Just some questions and observations from an avid reader of this newsletter who happens to live in a country (The Netherlands) with mandatory and affordable health insurance for at least the last 100 years:

Who ends up paying for the health care for people who can't afford health insurance or are refused by insurance companies? Isn't that the taxpayer in the end anyhow?

Why do so many Americans think that health care as a private enterprise with more concern for the shareholders than for the sick and the elderly is to be preferred over a non-profit system that covers everybody for an affordable monthly premium?

Why does someone who worked and saved all his life have to go broke and lose his or het house just because they get sick when they get older? And why would someone in his right mind want to live in a country where that is common practise and can happen anytime to his fellow countrymen or, if he's one of the many millions of uninsured, to himself?

Why do Americans still fall for that 'we're protecting your individual freedom' song and dance coming from Washington every time Congress wants to stick it to them? Politicians are not protecting your freedom. They're protecting the insurance business just like they're protecting the pharmaceutical industry. The care for your health should not be in the hands of people looking out for number 1. Because number 1 ain't you. You ain't even number 2...


I've READ Obama, and therefore know where he agreed and disagreed with rev. Wright. Futhremore, your implied analogy between Rev. Wright and Nazis like "pos", racists like Ohreally, is a patent absurdity. Rev. Wright was certainly guilty of INTEMPERANT LANGUABE, but nothing comparable to Nazism and racism. In fact, most of his accusations against the government in his notorious "God damn America" speech were/are ACTUALLY true. I think I can make a betteer case for most of what he said there than you or Sone can make a case for the racist clap trap spewed forth by pos. Go back and READ what she says in the King thread. Or notice her implied support for racists in numerous threads over time. She does not overtly express racist ideas. But she comes to the DEFENSE of racists. I've not seen her come to the defense of anti-racists-- a point which I once called her on. But she's not shy about opposing ideas that really offend her. At some point, silence does imply consent.