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It is no secret that the anti-immigration movement in America and internationally have a long history with the eugenics movement. Xenophobia and eugenics are two evils part of the same foundation of bigotry plus anti-humanism. In recent years, tons of scholars have found even more links with eugenics and anti-immigration movements. I have receipts and I will show them enthusiastically in order for all forms of bigotry to be abolished worldwide. To begin with, racism is always linked to xenophobia. Anyone who harbors hatred of any immigrant and anyone by virtue of his or her nationality, skin color, or ethnicity is a racist period. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (or FAIR) has shown their commercials a lot recently. They received most of its startup money from the nonprofit Pioneer Fund foundation. The Pioneer Fund is a known group that promotes eugenics and aids researchers who believe in irrational white supremacist causes. The Pioneer Fund also funds anti-immigrant causes. It is no secret that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL criticized FAIR and the Pioneer Fund for its xenophobia and racist policies. Back during the early and mid-20th century, white racist eugenicists wanted northern hemisphere Caucasians to primarily live in America. They didn’t want people of color to immigrant into America in a high number especially. Many of them were anti-Semites. Eugenicists believe that people that they deem “inferior” ought to be controlled and decline their populations via poor scapegoating, sterilization, extreme population control, and extermination. There is nothing wrong with birth control, but eugenicists exploited birth control in advancing classism and xenophobic views. The Immigration and Restriction Act of 1924 was totally racist. The Act curtailed immigration from places like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, etc. It had strict quotas and President Calvin Coolidge signed the bill. Harry Hamilton Laughlin was the first President of the Pioneer Fund. He served as Director of the Eugenics Record Office at the Cold Spring Laboratory on Long Island, New York.

Laughlin supported the 1924 immigration law. Hitler praised the racist 1924 American immigration law too. John Tanton was the modern founder of the modern nativist movement. Tanton wants even legal immigration restrictions. He is far right and believes in the myth that America is witnessing an overpopulation problem when immigration stabilizes U.S. population growth (from America massively declining in birthrates). Tanton (who wants majority European American culture to dominate American society) wants U.S. English to be emphasized in America when we speak many languages in America (and there is nothing wrong with living in a multilingual society). The British Peter Brimelow wrote the anti-immigrant book, Alien Nation. He founded the racist website Brimelow wants to limit the immigration of nonwhites into the United States of America. Our strength is found in our diversity as diversity is beautiful. Racists like Jared Taylor write on VDare too.  Negative Population Growth President and FAIR advisory Board Member Donald Mann wanted to deny maternity leave to women who had more than two children in 1996, which is totally evil. Anti-immigrant groups include FAIR, Center for Immigration Studies, Numbers USA Negative Population Growth, US Inc., Progressives for Immigration Reform, etc. Anti-immigration people include Pat Buchanan and especially Tom Tancredo. Tancredo is a notorious coward who questioned Obama’s citizenship and he said many outlandish commentaries for years. He believes in a civics literacy test before voting and he is an anti-immigrant extremist. Tancredo spoke at a meeting promoted by the neo-Confederate League of the South before too. Groups like the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Latino Issues Forum, and the Equal Justice Society have fought back against xenophobia greatly.

Art is international. It is found in the four corners of the Earth. The majority of people on this Earth are people of color, so the art from people of color is very important. Some people want to minimize or ignore art from certain areas of the world, but we aren’t those types of people. We believe in presenting information and outlining respect for the arts globally. Eastern Art is filled with diversity in India, China, and Japan. Much of Eastern Art uses a surface patterning and local color. There is an outline of works. Some paintings of Buddha were used in the context of being a religious symbol. The Bhutanese painted “thangkas” or painting on cloths that describe Buddhist iconography. Eastern Art has calligraphy too. Many Chinese landscape paintings have black lines and gentle ink wash. Some of those works promoted the concepts of serenity and peace. One of the greatest Chinese artists was the painter Li Chieng (he lived from 919 to 967 A.D.). One of his famous works was “A Solitary Temple Amid Clearing Peaks.” He used paintings with excellence involving ink and scenery. Jeong Seon is a famous Korean landscape painter of the 18th century. He lived from 1676 to 1759. Religious calligraphy and Islamic paintings are found heavily in Western Asia. African art uses sculptures like the brass castings of the Benin people. There is folk art as well. The art of ancient Egypt focused on polytheism, the praise of pharaohs, and images of many animals. Ancient Nubia had tons of pyramid images too. Sculptures were prevalent during the Middle Ages throughout Africa.  Intricate structures are found in the Zimbabwe civilization with precise, great architectural designs. The Yoruba sculptures are iconic representations of African art. Many works in African art use brass heads, brass, and other materials.

Many African art are found in masks and it is represented by folk art too. One of the greatest artists during the 20th century was Uzo Egonu. He was born in Onitsha, Nigeria. He worked in political struggles in Africa. His works deal heavily with exquisite paintings. Olu Oguibe from Nigeria is a famous well known artist and intellectual. He not only makes art. He is a Professor Art and African-American Studies at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. He is a great art historian and art curator. Today, the Johannesburg Biennale is a great arts venue in the Motherland of Africa. The art of Oceania is found in the areas of Micronesia, Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Melanesia. Oceanic art has used wood, features, and other imagery. There are large structures in the region too including abstract art found in the indigenous art of Australia. Art in the Americans does deal with indigenous cultures and other pre-Columbian themes. Strong precision is found in the Olmec structures and in the usage of carved jade. Colossal heads are found in San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán and La Venta as part of the Olmec civilization. The Mayan civilization had hieroglyphic carvings. Other paintings and sculptures plus complex architecture are found in the Mixtec, Zapotec, and other civilizations found in the Valley of Oaxaca. Mosaics, sculptures, and paintings are found in the Aztec culture. In modern American art, we see influences from Africa, Native Americans, Asians, Europeans, etc. American art from the early days to the modern era are filled with quillwork, beads, tipis, pop art, Abstract Expressionism, and other forms of expression.

Art during the 21st century is very diverse. It deals with technology, painting, and other forms of human expression. There is neo-minimalism. It existed during the late 20th century and continues to exist during the 21st century. It goes by many names like Neo-geometric art, Post- Abstractionism, Smart Art, and Simulationism. In essence, neo-minimalism is about using simple colors and designs in expressing art. There are contrasts and many forms of other materials in forming the art. It is deliberate in using simplicity of form and a lack of expressive content to advance art that is widespread. It involves painting, sculpture, architecture, design, and music. Many contemporary artists associated with neo-minimalism include people like David Burdeny, Time Zuck, Laurel Smith, Tanya Rusnak, Eve Leader, Paul Kuhn, Catharine Burgess, Marjan Eggermont, Christopher Willard, etc. Digital art is a form of art that uses digital technology in being creative. It is part of the new media art too. It has transformed the skills of painting, sound, music, sculpture, etc. It is related to net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality. It is so popular that school classes teach students about digital art constantly. Digital art is not just found in computers. It can be shown in museums, light shows, and other means. It is found in vector graphics software, graphics tablets, and other devices. CGI and other forms of computer generated 3D still imagery are heavily found in this form of digital art. Excessivism was created in 2015 by American artist and  curator Kaloust Guedel with an exhibition titled Excessivist Initiative. It is a form of art that deals with investigating every aspect of life in an excessive state. It can use two or three dimensional visual creations, written or spoken words, or other activities. It wanted a reflection or examination or investigation of the capitalist system devoid of aesthetic, legal, commercial or other considerations. There is electronic art, environmental art, algorithmic art, altermodernism, and other forms of 21st century art.

By Timothy

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