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Near 2013 News

9/11 was the event that changed everything. It caused a paradigm shift in America including the world. 9/11 still to this day impacts me. I think about 9/11 every day of life since those events motivate me to find the truth. It was used as a pretext by the establishment as means to continue the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly Iran. There is no question that the U.S. government was repeatedly warned of terrorist like attacks (that were similar to 9/11) for years before 9/11. Morocco, Germany, Russia, Israel, France, etc. warned America about similar 9/11 related attacks as well. At least five FBI investigations were squashed when these investigations were investigating certain terrorist actions. Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force examined maps of Middle East oil fields in the months before 9/11 and the start of the alleged "War on Terror" allowed Western interests to increasingly control resources in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. That is why Western oil corporations are reaping record profits since 9/11. The attacks caused the creation of the Homeland Security police state that harmed human rights. Dissent is regularly suppressed with harsh police brutality and harsh police measures against protests nationwide (even against OWS protesters in NYC). You can look at mainstream media shows to see the record police brutality against us or the people. When you see cops praying pepper spray on TV against innocent OWS protesters, and then imagine what they do behind closed doors without cameras. The cameras present even expose grotesque stuff now in our faces. A great list of "unanswered questions" about 9/11 is from the 9/11 Family Steering Committee, which includes the widows who forced through the creation of the (severely flawed) official 9/11 commission. Their list is posted at their website -- There were many military and intelligence war games on 9/11. So, we have the responsibility to do as much as we can do to improve the world society. There must be peace and justice. The global corporate elite control financially both major parties and we know this for long years. Today, lobbyists dominate and influence the political system in Washington. Many of these lobbyists don't advocate peace or true fairness in the Middle East. Some of them advocate war and international organizations (like the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, etc.) as a means to continue forth with the agenda of globalization. We need independence not a new world order system. We should pay attention to domestic and international affairs since these events affect all of us literally. I believe in a strong social safety net and human liberty. What I don't believe in the destruction of national sovereignty and the crushing of our human civil liberties (since the Bill of Rights means something). As human beings, we have every right to make our grievances known plus to protest any evil that transpires in the globe. There must be separation of powers and checks and balances as a means to make sure that the government doesn't act nihilistic. The government should provide the general welfare as a means to promote the general welfare without the government being ruled by corporate interests. For decades, especially since the late 1950's, the oligarchs promoted their counterrevolution as a means to promote oligarchy (and stop numerous real progressive movements). The power of cartels has grown exponentially and some corporations have more powerful than governments now. We witness the military industrial complex being potent and the promoters of peace being unfairly reviled in the world. It's a shame that we still have poverty and war. So, there is nothing wrong with a person being anti-war and anti-Patriot Act as well.


Even Ed Shultz is wrong on this issue. Ed is right on many economic and political matters, but he's dead wrong on this issue. The truth is that the war on terror is evil. The President authorized covert U.S. support to these terrorist rebels (as reported on his network MSNBC) in the nation of Libya. Drone attacks are evil and Ed supporting this trash of the invasion of Libya by NATO is a disgraceful. The American government for decades supported terrorists including Muslim militants. America covertly via NATO did supported al-Qaeda related rebels killing people. That's neo-imperialism. He supported the invasion of Libya where innocent black men, women, and children were murdered by sick people. The neo-cons have been consistent to support imperialism in both the Bush and Obama terms. Some progressives have been inconsistent by condemning Bush's crimes and supporting Obama doing drone attacks, warrantless wiretapping, and other evil foreign policies in 2012. America did support al-Qaeda for decades and the current administration support extremist rebels in Syria and Africom (promoting IMF control of African resources). Trading blood and treasure for imperialism is hypocritical on the part of some of these so-called “liberals.” Like Malcolm X, they are the foxes while the reactionaries are the wolves. Now, we see the truth. The truth is that the establishment liberals are just as wrong and ignorant as the Tea Party crowd. The rebels (who are backed by the West) are slaughtering Christians via bombings in Syria as well. Al-Qaeda terrorists have been armed, funded, and diplomatically recognized by the West is a reality. These rebels have detonated 2 car bombs in Christian-Druze quarters in Damascus killing dozens. This happened in a Christian-Druze neighborhood in Damascus. This is a product of sectarian extremism not democratic aspirations on the part of the rebels. The Associated Press or the AP tried to spin and downplay the act in their report. They try to claim that the people who die were folks were most loyal to President Bashar Assad. That's sick, because the people who died were Syrian civilians. This tactic of trying to justify these deaths by the AP, BBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. is disgraceful. Many people who oppose the rebels don’t view Assad as a great leader. They just oppose the destruction of their nation by the rebels. The vast majority of Syrians (from Christians, Druze, Shias, and moderate Sunnis) are targeted by sectarian extremists. These extremists include the same Saudi-Wahhabi terrorists that the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been fund, arming, and importing from across the region since 2007. These extremists are killing the Syrian people. We know these terrorists have a political front group found in Doha, Qatar. These terrorists aren't for freedom and democracy. Many of them are theocrats and extremists. Moaz al-Khatib is even involved with Western corporations and he wants an Islamic state. These bombings are causing refugees. Seymour Hersh's article called "The Redirection” proved that the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia planned as far back as 2007 to use sectarian extremists to overrun and overthrow Syria. They wanted to play the Sunnis and Shias against each other in order to weaken Syria (as a means to get more pressure against Iran, which is a mostly Shia nation). Hersh's report said that: "....the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The Israelis believe that putting such pressure on the Assad government will make it more conciliatory and open to negotiations..." This is what is happening in Syria now. The US Army’s own reports indicate that very hotbeds of violence in Syria today, match precisely with 2007 identified Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood epicenters that were supplying terrorists to Iraq to fuel similarly deadly sectarian violence there. The Syrian Christian populations are being killed by these extremists in Homs, Syria. You can make the case that this is genocide against Shias and Christians in Syria. The Libyan Madhi al-Harati of the terrorists Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is advising fellow terrorists in Syria. Harati is now commanding a Libyan brigade operating inside of Syria attempting to destroy the Syrian government and subjugate the Syrian population. Traditionally, this is known as “foreign invasion.” The United Nations is silent on this issue. The Western media is covering up the premeditated genocides or crimes against humanity. People know that NATO committed war crimes in Libya. The Libyan freedom fighters are exposed as having some links to Al-Qaeda (being supplied with Western arms, cash, and diplomatic recognition). Thee freedom fighters aren't humanitarians. They are criminals. The White House is considering having more direct assistant to the Syrian rebels. Up until now the US has just been playing the role of facilitator, with the CIA smuggling other nations’ arms into Syria for them through various intermediaries.


Ayn Rand wasn't a libertarian at all. She criticized libertarians a lot. She even viewed them as a greater threat to freedom to freedom and capitalism than both modern liberalism and conservatism. I don't agree with libertarians, but many libertarians view Ayn Rand as a saint. Now, we see that Ayn Rand was an extremist who rejected real compassion for the entire human race. Ayn Rand said that the libertarians act as anarchists and they exist outside of the mainstream of capitalism. She called them as publicity seekers that claim to want to educate people in a political campaign, but try to copy her ideals. Now, Rand is slightly wrong. I don't agree with libertarianism ideologically, because there is nothing wrong with public services helping the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly. Yet, even I realize that not all libertarians are monstrous or want to hurt all of society. They just have their own political ideologies. Ayn Rand was a neo-con on foreign policy. The Ayn Rand Institute wants a forceful intervention in Iran, while most libertarians (and most people in America for that matter) oppose a military intervention against Iran. Ayn Ran was racist by calling Arabic people "primitive" and one of the least developed cultures being mostly nomads. She must have forgotten about Arabic people modernizing mathematics, having calligraphy, and developing science for centuries in the Middle East. Rand lied that Arabic people hate Israel, because Israel is the sole beachhead of modern science and civilization in the continent. Ironically, many people from across the political spectrum oppose Israeli occupation of Gaza and Palestine. Real people want peace in the Middle East where Israelis and Palestinians can live in a tranquil society. Even Sandeep Jaitly of Fekete Research mentioned that real libertarians don't follow Rand's philosophy. Ayn Rand's main real life hero was a serial killer. The theocrats (they pervert theology as a means to harm and dominate people of color in an immoral fashion) can talk about the Creator all you want, but the Creator wants us to feed the hungry, promote mercy, and have a radical redistribution of economic and political power. The Creator gave us a mind for a reason. Now, I am consistent. I oppose the extension of the Patriot Act. I don't agree with warrantless spying against American citizens. I don't agree with the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA. I reject the kill list against human beings and even an American citizen was murdered by this list without due process of law. I abhor drone wars and state secrecy too. So, we should be independent thinking human beings.


We know that child kidnapping in Iraq is still going after the major occupation of Iraq by the U.S. forces. There are still issues in Iraq. There have been security problems still in Baghdad. There has been a huge increase in the cases of child abduction. Some kidnap people for finance terrorist groups. Some Iraqi children are even abducted for the sick practice of trafficking human organs. It's lucrative for many evil human beings. A security force said that on November 6, 2012, 21 children were kidnapped from many places in Baghdad. Baghdad child kidnappings have gone up. 30 kids have been abducted in two weeks. Some of these acts have been done by criminal gangs. Some of this has been done to fund terrorists like al-Qaeda. Many children stolen are from rich families, poor families, and the suburbs of the capital like in places of: Al-Ubaidi District, Sadr City, Baghdad Al-Jadeeda (Al-Rasafah Area), and Abu-Disheer, Al-Doura, Al-Bayyaa, Al-Furat, Al-Radwaniyah, Abu Ghraib, Al-Taji, Al-Shula and Al-Hurriyah Districts (Al Kark area). Kamil Hasan is a police officer. He said that almost 20 children were kidnapped in Baghdad from August to October. He said that there no accurate numbers available. Some of these cases aren't reported, because relatives fear that revealing the numbers would antagonize the kidnappers. Some families have to pay thousands of dollars to return the kidnapped people. Some kidnappings are related to drugs. These actions have been coming on continually since 2003. Children are stolen since families usually pay a lot of money to return the kids to their families. Sometimes the kidnappers kill the kidnapped victim immediately, and then ask for the ransom. In the south of Baghdad Mawlood Muhammad, a child, was found dead near the river, after the family had paid $ 50,000 to get him back. Some girls are kidnapped, raped, and murdered even after the ransom is paid (according to social researcher Sawsan Al-Ubaidi). One 12 year old girl named Hanaa AL-Husaini was kidnapped in front of her house in the Al-Karradah district from Baghdad. She was raped and her body was left in the street. Some people believe that a political agenda is behind this like Ali Shubbar or a Human Rights Member in the Parliament. Some feel that girls are used to sell new born babies' organs in the international market. This is causing some children to stay in home and school attendance to decrease. This is happening worldwide in Mexico, Colombia, and other nations. Kidnapping is also a common tactic in American counterinsurgency warfare. The reputation of the U.S. Army School of the America’s (SOA) was permanently stained after the 1996 declassification of several of its training manuals. The manuals provided documented evidence that SOA instructors had taught and advocated methods of torture, extortion, kidnapping, and execution in the counterinsurgency wars. The Pentagon claimed that the manuals contained only isolated “objectionable” passages, and continued a long pattern of denial by arguing that the manuals had not been properly cleared and did not represent U.S. government policy. Given the historical record, those denials were not credible. Even some people claiming to be part of Maliki security forces were caught robbing people in Sunni neighborhoods in western Baghdad. The kidnappings have grown after the Iraqi army and police were disbanded. There is still high unemployment and economic problems in Iraq.


World AIDS Day is coming soon. There are great rallies across the world that describes opposition to the pernicious disease of AIDS. AIDS effects all of us, because we either have relatives or we know people (directly or indirectly) that have AIDS. Any human life is valuable and HIV/AIDS is a serious matter. For decades, we have grown more mature or progressive about understanding HIV/AIDS. AIDS reminds us that life is precious and short (being less than 130 years for us humans). Therefore, we should do the best that we can to help our neighbor and to contribute compassion plus almsgiving to the human race. The first World AIDS Day came about on December 1, 1988. There has been a lot of ignorance about the disease and certain people have been unfairly scapegoated for AIDS. The truth is that HIV/AIDS doesn't discriminate and our true character is defined by our ties as human beings without bigotry (or oppression). More than 30 million people have died from AIDS and about 34 million human beings are currently infected with HIV. Those of the arts, athletics, religion, technology, science, and a wide spectrum of other human beings have worked together in fighting back against AIDS for a long time. Selfless, thoughtful human beings have expressed true miraculous assistance to the sufferers of AIDS. Many people have lived very productive lives even if they experience AIDS daily. My people or black people still have tons of people suffering HIV/AIDS. More than 1.2 million people on the continent of Africa have died as a product from HIV related illnesses in 2010. This disease affects the rest of humanity as well.


By Timothy






U.N. Votes To Give Palestinians 'Non-Member Observer State' Status (A Historic Time)


The 2012 Peace Prize is Unlawful and Cannot be Paid to the EU

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Secessionism and the New World Order

U.S. Ready for Direct Intervention in Syria

Six Reasons the “Fiscal Cliff” is a Scam: A Mechanism for Rolling Back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

On History and the USA (Truthful Information)


White Folks of Obama's Post-Racial USA_Not All But Far Too Many

I bet some of those whites who sent that hate-her-aide to Sis Kimberly might even consider themselves as 'liberals'.
I've seen too many [though not all], whites spew insensitivity & even out-right hatred toward Mrs Moore [who's Black] RE the recent tragedy of her losing her 2 boys in NYC to Hurricane Sandy, after having the door slammed in her face by a white guy [& others]. One guy even tried to twist her into the Black version of Susan Smith- as others kept asking why she didn't evacuate, while NEVER posing the same question RE those whites that slammed the door in her face- who were in the very same area! Nor did they pose that question RE her white husband, who let his family stay in that area while he went on emergency call duty. IMO Obviously He NEVER thought tragedy would strike his family- thinking it would be safe for them to stay in place!
Then there's the Zimmerman fan-club, which insists on turning Trayvon [the unarmed victim] into a thug that deserved to be gunned-down! And just this month another of FL's John-Q Citizen gun-totin white guys- gunned down another unarmed Black teen at a gas-station - claiming that the Black youth's music was too loud [remember they had both just pulled into a GAS Station Stop]! Of-course this white killer, like Z-man, is going to evoke FL's 'Stand Your Ground' Law for his defense.
Then a lily-white NY state grand-jury let Mr Ken Chamberlain's killer(s) w a badge & a gun- walk 'Scott-Free'. And the beat goes on / the band plays on & on & on... This is what so-called 'Post-Racial' [NOT!] USA is really all about!

PLUS: Most of those whites making wise-cracks about 'If you hate America so much then go back to Africa'- are just blowing a bunch of funky hot-air! Because they are a few of us who'll say BET! Give us our 40 acres & a mule plus interest in financial compensation & we're up outta here! But history shows they ain't serious- Demark Vessey tried to take some of our people out, did they let him do it [IE: cut a deal w him] or did they HANG Him? What about Martin Delany? And Marcus Garvey definitely wanted to take many Blacks back to Africa- so what did Ole Edgar do to him? What about Malcolm X, he also talked about it- What did Ole Edgar do to him? Elijah Muhammed talked about an autonomous territory of 7 states [= the equivalent of 40 Acres plus interest Xs 22 Million Blacks {at that time] for a seperate Black Nation, did they give him even one state, or a county, or even a city??? HELL NO!!! My point- History proves that most whites that say crap like that are Just Wolfing, they ain't serious!



America will become a post-racial society on the very same day that China ceases to speak Mandarin. Even the dumbest White racists know that White people and White dominated multinational institutions still control the governments and natural resources of Africa, so any Black person fleeing there will still find himself or herself fenced in, and facing White dominion.
If most American Blacks were to suddenly immigrate to Africa or anywhere else after enduring/experiencing 400 years or so Western freedom in the so-called New World, in spite of what Whites and many other non-Black immigrants would say, it would be as damning an indictment of American society, as was the mass exodus of Jews from Europe during the Nazi era. In reality, if America was to suddenly find itself "freed" of its permanent scapegoat class, its Black population, it would rapidly face a major dilemma. Whom would (White) America be able to blame for America's flaws and shortcomings? Whose fault would it be that America's rhetoric continued to fall short of its realities?


New Documents: Al Qaeda’s Pentagon Dinner Guest Was Part Of ‘Catch And Release’ Program

Medical Tyranny is Here, and We Can’t Say We Weren’t Warned

Slaying Of Black Teenager In Florida Echoes Travyon Martin Tragedy


edud01Moderator17 hours ago
Stand Your Ground laws are intended to give legal cover for whites to kill Blacks at will. White thirst for Black blood is never ending as they can't control their genetic jealousies. This beast had no right or reason to address these youths regardless of the volume of their music. A stop at a convenience store is intended to be a quick stop, in/out gone. He was not a captive audience to their music with no recourse. Thus, he should have minded HIS business, made a quick purchase and been on his way. This BEAST, like Zimmerman, was out HUNTING for an altercation to invoke SYG on a Black person.


Brenda MathisModerator15 minutes agoin reply to tracy smith
I believe that your right Tracy, that girl did get 20 years or more for defending herself against her boyfriend (baby farther) who was standing her grounds. Infect she only shot the gun in the ceiling and one would think a fine would of taking care of the eye opening of the danger of doing that. But instead they took her away from her child and family... Wow what kind of laws are they upholding in Florida!!????


edud01Moderator1 hour agoin reply to lucifer osiris arnold
That's right!!! The police are the ENFORCERS of white supremacy and white supremacy systems. Black police are out of the loop because the system is designed to trap them too after they have been used up.


Eric Duvall GrayModerator21 hours ago
Another Black Male child killed..... It is open season on black males keep your eyes open and be ready to throw down and FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.... Nobody should be surprised its only been going on for the past 1000 years only difference is now we are in the digital age and there is almost no way to hide your crimes this person (and i use the term loosely) SHOT AND KILLED A CHILD!!!!!!!!! not like its new... so my question is where are all the thugs at that will kill another black male who look just like them at a moments notice.... Where are all the rappers at who talk all that ra ra hard core junk at.... am a throwing white people under the bus no but this is the reality of our situation OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING KILLED AT A ALARMING RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep your eyes open and educate them on what the world thinks of them and right now the world see black ppl male and female with a target on there back
I feel threatened...................


wandarModerator3 hours agoin reply to tracy smith
I agree with you I counsel many whites who say they are F'd up for the exact same reason your speaking of. In fact our ancestors loved and cared for their children whether called M'am, Maid, Nanny or caregiver.


tracy smithModerator21 hours agoin reply to Eric Duvall Gray
It' open season on BLACK people period,men and women,don't get it twisted.



Obama and GOP Play Tag Team on Entitlements

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Never Back Down


The Tea Party, the GOP, and some Democrats all agree now that they want to cut the social safety net. I thought I will never see that day that even some so-called progressives like Durbin would agree with the Grand Deception (not a Grand Bargain), but this is the age in which we live under. The fiscal cliff is heavily an exaggeration to put it lightly. The White House and the Republicans seem to agree that austerity is a succinct plan that they want under certain circumstances. The corporate media have mostly agreed with austerity, so you can't say that the media is super liberal on economic issues. It just isn't there. Alan Simpson's extremism ought to be opposed at every turn. The corporate media is trying to brainwash people to accept austerity as an inevitable solution. The corporatists want to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other services that help the poor. The Grand Deception placed so-called "entitlements" on the table. The good news is that the vast majority of Americans oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Even most Americans want the expansion and maintenance of the meager U.S. social safety net. The controversy now is that the political establishment is trying to convince the American populace that we need to destroy part of our social safety net as a means to fulfill the goal of handling the economic deficit. In the summer of 2011, both sides agreed to about 4 trillion dollars in cuts. We need no cuts to education, services needed to the poor or legitimate funds at all. The election of 2012 came and this issue was talked about. Now, corporate Democrats and Republican can't hide their goal of cutting human services. They are placing corporate profits above human life literally. That is how real it is. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. Robert Reich is the liberal former Labor Secretary in President Bill Clinton's administration. He said that facing down the Republicans is important. I don't want the deadline to come without a plan, but if it were to come, at least new tax cuts for the middle class (and other reforms) should come in 2013. That is better than a weak deal. There is nothing wrong with tax increases on the wealthy, but many in the GOP won't even desire that aim. People all agree with legitimate revenue rising. On the other hand, it's a bad strategy for some in the GOP to hold middle class tax cuts hostile as a means to keep the tax cuts for the super wealthy. Today, we will see that real legacy of the White House. Ironically, we are approaching the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. We know exactly what Dr. King would advocate on economic issues. In the final analysis, we need to be about the people's business not the interests of Wall Street. Scholars like Michael Hudson believe that the fiscal cliff is an artificial crisis. Propaganda from the Ludwig von Mises Institute isn't the answer. The answer is to embrace concern for the least of these and having policies that promote economic growth (which caused a boon from 1945 to 1975). Grover Norquist is dead wrong, because historical his trickled down economics has failed the Americans. Having a tax increase is neither evil nor immoral if done in the right fashion. Only 3 percent of businesses earn more than $250,000 per year, so a slight tax increase on the super-rich is not the end of the world as we know it. Some in the GOP and others want to promote the interests of the one percent. The Bush tax cuts proved that record tax cuts for the wealthy don't necessarily create more jobs. The Bush tax cuts increased our national debt and deficit though. The reality is that the U.S. gave the big banks about $13 trillion of new debt giveaways since September 2008 and little crumbs to the poor and working class. It is obvious that privatization of all aspects of society doesn't work at all. Our issues deal with a wide spectrum of subjects. Our issues relate to health care, the environment, human civil liberties, foreign policy, the war on Drugs, education, and other subjects. We should have passion and strength to continue the great job of making America a better place than in the past.

We should always oppose imperialism and the concept of Empire. Things can fail not because of silly reasons, but because things or successful policies can be mismanaged. Now, we certainly need to defeat poverty once and for all. Ending poverty can benefit all people in the world. We need jobs with an action of having a living wage. The reality is that laissez faire capitalism doesn't work. In revolution, there is bloodshed. Hopefully, we can have a bloodless revolution, but every human being has the right to execute self-defense during extreme circumstances. Fascism and imperialism are linked being a two headed enemy. We see the fruit of the modern establishment. Britain and the U.S. governments killed over 2 million Iraqis in the past nearly 10 years. The hypocrites in the West can lecture us on democracy and freedom, but they regularly institute laws in the world that violate human civil liberties and political expression. These anti-human rights laws don't just transpire in America, but in Europe as well. Anytime, workers try to promote real reforms, they are demonized and some have been murdered by the establishment (via many arms). Now, today, imperialism is slicker. We have surgical strikes against the people of Iraq, missiles in Libya, the conquest of Afghanistan, protesters being assaulted by peacefully protesting in the face of authoritarian police. There has been this "democracy" in action by murderous drones coming about in Libya, Pakistan, and worldwide. These drones kill people form a far distance and it's evil. Workers and activists fought against fascism too. Now, we need justice not just for the workers, but all of the poor and the homeless as well. One piece of good news is that the Supreme Court said that citizens can monitor the police when they conduct arrests (because the Court refused to hear a case).
The ACLU praised the ruling, saying it would focus its efforts now on the district court. “We now hope to obtain a permanent injunction in this case, so that the ACLU’s program of monitoring police activity in public can move forward in the future without any threat of prosecution,” the group said in a statement. “The ACLU of Illinois continues to believe that in order to make the rights of free expression and petition effective, individuals and organizations must be able to freely gather and record information about the conduct of government and their agents – especially the police.”

People realized that Malcolm X was changing rapidly from an ideological standpoint. He was becoming more progressive and understood that international cooperation can stop the aims of our oppressors in the world. Malcolm X was unjustly assassinated on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. The media and the police at that time immediately blamed the Nation of Islam for it. Yet, things in life are more complicated than that. The FBI and other intelligence agencies monitoring Malcolm X illegally and causing tensions in the Black Nationalist movement are just as much responsible for his assassination as the men who shot at him. This situation is what we call "divide and conquer." The FBI and other entities caused more tensions between the Nation of Islam and the OAAU (or the Organization for Afro-American Unity). The captured assailant was NOI member Thomas Hayer. Hayer's lawyer named William Kunstler claimed that deeper forces were at work in the death of Malcolm X. He said the crime "was committed by members of the Newark mosque, including Thomas Hayer, and it was undoubtedly the result of terrible, terrible hostility which was engendered by the FBI telling [both Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad] in anonymous letters that they were going to kill each other [and which] created this terrible, terrible tension that led these five men at the Newark mosque to eliminate Malcolm X; and even though they fired the guns, three of them, the FBI was the real hand on the trigger" (in Malcolm X As They Knew Him, edited by David Gallen). In the last year of his life, Malcolm X worked heavily in America and overseas. He transformed his thinking on some issues after his April 1964 Hajj to Mecca. Malcolm X obviously wanted to internationalize the suffering and plight of African Americans. His goal was to get the United Nations to allow America to be held accountable for its unjust treatment against the then 22 million black African Americans. He said these words in Cairo at the African Summit Conference in front of the delegates of 34 African nations. Malcolm X needed international support in order for the U.S. government to atone at the United Nations. That is why the CIA and the FBI monitored him at every stop that he made in foreign nations. Even in the Cairo conference, Malcolm X suffered a toxic substance at a dinner. He wanted to promote peace and human rights. Malcolm's friend, the writer Louis Lomax wrote: "By then the CIA was following Malcolm's every move; agents were aboard every flight he took, other agents watched his hotels and even kept him under surveillance during meal time" (Louis E. Lomax, To Kill a Black Man). Malcolm told his sister, Ella Collins, that he narrowly avoided another poisoning in Ethiopia. Malcolm X was barred from visiting France in February 9, 1965. Malcolm X thought that the State Department didn't want him to unite Afro-French with other blacks in the world. Journalist Eric Norden found out why. Norden was told by a North African diplomat that "his country's intelligence apparatus had been quietly informed by the French Department of Alien Documentation and Counter-Espionage that the CIA planned Malcolm's murder, and France feared he might be liquidated on its soil." The diplomat then commented in elegantly modulated French: "Your CIA is beginning to murder its own citizens now." On the day before his assassinated, Malcolm X told Alex Haley on the phone that it's bigger than the Muslims since some of the stuff doing on against him was bigger than the NOI. Malcolm X wasn't the first to establish official ties between African American and our black blood brothers and sisters in Africa. Yet, he was the first to take that action into another level since Marcus Garvey died. On February 14, 1965, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King talked on the phone. They agreed to work together and fight for human rights. They started to begin the process of having a common strategy to fight for the freedom of black people in the world. Their conversation was described by William Kunstler: "There was sort of an agreement that they would meet in the future and work out a common strategy, not merge their two organizations, but that they would work out a method to work together in some way. And I think that that quite possibly led to the bombing of Malcolm's house that evening in East Elmhurst and his assassination one week later." Malcolm X united with Coretta Scott King in the voter registration drive in Selma, Alabama. Malcolm X said that he supported Dr. King's efforts to give black people the right to vote. Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King worked on an alliance and the Western intelligence community knew completely about this. Malcolm X in 1965 called for gender equality and evolved further on issues. He fully disagreed with imperialism and the Vietnam War. Malcolm X was a revolutionary completely in the scope of human history (as he opposed the Republicans and the Democrats. He outlined critiques of capitalism and Zionism). Malcolm X became more progressive, but he wasn't a race-neutral activist. He was a strong black pan-Africanist. Malcolm X proclaimed that he wasn't an American, because he was the victim of the American oppressive system. Also, Malcolm X wasn't the man that he was without Betty Shabbaz (who was also, a strong, progressive black Sister indeed).

There has been a new war in the nation of Congo. The M23 rebels are influenced by the U.S. allies from Rwanda and Uganda. The problem is that the conflict might be exploited by some as a means to have a regime change (and then Congo's military wealth can be exploited by Western corporations). The previous Congolese war killed 5.4 million people by 2003. That was the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII. International silence existed in that circumstance. Governments have back certain factions in that war. The new war has existed with silence from the international community except for a few people (even celebrities are calling for the new war in the Congo to end immediately). The M23 are committing war crimes against the democratically elected government of the DRC or the Democratic Republic of the Congo (there is a refugee crisis in the Congo as well). It remains to be seen if the White House will do anything about it or even have a diplomatic action in attempting to solve the problem. The U.S. government had impacted the war including the previous conflict in the Congo during the era of President Bill Clinton. There should be a massive denunciation of the invasion of Congo. The United Nations shown a report proving that the Rwandan government (supported by America) is backing the rebels. The previous Congolese war allowed the invading armies of Rwanda and Uganda to cause about 5.4 million people to die. In the last Congo war, there were the Rwanda war criminals called the Bosco Ntaganda. They are now ruling the M23 militia and wanted for war crimes by the U.N. international criminal court. Paul Kagame has been a war criminal involved in the Rwandan genocide and the Congo war. Even Rwandan and Congolese activists want Kagame to be brought up on war crimes and he's an ally of the U.S. government. The current Democratic Republic of Congo's current President Joseph Kabila was a good puppet of the West. He once allowed more Western multinational corporations to control a lot of the mining and oil wealth in Africa. Then, Kabila started to act more independent by trying to work with China on infrastructure and development aid. The West is competing against China for the economic resources that are found throughout the continent of Africa. When a nation goes against the IMF and the World Bank, the West doesn't like this development. The IMF is delaying forgiveness of the 10 billion dollars that Congo owes the IMF. This reality made Kabila an enemy to the establishment. Kabila wanted corporations to give Congo money via a re-negotiation of contracts. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has about 80 percent of the world's cobalt (that is necessary for creating weaponry, cell phones, and computers. It's a valuable mineral). Now, Rwanda is an ally of America and American officials aren't explicitly condemning the activities of the M23. Human Rights Watch and other groups have correctly labeled the M23’s commanders as responsible for “ethnic massacres, recruitment of children, mass rape, killings, abductions and torture. We know that the M23 are criminals, rapists, and killers of children even. They have no moral right to invade Congo at all. The people of Congo should own their own wealth period without IMF/World Bank neo-imperialism at all. Right now, most of the West is silent on these invaders. Uganda shouldn't fund M23 at all. So, we see that the West regularly tries to control Africa further even if it utilized terrorists as their engine for conquest. This is a war against Africa. The reactionaries and even some Democrats refuse to expose the evil ethnic cleansing and racial pogroms against black Libyans and sub-Saharan African migrant workers. I will never forget how these terrorist killed many of my black people in the black city of Tawergha. You can't be a freedom fighter if you legitimately want Palestine to have statehood, but refuse to expose genocide against black people by terrorists in Libya. Regardless if a President is Republican or Democratic, drone attacks and unjust wars are still evils that must be opposed. Africa should be free without imperialism.

There are many occasions where artists blatantly show occult images and promote the same agenda as the establishment rather overtly. Ke$ha’s “Die Young” is a blatant video that shows the occult/Illuminati imagery plainly. The music video both tries to indoctrinate the masses on the wild side of the establishment and it tries to shove its agenda down people's throats. The video outlines the fact that even controversial and mediocre artists can promote an old, perverted message in the world internationally. The artist Ke$ha sings about being an alcoholic party girl who isn't strict about personal hygiene. The new video "Die Young" outlines her views and outlook on life in her mind. It shows a wide spectrum of occult symbols. The video was created by the people telling her what to do, what to say, and how to perform. These symbols are more common since the establishment wants the populace to support and approve of its glamorization of deception in popular culture. The elite never show something publicly like this unless they support it. The video also outlines how the occult elite acts in real life and many of the masses are dancing to this type of music. One agenda of the establishment is to make the culture of death, materialism, a false, debased form of spirituality, sexualizing everything, etc. as normative, especially for the young. Some speculate that the video makes fun of the masses who are brainwashed by the lifestyle promoted by the elite. The video is about an orgy. The video occurs in Mexico. Ke$ha and her friends go into a cabin. The video shows a Skulls and Bones image representing death basically. The Skulls and Bones secret society were involved in the establishment's crimes and actions (causing death via wars, etc.) for centuries. The word "evil" is shown on the side of the car. The car is a hearse that carried dead people. Ke$ha wears a black veil and is posing. Her friends carry her out of the vehicle. This procession of carrying her out is similar to the religious rituals during the past and present. The All Seeing Eye is shown in the video. Inverted crosses flash a lot of times in the video including diamond shapes. The inverted cross represents opposition to mainstream Christianity (it has been a symbol of the Church of Satan). Ke$ha shows tarot cards and plays around. The rest of the video shows nihilism like an orgy and a Pentagram shown in the video. She shows an All Seeing Eye image and the masculine and feminine principles are shown in the video. She also was shot and killed by the police in the video hence the title of the video "Die Young." In real life, police state oppression is ever real in the world. The video talks about a debased culture and glamorizes death. There is nothing truly revolutionary in this since the mainstream music industry is controlled by corporate interests. We don't need a culture of death or orgies to prove our humanity. We just need a culture of respect, tolerance, and life. A self-destructive attitude and apathy is the elite's game plan. We don't need apathy. We just need to have courage, faith, and fight evil wherever it occurs in the Universe. The mass media regularly uses propaganda, so we should be strong in adhering to righteousness and legitimate values. Art imitates life, so in real life, orgies are done by the celebrity crowd including the global elites. You can't call evil good and good evil. In the final analysis, we don't need an oppression theocracy, but can't accept nihilism either.

By Timothy

Non Profit Organizations & the Privatization of Public Housing

The Fiscal Cliff Is an Artificial Crisis

Va. Beach council agrees to pursue light rail financing


So says you...
Reasonable is a relative term. You say the project is contingent on fed financing for the deal to be considered reasonable. I say that the question that voters approved says whatever is deemed reasonable by our elected officials. If the project can be funded by raising local taxes so be it. The people voted for this projected, overwhelmingly approved it and now the people want this project. Every option should be considered. If this costs more in taxes so be it. Perhaps the people of Va Beach will take a better look at what it will cost for projects in the future before they start voting yes. The cost should be spread evenly through sales taxes and local taxes. Some lessons are best learned where it hurts most, the pocket.


Sorry guys

The voters overwhelmingly rejected every single one of your negative candidates and passed light rail. Desteph and Moss will likely be unseated in two years if they are foolish enough to run.
Keep crying all you want, but your relevance is limited to your posts on newspaper articles. The majority of the taxpayeing voters in VB have spoken against you.
Let's get positive and work on LRT!


sour grapes

This was a record turn-out....perhaps the biggest in VA history! Stop whining and graciously admit that the vast majority of us want LR



thats funny. In 1999, the referendum lost with only 56% of voters in opposition. The anti Light Rail crowd claimed that 56% was a referendum that should last indefinitely. How come 62% is not enough?


Submitted by VBCitizen00 on Wed, 11/07/2012 at 1:45 am.
Its time to graciously admit defeat....65-35 ?? The public has spoken ....As predicted, most people see the benefits of LR and the huge cost savings over building roads...
Time to admit defeat anti-crowd...Crushing victory for LR!! All-aboard!


Read slowly, Anonymous.

You obviously missed the "Our city begins LRT construction in 2013." part. Boston runs 248,000 daily ridership on the MBTA Green Line. Portland has half a million in population (easily surpassed by the combined numbers of Virginia Beach and Norfolk), and has 132,000 daily riders. The issue is, the opposition to light rail (yourself included, apparently) fail to grasp that people will ride the train against your will if the track goes places that they want to go. A large portion of 5,000 people a day from mostly Virginia Beach seem to have no issues driving to the edge of Norfolk, parking, and catching the train into downtown. How many more would park at Town Center, or somewhere further down the line to avoid having to drive to Newtown?



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lisbon On Strike: Fighting Back Against Austerity

More Historical Notes


Here's what your fanciful utopia of the past looked like "The County Poor House was still quite common in the 1920s. There, seniors with no family were thrown in with other charity cases – orphans, unwed mothers and the mentally ill. For many older people at this time, life was, indeed nasty, brutish and short. The average life span for an adult male in the United States in the 1920s was 49 years"
Lacking knowledge about history= libertarians.


So in my view the only way libertarianism is useful is WITHIN an organization. If you can decide who to hire, spontaneous order works fine. You can't decide who's gonna be born. Libertarianism works great for a software company like valve. The employees choose who to hire. It can't work in society. Instead, we the people do the hiring for the OUR government. That's the idea anyway. I think technology allows us to discuss a more direct democracy rather than a republic in the future.


"taxation by force" lol, oh man . I suppose Adam has enough money to build the bridges and feed everyone. LOL , fund the schools , pay the teachers ect. I suppose there's a magic money tree somewhere when Adam's world comes into play. But I do like it . It should be this way lets make it clear. But that's not the way it is people.


Does no one notice that jones & limbaugh are 2 sides of the same coin. Like the way they bully everyone to listen only to them & to listen to anyone else means you're stupid? Yes, jones 'woke up' a lot of people. Then he subsequently kept the gate & made sure that his followers only looked in one direction. His direction. Try to broach a subject he's covering for and *poof*, he hangs up on you & calls you a nut. That's just what a gatekeeper is supposed to do. Snuck into the grove, did he? o_0



Key Neocons Went Directly to Banksters to Block Wikileaks Donations

The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses (Great Job, VC)

More News

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Osama bin Laden Myth

Supreme Court Upholds Right to Film Police, Even in Illinois


Supreme Court Upholds Right to Film Police, Even in Illinois
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Aaron Dykes
November 26, 2012

The state of Illinois has some of the harshest “eavesdropping” laws on the books, and those statutes have been frequently abused to prosecute individuals for filming police actions in public in numerous cases.
Now, a fresh Supreme Court decision has declared this to be a violation of the First Amendment, upholding a lower court decision that resulted from an ACLU lawsuit against Cook County officials, who sought an appeal to allow prosecution.
Violations of the eavesdropping statute, designed to prevent covert recordings without consent, but which have been applied to public photography, carry a harsh maximum sentence of 15 years in Illinois, while most states recognize the lack of a perception of privacy in public places.
A federal appeals court in Chicago concurred with the ACLU’s argument that, “Illinois eavesdropping statute restricts far more speech than necessary to protect legitimate privacy interests.” That decision came last May ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago, and prompted a policy not to target protesters and citizens in the streets with iPhones and digital cameras during the events. The Supreme Court thus refused to review that decision, despite an appeal by the Cook County attorney general to do so, upholding the principle in alignment with rather clear cut freedom of speech issues.
This precedent may impact the eleven other states with similar all-party consent provisions in their recording laws, including California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana (requires notification only), Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.
The Illinois House attempted to pass legislation allowing audio recordings of police in public places, but the bill failed 45-59. Critics, including the ACLU, have argued that upholding the right to film public figures, and especially police, is vital to preventing abuse and encouraging accountability.
The ACLU’s action followed a 2011 acquittal in Cook County on the basis that the statutes are unconstitutional. The Chicago Tribune reports:
In August of 2011, a Cook County jury acquitted a woman who had been charged with recording Chicago police internal affairs investigators she believed were trying to dissuade her from filing a sexual harassment complaint against a patrol officer.
Judges in Cook and Crawford counties later declared the law unconstitutional, and the McLean County state’s attorney cited flaws in the law when he dropped charges this past February against a man accused of recording an officer during a traffic stop.
In another shocking case in Illinois, Michael Allison was effectively threatened with life in prison for recording police after authorities sought the maximum sentence possible for 5 counts of violating the eavesdropping provision. After Allison appeared on the Alex Jones Show and public pressure mounted, an Illinois judge finally threw the case out, recognizing it as unconstitutional.
Life in Prison for Filming Police: Michael Allison Speaks
It is important to re-establish free speech as protected under the First Amendment as the age of cell phone cameras and live streaming video have put cop behavior in the spotlight, and also prompted waves of false arrests across the nation. published a worthwhile video on the war on cameras that has heightened as technology has become more affordable and widespread:
The Government’s War on Cameras



A man just arrested in California for recording police has sparked new outrage after he was jailed four days.
Meanwhile, arrests are taking places for the same behavior even in states with single-party consent wiretapping laws. A soldier in Georgia was arrested for filming police on the basis that he was ‘obstructing’ law enforcement activities (he was documenting while questioning police during a traffic stop). Independent reporter and publisher of the Maui Time Weekly was arrested in Hawaii for ‘obstructing’ while filming police from a distance while they pulled over vehicles, reportedly for petty traffic violations.
Earlier in 2012, the founder of was sentenced to some 3 months in jail for ‘wiretapping’ in New Hampshire. The organization seeks to hold police accountable by filming their actions.
This trend continues, despite new recognitions of filming in public as protected, free speech. The First Circuit of the US Court of Appeals in Massachusetts upheld the right to film police and other public officials in 2011.

Obama Administration Pushes Ahead with Drone Killings

Pentagon Boss Announces Expansion of Drone and Commando War in Africa

The World is Changed

I will continue to speak, write, and act in the truth irrespective if the enemy hates the truth. I am nearly 30 and I realize that we are not yet free. I will not be silent. Fascism comes into many forms in the world. Fascists throughout history believed in eugenics and the dehumanization of human life. Eugenics has been supported by fascists (being supported by international banking cartel-capitalists I might add) like Hitler, Mussolini, etc. Even Michael Medved (the neo-con popular talk radio host) said that Americans are somehow genetically superior to other nations of the world. This sick idea relates to cultural Darwinism. Today, neo-fascists believe in an authoritarian, radically free market laissez faire capitalist system. In recent months, when I strongly expose that wicked economic system, the enemis of truth try to censor my words in the Internet for real. This means that I am on the right track. Malcolm X before he died in 1965 (including Kwame Ture and Dr. Martin Luther King) outlined legitimate critiques of the imperfections found in capitalism. All 3 men wanted universal housing and real freedom for human beings. The policy of deregulation or allowing all companies to do unscrupulous business practices along with tax cuts favoring the larger corporations will cause something. It will cause more profits among the super wealthy and higher tax cuts for those who make more money. Also, many Resistance factions fought against the evil Nazis. They didn't want to be called militias. The French Resistance , la Marseilles, the l'Reseau, the Paris Underground, the Paris Metro Railway Resistance, the Marquis & additional groups from Eastern European Resistance (like the Romanian Resistance), and the Slavic Network (Serbian, Romanian, Slovenian, Moldavian & Bulgarian fighters worked together in network) fought against the evils of the Nazis. The Nazis were funded by the wealthiest, reactionaries including the top industry corporate lobbyists. The Nazis were also funded investors. These investors now fund the reactionaries today near 2013. Many people in these groups were intellectuals and trained in revolutionary actions against fascism or oppression. Fascists were funded by wealthiest Germans and other Europeans as a means to seize power from the German Social-Democratic government back in 1933. In terms of health care, the poor shouldn't die in pain and agony. The poor should have relief. Anarcho-capitalist propaganda can't solve our issues at all. The fascists tried their 1934 coup against the American government in order to institute a fascist dictatorship. They didn't succeed. Frankly, many of their plans were defeated by us (or the people), we can't sleep on them. They are still a strong enemy since they are using coded language like "entitlement reform”, “humanitarianism", and other words as a means to promote the same counterrevolutionary ideologies. In the final analysis, all human beings should be treated with dignity and respect. That is why from the rooftops, we should advance the notion that the minorities, the working class, the poor, the elderly, immigrants, and all human beings deserve quality, cheap or affordable healthcare. Also, no human being is an “alien,” but a person created in the image of God. The Good Book is right to declare that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. That means that we ought to feed the hungry, to speak truth, and to economically assist our neighbors. This is far beyond Communism or mainstream capitalism. It's about truth and Power. All people should be afforded basic human beings period. It is also correct to reject authoritarian monarchs. The American Revolutionary War (despite its imperfections) ended the British Royalist domination of American soil. In this generation, people call themselves “independent,” but they advocate the same rabidly reactionary tenets. They are wrong since change is beyond the Republicans and the Democrats. That’s true, but truth deals with direct compassion toward all people without the scapegoating of the indigenous peoples of America or a person in another background. A revolutionary change of values is great in the world indeed.


Australia has a lot of other interesting information as well. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of land size. Their government is a federal parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy. That means that Parliament governs the nation with ceremonial influences from Queen Elizabeth II. What is a parliamentary system? It's different from our Congressional system that I experience from the states. In the States, the executive branch is headed by the President or one man. The power of Congress is divided into two branches, while laws are evaluated by the judicial branch (or the Supreme Court). The parliamentary system is a democratic government where the ministers in the Executive branch get their legitimacy from and are accountable to a legislature or Parliament. The executive and legislative branches are interconnected. In other words, when you have a Parliament, the Prime Minister, is part of the legislative body. The Prime Minister must answer politically to the legislature. In a parliamentary system, the legislature is elected by the people and then must appoint or recommend for appointment one of its members to be the chief executive. In the Presidential system, you have the supreme power lying in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them. Power is more divided in parliamentary system than in a Presidential system where the President has the supreme executive power (with checks and balances of course). In the States, we the people elected members of the legislature. We vote for the President, but the Electoral College ultimately determines the identity of the next President of the United States of America. The Prime Minister of Australia is of course Julia Gillard and the Governor-General is named Quentin Bryce. It is made up of 6 states and numerous territories. Its population is about 22.7 million people. It's a very developed country, because it has the second highest human development index in the world (That's HDI in short). Its economy is the 12th largest in the world and it has the fifth highest per capital income in the globe. Australia is known for establishing close ties with nations in the Pacific Rim (like America is. The West wants to have influence in the Pacific Rim as a means to act as a political buttress or buffer against the growing geopolitical influence of the nation of China). Now, Australia has their dollar currency. The largest cities in Australia in terms of population are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast-Tweed, Newcastle, Canberra, etc. As human beings, we should always give respect to the Australian Aboriginal peoples. They are the indigenous peoples of Australia. They deserve respect and dignity. Some Aboriginals protested Australian Day, because of obvious reasons. Genocide is always immoral regardless of where it happens to. Mr. Abbott opined that aboriginals “…can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian.” He added, "I think a lot has changed since then, and I think it probably is time to move on from that." I wonder if Mr. Abbott would say that to the Jews about the Holocaust. The reality is that we will never move on until oppression is eliminated from the Planet. We will never move on when individuals lack public health care and lack educational opportunities in the globe. We will never move on when anti-immigrant rhetoric is the order of the day is some parts of the world (not only in the USA). We will never adjust to bullying or wicked historical revisionism. We will fight, protest, and speak the truth to power in favor of the interests of the human race (not in the interests of the select few). The ruling class harmed Australia back in 1788 and we must continue to promote the interests of the people in 2012. So, the protesters to the Australian Day event months ago were right. We have to be real and come real. When you have the end of the mainstream capitalist system coming about, that's real. When you have people fighting for single payer health care, that's real. When you witness a lot of young people being energized to promote freedom, justice, and equality, which is definitely real. So, we should always love the Australian peoples and we should be honest. The long work toward freedom continues because we aren't totally free yet. When any person lacks civil liberties or lacks human rights, then all of us aren't free yet.


We have Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi executing a power grab. Now, Egypt's judicial council calls for a strike to protest Morsi's power grab. Protesters in Egypt are fighting against the new policy of Morsi as he tries to undercut the authority of the courts and he wants near absolute control over the government. Egypt's highest body of judges condemned President Mohammed Morsi's plans. Morsi said that the courts can't overrule his decisions until a new constitution and Parliament is in place. Ironically, the Supreme Judicial Council is filled with judges appointed by the former ruler Hosni Mubarak. Morsi's overreach has caused tens of thousands of people to protest across the nation of Egypt. Morsi just help to broker an Israel-Hamas ceasefire. He worked with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a means to stop the massive rocket strikes in Israel and Gaza. America once supported the Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt. Also, Washington is sending Egyptian security forces anti-riot gear, crowd control equipment, and weaponry. This is a transfer of power in Egypt. The U.S. sends about 1.5 billion dollars per year to Egypt. Most of this money relates to security assistance and they want to offer more in debt relief. This is a related to paying money as a means to promote American interests. It's very hypocritical for America to condemn Libya, Syria, Iran, Uzbekistan for having detention against people without charges, but America supports indefinite detention against fellow human beings too. Also, U.S. officials want Afghanistan to jail people in Afghanistan with lax evidence, which is a violation of human plus international rights. Aimal Faizi, the chief spokesman for Karzai, told reporters Monday that detention without trial is illegal in Afghanistan and that more than 50 Afghans are still being held in U.S. custody at Bagram, 35 miles northeast of Kabul, even though they have been ordered released by Afghan courts.” America wants the same policy in Iraq as well. The top Afghan court in September ruled that such indefinite detentions violate Afghan law. The U.S. still captures and detains people without adequate due process in Afghanistan. This policy is blatantly wrong. As for the Israel/Hamas ceasefire, we can't sugarcoat the truth. I love progressive Israelis and progressive Palestinians. Yet, when a nation like Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bombe densely crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks, mosques, and slums (and Gaza has no army, no air force, no heavy weapons, etc.), then it's like a murderous exercise in extremism. In the final analysis, the only way peace will come is through radical political solutions not war. Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve equality, but the Palestinians do need justice & statehood completely. The same corporate interests that fund the evil war on terror also are trying to prevent universal health care in America. Also, the reactionary red baiters obsess with China and the Soviet Union as a means to lie and claim that these countries (the USSR doesn't exist anymore) represents the superiority of the laissez faire capitalism. The reality is that China and the then Soviet Union embrace a reactionary totalitarian dictatorship that oppressed essential human rights (and other necessities for human beings to live free, which doesn't have to do with socialist economics or a mixed economy at all). Stalin failed since he rejected democratic freedoms. The Soviet Union and China for decades has been funded by Western capitalist interests for decades (as proven by Anthony Sutton. Rockefeller praised Mao’s system decades ago even). The protesters in China wanted political reforms in having more free speech (as evident in the 1989 student protests at Tiananmen Square that were silenced horribly by the right wing Communist regime) not extreme globalization. When China more embraced economic liberalization, student oppression and many sweatshops continued. So, revolution isn't easy, but it will come.

Many people have talked about poverty in the world. If the reactionaries and their Blue Dog Democratic allies had their way, trillions of dollars from social programs would be cut immediately. That extreme policy will leave a huge amount of people out of luck plus suffer destitution. Hunger and poverty will continue in America with that radical form of austerity. The final deal of the fiscal cliff is uncertain for now. Poverty and hunger is in very high rates still. There are a record amount of people in America receiving food stamps in August of 2012 being about 47.1 million people (according to the Department of Agriculture figures). This is up from 1 million from 2011. The figure was 30 million in October of 2008. In Washington, D.C. and the state of Mississippi have more than one fifth of residents now receive food stamps. The average monthly food benefit per person is $130. This is very small or $4.33 a day, which is less than the price of an expensive coffee in lower Manhattan. Now, we could have a bill where tons of children, elderly, and disabled people would be in poverty via the stripping of resources. 50 million people in America suffer food supply issues. We have about 49.7 million people living beneath the poverty line in America. This is 16.1 percent of the Population according to the U.S. Census Bureau's Supplemental Poverty Measure released in November of 2012. In 2006 there were 37.3 million people in poverty and the official poverty rate was 12.5 percent. Huge poverty is found in states with a high cost of living. Even California has about 23.5 percent of its citizens in poverty or one in four of its residents. California is the nation's wealthiest and most populous state in the Union. California has Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It also includes garment sweatshops and migrant farm labor camps without one of the nation's highest levels of income inequality in the USA. The Census data showed that median household income in America (adjusted for inflation) fell by 1.5 percent from the previous year. The figure was 8.1 percent lower than in 2007 and 8.9 percent lower than its high point in 1999. The income of the typical U.S. family in 2011 fell for the fourth straight year and sank to levels last seen in 1995. The economic crisis is responsible for this high poverty rate and social misery. It can be worse with draconian cuts to social programs. Government poverty keeps almost 50 million people out of poverty. Without these programs, the poverty rate would be twice as high according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Unemployment insurance in 2011 helped 26 million workers according to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), and lifted 2.3 million people, including more than 600,000 children, above the poverty line. In 2010, about two-thirds of people counted in the government’s unemployment figures received unemployment benefits. By 2011, however, that number had fallen to 54 percent. This year it fell to only 45 percent, according to George Wentworth, NELP Senior Staff Attorney. It is expected that the extended unemployment benefits would end by December 31. These benefits came in response to the economic slump and the growth of long term joblessness. If the problem isn't renewed, 2 million people would be cut off and no workers will receive more than 26 weeks of jobless pay after being laid off. Wentworth said that only a quarter of those who are officially unemployed would receive any form of benefits. The 2012 election massively omitted the need to really handle poverty in America. The political establishment is overtly opposed to really address the issue of poverty concretely and comprehensively. Half of the nation is poor or near poor. It's hypocritical for the Tea Party to lust after attacking the social safety net when they refuse to expose Wall Street corruption. The mainstream media slanders real programs as "entitlement" and want them cut when they oppose any tax on Wall Street or a super wealthy tax on them. Some of the 1 percent killed people throughout the ages via eugenics, wars, and other evils. They are in no position to lecture anyone on responsibility or morality. That is why we need a radical national plan to address poverty. The public and the private sector ought to be part of the solution in ending poverty (including a radical redistribution or economic and political power).


Now, the old lie that President John F. Kennedy was some war mongering extremist has been refuted. By 1963, JFK woke up a great deal. He even called for world peace as well. Noam Chomsky made the error that JFK wanted some super military response against Vietnam. It's now confirmed that President Kennedy had a policy to withdraw from Vietnam. The Assassination Records and Review Board confirmed that JFK wanted a withdrawal plan from Vietnam. These new documents were released by the ARRB on December 22, 1997. Within days, the New York Times headlined a story with, “Kennedy Had a Plan for Early Exit in Vietnam.” The Associated Press story read, “New Documents Hint that JFK Wanted U.S. out of Vietnam.” The Philadelphia Inquirer story was bannered, “Papers support theory that Kennedy had plans for a Vietnam pullout.” Scholars like Howard Jones, David Kaiser, and Gordon Goldstein wrote new books about how President John F. Kennedy didn't want a massive military buildup in Vietnam at all. President John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson had differing view of the war. Now, Chomsky wants to portray Kennedy as a war monger towards the nation of Cuba. We live after 50 years of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The truth is that President John F. Kennedy was firm, but he never believed in an all-out invasion of Cuba during the crisis. He supported the withdrawal of the American Jupiter missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Russian withdrawal of the missiles from Cuba. Even then Vice President Lyndon Johnson rejected that end. According to a pro-Johnson biographer Bob Caro's "The Passage of Power," LBJ was more militant in tone and confrontation in approaching the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy had a more level headed and dovish approach during the debates of November 1961 on the question on whether to send combat troops into Vietnam. Also, Chomsky omits that the CIA didn't unauthorized actions even beyond the President's authority during the Presidency of John F. Kennedy. During the crisis, CIA officer William Harvey—a man who despised the Kennedys—secretly dispatched several teams of Cuban exile paratroopers onto the island. JFK was angry at Harvey for doing this. Harvey's CIA career was over after that incident. The CIA's autonomous actions without JFK's approval are proven in Hancock's book and Jim Douglass' "JFK and the Unspeakable." Chomsky writes that there was a plot to assassinate Castro in 1963, but it wasn't organized by the Kennedys at all. It was called the AM/LASH plot. The CIA deliberately kept it secret from JFK since they knew he would not approve it. Chomsky cannot admit this, even though it’s true, because it again shows the CIA and Kennedy at cross-purposes. Even Operation Mongoose ended on November 29, 1962 at an NSC meeting of that day. In the final analysis, President John F. Kennedy wanted to end tensions with Cuba and even possibly normalize relations with Cuba. President John F. Kennedy evolved from a traditional Cold Warrior to a more progressive, pro-peace President. We weren't the same since 1963 and we definitely weren't the same since 1968. Many leaders who called for change and peace in the 1960's were assassinated by extremists basically. Today, we still have heroes of every background that are fighting against imperialism, fighting for peace, and fighting for equality. Our job is still the same. It's to inspire humanity and to be active to fight for revolutionary change in the world.

By Timothy