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Canada: Harper’s Foreign Policy – Helping the Rich Get Richer Around the World

Advice and Strength (You Know the Enemy Hates the Truth. Well, this is the Truth)

TrojanPam on said:
@ negress
I think the STEREOTYPE from the “letter” by the 52-yr-old white male from Texas says it all:
“…until the black man comes to a place where he takes responsibility for his kids and the black woman says no more children until i can support them the die is cast for the black community…”
He acknowledges there are “some obstacles” but doesn’t describe what they are OR who is putting them there (himself and other white people)
So RACISM is the fault of black males and females (the Victims) who can’t or won’t be fathers or responsible mothers not the fault of all those “decent white people with no ill will” who practice it like a religion (and you know he will NEVER write what white people say when no black people are in the room)
Because racism is mostly in the Victims’ imaginations
NOT the fault of
mayors who close 43 black schools in Chicago and give black children “worksheets” instead of schoolbooks (yes, it’s true, in some black Chicago schools!)
or criminal justice system that allows white policemen to shoot an unarmed black male and female OVER 100 TIMES and get away with hit
No, it must be the fault of
a 7-year-old black boy who was EXPELLED from school for telling another classmate that a female teacher was “cute”
and a “successful” black male, Dr. Christian Head, a UCLA surgeon who was portrayed in a memo as a GORILLA being SODOMIZED by his white male supervisor that was circulated during a PUBLIC ceremony he attended with his mostly white colleagues and told to “get over it” (come on, Doc, where’s your sense of humor?)
and the fault of a black mother who was convicted and SENT TO PRISON for falsifying a FORM so her child could go to a better school
and the fault of a black female who was sterilized (her womb removed) when she went for a MINOR procedure in 2008
and the fault of a young black male who was hung from a tree in Mississippi in Dec 2012 and termed a “suicide”
and the fault of Oscar Grant who was murdered by a white transit cop as he lay on his stomach.
And the fault of hundreds of black people who drowned in their attics during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — less than TEN YEARS AGO — while helicopters flew overhead and the men inside laughing and pointing
That 52-year-old white male from Texas is right, slavery’s over and black people just need to get over it and stop feeling sorry for ourselves — and I’d add that we need to OPEN OUR EYES AND SEE WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH
because a sociopath is a “person” who is UNABLE to empathize or CARE about the harm they do to other human beings and will look his or her VICTIM in the eyes and tell them they are NOT being VICTIMIZED even while victimizing them.
As far as I know there is NO CURE for SOCIOPATHS
so it makes more sense for the Victims of Racism/White Supremacy to STOP looking, hoping, and praying for a “CURE” for racism and for those who practice it,
And spend all our times and energies trying to HEAL OURSELVES


Umoja on said:
Why are whites upset with that post? Simply; they’re extremely repelled by truth pertaining to their beloved creation—white supremacy/racism and who they truly are. Period. Whites tend to believe anything and everything negative pertaining to Blacks; real, imagined or rumored! Notice how he didn’t oppose any of those negatives listed about the state of Blacks. It’s their aggressive need to support and maintain white supremacy; their delusional superiority mindset. You’ll never witness whites opposing any negative depiction of Blacks; real, imagined or rumored. If you listed only those things pertaining to the ills and state of Blacks, OMITTING whites and white supremacy/racism….they would’ve been indeed grateful and delighted; therefore ignoring the elephant in the room which the majority of whites maintain, support and practice…..white supremacy/racism. The room is full of dung now. Which is at the foundation of all the ills and state of the African/Black populous worldwide….white supremacy/racism
You see; this system of white supremacy/racism is founded and maintained on complete and utter lies, deceit and corruption of the highest magnitude….which this system must maintain in order continue. Uncovering the truth would allow this system of white supremacy/racism to collapse….which the majority of whites would rather self-implode.


Mickey on said:
What he also does not realize is that whenever Blacks have overcome their struggles to obtain success, whether it was the over 30 all-Black townships in the American West or highly prosperous Black enclaves like the Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, OK, Whites did one out of two things:
1. Take over the towns, or
2. Destroy the towns (and its inhabitants.)
We all know which route was chosen for Black Wallstreet. It is also said that the city was bombed from the air using aircrafts that the Whites used to drop sticks of dynomite to attack the city and its residents. Blacks were also marched into detention centers during the attacks.


C on said:
After leaving some Info and agreement on this site, I’ve had a Troll , my computer won’t do it for me, telling me mu email is wrong, uh huh, can’t even send an e-mail. I’m just now trying to see if this prints out! What a day it has been. This just shows me that we must have something SO powerful that they’d fight THIS hard to stop me and some others! WOW! here goes…..


Bry on said:
The next 2-3 months are going to be VERY interesting. What drives them insane is that lack of a feeling of control – it’s literally the only thing in all the universe that they care about.
As we gain knowledge of self and the knowledge that our creator’s (the creative principle) plan is what is what’s really behind things, the illusion of theirs that we’ve fallen for over and over again is finally seen through, and as it becomes transparent we regain our minds accompanied by correct behavior that works towards our empowerment.



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Senator John McCain went into Syria to meet with the Syrian rebels. This is ironic for many reasons. One is that the U.S. government claims to fight terrorism. Yet, they are funding the rebels, who have terrorists among many of their ranks indeed. Not to mention that numerous individuals are in Guantanamo Bay for just associating with terrorists. Numerous FSA rebels in Syria have admittedly said that they were led and have allegiance to Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Republican Senator John McCain wants U.S. military aid to the Syrian opposition. He made a surprise visit to Syria and met with the rebels. This comes when Russia and the U.S. are trying to set up a peace conference. This comes when the EU wants to scrap the arms embargo of the Syrian opposition. This will give Britain and France the means to send heavy weaponry to the rebels when the Syrian Army troops are scoring major victories. Many of the former Guantanamo Bay detainees (as found in a list) are in there, because some of them are merely associating with terrorists. John McCain did just this action when he meet up with FSA militants. These militants begged him to pressure President Barack Obama to send weapons and launching air strikes against the Assad government. NATO tries to differentiate between FSA rebels and the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Syria. Yet, some of them are one and the same. Some Jabhat al-Nusra members are commanding FSA rebels. There are facts that prove that many sections of the FSA rebels are terrorists. John McCain is associating with many terrorists members. FSA rebels have defected to Jabhat al-Nusra in drove. Jabhat al-Nusra is in the leading front line fighting force in Syria. They command other rebel groups. They have killed U.S. troops in Iraq. After the State Department declared Jabhat al-Nusra a terrorist organization, 29 different FSA rebel outfits pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda groups. FSA rebels have vowed to fight the U.S. after they finish with Bashar al-Assad. They burn American flags. Some of them are filmed singing songs to glorify the CIA asset Osama bin Laden and the evil 9/11 attacks. Some of the FSA rebels have cannibalized human beings. Some of them have murdered Christians, Sunnis, Shia, and other dissidents in Syria. FSA rebels have forced children to behead human beings and create other atrocities. They have killed journalists in targeted killings like Maya Nasser and Yara Abbas. FSA rebels are pictured wearing the black flag of Al-Qaeda and wearing uniforms with Al-Qaeda insignia on. The UN human rights investigator Carla del Ponte said that FSA rebels have used chemical weapons.  They are being funded by the Saudis and the Qataris. John McCain is the man supporting the terrorists in Libya that murdered innocent human beings before. When the No Fly Zone resolution over Libya was first passed in the UN, it was designed to enable ‘rebel’ forces in Libya to “protect the civilian population” from air and armor attacks from the Libyan Army. What ensued almost immediately after the resolution passed was nothing of the sort: the UK and France – under US direction – took it upon themselves, in almost 10,000 airstrike sorties within six months, to not only destroy all of Libya’s meager air-force and armor, but destroy the vast majority of the infrastructure Gaddafi had built. This ran alongside a targeted assassination campaign against Gaddafi himself to bring about the desired regime change, which just by chance, also happens to be completely against international law. He or John McCain wants conflict with Iran, but loves to ally with terrorist allied human beings in Syria. The secular Syrian government is targeted for regime change (and Jabhat al-Nusra wants an extremist fundamentalist state filled with sharia law). The CIA has used an arms trafficking operation from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Syria according to numerous sources. Saudi Arabia is hypocritical to claim to want freedom in Syria, but they have some of the most authoritarian, anti-freedom policies in the world. The neo-conservatives want Western involvement in a war with not only Syria, but with Iran as well. The Syrians should have freedom, but not at the hands of theocratic terrorists. There should be an independent peace conference and discussions as a means to end the Syrian civil war (and make solutions that will benefit all of the Syrian people not a select few or U.S./NATO interests).

Fannie Lou Hamer was one of the greatest human rights activists in human history. She led a legacy of diverse activism in the world. Her legacy is very huge. She was born in 1917 in Montgomery, Mississippi. She was the youngest of 20 children. Her family moved into Sunflower County, Mississippi in 1919. Her family worked on the plantation of E.W. Brandon. Hamer picked cotton. By the age of 13, she picked 200-300 pounds on a daily basis. She later became an activist. Hamer in the 1950's, Hamer attended several annual conferences of the Regional Council of Negro Leadership or the RCNL in the all black town of Mound Bayou, Mississippi. Dr. T. R.M. Howard was a civil rights leader and a wealthy black entrepreneur. He headed the RCNL. The RCNL conferences featured entertainers like Mahalia Jackson including Thurgood Marshall, and Rep. Charles Diggs of Michigan. They readily discussed issues of voting rights and other civil rights issues. She was forcibly sterilized in 1961 by a white doctor as part of the Mississippi's plan to reduce the number of poor black Americans in the state. She was also inspired to fight for equality and justice by witnessing a sermon made by Rev. James Bevel on August 23, 1962. Rev. Bevel was an organizer for SNCC or the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He was an associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He gave his sermon in Ruleville, Mississippi and appealed the folks to register to vote. Institutionalized racism, harassment, murder, assaults, and even lynchings came to those black human beings who registered to vote in the South. Hamer was the first volunteer to register. She later said, "I guess if I'd had any sense, I'd have been a little scared - but what was the point of being scared? The only thing they could do was kill me, and it kinda seemed like they'd been trying to do that a little bit at a time since I could remember." In August 31, Fannie Lou Hamer came to Indianola, Mississippi to register. She was religious. Therefore, she began to sing Christian hymns like "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "This Little Light of Mine" to the group as a means for them to bolster their resolves. Hamer believed that the civil rights struggle was not only a political struggle for freedom, but a deeply spiritual one as well. She expressed a lot of courage in her life, especially in Indianola. SNCC organizer Bob Moses wanted to meet with Fannie Lou Hamer because of her activism. Fannie Lou Hamer was jailed in Winona, Mississippi on a false charge. Her and her colleagues were beaten brutally by the police almost to the point of death. This happened in June 9, 1963. She was released in June 12, yet this still never deterred this strong Black Sister at all. She continued to have voter registration drives like the "Freedom Ballot Campaign", a mock election in 1963, and the "Freedom Summer" initiative in 1964. She was known to the volunteers of Freedom Summer - most of whom were young, white, and from northern states - as a motherly figure who believed that the civil rights effort should be multi-racial in nature. Sammy Young Jr. and Wendell Paris were allies and worked under Fannie Lou Hamer. Sammy was assassinated in Tuskegee in 1966. Paris continued to work as a community activist in Tuskegee and Mississippi. She is famous for her courage stand for equal representation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. In the summer of 1964, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party of the Freedom Democrats wanted to challenge the Mississippi's all-white and anti-civil rights delegation to the Democratic National Convention of that year (as not representative of all Mississippians). Hamer was elected Vice-Chair. The Freedom Democrats voiced the concerns and expressed words on the plight of African Americans in Mississippi. They wanted representation that could challenge LBJ's nomination process. The reason was that many other Southern delegations could break toward Republican challenger Barry Goldwater. That means in turn that he would almost certainly lose those states' electoral votes in the election. Hamer was shown in the media. This angered Johnson and this piece of work Johnson called her a name. So, in the final analysis, no President gave us our freedom. God did and the efforts of human beings did via blood, sweat, and tears. Hamer and the rest of the MFDP told the Convention about their issues that they have encountered with registration. She suffered a lot. Her speech was shown unedited in later news programs despite Johnson's efforts to divert press coverage away from Hamer's testimony. Hamer refused to compromise. Hamer was not part of later negotiations. A new compromise was attempted to be reached. The Convention would select the two delegates to be seated, for fear the MFDP would appoint Hamer. In the end, the MFDP rejected the compromise, but had changed the debate to the point that the Democratic Party adopted a clause which demanded equality of representation from their states' delegations in 1968. This was an important event since it not only showed the fallibility of the Democrats, but it outlined that still representation is still under attack then and now. Fannie Lou Hamer continued to fight for local civil rights causes and the Freedom Democrats. She ran for Congress in 1964 and 1965. She opposed the Vietnam War.

Reconstruction was one of the most important parts of American history. It lasted for a few decades, but its implications are still felt in our time in 2013. Class, race, and other factors influenced the history of Reconstruction. Reconstruction began when the Civil War was over in 1865. The South has been devastated by war. Communities have been displaced. African Americans were legitimately freed from the bondage of slavery. It was a long time coming. New challenges and new debates arose in the American consciousness. A lot of human beings focus just on the 20th century to research the civil rights struggle, but the struggle for civil rights was definitely fought in the time of Reconstruction. You can make the case that the golden era of the civil rights movement (from 1954 to 1968 was like a Second Reconstruction). Now, after the Civil War, three constitutional amendments were passed, which have a huge resonance in the human rights movement. They were the 13th Amendment that ended slavery, the 14th Amendment that gave African Americans citizenship, and the 15th Amendment that gave African Americans males the right to vote (it would be decades later that women would be allowed to vote in the USA). Reconstruction was a time when emancipated slaves or freed brothers and sisters had guns in their hands. They wanted political and social equality. They fought for the redistribution of land and towards political liberty. The old order of the Old South was turned upside down. The land was owned once by big proprietors, whom many of it was stolen from Native Americans. Southern lands were controlled by the federal government and the military, because Southern state governments were extremely weakened as a product of the Civil War. The military occupied Southern lands until they were on their feet. Abraham Lincoln wanted the South to be united as compassionately as possible while the Radical Republicans wanted justice sent to the South more strongly because of their actions. When Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson was President. He was one of the most prejudiced and racist Presidents in American history. Andrew Johnson was not only a Freemason, but he started to amnestying former slave owners and weeded radicals out of the Freedmen's Bureau. He pardoned the Confederate traitor and 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike (who was the author of Morals and Dogma. We know who he is). Andrew Johnson had a very evil, vicious hatred of black people. Andrew Johnson was a former slave-owner. That is why he never liked the link up of poor blacks and whites. Johnson’s amnesty proclamations were an abrogation of Sherman’s Field Order No. 15. Forty thousand freedmen were deprived of 485,000 acres of land. Land is a key portion of true liberation not just political action. The Radical Republicans soon got control for a while for most of Congress and they set much of the tone of Reconstruction. The South was held under military control by Congress. General Grant appointed generals running each district. Former Confederate states had to accept the terms of the Union in order to be readmitted into the USA. Many black Americans wanted 40 acres and a mule. This comes from Sherman’s Special Order No. 15, which he issued in Savannah in 1865, right after he finished his march through Georgia. That order gave 40 acres of abandoned land and also unneeded old Army mules to newly freed black families. In the summer of 1865, the redistribution of abandoned and confiscated land was Freedmen's Bureau policy supported by the military. The Freedmen's Bureau was a federal agency that assisted freed slaves from 1865 to 1872. It was weaken heavily by 1870. Abraham Lincoln initiated it in 1865. They wanted economic development, agricultural development, and labor rights among black Americans. They wanted legal rights for African Americans. Andrew Johnson tried to cut funds from it and its funding was decreased by 1869. One of the greatest achievements of the Freedman's Bureau was education. African American George Ruby worked as a teacher and as a school administrator including a traveling inspector for the Bureau. He evaluated the performance of Bureau field officers. About 90,000 black Americans were in schools by the end of 1865.  Many Republicans dominated Reconstruction governments across the South. The majority of officeholders were white with a significant minority of blacks, based on the support of blacks and some poor whites. Black Republicans became the major focus for political, social and economic justice in the South. Black human beings wanted more political rights, more schools, more land, more hospitals, more debtors’ relief, etc. These things benefited the vast majority of the South, both black and white.  Many Black Republicans were in state Congresses all over the Old South indeed. The first African American Congressman was Hiram Revels.

The history of government is controversial. I reject the two extreme views of the government being infallible and the other view that the government can only do evil in society either. A watchful and careful eye on government is legitimate and fine. Extremism in the sense of banning any form of government that can harm the elderly, the poor, minorities, and others is wrong though. The reactionaries exploit crisis as an excuse to condemn even legitimate government social programs. They have irrational hatred of the national government building roads or providing disaster relief. Back decades ago, their ideological predecessors hated the federal intervention against slavery, legal segregation, and other fights against the system of white supremacy. If the private sector can't do the job or if it needs regulation, then the public sector should come in as a means to handle the business of the people. In the final analysis or at the end of the day, it is all about the people. In our generation, there are some Tea Party types and some libertarians that hate government so much that they reject it at every turn. The Tea Party claims that they are outlining Revolutionary War era principles, but they are not completely accurate. Even some of the anti-federalists were never opposed to all forms of government. The opposed the monarchy and what it stood for. James Madison, George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong national government as a means to check state level corruption. Madison didn't agree with Hamilton's national bank, but each man agreed with a strong and effective federal government (beyond the states’ rights oriented Articles of Confederation).  The reactionaries back then wanted to fight national government as a means to continue the act of slavery. Many Southerners feared that slavery would be outlawed, so they wanted to continue their action. According to Robert Perry, the Second Amendment was created in part as a means to quiet Southern plantation fears of a slave insurrection (and to use militias to maintain the system of slavery). Patrick Henry and George Mason – tried to rally opposition to the proposed Constitution by stoking the fears of white plantation owners. Mason said that the Constitution Convention failed to have protection for slave plantation owners. Mason and Henry ignored the fact that back then, black human beings' rights were violated via the 3/5 provision, the slave trade clause, the fugitive slave clause, etc. Historians Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg recount the debate in their 2010 book, Madison and Jefferson, noting that the chief argument advanced by Henry and Mason was that “slavery, the source of Virginia’s tremendous wealth, lay politically unprotected” and that this danger was exacerbated by the Constitution’s granting the President, as commander in chief, the power to “federalize” state militias. Perry said that the Second Amendment that it was used originally as a means to protect slave revolts. If that is the case, then that is wrong. This still doesn't mean that the concept of self-defense or the concept of legitimately owning arms is immoral. Some extremists exploit the Second Amendment as a means to condemn any form of self-defense or owning arms legitimately. We have the right to self-defense period. It is just that the folks who created the Second Amendment are not perfect. Now, Thomas Jefferson mocked James Madison for trying to use the commerce clause as a means to have federal road building (as a way to improve national transportation). Some in the South continued to resist federal activism not in the realm of sincerity. They wanted to do it as a means to maintain slavery and oppression against black human beings. As University of Virginia historian Brian Balogh noted in his book, A Government Out of Sight, Southerners asserted an extreme version of states’ rights in the period from 1840 to 1860 that included preventing aid to disaster victims. This sounds similar to the Tea Party movement. When Abraham Lincoln became President, then the rest is history. Southern states seceded from the Union.  Today, we have historical revisionism where the Tea Party falsely claims that the Founders were some anti-government activists collectively. The reality is that liberty is fine, but states’ rights are never superior to human rights. Human rights and human dignity are eternal concepts in the world society indeed.

Jesse Duplantis is a famous minister. He is known in the heretical word faith movement. I heard of him from television and other sources indeed. He is from Louisiana and he is known to utilize a lot of humor in his sermons. His teachings on the Bible are weird and are very similar to the prosperity gospel as well. He is similar to Kenneth Copeland in his theological stances. He regularly outlines his personal stories as a means to justify his teachings. Jesse loves to have a hatred of doctrine by his own words: “Naturally, the devil tried to shut down this living, breathing Church. He wanted dry bones. He began to take the freshness of God and put Ecclesiastical dogma on it. He used theological understanding to water down the fire.” (Jesse Duplantis, Voice of the Covenant magazine, November 1997, p. 7). The truth is that real doctrine is not meant to confine spirituality. It was created in order to make it grow and to have boundaries of real moral enlightenment. Ecclesiastical dogma is different than the study of God or theology. The New Testament was created by human beings with great theological understanding like the apostles Matthew, Peter, Paul, etc. Jesse Duplantis is famous to advance revelations and slaying human beings in the spirit. He claims to have experiences related to the supernatural. He screams Jesus all of the time. He claims to speak in tongues and lay hands on human beings. He asks -- “Someone has a liver disorder come forward while the anointing of God is present.” He promises-- “I guarantee you will be revived after the sermon” (Mar. 7, 2000 TBN). Jesse made biblical inaccurate statements like the following: "...If God told a lie, it wouldn't be a lie because it would become truth..." (Oct. 6, 2000) No a lie is a lie and God ONLY tells the truth, the Bible says he cannot lie. Jesse Duplantis said that he has been hit with lightning a number of times. He loves the prosperity gospel. He claims that we must be anointed to get out of poverty and those in poverty lack the anointing. He makes the following comments (taken from The Nov. 1997 Voice of the Covenant magazine, p.5) “The very first thing on Jesus` agenda was to get rid of poverty! Would you like to know why some people, including ministries, never get out of poverty? Its not because they aren’t smart. It’s not because they don’t have windows of opportunity. It’s because they’re not anointed. If you’re not anointed, poverty will follow you all the days of your life. His first objective was to get rid of poverty.” This is nonsense since the poor have been some of the spiritually strong human beings in human history. Obviously, we should fight against poverty, but not claiming that poverty is a product of lacking spirituality. And he just condemned the apostle Paul who said he was 1 Cor.4:11-12 “To the present hour we both hunger and thirst, and we are poorly clothed, and beaten, and homeless. And we labor, working with our own hands. Being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we endure.” Peter is condemned as being not anointed because in Acts 3:6 Peter said to the man at the gate of the temple “Silver and gold I do not have.” I guess the apostles did not know yet what Duplantis and the rest of his friends know today. The reality is that Jesus Christ never owned a jet, was poor, and was reviled by even some in his own community for his revolutionary views. Jesse Duplantis loves money, he loves his money, and his preaching is heavily about money in general. Jesse said that he agrees with the prosperity gospel propaganda. Years, this arrogant, egotistical man said the following words about his money: "...You watch me and this Mr. Cessna man here, I'll be the first preacher to buy a brand new, spankin' new, brand new jet that will fly all over this world. Get that sucker out of that glass hanger!...You can say all you want, Jack. I'll fly by your house and tip the wing. I'm gonna get something for Jesus. I'm gonna do something for God... (Jesse Duplantis Show, TBN, 9/ 8/97). He once boasted that God has done everything that he has prayed for. This is strange since not one person born beside Jesus could have said this. He claims to have communications with God and having a trip to Heaven. Sometimes, he preaches from Kenneth Copeland's pulpit. The Gospel is rather simple. Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, he was buried, he died, and he rose up again taking up the same body that he came in. The Gospel is based on the blood, the cross, and his resurrection. Anybody trying to focus on money, riches, and false spiritualism is someone ignoring the Gospel of the Savior Son of God Yeshua ben Yoseph. Salvation is a gift freely given not earned. That is why it is not uncommon for witness world faith teachers to teach heresies. Some of them have spewed blasphemies and other strange doctrines in the faith of truth and reality. For example, Kenneth Copeland made the following comment about Jesus Christ: "He [Jesus] allowed the devil to drag Him into the depths of hell....He allowed Himself to come under Satan's control...every demon in hell came down on Him to annihilate Him....They tortured Him beyond anything anybody had ever conceived. For three days He suffered everything there is to suffer." (Kenneth Copeland, "The Price of It All," 3.). The truth is that Jesus Christ was never under Satan's control at all.


By Timothy

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Senator John McCain meets with America-hating, Al-Qaeda terrorists

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Conscious Information

emile says:
Here’s a question that I’d like answered, and I’m very serious about having this question answered.
Why is it that we common folks can see clearly how things are being played out to our detriment yet others can’t? Are people that blind to what’s going on the modern world? Or are we not requiring that they step up their thinking? There’s really something wrong when our society has the most unprecedented exposure to information via modern media, yet most haven’t a clue to what’s going on? I fail to see that. Older generations had less than half of the acquired knowledge that we have today, and in some ways they seemed to have done better they we are doing.
It just doesn’t make sense to me, even for all of the excuses that are made about people not being enlightened to the reality of their environments. It’s like seeing someone walk through a burning house and yet they keep denying that they can’t smell their own flesh and clothing burning! I used to give the so-called Black leaders and those in positions of influence some leeway as far as their limitations in rectifying the myriad of problems faced by Black people in all areas. Yes, we know that there’s the possibility that they’re sometimes being locked out of the inner sanctums of the powerful people who influence our society. But what about those who do have this type of information? Are they holding back? Why aren’t they throwing a wrench in the gears? They have alternatives but are unwilling to use for the sake of saving their own asses, or until the system screws them over. and as expected, they want us to sympathize with their sudden shortcomings. It is my belief that they clearly see what is going on in cases like the Chicago school closings but “choose” to ignore its significance and the impact it will have on Black people now and in the future.

The CPS CEO and many others in influential positions are well-educated individuals who know exactly what’s going in this city, state and country when it comes to Black people getting a chance to compete and prosper. They are are exposed to tons of inside intelligence, as well as very cognizant of who’s pulling the strings behind this whole fiasco. Not trying to pick on anyone in particular, but if she chose to, Mrs. Byrd-Bennett could put Mayor Emanuel on the spot by asking pertinent questions about the obvious disparities between the current school closings, the proposed university sports stadium and other city assets redevelopment projects that are to be built with the same tax subsidies that could be used to lessen public school debt and expand (not contract) school services. She could also lob all inquiries, public frustrations and resentment she receive directly back to the mayor. The mayor is supposed to have a pulse on every peculiarity of the city represented. Put his a___ on the spot, make him sweat, until he comes up with the appropriate outcome you are seeking, just as they would do if the mayor had been a non-white person. While we now know how the game is being played against us, then she and others should act accordingly. You may not get him to do everything you want, but you surely can raise national awareness to the issue. The game is systematic and was also played out with a similar tune in Philadelphia. Were the CPS CEO to take these actions, she would have tremendous support from the parents, teachers and students of Chicago who have been fighting for a just cause, and who are only asking her as a Black woman and an individual to do what is in their best interests. I don’t have to imagine what the outcome were to be if these same schools were populated by white students because I know for a fact that white parents and teachers would not stand for it. Period. For people who are naive enough to throw the race card in this? You’re only fooling yourself.

We know how ethnic politics goes down in a segregated city like Chicago, and had Mrs. Byrd-Bennett been Jewish, Irish, Italian, German, Latino, Asian or any other ethnicity besides Black, the same if not even more would be asked of them on behalf of their students and the communities in which they live. That’s the hypocrisy of this whole set-up, with the smoke-n-mirrors facade of municipal debt. I don’t believe anyone is asking her to pick sides or shirk her own responsibility or wiggle out of her professional duties, but I’ll be damned if I were to suckered in to believing that a well-experienced individual such as herself, who’s perhaps had countless, various engagements in public and private service, does not fully comprehend or can reason with surety the dire ramifications our present students are faced with in a relentlessly competitive global environment. In reality, considering the conditions that the proposed school closings are faced with and their immediate communities, there should be an expansion of public financing, updated curriculum and increased emphasis on enrollment of students. Investments in students’ education now is an investment into the city’s future. The racist attitudes, beliefs and inclinations of whomever is involved with public school administration is not the fault of the students. That is their personal problem. What matters is the situation at hand, where we are literally screwing over another generation by not giving them the fundamental tools they need to survive, succeed and live out their potential, whatever it may be. It is worth fighting for and I am certain that this is what would undoubtedly happen in non-affected areas in Chicago as well as across the country. While I fully agree with Mr. Fuller’s explanation about not criticizing other Black people, I do feel that there are times when we have to review those influential Black people who are supposedly working on our behalf and not stepping up to the plate to do those things that they can effectively for the betterment of Black people.

We know what Black public officials have to go through in a white-dominated society, but there comes a time when you have to stop making excuses and do what is just, regardless of the consequences. If Black voters and supporters are the ones who put you in public office or a position of authority, with the hopes that you are going to work in their best interests, then that is exactly what you should be doing. The obstacles that most have to face are a given, especially when sincerely trying their best to bring about legislation and public services that directly benefit Black constituents. But why is it that other ethnic groups are more successful at doing this than we are? Somebody is dropping the ball along the way. At what point do we stop letting these people make fools of us? Too much responsibility is being placed on the backs of Black people who are already bombarded with many other social and economic challenges in their daily lives. Regardless of what the media portrays, there have been parents and students who have been fighting for better eduction on every level way before this scenario began and never gotten credit or coverage for their actions. Why is it that when it comes to Black people, a city government and a public school system can’t work in the same manner as it did when whites were the major benefactors of the same taxpayer-financed services? Don’t we pay taxes of every variety? Serve in the military? Vote in every election?
If home schooling is an alternative option, then I say that is one of the choices we must take for the sake of the future of our people. For years, I have advocated for the purchasing of some of these schools from the city through private investments by Black investors, modeled mainly after the Resolution Trust Corporation of the 1990s, where local governments can actually sell public properties and hand over management of certain dilapidated schools to Black and/or community investment groups.

The onus for the new schools’ success would be on the parents/teachers/investors in the school, with the objective being more control over the curriculum and assured efficiency of its students. When your money is going into the operations of these schools, as well as the outcome of your child’s education, there would undoubtedly be more involvement in ensuring the school’s overall quality of education is nothing less than successful. It would also be a job incubator, lessen dependence upon municipal funding and add value to affected communities, even to the point of competing with the best schools within the city region. Over a twenty year period, who knows what could have been accomplished? We need to think critically and outside of the box when it comes to dealing with racism. It is not going anywhere and we need as many defensive mechanisms we can muster to counter its effects, especially when it comes to our children’s education. Overall, we have to come up with other options and solutions if we are going to compete in the future.


TrojanPam says:
@ Emile
You asked quite a few questions but I’ll deal with two
why don’t we see what is happening?
My answer to the first one is MOST black people are IN DENIAL — which has been MAGNIFIED by the (S)ELECTION of President Obama, a well-calculated and designed SLEEPING PILL for the black masses. A lot of us have been braintrashed by media and entertainment and have not a CLUE about racism or how it works. Like in the Counter-Racism Boot Camp Lesson 1 video where a young black male thought harassing the homeless was the same as practicing “racism”.
Another “DISEASE” afflicting MOST black people is the RACISM AVOIDANCE DISORDER where we CONTINUALLY LIE TO OURSELVES about what is happening to black people AND why it is happening
AND usually blame other black people for what the white people in charge are doing to all of us .
for a GREAT example, check out his blogpost and read the comments by some (possibly) black people who are PRETENDING that racism is the fault of other black people (?)

This is the link./

And to the second question,
why don’t these black people in appointed positions challenge what they being told to do to other black people?
it has been my experience that the MORE EDUCATED and so-called “ENTITLED” (aka somebody white gave a black person a “TITLE”),
the MORE LIKELY we are to have the above disorder — the RACISM AVOIDANCE DISORDER” and be totally confused by all that white elitist education
because we know white people can with a flick of a PEN can take away our
fancy home
luxury car
credit cards
designer clothing
designer liquor
Even more importantly, I believe that white people who HAND PICK those black people already KNOW in ADVANCE that the black individual in question will DO what is asked without asking a single question or showing any concern about how they are being used.
there are educated and competent black people who care about other black people but the white people in charge already know who they are SO those people will not get those appointments
which is why I believe so many high profile blacks seem to be so ANTI-BLACK.


Ms. J says:
This post really solidifies why I’m thinking of homeschooling my children – if I have any in the future. I’ve always been a student’s who’s done exceptionally well in this Eurocentric system, but I know deep down that it’s not meant to be that way for ALL students – especially those who are Non-White.
I used to think that activism and social resistance meant having picket fences and demonstrations, but actions like homeschooling and codification are very critical ways to produce MAJOR change. I think these events are an opportunity for us to share with other people constructive and tangible suggestions as to how we can counter racism. We’re gonna have to alter our thoughts, speechs, and actions or else.

TrojanPam says:
@ Ms J.
Absolutely, that is the best way of defeating this system VIA INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS on the part of MILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL black people, changing what we DO, SAY, and THINK
because white supremacy is a MIND GAME, a kind of WIZARD of OZ, and a “The Emperor Wore No Clothes”
where it requires the MASSES of PEOPLE to allow themselves to be DECEIVED
but once that CURTAIN is pulled back, the POWER behind it DISSIPATES
which is why it is so important to BREED anti-blackness in the hearts and minds of black people worldwide
so they will FIGHT AND KILL OTHER BLACK PEOPLE (like you and me) who even attempt to reveal TRUTH by pulling back that curtain


Kushite Prince says:
A lot of it is willful ignorance. Many black folks know we still face racism,discrimination and oppression. But they choose to leave on their rose-colored glasses in this “post racial “America. Deep down they know the reality but choose to run from it. No amount of integration or sexual sewering will change it. Those of us who are codified have to let our voices be heard. And stand up against injustice and inequality. No matter who gets offended(black or white).


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Oath Keepers Reject Adam’s Armed March as Potentially being “Willful Endangerment”

Monday, May 27, 2013

North American Integration and the Militarization of the Arctic

UK Home Secretary: Expanded Snooping Powers “Essential” Following Woolwich Attack

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Amino Acids

Farrakhan On Malcolm Shabazz Death: ‘FBI Worked To Destroy Him, Malcolm X Legacy’ [VIDEO]

Undercover FBI agent ‘lured’ Tunisian student allegedly linked to foiled terror plot

Memorial Day News


During this time, there has been a growth of militarization of the police. During the manhunt of the suspects of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, we saw something. We saw men with heavy armor carry assault rifles. They or the militarized police patrolled the streets along with armored personnel carriers. This transpired in Watertown. Areas were locked down as local, state, and federal agencies sent SWAT teams were in force to search for the remaining suspect (after one died). Now, there have been debates on the use of paramilitary policing actions. SWAT Teams came about in the late 1960's. It expanded hugely in the 1980's. That is because the Reagan administration wanted to increase their involvement in the War on Drugs. There was the 1988 Byrne Grant Program that was passed by Congress. It allocated substantial funding for the anti-drug policing. The SWAT Team increasingly acted to advance drug arrests, drug raids, etc. Federal programs were introduced to increasing training and cooperation between the military and domestic law enforcement to battle drug crime. There were other Reagan era actions that encouraged the transfer of surplus military hardware to law enforcement. We know that the War on Drugs harm human liberties all day every day. This continued in the 1990's in the Clinton years. The Clinton administration had the 1033 Program, incorporating millions of pieces of equipment designed for war zones into domestic policing agencies. After the September 11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security or the DHS awarded grants to enhance special operations and tactical resources to the local, state, and federal agencies. Ali Winston watched the application of the DHS grants. He is an Oakland based journalist covering law enforcement. This is occurring because of the state talking about terrorist threat. There is heavy equipment being purchased like armored personnel carriers. This is the new generation where the money is being used domestically in surveillance systems and likeminded technologies. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, L-3 and other have put a lot of capital in such systems. There was the 2011 report called the Center for Investigative Reporting found that in the decade following 9/11, over $34 billion in DHS grants were disbursed in order to fight terrorism. However, the recipients of those assets were not just in cities such as New York or Washington, D.C.; most often they were small towns such as Oxford, Alabama, or Keene, New Hampshire, unlikely targets for terrorism. Bob Chabali, chairman of the Board of the National Tactical Officers Association, the NTOA, and assistant police chief in Dayton, Ohio, believes these grants and much of the equipment they buy are imperative for ensuring the safety of communities across the United States. In this administration, the transfer of military surplus has expanded. We know see local law enforcement having assault rifles, grenade launchers, and even Blackhawk helicopters, and .50 caliber machine guns. .50 machine guns are so powerful that even the U.S. military has restrictions on how it can be used in combat zones. In fiscal year 2011 alone, the Pentagon transferred almost $500 million worth of materials to domestic law enforcement--nearly double the previous year's total. This number was expected to grow in 2012. SWAT Teams have increased their law enforcement actions. This signifies the reality that a slick police state is still in America. When you have protesters experiencing sound weapons, illegal spying, and oppressive laws in American soil, then that is wrong. The elite say that these actions are all about patriotism and fighting terror, but these activities only violate patriotic human liberties (not as a means to stop terrorism. Unjust violence and militarism are never means to end terrorism, but only by negotiation, communication, real fair trade, and peaceful diplomacy). The truth must be told. If this quest more militarization domestically will not end, then we will see a more vicious police state in the future.  If some in the police state claim to be so holy, why can't they explain Sean Bell or Aiyana Jones? The truth is that cop terror and police brutality are still epidemics in America. These epidemics cuts across backgrounds, but it is especially found in the black and brown communities of the United States of America. I can't worship a hypocritical nation and damnable, materialistic culture. I worship God alone. The gauntlet has been thrown in the ground. Henceforth, I respect liberty, justice, and equivalent regardless of the changing times in the years ahead.  



We live in a historical time when dealing with Monsanto. Human beings from across the political spectrum have exposed Monsanto for years. The Monsanto Corporation is one of the largest pesticide and biotechnical corporations in the world right now. Monsanto claims that they will promise to create new, safer pesticides including stronger bio-engineered crops. This will make the biosphere more polluted, because unnatural substances without labels can cause huge problems in the world. Monsanto is controversial in our time. They have instituted huge lobbying efforts as a means to reduce safety standards. The reality is that the sale of toxic chemicals for a corporate profit is immoral. Back in its early years, Monsanto produced PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyl. It is used in industrial applications. They can be stable and good as acting as a liquid insulator. Yet, they are very toxic to all forms of life. They can be toxic, carcinogenic, and corrosive upon contact with skin or mucus membranes. Monsanto produced the toxic PCBs until they were forced to stop when the government banned all domestic production of PCBs in 1977. Monsanto produced the pesticide of DDT including Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used in Vietnam as a means to destroy jungles and crops. Numerous Vietnam War veterans were poisoned by Agent Orange. They can damage human life and the environment. Monsanto produces the pesticide of Roundup. A major ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate salt. It can be toxic for most common types of weeds. Some scholars believe that these substances can grow super weeds while weaker weeds are gone. Many studies link glyphosate pesticides to damage to human cells, particularly in fetuses. Glyphosate is considered relatively safe by the FDA (Toxic Class III), but studies have shown that it can be damaging to embryonic and placental cells even if very dilute formulations.  There is a study that seems to indicate a link between the consumption of Monsanto genetically engineered corn and organ damage in the liver and kidneys (from the International Journal of Biological Sciences). Monsanto refuse to outline a ban on this dangerous GM corn. Monsanto is known for its huge corporate lobbyists and its selling of dangerous toxic chemicals in the past. Recently, in late May 26, 2013, there has been a global protest against Monsanto. In more than 400 cities of the world, protesters are calling for a ban on GMO food. Folks are legitimately calling for the embrace of more organic foods. Researcher William Engdahl said that Monsanto is lobbying, bribing, suing small farmers, and altering scientific research. At the bare minimum, GMOs should be labeled. The reality is that there is no scientific proof that GM food is superior to naturally growing food or substances of that nature at all. GM foods are always mutating. Many GMOs accept pesticides and other chemicals. Monsanto owns the most seeds in the globe. Monsanto is allied with U.S. agribusiness, which is why the U.S. government is allied with Monsanto so strongly since 1992 at least. In the final analysis, we don't have to feed the corporate beast. We can be independent and believe in health freedom without the worship of GMOs at all. Even back in 1945, Monsanto advanced the usage of dioxin. Dioxin is made up of environmental pollutants that are found in the food chain. Monsanto has marketed the product of NutraSweet. NutraSweet has aspartame, which is a substance with 94 health issues at least. Monsanto has agents in the political establishment for decades. Therefore, we must continue to support health freedom. We must advance more freedom in general.





Eugenics is against equality. Equality is the probably the best means to know in order to refute the great lie of eugenics. Equality means that all humans are equal in their fundamental value, social status, and worth. This means that a human being from Africa has the same value as a human being from North America (and vice versa). All human beings should be treated as equals. Also, all people should have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights. We are fighting to end the economic inequalities among the world society. When you look at the research, we see the link between economic or income inequality and the prosperity of nations in the world. If the nation has strong income inequality, or a weak social wellbeing, then that nation will suffer more harshly the conditions of homicide, infant mortality, massive obesity, teenage pregnancies, emotional depression, and the prison population. Nations like Japan, Finland, and Norway scored high on social wellbeing and income equality and they have a strong economic system. That is why if we reduce radically economic inequality, then all of us in the world benefit from that policy. All human beings should have an equal opportunity. So many of the disadvantaged in the road of life lack real equal opportunities. We should not force human beings to act the same, do the same work, or the live in the same manner. What we should do instead is to advocate is for all human beings to respect diversity and have equal opportunities as well (so, the playing field in level). That is why we should use efforts to make a policy shift that would correct the imbalances of societies in crime, health, wealth, education, etc. (via job programs, universal health care, and other solutions). We are not in a post racial or colorblind society at all. Recent history from the profiling of Muslims to the murder of brothers and sisters by crooked officers document that. The elite regularly demonize the poor and the future must be different than that if we are to survive as human beings. The poor and the unemployed are suffering. Some have been out of work for over 26 weeks. Some reactionaries from FOX News or otherwise have not only criticized legitimate social safety net programs. They have critiqued the core humanity of people who need those programs that relate to health care, unemployment insurance, or food stamps. Some of the reactionaries want the poor to take drug tests as a means to get social safety net programs. That sick rhetoric was like the robber barons decades ago who blamed the poor for the oppression of society (or saying the great lie that the poor are lazy or inferior). The notion of meritocracy or anybody can make if they work hard is fantasy. Some poor and working class white people have even voted against their self-interests (and they vote for individuals that want more tax cuts for the rich, oppose any public health care for those that need it, and believe that one day that they can be rich via the false god of the free market. The free market is not God. God is God). Regardless of what you feel about the Occupy movement, that movement gave many folks a political consciousness about poverty and economic justice. We need to have better jobs, better income, and better schools via revolutionary action. There should be an economic shift of power from the haves to the have nots. There is a class component to this situation. It is a struggle even between the oppressor and the oppressed. When you have very low wages in the Third World and record Wall Street profits, then we have a serious problem here in America. The good news is that the alternative media is growing. The corporate dominated mainstream media has been allied with CNN, FOX, the New York Times, etc. for years and decades. Today, the alternative media is not only growing. They are communicating many real issues from health freedom to civil liberties. We have our job to help our neighbor and to continue to fight for justice (via working in independent organizations, protesting, helping humanity, using charity, inspiring folks, believing in hope, and continuing to do what is right). The truth can't stop, because it won't stop for real. The sanctity of human life is always superior to the scourge of eugenics indeed.


General Douglas MacArthur has a mixed legacy in history. He was heavily involved in the Cold War, not just in World War II (which he is famous for). He had a strong tendency to ally with more reactionary elements of U.S. politics. Even FDR called him one of the most dangerous men in America back in 1932 when he was the Democratic nominee for President. Douglas MacArthur oversaw the suppression of the bonus march. This was when tens of thousands of unemployed WWI veterans came into Washington, D.C. Many of the men were destitute. They wanted Congress to appropriate money for early payment of a cash service bonus, which was opposed by then President Hoover. MacArthur was told to disperse the bonus marchers. Yet, MacArthur exceeded the instructions given him by Hoover, revealing his hatred of some of the working class and contempt for civilian leadership. MacArthur falsely viewed the protest as some communist conspiracy. These men were just veterans desiring compensation and economic liberty. MacArthur was the then army Chief of Staff. He sent his troops across the Anacostia River as a means to destroy the encampment sheltering the families of the veterans. The attack came and 2 babies suffocated from tear gas and a boy was bayoneted through the leg. This action caused Hoover to be heavily unpopular politically. Roosevelt soon won the 1932 election. The attack on the Bonus March prompted Washington Post columnist Drew Pearson to denounce MacArthur as “dictatorial” and “insubordinate.” The general filed a $1.75 million libel suit against Pearson and another Post columnist. The two sides eventually came to a seedy compromise with MacArthur agreeing to drop the suit and Pearson promising not to publish love letters the general had written to his Philippine-born mistress. MacArthur did not agree with the New Deal, because he did not want efforts to ameliorate the plight of the unemployed (as a means in his mind to threaten the free enterprise system). MacArthur did not like it when Roosevelt cut military spending to help pay for New Deal programs. Roosevelt knew of MacArthur's streak, but he appointed him commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific because of his military experience. MacArthur presided over the biggest single defeat in U.S. military history over in 1942 in the Philippines. He also led military victories in New Guinea of 1944, the Philippines in 1945, and some victories in the Korean War in 1950. One positive side of him was that he wanted to show compassion toward Japan after they were defeated. He respected Japanese culture and wanted a rebuilding of Japan. Yet, even that history is not black and white. PBS brings to our attention the fact that MacArthur even forced Hideki Tojo to alter testimony at his war crimes trial in order to absolve the emperor of any responsibility for Japanese militarism. Instead, Tojo and a handful of generals, who were chosen more or less arbitrarily as symbolic scapegoats, were sent to face the hangman. MacArthur wanted capitalism to reign in Japan. Japan's new constitution would be similar to European parliamentary models. He soon allowed restrictions of progressive Japanese political organizations and that the Japanese economy would be based on recommendations by American bankers (instead of Japan controlling their own destinies). MacArthur was fired during the Korean War since Truman felt that MacArthur wanted to override Presidential authority. U.S. air support prevented the Korean War to exist as a victory for the Communists. MacArthur wanted total victory in Korea even if it meant to battle against the Chinese. One of his greatest strategies during the Korean War was his action in Inchon during September 1950. It was an allied landing that prevented the Communists from ruling the entire peninsula. He or General Douglas MacArthur advocated the bombing of bases in Manchuria, the blockading of the Chinese coast, and the introduction of Nationalist Chinese forces into the war. Truman did not want this since he wanted a limited conflict where a negotiated settlement could come about. In Truman's mind, it was a police action not an internationalist war. MacArthur portrayed himself as the innocent victim of backstabbing politicians. The Republicans asked him to address both houses of Congress and he was feted to a massive ticker tape parade in New York. MacArthur had shortcomings, but even he was right to disagree with the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To his credit, he advised President John F. Kennedy to not issue a ground war offensive in Vietnam and Laos. The truth is that Communism and Capitalism are fallible economic systems. Each has low level members that sincerely wanted justice and true freedom for all humankind. It is just that the global elite exploited these systems as a means to control world society and to crush sincere, authentic Nationalist or Revolutionary movements (made up of those from across the political spectrum) in the world. It is neither a communist conspiracy nor a capitalist conspiracy per se.  They or the international elite just use laissez faire capitalism and the Stalinist version of Communism as a means to carry forward their agenda. It is a globalist conspiracy where select oligarchs want a neoliberal globalized system (filled with monopolies) in the world. That is why the reactionaries are deluded to say nothing on economic inequality in the world. When you look at Douglas MacArthur's fairly, his legacy is mixed. He has done many good things for the world and he made grave errors in the world as well (like allying with the same reactionary extremists that fund the anti-liberty advocate Joseph McCarthy).


There are other secrets about the Great Gatsby movie. The movie and the book is a metaphor on how the elite rich live in real life. Many of the super wealthy live in an odd, depraved lifestyle to put it lightly. The poor are suffering since they lack opportunities not because they are lazy or inferior to non-poor human beings. Throughout human history, the poor has worked diligently and with great strength. The rich live off the system all of the time via tax subsidies, bailouts, trade agreements, and contracts from the government (with taxpayer money). Yet, reactionaries say nothing about that. Now, the super-rich dynasties and financial titans of the world live in huge mansions globally. The Vanderbilt Dynasty created the Biltmore estate. Even Texe Marrs's Where the Rich and Famous Dwell documentary accurately document how many of the super-rich elite have esoteric or occult influences in the mansions that they reside in spanning a long time.  For example, the Rockefellers' Kykuit estate has a statue of a nude goddess, sculptures of Greek deities, zodiac signs in mosaic, and an Egyptian obelisk. The gravesite of the oil magnate John D. Rockefeller has the towering Egyptian obelisk. This is the phallic image and the Rockefeller dynasty has been involved in the infiltration of Western mainstream political, economic, religious, and educational circles for more than a century. They have trusts all over the world. They give money where the seminaries in America can operate. They provide money to major universities. The Rockefeller Foundation has funded the ACLU, Catholic educational organization, the CFR, the NAACP, and a whole list of social and political organizations.  Rene Wormser, Counsel for the Reece Committee reported, “A very powerful complex of foundations and allied organizations has developed over the years to exercise a high degree of control over education. Part of this complex, and ultimately responsible for it, are the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups of foundations.” The Rockefellers are allies of Maurice Strong, who advanced Mother Gaia worship. David Rockefeller is part of Lucis Trust’s management. The Lucis Trust is a New Age organization that wants the spiritual Hierarchy to govern the affairs of the planet. The Lucis Trust is a key part of the New Age establishment movement as shown by real Patriots and real Christians. It was once called Lucifer Trust since many New Agers love to praise or worship Lucifer, which is disturbing to say the least. It was formed in New York City back in 1922. Alice Bailey's husband & Freemason Foster Bailey created the symbol of Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust website outlines a detailed breakdown of the symbol of their organization (with a white symmetrically correct cross inside a blue star, which is superimposed on a yellow triangle. This triangle/star combination is surrounded by gold and bordered by a blue field. Four bars dissect this border). Yes, it was the same Rockefeller affiliated corporations that gave financial and manufacturing aid to the Third Reich. This has been documented by Anthony Sutton's research including others. The Rothschilds' Waddesdon Manor in England has a striking fountain in gardens with a large serpent terrorizing hapless victims. So, many of the areas where the world elite lives have esoteric building structures like riddles in stone. The elite exploit and manipulate the ancient wisdom from ancient humans as a means to project their influence or control in much of the modern world. It is as simple as that. With technological advancements today, we can see that it is still imperative for us to stridently oppose the extremist agenda of Big Brother.


By Timothy


Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Rogue President Obama: Defending the Indefensible

Weekend News near June of 2013

President Barack Obama gave his national security speech that tried his best to justify the Western Empire. I give him credit. He is a great orator and his rhetoric is interesting. Yet, the truth must be known and we know the truth. The tyrannical DHS and the TSA will be exposed by real Patriots and all other truth-seekers for real. There is not a single justification for talking about no excuses for the victims of oppression, but refusing to say no excuses to the big banks or members of Wall Street. He made his historical speech at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. He offered a tortured defense of extra judicial assassinations. He in the first time publicly acknowledged the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki in September 2011. He was an U.S. citizen. He outlined a contradiction. He tried to defend drone assassination while acknowledging the argument of their illegality and the illegality of much of what the American government has done over the past decade. If his actions were legal and moral, why is he asking for reforms of his policies? The White House is in the defensive about much of their foreign policy ideologies. They are aware of this. The ruling class has known this. The White House and the ruling elite know that many of these foreign policy procedures are illegal. One woman interrupted the speech and denounced the administration's policy on drone assassinations and the detention center at Guantanamo Bay (which Obama wants to end in the future). The words on Awlaki were mentioned as a means for the administration to try to make the assassination program a fixture of U.S. policy. “America’s actions are legal,” Obama insisted, referring to extra-judicial assassinations. “We were attacked on 9/11. Within a week, Congress overwhelmingly authorized the use of force. Under domestic and international law, the United States is at war with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their associated forces.” President Barack Obama knows full well that the assassination program is unconstitutional and illegal. You don't go around killing or assassinating U.S. citizens without due process of law. He was briefed on the events of strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress has been briefed on these actions. Al Awlaki was an U.S. citizen and he was assassinated or killed without due process of law. The Fifth Amendment means something. The White House refuses to talk about the kill lists extensively. The government has never provided any evidence of its allegations in the court of law. The White House doesn't refer to the due process of law as a means to justify the killings. He talks about the due process which excludes the intervention of the courts, but only uses the executive branch (and his closest advisers). The President didn't want him to use drone in U.S. soil. “That’s who Anwar Awlaki was,” Obama alleged, before making a series of unproven accusations. “He was continuously trying to kill people. He helped oversee the 2010 plot to detonate explosive devices on two US-bound cargo planes. He was involved in planning to blow up an airliner in 2009. When Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, went to Yemen in 2009, Awlaki hosted him, approved his suicide operation, helped him tape a martyrdom video to be shown after the attack, and his last instructions were to blow up the airplane when it was over American soil.” None of this gets to the essential issue. The Constitution requires that charges of illegal activity be proven in a court of law. No court has ever determined the validity of any of these claims, and therefore the killing of Awlaki was unconstitutional. A reform of the drone attacks have been proposed by the White House as a means to give it a rubberstamp to carry out imperialism. It is true that Western society has caused a dangerous precedence of torture, illegal wars, and other evils in our midst. The President wants to have military commissions in America as a means to end Guantanamo Bay. He said that we must confront terrorism when the US/NATO alliance has funded terrorists in Libya, Syria, and throughout the Earth. The CIA is a terrorist organization. So, the truth is that there is no justification for the war crimes in Iraq or Afghanistan. There is no justification for the torture in various sites globally. There is no justification for neoliberalism or imperialism done in the globe as well. Token cosmetic changes can never justify this war on terrorism at all. This imperialism done by the West has nothing to do with democratic values or freedom. It has to do with the oligarchy gaining more profit, a neoliberal version of globalization to be enhanced, and for human beings to be controlled more by the elite in the world.

Eric Schmidt believes that Google AI will be indistinguishable from humans within a decade. Eric is the CEO of Google. He wants his company to be capable of developing artificial intelligence for its programs. He wants it to be indistinguishable from a human being within 5-10 years. He talked about these issues in a question and answer session at Google's Big Tent event. This took place at the week at the luxury Grove Hotel in Watford, UK. He responded to the question, “How soon before Google Now passes the Turing test?” The Turning test was a concept that was introduced in 1950 by the British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. It measures a machine's ability to exhibit behavior equivalent to a real human being. He mentioned that IBM's Watson computer won Jeopardy. Schmidt said that Google could do it in five to ten years. The Big Tent event is the more public version of Google Zeitgeist, a private function that features a rat of influential speakers from the world of technology, business, academia, and politics. Google's primarily vehicle for its artificial intelligence technology could be Google Now. That is the voice recognizing search product which is being hyped as a tool that will eventually be able to manage almost every aspect of your life. Eric Schmidt has never shied away from his vision. This can be dystopic to some. Transhumanists believe where robots will play a central role in managing human affairs.  The Google CEO wants to swallow nanobots every morning that would regulate the functioning of his body. He wants to send his robotic clone to social functions. Some top futurists like Ray Kurzweil have embraced Schmidt's vision and took it even further writing that within decades man will merge with machines. He said that by 2099 the entire planet will be run by artificially intelligent computer systems which are smarter than the entire human race combined similar to the Skynet system fictionalized in the Terminator franchise. These predictions are allied with Schmidt's drive to see them come to fruition. Ironically, Kurzweil was hired by Google last year to oversee the company's project to produce an artificial brain. Kurzweil spoke the following words in an interview with Wired,  “A lot of (sci-fi) movies about artificial intelligence envision that AI’s will be very intelligent but missing some key emotional qualities of humans and therefore turn out to be very dangerous.” It is also important to realize that we should fight for action in society. The White House has made errors in society, but even the White House is not to be blamed for all evils in America or the world. Many reactionary Republicans refuse to spend money on infrastructure development or a jobs program nationwide. America ought to be rebuilding of its bridges, roads, hospitals, and other forms of its powerbase. Now, we do count. Never let anyone tell you that you do not count. The reason is that Rosa Parks and other heroes counted when they put their lives on the line in order to cause America to be a fairer and just society. We have every right to have hope in society and to do action as a means to make the whole better.

There is the global rendition program. A major study outlines new information on the CIA secret prisons. There is the launch of the Global Rendition System database and interactive map. It will be the most comprehensive resource so far in illustrating the CIA's program of rendition and secret prisons as part of the war on terror. The database was instituted as a means for the White House to continue its policy of rendition, detention, and interrogation. These likeminded programs are all over Asia and Europe with secret prison sites. This system sent over 800 men to Guantanamo Bay and 166 of them remain. The entire database is a collaboration between Reprieve and the Rendition Project being based at Kingston and Kent Universities. The database uses data from freedom of information requests, legal cases, published firsthand accounts, etc. The data is also found by investigations by NGOs and authoritative news reporting to detail dozens of prisoner transfers between secret black sites. The database proves that foreign nations are involved in it. There has been an analysis of more than 11,000 flights by over 120 aircraft linked to more than 50 private companies. Many companies tried to cover their routes by filing false flight plans or by switching aircraft halfway. The Reprieve and the Rendition Project gained documents from Reprieve's Renditions Inc. investigation with the previous work from others. They include the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw, the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Vilnius, Access Inform Europe, and other NGOs and investigators worldwide. The site has information made public with search results that can be downloaded for more research and analysis. All of this research document corporate complicity in the rendition system. There is a recent report by the Constitution Project's Task Force on Detainee Treatment (which was chaired by former Bush era officials) massively criticized the U.S. program of rendition and torture. It pointed out the key role of European countries noting that the “CIA created its own…‘black sites’ in…Poland, Romania and Lithuania.” Sam Raphael from the Rendition Project said: “The sheer scope of the CIA’s rendition and torture system is brought to light as never before by our work, which shows in painstaking detail how terror suspects were kidnapped and transported to secret prisons across the globe for ‘enhanced interrogation’.”  Crofton Black from Reprieve said: “This unprecedented database shows how false route filings, tarmac transfers, shell companies and the plausible deniability of executive jets masked a systematic programme of secret detention and torture run by the US with the active complicity of the UK and other European countries.” Therefore the truth is known. The policies of assassination, torture, and rendition have been occurring for decades. Folks have the right to understand the current expressions of that policy indeed. Nothing is new under the sun.

There is an epidemic of lax government. We know how fashionable it is to demonize government. At times, it is legitimate to criticize corrupt government. That is fine. Yet, some big think tanks use that reality as an excuse to demonize any government action as equivalent to a totalitarian takeover of all of the function of society. We should expose the mistakes of the IRS and the Justice Department. Also, we ought to know that runaway corporate power and greed. When these entities infiltrate the government, then they could try to undermine the very rules and regulations intended to keep us safe. Right now, there are inadequate inspections of food and the food related infections which killed 3,000 Americans every year and make 48 million sick. There was a new study from Johns Hopkins that shows elevated levels of arsenic known to increase a person's risk of cancer in chicken meat. There is another University's Center for a Livable Future. It mentioned the following information: “Arsenic-based drugs have been used for decades to make poultry grow faster and improve the pigmentation of the meat. The drugs are also approved to treat and prevent parasites in poultry… Currently in the U.S., there is no federal law prohibiting the sale or use of arsenic-based drugs in poultry feed.” The Washington Post exposed about how toxic, bacteria killing chemicals are used in poultry plants to clean more chickens more quickly to meet increased demand and make more money. Amanda Hitt is the director of the Government Accountability Project's Good Integrity Campaign. She mentioned that, “They are mixing chemicals together in these plants, and it’s making people sick. Does it work better at killing off pathogens? Yes, but it also can send someone into respiratory arrest.” The government has done next to nothing about solving the poisons in our food supply. There has been no comprehensive research on the possible side effects of these chemical or recordkeeping of the illness. The Post reported that they review the data provided by chemical manufacturers. The Department of Agriculture is about to allow the production lines to move even faster by as much as 25 percent. This means that more chemicals will cause more exposure in society and more sickness for human beings. There are about 85,000 industrial chemicals available today. Only a handful of those chemicals are being tested for safety. Ian Urbina writes for the New York Times. Ian wrote that, “Hazardous chemicals have become so ubiquitous that scientists now talk about babies being born pre-polluted, sometimes with hundred s of synthetic chemicals showing up in their blood.” We know about the horrific explosion of ammonium nitrate in the Texas fertilizer plant. 15 human beings were killed and their little town was devastated. The magazine Mother Jones noted, “Inspections are virtually non-existent; regulatory agencies don’t talk to each other; and there’s no such thing as a buffer zone when it comes to constructing plants and storage facilities in populated areas.” For years, the Fertilizer Institute, described as “the nation’s leading lobbying organization of the chemical and agricultural industries,” resisted regulation and legislators went along. People can lose their lives when federal or state government winks at bad corporate practices – 4,500 workplace deaths annually at a cost to America of nearly half a trillion dollars. As columnist and author David Sirota observes, “If all this data was about a terrorist threat, the reaction would be swift — negligent federal agencies would be roundly criticized and the specific state’s lax attitude toward security would be lambasted. Yet, after the fertilizer plant explosion, there has been no proactive reaction at all, other than Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry boasting about his state’s ‘comfort with the amount of oversight’ that already exists.” There is a story from ProPublica's investigative reporter Abraham Lustgarten. His story describes information about an uranium company. This company wanted a mining project in Texas that threatened to pollute drinking water. The EPA resisted until the company hired as its lobbyist the Democratic fundraiser and fixer Heather Podesta. She is the favor of the White House. Her firm was paid $400,000, she pulled the strings. Later, the EPA allowed the pollution to continue.  In fact, Pro Publica found that “the agency has used a little-known provision in the federal Safe Drinking Water Act to issue more than 1,500 exemptions allowing energy and mining companies to pollute aquifers, including many in the driest parts of the country.” This reality refutes the antiquated notion that we need no government intervention at every circumstance. There should be legitimate government oversight. Now, there are insufficient checks and balances on big business and its powerful lobbies. Without the oversight, there is corruption. When corporate power tries to buy off public officials, then it is an assault on democracy and a threat in or lives and health. There is a political system that persists to produce such huge injustices. We have a right to fight for truth.

We are not children anymore and our eyes are open. We know that unfettered capitalism has been a totally failed system that must be replaced. We have tried tinkering with the system. It has not worked as a means to end hunger or poverty in America at all. We realize that both major parties are ruled in their leadership by the same Western oligarchs. Elections have been exploited for years as a means for political agenda. It should be clear from anyone that the election coup d'├ętat of the 2000 election documents how the political process has been subverted via plutocrats, oligarchs, and reactionaries. You have to win the Electoral College to win Presidential elections irrespective of the popular vote. There are legitimate activists in the world that want change. Also, there are also fake revolutions and contrived riots as a means to cause regime change or violate human civil liberties (resulting in a more authoritarian, police state like society). We know that the President Barack Obama is not to be blamed for all evils in America, but he is a puppet of this cabal system. The system of white supremacy use Obama as a means to make him a scapegoat of all of our oppression when our oppression existed long before he was in office (yet, the President is accountable on issues of civil liberties, foreign policy, economics, health, and other important issues in the globe though. Obama is used as a means for the elite to carry out their agenda under left wing cover. In other words, things are happening now that Bush Jr. could only dream of). We know about cartel capitalists using economic terrorism before too. Goldman Sachs has been caught robbing and thieving resources from the American people. Zombie banks have looted taxpayer money for thousands of years. Their crimes go unpunished. That is why the American economy has been heavily harmed via the criminal financial miscreancy. The events of dead workers in Bangladesh, the unemployment, the income inequality, tax doges, globalism, fascism, and other bailouts for the super-rich, then we know that we have a problem here in the world. Domestically, we have the further militarization of American society and the evil Patriot Act continuing forth in America. Change can only come via alternative political and economic systems like a cooperative commonwealth communities, etc. We see evil wars, torture, and other evils in the world. The government with an economy that promotes the general welfare of all citizens is better than reactionary lies and deception. Also, we should fight for better health. We should oppose GMOs in our food supplies without labels, dangerous chemicals in our water supply, and austerity in the world. We know that the New Deal saved America from potentially leading America into fascism. Yet, it also saved vulture capitalism from its own excesses. It was still left alive enough to continue to pillage the poor not only the working class. The homeless and all of the poor should have justice in the world not just the working class.


By Timothy