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Standing Up


Over the weekend, the Korey Rowe story is still going forward. Rowe was arrested for "desertion" even though he had his discharge papers. He was let go since the officals found out he was legitimately discharged. This occured close to the release of the Loose Change Final Cut film. It's the first 911 Truth Movement film going into theaters across the nation in the USA. One part of 911 is about Evergreen Air, which is information dealing with how 911 was carried out by the intelligence community (even some of the "Muslim hijackers" were trained in government facilities). In this generations, secrets are readily revealed on such a high level. That's why nations are trying to limit the Internet to such a degree as to prevent total free expression and free thought. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is still experience his controversy. Many Congresspersons believe that Alberto wasn't candid on his conservations with ex-Attorney General Ashcroft as to the firing of Bush-appointed attorneys. They want him to show his views against by Thursday. Some Democrats threaten to place him on charges of perjury similar to Scotter Libby. The FBI and the CIA had many problems with civil liberty issues. George Bush wants to send billions of arms to Israel and other Middle East nations. My opinion is that no nation in the world should recieve our military since they ought to develop their own military without a money give away. There is nothing wrong with aiding nations, but not by arms. Also, those billions of dollars can be best used in America to help our domestic problems. Lately, there has been an obsession with bashing Bush. Me, I've done beyond that since it's cliche. If you want change, you have to expose beyond just the puppet Bonesman George W. Bush.

Lately, the explosure of the Vatican connection to the new world order have spawned disinformation, lies, and shill people to come out of the woodwork. Some like Ken Adachi consider strong dissent with the Vatican as a Catholic hater. The truth is that isn't true. We believe in dissent with the Papacy, but I never endorse hating Catholics or hating a man by virtue of their creed. I don't hate any human even murderers, but I will criticize and condemn their actions as evil and wicked. As for Ken's belief that Romanism is Christianity is fantasy. What does veneration of Mary, a man called Holy Father, a wafer called God, etc. have to do with the Christianity of the apostles and Jesus Christ? Absolutely nothing. As a man, I will expose the Vatican, Freemasonry, Le Cerle, Labor Zionist, the Pilgrim Society, Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilaterals, and all evil groups. People like Ken, Michael Collins Piper, and other just refuse to expose the Vatican link to the NWO (like how Shimon Peres was trained by Jesuit and is a Pro-Papal agent, how the Vatican murdered Serbs [and Jews and Gypsies] via the Ustashi during WWII, and how the Jesuits trained many dictators from Hitler, Stalin, to Castro. Also, the Vatican is heading the Ecumencial Movement). They are limited in their understanding of true history.
By Timothy


Soltz: Bush Needs To Resolve Whether Pat Tillman Was Killed For His Political Views

Robert Byrd

Jesuit Information

Bro. Eric

Thank you for this post. Just a small point but one of some significance that your readers in the USA may/may not be aware of.

Anyone named 'Michael Collins' Piper has a sinister namesake. Michael Collins was a key figure in the Irish Republican Army immediately after WW1 and had even taken part in the Easter Rebellion of 1916, aimed at stabbing Britain in the back when she was fighting desperately on the Western Front and elsewhere in WW1.

Though not as radical as some elements of the IRA, who eventually murdered Collins as a traitor, Michael Collins was nevertheless instrumental in splitting off a part of Protestant Great Britain and returning it to the thraldom of the Pope, where it remains to this day. That was a great achievement, from a Vatican perspective. (The number of professing Protestants in the Republic of Ireland declined dramatically in the ensuing decades, by over two-thirds. See and

Thus, Collins was arguably one of the Black Pope's most gifted leaders with respect to the practical application of the Bishop Auton's basic Jesuit maxim, "Above all, not too much zeal." He could probably have achieved much more for the Pope had it not been for the impetuousness of those IRA assassins who obviously lacked Collins's vision.

I grant that coincidence is a possibility but I strongly suspect that any parents who bestow the forenames 'Michael Collins' on their son are very likely to be, or to have been, amongst the SJ's most ardent and astute supporters - as is their offspring, evidently. (It might be worth publicising something on MCP's background, for that reason.)

See and

In the meantime, have a good vacation J.

Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ, 2 Chronicles 14:11



Dear Lenny,

I have not insulted this man. He has refused to address my basic claims about the Papacy, i.e., the pope's temporal power, etc. At the last of our emails before I ended the dialog he insulted me.

If this man or any other does not address my questions regarding the doctrines of the papacy but responds with personal attacks, he admits defeat and the conversation ends. He started the the insulting demeanor and I ended it.

This clever man then twists the truth so as to attack the Cloak. I say let him depart but not in peace for he has declared war on both of us.

I shall further reply below.


Hi Lenny,

I have been trying to have a running email dialogue with your co-host, Mr. Eric Phelps. However, he has decided to brand me as a non-Christian. That is because I am Catholic. I made the point that there are Christian Catholics and non-Christian Catholics, just as there are Christian Protestants and non-Christian Protestants, but he takes a different position. He says that all Catholics are non-Christian.

Correct. Protestantism, unlike Catholicism has never had a pope or an Inquistion thus the two are incomparable. Anybody who believes the doctrines of Rome as found in Canon Law is not a Christian. It is these people who have murdered us Bible believers by the millions over the centuries.

Then there are Protestants and Apostate Protestants. So according to his classification, the only Christians in existence are Protestants that are not Apostate.

Incorrect. Most Protestants are apostate---they are rejectors of the Reformation Bible and thus the Lord Jesus Christ Who used his godly sons go get it into our hands inspite of the diabolical Church of Rome ruled by the Jesuits.

This sounds like the old Roman Catholic doctrines in reverse. Nobody was going to heaven except Catholics in the "state of grace". He in effect is trumping old catholic teachings in reverse that have since been repudiated by the catholic church itself!

What nonsense, and what persistant cunning! The present Nazi Pope has declared that there are no Christians outside of the RCC. Biblically, nobody is going to heaven apart from the true Jesus Christ of the Reformation Bible----the Bible Rome has burned for centuries. As you know, for the Romanist, the Bible is not the final authority of faith and practice; it is the dogma of the Pope and his penholders, the Jesuits.

The other claim he made is that my allegiance is to Romanism, which is not true. It is very interesting as to how he can so quickly become judge of everything, including my Christianity and allegiances. Like he knows me better than I know myself!!!

More personal attacks. Based on his admissions and confessions I deducted that his allegiance was not to the Word of God and thus to real Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, but to Rome and to the doctrines of Rome which he defends without a blush!

It is extremely discouraging that someone so biased and incorrect is getting air time on your web broadcasts. I am not tuning in unless he is removed. You can let me know by email whenever that happens.

This is good news. Ray is cleverly manipulating you. He appears so benign, yet he is using a deadly Jesuit tactic. When exposed cry " My Holy Religion," but never defer to details of doctrine or past histories. And above all, never use over much zeal. This man is quite convincing apart from the facts of our exchanges. Please review them Lenny, and behold his perfidy!

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric



I've had a thought and I come to the same conclusion as a trusted member upon my site. I believe theres something sinister going on with Cloak and Dagger. I have some doubts on Nelson Thall and the true reason Cloak is online and why he wants you upon this site. Remember what Tim White has highlighted about him. My member has said for a long time theres something going on and not right about this alliance. Then we see pathetic articles from Stefan Grossman allowed on that site claiming the President is a Clone. For godsake we're highlighting TRUTH and the JESUIT ORDER and then this crap gets mixed. I think theres something very devious going on. Damn is there anyone out there not compromised and safe as Alan Watt would say? Its so annoying. We need a truely independant radio 100% and it can only be done by the likes of you or me.

Your absolutely correct about this Ray cretin. He's yet another attacker with threats to leave. Who really cares? Seems people want to attack us all the time for speaking the real truth and not agent reverse dribble indoctrinations. I've been highly attacked at my isp since you've been away, have had access blocked to to my site and especially mail. Needing to use proxies to this email whilst others are gone completely. They want us gone and will use all sorts of tatics to attack us and mix our information with bunkum to put people off us. We can see straight through this fool Ray or sneaky clever agent Ray. Either that or he's completely hoodwinked and blind. I'm not religious but everything you said was BANG ON!

I'm now telling people that ALL Catholics in this damn Michael Holman SJ Country should be sent to live in a fully known Catholic country. Your absolutely right, why should these cretins live here and enjoy whats left of the PROTESTant rights and freedoms. Its total hypocrisy. People simply just DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH and hate when its highlighted. These cretins then help the Jesuits and their SMOM by Gatekeepering/Policing for the system they do not see. The Sheople police themselves making sure the system (SEWER) stays intact. Its an utter dangerous joke.

Why is this NELSON THALL even sending you this damn email. If its a joke I do not like his humour. I have no time for Thall anymore either. Suppose lying Tom Heneghan will attack me if he sees this saying "LOOK, LOOK, I TOLD YOU QUEEN AGENT CHRIS OXLEY (Wont say Craig) WANTS CLOAK DEAD." Its all mind games getting in the way of real knowledge and TRUTH! We're very dangerous people right now.

Only tonight I've had to delete a member of my site who became an annoyance. They attacked me in an email for highlighting the true background of Temporal Agent, Alex Jones! Instead of looking at the truth behind this cretin and asking themselves why he won't speak of the SMOM or JESUITS they wish to attack. Well I deleted them and I'm fed up of them all. I'm taking no prisoners now and if people wish to blurt on and attack they are gone and going to get a mouthful. THIS IS WAR AND THERES NO TIME FOR SHEOPLE! The legendary William Cooper had no time for idiots like this back then when he was alive. What would be say now whilst we're in a most dangerous time indeed. So whilst Temporal Alex Jones has a million and one websites and bandwidth with no problems. Heres little Craig Oxley speaking many truths on a free site and getting blocked/Suppressed/annoyed by the big boys. Says it all to me period!

Keep the Fight going TRUTHsayer. I agree with 99% of what you say!
Craig Oxley


Dear Ray,

I shall reply below as I was away for a week.
----- Original Message -----

Hi Eric,

I agree it is a waste of time, but not necessarily due to the points you cited. I do not hear anyone calling for your death.

Have you read Aquinas lately or even the Jesuit Order's Council of Trent that the pope is sworn to uphold? In these documents you will see the call for my death and every other heretic and liberal on the face of the earth.

To state that no Catholics are Christians indicates a lack of knowledge on your part.

I speak of the doctrine of Rome which all Roman Catholics are to believe and uphold. The Croatian Ustachi were all "good Catholics" while murdering the Orthodox Serbs. And why so? Because these "Christian" Roman Catholics were enforcing the doctrines of Trent. Biblical Christianity kills no one for their religious beliefs; but the Papacy has institutionalized religious murder as a matter of foreign policy. Thus, Romanists who wage the pope's Crusades and man his Inquisitions (Nazism, Communism, Fascism, etc.) cannot be Christians.

You are assuming a position that you should not take - one of judgement, which is God's alone.

The Christian judges all things based upon the Word of God. That final authority for the Christian enables him to embrace the truth or attack falsehood. The AV1611 enables him to perceive inward evil in the form of outward goodness---such as the Papacy. This I am commanded to do (Ephesians 5:11).

You violate your own belief structure by doing so. You cannot tell me who my allegiance is to, because you realistically do not have that knowledge.

To the contrary, YOU call yourself a Roman Catholic. Thus, by logical deduction, you must embrace the doctrines of the institution of which you are a part. My attack is not upon you personally (directly), but upon the Papacy which you defend bringing you personally into the fray (indirectly). Deny the works of Thomas Aquinas, Jesuit Molina, Jesuit Jesuit Suarez, Jesuit Sa, Jesuit Bausenbaum, Jesuit Cardinal Bellermine, Jesuit Laynez and his Council of Trent, Jesuit Loyola and his Spiritual Exercises, the mass-murder of the Spanish and Roman Inquisitions as documented by Llorente and Henry C. Lea, the works of Pope Pius XI who brought Hitler to power via the Jesuit-trained Archbishop Pacelli, the German Roman Catholic Center Party (led by Knight of Malta Franz von Papen) who made Hitler Chancellor and who backed the Enabling Act which paved the way for the resultant Concordat between Hitler and Cardinal Secretary of State Pacelli, and I will begin to consider you to be a Christian. It is not what you say, it is the doctrine that you stand for by your mere membership in the Roman Catholic Institution. In effect you are saying that as a member of the Masonic White KKK you do not hate the Jews, or as a member of the Masonic Black NOI you do not consider all White men to be "Blue-eyed devils."

You overstep the boundaries that should be in place in any conversation when you do so. Do I say who or what your allegiance is to - no, because at this point , I really do not know.

You must make that judgment. And that judgment is crucial for your survival. You must consider my doctrine and then judge me to be either in truth or in error. The final authority for that judgment is the Word of God, the AV1611 of the Protestant Reformation and its underlying texts---which the Council of Trent rejects out of hand. You must discover if I put any other writings in an equal level with the Bible and if so, I am just another cultist. No, Ray, you must judge me and that judgment must be based upon the Bible and no other authority.

You say you are Christian, but you lack some basic understandings and basic ways of dialoging. You set yourself up as "the authority" on everything, and then go from there. How is dialog possible in that case?

To the contrary, I am not an authority on everything. But I am an authority on the Word of God and true history for one simple reason: I know how to marshall my facts from a host of sources---Roman Catholic sources at that which no true Roman Catholic would ever seek to deny in the presence of any priest. You attack me, and not my sources for you know in that area I cannot be refuted. That, sir, is Jesuit casuistry at its finest and has been used for centuries against those who demolished the doctrines of Rome with the Word of God.

It sounds like you just want to talk to yourself and have people say "Oh yes, you are so right"... Did you ever think you could be wrong about something? And your use of Bible quotations are selective. You need to look at the whole message and start treating your fellow Christians accordingly.

I accept correction for which reason I have an email list. This is a trait of Biblical humility. Those on the list have corrected me many times for which I am thankful---and I have never removed one of them even if they are wrong. But you are accusing me of the tactics you yourself use---such as the quoting of selective Bible verses while ignoring substantive points that you cannot nor even attempt to refute. This is dishonest. And "fellow Christians?" When you deny the heresies of Rome, and defend historic Bible doctrines for which millions have perished at the mand of the Vatican, then I will consider you to be a "fellow Christian."

You present an extremist view that does not match with the present reality. For to die in Christ is to gain, so why do you use that as your excuse to attack people anyway? Christ loved his enemies to His death.

My view is indeed extremist, as all Biblical views are extreme. Indeed, to physically die in Christ is gain, but I am admonisted to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints against all that oppose the truth as set forth in the Word of God---not the traditions of men. Indeed, Christ loved his enemies to the extent that he called them a generation of vipers and hypocrites. I attemt do the same.

If all your 20 years of research has led you to such a position, then something is wrong in your approach, because you have deviated from basic Christianity 101.

Basic Christianity 101 is found in the Word of God, the AV1611. All in opposition to the maxims set forth in that Book are the enemies of God---including all Romanists and apostate Protestants who give allegience to the doctrines of Rome (Arminian cooperative salvation) and consider the Pope to be infallible (God on earth).


Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Yes, we must remember how Tim White talked about Bloom being Thall and just who the Thall's were and how they connect to the Toronto Star. Tim White says Thall's father owned the Toronto Star. Lenny then 'refutes' White and says, 'it's my brother,' as if that's any better. laugh.gif And then claims that the Toronto Star was known as the Red Star because it was so anti-establishment.

Required Reading:



JagDRS: Still trying to see through all of this. Thus far all I get is this Ray guy is saying he has a real problem with somebody trumping old roman doctorine, and for whatever reason Lenny is willing to entertain him for now. Meanwhile, Lenny is a self-avowed student of counter-espionage, so it would seem that he would know & expect to be on the lookout for fakers, like, fakers trying to rat out ERic. I see only two things that Ray admits to: being a catholic, and trying to have a running dialogue with Eric...... except, I do not see any attempt at running dialogue with Eric. Maybe that part was edited out from our view?

Question - are there not catholics who themselves openly admit to not be in lockstep agreement with the views of RCC and or Romanism? In fact, I know there are. I have one dear old friend from my days in Pittsburgh who told me she is one such.

Plus or minus what has been kept from our view, all I see is this Ray guy admitting to a very minimal position "I am a catholic" followed in short order with "hear me roar", wherein he dodges every opportunity to back up that admission with some substance, but he does not miss any opportunity to attack Eric, staccato-style rata tat tat tat tat, as though he is miffed for some reason. You swap out the word catholic with jew and that tyrade is pretty close to boiler-plate "oh me, oh my, I'm a poor defensless anti-semite victim" adl tripe. What, does one suppose, is Ray so miffed at?

Is this representative of jesuit methodology? As far as I am aware, I have never known a jesuit in person. As such, I'm just curious if this so-called "dialogue" method is part of their way or is this a trick unique to Ray?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Note by ME: I don't agree with all of Slats' opinon
By Timothy


The End and a Beginning

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are debating each other on foreign policy. Hillary called Obama "naive" for wanting to communicate with other nations like Cuba and Iran within his first year of his Presidency. The truth is that communication with anyone (even if you disagree with them) is better than murdering folks in warfare. Even in the 1980's, Reagan talked with Gorbachev and Russia had hundreds of nuclear warheads aimed at American soil. Russia had more firepower than Iran does now, yet we don't threaten war against them like some CFR-ruled neo-conservatives strongly endorse. Hillary is a neo-liberal promoting globalization and similar foreign policies to previous Presidencies and of the Elite. One member of Loose Change got arrested by the police. His name is Korey Rowe and he's sent into military custody for being accused of "deserting the army." The truth is that free speech rights are going down in America. You have free speech zones and the police harrasing legitimate dissenters of policy in America. This is fragantly wrong. Fake conservative Michelle Malkin is gloating over this. Malkin questioned parts of 9/11 in 2002, yet she now mocks the 911 Truth Movement today. This gives more confirmation of the problems of government and more validating to keep on making my views known in opposition to the new world order.
As for history I discover something new. One is the McMahon-Hussein Agreement of October 1915. That agreement was made by the British that Arabic people were promised land in the Fertile Crescent after WWI for their work in defeating the Ottomans. The correspendence doesn't mention Palestine, so debate raging on that controversy. Me personally, Jewish people and Arabic people have a right to live in Israel. There is a link about Fred Thompson. The link showed a woman rightfully asking him how a conservative could join the Council on Foreign Relations.

The brave woman said 9/11 was an inside job and Security was assaulting her. She called Thompson a fake conservative. The CFR since inception promotes a one world government and some of its members promote a North American Union. CFR members David Rockefeller and the late Paul Warburg promote one world philosophies. For me, bigotry isn't in my vocabulary. One is Hal turner. Turner is a fake conservative and a real racist. He's also a Papist, so many Catholics are real bigots against Jewish people, minorities, etc. This is the end of this writing, but it's the beginning of what I'm going to do in trying to improve the world.

By Timothy


Eric Jon Phelp's word from years ago


Posted By: GUEST <Send E-Mail>

Date: Tuesday, 4 June 2002, 6:51 p.m.
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 12:29:13 -0700 From: "Ron Garon" <> [add to address book] [add to spam block list] Subject: Ron's / Eric's APFN posting on Jesuit Order Organization: Lycos Mail ( To: Reply To:
Note from Ron:

As I have helped Mrs. Rivera since the passing on of Dr. Alberto Rivera on June 20, 1997, I can tell you that all of this information that you are reading now concerning Jesuit CIA MKULTRA Mind Control Programming, and worldwide Ecumenical and secular conspiracy and complicity... is the truth, and what I have witnessed and seen concerning what Dr. Rivera suffered to tell this truth, is legitimate; and how the 1655 KJV AV bible that Dr. Rivera procured from the Vatican Archives, brought to America and preserved since the Inquisitions, which has through history been surpressed, and how absolutely staunchly militant and controlling the Jesuit Order is and since the Illuminist inception of The Jesuit Order, Illuminati, CIA, all being in harmony and agreement as to the identity of "The Order", (Founded by Ignatius of Loyola).
We are quickly moving into the biblical time of Revelation and the judgment of "The Great Whore", "The Beast" which deceived all nations of the earth with the wine and wrath of her fornications. Politically and Religiously. "Come Out of Her My People" Rev 18:4.
Ron Garon
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 12:24:37 -0700 From: "Eric Jon Phelps" <> [add to address book] [add to spam block list] Subject: Response To: <>

Dear Henry,

A most excellent article. I might add that the World Bankers are controlled by the Jesuit General via Shriner Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta. Pope John Paul II is a Bilderberger and controls the group through such notorious Knights of Malta as William F. Buckley, Jr. Both the Arab Palestinian leaders and Zionist Jewish leaders of Israel are controlled by the Papal Caesar in Rome. General Anthony Zinni (Ret. USMC) is the mediator between Sharon and Arafat. Zinni is a Knight of Malta just like his cohort in crime, the Georgetown Jesuit trained CIA
Indeed, both the Moslem Palestinians and the Jewish People are being used as pawns in the Papal game. I believe that when the Dome of the Rock is destroyed during this present war enabling the Temple to be rebuilt, then the Palestinian agitation will be laid to rest one way or another.
Sincerely in Faith,
Brother Eric Jon Phelps Author, Vatican Assassins: "Wounded In The House Of My Friends"


The Overpopulation lie exposed

Military To Crackdown On North American Union Protesters

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Avery Dulles

Remember folks that the Dulles family are highly ranked SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA -Craig

How interesting that the son of John Foster Dulles was a VERY HIGH RANKING Roman Catholic JESUIT theologian, educator and author. In other words, a very influential American! The son of an alleged "Baptist"??? I doubt it very much. No more that George II is a "born again" Baptist, since the those of us who are, indeed, truly born again, COME OUT OF HER! Notice his impressive credentials!

Biographical Information

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., is currently the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University, a position he has held since 1988. An internationally known author and lecturer, he was born in Auburn, New York, on August 24, 1918, the son of John Foster Dulles and Janet Pomeroy Avery Dulles. He received his primary school education in New York City, and attended secondary schools in Switzerland and New England. After graduating from Harvard College in 1940, he spent a year and a half in Harvard Law School before serving in the United States Navy, emerging with the rank of lieutenant.

Upon his discharge from the Navy in 1946, Avery Dulles entered the Jesuit Order, and was ordained to the priesthood in 1956. After a year in Germany, he studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, and was awarded the doctorate in Sacred Theology in 1960. He was created a Cardinal of the Catholic Church in Rome on February 21, 2001 by Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Dulles served on the faculty of Woodstock College from 1960 to 1974 and that of The Catholic University of America from 1974 to 1988. He has been a visiting professor at: The Gregorian University (Rome), Weston School of Theology, Union Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.), Princeton Theological Seminary, Episcopal Seminary (Alexandria, Va.), Lutheran Theological Seminary (Gettysburg, Pa.), Boston College, Campion Hall (Oxford University), the University of Notre Dame, the Catholic University at Leuven, Yale University, and St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie.

The author of over 700 articles on theological topics, Cardinal Dulles has published twenty-two books including Models of the Church (1974), Models of Revelation (1983), The Catholicity of the Church (1985), The Craft of Theology: From Symbol to System (1992), The Assurance of Things Hoped For: A Theology of Christian Faith (1994), The Splendor of Faith: The Theological Vision of Pope John Paul II (1999), The New World of Faith (2000), and his latest book, Newman (2002). The fiftieth anniversary edition of his book, A Testimonial to Grace, was republished in 1996 by the original publishers, Sheed and Ward, with an afterword containing his reflections on the past fifty years.

Past President of both the Catholic Theological Society of America and the American Theological Society and Professor Emeritus at The Catholic University of America, Cardinal Dulles has served on the International Theological Commission and as a member of the United States Lutheran/Roman Catholic Coordinating Committee. He is presently an advisor to the Committee on Doctrine of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. He has an impressive collection of awards, including Phi Beta Kappa, the Croix de Guerre, the Cardinal Spellman Award for distinguished achievement in theology, the Boston College Presidential Bicentennial Award, the Christus Magister Medal from the University of Portland (Oregon), the Religious Education Forum Award from the National Catholic Educational Association, America Magazine's Campion Award, the F. Sadlier Dinger Award for contributions to the catechetical ministry of the Church, the Cardinal Gibbons Award from The Catholic University of America, the John Carroll Society Medal, Fordham's Founders Award, and twenty-eight honorary doctorates.

and now, John's brother's impressive credentials!

Allen Dulles, the son of a Presbyterian minister, and the brother of John Foster Dulles, was born in Washington in 1893. His grandfather was John Watson Foster, Secretary of State under President Benjamin Harrison. His uncle, Robert Lansing, was Secretary of State in the Cabinet of President Woodrow Wilson.

After attending Princeton University he joined the diplomatic service and served in Vienna, Berne, Paris, Berlin and Instanbul. In 1922 he was appointed as chief of Division of Near Eastern Affairs.

During the Second World War Dulles served in Europe with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) under William Donovan. The organization that was given the responsible for espionage and for helping the resistance movement in Europe. Dulles was stationed in Switzerland and was able to use his base in this neutral country to obtain important information on Nazi Germany and the Gestapo.

As soon as the Second World War ended President Harry S. Truman ordered the OSS to be closed down. However, it provided a model for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) established in September 1947. Dulles joined the CIA and became director of the organization in 1953. (ERIC STATES HE WAS A FREE MASON!)

Under his leadership the CIA had success in assisting right wing coups in Guatemala and Iran. (TO PROTECT HIS OWN FRUIT COMPANY'S INTERESTS and OIL INTERESTS OF HIS REPUBLICAN PALS) His attempts to oust against Fidel Castro ended in failure and was forced to resign after the Bay of Pigs disaster. (OBVIOUSLY HE HAD ADVISED JFK WRONG!)

Dulles published The Craft of Intelligence (1963). After the death (MURDER!) of John F. Kennedy, Dulles served on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination. Allen Dulles died of cancer in 1969. (HA! What a convenient cover-up!)


Youtube and life

The Youtube debate was interested. It was hosted in C-Span. All of the candidates were there to respond to questioners from Youtube. The candidates debates issues ranging from terrorism to social issues. Obama and Hillary were the ones most said won the debate. Me personally, I'm into the opinion of freedom. A person ought to get whatever medical care they want, they ought to have the right to reject globalist treaties, and they have the right to bear arms. Both are disagreeing on whether they want to talk to Castro and others. One new update is that a major city mayor signed a document described as "The Declaration of North American Integration" which is about forming a North American Union by by passing Congress and state plus local governments. According to Adam Rott, the founder of watchdog blog Oklahoma Corridor Watch, the Oklahoma City mayor (and as high as 90 mayors) who signed it is named Mick Cornett. The truth is that some want a North American Super Corridor. Many individuals in the CFR want to make a global body. Even Gravel in the debate said I want a global government. It's bigger than America since Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a controversial member of the Russian Parliament revealed at a United Nations press conference onNovember 9, 1994 that: "There has long been a hidden agenda to merge America and Russia under the New World Order." That's reality. DANIEL JOHNSON from the UK Daily Mail on Wednesday at July 25, 2007 cite the European Union Constitution is more dangerous than ever.

Ok, now destractions are apart of many people's pscyhe. Lindsay Lohan was caught speeding and being drunk. He was caught with cocaine and failed a sobriety test. She could go into jail. This news is relegated to entertainment news, but the national news in the USA are showing it. It's a shame and unforunately a sign of our times. Recently, some in the alternative media are showing some of the truth, which is good. On the other hand, they still omit critical information that sets the whole puzzle together. For example, the BBC found that Prescott Bush (a notorious funder of the Nazi war machine, which was confirmed by journalist John Buchannan. John went into the Library of Congress documents to prove it) and others wanted to overthrow FDR to bring fascism into America. Yet, these individuals were heavily influenced by the Vatican and high level Freemasonry since Mussolini and Hitler were baptized Catholics. Also, their fascist movements were funded by Knights of Malta (or SMOM) like SMOM Joseph J. Larkin, SMOM Joseph Kennedy, 33rd degree Freemason Henry Ford, and SMOM Franz von Papen. Regardless of that, I'm not going to be paranoid and point the finger at every minute detail though. The youtube is part of the new generation of communication, yet perserving life is very important as well.

By Timothy
5:39 AM - 0

Masonry (A Must Read)

Malcolm X and MLK

Note by Me: I don't agree with Eric Jon Phelps' white supremacy and racism at all. I reject racism 100 percent. Eric Jon Phelps is wrong to call Dr. King out of his name.

By Timothy (Me)

TruthSeeker01: I remember overhearing Eric Phelps during his Vatican Assassins III conference refer to Martin Luther King as Martin Lucifer King. I found this interesting because knowing I believe Louis Farrakhan the leader of the Nation of Islam is a Freemason (who differently than MLK wanted black superiority, not equality). So more than likely knowing that the Jesuits control everything including revolutionary movements like the illegal immigration into our country, they controlled MLK and his movement. Am I right or is there something more to it all. Someone please give insight.

Craig: The Nation of Islam and the Ku Klux Klan have the same paymaster as Malcolm X said. They both are controlled by the Vatican and infact the Archbishop of Chicago, currenty Eugene that evil looking s----. Plenty more detail information on this within this board.

Antisionist: Malcolm X was wacked because he knew the truth. Martin Luther King had to go because not only did he start to see what Malcolm X was talking about, but he would have been Robert F Kennedy's choice for vice president. That was a big no no for the CFR, among other upset parties.

Daniel: The Jesuits are very much behind the illegal immigration into America.If you want to remove a people from it's land, or if you want to destroy a nation, you must attack it's culture. The Jesuits learned this trick from their attacks upon the indegenious peoples of Meso-America over 500 years ago. So they are bringing all ideas of Americanism to a halt and adding in another false-hood, which like a shadow, will supplant Americanism and replace it "Decomcracy" - or 'Mob-Rule'.

Mark Brewer: Martin Luther King sold the American people on the idea of civil rights, which means a government granted privilege.

Me: As for Malcolm X, he realized that the KKK and the NOI were controlled by the same people. Both groups were funded by Freemason Clint Murchinson, H.L. Hunt and others for many years back in the 1960's. This is ironic since folks like Hunt wanted capitalism to be used in society and the NOI members loved a black nationalist version of capitalism as well. Later on, Malcolm X rejected mainstream capitalism as being exploitative. Malcolm X also opposed the Vietnam War as early as the 1950's fully which was way before MLK opposed it. Malcolm X evolved more called for women's rights. Malcolm X wanted a pan Africanist movement where Africans all over the world would unite to advance political, economic, spiritual, and culture growth in the world just like Marcus Garvey wanted for black human beings as well. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man.  Jesuit/Masonic connections exist in some factions of the mainstream civil rights movement. In his marches, he marched with Jesuits (in his "I have a Dream Speech" on '63, King promoted ecumencialism and the unity of all religions. Frankily, ecumencialism only benefits Rome), he preached from Masonic Temples, and he received a honorary degree from a Jesuit University. In fact, the Civil Rights Movement (in their leadership not the independent, grassroots civil rights workers that had a legitimate grievance to be opposed to Jim Crow oppression. These grassroots individuals ought to be completely respected. Jim Crow is evil) like many fascist movements were infiltrated or headed by the Jesuits and Masons like Mason Jesse Jackson, Mason Andrew Young, Mason John Lewis, Mason Julian Bond, Mason LBJ, etc. King wasn't the orthodox Christian that the media portray him as. King denied the existence of a literal Hell, said that Christianity is influenced by Mithras, wrote that the Virgin Birth is a myth, and believed that the Bible ought not to be taken literally. That's written in his own college papers. So, he was infiltrated by the Elite for a time. Now, later on (from ca. 1967 to his unfortunate assassination), Dr. Martin Luther King realized that he was conned. He told Belafonte that integration for the sake of integration (without respect to preserving your cultural identity or economic power) don't work and it's like integrating into a burning house. I believe in voluntary integration and people voluntarily living where they want to live (even if they seek to live in a homogeneous community) without racism and without discrimination. Dr. Martin Luther King said in 1968 before he died that he wanted temporary segregation as a means for Black human beings to gain power. As for Communism, King wrote that Communism is incompatible with Christianity since it embraces ethical relativism and restricts the rights of individual (as Communism submerged individual rights into the cog of the state). He's right on that point obviously. Frankly, in my opinion he was a demosocialist or democratic socialist (as he admitted this off the record not in public), which was his right. A man has the right to accept whatever philosophy he desires. I don't agree with laissez faire capitalism myself, but all economic philosophies have imperfections in them. King rejected Communism even when reactionaries falsely accused him of being a Communist. Communism was blatantly invented by the ancients thousands of years ago. The Jesuits and even before under Marx via the Papal agent Thomas More plus Plato accepted some Communist teachings.

As for me I reject Eric Jon Phelps views on race since I believe in equality and the advanced contributions made by black human beings in the thousands of years of human history. Eric Jon Phelps is a white supremacist and a white racist fraud.

MLK was still flawed as we are all are. We're flawed human beings. He received a Margaret Sanger award in 1966 and Sanger wanted population control, concentration camps for the "unfit", infants to be killed under certain circumstances, etc.  Some parts of the movement was infiltrated since MLK was right that a man ought not to be lynched, beaten, killed, hated or discriminated against by virtue of his skin color. Yet, that movement didn't fully give African Americans unified economic power to really develop massive improvements. King knew that was the case and he wanted that situation changed (I do now agree with him that wealth redistribution is one solution out of many to solve this problem. His 1967-1968 Poor Peoples Campaign was a great first step in my opinion in fighting against poverty in the world. It isn't the only solution. The government and private efforts can do the trick to improve the black community). Black economic power is readily exploited by corporations today, which is a problem. Things must change. There are some great black businessman and woman though doing the right thing. So, all isn't lost. MLK also correctly opposed the Vietnam War. He died by stepping on toes and angering the establishment, but MLK wasn't a super perfect saint. We're all sinners. We should honor and respect the ideologies that Dr. Martin Luther King got correct as God would want us to do without sugarcoating the truth.

By Timothy (Me)

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New Boycott Targets Named (Pro-Life News)

Exposing the True Isolationists

Harry Potter

Monday, July 23, 2007

Life and renewal

Evil movies, mundane television shows like Fear Factor, and other vice can dull the minds of people. On the other hand, many individuals rise above the clutter of absurity. They just become fixed on richness of truth. Far too often, Secret Societies (even occult groups like the New Age Lucis Trust promoting a new false "Christ" to "save" mankind. Some of its members worship Lucifer. Alice Bailey was in it and she wanted the Mysteries to govern the Earth. Don't forget that the Jesuit are in this New Age Movement. On father of this movement was Jesuit priest de Chardin who believed in evolution and the divinity of man) acquire unusually great power in the world. Well known figures in the world stage have been the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, Freemasons (they've infiltrated many churches spanning from the Baptists to the Anglican Church of England. Many are corporate leaders and famous entertainers like the late Mel Blanc who played Bugs Bunny in the 20th century), the Pilgrms, Bilderbergers, part of the Lucis Trust, etc. One of the core tenets of these wicked organizations is the inherent goodness of man, some accept human godhood, utopian dreams, and Universalism. I wouldn't forget to expose other groups like Le Cerle and the Order of the Garter as well. European Royals are readily part of these groups. Now, how should be respond with these developments?

We should respond against evil by doing good. I mean by researching the truth, write on the Internet, educate our friends & family, and being active (in our communities and other places). Without activism, all is nearly for naught. One important thing is to love life since life is precious and a gift from God. Unborn life is very precious as well without it, nothing would exist on this planet. The contentious war in Iraq, the upcoming Presidental election in 2008, and other relevant exploits make activism even more essential in our lives. With the negativity easily identified through nations, sometimes we need to preoccupied with what's holy in the Universe. Jerry Mazza from the Online Journal on Monday at July 23, 2007. Mazza wrote that Bush's Executive Order on July 17 ambigious could mean that limited protest against Iraq could be illegal. Already, New legislation signed on May 9, 2007, declares that Bush can control all government (state and local) if an emergency occurs in America. Congressman Peter DeFazio (D - OR) wasn't even allowed to see a classified plan on what the government would do in the event of a terrorist attack. DeFazio wonders if a conspiracy exists. Well, it does. It's about globalization and the union of religious organization into one infrastructure. David Rockefeller and others have supported this agenda in their own words. I'm also inspired by others in the real alternative media trying their best to get real information to the people. Life and renewal are important goals to live by.

By Timothy

Vatican info

By the way folks to post this information I've had to run through a Proxy server as one of my isp's is COMPROMISED! -Craig


Poppy Bush is a most important member of the Pilgrim Society and he is probably the MOST important member of MJ-12 at this time too.Poppy Bush also is the head of PILGRIM INVESTMENTS and that(Poppy that is) is the majority stockholder of Hutchinson-Whampoa which is always identified as being controlled by Li Ka Shing...the top Chinese Illuminati bloodline.As you must know..Hutchinson-Whampoa controls the Panama Canal and is very closely linked to the 100% PLA controlled COSCO which took over the largest container port on the North American west coast..Long Beach.You can Google COSCO to see ALL the western hemisphere ports that have COSCO facilities or total control in those ports.It's now come out that Murdoch is trying to wrest control of DOW JONES(it publishes the Wall St Journal)and yesterday...the chairman of DOW resigned in protest.You need to get a copy of Fritz Springmeiers' book,"Bloodlines of the Illuminati" is a MUST HAVE book.If you can't find a copy,I can help you do that with a good friend of mine in Denver who owns METAPHYSICAL BOOKS...let me know.Patty Springmeier,the "wife" of Fritz(she was instrumental in setting up Fritz for arrest on 100% bogus charges)lives in Denver and is the ONLY source for the book.BTW...the QWEST COMMUNICATIONS/GLOBAL CROSSINGS scam was headquartered in Denver and it(Global Crossings--hdqtrd in Bermuda)was picked up by Hutchinson-Whampoa(Poppy Bush)for cents on the dollar.......




I'm aware Craig and thanks for pointing that out. I only wished to make note of how Tim White is on the right track when he says George Senior is a memeber of the Order Of The Garter. The only way Bush will be seen in said uniform is if someone catches him in England.


YUP...true about Patty was me who made the arrangements
for Eric Phelps to trade with Patty even/even for his VAIII to Patty for
a copy of BLOODLINES to Eric from can email Pam Schuffert to
get more about Pattys' role in this...I heard this right after Fritz'
arrest and Pam VERIFIES friend Paula Roosa,who owns
METAPHYSICAL BOOKS in Denver,is friends with this is the family is not much better...ZERO help from
them,especially my younger sister....send Pam your website URL so she can
see how much "THEY" are trying to shut you and I up.



Craig: My friend most people are aware the SMOM Papal Knight Poppy Bush is a very big player indeed especially within the United States. He is about as powerful as a normal puppet person can be under Rome of course. Now remember on how he had his backside kicked by the SMOM just before Operation Desertstorm. He was not pulling his weight and getting the war footing going. The SMOM through their Royal Institute of International Affairs (CFR is the same thing with a diff name) sent Le Cercle, Margaret Thatcher over to ASPEN INSTITUTE to kick his backside. He flew immediately to see her and then the war drums beated. You can be who you like but if you start playing up or getting too big for your boots against the SMOM you will be DESTROYED!


This visit by the BLACK POPE was at the time of my doing woodwork repair/painting work in the St Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church in Denver.This temporary job was lined up for me by a woodworker friend of mine,Wayne Hoffmann,who I had known for a number of years.This church is located on the N/W corner of 23rd Ave and York St in northeast Denver.The rectory of the monsignor,"Father" Tom Jost,is located on the west side of the church,the rear of the church..a red brick home at 2311 GAYlord St and 3 houses down,at 2329 GAYlord St,is the home of Wellington Webb..the mayor of Denver at the time of my work there.Webb is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and is Black,and was the elected mayor after Federico Pena who went on to become the disastrous Secretary of Transportation in the Clinton Admin.Webb was the Denver comptroller/auditor at the time of the building of Denver International Airport and was in the perfect position to coverup the VAST FRAUDS that were in existence when DIA was built...BECHTEL was the overall lead construction firm involved.Webb was mayor for 12 years and then was being tapped to be the national chairman of the Democratic Party...he turned that down but Webb is VERY MUCH an influential behind the scenes player.I was doing my work directly for "Father" Tom Jost and he can be seen on PG 5 in this PDF the photo titled."Kolvenbach blesses portrait of Pedro Arrupe".....he is standing in the background,in fron of the altar,wearing glasses and his hands are clasped,next to the standing crucifix..The very carpet that Kolvenbach is standing on..I helped the carpet installers carry in..the church was being renovated for the specific purpose of the BLACK POPEs' visit.I had a good relationship with "Father" Tom but I think he and others got wise to my making MANY phone calls from within this church as I was constantly being cutoff in midword....I was not there for this "mass"...I most likely would have been "disappeared" had I been...I can add lots more to this but this gives enough idea to the reader...READ EVERY word in this 22 pages of PDF...very revealing to say the least.


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen

ps...I highlighted the street name "Gaylord" to show what a SICK BLASPHEMY of the Lords' Name this is to locate this church where it is......NOT an "accident" by any stretch of the imagination


mistyeye: interesting pov. I enjoyed the movie. AVBibleBeliever do you know anything about the Revelation's mention of " ABADDON and APOLLOYON? .
How many boneheads are there in the world anyway?

I know both Abaddon is Hebrew and Apollyon is Greek for the same word "destroyer." This is interesting when you consider the fact that the Nazi NASA Apollo program was named after the Roman god Apollo or Apollyon the king of the bottomless pit in Revelation 9: 1, 2, and 11. Here is another interesting fact, the named Judas Iscariot is Greek and Hebrew. Judas is a Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Yehudah and Iscariot is Hebrew for "man from Kerioth." In Acts 1:25 we are never told that Judas went to hell, but rather to his own place (the bottomless pit).
Yashushua Ha Mashiach aka Jesus Christ referred to Judas Iscariot as a devil (John 6:70) the son of perdition (John 17:12, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Revelation 17:8) and He even said it would have been better for Judas if he had not been born (Matt. 26:24). Judas Iscariot was possessed and incarnated by Satan just as the beast of Rev. 13. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ just as the Antichrist will betray Jesus' brethren the Jewish people 3 1/2 years into the Seventieth Week of Daniel after which he will attempt to completely destroy them. This is also referred to as the time of Jacob's (Israel's) trouble or the great tribulation mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24:29. In A.W. Pink's book "The Antichrist" he concludes that the Antichrist will be a reincarnation of Judas Iscariot and when you compare the Scriptures it is the only logical conclusion.
"The Gospel of Judas" (very interesting article) I was suspicious when I heard about this in the corporate fascist media because the Jesuits defend it which is no surprise because the high-level Jesuits are the quintessential moral relativists and Gnostics.
Some food for thought for us to consider and I hope you find it helpful. Please keep the questions coming if you have more (I'm sure you do or wouldn't have joined this board) and I will do my best to answer them primarily from the Bible and secondary sources I have from college and the Internet. What I just told is hardly if ever preached and I recommend an excellent book on the Antichrist entitled "The Mark of the Beast" by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. His 1960 work is the best ever written by a man in the 20th century and I argue the best ever as it has never been matched! I think it improves upon Arthur W. Pink's 1923 work "The Antichrist" arguably the best exposition on the Antichrist of the early 20th century.
As for your second question, if you want to literal about it, we are all boneheads since we all have skulls lol, but I think I understand where you are coming from. The majority is ignorant of what we are talking about here on the forum. I see you are a newbie. Welcome mistyeye and I guarantee you will be in the know as you avail yourself of this information, educate your mind and come to your own conclusions. Please don't hesitate to ask for help in this ongoing process. I consider it a privilege to assist you and it keeps my mind sharp;)


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Friday, July 20, 2007

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This link

More Vatican info

Dear Truth-Seeking Friends,

The Black Pope Peter Hans-Kolvenbach is the mastermind of the North American Union. He instituted when he called a meeting in Miami May 22 2004 of all 33 of his Western Hemisphere Provincials-the first meeting of its kind. With his words "There is only one America" his trusted third party the Council on Foreign Relations and its Canadian and Mexican counterparts cadaver ac perinde (like corpses in the hands of the Jesuit General were galvanized with those few words.

The Jesuits are the trendsetters. They recognize NO national borders whatsoever and now they want to impose that perception on the Canada and Mexico by annexing them to the U.S.Read this article on the Oregon-Colombia Twinning Agreement and you'll see what the Black Pope says about national boundaries,"

There is only one America." Pope Kolvenbach spoke the order for the creation of the North American Union and it is coming to fruition.I think a Spanish Inquisition Black Pope and a Nazi White Pope (Joseph Ratzinger) in the near future makes sense and the destruction of the West will then proceed in earnest. Black Pope Kolvenbach the master of International Freemasonry and Illuminism set the foundation for this monstrosity so the peoples of these three nations could be punished and destroyed as one bloc. I expect this NAU to expand to include South America and this NAU will also bring in the Jesuit Freicorps being the Department of Homeland Security manned by Jesuit-trained men and women namely SMOM lay Jesuit John C. Gannon, SMOM Emilio T. Gonzalez, and Michael P. Jackson to Mexico and Canada.



Poppy Bush is also Royal Order of the Garter...the top Knighthood,he's also Order of the British Empire(OBE),he's the top Fabianist in the US,the top Nazi I'm sure,one of the leading Satanists and pedophiles......the two crewmen that he murdered by never easily saving them like witnesses on his Feb 1945 mission have SWORN TO...that he DEFINITELY COULD HAVE SAVED THEM BY NOT BEING A COWARD ......HE MADE SURE HE SAVED HIMSELF AND LET THEM DROWN....those 2 crewman Bush..from Connecticut and their names were Jack Delaney and TED WHITE....when I found this out I made a strong promise to do what I could to make this piece of shit PAY.The last name of Ted doesn't have to be a blood relation...just the brotherhood of having the same last name as him is more than enough for me.BTW...I'm also from Connecticut and also came within seconds of drowning as I was down for the 4th time from cramps when my 14 year old cousin from Canada,Guy..saved mylife...I was 16 then



Tim,From my research the Order of the Garter is a very inner circle within the mighty Sovereign Military Order of Malta, would you agree to this? Would you also agree the Pilgrim Society is a further inner core before the higher Roman levels? It's funny you mention Bush SNR being a Garter since his new buddie John Major of England is a Garter also. Now remember how the SMOM and Bush employed Major as a European Executive for LIFE and a million pounds salary a year within the damn Carlyle Group. This was after he commited more treason against England by selling off our Nuclear/Military port for peanuts to Richard Cheney's Halliburton. Notice how SMOM Papal Knight Murdoch controls BSkyB Satellite TV in the UK. Notice how he's almost destroyed Richard Branson's takeover of Telewest Cable now Virgin Media. Now what do we see all of a sudden? SMOM controlled Carlyle Group trying to take over Virgin Media and it looks set from where I can see. See how these Papal Knights all stick together like peas in a pod? If you have any photographs of George Bush snr in his Garter Regalia well that would be most welcome.Thanks

Craig Oxley


Antisionist: Order Of The Garter(Inner Core of The Committee of 300 also Knights of the Garter)Order of the Garter is the core of the Committee Of 300 (aka Olympians). Queen Elizabeth II is the leader of this organization.Its members include most if not all of the royal British family along with, many peers of the realm including Lord Rothschild, as well as other European nobility, and a slew of other wealthy individuals scattered across Europe and America.These elite own businesses on every level, especially the oil and banking industry. George Bush is a recent member who was knighted by the Queen on December 20, 1993, as a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath.This was for his leadership in the Gulf War, when he sent American solders to die for England's interest of their petroleum in Kuwait. General Colin Powell and General Norman Schwarzkopf were given also lower order of knighthoods. Lord Peter Carrington, who is a member of the satanic Order of Osiris and other demonic groups is a member of the Order of the Garter.By the way, Prince Charles Coat of Arms has another symbol--The Order of the Garter. The Order of the Garter is the parent organization over Free Masonry, world-wide. When a man becomes a 33rd Degree Mason, he swears allegiance to that organization, and thereby to Prince Charles.


Be careful of much of the Committee of 300 information as its riddled with disinformation diversion tatics promoted by Dr John Coleman who this site has helped highlight as an agent of late and most likely himself a SMOM Papal Knight as Eric Jon Phelps suspects. The Committee of 300 are an inner but outer circle within the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA which has many levels indeed. Coleman is only taking you to one level yet claiming it's the be all and end all, which is incorrect. The many never rule over the few its always the opposite in secret societies going way back to the system of the Hashsashins of the Middle East. Coleman simply will not speak on the Jesuit Order and the Vatican. As Alan Watts has explained these people like Coleman are agents working to divert you. If they've been in any intelligence arena personally then their definate agents as they will never give you anything other than what their supposed to. Wake up people please we need to see through this SMOM control of the so-called alternative media which infact they created. Check out who created shortwave and all these Christian anti-establishment shows. CIA my friends and we all know the SMOM controls the CIA. Eric Phelps-Craig Oxley speak on Dr John Coleman Garter is controlled by the PILGRIM SOCIETY!The SMOM absorbed the Knights Templars and their Wealth, their far older than the Knights Templar. The SMOM are "The Greatest Merchants on Earth." They only take their orders off the Pope and Superior General/Jesuits period!Notice how this from the Order of Bath is a MALTESE CROSS linked to ITALIAN MERCHANTS!!!!!!!!!!! Smell that rotten stench of the SMOM,

its filthy and making me quite ill.

Communication and Controversy

Barrack Hussein Obama (whose wife Michelle is a CFR member) said that age-appropriate sex education for Kingergarderners is fine. Many folks criticized him including Mormon Mitt Romney. Obama mocked Alan Keyes' accent in trying to make his point know. He was speaking in a Planned Parenthood meeting. As a black man, I'm not too found of PP for many reasons. Most abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods and many founders of Planned Parenthood expressed hatred for blacks and wanted to decrease black population explicity. I have tons of their quotes online for the doubters of that. Some of the founders' philosophy are similar to the Knight of Malta funded agenda to the Nazis. Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) herself wanted concentration camps for those who were "unfit." Sanger was an occult, a follower of Theosophy, went into a Klan rally in the 1920's, and promoted other evil ideals. Now what about sex education? Primarily, it should be a parent's choice on how much sexual education a child should recieve by anyone not the government or schools. I agree with Obama that a parent should opt out of it if a parent doesn't want their child to be exposed to that type of education. Obama is wrong for promoted a babykilling, terrorist organization like Planned Parenthood. No taxpayers should fund that group, especially those that don't agree with abortion.

A woman died in the UK for long delays in their health care system. It's true that our health care is in need of reform, but the government controlling all of it isn't the answer. Michael Moore is an establishment leftist propagandist that even tries to distort what the Bible says to suck up to people. He didn't say a thing about 911 Truth in support of it until a limited remark this year. There is a shocking link between pharmaceuticals, suicide, violence and mass murder. All too often, many serial killers and school shooter are on prescription drugs. As for John McCain, his campaign is spiraling downward. A group of 911 Truthers asked him some questions. He afterwards became agitated and left the place into a SUV. McCain is know for his temper. That tells me that more and more elites are angered on how the common man is waking up more and more in this generation. People communicating and Controversy is part of the human experience. is a site I find interesting as well.

By Timothy

Attorney For New Black Panther Party: Bush Had 9/11 Foreknowledge

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Jim Shaw

Dear Friend,

Membership in the Masonic Lodge has in many cases become a family tradition, with young men often joining because their fathers and grandfathers belong. Because of their admiration for certain friends or relatives, these men join the Lodge without hesitation, certain that the Order is based on noble aspirations. This was the case with me. From the time I was a little boy, my mother encouraged me to become a Mason some day like my uncle whom she greatly admired. Her impression of Freemasonry was that of a club where good men met to plan on helping those in need.
When I grew up, I married a fine woman who was a member of the Eastern Star and whose father was a Mason. Although her father would never talk to me about the Lodge, I was nevertheless proud of him. Surrounded by people I loved who were Masons, I finally decided to join the lodge myself.
Upon applying for membership in Indianapolis, I received a letter from the Lodge within two weeks telling me I had been accepted. I was instructed to be present at the Lodge at 6:30 p.m. on a particular day to receive my first degree. When the time came, I went to the Lodge and paid my dues for the first, three degrees after which I was told to follow a man who they said was the Senior Steward. He took me to the Preparation Room where he told me to remove my clothes and put on a pair of white pants (like pajama pants) and a white jacket. Before long, a man referred to as the Junior Deacon came in and told me to follow him. He took me to a door and put a blindfold on me. He also rolled up the left leg of my pants and turned back the collar of my shirt exposing my left breast. Being hoodwinked, I could not see, but I could sure feel! Something hit my left breast (it hurt). A man's voice said, "Jim Shaw, you are received into this Lodge on the sharp points of the compass, which (and he jabbed me again) is to teach you never to reveal any of the secrets of an Eternal Apprentice Mason to anyone unless he be a Brother Mason.

I had come to the Lodge that evening expecting merely to be told what a Mason was supposed to do. However, by the end of the ceremony I had become disgusted. With it was over, my friend told me it was something that all Masons had to endure; so I put it out of my mind.
After one year I was appointed Senior Deacon. This was a big jump for me as I had bypassed three chairs. I had told the Worshipful Master that I did not want to be a 'chair warmer' but wanted to be of service to the Lodge and go through all the chairs. I also joined the Scottish Rite, and had become Prelate in the Lodge of Perfection, studying for Master of the 4th degree.
About this time I received word from an old Army friend encouraging my wife and I to move to Florida where he was living. I didn't want to leave my job with the Post Office, but my friend told me he could get me a Civil Service job in Florida. My wife loved the idea of living there. So between the two of them begging me, I finally agreed to make the move. My Lodge membership was transferred from Indianapolis (which belonged to the Northern Jurisdiction) to my new Lodge in Florida (which belonged to the Southern Jurisdiction). Although the Ritual between the two jurisdictions varies somewhat, I found that the essence of the Lodges was still the same.
The Lodge in Florida was in need of good officers' and I soon progressed to the position of Worshipful Master. I had to be elected to this particular office, but that was no problem. I worked with Lodge members in my Civil Service job, and there were numerous officers of the Scottish Rite who were also City Officials. In fact, I had a part in the initiation of the Mayor of the city. It was in the Skull lecture I gave in the 30th degree. He paid close attention.
Soon I had served in many chairs and was given the Degree of K.C.C.H (Knight Commander of the Court of Honor). I had this degree for four years when I, quite literally, entered the darkest period of my life. My sight began to deteriorate rapidly as I was developing a cataract on my left eye. A friend of my wife recommended I visit an ophthalmologist who said she was very good. I took her advice. After examining my eyes the ophthalmologist informed me that I had to have an operation on one eye and possibly on the other eye as well at a later time.
He told me he had to see me every day for a week before he could operate because of an infection in my eyelid which had to be treated. During these visits he began to share with me about Jesus Christ and even read some verses to me out of the Bible. Although I knew of many ministers and preachers who were Masons, particularly those affiliated with the National Council of Churches, I had been trained by my family to stay away from churches. My stepfather said they were full of hypocrites and no one in his house was ever go go to church. And here I was. with a doctor who was working on my eyes trying to read the Bible to me. On my job I began speaking with a few people who I knew to be Christians, and they also told me about Jesus. One went so far as telling me that no Christian should ever be a Mason. In the meantime, the doctor continued to share with me while he was working on my eyes. I tried not to listen, but deep inside I knew he was right.
Just one day after I had returned to work following my operation, I received a letter from The House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. I had been chosen to receive the 33rd degree and was to report to Washington in one week to accept the honor. Two men from the Scottish Rite who were 33rd degree masons decided to go along with me to share in my time of joy. I remember being impressed by the size and beauty of The House of the Temple. It was at least four timea as large as our Scottish Rite Temple. After I had received the 33rd degree along with my white hat and ring, we all had a big feast and drank wine. It was all so much fun. Yet throughout this time I kept thinking about the passages the doctor had read to me from the Bible.
Soon after returning home I received a call from the Secretary of the Scottish Rite telling me to prepare for the upcoming Maundy Thursday services prior to Easter. I can tell you that the Lodges always make a mockery of Christian Holy Days. Now I was Master of all degree work and had to conduct the service.
In the meantime my wife and I had begun attending church with the ophthalmologist. He was still helping me understand the Bible and did not like the idea of me being a Mason. He told me he didn't think I understood just how evil the Lodge really was, and he urged me to read thoughtfully the books of John and Galatians. I studied these books and was on the verge of accepting Christ. But to become fully convinced I had yet to go through the Maundy Thursday ritual itself.
We were all in our places for the Maunday Thursday Rose Croix service to begin, each of us dressed in black robes. I stood and clapped my hands three times, and everyone rose to their feet. I began to speak, "My brothers, we meet this day to commemorate the death of our most wise and perfect Master - NOT as inspired or divine, but as at least the greatest of humanity."
At that point I had to stop for a moment to think about what I had just said. I was denying the fact that Christ was inspired or divine, saying he was merely a human master no greater than Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius or other religious figures. I felt a tear run down my face, but I had to go on. I walked out to the menorah and lit the candle.
The next speaker said his part and lit a candle on the menorah. All spoke and lit candles. I was feeling sad and bewildered, wondering I could go on; but I did. We had the Black Mass, drinking wind from a skull and eating a piece of bread, passing it around the table saying to each man, "take, drink, and give to the thirsty. Take, eat, and give to the hungry." Then we all went back to our stations. As I got up, my knees were shaking. I knew what fear was, and I had never felt anything like this since being shot at in the Army. I stood and began to recite the closing words. "We now close this commemoration of the death of our master. MOURN!! LAMENT!! CRY ALOUD!! HE IS GONE!! NEVER TO RETURN!! MOURN!! LAMENT!!" The candles were extinguished one at a time. I closed the ceremony by saying, "it is over, we must depart."
I hurried to the disrobing room and got out of the black robe and into my street clothes. Some men came around and asked me if I was sick. I just said, "yes, I've got to go!"
The very next day I wrote letters to the Blue Lodge, the Shrine and the Scottish Rite saying that I had attended my last meeting. I was a Christian now and would not be back. That was 25 years ago. I have never regretted my decision.
During my 19 years as a Mason, I witnessed and participated in numerous disturbing events, but the single most important reason causing me to leave was the fact that Jesus Christ was not the one being worshipped. Many gods in the Scottish Rite are revered and many religions taught, but never is the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ allowed. One is not even allowed to close a prayer in the name of Jesus, but instead must use a vague reference to God, which could mean anyone or anything. Teaching of the Kabbalah, Zend Avesta, and the Gnostics are used along with astrology and the doctrines of ancient false gods such as Osiris, Semiramis, Isis and Krishna. The Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are also given reference as deities. But whenever Christ was mentioned, it was only in the form of a mockery.

For these reasons I left the Masonic Order. If you are currently a Mason, I urge you from the bottom of my heart to do likewise. It is the only right thing to do.

In Christian Love
Jim Shaw.

Pressure and Advancement

Well, it is a time of explosure now. More and more individuals are waking up about the real mechanics of society. The Iraq war is still a controversial issue. Most Americans want a firm withdraw of troops, yet Knight of Eugolia Skulls and Bonesman George W. Bush won't raver in his intension to maintain the constant surge in the nation of Iraq. The Raw Story reported on how the Pentagon (historically Cardinal Spellman had an audience in that place promoting the Cold War hoax. It's a hoax because both the USSR and the West were funded by the same people and no massive invasions occured in both regions after WWII. Major Cold War policy was formulated by the Pilgrims, Knights of Malta, and high level Freemasonry. Russia historical was almost ruined in the 1917 Revolution because some of its Czars like Alexander II banned or rejected Freemasonry and the Jesuits in their land) is trying to work with bloggers and radio hosts to convince them of their agenda. What do I think of this? It's typical of them since the Pentagon is one of the architect of death, destruction, and murder in wars spanning decades. The popularity for more wars is low, so they want to do all they can to manipulate dissenters into their point of view. Brian Rohrbough wrote an article on the non-effectiveness of the PBA ruling by the Supreme Court. The truth is that ruling won't stop a single abortion. What's needed is radical new laws and enforcement not compromising to try to stop abortion.
I've seen an incredible film on D.C. on Youtube yesterday. It only proved the occult symbolism in D.C., but outlines numbers. One example is that from Lincoln Memorial to Lincoln part is 3.22 miles. It shows a ley lines that connects in a striaght link from Teotihuacan (or Mexico City today) to D.C., Baltimore, Philadephia, New York, Boston, Stonehenge, to Troy. Everything is not what they seem. The occultism of ancient Egypt, China, Babylon, ancient America, Greece, Rome, etc. still exist today. Groups like the Gnostics, Vatican Church, Ismalis, and the Rosicurcians [whose members include Dante, Franklin, Robert Fludd (1574-1637), Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), RenĂ© Descartes (1596-1650)], sparked the modern Secret Society movement today. We have to be on gaurd of bigotry and slander. One of the biggest slanders is the Protocols on the Elders of Sion which unfarily bashed Jewish people. The Bible is clear that Jewish people are the preservers of the Bible and deserve respect. Also, many of the Jewish people involved in globalization don't represent the Torah, some of Masons (like some of them being bounded under Grand Orient Freemasonry to carry out the Russian Revolution. Famous Jewish Freemasons include Leon Trotsky, 33° Freemason Armuad Hammer, and Lenin. Stalin himself was trained by the Jesuits according to Eric Jon Phelps), some are into Reform apostate Judaism, and some are just evil. I don't agree with all of the video though. Political distinctions are becoming old now. What the media considers a conservatives is actually a neo con sometimes. What the media thinks a liberals is actually an extremist. The media on a regular basis promotes propaganda. It's as simple as that. Kingpins of media include Vatican Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch, CFR member Richard Parsons, and others. Good people exist in the world. You have Patriots like David Stewart (I don't agree with him on every issue), Gary and Lisa Ruby, and others trying their best to do what is right. There is pressure act righteousness, but that pressure isn't wrong. Pressure is needed for man's advancement into something better than what was past.

By Timothy

A Must Read video


Bad News for the Architects of the North American Union — Public Opinion Is Turning Against Globalization


Bad News for the Architects of the North American Union — Public Opinion Is Turning Against Globalization

Larry Greenley
Wednesday July 18, 2007


An article ("New Populism Is Spurring Democrats on the Economy") in the July 16 New York Times points out how Democrats are more and more telling voters that their wage and job loss woes are due to immigration, free trade agreements, and globalization in general.

Follow this link to the original source: "A New Populism Spurs Democrats on the Economy"


An article ("A New Populism Is Spurring Democrats on the Economy") in the July 16 New York Times points out how Democrats are more and more telling voters that their wage and job loss woes are due to immigration, free trade agreements, and globalization in general. The Times article states:

Clearly influenced by some of their most successful candidates in last year's Congressional elections, Democrats are talking more and more about the anemic growth in American wages and the negative effects of trade and a globalized economy on American jobs and communities. They deplore what they call a growing gap between the middle class, which is struggling to adjust to a changing job market, and the affluent elites who have prospered in the new economy.... Democratic leaders say that unless Congress restores the confidence of the middle class, it will be hard to sell Americans on more trade or even an immigration overhaul.

A good example of just how outspoken some Democrats are on these issues is Rep. Steve Kagen, who was elected to the House last November from the 8th District of Wisconsin, a Republican stronghold in recent decades. In a recent column in one of the main newspapers in his district, Rep. Kagen stated:

As your newly elected congressman, I have been listening to people throughout our district, and everywhere I go, folks are asking me where I stand on immigration.

There has never been any doubt in my mind that we need a new and tough immigration policy — a national policy that stands on these three essentials: 1) secure our borders, 2) obey our laws, and 3) no amnesty or cutting in line — period.

Every nation has the right to enforce its borders, because a nation ceases to exist when it cannot define and control its borders....

Our borders have been rapidly disappearing, starting with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement. But it doesn't have to be this way....

Several recent presidents sold us a policy of "invisible borders" — a fool's gold policy that erased our borders with Canada and Mexico, and what followed was not only the disappearance of our borders, but our jobs as well.

This unacceptable sales job even has a name — the North American Union, which would guarantee the end of the United States of America. I'm absolutely opposed to it.

There you have it. One of the newly-elected House Democrats making exactly the kinds of points about trade agreements and open borders causing job losses, that the Times article says Democrats across the country are making. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Rep. Kagen specifically designates "the North American Free Trade Agreement" and "the North American Union" as major problems.

While these views by the Democrats could be minimized as merely political posturing, it is especially noteworthy that organizations as philosophically different as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which promotes open borders, free trade agreements, and globalization, and the John Birch Society (JBS), which opposes open borders, the establishment's free trade agenda, and globalization, have recently published articles connecting wage and job losses with immigration and free trade agreements.

For example, the CFR's Foreign Affairs magazine recently published, "A New Deal for Globalization," in its July/August 2007 issue, which stated:

Over the last several years, a striking new feature of the U.S. economy has emerged: real income growth has been extremely skewed, with relatively few high earners doing well while incomes for most workers have stagnated or, in many cases, fallen.... Public support for engagement with the world economy is strongly linked to labor-market performance, and for most workers labor-market performance has been poor....

The authors refer to several polls which show that over the past six to seven years the majority of Americans has switched from supporting trade agreements to opposing them, and that only 35% of Americans with a college degree or higher now say they benefit from the global economy. As a result, the authors are so convinced that the globalization agenda is stalled due to a massive shift in public opinion that they propose a radical redistribution of income for Americans through changing dramatically how Social Security and Medicare are financed.

At virtually the same time as the Foreign Affairs article appeared, the JBS published a "Jobs" issue of its magazine, The New American, titled "Transformation of American Jobs," which stated:

The bottom line of all this discussion of job losses, immigration, technology, international organizations, and Congress is this: key votes by Congress over the past few decades on immigration, trade agreements, taxes, and regulations have favored international organizations, foreign nations, foreign citizens, and multinational corporations over average American citizens. Congressional action has played a powerful role in the de-industrialization of the United States and has set up our services industry for future job losses in the tens of millions through both offshoring and GATS concessions under the WTO.

(Click here and here and here for additional articles from the "Jobs" issue of The New American.)

The point is that American public opinion is swinging toward rejection of open borders, free trade agreements, and globalization in general on the basis of widespread wage and job losses. This helps explain why the Bush-Kennedy amnesty juggernaut was stopped in its tracks in the Senate in late June.

All of which is extremely good news for opponents of the North American Union.