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Dr. Martin Luther King and 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King is one of the most famous leaders in world history not only in American history. I have a lot of personal thoughts about Dr. King. For a long time, human beings knew about his contributions to human rights and his errors since no human is perfect. Back in the 1950's, he worked in a campaign to desegregate Montgomery, Alabama buses. He was successful since the Supreme Court made segregation of buses illegal. Segregation is certainly immoral, because the concept of segregation deals with violating the constitutional principles of freedom of association, freedom of speech, and the right to assembly. It is also immoral, because it denies the right of any human being to live where they want, to be educated in whatever facility they desire, and to acquire the means to develop dialogue to improve relations among humans in general. Even the New Testament says spread the Gospel to all Creation, which command nullifies the bigoted doctrine of segregation. With segregation, you're restricted into who can you spread the Gospel to, which is a violation of that command from the Lord Jesus Christ. Movements toward full human rights didn't began with Dr. King since such movements for the promotion of authentic equality transpired throughout human history. Yet, Dr. Martin Luther King was certainly a figure in my opinion that promoted the ideals of personal equality into a higher level. In the 1960's, Dr. King and others lead boycotts, sit ins, speeches, rallies, and other actions to develop civil rights truly in American society. Like many movements, Dr. King wasn't perfect. He was accused of adultery, he was Ecumenical, and denied the virgin birth (and other doctrines of Christianity like the resurrection of Jesus Christ that are all documented from his own college papers). Dr. King followed the false doctrine that suffering was redemptive. No, redemption comes via the blood of Jesus Christ alone. He would of made a stronger impact if he would of showed Gospel more explicitly with no compromise in his gifted eloquent prose. People would of hated him more, but folks would be saved in a much higher numbers. Although, Dr. King did preach from the Gospel on numerous occasions. So, we shouldn't worship the man. We worship God alone. What we should do is promote the truthful values that he held and use his life as an inspiration to improve the world around us. He was right that violence is never a permanent resolution in solving problems. Dr. King is correct to say that all men regardless of their background are created equal, that religious & racial bigotry are wrong, that warfare is a barbaric throwback into the darker recesses of human depavity, and that we should have legitimate concern for human beings who are poor. Dr. Martin Luther Jr. is definitely known for fighting against poverty in his Poor People's Campaign, and his overt opposition to the Vietnam War (especially in his 1967 Riverside Church Speech). King's disagreement with the immoral Vietnam War (which was spurned with higher American military involvement via the fraudulent Gulf on Tonkin incident) lead him to be hounded by the media including President LBJ. He was assassinated in April 4, 1968 by a gunmen. Some folks believe that his assassination was a result of a conspiracy because of his socio-political and economic belief system. The lesson with Dr. Martin Luther King is that freedom and equality are not just something to write about in documents or books (though there is nothing wrong with that). It's about living your life to promote those values and if necessary die for the tenet of the freedom of all people. His legacy demonstrates that we should have love for all human beings even if we don't agree with everyone on every single issue. We can agree to disagree on issues without being violently disagreeable. That legacy certainly manifests itself today in 2010 inspite of us having a long way to go in living in a land where true freedom reigns in our society. Truly, in the end, with God's Kingdom on Earth (which will occur many years down the road) will be the precise time that true liberty will exist in the Earth.

Bin Laden is a common figure in the world. A Spanish politican threatens to sue the FBI over the bin Laden makeover. Some people want to keep the myth alive that Osama bin Laden is alive and the greatest threat today. The State Department released an updated 1998 photo of the late CIA asset earlier i nthe week. “The State Department has updated its 1998 file photo of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, digitally altering it to account for a decade of age and possible changes in his facial hair,” the Associated Press reported. “Bin Laden, 52, is believed to be hiding in the Pakistan frontier bordering Afghanistan, though his exact whereabouts has been unknown since late 2001.” December 21, 2001 was the time when the Egyptian newspaper al-Wafd reported that Bin Laden suffered serious complications in the lungs. They believed that he died a natural death that was quiet (being buried in an unmarked grave in Afghanistan). Former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf believed that Osama died in 2001 from kidney failure. CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that Bin Laden's appearance in recent early videotapes indicated that he was undergoing kidney treatment. In early 2002, CBS News reported that Osama was in Pakistan on September 10, 2001, “getting medical treatment with the support of the very military that days later pledged its backing for the U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan.” Noted author Ahmed Rashid added that “Pakistan intelligence had helped the Taliban buy dialysis machines and the rumor was that these were for wanted for Osama bin Laden.” Even the French newspaper of the Le Figaro reported on October 11, 2001 that Osama been through surgery in an American Hospital between July 4 and 14th, 2001. In the hospital stay, the local CIA agent was seen taking the main elevator of the hospital to go to bin Laden's hospital room (The agent is known by many in Dubai). The CIA agent later bragged to a few friends that he visited Bin Laden. If the U.S. government and the CIA “didn’t have an Osama bin Laden, they would invent one,” former CIA agent Milt Bearden said in an interview with Dan Rather on September 12, 2001. After 2001, the government promoted a fake Osama bin Laden videotape (even in December 13, 2001. It claimed to promote Laden as the mastermind behind the operation). “Administration officials wouldn’t reveal exactly how or when they got it, except to say it was found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. The U.S. Government translated the Arabic conversation and provided subtitles. The tape, which has a home video quality, shows bin Laden sitting on the floor in a bare room in a house in Kandahar. With him are several other men, including two aides and an unidentified cleric, or Sheikh. Bin Laden, identified on screen as UBL, made it clear he planned the September 11 attacks,” added reporter Ray Suarez. The tape back in 2001 didn't look like Osama since his skin is darker, his nose is wider, and he looks heavily than Osama bin Laden. The Pentagon promoted his fictional character indeed. The world's leading voice identification experts at IDIAP in Switzerland reported that message was recorded by an impostor. More bogus parts came about to. The Spanish politican named Gaspar Llamazares, a former leader of Spain’s communist party Izquierda Unida said that it's wrong for the FBI to promote a new Osama image that looks like him. Special agent Jason Pack told the newspaper a forensic artist had been unable to find suitable features from the FBI’s database of photographs and used a picture from the Internet instead. “The forensic artist was not aware of the identity of the individual depicted in the photograph,” Pack said, adding that the image would be taken off the FBI website. Was this a mistake? Some believe it is and some deny it. It's certainly fine to expose government fakery in using fradulent Osama bin Laden images in order to promote paranoia about terrorism.

Architecture is famous in the globe. Tons of people nowadays in 2010 are exposing the Masonic and esoteric symbolism in architecture. Some authors like James Steven Curl have written books on it like the "The Art and Architecture of Freemasonry" and "The Egyptian Revival." Frank Albo have written about such symbolism in the Manitoba Legislature building in Canada. Some Masons as Albo proves (and Albo is pro-Masonry) that some Freemasonic architect create building that have hermetic/occult symbolism and act as a form of "initiatory theatre." Lance Factor is the Professor of Philosophy at Knox Collge. He wrote a book entilted "Chapel in the Sky: Knox College’s Old Main and Its Masonic Architect." The book an article at the Knox College website was “released this month by Northern Illinois University Press, explores how in 1856 Old Main’s architect, Charles Ulricson, secretly incorporated symbols from Freemasonry into the main campus building of a fervently anti-Masonic institution.” Factor believe that the Old Main's design (in its design, geometry, windows, and interior decorations) has Masonic symbols in plain site when his clients were anti-Masonic. The College trustee were only concerned with the cost of the project. Ulricson was infljuenced by his work at Town and Davis in New York. Factor wrote that: "...“Alexander Jackson Davis taught Ulricson that architects belonged to a ’sacred priesthood.’ From Ithiel Town, Ulricson learned the secret doctrines of ‘alchemical’ or ‘esoteric’ architecture — the idea that the form of a building could shape the characters of the people within. Alchemical architecture included a belief in a geometric version of the ‘Philosopher’s Stone,’ a mythical substance that unified the four elements — earth, air, fire and water. It also included techniques for drafting with a Masonic Cubit and for transforming buildings into talismans, which Freemasons believed carried the protective energy of the Divine Architect and Geometer of the Universe.” Factor believes that the building was inspired by the Masonic-inspired proportion (as found in the dimensions of the building) and the use of the golden ratio was in that architecture as well. There are “talismanic patterns” of dodekatopoi (or dodekatopos) – 12 angles around a rectangle, symbolic of the Zodiac – in the windows which, according to Factor, “contain a secret message about the spiritual purpose of Old Main.” Factor believed that Ulricson was supportive of this esoteric architecture by Alexander Jackson David and Ithiel Town. These architects have had dealings with either the Skulls and Bones itself or the Russell family of the Skulls and Bones. Even Alexander Jackson Davis has been suspect of being an architect of the Skulls and Boens Tomb at Yale. Patrick Pinnell’s The Campus Guide: Yale University (p. 42): wrote that Davis influenced the stonwework in the Tomb. There are Davis' Gothic towers with the carving of grim reaper skeletons. Ithiel Town built Samuel Russell's house. Samuel was the cousin of co-founder of the Skulls and Bones, William Huntingon Russell. “Samuel Russell formally established Russell & Co. on January 1, 1824 for the purpose of acquiring opium and smuggling it to China,” writes Kris Millegan. Town had also built a house for Samuel’s brother, Edward Augustus Russell. Professor Factor wrote a 2009 article that Ithiel Town had a big library of 5,000 volmes on occult and esoteric philosophy. Alan B. Solomon further proves the esotericism of Ithiel Town. His article called, “211 Pearl Street: Unearthing the Esoteric Interests of the Architect Ithiel Town and the Owner William Colgate” – which looks at the particulars of Town’s library (and some of the contents) as well as a mysterious “Brickwork symbol, incorporated into the fa├žade of 211 Pearl Street,” which construction workers had dubbed an “Illuminati Shrine.”

The UN's World Health Organization wants a tax on the Internet. The SHO is considering to ask govenrment to have a global consumer tax not only on Internet activity, but everyday finanical transactions like paying bills online. The U.N. claims that such a scheme would raise billions of dollars. Yet, this is done on behalf of the U.N.'s public health arm from a broad base of consumers. These people would be be used to transfrer drug making research, development, manufacturing capabilities, etc. to the developing world. The multibillion-dollar "indirect consumer tax" is only one of a "suite of proposals" for financing the rapid transformation of the global medical industry that will go before WHO's 34-member supervisory Executive Board at its biannual meeting in Geneva. There are controversial, lucrative plans that are proposed by a 25 member panetl of medical experts, academics, and health care bureacrats. This has been working for 15 months at WHO's behest on "new and innovative sources of funding" to accomplish major shifts in the production of medical R&D. The WHO's Expert Working Group want rich natiosn to give some of their GDR to finance research in China, India, Venezuela, etc. These would also add billions in additional funds to international health care for the future — as much as $7.4 billion yearly from rich countries, and as much as $12.1 billion from low- and middle-income nations. There are other proposal like a 10 percent tax on international arms trade, a digital tax, etc. Similar plans have failed like the one in Copenhagen of transferring money to other nations. If such a tax were approve, some estimate that close to 30 billion dolars could go into rich nations annual to poor nations until 2012.

Life news is here. Now, Planned Parenthood is exploiting the tradegy of Haiti in pushing for birth control and contraception in Haiti (when people want to survive first and foremost). The earthquake in Haiti have been devestating. I haven't really commenting the Pat Robertson's words in Haiti not the Net until now. Robertson said that The Devil made a curse the people of Haiti and this caused Haiti to experience the Earthquake. Robertson is a liar since no evidence shows that and the Earthquake was a natural occurence not a result of a curse. Robertson is controlled opposition in order for the worldy society to give a convience excuse to demonize all conservative Christians in general when Pat isn't even a real conservative Christian (He's a Dominionist and a Charasmatic). Millions of people in Haiti want water, food, shelter, and medical care. People have died as well. Planned Parenthood promoted their disgraceful campaign in Facebooki in these words: "...The international Planned Parenthood arm is accepting donations for PROFAMIL, a locally based Haitian organization," the abortion business says. "Fully 100% of donations will go directly to PROFAMIL’s operations." The International Planned Parenthood secure giving web page says that PROFAMIL has been operating in Haiti since 1984 to provide "sexual and reproductive healthcare." The group claims to want to educate the public about prevention and ensurers the wide access of condoms among young folks aged 10-25 with regular condom demonstrations. Why do 10 year olds need condoms for? So, Planned Parenthood is asking for money to help pass these things out (i.e. birth control and condoms) for kids for their next meal and medical care for injuries (that their family sustained in the earthquake). The Planned Parenthood Help Haiti fundraising site says that its local affiliate meets constantly with the Minister of Health to develop strategies for increasing access to birth control and contraception. That group targets rural communities that are totally isolated with little access to foods and water. Concerned Women for America president Wendy Wright talked with about the fundraising appeal. "Haitians need food, water, shelter, safety, comfort. They are wandering in a daze and in pain," she said. "Yet all Planned Parenthood thinks about is how to benefit from their suffering. Instead of offering a cup of water, they offer a condom." "As corpses fill the streets and the world wonders how few Haitians will survive this crisis of mass proportions, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to reduce their numbers even more," Wright said. "Planned Parenthood exhibits its racist intentions again. If successful, Haitians would be denied the joy of children and the hope that their country will live on," she added. Planned Parenthood funds abortion to. There is another website promoting PROFAMIL notihing that the pro-abortion group PP wants widespread access to condoms. In 2005, PP gave over 600,000 condoms via its networks of clinics, mobile health units, and community promoters. Haiti is a pro-life nation that bans the killing of unborn children and injuring women in abortion. Planned Parenthood of course wants that to change. This is not the first Planned Parenthood exploited the victims of a natural disaster. Back in August 2005, Planned Parenthood announced that it was giving out free morning after pills to victims of Hurricane Katrina who were battling rising waters, destroyed homes, and are seeking basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. When Hurricane Katrina spread in the southeastern United States, PP offered one free months of birth control or one free emergency contraception kit to women from Louisiana and Mississippi. Then Planned Parenthood Federation of America interim President Karen Pearl supported that policies. Planned Parenthood of NYC offered women free abortions and morning after pills to area victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks. The goal of the 12 days of free services was to "reach out to women who have been displaced and ease their fears," the abortion business said at the time. News of the donation request follows a expose' of a former abortion business owner who said she thought Haiti had too many people.So, these racist eugenicsts and evil people from Planned Parenthood may try to exploit the Haiti tradegy yet I and many won't. Haitians deserve real help not abortions.

More people are dying in Afghanistan and Franken says that he's "cautiously optimistic." This proves that Democrats and Republicans are more alike than what is presented by the media. When Bush and the neocons were in the White House, Democrats were vocal in their oppoisitions against the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, the Democrat Barack Obama is President and the Democrats support Obama's criminal expansion in Afghanistan. The average Afghan still see problems on the ground. There is no difference between Bush and Obama on Afghanistan. It's a continuation of butchery. Al Franken had a tour of Afghanistan with Carl Levin in January 13, 2010 (in Kabul). Franken described the Obama's plan in the following quotes: "...“I do support the president’s plan,” Franken said, adding that he will vote for additional funding. “I may have done it a little bit differently myself but I … came away from this trip feeling that we already have momentum from the president’s speech.” Al gave modest support for the increased presence in Afghanistan. He wants 30,000 more troops in the area. Al Franken even had multiple views on invading Iraq that killed over a 1 million people. Franken supported the war in the beginning, but he was ambivalent about it more so than Norm Coleman. He says he felt, at most, ‘53 percent’ in favor. There were reasons to be for the war, and reasons to be against, but ‘all the reasons to be for the war turned out to be false,’ Franken said during our interview,” the Minnesota Post wrote in 2008. Franken wants war then. It's easily proven that the neocons promoted lies to go into Iraq in 2002 under George W. Bush. Puppets like Al Franken may not know about the Afghanistan war. Afghanistan folks are very local and want to perserve their families, clan, tribe, and Islamic sect. Many people like the British (in 3 tries), the Russians (in a 10 year war), Alexander the Great, and others tried to rule Afghanistan and they were unsuccessful in it. The U.S. helped to form the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The war in Afghanistan is done for economic profits and geopolitical control among the Western Elite (The Pentagon is working for Wall Street and the bankers to make this occur since warfare is immensely profitable). “The counter-insurgency strategy McChrystal advocates will never work. There is no way we can provide long-term security to tens of thousands of villages throughout the country. Even if security is the main Afghan preoccupation, they know the Taliban are a far surer path to that end than American soldiers whom they know will eventually leave. At present, the Afghan government can barely keep Kabul safe, and has little influence in the countryside, which is under the control of numerous warlords or the Taliban, none of whom are eager to have their power taken away by American or NATO forces,” Pearson concludes. Al Franken claims to be liberal, but he supports the mass murder in Central Asia. In Germany at the end of the Second World War, war criminals were tried and summarily delivered to the gallows for invading small defenseless countries and killing countless people.In America, they retire and write books.

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