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Erica Garner Passed away at the age of 27

2017, in 7 minutes

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Why Black People Own Guns

Believing in Social Justice.

There is plenty of reasons why I wholeheartedly believe in social justice. One is that I believe in the Golden Rule. Internationally, we humans live in many countries and we have a diversity of backgrounds. One pristine, glorious concept that definitely unites us is about us having the inborn, inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In that sense, we have the right to exist filled with freedom and excluding oppression. In our times, the world has many forms of injustice and corruption from tyrannical leaders, environmental degradation, and to bad economic policies. That is why we fight for a government that not only defends the rights of some, but one that protects the human rights of all people. Democratic freedoms like the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom of religion, and the right to petition didn't come out of thin air. These freedoms were fought for by courageous activists who wanted their posterity to witness a world better than the past. Enlarging human freedom is necessary. The long road to equality will not be easy. That is why people have utilized various forms of protests including civil disobedience in order for the world to see monumental, transcendent change. We desire justice in our daily lives, in the law, and shown in our government. We promote this aim not just because we want to help people (which we do). We advance this premise because it is the right thing to do. Immigrants, black people, women, and other minorities have made great contributions throughout the epochs of human history. Therefore, we are obligated to enrich the lives of others in an altruistic fashion. The concern of the poor is our concern. When one human is violated of his or her rights, then all of our rights are violated. In that sense, we stand up for our collective humanity when we utilize the Golden Rule faithfully in our lives. The pursuit of greed for the sake of nefarious self aggrandizement and ego makes no sense in building up the soul.

What builds up the soul is uniting ourselves in building up our communities and seeking answers that go beyond benefiting ourselves, but courageously lifts up humanity in general. We have seen positive work done by many heroes. One woman, Harriet Tubman, freed many people who were held in bondage. One man, who was Steve Biko, engineered a movement which wanted Black Consciousness to be used as a great vehicle to end the oppressive system of apartheid. A revolutionary change is definitely our goal, because a positive, revolutionary change can make the Promised Land so real. Social justice means that we desire the promotion of the general welfare, we want tranquility, we want justice, and we want to secure liberty for ourselves and our descendants. That is why true government ought to be made by and for the people. A strong social safety net and compassion to the poor are great things to enact too. We know that man can't live by bread alone. Material needs alone will not save us. We need to recognize that humans are more than atoms and electro-chemical patterns. I believe in the existence of the human spirit, I believe in God, and I believe that spiritual growth is necessary to develop too. Being against oligarchy and being in favor of truth plus wisdom is a magnanimous, concise aphorism to live by.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Pamela Williams. She grew up in Philadelphia. She is a world famous jazz musician, saxophonist, producer, and painter. She has toured globally too. She has musically worked with Patti Labelle, Teena Marie, Sheila E. the Ohio Players, and other artists. Glover Washington Jr. was one of her many inspirations. Her 1996 debut album was Saxtress. She continues to inspire and perform. She is also a great artist and has developed very exquisite, creative, and detailed paintings (which shows images of fellow artists and other themes about life in general). I wish Sister Pamela Williams more blessings. Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother Denzel Washington. He is now 63 years old and he was born in Mount Vernon, New York. He's a living legend. He is one of the greatest actors in human history. Highly intelligent, he has worked diligently to speak up for causes of volunteering, after school programs, and lifting up our community. He has been involved in some of the greatest, most inspirational films in history. He was definitely born to play the role in Malcolm X (which is one of my favorite films). Washington earned a B.A. in Drama and Journalism from Fordham University in 1977. He played basketball in college too. By the late 1970's and the early 1980's, he was in many TV shows. During the 1980's, he played a doctor in St. Elsewhere. Also, he was in theater throughout his career as well. He won the Best Supporting Actor role in Glory. That was in 1989. He has played in a diversity of films from Remember the Titans to Crimson Tide. He's a blessed man and he's married to a gorgeous black wife whose name is Pauletta. The couple has many children. Denzel Washington is his own man who has funded charities, spoken out on issues, and continues to bring great excellence in the craft of acting.

It's certainly one of the most tragic stories of the year. The 17 year old Ulysses Wilkerson (who was beaten to the point of near death in Alabama) never deserved this at all. For the cops to claim that causing a child his eye socket to be cracked "reasonable force" is a lie and a total masochist nature of those crooked cops. There should be an independent investigation to ascertain all of the facts and accountability should manifest itself. Our people are always lectured on respectability politics by conservatives and even some Hoteps, but these same people refuse to lecture cops on what they ought to be as it relates to decency and respect to human rights. The abuse of the human rights of black people by crooked "cops" (or the gang in blue) is not new. Obviously, the teen was viciously beaten. We are committed to oppose police brutality, so the parents of this teen can have some semblance of justice in their lives. Trump is a fascist. He actually believes that he can do what he wants involving the Justice Department. He is silly to say that in an impromptu New York Times interview in public. That tells me that he has no shame and he has no forthright compassion for the rule of law and for common decency. Louis XIV was an authoritarian absolutist. Absolutism is totally repugnant to any free society, because democratic power means that no one person has unilateral, unlimited power. Power is regulated and the power of any President should controlled ultimately by the people (as the government ought to be by and for the people). More people are exposing Trump and he should have never been President in the first place.

We are born to have Excellence, so achieving Excellence while having fun is one great purpose of life. Just because you're conscious, doesn't means that you can't have fun. We are human, so having time to have fun via vacations, sporting events, concerts, picnics, hiking, and other trips recharges human energy and gives people the opportunity to establish plus grow more positive human connections. Real strength ultimately consists of overcoming obstacles, standing up for truth, compassion, and believing in justice. We can learn from others, do excellence, be humble, and never be ashamed of our power (as power used to help is great). Some historic news is that a posthumous story from Zora Neale Hurston will come out and become published in 2018. It is about the story of the last survivor of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. His name was Cudjo Lewis. RIP Brother Don Hagan Charles. He was a famous photographer of the Civil Rights Era. He was 79 years old when he passed away recently. He was the man who took a picture of Malcolm X holding a rifle next to the window in the sense of protecting his family, which he had a right to do. Creativity is a blessing, because it stirs up the mind and causes people to express more of their meritorious human talent. Constantly learning is a plus. Also, it is important to utilize that learning to find the truth. Wisdom is more than learning information. It is about applying that information and using it to benefit society as a whole (and analyzing to gauge its meanings and value in an inquisitive, comprehensive fashion). Some shocking news is that Eric's Garner's daughter, Erica Garner, just had a heart attack. She is in a coma now. We all send prayers for the Garner family during this time. Erica is a well known social activist in New York City. We wish for Erica to have a full recovery.

By Timothy

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Beware Of "CONscious" Internet-Based Leaders Part 12 ~ Umar Johnson

You Ask I Answer ~ Dating / Religion / Anti Afro Svengalis / Umar Johnso...

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LBJ's early Life

By 1937, Johnson successfully campaigned in a special election for Texas’s 10th congressional district. This district involved Austin and the surrounding hill country. He ran on a New Deal platform. He was aided by his wife effectively. He served in the House form April 10, 1937 to January 3, 1949. President Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomed him as an ally. He was a conduit for information, especially when it relates to Texas internal politics. He worked with LBJ on the machinations of Vice President John Nance Garner and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn. Johnson was soon appointed to the Naval Affairs Committee. He worked involving rural electrification and other improvements in his district. LBJ steered the projects towards contractors. He personally knew contractors like the Brown Brothers, Herman and George. They would finance much of LBJ’s future political career. He ran for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in a special election in 1941. His main opponent was the sitting Governor of Texas. He was the businessman and radio personality W. Lee O’Daniel. Johnson narrowly lost the Democratic primary, which was tantamount to the election. O’Daniel received 175,590 votes (30.49%), and Johnson 174,279 votes (30.26%). Lyndon Baines Johnson was in active military duty from 1941 to 1942. On June 21, 1940, he was appointed a Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Naval Reserve. He served as a U.S. Congressman during this time. He was called to active duty three days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941. He was ordered to report to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in D.C. for instruction and training.

After he was trained, LBJ asked Undersecretary of the Navy James Forrestal for a combat assignment. He was sent instead to inspect the shipyard facilities in Texas and on the West Coast. By the spring of 1942, President Roosevelt needed his own reports on what conditions were like in the Southwest Pacific. FDR wanted information from up the military command. He wanted a trusted political aide to send him the information. Forrestal suggested Johnson to do it. So, FDR assigned Johnson to a three man survey team of the Southwest Pacific. Johnson reported to General Douglas MacArthur in Australia. He had 2 U.S. Army officers who went to the 22nd Bomb Group base. This was assigned the high risk mission of bombing the Japanese airbase at Lae in New Guinea. Johnson’s roommate was an army second lieutenant who was a B-17 bomber pilot. On June 9, 1942, he volunteered as an observer for an air strike mission on New Guinea by eleven B-26 bombers that included his roommate in another plane. While on the mission, his roommate and his crew’s B-26 bomber was shot down with none of the eight men surviving the crash into the water. There are different reports on what happened to the B-26 bomber carrying Johnson during the mission. Robert Caro is Johnson’s biographer. He accepts Johnson’s account. His said that it’s supported by testimony from the aircrew. Also, the aircraft was attacked, disabling one engine, and it turned back before reaching its objective, though remaining under heavy fire. Others claim that it turned back because of generator trouble before reaching the objective and before encountering enemy aircraft and never came under fire. This is said to be supported by official flight records. Other airplanes that continued to the target came under fire near the target at about the same time that Johnson's plane was recorded as having landed back at the original airbase. MacArthur recommended Johnson for the Silver Star for gallantry in action. After it was approved by the army, he personally presented the medal to Johnson, with a citation. Johnson used a camera as an observer. He reported to Roosevelt and to the Navy leaders. He said that the conditions were deplorable and unacceptable. He argued that the South West Pacific needed a higher priority and a larger share of war supplies immediately. Warplanes were sent.

He wanted Forrestal to know that the Pacific Fleet needed a critical 6,800 additional experienced men. Johnson prepared a 12-point program to upgrade the effort in the region. He wanted “greater cooperation and coordination within the various commands and between the different war theaters." Congress responded by making Johnson chairman of a high-powered subcommittee of the Naval Affairs Committee, with a mission similar to that of the Truman Committee in the Senate. He probed the peacetime "business as usual" inefficiencies that permeated the naval war and demanded that admirals shape up and get the job done. Johnson went too far when he proposed a bill that would crack down on the draft exemptions of shipyard workers if they were absent from work too often; organized labor blocked the bill and denounced him. Johnson's biographer, Robert Dallek concludes, "The mission was a temporary exposure to danger calculated to satisfy Johnson's personal and political wishes, but it also represented a genuine effort on his part, however misplaced, to improve the lot of America's fighting men." In addition to the Silver Star, Johnson received the American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal. He was released from active duty on July 17, 1942 and remained in the Navy Reserve, later promoted to commander on October 19, 1949 (effective June 2, 1948). He resigned from the Navy Reserve effective January 18, 1964.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was in the U.S. Senate from 1949 to 1961. During the 1948 elections, Johnson ran for the Senate. He won in a highly controversial result in a three way Democratic Party primary. Johnson faced a well-known former governor, Coke Stevenson and George Peddy, who was a former state representative of District 8 in Shelby County. Johnson drew crowds to fairgrounds with his rented helicopter named “The Johnson City Windmill.” He raised money to flood the state with campaign circulars. He won other conservatives by voting for the Taft-Hartley act (which curbed union power) as well as him criticizing unions. Stevenson came in first, but he lacked a majority. Therefore, a runoff was held. Johnson campaigned harder while Stevenson’s efforts slumped. The runoff took about a week. It was handled by the Democratic State Central Committee, because it was a party primary. Johnson announced that he was the winner by 87 votes out of 988,295 cast. The Committee voted to certify Johnson's nomination by a majority of one (29–28), with the last vote cast on Johnson's behalf by Temple, Texas, publisher Frank W. Mayborn. There were many allegations of voter fraud; one writer alleges that Johnson's campaign manager, future Texas governor John B. Connally, was connected with 202 ballots in Precinct 13 in Jim Wells County where the names had curiously been listed in alphabetical order with the same pen and handwriting, just at the close of polling. Some of these voters insisted that they had not voted that day. Robert Caro argued in his 1989 book that Johnson had thus stolen the election in Jim Wells County, and that 10,000 ballots were also rigged in Bexar County alone. Election judge Luis Salas said in 1977 that he had certified 202 fraudulent ballots for Johnson. The state Democratic convention upheld Johnson. Stevenson went to court, but Johnson prevailed—with timely help from his friend Abe Fortas. He soundly defeated Republican Jack Porter in the general election in November and went to Washington, permanently dubbed "Landslide Lyndon." Johnson, dismissive of his critics, happily adopted the nickname.

Soon, LBJ was a freshman Senator. He made many courtships with older senators like Senator Richard Russell, who was Democrat from Georgia. Russell was part of the conservative coalition and was probably the most powerful man in the Senate during that time. He or LBJ wanted to gain Russell’s favor like he courted Sam Rayburn and gained his crucial support in the House. He was appointed to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Later in 1950, he helped create the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee. Johnson became its chairman and conducted investigations of defense costs and efficiency. These investigations revealed old investigations and demanded actions that were already being taken in part by the Truman Administration, although it can be said that the committee's investigations reinforced the need for changes. Johnson gained headlines and national attention through his handling of the press, the efficiency with which his committee issued new reports, and the fact that he ensured that every report was endorsed unanimously by the committee. Johnson used his political influence in the Senate to receive broadcast licenses from the Federal Communications Commission in his wife's name. After the 1950 general elections, Johnson was chosen as Senate Majority Whip in 1951 under the new Majority Leader, Ernest McFarland of Arizona, and served from 1951 to 1953.

After the 1952 general election, Republicans won a majority in both the House and the Senate. Many defeated Democrats including McFarland, who lost to the newcomer Barry Goldwater. In January of 1953, Johnson was chosen by Democrats to be the minority leader. He was the most junior Senator ever elected to this position. One of his first actions was to eliminate the seniority system in making appointments to committees while retaining it for chairmanships. LBJ was re-elected to the Senate after the 1954 election. By this time, Democrats won the majority of the Senate. Johnson was now the majority leader.  Former majority leader William Knowland became minority leader. Johnson's duties were to schedule legislation and help pass measures favored by the Democrats. Johnson, Rayburn and President Dwight D. Eisenhower worked well together in passing Eisenhower's domestic and foreign agenda. During the Suez Crisis, Johnson tried to prevent the U.S. government from criticizing the Israeli invasion of the Sinai Peninsula. Johnson was upset at the Soviets flying its first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1 in space. Back then, many had a paranoia that the Soviets wanted to take over the whole world. This reality caused the passage of the 1958 National Aeronautics and Space Act, which established the civilian space agency of NASA. Historians Caro and Dallek consider Lyndon Johnson the most effective Senate majority leader in history. He was unusually proficient at gathering information. One biographer suggests he was "the greatest intelligence gatherer Washington has ever known", discovering exactly where every Senator stood on issues, his philosophy and prejudices, his strengths and weaknesses and what it took to get his vote. Robert Baker claimed that Johnson would occasionally send senators on NATO trips in order to avoid their dissenting votes. Central to Johnson's control was "The Treatment." The Treatment was about LBJ using persuasion by intimidation, talks, and movements of his body in order for him to convince congressional people to vote his way. A 60-cigarette-per-day smoker, Johnson suffered a near-fatal heart attack on July 2, 1955. He abruptly gave up smoking as a result, with only a couple of exceptions, and did not resume the habit until he left the White House on January 20, 1969. The 1960 Presidential election in America changed the world forever.

By Timothy

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The Reformation.


How to make a line graph from a Table in Word 2013

Leopoldine Emma Doualla-Bell Smith

Adrienne Lawrence (a victim of Sexual Harassment)

How much should you care about Russiagate?

The speech the racists didn't want you to hear

Umar Johnson On The Anti-Afro Svengalis Channel-Answers To Why Comments ...

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Great speech about racial bias from A Different World

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

African Empires

On the Lord Jesus Christ on this Day.

Today is a day of celebration of religion and spiritual expression. Families are together worldwide, food is being eaten, and human beings are showing reflections on the historic year of 2017. This is also a day of remembrance. Over two thousand years ago, the birth of one person would change history forever. He was born working class poor in the area of Bethlehem in Israel. During that time, the Roman Empire conquered much of the Middle East, parts of Europe, and part of Africa over the course of long centuries. Ancient Rome evolved from a city found in a Republic into a city that was the capital of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fought the Carthaginians, the Celts, the Egyptians, and other groups of people. They used  aqueducts and columns to express their architecture and grow their infrastructure. Mary and Joseph were Jewish people who lived under Roman oppression. According to the New Testament, they migrated from place to place in the Middle East. King Herod I was a known murderer and he was very controversy. The New Testament stated that he wanted to exterminate Jewish children around the time of Jesus’ birth. King Herod was an Edomite (or Iduemaean like his father was) and Arabic (Nabataen. His mother was Nabataen). Edomites were Semitic groups of people. He or King Herod I expanded the Jewish Great Temple, but many Jewish people opposed him because of his extravagant behavior, his murders (of the killing of his wife and two of his sons) and other extremist policies. During this time, Caesar Augustus ruled the Roman Empire. He was once part of the triumvirate (or 3 people running the Empire. He defeated general Mark Anthony and the politician Lepidus. Augustus was Julius Caesar’s adopted son and grandnephew). Later, Augustus defeated his rivals and formed the beginning of the peak of the Roman Empire (called Pax Romana by historians) all the way to ca. 200 A.D. Mary and Joseph settled in Bethlehem where Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ. The New Testament showed Jesus’ life as a life filled with massive developments. Josephus, Tacitus, Mara bar Sarapion, Suetonius, the Talmud, Pliny the Younger, Thallus, Phlegon of Tralles, and other sources document the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He worked hard as a child. He was raised in Nazareth in northern Israel. He was also baptized by the great religious leader John the Baptist.

As an adult, Jesus Christ was more than a reformer. He spoke out against corruption and economic materialism. His major ministry started when he was 30 years old and he regularly was in the Temple. He threw the money changes out of the Temple. He spoke up for the poor and brokenhearted. Also, religious establishment figures from the Pharisees and the Sadducees opposed him, because of his actions and belief system. Throughout Israel, 12 apostles (or his followers) traveled the land in preaching tolerance, mercy, and love. Jesus Christ talked about a future Kingdom of God which would solve problems and cause harmony in the Universe. Back then, many people wanted a kingdom now in order to defeat the Romans, but Jesus (in the NT) spoke about the future in prophetic terms from the destruction of the Second Temple to the tribulation period. Jesus Christ was also a man who changed people’s lives. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ performed miracles, healed the sick, and raised Lazarus from the dead. Like in any social movement, jealousy reigned. Judas Iscariot was jealous of Jesus Christ and caused him to be arrested by the Roman authorities for 30 pieces of silver. Pontius Pilate ordered his execution. Pilate was was the fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD 26–36. So, Pilate was like the Governor of Judaea. Jesus Christ was beaten, crucified and he died. He was buried in a tomb. Christians believe that he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven 3 days later. This is the concept of the resurrection. The Virgin Birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ are part of the cornerstone of the Christian faith. This historic religious movement of Christians spread throughout the Middle Eastern region and beyond. Peter went into Europe. Paul revolutionized Christianity as being instrumental in not allowing Gentiles (non-Jewish people) to be forced to have circumcision and dietary requirements in order to be believers.

Back then, Christianity was seen as a sister religion to Judaism as Christianity is a religion that developed from Judaism itself. By ca. 50 A.D., the term Christian was popularized. The Roman Emperor Nero blamed Christians for the fires in Rome. This started the centuries long persecution of Christians. The apostles spread the Gospel and many of them experienced crucifixion, death, being feed to the lions, discrimination, etc. While this was going on, Jewish people in Israel rebelled against Roman tyranny via revolts. Thousands of Jewish people died in the rebellions of 66 A.D., 73 A.D., and in 132 A.D. This grew the Jewish Diaspora and many Jewish people traveled the world from Israel after the Roman Empire brutally crushed those fights for freedom by Jewish people. Christianity spread by many factors. Its doctrines appealed to the poor, the minorities, and the oppressed who wanted to believe that life can get better. It had many egalitarian words and its tenets were totally against the Roman Empire’s precept of tribute or worship of the Emperor. As Christianity spread, it became more organized into bishops in cities like Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, etc. The Lord Jesus Christ made it known that the Kingdom of God was not in the world, but within you. In other words, he wanted people to know that all of us have the power to create positive change to spiritually enrich ourselves and our neighbors. Constantine the Great in 313 A.D. ended the Roman Empire’s persecution of Christians and Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the official state religion (which is against the separation of church and state).

2017 has been a very historic, interesting year to say the least. It has been a year of terrible events like the inauguration of Donald Trump. Trump has spread his vicious brand of lies, racism, sexism, and ad hominem attacks. He has slandered peaceful protesters involving sports and he has been dismissive of anyone who disagrees with his political views. Also, we have seen terrorism worldwide and other tragedies involving hurricanes and fire. It has been a year where we saw the goodness of tons of human beings in America and worldwide. Tons of people have used charity and other forms of action to assist victims of Hurricanes in Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. We have seen the Resistance organize and speak their minds to oppose any injustice in the world. We have witnessed voters in my state of Virginia and in Alabama reject bigotry and other regressive policies completely (especially, we send great respect to black women, who are the most strongest opposers of the Trump agenda. Black women deserve our honor, respect, and allegiance). We also seen new firsts involving new political victories and other contributions in society in general. Therefore, 2017 is a reminder that we have a long way to go, but all is not lost. We believe in hope, faith, and action in carrying us through into the Promised Land. Our cause for justice is cause and truth is on our side.

Back then and today, we have massive differences in technology, the composition of nations, and cultures. Yet, we still have many of the same issues as back then too. Back then, immigration was an important issue and the story of the Good Samaritan refutes xenophobia. Today, activists have rightfully defended immigrant rights and believe in compassion sent to refugees. Back then, there were racial issues among Romans, Jewish people, etc. Today, we still dealing with racial injustice and we want all people (regardless of skin color) to experience liberty, freedom, and justice. Back then, the Roman Empire was an imperialist powerhouse which violated religious liberty, many democratic freedoms, and promoted brutal games involving cruelty to humans plus animals in the Colosseum. Today, we have a President who glories in militarism, imperialism, bigotry, and sexism. Many Roman soldier forces used brutality against human beings and today, we are still fighting against police brutality (especially when black Americans and so many other people are victims of police brutality). So, we have to know what time it is in order for us to make the progressive change that we desire as human beings. We believe in helping the environment, strong education, economic justice, and universal health care too. So, on this day and on every day, we recognize the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and his true apostles who sacrificed their lives to make the world better and to advance the principle that the Golden Rule is eternally sacrosanct plus necessary to advance in our lives.

By Timothy


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Jeff Session's Extremism.

More Links of Information.

The early life of Miriam Makeba

The story of Miriam Makeba begins in South Africa. She was born on March 4, 1932 in the black township of Prospect. That is near Johannesburg. Her mother was a Swazi woman named Christina Makeba. She was a traiditional healer or a sangoma and a domestic worker. He father was a Xhosa human being. His name was Caswell Makeba and he was a teacher. He passed away when he was only 6 years old. Her mother gave her the name Zenzile. Later, she was 18 days old. At that time, her mother was arrested and sentenced for 6 months in prison for selling umqombothi. Umqombothi is a homemade beer brewed from malt and cornmeal. Since the family couldn’t afford the small fine required to avoid a jail term, her mother went to jail including her (as a young toddler). Makeba sang in the choir of the Kilnerton Training Institute in Pretoria as a child. That location was an all-black Methodist primary school. She attended the school for eight years. Her gift of singing was praised by people at the school. Makeba was baptized as a Protestant. She sang in church choirs in English, Xhosa, Sotho, and Zulu. Later, she said that she learned to sing in English before she could speak the language. Her family moved into Transvaal when Makeba was a child. She did domestic work after her father passed away. She also worked as a nanny. She said that she was a shy person during those years. Her mother worked for white families in Johannesburg and had to live away from her six children. Miriam Makeba lived for a while with her grandmother and a large number of cousins in Pretoria. She was influenced by her family’s musical tastes. Her mother in fact played many traditional instruments. Her older brother collected records like those of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. He taught her about songs. Her father played the piano.  Her family  inspired her in her pursuit of musical expression. In 1949, Makeba married James Kubaby, who was a policeman in training. They had their only child named Bongi Makeba. That was in 1950. Later, Makeba was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband was said to have beaten her. He left her after a 2 year marriage. After one decade, she overcome cervical cancer via a hysterectomy (or the surgical removal of the uterus of a woman).

Miriam Makeba’s start of her professional musical careet started with the Cuban Brothers. They were a South African all-men close harmony group. She sang covers of many popular American songs with them. By the age of 21, she joined a jazz group called the Manhattan Brothers. This group sang a mixture of South African songs and pieces from popular African American groups. She was the only woman in the group. With the Manhattan Brothers, she recorded her first hit called “Laku Tshoni Ilanga.” That was in 1953 and it developed her a national reputation as a muscian. In 1956, Miriam Makeba joined a new all-women group called the Skylarks. This group sang a blend of jazz and traditional South African melodies. They were formed by Gallotone Records and the group was also known as the Sunbeams. While traveling abroad, she sang with both the Skylarks and the Manhattan Brothers. She sang alongside the Rhodesian-born (now Zimbabwe) musician Dorothy Masuka (with the Skylarks). She followed Dorothy’s music including the music from Dolly Rathebe.  Several of the Skylarks' pieces from this period became popular; the music historian Rob Allingham later described the group as "real trendsetters, with harmonization that had never been heard before." Makeba received no royalties from her work with the Skylarks. She met Nelson Mandela in 1955 while she was performing with the Manhattan Brothers. Makeba said that Nelson said that she was “going to be someone.”  In 1956, Gallotone Records released "Lovely Eyes", Makeba's first solo success; the Xhosa lyric about a man looking for his beloved in jails and hospitals was replaced with the unrelated and innocuous line "You tell such lovely lies with your two lovely eyes" in the English version. The record became the first South African record to chart on the United States Billboard Top 100. In 1957, Makeba was featured on the cover of Drum magazine.

In 1959, Makeba sang the lead female role in the Broadway inspired African jazz opera called King Kong. Among those in the case was the musician Hugh Masekela. The musical was performed to racially integrated audiences. This raised her profile among all South Africans regardless of skin color. By 1959, she had a short guest appearance in the anti-apartheid movie Come Back, Africa. It was directed by the American independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin. Rogosin cast her after seeing her on stage in African Jazz and Variety show.  She performed for 18 months on the show. The film blended parts of a documentary and fiction. It had to be filmed in secret as the government was expected to be hostile to it. Makeba appeared on stage and sang 2 songs. Her appearance in the film lasted for about 4 minutes. The viewers loved her cameo. Rogosin organized a visa for her to attend the premiere of the film at the 24th Venice Film Festival in Italy. The film won the prestigious Critics’ Choice Award in Italy. Makeba’s presence was key in the film since it showed a cosmopolitan black identity that also connected with the working class people because of the dialogue being in Zulu. Her popularity increased after the release of the movie of Come Back, Africa. She traveled into London and New York City to perform.

In London, she met the American singer Harry Belafonte. He helped her with her first solo recordings. These recordings included “Pata Pata.” That song would be released many years later. Another song was a traditional Xhosa song called, “"Qongqothwane", which she had first performed with the Skylarks. Though "Pata Pata"—described by Musician magazine as a "groundbreaking Afropop gem”—became her most famous song, Makeba described it as "one of my most insignificant songs.” While in England, she married Sonny Pillay, a South African ballad singer of Indian descent; they divorced within a few months. She moved into New York City making her U.S. music debut on November 1, 1959 on the Steve Allen Show in Los Angeles for a television audience of 60 million people. Her New York debut at the Village Vanguard occurred soon after. She sang in Xhosa and Zulu, and performed a Yiddish folk song. Her audience at this concert included Miles Davis and Duke Ellington; her performance received strongly positive reviews from critics. She first came to popular and critical attention in jazz clubs, after which her reputation grew rapidly. Belafonte worked to handle the logistics of her first performances. When she first moved into America, she lived in Greenwich Village along with other musicians and actors. She worked as a babysitter for a time.

The evil Sharpeville Massacre of 1960 changed her life forever. The massacre was about black anti-apartheid protesters being murdered by white supremacist South African police forces. After the massacre, Makeba learned that her mother had died. She tried to go home into South Africa to witness her funeral, but her South African passport was cancelled. 2 of Makeba’s family members were killed in the massacre. That is why she was concerned about her family and many of her relatives were in South Africa including her daughter. The nine year old Bongi joined her mother into the U.S. in August 1960. During her first years in America, Miriam Makeba rarely sung explicitly political music. Yet, her popularity had led an increase of awareness of apartheid and the anti-apartheid movement. Following the Sharpeville killings, Makeba felt a responsibility to help, as she had been able to leave the country while others had not. From this point, she became an increasingly outspoken critic of apartheid and the white-minority government; before the massacre, she had taken care to avoid overtly political statements in South Africa. Now, this was a different era and Miriam Makeba would become one of the greatest activists in human history.

By Timothy

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Miriam Makeba sings "Into Yam" from COME BACK, AFRICA

Come Back, Africa - A Film by Lionel Rogosin (Official Trailer)

The Habits of Certain Conservative Trolls Based on Comments and Blogs

Article: New Study Finds News Outlets Promote False, Negative Portrayals Of Black Families That Don’t Match Reality


Chrisette Michele, Who Sang For Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Just Released a Song Called ‘Black Lives Matter’

San Francisco’s First Ever Black Woman Mayor Takes Office


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Corporate profiteers plunder Puerto Rico

Hip-Hop Pioneer Reggie ‘Combat Jack’ Ossé Dies at 48

Doug Jones Wants America to ‘Move On’ From Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations, Says He May Vote Republican

Black Voters Energized to Fight Raw Racism


From an Ex-Neoliberal: Why Ta-Nehisi Coates Keeps Talking About White Supremacy

Important News in late December 2017

Also, it is important to never give up. I know countless stories of people who suffered a lot and they achieved massive blessings. Therefore, it is our responsibility to not only do the right thing. We have the responsibility to help others. The reason is that we aren't islands as human beings. The nature of human beings is to be loved, is to be respected, and to work in dealing with their communities. That is why it is important for us to show empathy to those who deserve it. Also, naivete ought to be completely rejected. There are certainly people who believe in evil and do evil. Those, who do evil, don't deserve coddling. They deserve accountability and justice. Just because you may act meek doesn't mean that you take disrespect. No one should take disrespect period. That is why it is the truth that courage, excellence, dedication, and humility will go a long way in one's total longevity. We live life not only for ourselves. We live life in order for us to recognize the inherit value of the rest of humanity (including Nature) too.

The GOP tax bill is a total disgrace. It has nothing to do with helping all Americans. It has to do with benefiting a select group of the super wealthy primarily. Many GOP members have made tax cuts into a fetish and believe in the lie of trickled down economics.  The bill definitely doesn't benefit the poor as the GOP leadership doesn't give an inch of care for the poor. That's obvious. Also, the majority of Americans in about 55 percent oppose the tax bill. This 1.5 trillion dollar tax bill is filled with tax cuts and tax code revisions. It will eliminate the ACA's individual mandate, cuts to the mortgage interest deduction, a long-standing break for state and local taxes, subsidies for public transportation, and a key funding method for roads and other public projects. This will harm urban and poor communities nationwide. This will be the largest tax overhaul since 1986. Legislation that will transfer trillions of dollars from the working class to the richest 10 percent of the population, disproportionately to the richest 1 percent and 0.1 percent, will be made the law of the land within less than two months of its initial release and without a single congressional hearing. Much of the bill has been created in secret without input from the American people outside of Congress. The bill has token benefits for college students and some child tax credits (which should happen) and other matters, but it does nothing to radically improve the economic lives of all Americans. Enactment of the cynically named “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” will slash federal tax revenues by between $1 trillion and $2 trillion over the next decade. The sharply increased budget deficit and national debt will be used to justify a frontal attack on the core social programs remaining from the 1930's and 1960's: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The heart of the bill is a massive cut in the corporate tax rate from the current 35 percent to 21 percent. It is estimated that this alone will increase corporate revenues by some $6 trillion over the next decade. The effective US corporate rate, i.e., the rate corporations actually pay after making use of tax loopholes and dodges of various kinds, is presently between 19 and 21 percent, already below that paid by US rivals in Europe and Asia. According to economists at the University of Pennsylvania, under the new law the effective rate across all industries will fall to 9 percent next year. There are provisions that eliminate or reduce current tax deductions used by tens of millions of working Americans, including deductions for mortgage interest and state and local taxes. The bill also pares back deductions on losses from fires and floods, and repeals them for alimony payments and moving expenses. Low income people who currently claim the earned income tax credit will lose an estimated $19 billion over the coming decade because of the chained CPI. The the bill terminates all provisions relating to individual tax rates at the end of 2025, leaving low and middle-income people facing a sudden, large tax increase for 2026 and beyond. The oligarchy controls the majority of the leadership of Democrats and Republicans. This bill is for and by the oligarchy as they control most of the wealth of America. The oligarchy never relinquishes their power without struggle against the agenda of the oligarchy. Therefore, we must continue to fight for economic justice.

Recently, Cornell West wrote an article criticizing Ta-Nehisi Coates. You know that I don't back down from confronting issues. So, here are my views about this dispute or debate. First, West's criticism of Coates is similar to his criticism of Obama. In essence, West feels that Coates doesn't go far enough in criticizing Obama and he believes that he doesn't go far enough in utilizing a class analysis or an analysis about certain issues (like Wall Street's predatory acts, imperialistic aggression overseas or various forms of discrimination against the oppressed). West wrote that Coates writes about racism/white supremacy and nothing more. Coates expressed pessimism about the American experiment because of the unfair experiences of black people in the Americas for centuries. Capitalist exploitation has harmed black people. We know where this comes from. West is correct to expose imperialism, neoliberalism, and other evils. West is right to expose the crimes of imperialism from drone strikes to bloody wars. The truth is in between the 2 extremes. West omits that Coates has critiqued Obama on many issues. Not to mention that Coates also did the right thing in advocating for reparations (a black man calling for reparations by definition is not a neoliberal), racial justice, and economic justice. Coates isn't perfect and no human is perfect. Yet, Coates' views on race and other injustices aren't synonymous with neoliberal views. As for neoliberalism, it is the philosophy of believing in globalization, deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, and other policies of the status quo. Therefore, it is completely unfair to compare Coates to a neoliberal extremist bend on privatization, ecological disaster, and other forms of oppression. West is right on many issues, but he must realize that he isn't the sole arbitrator of Blackness. Blackness comes in many different forms and Coates is a black man too. Some of West's criticisms of Obama go beyond legitimate critique, but personal invective (like him calling Obama a Rockefeller Republican in blackface. That's crossing a line. He called Obama other names that I can't mention here. I disagree with Obama on some issues, but I don't call him out of his name). Cornell West should realize that not everyone will agree with him on everything while Coates should realize that exposing Wall Street, empire, class oppression, and other forms of oppression does a great job in building on his ideologies. Coates should never feel shame about his unapologetic exposure of white racism as he's telling the truth about the vicious nature of white racism. So, both men should learn from each other and grow. I feel very disappointed in West calling Trump his "authentic Brother." Trump a'int my Brother in no shape or form. I reject permanent pessimism as a solution as I do believe in hope and a willingness to fight for change. So, both West and Coates are black intellectuals. Our real enemy isn't Coates. It's the system of racism/white supremacy. That's my take.

On Monday, Donald Trump came out to give his foreign policy position. He gave his speech at Washington, D.C. and he released his 55 page document National Security policy. His foreign policy is called by him as "America First." That is just a coded phrase meaning American imperialism and American domination of the geopolitical structure of the world. Trump believes in upending climate change agreements, building a xenophobic wall, and ending the nuclear accord with Iran (which has worked). Reactionary foreign policy advisor Stephen Miller edited the document too. It has anti-immigrant themes. In his speech, Trump criticized previous American Presidents for ignoring the "forgotten" Americans, which is nothing more than describing some Americans who want to revert to the bad old days of the 1950's (and before). It or his foreign policy includes a military build up and a more aggressive posture against China and Russia. It wants also to increase U.S. nuclear capacity. The document wanted a trade war and other economic policies beneficial to Wall Street interests and multinational corporations (not the masses of working and poor people in America). The document claims that the military is being depleted, which is a lie. While the multiple wars waged over the past 16 years have caused a spending of nearly $6 trillion and Washington continues to spend more on its military than the next eight countries combined. Trump's supporters claims that Trump promotes isolationism, but he wants to extent U.S. military forces overseas. The document is not ambiguous. It is very clear in its precepts of militarism, economic deregulation, extremism, egoism, and a lack of a cogent strategy to handle international affairs.

Days ago was the Birthday of Sister Cicely Tyson. She is now 93 years old. For over 50 years, Cicely Tyson has blessed us with her beauty, her acting talent, her philanthropy, and her excellent wisdom. She broke down barriers for black people and women, especially black women. She displayed non stereotypical, realistic ,and honest roles spanning before the 1960's. She was born in New York City. Her parents were Afro-Caribbeans from Nevis in the West Indies. She acted in Frontiers of Faith on NBC back in 1951. She was in TV shows and movies during the 1960's. She was in the critically acclaimed movie of Sounder back in 1972. She has shown excellence on the screen. She won many Emmys because of her talanted performances. The Cicely Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts, a magnet school in East Orange, New Jersey, was renamed in Tyson's honor. She plays an active part in supporting the school, which serves one of New Jersey's most underprivileged African-American communities. On November 22, 2016, she was awarded the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. She continues to act and do movies in this decade of the 2010's. A role model for black women is her reality. Working hard and enjoying life are part of her whole persona. She is an inspiration forever. I wish Sister Cicely Tyson more blessings.

By Timothy

Empire and the Middle East in the age of Trump

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A Timeline.

#ImAfricanBornIn Campaign - Africans Supporting Africans in Ayiti (Haiti)

On Many Subjects

The time has certainly come to write more information about the beautiful subject of mathematics. For thousands of years, humanity has utilized mathematics for a diversity of purposes. Some wanted to create complex structures globally. Some wanted to count objects, to device formulas, and to improve society in a myriad of positive ways. Learning math can bring excellent career choices from engineer to computer software analysts. Not to mention that mathematics can spark up extra human creativity in a glorious fashion. That is why math is always important. From Euclid’s Elements to the mathematical views of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, we witness the glory of mathematics. The greatness of mathematics deals with learning about factors, prime numbers, and the concept of i. It is seeing young people and older people search and find solutions to problems that deals with science, economics, and other spheres of human endeavors. Math can be simplistic or complex in dealing with trigonometric or calculus. Also, many cultures brought us contributions in mathematical development. For example, Muslim mathematicians during the Middle Ages brought us the decimal point, Arabic numerals in notation, many trigonometric functions. Ancient Babylonian mathematics were written using a sexagesimal (base-60) numeral system.  From this derives the modern day usage of 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 360 (60 x 6) degrees in a circle, as well as the use of seconds and minutes of arc to denote fractions of a degree. It is likely the sexagesimal system was chosen because 60 can be evenly divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30. All of these numbers are factors of the number 60. So, we witness bioformatics being used now and we see people of all ages enjoying the wonder of mathematics.

One of the greatest heroes in human history was Sister Miriam Makeba. Miriam Makeba was born in Johannesburg to Swazi and Xhosa parents. She traveled the world to spread her great, sacrosanct messages of equality, music, love, and human justice. She lived in this Earth for decades as an ambassador of not only being against apartheid, but showing international music as a precise, important means of bringing people together. She was full of compassion, strength, and intellectual power throughout her life. She loved Africa unconditionally and we love Africa eternally too. Africa is the birthplace of humanity with its people, and its glorious cultural diversity.  Decades ago, she was in a movie that opposed apartheid in Africa. The 1959 film is called Come Back, Africa, an anti-apartheid film produced and directed by the American independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin. Her music was ahead of its time and she was one of the first African musicians that had worldwide acclaim. She worked with American civil rights leaders and she made famous records throughout the 1950’s, the 1960’s and beyond. She made tons of people aware that freedom in South Africa means freedom for humanity globally. She gave us light and hope. She inspires us to this very day. Miriam Makeba was an icon and she will always be a legendary black woman.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of the most historic, controversial, and complicated Presidents in history. He had a dual legacy as President. He enriched the lives of millions of Americans with his powerful, progressive Great Society social programs (along with laws promoting civil rights and voting rights, which is very great). Yet, he also ended his Presidency with his reckless, wrong policies involving not only the Vietnam War (as advanced by many generals back then). LBJ also made incorrect, imperialist foreign policy decisions in other areas in general as he was a Cold Warrior and a radical anti-Communist. LBJ was born in Texas and he was in the military for a time. He politically allied with Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a young man. Later, he taught poor Mexican children in Texas and became a Congressman. Gaining seniority via his efforts enabled him to gain much political power. He is known for being vulgar, sensitive, and crass. During the 1960 Presidential primary, he ran for President. He was shocked that the younger John F. Kennedy defeated him. Then, JFK decided to want him to be his running mate. He agreed. During the 1960 Presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon for the Presidency. Lyndon Baines Johnson was originally the Vice President. LBJ followed Kennedy’s lead, but he disagreed with Kennedy’s policies in Vietnam. He wanted JFK to be more aggressive in terms of military action. After Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, LBJ was President. Many of the laws that Johnson signed or passed came from the previous Kennedy Administration. He won the 1964 election by his own merit against Barry Goldwater. Johnson talked with Dr. King regularly on civil rights and voting rights. LBJ worked with Texas liberal Democrat Ralph Yarborough and other progressive leaders to pass civil rights and voting rights legislation. Johnson knew that the Jim Crow South was ending and he had to bring folks (who disagreed with him) to realize that a change was necessary. He signed both the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965. He promoted immigration legislation in 1965. He accelerated military action in the Vietnam War which caused his Presidency to disintegrate, because his policies never caused a real resolution (it only extended the destructiveness of the war). Fulbright and other liberal Congress people opposed him on Vietnam. Rebellions existed all across America from Watts to Detroit (and his cabinet said that he originally failed to understand the complex origin of the rebellions which dealt with hurt, neglect, police brutality, and economic injustice). His Great Society programs were stripped of funding to fund the war in Vietnam by the late 1960’s (this reality grew the anti-war movement). As a product of this, inflation grew. Robert F. Kennedy (his nemesis. LBJ and RFK didn't get along with each other at all) ran for President. In terms of the environment, he was the most progressive President (on that issue) of the 20th century. Under disaster after disaster, the capitalist President LBJ decided not to run for President again during 1968 after the Tet Offensive. He lived to see the last, major social reforms of the post-World War II era. LBJ made a combination of great policies and great mistakes. His Presidency ended in 1969. Now, it’s time to reflect on his life and legacy as President of the United States of America.

From 1948 to 2018, massive developments have existed in Israel. There have been wars, continued occupations (in Gaza and the West Bank), and constant debates. By 2018, alliances have been formed. Many in Israel have allied with Saudi Arabia in being against Iran. Some Palestinian activists are allied with liberal activists including some members of the Black Lives Matter movement. Some evangelicals and far right Republicans have allied with some of the most far right Zionists in the world like Benjamin Netanyahu. I reject the 2 extreme views of every Israeli being a terrorist and every Palestinian being a terrorist (which are both slanderous lies). From 1948, the Israeli/Arabic war commenced. Many Palestinians were displaced from their lands and individuals among both sides were killed during that 1948 conflict. Israel continued to grow. Afterwards, there were events of the Suez Canal crisis, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the peace agreement with Egypt (whose leader back then was Sadat), the events of the 1980’s, Oslo, etc. These historical occurrences define the early Israeli historical era. Also, the intifada transpired (or an uprising among Palestinians in which they desired their human rights and liberation. To this very day, many Palestinians live in occupation, poverty, and blatant oppression). Peace groups among Israelis and Palestinians desire solutions, but circumstances and policies have made peace extremely distant. Israeli policies have been loved, hated, and debated to this very day. Today, we have Donald Trump trying to make Jerusalem the U.S. embassy capital of Israel. This act has created more tensions in the region, even among Trump allied-nations like Saudi Arabia. In order to get the events of Israel correct or accurate, it is imperative for us to look at the situation from a chronological standpoint. In that fashion, we can witness the truth without bias. We should always be fair and compassionate to humanity too. After 70 years, human beings globally still have their eyes fixed on Israel. Peace and justice is an aim that we desire.

In our time, more human beings are rightfully exposing eugenics with great diligence. Eugenics is a scourge and it’s evil. In essence, eugenics is related to racism, classism, xenophobia, lookism, and other injustices. Many folks have believed in that nefarious philosophy for thousands of years. Eugenics is the belief that the human population can improve its so-called “desirable, heritable, and genetic characteristics” by controlled breeding based on class, race, etc. Eugenics believes in the lie that some people are inferior based on background, class, genetics, and race. Some ancient Greeks accepted its tenets too. Eugenics, as we see it today, was formulated by the 19th century in the West. Francis Galton embraced many eugenics style views as well. Eugenics embraced classism to the extreme. Classism is evil, because of many reasons. One is that it perpetrates the lie that the value in society is determination by one’s wealth or class status. The truth is that the poor and the non-poor are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They are entitled to equality and justice period. Capitalist exploitation promotes classism and that is why we desire an end to the system of exploitation. Ending capitalist exploitation along with other actions are crucially vital in ending classism once and for all. Therefore, the poor doesn’t need demonization or scapegoating. They deserve compassion, resources, opportunities, and economic rights, so they can reach their highest potentials on the Earth. Eugenics is an evil agenda whose goals are about extreme classism, the decrease of populations using wicked means (from forced sterilization to other anti-human measures), violations of democratic rights, authoritarianism, and elitism. Hitler was proponent of eugenics decades ago. Eugenics has no place in the whole Universe. Radical anti-immigration has eugenics ties which have been documented by great authors and scholars as well. We will always stand up and speak up for human dignity and for human autonomy too.

By Timothy

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21st Century History

American Experience LBJ 2



Friday News

It is important to outline the Republican deal to pass unfair tax cuts. Donald Trump wants this deal since he believes in the myth of trickled down economics. We learned from Reagan that trickled down economics doesn’t work to establish widespread, massive economic prosperity. The Senate and the House Republicans agreed to pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut by next week. It will give billions of dollars into the rich and large corporations. Paul Ryan made it clear that this is just the beginning, because he wants cuts to Medicare and Social Security in the future. It is always a dream of many far right Republican to dismantle many of the blessings from the New Deal and the Great Society. Many activists (inducing socialists and civil rights activists plus labor rights activists) fought long and hard in order for many of the New Deal and Great Society policies to exist in the first place. Even some Democrats believe in slashing the corporate tax rate. Now, we know some details of this bill. It includes the slashing of the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and the elimination of the alternative minimum tax (AMT) for corporations. The cut in the corporate tax rate will go into effect next year, rather than in 2019 as outlined in the Senate bill. The alternative minimum tax, which was adopted in the 1970's to prevent the wealthy from avoiding taxes through itemized deductions and other loopholes, will be retained for individuals but will apply to a smaller pool of the rich.

The top individual income tax rate is cut from 39.6 percent to 37 percent. In another “compromise,” the conference bill will still place a $10,000 cap on the deduction of state and local taxes, but it will allow for the deduction to be split between property taxes and either income taxes or sales tax paid. The House and Senate bills had eliminated the deduction for state and local income taxes. Billionaires and multimillionaires benefit from this policy. The majority of Americans oppose this Republican tax plan. According to a Quinnipiac poll, a majority of Americans, 53 percent, disapprove of the Republican tax plan. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) think that the tax plan will benefit the wealthy the most, while a similar share of the population (61 percent) believe that the tax cuts favor the rich at the expense of the middle class. An overwhelming 73 percent of the population expects that the Republican plan will either raise their taxes or will not have much impact.

The FCC decided to vote against net neutrality rules on December 14, 2017. Net Neutrality helps to require Internet service providers (or ISPs) to treat all data on the Internet the same (and bans them from limiting or blocking users’ access to web sites and services). Ending net neutrality now harms the free speech of Americans and other democratic rights. Giant internet and technology monopolies have new powers to dominate the Internet from AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. Now, bright line rules against censorship are gone. The Internet Service providers can now block or degrade the distribution of internet content at will. ISPs and mobile data carriers have more powers. They can theoretically block access among millions of Americans. The supporters of this move say that the free market can handle things, but the Internet is not a free market. About 50 million Americans have only one broadband provide to choose from. Most of the rest have only 2. We witness the digital divide problem where many poorer communities have much lax Internet access than more affluent communities. Many poor areas have to struggle to get wireless Internet access. Internet is meant to be a public utility not a privatized resource.

This policy will cause class discrimination to grow since Internet monopolies can raise taxes, create multiple tiers of service (which can benefit the wealthy or those can afford expensive access), and use economic pressure to use restricted content. The free and open exchange of ideas could be eliminated. We will continue to fight for justice. This policy is supported by Trump. Trump is in league with the financial oligarchy as Wall Street supports Trump’s agenda of deregulation, massive tax cuts to the wealthy, and other reactionaries policies. The NSA and the CIA have worked with ISPs for a long time in enacting surveillance. Much of that surveillance has been illegal as exposed by whistleblowers. Internet censorship is not new, but this end of net neutrality is another pretext for more ISPs to have a further monopolistic influence on internet content, which is wrong. That is why it is always important to unite the poor, the working class, and all freedom loving people (who desire an end to social inequality, poverty, unemployment, war, and any injustice) to fight for the Internet to be free and open.

Today, Omarosa is about to leave the White House by 2018 in January. For a long time, she has made the serious mistake to support Trump (whose views and actions are antithetical to the interests of the black community and other Americans in general). First, Trump is clear that he wants the death penalty for the innocent Central Park Five. He has shown vulgar language against women, especially against black women. Trump has gone out of his way to support a bill that benefits multinational corporations and doesn't help the majority of the poor or middle class . Trump has threatened a war with North Korea and he believes that peaceful protesters should be fired from the NFL (as he doesn't like the social activism of so many heroic anti-police brutality activists). Omarosa (who recently denied being dragged out of the White House by Secret Service) has been disrespectful to not only journalist April Ryan, but to other women like Symone Sanders. Omarosa is incorrect to support Trump's campaign and we won't bow to Trump. Trump is not my God and he isn't my President. April Ryan is a woman is an incredibly compassionate woman to take the high road. Supporting black interests is clear. It is about promoting progressive education, health care, anti-police brutality measures, racial justice, economic justice, civil liberties, advancing freedom. She or Omarosa was paid $187,000 and Trump made a sick moral equivalency among white supremacists plus neo-Confederates and anti-hate protesters. Now, I don't believe that Omarosa should be disrespected in an inappropriate way, but I have every right to disagree with Omarosa on many issues. No one should ally with a racist, sexist bigot like Trump. So, Robin Roberts, Angela Rye, and others talked about this situation too.

By Timothy