vegetarianism is just a so-called 'white elitist thing / fad': Most of these well known / 'Legendary' athletes are Black. Also note that the 2 countries w both the highest percentage of [at 35%-40%] & total number of vegans / vegetarians are India & Bangladesh.
PS-2 Note: ML.King Jr may not have been a vegan / vegetarian, but his inspirational 'mentor' Mahatma Gandhi was & also MLK's wife Coretta & son Dexter was/is as well.

 Nixak*77*  a day ago
This article's critique of Killary's so-called foreign Policy experience & 'expertise' is SPOT ON! But IMO Bernie's FP position is only marginally better. Of course to his credit he refused to back the Bush-Cheney Regime's Iraq Attack Pt-2 unlike Killary, but he's mostly been in 'alignment' w her, Slick Willy & OBomber re: most other FP & DOD matters.
Even re Syria, though Bernie's smart enough to know that calling for a 'No-Fly-Zone' NOW w Russia NOW in the mix [in effect have their own No-Fly-Zone over Syria in tandem w Assad's SAA], risks getting the US in a Shooting Air-WAR Directly w Russia!! Still he wants to go after ISIS in Syria [& elsewhere] by urging the Saudis [& likely the Turks too] to 'Step-up' & lead the anti-ISIS effort in Syria! Yet the Saudis & Turks are BIG anti-Assad 'regime-change' agents & both are even implicated in the rise of ISIS in Syria- to try to topple Assad!! Thus what Bernie's calling for is like having the 'FOX 'Guard' the Chicken Coop' = NOT SO 'smart' at-all!!

Nixak*77*  boatmemory  3 days ago
NO real 'progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' [woman or NOT] would ever call Billary a 'progressive', NOR ever consider voting for her!! Even Ms Walters admits that Billary's really a moderate / centrist Dim, that only started 'acting' like a 'liberal-progressive' because of Bernie's run.
Plus a real 'socialist' knows that even what Bernie's talking about is NOT really 'socialism', but rather FDR 'New Deal' styled regulated capitalism- which is of-course a lot better than the current neo-liberal unregulated / unchained corp capitalism run-amok- But still ain't really socialism [in fact FDR set it up as an alternative to real socialism- to save capitalism from its total collapse during the 1930s depression era].
Plus IMO truly 'informed progressives' would know of alternatives to the Dims [IE: Billary & even Bernie] like GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [or even other independent 3rd party candidates even to the 'left' of her & the GP]- as their 'Plan B' should Bernie NOT make it & then endorses 'centrist' Wall St / War-Mongering / Corp DNC Dim Billary!

Here's some other things that Obama 'Should' [but likely won't] DO to try to Avoid WWIII before leaving Office- beyond those 4 more 'technical' things listed in the Article:
STOP Provoking PUTIN'S [nuke-armed] RUSSIA: 1} That means reversing or at-least backing off his whole [reckless] Regime-Change scheme in Syria- including restraining the US' 2 key Anti-Assad allies: the Saudis & the Turks!
2} Reversing or backing off his recklessly provocative support of that Neo-NAZI Coup Regime in Ukraine, who IMO quite likely shot that Malaysian Airliner out of the sky in 2014 & then tried to blame it on Putin &/or ethnic-Russian militia forces in Eastern Ukraine [Note: this same type of false-flag attack ploy was tried in Syria in 2013 w the Sarin Attack by US-Saudi-Turkish backed anti-Assad rebel mercs, which the OBomber & Kerry then tried to blame Assad for]
3} Stop trying to drive NATO right up to Russia's borders, in clear violation of the deal made by Ronnie Ray-gun / Bush Sr w Gorbachev at the end of the USSR.
4} Nix installing that so-called missile 'defense' [NOT] system in Poland & the Czech Republic, that the US falsely claims is to 'protect' the EU from Iran's NON-Existent ICBM nuke-missiles, but is really Aimed at RUSSIA'S Nuke-Deterrent- [FYI: this potentially enables a first strike option vs Russia by posing a threat to a Russian retaliatory strike].
- STOP PROVOKING [nuke-armed] CHINA: OBomber needs to NIX his & Killary's so-called 'Asia Pivot' plan to 'challenge' [= provoke] China in China's own 'back-yard'.
- Own-Up to the US' [& Russia's, China's, the UK & France] NPT Treaty Obligations & Commitments to come-up w a real time-table for TOTAL Nuke Disarmament. -And Then-
- URGE Israel, India & Pakistan [& N.Korea too] to sign Onto the NPT, including accepting IAEA inspections.
- RENOUNCE Regime-Change [along w the DOD's 'Full Spectrum Dominance' scheme] as a / the Current Corner-Stone(s) of US Foreign Policy- w IRAN as Well as Syria still on the US' Regime-Change {s}Hit-List.
- END ALL US' 'regime-change' / OIL & Resource WARS.
- NIX AFRICOM = STOP Expanding the US' Military Boot-Print in Africa to 'challenge' & 'check' [= threaten] China's [& Russia's too] growing economic influence in Africa.
- Really work to bring a just, equitable & lasting peace to the Middle-East, beyond mere 'lip-service' & 'faking in the game' by just 'going thru some futile motions'.
'Dissolve the CIA' - FYI: JFK threatened to 'Break the CIA into 1000 pieces & Scatter it to the winds' for lying to him re the Bay of Pigs fiasco, & then fired CIA Chief Alan Dulles & his Deputy.
After the Cuban Missile crisis JFK wanted to roll-back or even end the 'cold-war' vs the USSR [= roll-back / phase-out the US nuke-arms race vis-a-vis the USSR] & phase-out of Vietnam- But... We see how that all worked out for JFK in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963...
That fact may still be acting as a type of 'nuke-deterrent' re OBomber!!

Besides what you've said re Bernie's FP, folks need to look at politics analytically, rather merely sentimentally.
Unless some of Billary's &/or Slick Willy {Dollar}Bill Clinton's shady dealings w foreign Govts [& other shady characters- both foreign & domestic] while she was Obama's Sec or State, grows legs & then turns around & bites her / them in the BUTT- such that it sinks her 2016 POTUS run... The odds are stacked HI vs Bernie vis-a-vis Billary.
Besides the Billary Clintons' [undue] influence over the Corp DNC Dims, & her commanding lead in Dim super-delegates [even before the 1st primary]- Below I gave an analysis of key Dem constituency demographics of Bernie vs Billary: IMO She's got the clear edge vs Bernie among Blacks, Hispanics & of course women Dims.
- IMO the only region of the US Bernie 'Might' best her is in NE / the NE- but she's bound to win NY, so Bernie's would have to win almost every other NE state just to neutralize that! IE: All she has to do is also win either NJ, &/or Penn St, &/or Mass St & Bernie won't even top her in NE / the NE [= his home turf]!!!
IMO Bernie will be damn lucky to win in even just 1 southern state vs Billary- And everywhere else [except Cali & IL which IMO both are also hers] either she's got the edge or at-best [for him] is up for grabs.
So Billary takes Cali, NY, IL & the ENTIRE South- w Bernie at best breaking even w her in all the other regions [including the North-East / New-England = his home turf]. Plus she beats him among Blacks, Hispanics & women [all 3 are key Dem constituencies], & she'll have a commanding lead in Dim super-delegates. Thus IMO unless she really screws-up bad & makes a serious blunder, &/or some really BIG Skeletons come tumbling out of her &/or Slick Willy's shady closet- IMO the Odds are LOONG vs Bernie!!!

With all due respect: Bernie running as a [corp] DIM AIN'T NO 'Political Revolution'- At best it represents 'modest' [yet much needed] political reform. NOR is his platform about real 'socialism'! Bernie's economic platform is basically FDR 'New Deal' style regulated-capitalism [Don't = Socialism / was pushed by FDR as an 'alternative' to socialism to rescue failed depression-era capitalism]- even Bernie himself has effectively admitted that.

Remember Henry Wallace, FDR's VP who was the most progressive person to get within a hair's-breath of the oval-office & who once was the 2nd most popular politician in the US, exceeded by only FDR himself [& Wallace was definitely more progressive than FDR was]?? So what happened to him?? During the 1944 Dim confab in Chicago, the Dim party 'operators' literally snatched the rug out from under what should be a mere formality re: Wallace's renomination as FDR's VP candidate, & handed it to that hack HS. 'Duke Nukem' Truman!!!
By April 1945 that which everyone knew would happen - happened, FDR died in office & his VP [should have been Wallace but instead was Truman] became POTUS. Truman then went on the needlessly nuke Hiroshima & Nagasaki, started the 'cold war' & nuke arms race w the USSR, invaded N.Korea to take on Mao's China, set-up the CIA [= setting-up the US' national security state & MIC], etc, etc, etc...
My Point: Since Bernie's decided to run as a Dim, if the DNC Dim 'big-wigs' [most are Clinton loyalists] have decided that Billary is 'their Gal' & that 'it's her turn', if need be they'll most likely find a way to torpedo Bernie's run- by hook or by crook!!!

More Words from Nixakliel

NO Comment on Obama, but on the Sorry State of Affairs...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 19:34
for What Passes for 'Left-Progressive' Politics in the US - Based on comments of 2 recent AlterNet [a pro Dim website masquerading as a 'progressive' Alt-Indy media site] website articles.

1} 'Sparks Fly Between Bernie & Hillary Over Health Care & Wall St In Dem Debate' [@ ]: } How the GP & Jill Stein is being over-looked [ = dissed] by most so-called 'progressives'... In the comment section of the article there are nearly 300 comments & counting. -YET- Besides myself only one other person even mentions the GP's Jill Stein, while 8 people mentioned Dim Liz Warren [who IS NOT even in the race] to be either Bernie's or even Billary's running mate. That's 2 [includes myself] mentioning Ms Stein who IS running as the GP's POTUS candidate, vs 8 so-called 'informed' 'progressives' commenting on a supposed 'progressive' web-site mentioning Dim Ms Warren who IS NOT even running!!! {

2} A very 'curious' exchange between myself & 2 others re the AlterNet / Salon Piece: 'We've Always Been Good Haters: Our Donald Trump Problem Goes All the Way Back to the Founding Fathers' [@ ]: Note the following 'curious' exchange between me & 2 others:

} Nixak*77*
This article starts off w a pix of leading Repug POTUS candidate Trump, then among other things goes into a lengthy dissertation about [notorious 'Slave-Owning' / 'Injun Killin'] Andrew Jackson's POTUS run circa 1824 - 28 [he's referred to by name at-least 11Xs in this article]. But what the authors 'curiously' omitted is the FACT that Ole 'Slave-Owning' / 'Injun Killin' Jackson was a DEMOCRAT!! In fact the Democrat Party was first established as Jackson's political-platform for his 1828 POTUS bid!!! As such the Democrat Party began as a DIXIECRAT Party in favor of SLAVERY, & Dixiecrats [in favor of 'Jim Crow'] were a main-stay within the Democrat Party up-till the LBJ era [FYI: LBJ himself was effectively a Dixiecrat]. That's why Blacks till the advent of FDR, at one time mainly voted for the GOP Party of Lincoln!!
- IMO for an article claiming to trace the HISTORY of the bigoted politics of the Trump phenomenon back to Andrew Jackson [or even Ole Ben Franklin], yet 'curiously' fails to even mention this historical fact- is IMO a 'curiously' GLARING Oversight!!!

Reply: turnerdog56 to Nixak*77*
Anyone and everyone who half pays or has paid attention knows that the respective attributes of the two partys flip flopped. What the party's original tenants were is 'irrelevant' and not an oversight.

Reply: disqus_3roqrBXtKk to Nixak*77*
Really? Democrat, Republican, who cares. Their values today are what matters in today's environment. I really don't care what Andrew Jackson's party affiliation was. This article is a simple thesis outlining the underlying currents that have and do define our national discourse and direction and does a very good job in plainly spelling it out.

Reply: Nixak*77* to disqus_3roqrBXtKk
The article makes a point of comparing Repug Trump's bigoted politics to that Andrew Jackson's. It refers to Jackson by name at-least 11Xs [yet fails to say he was a slave-plantation owner & notorious slaughterer of Native Peoples while seizing their lands {just referring to him once as an 'Indian-Fighter'], talks about the importance of knowing accurate history- YET Fails to even say that Andrew Jackson [was NOT just any 'ole' Democrat- but] a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat Party!!
- As the nation honors the MLK Jr National Holiday, I stated the plain FACT that the Democrat Party of Andrew Jackson was the Dixiecrat Party of SLAVERY till 1865, & then [post Civil War] became the Dixiecrat party of 'Jim-Crow'!!! And that Dixiecrats always had more influence in the Democrat party than did 'progressives', all the way up-till 1965 = the Civil Rights Era of MLK [FYI: MLK's main fight was vs Dixiecrats' 'Jim Crow']! Yet your & the other commenter here 'curious' response is- 'That's Irrelevant'... Huhh WTF!!!
- And we wonder why US politics in general, & Progressive Politics in Particular- Is in such a PISS-POOR Shape That It's In NOW!!! WOW!!!

You-all's dubious assertion is the equivalent of: 'Facts [that I don't like] Don't Matter!' {
This IMO shows why the GP & Ms Stein don't have a chance & why most 'progressives' are still 'corralled' / trapped on the DNC Corp Dims' plantation like sheeple!!


Discus-3's 'Clever' [NOT!] Response vs My Counter-Response:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Tue, 01/19/2016 - 06:43
disqus_3roqrBXtKk to Nixak*77*
As I said, this article is an outline, to a simple thesis or idea concerning two motivating forces in our society. Thanks for the history lesson, but in AJs time, excess horse manure was a big concern. Not relevant to today's discourse wouldn't you agree?

Reply: Nixak*77* to disqus_3roqrBXtKk
NO I Don't! BS is a BIG issue today, both in political discourse & in the environment. Apparently you ain't seen 'Cowspiracy'!!

If Andrew Jackson ain't relevant to the today's discourse then why the HELL Did the authors of the article even mention him by name 11Xs in their article, as they linked Repug POTUS front-runner Trump's bigoted discourse to his racist legacy- DUHH!!!
- So if Jackson's racist legacy is relevant today per the authors of this article, then part of that legacy is he's a / THEE Founding-Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party- DUHH!!

Dixiecrats were a main-stay in the Democrat party till at-least 1965 [the LBJ era]. So how many Dims have been POTUS since Dixiecrat LBJ? 3: Jimmy Carter, 'Slick Willy' {Dollar}Bill Clinton & Obama!!! Yet Carter, Clinton & Clinton's VP Al Gore all came from traditional Dixiecrat states [GA, AR & TN] & all 3 of them grew-up / came of age during the Dixiecrat era- Plus Mrs Billary Clinton is likely to be the next POTUS!! Most traditional Dixieland / Dixiecrat states currently have the Confederate Flag flying over their state capital &/or as part of their official state- flag, seal, license plate, etc..- Right NOW, TODAY!!! That's how relevant the Dixiecrat era is to today's discourse!!!
- Now you may think that's all just 'irrelevant' to today's political discourse, BUT IMO many others likely want to know these facts! [the 'history lesson' as you've termed it- yet the authors of the article talked about the importance of knowing accurate history- DUHH!]!

So Now Let's CUT the BS!!! IMO the reason the authors failed mention Andrew Jackson was a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party, was for purely poly-trickal reasons!!! Salon like many / most supposed 'Liberal' Alt-Indy media sites [including AlterNet] are effectively PRO-DIM, faking like they're really 'left' 'independent' 'alternative' sites!!! The authors made a point of linking the racist political discourse of Trump & the current Repug Party to the racist legacy of Andrew Jackson, but to say that Jackson was a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party very well may put a damper on that poly-trickal 'spin'!!!
- Plus some / many folks who may otherwise back the Dims, Might Just Start Asking- 'Is the Dim's new 'liberal' face 'really' Real??!' 'Or is it all just a cynical & expedient poly-trickal ploy'?!!
PS: I'm far more offended by Dim Killary Clinton's Pro-Iraq War vote & her 'I Came, I Saw, He died. Ha, ha, ha!' Quip- than anything Repug Donald [Duck] Trump's said thus far!!! It's the difference between 'mere' racist words vs Real Racist DEEDS!!!


Have You Seen this recent DN! 'Debate' Titled:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 21:02
'Clinton vs Sanders, Who Do Progressives Choose? 2 Socialist Feminists Debate' [@ ] Features 2 so-called 'feminist-socialist': Suzana Walters [Pro Killary] vs Liza Featherstone [Pro Bernie]

First of all NO real 'Progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' worthy of the name, would ever call or even think of backing Killary as a 'progressive'! In fact Ms Walters even admits Killary's NOT really been a 'progressive' [& just started acting like one due to Bernie's run]. Ms Walters said a whole Slew of [empty] Words which all boiled down to she's backing Killary cause she both a Woman [said so explicitly] & also a DIM [NOT said out-right but definitely IMPLIED]. But she definitely said she has NO beef w Bernie as the Dims' POTUS nominee.
- But if for Ms Walters it was really about backing a woman who's a real 'progressive'- but NOT necessarily a DIM- she'd be backing GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [neither Ms Stein nor the GP EVER came up even though I KNOW for a fact Amy G knows about her]

Ms Featherstone was a lot more substantive & definitely critiqued Killary's NON-'progressive' track-record- including vs women & Blacks!! Re: Bernie- Ms Featherstone admits Bernie not really a 'socialist', but as a feminist-socialist' definitely finds him better than Killary.
BUT- Ms Stein is at-least just as 'progressive' as Bernie is- In Fact even MORE SO [especially re: Foreign Policy]- Even though Ms Stein [as far as I know] does NOT even claim to be a 'socialist' / DEMOCRAT-'socialist' like Bernie does [NOT!].

IMO this again shows that most so-called 'left Alt Indy' media [including DN!] is really just Pro DIM media faking like they're really left alternative independent media!!!

Bernie Sanders and reparations

Sorry State of Affairs for What Passes as 'Left-Progressive'-
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 22:06
POLITICS in the US: - Based on Articles & comments of 3 recent AlterNet / DN! / Salon [= pro Dim websites faking like 'progressive' Alt-Indy media sites] website pieces.

1} 'Sparks Fly Between Bernie & Hillary Over Health Care & Wall St In Dem Debate' [@ ]: } How the GP & Jill Stein is being over-looked [= dissed] by most so-called 'progressives'... In the comment section of the article there are over 400+ comments & counting. -YET- Besides myself only 2 other people even mentions the GP's Jill Stein, while 10 - 11 people mentioned Dim Liz Warren [who IS NOT even in the race] to be either Bernie's or even Billary's VP pick. That's 3 [includes myself] out 400+ mentioning Ms Stein who IS running as the GP's POTUS candidate, vs 10-11 so-called 'informed' 'progressives' commenting on a supposed 'progressive' web-site hyping Dim Liz Warren who IS NOT even running!!! {

2} Then there’s a Salon@Alternet piece that goes at length to link the racist rhetoric of the Repugs & Trump [by name] to the racist legacy of ‘Ole’ ‘Slave Owning’ / ‘Injun-Killin’ Andrew Jackson- calling him by name 11Xs [see @ ]. Yet the Salon authors ‘conveniently’ failed to say that Jackson was a / THEE founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat [= pro-slavery & then pro Jim-Crow] Party & thus was the 1st Democrat POTUS [they also failed to say ‘Ole’ AJ was a notorious slave-plantation owner -&- exterminator & exiler of Native Peoples as he STOLE their lands for even MORE slave-plantations]- Because IMO to say so would likely have screwed-up their ‘neat-spin’ as they tried to 'tar' just Trump & the Repugs ALONE w Jackson’s racist legacy- while excluding the Dims!!! Yet 2 AlterNet commenters INSISTED that- when I pointed out this Historical FACT: “That’s all NOW ‘Irrelevant’ “ [Huhh WTF!]!!

3} Then AlterNet posted a DN! ‘debate between 2 so-called ‘feminist socialist’
: 'Clinton vs Sanders, Who Do Progressives Choose? 2 Socialist Feminists Debate' [see @ ] Featuring: Suzana Walters [Pro Killary] vs Liza Featherstone [Pro Bernie]:
- First of all NO real 'Progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' worthy of the name, would ever call or even think of backing Killary as a 'progressive'!! In fact Ms Walters even admits Killary's NOT really been a 'progressive' [& just started acting like one due to Bernie's run]. Ms Walters said a whole Slew of [empty] Words which all boiled down to she's backing Killary cause she both a Woman [said so explicitly] & also a DIM [NOT said out-right but definitely IMPLIED]. But she definitely said she has NO beef w Bernie as the Dims' POTUS nominee.
But if for Ms Walters it was really about backing a woman who's a real 'progressive'- but NOT necessarily a DIM- she'd be backing GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [neither Ms Stein nor the GP EVER came up even though I KNOW for a fact Amy G knows about her]
- Ms Featherstone was a lot more substantive & definitely critiqued Killary's NON-'progressive' track-record- including vs women & Blacks [no-one talked about her or Bernie's FP record / positions]!! Re: Bernie- Ms Featherstone admits Bernie not really a 'socialist', but as a feminist-socialist' definitely finds him much better than Killary.
BUT- Ms Stein is at-least just as 'progressive' as Bernie is- In Fact even MORE SO [especially re: Foreign Policy]- Even though Ms Stein [as far as I know] does NOT even claim to be a 'socialist' / DEMOCRAT-'socialist' like Bernie does [NOT!].
IMO this again shows that most so-called 'left Alt Indy' media [IE: Salon, AlterNet & even DN!] is really just Pro DIM media faking like they're really alternative progressive independent media!!!

Erdogan Praises Hitler: Yet Another Threat Against Russia - NASRTV

This Holiday Season, Support Black-Owned Businesses

Nappy Hair is…Hair of The Gods!

The Modern Slave Plantation

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Other America

Late January 2016 News

Throughout human history, we have always enacted solutions that represent service and helping others selflessly. Marley wants books to be read that reflect her humanity (with her #1000 BlackGirlsBooks campaign). She is participating in a great endeavor that not only promotes literacy. It also shows the great character, humbleness, and strength of black girls. The lives of black girls matter and we advocate an intransigence in terms of embracing our core convictions. She is very young and she has helped people in America and internationally. Her spirit is amazing and she will do even more positive accomplishments, which will enrich her community and improve our land. Bless Sister Marley and her family. The far right's slander of the Black Lives Matter movement today is very similar to the far right's slander of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in general. The truth is the BLM has repudiated racism, poverty, xenophobia, and all injustices. Capitalism is not infallible and the should be a radical redistribution of economic and political power if the human race is to be liberated. The truth is that black people have always told the truth that the world's poor exist in every color. It is just that we, who are black people (I am a black human being) will also expose how the system of racism must be exposed not just the injurious, evil system of economic exploitation. There must be an end to racial oppression and economic injustice too. The suffering of the poor and the homeless must be acknowledged and solutions must develop to fix problems related to poverty. People must not only have living wages. People also need to have jobs without discrimination. The same talking points used by white racists then are still being used today. We are inspired to oppose the crippling evil of police brutality. We want affordable housing for humanity and we believe that health care in a human right (not a privilege sent to the few). We believe in improving the environment and we will never back down. Black people have made great contributions in the human rights movement. Black is Beautiful. We will stand up and speak up for social justice.

Donald Trump is the total representation of bigotry in our generation. He is not only a racist. He is also a fascist, a sexist, and he wants the evil policy of banning any Muslim from traveling into America. He refuses to increase the minimum wage by even one cent. He wants to abolish the estate tax. He has insulted the disabled, immigrants, and his personal security detail has routinely beat up black, Latino, Muslim, and other protesters at his election rallies. Many of his supporters are overt white supremacists. The billionaire Donald Trump is not a populist. He’s a demagogue who has exploited many Americans’ fears as an excuse for him to express his vitriolic hate. Also, the hate from Trump is not some anomaly or an anachronism. This hate is very common among many people in American society. We know how the extremists have used coded language like “states’ rights,” “tough on crime,” and “big government” in trying to fight against the liberation movements of black people, the poor, women, other people of color, and other human beings. When Trump slandered the Central Park Five, then that shows his callous attitude towards innocent people. The truth is that the promotion the great concept of equal justice for all is our great strength.
Yes, I signed the petition too.
I will never be silent.

Imperial Dreams is a movie with a powerful trailer. The film is based on a true story and many of us know one person who had similar experiences as depicted in the movie. I like urban films (which are inspirational and teaches a valuable lesson on life) just like I like documentaries. The imagery of the movie is powerful and the emotion of the trailer is strong. So, the movie does look interesting. Not all of our stories will be peaches and cream. We, as black people, do deal with drama. Many of us may not have dealt with the drama in the scale as shown in Imperial Dreams, but life hasn't been a total crystal stair for us. Also, another point is to be made. I will go there. We must always show empathy and sympathy for the plight of the black poor and working class in the ghetto. The ghetto is a domestic colony, which was created by the powers that be to exploit the poor and confine their power (while the establishment subsequently uses economic policies that oppress the citizens of the ghetto). We know that the prison industrial complex, police brutality, lax job opportunities, etc. have harmed the lives of many black men and black women. That is why it is very important to not only condemn unjust violence in communities, but to condemn the violence perpetrated by crooked cops, by imperialists, and to condemn the violence of poverty. The neglect of helping our poorer Brothers and Sisters is a testament to the selfishness, the shamefulness, and the callous attitude of many people. I am in full support of a higher minimum wage, of increased development of quality, affordable housing for the poor, and for the expansion of health care so all Americans can have universal health care. We want to end the War on Drugs and alternatives to come about, so human rights are maintained and those who have addiction problems (who are non violent) receive adequate treatment. This fight for the egalitarian, beloved community is a righteous fight that we are waging. So, we want freedom to ring.

I remember this story when it came out. Many black people have been the victims of racial profiling in Barneys and in other places nationwide. Like usual, the guilty parties gave a settlement to the innocent victim in an attempt for Barneys and the NYPD to save face. Trayon Christian was blatantly violated of his human rights. He sued and he had every right and justification to sue. He deserves not only a settlement, but the people who, mistreated him, should be fired and face other forms of accountability. I wish the best for Trayon Christian. Also, there must be widespread solutions. There should be local, state, and federal laws to ban racial profiling explicitly and we have every right to defend our human dignity. No black person should experience being follow unjustly or falsely treated as a criminal inside of any store. There are plenty of stories where black people are treated in a heavily racist, biased fashion. We are tired of this and we desire real changes, so future generations won't have to deal with some of the things that we have dealt with.

It is always time to celebrate one of the greatest advocates of fitness and community development in our generation. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd. She is a competitor in the fitness world and she does other great things too. She was born in June 16, 1936. When she was very young, she had little interest in athletics and exercise of any kind. She was a model in Baltimore for years. Later, at age 56, she and her sister Mildred Blackwell started to take aerobics classes. Both started to compete in bodybuilding shows. One piece of sad news was that her sister passed away in 1992 as a product of a brain aneurysm. To this very day, Ernestine uses the memory of her precious sister as motivation for her to help her neighbors on health and exercising in general. She won bodybuilding titles and she ran many marathons. She has led classes of exercises for seniors at the Union Memorial United Methodist Church in Baltimore and she works as a personal trainer too. Her diet consists of 1,700 calories a day, mostly from boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink, and she runs about 80 miles a week; she does not take supplements. During June of 2016, she will be 80 years old, but she looks much younger than 79 years old indeed. She loves her husband (who is named Collin. The couple has been married for over 50 years, which is a great blessing) and she is a very spiritual woman. She has inspired women from across backgrounds and age groups. She is a living example of perseverance, family solidarity, and hope for the future. She does running, lifting weights, and other forms of working out. Her motto is: “Determined, Dedicated, and Disciplined.” That advice is sacrosanct and has great value. She has used her faith and her commitment to fitness to help others and bless others.This is what life is all about. I wish the absolute best for her.

By Timothy

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Poisoning Black Cities

MLK and Misleaders.

Reflection and Standing Up for Truth

Governor Snyder has been a disgrace. Also, state and local authorities must face accountability for this too not just the Governor. No child and no adult should be in a place with conditions like this involving education. Real solutions like smaller class sizes, repairing schools, and addressing poverty has been opposed by the establishment. That is why many Detroit teachers now are considering a protest. The deplorable conditions prove that austerity doesn't work. Big banks in Michigan have received tons of money (via bailouts) while public services have been cut in Detroit and other areas of Michigan. The Emergency Management system is not only anti-democratic, but it has failed to fully promote the general welfare of the great people of Detroit. The Governor should resign ASAP. This is why I believe in investments in rebuilding our infrastructure in America. Members among both parties participated in austerity and other reactionary neoliberal policies. One emergency manager of Flint is Darnell Earley. The mayor of Detroit is Mike Duggan. Yet, one thing that I will never do is to collectively blame every citizen of Detroit for these problems in Detroit. I don't get down like that. Many individuals are correct to mention the corruption of Kilpatrick and others long before Kilpatrick was elected mayor. Kilpatrick went into prison while Synder and others aren't charged or they haven't even paid a settlement for their wrongdoing.  These emergency managers allow the pensions and public resources of Detroit, etc to be stripped in promoting big banking interests. This is why tons of people are outraged at the anti-democratic actions of Synder including others. I read that the mayor of Detroit want a large stadium to be constructed when crumbling schools are in existence. The lives of kids take precedent above a stadium. We want real change.

Certainly, this problem of the racism in Hollywood existed long before 2016. The industry has promoted the military industrial complex, sexism, and racist stereotypes for decades. So, no one should be surprised by the actions of the Oscars. Brother Davis Oyelowo (though, he is right on some of the issues that he has talked about to be fair) is incorrect to assume that the Oscars are the height of excellence. Our talent is the epitome of excellence and no Oscar can minimize the great accomplishments of excellent actors and actresses at all. Our value is never defined by an award. Our value is inherit to us by birth. Therefore, we should never beg for our freedom. We must fight for it and demand change by social activism and community development. We have a long way to go. Changes must come. Also, more black people are starting to see that cultural assimilation to a fallible industry is not liberation. Liberation deals with focusing our talents and our power to express ourselves without discrimination and without oppression. It is about seeing our human rights as so sacrosanct that no one will violate them. All people of every background has the right to express themselves. Also, black talent has the right to be expressed too (without sucking up to white establishment figures).

She or Stacey Dash is wrong on many levels. She advocate the end of BET, the NAACP, and Black History Month. First, let's look at history. Jim Crow apartheid involved the forced, unjust restrictions (via unjust laws) of the human rights of people based on skin color. That was evil and wrong. I don't even consider Hollywood truly liberal since they advance sexism, ageism, racism, classism, and a glamorization of other evils for decades. Both the liberal and conservative establishment are funded by the same corporate interests. The one percent advances socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. Jim Cow apartheid or segregation also involve police brutality, discrimination, and even the murder of black men, women, and children. Heroic black people stood up to end segregation. Today, we have a token integration where primarily the black rich and the black upper middle class have many economic and political benefits while the black poor and working class readily suffer poverty, police brutality, educational problems, lax health care, etc. Standing up for the growth of black institutions and black self-determination has nothing to do with endorsing segregation. That is about us voluntarily showing our beautiful culture to the world. I have noticed that she doesn't criticize Chinese museums, Hispanic rights organizations, Latino TV channels, and Irish advocacy groups. We don't want segregation or a token integration where a few black people have token power. We want independence instead and we want liberation. Independence means that we define our own destinies without discrimination and we express ourselves throughout the Earth in a free fashion. Independence and liberation mean that we have unity across the Black African Diaspora and we don't suck up to white establishment figures. We stand up for ourselves and express economic justice progressively. There is nothing racist about Black History Month. We need to know black history year round, but Black History Month was created since many black people have been educated so much on white European history with scant mention of the contributions of black people in the world. With the efforts of the far right in trying to whitewash slavery and black history, it is very important for us to know about black history in February and year round. Stacey Dash is a post-racial advocate and she knows full well that this problem in the industry existed long before Obama was President. We need systematic change and an end to economic exploitation. We are in a class and racial struggle for justice. I disagree with Stacey Dash's right wing agenda. I believe in justice.

It was inevitable for this to happen (or the disrespectful children's book that tried to glamorize George Washington and slavery to be gone from Scholastic), because tons of people won't going to tolerate this. Historical inaccuracies and the outright glamorization of slavery should never be tolerated. The legitimate outcry of people caused Scholastic to change. This situation should be an opportunity for anyone to learn more about history and to promote the essence of black cultural development. Scholastic wouldn't dare do something like that to Jewish people or to Muslim people. Today is certainly a solemn day of reflection. So many Brothers and Sisters sacrificed their lives for us. That children's book (which is now not being sold by Scholastic) is an insult not only to us, but to our black ancestors. I'm sick of the slander and the disrespect of our heritage too. We have every right to be outraged at the status quo. We will not be silent. Also, Dr. King was much more radical than what the mainstream media has shown of him. He wanted full employment, he supported anti-colonial movements in Africa, and he wanted an end to the Vietnam War too. Our heroes from Marcus Garvey to Ella Baker make up a strong part of the overall strength of our blackness. Since the start of Hollywood, that entity has promoted racial stereotypes, sexism, and other negative imagery of humanity. We see how the Oscars have snubbed qualified black people for decades. Also, during this time, there should be no naivete. Too many black celebrities on the one hand want to talk about post-racial mythologies about how racism is rare or it is not that bad, but when reality comes to them, then they want to question whether a boycott should come about against the Oscars. At the end of the day, we should not desire tokenism. We desire full liberation. Liberation means that discrimination is abolished and self-determination is promoted. It means that our human rights should be expressed in its full capacity. We should respect and promote our own black award shows that respect black excellence. I wasn't planning on watching the Oscars anyway.

This is an important story. It is terrible and heartbreaking that Gynnya is not here physically. Yet, her spirit lives on forever. For years, many black youth have experienced the destructive school to prison pipeline system. We know how zero tolerance policies haven't worked completely and how suspensions in schools are readily racially biased (as proven by studies). There have been many stories of abuse and other forms of harm done to black people in juvenile centers. The Annie E. Casey Foundation and countless stories document this reality. For the authorities to not immediately give great details about the passing of Sister Gynnya McMillen shows the racist and disrespectful nature of mainstream society. It is a disgrace to see a grieving family to not see real details about her autopsy (in a comprehensive fashion) and how she passed. The family is left out. We should all be angry at how black girls are treated in this world. Many black girls have been treated very brutally and their voices are readily ignored. This should change now. This story certainly makes any freedom loving person to call for not only transparency, but for justice. We want to know exactly what happened and why. The police institution since its inception in America have numerous people in it that protect the interests of the 1 percent instead of the masses of the people (as we believe in power to the people) and has conducted terrorism (from the Haymarket situation to Bloody Sunday). The proletariat and all proponents of liberation will have their voices heard. I send prayers and condolences to the family of Gynna McMillen.
#Say Her Name.

By Timothy