Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Information

Today a lot of events have occured. There are a lot of good news in the world and still we have a long way to go to witness that Promised Land that we all seek. That is why we should respect diversity. That's a great thing to do. Yet, we can't be naive. We don't live in a post-racial society since we experience daily the epidemic of police brutality, oppression, and bigotry in our world. White supremacy is a big threat and it ought to be destroyed completely without quesiton. Now, we can do something about this situation. The solution isn't to embrace apathy and having some defeatist attitude that many people possess. I always have hope that human beings can improve themselves and I have hope for the future. The future isn't in existence yet, so we can create a better future. It's always great to talk to and see humanity in many ethnicities and backgrounds. You can learn a lot from human beings of every background and get understand the common commarderie that transpires in all people. You don't have to agree with me on every single issue or political point. Yet, we all agree that we want our descendants to experience a better future, we love the sanctity of human life, and we accept the premise that all men are created equal without exceptions.

Some people believe that death panels are in the health care law. Now, this claim has been popularized by Sarah Palin. The Section 1233 provision of the bill dealt with money paying physicians for providing voluntary counsels to Medicare patients about living wills, advance directives, and end of life care options. This provision was eliminated from the final 2010 law.   Betsy McCaughey made the claims of death panels in the health care bill. He was the former Lietuenant Governor of New York. He opposes any federal health care legislation. When studying the issue further, the counseling is found to be voluntary. I don't agree with enthanuasia or things of that nature, but we have to use accuracy when we promote truth. We can't be politically agitating our lives in the wrong direction. For years now, I believe that health care is a human right. I used to have one view on the new federal health care law. Now, with more insight in my mind, I have a newer, updated position on that controversial law. I believe a lot of the law is legitimate and tries to promote equity in our health services. I disagree with some parts of the law since the law should be revised to have a public option or a blatant single payer system wherefore the poor (plus suffering) can have a real chance to experience quality healthcare. The economic disparities in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia should end of course. We can do our part in fighting back against economic inequalities among the whole human race. I believe that the great Dr. Martin Luther King was right to advocate a guaranteed annual income for all Americans. I don’t agree with radical population control though. That agenda has been utilized by social Darwinists and other eugenicists for the population decrease of the Third World including people of color. I reject forced abortions and forced sterilizations completely. Our duty to promote environmental protection and animal species preservation is vital in our lives though. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. We should always oppose the US/NATO war machine causing havoc in the globe. Health are is not only a human right (despite the words of so-called “free market” scholars), but the right to have a job, and the right to have an education are human rights too. That is why a full employment jobs programs at livable wages is one solution ought of many to create a suitable economic reality. You can allow people to starve to death in the world. The war against the poor should end. Compassion, mutual respect, and justice are prescriptions for a more tranquil existence.

The political world is interesting now. The Secret Service agencies are accused of cavorting with Colombian prostitutes. Some of them resigned or were fired by the White House. Mitt Romney is on the campaign to promote his ideals in the world. Mitt Romney is still promoting the same old style Austrian economic propaganda that got us in the 2007 recession in the first place. Regardless of what Romney says, the government has created jobs for thousands of years. Also, a mixed economy (with a strong public governmental involvement) caused the greatest economic growth in American history. This period was from 1945 to 1975. Even John F. Kennedy believed in using the federal government to give health care to American seniors. This dream of his was passed by LBJ via the Medicaid law. So, the Presidential race is between the current President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. There are many third party candidates as well. On many occasions, the third parties have more credible and reasonable parties than the mainstream, corporate controlled parties of the Republicans and the Democrats. Some third parties have united on the basic issues of being anti-war, anti-police state, pro-civil liberties, and pro-economic populism. These policies can enrich the lives of the people, especially those folks who are in the large valleys of life’s road. Political life is a controversial journey indeed. 9/11 was the event that started it all. The aftermath of 9/11 even caused some corporate Democrats to experience some war frenzy to kill bin Laden and the CIA-aided al-Qaeda network. I have blame for the Republicans for real reasons, but these Democrats are just as hypocritical. They talked about Nader in 2004, but they support John Kerry. Kerry was a Bonesman and was as pro-imperialist as Bush Jr. The plutocracy of the 1% is indeed trying to maintain their powerbase in the globe stage.

By Timothy

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