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Art Part 5

2018 in Review.

2018 was one of the most event filled years in human history. It had tragedies, history making occurrences, and new developments. In the beginning of the year, a massive cold wave took place in North America with record low temperatures in the East Coast and the Midwest. California started the retail sale of marijuana. By January, there were tensions among Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un about the nuclear button. Landslides existed in California. By January 11, 2018, Trump was caught calling majority black African-descent nations as being countries in derogatory, profane terms. His remarks were racist. On January 12, 2018, a Baltimore woman, who was a patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center, was taken outside and left by hospital employees in freezing temperatures wearing nothing but her hospital gown and socks. She is stranded until bystander Imanu Baraka called 911. Hawaii experienced a false alarm about a ballistic missile attack. In later January, the sexual abuser Larry Nassar (or former Olympic gymnastics team doctors) got 175 years in prison after testimony from almost 160 of his victims. Trump attended the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in late January too. January 30 was when Trump gave his first State of the Union Address. By February, Trump accused the FBI of abusing its powers during the investigation of Russian meddling in the U.S. elections. February 4, 2018 was when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history defeating the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII. The Winter Olympics took place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. America wins 9 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals. A mass shooting happened at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Park, Florida on February 14, 2018. 17 people were murdered. Many young victims of this tragedy grew the gun control movement even more. They prove that the youth can cause change in our generation. Later, students walk out of classes to protest gun violence nationwide. Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for interfering with the 2016 Presidential election by February. On February 18, in Stock Car racing, Austin Dillon won the 60th running of the Daytona 500. Darrell Wallace Jr. finished the 2nd highest finish for an African-American in the Daytona 500. Billy Graham passed away on February 21, 2018 at the age of 99 years old.

Teachers strike nationwide including from West Virginia. Trump’s former campaign manager Rick Gates admitted to charges of conspiracy and lying to investigators in a plea deal. Paul Manafort is indicted with five federal criminal charges including money laundering and foreign lobbying violations on February 24. During the next day,  in the wake of concerns about gun control, a number of major companies announce they are severing ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) – including Alamo, Allied Van Lines, Avis, Budget, Delta, Enterprise, First National Bank of Omaha, Hertz, MetLife, National, SimpliSafe, Symantec, Teladoc, and United. March 1 was when Trump executed tariffs. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sued agricultural giant Monsanto accused the company of concealing dangers posed by a toxic chemical compound it manufactured nearly a half century ago. Gary Cohn resigned from the Trump team by March 6. On March 7, Stormey Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump for the allegation of the nondisclosure contract she signed being invalid. Florida passed a law 67-50 votes to increase the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is fired by March of 2018. He criticized Trump on many issues. Mike Pompeo comes into the White House. Facebook is criticized for the Cambridge Analytica scandal (87 million people had their private information accessed by Cambridge Analytica). The opioid epidemic continues. Trump issued more tariffs on Chinese goods by March 22, 2018. At least 12 states are reported to be suing the Trump administration over inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 census on March 28. America expelled 60 Russian diplomats over the death of ex-spies and Russians expelled 60 U.S. diplomats in retaliation. China issued tariffs on U.S. products like cars and soybeans. By April 4, 2018, thousands of people gathered together to mark the 50th year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. The Trump administration issued sanctions on 7 Russian oligarchs and 17 senior government officials for their activities. On April 9, 2018, the FBI raided the home, office, and hotel room of President Trump's long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, pursuant to a federal search warrant. Trump issued strikes in Syria by April 13, 2018. R. Lee Emery, Barbara Bush, and Amsale Aberra passed away at April of 2018. By April 26, 2018, Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. CIA Director Mike Pompeo was confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of State on April 26. On May 1, 2018, a study conducted by health services company Cign revealed that American adults are experiencing a "loneliness epidemic" with nearly half of Americans reporting they sometimes or always feel alone (46 percent) or left out (47 percent). The national unemployment rate goes to 3.9 percent in May 4 which was the lowest rate since 2000. Trump ends the Temporary Protected Status for 57,000 Hondurans. The state of California becomes the world's fifth-largest economy, with the state's GDP surpassing that of the United Kingdom's. On May 8, the Senate Intelligence Committee releases an unclassified version of its investigation into Russian cyberattacks in 2016, concluding: "Russian-affiliated cyber actors were able to gain access to restricted elements of election infrastructure. [...] In a small number of states, these cyber actors were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data; however, they did not appear to be in a position to manipulate individual votes or aggregate vote totals."

Trump disgracefully withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement. Former U.S. President Barack Obama said that the move was a serious mistake. The California Energy Commission introduces its 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, requiring all new homes to be fitted with solar power from 2020. It is the first state in the US to enact such a law. Korean Americans are freed from North Korea by May 10, 2018. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, upheld a law preventing employees from filing class action lawsuits against their employers over pay and hour disputes. Harvey Weinstein is charged with rape and other sexual crimes in New York City by late May of 2018. The #MeToo movement definitely grows and develops into more power. California promotes net neutrality. Trump is at the G7 Summit in Canada to want to include Russia in it. Trump met with Kim Jong-un at Singapore from June 2018.  June 8, 2018 was when Anthony Bourdain died. He was a celebrity chef, author, and television personality. A judged ordered Paul Manafort jailed for alleged witness tampering and cancels his bail. 70 former U.S. Attorneys deliver a letter to Jeff Sessions, urging that he end his “dangerous, expensive, zero tolerance” migrant policy, which separates children at the border, calling it “inconsistent with the values of the institution in which we served on June 18. America withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council. On June 27, 2018, in a landmark 5-4 decision that overturns Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (1977), the Supreme Court rules in Janus v. AFSCME that it is a violation of the First Amendment for public-sector unions to compel non-members to pay fair-share representation fees. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy retired by June too. Five people are killed in a mass shooting in the newsroom of Capital newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. By June of 2018, many people were involved in demonstrations nationwide in all 50 states against family separations carried out by the United States. Also, immigrants suffer horrible conditions at detention centers. Scott Pruitt resigned as the Administration of the EPA effective July 6 because of his abhorrent scandals. Andrew Wheeler replaced him. Brett Kavanaugh is nominated by Trump to replace Justice Kennedy. Kavanaugh is accused of sexually assaulting Dr. Ford and he is a far right person. He is later confirmed by the Senate. Trump attended the NATO Summit in Brussels by July 11.

Special counsel Mueller charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with hacking during the 2016 election on July 13. By July 16, President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for private talks in the Finnish capital Helsinki. In a press conference afterwards, Trump praises Russia and Putin, drawing sharp criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike. Senator John McCain describes it as "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory." Trump wanted limits for habitat protections for endangered species. The New York Times reports that President Trump's former lawyer Cohen secretly recorded his client discussing payments to Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who says she had an affair with Trump. By July, wildfires consume California destroying homes and cause many deaths. Trump wants Mueller to end the investigation by August of 2018. Apple, Inc. becomes the first public company to achieve a market capitalization of $1 trillion, as its share price exceeds a new record high above $207. By August 5, President Trump admits that his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., attended a meeting at Trump Tower during the 2016 election campaign "to get information on an opponent," but insists it was "totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!" Monsanto is ordered to pay millions of dollars because of the health hazards of the Roundup weed killer (to Dewayne Johnson). Counter protesters in D.C. limit the Unite the Right Rally 2 rally at Lafayette Square near the White House. Jason Kessler organized the evil rally. Former CIA Director John O. Brennan, an outspoken critic of Trump, has his security clearance revoked by the President on August 15, 2018. The move is criticized as political retribution for Brennan's comments. Aretha Franklin passed away at August 16, 2018. She was a great singer and songwriter. Her funeral was in Detroit, Michigan. Arizona Senator John McCain passed away at August 25, 2018.

Michael Cohen pled guilty to many charges like:  five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements to a financial institution, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate or campaign. Paul Manafort is convicted of many charges of tax and bank fraud. Hurricane Florence damaged North Carolina and other places in September of 2018. Bill Cosby is sentenced to a 3-10 year jail sentences for drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. On October 2, 2018, Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, triggering a diplomatic crisis between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s leader and his agents were involved in the murder. The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh on October 6, 2018, 50-48 amidst multiple women accusing him of sexual assault. U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley resigned on October 9, 2018. President Trump announces that the US will "terminate" the Treaty over alleged Russian violations. In later October 2018, many bombs or explosive devices were found at the home of George Soros and in other places. Some were sent to former US President Barack Obama and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The latter devices are intercepted by technicians who screen mail sent to former US officials. The Time Warner building in New York (home to news broadcaster CNN) is also evacuated, after a package containing an explosive and suspicious powder is found addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. Additional suspicious packages, addressed to Democratic Representative Maxine Waters and former Attorney General Eric Holder, are investigated by law enforcement. Later, more suspicious packages were attempted to be sent to Robert De Niro, Cory Booker, and James Clapper. These are critics of Donald Trump. The suspect is a 56 year old man named Cesar Sayoc Jr. He’s from Florida.

A mass shooting happened at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eleven people died. A 46-year old anti-Semite was arrested. It is no secret that an increase of hate crimes existed since the election of 2016. 800 soldiers are deployed to the Mexico-United States border as a part of Operation Faithful Patriot, reinforcing the border against incoming Central American migrant caravans on October 29. November 6 saw the midterm election making history with Democrats winning tons of seats to control the House and Republicans maintain the Senate. Over 100 women won new seats in that historic election. Democrats gain 7 new seats in gubernatorial selections. Michigan was the 10th state to legalize recreational usage of marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at Trump’s request at November 7, 2018. On November 8, The White House shares apparently doctored footage posted by InfoWars, showing Jim Acosta making contact with a Trump aide, in a bid to justify its suspension of the CNN reporter's press pass. Wildfires continue in California by this time and Trump mocked this tragedy in offensive words. President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to lying to Congress in relation to the Russia inquiry by November 29. November 30, 2018 was when former President George H. W. Bush died at the age of 94 in Houston, Texas. Anchorage experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The Balangiga bells, which had been taken by the United States Army from Balangiga, Eastern Samar in 1901 as war trophies during the Philippine–American War, are returned back to the Philippines after 117 years of U.S. possession. Michael Cohen is given a 36 month jail term. In a rare rebuke to the White House, the Senate votes 56-41 to end US military assistance to Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen over alleged war crimes. The Senate passed a separate resolution that holds Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally responsible for the death of Saudi dissident Jamal Kashoggi. The Trump Foundation ended after allegation of financial corruption. December 12 was the date when Evelyn Berezin passed away. She was a computer designer best known for designing the first computer-driven word processor. December 17, 2018 was when Penny Marshall passed away. She was an actress, director, and producer. Jim Mattis or the Defense Secretary resigned by December 20 because of Trump wanting to withdrawal remaining American troops from Syria. The Dow Jones closes at 22,445.37 after its worst week since 2008 on December 21. There is the partial shutdown of the government as Congress couldn’t agree on a budget deal (when Trump wants his wall on the U.S./Mexico border). U.S. envoy Brett McGurk also resigned over Trump decision to pull troops from Syria. The end of 2018 certainly was one for the history books and we must move forward to promote the same credo of liberty, justice, and equality 100 percent.

By Timothy

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The History of the United States of America Part 7


Savant's New Words


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Not taken seriously as literature or philosophy. I've not seen Ayn Rand taken seriously by philosophers even though she considered herself to be a philosopher. But I seem to recall reading or hearing that the Koch brothers have established (or are trying to establish) an Ayn Rand institute in a university in Florida. And one of the conditions is that her ideas must be taught, but not questioned. No critiques allowed. Kind of like Marxism-Leninism under Stalin or Aryan biology under Hitler.  (Yesterday | post #3117)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

The Inquisition belonged to an old reactionary feudal and theocratic society which the Spanish Republic sought to end. The nearest thing to the Conquistadors were probably the Puritans who destroyed the native American population. The Puritans who, likening themselves to the Hebrews under Joshua, brutally struck down Pequods and other Native Americans whom they saw as wicked Canaanites. An Inquisition is something like what America's religious fundamentalists and Christian Right generally would happily impose on the USA if they could.  (Yesterday | post #3114)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Empty rhetoric. Both parties are corporate parties. But you imagine that the proto-fascist Republicans are the "true patriots." You're a sleepwalker.  (Yesterday | post #3113)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

REALITY: the American war in Iraq was/is an invasion. The US war in Afghanistan is an invasion. The American war in Vietnam was an invasion. The US military incursion into Haiti, Dominican Republic, Grenada were invasions. Destitute refugees from violence and poverty are...refugees. Oh did we forget: the land which these refugees are supposedly invading were SEIZED by the USA by means of INVASIONS. REAL INVASIONS.  (Yesterday | post #3112)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Maybe because they were set upon by troops with tear gas and clubs. Not surprising to me. Only loony paranoids can imagine that the USA is being invaded or subject to conquest by a group of destitute unarmed refugees. But we wouldn't have the loony president we have if a fraction of the American public wasn't loony.  (Yesterday | post #3111)


Also threatening the black man for not thinking the way you dictate that he should. Your racism has been duly noted boy. Well surveys continue to show PRO-BLM sympathies among the VAST MAJORITY of African Americans. I think the lowest estimate of approval I've seen is about 65%, and it gets as high as 80%. Republicans are overwhelmingly anti-BLM. Democrats mixed between those who are sympathatic and those who are uncertain or neutral. Millennials (including white millennials) are more likely to be pro-BLM than older folk. And, of course, more Blacks than whites favor BLM.  (Sunday | post #74)


Prove that it is the truth. Merely saying it is not proof. Oh, and since the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Panthers also got financial contributions from "outside " or "liberal whites"--shal l you also dismiss them as frauds. Guess what: Read the writings of AMILCAR CABRAL, and he mentions that there were resources sent to the PAIGC, the REVOLUTIONARY movement that overthrew Portuguese colonialism in Guinea-Bissau. Were the Portuguese overthrown by a fraud movement in West Africa? Movement depend on internal sources, but do not necessarily spurn all sources from outside their constituency. That's commonplace. Indeed, why don't you research the financial ties of the anti-BLM groups. Who knows? Maybe they're funded by the Koch brothers...or Trumps.  (Sunday | post #73)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

There are no invaders. So, what's your point?  (Sunday | post #3104)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Had Franco not won, and Spain not been forced by Hitler's intervention and Western blockade into its fateful dependence on the CP and the USSR, a Spain much more democratic than the USA or England--because economically as well as politically democratic--would probably have emerged in Spain. Anarchists and libertarian socialist forming cooperative economic institutions and governance on the basis direct democracy (at least on local and regional levels), and a multiparty democratic republic nationwide, would have created a REVOLUTIONARY democracy subversive by its example of both the West and the Stalinist east. Neither Stalin, nor Roosevelt nor Churchill and (obviously) not Franco, Hitler or Mussolini could have slept easily.. That is why they all conspired against it lest the Spanish workers and peasants SUCCEED and become a subversive example to the common people everywhere. They had to be crushed as the Paris Commune had to be crushed. Just the same, the revolutionary spirit of freedom will rise again and again until either humanity perishes or all the old repressive establishments are swept from the face of the earth. Freedom Rising!  (Sunday | post #3103)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Does Paul's ignorance know no limits? is his stupidity congenital. He is obviously unaware that it was to BOYCOTT of Republican Spain---the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government of Spain--which forced the Republic into its fateful connection with the USSR, and actually strengthened the position of the Stalinist CP in Spain. Once the fascist thug Franco raised a military coup against the Republic, and with the embargo on Spain, the Spanish republic was forced to turned to the USSR whose tool the Spanish CP was. Receiving no arms or funds from the other supposedly democratic countries of the West, the Republic founds arms and funds from the USSR. It was this situation which strengthened the treacherous CP which, on my view, is second only to Franco himself for the destruction of Spanish democracy. But it is good to hear Paul say in so many words what we've suspected all along--that he hates democracy and is pro-Fascist. For a democratically minded person would not have said "Thank God Franco won" He would not celebrate the tyrant who came to power with the aid of his fellow fascists Hitler and Mussolini while democratic Spain was being sabotaged with the assistance of her fellow democracies. A democratic minded person would have said "How tragic that the Spanish Republic was undermined by other supposedly democratic countries; that she would be ruled by a tyrant second only to Hitler and Stalin as a totalitarian mass murderer." But Paul's attitude is that so long as capitalism is protected--big business supported Franco's-- then "to hell with freedom and democracy." Paul is an ally of fascism in Spain, Chile and the USA.  (Sunday | post #3099)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

It's interesting that even among REAL Marxists, those who identify with Marxism--not the boogeman of Paul's paranoid imagination--thee is a great deal of contention and diversity. As Noam Chomsky notes SOME Marxists are actually closer to the social Anarchists than anything else. Critiques of Leninism by Rosa Luxemburg are nearly as severe as those by Anarchists. Some of the critiques by American anarchist Emma Goldman resemble critiques I've read by Dr. King. And Frantz Fanon's critique of the rigid bureaucratic centralism of Communist Parties, and his negative reaction to the bureaucratic system of health care in the USSR (for the short time he was there), all are part of the tradition of the democratic left. Yet ALL these people are SOCIALISTS. Hell, even Oscar Wilde was socialist as is indicated by his essay "The Soul of Man Under Socialism." But Paul has the thinking capacity of a goose. if you're to the left of Bill Clinton or Obama, or even as "left" as them, then you're a Communist in the Bolshevik, Stalinist sense.  (Sunday | post #3097)


Racism in America

LOL! What you're posting is stuff I knew about when I was a TEENAGER! And stupid, arrogant Paul pontificates without know any of this. Ironically, during my near fatal encounter with Baltimore police in East Bmore at age 17, i was reading BAsil Davidson's LOST CITIES OF AFRICA (and Dostoyevky's CRIME AND PUNISHMENT) (An elder who happen also to be in Johnson Square when the pigs pulled up told me to drop those books out my hand lest the cops say they thought I was carrying a gun.) In HIGH SCHOOL i was reading Basil Davidson, W.E.B Du Bois, and even Cheikh Anta Diop. And bird brain simpleton and bigot Paul DARES to lecture me about Africa or anything else!  (Sunday | post #2325)


Racism in America

You wouldn't know a fact if it bit you in the butt. And I've yet to see you cite even one SCHOLAR in African history to support your stereotypical Hollywoodish version of pre-colonial Africa. You should not be allowed to post anything on Black America or Africa until you are sufficiently informed and educated.  (Sunday | post #2324)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

That sounds like a better description of the manic right word "Communist ". Which is why a right wing idiot like Paul can call Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (a personalist who rejected Marxian materialism) or an Anarchist like Noam Chomsky (who's a non-marxist leftist who EXPLICITLY rejects Bolshevik ideas and politics) as a Communist. Which is why the Civil Rights Movement was denounced as Communist. However, it is often the case that a word may have more than one meaning. The problem happens when one wants to make a word mean whatever one chooses.  (Sunday | post #3092)


Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on its own

Trump is the victim of his own greed and stupidity, his own arrogant megalomania and dictatorial aspirations which incline him to believe that he can run the government and the entire country as his private fiefdom. What he expects of his cabinet, indeed of the Republican Party (and maybe the nation) is not integrity, and heaven knows not intelligence. What he requires if servile fealty and sycophantic devotion and obedience. But until such time as the whole nation is put in a fascist straitjacket, he will get that kind of obedience only from his blindest followers and obtuse admirers--like Paul. But the rest of us are saying "Hell no, Il Duce Don. You ain't taking us that ride--at least not without a FIGHT!"  (Sunday | post #3091)

Economic Realities and Truth.

On many times, white bigots say that since other ethnic groups from Europe over 100 years ago got themselves up by their own bootstraps, then black Americans must do the same. What these bigots omit is that over 100 years ago, these immigrant ethnic groups received loans, subsidies, and other benefits to live and work in America. They didn't get a total free ride and I respect the contributions of immigrants in America. Black Americans were in this land involuntarily centuries ago via ships and chains. Slavery ended not too long ago in America. Slavery only ended legally in 1865. Even after 1865, there were vagrancy policies and the peonage system in the United States, which was virtual slavery that lasted into the early 20th century. Many of my third great grandparents were slaves in America. Also, black Americans made monumental institutions and contributions throughout American history. Therefore, as black people, we should always defend our human dignity greatly. We must always work hard and reject pessimism, but we shouldn't poor shame or shame others because of their conditions. We inspire change as human beings.

There is an immigration crisis in the world. When you have one child who died at Christmas Eve, then you know that you have a problem. Trump is a habitual liar on this issue. The truth is that a wall across the whole border doesn't work and it's impossible. You have mountains and rivers in the U.S./Mexico border. Also, drug traffickers dig hole hundreds of feet underneath the Earth to come into America. No wall can stop that. Some people come into America across oceans. Therefore, we need a more progressive, compassionate solution to enhance immigration. We have a reality where people have visas and DACA children desire educational opportunities. Republicans aren't the only party responsible for this. For decades, both major parties haven't done enough to deal with the issue of immigration. Trump talks about the border, but he also wants to reduce legal immigration too. So, his rhetoric is against immigration in general since he's a xenophobe.

It is important to mention about wealth too. Many black people experience wealth disparities. This has been going on as a product of discrimination, redlining, and corrupt payday loan practices against black Americans. White households own 90% of the national wealth in America while Black households own 2.6% of the national wealth in America (according to Most of that wealth among black people in households belong to the African American Baby Bombers or older black Americans. Many black people rely on credit or living paycheck to paycheck for survival in the States literally. Income exists, but household wealth represents a key indicator of power. That is why when you see a select number of black celebrities and the black upper class making economic money, we have to realize that these people are very talented and worked hard. Yet, the vast majority of black people work just as hard and are working class or poor. Most black people aren't rich. The book Color of Law by Mehrsa Baradaran explains this fully as many black people didn't have access to capital. Wealthy monopolists are consolidating wealth while the poor and working class suffer. It is hypocritical for these conservatives to praise government spending billions of dollars to cause large car companies to stay afloat (or support government bailouts), but they refuse to allow the government to invest billions of dollars to build the black community. The black community needs respect and investments. We should both create our independent institutions, work collectively with each other, fight for economic rights, and honor investments (since our ancestors worked in this land for free without just compensation. We are entitled to justice). That is why we need to use politics and policies along with understanding economics in getting solutions. Fairness and liberation are always promoted by me.

Sister Koryn Hawthorne experienced her birthday recently. She is now 21 years old and she is a young gospel singer. Abbeville, Louisiana is the place of her birth. Her debut studio album, Unstoppable, was released on July 13, 2018, and it earned her multiple awards nominations, including a Grammy nomination. She appeared on the show called The Voice and she has a great voice. Ever since she was 9 years old, she took singing seriously as a future career. In November 2018, Hawthorne took the stage on Soul Train Awards, performing her hit single "Won't He Do It." She will continue to do her thing in terms of her walk plus music in years plus decades to come. I wish Sister Koryn Hawthorne more blessings. Brother John Amos had a birthday yesterday. He is 79 years old. He was born in Newark, New Jersey. He was gifted to act in a plethora of roles. He has shown non-stereotypical images of black men on TV shows and in the movies from Good Times to other shows. He grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. Amos also played on the Colorado State Rams football team. Following college, he was a Golden Gloves boxing champion. Amos is a veteran of the 50th Armored Division of the New Jersey National Guard and Honorary Master Chief of the United States Coast Guard. He was in the miniseries Roots. Also, he has six children. I wish Brother John Amos more blessings.

I certainly heard of the stories of the people suffering as a product of the partial government shutdown. One person is struggling to pay for medical bills and another person is living paycheck to paycheck. Trump is stubborn to not have any compromise except for his futile wall. It is important to keep the pressure on, so this shutdown will end immediately. The stock market is fluctuating massively and we see new changes in the American atmosphere. Likewise, we are resilient as Americans. We brought humans to the Moon, promoted voting rights, and stood up against injustice throughout the centuries of American existence. A lot of great people live in America. I see these people everyday. Now, we reject naivete. Racism is still a problem in America. Racism is the lie that one's color or physical characteristics determine the worth of a person. Racism is systematic too from the criminal justice system to the job market. That is why we must eradicate racism in the world. Our intentions are clear. We want justice and true liberty. Along with that, we want to see our Brothers and our Sisters to reach their highest potentials.

By Timothy

US Empire on the Ropes

BAR Book Forum: Julia Jordan-Zachery’s“Shadow Bodies“and Sabine Broeck’s “Gender and the Abjection of Blackness”

The People v. The Information Monopolies: Case Continued

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Choices and Other Information.

We all have choices. In this world today, we see massive changes. In the past five years alone, we witness a bigot as President, Native Americans defending their lands in North Dakota, black people fighting police brutality, and other human beings doing constructive things. Either we stand with the status quo or we fight for real. I choose the latter. That is why we will always advocate for solutions. One solution is to encourage life. Solutions will not be some immediate fix. It will take time and sacrifice. During the Civil Rights Movements, tons of people sacrificed their jobs and time to defend civil and voting rights. Abolitionists, over 150 years in America, rescued innocent people from bondage for years. As for voting, the recent 2018 midterm elections document how voting does matter. By November of 2018, the House changed from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority with a large turnout of American citizens (with a record amount of women and other human beings in Congress). Voting also deals with judges who can stop gerrymandering or advance civil rights. The usage of social media is important, but it isn't a panacea to solve our problems completely. We need institutions, strategies, the support of the people, and grassroots organizing. Without the people, nothing gets done.

Also, some folks have to stop poor scapegoating. The poor are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. They don't need disrespect or shaming. They deserve respect, dignity, and opportunities. That is why a real revolution requires policies that combat poverty. It is fine to have a business or various enterprises. Yet, if you have no support for workers' rights, a social safety net, or investments in eradicating poverty, then you are not a revolutionary. Also, we should support those who do right by us as a community. For example, if a business owner or an activist is helping our community, then they deserve our support. We respect those who respect us.

Additionally, young people and adults should have total access to STEM fields and work with technology. Technology is part of our past, present, and future. The more people work with technology in the right way, the better our society is. We need both the embrace of technological development and intellectual development too. It is so important for anyone to embrace empathy. The reason is that an individual can be the smartest person in the world, but if that person lacks the empathy to care for fellow human beings, then that person is just plain wrong in his or her actions. Naivete is rejected by me because we don't have justice yet. We have a very long to go. Cultivation of music and culture is vital as we are not automatons. We are human beings and expressing our creative energy is part of our human nature. So, I don't stop because I can't stop. After all of these years, my core convictions are still the same.

Yesterday was the Birthday of one of the greatest actors of our generation. Her name is Sister CCH Pounder and she is 66 years old. She was born in Georgetown, British Guiana. She has worked in many famous films and shows like Robocop 3, Avatar, All that Jazz, The Practice, Living Single, X-Files, and other shows plus movies. In 1997, CCH Pounder was winner of the prestigious Caribbean American Heritage Award for Excellence in the Arts presented by leading Caribbean American advocacy organization Institute of Caribbean Studies based in Washington D.C. She promotes HIV/AIDS awareness. She was in the cartoon show Justice League Unlimited as Amanda Waller. She was in NCIS: New Orleans. Hard work is part of her life. I wish Sister Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder more Blessings.

On this time of the year, we celebrate the life of a rabbi, a prophet, and a man who changed history forever. He was born in the time of the Roman Empire which was dominating and oppressing his people. His family took a census and he taught his followers at a young age. He healed people, he inspired his apostles to spread the gospel, and he angered the religious establishment before his death. The New Testament, Josephus, Tacticus, the Talmud, Mara bar Serapion, and other sources document his existence. Jesus Christ gave out inspirational words in the world. He said that the Kingdom of God is within you. He said that my Kingdom is not of this world and he saved the life of a woman who was about to be stoned. He explained the truth that morality without compassion is cruelty and he wanted people to focus on doing the right thing while not being superficially arrogant about it. He also condemned materialism as he condemned the money changers in the Temple and he rejected egoism. With his death and resurrection, lives have been changed forever. Less than 500 years after his birth, the Roman Empire in the area of Western Europe would be gone forever, but the teachings of Jesus Christ still remain after over 2,000 years after his birth. During these days, we still believe in defending the poor and the oppressed. We still desire equality and justice. We still are focused on the prize. I always keep my faith powerful and intact.

By Timothy

Monday, December 24, 2018

Malcolm X. Oxford Union Debate, Dec. 3 1964

Malcolm X Debates Evie Rich on WCAU Radio. 1961



Serena Williams.

Serena Williams is the greatest woman tennis player in history. She broke down barriers for women, especially for black women involving athletics and her legacy is here forevermore. For numerous decades, she has expressed a great love for her family, friends, tennis, and excellence. Her accolades are monumental. She was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) as the world's No. 1 in singles on 8 separate occasions between 2002 and 2017. Serena Williams has the most Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles combined among active players. Her total of 23 Grand Slam singles titles marks the record for the most Grand Slam wins in the Open Era, and is second on the all-time list behind Margaret Court (24). She has won an all-time record of 13 Grand Slam singles titles on the hard court. Williams holds the Open Era record for most titles won at the Australian Open (7) and shares the Open Era record for most titles won at the US Open with Chris Evert (6). She also holds the all-time record for the most women's singles matches won at majors with 331 matches. Serena Williams is also a five-time winner of the WTA Tour Championships in the singles division. She has also won four Olympic gold medals, one in women's singles and three in women's doubles—an all-time record shared with her sister, Venus Williams. Now, it is time to show a summary of her life and legacy.

Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan to Oracene Price and Richard Williams Jr. She is the youngest of Price’s five daughters of Yetunde, Lyndrea, Isha, and Venus. The family moved into Compton, California when she was young. Serena Williams started to play tennis when she was three years old. Her father Robert Williams home-schooled his daughters Venus and Serena Williams. Richard Williams mentored the Williams sisters in tennis too. Serena Williams moved into West Palm Beach, Florida when she was nine. She attended the tennis academy of Rick Macci. Macci coached the William sisters. Richard Williams heard many white parents use derogatory language against the Williams sisters. It is no secret that the Williams sisters were victims of racism throughout their lives. Serena Williams was coached by her father in 1995 away from Macci. Serena Williams uses baseline and has a serve and great groundstrokes.  She consistently projects great pace and placement with her serves; in the 2013 Australian Open, she had a peak serve speed of 128.6 mph (207.0 km/h) which is the third fastest all-time among women players (only Venus's 129 mph and Sabine Lisicki's 131 mph recorded speeds are faster). Serena Williams debuted in the professional realm as a wild-card entry in the Bank of the West Classic in Oakland, California, but was denied by the WTA due to age-eligibility restrictions of the organization.

She subsequently filed an antitrust lawsuit against the women's tour, but withdrew it at the behest of her parents. Her first professional event was in October 1995 at the Bell Challenge in Quebec, where she used a wild-card entry to circumvent age-eligibility rules. She lost in the first round of qualifying to then 18-year-old American Annie Miller, winning just two games. She didn’t play a tournament in 1996. By 1997, Serena Williams won more victories. Ranked No. 304, she upset No. 7, Mary Pierce, and No. 4, Monica Seles, recording her first career wins over top 10 players and becoming the lowest-ranked player in the Open Era to defeat two top-10 opponents in one tournament. She ultimately lost in the semifinals to No. 5, Lindsay Davenport. She finished 1997 ranked No. 99. She played in 1998. She lost to Venus Williams in 1998 too. Williams lost in the third round of the 1999 Australian Open to Sandrine Testud. A month later, Williams won her first professional singles title when she defeated Amélie Mauresmo in the final of the Open Gaz de France in Paris. With Venus also winning the IGA Superthrift Classic in Memphis, Tennessee that day, the pair became the first sisters to win professional tournaments in the same week. 1999 was the break out year for her in tennis. In March of 1999, Serena Williams won her first Tier I title in defeating Steffi Graff in the final of the Evert Cup in California. Serena Williams was No. 9 rank by 1999 too. She defeated Grand Slam champions of Kim Clijsters, Conchita Martinez, and Monica Seles including Hingis (to be the second African American woman after Althea Gibson in 1958 to win a Grand Slam singles tournament). To complete her 1999 season, Williams won a doubles match in the Fed Cup final against Russia. Williams ended the year ranked No. 4 in just her second full year on the main tour.

Serena Williams made more accomplishments during the 21st century. Williams finished 2002 with a 56–5 W/L record, eight singles titles, and the No. 1 ranking. She was the first African-American to end a year with that ranking since Althea Gibson in 1958 and was the first woman to win three Grand Slam tournament titles in one year since Hingis in 1997. Her three consecutive Grand Slam titles to close 2002 also made Williams only the third player in tennis history to win the "Surface Slam", three Slam titles on three surfaces in the same calendar year, after Navratilova (1984) and Graf (1993, 1995, 1996). In the 2003 Australian Open, she defeated Venus Williams to win the tournament and becoming the sixth woman in the Open Era to complete a career Grand Slam. The Williams sisters won their sixth Grand Slam doubles title together at this event. She had injuries and came back better than ever. Serena Williams won the singles gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games. She made more awards and victories in 2015. The week of February 15, 2016 marked Williams's 157th consecutive week ranked No. 1, passing Navratilova's mark of 156 to have the second-longest run in WTA history behind Steffi Graf's 186. She experienced her pregnancy in 2017. By 2018, she came back into tennis. She continues to play hard and is an inspiration for people who desire to achieve magnificent goals or aims. 

So, in conclusion, Serena Williams is the greatest woman tennis player in history and one of the greatest athletes in human history. She survived so much and achieved so much. She is a mother with a daughter and she promotes great causes from pay equity to social justice. Serena Jameka Williams always acknowledges pass black tennis players who sacrificed so much for us to do what we’re doing today in terms of jobs and other aspects of living. For example, Althea Gibson won Wimbledon and played golf. Arthur Ashe was an expert on black history and inspired society too. Her Grand Slam singles titles outline her skills and strength. She is unapologetic in her blackness and she has always shown that our bodies aren’t meant to be shamed or validated from a racist, patriarchal society. Our bodies have the right to be expressed and appreciated by our own souls via autonomy and dignity. The Williams sisters opened the Yetunde Price Resource Center. This is a community center in Compton, California that fights to build communities (in remembrance of their oldest sister who was a victim of a drive by shooting in 2013). From activism, fashion, sports, and other aspects of world society, she has presented the world the truth that a black woman has every right to show her gifts without apology. Therefore, we salute Sister Serena Williams. 

By Timothy

Malcolm X Questioned by Berkeley Students. 1963

Friday, December 21, 2018

Bolton Threatens to Force Africa to Choose Between the US and China

Unique Times.

We live in new times. The stock market has decreased massively today. Also, the debt ceiling deal is in the balance. Reasonable people want the economic deal to come through, so federal workers won't be lacking a paycheck. We know of people who work paycheck to paycheck. Some folks ignorantly mock the working class and the poor too. Many of us are blessed with insurance and other benefits while other folks in the world don't have these items of support. Trump is threatening to have a shutdown if investments for his illogical border wall doesn't exist. He is a liar since we don't have massive undocumented workers coming into America from Mexico. Immigrants pays taxes into America. Immigrants have contributed heavily to America for centuries. The authorities in America have been caught jailing infants and splitting them from their families which is cruel and disgraceful. Also, we don't have open borders in America. We have security systems. A border wall makes no sense since the border is made up of valleys, rivers, and mountains making a border wall impossible to construct throughout the U.S.-Mexican border. Even most undocumented immigrants aren't rapists, murderers, and disease carriers. They are suffering and are struggling for survival literally. The reality is that wealthy corporate interests benefit from the tax cuts for the rich and from the massive status quo that we are witnessing today. Corporate money dominate the establishment leaders of both major parties for generations.

Last month's midterm elections set a record for campaign spending in a non-presidential year—$5.2 billion—a 35 percent increase over 2014 and triple the amount spent 20 years ago, in 1998. The bulk of this flood of cash came from corporations (where shareholders benefit while economic inequality grows) and multi-millionaire donors. We have massive anti-democratic voting laws in numerous states where voting is limited, IDs used to vote are limited, and other problems exists (suppressing the rights of black people, college students, the elderly, other people of color, women, the poor, the disabled, etc.). We are dedicated to oppose the agenda of far right Republicans, so a progressive America can flourish. Also, we witness bourgeois democracy not real democracy. Therefore, we desire the working class (including the poor & the homeless) to be empowered to reach their own destinies as human beings. Therefore, we have to fight for total universal health care, infrastructure investments, and making sure that consumers including communities have the adequate resources plus respect that they deserve.

Like people have known, we have an intense crisis in the White House. We have a possible shutdown from Washington. The stock market is down. Also, we see that Mattis has resigned over policy disagreements with Trump on foreign policy. Also, reports are coming out that Mueller will release his final report on the Russian election scandal and about the issue of collusion at mid-February 2019. Trump wasn't elected by the majority of the American people. He was elected by the Electoral College, which is an antique, obsolete system. Trump saying that the Mexican government would pay for the border wall is fantasy. We have a crisis of the three branches of government. Five billion dollars for a wall can be better spent on health care, infrastructure, education, and other components of our society. We know that Trump expresses deception and he is a xenophobe. There is no evidence that terrorists are flooding the U.S./Mexican border. He even wants restrictions on legal immigration (i.e. Trump wants to eliminate the lottery system and he wants to do other policies that limit legal immigration). The Freedom Caucus should be ashamed of itself.

So, his agenda has nothing to do with solving problems. It has to do to promote his racist, sexist, and xenophobic base who doesn't care for human rights or social justice. I have the free speech right to type this words. That is what the First Amendment is all about. The indictment and conviction of former Trump administration officials outlines blatant corruption found in that regime. While this is going on, millions of federal workers could lose their incomes for weeks or months. Human life is more important than a wall. Right now, the House and the Senate are debating on the method to solve this political crisis.

As we close into the end of 2018, we see massive developments. We saw investigations, the passing away of legends, and a closing Russian investigation. Turmoil consumes the disgraceful White House. This year saw bigots and extremists winning elections in Brazil and other places. Also, we saw heroism. This year witnessed many activists protesting gun idol worship in the streets of America. This year saw teachers and students protesting for better schools for children. We witnessed labor protests and a historic Blue wave in the House of Representatives. A record amount of women and other human beings were elected into Congress. So, the fight for change isn't over. We must continue to speak our minds here in this world. Trump's behavior is not unusual. Centuries ago, my people were in chains in America. Presidents back then supported the evil 3/5s compromise and the nefarious Fugitive Slave Act. They were stone cold racists like Trump. The difference is that some want to glamorize then back then. So, we have to realize that our goal in life isn't just about ourselves. It is about helping our communities and promoting integrity. There is no justice without accountability, integrity, and truth. Also, you have noticed that I didn't mention anything about the Bush legacy until he was buried in his resting place. The reason that I did that was that I waited for his family to mourn. After that, I showed the truth about George H. W. Bush's legacy of opposing the Civil Rights Act, supporting the Mujaheddin, promoting the Willie Horton ad, and supporting Saddam Hussein with weapons (until the Persian Gulf War. I do know some of things that I do agree with Bush Sr. on like the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.). Bush Sr. wasn't some progressive or moderate hero as some in CNN and even some in MSNBC claim that he was. He was a total, calculating pro-establishment person who was a member of the macabre Skulls and Bones secret society. Therefore, discernment is important too.

By Timothy

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Real Issues.

Worldwide, we see the rise of right wing extremism in 2018. Donald Trump defends convicted criminals, Italy’s new Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini promotes xenophobia, and Brazil’s incoming president Jair Bolsonaro is totally for the oligarchy. We also witness instability in the market. We have a trade war with China. Since Americans pay tariffs, the burden on these items rest on Americans. That is why many farmers are struggling. Our economy is very interconnected because of trade and many of the products that we buy are created from other nations. Tariffs now are regressive since more of the poor and middle class pay more of them than the super wealthy. The Trump tax cuts existed for large corporations and for the rich. This law cut taxes by $150 billion annually. The rich brought stocks, but the boost was temporary. So far, all of the market gains in 2018 are gone. The economy is slowing and if things don't change, America could face another recession. Trump is arrogant to want his wall and he threatens to have a shut down at the expense of the lives of American people. We need investments in health care, better economic deals, help to the poor, and an expanded social safety net.

The conservative extremist Dinesh disrespected former First Lady Michelle Obama. He said that Michelle Obama's thesis was incoherent and didn't make sense involving English. His words were racist and abhorrent. The truth is that Michelle Obama graduated from law school, worked in a legal firm, and helped her community for years and decades. She has a book and promotes girl empowerment and women empowerment to this very day. We know about Dinesh. Dinesh D'Souza mocked victims of school shootings, called the 2018 mail bomb attempts fake, and is a notorious adulterer. He was a convicted felon and he was pardoned by fellow bigot Trump. He has defended colonialism. Like a traitor to his Indian people, he defended British colonialism in India. Therefore, Dinesh is a blatant far right extremist whose repugnant views should be exposed for what they are.

There is so many news that I lost count. First is the news about the Chicago Bears player Charles Leno defending the racist tweet from the white woman finance of his. Charles Leno is a black man. Jennifer Roth is the white racist's name. Roth's tweets were racist and disgusting. This doesn't surprise me. Many of these athletes just love to date racists and don't care about their views since they lust after acceptance instead of promoting justice. Charles Leno is a left tackle. Jennifer's tweet from 2012 disrespects black people's skin complexion, poor people, etc. She has fetishized biracial babies too. People like Jennifer target black athletes for not only a fetish, but for wealth building purposes too. Low self-esteem black males like Leno makes it hard for real black people to live life. That is why it is important to vet dates and to never date a stone cold racist. That is the point.

Once again, Mike Rappaport has been caught being disrespectful. Recently, he apologized to Pete Davidson for making insensitive remarks about his mental illness. Rappaport is known for this. Recently, he never apologized for his racist remarks about Kenya Moore when Moore is a mother, a wife, and a very talented human being. Mike Rappaport disrespected other black women. Some want to support Mike Rappaport (his role in Higher Learning was too good) and try to justify his racism, because he made a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest. No, just because you claim to be down, doesn't mean that you're truly down. Rappaport is only down for profit and cultural exploitation of black people. Rappaport doesn't support NFL Players protesting peacefully on 9/11. He has disrespected Janet Jackson. He has cursed Spike Lee on the issue of gentrification in New York City. He is known for calling black women out of their names. Yesha Callahan and Monique Judge (who are great black women journalists) were also disrespected by Rappaport in vulgar terms. Rappaport would never use such language against white people because of the obvious reason.

If a man disrespects black women, then that person is an enemy of mine period. The sick thing is that still many black people support this male. Those black people who support him have a slavery mentality and some of them believe in the myth that a white man has social superiority over black people. We will defend black women and black people in general. That is what we will do and Mike Rappaport is the same as Bill Maher and the rest of those pseudo-liberals who talk down on black people who disagree with them. Maher has been accused of domestic violence against black women and he said the N word on his show. Maher is a disgrace too. I don't bite my tongue. I will call it as I see it.

By Timothy

Monday, December 17, 2018

Seton Hall Students Will Renew Push on Africana Studies

An Electoral Strategy to Defeat Police Oppression – and Its Black Allies -- in Chicago

U.S. Presidents Kill for Empire

Study Shows US Has Caused the Death of Millions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Famous Authors.

 Sister Maya Angelou (1928-2014) was definitely our voice. Her wisdom was immeasurable and she was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. She had a lifelong love affair with literature and education. Her words of wisdom motivated our consciousness and made us aware of the value of black women. Certainly, she lived a full life filled with interacting with some of the greatest black people as close friends and showing the literacy genius that she always has exhibited. Her story outlines the essence of the human value of black women and the resilient spirit of black people in general. She was born in the great city of St. Louis, Missouri and lived for 86 years on this Earth. Today, she is with the ancestors and now we certainly reflect on her awe-inspiring life as a courageous advocate for freedom and justice. She was active in the Civil Rights Movements by advising the SCLC. She was a friend to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Abbey Lincoln, and Billie Holiday. People should know about Sister Abbey Lincoln, because she was one of the greatest performers in our history. Maya Angelou spoke worldwide in the presence of students, Presidents, scholars, and just ordinary human beings, but she always was the same (in her powerful countenance) in the presence of diverse audiences. She never wavered in her commitment to liberation and she shown the world her light thoroughly. She always assisted the movements for social change and she always loved black people. We love her back. In this appreciation, we can never omit the information of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (which was her 1969 autobiography). Any lover of literature should have the chance to read that story. That book is iconic and shows how important social justice is. Her poem Phenomenal Woman outlines the majestic, pain, beauty, and resiliency of women in general. Now, we live near 2020. God is here and the ancestors are watching. It is certainly our responsibility to show the truth and to show our courage to live, to help our people, and to shine our light in favor of liberty.

 John Steinbeck received a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962 at Sweden. His life has been about writing stories with imagination, wit, and power. John Ernst Steinbeck Sr. (1902-1968) wrote classics of American literature. He authored 27 book plus 16 novels. He is known for his short stories too. The Grapes of Wrath (1939) won the Pulitzer Prize as a masterpiece. Many of his works are taught at middle schools and high schools nationwide. He had many children. Salinas, California was the place of his birth. He had German, English, and Irish descent. His paternal grandfather was a German man named Johann Adolf Großsteinbeck (1828–1913), Steinbeck's paternal grandfather, shortened the family name to Steinbeck when he immigrated to the United States. He saw the cruelty of some human beings which inspired to write the book Of Mice and Men. During the Great Depression, he elide on some foods, welfare, and other things to survive. The marine biologist and his friend Ed Ricketts mentored him about philosophy and biology. He wrote many fictional works. He wrote about history, migrant workers, and suffering families. In September 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Steinbeck Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was a hawk in support of the Vietnam War. Of course, I disagree with the Vietnam War. He passed away in New York City on December 20, 1968. He was 66 years old. He had heart disease. John Steinbeck gave voice to the suffering and the disposed. He reflected his knowledge of history, biology, religion, politics, and mythology. He inspired future writers to pursue their goals.

One living legend of writing is Sister Toni Morrison. She was born in February 18, 1931 and her legacy is enormous. She is an American novelist, essayist, editor, teacher and professor emeritus at Princeton University. Her book of Beloved won the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award in 1988. It became a movie later on. Also, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. In 1996, the National Endowment for the Humanities selected her for the Jefferson Lecture, the U.S. federal government's highest honor for achievement in the humanities. She was honored with the 1996 National Book Foundation's Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.  On May 29, 2012, President Barack Obama presented Morrison with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2016, she received the PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction. She was born in Lorain, Ohio. Her family came from Alabama and Georgia. Her parents taught her about heritage and African American folktales plus ghost stories. They sang songs. Morrison read mightily as a child from works from Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy. She enrolled at the historical HBCU Howard University and graduated with a B.A. in English and earned a Master of Arts from Cornell University in 1955. She is a lifelong teacher and she taught English at Texas Southern University in Houston for years. She inspired the next generation of African American authors like Toni Cade Bambara, Angela Davis, and Gayl Jones. She wrote Sula in 1973 which was about a friendship between two black women and the famous Song of Solomon (1977). She wrote the libretto for the opera of Margaret Garner which was completed by 2002. On November 17, 2017, Princeton University dedicated Morrison Hall (a building previously called West College) in her honor. She still writes. Her eleventh novel is called “God help the Child” which was published in 2015. The work is about Bride and whose mother tormented her for being dark-skinned. It exposes colorism as wrong. Bride is an executive in the fashion and beauty industry. Morrison has spoken out against police brutality, racism, and is a known social activist. She is always a humble black woman.

Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican-American writer who was born in Chicago at December 20, 1954. She has written about culture, economic inequality, and other issues. She is known for her short story collection. She has many awards and a key legend in Chicana literature. Her work fights against the oppression that Mexican Americans face and to refute the evil agenda of misogyny found in the world society. The House on Mango Street is a coming of age novel that depicts the honest lives of Latino communities. Sandra Cisneros worked as a teacher, a counselor, a college recruiter, a poet, and an arts administrator. She promotes art and literacy causes. In 1998 she established the Macondo Writers Workshop, which provides socially conscious workshops for writers, and in 2000 she founded the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation, which awards talented writers connected to Texas. Her paternal grandfather was a veteran of the Mexican Revolution. Cisneros was awarded a bachelor of arts degree from Loyola University Chicago in 1976, and received a master of fine arts degree from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1978. She used her own personal experiences and watching her community as a means to write her stories. Cisneros shaped Chicana and feminist literature. Bilingualism is found in her writings too. Cisneros was recognized by the State University of New York, receiving an honorary doctorate from Purchase in 1993 and a MacArthur fellowship in 1995. Sandra Cisneros continues to excite the imagination of human beings worldwide.

One of the greatest writers in history was Sister Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000). She worked diligently in poetry, books, education as a teacher, and being a social activist. Her works promoted resiliency and celebrated the lives of many people. She received the Poet Laureate of Illinois in 1968. She was the first African American woman inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1976. She was born in Topeka, Kansas and by six weeks old, lived in Chicago. She was educated at the South side of Chicago as a child. Her mother encouraged her to write. Her mother said that she would be as great as Paul Laurence Dunbar. She loved Chicago. She published her first poem called “Eventide” when she was 13 years old. She wrote and published about 75 poems at the age of 16. James Weldon Johnson, Richard Wright, and Langston Hughes encouraged her to write more. The Chicago Defender shown her work and the Chicago Defense is an African American newspaper. Her portraits of life in Bronzeville in Chicago received critical acclaim. Her second book of poetry was called Annie Allen (1949) which dealt with the life of a young black girl in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. The book received the 1950 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. She taught at the University of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, Northeastern Illinois University, and other locations. She worked with many young black poets including her son’s fiancée Kathleen Hardiman. Her son is Henry Lowington Blakely III. She was involved in the civil rights and Black Power movements. Gwendolyn Brooks joined the NAACP Youth Council in 1937 to protest lynching and demanding justice for the Scottsboro Boys of Alabama. In 1967, the Organization of Black American Culture in Chicago featured Gwendolyn Brooks in its famed Wall of Respect mural, alongside W.E.B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, Kwame Ture, Malcolm X and Nina Simone, symbolically inducting Brooks into a Black Power hall of fame. She fought apartheid as well. She defended the dignity and the human rights of the poor. Her long history shows the greatness of black writers.

Mark Twain (1835-1910) was a lecturer, publisher, writer, and humorist. His name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He is famous for his novels of Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885). He influenced greatly the development of the modern American novel. He was born in Florida, Missouri. He was so well known for his wit, that he became friends to Presidents, artists, industrialists, and European royalty. He lectured the world. Mark Twain was of English and Scots-Irish descent. He wrote sketches to the Hannibal Journal. He was a printer too. Her married Olivia Langdon and also met abolitionists, socialists, and others like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frederick Douglass, and socialist William Dean Howells. Howells was his longtime friend. Mark Twain produced President Ulysses S. Grant’s Memoirs via his publishing house called Charles L. Webster and Company. He co-founded it with Charles L. Webster, who was his nephew by marriage. Twain’s political views changed as he gotten older. He was anti-imperialist after 1899. He supported the Boxers in the Boxer Rebellion. He criticized Cecil Rhodes’ British imperialist goals too. Mark Twain was a Freemason and had the degree of Master Mason on July 10, 1861. He passed away in Connecticut and is known for his literature. Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) only lived for 40 years, but his impact existed long after his death. He wrote fiction, short stories, and poems. His focus was on mystery and the macabre. Romanticism in America was influenced by him. He also made detective fiction stories which didn’t exist in a large way before him. He was born in Boston. Later, he lived in Richmond, Virginia. He was adopted by a family. He came into the University of Virginia. He traveled into Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City to form himself a living. He was controversial. His works include The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Oval Portrait and other stories. He passed away at the city of Baltimore on the date of October 7, 1849.

Richard Wright (1908-1960) made America to see the viciousness of racial discrimination. His novels, poems, non-fiction, and short stories detailed African American life. He was born in Mississippi. His memoir named Black Boy detailed his life from 1912 to May of 1936. His parents were born free and his grandparents were slaves and freed after the Civil War. His paternal grandfather Nathan Wright (1842–1904) had served in the 28th United States Colored Troops; his maternal grandfather Richard Wilson (1847–1921) escaped from slavery in the South to serve in the US Navy as a Landsman in April 1865. He moved into Memphis at the age of 17 to study at Howe Institute. He came into Chicago with his family in joining the Great Migration. His childhood experiences in Mississippi, Elaine Arkansas, and Memphis influenced his writings. Richard Wright met Communists in Chicago. He chaired the south Side Writers Group with members like Arna Bontemps and Margaret Walker. He wrote essay and he edited the Left Front. He feel out with many Communists by assaulted by former members at the 1936 May Day march, threatened at knife point by members, and being disrespected. He made new ties with new Communist leaders.  He worked on the Project guidebook to the city, New York Panorama (1938), and wrote the book's essay on Harlem. Wright became the Harlem editor of the Daily Worker, a Communist newspaper. He wrote Native Son. Wright opposed Stalin’s Great Purge in the Soviet Union, but believed in far left democratic solutions to political problems. He lived in France, worked in Africa, and passed away at the age of 52 on the date of November 28, 1960. He had a daughter named Julia.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday News.

Emmanuel Marcon is a false liberal for many reasons. With the recent yellow vest movement, he has been reluctant to advance revolutionary views. Also, his deplorable comments about Africa outline his nefarious agenda too. He said that racist comment that Africa has "civilizational" problems when tons of African locations have elevators, advanced transportation, great housing and technological development. He ignores the fact that French colonialism and imperialism harmed many Africans for centuries and people have the right to reject paternalism plus embrace self-determination to achieve their own destinies. It is not secret that many Western elites advocate massive African population decline in trying to control Africa since Africans are increasing their populations. More flourishing African populations is a blessing along with technological developments. Africans need respect not radical population reduction. It is ironic too since many Europeans have low population growth, but some of these same Westerners want to falsely scapegoat Africans for their own problems. Marcon said that he wants to stop African's population growth which is a call for evil anti-African growth. Marcon is a total enemy. We believe in total, uncompromising black liberation.

There are two major stories today. One is that Michael Cohen was convicted on many counts and is sentenced to three years in prison. Cohen is ordered to pay nearly $2 million in fines, forfeitures, and restitution. Cohen admitted to these crimes and wants to take responsibility for his actions. He also blamed Trump in court for his criminal actions. Also, the National Enquirer admitted to paid to silence women to help Trump win the 2016 election. This is clearly an act of unethical, evil actions. The head of the AIM has collaborated Cohen's testimonies. There is no question that Russian nationals collaborated with the Trump team in trying to win the 2016 election. Mueller is building collaborating evidence in his investigative research. These acts are felonies and there is no question that Robert Mueller is building a case against Donald Trump. Trump should be impeached or resign. Even if Trump doesn't get impeached, he faces state charges after he is out of office. The Trump campaign used deceptive, heinous tactics. That is reflected in their policies now. This is now worse than Watergate since this scandal spreads internationally and it involves overt crimes being exposed in such a quicker fashion. More news about Trump is coming about. We know that the Trump family is being investigated. We also know that authors have accused Donald Trump of having links to the Mafia and Russian organized crime. Trump recently denied directing Michael Cohen to handle issues for him. Yet, we have new evidence of how the National Enquirer collaborated with Trump.

Spanning over five decades in musical performance, Sister Dionne Warwick has made hits and worked in charity too. It was her Birthday days ago and she is 78 years old. She was born in Orange, New Jersey. She was raised in East Orange, New Jersey. Later, she cultivated her music career. Her music is diverse, sophisticated, and specialized to make people enjoy her sound. Many of Warwick's family were members of the Drinkard Singers, a renowned family gospel group and RCA recording artists who frequently performed throughout the New York metropolitan area. She sang gospel music as a child as well. One of her great early hits was the song, "Don't Make Me Over." Walk on By is another famous song by her too. Her cousin is Whitney Houston and her aunt is Cissy Houston or Whitney's mother. In her 2011 autobiography, My Life, as I See It, Warwick notes that opera diva Leontyne Price is a maternal cousin. She has many children and she was on many television shows. She worked to help many nations and she has a very kind soul. I wish Sister Dionne Warwick more blessings.

Days ago was the Birthday of Sister Regina Hall. She is gifted to be an actress and to have a great sense of humor. When people are around her, she makes people feel good about life. She is now 48 years old and she was born in Washington, D.C. She was educated at college in the Bronx, NYC at Fordham University. From comedy roles to more serious roles, she has excelled magnificently at them. She has a bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in journalism from NY University. She rose greatly from roles in Love and Basketball and the Scary movie series. She has won awards by her own merit and continues to shine the light of good cheer to humanity. I wish Sister Regina Hall more blessings. When you think about 1980's music, you think about Sheila E. It was her Birthday days ago and she was born in Oakland, California. Oakland is home to many great musicians. She could sing, act, and play the drums in a great fashion. She was a friend to fellow musician Prince and she never wavered in her quest to perform music at the greatest possible way. She loves her fans and she enjoys the competitive nature of performance and the bands that she was a part of. Sheila E is now 61 years old. She has written literature and she is continuing in her path of expressing her talents to the world. One of her most famous songs was "The Glamorous Life." Her legacy is set in stone as an iconic instrumentalist, performer, author, actress, and trailblazer in music. A lot of artists today follow in her footsteps. I wish Sheila E more blessings.

Yesterday was the Birthday of the late great legend Sister Ella Baker (1903-1986). She was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Virginia is always home to social activists and fighters for freedom. She is so great that she is practically the Grandmother of the Civil Rights Movement. She worked hard for freedom for black freedom spanning more than 50 years. Non-stop, she advocated for freedom. She worked with Septima Clark, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Julian Bond, Ruby Dee, and other heroes. She never quit. She spoke up against police brutality long before the late 1960's. She was the organizer and the founder of SNCC in North Carolina back in the early 1960's. Also, she advocated grassroots organizing. She questioned "messianic" leadership and she wanted the common people to have a voice in any endeavor of social activism. She mentored Kwame Ture, Diane Nash, Rosa Parks, and Bob Moses. She lived a long life. She fought apartheid, advanced other causes, and always spoke out in favor of human liberation. She was that great. Not too many people know about her or her legacy, but we cherish her great contributions to history.
Rest in Power Sister Ella Baker.

By Timothy

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Discernment on December 12, 2018.

One of the most important movements of activism right now is the yellow vest movement in France. The yellow vest movement is about promoting economic justice for French workers. This movement isn't just found in France. Belgian police were aggressive against Belgian yellow vest wearers too. Such protesters were in the Netherlands and in Iraq to combat contaminated water. In Burkina Faso, a Facebook group has been set up calling for such protests on December 13. It states: “So on December 13, 2018, across Burkina Faso, let us occupy without violence and pacifically every street corner and intersection in our neighborhoods in the cities and villages across the entire country to say: –No to the rise in fuel prices // –No to injustice in all its forms.” A group of Red Vests activists is in Tunisia calling for justice too. This shows that the worldwide workers' fight for justice is widespread. Marcon has betrayed the French people. He has been out to refuse to repeal tax cuts for the wealthy and spoke coded xenophobic language recently about wanting some debate on national "identity" and "secularism." The yellow vest heroes in France have experienced police brutality, tear gas, and arrests, but they are still going strong in their legitimate goal of freedom. Now, we have French cops brutalizing high school kids in a Paris suburb because they joined the Yellow vest protests. So, the truth is on our side.

We have another case of an innocent black woman being mistreated. The story is about how crooked cops unjustly arrested Sister Jazmine Headley while she was holding on her baby child. The NYPD ripped the one-year-old child (who is a little boy) from Jazmine. She had her charges dropped because of the pressure from real activists who wanted to see Jazmine Headley free from injustice. The criminal injustice system is terrible in how it treats black people, especially poor black people. Jazmine Headley deserves a total apology from those who unjustly arrested her and compensation. As black people, we want to just live our lives without oppression and without discrimination. We are a loving people. We love life. Yet, don't get it twisted since we will stand up for freedom like always.
Black Lives Matter.

Right now, Trump is lusting to build his silly wall on the U.S./Mexican border. He is threatening to have a government shutdown. Trump said that he is proud to shut down the government for border security. Trump is begging money to build the wall. The irony is that he is desperate for Democratic support to try to advance his xenophobic policies. Trump and Democratic leaders disagree on border issues in a White House meeting recently. When you see babies stripped from their mothers to be placed into internment camps, when you see Trump trying to allow troops to use rifles on refugees, and when you see Trump being blatantly xenophobic, then we have a problem. Also, we have to realize that comprehensive immigration reform is not enough as corporations readily like this moderate proposal. Total justice must come about. According to Maria Butina's plea deal, she admitted that she arranged the 2015 Moscow NRA meeting. She agrees to cooperate with prosecutors. She is the first Russian national to agree to plea with U.S. authorities involving this Trump campaign scandal. The NRA financed Trump in about $30 million. That is almost three times the amount of money that the NRA spent on Romney back in 2012. NRATV employees have been laid off. Mother Jones said that they may be illegal campaign coordination between Trump and the NRA.

No one should be surprised by Trump's actions. Trump has been bankrupt multiple times and has defrauded people involving Trump University. He hypocritically trying to lie about refugees while Cohen has said that he was in touch with Russian nationals seeking "political synergy" for the Trump campaign. There is one Russian person (who lobbied with the NRA) appearing to reach a plea deal. This Russian person was directed by Russia to go into various political functions. Bill Clinton was impeached by perjury and Trump has done way worse than perjury. Trump should be impeached. Also, we should use discernment. Non-black people like Cardi B and sellout colorists like Kodak Black ought to be not supported by us. Their lyrics and their views are total poison. I'm not a theocrat. Yet, I do believe in morality. That means that black folks should not be called slurs (regardless of how those slurs are used regardless of the context), women shouldn't be disrespected in songs, and unnecessary violence shouldn't be glamorized. Standing by your principles allows more real people to respect you than compromising for an industry that doesn't care for us in the first place.

After pressure, Mitch McConnell has said that he will allow a vote on criminal justice reform. This is a unique issue where people from across the political spectrum are in agreement that something has to be done with our broken criminal justice system. There are many people out of prison without any job opportunities, lax educational opportunities, and other problems that must be addressed. Many people can't vote even after they paid their debts to society. We know of the statistics showing how racially biased and class-biased the criminal system is. This issue has a long history. After the Civil War, many black people experienced the peonage system. Peonage was virtual slavery where many black people were forced against their wills to work in various locations under brutal conditions (and harsh treatment). The War on Drugs grew the prison industrial complex during the 1980's and the 1990's. Harsh crime laws existed under Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton (via his Crime Bill). Today, more and more people see the handwriting on the wall. The status quo doesn't work as it wasn't meant to work for poor and working-class people (only for large corporate interests and those among privilege). Therefore, laws must be changed and new laws must exist to promote compassion and true justice for all.

By Timothy

Monday, December 10, 2018




Various Movements

The human rights movement expanded significantly during the post-war period from 1940’s to the early 1970’s. Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans established their own movements for equality and justice. They wanted influence in law and government. They also wanted respect. Those with disabilities and consumer protections grew during this period too. New Hispanic American immigrants increased after World War II as anti-immigrant policies declined and more labor opportunities developed. New immigrants desired jobs. Latino-Americans have a large Spanish speaking population. Latino and Hispanic refer to ethnicity not to race as there are Afro-Latinos, white Hispanics, and multiracial Hispanic people too. They share many cultural experiences. Mexican Americans or Chicanos have fought for their rights also. Many Mexican Americans were farmers from the bracero program. This allowed many immigrant guest worker programs to allow human beings to farm in the U.S. The 1965 Immigration law caused more Latino-Americans to come into America from more than 400,000 people in the 1960’s to 1.5 million by the 1980’s. After World War II, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans came into the east coast of the Continental United States from Florida to New York State. Many Puerto Ricans wanted better jobs and they are U.S. citizens. Dominicans and Cuban immigrants readily immigrated because of political and economic reasons. After World War II, many Latinos experienced discrimination and oppression. Many of them were veterans of World War II who served honorably against the Axis Powers. Veteran Hector Garcia fought discrimination by forming the American G.I. Forum.

Many Latinos increasingly fought for civil rights during the time of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. They wanted better salaries, wages, and educational opportunities. Like African Americans, they wanted voting rights and more elected political leaders to represent them. Cesar Chavez was one influential Latino activist. He organized farm workers to fight for labor rights in California. Chavez worked in farms and organized tons of people to stand up for economic rights. He traveled into many states too. Many migrant farmworkers picked fruits and vegetables without benefits and for long hours. Chavez formed a farmworkers’ union by 1962 in order to change that horrendous reality. The union was in Delano, California. By the late 1960’s, he merged his union with a separate union of Filipino-American farm workers to form the United Farm Workers or the UFW. The UFW used nonviolence and strikes to fight for change. They used a consumer boycott of table grapes. Delores Huerta was Chavez’s ally, and she worked to fight to win recognition from the growers. By 1975, California passed a law that made collective bargaining a requirement among growers and union representatives. Farmworkers fought to establish better working conditions a reality. Also, the broader Chicano movement wanted educational rights and human rights. They also wanted actual Mexican-American history to be taught in schools nationwide. The Chicano movement wanted to embrace their cultural heritage. The National Council of La Raza was created in 1968 to deal with poverty and discrimination. It wanted better opportunities for Hispanic Americans. The Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) was created in 1967. Jose Angel Gutierrez formed the La Raza Unida political party in Texas by 1970. They wanted housing and jobs. Many Latino political leaders rose up. By 1980, six Latino-Americans sat in Congress to represent areas from New York to Texas. State, county, and city government have more Latinos now than ever before.

Native Americans fought discrimination, poverty, and lax education too. In 1961, the National Indian Youth Council (NIYC) was created in 1961 to fight for justice. They wanted to maintain native fishing rights in the Northwest. Later, they promoted civil rights for Native Americans. In 1968, the Chippewa activists Dennis Banks and George Mitchell created the AIM (or the American Indian Movement). The AIM at first worked in urban communities. Later, they fought for the total land, legal, and self-governmental rights for Native Americans. Many Native Americans confronted the government over land and resources too. Native Americans occupied Alcatraz in 1969 in protest for human rights. They control the Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco area until 1971. By the time of 1972, AIM members Russell Means and Dennis Banks marched from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. They occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs and renamed it Native American Embassy. The 1973 standoff at Wounded Knew caused two Native Americans to die by gunfire. The government later granted many Native Americans self-government rights, but the struggle continues. The Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975 gave Native Americans more autonomy in resources and education in reservations.

Ben Nighthorse Campbell won a U.S. Senate seat. Asian Americans fought for their rights too. The Japanese American Citizen League fought for the civil rights of Japanese Americans. Many Chinese Americans also promoted equality from Bruce Lee to other leaders. The first Asian-American to be elected to Congress was Dalip Singh from California in 1956. By 1962, Daniel K. Inouye from Hawaii was elected to the Senate, and Spark Matsunaga (from Hawaii was elected to the House. Spark was the first Asian-American woman in Congress). In 1968, Asian American students strike at the San Francisco State University to demand the establishment of ethnic studies programs. By the 1960’s and the 1970’s, many Asian Americans were in the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, and other progressive movements. Amy Uyematsu wrote a 1969 essay entitled, “The Emergence of Yellow Power.” It wanted Asian Americans to embrace self-respect, cultural strength, and independence. Some Black Panthers were influenced by the writings of Mao Zedong and the Japanese American Richard Aoki assisted the Black Panthers with weapons training. By 1969, students at the University of California, Berkeley strike for the establishment of ethnic studies programs too. In 1974, March Fong Eu was elected as California’s secretary of state. The Lau v. Nichols decision mentioned that school districts with children who speak little English must provide them with bilingual education. Later, more Asian immigration came into America, many Japanese Americans were given reparations by 1987, and more events would grow the Asian community in general.

Ralph Nader was a consumer rights activists that inspired changed. His book entitled, "Unsafe at any Speed" in 1965 contributed to Congress passing the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. This promoted seat belts and other equipment which has saved lives sicne its inception. OSHA supported workers’ safety. By the 1960’s, JFK researched the policies to help Americans with disabilities. LBJ signed the August 1968 Architectural Barriers Act law that allowed federal buildings to have ramps to help citizens who are handicapped. Disability rights increased with the late President George H. W. Bush signing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. People among both parties (and human beings in general) used policies that developed the Special Olympics, educational opportunities, and other blessings to those with disabilities.

By Timothy

Friday, December 07, 2018

Legacy and Other News.

The late President George H. W. Bush is now buried. I never made an extensive commentary about this man in many years. Today, I will here. I will do this since the mainstream media omitted many parts of his legacy that tons of people don't know about. Also, it's the right thing to do. You have to show the truth in season and out of season. I made a promise to myself that I will reveal the truth about him once he is buried. I did this since it is proper to allow a family to mourn their father or grandfather, or great-grandfather. He lived for 94 years on Earth. He was born in the Northeast, and he passed away in Texas. George H. W. Bush was of the elite. George H. W. Bush was a faithful member of the oligarchy. The memorial service for Bush, held in Washington DC’s National Cathedral, was attended by Trump and every living former president, as well as hundreds of members of Congress, federal officials, judges, generals, and corporate bosses. He graduated from Yale University. He was a member of the Skulls and Bones Secret Society where rituals exist, and new members have nicknames. Also, George H. W. Bush ran in Congress back in 1964 in opposition to the Civil Rights Act, which was wrong. He later supported the 1968 Housing Act when he was a member of the House of Representatives. George H. W. Bush was a great supporter of Nixon even during the Watergate scandal. Later, he was an Ambassador to China as he understood fully about foreign policy affairs. He was the head of the CIA, and he ran for President back in 1980 (and ironically criticized Reagan's economic proposals as "voodoo economics"). He lost to Ronald Reagan and became his Vice Presidential running mate.

As a team, they won the 1980 election. George H. W. Bush was elected President in November of 1988. Back then, I was in kindergarten. I remembered Reagan and Bush back then. From 1989 to 1993, he was President. It is fair to acknowledge what he got right (which dealt with signing the Clean Air Act, going forward with the Americans with Disabilities Act, approving the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, and allowing the reunification of Germany). George H. W. Bush signed a budget deal that increased taxes on the wealthy. He saw the end of the Cold War in his working relationship with Gorbachev. President Bush also worked in the Persian Gulf War (before that war, Reagan and Bush aided Saddam Hussein with money and military aid. That changed when Saddam invaded Kuwait). He also made mistakes. George H. W. Bush supported the racist Willie Horton ad. That ad promoted the false stereotype that every black man was inherently criminal and it was promoted by Lee Atwater. It was so bad that even Atwater on his deathbed admitted that the Willie Horton ad was wrong. He came out to support the far right hypocrite Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. President Bush endorsed the vicious War on Drugs policies, and he helped to expand imperialism in the four corners of the Earth (also when Bush was Vice President, he was silent when the Reagan team was aiding Saddam with real WMDs and when the Reagan team had involvement in Iran-Contra). George H. W. Bush wanted more than 1.5 billion dollars to fund law enforcement. He also staged a crack deal in order to promote his criminal policies. The War on Drugs contributed to the increase of the imprisonment of black people in the 1990's and beyond. He didn't do enough to invest in helping people with HIV/AIDS.

Massive civilian deaths existed during the invasion of Panama and during the Persian Gulf War. Bush wasn't the first President to have done this too. He wasn't the last either. As he left office in January 1993, Bush issued pardons for Caspar Weinberger, Reagan’s secretary of defense, and five other officials who had been indicted or convicted for their roles in the Iran-Contra scandal. Bush bailed out the savings & loan industry at taxpayer expense—his son Neil was a prominent executive of a failed S&L. Imperialism is never representative of heroism. It is representative of destruction, nihilism, and a denial of essential human democracy for people. So, when we see the mainstream media nearly worship the man, remember that all things aren't what they seem. We shouldn't disrespect the man George H. W. Bush unfairly. Yet, it is disrespectful for some to ignore his whole record or some trying to sugarcoat the truth. That does nothing to help society or inspire the youth to promote change. The fact is that the decay of American capitalism, the bigotry in the world, and the constant reactionary extremism contributed to the existence of the Presidency of the neo-fascist Donald Trump. We must not be P.C. We have to show the truth whether folks like it or not. The legacy of George H. W. Bush ought to be evaluated from beginning to the end. His legitimate actions and his faults must be acknowledged. At the end of the day, we must execute the duty to serve for the causes of liberty and justice.

After the GOP lost many elections in Wisconsin and Michigan (plus in other states), some GOP legislatures have been petty to try to pass legislation to promote their own power in both states. The GOP lost political power in both states for specific reasons. One reason is that they wanted not to advance expanding health care. Another is that they promoted the interests of oligarchy instead of the interests of the people collectively. In Wisconsin, Democrat Tony Evers will be the new governor in replacing the controversial Scott Walker. The GOP in Wisconsin wants to pass legislation to cut down the number of days in which people can vote, give the legislature more power over commissions, and Evers’s abilities to change the state’s work requirement laws around food stamps and health care, providing the legislative oversight over any federal waivers the state has received. Walker pushed for Medicaid work requirement waivers and waivers to drug test food stamp recipients.

One bill wants to stop Wisconsin’s incoming attorney general from withdrawing the state from a federal lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, instead of requiring legislative approval to do so. Democrat Josh Kaul also ousted Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel. They campaigned on removing restrictions around welfare, protecting the Affordable Care Act, and creating jobs. These GOP policies are wrong, and many protesters are doing their jobs in making their voices heard. Lawsuits in the future could stop these proposals. In Michigan, proposals would shift power from elected officials to commission as these acts are supported by the GOP. Democracy should always be defended, and the voters have the right to allow their voices to be heard.

By Timothy