Friday, September 28, 2007

Freedom of Speech

Lately, in America there has been a war on free speech. Those who said comments are backing down under the altar of "political correctness." I'm really sick of it. If you like people, say it. If you don't like people, you have a right to say it. That's freedom of speech. In America, we're turning into Europe where you can go to jail for criticizing religions. As for me, I will never be intimidated by no human beings. The hate crime legislation was passed by the Senate. Laws exist making violence illegal against any one irrespective of the race, sex, perference, or gender identity. This isn't about that. It's about creating a special citizen class among certain people and censoring speech that dissent with certain lifestyles. The B'nai B'rith ADL is in support of this stuff. Similar laws in Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, Turkey have led some people to be fined or arrested for their free speech (Yet, I don't agree with all of Ted Pike's views on Jewish people. Many sincere Jewish groups are opposed to the ADL's bigotry and hypocrispy like the JPFO and others). So, folks can't tell me this can't happen here. It happened here with the Philadephia 11 and the ADL supported it. It's a disgrace. The ADL has been anti-religious freedom, pro-abortion, and anti-conservative Christians for a long time. Abe Foxman isn't representative of all Jewish people. It's bigger than the ADL since they take their marching orders from the Vatican/Jesuits, high level Freemasonry, the Pilgrim Society, and other powerful groups. The answer to speech that you don't like is speech from you answering something that you abhor, not censorship.

CFR member Gary Hart warns Iran that they might be attacked similar to the USS Maine or other false flag event. Hart is the one that is in support of the non-efficient Homeland Security guggernaut. For Hart to say that tells me that war in Iran is a real possibility. I oppose that agenda for many reasons. I think that the government has turned very wrong. A man can't rely on the government for everything. With the plots against black people, white people, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc. I believe we should discover the motivations of why the elite does why they do. The motivation is the centralize power unto themselves, inhibit population growth (they lie about populations when we have underpopulation crisis in Russia, Europe, etc. We can fit all humans in Texas given 1,000 sq. ft. to each person), disrupt the spirit of human indepedent thought and action, promote dehumanization (in abortion, enthuasania, and sterilization that's forced. Bill Gates is one of the biggest supporters of this evil junk. Gates' father was the President of Planned Parenthood and Bill Gates is a member of the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome's purpose is depopulation and promoting the lie of humans overpopulation the Earth. These sickos are cold blooded and few talk about this. They want people to die for real. Our hope in not in these criminals or wicked globalists, but in the Lord), and control people into a specific mindset of globalization (including a global religious system, global economic system, and global government as advocated by Cronkite, David Rockefeller, and others) . That's why you see nanotechnology, biometrics (IBM is one of the biggest supporters of this technology), and transhumanism promoted all of the time. It's important to expose all of this information and help people. That's the whole deal with me. I became aware of something wrong with the world on a higher level in 1997. I've been investigating a lot and I'm learning such much more facts as time continues forward. I'm here and I'm for the Second Amendment, for national sovereignity, for individual freedom, for our civil liberties, and against the agitation towards a global state.

By Timothy

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Hate Crimes Bill Passes Senate


Hate Crimes Bill Passes Senate

Rev. Ted Pike Thursday, September 27, 2007

By a vote of 60 to 39 this morning, Sens. Kennedy and Smith’s hate crimes amendment was attached to the defense authorization act. After three days of virtual silence, several Republican senators spoke against the bill within the two hours of debate. Sen. Lindsey Graham briefly argued that, if passed, the President will veto the hate bill and arms bill together, jeopardizing timely support of our troops. Sen. Jeff Sessions contended that states are adequately dealing with hate crimes and that Kennedy’s amendment burdens the defense authorization bill. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, arriving after the debate, was allowed to very briefly state that a hate bill was irrelevant to an arms bill.
The real hero of the day was Sen. Orrin Hatch. Yesterday he stood alone among Republicans to publicly oppose the hate bill. But today he spoke three times with powerful, logical, legal, and constitutional reasons why the hate bill is redundant to state law enforcement, which adequately deals with all kinds of violent crime. He said that gender identity, as put forth in this legislation, is unclear. Its definition depends on the subjective perceptions of both the hate criminal and the victim. He offered his own amendment (which was later passed unanimously) calling for the federal government to authorize studies to determine if states are adequately enforcing hate crimes laws.
Remarkably, Sen. Byrd of West Virginia , habitual supporter of the hate bill, voted against it. If only one more pro-hate bill Senator, Democrat or Republican, had been persuaded, either by massive calling during the last week or by impassioned attack of the hate bill on the floor of the Senate, the hate bill would have been destroyed in this Congress. It would have to be resubmitted in the next Congress under the stigma of having been rejected six times. Yes, the President has promised to veto today’s hate bill victory. But at the same time, the hate bill, through passage now by both House and Senate, is energized and dignified as never before to be easily ratified in the next Congress, little more than a year from now.
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Credit for hate bill victory must largely go to the repeated impassioned speeches by Sens. Kennedy and Smith, but leaders of the religious right and Republican senators are, by default, just as responsible. Since the defense appropriations act was introduced 16 days ago, opening the possibility of hate bill attachment, there has been an astonishing lack of consistent warning from leaders of the religious right. This has grown even more acute since Monday, with a virtual blackout of warning from all new right websites (See, Do New Right Leaders Want Hate Bill Passed? and Hate Bill Ready for a Vote). As a result, the millions of calls which might have been generated amounted to a relative trickle. Only at the last minute, yesterday, when it became virtually impossible to influence today’s Senate vote, did new right leaders send out calls to action.

Such dereliction of duty was reflected on the floor of the Senate this week by the silence of Senators well known to oppose hate laws. Day after day they ignored invitations to speak to the Senate against the hate bill.
Both new right leaders and Republican senators represent themselves as watchmen on the wall, guardians of our freedom. Yet God told the prophet Ezekiel that if, as such a watchman, he knew the enemy was coming and yet did not sound the alarm, he would lose his eternal soul (Ez. 33)
For the past several weeks, both Christian and Republican leaders have seen the enemy coming. Yet they did not sound the alarm in a timely and effective way. For this they will have to answer to their Creator. Meanwhile, all Americans now are very, very much closer to having to answer to the federal “thought police” for every idle word that is not politically correct.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I will not back down

Never a dull moment consumes the Earth. There is another controversy involving Bill O'Reilly. Critics like liberal Roland Martin believe O'Reilly was racist in being shocked over the good service of an African American owned resturaunt in Harlem. My belief is that O'Reilly may have used ignorant words, but it wasn't hardcore racism (Media Matters reported on this, but I believe O'Reilly tried to expose stereotypes, but used a bad linkage. Media Matters is funded by CFR member George Soros). Although, O'Reilly is documentated as using extremely bigoted, racist statements other than that incident. I think CNN is showing the story since most people there are liberal and sometimes margalizes conservative thinking. O'Reilly isn't a conservative since he's for the Patriot Act and other authoratarian philosophies. O'Reilly is a media puppet presents half-truths and deception to con American in accepting the premise that killing in the Middle East is in our best interest (Although, war is never going to work as a solution to the problems in the Middle East. It's just like in Iraq via SMOM-controlled Blackwater caught in a scandal. We have to change our mindset towards that region). This situation is bigger than CNN or O'Reilly. The truth is that the mainstream media is controlled by high level political groups (like the CFR, whose members include media kingpins like Papal Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch and Richard Parsons) to promote the agenda of the establishment. Subsequently, they are funded by American/European banks (i.e. The head of the Bank of England is Gentile Mervyn King). Many of these international bankers are Sovereign Military Order of Malta members like Alexander Haig, Edward L. Hennessy, Geoffrey T. Boisi, Gustavo Cisneros, and Lord Guthrie. Ultimately, the elite (made up of Secret Societies & high level political groups like the Vatican/Jesuits, the Pilgrim Society, high level Freemasonry, the Order of the Garter, the 1001 Club, the Privy Council, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc.) want a new world order. Many of them are quoted as blatantly advocating that (like David Rockefeller and French President Nicolas Sarkozy). Only a select couple thousand mostly Gentile men rule the world in the since of controlling most of the political policies on this planet. That's why the globalists are promoting the Trans-Texas Corridor, the anti-sovereignity NAU agenda, population control (I never support population control), and globalization. They promote it to monopolize the world's infrastructure, so they can easily control the power of this Earth.

Recently, Alex Jones ofuscated the issue of the Vatican/Jesuit link to the present world structure. The truth is that Jones don't elaborate on the Vatican/Jesuit link to the NWO (i.e. like how SMOM Steven Saxton is the head of Hollywood International, the Jesuits' support of illegal immigration, the Jesuits' support of gun control like "Rev." Michael Pfleger SJ. who's an ally of anti-gun black Freemason Jesse Jackson, the Vatican's role in the ecumencial movement, and the Vatican's role in WWII. This has nothing to do with all Catholics, but the heirachy. The Vatican/Jesuits to me is the missing link into understanding how the world works). This isn't demonization of this man. Neither is this part of some COINTELPRO plot (as Alex Jones lies about without any evidence). This is legitimate dissent. The truth is that Jones is a friend of the anti-Semite racist Hutton Gibson (who collectively blame Jews for much of the evil in the world), supports the unbiblical Passion film, omit the truth of the Papal saint John of Nepomuk is the offical patron saint of the Bohemian Grove, supports ecumencialism, and can't stand those with even legitimate criticism against him. I'm moving on since Jones is Jones. This isn't to say that everything he says is false (some of his information is very accurate). It's dissent with some of his ideas. Now, Christians are demonized all of the time. A SF poster pictured sadomachist people mimicing the Last Supper. Now if similar poster were mocking Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, etc. the outrage would be intense. The reality is that righteous people exist, but the globe is composed of vice. The Democrats had their debate yesterday on MSNBC. Many commentators said the Edwards won since he offer some proposals and answered back to Hillary in a firm, yet respectful manner. The Democrats are right on some issues like wanting to control spending, creating new jobs, and the like (and they are wrong on other points). It's a shame that the 3 front runners either are member of or have ties to the CFR. Both major parties have corruption issues and lately the Republicans have more of it. It's time to expand our mind in talking about the evils of abortion, our health, education, the evil of eugenics (it's apparent that those in the Elite want many of us dead mentioned in the NSSM 200 document and their actions. Even Bush 41 back in the 1970's was part of a population control group), vaccines, our civil liberties, the corruption of the WTO (one Pilgrim kingpin in it was Peter Sutherland, who was a corporate leader and Bilderberger) & IMF, and economics. I will live my life in truth, honor, and not in paranoia. I will not back down.

By Timothy

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Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicates Vatican And Bush in Prior Knowledge And Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicates Vatican And Bush in Prior Knowledge And Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino, 63, just released from prison also sets the record straight about the JFK and Hoffa assassinations.By Greg Szymanski

Sept. 26, 2007

Tony Gambino of the infamous Gambino New York crime family said besides Mob Bosses, the outfits that benefit most from organized crime are the corrupt Vatican and U.S. government.The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino made a guest appearance Tuesday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal on Liberty Radio at The entire interview can be heard at as well as Liberty Radio.The high-level former mobster talked openly for an hour, indicting top Vatican and U.S. government officials with complicity in high crimes, treason and assassinations as they worked together "like a tight-knit happy family" with the Gambino and other Mafia families.With America's fascination of the Mafia, Gambino's statements should shake the halls of St. Peter's Basilica, as well as Capitol Hill, since he talked about his first hand knowledge of George Bush, the Pope and other high level Jesuits complicity and knowledge of 9/11."When you grow up in "The Family" like I did, you learn right off the bat that protection comes from everywhere, including the CIA, FBI and blessings from the Vatican who are at the top of the ladder when it comes to benefiting from Mafia street crime," said Gambino, who became a "Made Man" at the age of five, a Mafia term used for their top street captains."

The Vatican officials, federal judges, top politicians all used to get regular pay-offs from the Gambino Family and, in fact, the Vatican and U.S. government make more money off the illegal drug trade then we did."That is why I am talking after just getting out of jail after 20 years. I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was."For example, I know for a fact the Cardinal in Palermo runs the Sicilian mob and former Cardinal Spellman of New York was considered the Vatican's American Godfather since he pulled the strings and had his hands deep into organized crime."I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below in the Twin Towers."

My grandfather's construction company built the Twin Towers and after it was completed, I know they went in and put in big underground vaults to house an enormous amount of gold which is now in Bush's and Vatican hands in order to fund the war."Besides implicating the Vatican and Bush in 9/11, Gambino set the record straight about the JFK assassination, saying he was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot and the fatal bullet came from a shooter located in an underground storm drain."I was there when he was shot and I know for a fact Rosselli was in the storm drain doing the shooting and Frank Sturgiss was also part of the hit team," said Gambino. "The same group of guys we have talked about in the Vatican and U.S. government gave the orders and asked the Mafia families for help in taking down Kennedy."Growing up on the streets of New York in one of the top crime families, Gambino recalls getting his first lesson of Mafia life at the age of 13."My grandfather was Lucky Luciano so I had it made," said Gambino, now 63 and living on the East Coast with a probation stipulation that he can't associate or talk with any organized crime figures. "

Lucky had all the politicians and even the Vatican heads in his pocket. He was making $55 to $100 million a week and when Vegas opened the money really started to roll in."He got Frank Sinatra and many others like Marylin Monroe, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis started in Hollywood. He then would take a percentage of their earnings and this went on for their entire careers."Remember, the horse's head being cut-off in Godfather I and then put in the Hollywood producer's bed? That really happened and it had to do with forcing a Hollywood producer to star Sinatra in one of his movies."Gambino also had inside information about how union boss Jimmy Hoffa was really killed, saying his time ran out when a huge Mafia debt wasn;t repaid."Hoffa was working behind the scenes with crack head and truck hi-jacker, John Gotti," recalls Gambino. "That's all Gotti was good at and when they brought in a $5 million drug truckload, Hoffa got deeper in debt to the other Mafia bosses. "He never gave his courtesy calls to the bosses for repayment and finally his time ran out so he was killed. They picked him up, put him in a body bag alive and then dumped his body in one of the concrete abutments at the George Washington Bridge while the concrete was being poured.

All they did was pay the concrete man $150,000 and the whole thing has been covered up. But that is where Hoffa's body is today and I know that for a fact."Although Gambino knows he's crossing a sensitive line for going public about the inner-workings of the Mafia and its complicity with the Vatican and U.S. government, he added that it's important for Americans to finally understand how things "really work on the streets" and how Church, State and big business are working together to destroy America.And if there remains any doubters that the Vatican and Jesuit Order have had its dirty hands in organized crime in order to destroy the moral and financial fabric of the U.S., Gambino's confessions should lay that to rest."

If you don't believe the hard facts and the hundreds of researchers who have implicated the Vatican to the demise of America, then believe Gambino because he learned it first hand from being on the streets and working with the top crime bosses. He has nothing to gain from lying since he has already served his time and wants to set the record straight once and for all regarding who are the real controllers of the New World Order," said one patriot close studying and alerting America of Vatican and Jesuit intrigue.



Changeling9au (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
As someone who once had quite a bit of time for Alex Jones, I for one am grateful for your exposé. At the end of the day though, it's not really about Jones - it's about people being too lazy to think for themselves and thus relying on people like him. Usually while smugly talking about "the brainwashed sheeple"!!

stevetryit (3 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
I posted a couple of comments on the Alex Jones cult message board regarding the fact that Ron Paul supports the government theory on 9/11 and promotes the idea that Bin Laden did it. They kicked me off that message board and banned me permantly for exposing the truth about Ron Paul
gannable (3 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
ive been a listener of Alex Jones for the past few years. At the same time, I understood the Catholic Church as an evil political organization and Mystery Babylon of Revelation. I always wondered why Jones and the othe fake patriots from GCN never spoke about the Vatican. However, thanks to Eric Phelps, the creater of this video, Greg Sysmanski, Vzygoth, Cloak and Dagger I know understand why Alex Jones never speaks on the Vatican. Good job guys.

tlthe5th (2 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
"They" the Vatican/CIA. I say it plain as day. "All roads lead to Rome" Go to my site so you can learn something. Not just what Jones says who leaves the culprits a Mystery. I'm working on a web page about Fascism right now. Look up "fascism" and watch where it leads you. To the Vatican. It common knowledge except to know nothings like you who only listen to Jones


aethiops007 (1 week ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
Farakhan is a Jesuit tool DEFINITELY! I was raised in Black Chicago and know for a fact that he aided in the assissination of Malcolm X. He works with gangs (Black Peace Stones) and drug dealers. Case and point the Masque is on 79th & Stoney Island which is in itself a WARZONE! But they're claim to be helping the community is a LIE!! I can go on & on. GET AT ME!! ANYONE!


tlthe5th (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
yeah, a lot of people misunderstand my point in bringing up Ron Paul in this. i brought him up because Alex Jones was mentioned very non chalantly on FOX news. that has a meaning in itself. good comment though. thanks.


tlthe5th (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
no one is scared of alex jones. he's one of them. thats why he got into jesuit run bohemian grove. alex jones is a monkey. you people got too used to TV cause now you've become accustomed to acting as being reality. their brain washing worked on you kid....


harrisonbee (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
I think you should just focus on the money men. get off the catholic chruch, they dont have the military, in america we are protected from religion via our constitution. Alex is focused on that, and you should be too. You are dividing people, let freedom preservation bring us all together to protect the Bill of Rights. Agreed?


tlthe5th (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
no one is scared of alex jones. he's one of them. thats why he got into jesuit run bohemian grove. alex jones is a monkey. you people got too used to TV cause now you've become accustomed to acting as being reality. their brain washing worked on you kid....

tlthe5th (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
then you have jesuits and knights of malta and knights of columbus is charge of many banks. bank of america, chase manhattan, pnc bank and mnay others. you are a very sheltered and unknowledgable individual.

tlthe5th (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
you have no idea what you're talking about. the head of the military is jesuit trained at georgetown Peter Pace and he is a very religious roman catholic who attends the red mass. i have pics at my red mass pics page.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An University Discussion

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his comments in Columbia University yesterday. Some of what he said was true about the West excessive involvement in the affairs of the Middle East spanning decades and the U.S. funding Saddam. His main error is that he said that his nation is just benign and hold legitimate freedom. We don't have all of the freedom we should have in America and Iran it's probably worse. In Iran, academics have been arrested for no reason, folks have been murdered for just living a life in contrary to the Iranian way, and the leader of Iran is a puppet of the Muslim Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. I don't agree with war with Iran at all. Even Henry Kissinger (who was allied with Nelson Rockefeller and Fritz Kramer) wanted Iran's oil for war if necessary. That's quite an admission from a globalist. Columbia's President Bollinger was aggressive towards the leader of Iran since he recieved pressure from critics of Mahmoud's visit. Mahmoud talked about Israel. The truth is that Israel isn't a perfect nation. No nation is perfect and criticism legitimately against some Israeli policies is something that I have no problem with. Although, the Muslim world has a responsible to improve their own nations including the torturing people in Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia. One nation isn't responsible for all of the problems in the Middle East. The Middle East is in the situation it has been by the Foreign Elite (found in the Knights of Malta, high level Freemasonry, the CFR, etc.) It was the British (i.e. Lawrence of Arabia, Philby, etc.) via the Muslim Brotherhood after WWI that carved up the Middle East (defeating the Ottoman Turks) irrespective of tribal differences and caused more divisions among Jews and Arabs (since Jewish people and Arabic people lived in Israel for a long time). As time went on, Knight of Malta Juan Carlos is having great power in supporting the Roadmap to Peace plan (including the EU and CFR. The same people ruling the geo political world [like high level Freemasonry, the Vatican/Jesuits, and the Pilgrim Society] is influencing the policies of the Middle East from Algeria to Iran. Israeli leader Olmert is backed heavily by the CFR. Shimon Peres is a pro-Labor Zionist as well who was trained by Jesuits in Poland. Many Arabic elites are in the 1001 Club and the Safari Club). The goal of these elites is to make the Middle East a global union of nations and make Jersualem a universal city.
Recently, Bush said that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. It seems that will be the case if nothing radical happens. Hillary is the perfect establishment liberal candidate for President. She agrees with the Patriot Act, supported the war resolution in Iraq, is for killing unborn babies when necessary (i.e. abortion), went into a Bilderberg Group meeting (an elite gathering where globalists map out the policies in the globe), and meet with Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch on plenty of occasions. She went on multiple news shows (even FOX) to present her agenda to the nation. Over the time in my life, it's time to expand my mind. Issues like land rights and sovereignity are great to support and discuss. Yet, our concern shouldn't be just in this nation. We have to be concerned about all human beings. This includes being against population control and the forced vaccinations given to individuals all across the Earth (many vaccines can cause many negative results from dizziness to convulsions). The truth is that we should act moral and be an individual at the same time.

By Timothy

More Jesuit information


> But heres a few observations you might like and might
> be able to do something with that could tie into some
> other things you have that I came across I havent
> heard mentioned, Ill keep it somewhat brief...
> JFK was assassinated 4 anniversary of Bush Sr founding
> Zapata Offshore with CIA friend Thomas Devine and 1959
> was the same year Castro came into power, an obvious
> front for Cuba.
> Pedro Arrupe organized the assassination on JP II.
> And when Arrupe went on "vacation" after the failed
> attempt he was caught up with by the Popes men and
> brought back where he suffered his "stroke" upon
> landing on Vatican soil.
> The Jesuit adjutor Joseph(not Ratzinger)but Retinger
> was behind the founding of the European Movement which
> was the precursor to the EU and initiated the
> foundation of the original Bilderberg Conference in
> 1954. He wanted to be a Jesuit priest but the darn
> celibacy kept that from happening.
> Nancy Pelosis husband Paul Pelosi may have ancestory
> that dates back to when women were admitted as
> Franciscan Sisters and worked with the exclusively.
> I think Nancy is a Franciscan Sister, she did not get
> into Politics until the oldest was out of the house,
> which is the role of Franciscan Sisters. Which would
> also make the run for House Speaker between a
> Franciscan and Jesuit, much like the 2004 Presidential
> Election was between 2 Skull and Bones brothers.
> The Titanic story. The Captain of the ship had another
> accident with the White Star line with a Royal British
> ship months before the Titanic "accident". Also
> another of White Star Lines ships "mysteriously" sank,
> the Britannic, and a lady passenger was aboard all 3
> and survived all 3. Her name was Violet Jessop. Also
> Captain Edwards might not have died, there are
> conflicting reports where he was and what he was doing
> when the ship sank. He might have stowed away on board
> of the recue ship the head guy of the White Star Line
> was rescued by, the one he never left his cabin room
> in.
Cardianl Roger Mahony the Archdiocese of LA had a
> mansion given to him by Arnold the Governator amid
> Mahonys child sex lawsuit. He is very close to the
> Sheens and the Bonaduces, and I believe Alex Jones as
> well. Something is going on here. Danny Bonaduces
> brother and sister-in-law work directly for Mahony and
> the sister -in-law is his special assistant and I
> believe she handles massive Trust Funds set up by the
> Vatican in her name and a few of her aliases to pay
> off child sex victims families

> She has a friend named Monica Marquez who she calls
> her "sister in Arms" and Monica was a Jesuit volunteer
> who is also a lesbian lawyer that is the GLBT
> Commisioner and deep into the Democratic party.
> Commissioner Monica Marquez:
> is an Assistant Attorney General in the Public
> Officials Unit at the Colorado Attorney General's
> Office. Monica grew up in Grand Junction and graduated
> from Stanford University in 1991. After college, she
> served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as an inner-city
> school teacher and community organizer in Camden, NJ,
> and Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Yale Law in
> 1997, clerked for two federal judges and then joined
> Holme Roberts & Owen, LLP in 1999 as a litigation
> associate. She moved to the Attorney General's
> Criminal Appellate Division in 2002. In 2004, she
> transferred to the Public Officials Unit, where she
> handles trial and appellate litigation for Colorado's
> statewide elected officials, including the Governor,
> Treasurer, Secretary of State, and the Attorney
> General. And now Monica Marquez is the president of
> the League of Womens Voters in Glendale/ Burbank
> California and probably still maintains a residency in
> Denver Colorado, and it appears the Democratic Party
> are having their Convention in Denver, so look out for
> Hillary in '08.
> Here is where it gets deep, Eileen Bonduces maiden
> name is Eileen Carlucci, as in Frank Carlucci. And the
> Carluccis and the Marquez family have been family
> friends for a while and had a few members serve in the
> CIA together. Eileens middle name is even Marquez.
> Frank Carluccis grandfather, Frank I, was associated
> to them all ­ Masons, Knights Templar, Benevolent
> Protective Order of Elks, Mystic Shrine and Irem
> Temple Shrine.
> And was the Godfather of Scranton, PA.
> Frank Carlucci III has what is essentially a huge
> Carlucci mafia-like operation going on. I have a
> dossier on dozens of them with their hand in every
> part of the infrastructure of power in the US, from
> banking, to working at the airlines involved in the
> attacks, to the intelligence communities. For example
> we invaded and captured Noriega after a failed coup by
> the CIA and a Carlucci and a Marquez were captured and
> tortured...
> Such is the case of the relatives and friends of
> Major Moisés Del Río, a military officer accused of
> conspiring against General Noriega, who managed to
> escape and went into exile. After having been
> persecuted because of their relationship with Major
> del Río, his wife Maria Mellíllo de Del Río, his
> godfather Julio Chen Márquez, who was arrested and
> tortured, and a group of family members who were also
> persecuted, were all forced to seek exile, as well as
> businessmen who were his friends, such as Giovanni
> Carlucci, who was arrested and tortured. All of these
> people, as well as several friends who suffered
> persecution and threats, are now in exile. Del Río's
> property was either looted or destroyed.
> There are also Carduccis and Celluccis very close to
> the Carlucci family and one of Eileens aliases is
> Eileen Carducci, and there are Celluccis that are
> incorporated into the new mafia bred family, heading
> up information technolgies and things like
> nano-technology.
> Here is just a partial list of Carluccis...
> Anthony... Lime Wire LLC
> Arthur... GM of Deligo Technologies
> Chris... VP of JP and Morgan
> CArol... Religious School Director
> David... Chief XO and Presidnet of IMS Helath
> Inc...and sales rep for IBM and GM of IBM
> David... Airport Advisory Comitee
> Domenic... Captain of American Airlines (9/11 airline)
> Eddie... AT&T (also involved in Y2K scare)
> Frank III... Director of CIA/Sec of Defense/ CFR/TLC
> and Carlyle Group
> Frank C IV... son of Frank III officer of that Extreme
> Networks
> Gabriella... member of the Forza Italia Party
> John... Time Warner Chief Network Architect
> Joseph... Mesa Airlines
> Joseph... Tech Spec PEAC Inc
> Karen... Oracle Corp Executive
> Kristin... the Rand Corporation
> Len... Columbia Bank
> Lynette... Citigroup
> Matthew... Director PCG Associates Inc
> Mauricia...Columbia University
> Michelle...Director if Info Tech School of the Holy
> Child
> Mike... Presidnet and Chief XO of Azzuri Tech
> Nick... Member of Exec Board Venice Aviation Society
> Paul... Board Member Herald Media
> Paul V... Publisher New York Post
> Rich... Equities trader, stated after 9/11 "DOW 20,000
> baby!"
> Richard... Palisades Insurance
> Richard... Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Lark Tech
> Inc
> Robert... Direct Visual Media Center Dep of Art,
> History and Archeology Columbia University
> Ronald... Finacial Ecec Magic Lantern Group Inc
> Steve... Viacom Outdoor
> Terry... Judge Advocate for Veterans Affairs
> Troy... Corpus Christi Caller Times
> Vera... Minister Eucharist[/url]
> I have info like this on the Carduccis and Celluccis
> as well, just not at hand on computer. 2 Carluccis
> worked at Oracle and that company was the one Richard
> Grove worked at that was up to no good. Karen Carlucci
> "lost" her fiancee in the attacks, she wasnt there
> because she was on maternity leave I think it was and
> then was paid off by Oracle in the form of a sexual
> discrimination suit.
I think Alex Jones is in leagues and taking cue from
> Mahony and/ or the Carluccis and/ or Jesuit Leo
> O'Donovon who is on the Board of Directors at Disney
> who owns ABC, and ABC owns the satellites GCN uses to
> broadcast

> Thats just a few observations I made that might amount
> to something in conjunction with something you might
> have.


(NOT Eric Jon Phelps)



SOME MEN AND WOMEN TRAINED AND INFLUENCED OF THE JESUITSDear Brethrens And Friends :Attached herewith in Acrobat PDF File is entitled, "SOME MEN AND WOMEN TRAINED AND INFLUENCED BY THE JESUITS". Obviously and without a doubt that the said people were cohorts of the Jesuits. In the case of famous actress Ms. Vilma Santos "The Star For All Seasons" is being trained by Fr. James Reuter and Arcbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa City, Batangas. We as the Community Of World Historians were shocked to learned that Ms. Vilma Santos former mayor of Lipa City and now governor of Batangas and being the wife of former senator Ralph Recto is now secretly working with Archbishop Arguelles and Fr. Reuters (Jesuit). Not surprising, former president Cory Aquino was a closed associate of the late Archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin. Cardinal Sin was also trained by the Jesuits at Ateneo University. We have also found out that Dwigth Eisenhower was a close friend of Rev. Fr. Edmund A. Walsh (founder of the Edmund A. Walsh School Of Foreign Service of Georgetown University). We have also found out that Dwight Eisenhower together with Admiral Chester W. Nimitz were both German-Americans. That is why the American patriotic 4-Star General George S. Patton, Jr. was temporarily grounded by Gen. Eisenhower. If George Patton was allowed a spearheaded attack, WWII will not last long up to 1945. There, Gen. Patton was eliminated by the Jesuits using the OSS agents were OSS the forerunner of the present day CIA being manned by the Papal Knights Of Malta (Pope's Knights). Digging deeper, the you'll see the faces of the Jesuits. One of the reason, Gen. Douglas McArthur was always confering to Rev. Fr. Edmund A. Walsh were Douglas McArthur was also trained by the Jesuits. President Harry Truman was also very closed to Rev. Fr. Walsh. Joseph O' Hare of Fordham University is a Professed Jesuit of Fourth Vow (Luciferian), under "Blood Oath". In the PDF file, you'll see Fr. Joseph O' Hare talking with the Irish president and Fr. O' Hare was the very one who gave President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a honorary (doctorate award). The Jesuits really put politicians into pinnacle of power where they controlled world's politicians. We have also found out that Allen Dulles was the uncle of another professed Jesuit of the fourth vow Cardinal Avery Dulles of Fordham University. Another Jesuit trained was Bill Clinton who became president of the United States. Clinton was trained by the Jesuits at Georgetown University and he was the classmate of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at Edmund A. Walsh School Of Foreign Service. Sometimes, there are truth that very hard to accept, but it is the reality.
Respectfully yours,

The Community Of World Historians



Rose Cheramie: How She Predicted the JFK Assassination

Bush Predicts Hillary For Left Hand Puppet


Monday, September 24, 2007

More Truth

Today is wild. The Iranian President is at NYC today. He will speak at Columbia University today. Protestors are ought claiming that he's an extremist and wants Israel to be destroyed. I believe he has a right to speak and make his case about his agenda as much as people have a right to publiclly denounce him. My feeling is that he isn't totally a pro-freedom guy with restrictions on human rights in his own nation. Yet, I don't believe he is an immediately threat as Neo-Cons proclaim. He hasn't developed a nuclear weapon and Iran is bascially a nation with full of dissidents against the policies of the Iranian President. I don't follow the agenda of fighting Iran. Some important news is up. Larry Pratt from Sunday September 23, 2007 wrote about a bill risking the right of some veterans in owning guns. Now, the bill is called The Veterans Disarmament Act which has already passed the House. The bill would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the federal gun ban list. I think it's wrong since the 2nd amendment gives people the right to own a gun and most with PTSD live normal lives and aren't a threat to anyone. Of course it's supporters are anti-gun extremists like Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Another liberal anti-gunner supporting the bill is Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). This comes in the heels of the NRA meeting with Republicans and one Democrats.

Once again, Chris Matthews lied and say that if urban areas have more gun rights to citizens, crime will go up. The reality is that Switzerland has many urban areas with a freer gun ownership than the USA and it has less crime than us. The truth that Chris hates is that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right for the people. Gun bans for citizens is what the Nazis, Stalin, slave traders, and other dictators embrace. Now, Jodie Foster believes that no one should own a gun. It isn't just the far left secular humanism crowd. The Jesuits and other groups are in support of gun control as well. We have already too many gun laws and enforcement of existing laws can lower crime. Mexico, Britian, Russia, and other nations with stricter gun laws than the USA have high levels of violent crime. The stats prove it. Crime can go down by a host of solutions (like education, targeting gangs, teaching folks on gun safety, assistance, etc.) without gun bans from law abiding citizens at all. Folks love to look at more truth. What's the deal with this anti-gun extremism? Now, the real elite want control over society and citizens. That's expressed in their own documents and words from Rockefeller saying that I want a one world and Global 2000 document calling for the depopulation of the world's population (that's why abortion is promoted so strongly in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Third World. When you get down to it, the real elite are headquartered in Europe based in the Vatican/Jesuits & the City of London filled with the Pilgrim Society). It's basically neo-feudal system (you can call neo-fascism since the same people in the Knights of Malta and other corporations funding both sides in WWII are funding the West and the East now. For example, IBM were involved with the Nazis during WWII and today they are some of the most powerful people involved in Big Brother and biometrics. All of this corruption isn't just in America, it's worldwide). I like to thank those exposing the real truth like those in Unhived Mind forum and Thomas Richards (whose new information about the Knights of Columbus is good. Some of that new information include stuff that even I didn't know of). The reality we have to be active by writing, warning people in a peaceful manner, organizing, and not using fear as a tool for paranoia.

By Timothy


Jesuit information galore

Hey Eric, & Friends,

Jeff Rense, John Stadtmiller, and all of the rest of these Jew hating morons haven't read an A.V. 1611 Bible. Stadtmiller is a Catholic, so who knows what he is reading. Our Protestant Bibles the A.V. 1611, and Geneva 1599 detail that the Lord will come back and Israel, as a Nation, will be Saved for Eternity. It's all through the scriptures, and easy to find.I was brain washed by a slick operator for about 6 years. His name is James Lloyd, and he teaches that Israel is the "Little Horn" of Daniel. He also teaches full blown Arminianism. He had me wound tight, as some of what he teaches is correct, but it's laced with untruths and wild speculation, concerning Bible Prophecy. He can't seperate the Masonic Jews of the Vatican, from the Jews that are God's people, or maybe he can. Pastor Turner and I have been suspecting him of being a Jesuit Coadjutor for some time, now. I thank God that He allowed me to find a preacher on the shortwave preaching the "Doctrines of Grace" and teaching correct bible doctrine. This rough, gruff, preacher was Pastor Nelson Turner, broadcasting on wild man, Dave France's radio station down here, in Tennessee, where I am. That was a few years ago, and he told me the truth, and what to read, concerning the Reformation. James Lloyd had done a good job on me, and it took a year, or more, for me to come to the full knowledge of the "Doctrines of Grace", and the fact that I was "Elected", and "Chosen", and I couldn't lose my salvation, nor could I have anything to do with promoting my slavation. It was all God's Will! Amen! The shortwave is full of liars and decievers. Alex Jones is the most prolific, but there are many, many, more.

I would like to see Thomas Richards of to draw a bead on John Stadtmiller, and see what he could find out. Stadtmiller is just as loud and hateful, and despises the Jews as much as anyone on shortwave. His network, Republic Broadcasting cannot go through 10 minutes of broadcast time, regardless of whose show it is, without saying something untrue, or nasty about the Jews. As far as James Lloyd goes, I will prepare an expose' of all his lies and deceptions, because I think he is just as dangerous, maybe more so. It might be possible for Thomas, Eric, or Pastor Turner to post it when I finish. I pray that confused people, that are involved with these liars, could hear the truth, and find their way out of the shortwave confusion. God is not the author of confusion, and that is all you will find on Republic, Genesis, and other satanic broadcast outlets, funded by the CIA, the Jesuits, and Rome!

Blessings,john m. franse (refusenik)


Apparently Priest Theodore Hesburgh is indeed a Jesuit priest. He was the head of the Rockefeller Foundation over 20 years ago and personally reviewed the graduating officers at Westpoint. This CFR Jesuit is one of American's most dangerous men. He also had a hand in the writing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: Rice and Hessburg / JBS and Vatican Influence

Dear Eric,

I'm finding references to Hesburgh as "Father Theodore Hesburgh, S.J."


" Dr. Briggs was the one witness that expressed strong opposition to the entire idea of considering a guestworker proposal. He cited numerous experts in the past who unanimously found that such a proposal was bad immigration policy, among them where Barbara Jordan, who headed the government-sponsored Commission on Immigration Reform, and Father Theodore Hesburgh, S.J., a member of numerous commissions that studied immigration. Dr. Briggs was adamant that historically all "temporary" guestworker programs end up being permanent, and instead of discouraging illegal immigration, in fact, encourage it. In response to a question, he testified that a non-counterfeitable national identity card containing biometric information would be the only way to stem illegal immigration. He stated that it was only a matter of time, because of the security concerns in the United States, that such a system would be necessary."

" National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) (1993) A formal agreement between the United States Catholic Conference and three other groups, the Natl. Council of Churches of Christ, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, the Evangelical Environmental Network, "to integrate commitment to global sustainability and environmental justice into all aspects of religious life." Re-reads the scriptures with "green lens," supports U. N. based plan for population control. Facilitated by Sen. Joseph Liberman, active supporters: the late Cardinal Bernardin, Vice President Al Gore, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, S.J."

-Bro TR

i haven't heard from Scott yet.


excerpts of a letter that lead to this email from Eric Phelps. This man is a friend of mine.

"About 27 years ago I was heavily involved in the John Birch Society. I wasn't saved yet at that time. I was beginning to see the conspiratorial nature of the banking system, the political conflicts, selling out American interests by our own "elected" officials, the "no-win" wars, and these things began to form a new picture of what was really going on.

After about 6 years the Lord got ahold of me one night and I got saved, just like you did. The real deal. Praise God. Amen. Everything changed. I began to see that the Catholics (I understood their false gospel and that they were not really Christians, quickly..) and the Mormons (also a cult I recognized) and the Pentecostals/Charismatics (I thought those were genuine though..) were running the John Birch Society. I spoke at a Birch summer camp one year and there was a Jesuit from Notre Dame there named Rice, I think. The kids were primarily Roman Catholic, though there were some who were from Christian families. The officials who had "bible" class and led in prayer were always Catholics and there was a priest there too who officiated in those things. I was really starting to have second thoughts about the whole Society and what it was really up to.

I left not long after that and provoked one of the regional officers to finally leave too, and a few others. The whole emphasis of that Society was to oppose the "Communists" who were working with the "Jews" to take over the world through their international conspiracy. I am sure you know their particular variety and angle. It is very close to what the Nazi's believed. The Vatican was, of course, never mentioned as a player at all. They just concentrated on the BEAST and left out the HARLOT."

I then asked his the name of the Jesuit that was at the JBS meetings and this was his response:

The man (perhaps not a priest afterall, doing some reading now on turns out to be a "non-clerical cleric"...better for his imgage and subversive work no doubt) at the JBS camp I mentioned (back in 86/87) was Charles Rice, he is the son-in-law of a former head of the Law School at Notre Dame.
This link tells the story. "He is a member of the governing boards of Ave Maria School of Law, Franciscan University of Steubenville, and the Eternal Word Television Network. He is also chairman of the Center for Law and Justice International in New Hope, Kentucky, and a director of the THOMAS MORE CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE in Ann Arbor."

I think we can safely call him a "jesuit co-adjutor". No? smile.gif I'll attach a picture for you.

user posted image

He was a contemporary to Theodore Hessberg, the Jesuit Chancellor of Notre Dame University. We know they are all part of the same family and work together, so that is basically, whether Jesuit or not, becomes almost a moot point in our considerations. Their priesthood is all working together in the devotion of the very same idols they uniquely serve. I think the distinction between Jesuit, Domincan, Franciscan, Archbishop, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope, all are blending into one another and we are left, in each case, with the image of a human devil working diligently for the kingdom of Antichrist. Human devils who all cry out in unison for the blood of Jesus, His saints. Who cry out for the erradication of eternal Truth, the Word of God. Amen.

Eric Phelps has stated in an interview dated 2005, that Theodore Hessburg was not a Jesuit, but "worked very close to them." This is an error. I saw Hessburg speaking at Notre Dame, in front of TV cameras carried by news reporters. He stated very clearly, and I can almost quote this verbatim in this much..."the greatest day in my life was when I became a JESUIT...." I am absolutely certain that is his testimony and no doubt countless thousands witnessed this too. I cannot imagine that he was lying on national TV about this particular subject on that particular day. It was a day the University got together to honor him specifically, and on national TV. It was at the very end of his career at N.D., so maybe he just "came clean" as he was about to retire, so to speak. Don't know. I do know that is what he said.

This is a text of Eric's interview where he states Hessburg was NOT a Jesuit:


Praise God for brother Baldwin.

Everything he said below is true with an addendum from your truly.

Guiliani is a Knight of Malta. He backs Cintra because it is owned and controlled by brother Knight of Malta Juan Carlos---the "King of Jerusalem." Guiliani is indeed a fascist and will perpetuate this cruasde agianst Islam as per his master's direction, Knight of Malta Edward Cardinal Egan---the Darth Vader of America. And finally, Guiliani participated in the demolition of the World Trade Center on 911. And Fascist Fox News is completely behind him backed by the Irish Roman Catholics Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. Their boss is Roman Catholic, racially half-Jew, CFR-member, Papal Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch.

We have no choice in the federal "elections" any longer. This is why my glorious state of Pennsylvania would be wise to secede from the pope's Unholy Roman Fourteenth Amendment. Corporate Fascist American Empire----ASAP!

Sincerely in Faith.

Brother Eric

Take in Blood: Hillary is too, so is McCain though it looks like he is done

But then again everybody there is horrible, Ron Paul won't be as horrible as them other 18 or so, but looks like he is dancing to their tune too

Truthseeker01: Ron Paul is just as bad as the rest of them, there has been plenty of evidence to show this and you people continue to praise him. He's a fake liar and needs to be treated as one because even though he says a lot different doesn't mean he's gonna actually do it. I guess we can forget that he was close to Ronald Reagen in the past who did just as much damage to this country as every other crook and so on. I'm sick of people saying Ron Paul is a better candidate because he's not.

Alexandria: I'm not even going to vote--what's the point?

Craig: A Homosexual SMOM Papal Knight.


I'm not voting either but hey I'm sick of all these idiots giving praise to another NWO papal puppet. But hey that's what you get when you try to expose the truth and people use feeling rather than reason and logic to try and prove you wrong.

Walt: Hello Folks,
A young believer and patriot friend, David Dudenhoefer sat right next to
Ron Paul on the ferry boat ride from the dock in Mackinac City Michigan
to Mackinac Island a couple of days ago, confronting Paul about his letter
written in 2005. See attached letter from:
praising Pope John Paul II. The ferry was taking them to the Republican
Convention that is being held on the Island. Paul was taken aback about
the encounter. He was also confronted about the priest and nun led, and
incited, slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans in 1994 and Pope John Paul II's
responsibility for directing it, (read the attached document about Rwanda)
as the TOTAL DICTATOR over all nuns and priests who either approves or

Vatican for their food, lodging, and clothing and activities. Other patriots confronted
Rudy Giuliani about his involvement in the mass murder of approximately 3,000
people on 9/11. He especially was confronted about the demolition of Trade Center
building number 7 which WAS NOT HIT BY PLANES but still came STRAIGHT
DOWN IN THE SAME MANNER AS BUILDING 1 AND 2. He also was confronted
with Larry Siverstein's video admittance of the "pulling" (demolition used term) of
building number 7. Giuliani had STARK FEAR IN HIS EYES as he was confronted
and wouldn't answer, but ran to his limo and LEFT THE CONVENTION and flew
back to New York. There is a brave, stalwart group of Americans at the convention
that is NOT LETTING THE TRAITORS SLIDE. Stay tuned for more info as I get it.
I will try to get David to commit his experiences to writing after he returns home
from the convention. Please PRAY for those folks at the convention who are
exposing the lies and liars.



As you probably already know Patrick Leahy (lifetime Senator used to help create illusion of true political opposition) was trained by Jesuits and the head of Veterans Affairs James (Jim) Nicholson is a Papal Knight and Knight of Malta. Nicholson was U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican) up until a year or two ago I think. The Order has covered their bases so to speak in that they control both sides of the present Papal Crusade in the Middle East called the "War on Terror" by the CFR press. They control Blackwater USA which is made to look like a Evangelical/Protestant controlled military contractor whose parent company is Prince Group but in actuality Jesuit-trained SMOM and Opus Dei (according to Wikipedia) Joseph E. Schmitz controls those killers but "Born-Again Christian" Erik Prince is being used by the Order so the blame for the genocide in the Middle East will be placed on American Protestants just as pseudo-Christian Skull and Bonesman George W. Bush makes the Papal Crusade in the Middle East look like it's run by Protestants.
Sadly veterans have not fought for what they think they have. I wish it were true that they fought for freedom, but nothing could further from the truth. They were exploited, coaxed or drafted into fighting for a foreign cause to enforce or impose universal Papal temporal power by securing opium, oil, and extirpate any "heretics" who get in their way. Their treatment when they return home is abyssmal in that they are not protected and truly cared for. They are given allopathic poison in pills and forced to depend on the VA which will ensure through Papal Knight Nicholson that they suffer. That is how they are rewarded after being cannon fodder for the Pope.

Brother Nick

A Bill proposed to try to ban guns\\

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Something new

I'm here. Today is the beginning of more massive protests involving the Jena 6. What is it about? It's about a group of black people assualting a white man. Many of them recieved harsh prison sentences as tried as adult. Protestors in Jena, Louisiana believe that the judgment was too harsh and is an example of unfair punishment harbored against blacks and other minorities. That's the controversy. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (both Prince Hall Freemasons) are there to protest. Frankily, the mainstream (especially "liberal") black leadership have been infilitrated by corporate elites, the Jesuits, and Freemasons for many decades. That's why Jackson, Julian Bond, Sharpton, and even John Lewis are all Freemasons. Freemasonry in a 1950 New Age article called for a new order and a new race for society, so Freemasonry is definitely involved in the NWO plan. Many Masons are quoted as praising Lucifer and accepting the paganism of the Mystery Religion. Masonry is occult and evil. My opinion on Jena 6 is that people have a right to protest and the judgments in the case was too excessive. I want to mention this as well. There has been a lot of sucking up to Ronald Reagan (who was a 33rd Degree Freemason and researchers believe that he's also a honorary Knight of Malta).

The truth is that Reagan was an agent of the Elite. He passed an anti-gun law called the Mulford Act in 1967 (and legalized abortion in California in 1967 also). He allowed diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1984 when the Vatican is responsible for evil intrigue for centuries. When you get down to it, those who have most of the political power are in the Vatican and other places in Europe (i.e. the Black Nobility families, high level Freemasonry, the Pilgrims, etc.). They want a feudal system similar to the Middle Ages. Reagan is an ecumencial who's an ally of many Jesuits. Reagan allowed himself to viel himself as a "conservative" but the result wasn't a radical improvement in America nor the positive reception of conservative values. In fact, most of the media don't like pro-life ideals, pro-gun ideas, and pro-national sovereignity ideals (That's why nations like China control a large portion of our ports. They want to be the biggest navy on planet Earth). I see it everyday. That's a sign that we have to be careful on whom we praise.
The Iraq War is going really in a destructive manner. The Iraqis want Blackwater out of Iraq for their use of aggressive tactics. Many of them are accused of murdering Iraqi civilians. The truth is that Blackwater has been an aggressive organization. Despite the vast majority of the American public wanting the Iraq war to end, Congress is very little about since they fear George W. Bush's veto power (and failure to earn enough votes to get anything done). Our freedom is not what it should be. For example, Congress reject a call for just accepting habeas corpus, a man gets tasered for no reason (The man's name who was arrested was Andrew Meyer. He asked Kerry about the election corruption in 2004 and if Kerry was a Bonesman like Bush is. Kerry is a Bonesman and an elitist. The S&B is an occult low level entry level position that propel many students into the real Global Elite), religious folks have been arrested for peaceful expression, the expansion of the anti-4th Amendment FISA program, the forced drugging of our people, free speech zones are all over the nation, in some Bush rallies you can't go to it without signing a contract, and other facts of reality. That isn't legitimate freedom. Real freedom is to express your right to live your life as you don't violate moral principles of honesty, being anti-murder, etc.

By Timothy

Other links

Other links


Stolen Moral Capital

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Other links

Thomas Richards' new articles (Must Reads)

Hillary Clinton and Health Care


Many are wieghing in on the tasered young man. My opinion is that I don't agree with the man being tasered. He didn't have any weapon, he was no physical threat towards anyone, and tasers are known to be very dangerous (deaths have been a result of them). The man named Meyer asked John Kerry about Skulls and Bones and he was tackled by police officers. There is the discussion about OJ Simpson. He is accused of burgarly, kidnapping, and other charges. The audio shows an upset OJ that is using profanity in his accusations of kidnapping people. OJ may be guilty and if he is, he might be in jail for life in prison. There is also a protest in Jena, Louisiana for the Jena 6. Protestors believe that 6 black men were unfairly jailed for a fight. The truth is more complex than that. The victim was beaten heavily and he was assaulted. The reality in my opinion is that the boys involved in the fight ought to have some jail time, but not 22 years. That's why many are coming into Jena to protest. I believe that protests will be very peaceful. What's funny is that Jesse Jackson called Obama acting white for his response to Jena 6. The reality is Jackson is right on some issues, but don't give one iota to the thousands of blacks dying via abortion (whose deaths exceed many other causes of black deaths like heart disease). Jackson won't expose those crime and the racist members of early Planned Parenthood plus expose Sanger's blatantly anti-black policy of the Negro Project.

Alan Greenspan blamed Bush and the Democrats for the economic problems in America. Truthfully, Bush is a puppet. Our economic system is controlled by select economic powerhouses whose goal is to consodolate wealth in the IMF, World Bank, etc. The Federal Reserve is owned by private interests in the City of London (i.e. the Bank of England), SMOMs, and other entitles. That's the truth. Some predict that there is going to be an economic recession because of the value of the dollar going down, the less trust of banks, the ascendance of the euro overshadowing the influence of the dollar, and the monopoly systems. This isn't free market since only a couple hundred banks control the most wealth on planet Earth. If you have assets, keep them. Me personally, I was born in America and I will die here. If the end comes, I have to place my trust in the Lord.

By Timothy

Population Control and Green Extremists

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering

Eugenics watch

Reality and Fighting against lies

Lately, there have been unfair attacks against Thomas Richards. Richards nowadays have been telling the truth about exposing the Vatican elite power structure (i.e. Thomas is the first in my mind that discovered how the Bohemian Grove conducted a mass and is pattern after the praise of a Romanist "saint") and connecting the dots to world events. Richards is especially a target for his explosure of shills and disinformation from the John Birch Society all the way to those in the alternative media claiming to be real but are afraid to even talk about the Jesuit Order. I think Richards needs to continue his work. One lesson I've learned from him is that we need to not have paranoia about the NWO consumed with fear. We should only fear God alone not any human in this world. George W. Bush proposed Michael B. Mukasey as the new Attorney General to replace Alberto Gonzales. Many Congresspeople from both parties praise him. There are questions though. Mukasey supports the Patriot Act, racial profiling, and took no position on imprisoned librarians in Cuba. That makes him in the anti-civil liberty category. Even some conservatives have questions on him about abortion when we know that abortion is evil and it's murder point blank. Mukasey is pro-Rudy Guiliani (who supports similar authorotarian policies) and sent money to his Presidental campaign. the litigation between developer Larry Silverstein and several insurance companies (which lead Larry to get billions of dollars). There are problems still in America from Big Brother, the North American Union agenda (David Rockefeller admitted that he wanted a one world in his own memoirs) a person being tasered and arrested for just refusing to not answer a question, and other points.

I want to comment on this. I agree that with David Stewart Islam never carried out all of 9/11, but I don't agree totally with his opinion on Jewish people and Judaism. The reality that David Stewart doesn't understand is that the Bavarian Illuminati was gone by the late 1800's. The CFR isn't the most powerful group in the world since the Pilgrim Society and the Vatican are 100 times more powerful than the CFR. Judaism is not satanic since they don't worship Satan. Judaism may be a false faith or a faith that's obsolete (and the Talmud is wrong and evil), but without Torah Judaism, Christianity won't exist. David Stewart seems to be brought into the "bash the Jews collectively" disinformation thing. The real top power players are in the Vatican/Jesuits (including heavyweights like Knight of Malta Lord Guthrie. He's a patron of the Cardinal Hume centre and a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons. SMOMS Boisi, SMOM William A. Wilson, SMOM Count Alexandre de Marenches and others are Vatican kingpins as well involved in religious & corporate power), high level Freemasonry, and the Pilgrims (like the Duke of Westimester Grosvenor who owns tons of lands globally. Mark A. Angelson, Philip Edward Leo Africa Bonn, and William J., Crowe Jr.. are many Pilgrims with tons of power in banking, corporations, and political groups controlling much of policies of this Earth. The Pilgrim Society is much more powerful than the Bilderberg Group). This is the vortex of world power. These are the ones creating the Federal Reserve Act of the early 1900's centralizing more of the wealth into select Federal Banks (Davidson, Vanderlip, Warburg, Aldrich, and others were apart of that agenda via their meeting in Jerykl Island). Sorry, David, I refuse to omit Muslim crimes in Sudan, Pakistan, India, and places across the world. Yet, I'm not a neo cons advocating war against the Muslim world. The response should be assistance and self defense, not total war against Muslims. The bigots and disinformation artists can't refute me or people like Thomas Richards.

By Timothy


(A Must Read video above)

Who is Ron Paul?

Opus Dei and the Pentagon

Friday, September 14, 2007

Other links

Globalization is Bad

I'm back here. Recently, I've visited the country areas of Virginia. They were located in Southampton County, Courtland, Drewyville, and Boykins, VA. A lot of people there (including some of relatives) spoke with deep Southern accents. It was fascinating. The land looked rich in several locations. I've enjoyed the trip. Now, news days continued to fly high like a potent air ballon. There is the Ed Brown situation. Ed Brown refuses to pay income taxes since he assumes that income taxes constitute an illegal measure. Recently, supporters of Brown and his family were arrested. The Department of Homeland Security has also flown helicopters over the house. BATF agents were at Ed Brown's house as well. I don't agree with all of that firepower for just a person refusing to pay income taxes peacefully. The situation with government now is very apparent. They want to control society via programs and instiutions. They want depopulation and the centralization of sovereignity (which strips sovereignity. That's why Bush, Mexico, and Canada are having talks about integrating the powers in the 3 nations in a North American atmosphere. That is why the Trans-Texas Corridor is strongly proposed in causing globalization lowering the right of inspecting foreign trucks. Such a plan for a NAFTA Superhighway is called the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, was originally named the North American Superhighway Coalition. CFR member Robert Pastor (who agrees with the amero currency for all of North America. King Of Malta Juan Carlos is the head of the Cintra corporation who wanted to built a huge highway across North America) said in June 9, 2005 to the Senate that: "The North American Council should develop an integrated continental plan for transportation and infrastructure that includes new North American highways and high-speed rail corridors." That's the smoking gun proving a plan for a North American highway exists. These proposals having been approved by Congress at all. From my years of research, the architects of this one world system are in the Vatican/Jesuits, the Pilgrim Society (which control and helped invent the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the RIIA), and high level Freemasonry (whose members even in 1950 supported a new order for the world).

Globalization is about the government and other political entities centralizing wealth and power into the hands of the few (via programs, big multinational corporations flowing the nations with as much resources as possible without much inspection, and other tactics). Frankily, Globalization is bad since it institutes a monopoly over independent thought, independent markets, and suppressing our inherit freedoms. The United nations is part of that. Although, the UN isn't the most powerful group on Earth, they certainly have heavy influence in promoting population control, the control of many of our lands in America (plus our national parks, Biospheres, etc.) plus globally, and brainwashing some folks into supporting the evil concept internationalism at the expense of forcing nations to eliminate their sovereignity. The Vatican connection (a simple example is how in the 1980's Pope John Paul II gathered dozens of religious leaders in support of a one world religious atmosphere.) John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both called for a new world order. The Vatican is at the forefront of the Ecumencial Movement. Some even want the Vatican to unite with the Anglican Church of England. The Knights of Malta are very powerful and head many corporations like William F. Buckley Jr., Gustavo Cisneros, Joseph A. Unanue is the head of Goya Foods, a powerful banker named Geoffrey T. Boisi, & Steven Saxton is one head of a major Hollywood International company, and are in the globalization agenda. Not to mention that the SMOMs have a history in funding WWI, WWII, the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, and many avenues of history today. The Jesuit order have been at the forefront in training world leaders from Clinton to others. Many Jesuits support far left causes from abortion to gun control. The Jesuits' goal have been to destroy the Protestant Reformation and they have been condemned by John Adams and other intelligent men. Jeb Bush is a famous 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus member to the NWO must be exposed as well. Some even in the alternative media won't talk about it (i.e. the Vatican) for whatever reason, but I will write about it and speak on it. That's part of freedom of speech.

By Timothy