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Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Wins Court Case on Judicial Election Info


Wisconsin Pro-Life Group Wins Court Case on Judicial Election Info

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by Steven EditorMay 30, 2007
Madison WI ( -- When most candidates for elected office throw their name in the hat, it's easy for pro-life organizations like Wisconsin Right to Life to ask them where they stand on important pro-life issues. The answers to the questions guide pro-life voters, but the group can't ask candidates for judicial offices the same sorts of questions.
That problem could change now that the pro-life group has won a victory in court.

Federal District Court Judge John Shabaz has granted a permanent injunction against provisions of the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct that prohibit state court judicial candidates from responding to a questionnaire asking their views on legal and political issues.
Wisconsin Right to Life had sent a questionnaire to candidates for judicial office in the November 2006 and April 2007 elections requesting that they state their views on policies and court decisions related to such matters as assisted suicide and abortion.
Several of the judicial candidates refused to return the questionnaire, stating that they could be disciplined for expressing their views by responding to the questions posed in such questionnaires
A 2006 opinion by the state's Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee had found that judicial candidates were prohibited from announcing their views on disputed legal and political issues.
The District Court disagreed, finding that the provisions were unconstitutional to the extent that they prohibited candidates from announcing their views. The Court held that one of the provisions of Wisconsin's Code, which required judges to recuse themselves if they had previously made statements that "appear to commit" the judges on issues likely to come before the court, was indistinguishable from a provision struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2002.
That case, Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, 536 US 765 (2002), found unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds a Minnesota rule that prohibited judicial candidates from "announcing their views on disputed legal or political issues."
Similarly, the District Court held that a Wisconsin Code provision prohibiting judicial candidates from making "pledges and promises" regarding future cases could not be used to prohibit candidates from answering Wisconsin Right to Life's questionnaire.
James Bopp, a pro-life attorney who is the lead counsel for Wisconsin Right to Life, praised Judge Shabaz's decision in a statement sent to
"The U.S. Supreme Court has clearly stated that judicial candidates have a right to respond to questionnaires like this and voters have a right to hear what they have to say," he said.
Bopp, who argued and won the White case, stated that Wisconsin's rules and policy had been interpreted to "cover the same unconstitutional ground" as Minnesota's rule that prohibited judicial candidates from announcing their views had done.
Barbara Lyons, Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director, said, "This is a tremendous win for the judicial election process in Wisconsin and for the voters who deserve to know the views of the judicial candidates they are voting for."
The Wisconsin case is Duwe v. Alexander, No. 06-C-0766-S (W>D> Wis. May 29,2007.
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Did The Religious Right Die With Jerry Falwell?


Issues are a daily occurence. Yesterday I saw Hardball having a man named David Talbot. He wrote a book claiming the RFK believed that the JFK assassination was a product of a conspiracy. Talbot was arguing with the lawyer (Bugliosi ) who convicted Charles Manson. The lawyer believed that one man (Lee Harvey Oswald) killed JFK. Bugliosi kept saying that there is no evidence that Oswald had CIA ties. Yet, a CIA agent named Crowley mentioned documents in his book "Regicide" proving that Oswald had CIA ties and supposed "defected." Many bullet hit JFK, the vehicle, the sewer, and other locations which have nothing to do with the Book Despository. Many of the players in the Warren Commission questioned Oswald's sole involvement and a majority of Americans in polls believe a conspiracy occured in JFK's death. There is tons of proof that members of secret orders and the government were involved in the death and cover up of his death. One simple evidence proving it are the CIA agents (like Robert Marrow), Mafia figures (like Sam Giancana), and low level agents (like Frank Sturgis and Howard Hunt) admitting their involvement in JFk's assassination.

Regardless, doubters are always going to exist. Some still believe in fairy tales. Some say that black people are intellectual inferior to whites. That's a lie since all peoples have a time of cultural problems including whites in the "Dark Ages" when some tribes acted as violent criminals. Great civilizations occured in many continents. Real black people with great intellect are Drusilla Bunjee Houston, JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, YOSEF A.A. BEN-JOCHANNAN, REVEREND DR. RUFUS LEWIS PERRY, Marcus Garvey, Joel Augustus Rogers, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, etc. The fact is that intervention, education, and discipline can increase intelligence and IQ irrespective of race or color. People say give us evidence. Well, I say to those people like NC Turner, hey I've got tons of more evidence. I wrote things years ago that could take hundreds of pages to reveal. London Independent on Wednesday at May 30, 2007 discuss about intelligent robots coming now in the world. I'm moving on though. Some people hate the truth. I'm still against the NAU, lies, I'm still against abortion, etc.

By Timothy

More info.

Dear Brethren and Friends,

As the Pope's "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment, Socialist-Communist, Corporate-Fascist, CFR-directed American Empire is about to become another Nazi-fascist monster in league with Rome's Masonic leaders of Islam, I have made a personal decision that may not sit well with many of you.Remembering the great novel Ivanhoe authored by Presbyterian Calvinist Sir Walter Scott, I am reminded of the climax of that most delightful work with honorable Ivanhoe dueling with the wicked Knight Templar Brian DeBois Gilbert who was responsible for the arrest of the beautiful and chaste Rebecca the Jewess. Accused of witchcraft and about to be burned at the stake, it was the White Gentile Ivanhoe who came to her rescue "as a matter of honor," slew the Templar and secured the Jewess' release.Well, the Jesuits are now the new Knights Templars about to accuse the Jews of North America of "witchcraft," a charge of which they are, as a body, not guilty. That charge may range from the JFK assassination (via Arlen Specter and Jack Ruby) or 911 (Larry Silverstein) or even the war in Iraq (CFR/Paul Wolfowitz).

The Order "has many strings to its bow" which to "play," but rest assured the accusation will surely come and Rome's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Rome's "Kingdom of Jerusalem" will play an active part.This well-planned event will be intended to incite the American peoples to persecute the resident North American Jews, all six and a half million of them. There are over twelve millions of foreign Moslems who have been purposely settled in the major cities with the largest Jewish concentrations ready to be used as "the sword of the Pope's Church." What was done in Europe during the 20th century via the fascists of Roman Catholic Spain, Roman Catholic Bavarian Germany and Roman Catholic Italy will surely be attempted here in predominately Roman Catholic North America in the 21st century. The alternative radio pundits are nearly all, to the man, anti-Jew. The major CFR-controlled media is not yet openly anti-Jew, but its masters in the CFR are in dead earnest about fulfilling the Jesuit Oath with their brother Bonesmen, and thus bent upon a merciless and bloody Jewish roundup to culminate in a systematic elimination of whom the scripture calls "the holy seed."When that day arrives the time for speaking and writing will be over for me. As a White Gentile Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Baptist Calvinist, I must now apply the principles of the Word of God in defense of the Lord's beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people yet to inherit the promise given to Abraham---and David. The Bible is clear in Ephesians 2:11-13. I was once an "alien from the commonwealth of Israel," but through Messiah Jesus I have been "made night by the blood of Christ" to that commonwealth.

Romans 11:30 is clear; I have obtained mercy from God through their national unbelief. Therefore I OWE THE JEW a defense, not because of their ungodly religion, BUT BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE. This debt will be paid by giving them physical protection, solicited or unsolicited, during their coming persecution. By protection I mean setting out to attack and kill without mercy their murderers. I mean total war against these Jesuit-ruled monsters, going to mortal combat only, taking no prisnors---as did the Dutch sailors known as the "Wild Beggars of the Sea"---in protecting the Lord's physical brethren who will one day look upon the One whom "they pierced." The glorious death the Lord shall bless me with in protecting his racial brethren will be rewarded at the judgment seat of Christ in accordance with Genesis 12:1-3. One thing is for sure:

I will never stand before the Son of God---that promised Seed of David who loved me and personally died for my sins as though he committed every one of them---ashamed of not protecting his elect nation, the Jewish people. When the Department of Homeland Security, ruled by Georgetown Jesuits such as SMOM/CFR member John C. Gannon, is rounding up the Jews for shipping to North American Auschwitz in Alaska, every one of those servants of Rome will be a legitimate target for execution "by any means necessary." That holds true for every and any other government agency or foreign national military force who dares to defile my land with the blood of innocent Jews. There is a time for WAR according to King Solomon. When that day arrives---and it most assuredly will, my heart will have been settled upon the fate that awaits me as a result of defending the Hebrew race of whom Almighty God warns in his Scripture of Truth:"". . . for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye" (Zechariah 2:8).

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Alexandria: The RCC/Jesuits hate the Jews with a purple passion.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Other news


Bro. Eric,

My question is, what movtive do the Jesuits have in allowing Keith Olbermann to so blatantly attack President Bush and the government on open TV, especially since the CFR controls MSNBC? Aren't the reporters and news anchors subject to the Order, and if they don't report as they are told, they'll be out of a job?

-Bro. Carl

Dear Brother Carl,

A most excellent question.We must remember that the Order has used Bush, Rumsfeld, and an host of other coadjutors to deliberately blunder this war. It could have been won years ago. Conversely, this "urban renewal" was never intended to be won, but rather to be continued for at least thirty years---according to CFR Newt Gingrich and CFR mulatto Condi Rice. To what end, they will never say.The Order knew, via its CFR think tank, that the American peoples would be worn out from this war after at most five years, calling for a pullout so as not to repeat "Spelly's Thirty Years' War" in Vietnam. Since "Egan's War" against the Moslems must continue, the whole nation must be united around the banners of this American-led Crusade (waved by Fox News) against the "Moslem infidels" in the words of Rome.So how can the American peoples be united around the banners of the Cardinal's Crusade?

First, Bush's ratings must go through the floor---as they are now, less than 30%. Secondly, there must be a token effort to withdraw the troops---as has recently happened with the CFR-controlled Democratic Party. Remember, both parties are now behind the amnesty to be granted for the alien Latino Roman Catholic invaders, as well as the funding of "the war in Iraq" via credit extended to Congress by the Order's Federal Reserve Bank to be used by the Order's Pentagon-led, Military Industrial Complex.Now, 70 percent of Americans are against the war; the lines of demarcation have been drawn. The next event on the Order's agenda is the controlled detonations of several mini-nukes (5-10 according to Endgame)---as mentioned in the movies "Wag the Dog," directed by Roman Catholic Jesuit coadjutor Robert DeNiro, and played out in The Sum of All Fears (detonation in Baltimore) and True Lies (detonation in the Florida Keys). With these detonations (possibly one also in Washington, D.C., with the capital in shambles the military command then moved to Denver) blamed on "the terrorists," all "true Americans" will unite to fight and die "defending freedom." The resultant Nazi fascism will be what the Order has wanted since WWI with the minting of the Mercury-head dime sporting a Roman fasces on the reverse. Bush and company (or McCain and/or Guiliani and company) will be vindicated in their demand to stay in the war, while the anti-war people---without the knowledge we have---will look like fools. Then the empire will be put on a total war footing (Goebbels' "Total War" Doctrine) to become a two-front war, to end in defeat due to high treason by the American Commander-in-Chief and his Joint Chiefs of Staff, and foreign invasion partitioning the Empire as was done to Germany.If I was the Jesuit General, this is the course I would pursue.

On another note, I just finished watching "The Good Shepherd" for the third time. As you know it is about the CIA's Counterintelligence wing led by SMOM James Angleton with his right hand man, the Jesuit Fordham trained SMOM Italian Roman Catholic Raymond Rocca. Thus the Jesuits controlled the apex of CIA power via Angleton and Rocca. It was here at this pinnacle that the Order united the CIA with the British MI5/MI6, with the Soviet KGB, with the Israeli Mossad, with French Intelligence, with the Shah's SAVAK, INTERPOL, etc. This is the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community financed by the Black Pope's International Drug Trade with its trillions laundered through the Black Pope's International Banking Community run by the Knights of Malta. This is the picture described in VAIII.As stated previously and in VAIII, the Cold War was a Hoax intended to continue to destroy true nationalists of every race and nationality on every continent. The CIA was used in the Western Hemisphere and the KGB was used in the Eastern Hemisphere; both worked together and were manned by ex-Nazis SS/SD. The duped American taxpayers financed both sides. Two other purposes of the bogus Cold War was to create the false enemy called "the Soviet threat" so as to justify the creation of Cardinal Spellman's Military Industrial Complex to be used by the Black Pope's "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment, Socialist-Communist, Corporate-Fascist, American Empire.

(Remember 33rd Degree Freemason, anti-Jew, Henry Ford built the infrastructure of both Hitler's Nazi Reich and Stalin's Communist Empire. And of course, both Hitler and Stalin worked together; Hiter's boss was Jesuit Coadjutor Martin Bormann and Stalin's boss was Jesuit Coadjutor Alexander Poskrebyshev.) Another purpose of the Cold War Hoax was to build the Soviet Union and break the USA. This is why Japan never waged war against the USSR though an enemy; this is why Stalin declared war on Japan four days before Japan's surrender entitling Russia to the spoils of war; this is why all Russian spies for the CIA were betrayed by CIA Angleton to KGB "defector" Golitsen, these anti-communist, nationalistic spies being then tortured and shot; and this is why Angleton tortured true Soviet "defectors" (poor men thought there really was a Cold War!), one of them being Yuri Nosenko. Nosenko was tortured by Angleton and Rocca, on and off, for three years. And this torture is portrayed in "The Good Shepherd." Here, in our Jesuit-theater video, this real Russian KGB defector looks into the eyes of Angleton's secret handler, Jesuit SMOM Rocca, and utters:"Soviet power is a myth. A great joke. There are no spare parts! Nothing is working, nothing. It's nothing but painted rust. But you, you need to keep the Russian myth alive to maintain your military industrial complex. Your system depends on Russia being perceived as an awful threat. It's not a threat. It was never a threat. It will never be a threat [or so it seemed in 1963]. It is a rotten, bloated cow."

This line written by some Jesuit temporal coadjutor directing the film, is pregnant with truth. General Patton was stopped from marching on Moscow via assassination (a poison injection on orders from OSS chief, SMOM "Wild" Bill Donovan), and General Vlasov was betrayed by both Hitler and Eisenhower, and was later hung in the Order's inquisitional dungeon in Moscow---the Lubyanka. After the JFK assassination, guess who the Knights blamed---Jesuit-trained Castro and his allies, the Order's USSR financed by P2/SMOM David Rockefeller.May all of us American veterans have a most sorrowful Memorial Day as we remember how were used to fight the Pope's WWII, the Pope's Korean War, the Pope's Vietnam War, the Pope's Gulf War, the war against Orthodox Serbia and now Rome's Crusade against Islam. May we remember our wounds, physical and mental, repent of our delusions of "fighting for our country," and never send one more son or daughter to fight the foreign wars for the Jesuit Order's Father General ruling the White House.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Brother Nicholas Rivera: CFR 9/11 conspirator Joseph A. O'Hare SJ gave a speech at a symposium held at Apostate Baptist Baylor University whose president was Jesuit-trained at BostonCollege.Fast forward to the last question toward the end of the video for an example of slick Jesuit casuistry in response to the only direct question asked. Jesuit O'Hare never answers the young man's question and he denies his Order is Counter-Reformation. Jesuit O'Hare also mentions 9/11 and asks the question when is the war going to end. What a rat he is! He was in on it being a presider of the CFR ordering his lackies and abject slaves in the CFR including but not confined to SMOM George J. Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney who is a Master Mason (3rd Degree York Rite/Blue Lodge) according to the Harry S. Truman Lodge in NYC SMOM Frank Carlucci (Carlyle Group) and Richard Myers of NORAD etc. to comply with this Jesuit attack on its and I will be connecting the dots in my upcoming book AMERICAN REICH and the chain of command beginning with the Luciferian Black Pope down to Rudy Guiliani and everyone in between.
-Brother Nicholas

Craig: Hows your book going? How will it be released? Will it be ebook or Paper back? It will get much promotion from me. Your work is of the most importance.

Brother Nicholas: Dear Craig-Oxley,I will be taking the info I've contributed to the board (for some reason I can't go to my prior posts due to an error or something) and my email posts and put them all together in a comprehensible order. I need to find written books and other source materials to back up my thesis. Most of the info I've researched and contributed has strictly been from the Internet. I have written the Introduction and only now having graduated from college do I have more time to write the rest. I continued to send posts this year but did not make time to work on the book. I'm collecting photos and saving info that I've found helpful. I am currently reading "The Pink Swastika" which I will use as a source about how the Third Reich was founded on homosexuality. I read that the "Hitler Youth" were full of pederast sodomites and we know Joseph Ratzinger was one of them. According to Leo Zagami, Ratzinger has a male lover in his 20s so no surprise there. I'm comparing the Nazi Germany of the mid-20th century to the Jesuit-controlled Fourteenth Amendment American Empire and it's Vatican War machine. I have plenty of evidence and info but I have to piece it all together. It will be a massive undertaking but it is crucial and time is of the essence. There is very little of it before the U.S. is an openly full-fledged dictatorship with a concordat with the Unholy See if the situation is left unaltered. This expose is dedicated to my fellow countrymen and it is intended to make them aware of the Jesuit conspiracy against them. I will be addressing Jesuit control of the military-industrial complex, the Order's assault on health, the bodily constitutions of Americans which have been targeted especially since the Order illegally amended the U.S. Constitution and thereby creating a new country and new citizenship which they have made their huge reduction and rule through their provincials who view the U.S. as ten provinces and not free, sovereign States which is why secession is only solution at this point.Brother Nicholas

I would definitely go with an E-Book format.Bro. Nicholas

Alexandria: Nicholas--I heard that a concordat was being negotiated, but that was like 25 years ago. Any word on that?

Craig: Would be a nice addition to having Vatican Assassins III. I think if people study these works along with Dr John Coleman's work they will be laughing.

Brother Nicholas: Dear Sister Alexandra,You are referring to the year 1984 when that honorary 32nd Degree Freemason and Knight of Malta Ronald Wilson Reagan (first, middle, and last names 6 letters each evidence of what I call the trail of the beast you can see this is the work of the Antichrist dynasty-the Papacy) reestablished diplomatic ties to Rome (betraying Abraham Lincoln who was assassinated by the Order and as a result U.S. ties to the Unholy were severed in 1865 after the U.S. government found out that John Surratt (who was advised by Jesuit Bernadine Wiget) was hiding out in Rome recognized Vatican City as a sovereign state and therefore the Papal Caesar as a sovereign or king. recognition was the prerequisite for a concordat with the Unholy See. Since then Fourteenth Amendment America has been ripe for a concordat which would give the Jesuits' Vatican say in both civil and ecclesiastical matters in the U.S. so basically they would openly control temporal and religious matters. The CFR Fascist Republican Party I believe has proven its loyalty to "Ignatian spirituality" which is Luciferianism but since the Order controls both parties they put in a Jesuit president as a CFR Communist Democrat- I am convinced CFR member William Jefferson Clinton Blythe III is a Jesuit. Clinton's brother Jesuit citizen of Hell Robert F. Drinan (who started the abortion agitation spearheaded by the Masonic/ SMOM Religious Right and the Knights of Columbus which serves the Order since it fosters ecumenism. I am against the murder of the unborn and the Charismatic ecumenical movement) defended his perjury (during his staged impeachment trial) to a grand jury and showed his utter contempt for the laws of this land because they believe they are above them. I will describe this in detail in a future post and in my book.

Nazi Germany made one in 1933 with the Vatican in the persons of Eugenio Pacelli (who would become Hitler's Pope Pius XII, Papal Chancellor SMOM Franz Von Papen and Jesuit Ludwig Kaas (he was a Jesuit according to the second edition of VA)Hitler had his own faith-based initiatives program just as Fourteenth Amendment America. In fact, Eleanor Roosevelt as well as JFK rejected Cardinal Spellman's push for school vouchers but Skull and Bonesman George W. Bush (who has a life-size likeness of himself in the Masonic museum in Los Angeles as shown in the film "Megiddo I: The March to Armageddon" which briefly exposes the Jesuit Order and in the second installment about the New Age rightfully exposing Jesuit Pierre Teilhard Chardin as the father of the New Age Movement and popularized the evolution lie through the Piltdown and Peking man hoaxes he was directly involved in creating.Here are links to both.Megiddo: The March to Armageddon

Megiddo II: The New Age (in 3 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The White House Office of Faith and Community Initiatives is part of the Jesuits' Department of Homeland (from the German Vaterland translated as Fatherland) Security openly led by a Papal Court Jew Michael Chertoff when his controllers are SMOM (Emilio T. Gonzalez head of the Immigration Services) and the Jesuits of Georgetown or those trained by them like lay Jesuit John C. Gannon and Georgetown Jesuit-trained Michael P. Jackson. I have a photo that illustrates my point. gnition was the prerequisite for a concordat with the Unholy See. Since then Fourteenth Amendment America has been ripe for a concordat which would give the Jesuits' Vatican say in both civil and ecclesiastical matters in the U.S. so basically they would openly control temporal and religious matters. The Fascist Republican Party I believe has proven its loyalty to "Ignatian spirituality" which is Luciferianism but since the Order controls both parties they put in a Jesuit president as a Democrat- I am convinced CFR member William Jefferson Clinton Blythe III is a Jesuit. Clinton's brother Jesuit citizen of Hell Robert F. Drinan (who started the abortion agitation spearheaded by the Masonic/ SMOM Religious Right and the Knights of Columbus which serves the Order since it fosters ecumenism. I am against the murder of the unborn and the Charismatic ecumenical movement) defended his perjury (during his staged impeachment trial) to a grand jury and showed his utter contempt for the laws of this land because they believe they are above them.

I will describe this in detail in a future post and in my book. Nazi Germany made one in 1933 with the Vatican in the persons of Eugenio Pacelli (who would become Hitler's Pope Pius XII, Papal Chancellor SMOM Franz Von Papen and Jesuit Ludwig Kaas (he was a Jesuit according to the second edition of VA)The White House Office of Faith and Community Initiatives is part of the Jesuits' Department of Homeland (from the German Vaterland translated as Fatherland) Security openly led by a Papal Court Jew Michael Chertoff when his controllers are SMOM (Emilio T. Gonzalez head of the Immigration Services) and the Jesuits of Georgetown or those trained by them like lay Jesuit John C. Gannon and Georgetown Jesuit-trained Michael P. Jackson. I have a photo that illustrates my point. I hope this is helpful and please continue to ask questions since it will help me focus on articulating my argument. God bless dear sister.

-Brother Nicholas


The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta

The Prince and Grandmaster

His Most Eminent Highness, Frà Andrew Bertie

The Grand Commander

Grand Chancellor
H.E. Jean-Pierre MAZERY

The Grand Hospitaller
His Excellency, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager

The Receiver of the Common Treasure
His Excellency, Marchese Gian Luca CHIAVARI Patrician Genoese

H.E. Fra' John A. MacPHERSON
H.E. Fra' Elie de COMMINGES
H.E. Antonio R. SANCHEZ-COREA, Jr.

-These people control the likes of Queen "Guelph" Elizabeth II & King Juan Carlos of Spain.

These people control all Banking, Politics, Media, Intelligence & Entertainment (Hollywood etc). The second most powerful Order the World has ever known. Second only to the SOCIETY OF JESUS who control the SMOM to this very day.SMOM GRANDMASTER Bertie with his loyal SMOM (Middle East) King Juan Carlos of SpainSMOM (Gt Britain) Queen "GUELPH" Elizabeth II




MON 28 2007

The Jesuits knew it would not be easy to take The British after their defeat with the attempt utilising the Spanish "Invincible Fleet" Armada on August 8 1588. So what did the Jesuits result to which was most effective right up to this day by themselves and their many arms? INFILTRATION! By the way did you notice the day was the 8-8-1588, the four eights? There must be some significance!You will notice that the Jesuits were expelled in 1604 from England by King James I and once again their revenge was sort after. What was this revenge? It was the attempted destruction of the Parliament building which we know as Guy Fawkes day. Some places here in England still burn the Pope on the bonfire instead of Guy Fawkes.

Sneeky cretinous Jesuits Greenway, Gerard and Garnett were involved in that plot. You should note that the Jesuits controlled Charles I who was the son of King James I, yes its true!! You should realise that his mother Mary Queen of Scots was also controlled by the Jesuits. Can we can see things more clearly now? So after being hammered in 1604 they took control once again in 1625 with Charles I only twenty one years later. These Long Robes simply never give in or up.England's throne has been fully controlled by Jesuits since King George III who they were mildly giving the Cup of Borgia in order to control him during the middle 18th Century.

Remember George was part of the group known as The Venetian Party of the North. This is why we're told he was mad, it was simply the poisons the Order were giving him which gave these symptoms. You should also note what George III actually called himself and signed as. He was known as Prince Elector of the New Holy Roman Empire. You should note that British Prime Minister Shelburne was an actual JESUIT himself. He was a PM during King George III's reign. Queen "Guelph" Elizabeth II showing her Servility to the POPE!There is no Monarch who will can ever take up the British throne unless they believe the Pope is "Infallible" which once again was Jesuitism and a way of helping them control easier since 1870. Once again if you go deep enough you find that SMOM Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of the high power GUELPH family of Venetian Black Nobility. Infact most of these cretins come from this line. There was a photo at one time of her doing a curtsie down at the U.K's "Powerhouse" military fortress of Stonyhurst College.

Eric Phelps had this photo in his lecture at ConCon2002 if I remember rightly. I find it suspicious how its totally gone missing when its such a powerful tool? SMOM Papal Knight, Peter J. GraceNow if we go further back you will see how the British Royalty were controlled by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta family the Grace's who were linked into the House of Stuart and incidentally Irish Roman Catholics as far back as early 17th Century. Check into how Oliver Cromwell & William of Orange III removed them from England. You should also note how the Grace's have pulled the strings of U.S Presidents such as being advisers to at least three of them. Look into William Russell Grace's W.R. Grace Company.
I suggest people check out the power of the modern day Grace, Peter J. This guy was the U.S chairman of the SMOM along with being in its creation known as Council on Foreign Relations, Newcomen Society. Notice how he graduated from the Russell Trust's Yale University linked to the Bavarian Chapter 322 (Russell Trust). He was also apart of Operation Paperclip bringing many Nazis through to the United States via Vatican marked trains which people believed were mercy trains. Vatican passports and dress were used. Go check into the W.R. Grace chemical company links to all this. When we know the Jesuit control of the SMOM and how it all controls Intelligence we begin to connect all the dots finally. You should remember that the Council on Foreign Relations is a SMOM creation utilising Rockefeller money. What are the Rockefeller's? SMOM Papal Knights. David Rockefeller is a loyal SMOM Papal Knight controlled by Cardinal Edward Egan and of course the more powerful SMOM higher inner cores within London.

When you look into these Grace's you can start to understand how much of these so-called truthteachers on the major alternative radios and sites are fully controlled agents. Once again the Order controlling BOTH sides creating oppo-sames. When we speak of Knight of Columbus, J.F.K we should never forget Peter J. Grace's contributions to this. Guess what else this rotten SMOM was known to do? Advise Cardinals which in itself shows extreme power. Remember what we've been told about how Jesuits treat Cardinals like dirt! When we know the SMOM is subordinate to the Superior General of the Jesuits this becomes more understandable since being made almost a brother Order. Check into how Peter J Grace was linked with Citibank and Citicorp. Whilst Joseph P Grace was linked with National City Bank and the creation in 1915 of Grace National Bank which is now known as HSBC Bank USA. Remember the SMOM control all Business, Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Oh funny that as he was an Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company trustee. He also goes as far to be linked into "Powerhouse" Jesuit Fordham University and also Notre Dame. Remember his work with SMOM Reagan? Reagan was groomed from when he played within that film based on American Football and Notre Dame. Funny that isnt it how Grace is a Trustee of these education "Military Fortresses?" You know what worries me about this cretin? He was apart of Respitory & Immune research and drugging. Now we know SMOM Papal Knight David Rockefeller controls the Medical Cartel. We also know that right now the two biggest areas of our health their attacking are both of these areas. One of their main assaults occurs from the Chemtrail Aerosol spraying of the skies almost daily, via utilising the Open Skies Treaty. Funny that isn't it? Just look into the chemicals that the Grace's were working with. These people are rooted so deeply its incredible. Unfortunately for us Peter J. Grace has nine children so although he's dead now since 1995 he still lives on after 81 years of his life in the physical and certainly his past devious works. So I just thought I'd inform you of these Grace cretins. Once again we see SMOM insurance connections with Peter J Grace's successor SMOM William J. Flynn who was the CEO up till 1994 for Mutual of America Life Insurance Company. Before I forget you should also note how William R. Grace played his part in the assassination by slug of William McKinley, the 25th U.S President back in September 1901. Who was McKinley's Vice President then? Teddy Roosevelt. Who then became President till 1909?

Teddy Roosevelt. Big deal some may say but look who was one of his greatest friends. It was William R. Grace himself. This was the time when things in America really changed for the worse. Finally the Jesuits who controlled the U.S since 1868 were on a roll and their stench was smelling more amongst the aware public. So really things had gone down well before John F Kennedy came along and who the Roman Catholic Institution saw as a traitor and a complete danger. You have the likes of Lenny Bloom and Tom Heneghan speak of the changes to America since Nov 22 1963 but its well before this in reality. Notice the timing how since 1919 that the SMOM's Royal Institute of International Affairs have controlled the States through Wall Street from 'The City' in London. To this very day the Chief Executive Officer of J.P Morgan and Chase as its now called gives the orders to the Secretary of State who relays the orders back to the U.S President. Why do you think the original Morgan Guaranty Trust Building was blown up on 16th Sept 1920? Some patriotic true opposition obviously was aware of this powerhouse. Right now the Chief Executive Officer is the young Jamie Dimon. We must remember the power of Wall Street which is riddled with British SIS Intelligence fronts such as the Blackwater Group, Blackstone Group. I must point out how Olive Group is a British SIS front within Washington D.C whilst British SIS have their U.S Headquarters within the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C, recently utilised for planning to overthrough President Putin of Russia.So in conclusion the British Royal throne and complete control of Gt Britain by the Society of Jesus has gone on since the middle 18th Century. Before this the Jesuits had control on and off and much battling was going on. These Jesuits are cockroaches that simply never go away. Remember you can set off a Nuclear device but the cockroaches will still exist and thrive. This is why the Jesuit Order has been unstoppable and so powerful all this time since their terrible creation back in 1534. I'm quite sure Royon Elias Lara SJ will certainly lead the Jesuit Order well with his Assistants when he takes over from the old Peter Hans Kolvenbach. I believe new younger blood is needed within the Superior General position for the tough finalising of the new World system their gearing us for known as New World Order. SMOM Papal Knight Bush snr with Military Vicar & SMOM leadership Cardinal Edward Egan at the Al Smith Dinner.Note who first publically announced New World Order back in 1991 at Congress?

SMOM Papal Knight George H. W. Bush who himself has recently been questioned as to wether he's really a Bush or a Nazi Scherff. It was Bush 41's Grandfather George Herbert Walker who attended the "Military Fortress" of Stonyhurst "JESUIT" College in England, UK. You should also note that this Al Smith Dinner is where Presidents get chosen and eyed up as with hotels in London such as the Rochester. Recently John McCain was down there sucking up to Cardinal Egan calling him his Emminence. Its highly tipped that Rep John McCain will be the 44th U.S President. Now recently Bilderberg attendee, Gordon Brown likes to utilise these words of New World Order many times in his recently C.B.I Speech for 2007.

As we've seen the Jesuits have totally controlled and created the U.K's Labour Party. Also never forget that the Jesuits were the brainchilds and true masterminds behind the Bilderberg Group which was come up with by Joseph Retinger SJ. Shame many researchers purposely forget this fact more in favour of speaking about Black Nobility Prince Bernard or more less powerful people like the con of Dennis Healey.Hope this helps you and others.Craig OxleyProposals to reunite Anglicans with the Roman Catholic ChurchGeorge H. Scherf(f) Jr was the 41st U.S PresidentGordon "BILDERBERG" Brown Invites POPE to Britain and moreFeel free to distribute this text WorldwideCorrection made Mon 28 2007 about Prescott Sheldon Bush. It was George Herbert Walker who was trained at Stonyhurst College.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Judicial Watch Uncovers Three Deaths Relating to HPV Vaccine


Arguments flourish like a common path of water. Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck are in conflict. Both are from the View show and each woman were right on some points. Rosie was correct to oppose the Iraq war. Elizabeth was right to explain her views plus willing to debate Rosie. On issues, I mostly agree with Hasselbeck, because I'm a social conservatie, Yet, Rosie has been correct to outline information describing the 911 Truth Movement in a positive light. The truth is that both women ought to focus on real issues without yelling. There's nothing wrong with yelling at time (or being angry at time), but not almost everyday. The Senate is trying to get the immigration bill passed. Its supporters include Bush, the CFR, most of the mainstream media, John McCain, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and even Bill O'Reilly. The bill has its problmes despite claims of people syang that illegal immigratnts come here to work and pay taxes. Not all do and that is expressed by the Ms-13 and other violent illegal immigrant gangs causing havoc in America. IN times, I like to reflect on what's good. In spring, individuals want to discover the the truth and be meek to all of humanity. In the 21st century, we see many Knight of Malta-influenced corporations and big wigs continuing this war on terror, which is actuality like a Crusade (whose end result is to pacify the Muslim world into global globalization even by unnecessary and immoral wars). While much of the public is obsessed with Osama bin Laden, few realize that he was educated by the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood or that he was financed by the SMOM/Masonic CIA. Osama is utlized as a whipping boy as an excuse for the West to further control the Middle Eastern region (which was planned even during WWI when the British booted out the Ottoman out of the Fertile Crescent).

Sarah Hall from the London Guardian on Friday May 25, 2007 wrote about the problems of imported blood into the country of the UK. Over 1,400 people died from them according to the article. Most Americans don't agree with the American Union, international toll roads, eminent domain, forced vaccinations, and abortion for any reason, yet most the Presidential candidates aren't supported by the majority of the American public. When you learn real history you start to recongnize that Secret Societies have a large part to play in the swirling events. For example, William Cody or Buffalo Bill was a 3rd Degree Freemason along with Mark Twain was a 3rd Degree Freemason as well. Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy was a pro-Nazi and Knight of Malta Joseph L. Larkin was one of the biggest bankers during the WWII era. Even today, one of the greatest religious apostates around is 33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuller and Billy Graham who even believe that pagans can go to Heaven despite them worshipping many gods. Paradise to me is tranquility. Real paradise will never happen until after death.

By Timothy

George W. Bush Is GOP's Bill Clinton

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A letter to James Dobson

Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson
Dobson Thanks God for Brutally Wicked Ruling
High Court Creates New Partial Birth Abortion Technique
Focus on the Family Makes False Claims About PBA Ruling

An Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson,Dr. Dobson, we the undersigned grieve at your celebration of one of the most barbaric opinions ever issued by an American court. We plead with you to correct your misrep­resentation of the Gonzales v. Carhart Supreme Court ruling. You have led many people to trust in Jesus Christ, so it is with love and great sadness that we admonish you.You wrote at that you applaud the "pro-life Justices" nominated to the court by our pro-life presidents. Focus on the Family stated, "the Supreme Court has affirmed the value of human life." But actually, these Justices concur optimist­ically on page 30 that, "The medical prof­ession [abortionists] may find different and less shocking methods to abort the fetus..." It is false for Focus on the Family to claim this ruling has any concern for the child; the Justices' real concern is to improve the public-relations image of the abortionist (please see for the ruling itself, and see our excerpts here).

The Justices you called "pro-life" did not "affirm" the life of the unborn but upheld a mere "regulatory" law "under the Commerce Clause" (p. 36). These Justices you misrepre­sent as "pro-life" actually suggest other ways for abortionists to kill the fully intact, late-term child to comply with their regulation, such as "an injection that kills the fetus" (p. 34). Dr. Dobson, imagine the horror yet to come now that our greatest Christian leaders are willing to call good evil, and evil good. Throughout the ruling, Justices Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito concur that both the partial-birth abortion (PBA) ban, and their ruling, allow the abor­tionist to deliver a late-term baby all the way up to the navel and then kill him (especially pp. 17-26). To actually violate this regulation (p. 17) "requires the fetus to be delivered ‘until... any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother'" as in a standard breech (feet-first) abortion.You "thank God for this victory that affirms the value of human life," but this vulgar ruling actually instructs on how to perform just another form of partial-birth abortion, just not "past the navel." And you celebrate this even though it affirms causing "the fetus to tear apart" (p. 4). The Justices build upon the late-term abortion procedure called dilation and evacuation, which this ruling repeatedly up­holds as remaining legal, stating (p. 21) that "D&E will often involve a physician pulling a ‘substantial portion' of a still living fetus, say, an arm or leg, into the [birth canal] prior to the death of the fetus." Then for the purpose of this current opinion, Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, regarding a still living unborn child, ruled that (p. 22) "the removal of a small portion [‘say, an arm or leg'] of the fetus is not prohibited" and that's after the baby is pulled outside the mother as far as to his bellybutton (p. 22).False Claims from FocusDr. Dobson, you mislead Christians claiming this ruling will "protect children." The court granted no authority to save the life of even a single child. You wrongly assert that this ruling finds, "no constitutional right to slay a healthy, nearly born baby by stabbing it in the back of the head and vacuuming out its brains, all without even anesthetizing the child." In truth, the "pro-life Justices" indicate repeatedly the abortionist can still do exactly that.

The ruling even permits a textbook partial-birth abortion, if for example the mother is over "dilate[d]" (p. 24) and the baby, by "inadvertence," is delivered up to the neck as in typical PBA. Then the abortionist can kill him by "intact D&E" (p. 24), i.e., by partial-birth abortion, exactly in the cruel manner you have just described. An abortionist only needs to maintain that his original "intent" was to deliver the baby up to the navel before killing him. "If a living fetus is delivered past the critical point [the belly­button] by accident or inadvertence [and then killed] no crime has occurred" (p. 18).Some of us learned that Focus on the Family staff was falsely informing supporters that this PBA ban has outlawed abortions in the third trimester, so we recorded our own call to 800-A-FAMILY, and posted online that call with Susan from your correspond­ence depart­ment. She told us that with this PBA ruling, "The U.S. Supreme Court made it illegal for women to have an abortion in the last trimester." Online at, we also document other pro-life media outlets misrep­resenting this vicious ruling. Following your example, many national ministries have spent years using the PBA ban to motivate financial donations, all the while misrepre­senting the legal effect of the ban. Today millions of Christians, including your own staff, have been deceived. As a member of the Evangelical Council For Financial Account­ability, Focus on the Family commits to adhere to the ECFA's Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship, which require at "7.1 Truth­fulness in Communication: All representations of fact... must be current, complete, and accu­rate. There must be no material... exag­ger­ations of fact or use of misleading... com­mun­i­cation which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding." Yet the court explicitly stated the PBA ban "does not on its face impose a substantial obstacle" to "late-term" abortion (p. 26). And since this ban cannot prevent a single abortion, of course, it imposes no obstacle, and neither does it "protect children" (your words) or ban "abortion in the last trimester" (words offered by some of your staff).As the founder of Focus on the Family, you are responsible for the truth of your organiza­tion's statements. The truth is, there is nothing new with this ruling that is good, no precedent, no defense of life, only brutality and death.More Wicked than RoeSome pro-life leaders even admitted this ban would not save lives but that it would "keep the issue in the news," as your V.P. of Public Policy Tom Minnery has said. Others misrepre­sent excerpts from the ruling that sound en­courag­ing, e.g., "The government may... show its profound respect for the life within the woman" (p. 27).

The Justices re­print this lip-service from the Casey ruling of 15 years earlier, but they show no such respect.This wicked ruling trivializes the dreadful account of killing a child whose arms and legs are wiggling outside the mother, callously comparing our revulsion to our reaction to any medi­cal procedure, like being squeamish over getting stitches. The Justices quote (pp. 8-9) a sympathetic nurse and then an abortionist. "The baby's little fingers were clasping... his little feet were kicking. Then the doctor stuck the scissors in the back of his head... the baby's arms jerked out..." Then from the abortionist: "For the staff to have to deal with a fetus that has ‘some viability to it, some movement of limbs, [is] always a difficult situation.'" And with grave wicked­ness, the "pro-life Justices" observe (p. 29): "some doctors may prefer not to disclose precise details of the means that will be used... Any number of patients facing imminent surgical procedures would prefer not to hear all details, lest the usual anxiety... become the more intense. This is likely the case with the abortion procedures here in issue."Dr. Dobson, the court, including Roberts and Alito, trivializes the grotesque particulars of causing "the fetus to tear apart" (p. 4) by comparing that to getting queasy by talk of incisions, and you "applaud the court." You should be appalled.Focus on the Family and many ministries celebrate this wicked ruling to justify the fifteen years of wasted effort. Pro-lifers gave tens of millions of dollars to the movement responding to countless fundraising pleas that mention the PBA ban. A major pro-life fund­raising firm told Colorado Right To Life's V.P. Leslie Hanks, "The PBA script gets the best results."America has killed twenty million children during this long distraction, all in pursuit of a ban that from the beginning Never Had The Authority To Prevent Even A Single Abortion. Dr. Dobson, you and these other leaders needed to warn Christians of all this, but instead you joined together in calling evil good. Please stop foisting onto the church the falsehood that this gruesome ruling will "protect children." This decision, to use your word, is more "Naziesque" than the PBA it regulates.This wicked ruling does not even prohibit aborting partially born children. It is not a ban, but a partial-birth abortion manual. These "pro-life Justices" give instructions on what can be called Navel Birth Abortion, only a four-inch variation from a textbook PBA. Steps from the ruling:

1) The abortionist may partially deliver the unborn child all the way to the bellybutton, but not "past the navel."2) Then "a leg might be ripped off," etc. to "kill the fetus."3) Or alternatively, "find... less shocking methods to abort..."
What a mockery of the goodwill of rank-and-file pro-lifers.Dr. Dobson, in celebrating this evil ruling, you used the word "brutally" regarding PBA. The ruling itself speaks of brutality, but in the exact opposite sense that you used it. The Justices raise the likelihood that with this ruling, the fetus faces greater brutality. On page 30, the Justices note the objection "that the standard D&E is in some respects as brutal, if not more, than the intact D&E [PBA]." That is, standard late-term D&E abortion appears to be more cruel than PBA. And the Justices do not rebut that claim. Their interest is not to protect children, but to pro­mote the "integrity and ethics" (p. 27) of late-term abortion. The concern of these "pro-life Justices" has nothing to do with the brutal­ity against the child, but with improving "the public's perception" (p. 30) of late-term abor­tion. Focus on the Family should not hide this truth.Incrementalism is fine; compromised incre­mentalism violates God's enduring command, Do not murder. When you compromise on this fundamental law, you undermine the pro-life goal of re-establishing the personhood of the child, and you cannot possibly foresee all the negative consequences. And now these kids will suffer more horrifically with this ruling than before, as we congratulate ourselves.The court ruling you rejoice over, Dr. Dobson, results in the legal preference for "reasonable alternative procedures" (p. 33) for killing "late-term" children. These reason­able alternatives include "a leg might be ripped off the fetus," "friction causes the fetus to tear apart," "evacuating the fetus piece by piece continues," "10 to 15 passes with the forceps," "ripping it apart,"

"dismemberment" (pp. 4-6). And you "applaud the court." We rebuke you.Beyond the children, your praise helps destroy the souls of these wicked Justices who no doubt take comfort in the approval of Christian leaders. You help them feel safe as they violate God's enduring command, Do not murder; and then with hubris, they demand that abortionists follow their new regulation of how to murder a child. We expect such evil from humanists. But for a Christian leader to give this false sense of security to judges and offi­cials at all levels of government is an affront to the holiness of God. They do not fear for their souls, but how is it that you do not warn them? How have you arrived at this place?For more than a quarter century, the pro-life movement with your support, has adopted moral relativism and legal positivism, obsessing on process and overlooking funda­mental justice. You mourned a missed cloture vote in the Senate (FOTF, May 2005, "Gang of 14"), but celebrate an evil ruling that affirms "ripping... apart" children. Gonzales v. Carhart unequivocally affirms the "killing" of children as long as you follow its guidelines, and the pro-life movement cheers, for the ends now justify the means, and right and wrong have become negotiable. God did not design the Body of Christ to follow lawyers, talk show hosts, or anyone who puts politics ahead of righteousness.

We want to follow your lead, Dr. Dobson, but not in the direction you now head. We want to follow the standard in the pledge you made before hundreds of thous­ands at the Rally for Life in Washington D.C. in 1990, to never support any effort that will intentionally "kill one innocent baby."When you call these judges "pro-life," you dangerously redefine what that means. Far from asserting the personhood of the unborn, these Justices have only undermined the child's God-given right to life, and re-use their old anti-life phrase, "the fetus that may become a child" (p. 15). And the majority opinion is pleased that Congress did not use the term child, but fetus. In concurring, these Justices note that the Nebraska ban that was struck down described, "a living unborn child" and Congress respond­ed to the court in "material ways" including that it "adopts the phrase ‘delivers a living fetus,' ...instead of ‘deliver­ing... a living un­born child'" (p. 21).Groups Celebrating this Evil RulingNational Right to Life: "applauds... ruling"Christian Coalition: "commends the five justices"Family Research Council: "Court no longer endorses... killing of innocent, partially-born babies"Priests for Life: "applauds the ruling"Concerned Women for America: "justice was served" Founder, Beverly LaHaye: "victory on behalf of innocent human life" President Wendy Wright: "Court... protect[s] babies from painful abortion"American Family Association: "reason has prevailed"U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: "welcomes [the] decision"D. James Kennedy's ministries: "enormously good news... for unborn children"Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ: "happy to report... a significant victory"Christian Law Association: "Court considered the welfare of the unborn child"Americans United for Life: "praises ruling"Focus on the Family: "We thank God for this victory that affirms the value of human life."These follow your lead,

Dr. Dobson as you "thank God for this victory that affirms the value of human life."Knowing right from wrong, and telling the truth is vital always, but even more so when the lives of children hang in the balance. Yet, for many years you have misled the Body of Christ about the ban, and now about the ruling itself.

Leaders Condemning this Evil Ruling

Ambassador Alan Keyes, RenewAmericaJudie Brown, American Life LeagueFlip Benham, Operation Rescue / O.S.A.Prof. Charles Rice, Notre Dame Law SchoolJohn Archibold, founding board member, Nat'l Right to Life, AULJim Rudd, Covenant NewsJohn Lofton, The American ViewEric Guttormson, TheologyOnline.comDr. Patrick Johnston, ProLifePhysicians.orgChuck Baldwin, Crossroad Baptist ChurchSteve Curtis, LifeCommercials.comKen & Jo Scott, ProLife ColoradoGino Geraci, Calvary Chapel South DenverRev. Tom Euteneuer, Human Life InternationalBrian Rohrbough, Colorado Right To Life(Email CRTL to add your ministry to this list of those condemning the ruling.)Moral RelativismDr. Dobson, you have become a moral relativist and a legal positivist, along with virtually all the "pro-life" conservative judges put in office over the last quarter century. Justice Antonin Scalia said on Feb. 4, 2002 at a Pew Forum, "I will strike down Roe v. Wade, but I will also strike down a law that is the opposite of Roe v. Wade. ... One [side] wants no state to be able to prohibit abortion and the other one wants every state to have to prohibit abortion, and they're both wrong..." All Christians should grieve at this. No state, no subdivision of government whatsoever, has the authority to set up extermination camps, or abortion clinics. This wicked legal principle is not pro-life, it is pro-choice, by process. Dr. Dobson, you have joined Scalia and other heroes of the pro-life community, rejecting God's enduring com­mand, Do Not Murder, as the most fundamental and inviolable of all legal principles, preferring instead relativism based upon ever-changing "precedent."

On February 24, 2006, you wrote in re­sponse to these concerns that were posted at KGOV .com, and it grieves us to even repeat this, but you actually defended decisions of judges who rule to kill the innocent, as long as they bow to process. In 2000, federal judge Samuel Alito struck down New Jersey's partial-birth abortion ban and voted to keep PBA legal (Planned Parenthood vs. NJ), and you commended him for that ruling because he was merely following "the long-established prin­ciple" of "precedent." But there is an older legal precedent, Thou shall not murder, and when judges violate that standard, and do so on "principle," then the nation has become law­less. After World War II, the Allies convicted German judges whose defense for ruling to kill the innocent was that they had follow­ed precedent and the law. But moral relativism and legal positivism are no defense. And setting aside God's prohibition of murder is humanism. Over the years Dr. Dobson, you have slid to where you now advocate the legal theory of the defendants at Nuremberg.On June 29, 2005 some of us in person gave a presentation to your V.P. Tom Minnery and your judicial analysts, warning emphatically against legal positivism and the mis­rep­resentations of the PBA ban.

Two years ago in this same newspaper some of us published an open letter to you and we produced a DVD, Focus on the Strategy, to warn about legal positivism. And we were heartened that in 2006, you produced the excellent Truth Project in which Dr. Del Tackett, president of the Focus on the Family Institute, also warned specifically of legal positivism, cautioning that when "legal truth is based on the decision of the state," we have thrown off God's principles of justice as a foundation. But you have not heeded even your own ministry's warning. Our pro-life Christian leaders have turned the wicked humanist values of moral relativism and legal positivism into the greatest obligation of government, and so you defend rulings that uphold killing the innocent because you are a legal positivist. Many conservative lawyers grew up with an inclination toward Judeo-Christian morality and absolutes. They could have developed into defenders of life, but in­stead, now as judges they attack the only legal defense of the unborn, which is not based upon moral relativism, but upon personhood and the God-given right to life.Online at you wrote, "President George W. Bush, the most pro-life President in United States history - has acted to protect children from the barbarity of partial birth abortion. I applaud the President for nominat­ing two pro-life Justices to [the] Court..."

Dr. Dobson, you have perverted what it means to be pro-life. And you misled your supporters when you wrote, "We applaud the Court for joining President Bush and Congress in declar­ing that a civilized society must not condone such compassion­less and hideous acts against human beings." They did no such thing. And unless you repent, our Christian leaders may launch another 15-year destructive fundraiser, again under­mining the person­hood of the child, while twenty million more die.Partial-birth abortion was one of the quickest ways to kill the baby, but it was also the most difficult to witness and contemplate, for the abortionist's staff, for the politician, and for society. Other more hideous late-term tech­niques are now legally preferred, although less visibly blatant, compared to a child killed once he is mostly outside his mother. This ban push­es the crime of late-term abortion back into the darkness of the womb, where it can lurk out of the public consciousness.We ask you and your staff at Focus on the Family and all readers to do three things.

1) Please take up the standard from your famous 1990 pledge and withhold support from any effort that would intentionally "kill one innocent baby."2) Learn to recognize and then oppose moral relativism in law, called legal positivism.3) Please go to Colorado and sign their pledge titled: 40 Years / 50 Million Dead / One Commitmentto never compromise on God's enduring com­mand, Do not murder.

"There is a way that seems right to a man," warns Proverbs 14:12, "but its end is the way of death." Please repent, Dr. Dobson.Signed,- Brian Rohrbough, president, Colorado Right to Life- Rev. Tom Euteneuer, president, Human Life International- Flip Benham, director, Operation Rescue / Operation Save America- Bob Enyart, pastor, Denver Bible Church- Judie Brown, president, American Life League

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Bro. Eric,

I fully understand your predicament. What you need to do is urge all on your list to seek God's face in prayer for the supplying of that 100,000 FRNs (whatever that is). They all love you and your great service to the Lord and don't want to see you caught up in commercial snares that will hinder your great ministry to all those who have gleaned from your vast amount of knowledge and research. As Prov. 23: 4 says, ". . . cease from your own wisdom." Lean not unto your own understanding. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Let Him part the waters of the Red Sea. Let Him put the coin in the fish's mouth. Let Him turn the mountain into a plain. Let Him bring water out of the rock. I know this is easy for me and others to say, not being in your shoes, but God is on the throne, and his promises are sure. "Prove me now. . .," he says.I trust that your wife has enough spiritual reserve to grasp this.After the monumental task of completing VAIII, the devil is countering with a left hook. Just have your guard up.

Bro. Carl

Dear Brother Carl,

Your replies are always of great value to me.But in this instance, we must agree to disagree. I cannot and will not ask for one more dime from anyone. Those to whom I owe money are personal friends; I have never and will never accept any gift financial from a stranger, saved or lost. I do ask for all those on the list to pray for my business success. Just changing your long distance service with me will help. If ACN works for me as for others, within six months I should receive enough "income" to enable me to work on attacking the Jesuits without the pressure of supporting my loved ones. I could include private speaking engagements as part of my ministry to local churches without asking for or expecting any financial gift. Concerning your questions, I will always respond to you without charge. But these others who drain me while at the end of the day I have earned nothing, these I must charge. The fact of the matter is that they will ask me no more questions; they merely want something for free breeding non-appreciation for the work provided. When I finished VAIII, this ACN business came to the forefront within two weeks. I joined for one reason---to take the profits away from the Order's huge phone providers (like Verizon) who finance the sodomite agenda and the gun-grabbers, and put some of those monies into my pocket thereby enabled to finance an information war against the Jesuit Order. I intend to extend this war into technology---putting the electromagnetic motor into the hands of the common man. Really brother, VAIII answers most questions concerning the Order's past, present and future. To continue to connect the dots with a newsletter will be a blessing to men such as yourself who have not the time for this meticulous research. So why should I not profit from it somewhat?Further, I do have some fear about relying on the financial good graces of saved men.

They are so fickle today, brother. A Baptist pastor friend of mine, David Hollowood, was a pastor some years ago. He was a KJV only man, a TR man, an non-501©(3) man and truly practiced biblical separation. He was and is today a faithful father taking care of his adult son with MS. Do you know what his church did to him for his faithfulness? Those heretics drove him from his pastorate without any charge of heresy or immorality (the only biblical reasons for dismissing a pastor), forced him out of his home provided by the church, packed up his belongings and put them into a 40-foot tractor trailer until David could find another dwelling. Fortunately, he moved here to Pennsylvania where I was privileged to meet his acquaintance along with his invalid son who is on this email list. (In fact he just called me and asked for the 700.00 Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) I have owed him for over four years.) I remember one night while at David's dinner table we spoke of the coming Chinese invasion. He then uttered to me words I have never forgotten. "Maybe it has pleased God not to deliver us because of the compromise of the local churches." I still remember the look on his face and the saddened response of his wife.In conclusion, God's people in the American Empire have no idea of the Pope's war which rages against them. They live in the land of fantasy.

They think living in "The Matrix" (the womb of the Virgin Mary) is the place of safety and success while completely oblivious of the intense truth that:"We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness (the lap of the wicked one--TR)."I John 5:19.My dear wife will do anything I choose to do. She is the epitome of submission which makes me quite cautious in all decisions affecting her and the boys. Thus, for their protection and mine, I must be untouchable and beholden to no man for any financial contributions. I feel like a Levite in the days of Israel's apostasy, ploughing the fields for food when I have the right to be fed and clothed by the tribes.I will promise to keep my guard up.Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Eric and all,

Some of the responses to Eric's entry into a legitimate business (you might not like ACN network marketing or diamond selling, but people do make a living doing these things) to support himself highlight what I have seen for years: the man of God is supposed to live off air and prayer (his own and theirs), but he should not actually need to promote himself,his business, or make his needs known, ever. If he does, he is deemed unspiritual, backslidden, or compromised. Everything Eric has related in the e-mail is true: he devoted himself for the last three years to the compilation of VA III to the exclusion of any sort of work, or even normalcy of life. The same can be said for the first and second editions. I know as we have been in each other's presence physically for almost five years, and I personally and often without Eric's asking provided dozens of citations from volumes I purchased that sometimes were quite saltly in price for their age and condition. Eric has done something that no other Protestant in this generation has had the spirituality, stamina, unction or perserverence to accomplish. He has produced a historical narrative studded with the words and writings of the best Christian men of many generations, proving by objective observation that Revelation 17 and 18 are absolute truth and can refer only to Popery promoted by Jesuits. By God's grace and providence I was able to participate in this work, and prayed for Eric about the work to its completion. To castigate him for attempting to fulfill a Bible mandated duty is a very rude way for anyone to reward his labor. KJV 1 Timothy 5:8

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.This is yet more evidence to me personally of the coming destruction of this country: successive generations of Protestants who would rather switch than fight--AND PROFESSING CHRISTIANS WHO WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE MUZZLE THE OX THAT TREADETH OUT THE CORN. Paul labored with his hands night and day so that he would be chargeable to no man! What sort of person finds fault with any Christian man who does the same? Why do some of you feel Eric's owes you an hour or two (or more) of his time a couple times a month to answer questions (often off the wall questions) which are addressed in Vatican Assassins III? He has been at your service for free for a long time, but as the wisdom God has directed him to cease, understand that God works all things after the counsel of his own will, and it is no longer God's will for him to spend hour upon hour answering e-mails. That is why you seldom see post from me-I do not have that kind of time and learned while street preaching years ago that sort of thing is fruitless. Eric lays out the facts and they are available to you. Your response and actions in light of the knowledge gained are your own. Eric is not anyone's babysitter or mentor-he is a breathing, eating, sleeping man just like yourselves, and has a life to live here nuturing his family. Work of necesssity is part of that, and part of obedience to God and the Bible. If some do not understand this-OH WELL- Back to the Bible or off to Rome!

- Pastor N C Turner

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Other news


Deception is all over the place. Yet, I won't go out and lose hope or give up. We're humans here and it's our duty to not give up. Brian Ross and Richard Esposito from The Blotter on Wednesday at May 23, 2007 mentioned that Bush authorized a plan to used covert action against Iran. I wonder about Rudy Guiliani. Everyone knows he's a fake. Everyone knows that he's a phony conservative, yet Sean Hannity is still sucking up to the man. I really don't get it. Rudy is the man who knew that the Towers were going to fall, but did nothing about it. Rudy is the man covering up the abestos effecting firefighters and allowing steel to be sent overseas after 9/11 immediately (without any investigation). Even though medical groups confirm there is no reason to have the partial birth abortion to protect the mother's life or health, Sandra Day O'Connor is sucking up to support PBA . The vast majority of Americans oppose partial birth abortion and this issue isn't debated that much anymore. Sucking a baby's brains out has nothing to do with choice.

Lately, some believe that all religions are the same. This opinion is New Age hogwash (New Age was invented in the modern era by high level Freemasons, Jesuits, and Rosicurcians). The reason is that the worship of many gods, the embrace of repitative rituals, etc. have nothing to do with some religions. It is legitimate to believe in one God if you want to. To say that nothing creating something is against the laws of science period. Also, those who bash certain religion forgot that the atheists in the 20th century butchered more people than any other creed in that time period. For example, Atheists Stalin, Mao (an ally of Freemason WEB DuBois. Dubois unforunately later in life support Margaret Sanger, abortion, and far left causes. Mao was a murderer of over 60 million people including Bible Believing Christians), Castro (trained by the Jesuits), Pol Pot, and others killed over 100 million human beings. It takes more faith to believe in nothing creating something than something creating something. Recently, Professor Steven Jones found new evidence proving that explosives brought down the Twin Towers. He found newly uncovered globules or spheres that were discovered at the WTC site and other info refuting the offical story. In fact, Michelle Malkin used to question the offical story. I can't lost momentum now. I'm only in my 20s so I have a long way to go. I will write for more decades to come.

By Timothy
Craig: I'm not here to spend masses of my precious life time going over information which is easily available if you look, listen and read correctly. You need to go through all the information on this site and others. I'm not sure when that picture or where abouts it was taken.No in England not many people are aware of the Knights of Malta infact people here aren't aware of much these days since they go through this pathetic so-called education system. You'd find more people aware of the Knights Templar than the Knights of Malta and its true underpinnings.English people aware of the Queen and the Knights of Malta simply believe this order is a health order as they disguise themselves within this St John and Hospittler nonsense. It is very secretive within the masses what we speak about with her connections to the Vatican. Your not meant to know her true power of this land and certainly not her SERVILITY to Rome. They will then discuss all day the definition of Patron to try and riddle out of it. Too many people think she's the protector of the Protestantism here but its nothing of the sort infact she detests it. Shes a Guelph and just understand them and understand her and this information comes straight from ex British SIS Dr John Coleman and others.Study the Guelph Black Nobility family for answers on this. Remember also her cousin is the 78th Grandmaster and Prince you see above, Cardinal Andrew Bertie. He controls the whole Order with his cousin controlling the British division whilst Egan controls the Americas and King Juan Carlos of Spain controls the Middle East. I cannot remember the others and I think theres another 3 regions but I may be wrong. The Jesuits took full control of the Vatican in their face style within 1870 when their Doctrines of Infallibility was thrusted upon the Pope. In reality they had the Papacy back in 1814. They came back and got control through their creation of the Illuminati as its spoke about. They were whacked by the Pope in 1773 and the Bavarian Illuminati was created in 1776 by sheep-dipped JESUIT Weishaupt who incidentally helped turn the Pope around sneakily of course. Then what happened? The Jesuits took serious REVENGE as usual. The film 'Count of Monte Cristo' is really the representation of this story and how the Superior General used his Rothschilds to destroy the Bank and then buy it back for pennies.Dolphin if you wish to trumph up this most devious, evil minded and blood revengeful Order and its Black Nobility Creator then feel free to do it elsewhere. They have diseased this World more than the Vatican ever did before the Jesuits were even created. People are dying in their masses in Iraq through these Crusaders including Women & Children. Your so-called freedoms are being curbed even more as they once again are about to plunge us back into the Dark Ages in the Protestant nations.The SMOM control all Banking, politics, media, entertainment, Intelligence the lot through their many loyal subordinate high ranking Knights such as King Juan Carlos, Edward Egan and so forth. You then have the levels like Henry Kissinger, Rudy Guiliani and so forth. Their in all the positions of power and they exercise this power. The SMOM were subordinate to the Pope for his helping them in times of trouble. Remember who controls the Papacy? The JESUITS have the SMOM Order more as a Brother these days but alas its not equal in no means. The Council above are the leadership of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, theres your names. Bet you didn't think we could oust these people but its not that hard when you get through all their diversions and veils which their little piddly wannabe agents like Alex Jones put forth. Its not as big a mystery as they would have you think. Think of it just like the Wizard of Oz and how this Wizard is merely a weak man behind a curtain and not this great mystical wizard of power. I unveil the TRUTH and sometimes it hurts but sometimes its not so amazing either and guess what? Its FREE!. I should also point out that the film Wizard of Oz is so popular for a reason and thats because its full of triggers for various Manchurian Candidates Worldwide as is Star Trek and other nonsense productions which don't deserve the spotlight.Do your homework! Get the Vatican Assassins IIIbook and so forth. There was a good SMOM book at one time but I forget its damn name and I know it wasn't easy to find. Although we lift the veil on this amazing Order theres still many secrets within it that would amaze us and its still manages to be kept quite secretive. It has many inner cores and outer cores and its the outer cores many see and simply think it then cannot be so powerful but alas these inner cores are RAW POWER! Fritz Springmeier has spoke a bit on the SMOM also. Funny I should speak of Manchurians and SMOM above because Fritz spoke of both and deprogrammed Manchurians. Wheres Fritz right now? Jail for around 9 years! Why? Because he was fitted up on phony robbery charges thats why! Check up on that most even shit known as Francis Spellman the once Archbishop, Military Vicar and KING of NY & the AMERICAS! Him and the likes of his subordinate SMOM Papal Knight David Rockefeller can do as they please literally and they did/DO!


Dear Friends and Brethren,

Upon returning from a refreshing visit with my son, Ben, several changes will now be implemented.The first is that I cannot answer and forward emails any longer as I have done in the past. I will daily send out about three emails as I check my inbox every morning for updates from members on the list and others. For those who have pressing questions, my fee will be 50.00FRNs (alias "dollars) per one half an hour in responding by email or phone. I strongly suggest that you purchase VAIII as this will give you the ability to figure out the answers to your own questions---which was the intended purpose of the book in the first place.Secondly, my ministry will consist only of radio interviews, the maintenance of my website, and speaking arrangements when asked by a group to lecture in its area. The rest will be strictly business handled through LOWVEHM, Inc.

The business aspect of LOWVEHM, Inc., includes my wife's business of selling high-grade, Israeli-cut diamonds to individual customers. Danita is a gemologist by profession and utilizes a contact in Tel Aviv whom I met while in country several years ago. The minimum size diamond to purchase is one carat.LOWVEHM will be expanded into the seven areas of high technology that will dominate the 21st century. They are Light, Oxygen, Water, Vibration, Electricity, Hydrogen and Magnetism. These sciences, with resultant products, will completely restructure such fields as medicine and electrical power.For example, if the sun and the moon revolve around the earth and the earth is at rest, then there is a law of physics that keeps the sun and the moon in motion. This then means that a mass, once put in motion and in the right magnetic position to another electro-magnetic mass at rest, will stay in motion while taking a load. Yes, there is such a thing as perpetual motion; we see it every day 365 times a year.

Therefore, my next project will be the building of such a motor that will power our homes. These motors are already perfected and in existence, now utilized by the Jesuits controlling their deep underground military bases. It is time for this technology to be brought above ground for us to enjoy. I will also be an ACN rep offering the finest telecommunication services now available. If you want to help me in further exposing the Order, you may wish to purchase a product or service---or become a rep yourself. This will give me the financial liberty to republish old, anti-Jesuit works on CD further giving understanding to all of us as to the plotting and power of the Company.I also intend to learn foreign currency trading through a course offered by one of the best. In this way I can devote a small period of time to earning money and a larger period of time to research and republishing while providing for my family.

My new newsletter, The Jesuit Watch, will be forthcoming. It will be bi-monthly (published every 2 months), its first edition to be released in August. The cost is 40.00FRNs annually. To subscribe, a copy of VAIII must be purchased because I do not wish to address the questions answered in VAIII over and over again. My purpose is to add to your knowledge with this newsletter while VAIII serves as a workbook.In conclusion, between answering questions for a fee, my wife selling diamonds once in a while, the newsletter, ACN, currency trading and developing the electromagnetic motor, hopefully the Lord will bless financially enabling the furtherance of our understanding of the movements and mentality of "the Engineer Corps of Hell," the Society of Jesus.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Craig and Friends,

I am not angry; I am in need of a viable business that I have not had for over five years. I have lived on the support of other people during that time which enabled me to research the many topics and persons included in VAIII. We are talking about 16 hours a day nearly every day during that 5-year period. Now, I need to pursue a business that allows me to provide for my family as well as continue the research into the Jesuit Order. Maybe I should not have said "high-end" diamonds. I should have said "high-quality" diamonds. As you know, Israeli cut diamonds are the best. I apologize for the confusion.Concerning ACN, check out the website The 13-year old company has been recently endorsed by Donald Trump. I realize that he may well in fact be a Knight of Malta as he is a foremost billionaire of the Order's North American commercial emporium, New York City.

But as a businessman to endorse a company after a two-year study is a good mark for any company. I am not part of ACN but rather an independent rep separated by contract. If you say that I am in error for working with a company endorsed by a Knight of Malta then every new car salesman is equally in error for selling Chrysler, Ford or GM products as the Knights control all those companies.As far as currency trading, this is not "working for the whore" any more than any other business involved in commercial paper. If it is wrong to do this than it is equally wrong for any honest man to be involved in any financial institution as they all are working only in commercial paper. Thus, you cannot be a teller in a bank, a loan officer, a seller of stocks, even a buyer and seller of basic goods in any paper currency during daily transactions. The principle is the same.Now for you men who consider me to be in error, what am I going to tell those people who I now owe about 100,000 FRNs for the financing of the research for the writing of VAIII? Maybe if you front me the money I will reconsider. Until such time I will continue to seek to make an honest living as all of you do while devoting remaining time to the continued exposure of the Jesuit Order---as all you do also.I trust this clarification is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Comments by others

Craig: People keep your eyes open with the links on this site right now. I've just been trying to find the Eric Phelps audio thread within this Jesuit area. Guess what? Its totally deleted and I have not done this? I was still allowing it to be filled whilst placing the audios also in the audio forum??????????????? So who the hell has deleted it???????????? So please let me know if more goes missing?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Some anti Alex Jones threads were pointed out the other day but may have been merged as I have done this on that cretin. BE AWARE HOW DARE THEY, THOSE LONG ROBED THIEVES, TYRANTS, MURDERERS AND POPISH PERSONS....

wolveshater: I agree something is up Craig, last evening I was blocked from your site right after posting a letter by Ron Paul from 1984. I had attempted to also post a six page letter by his assistant then got booted out. I could go any where else after that except here.

Craig: Well it seems as my work is becoming more popular the Intelligence crowd may be trying to clamp down somehow here. Before many people simply didn't want to hear this type of information as they wished to stay stagnant in bunkum mystery and disinformation drawing them in like fish to a baited hook. Now it seems more people are waking up. We have David Icke helping somewhat by also finally mentioning the Jesuits even though it wasn't a lot it makes a big difference if he says anything as he has loyal followers in the masses. I've noticed more people listening to my information. Then of course I carry some of the infighting information on here between lower down in the Intelligence Agencies so its no wonder I may be a target right now. I know I had much grief after I started to go on that Galloway show and I simply couldn't get back on when they knew I wanted to talk about the Roman Catholics, I should have fooled them. Don't worry folks my work will carry on no matter what until I'm scrubbed from this wonderful planet Earth which unfortunately is wrapped in a most terrible system (latin = SEWER) by the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA. Such a shame and even poor animals have no freedom and more so soon. I see poor swans tagged on both legs pecking at the plastic and metal. ITS DISGUSTING HOW WE LIVE. WE ARE SOVEREIGN SPIRITUAL BEINGS!!!!!!!

JagDRS: I too have noticed an accumulation of oddities the past several months, many of them annoyances (like the problems accessing the Prviate Message section). I've also seen something recently (in the Orgone forum) where a the time/date stamp of a person's post changed at least twice over the period of several days BUT the poster themselves (as best I could tell) had not been editing the post. One day it indicated the post was posted at 11 somethign PM on 5/6.... a few days later it indicated the post happened at something AM on 5/7.... then a few days later it went back to PM on 5/6....?As of yet I have not noticed any posts that have gone missing. Part of the problem here is, the way this particular forum software works, it is very difficult & tedious to follow and keep track of any one thread in particular.... especially when it gets to that time of the day each day when Craig mass loads a bunch of new thread, it soon becomes very difficult to keep track of all the threads I'm interested in Anyway, llate ast night I too noticed problems getting on this site. I was on and reading some stuff one minute, then the next minute.... I wasn't really blocked, per se', but it looked like the response time through the web to this site became verrrrrrrry slow. For a few hours, I was regularly getting "server not found", at other moments it would take several minutes just to back up or go forward in the forums from one screen to another. Speedwise, things seem back to normal since first thing this morning (Sunday). Craig, just from a data point of view, I do hope you have some sort of backups... even if it's just you burning some CDs of important files/directories every now and then. It would be one thing to lose all of the chit-chat dialogue between us posters, but another thing all together to lose the main content (web links, stories, articles, audios, videos, those email exchanges you most, and the like)


Mark Brewer: I got mine today [4/23]. It appears to be more well documented that the second edition [which I got from Texe Marrs in 2003]. While I take issue with some of Eric's claims, and always have, the book is still must reading for people who want to understand the power of the papacy.As for Kinko's, I have had trouble with their staff in the past. They generally are some of the rudest employees out there and they also overcharge. Mom and pop shops are much less expensive when it comes to printing.

Minuteman Matt: My Vatican assassins III just came in the mail i really enjoy this book I can't stop reading it i dont know what is better the book or erics seminar allthough in his book he was missing a few things like how mexico kicked out the jesuits for a time being and hes missing alot of things on the bush-clinton crime family allthough i think he was mainly trying to stick with Jesuits. I think it might be good to add all the groups that the Jesuits use as tools.It is a nice book I have been showing it to my mom and now she believes me alot more but shes kind of scared of this knowledge.


Dear Friends and Brethren,

For the record, I consider Dr. Peter Ruckman to be one of the greatest Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors to ever deceive the Church of the living God. His position on the AV1611, the Word of God for English-speaking people, is indeed cultic---espousing that the English "corrects" the Greek. His utter hatred of Calvinism (without which there is no AV1611 Bible or Geneva Bible) and his Jesuit Armenianism betray his hatred for the Protestant Reformation. I will be posting on my site the work of Pastor N.C. Turner who was a follower of Ruckman for over ten years---just like myself. It is our intent to expose this notorious Bible-rejector in totality before he dies! Any man who says that "he is just as saved as the Pope" is indeed a rank heretic, while professing to believe the Book that broke the Spiritual and Temporal power of Rome over Europe.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric