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Time is still going on. President Bush's State of the Union Address is coming tonight. The news pundits like Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, and others expect him to talk about Iraq, Iran, health care, other domestic issues, the Patriot Act, the NSA domestic syping scandal and other issues. It doesn't take rocket science to understand that the United Nations seek to strip American soveriengty and if necessary form an one world government to supposedly solve our problems. Frosty Wooldridge's "The Decline And Fall Of America" article is an excellent depiction on what is occuring now in American society. Just like the ancient Roman empire, our nation transformed from a Republic to an empire with military bases constructed across the globe and many wars. The Senate voted 58-42 to confirm appeals court Judge Samuel Alito in replacing the pro-abortion justice of Sandra Day O'Connor. Many Democrats like Edward Kennedy threaten to filibuster in claiming that Alito was out of the mainstream, but his calls failed. There is still that mystery on how will Alito vote on abortion and the power of the executive branch though.


The truth is that the U.N.'s legacy is soiled with population control efforts, sex scandals, the Oil For Food scandal, and their hatred with gun rights. I don't care how many Hollywood stars flawn over the United Nations like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, or Nicole Kidman. The truth is that the establishment (i.e. Rockefeller) helped create the U.N. and they are conning many legitimate liberals folks who want to improve this nation. At least many good conservatives are wising up to that fact, while many patriotic liberals are caught into that propaganda. It's like Bush's policies toward Iraq have been horrible, but the U.N. isn't our savior since they've been involved in corruption spanning many decades while Bush (a false conservative since he expanded the federal government, exploded the deficit, hasn't been tough on illegal immigration, was for gun control when he was a Texas Governor, been cowardly on unborn baby killing in this nation, and signed anti-American trade deals like CAFTA. I don't need to go any further) has been in office for almost 6 years.

Paul Watson's article about them today is telling the truth about the United Nations. The U.N. is a false choice and real Patriots realize this. America is played off falsely as the real enemy, when the American government have been infiltrated by Secret Societies and foreign interests. Now, onto other issues. In November 2000, Saddam refused to accept the dollar to sell its oil. Instead, they've decided to sell it's oil in euros and that among many other reasons are why the Iraq War transpired according to Victor Thorn and James Northstar. I caution WINGTV as a man to not blame all Jewish people in general for the actions of a few. Some of their literature like the book called "Christ Killers" is openly hostile to Jewish people and many good Jewish people are fighting for liberty in the world. As for China, I will forever oppose China's torture, Communism, abortion promotion, one child population control agenda (China also have an Eugencis Society). Unlike the Neo-Cons though, I don't subscribe to an invasion of China, Iran, or any other nation as mentioned in their PNAC document.

I don't know about the rumor that Hitler was a British agent, but I do know about this. Hitler indeed hestiatated in bombing London and Britian, some of the British Royal Family sympathazied with the Nazis, and the Anglo-American Freemason network (i.e. 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Ford, Thomas Watson, the Bank of Britian closet Freemason Dr. Hjalmar Schacht according to John Daniel, etc. plus the Jesuits and other groups) funded the Nazis and the Nazi clique took inspiration from the Jesuit Order as well. The Knights of Malta blatantly supported the Nazis and Hitler wasn't excommunicated from the Catholic Church as well. That's historical fact. As for Iran, Iran isn't the only nuclear power in the world. South Africa, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and other nations have nuclear weapons, yet they aren't a direct threat to America. Iran also doesn't have massive nuclear weapons as well. Now, I see many rumblings of talk of invading Iraq similar to the talk in 2002 and early 2003. Many people realize about the underground tunnels between Mexico and America plus the Federal Reserve's private control of American money for profit, which doesn't benefit the Middle class in the United States of America at all.

Adam Brookes from the BBC on January 27 2006 wrote about how the Pentagon use "computer network attack." The article further talks about how they want to develop propaganda found in the "Information Operations Roadmap" document. This should give people even more impetus to support non-censorship of websites or blogs and to be more alert to speak our own minds on every issue under the sun. The more I look at the truth about this "War on Terror," the more weird facts that I find out. Examples of this include on how the the 70-90% of Iraqis who are arrested were just arrested for not showing their papers. Alleged terrorists like Iyman Faris were found to be a FBI informat and working for the U.S. government. Even most of the people in Gitmo aren't related to terrorism and none of them are high level al-Qaeda leaders at all. Newsmax on January 31 2006 mentioned that the Bush Family considers William Jefferson Clinton as part of the family. This isn't unusual since both Clinton and 41 have been pro-abortion for decades and each man have been involved in negative activities in this nation as well. Suprisingly, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela joined Cindy Sheehan in protesting against American imperialism (proven by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS on January 31 2006) and the Iraq War. Time is coming and going and time may run out for us to help our country grow into something better. London Independent had a work (written by John-Paul Ford Rojas on January 31 2006) about a protest against a British hate bill in the Commons. Religious groups (including Evangelical Christians and Muslim leaders), political leaders, and even secluralists protested the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill for fear of violating the freedom of expression. Some of the protestors wanted an alternative bill to protect minority rights, while perserving free speech at the same time. PRWEB on January 31 2006 talked about 9/11 researchers like Robert M. Bowman, James H. Fetzer, Wayne Madsen, John McMurtry, Morgan Reynolds, and Andreas von Buelow wanting the public to know about the ommissions of the 9/11 Commission's report. Also, They want to let people realize the strange happenings revolving around 9/11 like the air response of NORAD, the collapse of Building 7, etc.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

9/11 and Patriot Act.

From http://www.newshounds.us/2006/01/31/

A 9-11 Victim Teams Up With FOX News To Stump For The Patriot Act And Domestic Spying
Newshounds January 31 2006
Judging from the number of pro-Patriot Act and pro-domestic spying discussions I have seen recently on FOX News, the Bush Administration must be very, very worried about public opinion on these matters (as well they should be). Last night, Hannity & Colmes brought on Debra Burlingame, the relative of a 9/11 victim in support of domestic spying and the Patriot Act. Sean Hannity tried to make her look like a spokesperson for all 9/11 victims.
Hannity introduced the discussion by using the president’s preferred term for domestic spying. “When the details of the president’s secret program for monitoring terrorist communications (my emphasis) was leaked late last year, his critics, predictably went into overdrive but how do those who have actually lost loved ones to terrorism feel about the controversy?” Hannity’s use of the plurals, “those” and “loved ones,” implied that there are more Burlingames out there and conveniently overlooked that many other 9/11 victims (The Jersey Girls, e.g.,) are far less supportive of the president. But “fair and balanced” FOX News chose only one guest for this segment.
Debra Burlingame is the sister of a 9/11 pilot. She started out with the racist statement that her brother “would NEVER give his plane over to a bunch of Arab men, agitated Arab men who can’t speak English, breaking into his cockpit with knives.”
It turns out Burlingame just wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal saying, “It’s fairly shocking that there’s anyone in Washington who could politicize the Patriot Act.” Then, proving that neither of them had a problem doing exactly that, Hannity summarized an excerpt saying that “an exclusive story in 2004… recounted how the people that hijacked your brother’s plane received more than a dozen calls from an Al Qaeda switchboard inside Yemen. Tie this all together with the NSA program and the Patriot Act and why you wrote this very hard-hitting piece.”
Predictably, Burlingame told Hannity that “people don’t understand” that FISA warrants don’t work for cell phones, the internet, etc. and that it just takes too long to get one, even after the fact. Is Burlingame a lawyer? An expert in national security or FISA warrants? Nobody said. FOX News seemed to believe that the only credentials she needed were 1) she lost a relative on 9/11 and 2) she supports the Patriot Act and domestic spying without a warrant.
Alan Colmes did an excellent job debating the sympathetic (except for the anti-Arab comment) Burlingame. Starting off by offering his condolences, Colmes added that one of the great things about our country is that people can disagree over policy. Burlingame nodded and said, “Sure.”
Colmes then said that “A lot of even conservatives don’t feel that the Patriot Act is the right way to go.” He added that the 9/11 Commission found “a whole number of other things – not about the NSA, not about eavesdropping … not the Patriot Act, but specific things that the 9/11 Commission said that we could have done – having nothing to do with additional legislation or eavesdropping on Americans.”
Burlingame claimed that was “kind of not true” because of “the wall” between criminal investigations and intelligence which the Patriot Act “corrected.”
They spent the rest of the discussion debating the wall, how it got started and whether Clintonista Jamie Gorelick just re-certified it, as Colmes said the 9/11 Commission found, or whether she “made it higher,” as Burlingame claimed, without explaining how or citing any sources.
Comment: It would have been great if Colmes had emphasized his original point by touching on what information the government had about the terror threats before 9/11 but failed to follow up (the 8/01 Presidential Daily Briefing titled “bin Laden determined to strike in US,” the warnings about suspicious student pilots, etc.), and then asked why it still needed to snoop into people’s library records. However, after a week of watching Colmes’ pathetic substitutes, Susan Estrich and Bob Beckel, who each would have spent 90% of their time agreeing with Burlingame and the other 10% disagreeing with Democrats, I was thrilled that Colmes made the point at all.
Something tells me we’ll see more of Burlingame on FOX News in the weeks to come.

Bush Broke the Law


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Jeremiah Project site


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Scientology exposed again.

From http://www.wingtv.net/thorn2006/scientology.html

What You Didn't Know About Scientologyby Mark Owen

“All men shall be my slaves.All women shall submit to my charms.All mankind shall grovel at my feet.” -L. Ron Hubbard Affirmations

There has been a revival of interest in Scientology recently, largely driven by the ministrations of Hollywood jackanapes Tom Cruise. An episode of South Park titled Trapped in the Closet aired in late 2005. The cartoon featured Scientologists Nicole Kidman and John Travolta trying to coax Cruise out of a closet, a reference to rumors concerning his sexual preference. Also featured was an L. Ron Hubbard character denigrating Cruise’s acting ability. The extremely litigious Cruise immediately threatened Paramount with legal action, and it is unlikely that the episode will air again.It is perhaps timely to review some of the history of the “church,” its membership, and especially its mercurial founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.Various Scientology hagiographies of Hubbard are widely divergent from known facts. This is mainly due to the phantasmagoric history that Hubbard fashioned for himself and repeated ad nauseum to his followers.

Hubbard would often boast of a distinguished pedigree, claiming descent from nobility going back to the Norman Invasion. He also claimed at various times to have been a barnstormer in a circus, a great white hunter in Africa, an explorer of the upper Amazon and a heavily decorated naval officer, the recipient of more than two dozen medals and palms. He also claimed that his naval exploits were the inspiration for Henry Fonda’s character in the film Mister Roberts. On the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he stated that he was the only person to survive the sinking of the destroyer he was on near the coast of Java and that he swam ashore and lived for weeks on the jungle flora. Later he would be wounded in the back and kidneys by machine-gun fire, making urination difficult. The truth is somewhat more prosaic. In fact, Hubbard’s urinary difficulties stemmed from a bout of gonorrhea contracted after sex with a prostitute named Fern. Court documents in Hubbard’s own handwriting later confirmed this.His shirking in the navy was commented upon several times by superior officers.

In 1942 the US Naval Attache wrote, “…he [Hubbard] became the source of much trouble […], is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give the impression of his importance.”Twenty years later Hubbard would brag to credulous followers that after he left that particular assignment, it took a captain, several commanders and 15 junior officers to replace him. Although Scientology accounts claim that Hubbard served in all five theaters in WWII, more often than not records find him on the sick list complaining of a variety of ailments from conjunctivitis to ulcers. These same records show that he was never engaged in enemy action and that he received only four awards, none for action or combat. Upon being mustered out of the navy, he immediately applied for disability benefits, often writing to the VA pleading for an increase citing long bouts of depression and recurring thoughts of suicide.Hubbard spent his convalescence in Los Angeles. When his terminal leave from the Navy commenced in December 1945, he immediately went to the home of Jack Parsons in Pasadena. Parsons was a science fiction fan, a rocket and explosives chemist, and a practitioner of black magic. He operated the California branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis out of his house.

The OTO was an advanced secret society to which high-ranking Freemasons migrate in a process of occult succession. OTO rituals were fine-tuned by British Satanist, magician and Intelligence agent Aleister Crowley. Parsons was in communication with Crowley, regularly informing him of the progress of the California chapter. Hubbard also felt a keen bond with Crowley after reading his Book of the Law in the Library of Congress as a teenager. Later, in a taped 1952 lecture, Hubbard would thank, “…the late Aleister Crowley, my very good friend.” Parsons and Hubbard engaged in various black magic rituals over many nights in an effort to produce a homunculus. Although reports of their association make interesting reading, the two eventually had a falling-out and Hubbard would abscond to Florida with Parsons’ mistress and life savings. At the time, Crowley wrote to Karl Germer, the OTO head in America. A keen student of human nature, Crowley observed, “Suspect Ron playing confidence trick. Jack evidently weak fool. Obvious victim of prowling swindlers.”Parsons would later self-immolate in his garage during an experiment that went awry. His mother committed suicide the following day. Police would find home movies of Parsons having sex with his mother and the family dog.

Thereafter, L. Ron Hubbard spent several years grinding out science fiction and short stories for New York pulp magazines for a penny a word. Although his output was prodigious, he didn’t see any real money until the 1950 publication of his book Dianetics, a self-help manual tinged with the eastern mysticism that Hubbard allegedly picked up from his years of wandering the Far East as a lad, engaging Tibetan shamans and Chinese mystics in philosophical discourse.In truth, Hubbard loathed China, having visited it as a teenager very briefly while en route to see his father who was stationed in Guam. At the time, Hubbard’s main lament was for all of the ‘Chinks’ despoiling the country. And the only use he could conceive of for the Great Wall was to convert it into a roller coaster.Hubbard would later morph the tenets of Dianetics into the spiritual crazy glue known as Scientology, employing a confounding nomenclature sometimes referred to as ‘org-speak.’ The first Church of Scientology was incorporated in California in 1954. Hubbard claimed that his system could be used to increase spiritual freedom, intelligence, and to produce immortality. Recruits go through auditing (counseling) sessions of ever escalating cost in order to be ‘cleared’ of ‘thetans’ (souls). A free soul must purge these body thetans in order to be truly liberated. Only after investing $100,000 and countless hours of auditing will the ultimate secret of Scientology be revealed to the recruit. This is the secret of Xenu.

According to Hubbard eschatology, 70 million years ago the planet Earth, then known as Teegeeack, had been one of 76 planets of the Galactic Federation that was badly overpopulated with hundreds of billions of people. The evil overlord Xenu decreed that excess populations on these planets should be sent to Teegeeack, put next to volcanoes and blown to pieces. The spirits or thetans of the victims were implanted with religious and technical images for 36 days. They were then sent either to Hawaii or Los Palmas to be stuck together in clusters. Humans are a collection or cluster of body thetans. Xenu was rounded up after the fact and imprisoned in a mountain. The reader is spared from a comprehensive rendition of the history of the Galactic Federation.In a 1983 Penthouse interview, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. stated that he was born prematurely after his father botched an abortion attempt on his mother. He claims that his father used copious quantities of drugs and even witnessed him injecting cocaine. Hubbard Jr. has stated, “I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in our house! What a lot of people don’t realize is that Scientology is black magic spread out over a long time period. It’s stretched out over a lifetime and you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology and it is probably the only part that really works. Also, you’ve got to understand that my father did not worship Satan.

He thought he was Satan.” Ron Hubbard Jr. also claimed that his father practiced something called ‘soul-cracking.’ Hubbard Sr. would apparently beat his many mistresses and shoot them full of drugs in order to reach a state whereby, like a psychic hammer, he would break their souls and allow demonic powers to pour through them. Junior also declared that the Scientology Operating Thetan techniques do the same thing. Junior would go on to co-author the popular 1987 book L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman. In that year the Church listed $503 million in income.Two sinister Scientology graduates of the 60s were Robert DeGrimston and his wife Mary Ann. He was a former architecture student and she was a former prostitute who believed herself to be Joseph Goebbels incarnate. Both had an insatiable preoccupation with death and violence, and it is perhaps inevitable that they ended up in San Francisco in 1967 where they established themselves as The Process Church of the Final Judgment. They took up residence on Oak St., in the so-called Devil House, two blocks from where Charles Manson had his ‘family’ and close by Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan. Processans wandered the Haight sporting black capes and black suits and preaching a gospel of doom and destruction. The first edition of Ed Sanders’ book The Family carries an interesting chapter on the Process Church. But a Chicago lawyer convinced them to sue for defamation and the offending chapter was deleted from subsequent editions. Robert Degrimston published several books on war (his favorite theme) and commanded his followers “THOU SHALT KILL!” Another Process publication urged readers to experience the pleasures of grave robbing and necrophilia. A rant in the Death issue of their magazine was penned by Charles Manson. Manson’s rap was an amalgam of Process ideology and the 150 hours of Scientology auditing he’d received during one of his numerous prison stints (Charlie declared himself a ‘Theta Clear’).

Contrary to popular belief, the Process is still around, having undergone numerous name changes over the years. The first was the ‘Four-P Movement.’ Author Michael Newton wrote that the cult “is also deeply involved in white slavery, child pornography, and the international narcotics trade.” Still other name changes for the Process included The Foundation Church of the Millenium, The Foundation Faith of God, and then Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Today it is known as The Best Friends Animal Society and is located in Kanab, Utah. Mary Ann Degrimston makes her home there along with several other former members. Gone are the days when Process members journeyed to San Quentin to interview Manson. Gone too are all references to Satan and doomsday. Members now soft-peddle their involvement in the Process Church of the Final Judgment citing juvenile misguidance. The goal of the reformed church now is to save animals. The large compound in southern Utah is their testament to this end. And the animal sanctuary is a huge cash cow. In 2003 the Society raised more than $20 million. Perhaps the Degrimstons were wise to abandon Scientology when they did. Robert currently works in New York City as a business consultant.The Sea Org-In the 1960s, after several years of generating vast sums from credulous recruits, Hubbard took Scientology to sea in order to stymie various governments who were set to move against his church for fraud and tax evasion. He purchased several large ships and drifted around the Mediterranean searching ancient archeological sites where he’d lived past lives.

These adventures lasted for almost a decade.He devised cruel methods of discipline for recalcitrant followers that were enforced on a whim. Once, he confined a five-year old deaf mute to a chain locker, the cold, wet, rat-infested area of the ship where anchor chains are stored. Other malefactors were consigned to rusty tanks below decks where they chiseled off rust while standing in filthy bilge water. Oxygen was supplied via tubes. Other Scientologists would periodically pound on the hull to ensure that the scraping continued, oftentimes the punishment lasting for days. A food bucket would be lowered down to the offending parties. Stories of shipboard abuse are legion and too numerous to recount in this limited forum.In the power vacuum that followed the death of L. Ron Hubbard in 1986, high school dropout David Miscavige emerged as the de facto head of Scientology. Known to his enemies as ‘the poison dwarf,’ the diminutive and asthmatic Miscavige even managed to depose Hubbard’s wife. He also ordered Hubbard’s son Arthur to be his personal servant. Miscavige and his followers do their best to attract high-profile members such as John Travolta, who has been in the cult for 20 years. Gay porn star Paul Berrisi claims to have engaged in a homosexual relationship with Travolta that began in 1982 and lasted eight years. Berrisi claims that Travolta dumped him for another man in 1990. In revenge, he sold his story to the National Enquirer in April of that year. Shortly after the story broke, Travolta hastened to marry Scientologist Kelly Preston.

In 2000 Travolta starred in Battlefield Earth, a film adaptation of a Hubbard science fiction novel. Critics roundly excoriated it as one of the worst films of all time. Roger Ebert declared that it was like, “…taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It’s not merely bad, but unpleasant in a hostile way.”Alt rocker Beck [Hansen] was raised in the cult. His parents have been members for 30 years. When pressed in interviews to admit his Scientology bona fides, he replies with a terse, ‘no comment.’Obviously, Tom Cruise is the most high-profile Scientologist in the world. For 20 years he has been assiduously courted by David Miscavige. Both men traded effusive praise at a 2005 Scientology gala in England. Referring to Cruise as “the most dedicated Scientologist I know,” Miscavige presented him with the church’s first Freedom Medal of Valor. According to Scientology’s Impact Magazine, Cruise replied, “I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being outside of what I have experienced from LRH.”Scientologist Nicole Kidman often accompanied Cruise to the church’s 500-acre compound at Gilman Hot Springs in the California desert. Former member Maureen Bolstad was at Gilman for 17 years before leaving after a falling-out. She recalled a night from years ago when a state of emergency was declared at the compound. Dozens of Scientologists worked through the night planting a field of wild flowers so that Tom could impress Nicole. On another occasion, dozens worked around the clock for three days renovating a skeet range so that Miscavige could impress Cruise.Snickering and jibes aside, Tom Cruise is a major Hollywood player. During the filming of War of the Worlds, he insisted that a Scientology info-booth be available on the set for interested crew members.

He had it staffed with ministers from the church. Director Spielberg later complained that Cruise spent more time on film junkets promoting Scientology than the film. And Scarlett Johansson was bounced from the cast of Mission Impossible 3 after proving unreceptive to Cruise’s Scientology pitch. Notwithstanding all of the celebrity endorsements, the church continues to suffer large financial losses. In May 2002, they paid more than $8 million to former member Lawrence Wollersheim after a 22-year legal battle. Miscavige astutely surmised that payment of the money would prevent additional evidence being presented in court that could expose Scientology’s controversial IRS charitable tax exemption to review or repeal and the risk that top executives could be jailed for corporate and asset fraud.Perhaps the final word on Scientology should go to Jamie Kennedy, great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard. Kennedy is a 25-year old slam poet from San Francisco who bills himself, not inappropriately, as the ‘Hellspawn Leprechaun.’ He was expelled from high school after writing an epic poem vividly describing the massacre of all of his teachers, followed by a school explosion. This was pre-Columbine.

He was kicked out of another school for obsessively writing about sex, death and murder. Yet again, he was booted out of two college classes due to student complaints and obscenity charges. His wife gave birth to a daughter a couple of years ago and Kennedy prays that she is the female Antichrist. “They can’t shut me up. I’ve made a career out of not giving a f___!” he declares. Kennedy has the same red hair and occult predilections of his infamous relation. “Genetically, I think we share some traits. In high school a psychiatrist asked me if I had a history of mental illness in my family. I said, well, my great-grandfather was a cult leader.”Hellspawn, indeed…----------------

Book sources: Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Religion Inc. by Stewart Lamont, Programmed to Kill by David McGowan, Blood on the Altar by Craig Heimbichner, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley by John Symonds, Sex and Rockets by John Carter, A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack, The Family by Ed Sanders, Open Secret: Gay Hollywood by David Ehrenstein, Raising Hell by Michael Newton Articles: July 1983 Penthouse interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley and British Intelligence by Richard Spence in Volume 13, #3 Journal of Intelligence & Counterintelligence, Scientology Revealed For the First Time in the Sunday Times 5 October 1969, Hubbard Used Black Magic by George Wayne-Shelor Clearwater Sun May 16, 1984, Scientology: The Cult of Greed by Richard Behar TIME Magazine (cover story) May 1991, Friends Find Their Calling by Louis Kilzer in the Rocky Mountain News February 28, 2004, At Inland Base Scientologists Trained Top Gun by Claire Hoffman December 18, 2005 LA Times.

(Mark Owen is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached at markowen10@hotmail.com)



*So much for the overpopulation lie.

From http://s13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/index.php?showtopic=4742

Just check out The Club of Rome and the Global 2000 report -2tuffRussia’s Population Falls by 680,000 People in 2005


January 24 2006


Russia’s population decreased by 680,000 people in 2005, according to preliminary data, which represents a 0.5% fall on last year, the head of the Federal Statistics Service said Tuesday. “The population of Russia stood at 142,800,000 people as of December 1, 2005,” Vladimir Sokolin was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying. “The long term trend toward a decrease in population is typical today for the majority of European countries,” he added. Sokolin said that developed countries resolved such problems by attracting immigrants. He added that the Russian government had approved earlier in January plans to conduct a nationwide census in October 2010.

"Al -Qaeda" and the State of the Union


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More info from Eric Jon Phelps

From http://s13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/index.php?showtopic=4886

Interesting Article!Scientology springs from Freemasonry's OTO. Cardinal Secretary of State to Pope Leo XIII, Mariano Rampolla, was also OTO like Aleister Crowley.All roads lead to Rome its master, the Black Pope.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

What You Didn’t Know About Scientology by Mark Owen


From http://s13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/index.php?showtopic=4881

Dear Dxxxxx,Thank you for contacting me.The bird is a dove; an ancient smybol for the Order used in the Masonic "Order of Oriental Templars" (Aleister Crowley's OTO) and the Black Pope's Ecmenical Movement.

Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 7:51 AM

Subject: Please add me to your mailing list & please look at this IHS graphic

Dear Brother Eric,

Please add me to your mailing list.

Also, could you please take a look at the attached IHS picture andexplain it if you have time?I have not seen one like this before. It appears to have a bird aspart of the "H" but I cannot figure out what the items are that form(what modern IHS symbols now show as) the cross. Any ideas?

The three nails are in the Order's "Sacred Heart of Jesus."

Hope to hear you on P.I.D. again, and thank you for sharing all your findings.

Glad that they are helpful.

Your Brother in Jesus Christ,Dxxxxxxxx

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric Attached File ( Number of downloads: 20 ) jesuit_IHS.jpg (37.88 kb)


Look a this!!!"Dirty Harry" 33rd Degree Truman received this award---probably for aiding Pedro Arrupe in the detonations at Nagasaki and Hiroshima!Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Some 470 years ago, an event occured in a remote abbey near Manresa, in what is now Spain, which has great significance to Saint Louis University. A basque soldier-knight, Inigo Lopez de Loyola, had been seriously wounded fighting the French at Pamplona in 1521.

During a long recuperation at his home in Loyola, he had ample time to consider his first thirty years - years that he himself characterized as "given to the follies of the world ... the enjoyment of warlike sport ... and a great and foolish deriser to win fame." He resolved to change his life completely and to devote himself to God and the Church. To that end, in March of 1522, he undertook a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady at the Abbey of Montserrat near Manresa. In keeping with his knightly upbringing, he determined to make a vigil at the shrine laying his sword and dagger on the alter and offering his life to the service of Our Lady as a knight of God. Later he experienced a series of mystical graces that led him to a very different life and a fame beyond the greatest dreams of his youthful years. He left his sword behind and began a journey that led him to establish the Society of Jesus and, after his death, to his canonization at Saint Ignatius of Loyola. That sword of Ignatius Loyola is symbolic of the Ignatian vision of service and has been selected as Saint Louis Univeristy's highest honor for individual achievement. The Sword of Ignatius Loyola Award is given to those who have given of themselves to humankind to the greater glory of God.

Previous recipients of the Sword of Ignatius Loyola 1964 Dr. Glenn T. SeaborgChairman, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission 1965 Paul G. HoffmannManaging Director, United Nations Special Fund 1966 Harry S. Truman33rd President of the United States 1967 John W. GardnerSecretary of Health, Education and Welfare 1968 Bob HopeEntertainer 1969 U.S. AstronautsAccepted by the Administrator of NASA 1970 Jacques CousteauDirector, Musee Oceanographique 1971 Marian AndersonConcert Singer 1972 William P. LearChairmain of the Board, Lear Motors Corporation 1975 August A. Busch, Jr.Chairman of the Board, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. 1976 Roy WilkinsExecutive Director, NAACP 1977 Dr. Abram L. ScharChancellor, Brandeis University 1988 Dr. Robert C. GalloAIDS Researcher 1989 Dr. Agnes Reinkemeyer, F.S.M.Martyred Missionary Posthumous award accepted by the provincial of her community 1990 Rev. Paul C. Reinert, S.J.Chancellor, Saint Louis University 1991 Ms. Katherine DunhamDancer-Choregrapher 1992 Most Reverand John L. May, D.D.Archbishop of St. Louis 1993 Most Reverend John L. May, D.D.Archbishop of St. Louis 1994 Dr. Peter RavenDirector, Missouri Botanical Garden 1995 Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel AlbericiChairman of the Board and Treasurer J.S. Alberici Construction Co., Inc. 1996 Mr. Max StarkloffFounder/Owner Paraquad, Inc. 1997 Mr. John C. DanforthFormer U.S. Senator 1998 Mr. Jack BuckHall of Fame Sportscaster 1999 Father Joseph H. Maier, C.Ss.R.President, Human Development Foundation 2000 Mr. Thomas F. EagletonFormer U.S. Senator 2001 Nancy Goodman BrinkerFounder, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 2002 Jackie Joyner KerseeOlympic Champion, Philanthropist, Community Leader 2003 Buzz Westfall


Dear Dxxxxxxx,Thank you for the feedback on Walsh today.Indeed, the Order, including Joe Kennedy, was behind the Lindbergh affair, as Charles was a high Mason and pro-Nazi. He was also a party to the murder of his own son, enabling Hauptmann to steal the child from his crib. Hauptmann was a Jesuit-controlled German Nazi who gave his life to create anti-Nazi fury here in the US. It was a necessary move as the country was anti-war. In the wake of that travesty, FDR and Walsh privately recognize the USSR opening the door Russia to Ford, GM and the Pope's military industrial complex, many of its factories having been bought for pennies on the dollar thanks to the Great Depression---caused by short seller, Joe Kennedy.Harry Hopkins was another Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor as he was FDR's closest advisor and who, without an official title, lived in the White House with FDR. Hopkins was at Yalta, dictating terms to FDR---giving over all the anti-communists to Stalin so the Order's NKGB, ruled by Jesuits Nikolai Vlasik and Alexander N. Poskrebyshev could kill them all.And the socialist New Deal was not Talmudic, but Tridentine. The Jesuits were the impetus behind that grand theft of our rights and property, putting the country on a war economy. The New Deal---including the SSN--- is patterned after a papal encyclical that I quote in VAIII. One of the priests behind the New Deal was John Ryan of Catholic University of America.Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

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Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 5:05 PM

Subject: [SPAM] Saturday's 'smokin gun'Congrats to your excellent Saturday Edmund Walsh program. You guys didthe patriot community a real service with your direct quips about the Jews leadingthe Bolshevik Revolution with their Jesuit masters orchestrating. This theme needs to be politely driven to Mr. Jones, and Marrs. Up to now, they had only your words thathinted of a Jesuit association.

With a well layed out Q+A dialogue, you guys nailedWalsh as the Vatican emissary to the Jesuit-thugs at Lubyanka. That word had mesit up straight in my U-2 Gary Powers spy plane [ he was at Luby ? in May 1960].

Gary's helicopter went down over LA reporting on traffic congestion years later, maybeafter Gary learned about who killed JFK. That theme has been discounted by some,but then hardly any traffic helos go down, especially with the celeb spy pilot. Smokin gun on FDR with Walsh in the oval when they toasted Uncle Joe ! !Wow, you asked the right Q on that one. Bravo ! Alex, and Texxe missed thesmokin gun of the 20th Century. They can only top that by exposing who did the Lindbergh baby and that is only on an emotional level, but could be the diversionthat FDR needed for his toast to Uncle Joe that was coming up next year. Needed thetrial of Hauptmann to rivet legal eyes, the rest of the masses were ready to bend overfor sTalmudic-socialism from FDR controlled by Henry Hyde, or Hopkins.Best again from the good humor man.Oh yes "mental reservations" was a quip from a very Catholic boss I had in Silver Spring, MD. 1975.

He gave clues to Jesuit thinking but he did not use the Jesuit-word.Library closingDxxxxxxx


From http://s13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/index.php?showtopic=3276

Quoting from http://www.bessel.org/cathtlor.htm"After the Second Ecumenical Council (Vatican II) there began clerical questioning of the church's condemnation of Masonry. In 1968 a book was printed in Spain entitled La Masoneria Despues del Concilio (Masonry after Vatican II).33 The author was a Jesuit Priest, Father J. A. Ferrer Benimeli, whose thesis was that regular Freemasonry should not be condemned. He condemned irregular Freemasonry only, since it was atheistic and anti-clerical." [All Freemasonry either regular and irregular Freemasonry is headed by the Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach]http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/roman_catholic_freemason.htm (Jesuits embrace Freemasonry)
-Brother Nicholas N. Rivera




More info on the Jesuits.


is the link.


Here's a vital part of this article:


Please carefully consider the following quotations concerning World War II contained in this section:

“Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews. The Warburgs, part of the Rothschild empire, helped finance Adolph Hitler. There were few if any Rothschilds or Warburgs in the Nazi prison camps! They sat out the war in luxurious hotels in Paris or emigrated to the United States or England. As a group, Jews have suffered most at the hands of these power seekers. A Rothschild has much more in common with a Rockefeller than he does with a [Jewish] tailor from Budapest or the Bronx.”Gary Allen (Author of the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: German Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Franz von Papen and the German Roman Catholic Centrum (or, Zentrum) Party in Bavaria helped put Hitler into power. American Knights of Malta (big financiers) helped finance Hitler’s rise to power. And who controls the Knights of Malta? The answer: The Jesuit Superior General controls the Knights of Malta. Thus the Vatican and its Jesuit Order, which for centuries have hated and butchered large numbers of Jews (e.g., during the Crusades), were able to butcher millions more during World War II. Roman Catholic dictators were installed all over Europe prior to and during the early stages of World War II – Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, Jesuit Monseigneur Tiso in Slovakia, Ante Pavelic in Croatia, etc. Then these Roman Catholic dictators were able to slaughter the Jews, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians in Europe – all favorite and historic targets of the Vatican – with great vigor and great efficiency.))

Eric Jon Phelps, author of the well-researched book VATICAN ASSASSINS: Wounded in the House of My Friends, lets us know the names of the Roman Catholic dictators throughout Europe during World War II (dates shown are born/died dates):“The Jesuits, in control of [Adolph] Hitler’s occultic and homosexual Third Reich…, installed puppet dictators throughout Europe. They were:

· Bavarian Germany and the Third Reich – [Adolph] Hitler [1889-1945]
· Italy – [Benito] Mussolini [1883-1945]
· ‘Vichy’ France – [Henri Philippe] Petain [1856-1951]
· Spain – [Francisco] Franco
· Austria – Seyss-Inquart
· Poland – Frank
· Slovakia – [Jesuit] Priest [Monseigneur] Tiso
· Croatia – [Ante] Pavelitch ((Ed. Note: alternate spelling: Pavelic))
· Belgium – Degrelle

.All these Roman Catholic, Jesuit-controlled, Jew-hating dictators were loyal to the greatest war criminal of all, Papal Caesar Pius XII and his master, Jesuit [Superior] General Wlodimir Ledochowski.”“The declaration of [Roman Catholic Jesuit] Monseigneur [Ed. Note: French spelling of ‘Monsignor’] Tiso, chief of the Slovakian state, stating his intention to build up Slovakia according to a Christian [sic] plan, has the full approval of the Holy See [i.e., the Papacy].”(June 1940) – Radio Vatican

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: This Jesuit monster (Tiso) was put into power by Hitler’s Nazi Germany, with the blessings of the Vatican. Tiso, using his ‘Christian’ plan, brutally persecuted Protestants and Jews in Slovakia, sending them to concentration camps!))“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. …So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the [Roman] Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own [Nazi] party. …The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. …I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order [Ed. Note: the Nazi SS]. …In [Heinrich] Himmler [who would become head of the Nazi SS] I see our Ignatius de Loyola [Ed. Note: the founder of the Jesuit Order].”Adolph Hitler (1889-1945; Nazi leader and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945)

“In Hitler’s Pope, award-winning journalist John Cornwell shows that Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, was instrumental in negotiating an accord that helped the Nazis rise to unhindered power – and sealed the fate of the Jews in Europe.Drawing upon secret Vatican and Jesuit archives to which he had unprecedented access, Cornwell tells the full, tragic story of how narcissism, long-standing personal antipathy for the Jews, and political and ‘spiritual’ ambition combined to make Pius the most dangerous churchman in history. Not just a firm and final indictment of Pius XII’s papacy, Hitler’s Pope is also a searing exploration of its lingering consequences for the Catholic Church today.”Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII (book by John Cornwall)

Why did I list all of the above quotations? I did so because the Vatican planned, fomented, and orchestrated two world wars in an attempt to achieve Vatican objectives in Europe. The Vatican also planned, fomented, and orchestrated those two bloody world wars in order to slaughter millions of the favorite “targets”: Jews, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians! Indeed, the Vatican and her Jesuits have been at the forefront of almost every major bloody war and major bloody revolution in the western world in the past four centuries. Numerous historians have documented this. Please see the section entitled “What Can We Do?” – it will contain a number of books that document this nefarious history of bloodshed and violence.

Questions: If “the Jews” (i.e., Jewish bankers, Zionists, etc.) run the banking in the USA and in Europe, then why in blazes did they finance Hitler, Mussolini, and many other Catholic dictators in Europe during World War II? If “the Jews” have been running the USA and western European countries for ages, then why did they help ensure that millions of Jews would be slaughtered during World War II by supporting Catholic Fascist dictators? The answer is quite simple: It was NOT “the Jews” running the show in Europe during World War II, but rather the Vatican with her Jesuits and her powerful and wealthy Knights of Malta – with the help of a few rich secular Jews who work with the Vatican on such enterprises as world wars.

X. THE USA TODAY – WHO REALLY RUNS THIS COUNTRY?Here’s an interesting quote by author and publisher Jack T. Chick:

“I questioned Dr. [Alberto] Rivera about the briefings he received in the Vatican when he was a Jesuit priest. I asked him if he was briefed on how the Vatican planned to take over the United States. He told me [that] his indoctrination [training as a Jesuit] went back [into American history] to the time of the Pilgrims. Because of the knowledge of the Inquisition and the slaughter of Christians by the Roman Catholic system, the early immigrants in America began passing laws to keep Jesuits out of this country and to outlaw the mass…to protect themselves from a Vatican takeover. These were Christian communities deeply concerned about the ‘whore of [found in the book of] Revelation’.Jesuits began arriving in America as early as the second group of Pilgrims. They used different names with identifications. They were followed years later when the Vatican sent multitudes of Catholic families from England, Ireland, and France – posing as Protestants – into the colonies. These were ‘plants’.

They were holding secret masses in defiance of the laws. In those days, no Roman Catholic was to hold any position in civil government. The Jesuits made sure this part of our history was erased and removed.The next major move by the Jesuits was to destroy or control all the Christian schools across America. Throughout the years, Jesuits, working undercover, have gotten into special committees on school boards to remove the emphasis of the Bible and replace it with psychology as found in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius de Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Society. Later, Catholic schools and universities sprang up all across the nation under the Jesuits. Today, they probably outnumber all the Christian schools and colleges put together.The third stage was to move into the courts and legislation…to take over as judges and lawyers in order to manipulate the Constitution in their favor until it could be changed. Once this was accomplished, the thrust was into politics to capture the political parties. Then [the Jesuits moved on to] the military and the newspapers. Even back in the time of Lincoln over half the newspapers in the United States were controlled by the Vatican.”
((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) If you have any doubts about the above claims by Jack Chick concerning the power and influence of the Papacy, and especially her Jesuit Order, then you need to check out his book Smokescreens, the book A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt, the book The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris, the book 50 Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, and the book Is Alberto for Real? (compiled by Sidney Hunter). These books can all be ordered via credit card by calling 1-909-987-0771.

(2) If you have any doubts about the Vatican’s heavy-duty takeover of much of America’s newspapers, magazines, etc., then please do some research on such Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta named William Randolph Hearst and Henry Robinson Luce.))

Here is an interesting quote by Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965; a Supreme Court justice):

“The Order’s working and involvement in America is immense. The real rulers in Washington [D.C.] are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.”And another quote by John F. Hylan (Mayor of New York City from 1918-1925):

“The real menace of our Republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states, and nation.A. The U.S. CongressPlease consider the following quotations by F. Tupper Saussy, which were taken from his book RULERS OF EVIL: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, along with some of my editorial comments:

“What [Professor Carol A.] Brown [of the University of Massachusetts] had learned from Carl Bernstein, I [i.e., F. Tupper Saussy] had discovered for myself over several years of private investigation: the papacy really does run United States foreign policy… Yes, [Carl] Bernstein noted that the leading American players behind the Reagan/Vatican conspiracy, to a man, were ‘devout Roman Catholics’ – namely,· William Casey – Director, CIA [Ed. Note: And a Knight of Malta];

· Richard Allen – National Security Advisor;
· Judge William Clark – National Security Advisor;
· Alexander Haig – Secretary of State [Ed. Note: And a Knight of Malta];
· Vernon Walters – Ambassador-at-Large; and,
· William Wilson – Ambassador to the Vatican State.

But the reporter neglected to mention that the entire Senate Foreign Relations committee was governed by Roman Catholics as well. Specifically, Senators· Joseph Biden – Subcommittee on European Affairs;· Paul Sarbanes – International Economic Policy, Trade, Oceans, and Environment;· Daniel P. Moynihan – Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs;· John Kerry – Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Communications; and,· Christopher Dodd – Western Hemisphere and Peace Corps Affairs.”((Ed. Comments to the previous quote:

(1) Please consider also that there are 18 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. One of them, Georgetown University, is famous for educating many U.S. diplomats and Foreign Service personnel. A Jesuit priest and professor at Georgetown University, ‘Father’ Edmund Walsh (who founded the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University), in 1922 led the “Relief Mission” to the Soviet Union after the Bolsheviks had seized power.

(2) The Knights of Malta is headquartered with, and subordinate to, the Jesuit Superior General in Rome. Powerful Knights of Malta have held key positions in the U.S. government, in U.S. intelligence agencies (e.g., William Casey, James Jesus Angleton, William Donovan, and John McCone), in publishing (e.g., William Randolph Hearst and Henry Robinson Luce), etc.

(3) Senator John Kerry, during his presidential run, revealed his Jewish background.))

“In fact, when the ‘Holy Alliance’ story hit the stands [in 1992], there was virtually no arena of federal legislative activity, according to ‘The 1992 World Almanac of US Politics’, that was not directly controlled by a Roman Catholic senator or representative. The committees and subcommittees of the United States Senate and House of Representatives governing commerce, communications and telecommunications, energy, medicine, health, education and welfare, human services, consumer protection, finance and financial institutions, transportation, labor and unemployment, hazardous materials, taxation, bank regulation, currency and monetary policy, oversight of the Federal Reserve System, commodity prices, rents services, small business administration, urban affairs, European affairs, Near Eastern and South Asian affairs, terrorism/narcotics/international communications, international economic/trade/oceans/environ-mental policy, insurance, housing, community development, federal loan guarantees, economic stabilization measures (including wage and price controls), gold and precious metals transactions, agriculture, animal and forestry industries, rural issues, nutrition, price supports, Food for Peace, agricultural exports, soil conservation, irrigation, stream channelization, flood control, minority enterprise, environment and pollution, appropriations, defense, foreign operations, vaccines, drug labeling and packaging, drug and alcohol abuse, inspection and certification of fish and processed food, use of vitamins and saccharin, national health insurance proposals, human services, legal services, family relations, the arts and humanities, the handicapped, and aging – in other words, virtually every aspect of secular life in America – came under the chairmanship of one of these Roman Catholic laypersons:

Frank Annunzio
Edward Kennedy
Daniel Moynihan
Joseph Biden
John Kerry
John Murtha
Silvio Conte
John LaFalce
Mary Rose
De la Garza
Patrick Leahy
David Obey
John Dingell
Charles Luken
Claiborne Pell
Christopher Dodd
Edward Madigan
Charles Rangel
Vic Fazio
Edward Markey
Dan Rostenkowski
James Florio Joseph McDade Edward RoybalHenry Gonzalez Barbara MikulskiThomas Harkin George Miller

Vatican Council II’s ‘Constitution on the Church’ (1964) instructs [Roman Catholic] politicians to use their secular offices to advance the cause of Roman Catholicism.” ((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Senator John Kerry, during his presidential run, revealed his Jewish background.))“An updating of this list will not reflect a significant change in the presence of Roman Catholic laypersons in the higher legislative reaches. According to the ‘Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities’, in the 106th Congress there are 40 ‘Jesuit alumni’ who graduated from 17 Jesuit institutions [of higher learning]. There are 5 alumni in the U.S. Senate and 35 alumni in the House of Representatives. Out of these 40 alumni, 23 received graduate or professional degrees from Jesuit universities. [Jesuit] Georgetown University has the most graduates, boasting 15 alumni in the U.S. Congress.”

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Please remember that these folks are graduates of Jesuit institutes of higher learning. There are other Roman Catholic institutes of higher learning that do not belong to the Jesuit Order. Many Roman Catholic laypersons that have served in the U.S. Congress have come from non-Jesuit Roman Catholic colleges and universities.))Please also consider these two quotes by Avro Manhattan, taken from his book Murder in the Vatican:“The Vatican is a superpower – on a par with the USA and Soviet Russia. Indeed, since at times it can act as a formulator of the policies of both, it can be reckoned as the paramount superpower of our times.Its adherents, a massive portion of mankind, nearing a billion [Ed. Note: it’s now over a billion], can be made to operate in every corner of the world. [There are] sixty million [Roman Catholics] within the USA herself.…Therefore the Vatican is a superpower in its own right. Indeed, because of its duality as a political and as a religious center, it can outbid the other two [superpowers].”((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) The Vatican today needs no standing armies of her own. Why is this so? It is because she can mobilize the armies of other nations to do her bidding. This happened on a massive scale during World War II – a war that was fomented and largely orchestrated by the Vatican.

(2) The Vatican is often able to “steer” (i.e., direct) the foreign policy of other nations through her many agents that she infiltrates into foreign policy-making governmental committees and organizations – and, into the most powerful intelligence agencies in the World, such as the CIA. In the USA, the Vatican is able to draw upon her powerful Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, etc. – many of whom hold positions of great power in the U.S. government! Sadly, many of these powerful individuals give a far greater degree of their loyalty to the Pope and/or to the Jesuit Superior General than they do to the U.S. Constitution and to the American people!

(3) There were 60 million Roman Catholics in the USA in 1985 (when Manhattan’s book was written). However, when one adds to this number the normal growth in population of 20 more years, PLUS all the illegal immigrants coming into the USA (the vast majority of whom are Roman Catholic), the number of Catholics in America today is probably closer to 100 million.))“Thus, whereas the USA has a mere 250 million citizens [Ed. Note: Remember, this was written in 1985] and the Soviet Union about 300 million, the Vatican, via the [Roman] Catholic Church, can influence between 800 and 1000 million [i.e., one billion] Catholics.These [now over one billion Roman Catholics], unlike the citizens of the other two superpowers (who are strictly confined within physical and political barriers), have no frontiers whatsoever. They are posted within the USA, Soviet Russia, and within hundreds of other countries, and can be made to operate independently of their own administrations, governments or regimes.A Catholic citizen, therefore, owing to the fact that he is a member of the Catholic Church, can and often is influenced in his social and ideological attitudes by those taken by the Vatican, acting as the political facet of the Catholic Church.

It cannot be otherwise, since [Roman] Catholics, notwithstanding their disclaimer, are affected directly, tangently, by the Vatican’s political stance in the belief that such a stance is that of the Catholic Church.”And please consider this quote by Jeremiah J. Crowley (Irishman; ex-priest in the Roman Catholic Church; author of the book Romanism: Menace to the Nation):“Today they [i.e., the Jesuits] are stronger in the United States than they ever were in any of the countries of Europe which expelled them as a menace to the government.” (1912)B. The Mainstream Media and PressI would like to repeat journalist Paul Blanchard’s quote again:

“There is no doubt that the American Catholic hierarchy has entered the political arena, and that it is becoming more and more aggressive in extending the frontiers of Catholic authority into the fields of medicine, education, and foreign policy… As we shall see in this book [Ed. Note: American Freedom and Catholic Power], the Catholic hierarchy in this country [i.e., the USA] has great power as a pressure group, and no editor, politician, publisher, merchant or motion-picture producer can express defiance openly – or publicize documented facts – without risking his future.” (1949; Quote was taken from his book American Freedom and Catholic Power.)Please remember that this quote was made in 1949.

The power of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the USA has not diminished from that time, but has, in fact, grown. Many powerful Knights of Malta (under the control of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order) have held key positions in the media (e.g., Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst), in U.S. Intelligence (e.g., CIA chiefs William Donovan, John McCone, and William Casey), in banking, in the U.S. government, etc. Top-level Knights of Columbus (e.g., Senator Ted Kennedy) have held, and continue to hold, key positions in the U.S. government. Many of these men do NOT have the best interests of the American people at heart – rather, they serve the interests of the globalist rich and power elite and the Vatican. These men share the goals of the Vatican for one-world government and one-world religion under the leadership of the papacy!Here are some interesting quotes about America’s controlled mainstream media (which is probably the most controlled media in the western world):

“In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests [Ed. Note: controlled by the Rockefellers]…got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the U.S. and [a] sufficient number of them to CONTROL generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process to retain only those necessary for the purpose of CONTROLLING. They found it was necessary to purchase CONTROL of 25 of the greatest [news] papers. The 25 [news] papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly SUPERVISE and EDIT information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the INTERESTS of the PURCHASERS… This policy also included the SUPPRESSION of everything in opposition to the wishes of the INTERESTS SERVED.”

(Statement placed in the Congressional Record in 1917)Oscar Callaway (U.S. Congressman)“There is probably no important magazine or newspaper in the country [Ed. Note: the USA] that is not COMMUNIST-penetrated to some degree.”Whittaker Chambers (1901-1961; American journalist; ex-member of the Communist Party of the United States)((Ed. Comment to preceding quote: The communists are merely “front men” for more powerful forces working “behind the scenes” – controlled by secret societies, such as the Jesuits.))

Authors Texe Marrs and Dr. Cathy Burns, and other writers, have reported that such “Protestant” evangelical leaders, such as Billy Graham and Pat Robertson (both of whom are high-level Masons), were financed and set up (“puffed” in the press as they started their religious careers) by such Roman Catholic Knights of Malta as Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst. Isn’t that very interesting – “Protestant” leaders (who are Masons) being set up by Roman Catholic Knights of Malta? Who really controls America’s mainstream media? Some allege that it is “the Jews” running America’s mainstream media. If that is so, then how do these powerful Roman Catholic Knights of Malta achieve such mighty positions in the world of publishing and electronic media?

If “the Jews” run America’s press and publishing houses, then how does a Roman Catholic pope get to be named “man of the year” in major U.S. newsmagazines? If “the Jews” run our television networks, then how does a masterful piece of propaganda on Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II get to be aired on American television? If “the Jews” run America’s media, then why in blazes do popes and other Catholic prelates get wonderful press in this country? ((Remember, no one has hated and slaughtered Jews like the Vatican has! If you doubt this, please see my TTT newsletter entitled “Bloody Hands & Wicked Hearts” that is posted on the first two Internet web sites listed at the beginning of this newsletter.))


I would like to repeat a statement I made earlier in this newsletter:Front organizations, “sheep dipping”, scapegoats, red herrings, and smoke screens – all of these are SOP (standard operating procedures) for the Jesuit Order!One of the favorite “red herrings” [i.e., something used to divert attention from the basic issue] used by the Jesuit Order is that “such-and-such a person is a Jew”. You can find various web sites that will tell you that Hitler was a Jew – or Stalin was a Jew. First of all, let’s get a few things straight from the beginning here:

· Adolph Hitler was a practicing Roman Catholic who was never excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. (Neither was Mussolini!) He was put into power by German Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Franz von Papen and the Roman Catholic Centrum (or, Zentrum) Party in Bavaria. And, Hitler signed a Concordat with the Vatican.

· Joe Stalin was trained by the Jesuits at the Jesuit Tiflis Seminary in Soviet Georgia.Again, this is “standard operating procedures” for the Jesuit Order. That is, after the dastardly deeds are done, then accuse every powerful individual who was involved – usually after he is dead – of being a Jew.

Something else to consider:

The Jews settled extensively throughout much of Europe, and despite warnings to the contrary, did intermarry amongst the surrounding Gentiles. Thus many Europeans probably have at least a little Jewish blood from somewhere on the “family tree”.

It has been reported that Adam Weishaupt was born a Jew. Even if true, so what? Adam Weishaupt was Jesuit-trained, and he taught Roman Catholic Canon Law at a Jesuit university in Catholic Bavaria (i.e., at Jesuit Ingolstadt University). Weishaupt, as already mentioned, died in the good graces of the Catholic Church (after being “sheep dipped” for a period of time). Likewise, Stalin was Jesuit-trained.Something else to consider: I have read in several books that at one time a Jew was found in the Jesuit Order and was immediately put out of the Order – and that a rule was made that no [real] Jew could be a Jesuit. Do the Jesuits use some Jews as front men? It would certainly appear that they do.The main point here is:

It does not matter what one is born (whether Jew, Christian, Moslem, etc.), but rather whom does one serve! We can take a look at World War II and see that history recorded in great detail that the monsters who fomented, choreographed, and conducted this bloody world war were Roman Catholics who had the full support of the Vatican. And they carried out the Vatican’s agenda in World War II. Take a good, close look again at the Eric Jon Phelps’ quote in the World War II section that lists those Roman Catholic dictators.As far as scapegoats go, the Vatican has for centuries used “the Jews” as their favorite “scapegoat”.

Again, please read my TTT newsletter entitled “Bloody Hands & Wicked Hearts” for some historical examples of this use of the Jews as a scapegoat by the Vatican. The Jesuits certainly use “the Jews” quite often as a “smoke screen” to cover their own nefarious activities!XII. SUMMARYHistory has shown us quite clearly that the Vatican hates religious liberty and loves ecclesiastical tyranny. It also shows us that she hates the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America (where religious liberty has flourished) and loves Fascist regimes.The plans to destroy America and her Constitutional Republic were made quite early in American history. Roman Catholic monarchs and the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy (to include a number of popes) CONSPIRED to destroy religious liberty and representative government. Top Catholic leaders gathered in at least three largely secret meetings to discuss how to squash religious liberty and representative government wherever and whenever they appeared – whether on the European continent or in the United States of America. These three meetings were:
· The Congress of Vienna [Austria] from 1814 through 1815;
· The secret meeting at Verona, Italy in 1822; and,
· The secret meeting at Chieri, Italy in 1825.

Indeed, plans were carefully laid out at these meetings for the takeover of the United States through infiltration of our government, our education system, our press and media, and even our non-Catholic Christian churches and seminaries. The same plans had earlier been used quite successfully in England. The degree to which most Americans are totally unaware of these three secret meetings (Vienna, Verona, and Chieri), Vatican and Jesuit involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the Vatican’s involvement in fomenting both World War I and World War II, the Vatican’s support of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy (and other Fascist states in Europe) during World War II, etc., speak volumes about how successful their takeover of America’s history books, publishing industry, press, and media has been!

The primary “weapon” against religious liberty, the Protestant Reformation, representative government, etc., of the Vatican for the past four plus centuries has been the infamous Jesuit Order (with its powerful Knights of Malta and its control of the top levels of Freemasonry). The primary “tool” of the Jesuit Order has been INFILTRATION. Wherever the Jesuit Order has been allowed to flourish, political intrigue, revolutions, civil wars, assassinations of heads of State, etc., have been the fruit of this den of vipers.

XIII. FINAL THOUGHTSQuestion: After having read this newsletter, who do you think is the greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic and our religious liberty – the Vatican & Jesuits OR “the Jews”?((The following paragraph is an addition for the “electronic version” of this issue of TTT that will soon, D.v., be posted on the Internet. I asked the same question as immediately above in a January 6, 2006 piece I wrote entitled “New Year’s Thoughts”. I think the information is worth repeating in this section of this newsletter.))

“For heaven’s sake, there are 18 million Jews in the world, and over one BILLION Roman Catholics (that the Vatican State can draw on). The Vatican State not only has diplomatic relations with many nations of the world, but also has the largest (by far) and most efficient intelligence-gathering network in the world (especially through her numerous monastic orders, large priesthood, and the Confessional)! The Vatican has a well-documented history of over 1000 years of religious genocide on a massive scale ((against Jews; against Christian groups such as the Albigenses and Waldenses; against Protestants (the French Huguenots, Irish Protestants, Bohemians, etc.); and against Orthodox Christians (as recently as the 1940s)). The Vatican has a well-documented history of Inquisition (especially against Jews and Christians), and of the most brutal torture. (The Office of Inquisition STILL exists – now called the ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ – and the Catholic Church has never repudiated its ‘right’ to use force, torture, and extermination of all who oppose her doctrines and practices! The Vatican has a well-documented history of infiltrating governments and royal courts with her Jesuits, papal knights, etc.

The Vatican’s Jesuit Order has a well-documented history of infiltrating other Christian denominations and seminaries, of assassinating heads of State, of fomenting revolutions and wars, and of carrying out many other nefarious activities. The Vatican has a well-documented history of loving Fascist regimes (such as Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in World War II) and of hating religious liberty. The Vatican also loves ecclesiastical monopoly, and regularly persecutes other religions whenever and wherever she has the power and opportunity to do so (e.g., Croatia in World War II)! Now, in view of what was stated in this paragraph, I ask you, dear reader:Who is the greatest threat to religious liberty and conscience, and to the American Republic – “the Jews” or the Papacy/Vatican/Jesuits?”((End of added paragraph for “electronic version” to be posted, D.v., on the Internet))America is at the brink of destruction. And that destruction has been carefully planned.

We – none of us – can afford to remain “silent” for fear of offending anyone or any institution.Please carefully consider these quotes concerning “silence”:“Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.”Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881; Swiss writer and philosopher)“When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow [i.e., cowardly].”Tom Anderson (Writer)Indeed, many of us have Roman Catholic relatives and friends. We don’t do them – or ourselves – any favors by remaining “silent” concerning the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and its well-documented history of:· Hating religious liberty and freedom of conscience;· Plotting the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and our most basic God-given Rights;· Assassinating heads of State, such as President Abraham Lincoln;· Fomenting and orchestrating revolutions and wars, such as World War I and World War II;· Planning and carrying out religious genocide on a mass scale against such groups as: Jews, Bible-believing Christians such as the Albigenses and Waldenses, Protestants such as the Irish Protestants and French Huguenots, and Orthodox Christians (as recently as the 1940s in Croatia); and,· Planning and working to be at the very top of a one-world religion and a one-world government.If we are worried about offending our Catholic relatives and friends, then we ought to consider this following quote by the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.):

“…Piety requires us to honor truth above our friends.”Some commentators continue their main focus on “the Jewish bankers, the Masonic Jews, the Jewish neo-conservatives in the U.S. Administration, the Zionists, and Israel” – sometimes lumping them all together as “the Jews”. Those individuals who do so, while largely ignoring the much greater threat from the geopolitical/financial/religious powerhouse made up of the Vatican State with her Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, numerous monastic orders, a large priesthood, plus control of the top levels of Freemasonry, etc., are doing the following:· “Straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel.”· Focusing on two “growling Chihuahuas” (what they call “the Jews” and Israel) while largely ignoring ten “Bengal (Romish) Tigers” (Vatican State, Jesuits, Opus Dei, papal knights, etc.).· Pointing out to us an “infantry squad” attacking in the middle of the battlefield while missing the “ten armored divisions” quickly enveloping us on one of our flanks.By doing this, I believe that they are, perhaps without knowing it, aiding and abetting the most powerful enemies of our Republic and of our liberties. And everyone who remains SILENT about this great threat to our Republic and our liberties is also aiding and abetting those who desire to destroy everything we hold dear!

We can go on pretending that there is no real threat from the Vatican’s designs for world domination – to be at the head of one-world government and one-world religion, or we can do some research and study to find out the truth about the Vatican and her hatred of our most precious liberties. Which brings us to the section entitled, “What Can We Do?”XIV. WHAT CAN WE DO?

1. If you think that this issue of the TTT newsletter contains important information, then please make copies of it and give them away free-of-charge to others.

2. Please check out these two Internet web sites: www.tacklingthetoughtopics.net and www.calltodecision.com. Please read some of my TTT and ETI newsletters, especially “Death by Government and Death by Church” and “Bloody Hands & Wicked Hearts” that deal with religious genocide (to include Inquisition, papal crusades against Christians, ‘holy’ wars, etc.). Please also check out my TTT newsletters on “The Jesuits” (parts I through IV), and the series of TTT newsletters that I did on wars in which American troops fought. If you find that any of these newsletters contain important information, then please make copies of them to give to others. Also, please tell as many folks as you can about the above-listed web sites.

3. Please purchase good books that will tell you the truth about religious genocide, Inquisition, assassinations of heads of State, etc. Here are some that everyone should read:(a.) Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe; 470 pages; $11 postpaid: This book contains the stories of many victims of ecclesiastical tyranny – stories of martyrs like John Huss, William Tyndale, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, etc. These martyrs paid the ultimate price for opposing false doctrine – some being horribly tortured – some being slowly burned (roasted) at the stake. Their stories of courage must not be allowed to die. This book is “must read” for all Christians – both Catholics and non-Catholic Christians should learn the truth about ecclesiastical tyranny! To order a copy, please call “Power of Prophecy” toll-free at 1-800-234-9673.

Or, make check or money order payable to “Power of Prophecy” and mail it to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733-6507.(b.) The Vatican’s Holocaust by Avro Manhattan; 236 pages; 1986; Publisher: Ozark Books; $9.95 postpaid: This book deals with the Roman Catholic clergy-led religious genocide against Serb Orthodox Christian peasants and farmers in Croatia during World War II, and includes photographs of both the victims and perpetrators of this barbaric genocide. To order a copy, please make check or money order payable to “Ozark Book Publishers”, and mail it to: Ozark Book Publishers // P.O. Box 3703 // Springfield, MO 65808.(c.) A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt; 550 pages; 1994; Publisher: Harvest House Publishers; ISBN 1-56507-199-9:

This book is $16.20 postpaid. It has chapters on the Croatian Holocaust of World War II, the Vatican Ratlines that helped Nazi and Fascist war criminals escape punishment at the end of World War II, and much more. To order, make check or money order payable to “Chick Publications” and mail it to: Chick Publications // P.O. Box 3500 // Ontario, CA 91761-1019. For credit card orders, please call 1-909-987-0771.(d.) Smokescreens by Jack Chick; 95 pages; 1983; Publisher: Chick Publications; ISBN 0-937958-14-X; $6.75 postpaid: This book has an excellent chapter entitled “A 20th Century Inquisition” that exposes the horrors of the Vatican’s Holocaust in Croatia during World War II, and includes photographs of both the victims and perpetrators of this barbaric genocide. It also has a chapter dealing with other mass murders and massacres carried out on the orders of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. For credit card orders, please call 1-909-987-0771. Or, make check or money order payable to “Chick Publications” and mail it to: Chick Publications // P.O. Box 3500 // Ontario, CA 91761-1019.(e.) The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris; 206 pages; Publisher: Chick Publications; ISBN 0-937958-10-7; $10.75 postpaid:

This book covers the history of the Jesuit Order from its founding in 1534 through World War II. The author exposes the Jesuit-controlled Vatican’s involvement in world politics, intrigues, and the fomenting of wars. This book reveals the involvement of the Vatican in helping to foment both World War I and World War II, and its involvement in supporting Nazi and Fascist regimes in Europe during World War II. Much of the slaughter that occurred in World War II can be laid at the feet of the Vatican and her Jesuits. To order a copy, make check or money order payable to “Chick Publications” and mail it to: Chick Publications // P.O. Box 3500 // Ontario, CA 91761-1019. To order by credit card, please call 1-909-987-0771.(f.) The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel; 411 pages; 1999; Publisher: CHJ Publishing; ISBN 0-927022-41-9; $20 postpaid: This book is a well-documented exposé about Jesuit control of Freemasonry.

It also fills in many “historical gaps” concerning the sinister activities of the Jesuit Order. This book provides evidence of some heavy-duty Jesuit involvement in fomenting the bloody French Revolution (1789-1799). (This book also deals with some very important aspects of Bible prophecy!) To order a copy, please make check or money order payable to “American Sentry Books” and mail it to: American Sentry Books // P.O. Box 14 // Crawley, WV 24931. ((If you have any questions on bulk orders, please call 1-304-392-6155.))(g.) The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes; 150 pages; 2002; Publisher: Truth Triumphant; $5 postpaid: This book deals with the assassination of a number of U.S. presidents (Harrison, Taylor, Buchanan, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK), and exposes those who had the motive for assassinating these men. It also reveals some fascinating facts about the sinister activities of the Jesuit Order. To order this book, please make check or money order payable to “Truth Triumphant” and mail it to: Truth Triumphant // P.O. Box 1417 // Eustis, FL 32727-1417. ((You can obtain this book and Bill Hughes’ follow-on book “The Enemy Unmasked” for $9 postpaid – and save a $1 – each book is $5 if ordered separately.))(h.) The Enemy Unmasked by Bill Hughes; 160 pages; 2004; Publisher: Truth Triumphant; $5 postpaid:

This book exposes the Jesuit Order, the Illuminati, and treasonous activities during America’s history. To order, please make check or money order payable to “Truth Triumphant” and mail it to: Truth Triumphant // P.O. Box 1417 // Eustis, FL 32727-1417. ((You can obtain this book and Bill Hughes’ first book “The Secret Terrorists” for $9 postpaid – and save a $1 – each book is $5 if ordered separately.))(i.) Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris AND The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Burke McCarty (Two books in one volume); 270 pages; available through Ozark Books; $14.00 postpaid: Here are two books that provide proof of Jesuit involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. To order a copy, please make check or money order payable to “Ozark Book Publishers”, and mail it to: Ozark Book Publishers // P.O. Box 3703 // Springfield, MO 65808.XV. CLOSING QUOTES TO PONDER:

“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.”Marquis de LaFayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general; served in the Continental Army under General George Washington)“If the American people could learn what I know of the fierce hatred of the priests of Rome against our institutions, our schools, our most sacred rights, and our so dearly bought liberties, they would drive them out as traitors.”Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President of the United States)((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: While the above statement has certainly not applied to all Roman Catholic priests residing in America, either past or present, it surely does apply to the top levels of the Roman Catholic hierarchical system.

A number of popes and other top-level Catholic prelates have condemned freedom of religion, conscience, and the press in the strongest possible words. For a good example of this hatred of liberty, please read Pope Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors of 1864.))“Let America again be forewarned as to Rome’s intention ‘to make America Catholic’.”Larry Harrison (Publisher)“Popes have been consistent in their declarations that freedom of religion should NOT exist, and that the Church of Rome represents the only true faith and therefore should alone be allowed to spread its doctrines.”Larry Harrison

“…The Church of Rome, with its sixteen [Ed. Note: now approaching 17] centuries of intrigue, plans fifty or a hundred years ahead. The ultimate goal of the GREAT SCHEME is to throw the ‘lever of time’ back by restoring the Pope as the ‘universal arbiter’ from whom all the rulers of the earth must receive their authority to rule, as [occurred] during the Dark Ages.”Burke McCarty (Author of the book The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln)“Persecution of non-Catholics in Catholic-controlled countries should warn Americans as to what will happen here if the pope ever gains full control of this country.

Rome never changes.” (March 16, 1960)Raywood Frazier“Now more than any other time since the 16th century Reformation, God is looking for Christians to stand in the gap, to be watchmen, courageous enough to pay, as [Jan] Hus did, the flaming death of martyrdom. Remember: there is a battle to be fought (Ephesians 6:16-20). There is an enemy to be overcome (1 Peter 5:8, 9). There is a watch to maintain (Jude 3,4, [and] 17-23).” – Bartholomew F. Brewer (Ex-Roman Catholic priest of the Discalced Carmelite Order)

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers, or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” – Psalm 94:16
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2006: A Look Ahead (a Must Read)



2006: A Look Ahead

This will not be a 'forecast'. I am no prophet and have no special insight into how events will transpire in the coming year. Nevertheless, there are many issues that bear watching and herein I list some events that one should keep a close eye on.

The Middle East/Iran/Economics

Iran's nuclear program will continue to plague the world community. Iran's key Cleric Rasfanjani has stated clearly that Iran has a 'right' to peruse nuclear technologies, despite what the rest of the world may think. While most of the world will disagree, others in the Arab world would tend to agree that not only western oriented nations should have the bomb. 'If the Western Occidentals can have them, why can't we' will be the refrain in many capitals in the Arab and Islamic1 world. While Iran can hardly be called a responsible member of the international community it is a sovereign nation and many would argue has the right to defend itself with the same weapons that the west defends itself. This argument is powerful and while rarely articulated in public is done so privately in many circles. Should Iran have a bomb?

Will it be as destabilizing as everyone seems to fear? My answer is that Iran probably should not have the bomb but if it did acquire it, it would not be nearly as destabilizing as many claim or fear. The only nation that would have anything to fear is Israel and barring a reliable delivery system, such a bomb is not a problem in the world of nuclear brinkmanship. What must also be kept firmly in ones mind is this as well, if Iran were to use such a weapon anywhere, it more than likely would cease to exist as a modern state as nuclear retaliation would almost certainly ensue at a level and intensity that would destroy its infrastructure and significantly reduce its population. It does not seem likely that Iran would ever use a nuclear weapon. When India and Pakistan were seeking these weapons, doomsayers predicted that they would eventually use them and destroy each other. Since each has demonstrated that they posses these weapons, not only has the worst NOT happened but the relations between the two have warmed somewhat.
One need also to look at North Korea, the home of a world leader who is truly insane who has the bomb. There have been no mushroom clouds. Once a nation acquires the a nuclear weapon, its use is prohibited by the certainty of that nations utter and complete destruction. Thus, all of the loud and angry protests made in western capitals are not as important as those who are making them would like us to believe. The real threat is a non-state player getting their hands on a such a weapon.

However, this author has never quite believed that this is the reason for Washington’s sudden interest in Iran is really in its nuclear program. Lacking a reliable delivery system2 such a weapon could really only be used as a terror weapon against shipping in the Persian Gulf. The only regional power that Iran would use it on is Israel and as mentioned before, Iran would probably cease to exist before any missile could be launched. So why is Washington going on diplomatic overdrive on this issue? The possible reasons are many

To detract from is dismal failure in Iraq
To keep up pressure on the Islamic regime in the hopes they can speed its internal implosion
To pressure it not to send fighters into Iraq when US troop numbers are reduced
To stop it from opening its new oil borse which will use Euro’s as a currency
To attempt to put a more 'positive' spin on US foreign policy to the world.
Each, I believe is a reason for America’s Iranian obsession. However, I think by far the most important is the new oil market. I do not think it is a coincidence that Washington’s protestations grow louder and louder as the opening date of March 20th 2006 moves closer. How much of a threat is this new oil market? Well, today all oil bought and sold around the world are done so on one of two exchanges, The London Exchange (International Petroleum Exchange or IPE) and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Both of these are owned by US companies. Because of this fact, all oil sales world wide must be conducted in dollars. If China wants to buy Oil from Venezuela, they must exchange their currency from their native one to dollars. This has created a somewhat ‘artificial’ demand for American dollars. This is the cornerstone to what is commonly referred to as Petrodollar politics. America has been able to gain a great deal of economic strength from this simple fact.

While cries of looming disaster over this new market have been heard far and wide about the collapse of the dollar because of this, the reality will be far more complex. Iran's state is on the verge of an internal implosion. Mass disaffection of its youth is a serious and growing problem. Tehran has seen widespread demonstrations of its youth. These have led to mass round ups of students. One of the main problems the Iranian ‘Revolution’ is facing is unemployment. This is a most serious problem for Iran as its youth make up 65% of its population. The tragedy in Iran is that it was youth who helped drive out the Shah and usher in the current regime. With unemployment high and disaffection with the regime also running high, the situation can turn unstable very quickly. While the clerical regime remains in power and is unable to solve the burgeoning crisis with its youth an internal crisis remains likely. In Iran, anything can happen. The environment is very repressive, young people can't even listen to music such as Eric Clapton or Kenny G without the risk of imprisonment.

So in light of this internal trouble, why would Iran seek to build a bomb? It seems unwise to invest so much time and money and international pressure when its own domestic house is in such serious need of cleaning. But threaten to build it, it has and there must be some kind of stratagem that is yet to be fully revealed. But one extremely well placed observer has noted to me personally that the real problems in Iran are the growing possibility to fracture along generational lines. The youth are very numerous, discontented and not above mass protests to be heard.


The new President is cognizant that the nation may be on the verge of another revolution and may be baiting the US in the very hopes that the US will strike it with bombings. This will immediately and certainly unify the nation, as he knows. Bringing in some kind of unity seems to be one of the most important tasks of this new President will undertake. He has used all kinds of anti-semitic statements and threats against Israel to garner support internally. He does not appear unwilling to risk a few bombs to bring it about. The key here is to understand that Iran itself is in a domestic crisis and the crisis is not about building nuclear weapons, it is about Iran imploding. A real question here is if Iran implodes will she look east to Russia and China, or west towards Washington and Brussels? Clearly her interests are in in the East which makes the situation doubly troublesome for Washington and Britain. The history of Iran and the exploitation of it by both the US and the UK has been written about at length.

It has not escaped my attention that new alliances are being formed and they seemed deliberately constructed to offset and counterbalance US hegemony. Mr. Noam Chomsky wrote on this in a recent article in CounterPunch. Chomsky goes on to show that certain nations are moving in on oil rich nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. If Russia and China are willing to give Tehran diplomatic cover and even quiet military support in the coming months the balance of power globally may shift. China has a strong motivation for wanting closer ties with Iran. It needs oil and its needs grow with each passing year. Russia has its own designs most notably to get the US out of the strategic Middle East and out of its back yard. Russia and China are already in a semi-formal alliance known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
SCO now has some permanent mechanisms in place and is now moving forward with regional cooperation. These events are not unrelated and are not transitory. They are long term reactions to the foreign policy of Bush and the Neo-Conservatives. India and China long historic rivals are now talking about energy rather than fighting over it. This is a dramatic shift and it is being driven by the odious nature of US foreign policy. Regional powers have a common need and that need is energy and as oil becomes more expensive and scarce, wresting away some of the overconsumption done by the US will be high on the agenda. One of the ways to do that is to price oil in a non-dollar currency. Time will tell who the winners and losers will be in this new game but today, except where America is involved, cooperation rather than confrontation seems to be the norm.

But other reasons may be motivating the US to act now against Iran. Iran's oil is key to a very serious global energy problem. Iran is a linchpin that the US neo-conservatives are trying to undermine by removing Arab from control of this critical resource in order to transfer it to Western Oil companies. This is what we have seen in Iraq and what I expect they would like to do in Iran.

More Energy Maneuvering

Yet this brings is to an interesting event that transpired on January 1st 2006. The Russians cut the Ukraine off from its natural Gas supplies. Ukraine received a generous subsidy from Russia in the form of only having to pay 25% of market rates for its supplies. Ukraine was in the habit of paying for at least part of its gas in the form of 'services' rather than cash to Russia. It allowed Russia to transit gas through its territory in exchange for reduced prices. Russia's Gazprom wanted money instead.

Lets face it, what we heard in the western press was a frontal assault on the very market mechanisms that are so often touted by the west. Does Exxon or BP charge anyone 25% of market prices for their energy? No. Nor are they likely to. Europe charged Russia with being 'unreliable'. Why? They wanted to charge market rates. While the situation is muddled in politics and a long running spat between the two, the reality is that Ukraine must learn to accept market mechanism and one of those mechanisms is to pay market prices for commodities. What Russia demanded was neither unreasonable nor unanticipated. Europe does not want its own supplies disrupted as was likely during the dispute and thus they came down hard on Putin. Russia and Ukraine may be able to patch up this dispute, but the fall of the Ukrainain Government does not bode well.

From Kyiv's point of view the actual crisis is perceived as a retaliatory measure by the Kremlin against an ex-Soviet republic who considered Ukraine a "friend," that decided to back away from its sphere of influence. Russian authorities do not cease to declare that since Ukraine has been recognized by the EU, which it wishes to integrate as a market economy, it is time that it acts as such by paying for its gas at competitive prices. - Le Monde


The backdrop of the Iran crisis is most disconcerting. The US is not in a healthy fiscal position that has been acknowledged by many inside and outside Washington as being unsustainable. This has led the Chinese to signal that they will be moving some of its foreign currency reserves out of Dollars into other currencies.

Currently, China is holding $769 billion, the vast majority of its
foreign exchange reserves. This is a humongous sum by any measurement
and represents approximately 30% of China's gross domestic product.
Regrettably, the Bush administration's wasteful spending makes the
dollar look like a bad long term investment, so China will either have
to change its strategy or face a huge loss on its reserves. It's a
thorny predicament and one that China needs to handle delicately. If
they move too aggressively it could trigger a sell-off and send the
dollar plummeting.

It is unlikely that China will act recklessly, but even the mere
suggestion of change has put the markets on edge. - Mike Whitney

Frightening and ominous are the words that come to mind as we have depended on the lending of others to keep our current lifestyle. This move by China is a very serious move against the dollar and that lifestyle, borrowed from abroad. This is a very serious threat to the dollar but not one which will destroy it overnight. This is because China is unlikely to start dumping dollars irresponsibly because that would only make their own foreign exchange position weaker. But no matter how responsibly the Chinese do it there is likely to be some disruptions. They have far too many dollars to sell for it to be done in an orderly fashion. The real question is who is going to buy them when they sell?


This exit from the dollar could be disorderly. While pundits in the US consistently refuse to acknowledge this, the Bank for International Settlements is not as optimistic. “The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar is bound to decrease eventually and could potentially do so in a way that destabilizes the global economy, William White, Head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements, told Market News International3. This is not what you will hear economists in the US say. You see the Neo-conservatives has a stranglehold on the organs of information in the US. They plant stories that are blatantly false, stage events (like the crying incident of Judge Alito's wife), and tell out right lies to the people. Millions of dollars are paid to Washington PR firms to do just that. Those in the government tote the party line or get removed, it is just that simple. So many of our news organizations are run my heavy GOP contributors (Time Warner run by Richard Parsons). Ruppert Murdoch who owns Fox News, which streams a consistent plethora of GOP disinformation. News organizations all over, even those who are not GOP backers are very careful, because of the political climate. Let one of them run a real story on our war on terror and a thousand stories by paid for hacks, PR firms and pundits will fill up the airwaves in condemnation. This is how truth is becoming obsolete in 21st century America. It is how they are stacking the deck and telling people things are just fine economically but anyone who opens their eyes can see a different story. I mean.. just look at GM and Ford.

Now we understand why M3 is not going to be published. It is a part of a broader 'information warfare' (propaganda) assault on investors and the American people. Savvy foreign investors are NOT fooled, Foolish domestic ones are. Look at what they are having to print right now! It is amazing! Yet there are still the professional liars to call anyone who points these extremely troubling anomalies as 'conspiracy theorists'! It would be quite hilarious if it weren't so sad. I recently read an article on CNN Money telling folks that things were just dandy, that 'chicken littles' are wrong and that if anyone listens to them, they will miss 'opportunities'. No where do they discuss in the fiscal crisis in Washington (no budget, Treasury debt issues with few takers). Just the same old Pollyanna poppycock that brought you Enron.

There are far too many very disconcerting events on the horizon that will serve to seriously challenge the greenbacks continued place as the primary global currency. Overall these events could really spell the end to the dollars pre-eminence. Is it a coincidence that March is when the oil market in Iran is set to open and March is when the Fed ceases publishing M3, a statistic that they have been publishing since the Fed's inception in 1913? Is it a coincidence that Israel says it will be ready to attack Iran in March? Let me make this clear to all who read this. The Fed explanation of discontinuing compiling and publishing this information is a brown fog emanating from its backside. Frankly it stinks like it too. The US is:

Over 8 Trillion in debt.

Runs massive current account deficits
Is in the midst of a massive de-industrialization (is making less and less tangible, marketable goods)
Has an entrenched criminal element operating in many of its most powerful financial institutions.
Has many corporations and in or on the verge of bankruptcy.

Has a major US city to clean up and does not have the money to do it.
Has consumers that are highly indebted.

Is fighting a war that has already cost on 200 billion dollars that it can't win but refuses to end.
Each of these problems are solvable. They are not difficult to solve provided American political leadership want to solve them. The money that puts America's Presidents and Congressmen in office do not want these problems solved. They are frankly, more often than not, the root cause of the problem to begin with. Make no mistake about it, 'religion' of globalization has its 'religious fundamentalists' as well. The dogma of this secular belief system is that the America must be brought to her economic knees. It must use treaties to undermine US competitiveness abroad, it must destroy America's labor movements and bury its consumers in debt, make health care unaffordable to a large portion of its citizens and reduce the majority of its workforce to what can only be called modern 'serfdom' not unlike those of the third world; Americans are destined to become broke and powerless because of this religious dogma. Listen to me dear readers, US Senators are in favor of shipping your job to India and China. Y-o-u are on the slave auction block and the bidding has already started!

You can see the money in the US treasury is not there for many purposes. Look at the Oklahoma fires. The State waited for over a week to get the Department Of Homeland Security to respond to requests for help. Katrina victims are still in a pickle as the money promised is slow in coming. Where are they going to get the money to continue to fight the war? Where are they getting the money to do it now? Why is the IRS holding up tax rebates? Troops in Iraq still complain about supply problems, lack of body armor and soft skinned Humvee's4 are the stories that have hit the news, but other far more serious problems exist5. None is this speaks of a healthy economy. Money for reconstruction in Iraq is running out as well and the US can't spend any more to rebuild the nation we destroyed. All of this is transpiring while National Guardsman must sue to Government to get paid for their travel expenses. The DOD obviously does not have the money to pay the troops for incidentals. None of these things individually are very significant but taken as a whole, a very troubling picture emerges as to the government's fiscal health. The US has to flood the markets with treasuries to fund itself While government statisticians will come up with 'tall tales' of robust economic growth (in order to keep their jobs) and healthy economic prognostications (in hopes of promotion), the reality of US economic strength is clearly demonstrated in the destruction of New Orleans and our inability to rebuild it..
Death Dollars And Dinars
2006 has already brought in some very interesting changes as I write this we are just barely two weeks into the year and we have seen
Death Of Emir Dubai
Death Of Emir Of Kuwait

Removal of Sharon due to a stroke

These leaders each were pivotal for various reasons. Kuwait because of its oil reserves and closeness to the US. This may change as the years pass because the Kuwaiti's are not happy about our war on Terror. They, like the rest of the world are quite angry with what we are doing to other Arabs. The Emir of Dubai was important but you will not hear of the reason why by too many. The emir was a key proponent of the gold Dinar.

Of course the (brain) death of Sharon is very important for Israel. So far the year is turning out be be very eventful for the middle east. The removal of these three leaders can have a serious medium term impact of events.

As an interesting aside, it has come to my attention that recent news stories about the Saudi's seeking $624 Investment from the UK is significant, but not for the reasons stated in English publications. My sources are saying that this 'investment' is really a two way street and that what the Saudi's really want to do is use their 'investment' in the UK to sock away large quantities of money (not in dollars) to put away when (not if) they are removed from power. I relay this to you not because what I was told is a certainty, but to give you a heads up as to what to look for. I have been watching carefully to see which rich Arab nationals and Royal families move their wealth out of dollars. Don't look for Central Banks to do it (yet), look for individual people to protect themselves first6. Some newspapers in Arabic do occasionally talk about transfers of relatively small amounts over long periods of time by these individuals in order to avoid a panic. Granted, some of these reports must be taken with a grain of salt, others seem more credible. One thing you be certain of, you won't hear about in on CNN, Marketwatch or Bloomberg. Their Job seems increasingly to be to keep you in Wall Streets financial scams.
One thing you all need to keep in mind; the Saudi regime is not stable. It literally could fall at any moment. Insiders tell me that one day we could all wake up to a very, very different world. One in which;

The new Saudi regime will not sell us oil, except in Euros and only after demand from the developing world has been met.

The new Saudi regime begins exchanging their dollar reserves into Euro's
The new Saudi's regime kicks the US military out of Saudi Arabia
The Saudis threaten to blow up all of their oil infrastructure if we try to invade.
If these things happen you will see a crisis like no other and friends and readers, such a crisis is almost certainly going to happen in the not too distant future.
America... And Other Lost Causes.

The American President is now taking on all of the airs of a dictator. President Bush does not believe the Supreme Court has any authority over him. He does not believe he has to obey the law and arrogantly spies on Americans. The people do not protest. The American people in their contemptible lethargy and ignorance do nothing, while this man reduces entire nations to rubble runs our deficits into the stratosphere, kidnaps imprisons and tortures people with reckless abandon. I listen to folks talk in the shopping malls and restaurants. They talk about the Redskins and going to the movies. The nation is in the midst of a serious corruption probe and the people by and large couldn't care less. Abramoff and his antics are a revelation of what is really going on on Capitol Hill. It has been a feeding frenzy of tax money going to all kinds criminal activity. Bribes and payoffs in order to get their hands on money in the US Treasury. There is no excuse for what has been going on.

This is one massive scandal that may include some of those issues no one likes to talk about like prostitution rings for Congressmen, Senators and Cabinet Officials and child prostitution rings that that exists for the same people. Sadly since the Justice Department is handling it, it seems unlikely that anyone of real power will go to jail. If some of these crimes could be investigated and prosecuted at the State level, then there may be some progress. Let us keep in mind that Tom Delay is being prosecuted in a State court under State charges, its a miracle that when things get out of the hands of the US justice Department and its corruption, things move along rather quickly. The US Justice Department has no desire to prosecute GOP corruption7, since its own way of operating is more akin to a criminal organization that a law enforcement one.

But America's woes are being seen around the world and people in foreign capitols are taking notice. One site I visit regularly has many articles from foreign capitols on it. It is called Watching America. There you can find out (in English) just what much of the world is thinking. From Katrina and the woes of the poor there, to America's spy scandal, torture flights, burgeoning deficits and fiscal irresponsibly, the world is not silent. The resounding theme I find is that President Bush in not qualified to lead the world; destroy it yes, lead it no. Thus we must ask ourselves how this very mediocre man, with very limited mental and conceptual capabilities could rise to such power. The answer is one that is so very obvious. But that answer is a clear affront to the delusion that most Americans have of their beloved nation.


Blood and Money.

Bush comes from one of the aristocratic families that has run America for almost a century. Yes, America has an aristocracy, it is never called that, usually such terms as 'establishment' and 'elite' are used to describe the small click of blood related rulers of America. Those of you who want to find out more on this will find many books on the subject, one work is called the Anglo-American Establishment by Carrol Quigley. This is a scholarly work. Another well written but far more conspiratorial book is called Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeyer8. This book is well researched but significant gaps are present which are clearly noted even by the author. Nevertheless it well worth the read. There always has been an aristocracy in America and today our President is the hideous result of their hold on power, intermarriage and dark religious beliefs. George Bush as I have said over and over again is not America's problem, it is the aristocracy (elite, establishment) that put him in power and refuses to remove him. Let me make this clear, despite the rhetoric we hear from about the theatrical 'dismay' many feel on the hill about the President and his unconstitutional actions, the reality is that the powers that put them in office want things just as they are.

They know the serious economic catastrophe that is heading our way and want a dictatorship to deal with it. The specter of dictatorship and economic depression is not new to the American establishment who had a very important had to play in the rise of Hitler. This is no wild eyed conspiracy theory the facts exist in documentary evidence that many here in the US were directly responsible for the rise of Adolph Hitler.
Today the entire Anglo America establishment is facing the most serious threat to its existence. That is of a global shift away from its economic bedrock, the US dollar. The most important moral of this establishment is that is must, no, matter what the cost, be on the winning side and maintain its power and preeminence. Have you ever wondered why laws are so readily broken lately in both the US and the UK? Why so many of the more humane and law abiding principles that used to be admired around the world have been jettisoned?

The Anglo-American Establishment is running scared. They are deathly afraid that the empire is facing a permanent decline. Oil's decline in abundance, the rise of Islam, genuine anger at its policies in the third and developing world are all converging against it. The threat as they see it is two fold. Islamic/African/Latin control over critical resources and second, a growing violent reaction to its own often violent actions around the world. There is also the rise of China and the resurrection of Neo-Soviet Bear. The reciprocal violent actions that respond to the violence of the US-UK Establishment have been called 'terrorism'. The word terrorist is a much abused term which more often than not means the poor man not laying down to be impoverished, beaten, kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered.

In the UK Mr. Blair now can spy on Ministers Of Parliament (the rough equivalent of the American House Of Representatives). These are not the actions a man interested in preserving a free society, they are the actions of a Man who is bent on a power grab for key financial/oil and industrial leaders for both the US and the UK. The same is happening in the US. The recent spy revelations, as will be revealed as the months pass has little to do with terrorism. It has everything to do with spying on Democratic Party leaders, business leaders and key media personnel. This is about controlling all of the mechanisms of state and making a handsome profit. This is the case. The entirety of this scandal has not been revealed yet, it will be one day in the not too distant future. The US and UK are trying to maintain their empire and make no mistake the two are joined both by blood and money. This is the real backdrop of the war on terror and the energy grab now underway and ensuring more reasonable elements within their own nations do not get a handle on political power ever again. Yes, in essence I am talking about a form of government that is a far cry from the democratic republic we are used to. I am talking about fascism showing its face in both the US and UK in a very real way. The cry of the people within these two nations is saying 'keep us safe, I don't care who you must spy on, torture, terrorize, kill, rape, steal from; I don't care who's' child you molest, or how many houses, churches, mosques, old folks homes, children's hospitals you must blow up to do it, just keep us safe'. Because the people have so little historical perspective they do not know that every time a government starts by terrorizing others, it always without exception turns and starts terrorizing its own.

Thus we can see with a clear eyes what is coming.


On the Spiritual Front

There are many things happening in the world and it seems that Islam is at the center of much of it. Whether it be terrorism, oil, war or even the dollar, Islam is a key part of the spiritual and temporal wars happening today. Islam is bad news. Even though I am a Christian, I would say that if I were an atheist. Wherever it rears its intolerant head, poverty, repression, despotism seem to increase. While many Arab nations have enormous oil wealth, the problems even in the richest of them, such as Saudi Arabia, has not led to a benevolent rule but to repression in the extreme. A friend of mine travels extensively in the Middle East and he has met many very important people there. He tells me consistently this one phrase that I will repeat to you, “The problem in the Arab World can be summed up in one word, Islam”.
In Europe Islam is moving quietly into mainstream life. This is causing many problems and in France, one of the most tolerant of EU nations to have serious social disruptions in many of its cites as recent events demonstrated. Islam is very much on the move and it is this threat that many in the west wish to repress with war. From the regions of Babylon and Persia is rising a bitter and often righteous anger at America.

This war on terror is creating and strengthening these elements who posses this hatred. Our war is clearly having the opposite effect than was intended as we are creating terrorists galore with our indiscriminate bombings. Sadly far too may 'Christian' observers fall into 'knee jerk' explanations as to what we are doing on the ground in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places that are not in the news (Somalia, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia). Automatic support for our indiscriminate violence in the mistaken and misguided belief that somehow it will 'help Israel' is a terrible deception that has covered the eyes of too many 'Christians'. They do not care about the thousands of people killed and tortured by US forces. Many of these victims are Christians. This is a sickness that is part and parcel of the religious right and those who think they are supporting the secular state of Israel with the murderous thoughts and intents of their hearts. They have mistakenly come to the conclusion that all Arabs and all Muslims are terrorists. They are not. But our war is turning more and more of them into terrorists. If you do not believe me, click over to this link and play a little game. The game is truly amazing in its simplicity but its insight into the war is impeccable. See how many terrorists you make with you own little 'war on terror'. There is no way to win this war. Those who talk of attacks on nations like Iran or Syria are not speaking for God. Christ's Kingdom is NOT OF THIS EARTH. But the kingdom these religious impostors is of this earth and of this world and they are serving the prince of this world. We (genuine Christians) are sojourners and travelers here. God has made a Heavenly Kingdom for those who love him (by doing his commandments).That is not to say that that there is enormous spiritual significance to Islam's (especially Iran's) satanically inspired hatred of Israel and its desire to destroy it. But as Christians we must not fall into the 'war and killing' trap. It is far too easy to do and far too many Christians do it. Israel is dear to God yes, but the Church has been given commandments and our love for Israel must never cloud or propel us to support evil men who use their silvery tongues to deceive us into unwise, deceitful or violent action.

Brothers and sisters, deceit is everywhere it is especially in the religious right and its TV pastors, preachers and evangelists. They are leading the sheep into the arms of its unholy consort, the GOP and support of its policies. For now the global beast system is content to harass and target the Imams and Mullah's of Islam. They are now the target of the Anglo American establishment. Soon it will be priests and pastors. I realize that I am simply telling you what many of you already know and most of you will never believe... that is until big brother kicks in your door and takes you someplace never to be seen or heard from again.

Purpose Driven Apostasy.

Rick Warren who has started the 'Purpose Driven' movement in the Church calls Christian Fundamentalists the 'Greatest Enemy' Of The 21st Century. This is the man who is heading movement that is taking the 'Church' by storm. Pastors are throwing out their Bibles and using Warren's book to run their congregations. It is truly amazing! Apostasy is the word for today's 'Purpose Driven' Church.


Around the world there is enormous persecution against Christians. In Burma persecution many not be directed at Christians particularly but they feel the brunt of it just the same. The program of repression is mostly against ethnic minorities, but among these minorities are sometimes large groups of Christians. The horrors of persecution are often felt in Islamic governments. Especially those who have a great deal of oil and are friendly to the US. The most repressive to Christ and his followers is probably Saudi Arabia. While persecution does exist in other nations, it is not a state sponsored 'past time' to imprison, torture and kill Christ's followers as it is in Saudi Arabia, one of America's closest allies.

China as well is a hardened persecutor of Christ's followers and has good (if not necessarily warm) relations with America. Pastors, Priests and home Church leaders are often rounded up and imprisoned. They are often tortured as well, sometimes they are persecuted for simply having 'forbidden literature' such as prayer books, witnessing and Church materials. China is a serious enemy of Christ and his cross.

Persecution of Christians is also increasing in the West. In America, Judges are ruling that schools cannot teach creation (aka intelligent design). They must teach Godless creation. That is, there is no order or system or even importance to the world and the universe, people or animals. All are just 'cosmic accidents' waiting to be slaughtered by a new evolutionary 'master race'. The Laws of physics that order the universe, anyone with a functioning mind can see, are not to ascribed to intelligence. This is obviously a new satanic system of American education. The Courts are more and more becoming an instrument of Satan to remove God from all walks of life and then install man as god. Soon, as the scriptures say, men will blaspheme God for bringing plagues upon them as their sins demand judgment from he who shall judge the living and the dead.

I recommend that you visit some of the sites that assist the persecuted to find out just how bad things are in some places Christian Freedom International, Voice Of the Martyrs, Barnabas Fund and Christian Monitor all deal with these issues.
Many of you get upset with me because I bring many of these things to light. I am unapologetic of my criticism of what is happening to America and the Church inside her borders. Please understand this too, I do not hate our leaders, temporal or inside the Church, but if I do not speak out about what is happening I become a cloak that covers evil, rather than a light that exposes it.

Latin America

Chavez is on the move. His revolution is gaining many supporters. Chile has a new Socialist leader. While Chile's new leader is unlikely to ally itself with Chavez and his 'revolution'. Chile has accepted neo-liberal views of 'free trade'. Yet Ecuador is moving against US hegemonic interests it wants to ensure that the natural gas deposits there go to benefit the people, not big US oil conglomerates. The entire move in Latin America is to the left, though perhaps not as far left as Chavez wants to take it. This is causing many problems in Washington, which wants to further 'liberalize' trade under its neo-liberal principles. This is going to a key area to watch in the year ahead. Will Latin America be satisfied with existing trade arrangements with the US and maintain and even strengthen Mercosur to the exclusion of agreements more favorable to the US?All of this remains to be seen but the influence of Chavez is likely to put a damper on US efforts. Latin America is an often neglected topic in news sites in the US even in alternative sites. Those who want to keep their eyes open to what is happening should keep an eye on Latin America as well. Much is happening there.



Lucius: Art thou not sorry for these heinous deeds?Aaron: Ay, that I had not done a thousand more.Even now I curse the day--and yet, I think,Few come within the compass of my curse,--Wherein I did not some notorious ill,As kill a man, or else devise his death,Ravish a maid, or plot the way to do it,Accuse some innocent and forswear myself,Set deadly enmity between two friends,Make poor men's cattle break their necks;Set fire on barns and hay-stacks in the night,And bid the owners quench them with their tears.Oft have I digg'd up dead men from their graves,And set them upright at their dear friends' doors,Even when their sorrows almost were forgot;And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,'Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.'Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful thingsAs willingly as one would kill a fly,And nothing grieves me heartily indeedBut that I cannot do ten thousand more.

-From Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

If there were any part of Shakespeare that I thought described the morality of the GOP and our sitting President this is it. It is as reprobate as the devil's apprentice and as remorseless as Hitler's henchmen. They do not seem to care whom they kill, torture, maim, kidnap or rob.
This too describes the American people who put them in office... twice. You know, I often listen to the radio in the car when I am running errands and I was listening to a show a couple of days ago that I really like, it is the Gary Null show. He mostly deals in health care issues but lately as America is clearly moving into a crisis, he has dealt with some more progressive issues. Make no mistake, the show is excellent. But one thing he said kind of startled me. He said that the American people were 'good people'. Well, I understand where he is coming from on one level, but one must wonder how 'good' the people are when 90% of them supported men like Clinton (who also killed lots of innocent people) and Bush. I cannot agree that the American people are good. Naïve yes, good no. Goodness requires courage and I see none of that in modern Americans. Rather, I see a 'go with the flow' kind of moral degeneracy a 'crowd based cowardice' that now makes up the black hole of America's soul. Americans are going with the flow, right down the river Styx9.

This is one reason why I know that America days as a Constitutional Republic are over. When the President decides he is above the law, you are no longer a republic. Rather, you have either a monarchy or dictatorship. The difference between the two is academic. Sadly as these things are apparent, there is little outcry. Will America ever recover from its disease? I will give you the short answer. No, and frankly I cannot say that this is altogether a bad thing. I say this not as in an unpatriotic spirit but one that does not want to see the nation I live in ever bludgeon poor people with such reckless abandon ever again. In short, I hate lies and evil more than I love America and as this nation turns towards greater and greater evil I cannot help but desire to see that it troubles the world no longer. Call me what you want, 'unpatriotic' 'bad', 'wrong' even 'traitor', but I just cannot wish the monstrosity that America has become continue to have the kind of global power she has now. The America I once loved simply does not exist anymore.

God knows I do not want to see anyone harmed or mistreated inside or outside our nation but America under Bush as gone too far. My prayer is that her days be shortened and that she never trouble the world again as she is doing now with her wars, unwarranted international aggression, kidnappings, torture camps, global eavesdropping and financial criminals that run Wall Street. I have served this nation in time of war I do not need any 'pantywaist patriot' who never did anything for their nation except wave a flag when it was 'politically correct' to do so telling me what it means to be patriotic. These overweight, emotionally handicapped and ignorant cowards by and large don't not even know that the words 'separation of Church and State' are not in the Constitution, they (as polls have shown) can not even point to Iraq on a map, they can't tell you the basics of American history. But they can wave a flag like a trained monkey and call it patriotism. A trained monkey still looks, talks and smells every bit like a monkey. How many trained monkeys do you know? I know about 260 million of them. The number of real humans that act, think and speak like humans in America is a dwindling minority. The vast majority of Americans are living proof that Darwin was wrong.

American policy towards the rest of the world will dominate news in 2006, baring a serious natural disaster. Whether she is able to fund her deficits or have to print money to pay its bills is not going to be an academic issue in 2006. How the government pays for natural disasters, new wars and other unforeseen problems will also be important. Remember this, it is only continuing resolutions that keep us going now as there is no real budget. Don't let the pundits on the mainstream news try to dance around it. There is no budget and we are broke. The only real thing we can do since we are flooding the market with debt (that people are shying away from), is print money and that is why the Government will no longer publish M3 and with monetary quacks like Bernanke heading the Fed, I can only say...
God help us all!!
In Christ Jesus, with no apologies for my faith or my views,

Mark S. Watson


1This is a most important distinction as Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians, though they do have an Islamic state.
2I realize that Iran has missiles that are attributed long range. However having the two (nukes and missiles) often automatically causes many to surmise that they can actually deliver a nuke with a missile the reality is not always as clear (number of actual nuclear weapon she posses a reliable triggering system a reliable missile that does not have a tendency go astray are all factors that must be considered). In other words having a missile and a nuke are not always indicative of a system that is actually capable of delivering a nuke to a target of ones choice with any reliability. The Key to making Iran's arsenal a potent first strike weapon will be its ability to launch without warning and with sufficient retaliatory capability to deter a response to its first strike. Information on Iran's missile arsenal can be found here.
3As quoted from the Credit Bubble Bulletin
4Troops who buy their own amour can lose their death benefit
5One of the most pressing is the 'overuse' of critical equipment. From aircraft, helicopters to tanks and supply vehicles. These pieces of equipment only last so long in a hostile environment in battle conditions. You can only get so many hours out of an aircraft engine before it needs to be replaced. This is the less newsworthy but more important story of our supply problems in Iraq.
6Recently an altercation took place between Omar Sharif and a parking lot attendant. Most US papers did not report exactly what the spat was about. Sharif tried to pay the attendant in Euro's rather than dollars and the attendant got indignant. Sharif told him that it was 'real money' and a spat ensued.
7Some will argue on this. We will have to see who actually GOES TO JAIL when all is said and done.
8Fritz soon after writing the book was railroaded into Prison.
9A mythical river in Hell often referred to as the river of blood. The word comes from the greek stugein which means hate. Thus it could also be called the river of hate.