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The New Atlantis (an offical version)

The New Atlantis

Ever since 1998, I've investigated Atlantis. I knew the mystery behind the story. In the time of B.C., Plato wrote an account of Atlantis. Plato wrote that he got the story from the Greek lawygiver Solon. The Critias is the story. Solon is said to have gotten the story from the Egyptians. The story had Atlantis being an advanced civilization where kings ruled. They were destroyed because of their corruption. Ever since that time, the story of Atlantis was extremely popular. Mainstream scholars debate to this day on the locations and history of that place. In 2001, I discovered the New Altantis/America connection. At 2003, I understood it on a higher plateau. For thousands of years, those in Mystery Religions envisioned the revitilization of Lost Atlantis. One of the essences of all Secret Societies is to form a new age on the Earth to replace the old order. Sir Francis Bacon was a British philosopher who conceptualized the North American continent as "New Atlantis." Bacon was a Rosicrucian and King James opposed him. King James authorized the King James Bible of 1611. Bacon wrote a book called "the New Atlantis" The book talked about America transpiring with skyscrapers, scientists, underwater vehicles, and flying machines. How did he write of this in the later 1500's? Many occultists like the Rosicurcians came into America in the 1600's to try to set up a New Atlantis themselves. Bacon died in the early 1600's, but some of the Founding Fathers like Benjamin Franklin (a Freemason and a member of the Hells Fire Club. This Club is similar to he modern day Bohemian Grove of tdoay. The Hells Fire Club is composed of debauchery & pagan activities) and Thomas Jefferson accepted Bacon's agenda (according to the writings of Manly P. Hall, who is a 33rd Degree Freemason). The Declaration of Indepedence was finialized in July 4, 1776. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt created his Bavarian Illuminati. Adam was trained in a Jesuit University and promoted global revolution. Adam was also a Freemason. Masonry is an ancient Egyptian/Babylonian-like institution. In one degree they praise the word Jah-Bul-On, which is a phrase of multiple of gods. Hall himself would endorse Bacon's scheme in creating a world democracy and a New Atlantis for America:

"Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for A PECULIAR AND PARTICULAR PURPOSE known only to the intiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body-unseen and for the most part unknown and the unfinish pyramid upon its reverse side is trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomphlishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception." (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. XC and XCI)

"Sir Francis Bacon had formed with the aid of his secret society ... the plans for the colonization of the Western Hemisphere ... There is a secret and immutable destiny planned for mankind, one not recognized by or dreamt of by the mass of humanity. The northern continent of America had been decreed to be the land of a democratic commonwealth of states thousands of years before Columbus ever sailed to its shores. There can be no doubt that the Enlightened Ones had a hand in the formation of the new nation. Thomas Paine, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and countless others who were involved in signing the Declaration of Independence were all Freemasons or members of some other sect. The designs for both the Great Seal of the United States and earlier, the flag of the colony, indicate that they were inspired by those with esoteric knowledge." ["The Secret of the Illuminati" by Elizabeth van Buren:Pages 142-144]

*It is fair to point out that many God-fearing Americans existed in early America (like John Witherspoon, Daniel Webster, Hooker, Samuel Davies, John Clarke, Roger Williams, John Lehland, Timothy Dwight, etc.) So, not all Americans back then were occultists. Most professing Americans in that time were Christians, but Secret Societies were in conflict with them from the beginning of this nation's founding. Now, it's time to write more about D.C. George Adams (a Grand Master Mason) in D.C. on 1993 admitted that the Freemasons put the cornerstone of many buildings of Washington D.C. These buildings include: The White House, the Washington Monument, the Smithosian, Constitutional Hall, and the U.S. Capitol Building (It was laid by George Washington in September 18, 1793). Even Washington D.C., the symbolism on the One Dollar Bill, and items across America reflect infilitration of occult influences in the U.S.A. D.C. is very obvious since Freemasons, the Jesuits, and other orders were crucial in developing that city. The following is the Vatican/Jesuit connection to Washington D.C. First, it's time to look at some history. James II fled England since he was a Catholic and he went into France. In his time, Bloody Mary and other events showed tensions between Catholics and Protestants. James II was of the Stuart line and his allies were the Jacobites (who were pro-Jesuits). James II and the pro-Stuarts wanted a Catholic England. In fact, the Jacobites formed the foundation of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsey was one man involved in the Rite's creation. By 1773, competiting lodges in France created the Grand Orient. When, the Jesuits couldn't defeat the Protestants by military means, they focused on infilitration. One tactic was colonization. Roman Catholic George Calvert or Lord Baltimore created a Catholic colony in Maryland. The Jesuit John Carroll was probably the richest man in America in the late 1700's. Carroll allowed funding to construct D.C. (which is nicknamed "Rome on the Potomac"). Charles Carroll was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The Carroll family (who were run by the Jesuits of Rome) and the Freemasons were key in the American Revolution. John Carroll founded Georgetown University in 1789. Daniel Carroll owned land in D.C. Roman Catholic Pierre L'Enfant was apart of the creation of Washington D.C. as well. Roman Catholic Constantino Brumidi was the hired painter of occult pictures in the Capitol Dome. He was from Rome who restoring Vatican frescoes. Catholic Robert Brent was its 1st mayor in 1802. John Daniel's "The Grand Design" book proves conclusively the Vatican/Jesuit-D.C. link. Even James Hoban, who designed the White House was a Freemason and an active Irish Roman Catholic.

Cutting Edge Ministries and others prove that the Washington Mall looks similsr to the Sephiroth Tree of lIffe. As explained in Albert Mackey's "Masonic Encylopeedia" on pgs. 166-168, this tree represents the Kabbalic interpretation of creation. According to the Kabbala, En Soph or the Infinite One made 10 emanations to create the Universe like the Crown, Intelligence, etc. The Masonic Coffin looks similar to the tree as well. I found that there is a Federal Triangle conecting the Monument, the Capitol Building, and the White House. It forms a Right Triangle encompassing the constellation of Virgo according to David Ovasion's research. The House of the Temple is directly north of the White House in 13 blocks (if you exclude the side streets). Ovason's book "The Secret Architecture of Washington" claims that D.C. was constructed by the relations of the stars. Even the D.C. plan looks similar to a Y shape among the Eastern and Potomac rivers. Ovason wrote that Pennsylvania Avenue in the Triangle design is the Hypothenuse (in the Mysteries, the Hypothenuse in their Trinity was the New Age "Messiah" created by the Father and the Mother or Goddess. In the occult, the feminine and the masculine must be merged to make completion. This is found in alchemy and the Kabbala. It's like dualism or the Yin and the Yang). You can't know about D.C. without understanding the Washington Monument. It was based from the design of the Egyptian Obelisk. The obelisk is translated as Baal's shaft or penis in the occult. Robert Mills (a Mason) designed the original Monument Plan. The building was starting to be built in 1848. In 1884, the capstone was put on it. George Perkins Marsh finished the original design. They pyramidal top originally have 13 levels. As a side note, Freemason sculptor Augustine Bartholdi sculptured the Statue of Liberty. He was an initiate of the Paris Grand Orient Lodge. Therefore, the Masons are builders of many structures. According to Freemason David Ovason's research, D.C. was created to symbolize the star Sirius. The light of Sirius is embraced by occultists and Masons like Aliester Crowley (a member of the Silver Star). According to Bill Schneolen, the 5-pointed star in Masonic Lodges represents Sirius. Here's a Pro-Mason interpretation of it:

"The Signet of Solomon, the Pentalpha -- called by Our Ancient Brethren 'the Star in the East' -- the Symbol of Masonic Light; otherwise represented by the five-pointed Star of Masonry -- which corresponds eith TGAOTU, etc, and being a fivefold and endless triangle, whose lines are continually reproduced to infinity, is the emblem of Eternity."(Bromwell, H. P. H, Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry, p. 360.)

In ancient Egypt, it was meant for Anubis (or the guard dog of Hell). Albert Pike in his Moral & Dogma book on pg. 486 called Sirius "the Blazing Star." The 5 pointed star is the Pentagram. Heinrich Agrippa (a German occultist) popularized the meaning of the Pentagram as Satanic. Even Pythagoras called the Pentagram as the 5 chambers of Tartaros or Hell. Eliphas Levi (who influenced Albert Pike) assigned Satanic meaning to it. The truth is that the Pentagram does have Satanic meaning and is related to Nature. Some assigned it as the symbol for the perfected man. In the origin D.C. design, there a Pentagram with one side missing. This is occultic according to Manly P. Hall meaning of the Devil's footprint. Also, the cycles of Venus looks like a Pentagram with a side missing.

Those in the occult praise Enoch. This Enoch is not the Enoch of the Bible, but the one who according to them build cities, created the zodiac, and give man real knowledge. He is nicknamed Hermes Tresmeigus (Thrice greatest Hermes). He is also called Mercury or Thoth. A maxim in the occult (supposedly shown by this mythical Hermes) is "as above, so below" What that means is that who is present in heaven is reflected on the Earth. For example, God's existence is similar to the qualities of life on this planet. Yet, the Bible is clear that man is seperate and can't be like God. Man is not like unto God. The sculpture above has George Washington (a Master Mason) in that positiion of above and below. That image looks similar to the Baphomet logo. When you have 2 triangles (when one is normal and one on the bottom is reversed) then merge the 2, you have the hexagram. The Hexagram is one of the most powerful symbols in Witchcrat. If you seperate the base of the Hexagram you have the Square and Compass symbol of Masonry (which are are reflection of each other).

*Washington D.C. is based on 39 degrees lattitude and 77 degrees longitude. In literature, the 77 degrees is called God's longitude. A book claims that Sir Walter Raleigh wanted to look for this longitude in his vogage into America. Sir Walter Raleigh's book written between 1607 and 1614 was the "The History of the World." It had many occult figures like an all Seeing Eye, the androgynous person holding the globe, angels, etc.

Symbols in many images can have multiple levels of meanings according to author & Co-Mason Dr. Robert Heironimus. The Great Seal is an important symbol of America. On 1776, the Committee of the Continential Congress called upon Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Frankling to design the Great Seal. Others assisted like Austrian artist Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere to help create the symbol. William Barton and Charles Thompson were called to help additionally. By June 20, 1782, the design was completed. The Seal was offically placed on the One Dollar Bill in the year of 1933 under the order of 32nd Freemason and Shriner Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The modern Great Seal was also supported by 32nd Degree Freemason Henry Wallace (whose spiritual advisor was a man named Nicholas Roerich. Roerich was a Rosicucrian and the member of the Theosophical Society). Nicholas Roerich was looking for the lost city of Shambala. He studied in Nepal and Tibel. One famous logo on the Seal is "Novus Ordo Seclorum" meaning the "new order of the ages" in Latin. The Pyramid is a blatant motiff of ancient Egypt. Pharoahs were buried there. Pyramids were created for many reasons like preserved pharoahs and signalling star patterns. According to David Ovason, the Pyramid was utilized in the Great Seal as a symbol of stability in hope that America would stabilize for centuries. They pyramid (the words literally means "amidst the fire") looks similar to the peaks of mountains (where some occultist conduct rituals and worship false gods). Even the Himalayas are praised by Theosophists. There is one eye in the Seal. Historically, that eye is called the eye of Horus, Osiris, Jupiter, etc. This is validated in Thomas Milton Stewart's "The Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians and the Light they Throw on Freemasonry" book, John Daniel's "Scarlet and the Beast", Vol. III, pgs. 6-7, and Robert Kieth Spencer's "The Cult of the All Seeing Eye" on pg. 32. The single eye is a Masonic symbol. Annuit Coeptis (means he favors our understaking). The Roman pot Virgil wrote similar words in a prayer to Jupiter in the Aeneid. They wanted the true enterprise of America formed and that's why the pyramid doesn't connect with its capstone.

The opposite Seal has an eagle. 13 is a number that is present in the construction. There are 13 leaves in the olive branches, 13 bars and stripes in the eagle's shield. 13 feathers in the tail, 13 arrows, 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum (a Latin word meaning out of one, many), 13 letter in Annuit Coeptis, etc. This sources proves that those in the occult utilize numbers for special meanings:

of both sides (especial the side with the eagle). For example, there are 13 leaves in the olive branches, 13 bars and stripes in the shield, 13 feathers in the tail, 13 arrows, 13 letters in the phrase E Pluribus Unum (meaning out of many one in Latin), and 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis (meaning He or God had prospered us in Latin). Numbers used by the occult have meanings. Wyn Wescott, who was a Freemason and member of the Golden Dawn wrote that:

"..The followers of Pythagoras ... referred every object, planet, man, idea, and essence to some number or other, in a way which to most moderns must seem curious and mystical in the highest degree. 'The numerals of Pythagoras', says Porphyry, who lived about 300 A.D., 'were hieroglyphic symbols, by means whereof he explained all ideas concerning the nature of things', and the same [numeric] method of explaining the secrets of nature is once again being insisted upon in the new revelation of the 'Secret Doctrine', by H.P. Blavatsky. 'Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony -- in its broad sense, spiritually as well as physically considered, to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The sacredness of numbers begins with the Great First Cause, the One, and ends only with the nought or zero -- symbol of the infinite and boundless universe'." [The Occult Power of Numbers, W. Wynn Westcott, p. 15.]

E. W. Bullinger wrote in his commentaries that 13 means rebellion. Here's more proof that the Eagle or phoenix is another Masonic symbol:

"European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United states of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American Eagle. ... the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalised phoenix..."

The Phoenix was one proposed bird for the Great Seal. What does the Phoenix mean in the occult. Laura Bush wore the Phoenix on her chest including Hillary Clinton. Hillary performed shaman witchcraft and is a notorious hater of Conservative Christianity. That bird in the occult supposedely in myths lived for centuries, kills itself, burned up, and then a new Phoenix will rise out of the ashes again. Manly P. Hall in his "The Secret Destiny of America" book on pgs. 176-177, wrote that the Phoenix represents immorality and resurrection (similar to a Messiah). Biblical scholars believe that the Phoenix is a representation of the Antichrist. A Christian and ex-witch Bill Schnoebelen said that the Phoenix represents Lucifer (being destroyed and rising again according to occultists would be victorious). Even Barbara Walker, a feminist radical wrote that the Phoenix is similar to Lucifer as a morning star (in her "Now in Dawning" book on pg. 281). The eagle is on the Seal today. The eagle to the ancients represented spiritual power. Ancient civilizations like Rome used it as its insignia (The Romans symbolized it as Jupiter, the chief of the gods). The double headed eagle is the logo of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Hirams Oasis Masonic Files (which is a pro-Masonry site) have more proposed interpretations of the Great Seal. According to that site, The tail feathers number nine, the number of degrees in the Chapter, Council, and Commandery of the York Rite of Freemasonry. One essence of occult Secret Societies is their worship or praise of the Serpent. The Serpent is nothing more than a code name for Satan or Lucifer. This is identified in Isaiah 14 and Revelations 12:9. Even 33rd Degree Freemason Rex Hutchens wrote in the "Bridge to Light" (an offical textbook of the Supreme Mother Council of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite. That's the Scottish Rite's highest council) that "the body of the Holy Spirit, the universal agent is...the Serpent devouring his own tail."(in 1988). Madame Blavastsky, a member of the Theosophical Society (her friend Anne Besant was another Theosophical) and a co-Mason worshipped Satan as well by writing that : "...The Great Serpentof the Garden of Eden and the Lord God are identical." Romans 1:23 as Paul wrote says that we worship the Creator God alone not his creations (i.e. serpents or Satan). The oroborus is an image of serpent eating its own tail.

*Is the agenda of some Secret Orders is to use America as a new Altantis to promote world democracy (and to forge a new order of the ages)? Yes and that's proven by the literature of the Secret Society members themselves. Many P. Hall wrote that ".. World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers...The brilliant plan of the Ancients has survived our time...and it continue to function until the great work is accomphlished..." (The Secret Destiny of America, pg. 15). That's why President George W. Bush called for a new order of the ages that must be fulfilled in his 2005 Inagural Address. Bush himself is a member of the Skulls and Bones Secret Society (It's based in Yale University and its founders used the Bavarian Illuminati as inspiration to create the S& B in 1832)That is why Bush is so firm in wanting Iraq and Afghanistan to be free for "democracy." Yet, true democracy is mob rule and doesn't legitimate protect against restricting the rights of the minority. This outlook is global and that is why world leaders called for a one world global state or a new world order.
By Timothy

Walking Through Life

History keeps flowing like lava. The Supreme Court decided that race can't be a single factor in determining how student go into public school. Some like it and some hate it. It's a divisive issue. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy sided with 4 other justice and commented though that race can be a component in determining school composition. It's a controversial issue. Liberals might proceed with making economically based intergrated a more focused priority. There are legitimate arguments on both sides of this issue. Anyway, new polls show more Young Americans as more Pro-Life than previous generations. This is obvious since many Pro-Life young exist that are liberals, conservatives, and indepedents. Not only the far-left crowd, but the Jesuits and other orders have been some of the most virent supporters of abortion, which is child murder point blank. Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens debated each other yesterday. Sharpton made the right point that negative occurences by those in the name of religion has nothing to do with the debate on the existence of God. Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that discounts the existence of God 100%. Atheistic terrorist by Mao and Stalin existed, so just because terror exist doesn't mean that representative of all religious or atheistic people.

The origin of the abortion movement in America has always been negative. For example, Margaret Sanger and others were involved in sterilization not only abortion. Even the Roe from the Roe v. Wade decision admitted that the trial was a farce. The Lost Book of Abraham from Mormon has been exposed as fraudulent. It is not unusual for that to exist since Mormonism was a a product of the misadventure of Joseph Smith. He was the one who claimed that man can be a god and create his own planet (plus that America ought to be the new "Zion" on the Planet Earth). All evil must be exposed from the Pilgrim Society, high level Freemasonry, Vatican/Jesuits, and apostate Labor Zionism as long as it doesn't lead into anti-Semitism (not pro-Torah Zionism). I research this wicked form of Zionism for a number of years and it is interconnected with AIPAC, the ADL (controlled by the Masonic group called B'nai B'rith. B'nai B'rith is under the Scottish Rite of Masonry). Additionally, Unbiased writers on this subject include John Daniel, Barry Chamish, and Rabbi Antelman exposed Frankism, Labor Zionism, the ACLU, the ADL, etc. The origin of it is when apostate Jewish people invented the Kabbala, Shabbetai Tzvi (a false Messiah) took it futher, Frankism embraced Shabbetai's philosophies and was a foundation to the modern Labor zionist movement today. Writers have exposed their role in history from the Bavarian Illuminati, to the Armenian massacre of the early 20th century, the colloboration with Jesuit-inspired Nazis, and the construction of Solomon's Temple (one of the final goals of the real power brokers in the world). They don't really care about the true Torah since they are some of the most extremist, far left crowd in the nation. Walking through life is a challange, but it isn't a justification for defeat.

By Timothy

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Kevin Barrett

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Jesuit info


I can't believe it, but I heard co-adjutor Alex Jones speak out against the Pope yesterday. Pope Benedict (former Hitler Youth, present member of SS) declared, along with England's soon to be Prime Minister Ed Brown, that the world was moving into a "New Order" and since the fall of the Berlin Wall (engineered by Pope John Paul 2nd, and his bootlickers, Gorbachev, and Reagan) the world was ready for a New World Order. This is the first time that I have ever heard Jones speak frankly about Rome, without any qualifiers. I listen to Jones most everyday, because he does disseminate good solid information. The problem is the information he chooses not to bring forward, and 99% of that information is connected with Rome and her SpecOp's assassins the Jesuits.What Jones said yesterday could not have been ignored, as I heard it this morning on NPR. If Alex Jones is to maintain even a minimum of cerdibility, he is going to have to start telling the truth about Rome, and her henchmen! He spent a whole broadcast talking about Kurt Waldheim's role as an SS officer in WW2, and his groupie Arnold Schwarzenegger being an open Nazi sympathizer. So, why can't he devote the same airtime to the fact that Pope Benedict is a former Hitler Youth, as well as airtime exposing the Catholic church's involvment in the murder of six million Jews, and other ethnic peoples. Many shows have been done, recently on the JFK assassination.

The Jesuits were never mentioned! Not one of his many guests ever brought up the Romish church, much less the Jesuits!The biggest question that I have is this. If a man (Eric Jon Phelps) had a book published that contained over 1300+ pages of destructive, explosive, information exposing this whore monstrosity in Rome, and specifically her murdering hit-team the Jesuits, why would Alex Jones not want to have Eric Jon Phelps on the air. There has been repeated attempts to get Eric on the air with Alex, to no avail. Eric has been on many other talk shows promoting his new book titled "Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends" (available on Ebay)..... The reason is simple. The Genesis Communication Network is run by pro Romish co-adjutors, and anti-Semite, Jew haters.

I personally tried to get a Russian writer friend of mine, Lev Navrozov on the air with Jones to speak about the China Threat, and China's nano technology Program 863. Lev is an expert in the field, and a writer for NewsMax. I have over 250 of Lev's NewsMax articles archived, and Lev and I have both been on several talk shows and interviews together. Lev, nor I, have ever heard back from Alex Jones, or his staff. The reason is, because Lev is Jewish, and escaped from Russia in 1972, after living under Stalin, and other arch criminals. Alex Jones and Ted Anderson, the owner of the "Genocide" Network have something to hide, and someone to protect: Rome, and her bloody machinations!!!!!!!!choose to refuse,



Minuteman Matt: I still don't trust AJ remember it's the Black Pope Peter Hans Kolvanbach that runs the show not the white pope Ratzinger. I agree what this guy says about AJ


An interesting post from Bob Bauman of the Sovereign Society. I have read Are We Rome? and it is excellent. Indeed the US is Rome's Holy Roman Fourteenth Amendment Corporate Fascist American Empire as shown in VAIII.

Brother Eric


Ok - you made me curious about Haushofer. Just my first 2 cents on it… it's a whole new playingfield we are looking at here.

I didn't have time to check every detail of the links included - but the picture it draws is pretty clear to me. "On Haushofer's influence on the German leadership: "Haushofer only met Hitler three times in his entire life. When my husband and Hitler were in Landsberg Prison, Haushofer visited only my husband. Hitler drew his geopolitical thoughts in Mein Kampf directly from Ratzel. Professor Haushofer never influenced him." (Interview with Frau Ilse Hess, 25 July 1978, in Sloan, p. 53.)" would at least let us know that while Hess was there at Landsberg it is possible that they sat down with Haushofer and talked about their ideas. And wasn't Stämpfle there also, or did he write somewhere else? So Haushofer having had influence isn't that far off."Karl Haushofer (General and Professor) of Geo-Politics infamy (Alan LeVey was also a fanboy), was one of only three westerners ever, who have become members of the Green Dragon Society. Haushofer was a military attache in Tokyo when he joined before WW1."

Both Gurdjeiff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the "Superman". The lodge included Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring, and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell. It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the "secret" psychological techniques of the esoteric lodges. Haushofer taught him the techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan Lamas- and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon."

Further, the man made connections with the Kokuryu Kai (Black Dragon Society). An ultra-right Japanese secret society infiltrating business and governmental positions, the Black Dragons sought imperial expansion and military supremacy, filling Haushofer's mind with possibilities and pride (The New Axis). Haushofer, fascinated by the sect's exclusivity, stealth, and reach, wanted to create his own Black Dragons."Der Puppenspieler: The Role of Karl Haushofer in the Third Reich - By Peter Tatara

Shadowy forces preferring to remain in the background have always guided Japanese nationalism. These forces guided the Black Ocean and other militarist secret societies, just as the Black Ocean later guided the Black Dragons. The ultimate driving force behind these secret societies, the politics and power plays since the nineteenth-century, is the Order of the Green Dragon.

Be aware that Black and Green Dragon are two different societys - some throw them into a ring and say either can't be true because it's to confusing that different names are used. That just seams to be a diversion. The Black Dragon were created by the Green Dragons!"Green Dragon Zen: In this category I place Soto, which is the parent of the Green Dragon Society, Rinzai, Fuke, Northern and Southern Chinese Ch'an sects, Vietnamese and Korean sects, and all the variant sects which practice the most toxic forms of Zen: those which actually use the Lotus Sutra as a means to promulgate their distorted views of Buddhism. This is the greatest slander of the Lotus Sutra which is possible. I lump them all under the Green Dragon banner (I'm sure they do not appreciate this, but that is not a concern), because Green Dragon has had a tradition of secret propagation, and penetration of new areas with the most aggressive intent to build a lasting foothold in every society it touches. All of the other sects in any locale, will orient themselves to the Green Dragon.""To be specific, the Green Dragon Temple at Green Gulch Farm in Sausalito was started by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi of the Green Dragon Society of Soto Zen. Most of Northern California Zen is essentially Green Dragon. So, responding to his circumstances, he sheds his Marin personna, goes to Afghanistan to train as a terrorist with those bent on America's (his mother's home) destruction with Al Qaeda, whose parents Abdullah Azzam and Bin Laden came from the Islamic Jihad, which along with HAMAS was a descendent of the Muslim Brotherhood,which was connected to the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin El Husseini, who was part of Himmler's SS, who all worshipped Hitler, who wrote Mein Kampf in prison, while the former corporal received weekly visits from his mentor, General Karl Haushofer, who as a military attache to Japan studied Zen and was directly connected by Master-Disciple chain to Bodhidharma. To be specific, Karl Haushofer was a member of the Green Dragon Society of Soto Zen."

Through Haushofers Black Dragon connections it seams they also made Pearl Harbor possible!



Dear Boris,

I thought the sentence on the Jesuits was somewhat watered down. Thanks for the clarification.Clearly the Jesuits ruled the Center Party, and it was the Zentrum that brought Hitler to power via Leiber. Thus Pope Pius XII was the master of Hitler and behind every policy Hitler pursued. I suspect that Karl Haushofer, the man who laid the plans for Hitler's taking of Austria and Czechoslovakia and the ultimate invasion of Poland was also a Thule Society Jesuit. He was released after his capture through the power of Jesuit and American Army officer Edmund Walsh of Georgetown University.The German people have been blamed and continually punished for the deeds of the Jesuits who carried out their Inquisition and Crusade in the name of the German people. It is time to right that wrong.

Brother Eric


Values and Stability

This morning I hear Joe Scarborough yesterday mocking the Clinton Chronicles. I can't make an assessment of it one way or the other since I never seen it. Yet, Joe's nonchalant attitude that Clinton (a Jesuit trained puppet) wasn't that bad is fantasy. Clinton is clearly a murderer by allowing those men, women, and children to be executed in Waco, TX. There CS gas was utilized and plenty of indepedent documentaries have documented the nefarious activities of the FEDs in that incident. Joe is the type that parades his "conservative" creditinals, but believes that killing human beings (embryos) is fine for research and won't rock the boat on a whole of other issues. Truthfully, freedom, liberty, and truth is what I hold dear to my heart. Another cloture vote about immigration will happen today. If it pass, the amnesty bill will continue. I disagree with the bill since it won't secure the border (i.e. there is no mechanism to monitor that process of securing the border. Bush only constructed a couple of miles of fence when promising more. According to Woodridge, this plan will Cost U.S. taxpayers a minimum of $2.3 trillion. The Vatican and the Jesuits are obviously in support of this including 33rd Degree Freemason Trent Lott) and it won't give incentives for more legal immigration. It won't even immediately deport felons and gang members who are illegal immigrants. Those who are here illegally will have to leave America and return back to the USA to earn full citizenship. That will take years, but it's fair. I do believe in compassion though, so I don't believe in breaking up of families, I don't agree with population control, and knocking down doors to hurt people. It's bigger than illegal immigrants.

Those elitists in support of amnesty want a North American Union, a National ID card system, and global system (That's why Gaddafi Urges Pan-African State by saying that
"Our micro-states have no future."
David Rockefeller have said similar statements. The evil United Nations have been apart of this agenda). Decievers like Hillary Clinton and Bonesman John Kerry want a Fairness Doctrine, which will violate free speech damaging the indepedence of talk radio. These individuals are acting very explicitly about their erreneous intensions. I do believe that there should be a diversity of opinion in the radio, but not by censorship or manufacturing a Fairness Doctrine to make more voices here. Free speech is bad in Europe. A Lutheran pastor was jailed in Germany for peacefully telling the truth that abortion is similar to Holocaust. Both tradegies kill life, they dehumanize human beings, and they are a disgrace.
Today, Tavis Smiley is preparing a debate among both parties about issues dealing with black Americans specifically (not excluding others) like education, health care, oppurtunities, humanity, our liberties, etc. I personally have no problem with that since all groups of people ought to be heard with their grievances to improve society. You want my views on Ann Coulter. Coulter was wrong in using those type of words in sacrasm. I understand she presents sacrasm and hyperbole, but I wouldn't wish someone's death like Bilderberger John Edwards in sacrasm. Also, people like Coulter aren't alone in negative speech. Moyers said that social conservatives wants women to die, Bill Maher sacrastically wanting Cheney to die, and Elton John wanting all religion banned from society. The media rarely exposes this, yet they obsess with Coulter's errors. Edwards want hateful speech banned from the political debate, but many far left people use the same hateful rhetoric in calling individuals bigots who disagree with them. I do respect Elizabeth Edwards standing up to Coulter since we have a right to respond and stand up to people. Some have called America the new Roman Empire and they are right. Ancient Rome had abortion on demand and moral decay. We have it in America. Ancient Rome had buildings inspired by the Mysteries like we have (especially in the city of D.C. which was ruled and created by the Jesuits and Freemasons). Ancient Rome were too much involved in different nations in colonization and America has a foreign policy consisting of interventionalism and trying to send legions in dozens of nations. With all the negativity spiring, it's only naturally for us humans to attempt to have stability and embrace real values.

By Timothy

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Margaret Sanger/ Eugenics update

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A New Interview

New Eric Jon Phelps audioShow: The Cloak and Dagger Radio ShowHost: Lenny BloomDate: Monday, June 25, 2007 Guest :

Eric Jon Phelps Topic:

Beatles as a Jesuit operation in cultural programming

Download the Interview:MP3 format32 minutes, 7.5 MB, 32


Files on Illegal Spying Show C.I.A. Skeletons From Cold War


Files on Illegal Spying Show C.I.A. Skeletons From Cold War

MARK MAZZETTI and TIM WEINERNY TimesWednesday June 27, 2007
Long-secret documents released Tuesday provide new details about how the Central Intelligence Agency illegally spied on Americans decades ago, including trying to bug a Las Vegas hotel room for evidence of infidelity and tracking down an expert lock-picker for a Watergate conspirator.
Known inside the agency as the “family jewels,” the 702 pages of documents catalog domestic wiretapping operations, failed assassination plots, mind-control experiments and spying on journalists from the early years of the C.I.A.
The papers provide evidence of paranoia and occasional incompetence as the agency began a string of illegal spying operations in the 1960s and 1970s, often to hunt links between Communist governments and the domestic protests that roiled the nation in that period.
Yet the long-awaited documents leave out a great deal. Large sections are censored, showing that the C.I.A. still cannot bring itself to expose all the skeletons in its closet. And many activities about overseas operations disclosed years ago by journalists, Congressional investigators and a presidential commission — which led to reforms of the nation’s intelligence agencies — are not detailed in the papers.

In a note to agency employees, Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the C.I.A. director, said that Tuesday’s release of documents was part of the agency’s “social contract” with the American public, “to give those we serve a window into the complexities of intelligence.”
General Hayden drew a contrast between the illegal activities of the past and current C.I.A. practices, which he insists are lawful.
The 60-year-old agency has been under fire, though, by critics who object to the secret prisons and harsh interrogation practices it has adopted since the Sept. 11 attacks.
Some intelligence experts suggested on Tuesday that the release of the documents was intended to distract from the current controversies.

And they and historians expressed disappointment that the documents were so heavily censored. (The agency said it had to protect its intelligence “sources and methods.”)
Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive, the research group that filed the Freedom of Information request in 1992 that led to the documents’ becoming public, said he was initially underwhelmed by them because they contained little about the agency’s foreign operations.
But Mr. Blanton said what was striking was the scope of the C.I.A’s domestic spying efforts — what he called the “C.I.A. doing its Stasi imitation” — and the “confessional” nature of so many of the documents.
“Reading these memos is like sitting in a confessional booth and having a string of former top C.I.A. officials say ‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.’ ” Mr. Blanton said.
The broad outlines of the C.I.A.’s illegal activities have been known for some time. Still, the public has never seen most of the documents, contemporary memorandums and reports from an agency that zealously guards its files and almost never permits outsiders to examine its internal records.
More than anything, the papers provide a dark history of the climate both at the C.I.A. and in Washington during the cold war and the Vietnam era, when fears about the Soviet threat created a no-holds-barred culture at the spy agency.

Some of the documents provide insight into the mundane workings of a bureaucracy — tedious correspondence about reimbursement for stationery, references to insurance benefits for E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate conspirator, and a document noting “the high degree of resentment” among C.I.A. officers who had to grow long hair to pose as hippie radicals to infiltrate the peace movement at home and overseas.
And some of the language in the papers reflects the sanitized jargon of officialdom: “gangster-type action” refers to an assassination plot against Fidel Castro, for example.
The internal C.I.A. investigation into covert operations during the agency’s first three decades — the inquiry that produced the “family jewels” documents — was begun in 1973 by James R. Schlesinger, then director of central intelligence.
Mr. Schlesinger had been appalled to learn that operatives had carried out domestic break-ins on behalf of the Nixon White House, and ordered an investigation into past operations “outside the C.I.A.’s charter.”

Because the documents were compiled as the Watergate investigation was gathering steam, the agency’s concern about the extent that it could be tied to the crimes of the Nixon administration is palpable throughout.
Internal memorandums detail C.I.A. contacts with Mr. Hunt and James W. McCord Jr., a retired operative who was one of the Watergate burglars. One has the heading “Hunt Requests a Lockpicker” and reveals that in spring 1972, a C.I.A. official helped Mr. Hunt, the mastermind of the Watergate break-in, track someone “accomplished in picking locks.” It is unclear exactly what lock Mr. Hunt was trying to open.
Historians have generally concluded that far from being a rogue agency, the C.I.A. was following orders from the White House or top officials. In 1967, for instance, President Lyndon B. Johnson became convinced that the American antiwar movement was controlled and financed by Communist governments, and he ordered the C.I.A. to produce evidence.
His director of central intelligence, Richard Helms, reminded him that the C.I.A. was barred from spying on Americans.

In his posthumous memoir, Mr. Helms said Johnson told him: “I’m quite aware of that. What I want for you is to pursue this matter, and to do what is necessary to track down the foreign Communists who are behind this intolerable interference in our domestic affairs.”
Though it was a violation of the C.I.A.’s charter, Mr. Helms obeyed the president’s orders.
The C.I.A. undertook a domestic surveillance operation code-named Chaos that went on for almost seven years under Presidents Johnson and Nixon. Mr. Helms created a Special Operations Group to conduct the spying. A squad of C.I.A. officers grew their hair long, learned the jargon of the New Left, and went off to infiltrate peace groups in the United States and Europe.
The agency compiled a computer index of 300,000 names of American people and organizations, and extensive files on 7,200 citizens. It began working in secret with police departments all over the United States.
The documents released on Tuesday provided details. One said the agency “recruited, tested and dispatched” as foreign agents overseas “Americans with existing extremist credentials.” It also used “new and old Agency assets” — in other words, people and sources of information — who had worked against China, the Soviet Union, North Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea.
These were people and businesses that had “connections with and/or knowledge of” the American antiwar movement. They were as far-flung as Paris, Stockholm, Mexico City, Ottawa and Hong Kong.

One document, entitled “Foreign Support for Activities Planned to Disrupt or Harass the Republican National Convention” in 1972, lists the Beatles singer John Lennon, “a British subject,” as someone who had given money to a protest group.
A rare gem among the documents for C.I.A. buffs is a pair of detailed reports signed by James J. Angleton, the legendary chief of the agency’s counterintelligence staff from 1954 to 1974. They describe an American program to create and exploit foreign police forces, internal-security services and counterterrorism squads overseas.
The documents explain that the C.I.A. and other American agencies trained and equipped foreigners to serve their countries — and, in secret, the United States. Once the Americans had set up a foreign service, it could help carry out American foreign policy by suppressing communists and leftists, and gather intelligence on behalf of the C.I.A.
The documents evidently were included in the “family jewels” because one part of the program in April 1973 included training of the foreigners by the bomb squad of the Dade County Police in Florida.

Mr. Angleton, who was dismissed from the C.I.A. the following year, after disclosures that he had overseen the opening of first-class mail in the United States since the early 1950s, was the C.I.A.’s man in charge of the overseas training program.
The program, according to recently declassified government documents, trained hundreds of thousands of foreign military and police officers in 25 countries by the early 1960s.
It put the C.I.A. on “dangerous ground,” Robert Amory Jr., chief of the C.I.A.’s intelligence analysis directorate under Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, said in an oral history interview for the Kennedy presidential library. “You can get into Gestapo-type tactics.”
Some anecdotes reveal just how far outside the law some C.I.A. agents strayed. One technician was arrested in 1960 after trying to bug a Las Vegas hotel room. The operation had been requested by Sam Giancana, the Chicago mobster, who was then helping the C.I.A. in a plot to assassinate Mr. Castro.

Mr. Giancana had been concerned that his girlfriend, the singer Phyllis McGuire, was having an affair with the comedian Dan Rowan, and surveillance was ordered to “determine the extent of his intimacy” with her.
In one episode that has echoes of a current controversy, the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program, a May 1973 memorandum details a C.I.A. wiretapping operation that monitored calls between the United States and Latin America to learn about drug trafficking.
The surveillance, conducted by a C.I.A. unit called Division D, was ended after the agency’s general counsel issued an opinion that it violated the agency’s charter and “should be carried on by appropriate law-enforcement agencies.”

Some of the activities detailed, while lawful, would have been embarrassing had they emerged at the time. One document revealed that John McCone, director of central intelligence during Kennedy’s presidency, authorized an Air Force plane to fly the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis and the soprano Maria Callas from Rome to Athens, a favor that led to media inquiries.
The documents were compiled in the early 1970s but remained classified because of concern by C.I.A. directors that public exposure of a litany of illegal acts by their operatives would do indelible damage to the agency’s reputation — possibly even bring an end to the agency itself.
“The shock effect of an exposure of the ‘family jewels,’ I urged, could, in the climate of 1973, inflict mortal wounds on the C.I.A. and deprive the nation of all the good the agency could do in the future,” wrote William E. Colby, a former director of central intelligence, in his memoir.
Reader Comments


Earth Times on Wednesday June 27, 2007 reported that a survey found that students who are vaccinated are more likely to have neurological disorders like ADHD and autism. Studies in Oregon and California discovered this out. The apparent imperfection and dysfunction of vaccinations have been exposed for decades by dedicated and credible researchers. CIA documents reveal things that we already know. One document talked about how the Mafia and the CIA (they acted domestically, which was illegal) wanted to kill Castro in 1960. The truth is more complex than that. Originally, the CIA funded and support Castro who was trained by the Jesuit and is a Freemason (according to sources). Later, low-level CIA agents were manipulated into trying to kill him like Sturgis, Rothstein, etc. The true purpose of Castro was to further a dictatorship in Latin America, distract folks into Cuba, so the Golden Triangle in SE Asia could be expanded. The Golden Triangle was one of the reasons for the Vietnam War and it was supported by Cardinal Spellman, the CFR, and the Knights of Malta. The Silican Roman Catholic Mafia (and Mafia of different ethnic groups) benefited from the Drug Trade destroying not only minority ghettos, but in the suburbs. That is destroying real values of nationalism, personal liberty, and the protection of life.

Rudy Giuliani shoke hands with Pat Roberston in my area of Virginia. It's kind of funny to see Pat agreeing with someone that believes that baby killing is choice not murder like Rudy. Rudy talked inside of Regent University to discuss about terrorism and Islamo-fascism (which is real, but much of it have been created by the real Elite like the high level Freemasons and Knights of Malta using the MI6, CIA, etc. to do it). It's a shame Pat would do something like that, but hey it's typical among establishment figures. Lately, there has been talk about religion and politics on many forums (including in the alternative media). I believe that a person ought not to be ashamed of their religious beliefs. Frankily, I believe in Jesus Christ who is God, I believe in the Second Coming, and I don't believe in false religions (like those using the word "Krishna." In the Gita, Krishna is called the prince of demons and other evil titles). Some don't believe in God. Well, you have to look at all evidence to dimish the existence of God. It's impossible for man to do that, so you can't say you can get all evidence to disprove God's existence. Bible-believing Christians shouldn't be intimidated by those in forum mocking religion since the Magdelan Papyrus existed possibly before 100 A.D., there are 20,000 copies of the NT (more than any ancient document in history), and that all early church leaders quote from almost all verses of the Bible. We have a requirement to do what is right.

By Timothy


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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I Love Life but I hate garbage

Frequently, situations occur all of the time. There has been another controversy with Barrack Obama (an ally of Rezko and Prince Hall Mason Jesse Jackson). He commented that Christian "Right" leaders use divisive language to drive a widge among the electorate. What is the truth? The truth is that most Christian conservative leaders aren't depicted in mainsteam TV. Most Christian conservative leaders focus on a wide spectrum of issues from poverty, religious liberty matter, free speech being against hate crime laws, AIDS, and other things. Obama is wrong about that point. The "Christian Right" that many see on TV are either compromised, believe in anti-conservative Christian dogma (like Reconstructionism or Dominionism), or are into the Elite (like Roberston and Falwell are in the CNP. Robertson's father was a high level Mason and Pat was a friend of the late SMOM J. Peter Grace. Grace gave him his television debut so to speak. Robert Schuller is a 33rd degree Freemasonry. Billy Graham praised the Jesuits and the Pope). Some folks want to go as far as endorsing the establishment of a One World Religion. John Paul II has talked about an idea similar to that along with a teacher I recalled from school. I think Obama made a mistake by over generalizing people.

There is a Consitution crisis in America. Bush and Cheney constantly don't properly enforce the laws they are required to do. Even Cheney denied that he is part of the executive branch. Bush quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted according to the Boston Globe. Even Jerome Corsi has reservation on Bush's policies in terms of civil liberties. The Supreme Court (its members include those from the CFR, Opus Dei, and the Knights of Columbus. Previously, Freemasons dominated the Court, so fraternities and secret orders have sway in our court system) made decisions yesterday. It struck down portions of the Campaign Finance Law, which was good (but not good enough) to ban speak said days before an election. It ban a student having a sign about Jesus and a bong (which is against Free Speech). The Court support the faith based iniatative. I don't believe in an explicit "seperation of church and state" myth, but I disagree with the decision somewhat. The reason was that the government shouldn't control any religion and vice versa. Religion should be expressed in the public square without government control, interference, or influence. It's very hilarious now to see new criticisms coming after people. Some want to generalize one race as one way, but that isn't the case when you see the real stats, the great intellect possessed by those of a wide variety of ethnic groups or races. These people include Drusilla Bunjee Houston, JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, YOSEF A.A. BEN-JOCHANNAN, REVEREND DR. RUFUS LEWIS PERRY, Marcus Garvey, Joel Augustus Rogers, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, George Washington Carver (a Believer in the Bible), Benjamin Banneker, Percy Julian, etc. , and Also, not to mention there is the increased graduation rates of African Americans. I don't believe in generalize one race as one thing. Therefore, I believe in life, but I reject and hate garbage. Anyway, the New Caltex Oil Logo look like the Pentagram pattern in D.C. with one side missing. This is an occult symbol explained by Manly P. Hall (Hall wanted a philosophic empire utilizing America as a tool to develop a "New Atlantis" for the world. Sir Francis Bacon insipired Hall and Bacon was a Rosicrucian philosopher who was an utopian. Franklin and Thomas Jefferson endorsed Bacon's agenda of a democratization of the globe. Jefferson was even in support of the bloody French Revolution and classified as an "Illuminatus" by preachers back then). You don't need the occult for fullfilment. Man can never be God since man is always imperfect. We can worship the true God though and reject the New Age and all evil.

By Timothy

Links refuting racist garbage

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Other news
> Dear Brother Eric,>

Congratulations on being made successor to Sherman Skolnick and> co-host of Cloak and Dagger! This is fantastic news! What a tremendous> blessing! You and Lenny Bloom are a dynamic duo and our God will bless> this incredibly. A child of God and a descendant of Abraham, Isaac,> Jacob-Watch out Jesuits and coadjutors! They know they are and their> lies and those of their Jesuit masters are being exposed and the works> of darkness reproved as we are commanded in Holy Writ.>> To add to what you said about Coadjutor Michael Moore's Fahrenheit> 9/11 how the blacks in Congress could not get one Senator's signature> and how Al Gore didn't care. Moore included video of Luciferian Skull> and Bonesman Bush at the 2000 Al Smith Dinner.> Here is a link about that dinner.>> This is from a past post on Craig-Oxley's "The Unhived Mind"> Here's a quote from Skull and Bones Luciferian George W. Bush> "This is an impressive crowd of the haves and have mores," Some people> call you the elite, I call you my base." Bush said this during the> Alfred Smith Dinner. This says a lot dear truth-seekers and brethren> in Christ Jesus. The media claims Bush was joking but where's the> punchline? There is nothing funny about this quote. It is imperative> that we understand what Bush really meant by his statement.> This annual dinner is chaired by the Archbishop of New York and every> four years it serves as the kickoff to the presidential "election"-it> truly is a contest to see who flatters the Archbishop more and the> American Pope-who represents the Papal Caesar in Rome selects his> slave to run the nation on his behalf and on behalf of the Pope. I> believe the above quote got Bush the presidency and the fact he> mentioned Knight of Malta Skull and Bonesman, and CFR member William> F. Buckley Jr. (Bill Buckley).

This speech was especially addressed to> the Cardinal and Bush gained his approval plus members of his family> like Knight of Malta Prescott Bush Jr., Skull and Bones Prescott S.> Bush Sr., 33rd Degree Freemason and Knight of Malta former CFR> director and CIA director George H.W. Bush, and Third Degree Knight of> Columbus Florida Governor Jeb Bush have proven the loyalty of the Bush> Family (descended from the House of Stuart) to the Roman hierarchy so> George W. Bush was awarded the presidency (in name only) and his> running mate CFR member Richard B. Cheney would be the president> behind the scenes to keep an eye on Bush-the obedient puppet and> figurehead. This is how the Jesuit Order is destroying this once great> godly nation and its Baptist-Calvinist Constitution and Bill of> Rights. The Order seeks to establish an openly absolutist dictatorship> following the signing of a concordat with the Vatican and they plan to> take full ownership of the "provinces" in a few years. I am no citizen> of a wicked Jesuit province but a state which according to the> Constitution should be sovereign whose citizens have been blessed by> the God of the Bible with certain "inalienable rights" that the> government cannot infringe upon or violate. The Fourteenth Amendment> is illegal and it was never truly ratified according to the> Constitution therefore it should be repealed. The Jesuits created> their empire with it and it must be rejected, dismantled, and the> Order must be expelled then this nation will enjoy the blessings of> Jehovah again in a Bible-based Constitutional republic. I believe then> and only then will the Lord intervene and fight for this nation> against her foreign invaders just as He fought against the Jesuit> controlled British empire during the War of 1812.

He sent a hurricane> and a whirlwind after the British torched Washington D.C. and the> invaders were decimated by the storms, God intervened during the> bombardment at Fort McHenry and prevented a bomb from destroying the> defenders' supply of gun powder according to Wikipedia link "At one> point during the bombardment a bomb crashed through the powder> magazine. Fortunately [rather by the providence of the God of the> Bible and His favour] for [with] the defenders, the fuse was either> extinguished by the rain or the bomb was merely a dud. May His favour> be with this undeserving nation once again and a faithful remnant."> Here is another article from the website 'Catholic New York' showing> the process of selection by the Archbishop of New York Cardinal Egan.>> "Note then Governor Bush met privately with his boss Edward Cardinal> Egan at the archbishop's residence the morning after the Alfred Smith> Memorial Dinner [Smith was a Knight of Columbus] for 45 minutes (this> shows that Cardinal Egan selected Bush over Gore)-the Archbishop of> New York determines who's granted the presidency today and this> control the Roman Catholic hierarchy has wielded over the Oval Office> goes back to the FDR's administration and perhaps as far back as> Theodore "Rex" Roosevelt -the first emperor of Fourteenth Amendment> America. The Archbishop of New York controls U.S. foreign and domestic> policy through his Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) through his> select Knights of Malta (SMOM), Shriner and Scottish Rite Freemasons,> and every secret society including the Order of Skull and Bones. Bush> is a member of Skull and Bones (meaning he kissed the slippered toe of> the Pope and bowed before Don Quixote (Jesuit General/Black Pope) when> he was initiated and dubbed a Knight of Eulogia).

Gore is a 33rd> Degree Freemason and John Kerry is a member of the CFR. The two main> political parties are controlled and they ultimately serve the same> master and agenda. Cardinal Egan answers to his Jesuit masters at> Fordham and he was trained by Jesuits at Pontifical Gregorian> University in Vatican City. link> Cardinal Egan is the abject slave of Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach> just as Jesuit-trained Francis Cardinal Spellman was the slave of> Black Pope Jean-Baptiste Janssens at the time of the assassination of> JFK. Jesuit General Janssens gave the order to Pope Paul VI who gave> it to Cardinal Spellman who masterminded the assassination using> select Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasons.">> One of the guardians of the Vatican treasury Masonic Guy de> Rothschild's funeral was yesterday just in time for the beginning of> summer June 21-this was a occultic date the spring equinox in Paris or> PAR "ISIS" a very Masonic Illuminist Jesuit controlled powerhouse.>> Ruth Graham, a Presbyterian wife of apostate Baptist,> Rockefeller-funded illuminatus 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham died> and it was all over the news. I can just imagine when Masonic Billy> dies it will be treated like a Papal funeral 24 hour a day coverage> especially from NBC. Graham's final "crusade" was held in New York and> NBC milked it. Jesuit-controlled Illuminati Bill and Hillary Clinton> were in attendance as well.>>

Brother Nick

Overcoming Intimidation

Ever so often, taking stances won't always generate popularity or perpetaual acceptance among the crowd. Sometimes it's indepensable to step out of the box. Why? The truth is not dictated by polls or majority support. Lately, in America (and especially in Europe), individuals are handicapped in not totally manifesting their real opinions on issues. This course must end. I'm not ashamed of the fact that government inside jobs occured for millienias and that abortion is still murder (for it destroys limb from limb unborn babies). Also, real conservative Christians focus on more than just 2 issues (despite liars like Roland Martin or Jonathan Alter says. These issues include AIDS, religious freedom, the new world order, secret societies, our health, and other criteria). On TV, I get concerned since they regualrly protray real seekers of the truth as incohorent, idoitic, and extremist. The country pratically is sick and tried of eminent domain, almost 50 million unborn babies slaughtered since Roe V. Wade (Planned Parenthood spent $50 million on lobbying efforts), illegal wars, and incessant political agitation. None of the CFR majority ruled mainstream media puppets will ever intimidate me at all.

It's king of redudant as well to witness the same groups (like the Vatican & the Jesuits, high level Freemasonry, and the Pilgrims) along with specific bloodlines (ie. the Merovingians and the Black Nobility) running the show for centuries now.
Some go as far as to eliminate distinctions among lifestyles, genders, or cultures. The truth is that all of us have equal worth and deserve equal treatment, but we are not all identical. God-given differences (plus absolute truth) exist here for a purpose and we should honor that. Therefore, I don't accept moral relativist opinions expressed by Sigmund Frued, Immanuel Kant, or other post-modernist today. Some fear that the EU will be a dictatorship. For example, Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. The Eu (supported by Papal Knight Juan Carlos and Javier Solona) already forced nations to pass anti-internet and anti-free speech laws. New reports are coming that Cheney is saying that the VP is not part of the executive branch, illegal immigration, and Ed Brown news.

By Timothy

Friday, June 22, 2007

Other news

Can a Public Library Screw Your Constitutional Rights?

Eugenics Hits Austin In Population Connection Society

Jesuit info

Dear Eric:

Has anyone else placed Wlodimir Ledochowski with the Oder-Neise line I do not know of this line. I do know that Ledochowski was of noble blood as was his brother who headed the Holy Office.

and the apparently religious based expulsions (AFAIK only those Germans in Catholic majority Upper Silesia were given the option of citizenship- the others were not), as KULTERKAMF revenge?

Griesinger gives the German history of the Order's expulsion from Germany in 1872. No doubt it was a part of the Kulterkampf of Bismarck, yet he was backed by both Prussian Protestants and Bavarian Catholics in the expulsion.

Are the Bund de Vertriebenen or the Prussia trust aware of this?

I do not know.

Is there anything that you are aware of that I need to add to my writings about Ledochowski? Seems to me that he is the RCC's achilles heel: I am amazed that he is so overlooked!!!

No doubt that Ledochowski is one of the most powerful three men of the twentieth century. As the Jesuit Superior General from 1915 to 1943 he was the mastermind behind the Armenian massacre via his Masonic Islamic Young Turks; he was the prime mover of the Order's Bolshevik Revolution after which Lenin permitted the Jesuits to legally renter Russia since their expulsion in 1820; he was the builder of the USSR via his Protestant Masonic Skull and Bonesmen overseeing his Holy Roman Fourteenth Amendment Corporate Fascist American Empire; he was was behind the Spanish Civil War during which his Crusader Franco murdered 600,000 anti-Jesuit, "heretic and liberal" Spaniards while he was financed by the Knights of Malta controlling New York banks; and was the man who brought Hitler to power via his student, Eugenio Pacelli, who was later Pope Pius XII---the mass-murderer of Eurasian Jews, Protestants and Orthodox Christians.The Society of Jesus regardes Wlodimir Ledochowski as the greatest of Jesuit Generals for his successful running of the Order's Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945).I trust this is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

BTW- who is "Avenue of Light"? I have numerious emails from him/her but can't find a name or a web site with that name.

He is Mark Owen.


alves: ...and in the 1945 arrived the definitive Jesuit's punishment with the phosphorus on the old German cities!Then, after 40/50 years later, they switched off their patsy like Irving, who are continuosly blaming the Jews for the bombing.avles

A great site! The pre and post WWII boundries have never been analyized until now. I mentioned the necessity of this important analysis in VA. The result would evidence the benefit of the Jesuit-controlled Papacy and thus the Vatican being the real culprit behind the Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945).I have sent this on to my email group.

Brother Eric


Thursday, June 21, 2007

More news

Other news

I'm still back.

I'm still back. Many are talking about Michael Bloomberg. He's the mayor of NYC who left the Republican party to be an Independent. Who is he. He is a man that's a billionare and he's liberal on social issues, but conservative on many economic issues. Bloomberg is so pro-abortion that he was responsible for pushing for mandatory abortion training for doctors in NYC medical programs. Killing unborn babies is not reproductive choice, it's murder period. He made New York improve, but also caused many Big Brother policies like proposing a toll in Manhattan and other policies. Michael is a member of the CFR. In New York City, Papal Knights are very powerful like Cardinal Egan and Jesuit O'Hare. Al Gore loves Bloomberg. Gore is communicating with Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch on a TV deal, Gore promotes globalism, and his family has been Big Oil. The Presidential race is still intense. More and more Americans are becoming indepedents by abhoring the 2 party system.

One controversy is embryonic stem cell research (or ESC research). Bush rightfully vetos a bill planning to send federal funds for ESC research. Now ESC had made no cures, yet adult stem cells have made over 60 treatments. Also, amonitic and skin cells from mice have the similar characteristics as ESC without killing embryos (or human beings). Therefore, you can have real science without breaking a moral line. Now, Scarborough support ESC research which was shocking. Lately, Joe has been sucking up to Ridley and Mika (who is a daughter of an elitist advocating a war in the Middle East by the West for decades. He's responsible for a lot of things you see today). As for global warming, people won't look at how sunspots correlate with climate change. Now, there has been another study by Purdue University that the planes alone caused the collapse of the Buildings. The problem is that the study doesn't take into account Building Number Seven's collapse, the intense fires only lasted for minutes, and other facts. Not to mention that a high level security clearance person, who was inside the Office of Emergency Management in World Trade Center 7 and has descibed and detailed explosions inside the building prior to the collapse of any of the buildings at ground zero on 9/11. The Middle East is burning not only in Iraq, but in Gaza.

by Timothy