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Jesuit information

Dear Craig,

Remember that LaRouche is another Grand Orient, Freemasonic fascist. He has
used the KKK for his bodyguards as his meetings, one of them being the late
Roy Frankhauser.

Brother Eric



Secret of

By Anonymous
13 Dec 2009 was invented not only to sell books but to eradicate one's which were deemed dangerous to the high aristocrats. Amazon is run by the Jesuits through their Coadjutor, Catholic Jeff Bezos, who I have met several times in Rome, Innsbruck, Venice, Verona, and Milano. Jeff knows me by face, and I have seen him perform in rituals. We spoke twice together about how happy I was to find books using his service.

The REAL purpose of Amazon, according to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, is to offer a way for the elite to buyout all copies of a particular book from all over the world. For example if Pepe Orsini, wanted to eradicate Orwell's 1984, he would have to first pay off the publishers to end publication (In theory, this is impossible, of course the book is widespread, JUST USING THIS FOR AN EXAMPLE), then he would go to Amazon and purchase the millions of copies until there were none left over. That way the people are left in ignorance, and the only way to find 1984, would be in Libraries.

Amazon has direct links with EVERY publisher, bookstore, library, etc......
Its the world biggest book market, and its owned and run by the Vatican


Dear friends

Please find below another great find from "Vatican Assassins" author Eric Phelps, showing the lightly-veiled truth behind the symbolism of who controls the NSA (not too mention the CIA, or even British Intelligence, to name but two of the many nations subject to the same system): Rome.

Note that "to bind" is the definition of the Latin term "religion". The references to "supreme power and authority" evoke the Papal pontif-icating proclamations.

Also note that the head of the NSA (now the current head of the CIA) during 9/11 was:


15th Director of the National Security Agency (1999 – 2005)

20th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2006 – present)

Roman Catholic; trained at (the private Catholic) Duquesene University of the Holy Spirit

For more on Rome's 9/11 orchestration see:

For more on SIGINT (referred to below) see:

- TS

Reality Research Resource

9. Can you explain the NSA and CSS seals?

The NSA seal was designed in 1965 by direction of NSA Director LTG Marshall S. Carter, United States Army. The seal shows an eagle within a circle, holding a key. The eagle - a symbol of courage, supreme power, and authority - represents the national scope of NSA's mission. The shield on the eagle's breast is drawn from the Great Seal of the United States, and represents the states drawn together under a single chief that unites them and represents Congress. The key in the eagle's talons represents security. It evolved from the emblem of St. Peter the Apostle, and his power "to loose and to bind." The circular shape of the seal is a symbol of eternity.

The 1996, at the direction of NSA Director Lt Gen Kenneth A. Minihan, an emblem was created for the Central Security Service, which includes the elements of the armed forces that perform codemaking and codebreaking work along with NSA. The current version of the seal includes the Naval Network Warfare Command, Marine Corps, the Army Intelligence and Security Command, the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, and the U.S. Coast Guard. Each is equally balanced around a five-pointed star that bears the symbol of NSA, which provides the funding, direction, and guidance for all of America's SIGINT activities.


The creation of NSA resulted from a December 10, 1951, memo sent by CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith to James S. Lay, Executive Secretary of the National Security Council.[7] The memo observed that "control over, and coordination of, the collection and processing of Communications Intelligence had proved ineffective" and recommended a survey of communications intelligence activities. The proposal was approved on December 13, 1951, and the study authorized on December 28, 1951. The report was completed by June 13, 1952. Generally known as the "Brownell Committee Report," after committee chairman Herbert Brownell, it surveyed the history of U.S. communications intelligence activities and suggested the need for a much greater degree of coordination and direction at the national level. As the change in the security agency's name indicated, the role of NSA was extended beyond the armed forces.

The creation of NSA was authorized in a letter written by President Harry S. Truman in June 1952. The agency was formally established through a revision of National Security Council Intelligence Directive (NSCID) 9 on October 24, 1952,[7] and officially came into existence on November 4, 1952. President Truman's letter was itself classified and remained unknown to the public for more than a generation.

7. In a footnote on p. 30 of Body of Secrets (Anchor Books 2002), James Bamford mentions the classified CIA memorandum "Proposed Survey of Intelligence Activities" (December 10, 1951).

From 1954 to 1957 he was a founder member of the influential Bilderberg Group.[5][6]

5. ^ "The Real Aims of the Bilderberg Club". BBC Summary of World Broadcasts. April 6, 1982.

6. ^ Jasper, William F. (July 12, 2004). Rogues' gallery of EU founders: the emerging European superstate, now moving forward under the EU, is the result of a deliberate scheme put into motion many years ago by powerful planners and plotters. 20. The New American. p. 15. ISSN 08856540. "Attendees at the founding Bilderberg meeting (1954), for example, included: David Rockefeller, global banker and later chairman of the CFR; Dean Rusk, president of the Rockefeller Foundation and later U.S. Secretary of State; Joseph E. Johnson, president of the Carnegie Endowment; C.D. Jackson, head of Time, Inc.; Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, former head of the OSS, precursor to the CIA; and Lord Dennis Healey, Labor Party leftist and later British Chancellor of the Exchequer.".

... the admonition of the late P. G. M. Brother Harry S. Truman, 33°, in his introduction to the four volumes of "10,000 Famous Freemasons", he wrote:
"We know that research is the most important step in the study of history. Comprehensive and accurate information must be available for those who would interpret trends in world happenings".

President Harry S. Truman, 33° Belton Lodge No. 450, Belton, MO; Past Grand Master of Missouri


Notice section 9 on the explanation of the silver key.

Brother Eric

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