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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Gangs of New York film

Dear Eric,

May I ask of you a few questions:

Q. Why does William Deagle tell everyone of the power of the Superior General, then he goes and uses the mystical, mystery keeping you in suspense Pindar of the Council of 13. He claims this person is the ultimate controller. David Icke and other so-called superstars have spoke of this Pindar which personally I believe is utter diversion and nonsense.

Agreed. If there is a Pindar, it or he is subject to the Jesuit General as you know.

Q. From real research it quite obvious that the powerful Rabbi, Answar Bin Shari is the power behind the Council of 13 degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati, being its Chairman.

Disagreed. The Council of 13 that meets in the Rothschild mansion according to ex-Grand Druid John Todd (before he fell) were all Gentiles.

It will be fairly obvious to people in the know that Shari and SMOM Papal Knight King Juan Carlos will work together in the Middle East region. What do you say?

I do not know much about Rabbi Shari, but if he works with Juan Carlos, then he is most assuredly a subordinate just as Peres is his subordinate.

Q. Do you have a photo of Answar Bin Shari?

No. But Barry Chamish might have a photo.

I've looked everywhere coming to no avail unfortunately. I have masses of the Superior General but alas still no Shari.

Q. What did you make and think of the SMOM Hollywood movie "Gangs of NewYork?"

It is most anti-Protestant picturing the main Protestant "butcher" as a dishonest, evil individual. That same individual denegrates a black saying "A jig doing a jig." This is typical Jesuit rhetoric.

I was happy when Bill defeated the priest at the beginning, downwith Popery. What I noticed was they sort of made the non-popists outto be bad and evil and yes they were but... They made the oppositionout to be all great and good so to speak.


I only watched this the other day so this is why I'm late talking about this film. Is there anything you noticed deeper within the film?

Well, it creates anti-Protestant fury and makes the Irish Catholics mere victims of these evil Protestants at "Five Points." Maybe it also is being used to unite both the Catholics and Protestants against the Blacks. Remember the mass murder of the Blacks at the end of the movie by the Papists?


Craig Oxley

Brother Eric


Dear Eric,

Interesting reply but I'm still unsure on this character. On one hand its a good thing he's a mystery as it shows if he's real that he's a powerful character lurking in the shadows. It seems a few more people speak of Answar but it also seems we all don't really know anything about him apart from whats coming from the Bloom clique which is why I wanted more information. I've asked Barry Chamish and he doesn't seem to even know the Rabbi. Have we found someone very high Chamish hasn't yet or is it all fluff?

Usually the powerful Rabbis are men like the Rabbi of Rome and the Rabbi of Jerusalem. These are the Masonic Orthodox Rabbis of power. They love and host the Pope whenever they are called upon. I will have to check on this Rabbi Answar. But compared with the other chief rabbis, he is not much or maybe he is a Jesuit Coadjutor as the Order has openly received Jews since 1946.

There must be someone out there independant of C&D who know of this man if he is real. What makes you think that the Council don't no longer bother with the Gentile rule?

The Illuminati has always been directed by Gentiles; high Jews merely financed it as they do all of the Order's business.

Maybe its true about him now being the Chairman or maybe again its fluff. Anotherproblem is the people who flap their gums about this character and others, when asked for deeper information they do not respond.

Interesting. Is there a pic of him somewhere?

I quite enjoyed that 'Gangs of New York.' What I've noticed is that considering America is a Protestant Nation, in the movies they ALWAYS show Catholic churches and Romanism. Its obvious why when we know the SMOM control all of Hollywood with the help of their Mafiosi. I've highlighted this to others when they watch movies and they all say "oh yes I've noticed that."


Theres some sneaky diversionists out there with some good information only to slap it down with some pathetic information. I don't think Fritz Springmeier spoke of a Pindar but I may be wrong. It would be interesting to know all of Fritz's information as we know now that he's rotting in a jail cell fitted up on phony charges of robbery. So obviously he's more dangerous than Jordan Maxwell otherwise they'd both be in the clink right now. I was told by someone in Europe that Maxwell had said on a European show somewhere that he'd been warned about speaking of the Vatican.

I believe it. He was slow to speak of the Vatican when I met him at the Con Con in 2002. But he spoke out and did a great job.

I cannot remember the details but its possible. I still wonder where all his money really comes from that he throws around. Is it from a good source or a bad source, someone trying to really help mankind or the usual. It all seems a merry go round with these SUPERSTARS as Alan Watt calls them. This is why I followed your information on the conspiracy as it opened up new information which seemed much more logical for once.

I hope no one considers me to be a "superstar." I am only "Brother Eric" with no real bio.

It seems we focus much on Kolvenbach but we should focus also on his closest company around him.

Agreed. His Assistants are very important and make the Black Pope who he really is.

I would see these as far more powerful in the collective sense than singular Kolvenbach if it came to it.


Do you think may be why he's stepping down in 2008 or simply his age and what would be expected of him by then as this agenda quickly escalates?

Agreed. He is really too old to be the agressive, decisive Jesuit Superior General for this Crusade against Islam and the West. A younger man with new Assistants needs to be enthroned who will enjoy the backing of all the Professed electing the new Father General. This is to be the Order's greatest Crusade yet; the best must direct it.

I wouldn't want to be bothered with it all at his age personally. We think we have stressful jobs in our little illusional worlds but his much be amazingly stressful controlling almost the entire planet, what a task through his rather small team.


ThanksCraig Oxley

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


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