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Greg thrown off the air by Vatican-led NWO agents in control of alternative media!!!
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Greg's Monday show and any future Investigative Journal broadcasts on RBN were cut-off the air by owner John Stadtmiller in a blatant and callous violation of First Amendment rights of free speech. Further, owner and NWO agent Stadtmiller has slandered Greg, which redress of grievance and monetary damages will be addressed in the courts as truth is a complete defense for any slanderous statements made in public, the public consisting of one or more third parties.

Szymanski said: "I will pray for John. He simply wants to cut-off the many credible guests I have brought to the airwaves who connect the Vatican and Jesuit Order to the NWO. I believe this plan has been in the works for months, as my archives have been conveniently taken down by RBN, as well. Further, John's actions prove to me that he is working in collusion with the very enemy I talk about -- the Vatican and Jesuit Order, as the control of the alternative media becomes even more obvious now.
"In my estimation, John's role is to create confusion and distrust. I believe he works in concert with Alex Jones even though the pair always are at each other's throats. This is a ploy, a way to confuse and a way to keep the Jesuit message off the air. John will appear to allow the Vatican message while Jones won't allow it. But I believe they work for the same evil boss and, in the end, the real truth presented by scores of my guests was eventually silenced."

Greg added: "I am in the process of starting and producing a new and more vibrant Investigative Journal, beginning soon. This costs money and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Further, my show will not hold back the clear facts about the enemy's tactics as well as exposing the true culprits. I urge you to boycott RBN and any other network who withholds facts about the Vatican and Jesuit Order's involvement in the NWO. The real sad part of this whole affair is that many of my guests will be deprived a forum for the time being, as Stadtmiller and his other hosts will continue to blame the Jews. I will find another outlet away from Stadtmiller's intimidation and Jones' arrogance and fear-mongering. I will find a place where all voices are heard with like-minded people not afraid to confront these individuals, who are fronting for the real enemy. My only hope is that you will not allow these traitors to lead you, the listener, down the wrong rabbit hole. Simply put, if the evil history of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican are not addressed, history will repeat itself. It is my opinion that both Stadtmiller and Jones are part of the problem not the solution because they conveniently hide and control facts, facts indicting the true enemy -- The Vatican and Jesuit Order.

"Here is an email from my Monday guest, Eric Jon Phelps, who was cut-off along with me 45 minutes into my Monday broadcast."



Dear Brethren and Friends,

Well, it has finally happened. John Stadmiller has thrown Greg Szymanski off RBN. Greg stated on his show today while interviewing me that if he is taken off RBN in the future, then you know, i,e,. that RBN will not continue to tolerate the exposure of Vatican/Jesuit designs against the US. Mr. Stadmiller inturrepted the show and cut off Greg but I was still on the line. Stadmiller then said, "Greg, you had better answer me you SOB." Then Mr. Stadmiller called me and apologized for ending the show with the reason that Greg was stealing his advertisers. I responded that he could have allowed the show to finish but as it stands he lent credibility to what Greg had warned about. He then apologized again after a few other words and we hung up.About five minutes later Walter Williams called and told me that Stadmiller had thrown Greg off RBN. Walt and called John and told him that the reason that he ended Greg's tenure at RBN was because John was getting heat from the top.

Walt, an old acquaintence of John from years gone by, confronted John and then John hung up on him.So, as far as I am concerned, RBN and GCN are squarely in the lap of the Jesuits through their many invisible strings to their bow of occult control. May the Lord give Greg another venue for getting his/our message out---that the Vatican is behind the WTC demolition, the "War on Terror," the CFR, the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists---the Frankists---and the quest for a New World Order to be centered in Jerusalem.Keep up the good work Greg and the Lord will open another door to accomplish his will and work.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

Craig: Alan Watt's sums it all up just nicely from the CIA creation of Shortwave to the phony Christian Radio Shows of Shortwave and Internet then and now.Alan Watt on Alex Jones & the ABC/GCN affiliation

Alan Watt exposing superstars like Icke and the Christian Radio shows.

Minuteman Matt: I knew Stadmiller is a temporal cojuidtor remember how he was all pissed a few months ago and tried to shoot someone with a gun.

Craig: Seems like all these creatures are off their head. The World is now possessed!

Daniel: Congrats Mr. Stadmiller! You just signed RBN's death warrent and you don't even know it.

Hello,Greg's Investigative Journal archive from January 24, 2007 through to today's show (April 23, 2007) is still available on the RBN website.You should download the whole archive immediately,before it disappears:, we are so glad that you are continuing on May 2, 2007;keep the fight up, the evil Jesuit vampires are on the run, and the light of day is breaking fast on them.

Thanks, Daniel. These interviews of Greg's lately have been just phenomenal.It's no wonder he has spooked all the Vatican shills.Greg mentioned already in his April pledge drive:

Further, even the alternative radio stations like GCN's new sister station, We The People Radio, are clamping down on those who want to warn people about the Vatican's evil infiltration of free people around the world, telling the Arctic Beacon it will not carry radio shows who utter a peep about the dreaded "V" word. The new GCN station's reasoning: "The message is too polarizing and divisive." It sounds to us like a clamp down on free speech and just another alternative outlet, like The American Free Press, who have fallen to Vatican psyops power and money. If you question that statement then ask: why the blackout on Jesuit and Vatican evil. Good will prevail, evil always loses in the end. regards



Dear Brethren,"I called in to Greg's show on 4-23-07 to talk to Eric Phelps and Greg about the Vatican's involvement in the N.W.O. satanic system. While I was waiting to go on the air Greg's showwas taken off the air by John Stadtmiller. John got on the phone without asking me who I was to start with, and told me that Greg was taken off of the air because Greg was "stealing" advertisers from RBN. I told him that I believed the REAL reason was because he didn't want Greg talking about the Vatican and Jesuit's on air anymore. John said that Greg was playing a "one string" guitar. Greg told me many weeks ago that John wanted to take him off the air if he (Greg) continued to talk so much about the Vatican. I then told John that he was told from the powers above to take Greg off of the air, he then hung up on me. I have known John for many years and remember he and Mark Koernke on air when they had the Intelligence Report together on WWCR and then on WWRB. I used to travel with both of them. When they were on the air they both would use the phrase "Kosher Mafia" to describe the powers that be that are in control of the NWO. We all know what the word "Kosher" comes from, pertaining to Jewish people. When I asked them what they meant by that term they would use the words "False Jews"or Khazars. When anyone listens to RBN's talk show hosts a consistent theme is present when they identify who is to BLAME for the ills we are suffering under, as the ZIONISTS. They named the Rothchilds and many other Jewish people as the culprits. Koernke and Stadtmiller also used the phrase "The iron fist on a velvet glove" when describing how the NWO operates, which is a JESUIT phrase that they used to describe how the Kosher Mafia" in setting up their NWO. You can find this phrase in "The Footprints Of The Jesuits" by R.W. Thompson dated 1894. The ONLY TALK SHOW HOST that DID NOT BLAME THE JEWS was Greg Szymanski. He has correctly identified the culprits as the Vatican and its' JESUIT ORDER. When Chris Gerner was a talk show host Stadtmiller did the SAME THING TO HIM when he started to expose the Vatican and the Jesuit Order on his show taking him off air using the same excuse that he was playing a one string guitar. In my opinion RBN and GCN are both shill organizations for the Vatican and its' EVIL (murdering) Jesuit Order. "

-Walt Williams4-24-07

Comments sent by Listener to RBN:
Hi,I'd like to share my feelings concerning the removal of Greg Szymanski's Investigative Journal and the tactless manner in which Mr. Stadtmiller acted. I used to listen to the show every day as much as I could. It would be something that I would look forward to hearing every day. I was happy that RBN hosted the show, allowing the marginalized to have their voice heard. Iwas hoping that it wouldn't come to what has happened now.Not only will I, and many, many others, not be able to listen to my favorite internet radio broadcast, but we won't be listening to RBN at all, period. I believe Mr. Stadtmiller should be ashamed of himself for allowing himself to be used as a tool of the higher-ups, submitting to what malicious people want, as well as conducting the removal so unprofessionally. I only hope that he realizes his mistakes and corrects them so that the turmoil he has caused may be calmed. RBN has lost an incredible asset and its integrity is gone. I hope it comes back soon.





arabisraelites said...

'JEWS' N SPAIN / PORTUGAL MAPS - Khazars N Sephardic 'Jews' Not Israelites but European converts

Abraham n Sarah descendants of Chaldeans.. ancient Iraqis compare the natives of the middle east with "Jews"

Timothy said...

You are right that Lemba Jewish people from Africa are related to the Hebrew. Black Hebrews exists, but many Hebrews are diverse. This is documented from historical accounts and recently DNA evidence. You are incorrect that Sephradic Jewish people aren't Israelites. DNA test confirm them to be related to Arabic people and those living in the Middle East along with Ashkenazi (who existed in Europe in the 300's A.D. before Khazars came into Europe deeply).

Abraham had a son called Isaac (ancestors of the Hebrews) not only Ishmael. Iraqi Jewish people exist today and they came into Israel as well now. Chaldeans are related to the Israelites since they all are Semites.

By Timothy