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John F. Kennedy at American University - Part One

Ohio Abortion Numbers Decline for 10th Year, Hit Record Low


Ohio Abortion Numbers Decline for 10th Year, Hit Record Low

by Steven Ertelt | Columbus, OH | | 9/30/11 10:51 AM
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New statistics from the state of Ohio show the number of abortions there have declined for the 10th straight year — showing the combination of effective pro-life education, legislation and help for pregnant women works.
Ohio abortions have reached an all-time low according to the latest report released by the Ohio Department of Health. The health department’s 2010 Abortion Report revealed a decrease of approximately 600 abortions from 2009 for a state total of 28,123 abortions performed in 2010.
The new statistics show that abortions in Ohio have declined a total of 26% since the year 2000. Since 1982, when reported abortions peaked at their all-time high, the number of abortions in Ohio has decreased by nearly 40%.
“During the past decade, more and more women and families chose life in Ohio,” Ohio Right to Life director Mike Gonidakis told LifeNews. “While we will not rest until the number of reported abortions is zero, each year these statistics reaffirm our statewide pro-life strategies which focus on supporting young women through our pregnancy centers, promoting adoption and identifying common sense legislative solutions to end abortion. Moms are being protected, more babies are alive today and we can all agree that this is good public policy.”
Gonidakis said “Ohio Right to Life will continue enacting a targeted, truthful and compassionate educational approach for young women and men to combat the manipulative marketing campaigns of Planned Parenthood.”
The new health department report shows the majority of abortions taking place in Ohio occur in the metropolitan areas of Cuyahoga County at 36.8%, Franklin at 19.2%, and Hamilton at 17.8%. A majority of abortions are done on women younger than 24 years old and 37.1% are done on black women even though just 12.2 percent of Ohio’s population is black.
Some 56.6% of all Ohio abortions take place during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy and 83% are performed upon women who are unmarried.
The Ohio Right to Life director says a new law the state’s pro-life governor signed will likely drive down the number of abortions further.
“In July, Governor John Kasich signed our late-term abortion ban. Had this law been enacted last year, up to 629 more babies could be alive in Ohio today. No longer will babies who can live outside their mother’s womb be put to death in Ohio,” said Gonidakis.
The new abortion figures come as the Ohio state legislature is debating a measure called the Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortions at the point when a unborn child’s heart starts to beat. At 22 days into pregnancy, before most women know they are pregnant, unborn children complete the development of their heart to the point that a heartbeat begins and the bill, supported by the pro-life group Faith2Action, Operation Rescue, Life Issues Institute and other pro-life groups, would stop abortions at that point. The Ohio legislature took up the legislation this year and it received a legislative committee hearing and an approving vote from the state House.
The House, led by Republicans, voted 54-43 for the abortion ban, which now faces less certain prospects in the state Senate. With the Ohio Senate returning to its legislative session, Faith2Action organized a rally with other supportive organizations.
Some pro-life groups are not on board with the legislation, not because they oppose banning abortions but out of a concern that it will be struck down in court if passed, since the Supreme Court is currently dominated by at least a 5-4 pro-abortion majority. As a result, the legislation would be struck down in court and the ruling would add to the case law that supports Roe vs. Wade. Such groups are working to change the courts so Roe can be overturned and legislation like the Heartbeat bill or others could be approved to provide legal protection for unborn children.

A Plot?

Obama Provides Terrorists a Safe Haven While Hailing Death of Al-Awlaki


Don’t Worry, The Federal Reserve Just Wants To Be Your “Online Friend”

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9/11 Truth

Time and Economics

In this class war, the rich are getting richer. The Republicans believe that President Barack Obama and the Democrats are waging a class war. The rich aren’t the total job creators at all. This falsehood of the super rich creating all of the jobs is propaganda shown in order to try to mislead Americans (and trying to make them reactionaries). A class war has been waged by the super rich against the people and the super rich have won many battles. There is the Gini index official data. This is the coefficient between zero and one that is a statistical measure of economic inequality. When it’s zero national income is evenly distributed among all citizens, and when it is one all the income goes to one person. Gini figures are between zero and one. Some countries have either low values or very high ones. The index has changed over the decades. There has a significant rise from about .37 to .45 proving that the rich got richer as most of rich got richer as most of the population in the middle class and below lost ground. From 1979 to 2005, the inflation adjusted income of families in the middle of the income distribution rose 21 percent. That is very slow growth, especially compared with the 100 percent rise in median income over a generation after World War II when inequality actually decreased. More importantly, over the same period, the income of the very rich, the top 100th of 1 percent of the income distribution, rose by 480 percent. Absorb that number for a few moments. In 2005 dollars, the average annual income of that group rose from $4.2 million to $24.3 million. Those numbers describe the true class war in which the rich and powerful was the clear winner. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center said that ¼ of all incomes of more than 1 million dollars a year pay income and payroll tax of 12.5 percent of their income. The tax burden is therefore placed on people in the middle class who pay twice that amount of even more. The Tax Foundation said that between 1987 and 2008, the share of income controlled by the top 1 percent grew to 20 percent from 12 percent. This was a growth of 67 percent. Their share of taxes went to 28 percent from 24 percent. This was a share growth of 17 percent. So, the top 1 percent share of income grew nearly 5 times faster than their share of taxes or 67 percent versus 17 percent. So, the rich don’t pay the nation’s taxes unfairly. The plutocracy is benefiting this war. The rich top 1 percent has the share of total pre-tax income rose from about 10 percent in 1980 to 21 percent in 2008. Low taxes now haven’t caused them or the super rich to cause new jobs. Higher taxes have existed decades after WWII has caused more job creation. So, people have the right to oppose this inequality. People have the right to adhere to economic justice. That is why people are protesting Wall Street in NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and across that nation in order to promote real economic justice.

A Harvard study says that in America, about 45,000 people die every year because they can’t afford basic medical services. This is interesting in the midst of sick Tea Party supporters yelling in a debate about wanting to kill an uninsured person if they can’t afford health care. This isn’t surprising. Showing wild applause and enthusiastic affirmation of letting a human being to die proves that some Tea Party people are nihilists and perverted. Today we have the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Ron Paul and his Tea Party allies believe that people aren’t turned away from hospitals, church charity or private groups can cure the crisis alone, and medical costs are increasing people some people lack personal responsibility. These are lies of course. The reality is that individuals have personal responsible, yet the government has responsibility to help the people with health care since the government is made by and for the people. The government is made up of individuals; therefore responsibilities are interrelated to the government. The Tea Party are hypocrites for yelling abut big government, but say nothing about some of their people in Congress getting federal government sponsored health coverage (it’s never dropped and it’s made affordable). A lack of health care and medicine has caused 45,000 people to die. Federal medical facilities are special to help members of Congress. No need to wait on hold for twenty minutes for the next available doctor’s appointment that is in six months. No need to wait in line at Walgreens to pay the uninsured price of $1,700 for a one-month prescription of Etanercept. We can’t let everyone who is uninsured to trust the market or you’re on your own.Americans are going bankrupt, because many Americans can’t pay the medical bills. Kyle Willis, a 24-year-old Ohio man, is one such casualty. An ER doctor prescribed pain medication and antibiotics to treat his tooth infection, but Willis couldn’t afford both prescriptions. The antibiotic was more expensive so he bought the pain pills. The infection spread to his brain and killed him. Americans die like this every single day – it’s just not front page news. The latest U.S. Bureau of the Census report mentions that 49.0 million uninsured is an undercount. The reason is that thousands of people lose coverage throughout the year. Many postal workers are losing their jobs and the uninsured is increasing.There are nonprofit groups like the Remote Area Medical (or RAM) promoting free health care with a clinic at Malcolm X College in Chicago. Even there, thousands are tuned away. Over 2 million people are uninsured in Illinois. Some people like the middle aged African American woman named Janice Kelly had to use Orajel and Advil since she doesn’t have the money to get her teeth removed (and use of X-Rays).Many physicians and main RAM organizers said that health care is human right and a public option should be made available to people. They want Medicare for all. Over the years, the majority of Americans want a government option in health care to help people or a single payer system. The new health care law wasn’t comprehensive enough to handle the health issues in America (some of it was written by the insurance industry for the insurance industry). It leaves 23 million uninsured, denies undocumented immigrants health coverage, and mandates that the uninsured buy expensive, high deductible, high co-pay health plans via complicated state insurance exchanges or face a financial penalty. The insurance companies have received record profits as well. America’s top five health insurance companies increased their profits by 56 per cent in 2009 for a combined profit of $12.2bn, the same year that 2.7 million people lost their private health insurance. Universal health care is better than nothing indeed.

Chuck Norris recently wrote in opposition to GMOs, etc. He is right to oppose the refusal of labeling genetically engineering foods. The LA Time reported that with no labels of such foods, few people what they are getting. The wild thing is that according to Chuck Norris, 93 percent of soy is made up genetically modified crops, 86 percent of all corn, and 93 percent of all canola seeds in America have them. About 70 percent of all American possessed food has GMOs. Over the last decade, numerous polls (from the Pew Center and the Consumers Union and Harris Interactive polls) prove that most Americans want to see genetically modified foods better regulated and labeled. The current President has approved an unprecedented amount of genetically modified crops like ethanol corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets. Internationally, there has been the CAC promoting such crops internationally. The CAC is the Codex Alimentarius Commission from 1963 was founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Its mission proclaimed that it wants to protect health, and remove trade obstacles (plus establish food guidelines. The membership of the commission today represents 185 members including the European community and the U.S. There are thousands of guidelines used by the CAC in areas dealing with pesticides, additives, etc. Now, the CAC wants to deal with vitamins and mineral supplements. They are picking up the issues on whether people can label genetically altered and engineered fruits and vegetables. The ANH or the Alliance for Natural Health expressed another concern from the natural health community about the United Nation’s CAC guidelines, because its preamble, “…"essentially discounts the benefits from dietary supplements, and the fact that the scope of the Codex Guidelines includes developing minimum and maximum levels of vitamins and minerals." Regulating those maximum levels is currently prohibited by U.S. policy since dietary supplements are not categorized as drugs. Some want global governance of our foods. Our health rights have been violated. Some want a global food and drug administration to handle our food rights. Internationalists want to violate our sovereignty via food policies. No internationalists should dictate we should eat or how we eat. We should support labeling foods. We have the right to support dietary supplements and organic foods. Big business and lobbyists don’t want labeling of GMOs. The ANH cited the wisdom of the late George Wald, Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology as well as Higgins professor of biology at Harvard University, one of the first scientists to speak out about the dangers of genetically engineered foods. George Wald wrote that the new genetic engineering of recombinant DNA technology can cause new cancers and it can harm the life on Earth (harming other organisms as well). 14 states have legislation on genetically modified organism labeling. They face government gridlock though. We should keep food safe via genetically engineering labeling. Corn, cotton, etc. shouldn’t be deregulated. More people are buying organic foods and believe in the proper labeling of all foods. We don’t need global governance.

Now, some people don’t know the real Dr. Martin Luther King. He is one of the misrepresented and misunderstood leaders of the twentieth century. He and other lead a fight against oppression. Dr. King developed a vision of what America could become if it abandoned the blatant racism that, he argued, “...the largest portion of white America is still poisoned by.” King further argued that racism was so endemic in America that it is “as native to our soil as pine trees, sagebrush and buffalo grass.” So, he wanted a solution to be a radical economic and political action for a just America plus world. He admitted in 1966 that he doesn’t have all of the answers, he isn’t omniscience, and that nonviolence is an experiment with the truth (and that people have the right to search for the truth). Even on pg. 27 of Where do We Go, Dr. Martin Luther King admitted that people have the right to defend themselves if they are attacked or using a gun in your own home if you’re attacked. He questioned the need to use a gun while participating in an organized demonstration. Dr. King on plenty of time admitted in April of 1967 that he would go to the military to fight against Hitler to sacrifice temporarily his personal pacifism. IN his Beyond Vietnam speech from 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King advocated armed liberation struggles in Africa and Asia. He believed that foreign nations should break down structures of governments that oppress human beings and built up a revolutionary changing system to benefit human beings. In the 1960s, Dr. King and other leaders called for the support of armed liberation struggles in Africa through two organizations, the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa (ANLCA) and the American Committee on Africa. He was a leader in ANLCA. ANLCA was created in 1962. It was created to allow African Americans to support liberation struggles in sub-Saharan Africa. In November of 1962, the group praised nations in Africa that became free like Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria that all received their independence from colonialist France via armed struggle. ANCLA in its resolution support Angola and Mozambique in their struggle for freedom plus independence. Angola fought against Portugal back in February of 1961. ANLCA documents are in the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. They support unconditional support of liberation movements in Africa at its September 1964 conference. So, it’s easy to see that Dr. King’s nonviolent views didn’t mean that he unconditionally opposed armed struggle against oppression. He wanted liberation in Africa from imperialists as validated by Dr. King’s speeches, statements, writings, and his leading role in likeminded groups like the ANLCA.

William Cooper long before 9/11 in June 28, 2001 predicted that a terrorist attack on America was imminent and that Osama bin Laden would be used as a scapegoat in order to promote international wars and interventions in the Middle East (in essence for the West to get foreign resources to build up the globalized Utopian society that the elite envisioned for thousands of years. The elite want a one world system). Even David Shippers and Greg Palast have exposed the government connections and protection of terrorists. 9/11 Truth groups range from We Are Change to 9/11 These people legitimately want accountability revolving around the corruption in world society. They have the right for their voice to be heard in the world. Many of them adequately motivate people to be better human beings as well. The reason is that it makes us aware that any deceit and hypocrisy (of claiming to abhor bin Laden won’t expose the fact that Osama bin Laden once was a Western government ally). In 2011, people in 9/11 Truth don’t just protest in the streets, which is fine. They organize money to help 9/11 victims. They got out demanding justice. They work in charities and other nonprofit organizations in order to assist humanity. 9/11 Truth activists have been in the forefront to pressure the EPA to admit that they gave false information to the public about how toxic the air was. They also find a way to get more people to have a practical, skeptical opinion of the official story of 9/11.

By Timothy

U.S. Invented Soviet Threat

Coming soon: Robots in the sky that recognize and track you

People on Important Issues

Mack wrote:

There should be a good critique of the educational system. My daughter was getting straight A's in school. Now she is in for a real shocker in the 11th grade since they put her in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, since she's an A student, and the work is much more challenging.
This is why parents have to spend $$$ for tutors so that our children will be able to compete. In the meantime, my high property taxes have not yielded the type of education that I expected and should be getting. So I can now look forward to using money that my husband and I, wanted to save for her college on tutoring, to get her up to speed in Algebra 2 and AP classes. She got A's in Algebra 1, but somehow this has not prepared her properly for the next level.
It is really hard on parents that are doing the right thing to get thrown a curve ball with failed school systems that do not prepare the children.
One thing we should look at is a study, written some time ago but still relevant, caalled SCHOOLING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA. And I think we ought to support such efforts as the Algebra Project, founded by former Civil Rights leader Bob Moses--both to help inner city children who are educationally challenged and to win a CONSTITUTINAL RIGHT to a QUALITY education for the ENTIRE citiaenry.
I think individuals should do what they can, naturally. But the problem is too large for individual solutions. Talk about "individual initiative" and "pulling oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is actually WORSE than useless.



EkDesiLadki wrote:
Oops I can understand what you want to say but using the p-word can put you in LEGAL trouble if you are in India. From the way it has been used for years, if you use it among Indian, you'll called "racist" and it's no-no for an educated prof.
Interestingly it doesn't have bad meaning, it has Tamil origin of people of drummer caste. They enjoyed very favorable place in the society when Tamil Dravidian Kings ruled and became outcast later. Also, Tirukkural one of the most revered holy book for Tamil people(irrespective of religion) was written by Valluvar who was considered as sub-caste of this caste.
Now, they are protected by Affirmative Action in India and I believe 10% behind non-dalits in literacy rate. So they are considered more progressive(Indian literacy rate) than any other Dalits. They don't like to call themselves Dalits like other north Indian Dalits, they are called adi-Dravidians meaning they are more natives than Dravidians.
Anyway, why do black people use N-word on each other ?
Yes, I see. The Indian cultural context may be missing when those words are used in America. Hence Dr. King, while visiting India and noticing the enlightened policies of Nehru and others regarding the untouchables, refers to AA people as America's untoughables.(Actually, he said in that diary that a teacher in a school with untouchable students introduced him as a great "fellow untouchable" from America'). Sartre, observing American racial caste in 1940s America, also refers to the Black population as America's pariahs, or America's "Jews."
I've read that some Irishmen, opppressed by the British, used to refer to themselves as the "blacks" or "n****rs" of Europe.
Probably, none of this is in a malicious spirit, but people should be aware of the senstive cultural implicatioins of certain expressions.(In the 1980s, I warned a man from Ireland to NOT use expressions like "we're England's n****rs" around American Blacks. I understand the context and intent, and therefore am not offended. But a man phenotypically white who says that to an average American Black person here might unintentionally provoke hostility.)


It's not been long since the London pubs had notice board saying: Irish, Indians(like us) and dogs NOT allowed here. I can see why the Irish guy felt bad.

I also see the hypocrisy of our people who'll call Valluvar as Godly person but treat the same caste people as untouchables. May be it's life, some times you are up and some times you are down. Anytime, I'll be rather be a pariah like Valluvar than clown with crown.

Anyway, I think unlike American govt Indian govt is at least trying to make their life better especially by offering free schooling, books, uniforms, etc to make the gap narrow.

Dr. Savant, John and all my readers:
Thrukkural by Valluvar(links down), is highest read Tamil book. Every Tamil group regards him as from their OWN religious faith but probably he was Buddhist.

Tirukkural is poems(1000+) with just 2 lines, may be English cannot do justice but I'll share 2 links of translation:



bappie wrote:
Morning Savant. I wasn't aware that this type of abuse was going on but I guess since pedophiles have always been with us, it goes with the terrority too. smh.
Where one group has absolute power over another such abuses are bound to happen.
Indeed, if you check out David Brion Davis' PROBLEM OF SLAVERY IN WESTERN CULTURE, you see that Europeans began practicing these abuses on other Europeans before their conquest of the Americas and their enslavement of Africans.
Ever hear of the "right of the first night"? European noblemen had the right to the FIRST NIGHT with a peasant girl once she was married. Her husband was told to go out to the field and do some plowing while the nobleman bedded his new wife! I've no doubt that medieval nobleman did likewise to attractive peasant boys.
And Roman writer Seneca in one essay mentions the sexual abuse of boy slaves by lecherous masters.



Obama's Rolex must be on "CP"

Obama's Rolex must be on "CP" time. Jobs were the most pressing issue when he got hired in 2008. He waits 3 years to come up with a "jobs plan?"
Just how can the US afford all these tax cuts when trillions are needed to fund all these wars and "humanitarian" interventions?
Tax cuts will do little to spur job creation. Businesses aren't waiting around for tax breaks; if they need to increase production due to increased sales, they hire and invest in equipment. Fact is, businesses can't sell the goods/services they have now. They won't increase hiring on a large scale (or any scale) until they do. Until demand increases in the private sector, the public sector, i.e. federal govt, must itself create jobs.
The 450 billion Obummer proposes should be divided among the states to enable them to hire as well as raise wages of current employees (many who’ve not had raises in 5 years). The federal government needs to allocate another 450 billion for a federal jobs program to repair/build public infrastructure (including upgrading buildings with energy saving materials), build and staff medial facilities (hospitals, doctors’ offices, drug treatment centers, assisted living/senior housing, home health care) in underserved areas. These jobs need to pay the going rate for such work in the private sector, not minimum wages. More funds need to be allocated to community colleges for expansion of enrollment and programs to fill the increasing need for this educational option.
Rural communities haven't had any meaningful revitalization since the New Deal. 300 billion needs to go to these areas to create public transportation, provide housing (including apartments and senior living housing that are nonexistent but needed here), provide affordable Internet access, and improve access to quality education.
Drug treatment (including alcohol abuse and mental illness) centers need to be built (military bases that should be closed but aren't due to devastation of local economies can be converted into these facilities). I'd estimate at least 50% of the prison population are addicts, alcoholics, and mentally ill people who need in-patient treatment, not regular prison incarceration. Drug treatment centers would alleivate jail overcrowding and the injustice/fultility of imprisoning those needing medical help. Said centers are also a boon for job creation (medical staff, education/vocation training staff, maintenance, administrative, etc.).
To pay for this initiative:
1. End wars in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
2. Assess 3% tax on all stock transactions.
3. End all corporate tax loopholes*. Over half of large corporations pay little or nothing in taxes. This amounts to billions of dollars yearly of lost revenue. Double staff/funding of IRS with express intent of pursuing taxes owed by corporate scofflaws.
4. End farm subsidies for corporate agriculture. Subsidies would only go to small farmers (200 acres or less) with more funds going to those who practice organic farming and use no hormones in livestock.
5. Tariffs on goods and services (ex: call centers) derived from jobs that were outsourced by US corporations to foreign lands.
6. Stop all foreclosures regardless of whether they are product of the subprime scam. Allow homeowners to work out reasonable interest-free payment plans with monthly payments that will be no more than what the owner originally paid.
7. Offer those who have been foreclosed on due to the subprime mess to return to their homes with same conditions in #5. If home no longer available, allow foreclosed family to locate another comparable home and get same conditions as #5. Erase foreclosure from credit record of all homeowners.
8. Reduce by 75% number of HB-type visas issued. There are sufficient numbers of US citizens qualified (or can be easily trained) to do these jobs.
*Any “incentives” or tax breaks for corporations should be contingent upon corporation maintaining a minimum of 55% of its operations in the US with emphasis on setting up shop in rural areas and rust belt cities. Tax breaks should also be given to companies that hire long-term unemployed, people with criminal records, people over 50, and people with poor credit (some employers are shunning the long term jobless and those with bad credit. If the job doesn't involve handling money, why is one's credit rating and issue? The person probably got the bad rating due to unemployment or high medical bills.).
As usual, Obummer offers up an ineffective band-aid when a tourniquet is required. Such is no surprise. This modus operandi has worked quite well during his reign: put forth a sham plan to appear to be working in the public's interest when in reality said plan does the opposite. The only one's whose interest this plan benefits is Obummer, as he uses it to boost his re-election chances.

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Scientology Exposed Some More

Feds: Medical Marijuana Patients Have No Right to Second Amendment


Feds: Medical Marijuana Patients Have No Right to Second Amendment
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Kurt Nimmo
September 28, 2011
photoU.N. Security ATF letter sent to gun dealers.
In its continuing effort to pare down the number of Americans who can exercise their rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has sent a letter to firearms dealers informing them that medical patients “addicted” to legally dispensed medical marijuana have no right to own and possess firearms.
According to Arthur Herbert (see memo at right), Assistant Director of Enforcement Programs and Services at the ATF, “any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use of medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition” and will be compelled to admit the prescribed use of medical marijuana on ATF forms at the point of purchase.
The ATF’s intimidating letter appears to be a direct response to an effort earlier this year by police in Oregon to deny concealed weapons permits to medical marijuana patients. In April, the Washington County Sheriff’s office argued that the 1968 U.S. Gun Control Act prohibits selling firearms to drug addicts and claim that includes medical marijuana card holders.
More significantly, the ATF’s move to deny cancer and other patients medical marijuana is part of a larger attempt to roll back the Second Amendment by color of law and also attack states’ rights as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment.
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
In the recent past, the federal government has attempted to deny military veterans their Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms.
In 2009, Democrat and notorious gun-grabber Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduced The No Fly, No Buy Act (H.R. 2401), a bill that would have merged the TSA’s no-fly list with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a point-of-sale system for determining eligibility to purchase a firearm.
The current mayor of Chicago – the largest anti-Second Amendment city in the country after New York City – and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel proposed that anybody on the fed’s no-fly list (numbering in the tens of thousands) should have their Second Amendment stripped.
The feds are determined to whittle away at the Second Amendment and this under-handed effort to make gun dealers responsible for determining if their customers are marijuana “addicts” – under penalty of loosing their licenses – is part of the long term plan to disarm the American people.

The Glory of Africa

Facts about Africa

John Nelson Darby: Closet Theosophist?

On Saving the Next Troy Davises

Gold and Silver Rally as Dollar Falls and Oil Prices Rise

Military to Collaborate with Wyoming Cops in Drunk Driving Crackdown


Military to Collaborate with Wyoming Cops in Drunk Driving Crackdown
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Kurt Nimmo
September 28, 2011

The Department of Justice will work with authorities in Wyoming to violate what remains of Posse Comitatus, according to the Star-Tribune.
“In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, F.E. Warren Air Force Base will collaborate with state and local governments and law enforcement to cut down on underage and irresponsible drinking,” the newspaper reported earlier this week. “State, local and military police will also work together under the program to crack down on drunk people who disobey the law.”
The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs provided funding for the three-year project, estimated to cost $300,000-per-year.
The Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385), passed on June 18, 1878, following the end of Reconstruction, restricts the federal government from using the military in state and local law enforcement. The statute specifically prohibits the Army and Air Force and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity.
“Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both,” 18 U.S.C. § 1385 states.
In 2006, following Hurricane Katrina, Bush urged Congress to pass legislation overriding Posse Comitatus. The result was the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007. It allowed the federal government to use the armed forces to “restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States” during national emergencies such natural disasters.
The changes were repealed in their entirety in 2008.
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Earlier this year, we reported on military police – described as “crime stoppers” – from the Homestead AFB in Florida detaining domestic criminal suspects.
In 2009, the National Guard provided “security” in Kingman, Arizona. The Coast Guard, under the Department of Homeland Security, is now exempt from the Act.
The military participated in a checkpoint along with Tennessee cops and Homeland Security in April of 2009. The governor and state representatives were not aware of the illegal collaboration when contacted by the Alex Jones Show.
In 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center and the California Highway Patrol used the Christmas holiday as an excuse to collaborate on a drunk driving checkpoint in San Bernardino County.
Following a shooting in Alabama, the Army was dispatched from Fort Rucker to patrol the streets of Samson in 2009.
Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl called in the National guard to help in “domestic” disputes in 2009. Ravenstahl used a snow emergency as an excuse. He went on television and said “be advised that you will begin to see National Guard Humvees in some of your neighborhoods beginning this evening.”
The Wyoming program is another example of the federal government violating the law in an attempt to merge federal and local law enforcement, an effort that has been underway since the Clinton administration.

Probe May Find More Medicaid Fraud at Planned Parenthood

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The Ratings Collapse of The Establishment Media Represents A Huge Cultural Change In The West


The Ratings Collapse of The Establishment Media Represents A Huge Cultural Change In The West
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Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Sept 27, 2011
There is a massive media shift taking place in America and other Western countries as more and more young people reject mainstream media institutions. They are turning to blogs, Internet news anchors, social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, and internet-based commentators to get their news and alternative perspectives of reality.
Big media companies have no chance competing against the rising independent media in a free-market atmosphere. They are history unless they can successfully lobby the federal government to censor anti-government websites in the name of cyber security.
But such extreme measures to silence free speech and maintain the authority of the establishment media are likely to be resisted by sophisticated activists. Young people have every kind of technological gadget at their disposal to access their favorite podcasts, blogs and radio shows which are independently operated and offer unique perspectives to world events.
This huge shift in news consumption will have cultural, social and political ramifications for many years to come, possibly altering the very nature of our societies and our governments. What we are witnessing is no small revolution – it is the liberation of the Western media and, by extension, the Western public mind, from government and corporate narratives about history and reality.
The biggest winners in this shift towards a free media are Internet broadcasters like Alex Jones, Amy Goodman, Max Keiser, Cenk Uygur, and Keith Olbermann who are keeping a safe distance from the dying mainstream corporate media. There are probably others that I am unaware of.
What these 21st century news anchors have that regular news anchors on television lack is credibility, intelligence, respect and trust. I would even add humanity. If you saw Goodman’s coverage of Troy Davis’s unjust execution last week you’ll know what I’m referring to.
Alex Jones has the most credibility and trust because of his fearless stance that 9/11 was an inside job which he made in the summer of 2001, two months before the towers even collapsed. You can’t buy that kind of credibility and integrity (Glenn Beck probably knows that now after experiencing a hyped and manufactured popularity with conservatives).
Credibility comes with time and Alex has credibility that is unequal to any other news anchor on television or the Internet. There are many ignorant and clueless people out there who may disagree, but I think a decade is enough time to recognize Alex’s intelligence, honesty and courage. Alex’s word is weighed in gold. He has intellectual depth and his words are full of emotion, two things that are extremely rare nowadays in the land of the free.
Moreover, the ratings collapse of state-corporate television comes as the long track record of its censorship practices become more widely recognized in American and Western society. At the website, “,” DJ Pangburn’s article called, “Occupy Wall Street Protest Being Systematically Ignored by Mainstream Media,”draws attention to the hypocrisy of the regime-change friendly American media that wants Arabs and Persians to be free but not the American people.
It is worth asking the question: does the American corporate/state media serve the American people and America’s national interests? If not, then the owners of U.S. media companies and establishment presstitutes need to be held accountable for their treasonous actions.
The article highlighted above explains how Internet news anchor Keith Olbermann is successfully counteracting the establishment media’s censorship of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters. DJ Pangburn writes:
Death and Taxes has been down to the Occupy Wall Street protest and assemblies a number of times since its inception on September 17th. In that time, most of the reporting has been done by independent media—they can be seen everywhere at the encampment. And when corporate media does decide to get involved, it conveniently reports around the time of an arrest.
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Keith Olbermann, for his part, took the mainstream media to task last night on his show for their laughable coverage, calling it “media hypocrisy” and sending his own crew to cover the occupation.
The establishment media’s censorship extends beyond Wall Street criminality and anti-government protests in America. It is an undying fact that the media in America and the West has consistently censored important evidence about the 9/11 attacks which contradicts the official fable that was scripted by the totalitarian nutcases who run the U.S. and Israeli governments.
Peter Philips, one of the co-founders of the popular website, ‘Project Censored,’ addressed the social, political, ethical and human consequences of media censorship in a speech on September 8, 2011. He said:
“If you watch corporate media you’re literally embedded in a state of excited news and entertainment and all this kind of stuff, which is kind of an excited delirium of knowinglessness. You don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know what the powerful are doing. We’re focused out. And this is deliberate. They want us to be that way. They want us to not be aware of what’s happening.
So we have to go back to the universal declaration of human rights, go back to our roots and what we believe are the core values of democracy in this country. Yes, we need 9/11 truth, but we need 9/11 truth and truth about the military empire of this world and our involvement in it.”
Philips’s message goes beyond left and right. The issues of the day that weigh heavy on all hearts are about truth, justice, law and order, government accountability, and media accountability.
There are core values and principles that should be at the heart of America and all Western societies. Without free speech, free elections, and a free press then the West is no better than totalitarian China, Soviet Russia, and Islamist Iran.
If the West is not a sanctuary for people who want to be intellectually, physically and spiritually free then that makes the entire planet a prison, as Alex Jones says. We cannot allow that to happen and we will not.
Our dedication as citizens to freedom and the truth about 9/11, Wall Street thievery, and other freedom-threatening issues has spurred the development of a vast and influential independent media across the West.
The collapse of the Western establishment media is a refutation of Western totalitarianism and our governments’ attempt at thought control.
There will come a time not long from now when the “crazy conspiracy theorists” and “straitjacket nut jobs” will be proven right about the false flag 9/11 attacks, the hidden plan for a dictatorial world government, and the demonic goals of the transnational police state that has been unjustifiably set up in America, Canada, Australia, England, France, and other Western nations.
After the collapse of the establishment media comes the collapse of government authority. The sooner this profound political crisis is recognized by the majority of the people, the better chance we have at restoring real authority in our broken countries.

No Ethics in Bioethics When Abortion of Twins Advocated

Sociopathic Trader Dreams of Depression

Dengue fever: CIA’s bio attack on Pak suspected

Planned Parenthood: 38.4% of Its Income Comes From Abortions

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cutting Edge Newsletter


The Federal Reserve Plans to Identify “Key Bloggers”, Monitor Conversations about The Fed on Facebook, Twitter, Forums & Blogs

Pakistan and "The Haqqani Network" : The Latest Orchestrated Threat to America and The End of History

Time in the 21st Century during 2011

The Twin Towers is the keystone of the history of what occurred in 9/11. The original World Trade Center was a complex with seven building featuring landmark twin towers in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The complex was opened on April 4, 1973. The site is being reconstructed, so it will have 5 new skyscrapers and a memorial to the causalities of the attacks. Now, one skyscraper has been completed and 4 more are expected to be completed before 2020. One World Trade Center will be the lead building for the new complex and is expected to be finished by 2013. The World Trade Centers were once the tallest building in the world surpassing the Empire State Building. The complex was designed in the early 1960’s by Minoru Yamasaki and Associates of Troy, Michigan, and Emery Roth and Sons of New York. The 110 story towers used a tube frame structural design. The groundbreaking for the World Trade Center came in August 5, 1966. The North Tower was finished by December 1972 and the South Tower was completed by July 1973. The cost for the construction was $400 million ($2,169,167,354 in 2011 dollars). The complex was located in the heart of New York City's downtown financial district and contained 13.4 million square feet (1.24 million m2) of office space. The core of the towers housed the elevator and utility shafts, restrooms, three stairwells, and other support spaces. The core of each tower was a rectangular area 87 by 135 feet (27 by 41 m) and contained 47 steel columns running from the bedrock to the top of the tower.  The WTC had a fire on February 13, 1975 and a bombing on February 26, 1993. In 1998, the Port Authority decided to privatize the World Trade Center, leasing the buildings to a private company to manage, and awarded the lease to Silverstein Properties in July 2001. On the morning of September 11, 2001, of course 2 767 jets crashed into each tower in a coordinated terrorist attack.

The state of mind of the prophets was in the mindset of living in ancient Middle Eastern history plus culture. They were like everyday human beings and wrote about events that were fulfilled in the future. People have the right to believe in what they want. Organized religion is what I don’t follow and believing in spiritual principles from the prophets doesn’t mean that I support state run religions. I don’t and I reject any institutions of a theocracy in any society. Lies exist among many groups, but true spirituality can overcome deceptions. Also, being masculine isn’t a sin and being feminine isn’t a sin either. It’s a sin when people exploit masculine and feminine influences in the Universe as an excuse to harm or immorally dominate both genders. Also, many of the prophets’ words came true and this has nothing to do with hanging on to nefarious socio-political and religio-economic propaganda. Many human beings have great characters and died without experienced a 2 faced personalities including many of the ancients. The early church is made up of the first followers (including other people) during the first few centuries of Christianity. They were independent, strong, and had a growing following. That is the early church. The real early church weren’t made up of ignorant people, because the early church had access to the Torah, the Law, the words of the Prophets, the rest of the Tenakh, and other information at their disposal. They believed in moral living and loving kindness. They were brave to oppress the oppression from the Roman Empire and some died for standing up for their belief systems. Many in the early church can have reasoned debate and exist with an authentic, real conversation on issues. This has occurred before. Also, many interpretations exist, but moral absolutes are real in the Universe. These moral absolutes don’t have many interpretations. They are real. They are true and just like we shouldn’t kill innocent people, treat your neighbor as yourself, help the poor, and love God with all of your heart & strength. The real church is made of true believers in God simply. The concept of church was invented by Jesus, his apostles, and Jesus’ followers. The church concept was invented to unify believers, do the communion, and have spiritual growth in the Christian religion. People discuss these issues all of the time in the world. Also, many languages in the Scriptures aren’t passive, aggressive nonsense.

Cops arrest a large number of people who were protesting Wall Street. The Local media in New York reported that a large number of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested yesterday afternoon near Union Square in Lower Manhattan. “A spokesman for the protesters claimed more than 50 were arrested. The NYPD has not responded to WNYC’s request for comment,” WNYC reported at 5:32 PM EST. “Protesters wielding signs that demanded ‘End the Fed’ and other anti-Wall St slogans marched up Fifth Avenue near Union Square on Saturday, drawing a significant police presence and snarling traffic in the neighborhood,” Chris Bannon writes for the radio station. Buzz Feed that 80 people were arrested. “While the NYPD maintains that they neither own nor use tear gas, some have stepped forward to confirm that they were pepper-sprayed. In at least one video, a man is violently tackled for simply talking to an officer,” writes Chris Menning for the website. New York cops have been known for man handling non-violent protesters. There is a video where the police corral female protesters and then pepper spraying them. The protesters tried to expose Wall Street, the FED, and corporate pirates harming our economic power. Some in the mainstream media falsely assume that the protesters are troublemakers. One New York television station, however, is asking for videos covering the arrest of nonviolent protesters and police brutality. The big picture is that people have the right to protest without excessive violence from anyone even the police. People have the right to believe in economic freedom and economic justice. People have the right to also promote individual liberty for all people. One thing that these libertarians are right about (even though I don’t agree with them on every issue) is that we have yet to be truly free in America. We received food with poisons in it, we have calls for disarming the law abiding people in the USA when violent crimes have decreased in America, we are forced to vote for only 2 major candidates in the Presidency that can win elections, we have militarized police, we have immoral, illegal wars, and we have a suppression of our right to dissent.

We have record economic inequality in America. This is harming our economy and our society. People from across the political spectrum have mentioned these even conservatives. Economists agree that rampant inequality leads into unstable economies and make the middle class and poor folks poorer. People from the Left to the Right do care about inequality in the financial system. According to the voice of Canada’s business establishment: “High inequality can diminish economic growth if it means that the country is not fully using the skills and capabilities of all its citizens or if it undermines social cohesion, leading to increased social tensions….” This quote is from Canada’s conservative National Post or Canada’s 9th biggest newspaper. Unchecked growing income gap can affect everyone from the rich, the poor, and everyone in between. We can’t have a permanent concentration of wealth to the super rich at all. Businesses need the purchasing power on the many not the few to have growth and profits. Social unrest can come if economic inequality continues. Even IMF economists proved that inequality increases a nation’s debt. The distribution of wealth should be more equal. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, the corporate media tends to take Wall Street’s view on economics. The mainstream media in many time show propaganda that promotes the power that be. The financial sector benefits from reactionary economic policies for over 10 years. Some in the media defer to Wall Street’s own arguments against economic equality. It’s anti-America to use the power of the state to reward the fraud plus gambling of the large banks. The corporations get record bailouts and crony capitalism is experienced by everyone else. Government and big corporations should be made accountable and reined in. The government in many instances has helped to encourage the giant banks to get bigger, hide their insolvency, and shield them from the free market (the big banks have grown during the severe downturn). The big banks and giant corporations have brought and paid for the politicians. Conservatives hate big unfettered government and liberals hate big unchecked corporations, so both hate legislation which encourages the federal government to reward big corporations at the expense of small businesses. The FED propping up big banks is horrible for the economy and Main Street. Many liberals and conservatives look at the government’s approach to the financial crisis as socialism for the rich and free market capitalism for the little guy. No wonder both liberals and conservatives hate it. Both liberals and conservative oppose the federal government giving giant defense contractors like Blackwater and Halliburton no-bid contracts. BP has acted corrupt and Monsanto can sell genetically modified foods without any disclosure (yet, small farmers are getting sued when Monsanto crops drift onto their fields). We don’t need an oligarchy where there is no separation between the government and a handful of favored giant corporations. We should make policies to stop and decrease increases in economic inequality. Some want to break up the big banks and increase the ability of smaller banks to make loans on Main Street. This and other policies can level the playing field. Financial criminals should be prosecuted since fraud disproportionally benefits the big banks, makes boom and bust cycles more severe, and harms the economy overall. Money can’t be sent into a single, large pile. Money that was ill gotten can be gained to help the economy.

Many black pro-lifers are met with backlash on a college campus that threatens a lawsuit to silence their voices that dissent with abortion. Ryan Bomberger was in Georgia State University. The abortion activists tried to shut down a public forum on abortion, which is a violation of the First Amendment. The pro-abortion radicals failed to shut the forum down. The pro-abortion radicals are threatening to sue Ryan and his people for the video. Their assault on free speech continues. Ryan received the Cease & Desist order yesterday after this segment aired on ABC Family’s CBN. Ryan refused to take the video down and they shouldn’t. These hypocrites claim to be for free speech, but want the suppression of free speech from Pro-Life human beings. It isn’t a secret that racists are in the abortion industry including the early days of Planned Parenthood. Life Dynamics have documented recently about how Planned Parenthood has its facilities in mostly minority areas across America. Back decades ago, the Nazis promoted the lie that the handicapped, the elderly, Jewish people, and non-Aryan unborn human beings can be murdered. Now, this Nazi philosophy of viewing life being unworthy if it’s in certain circumstances (life unworthy of life, which is called Lebensunwertes Leben) still exist in our time with abortion on demand. It’s nothing more than eugenics. We know that all human life has inherited equality and dignity. This goes for everyone in the human family. The erosion of our real principles has continued after Roe v. Wade commenced in society. There have been more than 52 million abortions since 1973, according to the National Right to Life. People know about the immoral one child law in China and its promotion of forced abortions, unjust imprisonments, plus other evils. The Maafa21 documentary and other tools have awaken a lot of people in the world about the abortion issue and humanity of the unborn indeed.

By Timothy

Dr Benjamin Spock defends Himself 1968

Planned Parenthood Makes $155 Million Doing Abortions


Planned Parenthood Makes $155 Million Doing Abortions

by Brad Mattes | Washington, DC | | 9/26/11 3:46 PM
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The media continues to sugarcoat Planned Parenthood’s almost-singular focus on abortion. On the media’s watch, the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities continues to operate with our tax dollars while killing millions of innocent unborn babies. But thanks in part to the Internet; the faithful work of pro-lifers continues to expose the truth behind the deception.
My pro-life friends at Live Action recently dismantled Planned Parenthood’s favorite talking point—that abortion accounts for only 3% of their services. The abortion industry giant could slyly arrive at this fuzzy math simply by stating that they hand out 97 condoms for every 3 abortions performed.
But their pro-abortion spin doesn’t work in business terms when crunching the numbers.
According to their own figures, in 2009 alone, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions. That’s like wiping out the population of a sizeable city. Since the average cost of an abortion was $468, Planned Parenthood’s total abortion income that year was $155,506,104. In light of their total “health center” income of $404,900,000, Planned Parenthood made out like bandits with abortion, which generated 38.4% of this total revenue.
One of the Live Action team made a convincing analogy when comparing Planned Parenthood to the business world. Click here for details.
According to the 2009 figures that we’ve documented on our website, Planned Parenthood’s claim of providing “unbiased information” to women about their options is all smoke and mirrors. For every adoption referral they made, they did a mind-numbing 340 abortions. The reason—abortion’s a lucrative business. With all that blood money it’s even more appalling that they got over $363 million of your tax dollars.
The millions of lives that have become casualties of their abortion mills are difficult to wrap one’s mind around. Planned Parenthood talks about “family planning,” but you can clearly see their priority is abortion.
So you shouldn’t be surprised that Planned Parenthood is the most aggressive pro-abortion lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Each day over 3,000 lives hang in the balance, and they see them as dollar signs. Please join me in exposing the truth about their true and deadly agenda. Note: Bradley Mattes is the executive director of Life Issues Institute, a national pro-life educational group. Mattes is a veteran of the pro-life cause, with over 35 years of educational, political and humanitarian experience.

The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers

Fractals: The Intelligence of God’s Design - Is Creation a Series of Divine Algorithms?

Internet Hits All-Time High as News Source, TV at All-Time Low, Says Pew

Police crack down on 'Occupy Wall Street' protests

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Early Church

Savant's Commentaries

Jeff wrote:

This is no surprise. European countries in general are not supportive of the death penalty. In fact they will not extradite suspects the US is looking for, even US citizens, if the accused is to face the death penalty upon their return to US soil.
"Many countries and areas, such as Australia, Canada, Macao,[1] Mexico, and most European nations, will not allow extradition if the death penalty may be imposed on the suspect unless they are assured that the death sentence will not be passed or carried out. In the case of Soering v. United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights held that it would violate Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights to extradite a person to the United States from the United Kingdom in a capital case. This was due to the harsh conditions on death row and the uncertain timescale within which the sentence would be executed. Parties to the European Convention also cannot extradite people where they would be at significant risk of being tortured inhumanely or degradingly treated or punished."
It's sad (for me, at leasst) that on this issue, the USA has allowed itself to fall behind other democracies. The USA was once in the forefront of the fight for human rights, and at least after the end of slavery was able to have some moral authority.



Savant wrote:

I've been wondering about this as well. This past Friday's edition of the Baltimore AFro-American Newspaper posted a photo of French people protesting the death penalty, and the then impending execution of Troy Davis.
The death penalty is one of those primitive practices which America refuses to let go, and which may make some people wonder if the USA isn't, in the words of CLR James, "technologically advanced but socially and politically backward."
I think CLR James has it right since the US has always been backwards socially and yet technologically advanced enough to create weapons of mass destruction. I am glad that the French protested since it makes Americans look uncivilized to engage in such practices.



Savant wrote:

It's sad (for me, at leasst) that on this issue, the USA has allowed itself to fall behind other democracies. The USA was once in the forefront of the fight for human rights, and at least after the end of slavery was able to have some moral authority.
America has always been hypocritical concerning human rights, stating it was a free country but having slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, genocide against Native Americans and overt discrimination.



Barros Serrano wrote:

Yes. UFW. I used to work for them. César was a great man, and equally a great woman Dolores Huerta, whom I've known. The 2 of them against great odds and danger organized a Union among people who were forgotten, stepped on and not considered worthy of decent working conditions even by other Unions at the time.
They changed that. The UFW is an AFL-CIO Union with global respect. Of course since Reagan the circumstance of farmworkers has deteriorated, as for all workers in the USA.
César was poisoned, many of us are convinced of that. Just as King's death was not the act of a single lone cracker, James Earl Ray. Leaders such as those 2 the system cannot allow to live.
Your comments on O'Connell were inspiring. A man who saw the need for solidarity among all oppressed people.
There is no excuse for racism among Irish-Americans, but I will say that they were used by the system in the usual divide-and-conquer manner. It had to be intentional... they got off the boat and were drafted and told to go and fight for the freedom of the black slaves, when they themselves had just stepped out of virtual slavery, and were wondering when they would get THEIR freedom, when even in the USA they were reviled and treated like dogs.
They should have paid attention to their leaders back home, like O'Connell, who had a far less narrow and myopic vision of the world.
Then you have an interesting history. Were you with the United Farm Workers while Cesar Chavez was still around? If so, that makes you a bona fide member of the revolutinary generation of the 1960s.
I owe my political education to that generation, especially to former Black Panthers and some veterans of SNCC. Though their movements were suppressed, many of them are still around. A few here and there became teachers who influenced me while I was in college, some even before then who became tutors of the young in the inner city of East Bmore where I grew up.
What happened to the UFW? Did they suffer the same fate as the Black Panther Party?



Mack wrote:

I think CLR James has it right since the US has always been backwards socially and yet technologically advanced enough to create weapons of mass destruction. I am glad that the French protested since it makes Americans look uncivilized to engage in such practices.
I know of a brother from E. Bmore who, to the best o fmy Knowledge, is still in Europe since he fled back around 1969 or 1970. He was a member of the Baltimore Black Panther Party. I'm not sure whether this happened before or after the 1970 police raids against the Panthers here in Bmore.
But at some point, police drove up in front of his house and OPENED FIRE! From what I hear they weren't even there to make an arrest. They simply began shooting into his home. A bullet lodged in the head board of his baby son's crib, and his wife narrowly escaped injury.
Convinced that there would be another attack sooner or later, he slipped out of America and went to Europe--I believe Sweden.
As far as I know, he NEVER returned.
Europe has its issues, including racism--obviously. But it is no mere coincidence that African-Americans as far back as Frederick Douglass have had to flee America to Europe to evade persecution, or even to breathe a little more freely.
It hardly surprises me that Richard Wright once wrote "There is more freedom in ONE BLOCK of Paris than in the whole of the USA."



Mack wrote:

America has always been hypocritical concerning human rights, stating it was a free country but having slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, genocide against Native Americans and overt discrimination.
EkdesiLadki has started a thread on TROY DAVIS, and concerning the barbarity of capital punishment.
I don't recall the entire title, but TROY DAVIS are the words with which it begins.



Richard Wright was a brilliant man and the Native Son was a very powerful book. I reckon he wouldn't have been able to live in the US with a white wife and mixed kids.

America has always had its race problem. There was racism in other places, but not like the American South that would have destroyed this country, and were traitors just to keep slavery.

And beyond the race issues and capital punishment, which also ties into race, all the warmongering the US does dwarfs what the Europeans do. No one else is going broke playing the world's police officer. The US infrastructure is crumbling as we speak.



In fact, everything is ten times as hard for bigots like OhReally.

Once there's overwhelming evidence for something, the one who continues to disagree bears the burden of proof.
I've already pointed to NUMEROUS sources of scholarly sources which offer overwhelming evidence that King intended top end poverty for everyone, which obviously includes whites.
As fopr not having to profe the negative, that's true at the beginning.
One doesn't initially have to prove one is not guilty--not until the other side offers serious evidence that one is guilty.

OhReallly would not have to prove his claim that King wasn't concerned about ending white poverty---except that there's TONS of evidence that King was concerned.. Expressed the concern to end ALL poverty numerous times from the 1950s to 1968.



You've NOT read King, nor much else. What is posted above are anti-King comments from heaven knows what source.
But the very first paragraph would have been suspicious to anyone who read his address "A Time To Break Silence" in A TESTAMENT OF HOPE (pp. 231--245). Strange that NO comments (with sources, page numbers, etc) appear in OhReally's post. Certainly no comments (docmented with sources) from Dr. King himself.
Strange that in the research which I've done on King over the past couple of years for my upcoming book,NO King scholar adopts OhReally's point of view--not even those who disagree with King.
I wonder how many of the seven volumes of the PAPERS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR Ohreally has read? Or has he read even more accessible works like A TESTAMENT OF HOPE, STRENGTH TO LOVE, STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM, WHY WE CAN'T WAIT, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE: CHAOS OR COMMUNITY?, TRUMPET OF CONSCIENCE? Or has he familiarized himself with works of King scholars, works by Ira Zepp, Greg Moses, Taylor Branch, Lewis Baldwin and numerous others I could mention?
Or is he familiar with the PHILOSOPHICAL bases of Kingian thought, especially that of PERSONALISM, HEGEL, or SOCIAL GOSPEL theology.
If he is familiar with none of this, or with little of this, then he needs to do some HOMEWORK before he decides to dispute me on King. Cherry picked quotations designed to prove whatever one wants is LAUGHABLE to the well informed. And one doesn't get much better informed by the YouTube scholarship and dubious links from god knows where.



It's not being MISTAKEN for a Black which upsets Ekdesiladki, an Indian woman who has has warm friendships with Blacks, including one educated Black man.
it is your assumption that to be opposed to the barbaric and racist system of "justice" in America, that she would have to be Black. If that were the case, then why were so many demonstrators of ALL races and colors protesting the execution of Troy Davis?
Why were WHITE Europeans abroad protesting? It is not Blacks whom Ekdesi finds repubulsive, but white bigots like you and Ohreally.
The Turkish massacre of Armenian Christians, or the Nazi maasacres of Jews, the atrocities committed against Black Americans (not the mention Native Americans) readily equal if not exceed the heinous barbarities which one can find in nearly any foreign country--Muslim or non-Muslim.