Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From 2000 to 2010

The Decade of 2000 to 2010 have been filled of tyranny that violated our civil liberties. The first nine years of the new millennium have experienced a rapid lost of our freedoms. This is done to create a slick global, coordinated tyranny. In that span of time, there has been an expansion of folks waking up about the new world order and opposition to the elite's agenda. 9/11 was the event that shaped the whole decade. It was the catalyst for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. It occured in 2001. In that year, the USA Patriot Act was passed. The bill wasn't given enough time for Congress to read it. This lead the way for more freedom stripping government legislation. The contrived war on terror grew, big government grew (there is nothing wrong with legitimate government, but there is a problem with corrupt government), a domestic police state came up, and the evil, interventionist foreign policy came about. The 9/11 truth movement exposed the government lies about 9/11. Many others have awakening people about truth behind 9/11 (that al-Qaeda was CIA/ISI created, thermite being an explosive instrument was found in the Twin Towers, NORAD stood down, and Osama can't make all of 9/11 to occur). 2002 was the year when the Department of Homeland Security was created. The DHS was used as a means for the government to subvert Constitutional freedom. The DHS is an enforcer of policy state policy that merge with every major law enforcement agency into one office. They promote documents that demonize innocent Americans as equivalent to potential terrorists. The invasion of Iraq of 2003 was obviously based on lies. Thre was the lie that Saddam was connected to 9/11, Iraq has massive quantities of weapons of mass destruction, and al-Qaeda or it was a direct threat to America. The illegal war was not approved by Congress at all. The death toll in the war is about 655,000 people (with more people if you add the sanctions up). Iraq is now a patron state of the West. There are hundreds of people detained there in internment camps. The Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal (when soldiers were caught seriously abusing Iraqi prisoners) exposed the fact that most of the prisons were innocent people caught up in sweeps. Rendition or illegally kidnapping people to be imprisoned in places globally and the exporting of U.S. torture globally also occur. Some of the most obscene torture in Abu Ghraib was omitted by the media (as revealed in the Taguba military report). Low level criminals were sent to prison while the superiors were scott free (the superiors ordered the torture which contradicts the U.S. Constitution and the Geneva Convention). The 2005 Hurricane Katrina Fallout was a wargame in preparation of martial law. FEMA violated the liberties of people in Louisana with restriction of foods, etc. The Posse Comitatus Act was overturned as active duty military paraded the streets and aided police in confiscating firearms and implementing mandatory evacuation orders. Innocent people's guns were stolen as well. Innocent victims were forced into the New Orleans superdome where death occur. The government response was lax and slow. This caused for more changes in our laws. People fought to have liberty as well. The 2008 bailout was benefiting TARP. It looted the American public by the central banks (these banks were sent a lot of the money while the common people were given limited resources). Some want this crisis to be used as a means to form a single global currency (in centralizing our economic system). Henry Paulson, one of the chief architects of the bailout and the man who committed financial terrorism by threatening the Congress with martial law and food riots if they didn't pass the initial TARP package, brazenly pocketed $200 million in Goldman Sachs profits tax free while handing out billions in ill-gotten gains to his bankster buddies, all this after he pulled a bait and switch by changing the entire focus of the bailout from buying up toxic debt to giving money directly to financial institutions. President Barack Obama in November 2008 said that they would pick up where Bush administration left off with bailouts that cost over 24 trillion dollars. 2009 was the left the global government was promoted even more. There is the financial crisis and the man-made global warming scam being promoted. New EU President Herman Van Rompuy said in a December press conference that the Copenhagen conference was, "The first step towards the global management of our planet." U.N. head Ki-Moon wanted global governance. So, the next decade in 2010 and beyond is a choice between real freedom and tyranny.

Yemen is apart of the war on terror since it has oil near Saudi Arabia. It exports billions of dollars worth of crude oil per year. Some believe its oil supplies are shrinking. Yemeni crude oil exports decreased to $1.5 billion during the fiscal period from January -October of 2009, compared with $4.2 billion during the same period of 2008, a decrease of $2.7 billion, the Central Bank of Yemen reported. Some believe its oil reserves are decreasing and it could lose it tally by 10 years. Of course, this doesn't prove Peak Oil since oil resources are gorwing in other places globally as well. There was a FBI informat named Brandon Darby (who is in the Austin area) who is accused of stinging RNC 2008 anarchists connected to a "firebomb plot" on Brave New Books and being connected to the "suicided" Palestinian activist Riad Hamad. He was left in the bottom of the Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Riad's mouth was gagged and arms ductaped behind his back. It's hard to commit suicide when your arms duct taped behind you. Reports mention that he was monitored by FBI informant/prvocateur Brandon Darby. Darby set up 2 anarchist/leftist from Austin with molotov cocktails. The 2 people (named David McKay and Bradley Crowder) were arrested for alleged plans to attack police cars outside the RNC 2008 in Minnesota in connection with the RNC Welcoming Committee. Since Darby's exposure as an admitted FBI informant, flyers have been seen in coffeehouses across Austin reading “Wanted: Brandon Darby An Informant Rat Loose in Austin.” Scott Crow is an anarchist/leftist who created the Hurricane Katrina relief group called "Common Ground Collective." He made ties of the FBI/Police informant role of Darby with his group. Scott claims that in 2006 after Brandon Darby was admittedly an FBI informant, Darby attempted to recruit Crow on a plot to "firebomb" Brave New Books of Austin, Texas. He said that Darby stirred things us and then he left. This astonishing information was brought to my attention by Harlan of Brave New Books, but the connection to Riad Hamad it was found only afterwards in Crow's posts. According to the defendants, Darby had encouraged the violence and had provoked the younger activists to take this direction, an allegation Darby denies. Darby admits that he was asked by the bureau to be the “eyes and ears" to monitor the small, loose-knit group of activists that included McKay. Crow regretted supporting Darby who was a FED agent. Darby contacted the FBI to be an informant. Dary claimed to convince Chavez of Venezuela to help the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. FBI Informant Brandon Darby claims he went undercover to stop Riad Hamad from 'recruiting people for 'terroristic' like activities. Could Darby have been really entrapping Hamad? Why was Hamad found dead, gagged and duct-taped at the bottom of a lake? Scott Crow said that Brandon Darby introduced him to Riad Hamad and other Palestinians at Green Muse Cafe coffee shop in Austin. Darby tells him that these are real revolutionaries not just anarchists. Crow said that he knew Darby for more than 6 years inside the Austin activist community. Darby was grandstanding (and he slep with women ate meat when most activists were vegan and acted fake). He acted like an agent. So, agents in the 21st century still exist.

Health Information is vital to know. Americans aren't the most healthiest people in the world. The Federal Food and Drug Administration was made to watch our food. Now, we have huge, massive health care facilities. There are still health issues. Examples include the government using chlorine to try to "purify" our water and using flouride to make our teeth strong, etc. The truth is that chlorine can cause your arteries to harden. Flouride can cause bone damage and mental problems (like hurting the functioning of thought and the memory processes of the brain). This is done with the knowledge of these side effect among the corporate elite (which use these poisons to pacify the populations of the USA like the Nazis used flouride back in WWII to pacify the prisoners in their evil concentration cmaps). The USA is ranked 31st in life expectancy. We are ranked 37th in infant mortality, and 34th in maternal mortality. A child in the United States is 2.5 times more likely to die by age five than a child in Singapore or Ireland. Some immunizations continue to make many children autistic. Elementary school children are commonly given mind-altering drugs to settle them down. It's typical that some of these mind altering drugs are dangerous can some compare it to demons or harmful spirits. Being overly drugged from cradle to grave can create an addiction. Hospitals and companies benefit from human beings being sick. If people weren't sick, profits would go down among Big Pharma. One way this cycle continue is BPA or the Bisphenol-A. Tests recently prove that 9 out of ten babies in the USA are born with BPA in their system. It's been found that 93% of all Americans tested (regardless of age) have found BPA in their urine. BPA is a snthetic estrogen substance. It is produced by condensation of acetone, which produces two equivalents of phenol when catalyzed by hydrochloric acid. It is used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. It is used as a lining for nearly all food and beverage cans and as a coating for carbonless paper receipts. 6 billion pounds of BPA are used per year. It has been linked to breast cancer, proprostate cancer, reproductive failures, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and behavioral problems. In spite of this danger, the FDA have declared BPA to be safe for all uses (with only 2 studies they based it from done by the chemical industry which produces the BPA product). That's a slick scheme. The world of electronics have destroyed our bodies, souls, and minds. The new X-Ray machiens in airports have backscatter radiation devices. It uses tetrahertz radiation taht can do more than reveal the private parts of the human bdoy. It can interfere with human DNA even if the radiation is too small to cuase cellular or genetic damage to the body. This radiation can unzip double stranded DNA. This causes bubbles in the double strand. Potentially health problems can occur as a result of DNA being unzip. So, our health is important to learn . These signs represent the coming of the Saviour is soon.

The Human Society has an animal cruelty ad, but it's rare for mainstream society to describe the victims of abortion. The Human Society represent a legitimate explosure of animal cruelty. Images they show are of abused pets appear on screens in commericals. Man's cruelty to animals is evil. The ad was effective. Cable television doesn't ran commericals showing the violated faces of preborn children attacked by abortion. Some viewers can't stand to be exposed to brutality against the unbron day after day. Some people would fight the injustice even more if abortion images were shown in commericals. Some folks won't call themselves pro-choice (which is a lie since abortion ends the choice of the unborn baby to live in the Earth. It depletes choice not increasing it). The cable TV host Bill O'Reilly called "Schlinder's List" as one of the best movies of all time. The film legitimately brought the horror of the Holocaust to the attention of students around the country. There is something that shoud be known. There isn't a similar film about the grotesqueness of abortion with an all star cast and a top notch director. Many Americans' eyes would be open if such a film would exist. Some preschoolers shouldn't see it. There would be protests. Some believe that a R Rating would be fixed on such a movie, so abortion can be finally shown into the public consciousness. There is a blindness among some people on the grisly work of abortion. There is a blindness of public officials who are under the misguided notion that they are somehow helping women by defending the aborting of their offspring. And then there’s the blindness of voters who believe that it doesn't really matter if they cast ballots for politicians who label themselves “pro-choice.” Youtube can filled the cultural void by bringing more information on the ugly truth about abortion to the masses. Generation Y can use videos even more to combat the evil tragedy of abortion. There is no need of political correctness, but real facts to expose the evils of abortion.

The Detriot incident has many questions and some believe it was a staged event. The person caught is named Abdulmutallab. He is more than just an extremist trying to ignite a powdery explosive substance on board a flight into the USA (He is from Nigeria). Eyewitnesses point to a man helping the accused young terrorsist to board an aircraft without a password. There is an unusal cameraman documenting the attempted attack on board the plane. This raise more than red flag and it could point to an intelligence operation (in the form of a drill) that is utilized to continue this evil war on terror. Even CNN interviewed key flight witnesses during their December 28th program raising these points (and a possible intelligence handler). Kurt Haskell and his wife saw a well dressed, wealthy looking Indian man giving assistance to Farouk Abdulmutallab at the boarding gate in Amsterdam. Haskell said that the accused bomber looked "poor" next to the well dressed man. Haskell said that the man did the talking for Abdullamutallab claiming that he was a Sudanese refugee, so he doesn't need a passport to board the aircraft. The gate attended reffered the odd couple of a older Indian man and a Nigerian young man (who was reported to U.S. authorities by his own father) to the manager. Haskell said that's the last he saw of the wealthy man. Haskell's wife, Laurie, said that it's odd that authorities didn't follow up on the seeing the Indian man prior to boarding the flight. A camerman pictured the whole flight. This cameraman was the only one standing up and intently filmed the entire incident. Now, neo-liberals and neo-cons like Senator Liberman want to preemptively attack Yemen. Also, there are body scanners that can see the naked human body, etc. Kurt Haskell made bombshell revelations also about Flight 253. He said that the FBI detained a 2nd man after dogs detected a bomb in his luggage. The FBI has not only ignored Haskell’s story, but they have launched a cover-up by refusing to even acknowledge the existence of another man who filmed the entire flight, including the aborted attack, as well as the well-dressed man who aided the bomber to board the plane even though he had no passport and was on a terror watch list. Haskell believed that the FBI have acted lackadaiscal in how they handled airport security after the plane landed at the Detriot Metro airport in Romulus, Michigan. Haskell said that the FBI showed him images of people, but the agents tried to pass off 2 photos of Mutallab to discredit him. Mr. Haskell questioned why officials have not released the Amsterdam airport security video that will undoubtedly reveal crucial information about the “sharp-dressed man” who escorted a disheveled Mutallab to the boarding area. He said that the FBI used a bomb sniffing dog to handcuff another Indian young man. Later, the FBI moved the passengers to another location. The Nigerian man has been called the underwear bomber.

By Timothy

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