Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Halloween

Hurricane Sandy has been one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. The Hurricane affected numerous states. Almost 10 million people have lost power and over 108 human beings have died by the storm alone. It affected places from North Carolina to Connecticut plus Rhode Island. New Jersey was hit extremely hard by the storm. Many communities have been buried in sand and a lot of homes have been destroyed. More than 75 percent of the Jersey shore has been flooded. Many gas burning fires have existed in New Jersey, Queens, New York City, and other places. The FDNY have evacuated from Bellevue Hospital in New York City. New York City subways have been flooded and the devastation has been truly horrendous. Seaside Heights, New Jersey has been damaged greatly as well via the winds and the power of Hurricane Sandy. There has been closure of NYC's JFK and LaGuardia airports. These airports are now open. International flights have been grounded in places all over the world. This is one of the worse Hurricane hits in modern American history. The images of the aftermath of the storm has been indescribable. New Jersey is hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy indeed. The water has almost completely flooded Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The federal government, state government, and the local government are working together in other for them to send resources in helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Many National Guard groups are coming into the Northeast in trying to assist the human beings suffering from the storm. Some folks have been arrested for looting on Coney Island, Brooklyn. Yet, the looting is done by a vast minority people and some in the alternative media (like you know who. Also, some in the alternative media are acting like Republicans in denying that the federal government can do any good for society and they hate collective power. One Republican Rep. King said that he didn't want money sent to Sandy to be spent on Gucci bags and massage parlors. Donald Trump said the worse comments that the President is pretty much bribing his way to reelection via the disaster) are exploiting the looting as a means to promote their sick, intolerant agenda. The one important thing now is the survival of human beings. The election now means very little as compared to the necessity of saving lies and giving confront to the victims of this overwhelming tragedy. The storm has caused up to 3 feet of snow to exist in some parts of West Virginian mountains. The Northeast haven't witness a storm of this magnitude in a long time. There is an infrastructure issue too. Since, much of the Northeast don't just need economic help, but the whole infrastructure should be rebuilt. This can be done with federal, state, and local power. The hurricane caused damage in Cuba, Jamaica, and other locations too. President Barack Obama met up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in surveying the damage in New Jersey. The cost of the damage so far is estimated at ca. $20.4 billion. It is certainly important to express sympathy toward the victims of the tragedy. Some people are doing their part in giving charity and necessary resources as a means to help human beings that are the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Many folks are trying to cope with their entire lives changed. People have talked with the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other groups that seek to improve the conditions in the East Coast. The Presidential election of 2012 pale in comparison to the needs of the people suffering as a product of the Hurricane. So, we should our part as human beings to help anyone that legitimately need help. As for FEMA, we need the federal government to help society, but we can't ignore the problems with FEMA. Patriots and scholars have exposed the errors found in FEMA from messing up supplies to being involved in trying to influence pastors (via a May 2006 FEMA document entitled, "Pastoral Crisis Information") to support an unconditional allegiance to government in times of crisis. I believe in positive government and a powerful federal government to help citizens when it's necessary, but I don't believe in worshipping government. I worship God alone. The Hurricane is a whole lot worse than Irene. The President of the United States is doing what he is supposed to do. He is speaking out, coordinating agencies in assessing the situation, and surveying the damage. The President is our brother. We need to keep it real and respect any human being (like the President) as an equal.

It's a known historical and scientific fact that aspartame is dangerous for human beings. Now, there is a landmark study where aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma. This study was done on human beings. This study cited the information that as few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women (and for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men). This study is the longest one ever running on aspartame as carcinogen in humans. On this topic, this topic is the most comprehensive, long term study ever completed on this topic. Therefore, this study has more weight than the other past ones. It can open the door for further similar findings on other cancers in future studies. The researchers in the study analyzed data from the Nurses' Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-UP Study for a 22 year period. 77,218 women and 47,810 men were included in the analysis for a total of 2,278,396 person years of data. Apart from sheer size what makes this study superior to other past studies is the thoroughness with which aspartame intake was assessed. Every 2 years, participants were given a detailed dietary questionnaire. Their diets were reassassed every four years. Previous studies which found no link to cancer only ever assessed participatns' aspartame intake at one point in time, which could be a major weakness affecting their accuracy. The study found that one diet soda a day can increase leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas. In the pooled analysis, they found that there is a 42 percent higher leukemia in men and women. For men only, there is a 102 percent higher multiple myeloma risk and in men only, there is a 31 percent higher in non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk. The study used multi-variable relative risk models. They compared to participants who drank no det sodas. Now, it's unknown why only men drinking higher amounts of diet soda increased risk for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The diet soda is the largest dietary source of aspartame by far in America. Every year, Americans consume about 5,250 tons of aspartame in total, of which about 86 percent (4,500 tons) is found in diet sodas. This confirmed previous high quality research on animals. That is why most of the past studies showing no link between aspartame and cancer have been criticized for being too short in duration and too inaccurate in assessing long term aspartame intake. This study is both long term and accurate. In an in class research study done on animals (900 rats over the entire natural lifetimes) showed similar results back in 2006. It showed that aspartame significantly increased the risk for lymphomas and leukemia in both males and females. There is a follow on mega study which deals with aspartame exposure of the female rates in the fetal stage. The increased lymphomas and leukemia risks were confirmed in those rats. That is why the female rats showed significantly increased breast or mammary cancer rats. People question if future studies on aspartame will deduce more cancer risks from brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Common sense, street sense, and any kind of sense will tell you to not make aspartame in our daily diet at all. Even an alternative more sugar sweetened sodas daily saw men have an 66 percent increase in non-Hodgkin lymphoma (even worse than diet sodas). Eliminating sodas completely from the human diet can cause great benefits for folks indeed.

Political issues are great to promote. Our issues are important too. Our issues aren't just about voting. Everyday, there are great human beings actively battling against the voter suppression efforts done by reactionaries. We have to deal with the evils of gentrification that is harming our communities nationwide, because gentrification harms cultural cohesiveness (and it has a profound tendency to privatize areas in favor of corporate interests instead of being for the people). The prison state must be rolled back, because it regularly imprisons even innocent human beings. Folks from across the political spectrum abhor the evil War on Drugs, even sincere conservatives. Both major parties aren't discussing the issues of bringing the troops home from across the globe, drone wars, and other important issues of politics. Both parties seem to be invested in the usage of the militarization of Africa. Full funding of education is fine with me as well. In some cities, there has been a huge amount of unemployment. There is a foreclosure crisis that has weakened the wealth of society. Even some Democrats refuse to talk about the Drug War, poverty (since they discuss about the middle class constantly), and they refuse to talk about the civil liberty crisis in America. Both major parties refuse to call out the evil spying fusion centers and the warrantless wiretapping that is common in the USA. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have supported Big Oil, Big Energy, and drone attacks killing children in Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan. They will definitely not condemn some of the apartheid like policies in Israel (as opposed to genuine Israelis and Palestinians that desire real peace from the Middle Eastern peace movement). Immigrants ought to be respected and the issues of black Americans definitely should be respected as well in American society. As independent people, we have to advance real issues. We can't say that Wall Street should be held accountable and refuse to prosecute their members who are guilty of financial corruption. There should be something done to handle student borrowers who suffer. It is totally common sense to not witness a complete privatization of our educational system. In our time, both Republicans and Democrats in their leadership agree with the NDAA, the secret kill list, the NATO war in Libya, the drone attacks, the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, 30 billion dollars sent to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, military bases being newly constructed in Colombia plus Chile, etc. Even after the disaster in Japan, people still want to increase nuclear power in America. The TSA offensive body scans and pat downs at airports and the extension of the Patriot Act are great evils in America. The rendition program and a deportation of a record of 1.5 million immigrants are continuations of the Bush Jr. administration's actions. Both parties believe in the Grand Bargain or the Grand Charade, which will economically harm our social safety net. Regardless who wins the election, we ought to stand still for justice. We can't omit the need to fight for justice just because just a person is elected into office.

People from across the political spectrum (and even religious conservatives) are right to disagree with Mormonism. I first woke up about what Mormonism was really all about in the early 21st century. I saw Mormons riding bicycling and trying to evangelize people in my neighborhood for years. Mormonism is a Freemasonic-related religious organization that was created by Joseph Smith. For example, Joseph Smith copied many of his church's signs grips, symbols, and rituals from the Masonic Lodge. The Entered Apprentice of the First Degree hand sign is found in Mormonism. Mormonism teaches that the Father God was once man (and he resides in a star called Kolob with many wives and he produces spiritual children. These spiritual children according to the religion can someday be a "god" over his own star-planet). Now, I believe in religious freedom, so I don't believe that Mormons should suffer religious liberty suppression. Still, people have the right to peacefully disagree with the religion of Mormonism. Scholars have found the influence of Kabbalah in Mormonism too. Joseph Smith was the creator of the religion not Jesus Christ. He was a Freemason and a controversial man. When you see the occult/Masonic symbols (from an All Seeing Eye to Pentagrams) outside of their huge major temple in Salt Lake City, Utah then you comprehend the authentic composition of the Mormon faith. Some of the super rich and leaders in the Western intelligence community make up the membership of Mormonism. That is why Mitt Romney is so powerful economically. Also, Mitt Romney is a Mormon priest. Recently, there were more than 400 children being removed from their parents (from a Mormon compound), because of the allegations of sexual molestation of children. This isn't representative of all Mormons, but this is evil indeed. The sick group in Texas called themselves the FLDS or the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's a historical fact that the global elite has been involved in sick pedophilia too not just cults. For example, a private equity fund run by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. has agreed to sell its stake in the media company that runs a sex trafficking forum back to the company's management (according to a spokeswoman). The media company is called Village Voice Media. The 416 children were removed from the Texas compound. The compound had polygamy and one man was accused of sexually abusing a 16 year old girl. When you study the writings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, we see religious and spiritual heresies. On February 19, 1854, Jedediah M. Grant, second councilor to Brigham Young, spoke in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, telling of Joseph Smiths demands for other men's wives (as found in the source of Journal of Discourses, Vol. 2, pgs. 13-14). The source said that Joseph Smith wanted to surrender a man's wife to him, which is messed up and twisted. Brigham Young once taught it is biblically lawful for a wife to leave her husband for a man higher in spiritual authority. Young also taught (from Journal of Discourses, Vol. 11, page 269) that Mormon men could become "gods" only entering into polygamy. This is false since a man doesn't have to be involved in polygamy if a man doesn't want to. It is truly accurate to believe that it is better to trust in the Lord than man as the Scriptures plainly state. Heretical religious groups always praise the opinions of man above the laws of Nature and the will of God. In late 2012, Mormons have been on a public relations blitz in trying to present themselves as reasonable, true, and honorable. Youtube videos, commericals, and various forms of media shown by Mormons try to present themselves as just ordinary, average everday folks. They have even presented numerous people of color as a means to counteract the characterization of them as being intolerant and so forth. Yet, we realize that Mormonism has ties to Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, and known heretical, inaccurate spiritual information. This Presidential election is interesting since both candidates have much more similarities than the mainstream media presents. People already understand that Mitt Romney lied and speaks on both sides of his mouth on various policy matters. Mitt Romney believes that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers, which is some blasphemous stuff to accept. In the final analysis, we have to embrace political independence. We know about the truth that we can't suck up to false religions or cartel-capitalism either. We still have neo-colonialism that must be disagreed with.

Halloween is an interesting holiday. Kids come out in the afternoon and night to seek candy. People of all ages wear clothing ranging from religious figures to masked unique characters. Real people know the truth and history about Halloween. For decades, my mother taught my family about the origin and occult significance of Halloween. Back centuries ago, real Christianity existed. It was simplistic and it was for the poor including the downtrodden. Later, the Papists and others used paganism hidden under a Christian veneer as a means to promote a bastardization of real spirituality. The day of Halloween is a time where society glamorizes ghosts, death, horror, and many degenerate aspects of mainstream society. Many believers have said that in the time of Halloween, those in the witchcraft world do their rituals in praise of Nature and false deities. According to Liberty to the Captives Ministries, even human sacrifice is done in this time of the year. Ironically, the Druids (who invented the modern Halloween ceremonies) performed human sacrifice many centuries ago. In real life, human sacrifice is ever real and it doesn't just take place back in the day (even serial killers recently have done these sick acts). So, Halloween is of Druidic origin. Halloween is related to the Wiccan day of Samhain, which was celebrated on November 1 as a means to celebrate the death of the summer. Samhain was a ceremony that celebrated death (and the Druids would dress up as evil spirits, ghosts, etc.) as a means to appease the evil spirits. Samahin honored the "Lord of the Dead." The pagans during Samhain would sacrifice even children (on the eve of Samhain during Halloween according to National Geographic of May 1977 from pgs. 625-626). So, the Druid festival of Samhain glorified and celebrated death plainly speaking. A lot of people have been conned about Halloween. Liberty to the Captives Ministries and others are right that we have the right to pray and fast for intercession against human sacrifice (and to pray that souls can be saved unto the Lord during this and any time period). Roman Catholics converted Samhain into All Saint's Day. The day before All Hallows Day (October 31) was recognized as All Hallows Eve. Eventually, All Hallows Eve became Hallows Eve; hallow’even; hallow’en and ultimately today’s Halloween. In 835 A.D, Pope Gregory IV "blessed" All Saint's Day as a "sacred day of obligation" and the Catholic Church officially ordained Halloween on that day. Former occultist Johanna Michaelsen reveals, "Halloween is also a prime recruiting season for Satanists." (Michaelsen, Johanna. Like Lambs to the Slaughter, p. 192). Witches, the Jack O Lattern, Trick or Treat, masks, costumes that associate with Halloween readily relate to Druidism, paganism, the occult, etc. I don't believe that we should be a bunch of theocrats and suppress individual liberties. Yet, I do believe that people have the right to peacefully express their free speech rights in exposing the disturbing unholy day called "Halloween" and to fight for the truth publicly. In a free society, people have the right to voluntarily express the words of the Gospel in society. The truth is that Halloween has nothing to do with real Christianity or real moral principles. It's a unholy day that glamorizes death and wickedness. I knew by instinct even when I was a young kid that something was up with Halloween. My mother told me the truth about Halloween since I was young. Now, I know even more information about this unholy day's secret history. You can't get good fruit from a bad tree. Religious deception has bad fruit since it comes from a bad tree. It is what it is.

By Timothy

US Supreme Court To Argue Use Of K9 Search Outside Your Home


US Supreme Court To Argue Use Of K9 Search Outside Your Home
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Donna Anderson
October 31, 2012

They’re already allowed to search your car, your crotch and your luggage. Now, man’s best friend is about to be allowed to sniff around outside your home, too. And if they smell something they don’t like, you’re going to jail. Your Constitutional right to secure your home against unreasonable search and seizure is about to be erased.
Gregory Garre, an attorney representing the state of Florida, argues that it’s perfectly legal to use drug-detection dogs to sniff around your outside house and if the dog alerts they can use that to justify entering your home to conduct a search. He compares it to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night:
“The police ‘did the same thing that millions of Americans will do on Halloween night, which is walk up to the front steps, knock on the door, and while they were there, they took in the air and the dog alerted to the smell of illegal narcotics.’”
The difference is, Americans don’t have to open their doors to Trick-or-Treaters if they don’t want to, but we all know what happens if you deny entry to a cop.
At issue is a 2006 case involving Joelis Jardines. After receiving an anonymous crime-stoppers tip that Jardines was conducting illegal drug activity in his home, police officers showed up on his doorstep with Franky, their drug-sniffing dog. When Franky alerted for drugs – outside the home, on the front porch – police officers got a warrant, searched Jardines’ home, found marijuana, and arrested him.
Jardines’ lawyer, Public Defender Howard Blumberg, argued that the dog sniff constituted illegal search and seizure and the Florida Supreme Court agreed.
“The entire history of the Fourth Amendment really is based on the fact that the home is different,” says Jardines’ lawyer, Howard Blumberg. “It goes all the way back to the early 1600s and the saying that a man’s home is his castle.”
The case now stands before the US Supreme Court where justices will be asked to decide if allowing a dog to perform a drug-sniff at the front door is a Fourth Amendment search requiring probable cause. Blumberg warns that if the use of drug-sniffing dogs outside the home is not deemed to be a search the “real-life consequences could be profound.”
“Police would be free ‘to walk up and down suburban neighborhoods, go up to each door, and see if the dog alerts to contraband.’ And they could do the same thing in apartment houses, checking out each apartment door ‘based on nothing, or on an anonymous tip, or because that’s what they want to do that day.’”
The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
In 2001 Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that police could not use heat-detection devices outside a home to detect marijuana grow lights, calling it an invasion of privacy because the technology could also detect innocent details of the homeowner’s life, such as “the hour at which the lady of the house takes her bath.”
Of course, the state argues that the police have much better things to do with their time than walk their drug-sniffing dogs around homes and apartment buildings if they don’t have probable cause. They also argue that their dogs only alert to drugs, so what’s the problem?
The problem is, when it comes to drug sniffing dogs you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you don’t allow the search you’re automatically assumed guilty. If you do, those dogs are going to find something and you’re either going to jail or the cops are going to confiscate whatever they find.
Under current laws, law enforcement agencies are allowed to seize assets they suspect are tied to illegal activity. Once the property has been seized it’s up to the owner to prove he obtained those assets legally. In about 80 percent of forfeiture cases the property owner is never charged with a crime, and he never gets the property back.
Consider the 2010 case of Jerome Chennault who lost $22,870 in a traffic stop. While traveling between South Carolina and his home in Henderson, Nev., Chennault was pulled over in Edwardsvill, Ill. for following another car too closely. The officer thought he had an “inappropriate laugh” and asked Chennault if he could search his car. Of course, Chennault said yes, what else could he say?
The officer found $22,870 in a side pocket of Chennault’s travel bag. A narcotics dog was called to the scene and the dog gave a positive alert when it sniffed the cash.
When Chennault was questioned further, he told officials that he had withdrawn $28,000 from an account in Las Vegas “and had left home with it three or four months prior intending to buy a house in South Carolina while staying with a nephew,” according to the complaint.
Chennault then had to spend more than $2,000 in court and attorney fees to get his money back. Madison County Public Defender John Rekowski said, “To forfeit when there is a crime is one thing. To say that you have to come in and post, in this case, more than $2,000 with the court to get back the $22,000 that they took from you because they felt like taking it, is ridiculous.”
In a 2005 case, Illinois v. Caballes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that having a K9 cop sniff the outside of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop does not violate the Fourth Amendment. However, Justice David Souter dissented, pointing out the mounting evidence that drug-sniffing dogs aren’t always reliable, noting that an Illinois study found the dogs failed 12.5 to 60 percent of the time.
Dogs are bred and trained to please their human owners and they can easily be manipulated to alert whenever their handler wants them to. Even the most conscientious handler can inadvertently use body language that he’s suspicious of something and the dog will alert simply because that’s the way he’s been trained.
In 2011, the Chicago Tribune published a review of drug searches which found that, over a 3-year period, only 44 percent of dog alerts led to the discovery of actual illegal drugs. The report also stated that for Hispanic drivers the success rate was only 27 percent, making it even more obvious that drug-sniffing dogs are responding to the biases of their handlers.
The Huffington Post showed video of a traffic stop to K-9 expert, Gene Papet, the Executive Director of K9 Resources.
“Just before the dog alerts, you can hear a change in the tone of the handler’s voice. That’s troubling. I don’t know anything about this particular handler, but that’s often an indication of a handler that’s cuing a response.” In other words, it’s indicative of a handler instructing the dog to alert, not waiting to see whether the dog will alert.”
“You also hear the handler say at one point that the dog alerted from the front of the car because the wind is blowing from the back of the car to the front, so the scent would have carried with the wind,” Papet says. “But the dog was brought around the car twice. If that’s the case, the dog should have alerted the first time he was brought to the front of the car. The dog only alerted the second time, which corresponded to what would be consistent with a vocal cue from the handler.
The Florida case is expected to be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in December.

Stop-and-Frisk Should be on Trial, Not Us

Austerity and Political Balkanization: The Rise of Separatist Agitation in Europe

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bootstrap Lie

Issues of Race and Gender

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Globalization: The Purgatory of Delusions

Hurricane Sandy Updates Part 2

Hurricane Sandy is rather huge. It is having a worse effect in the Northeast than where I live at in Virginia. It has been raining here in Virginia constantly which has caused some flooding. We haven't seen sunlight in days now.  It's a like a Hurricane, Nor'easter hybrid. It's a very big storm stretching over 900 square miles which has its breadth stretching from North Carolina into Massachusetts. Damage has been found in the Outer banks and in the Eastern Shore. The Northeast never seen a storm like this. Parts of Ocean View has been flooded. The high tide and the surge is heavily effecting New Jersey, Delaware, and New York State. During tonight and Tuesday will be the time of the storm comes into landfall. Here in Virginia, there has been a lot of rain and Virginia Beach has about 9 inches of rain. This storm is similar to Irene or Isabel. For those who live in the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy is worse than even Irene. For us in Virginia, Isabel was really bad since power was out for a week in Hampton Roads (affecting almost 2 million people). Isabel happened in late 2003. I was in college when it transpired. During Isabel, the power was out, so we had to drive to stores to get water and food like cold cuts, etc.. Hurricane Sandy is a very serious storm, because it can cause severe flooding and there is a partial collapse of a crane in Manhattan (the building is found at W. 57th Street). Also, this storm Hurricane Sandy is about near 90 miles per hour heading to the Northeast, which hasn't happened before in years. Evacuations have been sent out in the regions of New Jersey and New York state. Parts of New York City has been evacuated because the East Coast has a lot of low lying areas. Even in SE Virginia, we are barely above sea level.  In Virginia, the air is more cool because of the windy conditions. The temperature outside is near cold. It's 48 degrees outside. It's kind of cold now in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

By Timothy

Cutting Edge Ministries Newsletter

High Court To Rule On Key Voting Rghts Act Provision

A New Era in 2012

The Presidential election is about to end. In my mind, the election of 2012 is an end of an era. It's the end of the era of total illusions and naivete among some individuals. The veil has been opened as to the hatred that the reactionaries has to the oppressed. Many deniers once denied their hatred. Now, we know, because of the recent evil statements made by GOP puppets. New polls show what the majority (not only a minority) of certain people in America feel about people of color. Therefore, it's time to work for our self interests and for our community interests (of the real portion of the human race. It's time to more respect and love our brothers and our sisters. Also, it's great for the government to help society. The government has helped society for thousands of years and that's a historical fact. On the other hand, the government can't do everything. It's also our responsibility to work in our own communities to help out our communities and to build up power plus programs to fight poverty, crime, and other complications in our land. So, both private and public efforts ought to be executed to solve problems. The government can't do it alone and we can't do it alone either. So, we also need assistance by working together. Life is individual and social, so it will take both individual and collective answers to solve problems. We understand fully about the two party system and the Left/Right paradigm (where political institutions and corporate entities control the majority of the political infrastructure of the two party system). There was a lot of euphoria made by the event of the election of our brother President Barack Obama back in the year of 2008. Some people have legitimate disagreements with the brother, while others have an irrational, ignorant, and sometimes bigoted (or racist) hatred toward the President too. Now, in our time some folks want to disrupt their hard earned rights under Social Security, Medicare, and other safety net programs. People understand that Mitt Romney is not only allied with Wall Street, but he agreed with Paul Ryan to partially voucherize Medicare, etc. Ryan once wanted a partial privatization of Social Security. The Romney/Ryan budget plan can possibly increase the deficit since their plans will cause a harsh burden on working people in the name of deficit reduction. The falsehood of tricked down economics have been known since the 1930's. The good news is that the vast majority of Americans oppose massive cuts to the social safety net. The President seems to not make his austerity cuts as the centerpiece of his campaign (he said the following: "...But I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain that essentially I’ve been offering to the Republicans for a very long time, which is $2.50 worth of cuts for every dollar in [taxes], and work to reduce the costs of our health-care programs..."). On the other hand, the Romney campaign is overtly touting the austerity agenda as the centerpiece of his campaign. It would be better to end the war on terror, and demand tax increases on the super wealthy (plus a Wall Street tax). There should be investments in biomedical research and the ending of the surveillance, police state of spying plus suppression of human civil liberties in America. We live during a time where the super wealthy is making a record amount of profits. Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future said that his group will soon release a letter (signed by 350 economists) that point out the dangers that austerity measures are (which could cause a new economic downturn).

It is obvious that drone attacks are blatantly immoral. Yet, people still supports it even if it has killed American citizens. Peter T. King is the Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security. I have seen King regularly on TV like in CNN especially spewing his neo-con, reactionary, and radical "law and order" propaganda. We are Change leader Luke Rudkowski asked King what does he think about drone attacks. King used ad hominem attacks against Luke and tried to justify these evil deeds of drone attacks. It takes a real extremist and a callous individual to try to justify an innocent 16 year old boy to be murdered by the West in a dramatic fashion. Many of these neo-cons like Peter King use arrogance, evasion, and historical revisionism as a means to attempt to justify their craven, sick ideologies about foreign policy. It is wrong to sponsor an Empire filled with greed, war, and death plainly speaking. It is clear that international and national  laws are valuable and mean something in the world. U.S. treaties are still active in America. It is illegal for a nation to use military attacks against innocent populations when it is no threat to another nation's soil. Many of the military armed attacks in foreign countries are unlawful and unconstitutional wars of aggression. We have war law. It is immoral for attacks to come against nations for money, power, and without the adherence to constitutional law. The propaganda from the mainstream media tries to justify these crimes against humanity like torture, waterboarding, so-called anti-terror laws not just drone attacks. The corporate media's six major companies (that rule most of the news in the American nation) lie all of the time. So, the war on terror has bare the fruit of drone attacks, torture, unjust wars, detention, jailing peaceful dissidents, and other atrocious policies. We have the moral right to speak out against the war on terror. Peace can save millions of lives, help billions of human beings suffering poverty, and prevent more trillions of dollars from being looted from the people. The war mongering activities are still here. Populism is growing though. Some people want to stop the elite bankers from stealing of our wealth and create a full employment and infrastructure program in America. All Wall Street criminals should be prosecuted and punished for their crimes as well via due process. Rep. Peter King is just dead wrong. You need due process of law to handle issues with an American citizen including a trial. To have some sick kill list is disgraceful. The solution to our foreign policy issues is rather apparent. We don't need a war economy. We need a peace economy. We should end all unjust wars, promote international cooperation, stop the drone attacks, continue foreign programs that work (and reject those that don't or are immoral), focused on ending imperialism, and apologize for war crimes done by the Western elite. We should have an international, global program to handle poverty too. This program could be similar to a Marshall Plan for the world's poor as late heroes have advocated before. In the 2012 Presidential election, you have a centrist competing against a reactionary (who tries to act like a moderate). There are other Third Parties candidates as well, so we have the right to vote our consciences here. Psychologically, we have to reject that old myth of "rugged individualism" since cooperatives and cooperative living is better than social Darwinism. I do believe that Dr. Martin Luther King is right to say that the true wealth comes from the commonwealth. That is why Dr. King and even Malcolm X expressed the truth that poverty was very low in its percentage, education was very high, etc. in Scandinavian nations (since those nations followed the social democratic principles). Fundamentally, it's our responsibility (not only the government's responsibility) to fight for better housing, to fight for a greater standard of living, to fight against poverty, to advocate a promotion of justice in our legal system, and for us to reject the concept of oligarchy (whether it's found in Citizens United or otherwise), etc. It is right for us to strive to have social justice and economic justice for all peoples that live on the face of the Earth. That is reasonable, common sense, and it's apart of common morality. I have no issue with urban gardening and real cooperatives at all.

Australia is continuing forward in the 21st century. In the 1990's, Australia worked with the Western forces in the First Gulf War. Carmen Lawrence became the first premier of the Australian state by 1990. Labor won the 1990 federal election. In the early 1990's, the Strathfield Massacre came about. It happened in Sydney, Australia where a deranged shooter named Wade Frankum killed himself and 8 others in an attack. 6 others were wounded as well. This 1991 event increased the issue of gun control discussion in Australia. Regardless of what we feel about gun rights, we should do all we can to prevent such tragedies from occurring in any location of the world. Victims of the massacre included Roberta Armstrong, Robertson Kan Hock Voon, Patricia Rowe, Carole Dickinson, Joyce Nixon, Rachell Milburn and George Mavris. Prime Minister Bob Hawke of Australia was famous in the 1990's. The Liberal Prime Minister John Howard made uniform gun laws after the deaths of 35 people in the Port Arthur massacre. The Howard government dealt with issues of East Timor too. Australia sent military forces to handle the humanitarian and security crisis inside of East Timor from 1999-2000. This program was called International Force for East Timor or INTERFET. The program involved a multinational peacekeeping task force that was mandated by the U.N. to handle the crisis in East Timor. INTERFET was commanded by an Australian Major General Peter Cosgrove. The situation was that East Timor wanted independence from Indonesia and some anti-independence militia factions caused violence there. Later, East Timor rightfully became an independent state by May 20, 2002. In 2000, Sydney Australia hosted the 27th Olympic Games. I remember those games like yesterday. It was the time just before I was a senior in high school. Of course, the courageous Kathy Freeman practipated in track and field including other Australian althetes. In the year of 2001 Australia celebrates its centenary of Federation.. Howard formed the Goods and Services Tax in the year 2000 as well. After 9/11, Australia worked with the West to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Australian governmental leaders support the evil war on terror. In 2002, about 88 Australians died in the 2002 Bali bombings. In 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd lead a bipartisan Parliamentary apology to the Stolen Generation. Quentin Bryce became the first female Governor General of Australia. Julia Gillard in 2010 became the first female Prime Minister of Australia, which is very historical indeed. Now, the Labor government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants more spending cuts as a means to have a fiscal surplus. This include cuts to funds to parents of new children, education, and training. Swan also announced that large companies will soon have to pay company tax on a monthly rather than quarterly basis, a measure that boosts government revenues through interest payments. They assume that the surplus will be just 1.1 billion dollars. The corporate media in Australia still wants more evil cuts to social programs. For the most part, Julia Gillard is more centrist on issues (except on a few). Gillard is wrong support to support some militarism, austerity measures, and controversial actions on basic democratic rights. Gillard is in error to support the agenda of the criminal war on terror. I will give Julia Gillard positive on one issue though. Julia Gillard legitimately defended herself against sexist attacks from conservative party opposition members in Australia. Even Tony Abbott went too far in criticizing Gillard and Prime Minister Julia Gillard responded to him in a strong, courageous fashion as a means to defend her dignity.

Wall Street has sent their manifesto in the realm of 80 top CEOs. The manifesto wants President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to slash social spending. They are obsessed with the deficit at the expense of human life. These corporations claim that they want to change the federal budget, but for centuries, we have lived with economic debt. Some of the richest individuals in America still aren't satisfied. So, the Wall Street corporate elitists want to slash Medicare, Medicaid, and Society Security. This is their agenda against the working class since they want payback from the reforms made by the New Deal including the Great Society. The CEOs' letter was written by CEOs of giant U.S. banks, financial firms, and industrial corporations. The letter wants austerity, because they cry and whine about the debt. Therefore, they want policies to worsen the lives of the poor without increased taxes on the super wealthy at all. They ignore how they received trillions of dollars via the financial bailout or the trillions of dollars gave to imperialist war (including the global defense of their economic interests). They weren't lectured about personal responsilibility, but yearned for governmental help. They claim that they want to fix America's debt when they should concentrate on ways to strengthen programs that helped the poor and millions of working people including retirees. The Wall Street elites want to cut Medicare for the young and they they want to slash Social Security when Social Security is a highly successful program. The CEO blatantly want to cut taxes when we have record low taxation. We have have the lowest amount of taxes in history for about five decades. At least the note calls for raising revenues. Yet, as Felix Salmon of Reuters comments, "...You can’t have lower rates and higher revenues—not without eviscerating pretty much all of the tax deductions which much of the middle class has learned to rely upon. Mortgage-interest tax relief, the charitable deduction, even the deduction for state and local taxes: pretty much all of them would have to go.” So, Salmon is right to assume that this letter is a slick way that Wall Street is promoting the same agenda of cut their taxes, possibly raise taxes on everybody else, and cut some of the benefits form real social programs that some of them don't rely upon (like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). The letter represents the agenda of the recommendations from the 2010 bipartisan Bowles-Simpson Commission. Simpson Bowles wants 4 trillion in budget saving to be achieved almost at the expense of the working population. That is why that commission wishes for new taxes on consumption and employee health care benefits and cuts to federal old age programs. They want large tax cuts for the rich and corporations. The CEO manifesto was organized by FIX the debt campaign. This campaign has been inspired by Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles (he chaired the 2010 deficit panel, which was appointed by President Barack Obama). So, the elite wants the federal deficit to be cut at the expense of human life. They claim that we will drop out of the economic cliff if we do nothing by next year. The signers of this reactionary manifesto include people like: Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs; Michael Corbat, CEO of Citibank; John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo; and Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America. These are the same people that fund both political parties. Dimon, Blankfein, and Moynihan signed the open letter. Other corporate interests allied with the letter includes these corporation CEOs from Alcoa, AT&T, Boeing, Caterpillar, Delta Airlines, Dow Chemical, GE, Merck, Microsoft, Time Warner, UPS, Verizon, etc. Financiers, speculators and asset managers are also on the list, including Leon Black of Apollo Global Management, Larry Fink of BlackRock (with $3.3 trillion in assets under management, the world’s largest such firm), Martin L. Flanagan of Invesco and Thomas M. Joyce of Knight Capital Group. Many of the signatories made millions of dollars per year including millions of dollars in compensation. Glenn A. Britt of Time Warner got 17 million dollars and Dimon of JP Morgan Chase earned 42 million dollars. There are billionaires who signed this sick Deficit Manifesto like Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management. Some of these same corporate interests are responsible for the financial disaster of 2008. The financial crisis resulted in countless jobs and communities being destroyed. Now, these same bankers want to force the government to accept their policies. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are sympathetic to the demands made by the CEOs. Both want to reduce the deficit via austerity. The difference is that one man claims that his approach is balanced and the other person wants overt changes as soon as possible.

Immanuel Kant was one of the most controversial philosophers in human history. Regardless of what you think of his fundamental views, he was a voice to be reckoned with. He was a German philosopher from Kaliningrad, Russia today (or from Konigsberg, Prussia back then). He was influential in Enlightenment thinking by the end of the 18th century. The Enligthenment movement stirred away from spirituality and sought humanist solutions to complex moral including philosophical issues. "Critique of Pure Reason" from 1781 (or Kritik der reinen Vernuft) tried to unite reason with experience to move beyond what he took to be failures of traditional philosophy and metaphysics. He tried to get into the medium position of not embracing what he thought was futile theories (or finding reason outside of experience), but not going into what he deemed were the extreme skepticism of thinkers like Berkeley and especially Hume. Enlightenment scholars wanted to use reason instead of divine intervention as a means to formulate solutions. He wrote on many subjects like religion, ethics, law, aesthetics, astronomy, and history. So, Immanuel Kant wanted to resolve the debates about empirical and rationalist approaches to reality. Rationalism wants to use knowledge or reason (like the studying of science, mathematics, etc.) in figuring out concepts and notions of reality. Empiricalism wants to use the human senses, human observation, or the scientific method to prove all evidence. Kant's views influenced philosophers like Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, and Schopenhauer. Kant was right to deduce that the Milky Way was a large disk of stars, which he theorized was formed from a much large spinning cloud of gas. He wanted people to think autonomously without the dictates of external authority. Kant believed that people have the right to believe in God for the sake of embracing morality, but there is no way of knowing if there is a God or an afterlife (because of the absence of irrefutable evidence). Kant still respected the idea of God in the sense of humans believing in moral principles. Kant criticized mainstream Christianity for, in his mind, its superstition, external ritual, and hierarchical church order. So, it is obvious that Immanuel Kant wasn't a supporter of pro-traditional Christianity. He invented critical philosophy, that is of the notion of being able to discover and systematically explore possible inherent limits to our ability to know through philosophical reasoning. Kant wrote about Islam as well. Politically, Immanuel Kant wanted peace with constitutional republics. He wanted a federal of republic states as a means to improve the world. He rejected democracy, because in his mind, any form of a direct democracy would cause the majority of people to threaten individual liberty. You can disagree with this assumption, but that was his assumption. Georg Hegel later developed the Kantian method of reasoning by "antinomies" as the basis for his dialectical method upon which the structure of Marxism was built. Immanuel Kant was one of the greatest philosophers of Western civilization.

By Timothy

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Issue # 75 // January 20, 2006 // Editor: Darryl Eberhart

(Updated through: April 19, 2007)



NOTE: All emphasis throughout this newsletter, unless otherwise noted, is by the editor of “Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT).

WARNING: This TTT newsletter may seriously “disturb” some folks’ “comfort zones”; however, TRUTH is far more important than any of our comfort zones.

DEFINITIONS (Hopefully listed in alphabetical order):

“Center Party” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “[Often seen in various books as ‘Centrum’ or ‘Zentrum’ Party]: The German Roman Catholic Center Party [in German: Zentrumspartei] was a powerful political party in Germany in the 19th century and early 20th century (especially in the 1920s and early 1930s). Its main power base was in predominantly Roman Catholic Bavaria [in southern Germany]. The German Roman Catholic Center Party’s endorsement of, and unanimous vote for, the Enabling Act of March 1933 was crucial, giving Adolf Hitler the 2/3s majority he needed to assume dictatorial powers in Germany.”

“Crusade” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition; 1974; first two meanings): “1. Any of the military expeditions which Christians [Ed. Note: to be more precise, Roman Catholics] undertook from the end of the 11th [century] to the end of the 13th century to recover the Holy Land from the Moslems. 2. Any church-sanctioned war or expedition like this.”

((Ed Comment to the preceding definition: The Papacy launched “holy” crusades against Bible-believing Christian groups, such as the Albigenses in southern France, and the Waldenses in southeastern France and northwest Italy.))

“Deceitful” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): (Meaning #1): “Tending to mislead, deceive or ensnare.”

“Editor” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): [1.] A publisher; particularly, a person who superintends an impression [i.e., a single edition] of a book; the person who revises, corrects and prepares a book for publication 2. One who superintends the publication of a newspaper.”

“Fascism” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition – second meaning): “A system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism, and militarism, etc.: first instituted in Italy in 1922.”

“Front” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition; 1974): (Meaning #15): “A person or group used to cover or obscure the activity or objectives of another controlling person or group.”

“Genocide” (per Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn, co-authors of The History and Sociology of GENOCIDE): “A form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other authority [Ed. Note: such as a RELIGIOUS authority] intends to destroy a group, as that group and membership in it are defined by the perpetrator.” (The History and Sociology of GENOCIDE; 1990; Page 23)

“Genocide” (per Professor R. J. Rummel, author of Death by Government): “Among other things, the killing of people by a government because of their indelible group membership (race, ethnicity, religion, language).” (Death by Government; 1994; Page 31)

“Heretic” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): “1. A person under any religion, but particularly the Christian, who holds and teaches opinions repugnant to the established faith, or that which is made the standard of orthodoxy. In strictness, among Christians, a person who holds and avows religious opinions contrary to the doctrines of Scripture, the only rule of faith and practice. 2. Any one who maintains erroneous opinions.”

“Heretic” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “As concerns historical Roman Catholic use of this term: A ‘label’ applied by the Papacy to anyone who dared in the past, or who dares today, to question either (1) papal authority, or (2) any of the unscriptural doctrines based solely upon ‘tradition’ that have been promulgated by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, such as ‘transubstantiation’, ‘indulgences’, ‘papal infallibility’, ‘purgatory’, ‘worship of images’, ‘a celibate priesthood’, ‘auricular confession to a priest’, etc.”

“Holocaust” (per Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary; 1971): (a.) “A sacrifice consumed by fire”; (b.) “A thorough destruction esp. by fire.”

“Inquisition” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): (Meaning #4): “In some Catholic countries, a court or tribunal established for the examination and punishment of ‘heretics’. This court was established in the 12th century by ‘father’ Dominic, who was charged by Pope Innocent III with orders to excite [Roman] Catholic princes [i.e., rulers] and people to extirpate [i.e., destroy completely] ‘heretics’.”

“Jesuit Order” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “The Jesuit Order is a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, officially approved by Pope Paul III in 1540. The primary goals of this order are (1) to roll back the Protestant Reformation and the freedoms that it brought to many of the inhabitants of this planet; (2) to enhance the power and prestige of the Papacy; and (3) to rule despotically over the governments of the world through the Papacy. The head of the Jesuit Order is the Jesuit Superior General – the ‘Black Pope’ – the real power behind the Papal throne. The Jesuit Order is infamous for fomenting revolutions and wars, assassinating heads of State, and subverting nations.”

“Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor” (per Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins): “Someone who performs service or duties for the Jesuit Order, but who is not a Jesuit priest. This person may be of any race, religion, or sex.”

“Knights of Malta” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “A Roman Catholic religious-military order headquartered in Rome with, and under the command of, the Jesuit Superior General. Much of the wealth of the Knights Templar, when it was disbanded in 1312, was given to the Knights of Malta. Many Knights of Malta have held top-level positions in various governments, in the world’s foremost intelligence agencies, in international banking, and in the publishing world. A number of Knights of Malta continue to hold such positions.”

“Mass Murder” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “The indiscriminate killing of any person or group of people by either a government, or by a religious institution – or, by a government AND a religious institution working hand-in-hand together to eliminate their perceived enemies.”

“Papal Rome” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “The government of the Roman Catholic Church, whose headquarters is presently in Rome, Italy.”

“Red Herring” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): (Meaning #2): “Something used to divert attention from the basic issue.”

“Revise” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): “1. To review; to re-examine; to look over with care for correction 2. To review, alter and amend

“Reviser” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language): “One that revises or re-examines for correction.”

“Revisionist” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary): “A person who revises, or favors the revision of, some accepted theory, doctrine, etc.”

“Scapegoat” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): (Meaning #2): “A person, group, or thing upon whom the blame for the mistakes or crimes of others is thrust.”

“Smoke screen” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): (Meaning #2): “Anything said or done to conceal or mislead.”

“Ustashi”“Catholic Actionists” – The Roman Catholic militia (and later army) in the Roman Catholic Fascist State of Croatia during World War II.

“Vatican” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition; 1974): “1. The papal palace, consisting of a group of buildings in Vatican City. 2. The papal government or authority.”

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I (the editor of the ETI and TTT newsletters) am not a Roman Catholic; I also most definitely am not anti-Roman Catholic as far as individual Roman Catholics go. My dad and 90% of my relatives are Roman Catholic; and the majority of my friends are Roman Catholic. I am, however, against the top levels of secret societies (from the hierarchy of the Jesuit Order to the hierarchy of Freemasonry). This is because these secret societies control the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church (through the Jesuit Order and P2 Masonry), and have often used this hierarchical system for evil purposes, such as “holy” Inquisition, “holy” crusades, “holy” wars, and religious genocide. The hierarchical system of the Roman Catholic Church is used quite effectively by secret societies not only to keep over one billion Roman Catholics “in line”, but also to gather intelligence, and to infiltrate (through its Knights of Malta, Jesuit “temporal coadjutors”, etc.) governments and various Christian denominations. I am also against any religious hierarchy that tries to place itself equal to, or above, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God – or equal to, or above, God’s Holy Word (i.e., the Holy Bible) and His Ten Commandments!

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: We can no longer afford to REMAIN SILENT on these critical issues for fear of offending any particular group – in this case, Roman Catholics. Please carefully consider this quote by author Dave Hunt:

“We are told to love one another as Christ has loved us. Pop psychology trivializes that command by equating it with a ‘positive’ attitude. Forgotten is the first duty of love: to speak the truth (Ephesians 4:15). Real love does not flatter or soothe when correction is needed but [rather] points out the error which is blinding and harming the loved one. Christ said, ‘As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous, therefore, and repent’ (Revelation 3:19). Instead, the idea is now current that love excludes rebuke, ignores the truth, and seeks unity at any price. Only disaster can result.” (A Woman Rides the Beast; 1994; Page 403)

Why Am I Writing More & More About Roman Catholicism?

This editor of the ETI and TTT newsletters has been writing more and more about the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy (i.e., Papal Rome), and especially about the Jesuit Order, in recent newsletters because I keep uncovering more and more about the deep hatred that Papal Rome has for independent Bible-believing Christians, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Jews. We Americans have, for the most part, been largely ignorant of the well-documented history of Papal Rome in conducting brutal religious genocide (via Inquisition, “holy” wars, and “holy” crusades) against all the afore-mentioned groups. Sadly, many Americans believe the “ecumenical rhetoric” of Roman Catholic prelates – i.e., that Papal Rome has “changed her ways” and now loves all the “separated brethren”. However, my study of the Papacy shows me that this ecumenical rhetoric is just a RUSE [i.e., a “stratagem” – per Webster’s Dictionary: “any trick or scheme for achieving some purpose]. The “purpose” is to bring all Christian denominations under the control of the Papacy!

Yes, the Papacy [i.e., Papal Rome], despite its “ecumenical rhetoric”, has not changed a bit over the many centuries in the following categories:

  • Its deep hatred of Jews, all independent Bible-believing Christians, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians (as recently as the 1940s we find Roman Catholic Ustashi military units in Croatia, led and urged on by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars, slaughtering from 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children – many of the victims being first brutally tortured);
  • Its long-held dream to bring all Christians under its monopolistic, totalitarian, ecclesiastical control;
  • Its long-held dream to head up a totalitarian one-world religious organization; and,
  • Its long-held dream to bring all world leaders – especially those in “Christian” countries – under the temporal power of the pope. (That is, the Papacy would be the top player and “controller” in a one-world government – just like it was the top player and controller on the European continent for many centuries! Kings indeed bowed before popes.)

Power – absolute power – has long been the pursuit of Papal Rome. History has recorded Papal Rome’s deep hatred for religious liberty and freedom of conscience. The U.S. Constitution, with its “Bill of Rights” guaranteeing such liberties, has long been hated by Papal Rome. (For a good example of this hatred, please read the Syllabus of Errors issued in 1864 by Pope Pius IX.) I have heard that there is an acronym in use by some Knights of Columbus in America. This acronym is “M.A.C.”: Make America Catholic”. America is the last “roadblock” in the way of Papal Rome and her globalist rich and power elite lackeys in their quest for one-world government and one-world religion. Is America scheduled for a religious genocide – an Inquisition – as occurred in the 1940s in Croatia? I believe the danger is real and possibly quite imminent – and that is why I have been writing more and more about Papal Rome, her long-held dreams of world domination, her love of Fascist regimes, and her well-documented history of torture and religious genocide!


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world(1928)

Edward Bernays (Called by some the “Father of Public Opinion”)

“For 300 years past the Church of Rome has striven by an unceasing torrent of false histories, pamphlets, and lectures to conceal from the nation [i.e., Great Britain] and the world the true face of her terrible history before and during the Reformation.”

Albert Close (Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times; Page 7)

“Surely some Jesuit hand must have been at work influencing ‘Lord’ Romilly [Ed. Note: the “Master of the Rolls” (who was in charge of State Papers) in England] when he appointed [in 1859] a Roman Catholic [William Barclay Turnbull] to edit the State Papers of the reigns of [King] Edward VI [king: 1547-53] and [Roman Catholic Queen] Mary [I; queen: 1553-58], above all others; and later to appoint the Rev. Joseph Stevenson as successor.”

Albert Close (Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times; Page 9)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Joseph Stevenson later “became” a Jesuit in 1882. Was it just a “coincidence” that he had earlier been appointed to edit British history at the office of the “Master of the Rolls”? Has American history similarly been edited to remove any evidence of Papal and Jesuit wrongdoing in the USA? Yes! American history has been meticulously edited!))

“The greatest danger and damage to true British history today lies in the almost criminal folly of the [British] Government appointing Roman Catholics and Anglo-Romanists to edit the Official Calendars of State Papers from the original Manuscripts of the Reformation times.

By clever maneuvering, Rome [i.e., the Vatican – the Papacy] has succeeded in the past in getting Roman Catholic Calendarers on the Staff of the Master of the Rolls, with the result that Vatican Documents and other old State Papers have either been suppressed in our National Calendars of State Papers or edited in favor of the Church of Rome.”

Albert Close (Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times; Page 8)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: I do not know if I would use the word “folly” in the first sentence of the preceding quotation. Powerful people in the British government knew exactly what they were doing. Papal Rome has for centuries instructed her “agents” (e.g., Jesuits, Jesuit “temporal coadjutors”, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, etc.) to infiltrate governments, religious denominations, intelligence agencies, universities and colleges, school board committees, publishing houses, etc., in a carefully planned and orchestrated effort to “erase”, as much as possible, Papal Rome’s history of religious genocide and persecution, of fomenting revolutions and wars, of assassinating heads of State, and of torture and Inquisition – and also to “rewrite and revise” history textbooks and encyclopedias. This effort has been immensely successful.))

“There can be no shadow of doubt that the Jesuits and the Anglo-Romanist party in Britain have gained great influence over the Cable Services, Press Agencies, B.B.C., and chief newspapers of Great Britain

Albert Close (Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times; Page 169)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: The same thing [i.e., a Jesuit takeover of the press, media, and publishing industry] has also happened here in the USA!))

“There is no doubt that the American [Roman] Catholic hierarchy has entered the political arena, and that it is becoming more and more aggressive in extending the frontiers of [Roman] Catholic authority into the fields of medicine, education, and foreign policy… As we shall see in this book [Ed. Note: American Freedom and Catholic Power], the [Roman] Catholic hierarchy in this country [i.e., the USA] has great power as a pressure group, and no editor, politician, publisher, merchant or motion-picture producer can express defiance openly – or publicize documented facts – without risking his future.”

Paul Blanchard (Journalist and author) (1949; Quote was taken from his book American Freedom and Catholic Power.)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: This quote was made in 1949. The power of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the USA has not diminished from that time, but rather has grown. Many powerful Knights of Malta (controlled by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order) have held key positions in America’s mainstream media (e.g., Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst), in U.S. intelligence agencies (e.g., CIA Directors William Donovan, John McCone, William Casey, William Colby, and George Tenet), in U.S. banking, in the U.S. government, etc. Top-level Knights of Columbus (e.g., Senator Ted Kennedy) have held, and continue to hold, key positions in the U.S. government. Many of these men do NOT have the best interests of the American people at heart – rather, they serve the interests of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. These men share the goals of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order for one-world government and one-world religion controlled by the Papacy! Of course, the real power behind the papal throne is the Jesuit Superior General – the Black Pope!))

“In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests [Ed. Note: controlled by the Rockefellers]got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the U.S. and [a] sufficient number of them to CONTROL generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process to retain only those necessary for the purpose of CONTROLLING. They found it was necessary to purchase CONTROL of 25 of the greatest [news] papers. The 25 [news] papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly SUPERVISE and EDIT information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the INTERESTS of the PURCHASERS… This policy also included the SUPPRESSION of everything in opposition to the wishes of the INTERESTS SERVED.” – Oscar Callaway (U.S. Congressman) (Statement placed in the Congressional Record in 1917)

“There is probably no important magazine or newspaper in the country [Ed. Note: the USA] that is not COMMUNIST-penetrated to some degree.”

Whittaker Chambers (1901-1961; American journalist; ex-member of the Communist Party of the United States)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: For whom do the Communists work? Author Gary Allen tells us: “The Rockefeller family, through their Chase Manhattan Bank and other entities, have been great benefactors of the Soviet Union ever since [the] Communist Revolution in Russia.” Which brings us to these questions: For whom do the Rockefellers work? Do they have any connections to the Rothschilds, who hold the title “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury”?))

“I questioned Dr. [Alberto] Rivera about the briefings he received in the Vatican when he was a Jesuit priest. I asked him if he was briefed on how the Vatican planned to take over the United States. He told me [that] his indoctrination [i.e., his training as a Jesuit] went back [into American history] to the time of the Pilgrims. Because of the knowledge of the Inquisition and the slaughter of Christians by the Roman Catholic system, the early immigrants in America began passing laws to keep Jesuits out of this country and to outlaw the massto protect themselves from a Vatican takeover. These were Christian communities deeply concerned about the ‘whore of Revelation’ [i.e., the “whore” described in the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible].

Jesuits began arriving in America as early as the second group of Pilgrims. They used different names with identifications. They were followed years later when the Vatican sent multitudes of [Roman] Catholic families from England, Ireland, and France – posing as Protestants – into the colonies. These were ‘plants’. They were holding secret masses in defiance of the laws. In those days, no Roman Catholic was to hold any position in civil government. The Jesuits made sure this part of our history was erased and removed.

The next major move by the Jesuits was to destroy or control all the Christian schools across America. Throughout the years, Jesuits, working undercover, have gotten into special committees on school boards to remove the emphasis of the Bible and replace it with psychology as found in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius de Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Society. Later, Catholic schools and universities sprang up all across the nation under the Jesuits. Today, they probably outnumber all the Christian schools and colleges put together.

The third stage was to move into the courts and legislationto take over as judges and lawyers in order to manipulate the Constitution in their favor until it could be changed. Once this was accomplished, the thrust was into politics to capture the political parties. Then [the Jesuits moved on to] the military and the newspapers. Even back in the time of Lincoln over half the newspapers in the United States were controlled by the Vatican.”

Jack Chick (Smokescreens; 1983; Pages 75, 76)

((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) If you have any doubts about the above claims by Jack Chick concerning the tremendous power and influence of Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order, then you need to check out the following books: Smokescreens by Jack Chick, A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt, The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris, 50 Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, and Is Alberto for Real? (compiled by Sidney Hunter). These books can all be ordered via credit card by calling Chick Publications at 1-909-987-0771.

(2) If you have any doubts about Papal Rome’s heavy-duty takeover of much of America’s newspapers, magazines, etc., then please do some research on William Randolph Hearst and Henry Robinson Luce. Both of these men were Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta.

(3) Jack Chick says that Papal Rome controlled half of the [major] newspapers in the USA back in the time of President Lincoln! What percentage of the U.S. mainstream media and press does Papal Rome now control?))

“In 1997, wealthy media mogul Rupert Murdoch received papal knighthood for promoting the [Roman] Catholic Church and the pope’s interests. This Roman Catholic [Bible] version [Ed. Note: the author is referring to the New International Version] is Rupert’s bestseller! Let’s face it: Roman Catholic [Bible] versions have become big business.” – David W. Daniels (Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?; 2005; Page 125)

((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote: (1) Per author David W. Daniels: “Bibles based on the perverted Alexandrian/Roman Catholic texts are in reality Roman Catholic Bibles – with or without the Apocrypha.” (2) As already mentioned, a number of wealthy Knights of Malta (a Roman Catholic religious-military order that is headquartered with, and controlled by, the Jesuit Superior General) have been major players in the publishing business, such as Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst.))


I love history – that is, I love TRUE history. Sadly, a whole lot of important history – history that should be known by the American people – has disappeared down a very deep “memory hole”. And even more history is headed for that deep “memory hole”. This history that has disappeared – or is in the process of disappearing – is true history that is very unfavorable to Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order. It is bloody, ugly, and dark history – history that Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order are working overtime to destroy forever. It is history that Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order want the American people to forget – or, in the case of many Americans, to never learn. It is the well-documented history of Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order in the following categories:

  • Mass murder (frequent religious genocide, often on a massive scale – e.g., the slaughter of Jews; the slaughter of Orthodox Christians; the slaughter of independent Christian groups such as the Albigenses and the Waldenses; the slaughter of Protestant Christians in Ireland and Bohemia; the slaughter of the Protestant French Huguenots; etc.);
  • Mass torture of human beings (via “holy” Inquisition);
  • The assassination of heads of State (e.g., President Abraham Lincoln, Tsar Alexander I and Tsar Alexander II of Russia, King Henry III and King Henry IV of France, President Benito Pablo Juarez of Mexico, etc.);
  • Meddling in the affairs of State in numerous nations;
  • Fomenting and orchestrating bloody revolutions and wars (including two world wars); and,
  • Hating religious liberty, freedom of conscience, and popular, representative government.

Cui bono? That is, “who benefits” from this disappearing history that we Americans should learn if we are to have any chance of countering Papal Rome’s efforts to destroy our liberties and our Constitutional Republic?

Some folks allege that “the Jews” run America’s publishing houses, its mainstream media, etc. If this were true, then why would these “Jews” be aiding and abetting Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order by covering up their numerous crimes against humanity (e.g., “holy” crusades, “holy” wars, the “holy” Inquisition, and religious genocide)? After all, the Jews have suffered horribly at the hands of Papal Rome! Inquiring minds surely would like to know!

I would like to cover some historical events here in this issue of TTT that I have covered in previous newsletters – albeit more briefly here, but with some new data wherever possible – especially some new quotations. I ask those of you who have read some of my previous newsletters to “stay with me” as I cover these pieces of “disappearing history”, even though I will be repeating some information here that has appeared in earlier newsletters.

History is indeed important. While the dates, names of the leading players, and locations change, the basic scenarios of tyranny, oppression, manipulated wars, etc., keep repeating “over and over again”. We should never forget these wise words from the Spanish philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In a previous TTT newsletter, entitled “The Real Controllers of the USA”, I talked about “front groups”, “red herrings”, and “smoke screens” that the real powers operating “behind the scenes” [i.e., Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order] use to mislead us not only about history, but also about what is really happening today in our American Constitutional Republic. Revising and editing history – or, flushing parts of it down that deep “memory hole” – is a key component of their carefully planned strategy of deceit and control. And one of the greatest tools in their hands is a group of people whom I call “the deceitful revisers and editors of history”. These “revisers” and “editors” of history have been very successful in their dirty work of erasing those segments of true history that reveal Papal Rome’s bloody and sinister past. These deceitful agents of Papal Rome can be found on school board committees, in publishing houses, and in many institutes of higher learning. They are the editors of many top newspapers and newsmagazines. They write articles for history textbooks and for encyclopedias. They have infiltrated every important strata of our society. They have destroyed, and are in the process of destroying, many important segments of American history, European history, world history, and “Church” history – history that we Americans need to know if we are to have any chance of preserving our liberties!

II. IMPORTANT EXAMPLES OF REVISED HISTORY (segments of history that are rapidly disappearing down a very deep “memory hole”)

A. Vicious Papal Religious Genocide Against the Albigensian and Waldensian Christians (who were called “heretics” by Papal Rome)

“The [Roman] Catholic Church has the right and duty to kill heretics because it is by fire and sword that heresy can be extirpated.”

Marianus de Luce (Jesuit; 1901)

So few Americans are aware of Papal Rome’s horrible persecution of Christian groups in the 12th through 16th centuries – much of it occurring long before the term “Protestants” ever came into being. Various popes ordered Roman Catholic monarchs to send army after army against the Christian Albigenses in southern France, and against the Christian Waldenses in France and in northern Italy – against innocent farmers and peasants who were peaceful, moral people.

Here are just a few quotes dealing with Papal Rome’s horrible religious genocide against these innocent Christian men, women, elderly, and children:

“The Albigensian Crusades slash through the history of France and of the [Roman Catholic] Church like a gaping wound. From 1208 to 1226 the papacy sent army after army to the South of France to crush the Albigensian ‘heretics’ and to punish their supporters. They [i.e., the Albigensian Crusades] began with a calculated act of terror, the massacre of [Ed. Note: large numbers of innocent men, women, and children at] Beziers; they ended with the establishment of the Inquisition, one of the most effective means of ‘thought control’ that Europe has ever known. ((Ed. Comment: The papal army butchered about 20,000 citizens of this French city populated then mainly by the Albigenses.)) They [the papal armies] were completely successful: The losing faith, the Albigensian ‘Heresy’, was exterminated.

Their disappearance as a social group was carefully planned and executed with persistent cruelty.” – Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn (Co-authors of The History and Sociology of GENOCIDE; 1990; Page 115)

((Ed. Comment: The extermination of the Albigensian Christians by Papal Rome is a clear example of RELIGIOUS genocidereligicide!))

[The Albigensian Christians] preached against the immoralities of the [Roman Catholic] priesthood, pilgrimages, worship of saints and idolsopposed the claims of the Church of Rome; made great use of the Scriptures.

By 1167 they [i.e., the Albigensian Christians] embraced possibly a majority of the population of South France.

In 1208 a crusade was ordered by Pope Innocent III; a bloody war of extermination followed, scarcely paralleled in history. Town after town was put to the sword, and the inhabitants murdered without distinction of age or sex.

Within a hundred years the Albigenses were utterly rooted out.”

Dr. Henry H. Halley (Halley’s Bible Handbook)

“These religious crusades [ordered by Papal Rome] and [accompanying] genocide (frequently in the form of State-Church genocide) were often directed at innocent peasants and farmers (e.g., Albigenses, Waldenses, French Huguenots, etc.) whose only ‘crimes’ were placing the Bible in higher authority than the pope, and refusing to recognize papal authority. These innocent people were falsely called ‘heretics’ [by Papal Rome]. Papal armies were raised (often using murderers, rapists, etc., who had been released from prisons) and sent to exterminate entire villages and regions.”

Darryl Eberhart (Editor of “Tackling the Tough Topics”; July 13, 2005)

The Roman Catholic Church claims to be “Christian”, yet has tortured and butchered Christians who disagreed with papal authority and/or doctrine. Mass murder by Papal Rome didn’t just occur in the 12th through the 16th centuries – it occurred as recently as the 1940s in Fascist Croatia, where Roman Catholic Ustashi military units, led by Roman Catholic clergymen, tortured and murdered from 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christians.

Why isn’t this history taught to American schoolchildren? Who benefits by this history being kept from the American people, and who is so powerful in this country that they have, for the most part, been able to keep this history from the majority of the American people?

B. The Inquisition and Brutal Torture

Author David W. Daniels gives us a brief “history” of the Inquisition in his book Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? (2005):

THE INQUISITION: The Horror Begins – With each council the level of terror increased:

  • 1184 – Synod of Verona: Burn heretics at the stake.
  • 1215 – 4th Lateran Council: Burn heretics and take their property. The ‘Inquisition’ is formed.
  • 1220 – Inquisition is handed to the newly formed Dominican Order.
  • 1229 – Synod of Toulouse makes the Inquisition a systematic process – [Accused victims are] guilty until proven innocent!
  • 1252 – Pope Innocent IV: Torture is doctrinally acceptable to make an accused heretic ‘confess’.
  • 1484 – Pope Innocent VIII publishes ‘Summus Desiderantes’ to support his inquisitors.
  • 1486 – [Pope] Innocent VIII publishes ‘Malleus Maleficorum’ (Witch-Hammer), the systematic guide to detect, torture and execute a suspected ‘witch’. But the deck was stacked against you:

1. Almost never see your accuser.

2. Never know why or of what you are accused.

3. No lawyer. You have to prove your innocence.

4. You’re presumed guilty – period.

5. They promise anything, but kill you anyway!” (Page 86)

If the brutal Inquisition were something that only existed a thousand years ago, then there would be no need to discuss it here. However, the “holy” office of Inquisition STILL exists – it has never disappeared. Oh yes, because of the “bad press” that it has received in the past, the Vatican has made two “name changes”.

F. Tupper Saussy, in his book Rulers of Evil, points out these two name changes: “Pontifex Maximus has laundered the Inquisition’s name twice. In 1908, Pope Pius X renamed it ‘the Holy Office’, which [Pope] Paul VI transformed into [the] ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ in 1965.” (1999; Page 304)

The office of Inquisition was set up in the 12th century. Initially, the Dominicans were in charge of it. Later, the Jesuit Order would take the office of Inquisition from the Dominicans.

I will not name the encyclopedia here, but I did read in it, under the entry entitled “Inquisition”, a typical whitewash of this sick, barbaric, and inhuman institution (called the “holy” Inquisition). Whoever wrote the article for this “entry” in this encyclopedia didn’t consider the “Inquisition” a very big deal, saying that they didn’t use any worse torture than was used elsewhere in Europe at that time. The Roman Catholic Church refined “torture” to a new level, even bringing in medical doctors to ensure that most torture victims didn’t die while under torture. This was done so that the victims could be “revived and refreshed”, and thus could face days – weeks – and even months of more and more torture.

How can the Roman Catholic Church call herself “Christian” and yet command the most brutal torture of human beings – even of Christians who simply disagreed with papal doctrine and/or authority? How is it that the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church never seemed to have any problems finding lots of fiends to perform torture, and priests [who claim to represent Christ] to oversee that brutal torture of human beings? Where do we find the Lord Jesus Christ anywhere in this type of ungodly, sick, and barbarous activity? Oh, by the way, the Roman Catholic Church has never repudiated her “right” to use torture and force wherever and whenever she finds the opportunity to do so!

Here are some more quotes dealing with torture and “holy” Inquisition:

“To wring out confessions from these poor creatures [Ed. Note: during the various Inquisitions], the Roman Catholic Church devised ingenious tortures so excruciating and barbarous that one is sickened by their recital.”

Dave Hunt (A Woman Rides the Beast; 1994; Page 80)

“It is so very hard today to imagine how anyone could watch and inflict systematic tortures [as occurred during the “Holy” Inquisition] designed to bring its victims the most severe and agonizing pain, to the very point of death, yet denying death, and then start the process all over again – even on an animal, much less another human being.”

John Daniel (The Grand Design Exposed; 1999; Page 13)

“The most ghastly abomination of all was the system of torture. The accounts of its cold-blooded operations make one shutter at the capacity of human beings for cruelty. And it was decreed and regulated by the popes who ‘claim’ to represent Christ on earth – William Shaw Kerr (Church historian)

“What has turned my soul against Roman [Catholic] abuse of power is the way in which it has tortured and burned such saints of God as Joan of Arc, hundreds of the Albigensian martyrs in France in the 12th century, the Knights Templar, John Huss [Czech Jan Hus], the Dominican Savonarola, the Dominican Giordano Bruno, [and] the Anglican bishops Cranmer, Ridley, and Latimer. The Inquisition has promoted at least two wholesale massacres: [hundreds of] thousands of Protestant Waldensians in northern Italy [and southeastern France], and thousands of Protestant Huguenots by the massacre of St. Bartholomew in France. More than 30,000 of the most cultured Protestants of France were put to the sword on the night of St. Bartholomew, August 24, 1572. At the news [of this brutal, bloody massacre], the Pope had cannons fired, proclaimed a jubilee, ordered a Te Deum of thanksgiving to be sung, and struck a special medal to commemorate the glorious ‘victory’.” – Charles A. Bolton (Ex-Catholic priest)

“Of eighty popes in a line from the thirteenth century on, not one of them disapproved of the theology and apparatus of Inquisition. On the contrary, one after another added his own cruel touches to the workings of this deadly machine.” – Peter de Rosa (Catholic historian & former Jesuit; Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy)

“When confronted with ‘heresy’, she [i.e., Papal Rome] does not content herself with persuasion; arguments of an intellectual and moral order appear to her insufficient, and she has recourse to force, to corporal punishment, [and] to torture.” – H.M.A. Baudrillart (Rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris)

[The Inquisition’s] methods of terror and persecution have been used and abused up to the present day. These methods were not only new, but also so successful that they have been copied by totalitarian regimes ever since. The main features of these methods are:

1. Making the denunciation of fellow citizens an obligation that takes precedence over ties of family and kinship;

2. Extracting confessions by imprisonment and torture;

3. Making the naming of fellow conspirators an essential part of confessions;

4. Defining the retraction of extorted confessions as a ‘relapse’ and therefore a proof of guilt; and,

5. In some cases, separating the proof of ‘heresy’ or opposition from the execution of the penalty. The Inquisition handed over its convicted ‘heretics’ to the secular arm for punishment just as, hundreds of years later, during Stalin’s purges of the Communist party, party members were often deprived of their membership and then handed over to the NKVD for punishment.”

Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn (Co-authors of The History and Sociology of GENOCIDE; 1990; Pages 114, 115)

Why isn’t this history concerning Papal Rome’s fiendish “Inquisitional” institution of brutal torture (that still exists) taught to American schoolchildren? Shouldn’t the American people be warned about this institution of torture, and the political-religious-financial institution that operates it? Who benefits by this history being kept from the American people, and who is so powerful in the USA that they have, for the most part, been able to keep this history from most Americans? Certain elements within the CIA love torture! The CIA has had a number of Knights of Malta (a Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic religious-military order) at its head: William Donovan, John McCone, William Casey, William Colby, and George Tenet. What agencies in the U.S. government and military have taught “torture” to their corresponding elements in Latin American countries? Could there possibly be any connection between those torture-loving elements within the CIA and that religious-political-financial institution (i.e., Papal Rome) that loves to use torture?

C. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) and the Counter-Reformation

Here are two quotes by F. Tupper Saussy (from his book Rulers of Evil):

“Most of the eighteen-year lifetime of the Council of Trent [in Italy, 1545-1563] consisted of two intermissions spanning four and ten years each. At the beginning of the second intermission, Ignatius [of Loyola – founder of the Jesuit Order] founded a special college in Rome [in 1552] for German-speaking Jesuits called the Germanicum. ((Ed. Note: Pope Pius XI would later create the Russian college in Rome, and place it under the Jesuit Order.)) Three years later [in 1555], the Peace of Augsburg established the principle of ‘cuius regio, eius religio’, ‘whose [i.e., the ruler’s] the region, his the religion’. The Peace of Augsburg was Jesuit ‘pay dirt’. They could now bring whole populations to Rome simply by winning over a few princes. And so they did. By 1560, the Society [of Jesus – i.e., the Jesuit Order] had returned virtually all of South Germany and Austria to the [Roman Catholic] Church.” (Rulers of Evil; 1999; Page 56)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: The Jesuits steered the direction of the Council of Trent. Indeed, the Jesuit Order was founded primarily to counter, and if possible, destroy the Protestant Reformation. Much of Europe was starting to “go Protestant”, and the Roman Catholic Church was losing entire regions and provinces to Protestantism. The “Peace of Augsburg” in 1555 enabled the Jesuit Order to simply win over some key European princes and thus bring whole regions and provinces back to Roman Catholicism. But even this was not enough to stem the steady erosion of Roman Catholic “faithful” leaving mother church, and so religious genocide, “holy” Inquisition, and religious wars (such as the Thirty Years’ War of 1618-1648) were launched to exterminate as many Protestants as quickly as possible.))

“The fruits of the Germanicum [i.e., the special college in Rome for German-speaking Jesuits] were so successful that when the Council of Trent finally adjourned on December 4, 1563, its decrees and canons conceded nothing to the Protestant reformers. Indeed, under the spiritual direction of [Jesuit] Superior General Diego Lainez – Ignatius [of Loyola] had died in 1556 – the Council [of Trent] denied every Protestant doctrine point by point. Anathematized (eternally damned) was anyone who believed that salvation is God’s free gift to His faithful and does not depend upon partaking of Church sacraments. Anathematized was anyone who looked to the Bible for the ultimate authority on ‘doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness’ rather than to the teaching Church. Anathematized was anyone who regarded as unworthy of belief such unscriptural doctrines as (1) the efficacy of papal indulgences; (2) of confession alone to a priest as necessary for salvation; (3) of the mass as a true and real sacrifice of the body of Christ necessary to salvation; (4) the legitimacy of teachings on purgatory; (5) the celibate priesthood; (6) invoking saints by prayer to intercede with God; (7) the veneration of relics; and, (8) the use of images and symbols.

The Council of Trent hurled one hundred twenty-five anathemas – eternal damnations – against Protestantism.” (Rulers of Evil; 1999; Pages 56, 57)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: These vicious, unwarranted anathemas – eternal damnations – have never been revoked. Subsequent Councils have reaffirmed the Council of Trent. The Vatican, despite “ecumenical rhetoric” to the contrary, has not changed the basic doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church that sent MILLIONS of innocent men, women, elderly, and children to their deaths during numerous religious genocides, long periods of “holy” Inquisition, and actual “holy” Crusades and wars launched against Christians!))

D. Attempts to Force England Back Under Papal Authority

We can see from the quotes at the beginning of this newsletter that Papal Rome made mighty efforts to bring England back under papal authority, especially in the 16th century.

Here are some more quotes about this “chapter of history” that is relatively unknown to many Americans:

“Eight years before the attempted [Spanish] Armada invasion [of 1588], Jesuits were seditiously active plotting the overthrow of the English government. By using different disguises, aliases, and secret codes, to illegally slip in and out of England, Jesuit Robert Parson, in 1580, had led and then later organized a mission to bring other Jesuits into England to engage in a work of subversion. When the [attempted] invasion [by the Spanish Armada] failed, these masters of intrigue [i.e., the Jesuits] turned to another bizarre scheme. Known in your encyclopedia under the subject, ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ – thirteen [Roman] Catholic noblemen and five Jesuits formed a conspiracy devising a plan to explode 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellar of the House of Lords and kill King James I, and members of the [House of] Commons as they assembled for the opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605. Their plan was to blow up the Parliament building and out of the chaos incite the people into a full insurrection.

But before the date it [i.e., the cellar full of explosives] was to be detonated, the explosives were discovered, leading to the arrest of all those involved. Of the five Jesuits involved, two escaped, one died in prison, and two were convicted and executed.”

John Daniel (The Grand Design Exposed; 1999; Pages 76, 77)

((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) Most of our encyclopedias and history textbooks do NOT tell us that the purpose of the attempted invasion of England in 1588 by the Spanish Armada was to land troops in England to be joined by local Roman Catholics in an effort to overthrow the government and bring England, by force, back under the authority of Papal Rome! The Roman Catholic King of Spain (Philip II) wanted financial “compensation” for launching this invasion. And so the Roman pontiff, Pope Sixtus V, promised King Philip II 200,000 crowns as soon as the Spanish Armada had set sail for England, and more cash to follow later. Thus the Papacy was helping to fund the planned invasion of England!

(2) What occurred in England, i.e., the numerous political intrigues, attempted assassinations of heads of State, etc., by the wily Jesuit Order, occurred all over continental Europe too. This was the reason why 83 countries, cities, and city-states had thrown the Jesuits out of their areas by 1931! Many European monarchs who expelled the Jesuits were Roman Catholics themselves!))

((Ed. Note: The following quotation is an excerpt taken from an information sheet I recently typed up concerning Albert Close’s excellent book Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times.)):

“Editor of ETI and TTT has come to the following conclusion after studying the history of the Roman Catholic Church and Europe: It is virtually impossible to clearly understand European history from the 16th century to the present time without ‘viewing’ it through the ‘lens’ of (1) the ‘Reformation-Counter Reformation’, (2) Roman Catholic efforts to bring England back under papal authority, and (3) the Jesuit Order. The famous Frenchman, the Marquis de LaFayette, stated: ‘It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.’ Many other famous individuals, such as President John Adams, echoed similar condemnations of this infamous Society of Jesus (a.k.a. the Jesuit Order)!

Papal Rome (and especially the Jesuit Order from the mid 1500s) tried to bring England back under papal authority by force and subversion. A number of popes and European monarchs conspired to assassinate British monarchs, to foment revolutions in the British Isles, and to actually land foreign troops on British soil. These attempts to bring England back under the pope’s authority by force reached their zenith in 1588 when the 130-ship Spanish Armada, carrying 20,000 troops, sailed for the British Isles. Pope Sixtus V had promised Spanish King Phillip II 200,000 crowns the moment the armada sailed, and another 100,000 crowns when troops were placed on shore in England. Researchers have examined British, French, and Spanish ‘State papers’ – and Vatican documents, for this era. These State papers and Vatican documents clearly show Papal Rome’s involvement not only in the planned invasion of England by the Spanish Armada, but also in numerous attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I.